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Mata, Leah

Contact Info
Address 4-E Samonte Street Seed Montessori Compound, Don Antonio Heights
Commonwealth Quezon City, Quezon City 1120, Philippines.
Mobile No. 09272597191

Personal Particulars
Age 17 years 10 month(s)
Date of Birth 24 Mar 1991
Nationality Filipino
Gender Female
Marital Status Single
Permanent Residence Philippines

Educational Background

Highest Education
Level Bachelor's/College Degree
Major Education major in English
Institute / University Saint Paul University
Located In Philippines
Graduation Date Oct 2011

Second Highest Education

Level High School Diploma
Major High School Diploma
Institute / University Grange Academy
Located In United Kingdom
Graduation Date Jun 2007
Employment History

Company Name Manpower UK Limited

Position Title Just for Experience
Date Joined Sep 2006
Date Left Sep 2006
Work Description September 2006 Manpower UK Limited (Just for an
I had experience working in a call centre. At Manpower UK Limited, I
acted as a Costumer service advisors and my responsibilitywas to
process inbound and outbound costumers, but since Im under age
someone who had been working there was supervising me. This job
was coordinated from our school (Grange Academy) for the 3rd year
students, so that students can experience to work in a call centre. This
experience was for two weeks only.

Company Name Aurora Bridal Ltd.

Position Title Maintaining Accounts
Date Joined Jul 2007
Date Left Aug 2008
Work Description July 2005 Present Aurora Bridal Ltd.
Performed certain admistrative functions and process orders for my
mother's business which supplies wholesale wedding dresses and other
bridal accessories. we passed orders to the Philippines via email and
my job was to translate order details into Tagalog. I also helped to
maintain Accounts.

Company Name BB's Coffee and Muffins

Position Title Food services
Date Joined Jan 2007
Date Left Aug 2007
Work Description January 2007 BBs Coffee and Muffins
Worked in BB's Coffee and Muffins for 8 months.
I managed the cashier and serve the costumers drinks. I stop because
this job to return to the Philippines and continue my College degree.

Name Iain Whyte

Position Director
Company Aurora Bridal Ltd
Relationship Friend

Filipino References also available upon request.

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