As we enter the threshold retrospect ·history - our frustrations of our 6th year of existence, it is only prudent that we look back in For we learn and to the events and circumsta nces that have marked the course of our relatively young and rewards as well as our adversities and triumphs. 'progress through past experiences and measure our success by delving into and recognizing the pitfalls that we have fallen victim to. In like manner, we must continue to draw inspiration from what a famous poet once said:

"The woods are dark and deep But I have promises to keep And miles to go before I sleep"
With these introspections eve rything to look forward ultimate mission. servi ng as motivations, I feel pretty confident that we have realize our to a nd obtain the needed im petus to eventually

y fellow partners, I am very proud to state that, while the path at times has been strewn . ifficulties and challenges, we managed to surmount ons in terms of growth and stability. velv.prornoting prollferated engthening our products. ources as well as expand our market by continuously all obstacles and achieve our developing potentials and We were able to fully mobilize and improve

These we owe to our partners, dealers and distributors

in the process and who, to a large degree, have played a critical role to the business growth through personal involvement,

and contributing

and perseverance. As we proceed to our endeavour, we shall remain steadfast in our vision, reaching out to Ifleople, providing them effective alternative remedies to their maladies and relieving them the urden of coping with expensive medical treatments. Weshall strive to maintain the quality and preserve the benefits derived from the use of our their integrity despite risks and competition,

. oducts. never compromising

We continue to strongly adhere and pursue our advocacy of providing full support to our dealers and distributors a sense offulfHment, whose active participation in our endeavour has gained them not only in but also economic welfare and a better quality of life as enunciated

eir individua I testimonials. all, we shall never fail to offer our gratitude fff:j)Jn thi; Divine Protection and acknowledge the blessings that we

and faithful ness have constantly dominated


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God's little Angel
yien suffered from generalized spasms, epilepsy, periodic convulsions and seizures 6"8 times in a period of 24 hours. Common parlance calls it body twitching or jerking. Ryien could hardly sit, stand and talk. Her family was unsure if her illness, which manifested when she was 1Y, years old, is hereditary. But they became hopeful when specialists told to react to noise and sounds around her. Currently, Ryien continues to take anti-convulsants, supplemented by Green Barley. "Her mental development has progressed significantly with the inclusion of Barley in her diet," says her grateful mom who noticed that her daughter had started becoming conscious and sensitive to peop.le and things around her. She understands what people say and her responses and reactions are getting normal. "Mas nakakaalam si Lord kung ana dng dapot for our little Ryien, and we put our trust in Him."

them that the condition could
be reversed if the seizures can be controlled. Sometime in July 2010, Ryien began taking the Green Barley Premium upon the recommendation of a family friend. Ryien's mom, Robie, recalls that after taking the product, Ryien had a good night's sleep. Since then, Ryien has improved steadily. Her seizures have significantly decli.ned to just one to twice a day, although,.he.r mom admits there were times when Ryien would miss her Green Barley specially when budget was tight. Before being introduced to Green Barley, Ryien had always been lying down or carried like a newly-born baby. Now, she can stand on her own, says Ryien's mom who has also learned therapy and acted as an occupational therapist and tutor to her. "tvtaloki ang pag-asa namin na patulay ang paggaJing ni Ryien." Ryien has learned to drink from a bottle by herself and is beginning

Ryien Angel A. Cual, 8 with mom Robie

Sure-Fire Cure
or so many years, bank employee Priscila had to contend with her coronary artery disease. She had undergone four bypass operations. "Since 2005, halos buwanbuwan na akong itinatakbo so ospital. Parang may turnilyo so loob na nagdudulot ng hirap so paghinga. Sobrang panghihina ang nararamdaman ko noon bukod pa so kinakapos ako ng paghinga."


"Dalowanq beses na ako ay muntik nang mamatay. Yung una ay noong November 2006 at yunt; pangalawa ay noong July 2008." It practically left her bedridden and oxygendependent. "Noon ako napainom na inialok ng Green Barley so akin."

immediately after she started taking the product in October 2008, she noticed she had less frequent confinement in the hospital. "Mula noon, tuloy-tuloy no ang pag-inom ko ng Green Barley. Sa ngayon ay mas tumibay pa ang paniniwola ko so Green Barley. Napansin ko no lumalokas aka· unti-unti, In fact, she was able to travel to Nueva Ecija and her need for medication was lessened. She also shared that her husband who had been diagnosed to have squamous cell carcinoma was advised to undergo chemotherapy. However, instead of going through that procedure, he opted to take one bottle of Green Barley everyday for three months. "Kami oy naqpoposalamat so Panginoon dahil noong nagpa-check up ang aking asawa ay woia no silang nakitang cancer cells. Malaki ang nabago so buhay ko nang ako'v uminom ng Green Barley. Noon, ako ang ipinonghihingi. Pero ngayon, ako naman ang nagbibigay."

Priscila acknowledges that Green Barley had helped so much to improve her condition. Almost

1!f!i!lf IJ!l:J3Y85

II}lJf )jjj(

YI!llf) f' It}


give my life to you Lord." This has always been Art's resigned whisper while lying on his bed for three months in 2010. He was "buto't balat." His blood sugar was 571. Suffering from diabetes since 2000, he reached the point where one of his kidneys failed because of pus (nona) while his legs were sched u led 'to be amp uta ted for gangrene.
As his health slowly deteriorated, his hospital bills piled up. "My hospital bill reached a whopping P390,OOOand I had to pawn my vehicle. ! was drained physically ...and financially. "As soon as I WaSdischarged from the hospital, )lung suki ko sa isda brought me :3 bottles of HW.GreeA Barley. I did not hesitate to drink them because somehow I needed to have strength to be able to travel to my hometown Cebu where I intended to recuperate. I could not understand how i felt when i first drank the Green Barley. Basta I prayed hard to God to help me because I was so weak when I left the hospital. In fact I was noteven fit to lei3Vethe hospital but I was forced to because I had nothing left to pay for the bills if I continued staying there." While in Cebu, Art continued to take Green Barley as he tried to research further on


the nutritional val ue of the HW product. With health improved, he returned to Manila just after 15 days feeling invigorated and renewed in spirit. His laboratory tests eventually showed negative results of "nano" in his kidney. HISblood sugar had dropped to 139, and continues to be normal to this day. "I also noticed

Significant improvements in my vision. Before it was blurred.

Malabo ang tingin ke. I had so much difficulty reading text
messages." HiS legs, which were due for amputation, are the very legs tOilt take him to.jogging today. He is back working as a part-time/p.I"0fessor in one of the prestigious unlversities in Dasmarinas, Cavite. a~i!r:;~.~arley is amazing,

LlJ gJ YE inY 111 EJ

't!JY!JJJ~ L!Jrs,.L:J.,/j) Arturo

P. Vosotros, 49

was known in his barangay for a while as "Kagawad Robot" because his legs were always stiff due to Parkinson's Disease which began affecting him in 2010. "Nabansagan aka

Under Pressure
okong nanginginig."
years earlier, was declared by his doctor informed him complications developed in Three in 2007, he a diabetic got so depressed that he asked the Lord to take him. "Noonq who likewise about the that had his lungs.


agawad Ernie

na 'Kagawad Robot' dahil bulol aka magsalita at lagi

Thus, when his doctor prescribed him medications for his Parkinson's malady, he

nogkasakit ang mga maguJang ko nung 1986, hiniling ko sa Panginoon na kunin no sila para hindi na sila gaanong maghirop sa dinadanas nilang sakit. Kaya nung aka na ang tinamaan ng ganitong karamdaman, ipinalangin ko din sa Panginoon na kunin no rin niya ako. Hinanda ko no lahat-> ang 555 ko, ang memorial plan ko ... rr
One day, a friend convinced Ernie to try drinking the Green Barley which he gladly did. After consuming two bottles he immediately felt something good was happening to him physically. In a matter of 2S days, "nakakalakad na aka ng maayos. Wala na akong violent shaking."

"Napagaling aka ng paginom ko ng Green Barley. Dati, pagka-inom ko ng gamot, kinakailangan kong matulog ng 30 minutes para ma-kontrol ang posibleng epekto ng qamot:" But with Green Barley,
he did not have to ta ke a nap whenever he needs to take his medication. Ernie's lungs had been cleared of any illness following a sputum test. His blood sugar is now down to 99 from his 300 average.

"Ngayon ko naintindihan ang sinasabi ng maromi no ang ating kalusugan ay siya ding kayamanan notin:"

Ernesto L. Javier, 52

Share the
n March 2010, Christine was diagnosed with cancers of the uterus and of the endometrium after experiencing hemorrhage for one year that gradually led to anemia. She was advised to undergo hysterectomy and six cycles of chemotherapy ...and the most devastating of all was the news that she had only a year to live. Christine did not undertake to any of those. Her dad, who has been taking Green Barley for sometime, suggested the product to Christine. With ferrous sulphate and a change in her diet, Christine took the advice and consumed one bottle of Green Barley Premium a day. After taki ng it for only one week, her blood began to normalize .. She maintained consuming the Green Barley Premium for the succeeding two weeks taking no other vitamins, after which she submitted herself to another laboratory test, including ultrasound. She was amazed to learn that the cancer cells had "burst." The following month, she switched to Green Barley Regular and started noticing further improvements the product brought to the detoxification process of her body and to her overall immune system. She also observed she was slimming down. After another round of ultrasound
~nrl f~ll,...,ni~n


found to be "smooth." Her ovaries, which were previously inflamed, became normal and neither showed any sign of a peas (polycystic ovary syndrome). Barely four months after she started taking Green Barley, Christine was back to health. In December of that same year, she was given clearance by her oncologist and told that her
r;:lnrpr, wprp in

remission. Grateful for what Green Barley has given her, Christine has put up an alternative medical clinic to help other people particularly those stricken with breast cancer. "We do not ask for any fee, only donations to help sustain our mission. I want to share the blessings dahil

napagaling aka."

test, her cervix
tllhQ,C: \MOor-O

Maria Cristina J. Flores, 33

When Things
hile on board a ship to India in 2011, chief cook Jacinto lifted 25 kilos of ox tripe tearing his shoulder muscle. As a result, he could hardly chew his food. There was a searing pain and swelling on the right side of his head and his fingers became paralyzed. He was immediately flown to the Philippines and brought


Go Wrong
to UST hospital to undergo operation the following day wherein a titanium was inserted in his right shoulder. Jacinto never expected that his predicament will result in a one-year stay in the hospital. After the shoulder operation, he started recovering, going through a series of therapies. "Since I continued experiencing severe pains all over my body, I was prescribed with maximum strength pain relievers, steroids and other synthetic drugs that eventually caused me hypertension and heart palpitations. One night, umubo aka na pakiramdam ko ay mawawasak ang dibdib ko. And then after a while, hindi na aka makahinga. A/am ko na kina-cardiac arrest na aka so I tried to revive myself by pou nding my chest very hard. The following day, I visited Sto. Domingo Church, then tumufay aka so isang nakakainan na mafapit. While eating, big!ang sumakit ang ufo ko no hindi ko maintindihan. I just buried my face into my hands. "Fortunately, a lady physician was having snack in the same eatery and noticed something wrong with Jacinto. She introduced Green Barley to Jacinto who drank it and felt relief shortly after. "Tinanong ko agad si doktora kung saan aka makakabili ng Green Barley;' Just having taken 2 bottles of Green Barley, immediately "noramdaman ko na nailabas ko !ahat ng mga toxins sa katawan ko. I have continuously drunk Green Barley. And I am so glad I do not experience any palpitations anymore." The intense pain in his eyes has gone too. "Nowata na din yung shoulder and muscle pains ko na ta/agang nagpapahirap sa akin. "

Jacinto L. Agustin, Jr., 45

Never in the
o medications did any good to alleviate Cha ry's allergic rhinitis she apparently contracted from being exposed to hazardous chemicals while working with a semi-conductor company in the Philippines for 14 years. When her husband died of cancer in 1989, Chary flew to the US after being granted a working visa. "While there, I was diagnosed with asthma, an ailment I never suspected to have." In 1998, after almost 10 years stay in the US, Chary returned to the Philippines where she began to notice her asthma attacks becoming more frequent and severe. "Halos twice a week ako dinadala sa hospital. There was even a time no nag-SO/50 na ako noong din ala so ospitai" She recalls finding it almost difficult to breath. Hiniling ko sa Ponginoon na huwag muna ako kunin:" Friends offered herbal remedies but these didn't ease her condition. "At the Lung Center, I. learned nothing was wrong with my lungs but something in the environment was triggering the attacks. I was found to be allergic to molds, pollens, chicken, even pork and rain! So in 2002, I had no choice but to go back to the US because my health seemed to be better off there." Sometime in 2009, Chary

Wrong Place

learned on TV that Metro Manila was submerged by typhoon Ondoy. Worried about her children back here, she hurriedly took a flight to the Philippines despite her family's apprehension as this would pave the way again for ensuing bouts with asthma, "which I had not experienced back in the US. On the plane, I took my usual medication and prayed." "Then one day, a friend came and recommended Green Barley, which I readily took. After a week of drinking it, I experienced a lesser need for medication as well as the use

of a nebulizer as the attacks became less fr€quent. After 3 weeks of continued use, I bega n to feel the total effect of Green Barley and wondered what medical or nutritional value the Green Barley possesses that make me feel good. God made a way for me to go back to the Philippines. I thank Him for keeping me alive ... 1 am grateful to Him for giving me a normal once again." life

Charita Cepidoza, 56

Let's Drink
ometime in November 2010, Ingrid, riding in tandem with a friend, was sideswiped by a private vehicle while on board her motorcycle. The impact threw them off heavilv a few meters off the road causing them various kinds of injuries. Luckily, her companion suffered only minor ones. It was Ingrid who bore the brunt of that

to Life!
refrigerator. She did not know why and how but somehow, she unknowingly drew out a Green Barley bottle and drank it. After a while, "nawa/a

accident, leaving a gaping wound on the right side of her forehead, on her arms and toes. She was hurriedly taken to the hospital for treatment and was discharged after a few hours. However, she felt sore allover as a result of the impact. When she got home, Ingrid reached out for a bottle of her favourite cold drink in the

yung pananakit ng katawan ko at pati na yung kirot sa right shoulder ko. Para kasi akong naipitan ng ugat nunq tumi/apon aka kayo binabaJak ko na din magpahiJot noon din." Elated over the effect
of the Green Barley, Ingrid 'experimented' by rubbing moistened Green Barley. , powder on her forehead and toes. "Ini/agay ko so bulak yung Green Barley saka ko ibinudbod

at ipinahid sa mqa sugat ko"
After a week, the wounds on her toes healed and that on her forehead followed. "Nagdu/ot

kasi ng uka yung sugat sa noo ko. Nakakapagtaka na pumontay uli yung noo ko at wa/ang bakas ng uka. Motoga/ ko ng noririnig yung Green Barley. Pag may mga seminar sa /ugor namin about the product, aka pa ang naghahatid sa mga tao sa venue pero never akong umupo so mga seminars nita. Umaa/is no din aka pagkahatid sa kanito" Even
Ingrid's mom who had been drinking Green Barley for her asthma could not convirice Ingrid to try the product when the latter had a severe cough. Ingrid never thought that one day, Green Barley would play a critical role in hastening her recovery, enabling her to live back her life normally.

Ingrid B. Barbara, 34


I ~(!D~

P IEJ D. uCli

Get-ting off to a good sta rt with health and wealth

Ui! ijl'i?JJil


Only PI.ayers Win
arwin, as a salesman, is a veteran in the direct-selling business. He admits that he has stayed here long enough. Darwin joined the HWIC business in 2006 while practising his profession as a medical technologist. Finally, in 2010, he decided to go fulltime as an HW Green Barley dealer together with his wife when he witnessed how his in-laws, who were diabetics, benefitted from taking the Green Barley. "We tried the product first within the family, including my five children. 5akitin kosi sila noon. Pero noong pina-inom ko sila ng Green Barley, gumanda ang resistensiyo nila. So noong nakita namin na effective, nag-market kami outside the family. Dati, bote-bote lang ang naibebenta namin. Nqayon, kahon-kohon no." Darwin admits it is the high marketing return that pushed him into the business. "Kumikita ka ng hindiku umaasa lang so sOI'fl.ing(lGgod. Isa pa, hindi kinakailangan ng malaking puhunan pare makapasok sa business no ito considering isang napakahusay na pmdukto ang Green Barley. He earns the equivalent salary of a vice-president from a medium-sized company. "How much capital de you need to earn this big? 5aan ka makakakita ng maliit lang ang capital pew napakalaki ng batik?" In fact, he and his wife have been able to set aside a substantial amount for the education of their five Darwin is proud to say that he would be given a 2nd life and another business opportunity, he would still choose Health Wealth's Green Barley. "You don't have to be a good

§JfJP!J)'t5!Jlils'j) tll

:11111 !:1tM,W:1El tiJJ~

Through Adversity
helma was planning to work in Macao •sometime in 2009 invited when someone business. She was hesitant But the one day, spending the P17,OO would lead her to where she is right now. Currently, rnotorcvcle, nila a modern she owns house & property a brand new Toyota lnnova, a lot and a one-hectare at first "datii! wala naman akong pang-(apital. dealer was insistent and still galle Thelma 10 bottles of Green Barley. Naaaiaia "Klnumblnse akong subukan yung produkto. her to try the Green Barley in Mindoro, all because she put her mind and effort into giving the business her best. Just barely tWQ years after, Thelma


ko; P17.00 lang ang

ko, yung
ipinamasahe ko lang.'" "Never did she imagine that

became a distributor

of Green

Barley products in Bacolod and Iloilo and has opened up centers in Negn;:rs Occidental and Milildoro. She has also with su€c.essfl!llly touched-base


Filipino market in Paris and of the

London as distributors products. Nagpl!lpasolamat Diyos

aka so ko rmg



mga anak: kg sa paml!Jn:iagitan ng Gn<en Ba.dey. May mga nagsasrJIbi nnon 00 hindi ko mapoq-aara! ang mga anak loog ng namiti. aim usa/ ko dahil pagtitinda mga pagkajng ang ikinabubuhay noon.

Hirap na hirap kami Walang takcmg ang sapatos ng anak ko Pag pumasok sa paaraian. Pero so gitf]G ng mga panla/ait ng ibaRg tao, pinabayaan Kayo 'blessing'



I1g Panginoon. itcmfj Green Dahil

Barley busrness sa amin. Barley, umunlad namin.

sa sampuNQ bote ng Green ang buhay Dati, walang kulay ang

iniinom naming kape. NgaljDJil, melY kulay no. Kinar:ir Ilamirl f'{! anak, ko aog Green Barlev

was successful with each venture ..but not totally " satisfied. shopping She continued for one that is until she got Green

Kinaya na din namin mabayqran ang tuition fees in full ng apat kong anak. Dati kosi installment lang ang kaya
nnmin." Her husband, Edwin, resigned from his work to help Marilou im the Green Barley business and pursue their dream of acquiring a house and lot in the near future. She has also encouraged her Siblings into joining the family venture.


arilO.u tried every popular direct she


ang napapagaling ng Green
Barley. Never stop dreaming. Make your dreams happen.

selling business. Somehow,

Sipag at tiyago ang kaNangan.
F06US On w.hat you're


and have faith

backed up by a good cornpanv and product into Health Wealth's Barley in 2010.

"Sa dami na ng sinubusan kong business
from cosmetics, supplements, apparel, food name it...iahdt iyon, napasukan ko perc ito lang yung nakita ko na almost perfect combination is good." Just three months began enlbying after she - stable ang company and the product

joined the business, Marilou the "fruits"

Barley business," Marilou says.

"Potaas ng pataas ang kinikita ko hanggang nakaipon kamito
of her hard work. enable us to get a brand new

"Hindi lang

Personal Worth

A Tree Finds s

a Telyo!:a Vins.

One elf lODY!S dreams


st'lough sailings to aft'(\lr€!

Pays Off
After barely a year, "unti-unti no kaming nakaputidor ng mga house appliances at nakflbili komi ng isang brand new no 5osakyan"aside from financing the college education of my three children." Mario was also arlo is a taxi driver who finally found luck in the Green Barley business after 111) y:ears of engaging in direct-seiling on the side. "Hobang naqtu-taxi aka pinasok ko din ang directselling upanq may dog dog Mta akr;>para 5'0 pug-aaral ng ak.ing mg.a anak:" In JwlV 2010, Mario was invited by a friend to attend a Green Barley·semlnar. 'Illyelll.! ko nga;sona pumunto kosi nOOI1 dahilnakat:l!lon Grog iSip ko 5,0 iba pang product seminar. Para nang rnaiaman kQ mil si Mel Mederangspeaker ay ptiirJUntQ o'kq ot bumalik pa kinabukGWn. /Va-reaIJze ko no lang no naqseseivoso na aka 50 business. Tfnuloy-tutoy ko na an§} pag-aalok ng mga produkto dohil nakita ka narnan no mogando anq resutta." able to persuade his relatives totrv the business. One of his daughters who works in a call center is also an active Green Barley dealer. Mario wants to share the blessings with his fellow taxi drivers but they don't seem too eager at the moment for lack of a base network for a successful business. l1e only has this advice to. those who aspire to match what Mario has achieved in just over two years: "Bfls.ta mantwakr tang kayo sa satili ninyo na kayo ninyo at tqlagan!iJ kflkayanin ninyo:'

Seeing Hi den

my mather abroad, to apply for work However, I had the feeling that the Health Wealth business would turn out well basta pagtiyagaan

elodiean accounting graduate who did fajrly well in the companies forwarding & restaurant that. she worked with companv, arrda bar -sfrom manning services to a

not regard this an immecli<i~ need. She managed instead to build a four-bedroom type residence parents and siblings," For Melodie, bringing the and modemin Cainta for her

ka lang,"

So in 2009, Melodie

of as-star,hotel
she never


to accept the dealership and
aggressively sold Green Barley products. struggle, "At first it was a Kumita lang aka ng nagbuhos

Green Barley product

But somehow,

business to those who need has

felt satisfied because she was not able

t£l go

beyond ~anl(and

fi·le status, IR October 2008,she ~[1vited to a Green Barley cLealership by the mother

Ji1450. Pero taiagong

aka ng time and effort kayo



a,ko ng

market base." EventlJally she was able to put upa booth at the AFPSLAI in Camp Aguinaldo and introduced bigger market. In a matter of two years, Melodie was able the product to a



of "1 heard.tl1e
value from

, product's thought


the testtrnonv of a user and I might try the Green She : Barley myself t61ilelp relieve my allergic rhinitis condition," found the product intot.he "I effe~tive,

to earn
no a

enough to attain her priorities, "Sopat no sopor pliTraNndi kaifangan pa mag-abroad," While she considers

, Melodle then resolved to get

was then

Green Barle,;, busirmss, beingegged:!tv


brand new vehicle, she does

20 sachets x 8g

GREEN COCO DRINK contains benefits

the combined

health drink

excellent including

drink in cholera cases. worms, the parasite Giardia Lamblia viruses that cause the flu, osteoporosis, diabetes,

of 100% NATURAL Coconut and minerals

Water and to help boost

• Has been known to kill intestinal • Aid the body in fighting herpes, and AIDS • Helps prevent gallbladder • Promotes digestion • Promotes healthy thyroid • Used In cancer therapy and control

Green Barlev in Powder Form. A refreshing packed with vitamins energy, improve the immune

system and enhance

beauty from the inside!

diseases, skin infections normal bowel movements and improve

- Mother Nature's Drink
Coconut itself.

of Life!

Water is the purest liquid second to water Studies show that it is loaded with potassium benefits, and calcium and is linked to as follows: and Fat intake - 99% Fat Free of kidney and urethral medium, an all natural

• Relieves stress on pancreas of the body • Helps eliminate

and enzyme systems

It is known to be a rich source of vitamins

and minerals. magnesium, many health

Candida yeast infections of mycoplasma energy

• Inhibits the growth

• Helps keep skin soft and smooth • Provides quick and renewed

• Low Carbohydrate stones.

• Aids in the treatment

- discover it's healing properties!

• Excellent oral re-hydration isotonic for all ages.

• Presence of saline and albumen

makes it an



An all natura Probiotic Drink that supports a health~ digestive system. Enh with Green Barley to prom'~~fai'!Mi:~1 health and wellness.
A HEALTHY DIGESTIVE IMMUNE SYSTEM. 80% of the body's immune Thus, system. One Approximately maintaining for a properly SYSTEM IS VITAL TO THE • Helps to repress the growth that can cause illnesses;

20 sachets x 109

of harmful ofthe

bacteria urinary

system dwells in the digestive tract. functioning immune

• Helps prevent and treat infections tract or female genital tract; • Helps treat irritable

a healthy digestive system is essential

bowel syndrome; antibiotic

of the immune system's primary defenses are
the GOOD BACTERIA, known as INTESTINAL MICROFLORA, which prevents the overgrowth potentially harmful bacteria in the intestines also form a barrier on the intestinal wall so that of and

• Helps restore balance after undergoing treatment. PROBIOTICS HELPS PROMOTE WEIGHT LOSS • Probiotics dermatitis, • Probiotics and prevents


helps people manage eczema, premature bloating aging; and helps absorb fewer calories, helps prevents

harmful bacteria and germs cannot enter into the blood and lymph systems. PROBIOTICS ARE GOOD BACTERIA ESSE:N'f1IALTO GOOD HEALTH

suppress appetite, constipation;

• Proolcttcs supports weight loss by helping to lncrease metabolism, the breakdown of complex
. Earbohydrates aneiby killing harmful l'I'licfO-ofganisms. intestinal

" Promotes

healthy digestion; ana diarrhea;

• Prevents constipatior:l

• Helps in the abserptien of many key nutrients;



20 sachets x Sg

Although flaxseed contains all sorts of healthy ....... components, it owes its healthy reputation primarily to three ingredients:
• Omega 3 essential fatty acids - "good" fats

Preliminary studies show that flaxseed may help fight e'werything from heart disease and diabetes to breast cancer. Some call it one of the most powerful plant foods on the

that have been shown to have heart-healthy effects; aach tablespoon of ground flaxseed contains about 1,8 grams of plant ornega-Bs.
• Proteins -lignans,

a potent form of protein, which has both plant estrogen and antioxidant qualities; flaxseed contains about 800 times more lignans that any other plaRt food. contains both the soluble and

• Fiber - flaxseed

insoluble types.
Other Health


of Flaxseed:

• Help reduce risk. of cardiovascular diseases, sttoke, lung diseases and diabetes • May have a protective eff~(;;tagainst cancer, partieularlv breast carrcer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer.

health drink
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ebeautv products orformulated



C:..l:ds, pills or functional foods, 11"- ..Jated with nutrients believed to ~wte healthy skin, hair and nails at tie lli.. 3f levels. The key ingredients often I-d e vitamins, minerals, botanical E'~ and antioxidants.

-EALTH WEALTH INTERNATIONAL CORP. ~aptures this newest breakthrough in ...

'" LUniina
beauty d . rink



8g X 20 sachets




Lumina Skin Care System



Innovating the Science of Beauty
Step into a whole new level of Beauty. Formulated using the best of nature's ingredients, and perfected by Science. Resulting to a wide array of skin care that efficiently cares for your skin, day and night. Whatever your needs are: whitening, anti-aging, or clarifying -_ Lumina" has it for you. Experience Lumina", and experience a more beautiful You!

Lumina Anti Aging Skin Ca re System

Lumina Whitenif)g Skin Care System


ina Anti Aging Skin Care System

nn81 Anti Aging
s everything

you P'J\'\\ {\gilng 00,/ Cleam

- eed in a crea m ! :uks 4 ways: a
[ONCEALER to cover

. perfections: Vitamin


Clair Blanche"

skin and SPF 15 to PROTECT skin from harsh UV rays.

ANTI AGING SOAPS Lumina Anti Aging .. Wrinkle-Control Toner,
100 mL


Youth Recovery Night Creme, 15 mL

Just Perfect Day Cream,





A natural antiseptic that helps eliminate pimples and reduce oil production, Formulated with T>ea. Tree Extract that kills

Lumina Wrinkle-Control Soap, 135g
A deep moisturizing soap that promotes. youthful glow! E'ormulate{j with PLANT pLACENTA and AVOCADO OIL that helss revitalize the skin making it softer and younger looking.

lumina Whitening Skin Care System
Lumina Wnitening Day & Night Cream AII-You-Need Day Cr-eam
with SPH5, 15g

It's everything you need in ,0. . -:;-r k a cr~ar;n. WorsA walls: ._ a CQNnALER to r cover lmperfectiorrs: Vitamin Eto MOISTURIZEskin; Clair Blanche" to WHITEN skin' and SPF15 to PROTEtT skin from harsh UV rays.

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Whitening Q'ay-cream




White Recovery Night Creme, 15g

Lumina Hand & Body Lotion
SERIOUSLY WHITE, 200 mL A highly efficient lotion that gives skin a white, radiant glow! Contains PAPAYA EXTRACT that ( whitens skin whitening _ complex that inhibits . melanin production to prevent skin from darkening.

nand & body






Lumina Whitening Toner PURE & WHITE,
100 mL Effectively clear away skin debris and help tighten pores. Contains Clair Blanche" that whitens skin; Resorcinol and Salicylic Acid to lift away dead skin. .

ina Anti Pimple Skin Care System
mina Anti-Pimple

everything you

..,eed in a cream! j}~'l1I"k5 4 ways: a
CONCEALERto rover imperfections; .rrtaroin Eta MOISTURIZE skin; Clair Blanche II to WHITEN skin and SPF 15 to PROTECTskin from harsh UV rays.

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h\\\\ 1?\m9\e

da'l c\eom

Pure RecQ\lery

Night Creme, 15g

lumina White & Clear


SOap,135g Helps unveil a fresh, new anp whiter skin! Formulated with real PAPAYAEXTRACTto whiten. dark spots left bvaene. Enh.afll:ed with Lactic Acid and speda! herbal blends to facilitate Gel'!



J35 g

lumina Blemish-Free
SOap,135g A gentle and yet effe€:uve (denser that helps lift Gff dirt amdcg~ime. Formulated with Tea Tree EX!t:ract and Salityl;ie Aci.Gl1io haEtefia klll causing pirttj:'lles.




INTENSIVE WHITENING SOAP, lOOg Start your way to whiter and brighter skin by cleansing with this Intensive Whitening soap, formulated with Licorice Extract that prevents melanin formation; Vitamin C to protect skin from free radical damage and Retin A to gently exfoliate and lift off dead skin cells .


FIRMING AND SKIN TIGHTENING SOAP, 100G Your first step in an anti-aging skincare regimen, this hydrating soap cleanses and nourishes skin at the same time. Contains a blend of natural antioxidants: Coffee, Grapeseed Extract, Vitamins A,C,E, to help lift, firm and tighten sagging, aging skin.

DEEP MOISTURISING SOAP, 100G A deep-hydrating soap that gently dissolves makeup and impurities without stripping sensitive skin of essential moisture. Contains natural moisturizers: African Shea Butter and Aloe Vera. 1009


PIMPLE RECOVERY AND CLARIFYING SOAP, 100G A non-irritating, pore-refining cleanser that uses the power of Tea Tree Oil and Guava Extract, natural antiseptics, to remove surface-debris, eliminates excess oil, decongest pores, and neutralize bacteria causing pimples and other impurities. It helps brighten skin, and minimizes the look of pores over time



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All-around toothpaste that's naturally organic for the mind and body!
Not only is it a powerful sugar-free bacteria and cavity fighter} it also functions as ->I'I Anri-dandruff and treatment of Tinea Capitis .1 Relieves pain caused by insect bites or toxic stings ~ , by jelly fishes Perfect as a facial scrub for acn€! and dark spots • Alleviates wound care and scalds • Eliminates body odor around armpits

Dr. JamesB8 Cream SPF 30
F!,:IAct'iens asa rlll\Jndation without qlogging the p,oresof the 'SKin, giving you a fari:lii,It'll1 and glowing effect.



A mild laxative for driving out the excessive fat together with the excrement.

Dr. James 7 Days Slimming Gel Dr. James Slimming Tea
GINSENG Flavor Herbal Drink

Reduces cellulite of skin and burns fat

10 Tea Bags

Dr. James Slimming Tea
GREEN TEA Herbal Drink

Dr. James Slimming Tea

10 Tea Bags

Herbal Drink

10TeQ Bass

Dr. James lady Capsule Dr. James Stretch Mark Cream
Helps enrich the skin while reducing lines and stretch

Whitens and smoothens skin. Makes hair soft and lustrous.
Helps tp f'I}m, shal'le) turie <lAd enlarge tlte breast ilrea and improve the tissues of the breasts.

marks on the ahdomel1, thighs, hip, clerriere, aAd other tlreas as needed.

Dr. James Big 8oy(apsule
IERSAl • :'.::i IN.




•. E ":::5 '®O acI;r"e ,'2 iim:!

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