Parramatta Park

by Elizabeth Sheppard STB Sydney, NSW, Australia, Saturday 21/8/2004 Along Sorell Street the birds are waking in the half-light between moon and sun shine. Along the grey highway the rising sun beams its rays, warming Cathedral stones to gold. Along bleak Marsden Street restless winds blow shreds of torn paper. The swaggie stirs his old bones under his blanket, and wagtails gather for their daily ration. Near Brislington, bold iron la e Tudor !ates, bla k s rolls flanked by glowing red- ream towers, pro laiming olonial glory, ry "#el ome, wel ome, to the !o$ernor%s &omain' (ere on$i t armies sla$e, and dairymaids rise early, and )ords and )adies dan e and dine and pray'* + enter, here a row of gra$es is set, and where the !o$ernor bathed, is emptiness. The swaggie asts his rusts to the four winds, and -emulwuy%s &reaming flies and li$es and sings..

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