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Arguements - To Stop

Arguements - To Stop

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Published by Vijay Bhasker

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Published by: Vijay Bhasker on May 07, 2012
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How To Stop an Argument

Introduction  Arguments are part of life and we get into arguments everyday with relatives. coworkers and sometimes even with strangers.  They often are trivial and useless. friends. . classmates.

.Argument .Definition  It is a dispute or a hard discussion.  Not a nice situation where two or more people disagree about a specific point of view.

Important  But sometimes the focus of the dispute can be an avenue to professional and personal growth. .

 Short Sight.  Competition for a position inside the company or politics.  Lack of education ( alienation ).  Bad mood.Arguments . .Reasons  Different point of view.

if you do.  Unfortunately. . you could be perceived as a pushover who won't stand up for his beliefs.The Best Way Out  The best way to win an argument is to avoid it.

And make sure there is a substantial payoff if you do win. .Important  The key is to choose your arguments as a general would choose his battles.  Make sure you can win those battles you choose to enter.Arguments .

 Be pleasant and polite.  Admit your mistakes. .  Get your opponent saying yes.Ways to Stop an Argument  Never accuse a person of being wrong. The objective is to have that person stop regarding you as the adversary.

 Manipulate the conversation so that it seems whatever you wanted was their idea all along. . Concentrate on listening. People love to talk and they love to hear themselves talk.Ways to Stop an Argument  Let them talk.  Keep an open mind.

Nobody is ever against "Truth." .  Plea for righteousness. justice and the Fairness.Ways to Stop an Argument  Sympathize with your opponent's desires.

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