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Ch 3: The Manager’s Role In Strategic Human Resource Management

Q1. Form strategic management group for your college. Develop an outline of the strategic plan of the college.
Vision & Mission Statement: To impart high quality knowledge and relevant skill sets to develop future leaders of corporate world and improve image of college. Strategic Goals: 1) Development of outstanding student community 2) Emphasis on holistic development of the students 3) Development of student exchange program with foreign universities to get recognition outside India. As many professors hold degrees from foreign universities and help in research, this goal should get high priority. 4) Development of strong Alumni base. Being a new college and having smaller batch size the alumni base is not very large and will grow as years pass. 5) Development of industry interface for students to get better exposure of industry while studying and help in placements. 6)Development of research centres for students to work in while studying. Corporate Strategy- To increase visibility of college both among students and corporate world by proper advertising and taking regular feedback from corporate about placed students and new trends in market. Competitive Strategy-Maintain the quality of finance course for which IFMR is known at the same time try improving other fields as well so that college has competitive edge over others. This would help attract good students and better companies for placements. The 100% placement feature needs to be advertised more. Functional Strategy- Each course director should bring changes in the course according to industry needs so that students should get updated knowledge as per industry standards. Take help of corporate in designing of course content. This would get them interested and keep course material practical. Try getting some corporate to mentor students for project work.

Q5. Develop outline of career plan for yourself providing directions for your career decisions.

Career Goal: To become Software Project Manager in a reputed IT organization. Abilities and Requirements:  A master‟s degree in management  In depth knowledge of Software project management and ERP      Ability to work as a part of a team Analytical thinking skills Capacity for detail work Writing skills Presentation skills

Current Skills and experiences:      Under graduation: B.Tech (Computer Science) Knowledge of software coding languages. Prior experience of working on projects designing websites 6 months summer internship in IT Department of ONGC. Experience of working in a team and in time bound environment to achieve targets.

Plan:  I plan to do a post graduate diploma in business administration. In MBA, I plan to specialize in Information Technology and take up relevant subjects of other fields.  On completion of MBA degree, I intend to take a position as a management trainee with a leading IT firm. In this position as a management trainee, I intend to gain an all-round practical knowledge about how work is done in organization and try to imbibe practical knowledge from experienced people working there. After a one or two of years I plan to do certification course in project management which would further develop my technical skills. Thus in 5 years span I plan to become software project manager by following the above mentioned career path.

. Operations Activities: Improve logistics. Draw a simple strategy map for Hotel Paris. Use superior guest service to differentiate Hotel Paris properties and boost revenues and profitability. Continue to expand geographically and provide multicity alternatives for satisfied guests. Required Organizational Outcomes: Fewer Customer Complaints.Hotel Paris Case Q1. Marketing & Sales and support activities by training employees and following protocols. longer stays and higher guest expenditures per visit. Workspace Competencies and Behaviors: Highly committed employees who are dedicated and are willing to go the extra mile for Paris Hotels Motivated and high morale employees who provide high quality customer service HR Practices: Institute Practices to improve disciplinary fairness and justice in company Form HR Policies aimed at improving employee morale. Highly committed employees who are dedicated and are willing to go the extra mile for Paris Hotels Form HR Scorecard containing various metrics from different fields for proper monitoring using digital dashboards.

fully stocked and well organized work area. Does it contain enough information to explain what the job involves and how to do it? TITLE: Front Desk Clerk PRESENT JOB HOLDER: DEPARTMENT: Library Duties and Responsibilities: Term Time (until June) o REPORTS TO: Librarian LOCATION: Chennai BAND: M/F Hours: 9:15am – 6pm Mon . o Regularly attend. Utilize computers with skill and proficiency. Develop ability to work without constant direct supervision and remain at assigned post for extended periods of time. .Sat Undertake complete book keeping of the library. participate in and support training and staff meetings. Handle readers‟ questions and concerns professionally and courteously. other activities like maintaining the condition of the books. safe. Maintain a clean. Draw job description for clerical position at the college. o o o o o o o o Be on time for your shift. maintaining records of books issued and books returned. Provide descriptions of books and the location where they are kept.Ch 4: Job Analysis Q1. Answer the phone promptly. Keep track of new books coming in the library and any books needed.

The candidates should be given a set of standards & procedures before selecting them for the job. . Communicate to management any and all occurrences involving staff or readers that require attention. Job Requirements/Entry Criteria: o o o o A graduation in Arts or Sciences or Humanities Excellent communication skills Excellent man-management skills Ability to liaise with all departments Agreed by Head of Department: __________________________________ Agreed by Job Holder: __________________________________ According to me the job description contains enough information to tell what the job involves but not how those responsibilities need to be fulfilled. I think this much information in the job description is enough but the candidate should be explained in detail how the work has to be done after basic screening of the candidates.o o Assist in all areas of operation as requested by management.

and train laundry dry cleaning and supervisory personnel. Be on time for your shift. o Plan. fabric..Sat Supervising and ensuring smooth activities in the store. and cleaning technique required. o Review invoices. o Maintain a clean. or direct other workers to do so. safe. reports. o Handle customer‟s questions and concerns professionally and courteously. develop. dirt content.Carter Cleaning Company Case: Job Description of store manager TITLE: Store Manager PRESENT JOB HOLDER: DEPARTMENT: Duties and Responsibilities: Hours: 9:15am – 6pm o o REPORTS TO: Owner/Manager LOCATION: BAND: M/F Mon . o Supervise the activities of workers engaged in examine and sort into lots articles to be cleaned. according to color. and implement laundry and dry cleaning safety and security programs and activities. work orders. o Interview. fully stocked and well organized work area. o o Prepare or direct preparation of correspondence. and demand forecasts to estimate peak delivery periods and to issue work assignments. such as remove items from washers or dry-cleaning machines. select. maintenance. consumption reports. Confer with the other workers to coordinate laundry and dry cleaning activities. and operations. . o Prepare and manage laundry store‟s budgets. and safety manuals.

The direct and indirect supervisory capabilities are expected. Excellent communication skills Excellent man-management skills Motivator and team leader. Job Requirements/Entry Criteria: o o o o o Any bachelor‟s degree with 5 years of work experience as a manager Prior experience in cleaning company. participate in and support training and staff meetings. Assist in all areas of operation as requested by management.o Develop ability to work without direct supervision and remain at assigned post for extended periods of time. . o o o Regularly attend. The customer satisfaction is also a key factor. Agreed by Head of Department: __________________________________ Agreed by Job Holder: __________________________________ STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE: The position is expected to produce good revenue to the shop. Communicate to management any and all occurrences involving staff or customers that require attention.

Humanities & Social Sciences. with First class or equivalent (in terms of Grades etc. The candidate should have demonstrated leadership in research in a specific area of specialization in terms of guidance of Ph. Electrical Engineering.D. Email Id: regis@iitr. strong record of publications in reputed journals and conferences. Earth Sciences. Civil Engineering. Chemical Engineering.Ch 5: Human Resource Planning and Recruiting Q1. However. experience and competence. STs and OBCs respectively is applicable at entry level positions of Assistant Professor in Science and Technology departments. Mechanical Engineering. Computer Science & Engineering. reservation as per Government of India rules 15%. laboratory/course development and/or other recognized relevant professional activities. students. . INDIA – 247667 Contact No. patents. Reservation: Without any compromise on qualification. UTTARAKHAND.D. Energy Science & IIT Roorkee invites applications from well qualified candidates for faculty positions at the level of Professor in its various academic Departments. Mathematics.ernet. Create hard copy ad for IIT to place in employment pages. Physics. Chemistry.) at the preceding degree and a good academic record throughout Experience: Professor A minimum of ten years teaching/research/professional experience of which at least 4 years should be at the level of Associate Professor in a research organization or industry as on the date of application. Departments: Aerospace Engineering. INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ROORKEE ROORKEE. Biosciences & Bioengineering Qualifications: Ph. Necessary certificates must be enclosed with the application form. +91-1332-285311. in recruitment of faculty posts in subjects other than science and technology reservation shall also be applied in full including for the posts of Associate Professors and Professors. Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science. 7 ½ % and 27% for SCs. Centres. GOI policy on reservation of faculty positions also includes persons with Physical disability. Schools and Interdisciplinary programs.

iitr.    The advertisement should be attractive to the eyes of the prospective applicants The eligibility criteria should be more elaborate.Pay Band: PB4 (Rs.  The Institute reserves the right to fill or not to fill any or all the posts advertised.10 Lakhs for carrying out research projects. Also. The application must be complete with full details of educational qualifications including year of obtaining Ph. date of birth along with the names and contact details of three referees. NOTE:  Mere fulfillment of the qualifications and experience requirement laid down does not entitle a candidate to be called for interview.15. The information sheet containing full details of the areas of specialization in which faculty are required and application form is available on the institute's website http://www.500/p. 1.  Reimbursement of relocation charges of upto Rs.  Persons employed in Government/Semi-Government Organization or Educational Institutions must apply through proper channel. in favour of Registrar. list of publications (with reprints of the best papers).ac. Allowances as admissible to Central Government employees apply. The job description and selection process are ambiguous. A Cumulative Professional Development Allowance of Rs. no fee is applicable to candidates applying from abroad. Analyze and critique the current recruitment advertisements by IIT.10.0 Lakhs for faculty from abroad for reimbursement of air fare for self and spouse and cost of transportation of goods. to faculty joining at the Assistant Professor of Rs.0 Lakhs in a block of 3 years is admissible to all faculty. Q2.100/drawn on any nationalized bank payable at Mumbai.. Candidates other than those mentioned above.37400-67000) with Academic Grade Pay of Rs. .0 Lakh/year for the first three years after joining. the following apply:  Start up grant up to a maximum limit of Rs. In addition to incentives which are a part of the pay package according to 6th Pay Commission norms. The application may be sent to Registrar. teaching/ research/industrial experience.m. 2. For Direct recruits minimum pay in the Pay Band to be fixed at Rs. must send a Demand Draft for Rs.  A 'Young Faculty Award' instituted from funds obtained by the Class of 1982.D. persons with Physical disabilities and also women candidates are exempted from payment of application fee.000/per month to the faculty who have obtained Bhatnagar Award and to faculty who are fellows of at least two National Academies.m.  Candidates belonging to SC/ST communities.1.3. IIT Roorkee. Faculty Recruitment.50.000/p.000/for self and family and transport of goods for faculty joining from within India. IIT Roorkee along with the Reimbursement of upto Rs.1.48.  An honorarium of Rs.

faculty@ee. area of specialization. Prepare an outline for complete faculty recruitment program for a new IIT. faculty member has to fill up the form available in o Estate Office. etc. Accommodation Allotment Committee o If alloted. and related papers of each candidate  Interview in the Board Room.  Arrangement of Faculty cabin and other formalities – o Faculty module .  Accommodation o Letter to Chairman. Main Building  Declaration of the selected candidates Offer letter (appointment letter)  Acceptance letter from the candidate  Joining formalities :o Joining report o Two (minimum) attestation forms. faculty@me and adjfac@it giving schedule and details of the seminar of the candidates  Presentation by the candidates  Collection of resumes. faculty@cse. Faculty recruitment process at IIT’s:  Activity Requirement analysis . references. o I card form (with three passport size photographs of each family member) o Medical check up. keys of the quarter are handed over.number of faculty members required. Preparation of advertisement draft  Publishing the advertisement o leading newspapers o public and non-profit agencies o internet advertising o private agencies  Availability of application form  Sending the received applications to the department  Scrutiny of the applications received  Shortlist to be sent the administration  Call letter to all short listed candidates  Emails (call letter) to all short listed candidates on behalf of the Head  Email to all referees quoted in the CVs of candidates  Reminder email to all referees  Email to short listed candidates (prospective faculty members) for title and abstract of the presentation (seminar)  Email to faculty@it. o Gas Connestion o Ration card. o After submitting the duly filled form in Estate Office. if required.Q3.

ruler. Pens. cello tape. White board with markers and duster. stapler pins. paper cutter. gum. Calendar   Release pf joining order Letter for directing the salary to bank account. dustbin.o o o o o Name plate PC with LAN connection and printer Email and Internet account creation Visiting cards Stationery – i. sharpener and erasers. Pencils. if needed . paper clips. Stapler. iv. Envelopes. ii. duster cloth v. iii.

Some methods used for background checking include: o o o o o o o o o o o Reference letters from previous employers Forms to be filled up by past employer Telephonic conversation with the previous employer Asking candidates open ended questions Checking the resumes with the application letters for deviations Services of companies offering pre employment information services Using the polygraph and Honesty Tests Using the Paper and Pencil Honesty Tests Graphology and Handwriting Analysis Physical Exercises Substance abuse Screening Test Q6. however employers still consider background checking to be a very important part of the recruitment process. Why is it important to conduct pre employment background investigations? One‟s past behavior is considered to be the best indicator for judging their future behavior.Ch 6: Employee Testing & Selection Q5. theft or other behavioral problems can certainly help one avoid hiring someone who is likely to repeat those behaviors. The process is crucial as it is important to gain as much information as possible about past behavior to understand what kinds of behavior can expect in future.. Knowledge about attendance issues. two peers and two subordinates helps increase the chance that the employer will find someone who is willing to give information about the employee. making the contact by phone rather than writing might increase their belief that the information may not be tracked back to them therefore they might give out some useful information . Conducting reference audit by contacting at least two superiors. insubordination problems. This might be true in some cases but not always. Explain how you would get around the problem of former employers unwilling to give bad references on their former employees. Thus background checks are used for verifying a candidates application details and to uncover any damaging information about the candidate. Also.

it may be made mandatory for employees not to disclose any business secrets to anyone outside of the company. what changes do you want to bring in your company? o What are the challenges you are facing right now in executing your project? o What are the trainings you have undergone in your company? .Ch 7: Interviewing Candidates Q5. Q6. candidates can find their true selves. Recommendations: I recommend this type of interview process for testing of behavioral skill but there must be some serious staff for technical interview. instead of just mingling. At the same time. o Such informal process misses out on their compatibility to the specific jobs they are hired for. Pros: o In practical situations and informal environment. o Employees can be given frequent training on how to keep information secret. o If the interview process is stress free. Cons: o A candidate who is lower on social skill but strong in technical skill may not perform that good in dining table etiquette but in this process he or she might get eliminated. o Brain teasers can be used to judge the reasoning capabilities. Potential questions for Head Hunting: o Tell me something about your team mates and their background? o Can you describe the project you are currently associated with? o What are the future projects you are going to be associated with? o When will these projects commence? o How do you perceive your present company‟s work culture? Given opportunity. o By allowing candidates to criticize openly will adversely affect morale of other candidates. I would have given them group activities which will require better coordination. the candidates can open up and recruiters will get to know more about them. Steps to avoid Corporate Head Hunters: o During the time of recruitment.

In the long term a proper orientation program leads to higher employee satisfaction. . whereby their chances of easing smoothly into the organization are improved.Ch 8: Training and Developing Employees Q1. Based on what you read in this chapter. Customer feedback may also indicate whether there is a need for certain types of training. New employees can suffer from lot of anxiety during the first few days on the job as they find themselves in an environment and culture that they are not familiar with. A well-developed orientation program will socialize new employees into important organizational values. Those with little job experience may find it especially difficult without an orientation since they have little other experience on which to base their expectations. what do you suggest Director Li and her team do first with respect to training? Why? Director Li shiould review employee performance evaluation forms to determine whether and where there are deficits. A well thought-out orientation program is essential for all new employees whether they have experience or not. Explain why you agree or disagree with this statement. Hotel Paris Case: Q1.

These include vehicles with manual transmissions. or doorperson. develop a detailed training program for one of these hotel positions: security guard. Practice with all sizes of cars and trucks as well from compacts to full-size SUVs. Although there are large differences in such measures as spending as percentage of payroll that in itself does not mean training is lacking. such things as employee tenure may be having an effect on training costs – if the hotel employees have been there for many years. . Most valet companies require the candidate to have experience as a valet in order to get a job. It is important that the candidate is comfortable driving the wide assortment of vehicles.Q2 Have Director Li and her team sufficiently investigated whether training is really needed? Why? What would you suggest? I donot think that Li and her team have sufficiently investigated whether training is needed. The candidate should study and memorize the rules. housekeeper. basis. saying "thank you" and assuring the driver that his vehicle will be safe. o Training Module 1: Driving laws. Proper training includes practicing driving and parking a wide variety of cars and trucks with both automatic and manual transmissions. On the job training costs little and may be taking place on an informal. and what you may access via the Web. o Training Module 2: Practice driving as many vehicles. Being a good valet who makes good tips is also a matter of how well the candidate interacts with different people. Additionally. Li needs to analyze the need for training more thoroughly. Teach proper social etiquette such as opening the door for a woman first. Training for a job as a valet parking attendant is a matter of practicing to be a careful and intelligent driver. they may require less training than the employees of a hotel with high turnover. start-button ignitions and hybrid electric engines. o Training Module 3: Practice people skills. laws and regulations in state's official driver handbook that is available at local Department of Motor Vehicles. Q3 Based on what you read in this chapter. and therefore unmeasured.

Ch 9: Training and Developing Employees Q1. o aid in the formulation of job criteria and selection of individuals “who are best suited to perform the required organizational tasks o A performance appraisal can be part of guiding and monitoring employee career development The purpose of evaluation is to communicate clearly to the individual evaluated how well he/she is meeting expectations for a person at his/her level. How performance is managed in an organization determines to a large extent the success or failure of the organization. o to aid with communication (e. terminations. o as criteria in research (e. such as behavior. employee appraisal. transfers). o to establish personal objectives for training o in wage and salary administration. Therefore. Other aspects of individual employees are considered as well.g. accomplishments. promotions. potential for future improvement. What is the purpose of a performance appraisal? A performance appraisal. o as a basis for employment decisions (e. test validation). allowing employees to know how they are doing and organizational expectations). etc. performance review.g. strengths and weaknesses. . improving performance appraisals for everyone should be among the highest priorities of contemporary” organizations. or (career) development discussion is a systematic and periodic process that assesses an individual employee‟s job performance and productivity in relation to certain pre-established criteria and organizational objectives.g. Reasons for the utilization of performance appraisals are: o Performance improvement (“initially at the level of the individual employee. and ultimately at the level of the organization).

I hope after this I would have the necessary knowledge. I intend to gain an all-round practical knowledge about how work is done in organization and try to imbibe practical knowledge from experienced people working there. I intend to spend at least 3-4 years in project management and demand creation.Advertising    Subsequent to this . In ten years. contacts and finances to start my own IT Firm. gaining experience in: -Software Development Life Cycle -project planning -software launches . experience. In MBA. I desire to be a leading an IT firm in the field of web based technology development. Where would you like to be career wise after 10 years. to gain a variety of IT exposure. This will give me some additional experience in managing a group of products Following this. After a one or two of years I plan to do certification course in project management which would further develop my technical skills.Marketing of new ideas . I intend to take a position as a management trainee with a leading IT firm. Following the field experience. I plan to achieve this through a planned program of education / specialized courses and career activities. In this position as a management trainee. I intend to work in another company.  I plan to do a post graduate diploma in business administration. I plan to specialize in Information Technology and take up relevant subjects of other fields.  On completion of MBA degree. . I intend to work as a group software project manager for 2 years.Ch 10: Training and Developing Employees Q1.  .

Q6. 2. hence. Salesperson Future demand for these occupations is: 1. the management consultant jobs have a bright future as the demand for these consultants will increase. Hence. Hence. hence. As the organizations have started outsourcing some of these jobs. Choose 3 occupations and discuss their future demand.As the companies as well as the customers have started using online applications increasingly. it looks like a good occupation to pursue as its demand is increasing. HR Manager:.The job of a HR Manager comprises of recruiting. Salesperson:. Hence. training. they want a guideline to do the same. . it is not a good job option to pursue. promoting. the demand for the salesperson will reduce with time and the advancement in technology because it proves to be more efficient. assessment of performance. Management consultant 2.As more and more companies are investing in new projects. Management consultant:. 3. Hence. the demand will not increase much. etc. giving incentives. HR Manager 3. preparing appraisals. The three occupations chosen are: 1.

he said. . Any additional compensation will have to be in the form of restricted stock grants that will not vest until after taxpayers are repaid. not government. As a result. Such firms must show that they complied with existing rules and agree to strict oversight. the best managers will steer clear of those firms. it is easy to pass along pay increases. the odds that taxpayers' investment in the companies will pay off in renewed growth will be diminished.Ch 11: Training and Developing Employees Q4. Too Much Government vs. Too Little I think we should have greater disclosure of compensation so shareholders have sufficient incentives to make sure CEOs don't get overpaid if they do a poor job. The new rules will not be applied retroactively to companies that have already received TARP funds. headlines are focused on excessive executive compensation and lavish perks -. Citigroup's plan to buy a new corporate jet (since scrapped). On February 4. As thousands of Americans lose their jobs. The rules place a $500. shareholders. it is painful to go back. In addition.4 billion in bonuses while the banking system was receiving billions in a taxpayer-funded bailout.2 million redo of his executive suite at Merrill Lynch (since repaid). 'Self-serving Comparisons' During the past decade." Indeed. CEO compensation has been going up at twice the rate of overall pay. CEOs and other top executives see these historically high rates as the new normal. A report suggested that New York financial executives took in $18.000 cap on salaries. all banks must accept new limits on golden parachutes. Limiting compensation could drive the best chief executives to foreign firms or into private finance without as much government oversight.John Thain's $1. When the tide reverses. and executives resist any push to return to prior levels. office renovations and entertainment. Conclusion Thus the fuss over reducing the executive pay packages is justified to a certain extent but placing too many restrictions on the pay packages might negatively influence the performance of the companies. for example. requirements that shareholders be able to review and vote on compensation packages (the vote would be non-binding). however. When the economic environment is good. If government places harsh restrictions on compensation at companies receiving bailouts. The public accepts outsized salaries in sports and entertainment. should be making the decisions based on an incentive structure designed to benefit them. and recent subpoenas to claw back bonuses handed out at Merrill Lynch. If that happens. and tougher disclosure rules for spending on travel. president Obama announced a set of executive compensation limits aimed mainly at firms that are the recipients of federal aid under the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). why not business.

For the store managers and front desk quality of service is more important rather than the number of units served. Q3. The company should therefore not use the plan in its present form but make changes to include incentives for maintaining quality and then use the plan.Ch 12: Pay for Performance and Financial Incentives Carter Cleaning Company Case: Q1. this plan should not be implemented to pressers in other stores in its present form. Cleaner-spotters are production employees who could benefit from such a piece work plan along with the incentives for quality. This is because though the piece-rate system makes more effective utilization of Walt‟s time and the company‟s energy. This would ensure that the garments are cleaned correctly and the quality is maintained. quality control is a problem. An incentive plan that focuses more towards customer satisfaction rather than the number of customers served would make a more sensible pay plan for the counter people. Q2. Thus the company could use several incentive plans to motivate the employees to serve more clients and at the same time ensure that the quality is maintained. Some examples of such pay plans include:         Profit Sharing Pay Plans Gain sharing Pay Plans Performance Based Pay Plans Annual Bonuses Recognitions Merit Based Pay Plan Stock Option Plans Team or group incentive plans . Should other employees be put on a similar plan? It is sensible to use the plan for some positions but not for all. Should the plan be extended to pressers in the other stores? No.Is there any other incentive plan you think will be more effective for the pressers? The company could use several other incentive plans for the pressures such as:    Combination plans (which include salary plus piece-rate incentives) Profit Sharing Pay Plans (wherein employees have a share in the company‟s profits) Merit Pay (higher pay for employees who are more productive) Q4.

As soon as he is called he should be come. . Apart from that incentive based scheme was good as it will motivate the employees who are not committed as in the hotel business even one employee inappropriate behavior can make the hotel lose the employee. He should handle the cars properly. List three or four specific behaviors that you would incentivize for the following groups: Front desk. If a customer has a problem he should see to it that it is resolved as soon as possible. In trying to link the employee performance with pay they should also include a factor of hotel performance because ultimately their aim was to increase rate and return of the guests and boost revenues. Discuss what you think about the measurable criteria that Lisa and the CFO set. Hotel Managers. Front Desk employees. I think Lisa was right in trying to implement measurable criteria but the incentive based pay was little inappropriate..The company could use these plans either individually or in various combinations as the management feels fit. Hotel Paris Case: Q1. They should always courteous to the employees. He should always be aware of the things that are happening in the hotel should not be indifferent to the things happening around him. They should always entertain any kind of query of the customer. Q2. Valet As soon as the customer arrives they should see that they park the cars properly. Valet.. Housekeepers. Even if the customer is rude they should treat them well. They should all the things are in order. Hotel Managers. So even if the employees performed but it did not increase the revenues then this incentive based pay will not serve the purpose.

Short Term As the customer leaves hotel should take feedback of the customer about the behavior of the employees. .House Keepers They should see that the room should be ready before customer comes. He should see all the equipments of the rooms are properly setup. If the hotel is listed then they can give employee stock options to the employees. Hotel could share their some portion of the yearly profit with the employees If regular complaints are made against a particular employee then he should be penalized Long Term Hotel should keep reserves for awarding the employees keeping in mind the long term perspective. Layout a complete incentive plan for hotel Paris’s hotel managers. Based on that feedback short term incentives should be given. If a customer praises an employee then he can be rewarded. They should have schemes like „Employee of the Month‟ and have their pictures pasted on the walls of hotel which give him and other employees to work hard. If he finds any lost item of the customer then he should give it back to the customer. Hotel should monitor the work of the employees over a period of time and award them if they had been consistent from the reserves hotel have kept. Q3.

Any leaves over and above 15 can be claimed for encashment. However employees can carry over a maximum of 10 ELs only. Unavailed earned leaves if any for the year can be carried over to the next year. Employees be entitled to earned leave only on confirmation of services.Ch 13: Benefits and Services Carter Cleaning Company Case: Q1. Annual / Earned Leave A annual vacation plan is designed to provide employees with the opportunity to rest and get away from the everyday routine. up to a maximum of 60 working days at any given time. sick leave and paid days off. The leave should be availed within three weeks time of the birth of the child. An employee. This leave has to be consumed in the same year. Employees covered under ESI. This will be applicable up to a maximum of two confinements. Employees are entitled to annual leave of up to 15 working days in a calendar year. once entitled for Earned leave. is advised to avail at least minimum of 5 days leave per annum. Maternity Leave Female employees who have been working with the company for not less than 90 days will be eligible for 90 days of paid maternity leave. This leave is for an employee to attend to his/her personal tasks. Not more than 2 consecutive days of leave will be approved in the case of CL. etc. application for maternity leave will have to be made not less than two months prior to the date of commencement of leave. . Absence from work due to miscarriage or any other illness arising out of pregnancy will not be considered as maternity leave. To facilitate arrangements for cover of duties. shall govern as per the ESI guidelines. Paternity Leave Male Employees will be granted paternity leave for 2 working days. Leave Encashment Earned leave can be accumulated from year to year. The leave has to be applied and approved at least 2 days in advance. employees are advised to discuss their vacation plans at least two weeks in advance with your reporting manager. up to two confinements. Draw up a policy statement regarding vacations. In order to satisfy the employees preference and to meet the staffing needs of your department. Casual / Sick Leave Employees are entitled to casual/Sick leave of up to 12 working days in a calendar year. else is lapsed on 31st December every year. The EL accrues only after the completion of each year. Earned leave payment would be calculated as per the current Basic salary. but as normal medical leave.

The disadvantage is however the employer needs to have an in and out knowledge of the policy because the policy only covers certain types of illnesses and cases. A single employee would be better off investing the amount elsewhere and later after marriage getting a life cover all by himself. Group insurance It is a specific term in Life insurance. The employer also pays a certain percentage of the policy amount known as employer‟s contribution due to which the employee earns an additional benefit which he otherwise wouldn‟t have. for this minimum 24 hours Hospitalization is required if using cashless cards. The advantage is that incase of illness or accidents the employee can be admitted by anyone in the hospital without making any pre payments further incase of post treatment incase of huge bills the employees don‟t require huge amount of money to pay the bills. Holidays Holidays commemorating events of national. an employee can avail one day leave over and above the other leaves above mentioned for one special occasion. accident etc. surgery.Disadvantages and advantages Employee Health Insurance It is treated as a Concept which may include Cash less cards. social and religious significance are offered to employees. Holidays list is be put up every year in January and accordingly applicable. Apart from scheduled weekend/ earned & casual leaves there are 10 days declared as paid holidays every year. Here a group (at least 25 in general cases) gets life insurance and this (premium payment) is generally by Employer or Employer & employee.Special Leave As an employee friendly organization. However. The advantage of these policies is that it creates future wealth for the employees family as incase if the employee is deceased their families receive the insurance benefits. Medi claim or Health Insurance Generally it is a Non-life Insurance term which generally come into General insurance and benefits the Person/employee in sickness. this has to be approved by the Reporting Manager with appropriate justification for such extra work and efforts. This can be either his/her birthday or wedding anniversary only. This deals with death Benefit generally. Compensatory Offs An employee who has worked on a holiday is eligible for a compensatory off. However these kind of policies are not recommended for everyone because after the expiry of the policy the amount invested goes to the company. The advantage of this facility is it frees the . Q2. Thus at times it proves to be an investment which gives bad results. Cashless treatment at recognized Hospitals & Medi claims etc.

There are also further tax benefits an employee can avail off if he contributes a part of his salary towards insurance. Advise about setting up day care center. Thus the benefits of insurance outweigh its disadvantages and hence it is recommended to be provided by all employers. Further from starting the company‟s management should consider providing subsidized childcare incentives. Thus the best practice is that the employer provides an employee with a option to design his own contributions to suit their requirements after fulfilling the legal aspects to be fulfilled by the organization because in some countries companies are bound to provide insurance policies to its employees constituting a certain percentage of their income.mind of the insured from the burden of collecting sufficient funds for the expensive medical treatments especially in today‟s world. Later when the organization grows in terms of employees and the management sees the need the company could consider building up their own day care centre. . Q3. generalizing this is not suggested. However similarly in case of life insurance the employee might in some cases would be better off if the employer handed over the funds to the employee which he could adequately invest. However. A better approach a small company like Carter could use would be to locate a licensed day care provider that would be willing to give a discount to Carter employees instead of building up a centre of their own.

a solution should be worked out that is satisfactory to both parties. Discuss how to prepare for union contract negotiations. . In this case. they should hasten a meeting with the Congress to bring to light the issues of the workers and resolve them as soon as possible. holidays. They should be more pro-active in resolving the grievances of the employees.Ch 14: Ethical Justice And Fair Treatment in HR Management Ch 15: Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining Q1. The points to be included in Union Contract Negotiation are: o o o o o o o o o o o Management rights Union security and automatic payroll dues deduction Grievance procedures Arbitration of grievances Disciplinary procedures Compensation rates Hours of work and overtime Benefits: vacations. Q3. Assure the employees that they are looking out for the best interests of the employees and are on their side. In the end. insurance.What can an employer do when employees threaten to go on strike. pensions Health and safety provisions Employee security seniority provisions. and Contract expiration date.

Researchers are trying to discover if there is a certain type of person who is accident-prone. comply with safety instructions. The Gauchard team found that 27 per cent of the individuals they studied had more frequent than usual accidents with injuries. A French team of public health researchers. a team of British researchers from the Manchester University Institute of Science and Technology. But the Robertson team cautions that too much openness can increase accident risk. Some of the factors that create dysfunctional stress are: o o o o Work Schedule Pace of work Job Security Nature of clients . Q2. and getting little or no exercise were all related to suffering more accidental injuries. inexperience on the job. Dependability: This is the tendency to be conscientious and socially responsible. for example. there was another factor too: Not having a personal hobby (such as gardening). Compile list of factors that create dysfunctional stress for you. Surprisingly. They studied 2. In 2001. The Robertson team argues that people with low levels of agreeableness tend to be highly competitive and less likely to. led by Dr G C Gauchard of the WHO Collaborative Centre in the Faculty of Medicine at the Henri Poincare University in Nancy. This was much higher than the researchers suspected. attempted to identify the determinants of accident-proneness. led by now emeritus Professor Ivan Robertson. Is there such a thing as an accident prone person? "Accident-prone" means one suffers a greater number of accidents than normal. smoking. A few studies reveal a few clues. having a sleep disorder. dissatisfaction with the job (indicated by applying for a job transfer). having no safety training.Ch 16: Employee Safety and Health Q1. identified three key personality traits of people who are not accident-prone: o o o Openness: This is the tendency to learn from experience and to be open to suggestions from others. Agreeableness: This is the tendency not to be aggressive or self-centered.610 French railway workers and reported their findings in the 1 February 2006 issue of Occupational Medicine. The researchers also found that youth.

peer pressure. pressure to perform in studies and future job uncertainty are the major reasons of dysfunctional stress. For me. To cope with it I listen to music and have a good time with friends.According to me the nature and attitude of person towards work and life in general also affects the amount of stress a person feels. .

00 Australian dollars per week. set nationally every five 798 years by the National Minimum Wage Board in a tripartite forum industry 54 2007 .300 Argentine peso about 6.S.000 37 N/A Bangladesh 1. the accepted unofficial annual minimum wage is €12. dollars) % of 2009 GDP per capita Effective Argentina 2.800 taka a month.Ch 17:Managing Global Human Resources Q4. For the sake of comparison. dollar had in the United States in 2009.027 52 July 1.Determine cost of living in 5 countries. instead. Country Minimum wage Gross annual wage (Intl. nationwide collective bargaining agreements set minimum wages by job classification for each 14. 2011 Australia 570.53 US$ per month. set federally by the Fair Work Australia 20. an "annual wage" column is provided in International dollars.101 industry.962 535.000 to €14. a hypothetical unit of currency that has the same purchasing power that the U. paid thirteen times a year 63 August 26. 2010 Austria none.

Annual vacations 5. As we can see that the figure varies a lot while deciding the pay package the management should take cost of living into consideration. Hotel Paris Case: Q1.Country Minimum wage Gross annual wage (Intl. dollars) % of 2009 GDP per capita Effective by industry] Barbados BDS$5 per hour for household domestics and 8. . Rules and regulation . Security 4. Provide information on 1. To reduce the person‟s stress level easier assignments should be given to the person. This will help in increasing the confidence level and get the employee involved in the present work. Accommodation 2. the hotel culture 3.208 shop assistants 37 N/A The above data can be used to estimate the cost of living in various countries. Individual Hotel Manager must assist or provide the incoming employees from abroad with the following: o o o o o Country‟s culture orientation Assign task to the new employees from abroad. The war veteran should have a proper orientation program to help him or her to ease in the new job. Q6. Welcome and introduce them to their co-workers Assign someone who will assist them for at least 2-3 months. Annual salary and salary comparison .

Performance appraisal will indicate whether improvement is needed. 8. Training and development should include:         Communications Customer service Human relations Quality initiatives Ethics Safety Sexual harassment Computer skills Benefits from training & development of employee:       Increase job satisfaction and morale among the employees Increased employee motivation Increased efficiencies in process. 9. It will benchmark the status of improvement so far in a performance improvement effort. Hotels restriction and limitations Healthcare and insurance Passport for new joiners Corporate pension plan Welfare benefits Q2.6. . 10. resulting in financial gain Increased capacity to adopt new technologies and methods Reduced employee turnover Enhanced company image. The basic training modules can remain same but some cosmetic changes need to be made based on the country‟s culture where the new hotel is opened. 7. According training & Development should be given preference also in abroad. It is important as a part of an overall professional development program. Training and Development Training and development can be initiated for a variety of reasons for an employee or group of employees.

Another important point should be to maintain transparency and impartial behavior among employees. I think for Paris hotel to maintain its high service quality they should set up a performance management and appraisal system. There should be a non-threatening exchange of ideas between the manager and the employee which may help to solidify the relationship and benefit both teams. Further to set example for other employees any good working employee should be praised and awarded. It can increase productivity of the people working in the hotel leading to financial gains.Q3. The manager should discuss with each employee their strengths and how to apply them to achieve goals leading to growth. . This will motivate other employees as well.

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