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This short documentation compiled to describe how to export and processing Huawei 3G parameter dump. Tools captured is under Copyright © by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. 1998-2009.

CFGMML Proccesing
( Parameter Dump and processing for 3G )

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Follow steps below:

202.101/platform/frmwork/view/index. Make sure the Verification code is clear for you.html (make sure you are not using proxy through your LAN connection) • After LMT Web page opened. If your browser has no Java plug-in before.• Open your browser (MS Internet Explorer is recommended) and go to this URL : http://10. type your Login attribute properly in the fields provided and click Login (user type:Local). And “OS patch” if problem occurs in your browser. click “Change verify code”to generate new code if it is not clear for you. you can click the “Download Java Plug-In” link to update your java.204. .

101/platform/frmwork/view/index.204. make sure the page is showing this address : http://10. .1. type this command : EXP CFGMML In Command Input field. Then click Assist to help you to show the full MML command. 3.html 2.202.

in the upper side. click Exec Button. The full MML Command will be shown to you. • After Exec button clicked. 5. you’ll find Exec button will be available now. .4. you’ll find the command progress. Near Assist button.

7.6. . 8. and the path will be informed to you in the same window. you can click it to start open the FTP window. On the right-upper menu. After finish. the status will be “Success”. please make a note for this path as necessary to find the result in the FTP window. there is a link to open BAM FTP : “File Manager”. Command result will be saved to BAM FTP server.

• After FTP window is open. go to the path as listed before : /mbsc/bam/version_a/ftp/export_cfgmml/ .

specify to the local folder in your PC/Notebook. one is . Click Download button and the file manager window will show. They are the same file.• Find the right file for your command result.txt and . there are 2 result. .zip format. 9.

. means your file has successfully downloaded to your local system.• Once you click the open button. the progress bar will appear in the lower side. wait until 100%.

zip format 10.rar • Extract the Zip file if you download the . Click Transfer Data to Database. MMLs2MDB_v1. Now you have finish processing the CFGMML file.17. then point to your CFGMML txt file 11. just click OK to continue the process. Wait for a moment.• Open attached tools for post processing the CFGMML file. And the index (sheet addressing) can be found in the sheet named “Table List” this is listed as per Object Class. After finish you can Save As this file as needed.xls file. After you open the MMLs2MDB_v1.17. click the Select import File. the tools will checking the raw file and start importing to the excel format. . If there any dialog window open.

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