What is a Quality Teacher
by Lesli Grace Kho Medina April Fool’s Day

+ Short Activity What did you like best about your favorite teacher? .

Unfortunately. research has not been very successful at identifying the specific teacher qualifications. and classroom practices that are most likely to improve student learning. this is just the information that educational policymakers need most. .+ Introduction  While many studies attest that some teachers contribute more to their students’ academic growth than other teachers. characteristics.

+ Reasons For the The • • • Paper Criterions of a quality teacher Specify which teacher’s characteristics. attributes and classroom methods creates a quality teacher Future Action Plan Am I a Quality Teacher? .

+ Aims of the Paper Clearly set criterions of specified qualifications of a quality teacher myself using the criterions set do I need to do next? Locating What .

Haley – Speca and Gower different national professional standards for teachers from high performing countries educational journals  Using  Relevant .+ Relevant Research Literature  The Skillful Teacher by Saphier.

+ Significance and Innovation .

+ Concept Map .

+ The Outcomes Gain better knowledge and proficiency of which standards makes a quality teacher set criterion to regularly identify oneself to be a teacher of quality Visualize a path where you are going to after this Using  .

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