Greatness Guide 2

By: Robin Sharma

Rinki Lohia


Be The Best You T h e re W i lN e ve r B e A B e tte r l Ti e To B e T h e B e st Yo u T h a n m To d a y

Rinki Lohia


Invisible Fences As We Grow Up, We Adopt Negative Beliefs And False Assumptions And Sabotaging Fears From The World Around Us. These Become Our Invisible Fences

Rinki Lohia


The Power of Simple

Success Will Come From Simplicity

Rinki Lohia


Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Life Is Always Fair In The End. Trust It

Rinki Lohia


The Success Expansion Principle On The Other Side of Every Fear Door Lie Gorgeous Gifts

Rinki Lohia


Wear Shiny Shoes My Point Is Simply This. “The Way You Do The Little Things Says A Lot About The Way You Will Do The Big Things”  Rinki Lohia 7 .

Listen Carefully Every Person You Meet Knows At Least One Thing You Don’t. Don’t Let Them Leave Without Learning It  Rinki Lohia 8 .

Or You Can Light A Candle And Show Up As A Leader  Rinki Lohia 9 .Dream Like David You Can Curse The Darkness.

Do It Now Why Delay Having A Remarkably Good Time Until You Are Old?  Rinki Lohia 10 .

JBN (Just Be Nice)  Nice Is What Builds Enduring Businesses Rinki Lohia 11 .

There Are No Mistakes  Everything That Has Happened To You In Your Life – The Good And The Difficult – Was Necessary To Help You Become The Person You Are Now Rinki Lohia 12 .

” Rinki Lohia 13 .The Blank Slate Of Tomorrow  “It’s Better To Die Standing Than Live Your Life On Your Knees.

Get Great At Gratitude  What You Value In Your Life Increase In Value Rinki Lohia 14 .

Not During Moments of Ease Rinki Lohia 15 . But It’s True That Leadership Occurs In Moments of Challenge.Take Charge Fast  Sound So Obvious.

Ideas Are Worthless This World of Ours Is Full of Great Thinkers Who Never Realized Their Greatness  Rinki Lohia 16 .

Open Your Eyes It’s Easy To Get So Caught Up In The Rush of Busyness And The Call of Our Routines That We Forget The Imperative of Being Aware of The Very Things We Are Doing  Rinki Lohia 17 .

Symbols Of Glory What Tokens of Excellence Can You Find That Will Quickly Help You Get Back To Your Priorities When The Crush Of Daily Events Clamors For Your Attention?  Rinki Lohia 18 .

Be Unreasonable  Remember. Ignore Them Rinki Lohia 19 . Critics Have Always Laughed At The Visions of Bold Thinkers And Remarkable Visionaries.

Not All Leaders Are The Same Everyone Can Show Leadership Behavior But That Doesn’t Mean Everyone Will Lead The Organization  Rinki Lohia 20 .

You’ll Never Know Rinki Lohia 21 .I Learn From My Mistakes  If You Don’t Try.

The One That Speeds Them To The Place They Need To Reach  Rinki Lohia 22 . Remarkable Performers Are Dazzlingly Good At Getting To The Right Question.Ask Powerful Questions In Business.

An Essential Element In The Creation Of A Beautiful Legacy Rinki Lohia 23 .Be Breathtakingly Humble  Humility.

Be A Cool Brand What Would It Take For You To Become The Steve Jobs Of Your Team Or The Salvador Dali Of Your Workplace Or The Russell Simmons Of Your Division?  Rinki Lohia 24 .

Cherish Conflict Here’s My Take On Conflict: Conflict Is Nothing More Than An Opportunity For Greater Growth And A Deeper Connection  Rinki Lohia 25 .

And One Of The Most Vital Of All Balance Points Is The One Involving Freedom And Responsibility Rinki Lohia 26 .The Responsibility Meter  Life’s All About Balance.

I Believe That’s Why We Are Here  Rinki Lohia 27 .A Lust For Growth I Adore The Whole Notion Of Growth.

Credit Doesn’t Matter “You Can Accomplish Anything In Life. Provided That You Do Not Mind Who Gets The Credit” Harry Truman  Rinki Lohia 28 .

The Brilliance Of Acceptance We All Get Hard Days And Mean Seasons. That’s Because You And I Are Enrolled In Greatness School  Rinki Lohia 29 . From Time To Time.

Be A Beautiful Thinker Commit To Making Each Your Thoughts A Things Of Beauty  Rinki Lohia 30 .

Opinions Doesn’t Matter  Success Isn’t A Popularity Contest Rinki Lohia 31 .

Are You Jokeable? When Was The Last Time You Allowed Someone To Make You Laugh So Hard Tears Streamed Down Your Cheeks?  Rinki Lohia 32 .

How To Get Power  The Only Way To Truly Get Power Is To Give It Away Rinki Lohia 33 .

Habits Are Hip  What Separates The Best From The Rest Comes Down To Habits Rinki Lohia 34 .

But Happiness Is All About Gaining A Sense Of Proportion And Perspective  Rinki Lohia 35 .Find Perfect Moments Sure. Life Could Always Be Better.

Makes You Look Like More. It Elevates You.The Paradox Of Praise Gaining Praise To All Those Around You. When They Most Deserve It. It Makes You Like A Hero  Rinki Lohia 36 .

Luck Versus Law  Good Things Happen To People Who Do Good Things. Do The Right Things And You Cannot Help But See The Right Results Rinki Lohia 37 .

Daily Acts Of Neglect That Stack Up Over Time To Lead To A Blowup. And A Breakdown  Rinki Lohia 38 .Camel’s Back Syndrom Sustained Failure Happens As The Consequence Of Small.

Burn The Extra 1 Percent “The Last 1 Percent People Keep In Reserve Is The Extra Percent Champions Have The Courage To Burn”  Rinki Lohia 39 .

Remember Reciprocity It’s Only Human Nature To Want To Help Those Who’ve Helped Us. Each Of Us Has A Deep – Seated Hunger To Do Unto Others As They’ve Done Unto Us  Rinki Lohia 40 .

Say What You Mean It’s The People We Love Most That We Take Most For Granted  Rinki Lohia 41 .

Richard Branson And Outrageous Optimism Being The Most Optimistic Person In The Room Will Help You Transcend The Rest  Rinki Lohia 42 .

We Are Responsible For The Way We Respond Rinki Lohia 43 .Beware Of Victim speak  No Matter What Life Sends Us.

Why Not You?  Rinki Lohia 44 .I’m Stretching Too Never Let Anyone Tell You That Your Dreams Can’t Come True. Eventually Someone’s Going To Do What You Dream Of Doing.

Stop Trying So Hard  Life Will Always Lead You To A Place That’s Better Rinki Lohia 45 .

The Mirror Test Ask Yourself The Following Question: “What One Thing Could I Do Today That If I Did It. My Professional And Personal Life Would Get To Its NLG: Next Level Of Greatness?”  Rinki Lohia 46 .

Find Uncomfortable Friends Why Spend Time With People At Work Who Play At Mediocre? Why Have Friends In Your Personal Life Who Resign Themselves To Being Ordinary?  Rinki Lohia 47 .

Innovate Where You Are To Get To World Class. It Is Absolutely Essential To Become An Excellent Innovator  Rinki Lohia 48 .

Pride Of Parenting Money Is Not The Most Important Form Of Wealth  Rinki Lohia 49 .

Or At Least. The Most Brilliant Of The Best Do Their Craft With Effortless Ease And Exceptional Grace.The Hidden Machinery Masters Make Everything Look So Simple. Make It Look That Way To You And Me  Rinki Lohia 50 .

Don’t Wait For Change Sometimes. You Need To Be The One To Drive The Change  Rinki Lohia 51 . When Everyone Else Is Waiting For Someone Else To Take The First Step.

First Principle For Great Relationship Never Miss An Opportunity To Celebrate And Elevate Another Person  Rinki Lohia 52 .

Worry Versus Refection But Isn’t There Something Good About Going Back And Delighting In The Delicious Moments Of The Journey So Far? And In Learning From All We’ve Experienced?  Rinki Lohia 53 .

Believe In Others Leadership Is All About Believing In Others (And Yourself) When No One Else Does  Rinki Lohia 54 .

The Finest Things In Life Take Patience.The Best Practice Is Practice Brilliant Results Don’t Just Show Up By Chance. Focus And Sacrifice  Rinki Lohia 55 .

Pain Serves You Well Perhaps The Things That Break Our Hearts Are The Very Things That Serve To Open Them  Rinki Lohia 56 .

Each Finger Affects The Strength Of The Hand Rinki Lohia 57 .Your Team’s Only As Good As You  You Set The Standard To Which You Can Rise.

It Will Make Every Moment Better. It Is The Sound Track To A Brilliant Life  Rinki Lohia 58 .Music Makes Life Better Music Will Help.

Don’t Fight For Your Excuses No Great Life Was Ever Built On A Foundation Of Excuses. So Stop Making Them  Rinki Lohia 59 .

And With The Strangers With Whom You Share This Journey Called Life  Rinki Lohia 60 .ABC (Always Be Connecting) Find Ways To Connect. With The Loved Ones You Live With. With The People You Work With.

What Separates You?  Know What Separates You From Everyone Else. Because If You Don’t Know What Makes Your Business Special. How Can You Tell Everyone Else? Rinki Lohia 61 .

Because One Day. Your Time Will Run Out  Rinki Lohia 62 .Time Passes Too Fast Go The Extra Mile In All You Do. Speak Truthfully. Live With Honor. And Have Some Fun.

What Happened To Quiet? Too Much Noise Gets In The Way Of Dreaming And Good Conversations And Time To Just Be  Rinki Lohia 63 .

A Stainless Character “We Always Have A Choice. We Can Always Choose Between Right And Wrong.”  Rinki Lohia 64 .

Set People Free  People Want To Be A Part Of An Organization That Lets Them Bring Their Gifts To Work And Be Fully Alive Rinki Lohia 65 .

And Each Of Us Craves To Have Our Recognized  Rinki Lohia 66 .A Day Of Listening Everyone Has A Voice.

Smart Companies Compete For Emotion The Main Competition Is Not For “Share Of Wallet. It’s For Share Of Your Customer Hearts  Rinki Lohia 67 .” No.

You’ll Know When You Know  Do Your Best And Let Life Do The Rest Rinki Lohia 68 .

Be A Hero Greatness Inhabits Each One Of Us. And That’s True Whether You Are An Entrepreneur In Moscow Or A Teacher In Tel Aviv Or A Student In Bogota Or A Manager In Manila.  Rinki Lohia 69 .

And Then Start Writing About The Work And Home You Desire To Create  Rinki Lohia 70 . Sharpen A Pencil. Crisp White Sheet Of Paper.Why Plan? Give Yourself A Gift: Take Out A Nice.

Those Who Live Glorious Lives That Matter. Ask Like Crazy Rinki Lohia 71 .Ask To Get  The Most Brilliant Of The Best.

Eat Malaysian Food If You Usually Do Meat And Potatoes. Read Dwell Magazine If You Subscribe To Fortune  Rinki Lohia 72 .Do New Things Listen To Boozoo Bajou If You Usually Listen To Bach.

To Polish Your Gifts. To Release Your Chains.On Personal Mastery  Life Offers You Daily Opportunities To Shine. To Achieve Personal Mastery Rinki Lohia 73 .

Be Unpopular The Big Idea For Us: Businesses That Try To Be All Things To All People End Up Being Nothing To Anyone  Rinki Lohia 74 .

Own Your Greatness People Appreciate Being Reminded That They Are Meant To Play At Great. That Every Life Has A Purpose  Rinki Lohia 75 . That There Are No Extra People On The Planet.

And Then Delight Them. And Do Whatever It Takes To Get Them Coming Back For More Rinki Lohia 76 .Be Like Coldplay  Create Fans.

The Kind That Keeps Great People Ordinary.Stop Sleeping So Much My Fear Is Too Much Sleep. The Kind That Minimizes High – Potential Lives  Rinki Lohia 77 .

Go Perpendicular  “It Is Not Possible To Discover New Oceans Unless One Is Willing To Lose Sight For The Shore.” Rinki Lohia 78 .

Do Your Life  An Excellent Life Grows Out Of An Authentic One Rinki Lohia 79 .

Give To Get  You Need To Give To Get. Giving Does Begin The Receiving Process Rinki Lohia 80 .

K. Imagine That. And That’s My Point About Visionaries: They See And Opportunity That Most Around Them Just Don’t Get.Be Like J. Rejecting Harry Potter  Rinki Lohia 81 .

Whatever Happened To Commitment?

Nothing Comes For Free. There Truly Are No Free Launches. The Best Things In Life Require Sacrifice And Devotion

Rinki Lohia


Get Excited Or Get Upset Each Day We Have The Opportunity To Make Choices. And The Way We Choose Shapes Our Destiny

Rinki Lohia


Build Bridges, Not Fences We All Crave To Belong. To Know We Are Part Of A Larger Whole

Rinki Lohia


You Need To Fail To Win Rinki Lohia 85 .Fail Faster  There Can Be No Success Without Failure. It’s Just Part Of The Process……..

Struggle And Challenge In Your Life Just Might Be An Angel Of Sorts……….Angels In Your Evolution Everyone Who Is Causing You Stress. Carrying The Lessons You Most Need To Learn  Rinki Lohia 86 .

” Rinki Lohia 87 .Lead By Example  “The Greatest Sermon In Life Is The One You See.

Be An Idea Factory One Big Idea Could Revolutionize Your Life – And Even The World Around You. All It Takes Is That Single Thought To Change The Whole Game  Rinki Lohia 88 .

Honestly And Courageously  Rinki Lohia 89 .Speak Your Truth One Of The Things That Separate Leaders Form Followers Is That Those Who Lead Speak Openly.

And Your Children Will Become A Lot More Like You Than You May Believe Rinki Lohia 90 .Leadership Begins At Home  The Fruit Never Falls From The Tree.

Respect Rules  Making Your Teammates Feel Special Is Job Number One Rinki Lohia 91 .

We All Are Headed For The Same End  Rinki Lohia 92 .Learn From Michael J Fox Every Life Is Terminal. No Matter How Long We Get To Live.

The Journey’s As Good As The End I Guess What I’m Inviting You To Consider Is That The Climb Offers You Far More Value And As Many Rewards As Getting To Your Mountaintop  Rinki Lohia 93 .

Success Is All About Being In The Process Of Joyfully Creating A Life That Reflects Your Highest Values.What Is Success? To Me. Your Deepest Beliefs And Your Greatest Dreams  Rinki Lohia 94 .

Your Highest Freedom  “Everything Can Be Taken From A Man But One Thing.” Rinki Lohia 95 . To Choose One’s Way. The Last of The Human Freedoms To Choose One’s Attitude To A Given Set of Circumstances.

Go Hollywood  Many Of Our Professional And Personal Desires Really Can Come True – If We Write The Script Rinki Lohia 96 .

The Only Thing That Endures Is Who We Became.On The Burden Of Greatness  At The End Of Our Lives. The Difference We Made And The Love We Gave Rinki Lohia 97 .

Live An Intense Life Do It All With Rare Passion. Do It All With Intensity  Rinki Lohia 98 . With Bravery And With A Sparkle In Your Eye.

You May Miss What Truly Counts  Rinki Lohia 99 .Make Your Mark If You Don’t Use Each Day To Do Even One Thing To Make Your Mark And To Advance Your Vision And To Become Your Brilliance.

Create Your Body Of Work  Greatness Comes When You Create Something With Your Life That Is Not Only Bigger Than You But Outlasts You Rinki Lohia 100 .

Big Like Mandela  Nelson Mandela Is An Amazing Example Of The Heights To Which Human Being Can Rise Rinki Lohia 101 .

Will You Be Great Today? Get To The Truth: You Are Meant To Play Big With Your Life  Rinki Lohia 102 .

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