Major Companies in Romania


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In order to achieve accurate company profiles, we have used the following information sources: APAPR - Asociația pentru Pensiile Administrate Privat din Romania ( BNR - Banca Naționala a Rom‰niei ( BVB - Bursa de Valori București ( CSA - Comisia de Supraveghere a Asigurărilor ( INS - Institutul National de Statistică ( Ministerul de Finanțe ( ONRC - Oficiul Național Registrul Comerțului

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Major Companies in Romania



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From the Editor How well do you (want to) know your business partners? 6 Major Companies in Romania .

FMCG. Once you have done this. for the financial and banking industry. collapsed. the main growth engine of the banks in recent years . record margins.2 bn) and in the first 10 players there are no less than 7 banks. the last two years represented an abrupt shift from ecstasy to agony. take your time to discover which are the private companies that managed to achieve the most important growth (according to the turnover they reported) last year.recorded pluses of over half of billion Euros in 2009 compared to the previous year. in some cases. we are proud to present. will help you better understand the whole picture of the Romanian economy. this new edition of the Major Companies will provide you with all the information you might need in order to better position your business in the new reality in which we evolve. At the beginning of each chapter you will also find short analyses of the evolution and the main events that marked the covered industry and also short rankings of the most important players on those specific markets.2 bn (about EUR 1. by the gas and energy providers GDF Suez Energy. a value that is more than a half of the Romania’s GDP. in this hostile context. how well or bad they’re doing and the whole context of their activity is a condition that can make the difference between your own success or failure. according to the central bank. By far. Each of the top three performers . these companies managed to obtain. Major Companies in Romania Editorial Team Major Companies in Romania 7 . Keeping in mind that in these situations the starting point was lower. then the “100 most profitable private companies” ranking and last. until recently.500 companies in Romania. the number of businesses that put locks on the door is constantly growing and many industries that used to grow with double-digit paces in the past. Thus.It is almost a truism to say that knowing your business partners. If you will change. with large increases in the players’ turnovers. knowing the business partners and their evolution is not an option. However. so the major players estimate important increases of turnover this year too. SanofiAvensis Romania (4 times) or Europharm (3 times). new markets to expand to. In this whole new picture. to find new ways to expand. The image this ranking offers is quite revealing due to the fact that in a year when spending decreased beforehand and various markets faced new obstacles (such as black market in tobacco. The players in these markets experienced a powerful combined effect between the difficulties encountered by the parent groups in their home markets and the problems of the Romanian economy. In the end. IT&C. Auto. we are sure. however. Moreover. Major Companies covers over 80 of the most important and relevant industries in Romania. this state is probably truer than it has ever been before. to find potential partners there and. If. to find new players there. followed by the mobile operators Orange and Vodafone. to enter new markets and to surpass the competition. the perspective (and make some simple calculations) you might notice that the number of the companies that also registered some two and three-digit growth rhythms is not to be neglected. knowing the business. mainly on account of the biggest players.the credit – collapsed. go one step further and put it into a different perspective – the one of the most profitable private companies last year. for sure. you will find the most important private companies according to the reported results for 2009. marked by a widespread sense of uncertainty and insecurity. to companies like KDF Energy (which had an increase over 100 times). their performances are. Summing up. during the troubled times we all live nowadays. three rankings that will undoubtedly capture your attention. the best performers (according to their turnover increase) in 2009. for which 2009 was a good year. Feel free to browse them all. but not least. why not. First. On the other side.5 bn) accounts for almost 42% of the total profit of all the players in this ranking. Following an abrupt drop in the funding received from the parent banks.BCR. we decided to go even further and to offer you more valuable information that. Commerce to Media & Advertising. it is also interesting to note that the turnover of the biggest 100 companies in 2009 totaled more than EUR 61 bn. for the bankers last year ended with a net profit of about EUR 186 mn. By doing this. Real Estate. or to go directly to what chapter is of your interest. while the banks clearly dominate the upper part of the ranking of the biggest companies (six of them being listed in the top 10). It is also true that. take your time to carefully review this x-ray picture of the Romanian economy. Once again. Still. the pleasure is ours. or the freezing of the construction area). from Banking and Financial Institutions. impressive. as BCR increased its turnover with more than RON 5. Nokia and Bancpost . only two managed to find the way in the top 10 ranking according to the reported profit. but a must. in this respect. the management and the projects of the largest 3. Textile Industry etc. It is interesting to note that two of the best performers from the growth point of view come from the health industry. Professional and Business Services. respectively Enel Distributie Muntenia. that reached almost a third of the total volumes sold. the main concerns of any manager were to increase the market share of his own business. Hundreds of thousands of companies went bankrupt or became insolvent over the last two years. you will be surprised. It is worth to pay attention. Nevertheless. at the beginning of this book. This is what this new edition of Major Companies is offering you: a powerful business tool that gathers together information about the business. as always in the past. and also an increase of the risks on the domestic market. Commerce or Energy. again. Overall. you will observe that. And if what you learn here will help you find yourself (one place above) in the Major Companies’ rankings. to discover interesting trends and to better understand the whole picture. there is a totally new normality that everybody has to deal with today. The cumulative profit of this first ten private players (of almost EUR 1. the most profitable company in Romania is OMV Petrom. it is our hope that. Maybe it will not be a huge surprise for you that the biggest private companies last year (according to the reported turnover) act in the industries like Banking and Financial. In 2010 similar results are expected. the portfolio. Tourism. the banks are leaders in this area. the tobacco company BAT and the cement producers Lafarge Ciment and Carpatcement Holding. Health.

28. 17.160. 15.A. ARCELORMITTAL GALAȚI S.964.L.566.R.962. NOKIA ROMANIA S. ENEL ENERGIE MUNTENIA S. 8 Company BANCA COMERCIALĂ ROMåNĂ S.503.R. 21. PETROM S.717. COMPANIA NAȚIONALĂ DE TRANSPORT AL ENERGIEI ELECTRICE "TRANSELECTRICA" S.609 3.425.A.372.114 1.355.325 15.482.586.L.839.645 1.A.485.R.193. 6.842. ORANGE ROMANIA S.L. 24.A.A.697.969 2.017 9.406.164. CARREFOUR ROMANIA S.388 Major Companies in Romania .A. BRD . MEDIPLUS EXIM S.HYPERMARKET ROMANIA S.R. 27.888.291. 16.L. SOCIETATEA NAȚIONALĂ DE GAZE NATURALE "ROMGAZ" S. 20.454. 4.732.L.420.223.R.247. 3.A.124 4. METRO CASH & CARRY ROMANIA S.919. 23.066. VODAFONE ROMANIA S.667.571.833 6.746. PHILIP MORRIS TRADING S.L.150 4.R.Annual Turnover Reported results for 2009 No. 30.293. 7. 26. E.422 3.333 1.788 3. 14. SOCIETATEA NAȚIONALĂ DE TRANSPORT FEROVIAR DE CĂLĂTORI .R.628.A.039.834.R.A. 25.476.557. COCA-COLA HBC ROMANIA S. 18.127.GROUPE SOCIƒTƒ GƒNƒRALE S.L.384. 10.969 2.A.CFR CĂLĂTORI S.A. AMERICAN EUROPEAN MARKETING & ENTERPRISES S.424.693.189.A.338.R.L.519.188.864. SELGROS CASH & CARRY S.R.772.A. ROMTELECOM S.A.523 4. 5. 22.ON GAZ ROMANIA S.474.373 2.004.281. 19.409.964 2.L.592 3.799.A.031 3.R. KAUFLAND ROMANIA SOCIETATE ëN COMANDITĂ GDF SUEZ ENERGY ROMANIA S.820 3.L.003. RON 17.627 1. 12.599 3. ROMPETROL RAFINARE S. SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ DE PRODUCERE A ENERGIEI ELECTRICE ëN HIDROCENTRALE "HIDROELECTRICA" S.215 16. real.242.594.428 5.118 3.352. ROMPETROL DOWNSTREAM S.L.000 12. 9. AUTOMOBILE DACIA S.042.036 4. 8. LUKOIL ROMANIA S. 1.938.A.A.958 3.059 5..047 2. 29.895. 11.047.A.655. 2. BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO (ROMANIA) TRADING S. MOL ROMANIA PETROLEUM PRODUCTS S. 13.


612.L.L.617 910. SOCIETATEA NAȚIONALĂ A LIGNITULUI OLTENIA S. FARMEXPERT D. SPEDITION UMB S. 84. OLTCHIM S.R.373 921.65.739.170 843.A.064.784 1.144 884. 1.750 815.A.428.122. 77.007 875. 99.MARFĂ" S.R. 10 Major Companies in Romania .972 775.798.364. 66. SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ COMPLEXUL ENERGETIC ROVINARI S. HOLZINDUSTRIE SCHWEIGHOFER S.468. LAFARGE CIMENT (ROMANIA) S. 67.A.505.279 853. S.432 1. 97.162.893 1.L.111 811. HOLCIM (ROMANIA) S.A.430 778. 75.R.414 845. 83.043. DEDEMAN S. PRAKTIKER ROMANIA S. 92.A.R.462 932.015 1.A. CARGILL AGRICULTURA S.945.A.A.R. REGIA AUTONOMĂ DE DISTRIBUȚIE A ENERGIEI TERMICE BUCUREȘTI R.315 886.434 1.R. HIDROCONSTRUCȚIA S. BRICOSTORE ROMANIA S.452 1.403. SCHAEFFLER ROMANIA S. FARMEXIM S.100.166 1.998.019. CEZ DISTRIBUȚIE S.642.L.129 845.R.A. DISTRIGAZ SUD REȚELE S.A.076. 76.L.A. R. SENSIBLU S. 80.A.206 1. REGIA NAȚIONALĂ A PĂDURILOR ROMSILVA R.953.122.A. 88.075 1.107.D.L. 94.C. MICHELIN ROMANIA S.072. ELECTROCENTRALE DEVA S.R. RELAD INTERNATIONAL S.238.518.I.L.R.475 1.180 751.L. 72. POLISANO S. 68. SOCIETATEA NAȚIONALĂ DE TRANSPORT FEROVIAR DE MARFĂ "CFR .694 752.A.255. TAKATA-PETRI ROMANIA S.194 1.A.T. OSCAR DOWNSTREAM S.130.399.077. COMPANIA NAȚIONALĂ DE AUTOSTRĂZI ȘI DRUMURI NAȚIONALE DIN ROMåNIA S.051. 70. 87. COMPANIA NAȚIONALĂ DE TRANSPORTURI AERIENE ROMåNE TAROM S. 79.610.983 754.L.942 874.406.E.875 100. 95. BUNGE ROMANIA S.R.403. GRUP SERVICII PETROLIERE S. 89.A. 69.131 900. 81.A. 93.370.A. FILDAS TRADING S.091.371 996. 85.673.724 841.987.L.L. 90.L. 71.142.R.R.L.440. 86. 73.A. DELPHI PACKARD ROMANIA S.L. 74.106.067. 82.A. ARCTIC S. 78.A.333. 91.820. CARPATCEMENT HOLDING S. 98. COMPANIA NAȚIONALĂ DE CĂI FERATE "CFR" S.R. 1.081.478.607.446 973.R.189 953.L.740.A.

A.368.146.717 380.631.R.073 298.R.127.035 211.R.L.852. ORANGE ROMåNIA S.R.052.383.517.270 159.A.904.L.944 150. 6.A. 16. SPEDITION UMB S.A. 25.972. 9.A. GDF SUEZ ENERGY ROMANIA S. AUTOMOBILE DACIA S.804. 29. 12.R.A. .035. E.173. ROMSTRADE S. CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS S. PORSCHE ROMANIA S. Reported results for 2009 RON 1. VODAFONE ROMANIA S.472 326.734 1.A.A.A.901.318 230.234 237. 23.327. BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO (ROMANIA) TRADING S.631 1.548 202. RAIFFEISEN BANK S. TEHNOSTRADE S.276. SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ ENEL DISTRIBUȚIE BANAT S.947 130.A.321. 4. SOCIETATEA NAȚIONALĂ DE TRANSPORT GAZE NATURALE TRANSGAZ S.276.228 301.050 141. 30.069. ENEL DISTRIBUȚIE MUNTENIA S.Net Profit No.R. 24. 11. 26.R.A. NOKIA ROMANIA S. 21.A.A.073.145 162.L.374 235.419. COMPANIA NAȚIONALĂ "LOTERIA ROMåNĂ" S.736 205. CEZ DISTRIBUȚIE S. 1.A. BANCA COMERCIALĂ ROMåNĂ S.L.361.590.851 779. 18.322.826. ARCTIC S.180 123.L. 27. 20.A.ON GAZ ROMåNIA S.912 127.443 204.392 Major Companies in Romania 11 BRD .359 158. 2. METRO CASH & CARRY ROMåNIA S. RCS & RDS S.GROUPE SOCIƒTƒ GƒNƒRALE S.L.A.L.L.R. 15.R. 13.183.A. 5.650. 19.A. 28. RBS BANK (ROMANIA) S.A.879 172. 8. 7.481 283.474. CARPATCEMENT HOLDING S. UNICREDIT ȚIRIAC BANK S. 14.A.292 133.A. LAFARGE CIMENT (ROMåNIA) S. COCA-COLA HBC ROMåNIA S. 17.830 280.846.541 288.796 150.L. 22. Company OMV PETROM S.429.645 187.735. 3.972. SOCIETATEA DE INVESTIȚII FINANCIARE OLTENIA S.499. 10.


232. 94.L. ING BANK N. DUBLIN .970 39.249.294 54.263 Major Companies in Romania 13 100. BAUTECH GENERAL CONSTRUCT S.A.377. OSCAR DOWNSTREAM S. AMSTERDAM . BANCA TRANSILVANIA S. .R.038 61.L.ROMANIA S.R. 89.997 46.A.A. 83.090. OMV PETROM GAS S.A. REGISTRUL AUTO ROMåN R.R.L. 86.039 53.809 46.902. G4S CASH SERVICES S.573.024. 79.A. E.026 45. ROMELECTRO S. 80.66.L.R.467. CITIBANK EUROPE PLC.993. 73.R. 69.571. PROSPECȚIUNI S.R.A.R. 68.R.648 56. 85. 92.645 59.L. 74.821 52.126.942. ARCADA COMPANY S.R.935.052. 81. 78. CONTITECH ROMANIA S.L.A.R.464. SODEXO PASS .BUCHAREST BRANCH TOP DIAGNOSTICS S.L.R.L.200. 98. OMNIASIG VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP S.977 57. JOHNSON CONTROLS ROMANIA S.502.101 41.PACKARD (ROMANIA) S.SUCURSALA ROMåNIA CONSTANȚA SOUTH CONTAINER TERMINAL S.218 40.R.A.L.L.R.446.A.L.499 47.404. 61. SOCIETATEA NAȚIONALĂ "NUCLEARELECTRICA" S.207 41.761 48.224 43.A. WIEE ROMANIA S. ACTAVIS S. COM-AXA S.088 48.R.044.561.134 42. HENKEL ROMANIA S.572.435. 93. 84.L. KRAFT FOODS ROMANIA S. TBIH MANAGEMENT SERVICES S.139.414.940 52.L. REWE (ROMANIA) S. 99. SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ DE PRODUCERE A ENERGIEI ELECTRICE ëN HIDROCENTRALE "HIDROELECTRICA" S. BENROM S.628 42.R.R.592. DELTA ANTREPRIZĂ DE CONSTRUCȚII ȘI MONTAJ 93 S.L.116 43. PETROM LPG S.A.L.A.L. A & R S. 75. 87. COMPANIA NAȚIONALĂ AEROPORTUL INTERNAȚIONAL HENRI COANDĂ BUCUREȘTI S.831 39.599 40.696 55.918.L.290.953 46.V.178. 82. 67. 72.467.748 45.907.R.L. 95.L.R.R. 70.ON MOLDOVA DISTRIBUȚIE S. 71.420 57. 90. 77. 88.249 48. 96.855.358. 97.L.207.R.686 40.R.297 52.866 43. 76.873.L. 91.334 49.251 43. ITALSOFA ROMåNIA S. EURO CONSTRUCT TRADING 98 S. HEWLETT .

517 474.389.205.440.051.C.R.095.644.603.213.169. 2008 (RON) 5.442.946 1.642.529. LIBRA BANK S.592 4.010 3.757 2. 1.259.676. 15.106 3.064.362.A.913.808.475. MKB ROMEXTERRA BANK S.. 23.377.989 2.923.833 1.147 105. SANOFI-AVENTIS ROMANIA S.150 2.041.904 3.058 912.750 422.595.036.118 4. real.566.239.R.538.352.066. 17.854.924 3.405 3.758 7.900.890.166 3.641 996.296.A. GARANTIBANK INTERNATIONAL N.151.223.498. ALPHA BANK ROMANIA S.482.A.167 580.977.325 562.A.566 1.250 2009 vs.346.406.A.580 1. KAUFLAND ROMANIA S.352.L.936 2009 (RON) 17.A.237 Major Companies in Romania .293.512 1.529 4.750.519. BANCA TRANSILVANIA S.277.846 418. BANCPOST S.308. FARMEXPERT D.192.313 2.594.566.L CARREFOUR ROMANIA S. 3.637.548. 20.615. 7. 19.637.L.616 2.997 150. 6. 10.637.299 4.936.938.A.291 3.622.A.749 438.124 5.755.Annual Turnover Growth Reported results 2009 vs.425.A.A.590.962.839.709 9.479.R.114 2.636. S.751.693.316 945.375 78. 2.R.008 1.300 896.730 430.650 828. KDF ENERGY SRL 2008 (RON) 12. B&B BUSINESS SOLUTIONS INVESTMENT S.363.734. MEMBRĂ A GRUPULUI NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE VOLKSBANK ROMANIA S.853.308 2.987.A. 18.643.422 600.725.450.080. 21.473 471.362.293.951 1. 9.112. NOKIA ROMANIA S.826.328 481.A.888. 14.975.592.857 1.251. BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO (ROMANIA) TRADING S.461.817.212.646.320.226 1. 5.C.549.763 613.A.S.L. UNICREDIT ȚIRIAC BANK S.395.178 456.R.865.741.220.L.A.329 4.060 431.976 679. 14 3. Company* BANCA COMERCIALĂ ROMåNĂ S.HYPERMARKET ROMANIA S.674. CREDIT EUROPE BANK (ROMANIA) S.360 2.800.150. 22.464.126.621 597.508 3.296.678.314 8.301 552.047 522. 16.215 4.672 1. SUCURSALA ROMåNIA BANCA ROMåNEASCĂ S.004.643. 13.630. AUTOMOBILE DACIA S.713 803.V. 11.355. 4.A.I. 12. MARFIN LEASING IFN (ROMANIA) S.621.919.672.409.470 621. 2008 No. ENEL ENERGIE MUNTENIA S.799 470.534 1.

32.R. DISTRIGAZ SUD REȚELE S.BUCHAREST BRANCH GROUPAMA ASIGURĂRI S.609 474.162.025.L.424.L.R.698.396 1.684.370.863.A.050 527. 40.439 153.791 444.L.452 324.041 235.398.111 230.769 173.269 272.184 316.592 386.412.R.858 1.171 134.620 310.467 292.R.915 815.403 630.989 1.729.021.R. BUNGE ROMANIA S. CONFORT S.981 1. ING BANK N.158 649.318.L.571 1.118.924.L.245 490.373 1.371 293.037 Note: * Data for Private Companies Major Companies in Romania 15 .205 346.278.237.063. 26. SPEDITION UMB S. 46.L.783.224 1.927.559.315.287. 34.L.083.693.939 296.224.068 1.L.L.981.908. 43.107.R.L.620. 29. CANDUR IMPEX SRL MIKE TRADING & INVESTMENT S.351 267.673. AUCHAN ROMANIA S.954.237.226 1.R. CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS S.R.998.440.L.R.942 405.596 330. ALPIQ ROMENERGIE S.322.785 1.945.556 614. 27. SENSIBLU S.406 720. PIRAEUS LEASING ROMANIA IFN S.535.817. 50.132.640 787.371 564.138. REWE (ROMåNIA) S. 35.R.018.832.152.025.635. REMAT SCHOLZ S.196 82.002. 39.065 746.909 282. 48.904 271.111 1.215. 30.494.101 875. 25. AGRO-CHIRNOGI S.715.531 352.161.874 196. 47.059.937.243 1. 38.446 392.016 236.586 320. 41.389.A.452 353.516.249.A.251.438 3. 758.333.932 382. 42. LUFIN CONSTRUCT S.A.946.016.873.048.630.268 8.740 523.406. 33. EUROPHARM S.585 286.447.062.PI S.174.276 3. 37.119.397 406. 49.802 277.908.035.746 322.110.842 1.338.472.L.085. GA.651 1.334 1.164.483.957 238.24. HOLZINDUSTRIE SCHWEIGHOFER S.019.R.L.392.838 228.A.221 527. 45. BCR LEASING IFN S.439 299.474 338.655.607.219.403.067 932. 36.940.165 234.303.472 224.R.417.360 1.A.579 314.946 1.657.723.021. RCS & RDS S. CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE ROMANIA S.037. AMSTERDAM .448.300. AUTOLIV ROMANIA S.A.307.A.658.161 208.A. ROMTELECOM S. 28. JT INTERNAȚIONAL MANUFACTURING S.256.688.332.A.V.910. 44.R.L.195.643.023.139.874 580.137 250.R.970 506.921 303.A.505 545. 31. PLUDI MARKET S.


Banking & Finance Major Companies in Romania 17 .

Strong economic recession in 2009 . and also an increase of the risks on the domestic market.the credit collapsed and continues to drop from month to month. on the 2nd Pillar market there were nine mandatory pension funds (and as many administrators). In a year of deep recession. Banking: Following an abrupt drop in the funding received from the parent banks. starting with 2008 the whole picture has changed. with 53 open investment funds and 14 closed funds. the main growth engine of the banks in recent years . mainly on account of freezing investments of the companies.4 bn (EUR 824 mn). but also on the uncertainty of the private sector about the future. until recently. Overall. according to APAPR.7 bn (EUR 1.5% in April) and for staying in the market. 2009 was a year of struggle for attracting resources from the population (translated into huge yields offered for deposits).000 persons at the end of April. as the players in these markets experienced a powerful combined effect between the difficulties encountered by the parent groups in their home markets and the problems of the Romanian economy. Despite the difficult economic conditions and numerous challenges faced.7%. the last two years represented an abrupt shift from ecstasy to agony.mainly on account of the biggest players -. sharp decrease of many other industries heavily financed by banks in the past. private pension funds have reached a total of 5. strongly impacted by the sharp decrease in car sales). Private Pensions: For the private pensions market. according to the central bank.5% on the voluntary pillar.1% over the previous year (on the background of an important decrease of life insurance) and the first quarter of 2010 brought another contraction of 5%. and 10. Non-banking Financial Institutions: The same kind of difficulties and constraints has affected the nonbanking financial institutions industry. lower income for population and a widespread sense of fear for the future . Last year the yields varied widely between gains of over 80% and losses of 25% (both recorded by stock funds).2 million participants and net assets under management totaling EUR 3. on the 3rd Pillar market. the stock market generated returns of over 100% (in SIFs. at the end of April 2010. in the absence of any prospects for improving the business environment. life insurance experienced a recovery in the first quarter of 2010.redesigned the whole financial-banking market in Romania. out of which over 67% are for the open funds. Investment Funds: In April 2010. an accelerated increase of the unemployment. The number of investors in this industry exceeded 280.6% (mainly due to the auto insurance segment. for coping with the surging growth of arrears (share in total outstanding loans to the private and business sectors reaching 5. to about RON 2. given that their shareholders could not provide the funds anymore or. marking a plus of 6. private pension funds have posted excellent returns: from the launch moment up to date. there were 67 investment funds functioning on the Romanian market. the unpredictability and the expectations for the imminent return of the market remains a "block of salt" that hover over this market in 2010. 14 funds managed by 10 managers were authorized. 5 less than in January 2009. in April 2010. for the investors. If.1 bn). according to AAF. loan portfolios. An important event for this industry. for example). while in the first quarter of 2010 the 42 local banks managed to have a cumulative net profit of about EUR 100 mn.translated into hundreds of thousands of companies that have put locks on the door. accumulating a volume of net assets of RON 4. the average annualized return on the mandatory pillar was about 19%. the main concern of the bankers was to increase their market shares. 2009 marked a consolidation period. did not want to do so. However. a falling real estate sector. 18 Banking & Finance . for the bankers last year ended with a net profit of about EUR 186 mn . Capital Market: For the Bucharest Stock Exchange 2009 seemed to contradict all the steep drops in the real economy. last year was an exceptional one. filled with numerous mergers and acquisitions. at the same time. but even so. Insurance: The insurance market has not been immune to the crisis either: in 2009 gross written premiums of the 42 companies in this industry fell by 1. followed in the first quarter of 2010 by another drop of 30%. The leasing market (which until recently recorded growth rates of 40-50% per year) fell in 2009 with over 70%. regional networks and profits. Since the crisis started dozens of leasing and consumer loans companies have gone out of the market.3 bn. After an extremely difficult year in 2009. Thus. while general insurance fell in the same interval by 7. Bucharest Stock Exchange listed itself at the beginning of June 2010.Banking and Financial Institutions Overview For the financial and banking industry.

400.600.401. RBS BANK (ROMANIA) S. CITIBANK EUROPE PLC.A.985. București .GROUPE SOCIƒTƒ GƒNƒRALE București .539. 3. București .Sector 5 Total Assets: 3.Sector 1 Total Assets: 9.V.SUCURSALA BUCUREȘTI București .Sector 1 Total Assets: 8.056.A.255.411.380.181 RON CEC BANK S.A.590.590. SUCURSALA ROMANIA București .200 RON BRD . București .453 RON 18.000 RON 15.Banking 1.Sector 1 Total Assets: 3.816 RON 10.518.319 RON VOLKSBANK ROMANIA S.188.195 RON UNICREDIT ȚIRIAC BANK S. 8. București .784 RON BANCPOST S. București . București .426 RON 12.918 RON BANCA TRANSILVANIA S.863. PIRAEUS BANK ROMåNIA S.313 RON 13.Sector 1 Total Assets: 7. 6.A.597.513.V.344.A.260 RON Banking & Finance 19 .009.346.A.P.BUCHAREST BRANCH București .A. București . 2.635.SIBIU Total Assets: 3.Sector 3 Total Assets: 14. CREDIT EUROPE BANK (ROMANIA) S.313.529 RON ALPHA BANK ROMANIA S. 4. 9.915 RON 16.CLUJ Total Assets: 19. 5. București .711 RON 19.976 RON 14. AMSTERDAM .108 RON 20.077.269. ING BANK N. BANCA DE EXPORT IMPORT A ROMANIEI (EXIMBANK) S.000. BANCA ITALO ROMENA S.Sector 3 Total Assets: 62.775. BANCA ROMåNEASCĂ S.A.Sector 1 Total Assets: 10.A. MEMBRĂ A GRUPULUI NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE București . DUBLIN .Sector 2 Total Assets: 21.162.522.Sector 1 Total Assets: 21.886 RON 17. BANCA COMERCIALĂ CARPATICA S.Sector 1 Total Assets: 4. Reported results for 2009 BANCA COMERCIALĂ ROMåNĂ S.763.985.000 RON RAIFFEISEN BANK S.A.Sector 2 Total Assets: 3. ITALIA TREVISO .A.064.472.A.364.Sector 3 Total Assets: 20.Sector 1 Total Assets: 20.SUCURSALA ROMANIA București .805.443 RON 11.A. OTP BANK ROMANIA S.Sector 2 Total Assets: 3.266.A.Sector 6 Total Assets: 5. București .839. Sibiu . București . Cluj-Napoca . București . GARANTIBANK INTERNATIONAL N.474.176.A. București .Sector 1 Total Assets: 46.Sector 1 Total Assets: 20.587. 7.A.980.728.

3063% ● Solution for recharging Bucharest public transportation cards at BCR ATMs ● Partnership with largest local oil company to install ATMs in oil stations ● POSs in City Halls for local taxes payment ● Dedicated package for students ● Community package for NGOs & foundations ● Continuously upgraded alternative channels supporting shift to non-cash transactions Strong development of BCR’ subsidiaries ● 44. 5 Regina Elisabeta blvd.4 billion. Executive Vice-President WOLFGANG SCHOISWOHL. BCR ratings Moody’s Long term (bank deposits): Baa3 Short term (bank deposits): P-3 FITCH Long term: BBB Short term: F3 Subsidiaries: Contact Information: Banca Comerciala Romana. Executive Vice-President HELMUTH HINTRINGER.000 inhabitants. Managing assets worth more than EUR 16. 030016 Romania. BCR offers the full range of banking services including internet. sound lending policy. Executive President OANA PETRESCU. Fax: 004 021 313.Profile Executive Committee Dominic Bruynseels.17. good Press department Tel: 004 021 312.56. broad customer base and by our parent bank Erste Group enables us to further help our customers as we go forward through tough economic conditions. a member of Erste Group.01. 1 by total assets ● No. BCR’s strategic market positioning ● Excellent funding and liquidity provide strong support to maintain & expand market share ● No. The bank’s network numbers more than 665 retail branches and agencies (for individuals and micro companies) across the country in towns with more than 10. 1 by total loans ● No. efficient operations & good service quality. is a universal bank serving both retail and corporate XXX .5% market share in asset management ● Good position in pension fund administration: 1st on voluntary (~26% market share) on a par with ING & 7th on mandatory (~6% market share) in terms of customer base ● Savings-based building society subsidiary holds ~50% of specific market & 90% of new contracts in only 1. e-mail: comunicare@bcr. BCR is currently the most important financial Group in Romania.1175% 0. Executive Vice-President Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR).5 years from launching ● Ranking 2nd in leasing (~10% market share) Dominic Bruynseels. BCR is the leading financial services provider in Romania and the most valuable Romanian financial brand.00.000 machines and over 17.000 electronic terminals operational at merchants for card payments. Corporate customers (SMEs and big companies) are serviced in 48 dedicated commercial centres. Bucharest. BCR operates the largest national ATM and POS network – over 2. We have the capabilities to achieve better performance and we will continue focusing on improving the way we serve our customers and operate our business”. phone banking and e-commerce solutions. www. saving & lending for housing purposes (housing bank) and private pensions subsidiaries. including operations abroad as well as leasing. as well as leading role in driving shift from cash to non-cash transactions Permanent innovation of products & services EGB Ceps Holding GmbH (100% owned subsidiary of Erste Group Bank AG through EGB Ceps Beteiligungen Gm) SIF Muntenia SIF Moldova SIF Banat Crisana SIF Transilvania SIF Oltenia Others 69. CEO of BCR on the bank’s strategy “Our strong position in the market supported by our balanced business model. 1 by total deposits 6% Shareholders structure 6.5762% 6% 6% 6% ● Dominant presence on the municipality segment and solid SME customer base ● Awarded “Bank of the Year 2009” in Romania by The Banker in recognition of active support for customers throughout the crisis.

e-mail: cezar. and its strategic focus has not been derailed by the turbulent financial and economic conditions over the past year. Bruynseels underlines the customer oriented strategy of BCR as the leading bank in Romania. Fax: 021.the weather is still bad though! We kept our head in the Crisis and kept close to our customers .BCR is the “Bank of the Year 2009” in Romania according to The Banker magazine Erste Bank and Sparkassen and Ceska Sporitelna are the “Bank of the Year” in Austria and in the Czech Republic Bucharest. Caplen. e-mail: cornel. and its rankings are a recognized benchmark in international banking.12. The trophy was handed over to BCR representatives by the Chief editor Stephen Timewell during the Banker’s Awards Gala 2009 which took place in London on Thursday evening Mondays through Sundays.10.” adds Mr.00.01. e-mail: nicoleta. to actively manage our credit risks and recoveries and finally to focus on the efficiency of our business and doing all this having the longer term interests of the business and of Romania as our guide” says Dominic Bruynseels.02. Efficient operations and good service quality have given the bank further momentum – the cost-to-income ratio fell by more than 15 percentage points in 2008. Communications Division.2009 . “The Banker” is a London-based monthly magazine of the Financial Times Group specializing in banking.something that the crisis only enhanced”.12. In banking circles.227 (InfoBCR) on the fixed phone network.0801. The distinction of “Bank of the Year in Romania” was awarded by a jury in which CEOs and managers of British companies. one of the world’s most respected publications. Your enquiries are processed on a daily Ionut Stanimir.something we will need to do even more as the recession continues and hopefully recovery emerges.2009. ● Call 021/311.” says The Banker’s Editor Brian Caplen. were represented.56. For more information: BCR. We have helped thousands of customers reconsider their plans and their financing requirements from us and tailored solutions for many to help them through. “Through the efforts of our colleagues to stay close to our customers and ensure we treat them fairly according to their condition in this difficult Cezar Marin.16 for card assistance services.01 and 021/311.312. e-mail: ionut. named Banca Comerciala Romana as “The Bank of the Year 2009”. It is pleasing to see that the Erste Group received a total of three awards this year: The Austrian “Erste Bank and Sparkassen” and the Czech “Ceska Sporitelna” were also awarded the title of “best bank” in their respective countries. for a local tariff regardless of the country region where the call is placed. Commenting on the award Dominic Bruynseels.00 from any phone network or *0801227 using the Vodafone EasyDial service. “BCR’s active approach to assisting customers manage their financing during the crisis helped the bank win market share. 24 h 7 days.deliu@bcr.stanimir@bcr. BCR’s nomination as the best bank in Romania is based on the performance of BCR in 2008 as well as in 2009 in a very difficult economic environment the Banker’s Editor Brian Caplen says. 03. *** For more information about the products and services provided by BCR: ● Call 0801. call 021/407. We remain regarded as the most trusted and leading Bank in the Romanian marketplace . of the Financial Times Group. Regarding BCR’s plans for the future Mr.42. It is particularly aimed at the uppermost management levels and financial experts. led by chief editor Stephen Timewell. CEO of BCR says: „In terms of challenges we have been through a perfect storm and come out the other side in good shape . as well as several editors from “The Banker”. and the available information in the Contact Center will be provided within a maximum of 24 hours from the receipt of your message.313. “The bank has also played a major role in accelerating the switch-over to electronic banking in Romania. Phone: XXX .ro.The international finance magazine “The Banker“. the magazine is thus considered one of the most important source of information on the banking Nicoleta Deliu. between 8:00 and 22:00 ● Send an e-mail message at contact.17 Cornel Cojocaru.


MoneySense offers guidance and financial information on personal finances and financial services to any interested person. Therefore. personal loans. solid and professional partner. international companies doing cross-border business with Romania. The programme’s objective is to offer access to information and financial education to as many people as possible. Over the 15 years following the establishment of the bank’s operations in Romania. Banking & Finance 23 . in order to have the right financial balance and be better prepared for the future. mortgage and home equity loans. Our Corporate Banking product range consists of transaction banking. which has been carried out for 15 years. both young people. We work mostly with multinational corporations. the bank has built a reputation as a reliable. and local companies especially those with export and growth potential. It was the bank’s aim to build such relationships as it grew with the Romanian business market. The MoneySense programme component addressed at young people took place between April-June 2010 in 36 high schools located in 7 cities: Bucharest. in the high quality solutions we offer and in our unique team of specialists. saving plans. The programme is offered through the MoneySense representatives. we have been offering products and services for our retail clients. who offered teenagers in high schools an international perspective on the economic subjects discussed. our team has built an impressive history of developing strong business relationships with corporate and retail clients. Galaţi. This service is made available free of charge and impartially in at least one branch in each city where the bank is present. leader in product innovation and service quality. Offering free and impartial guidance and financial information in the RBS Romania branches In 2010 RBS Romania launched MoneySense – a financial education programme addressed to the wider public. Braşov. a small financial guide on how to manage personal finances.rbsmoneysense. MoneySense covers basic knowledge regarding banks. MoneySense also provides financial information on the project’s website www. personal finance management and developing a business.15 years in Romania – a success story about the value of experience At RBS Romania we know and we believe in the value of the experience we gathered in 15 Financial education for young people in Romania Through the partnership with CREDE Foundation and AIESEC Romania. Cluj-Napoca. treasury and crediting services. With the help of this programme. debit and credit cards. Since its establishment in Romania. Our expanding product range currently includes current accounts. banking products. MoneySense is the financial education programme of the RBS Group. Thus. everyone can better manage their personal budget. Starting with September 2004. Piteşti and Timişoara. RBS employees specially trained to provide assistance through this programme. offering them support in managing their personal budget and gaining a better understanding of various banking services and products. as well as existing and potential clients. assisted by the bank’s employees and AIESEC volunteers. being one of the most important initiatives of this kind in UK and Ireland. all those who are interested can freely access the MoneySense brochure. Financial education classes have been held by teachers. Oradea. We believe in what we do and we will not stop here. overdraft facilities. RBS Romania addresses young high school and university students.

center@bcr.3063% Financial Investment Company (FIC) Moldova: 6% Financial Investment Company (FIC) Banat .0001% SC Carina Import Export SRL: 0.650 Financial information: Registered capital 748. The corporate customers are serviced in 48 corporate commercial centres dedicated exclusively to SMEs and big Company profile: BCR. which holds 10.000 electronic terminals operational at the merchants. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-305. a member of the Erste Group.000 EUR (2009) Employees 8. sector 3.90 Fax: +40-21-311.Executive Director Retail & Network COSMIN CALIN .300.Chairman of the Supervisory Board MANFRED WIMMER . Thus. namely EBRD. BCR is the leading banking organization in Romania. 5. Top management: Ownership Private-owned: 100% Romanian: 0.Chief Financial Officer LAKIS COUNINIS .BANCA COMERCIALĂ ROMÂNĂ S.91 E-mail: office@brom.18.Executive Director Risk DANIEL ANTONESCU .Member Financial information: Registered capital 2.Executive Vice-President Auditor: Ernst & Young Contact Person: CORNELIU COJOCARU – Executive Manager. Banca Romaneasca launched its activities on the Romanian banking market 17 years ago and it is currently offering to its clients a wide range of products and services for individuals and corporations.0002% SC Cozamin SRL: 0. At the end of 2009.000 EUR (2009) Net profit 206.Head of Secretariat Division 24 Banking & Finance .21% of the bank’s share capital. phone banking and e-commerce services.Executive Vice-President WOLFGANG SCHOISWOHL .648.93.892 EUR (2009) Gross profit 16.21% Auditor Deloitte Audit SRL Employees 1. nr.Executive Vice-President HELMUTH HINTRINGER . with operations both in Romania and abroad developed by its local branches. the National Bank of Greece.61.771 EUR (2009) Total revenues 114. the bank is benefiting from a strong and consistent shareholders structure which provides the necessary support for its future sustainable growth.91. is a universal bank dedicated to both retail and corporate customers. Communication Division CRISTIAN ALEXANDRU SPANU – Investor Relations Quality certificates: SR EN ISO 9001:2001 issued by Moody International** Brands: BCR BANCA ROMÂNEASCĂ S.91. BCR is currently the most important financial Group in Romania. foreign banking subsidiaries and representative offices. 030822.000 inhabitants.Deputy General Manager TRAIAN HALALAI .7% Foreign: 69. – Membră a Grupului National Bank of Greece Contact: Bulevardul Unirii.A.Crisana: 6% Financial Investment Company (FIC) Transilvania: 6% Financial Investment Company (FIC) Muntenia: 6% Financial Investment Company (FIC) Oltenia: 6.0020% SAI AVIVA INVESTORS Romania SA: 0. The bank is offering a full range of banking services having 668 retail branches and agencies (for individuals and micro corporations) located in most of the Romanian cities with a population of more than 10.000 RON (2009) Total Assets 16.3% Top management: DOMINIC BRUYNSEELS – Executive President OANA PETRESCU . sector 3.bcr.915 EUR (2009) * data provided in MIS CRINA COSMA .Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board HERBERT JURANEK Website: www. Banca Romaneasca had a share capital of approx. while the National Bank of Greece holds 89.Member BERNHARD SPALT .00 +40-21-305.338% Shareholders National Bank of Greece: 89. Since 2005.90.996. 35.07%.Member FLORIN POGONARU .1175% SC Actinvest SA: 0.Senior Risk Advisor ALEXANDROS KITSOPANOS .000. another important shareholder joined the bank.Executive Director Corporate DAVID GARNER .900.220 RON (2009) Total assets 2.4 billion.693. BCR is also holding top positions on the financial market segments for Company profile: Banca Romaneasca is part of the largest financial group in Greece and South-Eastern Europe.Member TUDOR CIUREZU .A.5719% Ownership: Private-owned: 100% Romanian: 30. BCR is the most valuable Romanian financial services brand. nr.304 EUR (2009) Net profit 15. equity and pension funds supported by its domestic subsidiaries.662% Foreign: 99.00 Fax: +40-21-305.730. where more than 1600 professionals work.46 E-mail: contact. including Internet banking. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. for card payments.496 Shareholders: EGB Ceps Holding GmbH (100% owned subsidiary of Erste Group Bank AG through EGB Ceps Beteiligungen GmbH): 69. housing bank. managing assets worth of more than EUR 16.000 machines and over 17. The bank provides to both retail and corporate customers a complex offer of banking products and services.0006% SC Milord Impex SRL: 0.0013% Individuals: Website: www. asset management.07% The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD): 10.banca-romaneasca. BCR issues 25 types of debit and credit card. Contact: Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta. Members of the board: ANDREAS TREICHL .02.85 +40-21-314.645. and is the owner of the largest national ATM and POS network – over 2.19 +40-21-310. EUR 200 million and a territorial network formed of 151 branches.Member MIHAI FERCALA .595.282.

President MAGDA MANEA . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-455.173. By using its international network.ALPHA BANK ROMANIA S. All Bank’s efforts are oriented towards listening to the customers’ objectives and establishing a dialogue in order to help them choose the best solutions for their needs and to offer them the best comfort.COO ROBERT KARREMAN .Financial PERIKLIS VOULGARIS – Executive Vice President .Country Head of Retail RADU ROPOTA . always meeting their needs with performant solutions. Neocity Tower.E. Galaţi.91838% Eirini Brintakis: 0. the Bank has a responsible approach covering all the banking needs of the clients. Bacău.alphabank. Bucharest. the bank has been present since November 1995. Cluj-Napoca. By providing corporate and retail solutions and by offering advanced services to both business and private customers. Top management: JOHAN GABRIELS .: 99. the bank offers integrated financial products and services to its can be found on www. In 2009 ALPHA BANK ROMANIA has celebrated 15 years of services completed for the Romanian customers with high proficiency.388. having an experience of over 130 years in financial – banking services.632 RON (2009) Gross profit 154.Vicepresident ROBERT HADLEY .A.549 (2010) Top management: SERGIU BOGDAN OPRESCU – Executive President STERE CONSTANTIN FARMACHE – Executive First Vice President CRISTIAN HINCU – Executive Vice President . Iaşi.Retail ION STAN – Executive Vice President .: 99.65. Constanţa.11. Members of the board: CHRISTOS GIAMPANAS – Chairman SERGIU BOGDAN OPRESCU – Executive President and Member STERE CONSTANTIN FARMACHE – Executive First Vice President and Member GEORGIOS KONTOS – Member GEORGIOS GEORGIOU – Member SPYRIDON ANDRONIKAKIS – Member LAZAROS PAPAGARYFALLOU – Member EVANGELOS KALAMAKIS – Member GEORGIOS RAPANAKIS – Member Financial information: Registered capital 958. 010566.Head of Legal MARIJANA VASILESCU . 237B. 10. TârguMureş and Timişoara) through its 30 locations.213 RON (2009) Net profit 130. Website: Company profile: In Romania.300 Shareholders The Royal Bank of Scotland N.443 RON (2010) Ownership Private-owned: 100% Shareholders Alpha Bank A.98 Fax: +40-21-231. etaj 2.000 RON (2009) Annual turnover 870. Braşov.582.Corporate RBS BANK (ROMANIA) S.rbs. As a company dedicated to the client’s needs.Country Head of Global Markets ENA BADEANU .com Website: www. corporate and institutional clients.08162% Auditor KPMG Employees 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-202.Operations GABRIEL MATEESCU – Executive Vice President . Oradea.Country Risk Officer JHON BELL .Head of Communications & Marketing Financial information: Registered capital 308.99. Contact: Calea Dorobanţilor. Ploieşti.rbsbank. it operates out of 15 cities (Arad. World Trade Center.429.Head of FIPS RALUCA IONESCU .9% Auditor Deloitte Contact person: CRISTINA MIHAILA .00 Fax: +40-21-319.912 RON (2009) Employees 1. nr. nr. it has constantly improved the quality and it has diversified its products.A. Alpha Bank Group.Country Head of Global Transaction Banking LUCICA PITULICE . sector sector 1.70 E-mail: pr@alphabank.V. Piteşti. of which 3 are dedicated to Royal Preferred Banking and its direct sales force.Country Head of Human Resources ADINA ENESCU .Communication Manager Banking & Finance 25 .Head of Finance COSMIN BUCUR .69 E-mail: clientservice.811.A.Head of Corporate Clients LUDMILA DROZDEA Company profile: ALPHA BANK ROMANIA belongs to one of the leading Greek financial groups. More details about the RBS Bank (Romania) S. through dedicated Divisions and a branch network covering the most important localities of Romania. Contact: Piaţa Montreal. Currently. Sibiu.

75/76/77 Fax: +40-21.A.A. nr. 550135.70 Total assets: 3.00 Fax: +40-21-202.260 RON (2009) 26 Banking & Finance . bloc UTI.Vice President VLADIMIR KALINOV . 8.71. 3-5.03. nr. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-23.49% Auditor: KPMG Romania XX BANK ROMANIA S.32 Total assets: 1. 15.51% Ownership: Private-owned: 100% Foreign: 99. ATE Calea Griviţei. sector 2.600.38 Total assets: 3. nr.A.793 RON (2009) XX BANCA DE EXPORT IMPORT A ROMåNIEI XX BANCA MILLENNIUM S.71.381.000 EUR (2009) Gross profit 85.raiffeisen. București Phone: +40-21-327. phonebanking (Raiffeisen Direct). Sibiu.421. parter/13-17.85 Fax: +40-269-23.70.441.753 RON (2009) XX BANCA COMERCIALĂ CARPATICA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303.3.839. type Visa or Mastercard. The Bank provides a complete range of high quality products and services to private individuals.70. the first multifunctional chip credit card and offers a complete range of debit and credit cards. 6 A. Strada George Bariţiu. 030031.46 Fax: +40-21-303.452 RON (2009) XX BANCA MONDIALĂ BIROUL ROMåNIA Strada Vasile Lascăr. City Gate. ‘Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen’ .21. Strada Popa Tatu. 020337. nr. București Phone: +40-800-110.71.00 Fax: +40-21-230. nr.522.A. sector 1.71.10 Total assets: N/A XX BANCA ITALO ROMENA Company name: BANCA ITALO ROMENA S.10 Fax: +40-21-308.RAIFFEISEN BANK S.313.P. nr.11. Raiffeisen Bank is also a major player on the cards market .38 Fax: +40-21-405. Raiffeisen Bank services its customers through dedicated spaces: ‘retail agencies’ for individuals and SMEs. which in turn is a fully consolidated subsidiary of Vienna-based Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG (RZB). 62 A.50 Fax: Company profile: Raiffeisen Bank is a top universal bank on the Romanian market.260 RON (2009) (EXIMBANK) launched the first co-branded card. nr.Vice President RĂZVAN MUNTEANU .22 Total assets: 58. 011857.34. Piaţa Presei Libere.A.38.10 Fax: +40-21-312. Top management: STEVEN VAN GRONINGEN . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-405.692. Cluj-Napoca. sector 3.A.07.956.38 Total assets: N/A XX BANCA NAŢIONALĂ A ROMåNIEI Strada Lipscani.763.453.50 Total assets: 1.Vice President Financial information: Registered capital 1. 1.Vice President CARL ROSSEY . nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-306.886 RON (2009) XX BANCA COMERCIALĂ FEROVIARĂ S.501. nr.07. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-308.04. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201.000 EUR (2009) Net profit 73.196.000 Shareholders: Raiffeisen International Bank-Holding AG: 99. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-202. ATM and EPOS networks.108 RON (2009) XX BANCA EUROPEANĂ PENTRU RECONSTRUCŢIE ȘI DEZVOLTARE Strada Orlando. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232.200 Total assets: 14.12/26 Fax: +40-21-232. nr. sector 1. 020334.A.13. 15. 45.061. nr. small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large companies.31. Splaiul Independenţei.303. Contact: Piaţa Charles de Gaulle. sector 1.000 EUR (2009) Employees 6.610. sector 1. 8.79 Total assets: 19. a subsidiary of the Austrian Raiffeisen International Bank-Holding AG.A.00 E-mail: centrala@rzb. Website: www.472.269.07. Strada Autogării. sector 2. for companies and individuals.President & CEO MARINEL BURDUJA . 31.1. 24.39. nr.816 RON (2009) XX BANK LEUMI ROMANIA S. sector 2.71 Total assets: 3. 2-4. Turnul Sudic. in local or foreign currency. sector 5. sector 1. Bulevardul Aviatorilor.2.A. for international or national use.33.590. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-313.11 Fax: +40-21-201.784 RON (2009) XX BANCPOST S.07.380. sector 1. ITALIA TREVISO . 013702.49% Others: 0.First Vicepresident JAMES DANIEL STEWART . Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu. 25.31 Total assets: N/A XX BANCA TRANSILVANIA S.97 Total assets: 1. etaj 6. nr. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-40.259.07.SUCURSALA BUCUREȘTI Strada Gara Herăstrău. mobile-banking (myBanking) and internet banking (Raiffeisen Online).03. and dedicated corporate regional centers established in major cities. via multiple distribution channels: banking outlets (over 500 throughout the country).the private banking office@rzb. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206.000 RON (2010) Total Assets 4. 050092.

nr.91. AMSTERDAM .A. XX Șoseaua Pipera-Tunari. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-307. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-208.00 Fax: +40-21-305.453 RON (2009) BCR XX BANCA PENTRU LOCUINȚE S.54 Fax: +40-21-317. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222.00 Fax: +40-257-28.559 RON (2009) BRD XX .866 RON (2009) FORTIS BANK S. sector 1.775.V. etaj 1 bis.711 RON (2009) PIRAEUS BANK ROMåNIA S. BRUXELLES XX SUCURSALA BUCUREȘTI Strada Tipografilor. 020502. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201. nr.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-401.22. XX Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu. 011841.40 Fax: +40-21-599. 020797. 013714. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-30. nr. sector 3. nr.266.26.26. sector 1.411.50 Fax: +40-21-206. nr.19 Fax: +40-21-312. Bulevardul Buzeşti.09 Total assets: N/A DEXIA KOMMUNALKREDIT ROMANIA S. nr.00 Fax: +40-21-206. sector 5.196.82 Total assets: 2.003. XX Șoseaua Nicolae Titulescu. RON (2009) MKB ROMEXTERRA BANK S.00 Fax: +40-21-401. nr. XX Bulevardul Timişoara. Bucureşti Phone: +40-801-080.17.985. sector 1. 11-13. sector 1. sector 1.402.905. nr.10 Fax: +40-21-231.275 Fax: +40-21-312.54 Total assets: 331.30.056.60. sector 1.00 Fax: +40-21-222. Anchor Plaza. sector 2.255. etaj 5-6.319 RON (2009) CAJA DE AHORROS Y PENSIONES XX DE BARCELONA SUCURSALA ROMåNIA ING XX BANK N. Voluntari.82. 011017.A. etaj 5.18 Total assets: 101. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. 40-40 Bis. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-208.188. 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-599.49.65 Total assets: 605. nr.734. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203.06 Total assets: 254.65 Total assets: 777.56. 011022. DUBLIN XX .233 RON (2009) LIBRA BANK S. 90-92.A.A. sector 1. XX Strada Semilunei. nr.A. 62-64. SUCURSALA ROMANIA Calea Dorobanţi. Calea Victoriei.00 Fax: +40-21-230.54. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-301.65 Total assets: 4.69 Fax: +40-21-303.90 Total assets: 3.A.A. XX Strada Emanoil Porumbaru.55. 030022.GROUPE SOCIƒTƒ GƒNƒRALE Bulevardul Ion Mihalache. Bucharest Financial Plazza.57. nr.02 Total assets: 2.745 RON (2009) Strada Munţii Tatra.401. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-208. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-406.129 RON (2009) Șoseaua Fabrica de Glucoză.11.05 Total assets: 399. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-409.17. sector 1.17.R. 11-15.69.50 Fax: +40-21-203. nr. sector 6. 145.000 RON (2009) DEUTSCHE BANK AG . 011428. 66-68.985.091. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311.A.518. Novo Park.426 RON (2009) PORSCHE BANK ROMANIA S. 379 RON (2009) Banking & Finance 27 .60 Fax: +40-21-318.57.043.20. 1-7. 11-13.14.00 Fax: +40-21-307. 29-31.805.971.26.A.22.23.63 Total assets: 1.92.00 Fax: +40-21-232.17 Total assets: N/A OTP XX BANK ROMANIA S.30 Total assets: 473.65. Elefterie Business Center.BUCHAREST BRANCH Șoseaua Kiseleff. nr.01 Total assets: 10.539.00 Fax: +40-21-317. nr. 11-13. XX Strada Buzeşti. 18. 89.61. sector 1.614. sector 2.XX BANK OF CYPRUS PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED NICOSIA SUCURSALA ROMåNIA XX GARANTIBANK INTERNATIONAL N. 6 A. nr. 4-10. sector 1. 187 B.575.132 RON (2009) MARFIN BANK (ROMANIA) S. 4-6.277. nr.55.82. nr.513.40.42.098. sector 3. 010072. sector 2.39. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303. Arad. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.443 RON (2009) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK XX Company name: BANCA COMERCIALA INTESA SANPAOLO ROMANIA S.048.635.346.52 Fax: +40-21-409.REPREZENTANŢĂ XX Strada Poet Andrei Mureşanu. nr.V. 5.01.SUCURSALA ROMåNIA Calea Victoriei.L.33 Total assets: 5. XX Strada Emanuel Porumbaru. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408. XX Strada Vasile Lascăr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206.195 RON (2009) CITIBANK EUROPE PLC.A.82.68 Total assets: 9. 88. Calea Victoriei.36 Total assets: 46.A.00 Fax: +40-21-301.344.00 Fax: +40-21-208. sector 1.30/33 Total assets: 3.16.40 Total assets: N/A EMPORIKI BANK .00.A. 26 Z.70 Fax: +40-21-310. nr. nr.06 Total assets: 543.26.25 Total assets: 20.A.162 RON (2009) PROCREDIT BANK S./N.80. 020337.826 RON (2009) CEC XX BANK S.390 RON (2009) RAIFFEISEN BANCA PENTRU LOCUINŢE S.V. 15.01.61.ROMANIA S.93. etaj 5. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-405.915 RON (2009) CREDIT EUROPE BANK (ROMANIA) S. XX Strada Elefterie. Bulevardul Revoluţiei. sector 2.

2. București .A.097 RON PIRAEUS LEASING ROMANIA IFN S. 6.667 RON EFG LEASING IFN S.751.120 RON 15.48. sector 3.210.000. 014106.A.282 RON 11. 4.Sector 1 Total assets: 1.A.00/01/02 Fax: +40-21-318.Sector 1 Total assets: 776.A. ROMSTAL LEASING IFN S.95.Sector 6 Total assets: 883.388 RON 14. București .789 RON 12. BCR LEASING IFN S.Sector 1 Total assets: 3.00 Fax: +40-21-209.00 Fax: +40-21-200. București . RAIFFEISEN LEASING IFN S.521.888.Sector 1 Total assets: 1. nr. MOTORACTIVE IFN S.959.44.728.Sector 2 Total assets: 958.673. București . București . 030835.665. 5.661. București . nr. 8.A.837. București . București . 23-25.LEASING ROMANIA IFN S.597. XX Strada Gheţarilor.614.105 RON NBG LEASING IFN S.636.A.716 RON (2009) VOLKSBANK ROMANIA S. București . nr.Sector 5 Total assets: 844.692 RON VB LEASING ROMANIA IFN S. sector 1.A. IMPULS . 3.638 RON BRD SOGELEASE IFN S.A.A.Sector 3 Total assets: 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-209.A. 67.ILFOV Total assets: 1. Bulevardul Unirii.20. București .145 RON 10. 9.229. XX Șoseaua Mihai Bravu.992.885 RON 13.A.A.000 RON (2009) Non Banking Financial Institutions Leasing Reported results for 2009 1. RCI LEASING ROMANIA IFN S.846.Sector 1 Total assets: sector 2. București . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-200.Sector 6 Total assets: 654. 171.236.894 RON 28 Banking & Finance .529 RON (2009) UNICREDIT ȚIRIAC BANK S.XX ROMANIAN INTERNATIONAL BANK S.Sector 1 Total assets: 984. București .358.A.788.957 RON UNICREDIT LEASING CORPORATION IFN S.737.02 Total assets: 20.862.84 Total assets: 21.A.678 RON TIRIAC LEASING IFN S.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.178 RON PORSCHE LEASING ROMANIA IFN S.A. 7. bloc G2A. București . CREDIT EUROPE LEASING IFN S.A.16/17 Total assets: 528.241.95.Sector 3 Total assets: 856.400. Voluntari . București .Sector 2 Total assets: 844.A.Sector 1 Total assets: 595.

88.188 RON (2009) IMMORENT ROMANIA IFN S.A. etaj 3-4.040 RON (2009) IMPULS . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-409. Strada Matei Voievod.885 RON (2009) INTERNATIONAL LEASING XX . sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.33 Total assets: 856. nr.022.00 +40-21-308.606. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-323. 79. 011013.475 RON (2009) PIRAEUS LEASING ROMANIA IFN S. Bulevardul Ion Mihalache.80 +40-21-252.A.673.88. nr. 29-31. sector 1.20 Fax: Total assets: +40-264-44. nr.24 Fax: Total assets: 553.00 +40-21-409.210.10 +40-21-323.33 Total assets: 394.22. XX Bulevardul Dimitrie Cantemir.00 Fax: +40-21-387.247 RON (2009) MOTORACTIVE IFN S.A.06.997. sector 1.71.964.319 RON (2009) EFG XX LEASING IFN S. bloc I7. 031105.05.73.614.A.178 RON (2009) BRD XX SOGELEASE IFN S.50-59 Total assets: 160. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303.99 Total assets: 404. etaj 1.521.770 RON (2009) CREDIT EUROPE LEASING IFN S.84 Fax: Total assets: 2.A. nr.85 Fax: Total assets: 49. 020361.665.211 RON (2009) ATLASSIB LEASING IFN S. București Phone: +40-21-407.862.50 Fax: Total assets: 578. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-301. 021456. Calea Floreasca.15. nr. Anchor Plaza.49. Strada George Bariţiu.13 Fax: Total assets: 958.268 RON (2009) BCR XX LEASING IFN S. etaj 7.16. Sibiu. sector 2. nr.04. nr. sector 2. sector 2.087. 212.31/32/33 Fax: +40-21-337. nr. XX Strada Maria Rosetti.41. 14-18. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-409. 90-92. București Phone: +40-21-200.22 Fax: +40-21-318. etaj 6.62 Fax: Total assets: 72. sector 2.A.A.57 Fax: +40-21-405. 8.282 RON (2009) NBG LEASING IFN S.29.50-59 Fax: +40-21-305.830. 011428.A. 6. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231.LEASING ROMANIA IFN S. XX Strada Sf‰nta Vineri. nr. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-387.00.A. sector 3.692 RON (2009) OTP XX LEASING ROMANIA IFN S. Cluj-Napoca.01 Total assets: 273. etaj 4.264. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-308. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.41. sector 1. XX Bulevardul Nicolae Titulescu.99 Total assets: 1.661.24 +40-269-23. 29. XX Strada Tudor Arghezi. nr. sector 5. 8. ALPHA LEASING ROMANIA IFN S.25.37 Total assets: etaj 5. București Phone: +40-21-308. 108.10. etaj 1. XX Strada Alba-Iulia. nr.236.A.61. XX Strada Emanoil Porumbaru.A.895 RON (2009) ITALO ROMENA LEASING IFN S. 1. ap.38 +40-21-200.A.A.00/01/02/03 Fax: +40-21-404.331.00.51. sector 4.73.00/01/02/03 Fax: +40-21-404. 40.Most important companies in "Non Banking Financial InstitutionsLeasing" XX AGER LEASING IFN S.90. nr. nr.723.887 RON (2009) Strada Munţii Tatra.55 Fax: Total assets: 654. 11.097 RON (2009) BT XX LEASING TRANSILVANIA IFN S.95 Total assets: 428. XX Bulevardul Unirii.678 RON (2009) FORTIS LEASE ROMANIA IFN S. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu.491 RON (2009) MARFIN LEASING IFN (ROMANIA) S. 011171. XX Calea Buzești. nr.88.384. Bectro Center.15.50 Fax: Total assets: 355. XX Bulevardul Timişoara.00 +40-21-314.A.358. nr.364 RON (2009) MKB ROMEXTERRA LEASING IFN S. bloc B2. Fax: +40-21-407.21 +40-21-323.A. 61-63. nr.93/94 Fax: +40-21-316. sector 3.29.04/05 Fax: Total assets: 1.61.A.329. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-43. etaj 2. 26 Z. sector 1.833. 4-10.120 RON (2009) DEL XX FIN LEASING IFN S. Piaţa Alba-Iulia. nr. sector 1. 1. 011646.A.00 Fax: +40-21-200.00/88 +40-21-301.A.34. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-305. sector 1.11 Total assets: 844. XX Strada Bilciureşti.20. 20-22. sector 1.A. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-22. etaj 4. 550135. nr.666.69. 5. sector 6.A.20.80 Total assets: 448.105 RON (2009) Banking & Finance 29 . etaj 7. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-405.61. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-337.INSTITUȚIE FINANCIARĂ NEBANCARĂ S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-264. 6 A. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-252.833.39. 1-7.71. Strada Nicolae Caramfil. sector 2. 061331. XX Strada Luigi Galvani.

974. nr. 8-12. București . 2. 59-63.05.94.A.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 8.A.788. ap. sector 1.A. XX Calea Dorobanţilor. Braşov.R. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-31.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 15. Voluntari . 2. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-208.A. Voluntari .114 EUR GENERAL LEASING S. Porsche Bank. sector 1.55 Fax: +40-268-31.05. București .XX PORSCHE LEASING ROMANIA IFN S. Strada Gheorghe Doja.000 RON (2009) XX TIRIAC LEASING IFN S. nr.00 Fax: +40-21-231.145 RON (2009) XX TRANSILVANIA LEASING IFN S. 5.856 EUR LEASEPLAN ROMANIA S. 17-21. sector 6. 014141.03 Total assets: 883. Voluntari.008.05 Total assets: 1. etaj 2. nr. nr.44. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-59.00 Fax: +40-21-301. 90. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-200. nr.643.26.986.32. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201. Grand Offices Marriott.A.50/51/52/53/54 Total assets: 595. 41. 20. 25. nr. 2. Șoseaua Pipera-Tunari.R.34/05 Fax: +40-21-403. 3. 20.R.00 Fax: +40-21-233. Bucureşti Strada Matei Basarab.326.86.846. sector 3. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-529.50/51/52/53/54 Fax: +40-21-212. sector 1. nr.654 EUR .A.168 EUR PORSCHE MOBILITY S. București . Strada Nicolae Caramfil. sector 5.00 Fax: +40-21-201. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206. Bulevardul Aviatorilor.77. 45 F3.229.163 EUR ARVAL SERVICE LEASE ROMANIA S. Strada Puţul lui Zamfir.L.992.39 Total assets: 984. 050726.72.959.77.32.638 RON (2009) TBI XX LEASING IFN S.51.789 RON (2009) RCI XX LEASING ROMANIA IFN S.A. 30 Banking & Finance ALD AUTOMOTIVE S. nr.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 13.L.963 RON (2009) XX UNICREDIT LEASING CORPORATION IFN S.77 Fax: +40-21-200. 4.074.R.667 RON (2009) PRO XX LEASING INSTITUȚIE FINANCIARĂ NEBANCARĂ S.26. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-212.05.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 11.20.L.837.00 Fax: +40-21-208.72.99 Total assets: 776.57 Fax: +40-244-59.88. 6-8. nr. Calea Bucureşti.636.894 RON (2009) Non Banking Financial Institutions Fleet Management and Operational Leasing Reported results for 2009 1.87 Total assets: 3.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 29. etaj 1. etaj 9. etaj 3. VB Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti. nr. XX Calea 13 Septembrie.98/99 Total assets: 844.737.26.A.20. 41.73 Total assets: 276. Ploieşti.A.957 RON (2009) XX LEASING ROMANIA IFN S. nr. Calea Giuleşti.L.33.129.724 RON (2008) RAIFFEISEN LEASING IFN S. sector 1.A.888. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-403.A.712.72 Total assets: 57.388 RON (2009) ROMSTAL LEASING IFN S.56 Total assets: 35. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-204.


80.14 Annual turnover: 11. nr. 11A. Strada Fabrica de Glucoză.03. nr.00 +40-21-383. București Phone: +40-21-301. nr.750 EUR (2009) FIRST FLEET MANAGEMENT AND LEASING S. Voluntari. etaj 1.970.L XX Șoseaua Pipera-Tunari.Most important companies in "Fleet Management and Operational Leasing" XX AUTOMOTIVE S.148 RON (2009) PORSCHE MOBILITY S.L.10. 014141. ap. nr.40. sector 6.21. nr. Clădirea C.R. parter.A. sector 1.A.R.42 Fax: +40-21-407.01 Fax: Annual turnover: 38.R.20.00 Fax: +40-21-320.41/43/44 Annual turnover: 33. XX Șoseaua Pipera-Tunari.163 EUR (2009) HERTZ LEASE XX Company name: AUTOTECHNICA FLEET SERVICES S. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-26. 183.79 Annual turnover: 5. sector 1.878 EUR (2009) OPPORTUNITY MICROCREDIT ROMANIA XX IFN S. etaj 1. ALD Bulevardul Ion Mihalache.40 Annual turnover: 18. București Phone: +40-21-200. 60 D. nr. XX Strada Banu Antonache. ap. Strada Clucerului.265. XX Strada Turturelelor.00 Fax: +40-21-206.643. ap.34 Fax: +40-21-444.A. Bulevardul 1 Decembrie 1918. sector 1. etaj 1. 40-44.220 EUR (2009) 32 Banking & Finance .A.90. Turn BRD. nr. etaj 12.00 Fax: +40-21-387.55 Annual turnover: 29.A. 1-7. Floreasca Business Center.658 RON (2009) GE XX Money Company name: RALFI IFN S.R.830 EUR (2009) GE XX Money Company name: DOMENIA CREDIT IFN S. sector 1.02. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-308.09.R. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-208. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-444. 079.27. județul Ilfov Phone: +40-21-407.44 Fax: +40-265-26.000 EUR (2009) LEASEPLAN ROMåNIA S.33 Annual turnover: 3. etaj 7.64 Fax: +40-21-233.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-407. nr. Strada Puţul lui Zamfir.36.80.40 Annual turnover: 300.36. 032258. etaj 2.168 EUR (2009) Most important companies in "Consumer Credits" XX CETELEM IFN S. 1. clădirea F.49. sector 1.A. nr. T‰rgu Mureș. nr.022. 5. etaj 4. București Phone: +40-21-206.488. 47. Voluntari. 540528. Construdava Business Center.850 EUR (2009) ARVAL SERVICE LEASE ROMANIA S.26. nr. 011683.324 RON (2009) TBI XX CREDIT IFN S.49.29 Annual turnover: 5. 8-12. XX Bulevardul Timişoara.19 Fax: Annual turnover: N/A EFG XX RETAIL SERVICES IFN S.00 Fax: +40-21-200.01 Annual turnover: 28. Bulevardul Theodor Pallady.82.41/43/44 Fax: +40-21-231.20 +40-21-312.935.80.79 Annual turnover: 4.33. 050122.L. nr. etaj 3 . sector 2.01 Annual turnover: 15.02. 2. XX Strada Nicolae Caramfil.L.21.A.89. XX Bulevardul Ficusului. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-387.326.67 Annual turnover: 13. 020331.82. 25.49 Annual turnover: 38. 5.L. sector 2. nr.A.L.L. EUR (2009) DIRENT GROUP S.074.522. sector 3.10.R. sector 2. nr.714 EUR (2009) GENERAL LEASING S.856 EUR (2009) UNICREDIT LEASING FLEET MANAGEMENT S.79.03.008. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233. sector 3. nr. 4 C.525.96 Fax: +40-21-321. 33. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu.89.00 Fax: +40-21-208. 6 A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-387. București Phone: +40-21-300.00 Fax: +40-21-407. 78-80. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. sector 1.746.26.50 Fax: +40-21-301. Novo Park 3.77. Șoseaua Fabrica de Glucoză. 2.

Sector 3 Total gross written premiums: 809. sector 1. 8.Sector 1 Total gross written premiums: 1. Strada Puţul lui Zamfir. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231.A.829. Strada George Călinescu.Most important companies in "Factoring" XX FINANCE IFN S.A.41/43/44 Annual turnover: 33.Sector 2 Total gross written premiums: 645.20 Fax: +40-21-200.10.163 EUR (2009) SERVICES S. BRD Bulevardul Ion Mihalache. Strada Tipografilor. București . București .A.407.35. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231.285.00 Fax: +40-21-230.983.767 EUR (2009) XX RETAIL SERVICES IFN S.84 Fax: +40-21-300.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-200. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-301.05 Annual turnover: 1. etaj 3. Strada Clucerului.Sector 1 Total gross written premiums: 1. București . 011857.022. București . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-308. 39.887. nr. S-Park.A. Insurance Companies Reported results for 2009 ALLIANZ-ȚIRIAC ASIGURĂRI S.559.89.75.20. București .ASIROM VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP S.95. 6 A.A. 014453. sector 1.117.97. 23-25.A. nr. parter. nr.10.02. 5.882. etaj 6.A.A.658 RON (2009) Insurance 1.60.05 Audit Fax: +40-31-406. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-306.058.55.REASIGURARE ASTRA S.60.77 Fax: +40-21-231.R.A.41/43/44 Fax: +40-21-231. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312.089 EUR (2009) ING XX COMMERCIAL FINANCE IFN S. 2. bloc C3.436 EUR (2009) XX COMPANIA DE FACTORING S.A. sector 2. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-305. EFG Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu. sector 1. nr.371 RON GROUPAMA ASIGURĂRI S. 011683. sector 1. 8-12.30 Fax: +40-21-300. corp B4.89.191. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-308.00 Fax: +40-21-320. XX Strada Gheţarilor.392.21 Annual turnover: 4.20 Fax: +40-21-231. nr.407 RON SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ DE ASIGURARE . 4.220 EUR (2009) UNICREDIT CONSUMER FINANCING IFN S. 11-15.02. sector 2.842 EUR (2009) RAIFFEISEN BANK S.525 RON ASIGURAREA ROMåNEASCĂ .A.20 Annual turnover: 65. 1-7.257 RON Banking & Finance 33 .261 RON OMNIASIG VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP S.950 EUR (2009) XX CETELEM IFN S.Sector 1 Total gross written premiums: 536. nr. 78-80. 014106.471.L.553 RON BCR ASIGURĂRI VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP S. sector 1.01 Annual turnover: 7. Calea Floreasca.746.80 Annual turnover: 18. sector 1.L.48. 15. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei.57 Annual turnover: 8.R. nr.Sector 1 Total gross written premiums: 576. București .90. nr.482. 3.40. 10A.19 Annual turnover: N/A XX COFACE ROMANIA CREDIT MANAGEMENT EOS XX KSI ROMANIA S.A. XX Piaţa Charles de Gaulle.A. etaj 3.114. Turn BRD.40 Annual turnover: 300.00 Annual turnover: N/A TBI XX CREDIT IFN S.20 Fax: +40-21-312.07.

XX Bulevardul Elena Văcărescu.263 RON Most important companies in "Insurance Companies" XX ALICO ASIGURARI ROMANIA S.60.Sector 3 Total gross written premiums: 74.08 Total gross written premiums: 33.032 RON GENERALI ASIGURĂRI S.525 RON (2009) ALLIANZ-TIRIAC ASIGURARI S.A.41.SIBIU Total gross written premiums: 196.ASIROM VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP S. București . sector 2.22 +40-21-208. București .Sector 1 Total gross written premiums: 255.Sector 5 Total gross written premiums: 527.781 RON (2009) ASIROM .80 Fax: +40-21-318.187 RON (2009) ASTRA-UNIQA XX Company name: SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ DE ASIGURARE . EUREKO ASIGURĂRI S.900. 010665.01/04 Fax: Total gross written premiums: 191. EUROINS ROMåNIA ASIGURARE REASIGURARE S.Sector 1 Total gross written premiums: 506.059.A. BCR ASIGURĂRI DE VIAȚĂ VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP S.895 RON 11. ING ASIGURĂRI DE VIAȚĂ S. sector 1. București .261 RON (2009) ASIGURARE REASIGURARE ARDAF S. etaj 4.A. 47-53.00 +40-21-208. M 101.107.A.006.697. București . 8. București . nr.Sector 1 Total gross written premiums: 191.748.A.Sector 1 Total gross written premiums: 496.950.A. București . sector 3.11 Fax: Total gross written premiums: 1.895 RON (2009) 34 Banking & Finance . SOCIETATEA DE ASIGURĂRI CHARTIS ROMANIA S.384 RON 19. GARANTA ASIGURĂRI S.809. București .Sector 2 Total gross written premiums: 281.63 Fax: +40-21-230. 80-84. nr.A.836 RON 17.700.Sector 1 Total gross written premiums: 134. București . nr.498.471. ASIGURARE REASIGURARE ARDAF S. București Phone: +40-21-264.126.A.513 RON 14. CARPATICA ASIG S.Sector 1 Total gross written premiums: 327. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.000 RON 10.36/37/39 Fax: +40-21-317.76 Fax: Total gross written premiums: 327. București .A. 9. 31-33.801 RON 16.559 RON 18. AVIVA ASIGURĂRI DE VIAȚĂ S. XX Strada Căderea Bastiliei. Bulevardul Lascăr Catargiu. 100A.80. sector 1.A. nr. București .285. ALICO ASIGURĂRI ROMåNIA S.22.81.A.107.A. nr. București .365 RON 12. Sibiu .131. București .81.152 RON 20.946.A. București . 010617.A. Europa House. sector 1.31.Sector 1 Total gross written premiums: 89.74/75 Total gross written premiums: 809.A.04. Strada Nerva Traian.VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP XX Company name: ASIGURAREA ROMANEASCA .882.41. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.REASIGURARE ASTRA S. FATA ASIGURĂRI S.80. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230. GRAWE ROMåNIA ASIGURARE S.Sector 3 Total gross written premiums: 52.553 RON (2009) ASITO KAPITAL S.A.371.A.A.A.781 RON 15. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-208. XX Strada Polizu.7.31/32 Total gross written premiums: 645. nr. 3.Sector 1 Total gross written premiums: 101.A.887. etaj 10.498. 58-60.32 +40-21-317.35.22.476 RON 13.316 RON UNIQA ASIGURĂRI S. Bulevardul Carol I. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-208. 031041.001.Sector 1 Total gross written premiums: 34.

77 +40-269-21.257 RON (2009) XX ASIGURĂRI DE VIAŢĂ S. nr. sector 1. sector 1. 030964.900. nr. 21.407 RON (2009) XX ROUMANIE ASSURANCE INTERNATIONAL S. nr.00 Fax: +40-21-408. 25-29.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303. 98A.720 RON (2009) XX EUREKO ASIGURĂRI S.465.748. etaj 4. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317. Strada Vulturilor.35 Fax: +40-21-312.07. sector 1. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei.00. Olympia Tower. 19-21. 550135.84 Fax: Total gross written premiums: 12. Splaiul Unirii.40. nr. nr.126. nr. nr. Strada Buzeşti.49 Fax: Total gross written premiums: 255.44. etaj 1. Sibiu.A.946. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408.A.801 RON (2009) Strada Lisabona. Bulevardul Ion Mihalache.88.41/42/43 Total gross written premiums: 496. Strada Mihai Eminescu.00 +40-21-203.96. Intrarea Av. 6A. sector 4. 011886.20 Total gross written premiums: 506.50. Olympus.A.14/18 Fax: Total gross written premiums: 58-60. nr.44 Total gross written premiums: 74. 040034.91.A. ING Strada Costache Negri. sector 3.88 +40-21-230.99.371 RON (2009) XX CARPATICA ASIG S. nr.A.006.A.513 RON (2009) XX CERTASIG .402 RON (2009) XX EUROLIFE ASIGURĂRI DE VIAȚĂ S. nr. 30.85.407.31. București Phone: +40-21-402.83. 13.595. 1-5.A.80 Fax: +40-21-402.99.697.836 RON (2009) XX ASIGURĂRI DE VIAȚĂ VIENNA INSURANCE BCR XX GENERALI ASIGURĂRI S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-9677 Total gross written premiums: 52. sector 2.A.SOCIETATE DE ASIGURARE ȘI REASIGURARE S.40/41/42/43 Fax: +40-21-231.18.96. sector 1.114. București Phone: +40-31-423.42 Total gross written premiums: 28. nr. Strada Grigore Mora.00.131. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206.00 Fax: +40-21-310.000 RON (2009) Banking & Finance 35 .476 RON (2009) XX ASIGURĂRI VIENNA INSURANCE BCR GROUP S.086 RON (2009) XX SOCIETATEA DE ASIGURĂRI CHARTIS ROMANIA S.04 +40-21-311. sector 5.90 Fax: Total gross written premiums: 576.21 Fax: +40-21-300. 58-60. 011787.152 RON (2009) CITY INSURANCE S.A.115.40 Fax: Total gross written premiums: 196. 10A. 013982.28 Total gross written premiums: 1. nr. Strada Gheorghe Polizu. B6.14 Fax: +40-21-322.08. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231.03 Fax: +40-21-312.950.988. sector 1.00 +40-21-408.365 RON (2009) XX FATA ASIGURĂRI S. nr.49 Fax: Total gross written premiums: 42. Tronson 3. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312.04.A. World Trade Center. sector 1. 011062.761. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312.XX AVIVA ASIGURĂRI DE VIAŢĂ S. sector 1. sector 1.91.80 +40-31-418. 62-64. București Phone: +40-21-231. etaj 2. Strada Pechea. 12.00. 61B. 011834.etaj 4. nr. 28. Bulevardul Dacia.20 +40-21-311. 45. sector 1.34 +40-21-307. Bulevardul Aviatorilor.04.41 Fax: Total gross written premiums: 34.A. 021522.700.263 RON (2009) XX GARANTA ASIGURĂRI S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-405.91. Bulevardul Gheorghe Polizu.40 +40-21-230. 8.56 Fax: Total gross written premiums: 33.37. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-322.340.10. 10.749 RON (2009) XX OMNIASIG VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP S. nr.50.384 RON (2009) XX GROUPAMA ASIGURĂRI S.74.A.36. nr.11 Total gross written premiums: 11.01 Fax: Total gross written premiums: 101. Strada Autogării. 30. 010513.07.A. 030857. nr.A. Strada Nicolae Caramfil. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-212.63.371.11/12 +40-21-317. București Phone: +40-21-305.A.A. EUROINS ROMANIA ASIGURARE XX REASIGURARE S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. București Phone: +40-21-408.67 Total gross written premiums: 536. Cladirea Conect . Strada Rabat.059. nr. sector 2. sector 1.316 RON (2009) XX GRAWE ROMåNIA ASIGURARE S.82 Fax: +40-21-212.81 Total gross written premiums: 527.08.01 Total gross written premiums: 25. nr.85. parter . EFG Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu. sector 3. Piaţa Montreal.A. 23.90/79 Fax: +40-21-231. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-300.50.602 RON (2009) XX CREDIT EUROPE ASIGURĂRI-REASIGURĂRI S. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-22. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203.60. 014142.36 Total gross written premiums: 89.A. sector 1. sector 1.863 RON (2009) XX SOCIETATEA DE ASIGURARE-REASIGURARE GROUP S. 020337. București Phone: +40-21-311.04.058. sector 1. Marcel Andreescu.90. Bulevardul Decebal.70 Fax: Total gross written premiums: 134.A.032 RON (2009) XX OMNIASIG .28.80. etaj 6. nr. 1.ASIGURĂRI DE VIAŢĂ S.A.559 RON (2009) XX UNIQA ASIGURĂRI S.809.

Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-212.R. 2.BROKER DE ASIGURARE S.Sector 1 Incomes from brokerage activities: 9. sector 1. sector 1.228 RON INK CONSULTANȚĂ .795 RON VBL BROKER DE ASIGURARE S. 6. 1.R.Sector 1 Incomes from brokerage activities: 18.238.R.22.R.96 Income from brokerage activities: 13. etaj 7.864.403. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-224. nr. sector 1. 2.L.REASIGURARE S.L București .R.30 Fax: +40-21-202.91.R. 24.418 RON MARSH BROKER DE ASIGURARE-REASIGURARE S.R. 145.24.L. Strada Tipografilor. nr.27 Fax: +40-21-224. București . Strada Olari.16/17 Fax: +40-21-315. sector 1.L. DE ASIGURARE .Sector 2 Incomes from brokerage activities: 12.110. București Phone: +40-21-650. Strada Gheorghe Missail. București . 24.01.R.L.L.228 RON (2009) XX AON ROMANIA BROKER XX EURIAL BROKER DE ASIGURARE S. Insurance Brokers Reported results for 2009 PORSCHE BROKER DE ASIGURARE S. 4.Sector 1 Incomes from brokerage activities: 11.70 Income from brokerage activities: 9.06. nr. ap. Voluntari .57.R.508.707 RON AON ROMANIA BROKER DE ASIGURARE-REASIGURARE S.238.R.850.R.810.99.L.40 Fax: +40-21-212. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231.337 RON RCI BROKER DE ASIGURARE S.401 RON D&CA INSURANCE BROKER S.757 RON 10.508. Calea Bucureşti.ILFOV Incomes from brokerage activities: 39.625 RON UNICREDIT INSURANCE BROKER S.075 RON (2009) INK XX CONSULTANTA . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-212. 5.602 RON (2009) GRAS SAVOYE ROMANIA BROKER XX DE ASIGURARE-REASIGURARE S.544 RON (2009) 36 Banking & Finance .L.L.795 RON (2009) Strada Armindenului. București .L. 9.L.351. București .343.01 Income from brokerage activities: 18.Sector 1 Incomes from brokerage activities: 15.351. nr.285 RON AFIN BROKER DE ASIGURARE-REASIGURARE S. București . sector 2. 3. București .586. București .Insurance 1. 7.757 RON (2009) XX D&CA INSURANCE BROKER S.Sector 1 Incomes from brokerage activities: 14.Sector 1 Incomes from brokerage activities: 34.R.810.47 Income from brokerage activities: 14.R.99. GRAS SAVOYE ROMANIA BROKER DE ASIGURARE .075 RON Most important companies in "Insurance – Insurance Brokers" XX AFIN BROKER DE ASIGURARE-REASIGURARE S.L.L.R.L.R. Calea Victoriei.956.R.91.954.Sector 1 Incomes from brokerage activities: 25. 7 A.L. Otopeni.Sector 1 Incomes from brokerage activities: 20. etaj P+1. nr.24. 11-15.REASIGURARE S. 8. nr. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-202.58 Income from brokerage activities: 11. București .55/52 Income from brokerage activities: 6.69 Fax: +40-21-231.L.58.BROKER DE ASIGURARE S.

99. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-204.000 RON BCR Pensii .Sector 1 Net assets: 793.Societate de Administrare a Unui Fond de Pensii Administrat Privat S. București Phone: +40-21-301.658. Cluj-Napoca.469 RON (2009) PORSCHE BROKER DE ASIGURARE S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232. Generali Societate de Administrare a Fondurilor de Pensii Private S.418 RON (2009) XX BROKER DE ASIGURARE S.323. 9. 7.625 RON (2009) Pension Funds Managers Mandatory Pension Funds Reported results at June 30th.L. Cluj-Napoca. sector 1. sector 1.77.000 RON Aviva Societate de Administrare a Unui Fond de Pensii Privat S.628.00 Fax: +40-264-50. etaj 4. nr. Fund Name: Pensia Viva Bucureşti . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201.A.118. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-200.R. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-58.000 RON Aegon .R.000 RON 2.00 Fax: +40-21-208.26. 118.401 RON (2009) MARSH BROKER XX DE ASIGURARE-REASIGURARE S. 1. RCI Bulevardul Aviatorilor.77. Voluntari.32.000 RON BRD Pensii Societate de Administrare a Unui Fond de Pensii S.954.85. Fund Name: AZT Viitorul Tău Bucureşti .000 RON Eureko .20.R.74 Fax: +40-21-232.L. 2010 1. nr. 4. 69.Sector 1 Net assets: 241. Strada Republicii. sector 1.Sector 1 Net assets: 82.A. nr.44. etaj 1. 41.87 Income from brokerage activities: 34.L. Fund Name: BRD Bucureşti .77 Fax: +40-21-200.L.775.26.85. ap. 400489. sector 4. nr.403.492. corp A1.Societate de Administrare a Unui Fond de Pensii S.R. Strada Nicolae Caramfil. nr. Fund Name: ING Bucureşti . 8.000 RON 3.129.17 Income from brokerage activities: 8.05 Income from brokerage activities: 39. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-208. 2. 6.Cluj Net assets: 88.R.517.L.R. Fund Name: BCR Bucureşti .337 RON (2009) OVB XX ALLFINANZ ROMANIA BROKER DE ASIGURARE S. XX Șoseaua Pipera-Tunari.R.L. Floreasca Business Park. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-50.A.823.36. Allianz-Țiriac Pensii Private Societate de Administrare a Unui Fond de Pensii Administrat Privat și a Fondurilor de Pensii Facultative S. sector 1. Fund Name: Vital Cluj-Napoca . 25.A. 5.956.L.L.000 RON Banking & Finance 37 .77. 400696.99 Income from brokerage activities: 20. ap.18. etaj 2. 040531.00 Fax: +40-21-201. etaj 3.A. Fund Name: Aripi Bucureşti . 30.R. nr.52 Income from brokerage activities: 6.Sector 5 Net assets: 1.02 Income from brokerage activities: 25.168.Sector 1 Net assets: 170.A.77.Societate de Administrare a Fondurilor de Pensii Private S. Porsche Bank.66 Income from brokerage activities: 7. 014459. SAFE INVEST ROMANIA BROKER XX DE ASIGURARE S. VBL Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti. ING Pensii Societate de Administrare a Unui Fond de Pensii Administrat Privat S.485.20.A.50/51 Fax: +40-264-58.Sector 1 Net assets: 223.142 RON (2009) XX BROKER DE ASIGURARE S. 109.39 Fax: +40-21-336. nr.593. nr.39 Income from brokerage activities: 15.Sector 3 Net assets: 182.000 RON Alico Societate de Administrare a Unui Fond de Pensii Administrat Privat S.Sector 1 Net assets: 272.064 RON (2009) XX UNICREDIT INSURANCE BROKER S. Fund Name: Alico Bucureşti . 17-21.21.864. 169 A.A. Bulevardul George Coşbuc.44 Fax: +40-21-233.850. Strada Franz Liszt .A. Fund Name: Eureko Bucureşti .XX KUNDEN BROKER DE ASIGURARE S. Sigma Center.809.285 RON (2009) Calea Floreasca.

tronson 1. nr.000 RON (30.06. Bucharest Corporate Center.800.81 Fund name: Fondul de Pensii Administrat Privat ING No of Participants: 1.44. PENSII PRIVATE SOCIETATE DE ADMINISTRARE A UNUI FOND DE PENSII ADMINISTRAT PRIVAT ȘI A FONDURILOR DE PENSII FACULTATIVE S.84. nr.40. 58-60.528 Net assets: 223. sector 1.00 Fax: +40-21-203.000 RON (30.22.025 Total Assets: 182. nr. Strada Biharia.700. nr. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu.84. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-207.06. bl. sector 1.2010) XX AVIVA Strada Polizu.45 Fund name: Fondul de Pensii Administrat Privat Alico No of Participants: 315.51.485.21. 6.000 RON ( 38 Banking & Finance . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-9670 Fund name: Fondul de Pensii Administrat Privat Eureko No of Participants: 357.A. Bulevardul Lascăr Catargiu. Fax: +40-21-408.Most important companies in "Pension Funds Managers – Mandatory Pension Funds" XX AEGON - SOCIETATE DE ADMINISTRARE A UNUI FOND DE PENSII ADMINISTRAT PRIVAT S.590 Net assets: 88.000 RON (30. apt. 050552. nr.51.70 Fund name: Fondul de Pensii Administrat Privat Aripi No of Participants: 481.590 Net assets: 82.2010) XX ALICO Splaiul Independenţei.847 Net assets: 241.2010) XX EUREKO SOCIETATE DE ADMINISTRARE A UNUI FOND DE PENSII ADMINISTRAT PRIVAT S. Olympia Tower.A.600. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203.608 Net assets: 1.A.03 Fax: +40-21-232.70 Fund name: Fondul de pensii administrat privat AZT Viitorul Tău No of Participants: 1.06. etaj 2. bloc 20.A.959 Net assets: 272. 1-5. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-308. nr.2010) XX PENSII ING SOCIETATE DE ADMINISTRARE A UNUI FOND DE PENSII ADMINISTRAT PRIVAT SA SOCIETATE DE ADMINISTRARE A UNUI FOND DE PENSII PRIVAT S. etaj 2.100.097 Net assets: 170.A. sector 2.000 RON (30.492.50 Fax: +40-21-313.775.22. etaj 4. 030964. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-313.06.44 Fax: +40-21-208. nr.000 RON (30. Europe House.A.80 Fax: +40-21-402.06. sector 3.A.06.2010) SOCIETATE DE ADMINISTRARE A FONDURILOR DE PENSII PRIVATE S. nr. etaj 2.2010) XX GENERALI SOCIETATE DE ADMINISTRARE A FONDURILOR DE PENSII PRIVATE S. nr.15.323. sector 5.02 Fund name: Fondul de Pensii Administrat Privat Pensia Viva No of Participants: 371. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-402. Calea Dorobanţilor.00 Fax: +40-264-30.06.00 Fax: +40-21-207.100. 26.000 RON (30.06. 47-53. 400691. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-30. 010602.000 RON (30. SOCIETATE DE ADMINISTRARE A FONDURILOR DE PENSII PRIVATE S.90 Fund name: Fondul de Pensii Administrat Privat Vital No of Participants: 165.809.858 Net assets: 793. etaj 6. sector 1. Cluj-Napoca. 4.06.20 Fund name: Fondul de Pensii Administrat Privat BRD No of Participants: 128.35 Fund name: Fondul de Pensii Administrat Privat BCR No of Participants: 318.273. 9-9 A.2010) XX ALLIANZ-ȚIRIAC Bulevardul Decebal. 25-29. etaj 3-4.A. sector 1.600. sector 5. etaj 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-208. 98-100.29. XX BRD SOCIETATE DE ADMINISTRARE A FONDURILOR DE PENSII PRIVATE S.000 RON (30. Strada Ion Slătineanu.2010) XX PENSII BCR Strada Costache Negri.

A.Sector 5 Net assets: 78.A.A.22. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-207.152 RON Aviva Asigurări de Viaţă S.953.816. 6.Sector 1 Net assets: 13. 9. Fund name: AZT Moderato București . apt.06. etaj 2. Strada Ion Slătineanu. ING Asigurări de Viaţă S. 7. nr. Fund name: ING Clasic București .Sector 1 Net assets: 20.886.83. Fund name: BCR Prudent București .2010) XX AVIVA ASIGURĂRI DE VIAŢĂ S.422 RON BCR Administrare Fond de Pensii S.Sector 5 Net assets: 37. Fund name: BRD Primo București .582 RON BRD Fond de Pensii S.214 RON Allianz-Țiriac Pensii Private Societate de Administrare a Unui Fond de Pensii Administrat Privat și a Fondurilor de Pensii Facultative S.000 RON (30.Sector 1 Net assets: 1.A.332 RON Allianz-Țiriac Pensii Private Societate de Administrare a Unui Fond de Pensii Administrat Privat și a Fondurilor de Pensii Facultative S.A.65.A.06.A.058 Net assets: 20. 6.717 RON Most important companies in "Pension Funds Managers – Voluntary Pension Funds" XX ALLIANZ-ŢIRIAC PENSII PRIVATE Company name: ALLIANZ-ȚIRIAC PENSII PRIVATE SOCIETATE DE ADMINISTRARE A UNUI FOND DE PENSII ADMINISTRAT PRIVAT ŞI A FONDURILOR DE PENSII FACULTATIVE S. 2010 1.A. Fund name: AZT Vivace București . 4. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203.330. Fund name: Pensia Mea București .Sector 1 Net assets: 15. nr. SOCIETATE DE ADMINISTRARE A FONDURILOR DE PENSII PRIVATE S.00 Fax: +40-21-203.06. 26. Fund name: BRD Medio București .Sector 3 Net assets: 940. Strada Buzeşti.488 Net assets: 51.Pension Funds Managers Voluntary Pension Funds Reported results at June 30th.21.A.900.926. 3. 2.A.000 RON (30.Sector 1 Net assets: 41.A. etaj 3-4.400. 62-64.352 Net assets: 41.2010) Fund name: Fondul de Pensii Facultative AZT Vivace No of participants: 18. 010602.500. sector 1.300.410 RON BRD Fond de Pensii S. Eureko .A.70 Fund name: Fondul de Pensii Facultative AZT Moderato No of participants: 27. Fund name: Raiffeisen Acumulare București .504.06. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-308.2010) BCR XX PENSII.978 RON ING Asigurări de Viaţă S.03 Fax: +40-21-232.000 RON (30. 5.35 Fund name: Fondul de Pensii Facultative BCR Prudent No of participants: 52.000 RON (30.352.069.A.Sector 1 Net assets: 51. Fund name: Eureko Confort București .2010) Banking & Finance 39 . etaj 6.40. sector 1.297. 4.83.Sector 1 Net assets: 1. Fund name: ING Optim București .00 Fax: +40-21-207.Societate de Administrare a Fondurilor de Pensii Private S.426 RON 10. sector 1. 8. Strada Biharia.01 Fund name: Fondul de Pensii Facultative Pensia Mea No of participants: 9.062 RON Raiffeisen Asset Management S.797 Net assets: 15.

030964.A. 104. Strada 21 Decembrie 1989.05.06. 400091. 3.11 Fax: +40-21-312.25 Fax: Fund name: Napoca (open-end fund) Fund name: Transilvania (open-end fund) Fund name: Euroglobinvest (close-end fund) Fund name: FP Comercial (close-end fund) Fund name: Globinvest . 1-7.806 Net assets: 1. nr. Calea Vitan. Cluj-Napoca. București Phone: +40-21-650.A.80 Fax: +40-21-402.000 RON (30.17.85 Fund name: Bancpost Active Balanced (open-end fund) Fund name: Bancpost Plus (open-end fund) 40 Banking & Finance .00 Fax: +40-21-408.693 Net assets: 78.A.2010) XX EUREKO . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-306. tronson 1.59.2010) Most important companies in "Fund Managers / Investment Funds – Open-end Funds" XX AVIVA INVESTORS S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408.A. nr. camera D.A.85.10. 020061. XX Strada Uruguay.81 Fund name: Fondul de Pensii Facultative ING Optim No of participants: 53. etaj 4. etaj 1.A.25.761 Net assets: 14. 1-5.I.A.A.00 Fax: +40-21-203. sector 5. S. etaj 1.41.I.A. XX Calea Giulești . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203. sector Fax: Fund name: KD Maximus (open-end fund) Fund name: KD Multifond (open-end fund) Fund name: KD Optimus (open-end fund) MANAGEMENT ROMANIA SAI S.100. 6-6A.41.85. ERSTE ASSET MANAGEMENT S. 56.800. etaj 2. sector 5. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-308.17 Fax: Fund name: Europa Obligațiuni (open-end fund) Fund name: Integro (open-end fund) Fund name: Premio (open-end fund) Fund name: Stabilo (open-end fund) BRD XX ASSET MANAGEMENT S.A. Bulevardul Ion Mihalache. 23.142 Net assets: 900.XX FOND DE PENSII S.42 Fax: +40-21-320.29. 15. București Phone: +40-21-210. nr. Cluj-Napoca. nr.A. KD INVESTMENTS ROMåNIA S. nr. sector 1. nr. ING Strada Costache Negri.000 RON (30.A.95 Fax: Fund name: BCR Dinamic (open-end fund) Fund name: BCR Europa Avansat (open-end fund) Fund name: BCR Expert (open-end fund) Fund name: BCR Monetar (open-end fund) Fund name: BCR Obligațiuni (open-end fund) Fund name: Europa Conservator (open-end fund) Fund name: Europa Mixt (open-end fund) S.06.000 RON (30.2010) Fund name: Fondul de Pensii Facultative ING Clasic No of participants: 23.16 +40-21-210.44 +40-21-650.25 +40-264-59. 76-80. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-301. 15.000.900.I.30 Fax: +40-21-301.I.06.A. GLOBINVEST S.I S. 010442. ap. sector 3. Bulevardul Decebal.99.000 RON (30.29. sector 6. Olympia Tower. XX Strada Universităţii. sector 1.2010) A FONDURILOR DE PENSII PRIVATE S. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-59.2010) XX S. etaj 6.09. BRD Splaiul Independenței.04. sector 1.SOCIETATE DE ADMINISTRARE XX ASIGURĂRI DE VIAŢĂ S.14 Fund name: Capital Plus (open-end fund) Fund name: Intercapital (open-end fund) Fund name: Orizont (open-end fund) Fund name: Tezaur (open-end fund) Fund name: AI XT Index (open-end fund) Fund name: AI Leader (close-end fund) Fund name: Al Everet (close-end fund) Fund name: Al Properties RO (close-end fund) XX PIONEER ASSET MANAGEMENT S.I. București Phone: +40-21-402.A. etaj 4.20 Fund name: Fondul de Pensii Facultative BRD Primo No of participants: 2. Piaţa Charles de Gaulle. 14. nr.04. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-9670 Fund name: Fondul de Pensii Facultative Eureko Confort No of participants: 3. corp B.A.FAPT (close-end fund) S.625 Net assets: 37.2010) Fund name: Fondul de Pensii Facultative BRD Medio No of participants: 1. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-30. nr. etaj 1. RAIFFEISEN ASSET MANAGEMENT S.I.14.A.06.06.36 Fund name: Concerto Fund name: FDI Actiuni Europa Regional (fond diversificat flexibil) Fund name: FDI BRD Euro fond (fond deschis denominat in moneda EURO) Fund name: FDI Diverso Europa Regional (fond diversificat dinamic) Fund name: Simfonia I BT XX ASSET MANAGEMENT S. Bulevardul Dacia. 8D.36 Fax: +40-264-30. Bulevardul Buzești. nr. sector 3.35 Fund name: BT Clasic (open-end fund) Fund name: BT Index (open-end fund) Fund name: BT Maxim (open-end fund) Fund name: BT Obligațiuni (open-end fund) XX EUROBANK MUTUAL FUNDS EFG S.000 RON (30.00. etaj 4.300.62.555 Net assets: 1.A.10. S. sector 2.99 +40-372-87. etaj 4.14. bloc 100.33 Fund name: Fondul de Pensii Facultative Raiffeisen Acumulare No of participants: 6. nr.000 RON (30. 25-29. nr. nr. București Phone: +40-372-26.A.

42 A.84 Fax: +40-21-318. VANGUARD MANAGEMENT S.11 Fax: +40-21-312.A.A.45. etaj 2.94. sector 1.93 Fund name: PEF IV (fully invested) Fund name: PEF V Fund name: PEF VI Polish Enterprise Fund (fully invested) Polish Private Equity Fund I & II (fully invested) Polish-American Enterprise Fund (fully invested) GED XX CAPITAL S. Strada Mareşal Josef Pilsudski.94. RAIFFEISEN ASSET MANAGEMENT S. 133.A.57 Fund name: Fondul deschis de investiții Oportunități Naționale (open-end fund) Fund name: Vanguard Protector (open-end fund) XX SOCIETATEA DE ADMINISTRARE SOCIETATEA DE INVESTIȚII FINANCIARE XX BANAT-CRIȘANA-S. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-41. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222.7.73 Fax: +40-257-25. SOCIETATEA DE INVESTIȚII XX FINANCIARE-TRANSILVANIA S.A.A.639 RON (21.07. Arad.94. 200767.40 Fax: +40-234-57.02 Fax: +40-21-211. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-314.921. 7. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-57.2010) Most important companies in "Fund Managers / Investment Funds – Closed-end Funds" XX ADVENT INTERNATIONAL ROMANIA S.93. Bulevardul Unirii.93.A. București Phone: +40-21-317.731 RON (21.142 RON (21.I.75 Fund name: Fortuna Classic (open-end fund) Fund name: Fortuna Gold (open-end fund) XX S.2010) SOCIETATEA DE INVESTIȚII FINANCIARE XX MUNTENIA S.44. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. 15.67. 2. Cluj-Napoca.15/16 Capitalisation: 539. 33. Braşov. Bacău. sector 4.A.R. nr. 34-36. Strada Pictor Aman.GED Eastern Fund Banking & Finance 41 .33 Fund name: Raiffeisen Benefit (open-end fund) Fund name: Raiffeisen Confort (open-end fund) Fund name: Raiffeisen Confort Seria 2 (open-end fund) Fund name: Raiffeisen Euro Plus (open-end fund) Fund name: Raiffeisen Monetar (open-end fund) Fund name: Raiffeisen Prosper (open-end fund) Fund name: Raiffeisen Romania Actiuni (open-end fund) Fund name: Raiffeisen Strategii Valutare (close-end fund) XX S.518.2010) SOCIETATEA DE INVESTIȚII FINANCIARE XX MOLDOVA S. Domus Center.A.291.00. sector 1.10 Fax: +40-21-387.03/04 Fund name: Balkan Accesion Fund (BAF) Fund name: Romanian American Enterprise Fund XX CAPITAL ADVISOR S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-336. Calea Victoriei. Piaţa Charles de Gaulle. Strada Banul Antonache.78 Fax: +40-21-230.I.17.71 Fax: +40-264-59.85. nr. 25.93.REPREZENTANȚĂ XX Strada Știrbei Vodă.65 Capitalisation: 576. 16.32. nr.A.A.01 Fax: +40-21-222. 310158. parter. Bulevardul Constantin Br‰ncuși.50 Fund name: Omninvest (open-end fund) Fund name: Omnitrust (open-end fund) Strada Nicolae Iorga.58.14. nr.2010) SOCIETATEA DE INVESTIȚII FINANCIARE XX OLTENIA S. nr.85 Fax: +40-21-314.25 Fax: +40-21-318. etaj 10.R.62 Capitalisation: 500. 35 A. Splaiul Unirii. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-387.16. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-306. 040035. sector 5. etaj 4.40 Capitalisation: 725.05.A. Strada Frumoasă. sector 1.207.806 RON ( RON (21. nr. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-41. sector 1. Strada Finlanda. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-59.2010) A INVESTIŢIILOR SIRA S. sector 1.L. nr.66.01. Craiova. 13. bloc 4B.81 Fax: +40-21-231.07. Bucureşti Bulevardul Carol I.85.L.I.60 Fax: +40-268-47. 94 C.R.16.07.65 Capitalisation: 500. nr.L. nr.83 Fund name: AIG New Europe Fund II ENTERPRISE INVESTORS .A. etaj 5. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-23. nr.07.32. nr. TARGET ASSET MANAGEMENT S.83 Fund name: Romanian Post Privatization Fund .02 Fund name: Advent Central & Eastern Europe III Fund name: Advent Central & Eastern Europe IV XX AXXESS CAPITAL PARTNERS S. Strada Tufănele. nr. sector 2. nr.XX S.98 Fax: +40-251-41. 600164. 500057.362. sector 1.81. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-211.00. 19. 1. 011663. Bulevardul Aviatorilor. 040103.07. 36.A.

32 Total value traded: 103. sector 5. 1-7.A. bloc M66.13 Fax: +40-236-47. nr.09. etaj 6. nr.A.832.62 Fax: +40-21-361. Bulevardul Nicolae Titulescu. 013701. 500057. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317. Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta.21. nr.21.33 Fax: +40-21-231.20 Fax: +40-21-307. Strada N. sector 1.59 Total value traded: 1. Bulevardul Pierre de Cubertin. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-320. etaj 1.A.14. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-361. bloc B3.87 Total value traded: 90. nr.R. 34-36.41.501.XX GEMISA BUSINESS SERVICES S. Băneasa Business & Technology Park. 550352.R. sector 3.525 RON (2009) CONFIDENT INVEST BUCUREȘTI S.10 Fund name: SIF Muntenia SIGMABLEYZER INVESTMENT GROUP XX Company name: SIGMABLEYZER ADVISORY S.10 Total value traded: 585.98/99 Fax: +40-269-21. MUNTENIA INVEST S.02 Fax: +40-21-320.867 RON (2009) XX BANCA COMERCIALĂ ROMåNĂ S. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-47. etaj 1.429.13. ap.380.435.810. sector 3.995 RON (2009) ELDAINVEST S.00 Fax: +40-21-202.R.10. sector 1.05.18. 104.19 Total value traded: 304.609.00 Fax: +40-21-410. IBC Modern.22.553 RON (2009) XX SECURITIES S.A. nr.93 Total value traded: 121. Maestro Business Center. 7. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-301.A. nr.069.73 Fax: +40-269-21.018. nr.14.17.126 RON (2009) XX GROUPE SOCIƒTƒ GƒNƒRALE S. etaj 2.60.A.A.378. XX Strada Dorului. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. 20.A.29 Fund name: Baring Hellenic Ventures Fund name: Black Sea Fund (fully invested) Fund name: Euromerchant Balkan Fund (fully invested) Fund name: Global Capital Investors (II) Fund name: Global Emerging Property Fund Fund name: Global Romania & Bulgaria Growth Fund Fund name: South Eastern Europe Fund Fund name: Global Capital Investors S. Calea Rahovei. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-47.156 RON (2009) XX BURSA DE VALORI BUCUREȘTI Bulevardul Carol I.125. nr.A.34. 12 bis. 42-44. sector 1. Strada Dr.405 RON (2009) EFG XX EUROBANK SECURITIES S. 23.98 Total value traded: 492.95.19 Total value traded: Fax: +40-21-301.60. nr.00 Fax: +40-21-206.INTERNATIONAL LIMITED XX Strada Tipografilor. 5. Șoseaua București-Ploiești.BMFM (SIBIU MF&C EXCHANGE) S.21.470 RON (2009) BURSA ROMåNĂ DE MĂRFURI S. etaj 4. 17. etaj 3.23.119 RON (2009) XX ALPHA FINANCE ROMANIA S.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-307. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-209.61. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310. corp 60.85 Fax: +40-21-311. 3-5. sector 2. București Phone: +40-21-307.A. ap. XX Calea Nerva Traian. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-404. Cluj-Napoca. Drăghiescu.00 Fax: +40-21-404. sector 1.78 Total value traded: WND CARPATICA INVEST S.A.60 Fax: +40-21-317.01 Fund name: Gemisa Investment XX ORESA VENTURES ROMANIA S.17. București Phone: +40-21-410. sector 4.71.65 Fund name: Oresa Ventures GLOBAL FINANCE . Sibiu. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206.11. 4-8. BRD Bulevardul Ion Mihalache. sector 5. Sibiu. sector 2. 266-268. 050579. nr. 237 B. Galaţi. 013696.00 Fax: +40-21-21-307.33. sector 1.64 Fax: +40-264-43.A. nr. nr.53 Total value traded: 1.41. 040035.937. bloc B.L. Calea Dorobanţilor. 550138.115 RON (2009) BURSA MONETAR FINANCIARĂ ȘI DE MĂRFURI XX SIBIU (SIBIU MONETARY AND COMMODITIES EXCHANGE) .A. 1. nr. 2.11. 16. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-43.41. 24. nr. America House Aripa de Vest. Office Center. nr.556 RON (2009) XX ACTIVE INTERNATIONAL S. XX Piaţa Presei Libere.L. BT Bulevardul 21 Decembrie 1989.38 Fax: +40-268-41.10 Fax: +40-21-387.13. XX Strada Domnească.035.95.18 Total value traded: 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-07.23. sector 1. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-21.I. XX Splaiul Unirii.22.24 Total value traded: 87.187. Iorga.05.757 RON (2009) 42 Banking & Finance .02 Total value traded: 122. parter. 11-15.53. Strada Mihail Kogălniceanu. nr. nr. nr. 2. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-21.45.22 Fund name: Sigma Bleyser Fund V Most important companies in "Capital & Comodities Market" XX ACTINVEST S.L. Braşov.

32.A.81 Total value traded: Total value traded: 831.12 Fax: +40-264-43.A. SSIF Company name: SOCIETATE DE SERVICII DE INVESTIŢII FINANCIARE BROKER S. Arad. XX Bulevardul Aviatorilor.31/33 Fax: +40-21-230.209 RON (2009) INTERDEALER CAPITAL INVEST S. București Phone: +40-21-408.A.A. Piaţa Charles de Gaulle. Unicredit Leasing.906. județul VRANCEA Phone: +40-237-23. Timişoara.54 Total value traded: 160.A. Strada Tipografilor. sector 2.185.A. nr.195 Total value traded: 209. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-59. Craiova.01. XX Șoseaua Nicolae Titulescu.46. Focşani.657.F.788.30. sector 1. sector 2.975. București Phone: +40-21-230. Strada Heltai Gaspar. 11-13.51 Fax: +40-21-327.155 RON (2009) ING XX BANK N.A.10 Total value traded: 432.I. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-322. XX Bulevardul Unirii.844 RON (2009) XX PRIME TRANSACTION S.574 RON (2009) PRAGA CEHIA -SUCURSALA BUCUREȘTI ROMANIA Strada Puțul lui Zamfir. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-336. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222.099 RON (2009) XX TRADEVILLE S.11.19.V. 620018.A. 11-15.69.308 RON (2009) KBC XX SECURITIES ROMANIA S.369 RON (2009) XX VOLTINVEST S. 5. Strada Traian. 9.46. 40-40 bis.61. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-28.589 RON (2009) XX FINANCIAL SOCIETATE DE ADMINISTRARE STK A INVESTIȚIILOR S. parter. clădirea A2.02 Fax: +40-21-313. Strada Nicolae Caramfil. 031114. Strada Tufănele . 33. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21- Total value traded: 153.904 RON (2009) XX ROMCAPITAL S.87.A . 040103. Strada Dimitrie Bolintineanu. 20A. INTERCAPITAL INVEST S.A. nr. sector 1. Strada Caloian Judeţul.088 RON (2009) GOLDRING S.00 Fax: +40-21-252. 25. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-306.174.95 Total value traded: 101. 15.A. Cluj-Napoca.19. nr. sector 1. T‰rgu Mureș. nr.M.A.099 RON (2009) XX BROKER S. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-327.00 Fax: +40-356-80.A. nr.01 Total value traded: 937.A.731. 1.342 Fax: +40-251-419. sector 3.XX ESTINVEST S. Bulevardul Unirii.14 Fax: +40-21-321.11 Fax: +40-257-28. etaj 4.00/01/02 Fax: +40-237-23.559 RON (2009) XX RAIFFEISEN CAPITAL & INVESTMENT S. 119.24.167. 56 A. AMSTERDAM BUCHAREST BRANCH Șoseaua Kiseleff. XX Strada Tudor Vladimirescu.14.90 Total value traded: 594.A. bloc A 2.16. sector 4. nr.795. 103. etaj 1.100. Strada Republicii.A. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-419.71 Total value traded: 228.A. sector 3.461 RON (2009) PIRAEUS BANK ROMåNIA S. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206.53 Fax: +40-21- Fax: +40-264-59. 11. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-364-40. nr. sector 1. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-43.342 Total value traded: 107.42. Cluj-Napoca.12 Total value traded: 199. sector 1. S-Park.838 Fax: +40-265-269.00/01 Fax: +40-21-222. etaj 3. nr. bloc 4B.S. 3. Strada Mihai Viteazul. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-44.17.410.80 Total value traded: 198.25/26 Fax: +40-21-336. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-365.31.17.A. Cluj-Napoca.055. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-313. nr. etaj 3. etaj 1. nr. XX Strada Onisifor Ghibu. 33.801.391.31 Total value traded: 457. 020502.518 RON (2009) IFB XX FINWEST S. Bucureşti Strada Vasile Lascăr. Total value traded: 985. nr.277 RON (2009) XX WOOD & COMPANY FINANCIAL SERVICES A.249 RON (2009) XX UNICREDIT CAIB SECURITIES ROMANIA S.33 Total value traded: 428. Cluj-Napoca. nr. 30B. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303. 400462.20.12. 22. 29-31.32.767. nr.69 Total value traded: 913. 024041. etaj 5. nr. nr.69 Fax: +40-21-303.16.15. ap. nr. 400427.68 Total value traded: 512. ap. nr.372.171 RON Banking & Finance 43 . 29. INVEST S.484. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-308.83 Total value traded: 34. nr. etaj 4.74. sector 1.030.82 Total value traded: 160.776 RON (2009) HTI XX VALORI MOBILIARE S. 1.939 RON (2009) IEBA TRUST S.233 RON (2009) XX SOCIETATEA DE SERVICII DE INVESTIŢII G.A.927.59.69. Calea Moţilor. etaj 3.561 RON (2009) FINANCIARE STK TRADING S.31 Fax: +40-21-222. sector 1.89.A. nr.55 Total value traded: 295.795. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-356-80.056.87. 19.00 Fax: +40-21-222. XX Strada Mircea Eliade.09 Fax: +40-364-40. 48. 29. Strada Hellas Goslar.46. nr.54 Fax: +40-264-44. S.80 Fax: +40-21-206.

eu . www. with numerous subsidiaries egL is present on a europe-wide basis and is accredited on all the important energy exchanges.egl. it trades in power. building bridges between people and markets.NetworkiNg eNergies egL is a european energy trading company with its own assets. natural gas and energy-related financial products. the teams in the various countries work closely together.

Energy Major Companies in Romania 45 .

for this year. the final consumption of electricity increased the first four months of 2010 by 3. especially for wind power projects. Although Romania currently produces barely 14 megawatts of wind power. up to 17. which decreased by 15% last year. thus competing with major European energy generators.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 1. like CEZ. as consumption decreased with approximately 10% compared to the previous year.SIBIU Annual Turnover: 753.A. after it acquired a wind farm in Dobrogea.433 EUR PETROTEL . on the other side. 6.1 bn.780. 4. Mediaș . which is the biggest on-land windpower project in Europe and represents an investment of about EUR 1. Iberdrola.L.R. In June 2010.349.LUKOIL S. București . 2.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 776.030. the most important factors leading to this growth were the very low temperatures recorded in the first months of 2010 and the overlap of religious holidays. but it remains to be seen whether the Government’s recent austerity measures will sweep away these positive expectations or not.23 billion kWh.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 3. Moreover.L. CEZ effectively started its project in Fantanele (that will be followed by a second stage of the project.664. București . Oil & Gas 1. Petrom and Enel. Same evolutions marked the gas consumption. mainly due to the decreases of the industrial customers. Petrom.623 EUR ROMPETROL DOWNSTREAM S.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 783. For the fuel market.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 1.A.8%. the players in this industry estimate a small increase in consumption. while for 2010 the companies in this industry expects a further decline in demand amid declining consumer purchasing power. broadly within a range of USD 65-85/bbl.773 EUR . energy consumption fell with approximately 11%. as investors rushed to announce their interest for green energy production in Romania. București .402.A. Năvodari .514 EUR ROMPETROL RAFINARE S. Ploiești . in Cogealac). 5.A.482. 7. announced a EUR 100 mn investment in a wind power generation project. Last year. this industry already attracted important players. According to National Institute for Statistics (INS).703. 3. strongly affected by the recession.470. the oil price is expected to remain volatile.R.865EUR LUKOIL ROMANIA S.025 EUR SOCIETATEA NAȚIONALĂ DE GAZE NATURALE ROMGAZ S.Energy Overview The energy market was one of the most effervescent economic sectors.238.736. București .848 EUR GDF SUEZ ENERGY ROMANIA S. 46 Energy Producers & Distributors Reported results for 2009 OMV PETROM S.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 856. 2009 was a difficult year.A.

nr. T‰rgu Mureș .BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 136.53.R.000 EUR 12.213.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 428.L.TIMIȘOARA Annual Turnover: 101.SIBIU Annual Turnover: 280. Șoseaua Galați-Tecuci.691. sector 1.R. E.632 EUR 16.A.R.503.75 Fax: +40-269-22.L. sector 1. nr.700. DISTRIGAZ SUD REȚELE S.600 EUR 10.A. S.629.555. 550052.ON GAZ DISTRIBUȚIE S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408.A. 54.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 240.L. sector 1. Strada Jean Monnet.L.A. OSCAR DOWNSTREAM S.R. 807290.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 337.918.73 Annual turnover: 34.55 Fax: +40-21-316.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 447.L.R.A.32/33 Fax: +40-21-408.L.00 Annual turnover: 10.994 EUR Most important companies in "Oil & Gas – Producers & Distributors" XX ALPHA METAL S.L.587.257.011. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-82.037 EUR MOL ROMANIA PETROLEUM PRODUCTS S.8.R. OMV PETROM GAS S.ON GAZ ROMåNIA S. București . PETROM LPG S. București . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-667. Brașov . București . 9.984 EUR 15.199. SOCIETATEA NAȚIONALĂ DE TRANSPORT GAZE NATURALE TRANSGAZ S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 107.R.L. București .885 EUR 13.000 EUR 19.879. Strada Vasile P‰rvan. E.689 EUR (2009) XX OIL S. 120.29 Annual turnover: 60. OMV PETROM MARKETING S. nr. București . nr. ROM OIL S.90. etaj 4.286 EUR 21.R.008.069.L. nr.A. București . județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-48.304 EUR (2009) XX ANGHEL N. Sibiu. T‰rgu Mureș .828.918 EUR (2009) Energy 47 .90 Annual turnover: 37.R.73.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 154.88 Fax: +40-236-82.R.73.88.L.006.L. Strada Coralilor.06.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 168.68.024 EUR 20.36 Annual turnover: 34. 8.130.274 EUR 18. București .54.76.MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 700.971 EUR (2009) XX BULROM GAS IMPEX S.65. București .60 Fax: +40-241-54. Timișoara . ANA Șoseaua Alba-Iulia.319. Constanţa.80.90 Fax: +40-21-667.G. Șendreni.L. 2.69 Annual turnover: 30. București Phone: +40-21-231. LINDE GAZ ROMANIA S. WIEE ROMANIA S.R.629 EUR (2009) XX CONGAZ S.318 EUR (2009) XX BUTANGAS ROMANIA S.971.978 EUR 11.MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 170.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 116.A. ENI ROMANIA S.994 EUR 17. 013364.254 EUR 14.A. București . 16. ROMPETROL GAS S. Strada Neajlovului. Mediaș .570. nr. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-22. 18.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 199.29.

00 Fax: +40-265-26.R. building bridges between people and markets. in amount of USD 160 mn from ING EGL Group’s trading and sales activities focus on wholesale and bulk customers. creating also sustainable added value for its clients and partners. XX Bulevardul Mărăşeşti.12/3 Fax: +40-21-230.04 Annual turnover: 337. Calea Floreasca. he achieved an unparalleled performance: bringing the company in Top 5 companies in energy field.L.CONEL S. as well as short-term credits for working capital in total amount of over USD 1. EGL trades in electricity. It is investing in the construction of its own production capacities and transport infrastructure in key European markets. etaj 3.00 Fax: +40-21-301. It is a member of the AXPO Group and is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.000 EUR (2009) E. 7. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-301.egl.60 Fax: +40-244-51. Through its subsidiaries.A.L. nr. Moreover. cards for salary payment.626 EUR (2009) ENI XX ROMANIA S.R.35 E-mail: office@egl. EGL holds interests in Swiss power plants. Stroe was member of the first Romanian team designing components for the Nuclear Plant at Cernavoda and he participated in 1993 at the project for implementation of the first barter operation for the Nuclear Plant at Cernavoda. 21. T‰rgu Mureş. 4-6.20. Financial information: Employees: 17 Shareholders: EGL Holding Luxembourg AG: 99. Before joining EGL Gas & Power Romania. or the one from 2002 – USD 200 mn Termoelectrica and USD 120 mn for the 18 decentralized power plants – JP MORGAN issue of bonds with State guarantee for 5 years. with 2-year grace period. EGL ROMANIA developed specific competitive advantages not only as a reliable natural gas and electricity supplier but also provider of balancing services and trader of CO2 certificates. sector 1. Petre Stroe was part of some of the major financial transactions in energy field like the one from 2001 – EUR 150 mn – JP MORGAN AND DEUTSCHE Bank: the first issue of bonds from a Romanian company. Passionate in travelling.632 EUR (2009) DISTRIGAZ SUD REȚELE S.A. with costs and interest terms very favorable for Termoelectrica. EGL Romania developed its specific competitive advantages as a reliable natural gas and electricity supplier. The teams in the various countries work closely together. SC EGL GAS & POWER ROMANIA SA is a fully owned subsidiary of EGL AG being present in the downstream value chain of electricity and natural gas in Romania since 2004. of Deputy General Manager at Termoelectrica S.63.13.98% EGL AG: 0. Mr.L.700.egl.63. The recognition came also from EGL RO’s yearly rankings among the most important energy companies in the Romanian market (CCIR.5 bn.587. 540049. sector 1.971. owns two gas-fired combined-cycle power plant in Italy and holds long-term electricity supply contracts with electricity producers in France.713. literature and sports. As a result. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-40. Mr. XX CONPET S. Skilled teams in each of the various countries are using their valuable know-how of the liberalised pan-European markets to develop procurement models and tailored contract solutions for this target segment. Finmedia. municipalities and distribution companies. 011988. sector 4.254 EUR (2009) 48 Energy . as General Manager of EGL Gas & Power Romania where. EGL is present locally on the major European markets and accredited to trade on the most important energy exchanges. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-365-40.33.18 Annual turnover: 170. EGL ROMANIA brought on the domestic market the business ethics and Group’s values and its entrepreneurship. Ziarul Financiar.23 +40-21-409. bloc A. XX Piaţa Trandafirilor.ON GAZ DISTRIBUŢIE S.29. For achieving a clear qualitative growth.00 Fax: +40-31-620. Petre Stroe held the position of Manager of The Department of International Commerce and Cooperation and. In 1996 he coordinated the first syndicated loan for the energy sector. Stroe held important positions in some of the main companies in energy field where he put his talent at work in order to achieve important and strategic goals. and insurances for the employees. Mr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230. electronic banking. natural gas and energy-related financial products. Being bachelor in Mechanics at Politehnica University of Bucharest and Master Degree in Management of Energy Systems at the same institution. nr. contracting and execution of financing facilities involving State guarantees. Top management: PETRE STROE – General Manager PETRE STROE joined EGL’s team in 2003.33. Contact: Strada Heleşteului. and he initiated the implementation of new products and internal services – the multi-cash system.64. Website: www. In this quality he coordinated the negotiations.51 Annual turnover: 74. 14.A. 169A. Stroe is fluent in English and French. Who’s Who).04. nr.EGL GAS & POWER ROMANIA S.00 Annual turnover: 240. between 2000 and 2003. under his management strategy. Company profile: EGL AG is a European energy trading company with its own assets.A.A. shortly after that. passion and employees professionalism drove EGL beyond the customers expectations. EGL is implementing an asset-based trading business model. nr.R. Ploieşti.33. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-620. Between 1996 and 2000 he held the position of Head of Gas Import Department – International Operations and Transactions at The National Company of Electricity . He also managed the entire activity of purchasing fuels from the domestic and external markets. Bulevardul Independenţei. EGL ROMANIA has a large customer portfolio of industrial consumers.005% Quality certificates: ISO 9001:2008 Ownership: Private-owned: 100% Foreign: 100% Auditor: KPMG Audit S. nr.

03 Fax: +40-21-312. nr. City Gate Northern Tower. Mediaş.621 EUR (2009) SOCIETATEA NAȚIONALĂ DE GAZE NATURALE XX ROMGAZ S. XX Livada de Bihor.29. nr. etaj 6.25 Annual turnover: 199.00 Fax: +40-21-232.69.LUKOIL S.R.273 EUR (2009) PETROTEL . județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-365-40.09.91 Fax: +40-21-350.00 Fax: +40-21-200.230.R.69.North Tower. 61.L. 58. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-301.09. 9.26. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-33.20 Fax: +40-269-84.R.664. XX Strada Elena Văcărescu.736. 239.50 Annual turnover: 145.69.99 Fax: +40-21-406.01 Annual turnover: 753. 540069. 2B. XX Calea Dorobanţilor.000 USD (2009) ROMPETROL GAS S. XX Strada Puțul lui Zamfir.69. nr. 2 Bis. nr. sector 1.934.395 EUR (2009) ROM OIL S.773 EUR (2009) Energy 49 . nr. 6. 100189. Strada Aurel Vlaicu. Bulevardul Daniel Danielopolu.286 EUR (2009) ECO XX PETROLEUM S.98. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-41. nr. XX Calea Doftanei.24.030.A. XX Strada Avram Imbroane.01 Fax: +40-244-52. etaj 2. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-54.ON GAZ ROMåNIA S. 010567.164.A. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-20. sector 1. Ploieşti.33.A. nr.02 Fax: +40-365-40.142 EUR (2009) OSCAR DOWNSTREAM S. nr.26. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-50. Timişoara.50 Annual turnover: 46. Braşov. Bihor.R.00 Fax: +40-244-50.04. sector 4.L.XX E.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-406.199. 4. sector 1. Bulevardul Mărăşeşti.25 Annual turnover: 783. Strada Mihăileanu. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. sector 1.A. 4-6.07 Annual turnover: 47.91. 3-5.40.134 EUR (2009) GDF XX SUEZ ENERGY ROMANIA S.08. 6A.220 EUR (2009) FATCOM-IMPEX S. 7.91. sector 2. nr.503.970.L.45.000 RON (2009) XX PETROM LPG S.A.025 EUR (2009) ROMPETROL RAFINARE S.A. 110.A. Năvodari.33.00 Fax: +40-21-301.40 Annual turnover: 11.56. nr. nr.994 EUR (2009) LUKOIL ROMANIA S. nr.40. sector 1.05 Annual turnover: 107.704.000.80 Annual turnover: 1. Piaţa Presei Libere.600 EUR (2009) OMV PETROM GAS S.11 Fax: +40-21-406.L. 94. nr.75.00 Fax: +40-21-312. sector 1.R. 3-5.82. 905700. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203. XX Strada Clopoţei. 35. etaj 4.41 Annual turnover: 14.73.10. 011857.L XX Piaţa Presei Libere. Strada Ion Ionescu de la Brad. 551130. sector 1. nr.794. T‰rgu Mureş. Ploieşti.000.22 Fax: +40-21-318.82. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232.050. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-62. XX Strada Mihai Bravu.18. 45.00 Fax: +40-21-206.51 Annual turnover: 856.420 EUR (2009) SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ PETROM XX AVIATION S. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-42.061. nr.319. etaj 2.75.64 Annual turnover: 3.A.04. sector 1.000.00 Fax: +40-21-203.46.00 Annual turnover: 41. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206.L. București Phone: +40-21-200.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.00 Fax: +40-241-62.257. 010924. nr.570.789. nr.865 EUR (2009) RAFINĂRIA STEAUA ROMåNĂ S.90 Annual turnover: 25.24.R. Strada Justiţiei.L. etaj 1-2. 18-18A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-54.20.30 Annual turnover: 2. Constanța. XX Drumul Judeţean 226 Km 23. 12. City Gate . Bucureşti Phone: +40-080-0800.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-204.090. XX Bulevardul Lascăr Catargiu. 020092.010.433 EUR (2009) LINDE GAZ ROMANIA S.20 Annual turnover: 3.A.85.61.L.00 Fax: +40-241-50.450.51.984 EUR (2009) PETROLEXPORTIMPORT S.41.08 Annual turnover: 101.20. XX Strada 13 Decembrie.12 Annual turnover: 2.705.51.24 Annual turnover: 136.21 Annual turnover: 168. nr. nr.51 Fax: +40-244-33.291. Otopeni.21.024 EUR (2009) ROMPETROL DOWNSTREAM S. 300136. 235.13 Annual turnover: 16.23 Fax: +40-268-42.402.07.994 EUR (2009) OMV PETROM S. nr.00 Fax: +40-256-22. C‰mpina. 4-6.000 RON (2009) MOL ROMANIA XX Company name: MOL ROMANIA PETROLEUM PRODUCTS S. 28.13 Fax: +40-21-232.000 USD (2009) ROMPETROL WELL SERVICES S. XX Strada Vespasian. Piaţa Constantin Motaş.000 USD (2009) ROMPETROL GROUP XX Company name: ROMPETROL S.61.A. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-30.69. 417349. XX Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu. etaj 3. sector 1. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-350.96 Fax: +40-259-43.48 Annual turnover: 447. ap. Gabrielle Center.130.69.R.A.A.

Constanța . corp B.R.224 EUR DAFORA S.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 48. 7.768 EUR 12.13.188.SIBIU Annual Turnover: 18.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 84.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 217.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 31.064 EUR SIEMENS S.99.001 EUR (2009) XX WIEE ROMANIA S. 1. 4. 014472. Calea Floreasca. Mediaș . Strada Mihai Bravu. 551130.689.A.006.252 EUR 10. București .813. etaj 5.99. 9.274 EUR (2009) Oil & Gas 1.A. Ploiești .L. ARMAX GAZ S. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-54.DOLJ Annual Turnover: 20.R.F.784. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232.294 EUR M I PETROGAS SERVICES ROMåNIA S. 3.R. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-80.A.SIBIU Annual Turnover: 43.34.078.A.356.45.213.A. nr.&S S.A. Ploiești . nr. Craiova . București Phone: +40-21-223.R. București .28 Annual turnover: 76. nr.74 Annual turnover: 154.669. Motaş. FORAJ SONDE S.767 EUR PETROCONST S. Ploiești .31 Annual turnover: 16.086. 169A. Services & Equipment Reported results for 2009 GRUP SERVICII PETROLIERE S.110 EUR INSPET S.L. 2. C‰mpina . 9A.L.885 EUR (2009) XX UNICOM HOLDING S. Strada B‰lciureşti.33/34 Fax: +40-269-80.591. Company name: SOCIETATEA NAŢIONALĂ DE TRANSPORT GAZE NATURALE .577 EUR (2009) XX UZTEL S. București . AVA EASTERN EUROPE D.A.L. Constanța .A. Ploieşti.50. 8.021.A.592 EUR 13.152.998 EUR 11.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 30.883 EUR UPETROM 1 MAI S. Piaţa C.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 91.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 111. 6.33.013 EUR 14. etaj 6. CHEVRON ROMANIA S.995 EUR CAMERON ROMANIA S. București . I.TRANSGAZ S. 5.44 Fax: +40-21-232.210. Mediaș . 243.A.312.78 Fax: +40-21-223.145 EUR OIL TERMINAL S.327. sector 1.A.L.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 14.99 Fax: +40-244-54. Constanța .04 Annual turnover: 280.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 13. Mediaş. sector 1.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 22.398.564 EUR 50 Energy . nr.A.A.XX TRANSGAZ S.L.R.50.264. ATLAS-GIP S.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 33.R.

57 Annual turnover: 217.56 Annual turnover: 79.252 EUR (2009) XX PETROCONST S. nr.IAȘI Annual Turnover: 10. Mediaş. nr.R. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-21.&S S. bloc D1.L. nr. XX Strada Războieni. 110225.06.064 EUR (2009) XX INSPET S. Ploieşti.ARGEȘ Annual Turnover: 11. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-55. 061126.813.59. 155. nr.00 Fax: +40-244-51. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-52.224 EUR (2009) XX I PETROGAS SERVICES ROMåNIA S.07 Fax: +40-269-84. etaj 9. TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE S. 24.327. C. Pitești .108. XX Piaţa Regele Ferdinand I.15.A.78 Annual turnover: 31.A.82 Annual turnover: 20.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-629. 100558.R. Iași. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-61.449.L.L.26 Annual turnover: 43.L.662 RON (2009) GRUP SERVICII PETROLIERE S.52.294 EUR (2009) XX SIEMENS S.44. 900900. nr. XX Incintă Port Constanţa.A.A.48. București Phone: +40-21-434.535.822. nr.05 Fax: +40-21-434.65.13.449. 9. sector 6. sector 220 A.A.998 EUR (2009) AVA XX EASTERN EUROPE D.L. 011924.591.00 Fax: +40-241-69.64 Fax: +40-269-84.A.A. nr.A. 60.64. 1.00 Fax: +40-244-33. XX Strada Iuliu Maniu. Pitești. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-70.66 Fax: +40-251-40.44.145 EUR (2009) XX TERMINAL S.784.R.L. nr. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-84. XX Strada Fraţii Buzeşti. Corp H3.14 Annual turnover: 14. nr.23 Fax: +40-21-311.110 EUR (2009) ATLAS-GIP S. 700546.83 Annual turnover: 10. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-41. XX Strada B. 1. 900263. COMESAD RO S. Strada Democrației.67 Annual turnover: 48.15.188.P.64.557 EUR 16.186 EUR (2009) FORAJ SONDE S.R.98 Fax: +40-248-27. sector 1.00 Fax: +40-21-629. nr.12 Annual turnover: 111. Strada Preciziei.R.F. Iași . XX Strada Gheorghe Moceanu.94 Annual turnover: 33.264.59. Brătianu.A. sector 6.18.883 EUR (2009) CHEVRON ROMANIA S.43.L.66. 45.45.R. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-372-44. 551002. Mediaş.56 Fax: +40-241-61.58.03 Annual turnover: 84. Calea Floreasca. C‰mpina.91 Fax: +40-232-21. nr. etaj 4. 062204.768 EUR (2009) Energy 51 .01 Fax: +40-244-50. 6 A.179 EUR Most important companies in "Oil & Gas – Services & Equipment" XX ARMAX GAZ S.40 Annual turnover: 22. Piaţa 1 Decembrie 1918. nr. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-84.767 EUR (2009) ELSTER AEROTEH S. Strada Păcurari. 15. Ploieşti.17. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-30. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. Dana 34.61.07. Constanţa. Strada Aurel Vlaicu. 2.48 Annual turnover: 13.021. Constanţa.84 Fax: +40-21-599. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-27.61.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231.210.33 Annual turnover: 30. Bulevardul I.28 Fax: +40-21-313. Ploieşti.55 Fax: +40-241-55. Craiova.17 Annual turnover: 9.06.51 Fax: +40-244-51.A. sector 1. OIL Strada Caraiman. nr.L. 35 A.53 Annual turnover: 91. 102. nr.26. M Calea Victoriei.21.995 EUR (2009) XX TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE S.557 EUR (2009) DAFORA S.86. Haşdeu. nr. 15. Complex West Gate Park.152.A.398.086.05. ap.64.00.15. nr. 4 A.564 EUR (2009) COMESAD RO S.013 EUR (2009) CAMERON ROMANIA S. 128. 2 A.356. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-50. XX Strada Clopoței. Constanţa. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-313.13.50 Annual turnover: 11.689.179 EUR (2009) XX UPETROM 1 MAI S.58.

A. 6. Cluj-Napoca .297 EUR 15.A.A. Minția .696 EUR 13.560 EUR 11.GORJ Annual Turnover: 199.DOLJ Annual Turnover: 267. Craiova .802. București .Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 571.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 438.307. FILIALA DE FURNIZARE A ENERGIEI ELECTRICE "ELECTRICA FURNIZARE MUNTENIA NORD" S.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 312.A. CEZ DISTRIBUTIE S.BACĂU Annual Turnover: 343.616.510. SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ COMPLEXUL ENERGETIC TURCENI S.A. 5.396.502 EUR 12.A. Craiova .HUNEDOARA Annual Turnover: 229.A.A.896 EUR 9.868.A.A. ELECTROCENTRALE BUCUREȘTI S.Power Producers & Distributors Reported results for 2009 1. București . Brașov . București .984.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 1. Turceni .192 EUR 4. Bacău .251.778.339 EUR 8.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 315. CEZ VåNZARE S.617.076.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 436.GORJ Annual Turnover: 265.762 EUR 2.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 277.A.379 EUR E.ON MOLDOVA FURNIZARE S. COMPANIA NAȚIONALĂ DE TRANSPORT AL ENERGIEI ELECTRICE "TRANSELECTRICA" S. Rovinari .041 EUR 14. ELECTROCENTRALE DEVA S.403 EUR SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ FILIALA DE FURNIZARE A ENERGIEI ELECTRICE " ELECTRICA FURNIZARE TRANSILVANIA SUD" S.DOLJ Annual Turnover: 183.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 580.898 EUR 10.DOLJ Annual Turnover: 304. SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ DE PRODUCERE A ENERGIEI ELECTRICE ëN HIDROCENTRALE "HIDROELECTRICA" S.611 EUR 3.A.499.751.429.156. 7. Craiova . SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ COMPLEXUL ENERGETIC ROVINARI S.A.A. București . București .675 EUR 52 Energy . COMPLEXUL ENERGETIC CRAIOVA S. Ploiești .515. SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ DE DISTRIBUȚIE ȘI FURNIZARE A ENERGIEI ELECTRICE "ELECTRICA" S. SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ FILIALA DE FURNIZARE A ENERGIEI ELECTRICE "ELECTRICA FURNIZARE TRANSILVANIA NORD" S.A.687 EUR ENEL ENERGIE S.

A. electricity transmission grid and market infrastructure Website: www.A.751.908. making continuously the balancing to match in realtime power generation with demand.MEHEDINȚI Annual Turnover: Company profile Transelectrica is the Romanian Transmission and System Operator (TSO) with a key strategic role in the Romanian electricity market. Ploiești .A. București Phone: +40-21-303. It manages and operates the electricity power system and transmission grid.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 170. 030786.000 RON (2009) Ownership State-owned: 73.16. as a member of ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity).253. București . power system and wholesale electricity market operation.022 EUR 20.A. sector 3.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 172.000 RON (2009) Gross profit 12.000 RON (2009) Net profit 18.029.000 RON (2009) Total revenues 2.420.8% Auditor KPMG Employees 2.L.ON MOLDOVA DISTRIBUȚIE S. Top Management: ADRIAN BAICUSI – General Director OCTAVIAN LOHAN – Deputy General Director .PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 144.58. nr.306.184 (2009) Contact Person: MIRELA MATHIE – Head of Image and Public Relations Energy 53 . FILIALA DE DISTRIBUȚIE A ENERGIEI ELECTRICE "ELECTRICA DISTRIBUȚIE MUNTENIA NORD" S.7% Private-owned: 26.7% Proprietatea Fund: 13.56.A.521 EUR 17.transelectrica.Financial and Commercial DORIN VOICU – Director Assets Management Unit MIRON SAVU – Manager of External Relations and Communication Financial information: Registered capital 733. București . SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ DE PRODUCERE A ENERGIEI ELECTRICE ȘI TERMICE "TERMOELECTRICA" S. non-discriminatory and fair conditions to all market participants.136 EUR 18.3% Shareholders Ministry of Economy: 73.Sistem Management CORNELIU ENE – Deputy General Director .459.10 E-mail: office@transelectrica. while also serving as the physical main link between electricity supply and demand.Eastern countries. providing transmission services for electricity transactions among Central and South . ENEL DISTRIBUȚIE MUNTENIA S. ENERGY HOLDING S. 2-4.R.20 +40-21-303. Transelectrica ensures the stable and reliable operation of the Romanian Power System (RPS) stability and reliability and is responsible for electricity transmission services. E.A.549 EUR 21.634.177 EUR Most important companies in "Power .031.695. București .461 EUR 19.770.Producers & Distributors" Compania Naţională de Transport a Energiei Electrice “TRANSELECTRICA” S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 147. REGIA AUTONOMĂ PENTRU ACTIVITĂȚI NUCLEARE R.5% Float Free: 12.56. Contact: Strada Olteni. It guarantees a regulated third party access to the Romanian electricity transmission network under transparent.BACĂU Annual Turnover: 148. Bacău . Drobeta Turnu Severin .113.11 Fax: +40-21-303.

900. XX Strada Văleni.94. XX Strada Nicolae Titulescu. județul HUNEDOARA Phone: +40-254-23. 24. 2.A.R.695. nr.901 EUR (2009) 54 Energy . XX Strada Pestalozzi. XX Bulevardul Ion Mihalache.A. Craiova. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-59.33. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-407. 1-3. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21- 217520. sector 1. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-20.658 EUR (2009) CEZ XX DISTRIBUȚIE S.15. București Phone: +40-21-302. Fax: +40-21-335.99 Fax: +40-251-40.80 Fax: +40-244-59.A. 200581.L.98 Annual turnover: 148. etaj 2.83.L.09. XX Calea Șerban Vodă. GOVORA S.01 Fax: +40-250-73. nr.11 Fax: +40-259-46.A.898. 337532.77.868. sector 1.502 EUR (2009) COMPLEXUL ENERGETIC ROVINARI S.403 EUR (2009) ALPIQ ROMENERGIE S.64.09. XX Strada Industriilor.653 EUR (2009) CEZ XX VåNZARE S. 2 A. nr.A. XX Strada Energeticianului. bloc D. 89 A.02 Fax: +40-31-225. nr.56 Fax: +40-253-37. nr.95.696 EUR (2009) DALKIA TERMO PRAHOVA S.490. Constanţa. 25. nr.R.26 Annual turnover: 172.99 Fax: +40-21-317.232.908. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-40. Minţia.57. 202 E. XX Strada Șantierului.04 Annual turnover: 229.50. nr. nr.91 Annual turnover: 68. Bacău.250 EUR (2009) ENEL DISTRIBUȚIE MUNTENIA S. nr.41 Annual turnover: 124. parter.L.000 RON (2009) ELECTROCENTRALE BUCUREȘTI S. 1.82. XX Strada Nicolae Iorga. 33.64. nr.ON MOLDOVA FURNIZARE S.66 Fax: +40-21-269. XX Strada Washington. București Phone: +40-31-225. Strada Mircea Vodă. 2.90 Annual turnover: 199.A. 23. nr.911.00 Fax: +40-234-20.251.000 RON (2009) E.03 Annual turnover: 438. București Phone: +40-21-206.968 EUR (2009) C.04 Annual turnover: 92. sector 1. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-40.01 Fax: +40-254-23.82 Annual turnover: 43. Strada Brestei. nr. 147.617.210 EUR (2009) ELECTRICA S.041 EUR (2009) ELECTROCENTRALE GALAŢI S.61 Annual turnover: 46. Ploieşti. Bacău.022 EUR (2009) EFT XX GROUP Company name: ENERGY FINANCING TEAM ROMANIA S.36.45. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-235-30.751. 215400.26. 013813.59.23 Annual turnover: 88.659.687 EUR (2009) ELECTROCENTRALE DEVA S.A.50. Strada Smaranda Brăescu.898 EUR (2009) COMPLEXUL ENERGETIC CRAIOVA S. nr. Galaţi. 22-24. 22. județul GORJ Phone: +40-253-33. 300115.25.59. nr.802.987. nr.50 Annual turnover:: 267. nr.385. județul VåLCEA Phone: +40-250-73. XX Șoseaua Borşului.675 EUR (2009) CEZ XX ROMANIA S. sector 3. Rovinari.778.L.57.A. Turceni. 240445.R.01 Annual turnover: 115. județul DOLJ Fax: +40-251-40. Craiova. R‰mnicu V‰lcea. XX Strada Uzinei.10 Fax: +40-236-44.25.20 Fax: +40-21-233.A.A.616.55. Strada Ion Ionescu de la Brad.83.67 Annual turnover: 201. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-80. etaj 6.297 EUR (2009) COMPLEXUL ENERGETIC TURCENI S.026.99. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-208. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-335. XX Strada Unirii.700 RON (2009) XX E. 014206. 1.365 EUR (2009) ENEL DISTRIBUȚIE BANAT S. județul GORJ Phone: +40-253-37. sector 4. etaj 6. 600359.36.25.A.985 EUR (2009) ELCOMEX EN S. 3. 011172.68. nr.59.A.46 Fax: +40-253-33.R.42 Annual turnover: 304.989.A.50. 41-43. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.R.R.59. 030667. nr.48. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-45. 40 A.L. Strada Brestei. Craiova.75 Annual turnover: 76. sector 1.59. 100046.T.02 Fax: +40-21-208.50.04 Annual turnover: 343.81 Annual turnover: 265. 3-5. XX Splaiul Independenţei. nr. sector 1.37 Fax: +40-351-49.000. etaj 3.A. European Business Center. nr.968 EUR (2009) ENEL DISTRIBUŢIE DOBROGEA S. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-44.515. sector 6.98 Annual turnover: 4.34 Annual turnover: 69. 33I-K. 1. 011792.XX ADREM INVEST S. 800700.99 Fax: +40-256-43. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-59.59.A.11 Fax: +40-21-316. 1. XX Strada Grigore Alexandrescu.02 Fax: +40-241-80.04 Annual turnover: 183.55 Fax: +40-235-40.521 EUR (2009) ELECTROCENTRALE ORADEA S.64.L. Strada Ștefan cel Mare.66 Annual turnover: 23. 9.50. Oradea. Timişoara.A.ON MOLDOVA DISTRIBUŢIE S.36. XX Șoseaua Sm‰rdan.

04 Annual turnover: 127. sector 4.57.A. Ploiești.25.249.R. sector 1.22.L. ENEL ENERGIE MUNTENIA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203.57. Suceava. Bulevardul Lacul Tei.04 Annual turnover: 277.A.281 EUR (2009) XX PETPROD S. 500193.307. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-76. nr. sector 2.E.A. bloc 30.902 EUR (2009) XX HIDROELECTRICA S. nr. 45 F1-F2.04 Annual turnover: 144. 12. "ELECTRICA DISTRIBUȚIE TRANSILVANIA XX SUD" S.76/78 Fax: +40-21-322.A.52.026.191 EUR (2009) XX LUXTEN LIGHTING COMPANY S.58 Fax: +40-21-314. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303.E.43. 031195.E.00 Fax: +40-21-303.00 Fax: +40-21-316. 011396.A.768 EUR (2009) F.E. 3. sector 2. 76.E.066 EUR (2009) XX NUCLEARELECTRICA S. București Phone: +40-21-222.A.59.00 Fax: +40-21-303.50.28 Annual turnover: 41. 24. Strada Pictor G.23 Annual turnover: 39.94.01 Fax: +40-244-40. București Phone: +40-21-210. nr.01 Fax: +40-244-40. Km 23. Strada Pictor Ștefan Luchian. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-25. 400114. Braşov. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-322.32 Annual turnover: 46. GDF Bulevardul Mărășești. nr.E. nr.00. Company name: SOCIETATEA NAŢIONALĂ NUCLEARELECTRICA S.177 EUR (2009) Strada Pictor Luchian.L.D. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-30. XX Strada Vlad Dracul.970 RON (2009) XX F.379 EUR (2009) XX F. etaj 4.701.53 Annual turnover: 23.95. nr.75.59.118 EUR (2009) EZPADA S.255 EUR (2009) XX TERMICA S.50. 1.E.912. nr.A.59.02 Fax: +40-268-30. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-20. 18.XX ENEL ENERGIE S.768 EUR (2009) F.38 Fax: +40-21-205.11 Fax: +40-21-210. 1-3. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-314.19. sector 1.C.486. Năvodari. nr.82.74 Annual turnover: 27. 35.25.D.S.A. camera P02.75. sector 3.324.072.01/10 Annual turnover: 170.44 Fax: +40-241-69.242 EUR (2009) ENERGY HOLDING S.26/27 Fax: +40-21-666.75 Fax: +40-21-223.88 Annual turnover: 147.379 EUR (2009) Energy 55 . 65.13 Fax: +40-21-206. sector 1. 14. 25. Strada Mărăşeşti. Strada Pitar Moș. Strada Par‰ng. XX Strada Domnița Ruxandra. nr. Distrigaz. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-40.22.560 EUR (2009) XX SUEZ ENERGY TRADING ROMANIA S.290. 1.52.52.A.029. Strada Memorandumului.75 Fax: +40-31-805. Company name: SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ DE PRODUCERE A ENERGIEI ELECTRICE ȘI TERMICE TERMOELECTRICA . sector 2. nr. nr. Cluj-Napoca.52. nr. 012328.44.88.634.510.179. Strada Ilie Măcelaru.04 Annual turnover: 312.38.77 Annual turnover: 25. București Phone: +40-21-206.A.R.A.A. nr. 28A.38.00. "ELECTRICA DISTRIBUȚIE TRANSILVANIA XX NORD" S. nr. parter.335.984. sector 1. XX Strada Paris.64 Annual turnover: 571.L. București Phone: +40-31-805.E.D.65.52 Fax: +40-31-301.F. nr.F.327 EUR (2009) XX TERMOELECTRICA S.005.73. sector 1. sector 1. Strada Gheorghe Doja. "ELECTRICA FURNIZARE TRANSILVANIA NORD" S. Mirea.A.88.00 Annual turnover: 360. "ELECTRICA DISTRIBUȚIE MUNTENIA XX NORD" S.A.E.52.89.E.A. XX Bulevardul Ion Mihalache. Strada Polonă. 905700. 010494.896 EUR (2009) F. nr.21 Fax: +40-264-20.745.50.D. ap.98 Annual turnover: 117.97 Fax: +40-230-25. DJ 226.04 Annual turnover: 1. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-30. București Phone: +40-31-301. 400380. nr.04 Annual turnover: 453.39 Annual turnover: 18. 100151.126 EUR (2009) F.A. Ploieşti.E.728.429.A. "ELECTRICA FURNIZARE MUNTENIA XX NORD" S.E. Cluj-Napoca. 4-6.407.70.549 EUR (2009) ENOL GRUP S.R.66 Annual turnover: 30. sector 1. 020995. nr.65. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-59. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-668.136 EUR (2009) XX UZINA TERMOELECTRICĂ MIDIA S. Strada Constantin Nacu.00.43.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303.F.330 EUR (2009) EURO-P. XX Strada Sevastopol. "ELECTRICA FURNIZARE TRANSILVANIA SUD"S.E. S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-205.59 Annual turnover: 436. 24.99 Fax: +40-264-20.52.L. 27. 41-43.99 Fax: +40-268-30.50.306. Strada Energeticianului. 25.R. 44. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-40. Brașov.A. nr. 010992. 37-39. Company name: SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ DE PRODUCERE A ENERGIEI ELECTRICE ëN HIDROCENTRALE HIDROELECTRICA S.

616.365 EUR CUMMINS GENERATOR TECHNOLOGIES ROMANIA S.234 EUR (2009) ALT XX UNIVERS COMPANY 2002 S.83 Annual turnover: 46. 4. 2.A. ap.L. 169 A. București . Negreşti-Oaş.L. 110177. București . Floreasca Business Park.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 31.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 120. XX Bulevardul Energeticienilor.930 EUR (2009) 56 Energy .902 EUR Most important companies in "Power – Services & Equipment" XX S.995 EUR ENERGOBIT S.54. 7.03 Annual turnover: 5.940 EUR 10.R. sector 1.691.234 EUR ROMENERGO S.A.571 EUR ALSTOM POWER ROMANIA S. GDF SUEZ ENERGY TRADING ROMANIA S.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 23.108. nr. 445200. 13-15.R.07 Annual turnover: 13.09 Annual turnover: 17.42. nr. etaj 5.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 46.L. 9.35 Annual turnover: 33.210.66 Annual turnover: N/A BENY ALEX S.462.A. etaj 3.300 EUR (2009) ALSTOM POWER ROMANIA S.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 58.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 111.R. Cuza.745.19. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-223.39. Cluj-Napoca . 3.282.L. sector 3.00 Fax: +40-248-20.690.315.A.108.43.A.43. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-346.528 EUR 2.977. ABB Calea Floreasca.01 Fax: +40-261-85.Power 1. București .L. nr. 032091.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 33. sector 1.R. Bulevardul Al.271 EUR (2009) CEZ XX SERVICII S.75 Fax: +40-21-310.57.977.42. nr.38 Fax: +40-21-346.R.54. București . Craiova . județul SATU MARE Phone: +40-261-85. ROMELECTRO S.R. 8.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 150.09 Fax: +40-21-223. clădirea A1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-211.57. Bulevardul Republicii.545 EUR CEZ TRADE ROMANIA S. București .449 EUR ABB S.41.L. I. 011053.REPREZENTANȚĂ XX Bulevardul Dacia. 3/C. nr. 5. București .A. București . 81. 148.526.583. Piteşti.571 EUR (2009) ANSALDO NUCLEARE SPA . București Phone: +40-21-310.L.DOLJ Annual Turnover: 47. 65.L. București .91 Fax: +40-21-210.554. 6.L. etaj 1.41. sector 1.R.153 EUR SIEMENS S. Services & Equipment Reported results for 2009 SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ FILIALA DE INTREȚINERE ȘI SERVICII ENERGETICE "ELECTRICA SERV" S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 31. XX Strada Victoriei. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-20. nr.

000 EUR (2009) XX ENERGOBIT S. Corp H3. nr. 145. 4- Fax: +40-21-201. 105600. 21.00 Fax: +40-31-403. Balcescu.612.945 EUR (2009) XX SUEZ ENERGY TRADING ROMANIA S. Craiova.L. nr.52. nr. 242-246. 116 A. sector 1.05/00/01/02 Fax: +40-21-200.A.18. GDF Bulevardul Mărășești.71 Fax: +40-21-233.C.75. Șoseaua Ștefan cel Mare. sector 1. Parcul Industrial Petarom.25. 013813. nr.A.18.153 EUR (2009) XX ROMENERGO S. Șoseaua București-Ploiesti. 47/11.691.L.64.00 Annual turnover: 12.280. etaj 4.785 RON (2009) XX SIEMENS S. nr.43.32. 011736.10 Annual turnover: N/A Energy 57 . nr. C‰mpina.08. 105600. 400221. nr.53 Annual turnover: 23. nr. nr. Distrigaz. județul PRAHOVA Strada N.R.R.07. 062204. C‰mpina. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-37.968.R. CEZ Bulevardul Ion Ionescu de la Brad.XX TRADE ROMANIA S.315.902 EUR (2009) ENERGETICE "ELECTRICA SERV" S.12 Annual turnover: 111. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201. sector 6. București Phone: +40-21-306. sector 1. București Phone: +40-31-824.75.22.745. nr.50. etaj 7.02 Fax: +40-351-44. 9-9A.210.52 Fax: +40-31-301. Cluj-Napoca.52.A. 013686. 24. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-629. bloc 2B. Bulevardul Lacul Tei.66 Fax: +40-21-269.21 Fax: +40-244-37.00 Fax: +40-21-629.L. Strada Preciziei.43.66 Annual turnover: 31.64. 169 A.583. Complex West Gate Park.20 Annual turnover: 10.54 Annual turnover: N/A XX ROMELECTRO S.526.940 EUR (2009) XX CUMMINS GENERATOR TECHNOLOGIES XX GENERAL ELECTRIC INTERNATIONAL INC.L. București Phone: +40-31-301.528 EUR (2009) XX ENGINEERS & CONSTRUCTORS URS ROMANIA S.00/01 Fax: +40-264-20. 200440.55 Annual turnover: 58. 020335.52. Bulevardul Decebal. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-351-44.02 Fax: +40-21-306. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-403. Strada Tăietura Turcului.365 EUR (2009) XX ENERIA S. nr.R. clădirea 2 A2.995 EUR (2009) XX FILIALA DE ëNTREȚINERE ȘI SERVICII S. ROMANIA S. etaj 4. 1 A. nr. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-20. etaj 1. - REPREZENTANȚĂ Calea Floreasca.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.75/76 Annual turnover: 120. sector 1. Strada Ardealului.32. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-200.04 Annual turnover: 150.55/56 Annual turnover: 133. sector 2. 1-3. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei. Floreasca Business Park. sector 1. sector 4.01 Annual turnover: 47.L. București Phone: +40-21-269.L. sector 2.22.R.R. 020371.462.52.449 EUR (2009) XX EMON ELECTRIC S. 1A. Calea Floreasca.50.A.


Chemicals Major Companies in Romania 59 .

6. like most companies in cyclical sectors.R.IALOMIȚA Annual Turnover: 60.779 EUR .R.L.174 EUR DONAU CHEM S.TELEORMAN Annual Turnover: 51.MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 175. amid growing needs in agriculture. and to undergo restructuring. especially for the companies in the decorative paint and varnish markets.095 EUR AMONIL S. T‰rgu Mureș .114.127 EUR AMURCO S.A. the only once not to face serious problems last year. Turnu Măgurele . and the natural tendency for the companies in the industry was to switch to the renovations and refurbishment activities. 3. which have been drawn back by the collapse of the real estate industry. 4. despite the fiscal incentives granted in many states. After the 2009 collapse of the real estate market. Industrial Chemical Products Producers Reported results for 2009 1. 5. the return to the real growths will not come until 2011. A recent report issued by the rating agency indicates that the industry outlook remains negative.BACĂU Annual Turnover: 49. the demand for chemical products fell in 2009. and the companies specialized in producing fertilizers were. 2. However.420. R‰mnicu V‰lcea . most analysts forecasted an important increase for this sector.293. Overall. 2010 will be a transitory year and the best case scenario shows growth no sooner than 2011. and especially for the sales of fertilizers. Slobozia . since 2007.R.Chemical Industry Overview As the chemical industry is highly dependent on the evolution of other sectors in the economy. decorative paint and varnish industry also fell by about 20-25% last year. most probably. Overall.721 EUR AZOMUREȘ S. and the outlook remains negative for at least one or two semesters. Although most of the representatives in this industry expect a slight recovery of the business towards the autumn of 2010. including the relocation of factories. Same kind of difficulties and constraints also affected the sector of plastic products.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 172.615 EUR ROMPETROL PETROCHEMICALS S. as the main domestic manufacturers of plastic had to redesign their long-term strategies and to give up some investments. Năvodari .L.VåLCEA Annual Turnover: 254. will face serious difficulties in 2010. The main problem faced by plastics manufacturers on the Romanian market was the blockage of the construction market.L.A.054.A. 2009 was a good year for this sector. Bacău . 60 Chemicals OLTCHIM S. as most of the analysts estimate the difficult times for these sectors are far from being over.281. the analysts from Fitch estimate that the chemical industry.141. the problems are not solved yet. The international context has also affected the local chemical industry even though.

18. București . 335700. 8.783.844.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 16.L. Ocna Mureș .539.892 EUR (2009) AIR XX LIQUIDE ROMANIA S. 3. nr.357 EUR (2009) AMURCO S. 012015. nr.R. Slobozia. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310. R‰mnicu V‰lcea .26. XX Strada Gheorghe Doja.375. Timișoara .50 Fax: +40-254-24. SPUMOTIM S. 1.84 Fax: +40-21-310. ECOLAB S.27.A.00 Fax: +40-234-30. T‰rgu Mureş.12. 013604. sector 1. Victoria .52 Annual turnover: 9. nr. VIROMET S.39 Annual turnover: 60. județul IALOMIŢA Phone: +40-243-21. Iași .A. EUROFOAM S.84 Annual turnover: 4. nr.80 Fax: +40-21-311. 601124. SIKA ROMANIA S.96. județul HUNEDOARA Phone: +40-254-24.VåLCEA Annual Turnover: 43.85 Annual turnover: N/A ALCHIMEX S.7.A. 300.611.Producers" XX AECTRA S. 24.R.SIBIU Annual Turnover: 26.927.615 EUR (2009) CHIMCOMPLEX S. Chiajna .A.29 Annual turnover: 6.R.829 EUR 14. 010733.843.22.R.A.779 EUR (2009) AZOMUREȘ S.A. 540237.867 EUR PUROLITE S.L.ALBA Annual Turnover: 26. XX Calea Griviţei.84.R.BACĂU Annual Turnover: 22. nr.37. XX Strada Chimiei.L.96. 600289.20.25 Fax: +40-243-23.25. km 4.447 EUR 15.84. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-25.420.976. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-57.R. 46.050 EUR (2009) AMONIL S. 920120.942. Orăştie. etaj 1.294 EUR 10.228. CHIMCOMPLEX S.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 33.54.27 Annual turnover: 175. nr.A.793 EUR 13.12.20.L. nr.084 EUR Most important companies in "Industrial Chemical Products . Șelimbăr .239 EUR 12.621.13 Annual turnover: 49. Bulevardul Mircea Eliade. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. sector 1. XX Șoseaua Călăraşi.621. Șoseaua Odăi.174 EUR (2009) Chemicals 61 .270.L. BORZEȘTI Onești .BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 19.R.54.A. sector 1.02 Annual turnover: 22.201 EUR 11. 341-345.239 EUR (2009) CHIMICA S. Oneşti.L.40 Fax: +40-234-57.08. UZINELE SODICE GOVORA . 9. București Phone: +40-21-311. Bacău.281.00 Fax: +40-265-25.TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 19.A.CIECH CHEMICAL GROUP S.89 Fax: +40-21-312. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-30.IAȘI Annual Turnover: 11.A.114. BORZESTI XX Strada Industriilor. XX Strada Codrului.766 EUR GHCL UPSOM ROMANIA S.L.

02.78.958. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-50.62.62. Strada Uzinei. nr.11.L.017 RON (2009) Industrial Chemical Products Distributors Reported results for 2009 1. București .293.29 Fax: +40-256-49. 105-107. XX Strada Uzinei. R‰mnicu V‰lcea.10.12.XX CHIMOPAR S. județul TELEORMAN Phone: +40-247-41. Strada Gării.18.L. 077040.17.539.611.20 Fax: +40-247-41. 22.942.25.Switchboard Fax: +40-258-87.L.A. 905700. 50.78. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-22.82 Annual turnover: 43. 1.830.33. nr. Strada Mihai Eminescu. Chiajna. Lazăr.927. județul CĂLĂRAȘI Phone: +40-242-64.000 USD (2009) XX SIKA ROMANIA S.L. XX Strada Portului. nr. 557260. Aleea Uzinei.68.65 Fax: +40-21-211.00 Fax: +40-269-20.01. 1.22.766 EUR (2009) XX ROMPETROL PETROCHEMICALS S.974 EUR (2009) OLTCHIM S. Timişoara. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-354. ap. Năvodari. Șelimbăr. etaj 4.61. Braşov.R. 700049. XX Strada Sf.R.33.141.33. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-317.270.L. 032266.68 Fax: +40-241-50.085 EUR (2009) EUROFOAM S.R. nr.379.793 EUR (2009) XX TELLURIUM CHEMICAL CO S.46.79 Annual turnover: 51.00 Annual turnover: 83.R.69. nr. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-49.R.089 EUR BRENNTAG S.84 Annual turnover: 33. nr.372. 17.88 Annual turnover: 254. 1. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-40. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21- Annual turnover: 6. Strada Ioan Clopoţel.R. sector 2.20. 13.375. 500450. 15.294 EUR (2009) KEMWATER CRISTAL S.L. km 23. R‰mnicu V‰lcea.R.20 Fax: +40-268-24.867 EUR (2009) XX VIROMET S.230. 13.A. 2.040 EUR SYNGENTA AGRO S. etaj 2. XX Strada Gării.A.12.46.R.29 Annual turnover: 4.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 44. 4.52 Fax: +40-250-73. nr. Ocna Mureş. nr.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 31.000. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-22.07 Annual turnover: 19.A.L. nr.94 Fax: +40-256-49.R.50 Annual turnover: 11. nr. nr. Turnu Măgurele. Fundulea. 14.08/13 Annual turnover: 26. București . Strada Stan Vidrighin.L.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 26. 3.11. Strada Mihai Eminescu.38 Fax: +40-21-317. Timişoara. Bulevardul Theodor Pallady. 62 Chemicals ALCEDO S.12 Fax: +40-268-40. județul ALBA Phone: +40-258-87.299.L.127 EUR (2009) ECOLAB S. Iaşi. 915200.119 EUR (2009) XX PUROLITE S.588 EUR (2009) XX UZINELE SODICE GOVORA - DONAU CHEM S. Strada Drumul Judeţean 226.A.57 Fax: +40-21-345.13 Șoseaua de Centură. 2. XX Strada Muncii.10 Fax: +40-232-22. Chiajna . 8. nr. 50.R.R.33.45 Annual turnover: 16.12.A.22. 240050. Victoria.450 EUR . județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-20.201 EUR (2009) XX GHCL UPSOM ROMANIA S.L.30 Fax: +40-242-64.00 Fax: +40-250-73.09 Annual turnover: 240.23 .13. nr.721 EUR (2009) CIECH CHEMICAL GROUP S.557. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-24. sector 3. județul VåLCEA Phone: +40-250-73. 145200.25 Annual turnover: 26. județul VåLCEA Phone: +40-250-70.L. nr.447 EUR (2009) XX SPUMOTIM S.37 Annual turnover: 3.

133 EUR 12.L.83.17 Fax: +40-256-43.R.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 14.BACĂU Annual Turnover: 25. 9. 013604.A. etaj 1.L. T‰rgu Mureș .MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 19.R.00 Fax: +40-21-529. București . Bacău . ap.98 Annual turnover: 13.470.89 Fax: +40-21-312. Strada Semicercului.90.076. 8.R. sector 2. 42.08.226 EUR DAFCOCHIM S.579.536 EUR (2009) XX ALCEDO S. București . 6.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 17.954 EUR (2009) XX AGROTEX S.94 Fax: +40-21-322.69.27. XX Strada Ramuri Tei.22 Annual turnover: 31.R.50 Annual turnover: 44. 020352.579. 3.896 EUR 11. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-529.00/01/03 Fax: +40-21-242.4. 7.99 Annual turnover: 22.R.536 EUR TEMAD CO S.80. sector 1. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-43.TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 13. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-208.93 Fax: +40-21-436.L. 2. nr.092. bloc V23B.379.R. județul SATU MARE Phone: +40-261-86. 169 A. 031476. XX Strada Gării. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-436. 445100.L. etaj 5. Carei. 5.L.29 Annual turnover: 6.040 EUR (2009) BRIDGEXIM IND S.R.L. Timișoara. 4.L.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 22.SATU MARE Annual Turnover: 22. Chiajna. nr. XX Strada Breaza. 300077.243.954 EUR 13. Brediceanu.L. Brașov .796 EUR 10.581 EUR REDOXIM S. Calea Floreasca. 81 B.R.R.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.90. nr.R.40.R.04.L.134. Calea Armatei Rom‰ne. BEOFON S.076.13. Strada C. 1.089 EUR (2009) B XX A S F S.747. nr.L.134. Diroda .428.99 Fax: +40-261-86.620 EUR AGROTEX S. COMFERT S.230.639 EUR Most important companies in "Industrial Chemical Products Distributors" XX AECTRA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-320.L.230.93 Annual turnover: 7.R.99 Annual turnover: 14. nr.TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 24.100 EUR (2009) Chemicals 63 .Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 10.L.36. sector 3.52 Annual turnover: 10.83.L. Bucureşti .971. Carei . Floreasca Business Park. sector 1.844.470. 8.357 EUR (2009) XX AGROCOMERT HOLDING S. Șoseaua Odăi.50 Fax: +40-21-310. GOVCREST INTERNATIONAL S.R. nr. București .13. Timișoara .40.930 EUR CASTROL LUBRICANTS RO S.03.L.R.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 24.L.133 EUR (2009) BEOFON S.A. sector 1. 010975.04. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312.597.639 EUR (2009) BRENNTAG S.R. B A S F S. 341-345. AGROCOMERT HOLDING S. nr.

XX Bulevardul Pache Protopopescu.47/48/49 Fax: +40-21-223. DRUCKFARBEN ROMANIA S.TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 15. 34.243.211 EUR CHEMICALCOM ADYA S.51 Fax: +40-21-232. București .810.724.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 15.000 EUR CROMINVENT S.092.183 EUR (2009) DAFCOCHIM S. XX Strada Clucerului.171 EUR Măgurele .849 EUR 10. sector 1.L. 12. 9.46. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-223.945. nr.L.49.739 EUR VASION S. 2.NEAMȚ Annual Turnover: 35. 92-96. București . sector 2.R.37.14. 3.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 13. 2.81. etaj 4. Popești-Leordeni .R.11.L.792.763.08/09 Annual turnover: 22.11.96 Annual turnover: 17. I.08/09 Fax: +40-268-50.L.L.226 EUR (2009) COMFERT S.40 Annual turnover: 8.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 35.709.993 EUR (2009) SYNGENTA AGRO S.L.450 EUR (2009) TEMAD CO S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232. Bacău .75 Annual turnover: 25. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-26.605.99 Annual turnover: 26.A.04 Annual turnover: 24. 32. nr. Ștefăneștii de Jos . București .796 EUR (2009) GOVCREST INTERNATIONAL S.502 EUR Reported results for 2009 POLICOLOR S.930 EUR (2009) CORAMET IMPORT EXPORT S.900. XX A. nr.L.75 Fax: +40-234-52.318. etaj 3. nr.09 Fax: +40-265-26.L. Diroda.A.R.611..404.L.88 IMPEX S.52.R. etaj 5.597.84/85/86 Fax: +40-21-252.R.L.R. nr.00 Fax: +40-21-528.R.L. 540390.747. S‰ncraiul de Mureș .49. 5.299. 7.44. 55.581 EUR (2009) R. nr.04 Fax: +40-256-20.73 Annual turnover:19.620 EUR (2009) SUMMIT AGRO ROMåNIA S. XX Șoseaua Cristianului. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319. 3.R.L. T‰rgu Mureş. nr. nr.92 Annual turnover: 8.XX CASTROL LUBRICANTS RO S.MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 18. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-528.314 EUR (2009) REDOXIM S.R. Strada Avionului. Brașov. 64 Chemicals .L. 400401. Timișoara . XX Strada Budiului.670 EUR DAW BENTA ROMåNIA S.971.49. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-20.R. sector 1.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 29. XX Strada Tractoriștilor. sector 1.97.705.05.L. XX Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.R. 68.61. parter. sector 5. 2.R.R.52.14. 014332. 011363. Cluj-Napoca.91 Fax: +40-264-41.12. XX Calea Moineşti. nr.71/72 Fax: +40-21-319.371 EUR AZUR S.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 16. XX Calea Lugojului.L. Bacău.R.036 EUR FABRYO CORPORATION S.R. Turturești .L.70 Annual turnover: 8. bloc 6D. KOBER S. Strada Izvor.BACĂU Annual Turnover: 19. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41.736 EUR DEUTEK S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-252.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 35. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-50. 300135.61. nr.896 EUR (2009) Paints.L.45. 73-81.11 Annual turnover: 24.R. 8. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-52.12. ap. 013685.700. 4.R.230. 17. 6. Varnishes & Lacquers 1.A.

XX Șoseaua de Centură. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-369.62 Fax: +40-21-369. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-32. TOPAZ XX CARBOPLAK S.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-345.291.792. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-255.azur. Varnishes for Furniture industry.Most important companies in "Paints. nr. sector 3.General Manager MIRIANA VUICIN .69.166. nr.30 Annual turnover: 35. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-345.14 Annual turnover: 1.40 Annual turnover: 3. nr.DELTA CHEMICALS S.767 RON (2009) Auditor Audit Expert SRL Timişoara Employees: 248 Top management: ZOLTAN JAKAB . județul NEAMŢ Phone: +40-233-20.17.000 EUR (2009) DEUTEK S.54 Annual turnover: 18.318.A. 51.08 Annual turnover: 1.736 EUR (2009) CHEMICALCOM ADYA S. New-York: 93.39/54 Fax: +40-256-22.20 Fax: +40-232-29.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-256. S‰ncraiul de Mureş. AZUR policy is focusing on customer needs.85 Fax: +40-21-256.Paint Division Manager Ownership: State-owned: 0. AZUR was founded in 1844.03.007 EUR (2009) CROMINVENT S. EDIL.61 Annual turnover: 15. Shareholders: ICC Industries Inc.737 EUR (2009) XX FABRYO CORPORATION S.936 EUR (2009) Chemicals 65 .092. XX Șoseaua Andronache. XX Bulevardul Theodor Pallady.697 EUR (2009) POLICOLOR S. NATURA.637 RON (2009) Annual turnover 66. 202 B. XX Girov. 30 D.605. XX Miroslava.79 Annual turnover: 29.66% Financial information: Registered capital 15.03. Main activity fields: Decorative Coating.47.A. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-405. XX Bulevardul Theodor Pallady.L.34% Others: 6. PALUX. 248A. Resins (alkyd resins.036 EUR (2009) POLY .54 Fax: +40-265-32.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-241. nr.79 E-mail: office@azur. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-569. if you are involved and focused on the main issue.50. hard resins.502 EUR (2009) NATIONAL PAINTS FACTORIES COMPANY S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.371 EUR (2009) CHIMTITAN S.55 Annual turnover: 3. XX Bulevardul Basarabia. XX Strada Cătănoaia. QTEK.30 Fax: +40-21-345. nr.03.L. Turtureşti.R. Contact: Bulevardul Constructorilor. Gelcoat.43 Fax: +40-21-240. sector 2.55.78. judeţul TIMIŞ Phone: Company profile: National Paint & Varnishes producer. sector 3.50 Annual turnover: 35.26 Annual turnover: 35.25 Fax: +40-21-405.14 Fax: +40-21-345.02.47.05. 617221. XX Splaiul Independenţei.57. nr.R. Varnishes & Lacquers" AZUR S. sector Website: www.001. Fax: +40-21-569. 201. nr.700. Popeşti-Leordeni.57.523. Șoseaua Olteniţei. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-23.A. Ștefăneştii de Jos.564.44.19. Bulevardul Theodor Pallady. providing professional solution.945. 6.R.21.471 RON (2009) Total revenues 70.Deputy General Manager SORIN VOITECOVICI . 1-3. 319. XX Strada Principală. nr.57.963 RON (2009) Net profit 165. 201 Bis. 33.78% Private-owned: 99.03. sector 3.21.40 Fax: +40-21-255.611. We consider that everything could be changed.Financial Manager EUGEN NICULESCU . being one of the companies with huge tradition in Romania.R.L.211 EUR (2009) DAW BENTA ROMåNIA S.A. nr.41. urea-formaldehyde resins. 707305.12 Annual turnover: 16.985.763.R.20 Fax: +40-21-316.L.A. nr.34% Quality certificates: Quality Management System issued by SR EN ISO 9001:2008 Environmental Management System issued by SR EN ISO 14001:2005 Occupational Health and Safety System issued by SR OHSAS 18001:2008 Brands: ROUA.739 EUR (2009) KOBER S.27 Annual turnover: 7.22% Romanian: 6.05.00 Fax: +40-233-23. sector 3.69. 57.R.380 EUR (2009) ROMCOLOR 2000 S.66% Foreign: 93.L.R. sector 3.005 RON (2009) Gross profit 210. SMC. Timişoara.L. unsaturated polyester resins).

300 EUR 13. MICHELIN ROMåNIA S.00 Fax: +40-250-73.TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 334.592 EUR ARTEGO S.265 EUR TERAPLAST S. comuna Budeşti. Satu Mare .228.692 EUR (2009) Plastic & Rubber 1.62 Fax: +40-250-77.817. Bistrița .SIBIU Annual Turnover: 26. 6. T‰rgu Jiu . sat Buleta.300.02 Annual turnover: 19.855 EUR 10.BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 18.056.L. 8.02 Fax: +40-234-58.103. nr. Oradea.430 EUR EUROFOAM S. XX Mihăeşti.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 264.47 Annual turnover: 7.A. 164. Buzău .201 EUR ANVIS ROM S. INDUSTRIAL MECANO IMPORT EXPORT S. Sibiu .BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 15. București .BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 15.BIHOR Annual Turnover: 16.R. Oradea . 31.305. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-58.R. județul VåLCEA Phone: +40-250-77.L.308.A.L.877.914. Buzău .R.652 EUR AMRAZ ROMANIA S.76.L. Brașov .25.622.36 Annual turnover: 2.L.24.GORJ Annual Turnover: 34.R. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-42.26 Annual turnover: 5.A.69. nr.572 EUR 11.26 Fax: +40-259-42.670 EUR (2009) SARCOM S.L. 5.255 EUR (2009) VADOVA S. Bacău. 9.469.R.705 EUR ROMCARBON S.BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 38.L. XX Strada Racoviţă. nr.A. Timișoara . București .893 EUR Producers Reported results for 2009 CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS S. Șoseaua Borşului. Pantelimon .R.BISTRIȚA-NĂSĂUD Annual Turnover: 44.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 18. XX Strada Bradului.125 EUR GREENFIBER INTERNATIONAL S.143.A.R.74. 3.24.428.A. 51.R.311.L.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 16.XX ROMCOLOR S.25.L.209 EUR 12.R.69.629. VALPLAST INDUSTRIE S.742 EUR 14. 41060.A. GREENTECH S. PLASTOR S.SATU MARE Annual Turnover: 22. București .Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 12. Buzău .R.810. 2. 7.448. 600245.142.A.280 EUR (2009) VASION S. județul VåLCEA Phone: +40-250-73. STAR EAST PET S.L. 4.122 EUR 66 Chemicals .

57.57 +40-256-29.583 EUR (2009) XX GREENFIBER INTERNATIONAL S. Buzău. nr.122 EUR (2009) XX J. nr. Lazea. nr.86. Tarla 39. Aleea Industriillor.93-97 Annual turnover: 12. nr.142.407 EUR (2009) XX MICHELIN ROMåNIA S. Strada Bichistin. Pantelimon.A.944. nr.06.R.13. Strada Mitropolit Veniamin Costache. nr. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-49.914. MAILLIS ROMANIA S.T‰rgovişte. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-30.Producers" XX AMPLAST CO.91 Fax: +40-250-83.11.265 EUR (2009) XX MUNPLAST S.00 Annual turnover: 264.A. Lereşti. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-413.96 Annual turnover: 15.A.70 Fax: +40-253-22. Aleea Industriilor. XX Șoseaua de Centură.52.215.305.BISTRIȚA-NĂSĂUD Annual Turnover: 10. Bulevardul Biruinţei. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-21.222 EUR (2009) XX CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS S.166 EUR (2009) ENIGMA TRADING 2000 S.200 EUR (2009) XX COLLINI S. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-352. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-72.324. Pantelimon. nr. Șoseaua Ploieşti . sector 4.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 10.40 Annual turnover: 34.A. Strada Avram Imbroane.592 EUR (2009) XX GREENTECH S. Constanța . 440186. Bocşa.856. 17.67. 27.A.A. ELBROMPLAST S. nr.558.86.29 Fax: +40-244-21. 050192.21. 9. NordEst Logistic Park .15 Fax: +40-21-352.52.66. S. T‰rgu Jiu.65. sector 1.00 Annual turnover: 4.00 Fax: +40-21-202.50. Strada Lt.697.930 EUR (2009) XX AMRAZ ROMANIA S.A.99 Fax: +40-248-54.83. Strada Tudor Vladimirescu. Buzău.300 EUR (2009) XX INDUSTRIAL MECANO IMPORT EXPORT S. județul VåLCEA Phone: +40-250-83.C. 17.962.59 Fax: +40-238-72.447. etaj 3. 51-55. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-336.L. nr. 120224.P.L.67. 10. Timişoara. nr.L.L.A.103. parter.R. ROMTEXTIL S. Strada Fagului.02 Annual turnover: 7.11. Satu Mare. DN Bucureşti . județul GORJ Phone: +40-253-22. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-202.R. județul CARAȘ-SEVERIN Phone: +40-255-52.964.04 Fax: Annual turnover: 10.283 EUR 16. 130.83. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-51. 38.300.02.93-97 Fax: +40-21-336. județul SATU MARE Phone: +40-261-70. sector 6. Bulevardul 1 Mai. PRODPLAST S. nr.244 EUR 18.61 Annual turnover: 38.76 Fax: +40-21-413.893 EUR (2009) XX ELBROMPLAST S. Piaţa Montreal. 1.TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 10.T. Calea Stan Vidrighin.166 EUR Most important companies in "Plastic & Rubber .06. Timișoara .58 Annual turnover: 6. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-71. 35.622. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-372-11. 10.63.00.L. 776.430 EUR (2009) XX ARTEMA PLAST S. Strada Cioc‰rlău.29 Annual turnover: 5.877.94 Fax: +40-238-71. M.L.855 EUR (2009) XX ANVIS ROM S. km 16.R.11 Annual turnover: 5.474 EUR (2009) XX GANNE A.689.808 EUR 17. nr. Annual turnover: 6.28 Annual turnover: 8.59 Annual turnover: 22.A. nr.18 Annual turnover: 18.05.R.83. Timişoara.08.447.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 10. S.15.A.57. World Trade Center.02 Fax: +40-255-52.67.48 Fax: +40-261-70.95.00 Fax: +40-372-11.A. 120224. Boldeşti-Scăieni.50.R.5.A.A. 220.61.711 EUR (2009) Chemicals 67 . POLITUB S. Bistrița .00-05 Fax: +40-21-351.L. Buftea.00 Fax: +40-256-30. București . județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-305.705 EUR (2009) XX ARTEGO S. Drăgăşani.14. 13A.Văleni.629.R.12 Annual turnover: 334.056. nr.

R. județul BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Phone: +40-263-23.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 8. 3.817.09.A.21 Annual turnover: 44.54 Annual turnover: 15. Calea Clujului. București . nr. 6.253.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 52.745 EUR (2009) Plastic & Rubber 1.A.97. județul BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Phone: +40-263-36.40 Annual turnover: 6.R.L. 66-68. nr.254. Oradea.A.MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 18. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.962.00.09.91.L.36.A. nr.A. nr. 062202.742 EUR (2009) XX TERAPLAST S.78 Fax: +40-21-252.914. 94/A.70.73 Annual turnover: 4.507.809 EUR . 420097.572 EUR INDUSTRIAL MECANO IMPORT EXPORT S.11.244 EUR (2009) SOMPLAST S. nr.565 EUR M. XX Strada Lucian Blaga.572 EUR (2009) POLITUB S. București . nr.97 Annual turnover: 18.469 EUR PLASTOR S.82. nr. Buftea . Calea Bucureştilor.02 Fax: +40-263-23. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-20. județul CONSTANȚA Phone: +40-241-51.54 Fax: +40-268-54.12.48 Annual turnover: 16.831.30 Fax: +40-233-22. XX Strada Dumbravei. RENANIA TRADE S. Buzău.R.55 Fax: +40-238-71. 147.142. 125. Piatra Neamţ. Năsăud.311. Strada 13 Decembrie.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 6.289. 132.01/09 Fax: +40-259-47.502 EUR Distributors Reported results for 2009 GOODYEAR DUNLOP TIRES ROMANIA S.817.R.72-74 Fax: +40-21-317.125 EUR (2009) XX VALPLAST INDUSTRIE S. nr.58. XX Strada Transilvaniei.A.R.00. sector 2.283 EUR (2009) ROMCARBON S. 1.58.06.L.856.209 EUR (2009) XX VESTA INVESTMENT S. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-351.652 EUR (2009) ROMTEXTIL S. T‰rgu Mureș . 425200.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 5.122 EUR ENIGMA TRADING 2000 S.347 EUR (2009) XX STAR EAST PET S.33 Fax: +40-263-36. Oradea . Bistriţa.166. 610202.428.49 Fax: +40-263-23.86 Annual turnover: 10.558. 175.L. nr.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 7. XX Strada George Coşbuc. 9.407 EUR RESINEX ROMANIA S.A. județul NEAMŢ Phone: +40-233-22.71 Annual turnover: 16.A.17 Annual turnover: 10.02 Annual turnover: 5.L.56. 2. București . județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-54. 5.A.143.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 12.00.A.00 Annual turnover: 10.35.R.R. Pantelimon .L.R. 1. 7.61. XX Strada Aurel Vlaicu. 68 Chemicals București . Bistriţa.L.71. Constanța. 8.91.XX PLASTOR S. Otopeni.474 EUR OTI TRADING S.75/76/77 Fax: +40-21-351. nr.80. 23.483 EUR (2009) PRODPLAST S.BIHOR Annual Turnover: 16.689.L. Braşov. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-71.58. județul BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Phone: +40-263-23.964. sector 6. 4. Bulevardul Preciziei. 17 A. XX Strada Ziduri Moşi.L.060. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-252. Strada Romană. J. MAILLIS ROMANIA S.58 Fax: +40-241-69.808 EUR (2009) PREGIS COMPANY S. 410546.

nr. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-26. nr.00.5.17. 11-15. nr.L. Șoseaua de Centură. 410546. Annual turnover: 6.09. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-209. XX J.01/09 +40-259-47. 540390.98 Fax: Annual turnover: 7. nr.R. Tarla 39. 4. Calea Clujului. parter. OTI Strada Drumul ëntre Tarlale. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-305.809 EUR (2009) GOODYEAR DUNLOP TIRES ROMANIA S. DN Bucureşti-T‰rgovişte. T‰rgu Mureş. sector 1. NordEst Logistic Park.00-05 Fax: +40-21-351. nr.407 EUR (2009) Chemicals 69 . Strada Căpitan Vijelie.86 Fax: Annual turnover: 5.060.R.17.00 Fax: +40-372-11.93-97 Fax: +40-21-336.08. 68.L. Oradea.93-97 Annual turnover: 12.254. 42.166.A.86.L. parter.48 Fax: Annual turnover: 16.502 EUR (2009) INDUSTRIAL MECANO IMPORT EXPORT S. nr. 220.06 Fax: Annual turnover: 18.R.67. km 16.L.474 EUR (2009) XX TRADING S.17 +40-265-26.964. sector 3. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311. XX Strada Tipografilor. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-20. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-336. 22. MAILLIS ROMANIA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-256. 050192. 175.122 EUR (2009) M. etaj 2. sector 5. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-372-11.83.Distributors" XX ENIGMA TRADING 2000 S.565 EUR (2009) XX PLASTOR S.83.R.469 EUR (2009) XX RESINEX ROMANIA S.02 Fax: +40-21-209. XX Strada Mitropolit Veniamin Costache.45. Strada Budiului.28 Annual turnover: 8. 1. sector 4. nr.Most important companies in "Plastic & Rubber .L.L.962.52 Annual turnover: 52.914.80 +40-21-311. S-Park.R.67.A.253. Buftea.95 +40-21-256.572 EUR (2009) XX RENANIA TRADE S. 032982.817.86. Corp C.R.83. Pantelimon.


Major Companies in Romania 71 .

Local & International Producers Reported results for 2009 1. Hoffman la Roche and GlaxoSmithKline. București . both on the local and international markets.110. T‰rgu Mureș .L.L.5%.805 EUR TERAPIA S. a quarter of the pharmacies could go bankrupt. a number of mega-mergers took place last year. București .Pharmaceuticals Overview Pharmaceutical market decreased last year with approximately 9% in volume and 1. 5. Thus.262 EUR . 2.A. Hungary. and in these conditions the decrease might even reach 10-15%. Roche and Genentech and Merck-Schering Plough being finalised in 2009. a company that provides analysis and market research in the pharmaceutical sector.MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 59.605 EUR ACTAVIS S.R.7% in value (calculated in Euro). according to another study recently issued by Cegedim.021 EUR SANDOZ S. among them those of Pfizer and Wyeth. which will most likely continue to reduce throughout the year 2010. 6. At international level.802.R.R.92 bn.000. at the end of 2009 the local pharmaceutical market reached a value of EUR 1. in the pharmaceutical industry. according to Cegedim. it is expected that the volume of drug sales will continue to decline.R. pharmaceutical market remains an active industry form the mergers and acquisitions’ point of view. However.361. if the problems with the drug payments from the state remain. Cluj-Napoca . 72 Pharmaceuticals GLAXOSMITHKLINE (GSK) S.L. Despite the crisis.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 107.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 135. A&D Pharma announced in late December an agreement to purchase Arishop drug distributor. according to Cegedim’s estimates. by 5-6%. București . In these conditions. as some important transactions marked this industry in the previous period. mainly due to the depreciation in the purchasing power of individuals.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 61. The sales structure shows a constantly decreasing share for the hospitals and non-prescription medicines. Slovakia and Czech Republic in a EUR 23 mn deal. Locally. and the subsidiaries of Ozone in Poland. Brașov .701.000 EUR EUROPHARM S. the market share of the first 20 players sums up 71. the leaders on this market were Sanofi-Aventis. After the first quarter of 2010. Last summer.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 132.L.491. this evolution was however followed by a 22% increase in the first quarter of 2010 (up to a volume of EUR 570 mn).A.193 EUR SANOFI-AVENTIS ROMANIA S.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 95. 4. LaborMed took over the product portfolio of Ozone. 3. mainly due to the use of more expensive drugs.

ASTRAZENECA PHARMA S.93.A. 179-185. sector 1.A. 9.01 Annual turnover: N/A XX ANTIBIOTICE S.L. ANTIBIOTICE S. Iaşi.30.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 8. SWISSCAPS ROMANIA S. București Phone: +40-21-317.L.248.L. Iași .000. etaj 1.529 EUR 19.33 Annual turnover: 51.632 EUR (2009) XX ASTRAZENECA PHARMA S.081.A.90. etaj 1.24.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 11.L.132.861. sector 1.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 15.532. BIO EEL S. Strada Ștefan Mihăileanu. București .721 EUR 11.009 EUR (2009) Pharmaceuticals 73 .93. ELI LILLY ROMåNIA S.000 EUR 12. parter.308 EUR 16. Băneasa Business Center.463. sector 1. sector 2.R.24. XX Bulevardul Ion Mihalache. 011171.01 Annual turnover: 7.L.7.823 EUR ZENTIVA S. 707410.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 21.366 EUR 10.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 17.000.67 Fax: +40-21-312. Cornu .035.861.96. 8.R.A.R. 17-21.000 EUR 17.L. București . nr. Bucureşti Șoseaua Odăi.L.MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 19.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 16.01 Fax: +40-21-203. București .734.R.837.A. București Phone: +40-21-203.R. nr.21 Annual turnover: 7.L.263 EUR 20.R. Strada Menuetului.99 Annual turnover: 107. T‰rgu Mureș .Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 11.641 EUR 18. 11.60.00 Fax: +40-232-20. București . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-322. nr.275 EUR 14. LABORMED-PHARMA S.IAȘI Annual Turnover: 51. Strada Valea Lupului.00 Fax: +40-21-529. SERVIER PHARMA S.R. 013682. PFIZER ROMANIA S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 20. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-20. T‰rgu Mureș . Bucharest Business Park. București .R. nr. . nr. BIOFARM S.A.559 EUR GEDEON RICHTER ROMåNIA S. 12.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 20. sector 1. sector 1.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 41. nr.30.R.609 EUR Most important companies in "Local & International Producers" XX ABBOTT LABORATORIES S. București .823 EUR (2009) XX ARENA GROUP S. XX Șoseaua București-Ploiești. 31.A.060 EUR 13.500.594.41 Fax: +40-21-317. 169 A.REPREZENTANȚĂ Calea Floreasca.L. nr. BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM RCV GMBH & CO KG VIENA SUCURSALA BUCUREŞTI București . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-351.102.MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 26.R.60.480.A.255. București .Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 24.45. București . București .L. 013713.R.L.275 EUR (2009) ACTAVIS S. MERCK SHARP & DOHME ROMANIA S.000 EUR (2009) ALCON ROMANIA S. INFOMED FLUIDS S.664 EUR 15. Floreasca Business Park.21 Fax: +40-21-322.697.132.44. 1.53 Annual turnover: 20. București Phone: +40-21-529.

XX Strada Costache Negri.28. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318. sector 4. 5. 10.605 EUR (2009) SERVIER PHARMA S. XX Calea Șerban-Vodă. S-Park.00 Annual turnover: 8. XX Strada Logofăt Tăutu. Bucharest Business Park. sector 3.721 EUR (2009) MERCK SHARP & DOHME ROMANIA S.30. etaj 3. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti. 179. bloc D.L.82.107 EUR (2009) GEDEON RICHTER ROMåNIA S.A.00.01 Annual turnover: 11.262 EUR (2009) SANOFI-AVENTIS ROMANIA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.00 Fax: +40-21-302 28 01 Annual turnover: 20.450.35 Fax: +40-21-334. București Phone: +40-21-207.L. 1 A. T‰rgu Mureş.00 Fax: +40-21-318.01 Annual turnover: 21. sector 5.532.33. 11-15. nr.A. 050099. sector 1. bloc 19.A. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-25. XX REPREZENTANȚĂ Strada Olari.67 Annual turnover: 59. etaj 6.L XX Șoseaua Păcurari. 020335. nr. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-26.REPREZENTANȚĂ XX Strada Tipografilor. București Phone: +40-21-529. 540472.529 EUR (2009) EUROPHARM S.XX EEL S. T‰rgu Mureş. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-25. corp A2.701. sector 3.A. 2. nr.060 EUR (2009) ROCHE ROMANIA S.52. 032266. sector 2. 99.000.627.500. nr.R. 4.248. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-402. XX Strada Theodor Pallady. 075100.30. XX Strada Izvor.47. nr.R.640 EUR (2009) INFOMED FLUIDS S. 050552. 133. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-31-710. sector 4.R. 1 A.A. 44 B.00 Annual turnover: N/A SANDOZ S.805 EUR (2009) FITERMAN PHARMA S. București Phone: +40-21-230.664 EUR (2009) XX IPSEN PHARMA .03.00 Fax: +40-21-301.361. sector 3. nr.52. 7A.463. XX Strada Cuza Vodă.R.00 Annual turnover: 7.837. XX Bulevardul Theodor Pallady. 89-97.L. 11-15.88. etaj 3.44 Fax: +40-21-210.102. etaj 6.23 Annual turnover: N/A BIOFARM S.L.52.04 Fax: +40-21-207.08 Fax: +40-21-302.31. 013714.18. nr. etaj 1-3. XX Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu.06. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-302.110. Otopeni.641 EUR (2009) BIOTEHNOS S.00 Annual turnover: 5.67 Fax: +40-265-26.L.75. XX Șoseaua București-Ploiești.A.56 Annual turnover: 95. nr. Opera Center. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-20.09 Annual turnover: 135.R.R.74.47. sector 1.081.R.06.24. etaj 2.81 Annual turnover: 11.O.R.75.13. nr. 3-5. 013714.A.67 Fax: +40-265-25.A.00 Fax: +40-21-402.75 Annual turnover: 26. nr. XX Strada Gorunului.81. etaj 3. 042124. sector 5. XX Strada Tipografilor.08.31. nr. sector 2. XX Strada Poienelor. nr.06. 021011.O.802.000 EUR (2009) OZONE LABORATORIES PHARMA S. XX Strada Intrarea Serelor.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. Bucharest Business Park. sector 1. corp A1.263 EUR (2009) NOVARTIS CONSUMER HEALTH SERVICES S.77 Fax: +40-21-318. 013681.75 Annual turnover: 19.21. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318. nr.193 EUR (2009) HOFIGAL EXPORT IMPORT S.01 Annual turnover: N/A LABORMED-PHARMA S. Iaşi.36 Fax: +40-21-317.000 EUR (2009) JOHNSON & JOHNSON D.85 Annual turnover: 16. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206. nr. etaj 5. nr.80 Fax: +40-21-231. 010627.00 Fax: +40-232-25.REPREZENTANȚĂ Aleea Alexandru. 011823.734. 9-9 A.47.R.308 EUR (2009) 74 Pharmaceuticals . 1-5.R. nr.34 Annual turnover: 132. nr. București Phone: +40-21-345.82 Fax: +40-31-710.597 EUR (2009) BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM RCV GMBH & CO KG XX VIENA SUCURSALA BUCUREȘTI Strada Grigore Alexandrescu.02.43. nr.84 Annual turnover: N/A ELI XX LILLY ROMåNIA S.366 EUR (2009) GLAXOSMITHKLINE (GSK) S.36 Annual turnover: 11. București Phone: +40-21-302. 7A. etaj 3.L. sector 1.08 Fax: +40-21-207.28. nr. etaj 5.33 Fax: +40-31-730. 127.905.28.82.435. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-301.33. 99-105. BIO Strada Bega.63.L.597 EUR (2009) PFIZER ROMANIA S. 50.L. 80.29. 540390.20 Fax: +40-265- nr.80 Fax: +40-21-528. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-30.594. Metropolis Center. nr. sector 1.L. T‰rgu Mureș.05 Annual turnover: 15.28. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-528. etaj 2. XX Strada Livezeni.01 Fax: +40-21-206. . Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-730. sector 5.22 Fax: +40-21-345.55 Fax: +40-268-30. Braşov.76 Annual turnover: 24. XX Splaiul Independenţei. corp C. nr.23.18. sector 1.86 Annual turnover: 6. București Phone: +40-21-334.31.

7.968.44.A. București .750.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 107.A.R.000. 1.407.L. București .107 EUR 12. sector 1.021. nr.70 Fax: +40-21-312.061 EUR 15. 107180. București Phone: +40-21-317.491. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-50. Bulevardul Ion Mihalache.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 248.917 EUR A.957. XX Strada Izvor.R. MEDIPLUS EXIM S. FARMACEUTICA REMEDIA S. 400632.146.R.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 67.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 48.R. Voluntari . București .A.A.31.941 EUR POLISANO S.L.410 EUR 14. XX Strada Carol I.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 136.R.PHARMA S. nr. Bacău .828 EUR 16.15.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 380. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-30.L.00 Fax: +40-264-41.R.50. 9.021 EUR (2009) ZENTIVA S.L. ROMASTRU TRADING S. Deva .000. Brașov .276 EUR RELAD INTERNATIONAL S.31. București .D.L.438. nr. București . Sibiu .R. 6.36 Fax: +40-21-317. București .BACĂU Annual Turnover: 68.R. 124.617 EUR 10. 4. București .299 EUR (2009) TERAPIA S. 5.546 EUR 17.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 49. 11. ROPHARMA S.A.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 199. 8.XX SINDAN . 011171. sector 5.L.L. PHARMAFARM S.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 167.L.697.506.M. Cornu.926 EUR EUROPHARM HOLDING S.SIBIU Annual Turnover: 198.R.00 Fax: +40-244-36. Pantelimon .R.61 Annual turnover: 8.A. XX Strada Fabricii.L.61.L.559 EUR (2009) SWISSCAPS ROMANIA S. 2.262.480. nr. Cluj-Napoca.I. FARM S. BAYER S. București .BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 152. 80.602 EUR Pharmaceuticals 75 . LABORMED PHARMA TRADING S.97 Annual turnover: 61.268.L.879.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 52.000 EUR 11. 3.HUNEDOARA Annual Turnover: 36.67.839. Voluntari .Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 36.R.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 177.L.301 EUR FARMEXIM S.L.488.609 EUR (2009) Distributors 1. A & G MED TRADING S.035.75.135. ACTAVIS S. etaj 6. FARMEXPERT D.34 Annual turnover: 41.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 206. București Phone: +40-21-312.A.863 EUR 13.99 Annual turnover: 6.000 EUR București .A.818. S.920 EUR FILDAS TRADING S. Reported results for 2009 Mogoșoaia .C.000 EUR RELAD INTERNATIONAL PHARMA S.

11.L.035. sector 6. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-59.L.25.59. S&D PHARMA (ROMANIA) S. XX Strada Roșiori. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-316. București .I. XX Strada Dorobanţilor.91 Fax: +40-21-332.85 Fax: +40-264-40. 179-185. XX Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu.217 EUR (2009) FARMAVET S.12 Annual turnover: 248.67 Fax: +40-21-312. nr.60 Fax: +40-21-220.602 EUR (2009) FARMACOM S.828 EUR (2009) EGIS XX ROMPHARMA S. Cluj-Napoca.000. FARMAVET S. XX Strada Ion Roată. Strada Traian Vuia.R. Strada D‰mboviţa.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 22. XX Strada Zizinului.61.M.283 EUR (2009) 76 Pharmaceuticals .000 EUR (2009) ARNAUD ROMANIA CHEMICALS S.L. nr. Braşov.26. etaj 4. 330160.A.69. nr.000.16 Fax: +40-268-33.11 Fax: +40-21-407.A.45. 112.000. sector 4.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 24.44.126 EUR Most important companies in "Distributors" XX & G MED TRADING S. XX Calea Giuleşti.711 EUR (2009) EUROPHARM HOLDING S. Ploiești.18.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 21. parter. Brașov.11 Annual turnover: 6. nr. Clădirea 20.C. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-308. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-351. 020339.C.R.60 Fax: +40-254-22. XX Strada Ing.77. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-33.98 Annual turnover: 52.75.731.A.21 Annual turnover: 8.731.40. nr.035.R. 060269.97 Annual turnover: 36. 333.276 EUR (2009) A. sector 4.563. XX Bulevardul Ion Mihalache.438.757. 26.307 EUR 21. 9.77.410 EUR (2009) CHIMIMPORTEXPORT PLURIMEX S. MEDICAROM GROUP S. A Strada Crișul Alb. nr. sector 2. XX Company name: FARMEXPERT D.75.024.000 EUR (2009) FARMEXPERT D. S. Brașov . nr. 500419. 077145.000 RON (2009) ACTAVIS S. nr.00.D. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-30.09.R. București . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-221. București Phone: +40-21-211.00 Fax: +40-21-529.A. sector 1. nr. 153. FARMACOM S. nr.L.R. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-27. Pantelimon.R. Deva. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-410. nr. nr.50.59. sector 1.A.L. 9-9 A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-407. București Phone: +40-21-529. XX Strada Răscoalei.85. sector 2.68 Fax: +40-21-210. 500407.49.262.96. nr. 011171. nr.085.A.A.217 EUR 19.A. 43.56 Annual turnover: 152.121 EUR (2009) AROCHIM S.24 Annual turnover: 177. XX Strada Poienelor.820. 17.28.74. 040726. sector 2.L.307 EUR (2009) FARMEXIM S.50. George Constantinescu.146.R. FARM S. sector 6.64.750.95/96 Fax: +40-31-410. județul HUNEDOARA Phone: +40-254-22.09. București Phone: +40-21-332.R.11 Fax: +40-244-59. 9-13.I.917 EUR (2009) FARMACEUTICA REMEDIA S.315.32 Annual turnover: 21.R.84 Annual turnover: 9.268.26 Annual turnover: 580.L.61. 10 H.64 Annual turnover: 24.55 Fax: +40-268-30.63 Annual turnover: 48.509 EUR 20. 39.32.L. 2.346 EUR (2009) BAYER S.00 Fax: +40-21-308.08.99. 5. București .Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 20. XX Strada Tunari. Bucureşti Șoseaua Odăii.L.94 Annual turnover: 12. nr.L.99 Annual turnover: 107.R.00 Fax: +40-21-352.

nr.24 Fax: +40-21-327. 5.L. 23.A. nr.81 Annual turnover: 8. Strada 9 Mai.383 EUR (2009) XX PHARMAFARM S.L.391.L. 11. Strada Prof. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-54. nr. sector 6. București Phone: +40-21-319.61 Annual turnover: 49.818.126 EUR (2009) XX MEDIMFARM S.315. Voluntari. Bulevardul Theodor Pallady. etaj 1.04 Fax: +40-241-69.97.37. București Phone: +40-21-316. Ion Cantacuzino. sector 1.926 EUR (2009) XX ROMASTRU TRADING S. etaj 6. sector 1.820.632 EUR (2009) XX IMEDICA S. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-58.00. Splaiul Independenței.74.R.A.48.31 Annual turnover: 68. 5.R.73 Fax: +40-21-207. parter.96 Fax: +40-232-21.84 Annual turnover: 67.R.60 Fax: +40-21-316.575 EUR (2009) XX PHARMA S. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-800-80. Șoseaua București-Ploiești.44.078.L. nr. 9-9 A.35 Fax: +40-244-51. Sema Parc. Ploiești. București Phone: +40-21-311. nr.839. Strada Iuliu Maniu. sector 2. nr.92. Cluj-Napoca. 013686. sector 2.32.57 Fax: +40-21-312.00 Annual turnover: 206. nr. North Center 2.506.920 EUR (2009) XX RELAD INTERNATIONAL PHARMA S.26 Annual turnover: 10. nr.350 EUR (2009) XX KRKA ROMAINIA S. nr.64.L.50 Fax: +40-21-319. etaj 3.45 Fax: +40-21-206. 177.Tunari.135.L.00 Fax: +40-21-303.20.107 EUR (2009) XX PHARMA (ROMANIA) S.013 EUR (2009) XX ROPHARMA S. nr.301 EUR (2009) XX RELAD INTERNATIONAL S.R. nr. Calea Călărașilor. București Phone: +40-21-206. București Phone: +40-21-204.A.96 Annual turnover: 19.085. nr.05 Fax: +40-21-310. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310. 133.068. bloc 45.30/31/32 Fax: +40-21-204.27.00 Annual turnover: 167.77 Fax: +40-21-242.R. nr. Mogoşoaia.035. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-303.27.74.L. North Center 2. 020335.11 Annual turnover: 36.509 EUR (2009) Pharmaceuticals 77 .46 Annual turnover: 8.00 Fax: +40-21-303. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-21.36. 050866. Constanța.L.29.77. 44 B.77.L.021.36.968. Intrarea Glucozei.74 Fax: +40-21-301.63. nr.A.863 EUR (2009) XX POLISANO S.820 EUR (2009) XX OLFARM S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.884 EUR (2009) XX LABORMED PHARMA TRADING S.45 Fax: +40-264-43.72. nr.52. 141 D.83.R.000 EUR (2009) XX MEDOCHEMIE ROMANIA S.A. Strada Maiakovski. sector 5.24 Annual turnover: 20.334. Craiova. 7-9. Strada Biharia.65.90 Annual turnover: 6. 319. București Phone: +40-21-345.66. 013981.679.97. 2. etaj 10. 55.13 Annual turnover: 16. Strada Tabaci.A.50 Annual turnover: 7.71 Annual turnover: 6.R.632. 67-77.32.R. nr. București Phone: +40-21-318. 11. sector 3. Strada Aurel Vlaicu.20.020 EUR (2009) XX PHARCO IMPEX 93 S.R.31 Fax: +40-269-21.L. 2.941 EUR (2009) XX HELIOFARM S. 011437.525.R. Șoseaua Bucium. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-63. Dr.R. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-303.65.172 EUR (2009) XX MEDIPLUS EXIM S.A.88 Fax: +40-251-41. Șoseaua Pipera . București Phone: +40-21-221. 73 E. 023828.988 EUR (2009) XX MESSER ROMANIA GAZ S. 84.66.19 Fax: +40-21-311. sector 3. 37-39.67. 077135. Șoseaua Chitilei.L. București Phone: +40-21-242.51 Annual turnover: 6. Brașov. nr.27. 030616. Strada Coriolan Marcius .XX FELSIN FARM S.858. 11. nr. ap.A.75 Annual turnover: 380. nr.59 Annual turnover: 198. etaj 6.04. Voluntari.34/94 Fax: +40-21-345. sector 1.R. Strada T‰rgoviștei. Bulevardul Ion Mihalache. 011171. Iași. nr.429.488. nr.Tunari. sector 1. Șoseaua Pipera .30 Fax: +40-268-54.R.97. Strada Ciobanului.L. București Phone: +40-21-327. S&D Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei.60 Fax: +40-21-233. bloc 77. Sibiu.05 Annual turnover: 7. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-351- județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-301.74. Intrarea Costache Negri.63.546 EUR (2009) XX MEDICAROM GROUP S.L.054 EUR (2009) XX FILDAS TRADING S.493.33 Annual turnover: 22.407.58 Annual turnover: 6. 60.R. sector 1.41 Annual turnover: 199. 900137. sector 5. 200642. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-43.L. 2.061 EUR (2009) XX ROMFARMACHIM S.65.

București Phone: +40-21-308.00 Fax: +40-21-205. nr.073.R.A. 540545.54.L.77 Fax: +40-21-242. 021523.80 Annual turnover: 16.24 Annual turnover: 7.58. ap. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-205.21. nr. etaj 6.26.317 EUR (2009) TAMISA TRADING S.44. 011131. nr.488. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41.86. nr.378. Tronson IV. etaj 3.L.800.657.24 Fax: +40-21-210.54. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-212. ap. 305.R. 7.70 Fax: +40-265-26.21.27.L. XX Strada Evreilor Martiri. 10. 4. 3. sector 2. XX Bulevardul Muncii.076 EUR (2009) TERAPIA DISTRIBUȚIE S. Intrarea Glucozei.58.31 Fax: +40-264-41.77.R.29.925 EUR (2009) 78 Pharmaceuticals . 37-39.885 EUR (2009) WALMARK ROMåNIA S.L. București Phone: +40-21-242.31 Annual turnover: 16. sector 2. XX Strada Fecioarei.70 Annual turnover: 10.XX SANPRODMED S. sector 1.080.L.64 Annual turnover: 11. XX Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu.R. 46. sector 6.452 EUR (2009) VALMEDICA S.01 Fax: +40-21-319. Cluj-Napoca.00 Fax: +40-21-308.R. Șoseaua Nicolae Titulescu.163.L. sector 2.770 EUR (2009) SOF XX MEDICA S. nr. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-26. 6 D.71.396 EUR (2009) THREE PHARM S. T‰rgu-Mureş. XX Strada Ţepeş Vodă. nr. 89.11 Annual turnover: 10.86. nr.R.44 Annual turnover: 7. bloc A1. București Phone: +40-21-408. 023828.

Glass & Ceramics Major Companies in Romania 79 .

Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 13.992.L.052.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 3. the local glass and ceramics industry did not registered any bankruptcies.092 EUR 80 Glass & Ceramics .G. an important driver of their business until recent years.R. 9.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 2. 5. 4.343. Aghireșu-Fabrici .697 EUR BEGA MINERALE INDUSTRIALE S.R.L.L. The main problems the glass and ceramic market are facing are related to consumer purchasing power decrease.R.A.A.R.L.882.314. S.591.733. GES GLASS S.A.985 EUR ANGELIS S.L.L.R.506 EUR 14. According to some market estimates.898 EUR ABITARE C. 6. Although it faced many problems last year.759. Boldești-Scăieni . according to industry estimates.L.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 38.842 EUR STIROM S.153 EUR SPECTRUM INDUSTRIES S.R. Glass 1. OMEGA PRODCOM S.R.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 5. Timișoara .882.R.000 EUR 12.586 EUR 11.Glass & Ceramics Overview Glass manufacturers were the last to fell the fall of the real estate market. Călărași . 8.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 2.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 6. București . stopping the construction of residential and office spaces induced glass market (estimated to the year 2008 at a value of EUR 300 mn) a 20-40% decline in sales. București .340 EUR CRISTAL BRAD SERVICE S.R.942. that accounts for more than half of production costs.TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 3. București .CLUJ Annual Turnover: 5. Pantelimon . Vălenii de Munte . INVEST PROD S.L. DELTA GLASS S. Buzău . but also to the energy prices’ growth. Brașov .R.633 EUR 15.MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 2. Brașov .073. Roznov .897. București .A.422 EUR GEROM S.BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 4.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 5.560 EUR PIETTA GLASS WORKING S. 3.L. Reported results for 2009 SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS ROMåNIA S.A.CĂLĂRAȘI Annual Turnover: 50.107 EUR 10. 2.NEAMȚ Annual Turnover: 5.440 EUR 13.951.L. T‰rnăveni . ISOPALROM S. LUSTIC INVEST S. 7.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 4.142.139.

25 Annual turnover: 1. 272-274.50 Fax: +40-21-460.57.R.898 EUR (2009) CRISTIRO S.280 EUR (2009) DELTA GLASS S.14 Fax: +40-233-66. Strada Șirul Plăieșilor. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-33. nr. 266.343.84 Fax: +40-265-44.30. sector 1. sector 4. Brașov.951. 500222. nr.A. nr. Strada Turnu Măgurele.A. Șoseaua Sibiului. 1-3.340 EUR (2009) XX VITROMETAN S.A.81. nr. nr.15 Fax: +40-268-47.001 EUR (2009) GEROM S. nr.408 EUR (2009) BEGA MINERALE INDUSTRIALE S. 5.05 Fax: +40-21-460. nr.560 EUR (2009) ARTFIL S. nr. Aleea Fabricii.52 Annual turnover: 13. Strada Harmanului.65 Fax: +40-238-71.47.14 Fax: +40-264-35.98 Annual turnover: 4. S. Aghireșu .55. 96.A. 011438.882.50 Fax: +40-230-52. Bistriţa.23 Annual turnover: 38. 14.19.70.L.317.919 EUR (2009) XX STIROM S.986 EUR (2009) CRISTAL BRAD SERVICE S.217. XX Strada Principală.91.61.09 Fax: +40-265-77.L.16.423 EUR (2009) XX SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS ROMåNIA S. nr. sector 4.92 Fax: +40-269-83.506 EUR (2009) Glass & Ceramics 81 . județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-351.L. 236. 3. nr. 1. Pantelimon.587 EUR (2009) XX OMEGA PRODCOM S. XX Strada Roznovanu.R.882.55.60. Mediaş.142. Boldeşti-Scăieni.897. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-21.50 Annual turnover: 3. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-84. 040754. 31-33.L.759.07 Annual turnover: 5. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-35. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-460.30. nr. XX Strada Ghimpaţi.09 Annual turnover: 5.00 Fax: +40-21-345.08 Annual turnover: 2. nr.L. 551129.30.139. etaj 3. nr. județul BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Phone: +40-263-23.46.R. Braşov. Timişoara.R.R. nr.107 EUR (2009) GES XX GLASS S. XX Drumul Jilavei. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201. XX Strada Mihai Viteazul.440 EUR (2009) XX LUSTIC INVEST S. 140 A.R.10 Fax: +40-256-24. nr.634 EUR (2009) INVEST PROD S.06.L.44 Fax: +40-244-21.94. Strada Armatei.Fabrici.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-207.50 Fax: +40-21-450.L.R.591.123.85.50 Annual turnover: 1.R.314.74. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-43. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-52. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-77. XX Strada Industriei.60. nr.L.59 Fax: +40-244-28. Strada Traian Vuia. Suceava. nr.87 Annual turnover: 2.61 Annual turnover: 3.66 Fax: +40-263-23. T‰rnăveni.19.092 EUR (2009) XX PIETTA GLASS WORKING S.21. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-460.36. nr.36.06. 14.052. 545400. 45.A.697 EUR (2009) XX STIMAS S. 2. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-28. XX Strada Industriilor. 50.44 Annual turnover: 6.842 EUR (2009) XX SPECTRUM INDUSTRIES S. 407010. Strada Tipografilor. Roznov. sector 4. 041713.R. 11. Calea Șagului.733.G.073. 11-15.942. 500107. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-28. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-41.09.L.A.L.153 EUR (2009) XX ISOPALROM S.A.10.992. Bulevardul Theodor Pallady.68 Fax: +40-21-300.22 Annual turnover: 2. județul NEAMŢ Phone: +40-233-66.35. 77-79.08 Annual turnover: 4.00.Most important companies in "Glass" XX ABITARE C.65.11 Annual turnover: 1.833 EUR (2009) ANGELIS S.11.72.R.14 Annual turnover: 5.05 Annual turnover: 5. nr. Sighişoara.282.00 Fax: +40-21-207.61.45. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-450.57. Buzău. Vălenii de Munte.11 Annual turnover: 50. S-Park. 545600. XX Strada Mihai Viteazu. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-44.55 Fax: +40-268-33.17.70. Strada Berevoieşti.34 Annual turnover: 1.01. sector 3.A. 85. 106400.

T‰rgu Secuiesc .MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 12.MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 16.IAȘI Annual Turnover: 12.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 14.367. T‰rnăveni .IALOMIȚA Annual Turnover: 14.525.L.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 15.180 EUR 15.L. SICERAM S. București . Lugoj .R. Sighișoara .MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 9.TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 25. GIROM INTERNATIONAL S.863 EUR 18.A.663 EUR 17.731 EUR 19.032 EUR SANEX S.154 EUR CERSANIT ROMANIA S. ELECTROCERAMICA S.A.681. 7.749.A.829.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 13.R.834. T‰ncăbești.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 46. Sighișoara .R.771 EUR 11.075 EUR REGATA S. EL-CO S. Reported results for 2009 SAINT-GOBAIN CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS ROMANIA S.675 EUR 10. CARS S. București .DåMBOVIȚA Annual Turnover: 27.345 EUR MONDIAL S. comuna Snagov .365 EUR 82 Glass & Ceramics . 3.A.984.A.A.066.750.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 21.A.668.604 EUR 20.719. Roman . IAȘI Iași . VES S.A. 6. SANOTECHNIK COM RUMANIEN S. APULUM S.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 3. Slobozia .422. CERAMICA S.A.BIHOR Annual Turnover: 7.L. Cluj-Napoca .352.R. București .393.793 EUR PREMIER COM S.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 8.COVASNA Annual Turnover: 5. 9. 8.479.864.446 EUR DELTA DISTRIBUTION S.L.R.MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 4. SAWA S.A.L.711 EUR CESIRO S. Turda . Alba-Iulia .A. 4.681 EUR LASSELSBERGER S.969.679 EUR 14.A.NEAMȚ Annual Turnover: 16.501. Aștileu .526. HELIOS S. 5.A.285. T‰rgoviște .375 EUR 13. Sighișoara .CLUJ Annual Turnover: 4.ALBA Annual Turnover: 8. București .000 EUR 12.Ceramics 1 2.A. Cluj-Napoca .271 EUR 16.A.

11 Annual turnover: 16. 65. etaj 3.08 Annual turnover: 4. nr. 409-411. județul DåMBOVIŢA Phone: +40-245-22.L.807.131. ap.774.365 EUR (2009) XX HALOFIN PROD S.L.R. 48. Iaşi.A.A.19 Annual turnover: 7.032 EUR (2009) PAZO GRUP S. XX Șoseaua Pipera.62. 127046.08. nr. Baia Mare. nr.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230.393.L. Strada Mihai Viteazul.23.20. Strada Gheţu Anghel.663 EUR (2009) KRONBERGER GRUP S.155 EUR (2009) XX DELTA DESIGN Company name: DELTA DISTRIBUTION S.90. Turda.60.15.23. XX Strada Zării. sector 3.50/51/52 Fax: +40-264-31.87.271 EUR (2009) XX CARS S.67 Annual turnover: 3. sector 1. județul IALOMIŢA Phone: +40-243-20. nr.A. nr.548 EUR (2009) PREMIER COM S.00 Fax: +40-232-23.A.45 Annual turnover: 5. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-34. nr.R.90.447 EUR (2009) MONDIAL S. nr. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-20.Most important companies in "Ceramics" XX APULUM S. 14.367.076 EUR (2009) Glass & Ceramics 83 . Lugoj.14 Annual turnover: 27. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-207. 84-90.834.23 Annual turnover: 16. nr.L.01 Annual turnover: 3.682 EUR (2009) XX CESIRO S. XX Strada Laminorului.20. 10.A.76/78 Fax: +40-243-20. nr.07. Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.A. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-52. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-35. 2.B. nr.340 EUR (2009) HELIOS S.69.39 Annual turnover: 3. 401112.345 EUR (2009) S.70. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-31. T‰rgoviște.L. T‰rgu Secuiesc.57. 9.77 Annual turnover: 5. Strada Bradului.A.39. T‰rnăveni. județul DåMBOVIŢA Phone: +40-245-21.56. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-77. 236.02. XX Șoseaua Brăilei. IAȘI Calea Chişinăului.61. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-256. județul COVASNA Phone: +40-267-36.54/55 Fax: +40-256-35.98 Fax: +40-267-36.10.A. județul NEAMŢ Phone: +40-233-74.23.A. nr. Strada Cărămidari.35.84. 159. 510154.11. Sighişoara. județul ALBA Phone: +40-258-81. 1.605 EUR (2009) XX CERAMICA S. XX Localitatea Sătuc.89 Annual turnover: 25. 149-151.794 EUR (2009) XX EL-CO S. sector 5.03 Fax: +40-258-81.61.A. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-44.A.A.34/35 Fax: +40-262-22. nr. T‰rgovişte. 11-15.R.36 Annual turnover: 3.984.45 Annual turnover: 15. Strada Viilor. Strada Oborului.50/51 Fax: +40-21-207.829. Strada Tipografilor.41.42 Annual turnover: 12.525.623 EUR (2009) LASSELSBERGER S. Berca.00 Fax: +40-372-19. XX Strada Timişorii. nr. Alba-Iulia.61. județul MARAMUREȘ Phone: +40-262-22.375 EUR (2009) XX CERSANIT ROMANIA S. Aştileu. nr.R.285.52 Annual turnover: 46. 12.41 Fax: +40-21-256.60.864. sector 6. 19.691.21. 128.26. 176.501.37 Annual turnover: 8. Strada Fabricii.352. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-51.44 Annual turnover: 3.02.676 EUR (2009) REGATA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-19.S.77 Annual turnover: 14.A . 96. Strada Ștefan cel Mare.79 Annual turnover: 2. Slobozia.35 Fax: +40-265-44.65/66 Fax: +40-21-316.86 Fax: +40-245-21.-IMPEX S.A. XX Strada Principală.A. XX Calea Republicii. Roman.916.01 Fax: +40-238-52.668. Aleea Plopilor.066.R.000. 65.36 Fax: +40-245-21.L. Bacău.61. nr. 5. 130089.04 Annual turnover: 14.526.681. nr.864 EUR (2009) XX ELECTROCERAMICA S. sector 2.15 Fax: +40-259-34.735 EUR (2009) XX GIROM INTERNATIONAL S.57 Fax: +40-234-51.57.38. nr.44.887 EUR (2009) SAINT-GOBAIN CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS XX ROMANIA S.15.77 Fax: +40-21-230. nr.000 EUR (2009) XX FAIMAR S.37.21. nr.20.30 Fax: +40-265-77.02.01 Fax: +40-233-74. S-Park.

43 Fax: +40-21-350. nr. XX Strada Viilor. XX Strada Decebal.40 Fax: +40-265-77.10 Annual turnover: 21.R.93. 400205. nr.808 EUR (2009) VES XX S.750. 1.749.R.A. 123. nr.24.51/52 Fax: +40-265-77.17 Annual turnover: 12. 79.L.XX SANEX S.772 EUR (2009) 84 Glass & Ceramics . județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-350.L. Strada Beiuşului. comuna Snagov.A.712 EUR (2009) SICERAM S.719. T‰ncăbești. 077167. 3.A.A.65 Annual turnover: 9. XX Șoseaua București-Ploiești Km 26.38. Strada Mihai Viteazul. 102.76 Fax: +40-241-54. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264- Annual turnover: 3. Constanța.00/01 Fax: +40-264-41. Cluj-Napoca.55 Fax: +40-264-43. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-77. XX Strada Interioară.55 Annual turnover: 13.422.73.88.44 Annual turnover: 8. nr.80. Sighişoara.52. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-54. 545400.283.679 EUR (2009) SANOTECHNIK COM RUMANIEN S.13.22. bloc CM.24.479. nr. Sighişoara. 400394. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-77. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41.000 EUR (2009) STELCATI S.180 EUR (2009) SAWA S. Cluj-Napoca.

Major Companies in Romania 85 .

A.899 EUR SOMETRA S.736 EUR MECHEL TÂRGOVIŞTE S. 8. Titu – DÂMBOVIŢA Annual Turnover: 46. 6.the number of insolvencies has increased dramatically last year.RESIŢA S. 9. Galaţi – GALAŢI Annual Turnover: 84.745 EUR TMK . As a matter of fact. Reported results for 2009 ARCELORMITTAL GALAŢI S. Târgovişte – DÂMBOVIŢA Annual Turnover: 54. most companies selling steel products have faced specific "crisis": low liquidity.710.150 EUR AROMET S. 2. according to statistics recently published by Coface. lower rate of debt recovery.L.A.084.453 EUR ELSID S.042.R.163 EUR ARCELORMITTAL HUNEDOARA S. Târgovişte – DÂMBOVIŢA Annual Turnover: 124. 7. 5.Metal Overview In the metallurgical industry .385. Under these circumstances. notes Coface.205%) from only 38 in 2008 to 496 in 2009. The most important company in this market.094 EUR ERDEMIR-ROMANIA S. metallurgical industry saw last year a strong contraction and a low demand.A.895. ArcelorMittal (owned by the world’s biggest steel producer) saw its turnover down by over 50%.A. The explanation is in fact very simple: under the impact of declines in which sectors is basically dependent. Buzău – BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 56. Metallurgy 1. the metallurgical industry recorded most dramatic growth in the number of insolvencies in 2009 (up 1.991.596 EUR 86 Metal . Thus. the vast majority of the complexes on the domestic market posted major decreases in their turnovers. which caused significant reductions in production.A. Reşiţa – CARAŞ-SEVERIN Annual Turnover: 67.A.a sector heavily dependent on other industries hardly affected by the crisis (like the building or car production industries) .736. most players in the industry have had to fire people and suspend their operations. increase timeliness of payment.A. Copşa Mică – SIBIU Annual Turnover: 27.652 EUR 10.A. Slatina – OLT Annual Turnover: 19. to about EUR 800 mn. ALRO S. 4. Thus.329.A.872.648 EUR Slatina – OLT Annual Turnover (2009): 332. ELECTROCARBON S.6381. Hunedoara – HUNEDOARA Annual Turnover: 31. 3.

00. nr.00.A.53.648 EUR (2009) ARCELORMITTAL HUNEDOARA S. SILCOTUB S. 1. XX Strada Gheorghe Demetriade. Slatina.02. 36. 1. 3. T‰rgovişte. Metal 87 .R. Iaşi.51 Fax: +40-249-41. judeţul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-21. Buzău – BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 105. XX Șoseaua Brăilei. XX Strada Sm‰rdan.R.01 Fax: +40-249-43.381. Galaţi.70 Annual turnover: 54. judeţul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-80.93.A. 15.52.25 Annual turnover: 27.652 EUR (2009) TECHNOSTEEL LBR S. ARTROM S. nr.RESITA S. judeţul DåMBOVIŢA Phone: +40-245-63.R.385. Reşiţa. 320050. nr. 9. nr.98 Fax: +40-245-64. judeţul DåMBOVIŢA Phone: +40-245-20. T‰rgovişte. nr.453 EUR (2009) MECHEL TåRGOVIȘTE S.A.859 EUR (2009) TMK . Slatina.872. 700180.52.A.895. XX Șoseaua Găeşti.094 EUR (2009) CUPROM S.153.A.20 Fax: +40-269-84.042.A.931.710.84 Fax: +40-254-71. 4.M. 130087.899 EUR (2009) AROMET S.53. 230048.A.100 EUR Roman – NEAMŢ Annual Turnover: 83. nr.597 EUR (2009) Metalworking 1.00 Annual turnover: 56.03. nr.181 EUR T.99 Annual turnover: 46.A.Most important companies in "Metallurgy" XX ALRO S.71.50.22. Reported results for 2009 Bistriţa – BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Annual Turnover: 135. 1. judeţul OLT Phone: +40-249-43. 2. etaj 7.K.15/16 Annual turnover: N/A ELECTROCARBON S.226.084. ARCELORMITTAL TUBULAR PRODUCTS ROMAN S.723 EUR Zalău .97 Annual turnover: 124.745 EUR (2009) SOMETRA S.83 Annual turnover: 67. XX Strada Traian Lalescu. judeţul OLT Phone: +40-249-41. Buzău. Titu. judeţul CARAȘ-SEVERIN Phone: +40-255-21. 18. XX Piaţa Iancu de Hunedoara.A.991. nr. nr. 14. judeţul DåMBOVIŢA Phone: +40-245-60.92 Fax: +40-232-21.240.A.18. Hunedoara.18.01 Fax: +40-245-20. nr.L.03. nr.80 Annual turnover: 19. judeţul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-84.708 EUR DUCTIL STEEL S.368.L. nr.20.SĂLAJ Annual Turnover: 119.00 Fax: +40-245-60. 132 A.03. 9-11.40.83 Fax: +40-255-21.736. 5. XX Strada Silozului. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-200.60. XX Calea Chişinăului. XX Șoseaua Găeşti.40. 116. Copşa Mică.11 Annual turnover: 31. judeţul HUNEDOARA Phone: +40-372-74.329.46 Fax: +40-238-71. 5.13.31 Fax: +40-236-80. judeţul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-71.L. XX Strada Unirii.15 EUR (2009) ARCELORMITTAL GALAŢI S.737 EUR (2009) ELSID S.00 Fax: +40-21-200.A.01 Annual turnover: 846. sector 1.A.508.A.33 Annual turnover: 332.20. LEONI WIRING SYSTEMS RO S.A.19. XX Strada Fabricilor. 120118.35 Annual turnover: 17.164 EUR (2009) ERDEMIR-ROMANIA S.336 EUR Slatina – OLT Annual Turnover: 104. Strada Piteşti.20.

20.009 EUR Galaţi – GALAŢI Annual Turnover: 22. VILMAR S.076.849 EUR Galaţi – GALAŢI Annual Turnover: 27. 15.769 EUR Mediaş – SIBIU Annual Turnover: 18. Constanţa – CONSTANŢA Annual Turnover: 26.825 EUR Negreşti-Oaş – SATU MARE Annual Turnover: 36.A. 30.420EUR MAIRON GALAŢI S.052. 9.A.990 EUR Câmpia Turzii – CLUJ Annual Turnover: 75.L.132 EUR 22. MW ROMANIA S.024 EUR Bucureşti – Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 39.773.A.156 EUR 26. Drăgăşani – VÂLCEA Annual Turnover: 36.R.688 EUR Alexandria – TELEORMAN Annual Turnover: 36.L. OȚELINOX S.A.387. VAE APCAROM S.873.A. DAN STEEL GROUP BECLEAN S.885.L.701.190. 23.A.A.A.800.891 EUR Iaşi – IAŞI Annual Turnover: 25. INTFOR S.330. 18.028.712 EUR 14. 16. 12.A. KOYO ROMANIA S.A.R.A.990 EUR Buzău – BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 19.583.075.L. 11.889.457.388 EUR Ploieşti – PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 68.R.A. Bucureşti – Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 24. DUCTIL S.R.708.A.719 EUR Dej – CLUJ Annual Turnover: 35. EMAILUL S.L.L.L.808. 13.915.406.R. PROFILAND S.428.116 EUR Galaţi – GALAŢI Annual Turnover: 17. 10.R.871. Galaţi – GALAŢI Annual Turnover: 79. 7. UNGER STEEL S.459.616.408 EUR Buzău – BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 30.R.354 EUR Beclean – BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Annual Turnover: 47. MECHEL CÂMPIA TURZII S.A. TIMKEN ROMÂNIA S. RULMENȚI S. 88 Metal . ARCELORMITTAL TUBULAR PRODUCTS IAŞI S. MEGAPROFIL S.773 EUR Buziaş – TIMIŞ Annual Turnover: 29. S.644 EUR Slatina – OLT Annual Turnover: 45. 24.R. 21.L. METAL HOUSE CO.673 EUR Buzău – BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 20.560 EUR Târgovişte – DÂMBOVIŢA Annual Turnover: 23. 8. DAN STEEL GROUP NEGREŞTI OAŞ S.A. 25.A. 28.874. DADI 93 PROD COM S. 27.133 EUR Râmnicu-Vâlcea – VÂLCEA Annual Turnover: 46.6.645 EUR Bârlad – VASLUI Annual Turnover: 34. 17.826 EUR Bucureşti – Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 17.455.A. 19. 29. TREFO S. METALICPLAS IMPEX S. HOEGANAES CORPORATION EUROPE S. CAN-PACK ROMåNIA S. CORD ROMANIA S.

nr.A.A.297 EUR (2009) Total revenues 6.38% Members of the board: ANGELO GRUTTADAURIA . CELLULOSE AND PAPER INDUSTRY . chlorine vessels.: 29.849 EUR (2009) Net profit 678. Călăraşi. Iaşi. installations for gas separation.33. Bistriţa. condensers.Vice President DORAIRAJA ASHOK . boiling tanks.heat exchangers. județul BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Phone: +40-263-23.022.71 Fax: +40-242-33. nr.05 Annual turnover: 39. 1. plate and filling column. Contact: Strada Santierului.R.14.79 E-mail: beta@betabuzau. 15 A. Company profile: 1. nr.bag filters.78 Fax: +40-256-28. tees.07. FOOD INDUSTRY .A.55. 7. 106 R. județul NEAMŢ Phone: +40-233-70. XX Calea Chişinăului. Capacitate 3000 litri până la 20000 litri.421 EUR (2009) XX COILPROFIL S. nr. CHEMICAL. 39. POWER INDUSTRY .85 Annual turnover: 14.157 EUR (2009) XX COMELF S.00 Fax: +40-244-44.Member of the Board Top management: VIOREL ADRIAN DUMITRACHE .62 Fax: +40-263-23. conform TPED 99/36/EC + reglementările ADR – ISCIR-CERT România Shareholders: Vim Holdings Limited: 29. reactors.827 EUR (2009) Annual turnover 6. XX Strada Ștefan cel Mare.54 Annual turnover: 64. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-28.42% Aiello Giuseppe: 13. nr.11. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-25. nr.490. heat exchangers.24. Buzău.133 EUR (2009) ARCELORMITTAL TUBULAR PRODUCTS ROMAN S. Strada 8 Martie.General Manager XX ALLSTAR PROD S. Cristeşti.14% Other: 4. THERMAL POWER STATIONS . FITTINGS . Judeţul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-72.226.713. gama dimensională DN150-DN4200”. ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION .297 RON (2009) ASTALROM S.SWISS CERTIFICATION • Autorizaţie pentru execuţie cazane şi vase sub presiune conform Codului ASME Secţiunea VIII Div.L.92 Annual turnover: 16. tanks. PED 97/23/EC – TÜV SUD Gruppe • Examinare EC de tip (modul B) + asigurarea calităţii produsului (modul E) pentru produsele “Compensatori lenticulari axiali. Website: www. equipment for nuclear plants.455.375 EUR (2009) ALUBEL EXPO S.Most important companies in "Metalworking" BETA S. sector 4.505.betabuzau.834.934 EUR (2009) Employees 260 Ownership: Private-owned: 100% Foreign: 100% Quality certificates: • Certificare a sistemului de management al calităţii conform ISO 9001:2000 – SGS UK Ltd Systems & Services Certification • Certificare a sistemului de management al mediului conform ISO 14001:2004 – SGS . PETROCHEMICAL AND OIL REFINERY INDUSTRIES . 547185. 107126.84. evaporators. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-70. 120226.427.889.00 Fax: +40-233-74.122. XX DN 59 Km 8 + 550 m (vis-a-vis de Metro1 Timișoara).55.181 EUR (2009) Metal 89 . 3.heat exchangers.33. fired heaters. 1 şi Secţiunea I (poansoane U şi S) – ASME • Examinare EC de tip (modul B) + verificarea produsului (modul F) pentru produsele “Rezervoare de aer”.pressure vessels.52% Star Metals Ltd.84. 4.R. Strada Industriei. Ceptura. metallic constructions.44.A.65 Annual turnover: 83.80. cyclones.66.heat exchangers. chlorine tanks. județul CĂLĂRAȘI Phone: +40-242-33.L. mixers. 8.L. degasifiers.66. conveyers.L. 132. assembled on SKID type chassis.A. EXPANSION JOINTS MADE OF CARBON OR STAINLESS STEEL. XX Strada Varianta Nord.58. 6. 5. 420063.55. tanks. 36 A. Roman. Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-19. conform PED 97/23/EC – IPIP-CERT România • Autorizaţie pentru execuţie vase sub presiune şi componente ale acestora conform AD 2000 . volum 450 si 800 litri”.caps. Financial information: Registered capital 1. 910053.R.11.42% Feralpi Siderurgica SPA: 26. 4.58. pipe-line systems for hydro-electric power plants.President FEDERICO FARAGLIA . conform PED 97/23/EC – ISCIRCERT România • Examinare EC de tip (modul B) + asigurarea calităţii producţiei (modul D) pentru produsele “Recipiente butoi pentru clor. boiling tanks.01 Annual turnover: 6. decanters.R.769. Șoseaua Berceni.096 EUR (2009) Gross profit 774. ionic filters. reducers.68 Annual turnover: 6.931 EUR (2009) XX CAN-PACK ROMåNIA S. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-44.filters.60 Fax: +40-232-74.54 Fax: +40-265-25. Chisoda. bunkers.00 Fax: +40-372-19. 041919. bins. nr.Merkblatt HP0/HP100R si TRD 201 în conjuncţie cu EN ISO 3834-2.741 EUR (2009) ARCELORMITTAL TUBULAR PRODUCTS IAȘI S.00 Fax: +40-238-71.05 Annual turnover: 25.

sector 3.A.561 EUR (2009) DAN STEEL GROUP BECLEAN S. 800211.A. XX Aleea Industriilor.42 Annual turnover: 9.93. 551022.A. XX Strada Industria S‰rmei. XX Calea 13 Septembrie. C‰mpina.336 EUR (2009) ENERGO S. Brașov. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-41.37. XX Strada Zizinului. 420062.20.991 EUR (2009) MAIRON TUBES S. nr. XX Calea 6 V‰nători.623. Buzău. 19.L.A. nr.96 Fax: +40-238-72. nr. T‰rgovişte.R.091.773.025 EUR (2009) XX EMAILUL S.02 Fax: +40-238-72. Galaţi.341. 310162. nr.124 EUR (2009) 90 Metal .103.14. Negreşti-Oaş.90 Annual turnover: 8. Baia Sprie.38.24 Annual turnover: 19. nr.XX CORD ROMANIA S.52 Annual turnover: 13.67.R. nr. 59.93.61 Fax: +40-236-46.58. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-71. nr. 33.L.133 EUR (2009) DAN STEEL GROUP NEGREȘTI OAȘ S.92 Fax: +40-268-33.076 EUR (2009) DADI 93 PROD COM S. Șoseaua Drăgănești. sector 5. județul DåMBOVIŢA Phone: +40-245-21. Arad.A.R.29.781 EUR (2009) DUAL MAN S. XX Șoseaua Turnu Măgurele. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-84.67.01 Annual turnover: 5.L.01. 1.871. 105600. 120068. nr. 51-53. nr. XX Strada Bob‰lna. XX Strada Valea Viilor.87 Annual turnover: 9. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-256.508. 123. 90.941.32.457.66. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-46.A. 1.51. 256.10. XX Strada Portului. Galaţi.907.01 Fax: +40-238-71. XX Strada Drumul Tărpiului. XX Bulevardul Basarabia.11 Annual turnover: 79. etaj 3.22 Annual turnover: 7.60 Annual turnover: 10. județul MARAMUREȘ Phone: +40-262-22. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-256.111 EUR (2009) FORJA NEPTUN S.12. nr. nr.428.48.70-77 Fax: +40-21-425.42 Fax: +40-21-256. 2/A. nr.38/37 Annual turnover: 47.22. Grand Offices Marriott. 1.93.720 EUR (2009) LAMINATE S. 030352.01 Annual turnover: 45.66 Annual turnover: 27.608.10 Fax: +40-247-31. nr.A.45.12. Alexandria.723 EUR (2009) MAIRON GALAŢI S. 052151.18. Beclean.55 Annual turnover: 36. XX Drumul ëntre Tarlale.11.01 Annual turnover: 135.16 Annual turnover: 18.A. județul SATU MARE Phone: +40-261-85.770 EUR (2009) INTFOR S. 42.330. 230119.22 Fax: +40-21-256.00.583. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-33.49 Fax: +40-262-22. 256.93. nr.508 EUR (2009) DOLADELA COMPANY S. 255. județul OLT Phone: +40-249-50.92. județul TELEORMAN Phone: +40-247-31.47.81 Fax: +40-21-256. etaj 8.A.57 Annual turnover: 105. 16.37. 33.L.22. Galaţi. XX Strada Drumul de Centură. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-47.81 Fax: +40-244-37.A.81 Annual turnover: 24.37 Annual turnover: 8. județul BRĂILA Phone: +40-239-66.11. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-256. 500407.L. Slatina.01 Fax: +40-263-20. județul BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Phone: +40-263-34.61 Fax: +40-245-21. sector 5.47. 032982.409 EUR (2009) HOEGANAES CORPORATION EUROPE S. XX Bulevardul Basarabia. nr.052. Buzău.270 EUR (2009) DUCTIL S. XX Șoseaua Brăilei.415. Mediaş. nr.55 Fax: +40-261-85. 3. 120068.499 EUR (2009) LAMINORUL S.06. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-28.05.874.07.03.71 Annual turnover: 8.14.28 Fax: +40-249-50. nr. XX Strada Doina. nr.71 Fax: +40-236-41. 445200.10 Fax: +40-236-47. 800063.746 RON (2009) CROMSTEEL INDUSTRIES S. XX Strada Victoriei.87 Annual turnover: 30.48.153. nr.708.952.A.L. sector Fax: +40-263-34.643 EUR (2009) FERONERIA PROD S. XX Aleea Industriilor. 24.688 EUR (2009) DIRECT LINE INOX IMPEX S. 435100.33.09 Annual turnover: 15.827 EUR (2009) COZMIRCOM S.34. 2. nr. XX Strada Urziceni.A.R. nr.31 Fax: +40-269-83. Bistriţa. Strada Carpaţi. județul BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Phone: +40-263-20. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-425.00/02 Fax: +40-21-403.194 EUR (2009) LEONI WIRING SYSTEMS RO S. XX Strada Forestierului.27 Annual turnover: 10. 213. 57-63.L.67 Fax: +40-257-25. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-403.88 Fax: +40-239-66. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-37.774 EUR (2009) DUCTIL STEEL S.01.R.72. 157. 130089.33. Buzău.L. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-40.R.A. sector 3. Brăila.12.R.A. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-71.71.R. XX Strada Laminorului.639. 9.713 EUR (2009) KOYO ROMANIA S. nr. nr.92 Annual turnover: 36.33.A.

R.L.55 Fax: +40-264-30.932.645 EUR (2009) METALTRADE INTERNAŢIONAL S. nr.572.K.028.95 Annual turnover: 119.L.281.616. județul DåMBOVIŢA Phone: +40-245-20.523. XX Strada 1 Mai. 077160.64 Annual turnover: 15. 69 A. 800699. nr. județul BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Phone: +40-263-23.225 EUR (2009) MIRO S.R.22.885.R.048 EUR (2009) STEELBUILDING S.L.76 Annual turnover: 10.157 EUR (2009) ROTEC S.75. XX Strada Griviţei.A.50/51 Annual turnover: 10.A.40/41 Fax: +40-249-43.25 Fax: +40-238-71.09 Annual turnover: 15.807 EUR (2009) MW XX ROMANIA S.51.L.05.11. nr. Galaţi.849 EUR (2009) METABRAS S. 235100. XX Strada Principală.14 Annual turnover: 7. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-71.80/81 Annual turnover: 75.A. 778.23 Annual turnover: 11.43. T‰rgovişte.M.A.43.85.381. XX Strada Mihai Viteazu. 120068.189 EUR (2009) MEGAPROFIL S.02.076.719. județul VåLCEA Phone: +40-250-83. 30. nr.99. Drăgăşani. 900191.L. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-55. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-30. 58. nr. XX Șoseaua Sm‰rdan.193 EUR (2009) STEELMET ROMåNIA S.91.26 Annual turnover: 12.62. nr.L.57 Fax: +40-21-529. XX Șoseaua de Centură.783 EUR (2009) SMR S.02/00 Fax: +40-245-61. Fax: +40-249-45. XX Strada Drumul Buiacului. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-30. XX Strada Republicii. BUZAU XX Aleea Industriilor. C‰mpia Turzii.82. județul ALBA Phone: +40-258-81. 208.29 Annual turnover: 29. nr.388 EUR (2009) XX PLASTSISTEM S. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-40. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-44.44 Annual turnover: 104. Buziaş.R. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-351. 500182.00 Fax: +40-256-30. județul VASLUI Phone: +40-235-41. nr. nr. Bistriţa. Slatina.43.A. 1 A.15. nr. Balş. 420063.387.77. XX Strada Industriei.080.97 Annual turnover: 10.76 Annual turnover: 6.00.594.07. nr. județul BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Phone: +40-263-34.459. DN 15A km 45-500. ARTROM S. Popeşti-Leordeni. XX Strada Cabanei. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-22.431 EUR (2009) SATURN S.62 Annual turnover: 13.XX MECHEL CåMPIA TURZII S.905 EUR (2009) METAL HOUSE CO. județul OLT Phone: +40-249-45. 2. B‰rlad.234 EUR (2009) METALICPLAS IMPEX S.368.010 EUR (2009) OZEL STEEL PROFIL S.065.826 EUR (2009) OŢELINOX S. Alba-Iulia. Strada Laminoriştilor.68 Fax: +40-241-55. nr.892 EUR (2009) METAL WORK INDUSTRY S.73 Annual turnover: 17.50 Fax: ++40-263-34.008. județul SĂLAJ Phone: +40-260-62. Zalău.71 Fax: +40-264-22.75.76 Fax: +40-241-51.93.00 Annual turnover: 34.89 Annual turnover: 36.22.A.100 EUR (2009) TENARIS SILCOTUB XX Company name: SILCOTUB S. 103.53. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-723-57. nr.74.708 EUR (2009) Metal 91 . Comuna Șieu-Măgheruş. 12.42.62. XX Strada Drumul ëntre Tarlale. Dej.A. 4-6. XX Strada Principală.79 Fax: +40-21-351.43 Fax: +40-250-83. sector 3. 113.R.L.92. nr.91.406.46.413 EUR (2009) T. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-209.22. nr.66 Annual turnover: 26.07 Annual turnover: 35. Constanța.30 Annual turnover: 23. 510185.453 EUR (2009) RULMENŢI S. 145.20 Fax: +40-235-30.R. 032982. 93. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-44.10/20 Fax: +40-268-40. Galaţi. XX Strada Drăgăneşti.31.A. S. 1. XX Strada Basarabiei.A. 245700. nr. Strada Tudor Vladimirescu.408 EUR (2009) SANDER IMPEX 1996 S. 077135. județul OLT Phone: +40-249-43. Mogoşoaia.A.012. 107245.57 Annual turnover: 12. 42.11. XX Șoseaua Găeşti.L. 800201. Buzău.27.15 Fax: +40-236-44.64 Fax: +40-258-81.R.644 EUR (2009) PROFILAND S. 405200. nr.75 Fax: ++40-244-38.77. Crainimat.R.240. XX Strada Interioară.A.79 Annual turnover: 6. Braşov. nr. nr. nr. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244- Fax: +40-260-66.25 Fax: +40-236-44.R. XX Strada Nicolae Bălcescu. 320.14. A44. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-529. Bulevardul Mihai Viteazul.R. nr.L.381. Constanța.68/69/70 Fax: +40-263-23. Filipeştii de Pădure.08.75. 941.70 Fax: +40-21-256.A. 57.L. 305100.

L.693.R.40. R‰mnicu-V‰lcea.395 EUR MIRAS INTERNAȚIONAL S. 061129. 7.915.21 Annual turnover: 6.45 Fax: +40-253-37.221.028.L.116 EUR (2009) VAE XX APCAROM S. nr. 251.50 Annual turnover: 22.808.R.A.L. București – Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 72.L. Rovinari.16. Galați – GALAȚI Annual Turnover: 79.28 Annual turnover: 87. 215400.46.911 EUR 92 Metal .544 EUR (2009) XX UNGER STEEL S.44.R. Galați – GALAȚI Annual Turnover: 10.224 EUR 10. 5.773. 2. Săcele – BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 10. 4. Gheorghe Petrescu. Timișoara – TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 13.051.A.932.82 Annual turnover: 17. Șoseaua Brăilei.80 Annual turnover: 68.674 EUR (2009) UMR S. Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu. RAMOSS COM S. județul GORJ Phone: +40-253-37.763.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-73.075.00 Annual turnover: 46.546 EUR (2009) TREFO S. 25. XX Bulevardul George Coşbuc.10 Fax: +40-244-51. nr. Ploieşti. nr. București – Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 12.A.990 EUR METALROM S.R.806.641 EUR COMTECH CO S.524.67.069. 600 A.16.A. sector 4. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-40.99.12 Annual turnover: 11.376 EUR MAIRON GALAȚI S.99 Fax: +40-250-70.00 Annual turnover: 7.R. XX Strada Platforma Industrială.542. 1.319 EUR METALTRADE INTERNAȚIONAL S. județul VåLCEA Phone: +40-250-73.644 EUR (2009) XX ZIMTUB S.159 RON (2009) VILMAR S.355 EUR (2009) XX UPETROLAM S.198 EUR AUTOHTON TIM S.31. 3.11.22. 041919.510.R.L. 8. Buzău.L.R. Galaţi. nr. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-72.91 Fax: +40-21-318. Strada Dr.R. Zimnicea.32.279 EUR ITALINOX ROMÂNIA S.69 Fax: +40-247-39.315 EUR (2009) Metal Import . Strada Portului.65.Export Reported results for 2009 1.79 Fax: +40-236-46. Șoseaua Berceni.720. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-46.800.42/3/4 Fax: +40-21-319. 11. 15.A. 6. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318. XX Strada Energeticianului.L. Buftea – ILFOV Annual Turnover: 19. 2. TOMINI TRADING S. județul TELEORMAN Phone: +40-247-36. 9. Chitila – ILFOV Annual Turnover: 30.A. nr.XX TIMKEN ROMåNIA S. Constanța – CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 85. 800506. Slatina – OLT Annual Turnover: 16.A. nr.A.L.995 EUR BAUROM CONSTRUCT S.23.858. nr. 104.L.38. sector 6.31.67.A.27 Fax: +40-238-72.

279 EUR (2009) Metal 93 .01. 16. 34.396 EUR (2009) XX BESTA GROUP S.81. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-67. 74-76.10 Fax: +40-236-47. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-350. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41.10. apt.79. 12.A. nr. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-47.636. Bulevardul Basarabia.93 Fax: +40-21-350.42. sector 1. nr.221.97 Annual turnover: 10.R. 104. XX Strada F‰nt‰nica.23. 12.991 EUR (2009) XX MAIRON TUBES S.L.07 Annual turnover: 16.L.932. Galaţi.R.05/07 Fax: +40-21-667.27 Fax: +40-21-223. nr.806.82.88. 3. Apostol Constantin.03 Fax: +40-241-63.225 EUR (2009) XX MIRAS INTERNAŢIONAL S. sector 3. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222. nr..39 Annual turnover: 30. București Phone: +40-21-230. nr.30. nr.11. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-44. 162. Cluj-Napoca.A. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-46. nr. 3. 19.712 EUR (2009) XX UZINSIDER TECHNO S. nr.99. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-413. nr. 230070. sector 1.R.19 Annual turnover: 6.510.73.41 Annual turnover: 6. sector 1.307 EUR (2009) XX ITALINOX ROMåNIA S.L. 800015.L.70 Fax: +40-264-54. Strada Sg.070.995 EUR (2009) XX METALTRADE INTERNAŢIONAL S.57 Fax: +40-236-49.A.90 Fax: +40-21-310.08 Fax: +40-256-29. Cluj-Napoca.30.R.R.95 Fax: +40-241-63.67 Fax: +40-264-41.86 Annual turnover: 9.A.R. nr.124 EUR (2009) METALCAS GRUP S. Bulevardul Braşovului.45.49.22 Annual turnover: 7.711. Strada Constructorului. sector 3. nr. 1.773.56 Fax: +40-249-43. Constanţa.515. Săcele.05.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-256. nr.911 EUR (2009) XX TIRANA IMPORT EXPORT S. 400071.00.30.24 Annual turnover: 10.22 Fax: +40-21-256.37.00 Annual turnover: 12. sector 6. Șoseaua Chitilei.012 EUR (2009) XX METALROM S. 800201. Strada Alexandru Vodă Voievod. sector 2.542.42.R.253 EUR (2009) XX TOMINI TRADING S.23.Most important companies in "Metal Import . 10. Strada Teheran.L.14.73 Annual turnover: 13.97 Fax: +40-21-413. 423 N.R.L. Strada Domnească. nr.763. 061461.81. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.11 Annual turnover: 79.L.L.858. 400592.L.80. județul OLT Phone: +40-249-41. Constanța. 17.L.82.55 Annual turnover: 85. Galaţi.67. 256. CAR Strada Vr‰ncioaiei.93 Annual turnover: 19.23/27 Fax: +40-268-27.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.55.607.051. nr.15 Fax: +40-236-44. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-27.443. nr.11.345 EUR (2009) XX CONSTRUCT S. 14. etaj 2.320 EUR (2009) XX MAIRON GALAŢI S.329. Bulevardul Carol I.641 EUR (2009) XX RAMOSS COM S. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-63.02 Annual turnover: 6. Aleea Viilor. Strada Jupiter.Export" XX AUTOHTON TIM S.95 Annual turnover: 4.42 Fax: +40-21-318. 24.01 Annual turnover: 72. Strada Basarabiei. Galaţi.54/58 Fax: +40-21-230. 1.36.631 EUR (2009) XX COMTECH CO S.76.32 Annual turnover: 8.162.376 EUR (2009) XX TRANSCARPATICA S.R.R.L. Slatina. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-667.36. Strada Drumul de Centură.14. Strada Milton Lehrer. Buftea. nr.199 EUR (2009) XX EUROINVEST INTERNATIONAL S.L.279 EUR (2009) XX BAUROM CONSTRUCT S. Șoseaua Bucureşti-T‰rgovişte. Timişoara.92.22. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41.20.R. Strada Panait Istrate.67 Annual turnover: 4. 011548.028.A. 59. nr.37.R. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-24.


Machinery Major Companies in Romania 95 .

G.219.A. 4. IPSO S. last year was a difficult year for all the companies in this area.065 EUR UPETROM 1 MAI S.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 84.HEAVY INDUSTRIES S.840.TULCEA Annual Turnover: 169. Tulcea . Astra Vagoane Arad managed to surpass the first year of crisis with "satisfactory results".624 EUR ȘANTIERUL NAVAL CONSTANȚA S. while the revenues and expenditures would decrease by over three times compared with last year. Arad .A.A.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 129.BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 87.459.B.L.Machinery Overview The economic downturn strongly impacted the ship manufacturing industry: for example. Machinery 1. 5.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 303.653 EUR STX RO OFFSHORE TULCEA S. the estimates for 2010 are gloomier. Buzău . as Vasile Blidar.A.4 mn.086 EUR 96 Machinery . Among the biggest players in the Machinery industry (according to revenues).5 mn in 2008). 7. Constanța .616. București .301. ROMVAG S.163 EUR ASTRA VAGOANE ARAD S. Mangalia . Ploiești . and the shipyards survived mainly due to the contracts signed in the past.A. 6.A. 8.A. Caracal . as the National Association of Shipbuilders (ANCONAV) estimates a business decline of over 30% for the local manufacturers.109 EUR DOOSAN I.111 EUR ȘANTIERUL NAVAL DAMEN GALAȚI S. Reported results for 2009 DAEWOO MANGALIA .689.192 EUR 11.161.A.671 EUR 10. As a matter of fact. Brăila .BRĂILA Annual Turnover: 117. the carriage maker based in Arad signed an important partnership with Siemens at the beginning of this year. according to information submitted to BVB.425. S. the businessman who controls the company noted earlier this year. according to which it will launch a new tram concept on the Romanian market.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 78. 9. In 2009.GALAŢI Annual Turnover: 103.999.ARAD Annual Turnover: 103.A. Galaţi .476 EUR GRUP ROMET S.739 EUR STX RO OFFSHORE BRĂILA S.M.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 77. Moreover. București . the company posted revenue of RON 560 mn (11% below the previous year) and expenditures of RON 557.OLT Annual Turnover: 65. 2. 3.A.008.612. Santierul Naval Constanta (one of the largest new-buildings and ship-repairs yards in Europe) estimates for 2010 a zero profit (compared to RON 2.

524 EUR 16.R. București .A. GRIRO S. HONEYWELL GARRETT S.396 EUR 14. MARCOM R.TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 34.489 EUR 20.MEHEDINȚI Annual Turnover: 46. IAR S.360. București .R.A.12.911. Ștefănești . ALSTOM TRANSPORT S.330.568.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 20.C.CARAȘ-SEVERIN Annual Turnover: 39.A. FRIGOTEHNICA S.135 EUR 29.M.A.A.189 EUR 28.233 EUR 18.901 EUR 25.L.271 EUR Machinery 97 .314 EUR 30. ASKOLL ROMANIA S.A. GENERAL TURBO S. REMAR S.857 EUR 24.L.R. MEVA S.953.R.L.L.274 EUR 26.154. U. S‰nnicolau Mare .ARAD Annual Turnover: 50.A.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 38.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 31. AEROSTAR S.A.842.MEHEDINȚI Annual Turnover: 60.L.713. ZOPPAS INDUSTRIES ROMåNIA S.310 EUR 27.MEHEDINȚI Annual Turnover: 23. Orșova .575.936.ARGEȘ Annual Turnover: 39.006.672.138. Mogoșoaia . Ghimbav . Cluj-Napoca .R. Arad .310. PETRONEX INDUSTRIAL S.486.A.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 19.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 20.R.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 23. BERGERAT MONNOYEUR S.BACĂU Annual Turnover: 37.241 EUR 13.R.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 26.IAȘI Annual Turnover: 20.L. CONFIND S.402.671 EUR 21.R.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 33.697. EUROCOPTER ROMANIA S.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 24. Otopeni . Ghimbav .661 EUR 17.A.A.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 25. REMARUL 16 FEBRUARIE S. București . Pașcani .ILFOV Annual Turnover: 24.814 EUR 31. București .843. Reșița .L. București .L.M. Bacău .045. ȘANTIERUL NAVAL ORȘOVA S.689 EUR 19. 94 S. Ploiești .290 EUR 22. REȘIȚA S.576. SEVERNAV S. Drobeta-Turnu Severin .A.763.C.084 EUR 15.591 EUR 23.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 33. ASTRA VAGOANE CĂLĂTORI S.A. Drobeta-Turnu Severin .247 EUR 32. București .

Otopeni.36.R. Arad. Moruzzi.16.65 Fax: +40-241-61.A.1973% Legal persons: 1. 600302.A.40 E-mail: office@remar.64 Annual turnover: 13. poarta 4. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-31-103.81. nr. XX Bulevardul Preciziei.501 RON (2009) Gross profit 5.A.592 RON (2009) Total revenues 109.396 EUR (2009) XX ATLAS COPCO ROMANIA S. nr. Strada Condorilor.00 Fax: +40-248-20.662 EUR (2009) 98 Machinery .128 RON (2009) Employees 675 Members of the board: COSTEL BĂNCILĂ . Paşcani is constructing. EN 15085 . Strada Al.30.L. 13. Hungary.15 Annual turnover: 103.618 RON (2009) Net profit 3.109.953.A.Financial Manager IULIAN CRISTEA .31 Fax: +40-257-20.234 EUR (2009) XX ANDREAS STIHL MOTOUNELTE S.A. Șoseaua Bucureşti .006. 900900.Ploieşti Km. 132. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-20. modernizing and repairing of freight and passenger wagons.22.50.06 Annual turnover: 16. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-20.163 EUR (2009) ALSTOM TRANSPORT S.11 Annual turnover: 103.98 Annual turnover: 13.36. especially for Germany. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-30. 104.76 Annual turnover: 38. Financial information: Registered capital 28. nr.A. nr.83.86. Strada Petru Rareş.00 Fax: +40-232-76.72. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-23.40. 26-28.739 EUR (2009) XX ȘANTIERUL NAVAL DAMEN GALAŢI S.51. 075100.R.72.21.399.37. judeţul IAŞI Phone: +40-232-71.19 Fax: +40-31-103.Most important companies in "Machinery" REMAR S.5728% Individuals: 8.03.30. nr.A. Paşcani. Timișoara.A. 1-3. nr.TÜV Ownership: Private-owned: 100% Romanian: 100% XX AEROSTAR S. Iran. Strada Salc‰milor.863. the company made an important quantity of spare parts for railway rolling stock material. 300077. Otopeni.22/23 Fax: +40-21-351.926. 2.07 EUR (2009) XX ASKOLL ROMANIA S.2. Calea Aurel Vlaicu. both for internal and external market.General Manager Contact persons: VASILE ILIE .36.2299% Quality certificates: SO 9001/2008 EN ISO 3834-2 . Incinta Port Constanţa. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-57. 18.L.A. nr. 41-43.R.Production Manager CLAUDIU HIRBU .330. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-43.763. Poland. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-61.690 EUR (2009) XX AGROCOMERT HOLDING S.00 Fax: +40-21-233.Commercial Manager Shareholders: GFR: 89.51 Annual turnover: 129.68 Annual turnover: 50.250 RON (2009) Annual turnover 85.372 EUR (2009) XX ȘANTIERUL NAVAL CONSTANŢA S. Also.L. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-352.20 Annual turnover: 39. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-824.48.805.President of the Board Top management: CĂTĂLIN CORNEA . Drumul Gării Otopeni.remar.51 Fax: +40-257-25.TCM Manager ROMICA ATUDOREI . Constanţa. Corp C.076.22.954 EUR (2009) XX ASTRA VAGOANE ARAD S. sector 6. Galaţi. Website: www.17 Fax: +40-256-43. Brediceanu.616. 800223.220. countries for ISC area etc. 075100.612.70 Fax: +40-234-57. nr. Arad.23. 1. Austria.59 Annual turnover: 37.30 Fax: +40-236-30. 117715.477 EUR (2009) XX ASTRA VAGOANE CĂLĂTORI S. Contact: Strada Gării.219.86. 9.817. 17. nr. Bacău. Ștefăneș Company profile: The main activity of the company REMAR S. Strada C.

46. sector 1.L.06.48 Annual turnover: 23.60. 5. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-224.81 Annual turnover: Annual turnover: 33. XX Strada Drumul Odăii.67 Annual turnover: 24.A.83 Fax: +40-21-300. Drobeta-Turnu Severin. XX Strada ënfrățirii. 075100. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-30. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-50.XX ȘANTIERUL NAVAL ORȘOVA S. sector 4.19 Fax: +40-244-37. Ghimbav. nr.459.R.41 Fax: +40-21-250. nr.21 Fax: +40-372-16. nr. 145.815 EUR (2009) GRUP ROMET S.189 EUR (2009) CONFIND S.842. 104.51. Chișineu-Criș.310.291 EUR (2009) DAEWOO MANGALIA-HEAVY INDUSTRIES S.L. 235. Orşova. nr. XX Strada Mihai Bravu.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-301. nr.99 Fax: +40-252-36.000.00 Fax: +40-21-202.479.83. Buzău. nr.360.Ploieşti.00 Fax: +40-239-61. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-47.115 EUR (2009) Machinery 99 . nr.00 Fax: +40-21-301.10 Fax: +40-21-224.00 Annual turnover: 87. bloc II.44.999. 3.065 EUR (2009) HUSQVARNA PĂDURE ȘI GRĂDINĂ S. XX Șoseaua Berceni.M. 15.23.84.A.R. nr. XX Șoseaua Odăi.A.672 EUR (2009) ELMAS S.00 Annual turnover: 17.66. sector 1. XX Șoseaua Berceni. Strada Aeroportului.936.R.B.65.60 Annual turnover: 303.07 Fax: +40-268-47. XX Strada Morii.87. sector 4.301.69. 4.47.00 Fax: +40-268-30. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.76. 14A. XX Bulevardul Dunării. XX Șoseaua Bucureşti .87. sector 6.01 Annual turnover: 78.045.R. 120118. 17. Strada Tufari. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-71. nr.M. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-37.672.422. Brăila.04 Fax: +40-21-408.314 EUR (2009) BERGERAT MONNOYEUR S. S.L.00/01/02/03 Annual turnover: 25.R. XX Calea Griviţei. nr.551 EUR (2009) IAR XX S.01 Annual turnover: 23.34.000. Mogoşoaia.98 Annual turnover: 11. Ghimbav. 225200. nr. sector 2. XX Șoseaua Brăilei. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-70.05 Annual turnover: 15.A. etaj 3.60. nr.28 Fax: +40-244-50. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-50.L. județul MEHEDINŢI Phone: +40-252-30.L. 2.20.43 Annual turnover: 26.07.000 EUR (2009) EUROCOPTER ROMANIA S.37. 155.08.A.A. 1.A.672 EUR (2009) IPSO S. 075100.01/02 Fax: +40-21-352. XX Bulevardul Abatorului.83. XX Strada Aeroportului. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-372-16. 507075. Braşov. 905500. XX Bulevardul Griviţei.271 EUR (2009) PROENERG S.911.01 Fax: +40-238-71.R. nr.21.30.575.L. Mangalia.R.70.C.27.136 EUR (2009) XX HONEYWELL GARRETT S. Otopeni. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408.87 Annual turnover: 12.77 Annual turnover: 77. 33-37. XX Strada Industriei. XX Strada Horia. 104. 61-63.486. 105600.21.37.674.274 EUR (2009) GRIRO S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-250.L. nr.R.902 EUR (2009) FRIGOTEHNICA S.L.193 EUR (2009) LIEBHERR-ROMANIA S.03. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-30.G. 500177.653 Eur (2009) DOOSAN I. județul BRĂILA Phone: +40-239-62. nr.000 RON (2009) PROMEX S.51. nr. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-352. Atelier Mecanic.A. 1Y. sector 1.721.242 EUR (2009) PETRONEX INDUSTRIAL S.62. județul MEHEDINŢI Phone: +40-252-36.L. XX Strada Progresului.64/65/66 Fax: +40-21-352. sector 4. 355-357. 1. 244A.34. nr. nr.52. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-202. 220160.03.18. 1.46.30 Annual turnover: 10.A. nr.L.07 Fax: +40-268-47. 040415.00 Fax: +40-241-75. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-352. Cloşca şi Crişan.A.27.858 EUR (2009) GENERAL TURBO S. XX Strada Portului.23 Annual turnover: 24.13 Annual turnover: 20. 013601. Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu. nr.R.R. 2-4. Ploiești.697. 4F. nr.27 Fax: +40-21-352.39.713.00/01/02/03 Fax: +40-21-319.766 EUR (2009) MEVA S.568. C‰mpina. 041919. Otopeni. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-208.76. 94 S.42 Annual turnover: 20.28 Annual turnover: 25.L.008. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319. XX Strada Torentului.310 EUR (2009) MASCHIO-GASPARDO ROMANIA S.524 EUR (2009) MARCOM R.25.01 Annual turnover: 60.28 Annual turnover: 19. 077135.R.

25 Annual turnover: 16. Buzău. sector 6. nr. 810282. XX Strada 1 Decembrie 1918. județul HUNEDOARA Phone: +40-254-26.45. XX Piaţa 1 Decembrie 1918.660 EUR (2009) XX TITAN MAȘINI GRELE S.L.065.15.25 Fax: +40-238-71.00 Fax: +40-21-434.M. nr. Drobeta-Turnu Severin. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-372- Annual turnover: 12.11. 104.31. 041919. sector 3.639 EUR (2009) REMARUL 16 FEBRUARIE S. Reşiţa.54 Fax: +40-251-43.374 EUR (2009) TURBOMECANICA S. 1. Dumitru Ivanov.R.36 Annual turnover: 65.385. Ploieşti.66 Fax: +40-21-300.284 EUR (2009) VULCAN S.75. XX Strada Uzinei.50.06.A.72 Fax: +40-31-730.00 .75.46.746 EUR (2009) ROMVAG S.501 EUR (2009) WIRTGEN ROMANIA S.31 Annual turnover: 16.Switchboard Fax: +40-245-21. nr. Bulevardul Basarabia.37.460. Strada Marc Aureliu. 204. nr. 244. 18.54 Annual turnover: 11.22.A.800.59. 120068. Tulcea.25. 22. județul SATU MARE Phone: +40-261-76. județul DåMBOVIŢA Phone: +40-245-63. 061126. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-43.000 EUR (2009) U.078. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-31.20. Cluj-Napoca.26 Annual turnover: 169.17. Tunari.75 Annual turnover: 46. RESITA S.41.942 EUR (2009) UPETROM 1 MAI S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-255. nr. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-30.16.960.00 Fax: +40-239-60. 16. 1A.30.99 Annual turnover: 31.87. Otopeni.45 Fax: +40-264-43.843.38. 35.00 Fax: +40-256-37.64. județul CARAȘ-SEVERIN Phone: +40-255-20.A.73.A. 235200.630 EUR (2009) ZOPPAS INDUSTRIES ROMåNIA S. județul BRĂILA Phone: +40-239-60.64 Fax: +40-254-26.591 EUR (2009) RIG XX SERVICE S.571. Constanţa. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-300. 075100.65 Annual turnover: 16.77.94. XX Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu.06 Fax: +40-241-58. 100335.60.A. județul TULCEA Phone: +40-240-53.40.07 Annual turnover: 14.402.99 Fax: +40-244-54. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-43.A.A.35 Annual turnover: 16.991.L. nr. județul OLT Phone: +40-249-51.R.L.49.A.L. nr.R. 243. nr. 24. nr. 320053. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-71.084 EUR (2009) SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ DE REPARAT XX MATERIAL RULANT REVA S.81 Annual turnover: 18. nr. Annual turnover: 12.A.82 Annual turnover: 39.A.80. BUZĂU XX Aleea Industriilor. Craiova.342 EUR (2009) 100 Machinery .831 EUR (2009) UPET S. km 7.576. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-54. 1.A.411. Caracal. T‰rgovişte.087 EUR (2009) ROTEC S.01 Fax: +40-244-50. județul MEHEDINŢI Phone: +40-252-30. 1. 14. XX Strada Depoului.A. nr.39.524 EUR (2009) UNIO S.A. XX Bulevardul Lucian Blaga.001 EUR (2009) UZUC S.13 Fax: +40-234-31. 250.12. XX Calea Timişoarei. XX Strada Golului.51.138. nr. 335900. XX Șoseaua Berceni.13.093.64. S‰nnicolau Mare. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-599.20 Annual turnover: 12.XX RELOC S.62 Annual turnover: 13.453 EUR (2009) SEVERNAV S.840. 32. 12.48 Annual turnover: 15.A. nr.61. nr. Simeria. sector 4.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-434.A.890 EUR (2009) STX XX RO OFFSHORE TULCEA S.R. nr. nr. Strada Atelierelor. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-58. nr.026 EUR (2009) UZTEL S.70. nr.70.321.05 Annual turnover: 14. XX Șoseaua de Centură. nr. nr.689.161.78.444.01. XX Strada Drumul Cenadului.92 Fax: +40-21-319. Oneşti.A.A. 146. Strada Ing.19 Fax: +40-244-51.04 Fax: +40-21-599. Strada Celulozei.C.489 EUR (2009) STX XX RO OFFSHORE BRAILA S. sector 1. Brăila.558 EUR (2009) ROMAERO S.20 Fax: +40-261-76.625 EUR (2009) TERRA ROMåNIA UTILAJE DE CONSTRUCȚII S.984.03 Annual turnover: 115. 16.51 Fax: +40-249-51. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319. XX Bulevardul Ficusului.00.845.03. nr.817. XX Strada Tudor Vladimirescu. XX Strada Arsenalului.712. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-40.26 Fax: +40-240-53. Ploieşti. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-50.03 Annual turnover: 84.A. nr.77. 2-4. Bulevardul Decebal. nr.70/72 Fax: +40-21-255. 44. 013975. Satu Mare. XX Strada Mihai Bravu.06 Fax: +40-255-22.65 Annual turnover: 13. 820242.00 Fax: +40-252-31.13 Annual turnover: 34. 11. Ploieşti.11 EUR (2009) UTON S. 109.50 Annual turnover: 13. XX Strada Zborului.

Electric & Electronic Equipment Major Companies in Romania 101 .

064. 7.384 EUR 102 Electric & Electronic Equipment . 6. For example.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 111. As a matter of fact. S‰nnicolau Mare .L.791 EUR EATON ELECTRO PRODUCȚIE S. according to some estimates.074. S‰rbi .000. increased its market share by 4% compared to 2008.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 87.L. București .HUNEDOARA Annual Turnover: 113. Sews.014 EUR ELECTROMAGNETICA S. 5.R.A. 2. up to 35.838.SATU MARE Annual Turnover: 106. București . The company. Satu Mare . other segments in the Electrical & Electronic Equipment market faced important contractions as a result of the fall in other sectors that represented major clients for them in the past . the leader of the Electrical & Electronic Equipment sector (by revenues) 2009 was a relatively good year.3%.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 94. the company's turnover fell by 12% over the previous year.A.Electric & Electronic Equipment Overview For Arctic.511. 4. which is part of Arcelik. On the other hand. the steep fall of electrical and home appliances market (about 38% in 2009) negatively affected the business of all the players in the Romanian electronics manufacturing industry. Among the biggest players in Electric & Electronic Equipment industry there are other important international companies such as Delphi Packard.such as the automotive industry. Deva .TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 183.653.123 EUR SEWS ROMåNIA S. ARCTIC S.R. the third European producer of household appliances. amid a reduction of about 8% in sales volume.L.210. București .R. Electric & Electronic Equipment Reported results for 2009 1.732 EUR SIEMENS S. 8. Similarly. Eaton Electro Manufacturing.R.A. Siemens or Electrolux.MARAMUREȘ Annual Turnover: 113.995 EUR ELECTROLUX ROMåNIA S.956 EUR ICME ECAB S.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 186.625. 3.000 EUR DELPHI PACKARD ROMANIA S. the sector of electronic equipment for motor vehicles fell by 50% last year. București .A.L.

A.L.OLT Annual Turnover: 67. Timișoara . București .488 EUR Electric & Electronic Equipment 103 .R.496 EUR 12. București . LUXTEN LIGHTING COMPANY S.227. Pitești . AEES POWER SYSTEMS S. Timișoara .L. București .Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 25.R.830 EUR 14.402 EUR 26.933.L. LG ELECTRONICS ROMåNIA S.L.109. Cluj-Napoca .355 EUR 23.993 EUR 31.549. Slatina .798.368.903.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 39.A.066 EUR 21.L.R.449.A.385.L. HONEYWELL LIFE SAFETY ROMANIA S.617.876.A.9.ARAD Annual Turnover: 36.982 EUR 15. EATON ELECTRIC S. București .R. FLEXTRONICS ROMåNIA S.ARAD Annual Turnover: 43.TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 45. Bucureşti .A.736 EUR 19.518. MOBILE DISTRIBUTION S. LISA DRAXLMAIER AUTOPART ROMANIA S. COFICAB EASTERN EUROPE S.809 EUR 33.533 EUR 27.806 EUR 11.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 72.886 EUR 29.328 EUR 22.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 86.801. 3M ROMANIA S.129.048.287.L.TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 55.A.912.A.752 EUR 16.546 EUR 25.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 25. București . Timișoara . PHILIPS ROMANIA S.R.ARGEȘ Annual Turnover: 75. Timișoara .767.TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 37.R.L. București . KATHREIN ROMANIA S.TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 37.L. Craiova .Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 52. ROMBAT S. ELECTROPUTERE S. Arad . ANA IMEP S. Lugoj . Pitești . Bistrița .023 EUR 20.L.L.ARAD Annual Turnover: 75.R. PRYSMIAN CABLURI ȘI SISTEME S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 34.L.R.A.L.935.L.443 EUR 13.R. FRIGOGLASS ROMåNIA S.R. ELBA S. ISOVOLTA S.R. București .ARGEȘ Annual Turnover: 25.L.L.SUCEAVA Annual Turnover: 35.309. UNITED ELECTRIC INDUSTRY S. București .026.DOLJ Annual Turnover: 61.595 EUR 18. SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC ROMåNIA S. ATLAS CORPORATION S.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 27.259 EUR 10. MARELVI IMPEX S.L. Bucureşti .R.R.BISTRIȚA-NĂSĂUD Annual Turnover: 50.211 EUR 24. TIAB S.035.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 31.377.TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 29. Rădăuți .R.750 EUR 34.357. STEINEL TRADING S.997 EUR 30.041 EUR 28.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 30.672.R. Cristian .R.966 EUR 32. Arad .Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 39.635 EUR 17.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 34.892.A. Nadab . LEONI WIRING SYSTEMS ARAD S.

R. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-30.38 Fax: +40-357-40.75. XX Calea Bodrogului. Strada Piatra Arsă. 105500.09 Fax: +40-21-361.09.074. etaj 3. sector 4. București Phone: +40-21-411. 17-21.15 Fax: +40-248-21.00 Fax: +40-257-30.75.924. Strada Bărăţiei. Strada Ion Nonna Otescu.R. 8. București Phone: +40-21-250. sector 1.R.31 Annual turnover: 5.12. 310059. 100312. Ploieşti.R.625. Șoseaua Odăii.48 Annual turnover: 5. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-30.L.628 EUR (2009) XX DELPHI PACKARD ROMANIA S.30 Fax: +40-21-310. sector 1.A.A.55 Fax: +40-21-250.A.97. 2-4.37.85. nr.31.R.A. 12. 104.001. Șoseaua Pipera. S‰rbi.L.248 EUR (2009) XX IMEP S. nr.S. nr.50 Fax: +40-244-30.L.R. nr.535 EUR (2009) XX GROUP S. sector 1. Arad. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-350.R. 505100. Bucharest Business Park.563.732 EUR (2009) 104 Electric & Electronic Equipment . 013682. BSH Șoseaua București-Ploiești.20.71. Conect 3.80.821 EUR (2009) XX DUCATI ENERGIA ROMANIA S. 117719.892. nr.55.809 EUR (2009) XX ARCTIC S.11 Annual turnover: 113.00.G.52 Annual turnover: 15. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-202.385.000 EUR (2009) XX ATLAS CORPORATION S. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei. nr.73.041 EUR (2009) XX ELECTROCASNICE S.36 Annual turnover: 43.37.09. 013613.30 Fax: +40-21-411. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.L.M.16 Annual turnover: 25. 013713. nr. 59. Pitești.30 Annual turnover: 12.A.000.57.00 Fax: +40-262-20.R. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-50.00 Annual turnover: 30.533 EUR (2009) XX AEES POWER SYSTEMS S. Arad.97. 11. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317. 013696.35. 060123.78 Fax: +40-21-203. etaj 4. Modul 1. Șoseaua Berceni.354.871. ELECTRO MONTAJ ȘI SERVICE S. nr. sector 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230. 310237. Bulevardul Independenţei.903.R. 108. nr. județul MARAMUREȘ Phone: +40-262-20. nr. Strada Grădinarilor.108.023 EUR (2009) XX ALFA LAVAL S.375.608 EUR (2009) XX CHORUS MARKETING AND DISTRIBUTION S. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-59. sector 1.60. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-204. 35.L. Km 37. nr.5. DN 79. 29. nr.84 Annual turnover: 34. 437157.878 EUR (2009) XX E. nr. S‰nnicolau Mare. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-21.37 Annual turnover: 75.57.L.87.974.A. DDS Strada Vatra Luminoasă.00. 030195.227.275 EUR (2009) XX COFICAB EASTERN EUROPE S.L. 42-44. nr.60.L. etaj 3.22.L.07.R. etaj 3.00 Fax: +40-21-204. nr. Nadab.80.76 Annual turnover: 9.831 EUR (2009) XX EATON ELECTRIC S. București Phone: +40-21-203.55 Annual turnover: 10.R.35 Annual turnover: 183.L. sector 2. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257- 10 A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-361.L.07 Fax: +40-268-50. 3.75 Annual turnover: 9.672. 021915.71.339. sector 6.55 Annual turnover: 10. Strada Gării.R.L. ANA Șoseaua Bucureşti.00 Fax: +40-256-30.L.84/85 Fax: +40-21-230.017 EUR (2009) XX CONTROL TRADING S.00 Fax: +40-21-317.85.997 EUR (2009) XX EATON ELECTRO PRODUCȚIE S. nr.48 Fax: +40-21-350.86 Annual turnover: 34. Platforma Industrială III.Most important companies in "Electric & Electronic Equipment" XX ROMANIA S.35. 62-68. Bușteni. 2.07 Annual turnover: 186. 112.50 Annual turnover: 7. Strada Traian Vuia.R.01 Fax: +40-257-20.98 Annual turnover: 11. sector 2.546 EUR (2009) XX ALSTOM GENERAL TURBO S.123 EUR (2009) XX DRAXLMAIER SISTEME TEHNICE DTR ROMANIA S. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-20.07. bloc B2.80. 3M Strada Menuetului. nr.470. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-30.73. sector 3. 3.14.77/75/79 Fax: +40-21-317. Codlea.309. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.806 EUR (2009) CONTOR GROUP S.93 Fax: +40-244-59.

nr.81. 38A. Calea Rahovei.82 Annual turnover: 7.02.L.98 Fax: +40-251-43.R.774 EUR (2009) EURO VIAL LIGHTING S.42 Fax: +40-238-71. 41.72. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-49. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-27. 710137.58 Annual turnover: 29.634. 3-5. nr. Cluj-Napoca. nr.90 Annual turnover: 106.62.00 Fax: +40-247-30. I.97. 23. XX Strada Gării.85 Annual turnover: 19.41.41. XX Strada Bistriței.89.94 Bulevardul Aviatorilor. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-27.78. județul SATU MARE Phone: +40-261-80.572.170.13.16 Fax: +40-21-316.40. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-72. XX Strada Traian Vuia.L. Curtea de Argeş.A. 1. 430406. nr.00/01/02 Fax: +40-248-72. 300166. 80. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-55.L.097 EUR (2009) ELECTRO SISTEM S.R.L. 39.20 Fax: +40-264-41.40 Annual turnover: 6. Buzău.44 Fax: +40-256-49. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-71. 4B.81.317 EUR (2009) ELECTRO DANIELLA IMPEX S.864 EUR (2009) XX ELECTROMAGNETICA S.A. 1700. nr. Alexandria.84 Annual turnover: 14. județul BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Phone: +40-263-23.077.028.R.721.37 Fax: +40-268-47.A.60 Fax: +40-231-53.174 EUR (2009) ELECTROGRUP S.445 EUR (2009) ELECTROLUX ROMåNIA S.XX EL-CO S.42 Fax: +40-238-71.L. județul CARAȘ-SEVERIN Phone: +40-255-21.886 EUR (2009) ELM XX ELECTROMONTAJ CLUJ S. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-71. T‰rgu Secuiesc.87 Annual turnover: 10.90 Fax: +40-21-231. nr.511. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-43. 710003.A.889 EUR (2009) ELSACO ELECTRONIC S.A.12.49 Annual turnover: 6.84 Annual turnover: 6. nr.04. sector 1.038.99 Annual turnover: 94. XX Strada Subcetate.26.51.103 EUR (2009) EXIMPROD GRUP S. XX Strada Albeşti. 1.36 Fax: +40-21-222. XX Strada Ficusului.87.A.04 Annual turnover: 17. nr. Strada Fabricii. nr.A. nr. 240.L.97. nr.00 Fax: +40-261-76. 23-29.R. sector 2.A. nr.13 Calea Dorobanţi.15. nr.70. 120038. județul TELEORMAN Phone: +40-247-30.014 EUR (2009) ELECTROPLAST S.40. 3. Cluj-Napoca. 420132.00 Fax: +40-264-41 75 62 Annual turnover: 10. nr. Cuza. XX Bulevardul Pierre de Coubertain.982 EUR (2009) ELECTROTEL S.L. Cluj Napoca.30 Annual turnover: 61. Strada Traian Vuia. nr.13.64.03 Fax: +40-264-27.011 EUR (2009) XX EXIMPROD POWER SYSTEMS S. nr.617.35.993 EUR (2009) ELBA-COM S.81 Fax: +40-241-55.347. etaj 1. 013975. Craiova. XX Strada Nicolae Filimon. județul MARAMUREȘ Phone: +40-262-21. Botoşani.L. Bistriţa.13. nr. 41A.21.03. nr. Satu Mare. sector 5.81 Fax: +40-262-21. XX Calea Bucureşti.93 EUR (2009) ELECTROPUTERE S.760. Buzău. nr.21.102.A. Baia Mare.51.83 Annual turnover: 15. Timişoara.258. 18. Reşiţa. 300166. 134.21 Annual turnover: 20.55 Fax: +40-21-404. 14.064.29. XX Calea Traian. XX Strada Al. nr.A. 3.434 EUR (2009) ELECTROECHIPAMENT INDUSTRIAL S. XX Strada Parcului.044 EUR (2009) EUTRON INVEST ROMANIA S. 140103.21.678 EUR (2009) Electric & Electronic Equipment 105 . 12. județul BOTOȘANI Phone: +40-231-50. județul COVASNA Phone: +40-267-36. nr.00. nr. Săcele.53 Annual turnover: 21.R. XX Strada Gării. XX Strada Manoleşti Deal. 9. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233. 33. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41. XX Strada Pacea Ocolitor. Timişoara. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-49.05 Annual turnover: 21.L. 400397.03.39.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222.62.04. Strada Bistriței.892.67.21.984.62 Annual turnover: 8. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41.A. 236. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. XX Strada Dunării.98 Fax: +40-267-36. XX Strada 8 Martie. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-404.00. XX Calea Turzii.A.A.78 Annual turnover: 21. nr.864.938 EUR (2009) ELECTROARGEȘ S. 400397.62.77 Annual turnover: 5. 120038.35.087.04 Annual turnover: sector 1.956 EUR (2009) ELBA S. 266-268.76.45-48 Fax: +40-21-233.02.R. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.86 Fax: +40-231-53.89.392.002 EUR (2009) ELECTRO-ALFA INTERNATIONAL S. Botoşani.69 Fax: +40-263-23.868. 279.91 Annual turnover: 13.R.R. Constanța.953 EUR (2009) ELECTROAPARATAJ S.808 EUR (2009) ELECTROPRECIZIA S. județul BOTOȘANI Phone: +40-231-53.87 Fax: +40-255-22. sector 1.44 Fax: +40-256-49. 217.

844 EUR (2009) ISAF XX . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-256.7.90 Annual turnover: 25.15.129. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-40.L.48. nr.R. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-369-10.324. 8.158.L. 76. nr.14. nr.88. nr. 186. 14.Zona Industrială Vest. sector 3.00.L.449.A. 98.10 Fax: +40-369-10.66 Fax: +40-21-457.143 EUR (2009) KATHREIN ROMANIA S. nr.12.549. nr. 1. Măgurele. Strada Nicolae Bălcescu.49.211 EUR (2009) LEONI WIRING SYSTEMS ARAD S.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316. XX Strada Par‰ng. București Phone: +40-21-233. 500059. sector 1. nr. XX Intrarea Profesor Anton Kathrein.58 Annual turnover: 55.L.15.80. XX Calea Floreasca.496 EUR (2009) LUXTEN LIGHTING COMPANY S.46 Annual turnover: 75.68.62/64 Annual turnover: 37.200.R. sector 1.767. 2 Bis.H3.76 Annual turnover: 87.R.750 EUR (2009) FRANKE ROMANIA S.75.402 EUR (2009) MOBILE DISTRIBUTION S.52.81. Timişoara. nr. Băneasa Center. județul BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Phone: +40-263-23.91 Fax: +40-21-233. sector 6. 8.010 EUR (2009) 106 Electric & Electronic Equipment . 500059. Braşov. Piteşti.253.37/38 Fax: +40-21-231. 114.67 Fax: +40-268-40.78 Annual turnover: 86.R.00 Fax: +40-256-30.13. XX Bulevardul Bucureștii Noi. 19.75 Annual turnover: 72. XX Strada Atomiștilor. XX Bulevardul Muncii. nr. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-20.24.933.35.443 EUR (2009) NITECH S.35. Braşov. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-350. 11. nr.55 Fax: +40-230-56. 725400.14. sector 1.02. 24. nr. Rădăuți.05.L.12.12 Fax: +40-268-40.41.51. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-209. West Gate Park .50 Fax: +40-21-350. XX Strada Școlii.64.00 Fax: +40-21-256.L.684.00 Fax: +40-256-35.A. 18. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-668.23 Annual turnover: 39.88. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-40.30 Fax: +40-256-39.53 Annual turnover: 37.912.R.05. sector 1.752 EUR (2009) HARTING ROMANIA MANUFACTURING SCS XX Strada Europa Unită.64/65/67 Fax: +40-263-23.47. Calea Giuleşti.R. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-40.R.24.SOCIETATE DE SEMNALIZĂRI ȘI AUTOMATIZĂRI FEROVIARE S. 014462.55 Annual turnover: 45.R. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-29. Pantelimon.09 Annual turnover: 8.066 EUR (2009) MARELVI IMPEX S.39 Annual turnover: 10.745. nr.26.L. 550018.838.486 EUR (2009) HONEYWELL LIFE SAFETY ROMANIA S. 48B.R. 212A. București Phone: +40-21-668. Km 16 .75 Fax: +40-21-221.L.L.40 Annual turnover: 10.00 Fax: +40-257-27.377.518.00. nr.965.R.R. XX Strada Salc‰milor.L. nr.339.L.L.66 Fax: +40-21-256. Arad.30 Annual turnover: 13.808 EUR (2009) OBO BETTERMANN ROMANIA S. XX Calea Cernăuți.109.65 Fax: +40-256-29.R.XX FLEXTRONICS ROMåNIA S.ȘAG.355 EUR (2009) HONEYWELL ROMåNIA S.45. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-457.L.05 Annual turnover: 35. XX DN 59 Timişoara-Moraviţa. sector 6.87 Fax: +40-21-316. Calea Torontalului. XX Strada Drumul ëntre Tarlale.23. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. Bistriţa. nr.968. 10.259 EUR (2009) LISA XX DRAXLMAIER AUTOPART ROMANIA S.736 EUR (2009) XX ISOVOLTA S. nr. XX Strada Școlii.12.46 Annual turnover: 18. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-20. DN 6.628 EUR (2009) ICCO ELECTRIC S.A. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-40. Km 5. XX Bulevardul Biruinței. 21.64.384 EUR (2009) IPROEB S. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti. 35000. XX Bulevardul Preciziei. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-30. nr.A. 42.01 Annual turnover: 19. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-220.04.26 Fax: +40-21-668. 130.12. etaj 2. nr.054 EUR (2009) ICCO S.66 Annual turnover: 17.14. Lugoj. 17-21.513 EUR (2009) ICME ECAB S.15 Annual turnover: 36.02.546 EUR (2009) LG XX ELECTRONICS ROMåNIA S. XX Strada Drumul Cetăţii.41 Fax: +40-248-20. Timişoara. Sibiu. etaj 5.87 Annual turnover: 12.R. Cluj-Napoca.51. Timişoara.287.801.49. XX Strada I . sector 3. 077125. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-56.51 Annual turnover: 10. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-35. nr.L.R.L.788 EUR (2009) PANASONIC ROMANIA S.A. nr.26.22 Annual turnover: 14.50 Fax: +40-264-40.R.R. Strada Drumul ëntre Tarlale.19 Fax: +40-21-668.040 EUR (2009) FRIGOGLASS ROMåNIA S.

60 Fax: +40-21-203. nr. Clădirea Aurel Vlaicu. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-25.00 Fax: +40-254-20. Șoseaua Pipera.22. nr.798. km 17. 547530. 123.L. km 4. sector 1.35/36 Annual turnover: 25. Slatina. sector 2.50 Fax: +40-21-408.876.44.XX PHILIPS ROMANIA S. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-408.06.74. 014255. nr.98 Annual turnover: 39. Martinești.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203.21 Fax: +40-21-316.30 Fax: +40-21-204.50 Annual turnover: 23.R. 1B.R.64. sector 1.40 Annual turnover: N/A XX WILO ROMANIA S.R. etaj km 7B.166.34. nr. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-30.981. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.74 Annual turnover: 12.368. Bucharest Business Park. 11. nr. Chiajna.A.L.24.65. 17.37. 20.R. Șoseaua de Centură.12 Annual turnover: 111.76.L.R. 6.L.00 Fax: +40-264-30.04/16 Annual turnover: 11.R. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-350.L. 17. județul HUNEDOARA Phone: +40-254-20.60 Fax: +40-21-232.40. km 13. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-317. București Phone: +40-21-351.L.032.64/65/66 Fax: +40-21-317. sector 1. TOP Strada Agricultorilor. 42-44. 166. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-361. etaj 1. nr.448 EUR (2009) ROMBAT S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-529.791 EUR (2009) SIEMENS S.11 Fax: +40-265-31.54 Annual turnover: 31.035.704 EUR (2009) PRYSMIAN CABLURI ȘI SISTEME S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-204. Strada Johann Strauss. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203. Corp H3. Complex West Gate Park. .A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-629. Cristian.90.10 Annual turnover: 50.00 Fax: +40-21-629. 1A.37.69 Annual turnover: 52.90.A.00 Fax: +40-263-23. XX Strada Drumul Cetăţii.R. Parc Industrial A1. etaj 4.20 Annual turnover: N/A XX STEINEL TRADING S. Buftea.00 Fax: +40-21-529. XX Strada Dinu Vintila.65. sector 1.66.A.10.R. nr. 24.488 EUR (2009) XX RO S. nr. nr. Strada Fabrica de Glucoză.00 Annual turnover: 27.15.328 EUR (2009) SEWS ROMåNIA S. Deva.03.00 Fax: +40-268-25. 013681.84 Annual turnover: 67.644 EUR (2009) XX WHIRLPOOL ROMåNIA S. nr. 062204.L.886 EUR (2009) XX ELECTRO S.20.595 EUR (2009) ROMBIZ IMPEX S.R. nr.66. XX Strada Tamaş. XX Șoseaua Drăgăneşti. 1107. sector 1.REPREZENTANŢĂ XX BUCUREȘTI Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.80.30/31/32/33 Fax: +40-21-361.13 Annual turnover: 6.357.80.L. S‰ngeorgiu de Mureş. Euro Tower.L.995 EUR (2009) Electric & Electronic Equipment 107 .653.85 Fax: +40-249-43. 2A.04.130.905 EUR (2009) SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC ROMåNIA S. nr. sector 2. XX Autostrada București . Bistriţa.64. 077040.73 Annual turnover: 10.44.L.44 Annual turnover: 113. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-31.402 EUR (2009) XX WALDMESSNER INVEST S.24. județul BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Phone: +40-263-23.048. VLG Șoseaua Cluj-Turda. nr.03.830 EUR (2009) ROMANEL INTERNATIONAL GROUP S.635 EUR (2009) SONY OVERSEAS S.067. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316. 4.L.20.76 Fax: +40-21-351. Strada Pictor Verona. județul OLT Phone: +40-249-43.R. XX Strada Preciziei.R.02.757 EUR (2009) XX UNITED ELECTRIC INDUSTRY S.966 EUR (2009) XX TIAB S.026.09. XX Calea Zarandului.78 Annual turnover: 12.Pitești. Strada Lungă.5.398. 507055. nr. sector 6.01.79/80/81 Fax: +40-21-350. 407563.R.L.


IT&C Major Companies in Romania 109 .

R.28 bn.PACKARD ROMåNIA S. In 2009.111.000 EUR S & T ROMåNIA S. which generated almost three quarters of the increase. First. below 2007.L. most of the major operators have reported two-digit decreases.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 70. Hardware and electronics is the only IT&C sector that experienced growth in 2009. a level comparable to the one in 2007.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 47." notes the study cited above.R. however.976 EUR .63 bn. but also data transfer services and infrastructure integration and development services. One of the most important deals was the acquisition of eMAG by Asesoft Distribution. București .A. 5. the software industry was marked by a more severe decline than expected.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 49.L. while local computers production had a negative trend due to strong reduction of the domestic consumption. held the headline for this industry. specialized companies have felt the effects of depreciation of the national currency. Meanwhile.735 EUR IBM ROMANIA S.605.R.000.A. IT 1. By far.L. In the telecommunications sector. 2. București . and experienced a turnover drop by about 25%.048. București .585 EUR HEWLETT . București .914. 110 IT&C Software & Integrators Reported results for 2009 ORACLE ROMANIA S. the Poles from Asseco South Eastern Europe bought Probass. to EUR 3.IT&C Overview Like most of others industries.L. a company providing telecom services. throughout the year. to EUR 8.) by Cosmote. "IT consumption of the population will remain to the low level in 2009 for another 2 to 3 quarters and in the corporate sector an immediate resumption of IT investments is unlikely to occur. București . then. the regression trend accelerated.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 48. according to ITC. total industry revenues fell by 12%. according to the study. 4. while the sector's total revenue fell by 15%. and was one of the most important takeovers finalized during 2009.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 51. 3.566 EUR SIVECO ROMANIA S. The recovery of the IT&C sector highly depends on the Romanian economic rebound. in 2009 the IT&C industry was marked by significant mergers and acquisitions. the only sector that was not hit by the crisis last year was the production and export of hardware and electronics. in a transaction valued at EUR 207 mn. the acquisition of Zapp (Telemobil S. lower incomes of individuals and companies and thus where Nokia factory had a positive impact on the whole industry. mainly due to production sites of foreign companies and in particular to the Nokia platform. a software solutions provider and Naspers bought autovit. Just recently. On the other hand. but also on the recovery of the developed economies. According to o recent study issued by the Institute for Computers (ITC). IT&C market was touched in 2009 by the negative developments in the economy. Industry contribution to GDP also fell by 14 percent. given that many companies have reached the limits of sustainability and business owners have adjusted their expectations regarding the value of businesses. GTS Central Europe finalized the acquisition of Datek.

technical operator for ReGIS . • Quality and Security . Members of the board: VALENTIN LAZEA .R.405.L.R.I.L.283 EUR 12. București .570 EUR 15.092.000 RON (2009) Annual turnover 17.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 35.average availability 2009 .774 EUR 10. București .720.055 EUR 13.962.366 EUR 14.Deputy CEO MARIAN SIMION .374.A.41. București .R.69 E-mail: info@transfond.L.transfond.L.427 EUR ELSACO ELECTRONIC S.570 EUR (2009) Total revenues 17. • A live backup and disaster recovery capability. București .A. SOFT S. 23 Commercial Banks (operating in Romania): 66. UTI SYSTEMS S.430 EUR (2009) Employees 117 Shareholders Romanian National Bank: 33.L.33%.96%.Board President Financial information: Registred capital 6.00 Fax: +40-21-233.351.R. București .77. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201.RTGS and SaFIR . București . The company’s main focus in terms of new services offered starting 2009 is: • Electronic Archiving • Electronic Invoicing • Emergency Phone Line for Cards – 021-CARDURI Our technology: • A high performance and strongly secure VPN. 013971.092.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: Website: www. UBISOFT S.A.917 EUR 11. ASESOFT INTERNATIONAL S.570 EUR (2009) Net profit Company profile: TransFonD is the operator of the Romanian Electronic Payment System (Owner of SENT .Electronic Invoicing Services Quality certificates: ISO 9001:2008 IT&C 111 .Government’s Securities Registration System). Brands: SENT . CRESCENDO INTERNATIONAL S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 17.CFO Auditor: Deloitte Audit S. 8.868. București . SOCIETATEA DE TRANSFER DE FONDURI SI DECONTARI TRANSFOND S.The Romanian Automated Clearing House e-Arhiv@ .ACH.CSO MIRCEA MOISESCU .PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 19. 1.810.L.67% Ownership: Private-owned: 100% Romanian: 100% Top management: EMIL GHIZARI .L.817. TransFonD’s objective is to consolidate and diversify its current activity. București .652 EUR ROMSYS S.A.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 15.COO RĂZVAN FAER .R. Ploiești . by emphasizing the IT&C component which the banking and financial sector would leverage on over the next 10 years. NOVENSYS CORPORATION S.236 EUR D.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 17.A.092. nr. sector 1.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 21. 9.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 23.CEO MIRELA PALADE . TOTALSOFT S.475 EUR Most important companies in "IT – Software & Integrators" SOCIETATEA DE TRANSFER DE FONDURI ŞI DECONTĂRI TRANSFOND S.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 18.R.711.M. Contact: Bulevardul Ficusului.6. Voluntari .Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 22. 7.CIO MIHAELA ROMAN .Electronic Archiving Services e-Factur@ .489.

87 Fax: +40-256-49. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-242.01 Fax: +40-31-620. nr. 21.02. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41. 26Z.L. XX Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu. 300079. nr.00 Fax: +40-21-303. nr.L.05. nr.055 EUR (2009) D. sector 1.09 Fax: +40-21-231. Bucharest Business Park. nr. 24015. City Gate.976 EUR (2009) IBM XX ROMANIA S.40 Annual turnover: 13.681 RON (2009) ROMSOFT S.00 Fax: +40-21-405.02.L.803. sector 1.R.L.L.560 EUR (2008) NESS ROMANIA S.R. XX Strada Fabrica de Glucoză. Felix. 10. Ploieşti. XX Strada Puţul lui Zamfir. XX Bulevardul Poitier. XX Strada Fecioarei.66.23 Fax: +40-232-23.962. 3-5. 13.938. Cluj-Napoca. 013681. XX Strada General Magheru.L. et.00 Fax: +40-21-405.661.917 EUR (2009) ORACLE ROMåNIA S. 4.00 Fax: +40-21-203.36.859 EUR (2009) NET XX BRINEL S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203. 5. sector 1.283 EUR (2009) CAPGEMINI SERVICES ROMANIA S.L. XX Calea Floreasca.70.26 Annual turnover: 6.19 Annual turnover: 13.L.58 Fax: +40-21-201. etaj 2.42. XX Strada Făgăraş.427 EUR (2009) ELSACO ELECTRONIC S. nr.03 Annual turnover: 47. nr.80. 032723.R.XX ADOBE SYSTEMS ROMANIA S. FEPER. nr. 313.694 EUR (2009) GENESYS SYSTEMS RO S.R. sector 2. 1A.36 Annual turnover: N/A CRESCENDO.R.L.79. ap.02 Annual turnover: 13.45.R.489. sector 2.00 Annual turnover: 8.05. nr. sector 1.R.79. sector 3.87.L. etaj 9.42 Fax: +40-21-242. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-202. nr. nr.66.881.R. 10.32 Annual turnover: 22.00 Fax: +40-21-312. Bucharest Business Park.01 Annual turnover: 20.102.710. nr.R.499 EUR (2009) XX NETWORKS S.78.L.L.875. Turnul de Sud.29. sector 5.236 EUR (2009) 112 IT&C .868.A. 167. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-367.726 EUR (2009) QNET INTERNATIONAL S. XX Splaiul Unirii.39 Annual turnover: 19. sector 1. sector 2.00 Fax: +40-31-228.79 Annual turnover: 70. nr.R.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-211. 63-69.L.351. județul VåLCEA Phone: +40-350-40.393 EUR (2009) HEWLETT .M. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-529.81. Timişoara. nr.10.I. bloc P1.10 Fax: +40-264-41. 2E.00.735 EUR (2009) PRINTEC GROUP ROMANIA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231.L. Botoşani. nr. București Phone: +40-31-620.549.46. Strada Fecioarei.15 Annual turnover: 23. SOFT S.PACKARD ROMåNIA S. etaj 2-10.R.83. XX Strada Mihai Bravu. sector 6.L. București Phone: +40-31-413. Bulevardul Timisoara. etaj 9.20. nr.70. Novo Park. XX Strada Menuetului. 45.878 EUR (2009) FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR ROMANIA S.98. 1. sector 2.06. 169 A.66 Annual turnover: EUR (2009) NOVENSYS CORPORATION S.A.55 Fax: +40-21-210. județul BOTOȘANI Phone: +40-231-50.69.08 Annual turnover: 15.R.R.26 Annual turnover: 10. nr. 013713. 8. XX Strada Pacea Ocolitor.605.24. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-21. TATI Business Center. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-420. ITC Calea Floreasca. sector 1. etaj 10.35.51. 41A. XX Piața Presei Libere.06.R.R. nr.27 Fax: +40-350-40. XX Strada Tudor Vladimirescu. sector 1.327. Casa de Soluții IT&C XX Company name: CRESCENDO INTERNATIONAL S.911 EUR (2009) XX ROMANIAN SOFT COMPANY S.05 Annual turnover: 21.05.774 EUR (2009) ETA2U S. nr. etaj 3. sector 3.566 EUR (2009) MICROSOFT ROMåNIA S. sector 1. R‰mnicu V‰lcea. Bulevardul Titulescu. etaj 1. Anchor Plaza. 1-4. Corp D. 12. XX Strada Gheorghe Dima.R.42. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-51.824.98.95. 13. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303.258.18. nr.01 Annual turnover: 51.218 EUR (2009) ROMSYS S.10. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-209.89 Fax: +40-31-413.R.11.L.60 Annual turnover: 18. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-305.51 Fax: +40-244-51. 020103. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-22. Strada Prisaca Dornei.00 Fax: +40-21-202. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-228.43 Annual turnover: 7. parter.L.05. Tehnopolis.R.R.914. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-405. 061331.858.L. 4.17 Annual turnover: 9.405.40.315 EUR (2009) ASESOFT INTERNATIONAL S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-211. nr.60 Fax: +40-231-53. 53.22 Fax: +40-21-420.81.82 Annual turnover: 10.83.L. I.76 Annual turnover: 29. etaj 5. 18. 710137. 400420.46.76. XX Strada Dr.00 Fax: +40-21-529.00 Fax: +40-21-305.R. Iaşi.

nr.17.R.R.R.767 EUR SYSCO S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-208.42. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-413.75. etaj 6. 6.034.R. XX Bulevardul Expoziţiei. XX Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu.59.L.00 Fax: +40-21-302. 060044.607 EUR (2009) XX SIEMENS PROGRAM AND SYSTEM STAR STORAGE S. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-225.91. nr.06.11 Fax: +40-21-335.13.976 EUR FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS GESMBH VIENA SUCURSALA BUCURESTI București . XX Splaiul Independenței.58.282 EUR IT&C 113 .Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 14. nr. 5.856. 25 A. sector 6. sector 1. 11-15. nr. București .03 Annual turnover: 15. 012532.00 Fax: +40-31-228. 2.91 Annual turnover: 49.PACKARD ROMåNIA S.000 EUR (2009) XX SIVECO ROMANIA S.000. nr.00 Fax: +40-21-318.13. Strada Colina Universităţii. București Phone: +40-21-311.R.03 Fax: +40-21-408.06. nr.000 EUR (2009) XX SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT & UBISOFT S. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-335. sector 2. Gh. Braşov. 36. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Piteşti.30. 075100.600. parter/etaj 1. Victoria Park. 2.321.048.R.33.566 EUR HEWLETT . 319.L.A.868.R.R.12 Annual turnover: 15. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318. 107 A. 4-8.02.A.66. RIVERVIEW House.817.91. FEPER. RIVER Place. 8. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-569.315.L.L.01 Annual turnover: 48.40 Annual turnover: 12. 10.80.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 22.746 EUR (2009) CONSULTING S. S-Park.774 EUR XEROX ROMåNIA ECHIPAMENTE ȘI SERVICII S.034.652 EUR (2009) WIZROM SOFTWARE S.A. etaj 2.R.L.366 EUR (2009) UTI XX SYSTEMS S. 020337. București .A.34/36 Annual turnover: 12. Bulevardul Bucureștii Noi. nr.66.66 Fax: +40-21-305. 040212. Otopeni.66 Annual turnover: 6.727 EUR (2009) IT 1. sector 4.17.01 Fax: +40-21-316.R.30.XX& T ROMåNIA S. nr.66 Annual turnover: 5.28.L. București Phone: +40-21-408. nr. Duca. Global City (Coca-Cola).675. nr. America House-Tronson Est. etaj 1.97 Annual turnover: 12.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 47. 013714.00 Fax: +40-21-208. etaj 4.475 EUR (2009) ENGINEERING S. Hardware Reported results for 2009 IBM ROMANIA S. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-305. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-302.374.571.61 Fax: +40-21-569. Strada București Nord.99 Annual turnover: 17.33. Voluntari. nr.09 Annual turnover: 13. XX Strada Tipografilor.724. corp A1.486.817 EUR (2009) TEAMNET INTERNATIONAL S.888 EUR (2009) XX SISTEC-SBSOL S.111. Șoseaua Olteniței. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-40.605. etaj 8.585 EUR (2009) XX ROMANIA S. 3.31/32 Fax: +40-21-311.L. sector 1. 73-81. București . sector 1.L.A.R.L. Strada I.L. 012103. S Bulevardul Titulescu. 11-15.84 Annual turnover: 35. 4.01. București .535 EUR (2009) XX TOTALSOFT S.42. 7.L.01 Fax: +40-268-40. SAP Calea Tipografilor.L. nr.58. 1.310.R.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 21.322 EUR ELSACO ELECTRONIC S. București .Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 51. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-242.46/47 Fax: +40-21-242. sector 1.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 17. sector 1.

7. 8.

București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 12,904,856 EUR

București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 9,591,220 EUR

Most important companies in "IT – Hardware"
XX CANON CEE GMBH - REPREZENTANTA Piaţa Montreal, nr. 10, World Trade Center, ap. 204, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.38.56 Fax: +40-21-318.45.42 Annual turnover: N/A XX ROMANIA S.R.L. IBM Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti, nr. 1A, Bucharest Business Park, 013681, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-405.81.00 Fax: +40-21-405.81.01 Annual turnover: 51,511,566 EUR (2009)

COMPLET ELECTRO SERV S.A. XX Bulevardul Poligrafiei, nr. 1, Ana Holding, Business Holding, etaj 2, 013704, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206.20.00 Fax: +40-21-319.99.39 Annual turnover: 9,591,220 EUR (2009) ELSACO ELECTRONIC S.R.L. XX Strada Pacea Ocolitor, nr. 41 A, 710137, Botoşani, județul BOTOȘANI Phone: +40-231-53.29.05 Fax: +40-231-53.29.05 Annual turnover: 21,868,774 EUR (2009) FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS XX Company name: FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS GESMBH VIENA SUCURSALA BUCURESTI Strada Ion Udăreanu, nr. 34, etaj 1, 050688, sector 5, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-405.73.00 Fax: +40-21-405.73.01 Annual turnover: 22,321,322 EUR (2009) HEWLETT - PACKARD ROMåNIA S.R.L. XX Strada Fabrica de Glucoză, nr. 5, Novo Park, etaj 10, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303.83.00 Fax: +40-21-303.83.03 Annual turnover: 47,605,975 EUR (2009)

Strada Teheran, nr. 2, Grass House Building, etaj 4, 011469, sector 1, București Phone: +40-21-203.15.80 Fax: +40-21-231.44.36 Annual turnover: N/A

Strada Copilului, nr. 18, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-207.45.59/60 Fax: +40-21-207.45.88 Annual turnover: 12,904,856 EUR (2009)

SYSCO S.R.L. XX Strada Negru Vodă, nr. 2, bloc C4, sector 3, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-322.67.78 Fax: +40-21-321.34.55 Annual turnover: 14,724,282 EUR (2009) XEROX ROMåNIA XX ECHIPAMENTE ȘI SERVICII S.A.

Calea Floreasca, nr. 169A, Floreasca Business Park, etaj 6, 014459, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303.35.00 Fax: +40-21-303.35.55 Annual turnover: 17,571,767 EUR (2009)

1. 2. 3.
114 IT&C

Distributors Reported results for 2009
București - Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 96,777,379 EUR

București - Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 81,500,808 EUR

București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 78,932,467 EUR

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Otopeni - ILFOV Annual Turnover: 71,918,551 EUR

Chiajna - ILFOV Annual Turnover: 65,162,294 EUR

București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 58,788,087 EUR

București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 51,472,106 EUR

București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 40,162,728 EUR

București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 34,300,000 EUR

București - Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 34,227,041 EUR

Cluj-Napoca - CLUJ Annual Turnover: 33,096,735 EUR

București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 25,629,611 EUR

București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 20,366,611 EUR

București - Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 20,286,017 EUR

București - Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 17,366,040 EUR

București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 17,345,947 EUR

București - Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 17,024,622 EUR

București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 16,471,671 EUR

19. ETA2U S.R.L.
Timișoara - TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 15,102,878 EUR

20. SYSCO S.R.L.
București - Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 14,724,282 EUR

Most important companies in "IT – Distributors"
XX AGIS COMPUTER S.R.L. Strada Treboniu Laurean, nr. 1, Cluj-Napoca, județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-44.22.21/22/23/24/25 +40-264-44.22.20 Fax: Annual turnover: 33,096,735 EUR (2009) XX ALINE DISTRIBUTION GRUP S.R.L. Șoseaua de Centură, nr. 27-28, 077040, Chiajna, județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-434.08.10 +40-21-493.65.27 Fax: Annual turnover: 65,162,294 EUR (2009) XX ASBIS ROMANIA S.R.L. Strada L‰năriei, nr. 93, sector 4, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-337.10.99 +40-21-337.10.89 Fax: Annual turnover: 17,366,040 EUR (2009) XX ASESOFT DISTRIBUTION S.R.L. Strada Marcel Iancu, nr. 3-5, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-211.18.56 +40-21-212.10.10 Fax: Annual turnover: 96,777,379 EUR (2009)

IT&C 115

XX ASSECO SEE S.R.L. Strada Știrbei Vodă, nr. 150, bloc 26 C, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206.45.00 +40-21-312.41.99 Fax: Annual turnover: 40,162,728 EUR (2009) XX ATLAS CORPORATION S.R.L. Șoseaua Pipera, nr. 59, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230.87.84/85 +40-21-230.87.86 Fax: Annual turnover: 34,227,041 EUR (2009) XX AVITECH CO. S.R.L. Șoseaua Pipera - Tunari, nr. I/II, 077190, Voluntari, județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-200.64.64 +40-21-200.64.65 Fax: Annual turnover: 12,265,013 EUR (2009) XX BULL ROMANIA S.R.L. Strada Dr. Burghelea, nr. 12 A, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.07.63 +40-21-310.07.65 Fax: Annual turnover: 13,999,251 EUR (2009) XX CENTRUL NAŢIONAL DE DIFUZARE PRODUSE

XX GENESYS DISTRIBUTIE RO S.R.L. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu , nr. 8, 020337, sector 2, București Phone: +40-21-242.05.42 +40-21-242.05.43 Fax: Annual turnover: 7,779,533 EUR (2009)

LASTING SYSTEM S.R.L. XX Strada Miron Costin, nr. 2, Timişoara, județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-21-242.50.26 +40-21-242.50.26 Fax: Annual turnover: 8,461,915 EUR (2009) MB XX DISTRIBUTION S.R.L. Strada Barbu Văcărescu, nr. 162, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231.79.88/89/90 +40-21-230.03.13 Fax: Annual turnover: 20,286,017 EUR (2009) OMNILOGIC S.R.L. XX Strada I.G. Duca, nr. 36 B1, 075100, Otopeni, județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-303.31.00 +40-21-303.31.64 Fax: Annual turnover: 71,918,551 EUR (2009) PCfun XX Company name: FIT DISTRIBUTION S.R.L. Strada Vălsăneşti, nr. 1, Incinta ICSIM, sector 3, București Phone: +40-21-256.20.92 +40-21-256.10.95 Fax: Annual turnover: 11,049,847 EUR (2009) POWER NET CONSULTING S.R.L. XX Strada Mihai Eminescu , nr. 238, 020085, sector 2, București Phone: +40-21-201.94.81/82/83 +40-21-212.39.34 Fax: Annual turnover: 17,024,622 EUR (2009) PRODUCTON S.R.L. XX Strada Valeriu Braniște, nr. 56, sector 3, București Phone: +40-21-326.24.41 +40-31-425.73.05 Fax: Annual turnover: 10,706,673 EUR (2009) QNET INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. XX Strada Fecioarei, nr. 13, 020103, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-211.78.55 +40-21-210.76.40 Fax: Annual turnover: 13,824,911 EUR (2009) R.H.S. COMPANY S.A. XX Șoseaua Pipera, nr. 55 B, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-331.00.67 +40-21-331.00.51 Fax: Annual turnover: 58,788,087 EUR (2009) RTC XX PROFFICE EXPERIENCE S.A. Strada Drumul Săbăreni, nr. 24-26, 060647, sector 6, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408.21.00 +40-21-408.20.05/15 Fax: Annual turnover: 34,300,000 EUR (2009) SCOP COMPUTERS S.R.L. XX Strada Barbu Văcărescu, nr. 162, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-301.57.00/01 +40-21-231.65.95/96 Fax: Annual turnover: 81,500,808 EUR (2009) SKIN MEDIA S.R.L. XX Strada Ocna Sibiului , nr. 46-48, 014011, sector 1, București Phone: +40-21-316.82.00 +40-21-316.81.94 Fax: Annual turnover: 20,366,611 EUR (2009)


Splaiul Independenţei, nr. 319, sector 6, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.06.26 +40-21-311.17.20 Fax: Annual turnover: 78,932,467 EUR (2009) XX & GC INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY S.A. CG Șoseaua Olteniţei, nr. 105 A, 041303, sector 4, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-332.27.27 +40-21-332.24.24 Fax: Annual turnover: 7,086,409 EUR (2009) XX DECK COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. Strada Dezrobirii, nr. 15, sector 6, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-434.34.00 +40-21-434.34.92 Fax: Annual turnover: 17,345,947 EUR (2009) XX ELKOTECH ROMåNIA S.A. Strada Siret, nr. 95, 012152, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-224.60.94 +40-21-224.60.97 Fax: Annual turnover: 25,629,611 EUR (2009) XX EMAG Company name: DANTE INTERNAŢIONAL S.A. Șoseaua Virtuții, nr. 148, sector 6, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-200.52.01 +40-21-200.52.28 Fax: Annual turnover: 51,472,106 EUR (2009) XX ETA2U S.R.L. Strada Gheorghe Dima, nr. 1, 300079, Timişoara, județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-22.02.87 +40-256-49.95.08 Fax: Annual turnover: 15,102,878 EUR (2009) XX GEMINI SP S.R.L. Piaţa Concordiei, nr. 2, sector 4, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-335.62.82 +40-21-335.62.83 Fax: Annual turnover: 14,485,457 EUR (2009)

116 IT&C

XX STAR PRINT TRADE CO S.R.L. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu, nr. 8, FEPER, etaj 1, 020337, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-242.13.46/47 +40-21-242.13.48 Fax: Annual turnover: 11,925,271 EUR (2009)

XX SYSWARE SYSTEMS INTEGRATION S.R.L. Strada Mihail Sebastian, nr. 72, sector 5, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-410.12.11 +40-21-410.20.36 Fax: Annual turnover: 6,477,433 EUR (2009)

SYSCO S.R.L. XX Strada Negru Vodă, nr. 2, bloc C4, sector 3, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-322.67.78 +40-21-321.34.55 Fax: Annual turnover: 14,724,282 EUR (2009) SYSTEM PLUS S.R.L. XX Piaţa Concordiei, nr. 2, sector 4, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-335.62.82 +40-21-335.62.83 Fax: Annual turnover: 8,598,958 EUR (2009)

TORNADO SISTEMS S.R.L. XX Bulevardul Jiului, nr. 2A, Tornado, 013219, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206.77.77 +40-21-312.98.20 Fax: Annual turnover: 16,471,671 EUR (2009) TREND IMPORT EXPORT S.R.L. XX Splaiul Independenţei, nr. 319, sector 6, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-202.40.00 +40-21-317.72.38 Fax: Annual turnover: 10,361,036 EUR (2009)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Service Providers Reported results for 2009
București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 1,044,354,196 EUR

București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 929,409,907 EUR

București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 787,920,518 EUR

București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 423,000,000 EUR

București - Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 391,398,308 EUR

București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 116,070,277 EUR

București - Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 79,371,213 EUR

TELEMOBIL S.A. (owned by Cosmote)
București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 36,915,130 EUR

București - Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 23,898,605 EUR București - Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 20,293,502 EUR

București - Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 19,683,884 EUR

București - Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 17,466,266 EUR

Sf‰ntu Gheorghe - COVASNA Annual Turnover: 15,659,706 EUR

București - Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 14,887,809 EUR

București - Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 9,916,161 EUR

IT&C 117

Most important companies in "Telecom – Service Providers"
Strada Virgil Madgearu, nr. 2-6, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-620.20.20 Fax: +40-31-620.20.99 E-mail: Website:

Company profile:
INES GROUP is active on the Romanian telecommunication market since 1995. The services offer includes: dedicated IP access, fixed telephony, Data Center services, IP/VPN etc. For residential consumers, iNES offers IPTV the first digital television service in Romania delivered over optical fibre with HD channels - as part of the iNES TRIPLE PLAY bundle, along with broadband internet and fixed telephony. INES pioneered numerous services in Romania, being the first operator to offer: a WAP portal, a commercial Data Center, ISDN dialup access, HD channels in Romania etc. Since October 2009, our company has diversified into electronic signature field after DigiSign, a certification authority member of VeriSign Affiliate Trust Network and a major provider of digital certificates in Romania, entered iNES Group portfolio.

Financial information:
Registered capital 9,300 RON (2009) Annual turnover 5,784,067 EUR (2009) Auditor Pay Off Company Employees 65

Quality certificates:
ISO 9001:2008 issued by TÜV Rheinland Certified

Top management:
SILVIU SABĂU - Director General IOSIF SZAVUJ - Executive Director LUCIAN BÂLĂ - Sales Director

Private-owned: 100% Romanian: 100%


Contact person:
LUCIAN BÂLĂ - Sales Director

XX COMBRIDGE S.R.L. Calea Victoriei, nr. 155, D1, tronson 6, 010073, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-080.02.00 Fax: +40-31-080.02.01 Strada Viitorului, nr. 24, bloc 7, ap. 16, Sf‰ntu Gheorghe, județul COVASNA Phone: +40-267-31.00.24 Fax: +40-267-31.00.24 Annual turnover: 15,659,706 EUR (2009) XX COSMOTE ROMANIAN MOBILE

EUROWEB ROMANIA S.A. XX Strada Lipscani, nr. 102, Nouveau Center, etaj 3, sector 3, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-307.65.43 Fax: +40-21-307.65.44 Annual turnover: 9,916,161 EUR (2009) FELIX TELECOM S.R.L. XX Șoseaua Fabrica de Glucoză, nr. 13 A, 020331, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-242.25.87/86 Fax: +40-21-242.07.67 Annual turnover: 6,900,514 EUR (2009) GRUPUL INDUSTRIAL GIR S.A. XX Calea 13 Septembrie, nr. 90, Complexul Multifuncțional Grand, sector 5, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-403.48.80 Fax: +40-21-403.48.81 Annual turnover: 6,237,689 EUR (2009) GTS XX TELECOM S.R.L. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei, nr. 10A, Modul 2, etaj 4, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-410.01.00 Fax: +40-21-410.38.83 Annual turnover: 19,683,884 EUR (2009) MEDIA SAT S.A. XX Bulevardul Ferdinand, nr. 99, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-825.27.00 Fax: +40-31-825.26.96 Annual turnover: 7,669,677 EUR (2009) ORANGE ROMåNIA S.A. XX Bulevardul Lascăr Catargiu, nr. 51-53, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203.30.00 - Switchboard Fax: +40-21-203.35.99 Annual turnover: 1,044,354,196 EUR (2009) RADCOM S.R.L. XX Strada Gara Herăstrău, nr. 4, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-824.40.00 Fax: +40-21-232.10.68 Annual turnover: 14,887,809 EUR (2009)


Bulevardul Nicolae Titulescu, nr. 4-8, America House, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-404.12.34 Fax: +40-21-413.75.30 Annual turnover: 423,000,000 EUR (2009) XX DATANET SYSTEMS S.R.L. Strada Zării, nr. 14, etaj 2, sector 5, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.87.87 Fax: +40-21-317.97.97 Annual turnover: 20,293,502 EUR (2009) XX DIAL TELECOM S.R.L. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei, nr. 10A, Conect Business Center, etaj 4, 020337, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-529.61.11 Fax: +40-21-529.61.12 Annual turnover: 5,182,347 EUR (2009) XX DIGITAL CABLE SYSTEMS S.A. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei, nr. 10A, sector 2, București Phone: +40-21-589.12.34 Fax: +40-21-589.88.99 Annual turnover: 23,898,605 EUR (2009) XX EQUANT ROMANIA S.A. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei, nr. 9-9A, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.22.22 Fax: +40-21-310.22.23 Annual turnover: 17,466,266 EUR (2009)

118 IT&C

XX & RDS S.A. RCS Strada Dr. Staicovici, nr. 71-75, FORUM 2000, etaj 2, sector 5, Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-400.44.45 Fax: +40-31-400.44.48 Annual turnover: 391,398,308 EUR (2009) XX ROMTELECOM S.A. Piaţa Presei Libere, nr. 3-5, City Gate, Turnul de Nord, etaj 7-18, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-930.11.11 - international calls Fax: +40-21-400.56.00 Annual turnover: 787,920,518 EUR (2009) XX SOCIETATEA NATIONALA DE

TELEMOBIL S.A. (owned by COSMOTE) XX Splaiul Independenței, nr. 319, Sema Park, Courtyard, etaj 1-2, sector 6, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-402.33.33 Fax: +40-21-402.32.90 Annual turnover: 36,915,130 EUR (2009) UPC XX ROMANIA S.R.L. Șoseaua Nordului, nr. 62D, 014104, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-101.81.00 Fax: +40-31-101.81.01 Annual turnover: 116,070,277 EUR (2009) VODAFONE ROMANIA S.A. XX Piaţa Charles de Gaulle, nr. 15, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-302.10.00 Fax: +40-21-302.14.13 Annual turnover: 929,409,907 EUR (2009)


Șoseaua Olteniței, nr. 103, sector 4, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-307.30.07 Fax: +40-31-500.36.60 Annual turnover: 79,371,213 EUR (2009)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Equipment Reported results for 2009
Cluj-Napoca - CLUJ Annual Turnover: 1,027,792,727 EUR

Timișoara - TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 122,472,126 EUR

Bucureşti - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 113,538,136 EUR

București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 111,210,995 EUR

București - Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 82,865,280 EUR

București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 67,946,995 EUR

București - Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 52,026,635 EUR

București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 44,351,669 EUR

București - Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 42,852,400 EUR

București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 35,483,316 EUR

București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 24,710,078 EUR

12. EURO GSM 2000 S.R.L.
Cluj-Napoca - CLUJ Annual Turnover: 21,352,652 EUR

IT&C 119

Voluntari - ILFOV Annual Turnover: 21,148,237 EUR

Timișoara - TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 19,163,431 EUR

București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 18,324,010 EUR

București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 15,839,963 EUR

Otopeni - ILFOV Annual Turnover: 11,818,326 EUR

București - Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 10,745,570 EUR

București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 10,098,418 EUR

București - Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 10,072,000 EUR

Most important companies in "Telecom – Equipment"
XX ACCORD 93 S.R.L. Strada Decebal, nr. 4, bloc S11, parter, 030965, sector 3, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-320.62.55 Fax: +40-21-320.62.55 Annual turnover: 42,852,400 EUR (2009) XX ALCATEL - LUCENT ROMANIA S.A. Strada Gheorghe Lazăr, nr. 9, Timişoara, județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-30.31.00 Fax: +40-256-49.10.15 Șoseaua Nordului, nr. 24-26, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203.49.00 Fax: +40-21-203.49.00 Annual turnover: 122,472,126 EUR (2009) XX ARSIS TRADING S.R.L. Strada Valea Călugărească, nr. 14, 061728, sector 6, București Phone: +40-21-314.14.19 Fax: +40-21-314.14.19 Annual turnover: 24,710,078 EUR (2009) XX AVENIR TELECOM S.A. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti, nr. 67, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201.29.00/09 Fax: +40-21-201.29.17/18 Annual turnover: 44,351,669 EUR (2009) XX CAMUSAT ROM-TELECOMUNICATII S.R.L. Intrarea Ghiocei, nr. 5, 075100, Otopeni, județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-350.10.50 Fax: +40-21-350.10.51 Annual turnover: 11,818,326 EUR (2009)

Bulevardul Poligrafiei, nr. 3A, etaj 1, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311.68.50 Fax: +40-21-311.68.53 Annual turnover: 15,839,963 EUR (2009) XX CISCO SYSTEMS ROMANIA S.R.L. Bulevardul Nicolae Titulescu, nr. 4-8, America House, etaj 7, 011469, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-302.35.50 Fax: +40-21-302.35.01 Annual turnover: 5,851,031 EUR (2009) XX DELTATEL S.R.L. Strada Gheorghe Lazăr, nr. 11, 300081, Timişoara, județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-27.04.25 Fax: +40-256-27.04.28 Annual turnover: 19,163,431 EUR (2009) XX ERICSSON TELECOMMUNICATIONS


Bulevardul Nicolae Titulescu, nr. 4-8, America House, etaj 4, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-401.03.19 Fax: +40-21-401.02.72 Annual turnover: 113,538,136 EUR (2009) XX EURO GSM 2000 S.R.L. Bulevardul Muncii, nr. 18, Cluj-Napoca, județul CLUJ Phone: +40-742-27.55.59 Fax: +40-264-59.56.51 Annual turnover: 21,352,652 EUR (2009)

120 IT&C

nr.69 Annual turnover: 52. sector 2. sector 6.00 Fax: +40-364-40.48. XX Strada Dristor. 319. etaj 3-4. sector 2.63.03 Annual turnover: 10. 5. nr. sector 1.316 EUR (2009) ZTE XX ROMANIA S. 24.113 EUR (2009) MOTOROLA ROMåNIA S. Union Business Center II.55 Annual turnover: N/A NOKIA ROMANIA S. 72-74. 16. 98-100. Strada Nicolae G. 050726.03/04 Fax: +40-21-231.R. 51. 17.L. ROMANIA S. sector 2. nr.107.R.40 Fax: +40-21-320. București Phone: +40-21-206. XX Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.95 Fax: +40-21-318.70 Annual turnover: 7.87 Fax: +40-21-316.132 EUR (2009) ROKURA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-204. sector 1. Bragadiru.03 Annual turnover: 67. Voluntari. etaj 2.000 EUR (2009) SIEMENS S.027. etaj 4. nr.R.L. 011822. XX Strada Serghei Vasilievici Rahmaninov. București Phone: +40-21-407.57.995 EUR (2009) INTRAROM S.00 Fax: +40-21-307.C.L.T.10.946. nr.00 Fax: +40-21-408.06/07 Fax: +40-21-420.00 Fax: +40-21-204. nr. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-315.A.237 EUR (2009) XX PHILIPS ROMANIA S.417 EUR (2009) MONDO PLAST S.R.609. sector 1.R.09. sector 6.32.73. nr. XX Strada Preciziei. GROUP CO. 7A. nr.44. Sema Parc OB 14.R.30. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-420. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-364-40.L. 10.R.08 Annual turnover: 10. sector 1.727 EUR (2009) PANASONIC ROMANIA S.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203.R. XX Splaiul Independenței. 17. 020199. sector 1.026.21 Fax: +40-21-315.R. 6. XX Bulevardul Preciziei.L. Șoseaua Pipera-Tunari. COMMUNICATIONS S.11.324. 062204. sector 3.57.010 EUR (2009) RAL XX COMPUTERS S.R. XX Strada Fabrica de Glucoză. nr. sector 3.00 Fax: +40-21-629.L.244.21 Annual turnover: 21. nr. XX Calea Dorobanților.03.99 Annual turnover: 35. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408.47 Annual turnover: N/A H. nr.12 Annual turnover: 111. 46-48. 031197. Cluj-Napoca.32. 24.39.280 EUR (2009) SAY XX SHOPS Company name: M.098.15. nr.39. București Phone: +40-21-529.072. 52-54. Corp H3. bloc A20. XX Șoseaua Alexandriei.XX FONOMAT S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-322.64.R.148. sector 1.09 Annual turnover: 5.35 Fax: +40-21-407.19.00 Fax: +40-21-231.28.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-629.00.865. sector 6.S.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231.09. nr.41.00 Fax: +40-21-529.60 Fax: +40-21-203.635 EUR (2009) GERMANOS TELECOM ROMåNIA S.A. nr.L.20.64. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-307.R. Strada Fabrica de Glucoză.H3. 26-28.483. Annual turnover: 8. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-529. etaj EUR (2009) ROMKATEL S.733 EUR (2009) WORLD COMM S. etaj 2.46 Annual turnover: 18. nr.A.74.20.R. 020331. 52 .28. apt.A.60 Annual turnover: 6.L.L.L.54. Strada Vlad Dracul.01 Annual turnover: 10. București Phone: +40-21-316.37. nr.472.19. Complex West Gate Park. nr. Aleea Alexandru. XX Strada Știrbei Vodă. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.30 Fax: +40-21-321. XX Strada Feleacu. 1/1. 400609.745.06 Annual turnover: 1.792.00 Fax: +40-21-529.995 EUR (2009) TOPEX S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-322. Caramfil.16 Annual turnover: 82.928 EUR (2009) IT&C 121 . 010113.31. West Gate Park . XX Strada Nicolae Caramfil.L.


Industrial Engineering Major Companies in Romania 123 .

A.A.086 EUR IMSAT S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 101.A.A.L. R‰mnicu V‰lcea .VåLCEA Annual Turnover: 24.C.R. 7.333.700. S. the followers are Romelectro (a distributor of electric components) and Energomontaj (a privately-owned company.A. București . with activities mainly focused on assembling and starting of power plants and related equipment.195 EUR 124 Industrial Engineering . is Rominserv.000 EUR T.496 EUR PROSPECȚIUNI S. 4. according to revenues. 6. Industrial Engineering Reported results for 2009 1. 2. a member company of Rompetrol Group. 3.M. PROCEMA .524. 8. PROIMSAT S.368.114.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 31.143. technical and technological development.506. București .616.INSTITUT DE CERCETARE.907 EUR ELECTROMONTAJ S. ROMENERGO S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 53.200.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 78. specialized in outsourcing activities related to integration of industrial maintenance services. București .880 EUR ENERGOCONSTRUCȚIA S. București .U.000 EUR CONDMAG S.A.Industrial Engineering Overview The leader of the Industrial Engineering industry in Romania.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 31. București . 5. București .626 EUR ROMELECTRO S.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 62.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 123. industrial project management.817.886 EUR 13. TIAB S.357.A. București .526.B. București .). Brașov . București .A.007 EUR 11. București . In the top three companies in this industry.153 EUR ENERGOMONTAJ S.A.545 EUR 12. 9.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 42.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 53.A.A.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 120. București .Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 31.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 35. ROMINSERV S.623.A. PROIECTARE ȘI PRODUCȚIE EXPERIMENTALĂ ëN DOMENIUL CONSTRUCȚIILOR ȘI AL MATERIALELOR DE CONSTRUCȚII S.901 EUR 10.

834.17.224 EUR 16.39 Fax: +40-248-21.46.A. 42. Baia Mare . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-336. A. nr. Strada Canalului. Strada Morii. București . 52.824. sector 1. Strada Episcop Melchisedec Ștefănescu.89. parter.L. sector 4. ARGECOM S. Cernavodă .97 Annual turnover: 17.A. Braşov. sector 1. ARGOS S.621 EUR (2009) XX COMESAD RO S.82 Annual turnover: 43. nr.451.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 14.L.54 Fax: +40-268-47.945 EUR (2009) XX GENERAL CONCRETE CERNAVODA S. GENERAL CONCRETE CERNAVODĂ S.32.345. nr. HEBERGER CONSTRUCȚII S. ELCOMEX . Galaţi. 22. nr.02 Annual turnover: 101. București . 500075.R. Pitești. sector 3. 7 A.700 RON (2009) XX ARGECOM S.842.I. nr.92 Annual turnover: 42.224 EUR (2009) Industrial Engineering 125 .49. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316. Piteşti.06 Annual turnover: 53. 103-105.I.901 EUR (2009) XX ENERGOMONTAJ S. 110225. 905200.817.09 Fax: +40-21-318. nr.46 Fax: +40-241-23.A. nr.20 Fax: +40-21-233. INSTITUTUL DE STUDII ȘI PROIECTĂRI ENERGETICE S.80 Annual turnover: 35. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-41.A.621.14. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.497 EUR 18.A. INSERV S. Cernavodă.557 EUR (2009) XX CONDMAG S.086 EUR (2009) XX ENERIA S.A.99.20.84.L. 077135.60 Fax: +40-236-41.25 Fax: +40-21-316. 010561.14.834. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-31-824. Strada Smaranda Brăescu. Strada Gheorghe Șincai. RAMS Center. S.A. Strada Candiano Popescu.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 22.842.00. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.213. 014206.904 EUR 20.449.75. E. 30.431 EUR Most important companies in "Industrial Engineering" XX ADREM INVEST S.46. 103-105.R.052 EUR 15. nr.00 Fax: +40-31-824. Mogoșoaia.496 EUR (2009) XX CONFORT S.69 Annual turnover: 22.ARGEȘ Annual Turnover: 23. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-41.858.L. nr.MARAMUREȘ Annual Turnover: 15. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-23.A. Strada Avram Iancu.524. sector 1. București . județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-372-71.621 EUR 19. bloc P3B. XX Șoseaua Dudești-Pantelimon.451.50 Annual turnover: 11. S.L.621. A.81.75.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 17.A.A.A.17 Fax: +40-241-23. nr.612.93. Strada Războieni.15.07.A.880 EUR (2009) XX ENERGOCONSTRUCȚIA S. Calea Dorobanţilor. 11.527 EUR 17.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 17.506. etaj 5.98 Fax: +40-248-27. Cernavodă.93. nr.40 Fax: +40-241-23.80.052 EUR (2009) XX ARGOS S. Calea Dorobanţilor. 800143.24 Annual turnover: 17. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-21.906 EUR (2009) ELCOMEX .357. Pitești .90 Annual turnover: 12.R.59.74. 6A.R.12.R.A. E. 40A. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-27.A.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 18.54 Annual turnover: 5. Cernavodă . 1.59.99 Annual turnover: 23.497 EUR (2009) XX ELECTROMONTAJ S.93 Fax: +40-21-336.911. Strada Unirii. București Phone: +40-241-23.28.

97 Annual turnover: 123.000 EUR (2009) TIAB S.000 EUR (2009) INSERV S.36.A.95 Fax: +40-21-210. 7.40. XX PROIECTARE ȘI PRODUCŢIE EXPERIMENTALĂ ëN DOMENIUL CONSTRUCŢIILOR ȘI AL MATERIALELOR DE CONSTRUCŢII S.012 RON (2009) IPTANA S.700.R.624.16 Annual turnover: 9.M. XX Strada Caransebeş. județul VåLCEA Phone: +40-250-74.10 Fax: +40-21-315. 136. nr.18/19 Fax: +40-21-316.623. 010707.70 Fax: +40-21-312.907.213.ISPH S.A.886 EUR (2009) TRACTEBEL ENGINEERING S.968.34 Fax: +40-21-318. 8.00 Fax: +40-31-403. XX Calea Victoriei. R‰mnicu V‰lcea. sector 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.50 Annual turnover: Annual turnover: 14. sector 1. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-224.81.15. nr. nr. 242-246. XX Strada Pictor Verona.00 Fax: +40-21-312. 38. sector 2.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-403.43. nr.49 Annual turnover: 31.527 EUR (2009) XX PROIMSAT S. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316. XX Bulevardul Lacul Tei. 5-7.56 Annual turnover: 53.10 Annual turnover: N/A INSTITUTUL DE STUDII ȘI PROIECTĂRI XX HIDROENERGETICE .B.R.55 Annual turnover: 10. sector 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.83.484 EUR (2009) MENTCHIM S.A.341.31 Annual turnover: 24. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-313.L.05/00/01/02 Fax: +40-21-200.A.66.02.A. sector 1.526. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.649 EUR (2009) IPROLAM S.56.42 Annual turnover: 62. sector 2.R. sector 1.431.61 Fax: +40-31-405. județul VåLCEA Phone: +40-250-70.54 Annual turnover: 31.71 Fax: +40-21-233.08. nr.20.143. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-314.785 RON (2009) ROMINSERV S.27 Annual turnover: 8. 1. 65. 020945.23. sector 1.A.55/56 Annual turnover: 133.26. nr.368.12 Annual turnover: 15.A. XX Strada Căderea Bastiliei. 430131. 1-3.72.345. 240050.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-200. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233. sector 1. 013681. sector 1.34 Annual turnover: 14.35/36 Fax: +40-244-51. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei.17.97.R.A. XX Bulevardul Dinicu Golescu. Strada Industriilor.469.07.L. Bulevardul Lacul Tei. nr. nr.57. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-272. sector 2.34. 1. etaj nr. 020335.04 Annual turnover: 8. sector 1.A. 8-10. 38. nr.01/06 Annual turnover: 7. 250040. nr.449.39. 012271. sector 6.697 EUR (2009) URS XX ENGINEERS & CONSTRUCTORS ROMANIA S. XX Strada Negustori.50.L.00/02/04 Fax: +40-21-312. clădirea 2 A2. 18.800 EUR (2009) T. sector 1. XX Strada Diligenţei. nr. XX Strada Uzinei. S. 010613.A.007 EUR (2009) UZINEXPORT S. județul MARAMUREȘ Phone: +40-262-22. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316. 155.10.A.82.12 Fax: +40-21-319. 020371. Corp B. Strada Vasile Lascăr.55. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti. 1A.A.52. sector 1.431 EUR (2009) PROSPECŢIUNI S.XX HEBERGER CONSTRUCŢII S. Calea Griviţei. etaj 5. 1-3.A.R.200.858. XX Strada Iuliu Maniu.60 Fax: +40-21-314. nr. 9-9A.INSTITUT DE CERCETARE. XX Strada Alexandru Constantinescu.841.153 EUR (2009) ROMENERGO S. 023952. sector 2.52.52. etaj 4. nr. 6. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210. nr.95. XX Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu.01/06 Fax: +40-31-224.114. Ploieşti.977 EUR (2009) PROCEMA .A.09. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-51. 020371. Baia Mare.18 Fax: +40-250-73. Bucharest Business Park. sector 1. R‰mnicu V‰lcea. 17.16.904 EUR (2009) INSTITUTUL DE STUDII ȘI PROIECTĂRI XX ENERGETICE S. XX Bulevardul Iancu de Hunedoara.93.69 Fax: +40-21-312.14.333. XX Strada Tudor Arghezi.41 Annual turnover: 25.20.43. nr.195 EUR (2009) IMSAT S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-405.907 EUR (2009) ROMELECTRO S. 23-25. XX Calea Floreasca. etaj 3. nr.25 Annual turnover: 12.626 EUR (2009) SEARCH CORPORATION S.01 Fax: +40-250-70.97.67 Annual turnover: 18.75/76 Annual turnover: 120. nr.21 Fax: +40-21-316.28 Fax: +40-262-22. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.302 EUR (2009) PETROCONSULT S.52 Fax: +40-21-222. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.A.L.993 EUR (2009) 126 Industrial Engineering .C.

Building Industry Major Companies in Romania 127 .

C. in other areas the activity has been considerably reduced and the forecasts for 2010 are no better.2% compared to April 2009.1 bn. at the same time.R.000 EUR . reaching a value of about EUR 116 mn. Bucure¿ti . at least for some months.780 EUR BOG'ART S.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 62. suspended their operations or went bankrupt.L.M. their factories.924.893.L. the construction market fell in 2009 by 17-18% compared with 2008. Bucure¿ti . according to the estimates of the Building Materials Manufacturers Association in Romania (APMCR).000 to 350.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 106.319 EUR T. Bucure¿ti . Galaţi . for example. According to Eurostat.A.1 bn.IAŞI Annual Turnover: 76. according to a study released by the market consulting company Neomar Consulting.265 EUR BUILD CORP S.000 enterprises with construction as the main activity became insolvent. in the cement industry the companies saw their business declining by 20-30% last year and some producers decided to close. ARACO estimated for 2010 a contraction of the construction sector of about 8-9%. the number of employees in this sector fell from 420. the value of the construction market was about EUR 12 bn.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 120. the roofing market in Romania decreased by 34% compared to 2008. 128 Building Industry STRABAG S.L.A.R. 7. Building materials market. Bucure¿ti . Mogo¿oaia . in 2009 almost 2.R.621.000 people and over 20. 2. 4. the construction sector activity decreased in April this year by 17.GALAŢI Annual Turnover: 88. could fall by 15-20% this year to around EUR 4. the only sector that managed to avoid the market decline last year was the one of roads building.961. According to Coface. 5. S. is quite likely that the drop will be even deeper. In 2009 the market fell by 28% to EUR 5. While most of the companies building roads reported increases of their businesses.721 EUR VEGA 93 S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 89. Meanwhile. overall.R.700.195.L. marking one of the most important contractions in the EU zone.R. At the beginning of this year. 6. 3.U. Construction Companies Reported results for 2009 1.Building Industry Overview In the construction industry.B.504 EUR ALPINE S. According to their estimation.886.500 companies went bankrupt in the construction industry.L. Ia¿i . but given the worsening of the economic context. In the same period.558 EUR DELTA ANTREPRIZ® DE CONSTRUCÞII ŞI MONTAJ 93 S.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 72. according to the Romanian Association of Companies in the Construction Industry (ARACO).

L.Technical Manager LAURA MITITELU .R. Contact: Strada Johann Strauss. BAUMEISTER S.004 EUR 19.900. storage.BRAŞOV Annual Turnover: 42. Financial information: Registered capital 200.817. Remco industrial halls are characterised by a high degree of functionality.L.50.A.GALAŢI Annual Turnover: 35.8. Bucure¿ti .457.A.943 EUR 10.A. VECTRA SERVICE S. Piteşti . Bucure¿ti .316. nr. Bucure¿ti . coupled to an excellent price ratio. APASCO S.L.747 EUR 20.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 47.954 EUR 14.A.410.R.Managing Director DRAGOŞ MUNTEANU . Bucure¿ti .595 EUR 18. Măneciu . low construction – and exploitation costs and a large amount of free usable space. CONARG CONSTRUCT S.194.01 E-mail: info@remcoromania.164. 9. The principle of our concept is based on maximum efficiency in the use of steel. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 49. distribution. Galaţi .R. ARCADA COMPANY S. CONSTRUCÞII ERBAŞU S.Financial Manager Contact person: DRAGOŞ MUNTEANU .881 EUR Website: www.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 30. sector 2.000 EUR 15. ENERGOCONSTRUCÞIA S. Bucure¿ti .ARGEŞ Annual Turnover: 33.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 35. Consequently. service industry and sport and recreation).504. Bucure¿ti .L.Technical Manager Brands: REMCO BUILDING SYSTEMS Building Industry 129 .Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 59.remcoromania.000 RON (2008) Ownership Private-owned: 100% Foreign: 100% Company profile: Remco Romania SRL is designing. wholesale trade.492 EUR Most important companies in "Construction Companies" REMCO ROMANIA S.938. COMINCO S. Piteşti .ARGEŞ Annual Turnover: 46.978. manufacturing and erecting industrial buildings in all sectors of activity (production. retail trade.R.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 35.A. CONARG S.A.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 51.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 34.00 Fax: +40-21-203.A. etaj 3.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 29. transport. VIAROM CONSTRUCT S. Bra¿ov .443 EUR 12. Top management: JAN VAN VULPEN . EURO CONSTRUCT TRADING 98 S. known internationally as Remco Building Systems.501 EUR 11. Bucure¿ti . The large clear spans that can be achieved with this concept make optimum use of every square meter possible. Remco is having their own steel structure system.50.328. AEDIFICIA CARPAÞI S.254.173 EUR 13. Bucure¿ti .901 EUR 16.A.L.721 EUR SYNERGY CONSTRUCT S.

TEHNOREX) Strada Islaz.A.35.14 Fax: +40-21-668. 11. 077020. 401113.03. 37. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.894.L.209 EUR (2009) XX BOUYGUES ROMANIA S.Ploieşti.893. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-29. sector 5. sector 1.A. XX Strada Brăilei (Colţ Constructorilor).492 EUR (2009) ARCADA COMPANY S.88. 557260. sector 1.238 EUR (2009) XX COMPANIA DE CONSTRUCÞII DIN ALUMINIU AEDIFICIA CARPAŢI S. 36. 100306.67.639. 013686.40.R.66 Annual turnover: 25.88.881 EUR (2009) ASA XX CONS ROMANIA S.961.000 EUR (2009) BAUPARTNER S.23. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-20.823.XX ACOMIN S.27. Strada Jiului. 27.60 Annual turnover: 76.40 / 41 Fax: +40-21-310.55.Tomeşti.57.68. etaj 2.147 EUR (2009) XX COMINCO BUCOVINA S.88.A.147 EUR (2009) ANTREPRIZA CONSTRUCTII MONTAJ XX NR.00 Fax: +40-21-312. 2F. etaj 5.R. sector 1.558 EUR (2009) XX CAM SERV S.15. Unirea Shopping Center.A.R.01 Annual turnover: 19.75 Fax: +40-21-411. Mogoşoaia.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206.461 EUR (2009) XX CONARG S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203.67.198 EUR (2009) XX BUILD CORP S. sector 1. Ploieşti.080 EUR (2009) XX CON-A S. Șelimbăr.842. nr. nr.00 Fax: +40-269-56. 3.68 Fax: Annual turnover: 35. nr.679 EUR (2009) XX COIFER IMPEX S.900. EUR (2009) XX CLASSIC DOME S.06 Annual turnover: 29. nr.L.650 EUR (2009) BOG'ART S.17 Fax: +40-232-23. 800365.R.R.996. 230. Strada Negru Vodă. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-40.54.44 Fax: Annual turnover: 29. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-224. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-307.R. nr.07 Annual turnover: 21.A. 500209. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-31-228. 1.L.29.L.A. XX Strada Nicolae Roşu.52 Annual turnover: 18.R.04 Annual turnover: 106. Strada Căii Ferate.991.70.L.65 Annual turnover: 24.75. Cluj-Napoca. XX Strada Ion Brezoianu.30/45 Fax: +40-21-316.00.16 Fax: +40-264-43. Iuliu Barasch.19 Fax: +40-230-34.12.39. nr.L. 1.13 Annual turnover: 47.A. Strada Popa Tatu.C.194. 4A. 400206. 67. Frasin. 10. sector 3. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-410. 1270A. Bulevardul Magheru.54 Annual turnover: 15.29.410. Strada Mihai Viteazu.62 Fax: +40-21-255.721 EUR (2009) TEHNOREX S. 700079. Piteşti. XX Șoseaua Panduri. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-710.569 EUR (2009) APASCO S.75/6 Fax: +40-21-310. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-53.05/06/07/08 Fax: +40-21-352.173 EUR (2009) 130 Building Industry . Șoseaua Bucureşti .32.00 Fax: +40-21-206. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-20.747 EUR (2009) XX COMNORD S.82 Annual turnover: 46.57 Fax: Annual turnover: 18. sector 3.38.39 Annual turnover: 35. nr.29. 030792. XX Strada Rudului.91 Annual turnover: 22.39 +40-21-322.164. Șoseaua Berceni.L.21/22 Fax: +40-21-710.09. nr. XX Piaţa Unirii.06. nr. 2B. sector 1. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-726-90.062.443 EUR (2009) ALPINE S.77 +40-244-29.010. 4 BUCUREȘTI S.73. 077135.24/25/27 Fax: +40-21-361.A. Măneciu.L. nr. sector 1. XX Strada Gării. nr. etaj 2.50 Fax: +40-21-224. nr.51 Fax: +40-244-40.83 Annual turnover: 89.68. Iaşi.63.90.A.712.712 EUR (2009) XX COMINCO S.25 Annual turnover: 28.07.R. XX Strada Tabla Buţii.79.886. Strada Dr. Strada Principală.069.254. 010806. 31. Turda.03. 94.L. Berceni.00 Fax: +40-248-21. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-34.913 EUR (2009) BAUMEISTER S.03. 2.41.64. (C. 4.R.27.65 +40-264-31. sector 1.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-667.R.48. nr.995. 27.L.A. 180. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-320.02 Annual turnover: 23.546. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-255. sector 3. 283. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-22. nr. 30.781 EUR (2009) ANDAMI COMP S. nr. 136. Strada 22 Decembrie 1989.26 Annual turnover: 21. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-31.27 Annual turnover: 30.A. Galaţi.68 +40-236-31.888. nr. 030119. nr. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-361. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-31.55.31. nr. nr. Calea Griviţei.75 Fax: Annual turnover: 15. Șoseaua Iaşi .A.

Strada Iustin Mariseu. 014145.60 Fax: +40-21-334. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210. 94. nr.21 Annual turnover: 19. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.R. 8. etaj 1.93 Annual turnover: 24.037 EUR (2009) XX P.89.L.R. 013681.82. Constanţa. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-743-12.938.16 Annual turnover: 59. nr. 010561. 102. 39-45.68.344 EUR (2009) INTEGRAL S. nr. Braşov. nr.L. Caramfil.A.A.35/57 Fax: +40-257-24. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-21.484 EUR (2009) XX COMPANY S.339.87.03. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232.75 Fax: +40-257-21. sector 3.59 Annual turnover: 15.35. nr. Bistriţa.09 Annual turnover: 33. 031872.004 EUR (2009) XX HEBERGER CONSTRUCŢII S.345. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-334. 120171. 41.240.R. XX Strada Livezeni. XX Strada Şcolii. XX Strada Transilvaniei. nr.33 Annual turnover: 26.A. 041918.41. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-21.R. Petroşani.63. 300517.A.198 EUR (2009) CONCEFA S. sector 1.68. Timişoara. Arad.61 Fax: +40-31-405. 1-2. sector 1.98. XXII A.39.A.20.515. sector 1.382.L. Constanța.721 EUR (2009) EUROCONSTRUCT S.40 Annual turnover: 10. nr. sector 1.L.R. nr.45.97. ROMANIA S. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-71.324. apt.225. km 7. 420157. nr. 103-105. XX Strada N.23 Fax: +40-256-49.35.428.103 EUR (2009) XX MAX BOEGL ROMANIA S.64 Annual turnover: 22.208 EUR (2009) REDIVIVUS S.45 Fax: +40-21-232.62. XX Strada Mendeleev.12.L.62/63 Fax: +40-21-310.06.513 EUR (2009) ICIM ARAD S. 10. nr. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-200. Bulevardul Eroii Sanitari. nr.98 Annual turnover: 27.00.08. Pite¿ti. XX Strada Calea Șagului.15. 57.932. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.A. Buzău.02.926. 110139. 3.L.67 Annual turnover: 18.A.12 Fax: +40-238-71. PSV Strada General Constantin Budi¿teanu.88. XX Strada Unirii. 310150.L. 8.686 EUR (2009) XX MARTIFER CONSTRUCÞII S.42.77 Fax: +40-241-58.25 Fax: +40-21-316.R.85.282. Strada Stelea Spătaru. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-28.433 EUR (2009) XX MIVAN KIER JOINT VENTURE LIMITED NEWPARK SUCURSALA BUCUREȘTI Șoseaua Berceni. 10. sector 3. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-405.A. etaj 1.69/79 Fax: +40-21-232.42.16 Fax: +40-263-23.25. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-41.80 Annual turnover: 22.36. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-49. G. 4.281 EUR (2009) QUASAR INDUSTRIES S. nr. XX Strada Pandurului.77. nr.527 EUR (2009) CONCAS S.L. XX Strada Ion Roată.901 EUR (2009) EURO CONSTRUCT TRADING 98 S. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-402.13 Fax: +40-241- EUR (2009) ICCO S. 1A.A. 010366.05 Annual turnover: 34. Strada Chiciurei. judeţul BRAŞOV Phone: +40-268-40. nr. sector 5. sector 4.R. Arad.31 Fax: +40-21-311.87 Annual turnover: 16.46 Fax: +40-21-402.XX CONARG CONSTRUCT S.R.328. XX Calea Dorobanţilor. nr.68. XX Strada Ioan Căianu. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-405.40 Fax: +40-238-41. XX Strada Henri Coandă.30. XX Strada Nicolae Caramfil.524 EUR (2009) Building Industry 131 .08 Fax: +40-21-346. 49.21 Annual turnover: 8. nr.621. 050471. Strada Depozitelor.84 Annual turnover: 18. nr.R.17.86.497 EUR (2009) FIVE-HOLDING S. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-21.R.L.B.41. nr. nr.291 EUR (2009) CONVERSMIN S. sector 1. Buzău.39. XX Calea Aurel Vlaicu. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-346. 36-38. 59. județul BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Phone: +40-263-23. 163.126. 12.80 Annual turnover: 35.97. județul HUNEDOARA Phone: +40-254-20.L.00 Fax: +40-372-12.64 Annual turnover: 13.03 Annual turnover: 19.A.200.49 Annual turnover: 18.09 Annual turnover: 72.63. Sibiu. sector 1. nr.026 EUR (2009) DELTA ANTREPRIZ® DE CONSTRUCŢII XX ȘI MONTAJ 93 S. nr.22 Annual turnover: 19.53 Fax: +40-269-21.09 Fax: +40-248-21.A.817.12 Fax: +40-268-40.595 EUR (2009) CONVAS CONSTRUCT S.069 EUR (2009) ENERGOCONSTRUCÞIA S.639. Bucharest Business Park. 48.75 Annual turnover: 22.32.316.86.523 EUR (2009) CONSTRUCÞII ERBAȘU S.176.R. 72. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-58.L.810.06.25. 900280. 11 bis.

69 Fax: +40-21-312.ARAD Annual Turnover: 1. 031072.38/40 Fax: +40-21-599.43. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-41. 4.50 Fax: +40-248-25.978. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-323.39 Annual turnover: 120.L. 110438.73.55. 4. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-59. PS 1 B tronsonul 4.983 EUR (2009) XX SELINA S. sector 5.82 Annual turnover: 17.L. nr. nr.120 RON (2009) Architecture Companies Reported results for 2009 1.942. Bucureşti .000 EUR (2009) XX TOTAL CONFORT S. 410605.R. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-41.C. Galaţi.R. Arad . 020945.324.12 Fax: +40-268-40.64. nr.65 Annual turnover: 25.501 EUR (2009) ZEUS S.614 EUR (2009) VECTRA SERVICE S. 5 D. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-410.265 EUR (2009) VIAROM CONSTRUCT S. 4.65 Fax: +40-244-59.L.L.73.67.443 EUR (2009) XX SIKA ROMANIA S.A.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 13. Oradea. Șoseaua Borşului.143. 14/A.161.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 6. XX Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu.R. Bucureşti .195. Ploieşti. nr. sector 2.R.982.L.M.87 Fax: +40-21-242.650. 061129.R. XX Strada Exerciţiu.05 Fax: +40-236-47.286.328 EUR ARCADIA ENGINEERING S.506.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 53.A. Bucureşti . S.06.00 Annual turnover: bloc M110.783 EUR PROIECT ARAD S. sector 5. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-40. Strada Sabinelor.90 Annual turnover: 49.S.907 EUR A. Bucureşti . 023828.L.B. nr. 050726.67.40 Annual turnover: 18. nr. XX Strada Siderurgi¿tilor. 600 A.91 Fax: +40-21-318.750.L.447 EUR (2009) XX STRABAG S.31. Strada Dimitrie Pompeiu .457.42 Annual turnover: 62. Braşov. 500052.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 1.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318. Strada Lucian Blaga. nr.116 EUR (2009) URBAN ICIM GRUP XX Company name: URBAN ELECTRIC S. sector 2.90.13 Annual turnover: 16.66 Annual turnover: 18.700.M. 6.L.18.R.95.A. nr.607.02 Fax: +40-259-44.L.63.87 Annual turnover: 88. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-403. nr.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 2.943 EUR (2009) XX T. Strada Tudor Arghezi.10 Annual turnover: 76. 117. S.504 EUR (2009) XX SYNERGY CONSTRUCT S.954 EUR (2009) VEGA 93 S.224 EUR WESTFOURTH ARCHITECTURE S. nr. sector 3.A. 37-39.L. 100562.L.19.R. bloc D16.55. XX Intrarea Glucozei. 7.A.23.91. 132 Building Industry PROSPECÞIUNI S. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-47.L.95 Fax: +40-268-41. Bucureşti . 162. 500450.R.XX ROTARY CONSTRUCŢII S. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316. sector 6.87 Fax: +40-21-316.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-242. 3.64. 5. 103.90 Fax: +40-21-323. 7.927.ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS S.504. nr. 90.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 1.522 EUR KAPPA .62.C.U.R.R.63. etaj 3. Braşov.119 EUR ATELIER 3 S. 8-10. Strada Ioan Clopoţel. etaj 5.R. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-25. 2. Bucureşti .97.476.95 Annual turnover: 42.06.873 EUR (2009) UNGER STEEL S.800.A.R. Strada Democraţiei. Calea 13 Septembrie. sector 2.L.39 Annual turnover: 51. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-599.071 EUR .42 Fax: +40-21-410. XX Strada Carierei. Piteşti.924.979.

224 EUR (2009) KAPPA . nr.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 1. etaj 1.14.R.L. Bucureşti . 34-36.86 Fax: +40-257-28.784 EUR (2009) Civil Engineering Reported results for 2009 1. XX Bulevardul Carol I. 3. Cluj-Napoca .L. 39.L.14 Fax: +40-21-310. sector 1.64 Fax: +40-21-319.286. XX Șoseaua Nicolae Titulescu. ALPHA STUDIO S.161.24 Annual turnover: 6. sector 1.8. 72-74. Bucureşti .750. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.30 Fax: +40-21-232.L.161. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. 4-8. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311.87.L. Bucureşti .522 EUR (2009) ARCHITECT-SERVICE S. S-Park. 4. XX Strada Daniel Danielopolu. Estia Residence.071 EUR (2009) ARCADIA ENGINEERING S.A.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 14. nr.328 EUR I. MBS GROUP S.234 EUR (2009) WEST GROUP ARCHITECTURE S. 1. nr.02.R. sector 4.81 Fax: +40-21-311.A.45 Annual turnover: 1.46.R.537 EUR ACMS S.HUNEDOARA Annual Turnover: 7. XX Strada Tuzla.261.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 6. etaj 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.37 Annual turnover: 1. nr. nr. Hunedoara .67 Annual turnover: 13.476.R.02/03 Annual turnover: 1.115. sector 1.L.12 Fax: +40-21-319. nr.94. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-28.00.L.70 Annual turnover: 1. sector 2.811. nr.B. Bucureşti .119 EUR (2009) PROSPECŢIUNI S.522 EUR Building Industry 133 .170.A.A.05. XX Strada Odei.94. Strada Tipografilor. 012271.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 13. nr.10.ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS S.324.H. 9.R.R. etaj 2.007.L.L.842 EUR 10. 4-6.842 EUR (2009) ATELIER 3 S. sector 2.R.R.173 EUR (2009) WESTFOURTH ARCHITECTURE S.00. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-315.L.R. 4.823 EUR ARCHITECT-SERVICE S. I.A.907 EUR (2009) ROMCOM INTERNAÞIONAL S. 010218. 11-15. Constantin.56 Annual turnover: 53.13. Arad.506 EUR ARCADIA ENGINEERING S. WEST GROUP ARCHITECTURE S.46.607. 020922.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232. XX Strada Horaţiu. etaj 11.C.C. nr.66.476.R.48 Annual turnover: 1.66. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-313.R. 2. sector 1. 2. XX Bulevardul Decebal.328 EUR (2009) PROIECT ARAD S. Modern.76 Fax: +40-21-314.S.15. 20.39. XX Strada Sf.02/03 Fax: +40-21-315.L. sector 1.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 1. etaj 5.73 Annual turnover: 1.08. S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-450.57 Fax: +40-21-312. Bucureşti .170.14.115.L.26 Fax: +40-21-451. XX Strada Caransebeş. nr.143.13.173 EUR Most important companies in "Architecture Companies" XX ACMS S. sector 1.759.87.66 Annual turnover: 2.

078.008 EUR (2009) XX WSP GROUP S.H.L.R.670 EUR ALCO PLUS S. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-310.60 Fax: +40-21-539.C. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.A.87.94.L.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 1. XX Strada Constantin Bursan. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312.L.L.94.5.87. Strada Stupca. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-319.67 Annual turnover: 13. Decoration & Gardening Reported results for 2009 1.05 Fax: +40-21-434.095. nr.46.L.R.ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS S.R. sector 1.L.14 Fax: +40-21-310. 2. etaj 2. nr.L. S. Bucureşti . 20. POYRY ROMåNIA S.30 Annual turnover: 1.61 Annual turnover: 8.811.008 EUR KAPPA .310 Annual turnover: 14. S-Park.783 EUR WSP GROUP S.L.A. 7. 6.17.050 Fax: +40-254-712.700.R.L.ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS S. Brăila .328 EUR (2009) XX MBS GROUP S.A.849 EUR POPP & ASOCIATII S.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 3.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 29.759. sector 6. județul HUNEDOARA Phone: +40-254-713. Strada Horațiu. 3.01. sector 1.R.784 EUR (2009) Interior Design. Strada Radu Vodă. 39.88. 9. nr.57 Fax: +40-21-312. Bucureşti .Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 2.476. Bucureşti . nr.46.L.L.161. XX Strada Horațiu. sector 1. 040273.757 EUR .810.R. Strada Tipografilor. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-434.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 2.S.R. Hunedoara.R. sector 1.BACĂU Annual Turnover: 19. Estia Residence.537 EUR (2009) XX POPP & ASOCIAÞII S.616 Annual turnover: 7. nr.871.880. nr.18. 8.R.24 Annual turnover: 6. XX Strada Tuzla.33.000 EUR ROMCOM INTERNATIONAL S. Bucureşti .L. etaj 3. Bacău . 8.R.L.20 Annual turnover: 3. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-539. Bucureşti . 134 Building Industry ROSAL GRUP S. 17. Calea Griviței. 20. etaj 1.743 RON (2009) ARCADIA ENGINEERING S.234 EUR Most important companies in "Civil Engineering" XX ACMS S.522 EUR (2009) I. 11-15. nr.64 Fax: +40-21-319.750.BRĂILA Annual Turnover: 14.R. Bucureşti .R.28 Fax: +40-21-317. 6.347. nr. 061042.R.871.506 EUR (2009) KAPPA .007. 331130.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 1.33.88. Bucuresti Phone: +40-21-31.072 EUR VASION S. sector 2.000 EUR (2009) XX POYRY ROMåNIA S.66 Annual turnover: 2.700.750. sector 4. 136.

Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-231.00 Annual turnover: 2.SIBIU Annual Turnover: 5.25.224 EUR (2009) GARDENA XX Company name: MADEX INTERNATIONAL S.76.078.53/54 Annual turnover: 2. PAZO GRUP S.494 EUR (2009) GIP XX GRUP S. județul BRĂILA Phone: +40-239-61.314 EUR (2009) MARCATIN S. nr.DOLJ Annual Turnover: 3.G. Decoration & Gardening" XX A. Măgurele . Măgurele .R. Pieleşti. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-52.4.77 Annual turnover: 9. nr.838. ECO Strada Atomi¿tilor.I. 11.81 Fax: +40-21-232. Brăila.L.50 Annual turnover: 2. 800198. 12.24. 117-123. S. S.224 EUR 10.00.507.916.12 Annual turnover: 5.L.R.L.L.R.C.536 EUR (2009) DECOVIL S. 2.17. Sighişoara.03/04 Fax: +40-21-351.040.SUCEAVA Annual Turnover: 5.R. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-777. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-352. sector 6.G. Suceava .03 Fax: +40-251-41.R. XX Șoseaua Pipera.03.72 Fax: +40-21-777.R. Șoseaua Odăi. nr. sector 3.00. nr.R.76. 030218. 810015. 020112. 127-135. nr. 013603. 1.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.72 Annual turnover: 6. 48.L.859 EUR ECO HORTICULTURA S.37 Annual turnover: 14.R. XX Șoseaua D‰mboviței.30 Fax: +40-230-51.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 6.64 Annual turnover: 3.847.23.00 Fax: +40-236-49.L. Pieleşti .A. Strada Bistriţei. Galaţi.L.53/54 Fax: +40-21-223. 9. 13. 5.30.548 EUR Most important companies in "Interior Design.757 EUR (2009) ANDROMEDE DECOR S.349 EUR (2009) XX HORTICULTURA S.00.12.04 Annual turnover: 2. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-41. 011153. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-223.016.349 EUR GIP GRUP S. 545400.A. Bucureşti .847.916 EUR (2009) ELPREST S. XX Calea Bucureşti. F.A.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 2.A.325. XX Strada T‰rnavei.751. sector 1. nr. ANDROMEDE DECOR S.R. Strada C.R. 17.612.58.83 Fax: +40-21-433.L.507. 207450. Bucureşti .I.L. 6.03 Annual turnover: 3. 7.L. nr.227 EUR SIEBENBURGISCHES NUGAT S.23. Şeica Mică . 8. XX Strada Faţa Portului. Robescu.24.25.L.04 Fax: +40-265-77.R.R.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 9.C. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-49.040. XX Strada Hagi Moscu Maria.A. 077125.929. nr. nr. XX Strada Ștefan cel Mare.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 3. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-232.859 EUR (2009) CENTRUL GREEN SHOP S.02 Annual turnover: 2.36.314 EUR ELPREST S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 2.176 EUR (2009) CONSIG S. 102-106.74/76 Fax: +40-21-310.45. MADEX INTERNATIONAL S.612. . 139/11.12. Bucureşti .055. .929.10 Fax: +40-239-61. 720273.766.A.854 EUR (2009) Building Industry 135 .12.R.03. Suceava.30.227 EUR (2009) ALCO PLUS S.L. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-77.799 EUR A. sector 1. nr.A.838.L. sector 2.L.494 EUR 11. nr. Bucureşti .

10 J.77 Fax: +40-21-230.964 EUR Most important companies in "Project Management in Construction" XX AECOM ROMANIA S.348 EUR (2009) DANYA CEBUS ROM S.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-200.02 Annual turnover: 19.45. sector 3.L.072 EUR (2009) SIEBENBURGISCHES NUGAT S. nr.R.65 Fax: +40-231-53. Piteşti . 033093. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.796.810. DANYA CEBUS ROM S. sector 2.R. sector 4.07 Annual turnover: 5. ap.84 Fax: +40-21-316.R. 040164.67 Fax: +40-268-31.173 EUR MEP CONSTRUCT INTERNATIONAL S. 62 A.11. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-31. 47. 12.45.C. XX Șoseaua Dudeşti . 3.R.000 EUR REAL DESIGN TRUST S. etaj 4. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-51. nr. 2. XX Strada Bradului. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-337.77 Annual turnover: 1.L.R. nr.11.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230.R.69.R.L. ap.55.09. 4.150 EUR (2009) XX HARRIS PROJECTS S. Botoşani.Pantelimon.670 EUR (2009) ROSAL GRUP S. Bucureşti . XX Strada Budila.04.04. 48. 2-4-6.47 Annual turnover: N/A XX ALBA PROJECTMANAGEMENT ROMANIA S.A. etaj 2. sector 1.827.775.35 Annual turnover: 29.809 EUR (2009) 136 Building Industry .55.R.R.44 Fax: +40-21-337. 014104.055.79 Annual turnover: 2. Bucureşti .R.347.L. 104. 51.Sectorul 2 Annual Turnover: 118. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-58.02 Fax: +40-21-314. nr.R.410. 7. sector 2.L. 500331.150 EUR LOUIS BERGER S. nr.795 EUR (2009) VASION S.69.496.R.L.86 Annual turnover: 1. nr.51 Fax: +40-21-200.496.L.L. 4-10.17. nr.408 EUR CONARG S.37. 710319. județul BOTOȘANI Phone: +40-231-53.L.796 EUR (2009) VAL XX S.000.69.77 Annual turnover: 1. 011022.R.23. mezanin. XX Strada Principală.916.69.07 Fax: +40-269-51.R.L. sector 1. Strada Principatele Unite. Bucureşti . nr.ARGEŞ Annual Turnover: 46. Brătianu. XX Strada I. 600245.67 Annual turnover: 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-314. Strada ënfrățirii.XX PAZO GRUP S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.45.548 EUR (2009) TOTEX S.490. nr. Bacău. 5. Șoseaua Pipera. Șoseaua Nordului .L.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 32.L.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: Fax: +40-21-233. Bucureşti . Braşov. EC Strada Munții Tatra.799 EUR (2009) Project Management in Construction Reported results for 2009 1.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 55. Șeica Mică.21 Annual turnover: 118.02 Fax: +40-234-58.

681. etaj 7. nr.21 Annual turnover: 3. S.R.L. Calea Șagului. ROMSTRADE S. nr. CLUJ S.R. 300517. 024011.1.L. 7. AYASH Center.338 EUR (2009) Infrastructure Project Developers Reported results for 2009 1. SPANIA FILIALA LOUIS BERGER SAS XX Bulevardul Nicolae Titulescu nr. 3.R.34.885. Calea Floreasca nr.82 / 85 Fax: +40-21-232.L. bloc A7. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.55. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-650. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-529.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 131.68 Annual turnover: 5.522 EUR (2009) XX GLEEDS ROMANIA S. RENO NEVADA SUA SUCURSALA CLUJ NAPOCA ROMANIA Cluj-Napoca . 011131.R.919.704 EUR (2009) XX GARDINER & THEOBALD S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232.99 Annual turnover: 1.68 Annual turnover: 6. 8.51.88. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222.L.R.C.00 Fax: +40-21-529.340. Adunaţii Copăceni .66 Fax: +40-21-316. 5D.000. etaj 5.11.258. nr.00.382 EUR Building Industry 137 .R.924. 82.92.28 Fax: +40-21-317.000. sector 1.046.993 EUR BECHTEL INTERNATIONAL INC S. 136.L. 1.30 Annual turnover: 1.L. ap. Bucureşti .89 Fax: +40-21-311.581.L.L.R.11.00.88. 192. sector 1. corp A. 5.88 Annual turnover: 32.L.967 EUR (2009) CONSULTANTS & ENGINEERS S. Bucureşti . județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-30.70 Annual turnover: 3.A.L. sector 1.71.34.GIURGIU Annual Turnover: 268. km 7. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-314. Timişoara.20. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311.51.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 120. nr.35 Annual turnover: 80.715. Bacău .L. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu. sector 6.A. sector 1.504 EUR TEHNOLOGICA RADION S.L.I.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 136.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 152.R.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 108. bloc A7.92.R.391 EUR STRABAG S. sector 2.BACĂU Annual Turnover: 177.454 EUR STRABAG S.21. Bucureşti . 169 A. Calea Victoriei. Bacău .L.11.158.R. 4.R. sector 1.85.000 EUR HIDROCONSTRUCÞIA S. Strada Argetoaia.12 Annual turnover: 55.R.R.700.142.066 EUR (2009) XX INOCSA INGENIERIA.93 Annual turnover: 2.245. 2H. Bulevardul Vasile Milea. Bucureşti . sector 1.018. etaj 3.964 EUR (2009) XX POPP & ASOCIAÞII S. Cluj-Napoca .71.L.35 Fax: +40-21-314.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 264. etaj 8.199 EUR (2009) XX LOUIS BERGER S.141-143.XX EUROHOLDING S.580 EUR TEHNOSTRADE S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.325 EUR A. 6. 2.R. Calea Griviței. 061341. Calea Floreasca.BACĂU Annual Turnover: 220.524 EUR SPEDITION UMB S.96. 9.538.55 Fax: +40-256-29.R.408 EUR (2009) XX TEBODIN ROMANIA ROMANIA S. 5.319.L. nr.R.L. ap.13 Fax: +40-21-650. Bulevardul Nicolae Titulescu.000 EUR (2009) XX MEP CONSTRUCT INTERNATIONAL S.12 Fax: +40-21-222.796. etaj 3. nr. sector 2. scara C.000 EUR (2009) XX REAL DESIGN TRUST S.39 Fax: +40-21-318. 84.

68 Annual turnover: 35. Galaţi.L.139. COLAS DRUMURI S. Strada Brăilei (Colţ Constructorilor). Alexandria .05/06/07/08 Fax: +40-21-352.638 EUR 18. 10.BACĂU Annual Turnover: 51.391 RON (2009) XX ANTREPRIZA DE LUCR®RI DRUMURI ŞI PODURI IAŞI S.319 EUR 14. etaj 1.50. Mogoşoaia. Mogoşoaia . EURO CONSTRUCT TRADING 98 S. Oradea .A.TELEORMAN Annual Turnover: 43.661 EUR 20. Galaţi .R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-345.A.780 EUR 11.A. 5-25. ACI Strada Dorobanţilor. ELECTROMONTAJ S.L.174. ENERGOCONSTRUCÞIA S.BIHOR Annual Turnover: 35.886.L. 800365.806 EUR Most important companies in "Infrastructure Project Developers" XX CLUJ S. COLAS ROMANIA S. VEGA 93 S.12 Annual turnover: 131.A.596.875. APOLODOR COM IMPEX S.76. 400609. 70.09. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-252. Cluj-Napoca.L.106. TEL DRUM S. sector 2. nr.195. 43C. bloc C14. Bucureşti .ILFOV Annual Turnover: 106.511.34 Annual turnover: 21. Bucureşti .L.531.L.A.621. Oituz . DELTA ANTREPRIZ® DE CONSTRUCÞII ŞI MONTAJ 93 S. Bucureşti .265 EUR 12.A.60 Fax: +40-21-252.817.032 EUR (2009) ALPINE S. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-31-228.880 EUR 19.790.52.868 EUR (2009) XX ARCADA COMPANY S.A.68 Fax: +40-236-31.41.72. XX Strada Popa Lazăr. REPCON S.881 EUR 23. 077135.L.316.R.GALAȚI Annual Turnover: 35. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-31. Bucureşti . LOUIS BERGER SAS Bucureşti . 11.901 EUR 22. ARCADA COMPANY S.00.R. nr.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 59.30 Fax: +40-21-345.GALAŢI Annual Turnover: 88.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 42.75.54 Fax: +40-232-23.88.357.L.R.790. Grigore Ioan. Iaşi. Galați .A.DOLJ Annual Turnover: 36.88. Bulevardul Theodor Pallady.712 EUR (2009) XX APOLODOR COM IMPEX S.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 72.868 EUR 15.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 35.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: nr.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 80.16 Annual turnover: 6.R. sector 3.10.R.639. ALPINE S. 032258.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 71. Craiova .2.877 EUR 21. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-40.R. 700440.R. XX Strada Gării.721 EUR 16.00 Annual turnover: 71.A. Bucureşti .02 Fax: +40-264-41.681. nr.583 EUR 17.04 Annual turnover: 106. nr.881 EUR (2009) ACVATOT S. Strada Serg.L.639. Bucureşti .781 EUR (2009) 138 Building Industry .000 EUR 13. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-23. PA & CO INTERNATIONAL S.

08 Annual turnover: 36. XX Strada Sergent Grigore Ioan.877 EUR (2009) COLAS ROMåNIA S. nr. 1. 38.66.919.17.R.581.721 EUR (2009) EUROVIA-CONSTRUCT INTERNATIONAL S.84. nr. Băneşti.A.26.L.A. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-21.15. nr.99. XX Calea Aurel Vlaicu.16/17/18 Annual turnover: 15.319 EUR (2009) Bulevardul Aviatorilor. 11-15.62. XX Strada Păstrăvului. 310350.DIRECÞIA DOBROGEA XX Bulevardul 1 Decembrie 1918. 700440.511. XX Strada Nicolae Caramfil.409 EUR (2009) DOMARCONS S.54 Fax: +40-741-81.03. nr. 48.40 Fax: +40-238-41.56.08. 39-45. Frasin. 103-105. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-28.817.L.52 Annual turnover: 32. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.25 Fax: +40-21-316.47 Annual turnover: 36.L. nr. nr. Iaşi. 30.83 Fax: +40-21-444.316. 01461.801 EUR (2009) COMINCO BUCOVINA S.L. Savadisla. 010873. Arad.R.56. XX Strada Tipografilor nr.R.261 EUR (2009) ELECTROMONTAJ S.35 Annual turnover: 27. nr.325 EUR (2009) CAST S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-346.01 Fax: +40-750-00.R.96.32.599. 1.61 Annual turnover: 18. 061334. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-63.03. nr.R. nr.84 Annual turnover: 177. nr. 031872. XX Strada Principală. sector 3. XX Drumul Industriilor.L. nr. 21.L. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-741-81.L.992 EUR (2009) Building Industry 139 . Ploieşti. Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-18.351.00 Fax: +40-21-314.56.L.403.20 Annual turnover: 136.208.596.459.26. 2. sector 1.GRUP COLAS S. sector 1.14 Annual turnover: 16.20.A.75. Strada Petrolului. 200233.39.33 Fax: +40-21-203.810. 56/76.54 Annual turnover: 15. XX Strada Principală. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-351-40.08.96. 010561.A.96.621. 100 K. Strada Chiciurei.357. sector 1. 11-15.80.32. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-336. XX Strada Candiano Popescu. 1.12 Fax: +40-241-63.198 EUR (2009) CONSTRUCŢII FEROVIARE IAȘI .712 EUR (2009) COMPANIA NAÞIONAL® DE AUTOSTR®ZI ŞI XX DRUMURI NAÞIONALE DIN ROMåNIA S. XX Strada Soldat Gheorghe Matac.72 Fax: +40-233- Fax: +40-750-88.19 Fax: +40-230-34. corp A1. 10. FRANÞA SUCURSALA ROMåNIA XX Strada Tipografilor nr. Craiova.A.403 EUR (2009) COLAS DRUMURI S.506. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.44 Fax: +40-257-28.30.80 Annual turnover: 35. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-741-88. km 28.01 Fax: +40-21-312.08 Fax: +40-21-346.32 Fax: +40-251-48.877 EUR (2009) COLAS DRUMURI S. nr. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-48.27.69/79 Fax: +40-21-232.56.A.93 Fax: +40-21-336.451. sector 6. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-33. județul NEAMŢ Phone: +40-233-22.XX ARGECOM S.656. nr. 57. 610244.28. 15-17. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-22.84 Annual turnover: 17.14 Fax: +40-244-33.901 EUR (2009) EURO CONSTRUCT TRADING 98 S. bloc 1.494 EUR (2009) BECHTEL INTERNATIONAL INC S.661 EUR (2009) COLAS S. XX Strada Toporaşi. sector 1.99 Annual turnover: 23. sector 2. 014145.280. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-41.712.69 Fax: +40-232-22.01 Annual turnover: 9.880 EUR (2009) ENERGOCONSTRUCÞIA S.03. etaj 1.A. 16 bis.R.965 EUR (2009) CONCAS S. 120171.80.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203.52 Fax: +40-251-48. 13. Constanța. nr.052 EUR (2009) XX COMPANIA DE TRANSPORT FEROVIAR BUCUREȘTI S.59 Annual turnover: 15.993 EUR (2009) DIMAR S. Piatra-Neamț. nr.99.16 Annual turnover: 59. Bulevardul Dinicu Golescu.00 DN 107.157 EUR (2009) ASIRI INTERNATIONAL S. Strada Gheorghe Șincai.R.39 Fax: +40-248-21. XX Bulevardul Timişoara.41.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-444.54. nr. XX Calea Dorobanţilor. 163. Buzău.09 Annual turnover: 72.74 Annual turnover: 39.99.36. sector 1. XX RENO NEVADA SUA SUCURSALA CLUJ NAPOCA ROMANIA CONAR S.17.93.596. sector 1. Craiova.L.A.27 Annual turnover: 24.01/15 Fax: +40-372-18. XX Strada Transilvaniei. Bucureşti Phone: +40-750-00. sector 4. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318. 900162.41.A. nr. nr.62.09.R. .A.592 EUR (2009) DELTA ANTREPRIZ® DE CONSTRUCŢII XX ȘI MONTAJ 93 S.19.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-620. Piteşti.457.31 Annual turnover: 15.92 Annual turnover: 42. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-34.74.

județul TELEORMAN Phone: +40-247-31.L. sector 2.R. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti. 5-7.R. Galaţi.R. 14.L.XX GEIGER TRANSILVANIA S. 65. PORTUGALIA SUCURSALA ROMANIA Strada Dimitrie Pompei.885.R.000.R.L. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-450. 59-61.401 EUR (2009) S.000 EUR (2009) XX MOTA-ENGIL.A.18. 050726.L. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-47. XX Bulevardul Unirii. Bectro Center.92 +40-236-46. 77. XX Strada Mără¿eşti. sector 1.71 Annual turnover: 14.265 EUR (2009) UNICOM S. nr. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-365-40.646.61 Annual turnover: 8.82.R. sector 6. nr.14. județul GIURGIU Phone: +40-246-28. 29.70 Fax: Annual turnover: 24.716.87 +40-21-316. Annual turnover: 264.800 EUR (2009) 140 Building Industry .32 Fax: Annual turnover: 21.62 Fax: +40-21-233. XX Strada Mihai Viteazul. 10 A.26/23/24 Fax: +40-31-103. Km. Strada Cădrea Bastiliei.A. PS 1 B tronsonul 4.034 EUR (2009) XX & CO INTERNATIONAL S. nr.33.85 Fax: +40-21-450. bloc A7.454 EUR (2009) TEL XX DRUM S.L.L.35 Annual turnover: 80.195. ap. 7.580 EUR (2009) STRABAG S.08 Annual turnover: 35.21 +40-236-41. nr.431 EUR (2009) TEHNOLOGICA RADION S.273 EUR (2009) SOCOT S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-314. nr.25 Annual turnover: 28.000.43 Fax: Annual turnover: 6.806 EUR (2009) XX ROMSTRADE S. 600391. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-208. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-31-103. Șoseaua Giurgiu-Bucuresti. 030203.340. Adunaţii Copăceni. XX Strada Tecuci. XX Strada Siderurgi¿tilor. Oradea.00 Fax: +40-21-312.49 Annual turnover: 268. nr. 023772.L. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-312. sector 2.341. ENGENHARIA E CONSTRUCAO XX SOCIETATEA DE CONSTRUCŢII ëN TRANSPORTURI BUCUREȘTI S. 19+500. Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-11.20.00 +40-372-11.70 Fax: Annual turnover: 21.83.389 EUR (2009) WIEBE ROMANIA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-403. 087005. nr. Jilava. 010613. etaj 3. PA Strada Principală. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-20. 36. nr.25 +40-21-210.12.789. 169 J.67 Fax: +40-259-42. Strada Geiger.47. nr.88 Annual turnover: 8. sector 1.18/19 Fax: +40-21-316. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-33. etaj 3. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233. 410542. 010985.956. T‰rgu Mureş.95 Fax: Annual turnover: 17. XX Strada D‰mboviţa.605 EUR (2009) XX HIDROCONSTRUCŢIA S. 800386.921 EUR (2009) XX HAN GROUP S. Galați.R.L.16.36. nr. GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-43. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-45.638 EUR (2009) VEGA 93 S. sector 1. 90.11 +40-265- +40-247-31.93 Fax: +40-365-40. nr. sector 5.01 +40-234-20.31. nr.258.046.52. nr.A.703 EUR (2009) XX LOUIS BERGER SAS Bulevardul Nicolae Titulescu.34. Strada Opanez. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-23. XX Strada Frumoasă.L.46.47.896. 800343. clădirea Conect 3.20.39 Fax: Annual turnover: 120.L.631 EUR (2009) SPEDITION UMB S.583 EUR (2009) XX PORR CONSTRUCT S. 1 E.R. Bacău.87 Fax: Annual turnover: 88.572.382 EUR (2009) TEHNOSTRADE S.00 Fax: +40-21-208.18.909.03 Fax: Annual turnover: 152.34. sector 1. 82. 557.82.943.43.69.A.526.65. nr.12.00/01/02 +40-234-20.77. sector 1. 17.924.524 EUR (2009) XX IRIDEX GROUP IMPORT . Oituz.42. 547185.72.R.L.97.R. 161. 458 Bis. Galaţi. Șoseaua Giurgiului. intrarea C.R. 040651.875. nr.69.EXPORT S. 103-105.05 +40-236-47.00 +40-21-317.17.74.A. nr.A. 140102.L. nr.49.839.94 Annual turnover: 13. Strada Atelierelor. 4. 1. nr. ap.49 Fax: +40-246-28. Criste¿ti. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.03 Fax: Annual turnover: 220. nr.R.R.A.01 Annual turnover: 10.30. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-46. Calea Dorobanţilor. Bacău. XX Calea 13 Septembrie.35 Fax: +40-21-314. 3 A. 11. nr. 011131.20.29. 540080. Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-11. XX Strada Brăilei.000 EUR (2009) XX SEARCH CORPORATION S.504 EUR (2009) TANCRAD S.82.83. Strada Libertății. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-211.A. nr.174.77 Fax: Annual turnover: 43. 145. Strada Sf‰nta Vineri.077 EUR (2009) XX REPCON S.17. sector 3. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-20.30 Fax: Annual turnover: 108.00 Fax: +40-234-33.05 Annual turnover: 51. Alexandria.

27.IAŞI Annual Turnover: 13. Chisoda .842.913 EUR (2009) Building Industry 141 . Chiajna .L.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 25.A. nr.876 EUR CARPAT BETON S.57 Annual turnover: 18. 401113. EUROPREFABRICATE S.L. COM-BETON S.104.65 Fax: +40-264-31.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 208.104 EUR ASA CONS ROMANIA S. nr.203.585 EUR LAFARGE AGREGATE BETOANE S. GENERAL BETON ROMANIA S. 27.70.A.96 Annual turnover: 20. Bucureşti .221 EUR 14.935 EUR LAFARGE CIMENT (ROMåNIA) S.421 EUR ARCON S.Concrete" XX ARCON S. 7.R. 520009.Building Products Concrete Reported results for 2009 1. 2.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 246.COVASNA Annual Turnover: 20.L.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 18. POMPONIO S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 19.R.246. Bucureşti . Vinţu de Jos . Zalău . Bucureşti .923 EUR Most important companies in "Building Products . 6. Sf‰ntu Gheorghe.520 EUR 13. Bucureşti .180. Strada 22 Decembrie 1989.A.913 EUR 10.062.R.A.R.A.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 12.A.TIMIŞ Annual Turnover: 13. Turda .632 EUR 16.921 EUR BITUMTRADING S.896.096.L. HOLCIM (ROMåNIA) S.A.L.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 12. județul COVASNA Phone: +40-267-31. Timişoara .29 Fax: +40-267-35.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 19.R.062.R.571 EUR 15.42. Bucureşti . Sf‰ntu Gheorghe . județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-31.266 EUR (2009) ASA XX CONS ROMANIA S.R. EURO-ACTIV S.583.198 EUR 11. 5. Bucureşti .Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 209.TIMIŞ Annual Turnover: 12.015.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 41. Bucureşti .SĂLAJ Annual Turnover: 13.975 EUR 12.L.932. 8. 9.L.411. Strada Korosi Csoma Sandor.177.679. Ia¿i .ALBA Annual Turnover: 13.L. Turda.203.134. 32.18. ALAS ROMANIA S. CARPAT AGREGATE S.R. Bucureşti .237.L. 4.R.266 EUR PREFAB S. 3.294 EUR CARPATCEMENT HOLDING S.L.A.

Strada Lucian Blaga. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-307.55.198 EUR (2009) XX PREFAB S.177. sector 1. ap.77. Chisoda.BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Annual Turnover: 44. 5. 905500. Calea Floreasca.14/15 Annual turnover: 246.11. Calea Șagului.A.180. nr.71 Fax: +40-256-49.210.294 EUR (2009) XX POMPONIO S. sector 1.068.00 Fax: +40-21-312. Deva .R.A.77 Fax: +40-21-311. nr. 20.66.842.59.036 EUR ELPRECO S.A. 20.R. IAȘI Iaşi . Bulevardul Mihai Viteazul.A.096. S-Park.59.R.58.742 EUR SOCERAM S. km 7.R.L.HUNEDOARA Annual Turnover: 31. Bucureşti .98. sector 1.XX BITUMTRADING S.125 EUR WIENERBERGER .L.R.64 Fax: +40-260-66.01 Fax: +40-241-75.579 RON (2009) XX LAFARGE CIMENT (ROMåNIA) S.375 EUR TITAN MAR S. nr. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti. Timişoara.10.59.27. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-75.975 EUR (2009) XX EUROPREFABRICATE S.10.935 EUR (2009) XX LAFARGE AGREGATE BETOANE S.932.81 Annual turnover: 19.A.526.008.18. nr.76 Fax: +40-21-311.L. 2A.52. 2.56 Annual turnover: 19.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 25. Incintă Port.104. Bistriţa .02 Annual turnover: 25.59.520 EUR (2009) XX EURO-ACTIV S. nr. nr. S-Park.876 EUR (2009) Building Products Masonry Reported results for 2009 1.583.52.279. 4. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-23.56 Fax: +40-21-330.421 EUR (2009) XX CARPAT BETON S. etaj 7/8.52.L. Bulevardul Chimiei.246. 450090. 142 Building Industry TERAPLAST S.015. 169 A. 011826. etaj 1.127 EUR MACON S. Zalău. Strada Prelungirea Bucure¿ti.A.01 Fax: +40-258-73. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.55 Fax: +40-256-29.IAŞI Annual Turnover: 12. județul SĂLAJ Phone: +40-260-66.R.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-307. 8. Aleea Modrogan.428. Călăraşi.22 Annual turnover: 13.A.484. 013681. Suceava .ILFOV Annual Turnover: 10.58.23 Annual turnover: 13. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311. Strada Epure. 700293.68 Annual turnover: 12.104 EUR (2009) XX CARPATCEMENT HOLDING S. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-30.A.40.585 EUR (2009) XX COM-BETON S.571 EUR (2009) XX GENERAL BETON ROMANIA S.DOLJ Annual Turnover: 23.A.74 Annual turnover: 208.90 Fax: +40-232-26. județul CĂLĂRAȘI Phone: +40-21-330.09. sector 1.775. 8. Craiova . 1A.00 Fax: +40-21-307.202 EUR CERAMICA S. nr.L. sector 1.896. Vinţu de Jos.77. Bucureşti . 2-4.411. 14.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 39.SUCEAVA Annual Turnover: 13. 3.08/09 Fax: +40-21-231. Aleea Modrogan.66. județul ALBA Phone: +40-258-81. 53/A. 6.R.85. 1A.L.66. Ia¿i. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311.SISTEME DE C®R®MIZI S. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-20.45 Annual turnover: 209.64 Annual turnover: 13.221 EUR (2009) XX HOLCIM (ROMåNIA) S. Mangalia. Chiajna . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231.611 EUR .766 EUR DUO MAT S.R. 517875.A.679.A.68 Annual turnover: 13. 7. nr.86 Annual turnover: 174.L.L.

the whole range of concrete accessories (ridges.77.77. against snow tiles) as well as the gutters and downspouts system. Contact: Calea Severinului.Masonry" ELPRECO S. For those unforgettable moments of rest and relaxation together with your loved ones.282 RON (2009) Net profit 11. the ecological paving system offers you the possibility of creating your own environment.Technical Manager MARIUS COLŢAN . besides the AAC blocks. adhesives to achieve a thin joint masonry with tools that help providing a fair and expeditious commissioning work. side tiles. nr.: 95% CRH Europe Holding B.: 5% Employees 535 (2009) Contact Person: MIRONA PRANIŢCHI .Finance Manager ADRIAN BARBU .647 RON (2009) Turnover 97. Dolj Phone: +40-251-30. nature and high profile business future.acoperis-elpreco. The company offers complete and professional solutions to any residential or industrial projects. Craiova. The products offered satisfy even the most demanding requirements in terms of quality.General Manager MARIANA HOPåRTEAN .749.00 Company profile With almost 5 decades of experience. ventilation tiles. together with the two tile profiles Skandia and Website: www. 44.Production Manager Financial information: Registered capital 12. efficiency and aesthetic.National Sales Manager ADRIAN BEZERGHIANU . Elpreco ranks top positions on concrete construction materials market in Romania. the company proposes.01 Fax: +40-251-59. in 12 chromatic versions. as well as parking and commercial or industrial alleys. for masonry and/or insulation. bounded by Elpreco’s curbs.25 E-mail: office@elpreco.PR Specialist Building Industry 143 . Elpreco has a strong stature: concrete. The roof is the business card of each building and. a “must have” for multiple generation building. 200609. Contemporary or rustic proposed pavement design allows imaginative decorating.pavaj-elpreco.V.02.V. durability. Top Management: DAN CĂPRIOARĂ .Most important companies in "Building Products . for that matter.389 RON (2009) Ownership Private-owned: 100% Shareholders CRH Products & Distribution Eastern Europe B. witch provides.339. both personal framework. A building solution that defies time is offered by Elpreco Masonry System.199.A.elpreco. gutters and pots.

sector 6. nr.484.48 Annual turnover: 9.L. Bistriţa.R.65 Annual turnover: 25.598 EUR (2009) CERAMICA S.L.40 Annual turnover: 10. Iaşi.37.A.37. 266.L.003 EUR . Pope¿ti-Leordeni.651. XX Bulevardul Preciziei.60. bloc 1. județul SĂLAJ Phone: +40-260-61.526. județul BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Phone: +40-263-23. nr.279. 1.10.A.60. Deva. 3. Odorheiu Secuiesc . Parcul Industrial Ploie¿ti.53. C.04. IAȘI XX Calea Chişinăului. 2.A.38 Fax: +40-21-317. 407010.034. Berca.ARAD Annual Turnover: 31.529. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-20.A .04. XX Șoseaua Olteniței.38.623 EUR (2009) Building Products Metallic Products Reported results for 2009 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.756. 127046.R.202 EUR (2009) DURAZIV S.01 Fax: +40-238-52.008. județul HUNEDOARA Phone: +40-254-21. 8. Filipeştii de Padure .930. județul HUNEDOARA Phone: +40-21-317. nr. 450081.47 Fax: +40-21-361.HARGHITA Annual Turnover: 28.38 Fax: +40-21-317. nr.125 EUR (2009) TITAN MAR S. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-35.60. XX Strada S‰ntuhalm.XX BAUMIX S.04.33.951.37. nr. XX Localitatea Sătuc.L.55 Annual turnover: 39.774. XX Strada I.375 EUR (2009) DUO MAT S.07 Annual turnover: 5. Simeria. XX Strada Cuza Vodă.A.127 EUR (2009) BEGA MINERALE INDUSTRIALE S.986 EUR (2009) CEMACON .39.11 Annual turnover: 8. 24.R.20/21/43/4 /67 Fax: +40-244-51. Arad .00 Fax: +40-232-231. nr. 1.12.428.872 EUR MELINDA IMPEX INSTAL S. 144 Building Industry DIRECT S.90 Fax: +40-21-315. 4.002 EUR (2009) PREFABRICATE VEST S.21 Annual turnover: 44. XX Strada Cernăuți. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-52.30/31 Fax: +40-254-22.51.611 EUR (2009) WIENERBERGER . nr.742 EUR (2009) MARMOSIM S.629 EUR (2009) MACON S. XX Strada Principală.666 EUR AMARAD S.40 Annual turnover: 8. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-315. Strada Conului. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-361.03 Annual turnover: 6.04.45 Annual turnover: 13.20 Fax: +40-260-66.17. XX Strada Fabricii.60 Fax: +40-230-53.R.485 EUR ADYA METAL S.60 Annual turnover: 31. sector 1. 176. 030174.88 Fax: +40-21-319. Brătianu.50/51/52/53/54 Fax: +40-21-361.ARGEŞ Annual Turnover: 39.87 Annual turnover: 7. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-317.A. nr. Suceava.041.R. Ploie¿ti. 101A. XX Șoseaua de Centură.210. 100213.R. nr. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-53. 1 bis.14.SISTEME DE C®R®MIZI S.038. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-361. 077160.60. nr.400 EUR (2009) SOCERAM S. 202.60.042 Annual turnover: EUR (2009) KRONBERGER GRUP S. 013696. Piteşti .Fabrici. 17 A. nr.L. XX Strada Romană.848.246.01 Annual turnover: 3.82. Chiajna.A. 10.70.L. Zalău. 720021.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 26. 24. Aghire¿u. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-51. 330190.A.A.R.S.A.53.036 EUR (2009) TERAPLAST S.L.70. 42-44. nr. sector 3. XX Șoseaua Bucure¿ti-Ploie¿ti. nr.A.14 Fax: +40-264-35.02 Fax: +40-263-23.

BRAVO INTERNATIONAL S.147 EUR (2009) Building Industry 145 .66 Annual turnover: 25.154.L.643 EUR 12.894.55. Cluj-Napoca .A.BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 13.L. Progresul S.335. Bra¿ov . BALKAN RO TRADE & CONSTRUCTION S.574 EUR 11.98. 7.31.906.. nr. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-28. ROTEC S.R.936 EUR STEELMET ROMåNIA S.497 EUR 15.252.936 EUR (2009) XX ALUMIL ROM INDUSTRY S.80 / 81 Fax: +40-21-326. ENERGO S. 107245.02 Annual turnover: 6. 941. nr. nr.62.R. 6.288 EUR (2009) XX AMARAD S.065. Bulevardul Unirii.L.56/57/58/59 Fax: +40-21-423. 5.364 EUR COMPANIA DE CONSTRUCŢII DIN ALUMINIU TEHNOREX S.A. 9.364 EUR (2009) XX ALVVIMAR COMIMPEX S. sector 3. CLAR IMPORT EXPORT S.L.C.451.32 Annual turnover: 22. Șoseaua Giurgiului.68 Annual turnover: 6. Bucureşti .048.147 EUR ALUMIL ROM INDUSTRY S. nr.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 25. 2 F.894. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-450.79.825 EUR (2009) XX ANDAMI COMP S. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-38. ANDAMI COMP S.55.R.50 Fax: +40-257-28.14.L.971 EUR Most important companies in "Building Products .A. Strada Aurel Vlaicu.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 11. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-751-30. DN 59 KM8 + 550 m (vis-a-vis de Metro1 Timi¿oara). nr.A. OÞEL ŞI PLASTIC S.60 Annual turnover: 17. (C.594.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 15.003 EUR (2009) XX ALUBEL EXPO S.77.A.335. Strada Principală.62.78 Fax: +40-256-28.A. Bucure¿ti . Bucureşti . Fundulea Călăraşi .041.TEHNOREX) Bucureşti .453 EUR 13. Bucureşti .67 Annual turnover: 31.855.L.A. Calea Rahovei.L.741 EUR (2009) XX ALUKONIGSTAHL Company name: ALUKONIGSTAHL SISTEME DE ALUMINIU.R.05.77 Fax: +40-21-450.R.C.L.R.SIBIU Annual Turnover: 11.62 Fax: +40-21-255. Arad. ALUKONIGSTAHL SISTEME DE ALUMINIU.069. Strada Nicolae Roşu. Jilava. sector 3.872 EUR (2009) XX AMSET PRODEXIM S.413 EUR 10. sector 5.R.39.55 Fax: +40-244-38.252. 286 A.28 Fax: +40-248-25.L. Filipe¿tii de Pădure.90.L.14.77 Annual turnover: 9. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-255.033 EUR 14.R.R.651. nr.46. nr. UNIMAT S.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 13.L.L.55 Annual turnover: 26.R. 64. Bucureşti . Şelimbăr .Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 17. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-28.48.L.638. incinta S. Șoseaua Bucure¿ti-Pite¿ti.122.R.A.Metallic Products" XX ADYA METAL S.R. OŢEL ȘI PLASTIC S. 96. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-424.080 EUR 8. Piteşti.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 19.103. bloc K4.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 22. BUZ®U Buzău . 139-151. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-327.R. Chisoda.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 11.CĂLĂRAŞI Annual Turnover: 14.34.5.

314.906.14. Ceptura .06.42 Fax: +40-264-41.09.62 Annual turnover: 13.L. 333.971 EUR (2009) COMPANIA DE CONSTRUCÞII DIN ALUMINIU XX TEHNOREX S.C. corp B. nr.99 Fax: +40-21-340. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41. județul HARGHITA Phone: +40-266-20.51.50 Annual turnover: 39. (C. 3. XX Strada Teheran. 705200. 2B.048. Complex Băneasa Business and Tehnology Park.25 Fax: +40-238-71. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-209. XX Strada Zizinului.34. nr.L.080 EUR (2009) DIRECT S.103.R.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 36. XX Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu. 032982. nr.01 Annual turnover: 19. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-230.48 Annual turnover: 9.09. nr.99 Annual turnover: 11. Șoseaua Chitila. nr.978 EUR APLAST S.574 EUR (2009) CLAR IMPORT EXPORT S.02. 202.A.451. Strada Mihai Viteazul.90 Fax: +40-21-668.01. Pa¿cani.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 27. Șoseaua Bucureşti .08. 123.06. 42. nr.06.90 Annual turnover: 6.22 Fax: +40-21-361.06.756. Tunari .50 Fax: +40-21-224.430 EUR .L.L. nr. nr. nr.50. 1. 17. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-71. sector 3.R.49.R.01/02 Annual turnover: 28.03 Annual turnover: 11. Strada Grădiniței.97 Fax: +40-21-316. etaj 2.R. Fundulea Călăra¿i. XX Strada Muncii. nr.55. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317. 38. 3.L.L. apt. Odorheiu Secuiesc. sector 1.70.485 EUR (2009) XX PROINVEST GROUP S.53. Șelimbăr.R. XX Șoseaua Olteniței.615.666 EUR (2009) DURAZIV S.453 EUR (2009) XX RUUKKI ROMåNIA S.Ploieşti. 500407. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-361. 400635. 363-365. nr. BUZ®U Aleea Industriilor.L.R. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-224.393 EUR (2009) EUROINVEST INTERNATIONAL S. Pope¿ti-Leordeni. Strada Drumul ëntre Tarlale.638.930. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-21.60 Fax: +40-248-63. nr. 55.R.L. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-33.00.XX ARECO EXIM S.A.64.R.52 Annual turnover: 13. 2.123. Buzău.L. 51-53. sector 1. Bucureşti . nr.80.L.033 EUR (2009) BALKAN RO TRADE & CONSTRUCTION S.53. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-668. nr. 12.104 EUR GEALAN ROMåNIA S. 557260. 37.030.TEHNOREX) Strada Islaz.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 46.47 Fax: +40-21-361. 077160.307 EUR (2009) XX MELINDA IMPEX INSTAL S.66 Annual turnover: 11.89. sector 1.069.Cluj-Napoca.00. 146 Building Industry REHAU POLYMER S. sector 1.02 Annual turnover: 6.74.643 EUR (2009) Building Products Doors & Windows Reported results for 2009 1.R.R.40 Annual turnover: 8.16 Fax: +40-269-20.R. 120068. XX Strada C‰mpina. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-361.L.527 EUR (2009) XX ROTEC S.20 Annual turnover: N/A XX STEELMET ROMåNIA S.64 Annual turnover: 15.A.R.63.L. județul CĂLĂRAȘI Phone: +40-21-340.50 Fax: +40-232-76.R. 42-44. etaj 2.497 EUR (2009) BRAVO INTERNATIONAL S. Bra¿ov.92 Fax: +40-268-33.578. sector 6.L.317.413 EUR (2009) XX UNIMAT S.A.00.74. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-56.L.70 Fax: +40-21-256.20 Annual turnover: 14. XX Strada Depozitelor.70.594.636. nr. Pite¿ti. Strada Beclean.A.54/58 Fax: +40-21-230.R.00 Fax: +40-266-20. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-76.484 EUR (2009) ENERGO S.

10 Fax: Annual turnover: 27.445.L.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 11.Doors & Windows" XX ADMET S. 8.33 Annual turnover: 18.R. Vişeul de Sus .L. 240193.87.030. Cernica . 52.22. Ploieşti .BRAŞOV Annual Turnover: 13.L.95. Strada Elena Doamna. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-58. nr. 17. 100003. Strada Calea Feldioarei.R.55 Fax: Annual turnover: 13. Cluj-Napoca .190 EUR (2009) XX AGETAPS S. 75C.62 Annual turnover: 8. 64. LEGATO S.68 +40-241-61.L.L. Strada Brăilei.675.77.31 Fax: +40-250-70.L.27.567 EUR (2009) XX GEALAN ROMåNIA S.01. Constanţa.099 EUR CALLIOPE S.4.HOLZ COMPANY S.32 Fax: +40-251-42.094 EUR CASA NOASTR® S. Strada Principală. 7. nr.36 +40-243-22. Otopeni .DOLJ Annual Turnover: 18. sector 6.55 Fax: +40-31-402.L.02 Annual turnover: 36.R.817. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-51.136 RON (2009) XX APLAST S.L.R. nr.R. 5.304 EUR 10.34.275.G.259.L.L.21 +40-21-316. Cernica.099 EUR (2009) XX CONEXVIL S. Bulevardul Aurel Vlaicu.R.L.01.327. 9. nr. Pieleşti. Ceptura. nr.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 13.L. 612-614. 107125.131.072.11. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-42.32.R. 077035.746 EUR WOODCOTE ROMANIA S.01 Fax: Annual turnover: 14.978 EUR (2009) Building Industry 147 .567 EUR Most important companies in " Building Products . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.317. R‰mnicu V‰lcea.490 EUR 11.02 Fax: +40-244-51.R.50 +40-268-50. G-U FERROM COM S.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 11. nr. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-50. județul IALOMIŢA Phone: +40-243-23.R.275.R.56.R.430 EUR (2009) XX ASSA ABLOY ROMANIA S.48. nr. bloc G2.771.63. G-U Strada Oxigenului. 920095.28.56 Annual turnover: 11.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 20. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-21-308. Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu.771. Calea Bucure¿ti. 37.75.994 EUR AGETAPS S.R. Bra¿ov .925 EUR (2009) XX FERROM COM S.R. Bucureşti . Pieleşti .02 Annual turnover: 13.R. 207450.44 Fax: Annual turnover: 9. județul VåLCEA Phone: +40-250-74.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 12. nr. Strada Grigore Procopiu. 6.MARAMUREŞ Annual Turnover: 11.A.417.490 EUR (2009) XX CALLIOPE S.75. sector 6.746 EUR (2009) XX ALMATERM S.R.00 Fax: +40-21-318.361 EUR R.R. Slobozia.95. 500483.994 EUR (2009) XX CASA NOASTR® S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-404.817.80 +40-21-404.48. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-31-402.L. Bulevardul Preciziei. 5.L.327.56.773. Ploieşti. Bra¿ov. nr.23.R. 113. ASSA ABLOY ROMANIA S.20 Fax: Annual turnover: 11. 1B.L.L.417.L. 900055.

L. Strada Italia.600.983. nr. Bucureşti .77 Fax: +40-268-42.237 EUR LAPP INSULATORS S.445.L.51.00 Fax: +40-257-22.L.G.R.31 Fax: +40-21-233. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-45. Vişeul de Sus.R.R.L.R.056 EUR ISOPOR S.50 Fax: +40-232-76. Arad.R.02 Annual turnover: 7.094 EUR (2009) XX PINUM PRODUCŢIE S. EUROPLAST INDUSTRIES S. județul MARAMUREȘ Phone: +40-262-35. nr. 7. Turda . Strada III. 5.160.L.L.L.155 EUR ACCORDING GROUP S.175.361 EUR (2009) Building Products Insulation Reported results for 2009 1.74. 077055.064. pavilion A. Braşov.R.49. 14-16.724 EUR SWISSPOR S.28 Fax: +40-264-41.226 EUR (2009) XX PORTA KMI ROMANIA S.919 EUR GECSAT S.R.01 Annual turnover: 11.BIHOR Annual Turnover: 24.01.L.683.104 EUR (2009) XX VEKA ROMANIA S.51.31. Buftea . nr.30 Annual turnover: 7. sector 2. ISOMAT ROMANIA S. Cluj-Napoca .203.40 Annual turnover: 8.699.MUREŞ Annual Turnover: 3.L. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-42.55.894. 40.24.L. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-22. Strada Mioriţei.35 Annual turnover: 12.81 Annual turnover: 46.R. Oradea .A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.00. Pa¿cani. nr.R.527 EUR (2009) XX R.882.409.R.34.375 EUR AUSTROTHERM COM S.54/58 Annual turnover: 20. Ciorog‰rla.773.143 EUR MASTERPLAST ROMANIA S.258 EUR 10. Șoseaua de Centură.425 EUR (2009) XX WOODCOTE ROMANIA S.658 EUR (2009) XX VELUX ROMåNIA S.L. Berceni . 11. 11. nr. 3. Cluj-Napoca.R. 55. 400230. 705200. Otopeni. nr.L. 9.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 8. Șoseaua Odăii. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-76. nr.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 2.12.131. Calea Baciului. 2-4.509.01. 48.57 Annual turnover: 6. Șoseaua Pipera. Strada Aurel Vlaicu.55.L. 2.L.996.R.302. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-266. 4.57. nr. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-31-860. Șoseaua Bucureşti. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-742-22. 62-68.01 Fax: +40-31-860. nr.A.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 6. Bucureşti .IAŞI Annual Turnover: 8.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 2.A.74. T‰rnăveni . nr.A. Bucureşti . Iaşi . 1.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 6.43 Fax: +40-21-352. Zona Industrială-V.80 Fax: +40-21-266.824.33 Annual turnover: 11.L.R.234 EUR (2008) XX PROINVEST GROUP S.642 EUR (2009) XX LEGATO S.304 EUR (2009) XX REHAU POLYMER S.161 EUR 148 Building Industry .20. 1-7.HOLZ COMPANY S. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-352.00 Fax: +40-262-35.158 EUR Bucureşti . 4.49.R.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 14.00. Tunari.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 9.809.L. 6.814 EUR NEOTEHNIC MACON S.R.615. Chiajna. 8.XX HORMANN ROMANIA S.34.686.R. DEN BRAVEN ROMåNIA COMEX S.89 Fax: +40-21-319.61.L. Strada Grădiniței.46 Annual turnover: 7.R.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 28.

97 Annual turnover: 8. 401113.L. sector 6.509.54.789 EUR RUSTRANS S.R. Iaşi.A.A.161 EUR (2009) LAPP INSULATORS S. Șoseaua Ploie¿ti-T‰rgovi¿te. 5. T‰rnăveni.07 Fax: +40-264-43.275 EUR ADEPLAST S.L. 6. Șoseaua Bucium.724 EUR (2009) DEN XX BRAVEN ROMANIA Company name: DEN BRAVEN ROMåNIA COMEX S.919 EUR (2009) AUSTROTHERM COM S.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 31.894. Buftea.BACĂU Annual Turnover: 29.63 Fax: +40-232-24.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 34. Bucureşti .66/67/69 Fax: +40-21-316. 7.807.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 134.076 EUR ATLAS CORPORATION S. 410605.429. Turda.33.94/95/96 Fax: +40-21-224.302.Most important companies in "Building Products . nr.155 EUR (2009) Building Products Finishes Reported results for 2009 1.67.66. Popeşti-Leordeni .143 EUR (2009) GECSAT S.BIHOR Annual Turnover: 26.041 EUR MENATWORK EST PREFABRICATE S. 55F. XX Strada Turda. sector 4.R.A. Oradea.R.409.453 EUR HOLVER S. 4.12.809.A. 98.375 EUR (2009) NEOTEHNIC MACON S. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-372-70.66/67/69 Annual turnover: 28. Cluj-Napoca. XX Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu. XX Strada 22 Decembrie 1989. bloc 29A.R.46 Annual turnover: 2.03.L. 45.87.34. 8.A. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-307 924 Annual turnover: 8. 1-3.Insulation" XX ACCORDING GROUP S.50/52 Fax: +40-265-44. 107060. nr.33 Annual turnover: 6.R. 5.11 Annual turnover: 3.699. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-43. apt.00. km 8 .814 EUR (2009) MASTERPLAST ROMANIA S.227.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 46. Bacău .10.L.064.L. nr.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 46.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-224. nr. 598.02. Braşov .12.29 Fax: +40-244-54.R.31 Annual turnover: 14.600.89 Annual turnover: 6. Strada Răsăritului.R.160.R. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-46.L. Bucureşti .017 EUR Building Industry 149 . 31. Berceni. 545600. 82. XX Șoseaua de Centură.393. Ploieşti-Est. 700280.58. nr.BRAŞOV Annual Turnover: 51.11.R.854 EUR PIRITEX S.L.L.66.672. XX Strada Potăra¿i.04.10. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-21.82-84 Fax: +40-21-316. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.352.134 EUR SAINT-GOBAIN CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS ROMANIA S. nr.L.158 EUR (2009) ISOMAT ROMANIA S. 3.R.56 Fax: +40-259-43. 2. nr. 29.R. nr. nr.R. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-44.996.L.L. XX Strada Armatei. XX Calea Borşului. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-316. Bucureşti . sector 1.51. Calea Baciului. HENKEL ROMANIA S.21 Annual turnover: 9.L.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-300.056 EUR (2009) SWISSPOR S.237 EUR (2009) XX ISOPOR S. Oradea .795.527.28/29 Fax: +40-21-317. 51.34 Annual turnover: 24.

județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-50. nr. sector 3. nr.42.61. S. 20.R.77 Annual turnover: 25. KNAUF GIPS S. nr.L.57.04 Annual turnover: 14. nr.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 25.L. MONDIAL S. MERIDIAN C.L.57.35. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-256.11 Fax: +40-264-41.48 Annual turnover: 25. 127A.750.R. nr.50 Fax: +40-259-40. 1-7. 020325.931.00 Fax: +40-21-203.R.R.A.792. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-334.256.A.42. VASION S. nr.R.36 Annual turnover: 51.61 Annual turnover: 26.BACĂU Annual Turnover: 19. Oradea. XX Șoseaua Cristianului.L. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-40. Oradea .254.L.017 EUR (2009) XX ATLAS CORPORATION S. Braşov .R. 400230.R. Șoseaua Pipera. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-41. SANEX S.L.00.36 Fax: +40-268-50.626 EUR 11. Ștefăneştii de Jos.26.30.810.032 EUR 10.84/85 Fax: +40-21-230.A. sector 2.R.9.87. Șoseaua de Centură. Strada Interioară.L.960.96.40 Fax: +40-21-650.376.525.BRAŞOV Annual Turnover: 21.R. 59. TIGER AMIRA COM S. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41.97.R.45 Fax: +40-241-69.41 Fax: +40-21-256. 6.C.864. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230.110 EUR 12.A. Orşova .03 Fax: +40-268-41. nr. sector 2.L. nr.94.BIHOR Annual Turnover: 23.110 EUR (2009) LAFARGE ARCOM GIPS S.254. Strada Gheţu Anghel.233 EUR (2008) XX CLEMANS S.440 EUR (2009) XX CHEMICALCOM ADYA S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 25. nr.L.44 Fax: +40-248-28.440 EUR 15. 46.041 EUR (2009) XX BUENA MESA S.626 EUR (2009) 150 Building Industry . Constanța.792. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-650.218 EUR 16. Pite¿ti.453 EUR (2009) HOLVER S.888 EUR (2009) HENKEL ROMANIA S. nr. nr.45 Annual turnover: 17. XX Strada Nicolae Iorga. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-69.37.L. 3.MEHEDINŢI Annual Turnover: 19. 010432.30.62 Fax: +40-21-369. 110103.22 Annual turnover: 134.959.61.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 21. CARMEUSE HOLDING S. 410605. 16-44.L.TIMIŞ Annual Turnover: 25.86 Annual turnover: 34.R. Braşov.61 Annual turnover: 23.00. Cluj-Napoca .44 Annual turnover: 14. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203. LAFARGE ARCOM GIPS S. 3.R.L. Calea Baciului.R. 2-4.A.A.795. Cluj Napoca .37. Braşov.256. Strada George Co¿buc. Strada Uzinelor.R. Strada Carierei. Bucureşti .919 EUR (2009) XX CARMEUSE HOLDING S. 13. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-369. XX Strada Ioniţă Vornicul.393.26.Finishes" XX ADEPLAST S.227. Lugoj .L.712 EUR 14.87. Cluj-Napoca. sector 1.13 Annual turnover: 12.92. XX Aleea Modrogan.944 EUR (2009) DELTA DESIGN XX Company name: DELTA DISTRIBUTION S.71.670 EUR Most important companies in "Building Products .854 EUR (2009) KNAUF GIPS S.393.L.94.479.807. 84-90.09 Fax: +40-21-334. nr. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-28.794 EUR (2009) G XX & G ROMANIA S. sector 1.614 EUR 13. Bacău .41.34 Annual turnover: 21.

750.C.40 Annual turnover: 15.672.134 EUR (2009) RUSTRANS S. Bacău.76.772 EUR (2009) SICERAM S. 14. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-77.338.04 Fax: +40-234-51.255 EUR XELLA RO S.28.712 EUR (2009) SAWA S. Tolstoi. XX Strada Păcii.BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Annual Turnover: 10.L.69. Sighişoara. XX Strada Beiuşului.38 Fax: +40-259-26. 6.52. sector 1.154. S.960.352. nr. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-344-40.T‰rgovi¿te.527. 123. 103. sector 5.00 Fax: +40-21-318.24.R. nr.75 Annual turnover: 23.000 EUR (2009) TIGER AMIRA COM S. Strada Zării. 2.A.62. Cluj-Napoca.864. 12.57. nr. Bacău. 51.47 Fax: +40-252-36. 8. 600245. Orşova.447 EUR (2009) SAINT-GOBAIN CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS XX ROMANIA S.L.89 Annual turnover: 25.R.313.10 Annual turnover: 21.A. Bucureşti .20.L.55 Annual turnover: 13.76.189 EUR KINGSPAN S.SIBIU Annual Turnover: 11.02 Fax: +40-234-58.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-190.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 3.51/52 Fax: +40-265-77. Bucureşti .02 Annual turnover: 19.61.69.R.ARGEŞ Annual Turnover: 6.47 Annual turnover: 19. XX Strada A. Lugoj. 400205.00 Fax: +40-344-40. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41. nr.38.567 EUR PLASTSISTEM S. XX Strada Viilor. ap.28.719.395. nr.52.810. 410175.R. 225200. Cluj-Napoca.77.288 EUR EGERIA TM S. 1. 13. Timişoara .381. LINDAB S. 4.R.XX LASSELSBERGER S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 6. XX Strada Crizantemelor.54/55 Fax: +40-256-35. nr.R.32.L.429.57. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-58.62. 11-15.A. 149 .00 Fax: +40-21-529.A. județul MEHEDINŢI Phone: +40-252-36. nr.55 Fax: +40-264-43.TIMIŞ Annual Turnover: 5. nr.98 Annual turnover: 46. Strada Tipografilor.668.076 EUR (2009) MENATWORK EST PREFABRICATE S.670 EUR (2009) Building Products Roofing Materials Reported results for 2009 1.425 EUR ALVVIMAR COMIMPEX S. etaj 3.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-207.00/01 Fax: +40-264-41. 077160. comuna Şieu-Măgheruş . județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-51.525. XX Strada Decebal.R. 27.50/51 Fax: +40-21-207. 600093. Băicoi .L. Ştefăneştii de Jos .L.A.R.22. nr.A.62.A. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-529. Sibiu . 400394.L. Piteşti .19. S-Park. km 8. XX Strada Timişorii.16 Annual turnover: 29.229 EUR FINAL DISTRIBUTION S. Crainimat.L. Popeşti-Leordeni.SISTEME DE ëNVELITORI S.01 Annual turnover: 31. XX Șoseaua Ploie¿ti .R. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-26. 3.L.755.032 EUR (2009) PIRITEX S. XX Strada Bradului.229.151.32. 5.218 EUR (2009) MONDIAL S. XX Șoseaua de Centură.614 EUR (2009) VASION S.000 EUR BRAMAC . nr.119 EUR Building Industry 151 . 79.R.17 Annual turnover: 12.73.52 Annual turnover: 46. Oradea.789 EUR (2009) MERIDIAN C.R.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 4.L.L.800.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 25. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-43. 1.24.275 EUR (2009) SANEX S.R. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-35. nr. 7.L.479.

22.60.381. nr. nr. nr.L. XX Strada Plevnei.50. etaj 1.755.22. sector 1. 2.77. nr.L.00. comuna Șieu-Măgheruş.189 EUR (2009) TEGOLA ROMåNIA S.420 EUR .R.9.44 Annual turnover: 11.L. Ștefăneştii de Jos.L.229.781.313.A.000 EUR (2009) PLASTSISTEM S.000 EUR VALROM INDUSTRIE S. 120218.R. XX Strada Victor V‰lcovici.L. Piteşti.391.85 Annual turnover: 4.99. 152 Building Industry Reported results for 2009 ROMSTAL IMEX S.589 EUR (2009) LINDAB S. XX Șoseaua de Centură.24 Annual turnover: 25. 75.425 EUR (2009) BRAMAC . județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-71.85 Fax: +40-21-319.41. 1A. Galaţi.940 EUR 10.SISTEME DE ëNVELITORI S.50. nr.L. Timişoara .R. 105200.103 EUR CONFORT S. Buzău. Buzău . 8.A.R.449. Băicoi. Șoseaua Bucure¿ti-Pite¿ti.01.305 EUR IMSAT S.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 50. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-751-30. nr.28 Fax: +40-248-25. 550018. 2.800.R.L. 800668.50 Fax: +40-263-34.673 EUR BITEA CONSTRUCT S. Timişoara.R.BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 3.395. GRESTINCOM S.TIMIŞ Annual Turnover: 124.L. 4.26.R.L. XX Strada 9 Mai.TIMIŞ Annual Turnover: 31.00 Fax: +40-21-209.47 Fax: +40-236-47.94. 96.30. 5.05.L. apt.02. XX Strada Europa Unită.940 EUR (2009) XELLA RO S. XX Strada General Ion Dragalina. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-319.R. Bucureşti .R. XX Calea Stan Vidrighin.154.L.229 EUR (2009) Installations 1.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 125.R. bloc PR3A.45 Annual turnover: 3.781.567 EUR (2009) EGERIA TM S.697. Bucureşti .Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 78.288 EUR (2009) XX KINGSPAN S.46. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-22.77 Annual turnover: 5. TEGOLA ROMåNIA S.21 Annual turnover: 3. Strada Gheorghe Moceanu.R.89 Annual turnover: 6.R. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-28. nr.Roofing Materials" XX ALVVIMAR COMIMPEX S. parter. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231.L.754.76 Annual turnover: 10.338. județul BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Phone: +40-263-34. Galaţi . cartier Micro 21. 3. Bucureşti .R. 5.L. Timişoara .82 Fax: +40-238-71.95 Fax: +40-269-22.02 Annual turnover: 6. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-43. sector 5. Sibiu. 5.04 Fax: +40-256-27. XX DN 15A km 45-500.89 Fax: +40-21-231. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-26. 300571.77.GALAŢI Annual Turnover: 2. 8.255 EUR (2009) FINAL DISTRIBUTION S.49.66 Annual turnover: 2. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-209.556.589 EUR Most important companies in "Building Products .40 Fax: +40-244-26. 15.200. Crainimat.01.119 EUR (2009) GRESTINCOM S.697.L.R. nr. 5. nr.41.A.

72-74 Fax: +40-21-317.L. Bucureşti . 8.L.51.391. sector 6.00 Fax: +40-232-26. județul IALOMIŢA Phone: +40-21-321.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 16. 11.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.00 Annual turnover: 17. 5 A. 173 A.979.IAŞI Annual Turnover: 17.38.L.407.75 Fax: +40-256-43.83. DAS Strada Aurel Vlaicu.075 EUR (2009) XX FIBEC S.643 EUR VALPLAST INDUSTRIE S. Bucureşti . corp B.28. sector 6. 5 A.00/02/04 Fax: +40-21-312.785. Iaşi .449.643 EUR (2009) XX TERM S.209 EUR (2009) XX VALROM INDUSTRIE S.L. Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 125. DAS S.R. 24. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-29.51 Fax: +40-256-29. ECO Strada Serelor.209 EUR WAVIN ROMANIA S. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-37. Timi¿oara.L. nr.95 Fax: +40-244-37.979.51.A.L.17.556.6. Bucureşti .118. nr.L.55. județul IALOMIŢA Phone: +40-21-321. nr. nr. 300072.83.01.26 Annual turnover: 4.A. Ia¿i.00 Fax: +40-21-317.R.R.01.R. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-43.49.81 Annual turnover: 3.R. Bulevardul Preciziei.01.407.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 14.78 Fax: +40-21-352.L.311.785.27 Annual turnover: 124.26 Fax: +40-21-321.26 Fax: +40-21-321. nr. 062202. Strada Ecaterina Teodoroiu. 7.103 EUR ROBERT BOSCH S. ROMSTAL IMEX S. etaj 3.L.01. 700382. Strada Romulus. Strada Eric Baader.R. 9. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-351.31. Timi¿oara.000 EUR (2009) XX VALPLAST INDUSTRIE S. 2. sector 1.A.19 Annual turnover: 31. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.975.38.200.26 Annual turnover: 4.R. Bulevardul Preciziei.311.10 Annual turnover: 50. 41. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-26.L. nr. ECO Strada Serelor. Urziceni.71 Annual turnover: 16.28.673 EUR (2009) XX WAVIN ROMANIA S.50 Annual turnover: 78. nr.468 EUR (2009) XX TERM S.R.R. nr. Ventilation & AC Systems Reported results for 2009 1. Urziceni.754.R. nr.66.45.326 EUR Most important companies in "Installations" XX BITEA CONSTRUCT S. Șoseaua Odăii. nr.91. 87.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 53.91. C‰mpina.696 EUR Building Industry 153 .326 EUR (2009) Heating. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.L.305 EUR (2009) XX S. sector 6.75 Annual turnover: 14.L. 28.420 EUR (2009) XX CONFORT S. 300203. Bucureşti .075 EUR (2009) XX IMSAT S. 7.

9.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 12.R. 9-9 A.67.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 13.R.658 EUR 10.683.120. depozitul 7.470.398.BRAŞOV Annual Turnover: 21.L.95. Voluntari. nr. 020748.L.R.43/45 +40-21-310. VAILLANT GROUP ROMANIA S.95 +40-31-100.R.644 EUR 14. Ventilation & AC Systems" XX ARCONI GRUP S.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-100.19.82 +40-21-269.R.01. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231.010 EUR 11. 8.429 EUR (2009) ASTON COM S.082 EUR Most important companies in "Heating. Bog'Art.A.858 EUR LINDAB S.3.093.868 EUR VIESSMANN S.665 EUR 13.10/11/12 +40-21-231. 7. sector 1.L. 2.25/26 Fax: Annual turnover: 7.951 EUR (2009) CELSIUS 2000 S.R.44 Fax: Annual turnover: N/A ARISTON THERMO ROMANIA S.19. XX Strada Giacomo Puccini.A.08 Fax: Annual turnover: 8. 8A. 70. PANASONIC ROMANIA S. Bucureşti .840.L.00.429 EUR 12. Bucureşti . 010131. Bucureşti .864. WALDMESSNER INVEST S. nr.000 EUR LOIAL IMPEX S. 27. 10.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 10. sector 2.12.146 EUR (2009) XX BAXI ROMåNIA S.R. Strada Ion Brezoianu.02. XX Șoseaua Pipera .Tunari. Şcheia . județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-242. 077190. sector 3. Ştefăneştii de Jos . Bucureşti . Bucureşti .CLUJ Annual Turnover: 27. nr.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 10.67.ROMANIA S. Bucureşti . nr.L. nr.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 25. Iride Center. Cluj-Napoca .R.L.324.093.973.800. XX Strada Drago¿ Vodă. PIERREPI PRESSOFUSIONI S.L. sector 2.L.329 EUR FRIGOTEHNICA S.L.658 EUR (2009) BETA IMPEX CONSTRUCT S.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 19.00.827 EUR ASTON COM S. 4. SECPRAL PRO INSTALAŢII S.L.94. 5. nr.R.25/26 +40-21-310.96 Fax: Annual turnover: 19.R.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 16.L.R. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-212.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 18.R.75 Fax: Annual turnover: 16.R.673.679 EUR FERROLI ROMåNIA S. Bucureşti . Bucureşti .240.L. XX Strada Drumul ëntre Tarlale.697.L.L.688 EUR 15.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310. DAIKIN AIRCONDITIONING CENTRAL EUROPE . etaj 2.SUCEAVA Annual Turnover: 22.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.00.601. Ghimbav .Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 20.667. ARISTON THERMO ROMANIA S. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei.22 +40-21-322.90 Fax: Annual turnover: 8. 160-174.470. Bucureşti .A. etaj 6.A. 020335.771 EUR (2009) 154 Building Industry . 6.629. sector 2.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 26.

XX CRIOMEC S.A. Drumul de Centură, nr. 63, 800248, Galați, județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-312.437 Fax: +40-236-446.30.59 Annual turnover: 5,918,450 EUR (2009)

XX ROBERT BOSCH S.R.L. Strada Horia Măcelariu, nr. 30-34, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-405.75.00 Fax: +40-21-233.13.13 Annual turnover: 53,975,696 EUR (2009) XX ROMSTAL IMEX S.R.L. Calea Vitan-B‰rzeşti, nr. 11 A, sector 4, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-332.09.01/02/03 Fax: +40-21-334.94.63 Annual turnover: 532,000,000 EUR (2008) XX ROYAL N S.R.L. Bulevardul Carol I, bloc 12D, parter, C‰mpina, județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-33.60.63 Fax: +40-244-33.60.63 Annual turnover: 7,850,379 EUR (2009) XX SECPRAL PRO INSTALAŢII S.R.L. Strada Vlad Ţepeş, nr. 2, Cluj-Napoca, județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41.70.68 Fax: +40-264-41.70.69 Annual turnover: 27,240,329 EUR (2009) XX TRUST EURO THERM S.R.L. DN Piatra-Neamţ - Roman km 2, 610330, Garcina, județul NEAMŢ Phone: +40-233-20.62.06/07 Fax: +40-233-20.62.00 Annual turnover: 8,389,040 EUR (2009) XX VAILLANT GROUP ROMANIA S.R.L. Strada Nicolae Caramfil, nr. 75, sector 1, Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-209.51.00 Fax: +40-21-232.22.75 Annual turnover: 10,840,688 EUR (2009) XX S.A. VES Strada Mihai Viteazul, nr. 102, 545400, Sighişoara, județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-77.38.40 Fax: +40-265-77.88.65 Annual turnover: 9,749,679 EUR (2009) XX VIESSMANN S.R.L. DN 1 km 174+941, nr. 2, 507075, Ghimbav, județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-40.78.00 Fax: +40-268-40.78.40 Annual turnover: 21,683,679 EUR (2009) XX WALDMESSNER INVEST S.R.L. Strada Johann Strauss, nr. 2A, etaj 2, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-351.44.76 Fax: +40-21-351.44.74 Annual turnover: 12,398,644 EUR (2009) XX WHIRLPOOL ROMåNIA S.R.L. Şoseaua Pipera, nr. 4, clădirea Aurel Vlaicu, etaj 1, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-204.03.30 Fax: +40-21-204.03.40 Annual turnover: N/A



Calea Floreasca, nr. 169 A, corp B, etaj B, sector 1, Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-307.97.00 Fax: +40-21-307.97.29 Annual turnover: 10,673,082 EUR (2009)

DAVICANI S.R.L. XX Bulevardul Gării, nr. 1, Braşov, județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-41.06.01 Fax: +40-268-47.15.16 Annual turnover: 5,611,635 EUR (2009) FERROLI ROMåNIA S.R.L. XX Bulevardul Timişoara, nr. 104 E, sector 6, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-444.36.50 Fax: +40-21-444.36.52 Annual turnover: 20,120,827 EUR (2009) FRIGOTEHNICA S.R.L. XX Strada Torentului, nr. 2-4, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-250.34.41 Fax: +40-21-250.34.43 Annual turnover: 26,697,858 EUR (2009) LINDAB S.R.L. XX Șoseaua de Centură, nr. 8, Ștefăneştii de Jos, județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-209.41.00 Fax: +40-21-209.41.24 Annual turnover: 25,800,000 EUR (2009) LOIAL IMPEX S.R.L. XX Strada Agronomului, 727525, Șcheia, județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-52.68.00 Fax: +40-230-52.69.00 Annual turnover: 22,629,868 EUR (2009) PANASONIC ROMANIA S.R.L. XX Bulevardul Preciziei, nr. 24, West Gate Park - H3, etaj 2, sector 6, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.41.87 Fax: +40-21-316.04.46 Annual turnover: 18,324,010 EUR (2009) PAULUS S.R.L. XX Strada Depoului, nr. 6, Ploieşti, județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-51.32.14 Fax: +40-244-51.32.14 Annual turnover: 8,492,756 EUR (2009) PIERREPI PRESSOFUSIONI S.R.L. XX Șoseaua Berceni, nr. 104 E, sector 4, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-332.38.19 Fax: +40-21-332.42.96 Annual turnover: 13,973,665 EUR (2009) RADOX S.R.L. XX Bulevardul Timişoara, nr. 80, sector 6, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-444.07.41 Fax: +40-21-444.07.41 Annual turnover: 6,953,017 EUR (2009)

Building Industry 155

Elevators, Escalators & Parking Systems
Reported results for 2009
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. SCHINDLER ROMANIA S.R.L.
Bucureşti - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 19,868,086 EUR

Braşov - BRAŞOV Annual Turnover: 15,000,000 EUR

Bucureşti - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 10,991,344 EUR

Bucureşti - Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 5,768,891 EUR

Bucureşti - Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 4,848,014 EUR

Bucureşti - Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 4,316,182 EUR

Bucureşti - Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 2,054,524 EUR

Bucureşti - Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 1,582,455 EUR

Most important companies in "Elevators, Escalators & Parking Systems"
XX ASCENSORUL ROMSERVICE COMPANY S.A. Strada Prof. Mitriță Constantinescu, nr. 6, sector 3, Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-320.17.64 Fax: +40-21-320.17.64 Annual turnover: 4,316,182 EUR (2009) XX IFMA S.A. Calea Giule¿ti, nr. 6-8, sector 6, Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-637.04.67 Fax: +40-21-312.31.81 Annual turnover: 10,991,344 EUR (2009)

ASCENSORUL S.A. XX Strada George Georgescu, nr. 10, 040133, sector 4, Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-336.76.35 Fax: +40-21-337.01.09 Annual turnover: 5,768,891 EUR (2009) DUAL PRO-SERV S.R.L. XX Calea Șerban Vodă, nr. 282, bloc 3B, etaj 1, ap. 104, sector 4, Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-337.31.80 Fax: +40-21-337.31.80 Annual turnover: 1,582,455 EUR (2009) ELMAS S.R.L. XX Bulevardul Griviţei, nr. 1Y, 500177, Braşov, județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-30.87.00 Fax: +40-268-30.87.05 Annual turnover: 15,000,000 EUR (2009)

OTIS XX LIFT S.R.L. Intrarea Glucozei, nr. 37-39, sector 2, Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-242.13.72 Fax: +40-21-242.12.18 Annual turnover: 4,848,014 EUR (2009) SCHINDLER ROMANIA S.R.L. XX Strada Preciziei, nr. 6 M, etaj 1, 062203, sector 6, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-336.70.58 Fax: +40-21-337.36.59 Annual turnover: 19,868,086 EUR (2009) TECNO MMG COM S.R.L. XX Strada Lucian Blaga, nr. 4, sector 3, Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-320.90.50 Fax: +40-21-320.90.57 Annual turnover: 2,054,524 EUR (2009)

156 Building Industry

Building Machinery & Equipment
Reported results for 2009
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. HONEST GENERAL TRADING S.R.L.
Glina - ILFOV Annual Turnover: 23,229,226 EUR

Berceni - ILFOV Annual Turnover: 21,996,867 EUR

Moşniţa Nouă - TIMIŞ Annual Turnover: 19,529,382 EUR

Călăraşi - CĂLĂRAŞI Annual Turnover: 14,505,931 EUR

Bucureşti - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 11,771,490 EUR

Otopeni - ILFOV Annual Turnover: 11,721,524 EUR

Bucureşti - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 11,638,497 EUR

Otopeni - ILFOV Annual Turnover: 10,649,300 EUR

Most important companies in "Building Machinery & Equipment"
XX ASSA ABLOY ROMANIA S.R.L. Bulevardul Preciziei, nr. 5, sector 6, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.01.21 Fax: +40-21-316.01.20 Annual turnover: 11,771,490 EUR (2009) XX ASTALROM S.A. Strada Varianta Nord, nr. 1, 910053, Călăraşi, județul CĂLĂRAȘI Phone: +40-242-33.24.71 Fax: +40-242-33.14.85 Annual turnover: 14,505,931 EUR (2009) XX BALKAN RO TRADE & CONSTRUCTION S.R.L. Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu, nr. 333, sector 6, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.06.97 Fax: +40-21-316.06.99 Annual turnover: 11,638,497 EUR (2009) XX CAM SERV S.R.L. Șoseaua Berceni, nr. 1270 A, 077020, Berceni, județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-361.29.24/25/27 Fax: +40-21-361.29.26 Annual turnover: 21,996,867 EUR (2009)

COVA GHERA & CO S.R.L. XX Strada Principală, nr. 323, 307285, Moşniţa Nouă, județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-39.36.14 Fax: +40-256-39.36.14 Annual turnover: 19,529,382 EUR (2009)
XX DEXION HI-LO STORAGE SOLUTIONS S.R.L. Strada C‰mpului, nr. 1 A, R‰şnov, județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-372-68.34.00 Fax: +40-372-68.34.99 Annual turnover: 4,534,693 EUR (2009) XX DOKA ROMåNIA TEHNICA COFRAJELOR S.R.L. Șoseaua de Centură, nr. 34, 077180, Tunari, județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-206.49.50 Fax: +40-21-206.49.99 Annual turnover: 4,801,782 EUR (2009) XX HONEST GENERAL TRADING S.R.L. Intrarea Abatorului, nr. 1A, Glina, județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-423.60.75 Fax: +40-21-423.60.75 Annual turnover: 23,229,226 EUR (2009)

Building Industry 157

XX KREIS CONSTRUCT S.R.L. Strada I.C. Brătianu, nr. 9, Otopeni, județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-350.20.56/58 Fax: +40-21-350.20.53/55 Annual turnover: 10,649,300 EUR (2009)

PERI XX ROMåNIA S.R.L. Calea Bucureşti, nr. 2B, 077015, Baloteşti, județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-351.19.72/73/75 Fax: +40-21-351.19.74 Annual turnover: 4,406,302 EUR (2009) SAINT-GOBAIN ABRAZIVI S.R.L. XX Strada Careiului, nr. 11, Parc Industrial Holrom, Vetiş, județul SATU MARE Phone: +40-261-83.97.09 Fax: +40-261-83.97.10 Annual turnover: 2,897,051 EUR (2009)

LIEBHERR-ROMANIA S.R.L. XX Strada Horia, Cloşca şi Crişan, nr. 61-63, bloc II, etaj 3, 075100, Otopeni, județul ILFOV Phone: +40-372-16.37.21 Fax: +40-372-16.37.98 Annual turnover: 11,721,524 EUR (2009)

158 Building Industry

Real Estate

Major Companies in Romania 161

ANDRONACHE – Managing Director Coldwell Banker Mortgage. Real Estate sector was by far one of the biggest victims of the crisis: when the banks stopped the financing. at the end of 2009 there were 9. nr. sector 2.Real Estate Overview Along with the financial intermediation sector. as well as tight and expensive financing kept aside both foreign and local Company profile: Starting with 2007. Website: www.39 Fax: +40-21-200. real estate suffered the most in 2009.cbimobiliare.000 EUR (2009) for all divisions 162 Real Estate . While the supply on the market for offices marked a peak in 2009 (with almost 405.000 sqm.000 unsold new apartments. and credit freezed. efficient and professional at a level of quality unequalled in Romania.Affiliates of Romania Contact: Strada Arh. Câmpulung. General lack of confidence in the future strongly affected all areas of the demand. According to a recent report of Colliers International.39. In the office market. the demand crashed (both in retail and corporate segment) and the bankruptcies started to appear in this industry. totaling around EUR 120-150 mn. 27. retail. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-200. but this sector was slightly animated by the governmental program „First House” (although the authorities’ attempt to revive the market through this home-loan scheme did not have the intended impact)."with a real estate sector heavily affected by the sharp decrease of property values and declined occupancy rates. It currently has eight branches: four in Bucharest and four in the country (in Ploieşti. notes a study issued by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Top management: VALENTIN ILIE – CEO NORBERT HOECKL – Vice President Strategy MARCEL ALEXE – Managing Director Coldwell Banker Property & Facility Management MARIUS C. Investment segment was among the most hit by the crisis. Coldwell Banker Affiliates of Romania provides consultancy and brokerage services on all market segments: residential. Most important companies in "Agencies" COLDWELL BANKER . commercial. We are here to offer full-service real estate operating systems that are organized. demand came mostly from tenants looking to relocate after downsizing activity and cutting expenses. things are far from being stabilized". industrial. but even so there were few transactions and the surfaces involved were smaller. Alexandru Săvulescu. only two important transactions were concluded last year.39. being delivered). according to the same report and led to a 70-80% decrease of the activity in this industry in 2009 compared with the best years. as the uncertainty regarding the evolution of the economy. The number and the value of transactions were low. double the 2008 level. Coldwell Banker Affiliates of Romania is the local representative of one of the best known real estate companies worldwide. given that foreign capital have stopped coming. Valuation and Research GEORGE HARPA – Managing Director Coldwell Banker Commercial ANDREI SARBU – VP Residential Development Advisory Financial information: Annual turnover 3. land and investments. As for 2010 . many projects have been blocked. Braşov and Piatra Neamţ). in the commercial segment 2009 was the year with the largest discrepancy between the numbers of announced and delivered projects.37 E-mail: office@coldwell-banker.

77. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.Partner.cushwake. parter. sector 1.00 Fax: +40-21-408. sector 1. nr. nr.90.70 Fax: +40-21-319. 5B. etaj 4.Partner.L.81.88. The firm represents a diverse customer base ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.00. Strada Ion C‰mpineanu. Head of High Street Retail GABRIEL SFETCU .43 Annual turnover: 768. Union International Center.498.67 Annual turnover: N/A Real Estate 163 . sector 5. Head of Capital Markets Group VALENTIN MANU . 4-8. 2.79 Fax: +40-21-236. valuation services. Strada Calea 13 Septembrie.30.Head of Shopping Centres Retail FLORIN SOREA .Head of Valuation & Advisory Department ANDREI BIRSAN . Europa House.987 EUR (2009) XX ESOP Company name: ESOP CONSULTING S. etaj 2. Aleea Alexandru. sector 1.40 Fax: +40-21-528.77. including integrated real estate strategies for large corporations and property owners.R. nr. etaj 3. including tenant and landlord representation in office. including business and real estate consulting. sector 5. sector 1. Capital Markets.R.10.L.R.00 Fax: +40-21-312. Grand Avenue JW Marriott.11.cushmanwakefield.L.90 Annual turnover: N/A XX IMOBILIARE GIS Company name: GIS IMOBILIARE DIVISION S.00. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.Head of Timisoara Branch Financial information: Ownership Private-owned: 100% Contact person: DOINIŢA ILIE Head of Marketing Brands: Cushman & Wakefield XX PARIBAS REAL ESTATE BNP Company name: BNP PARIBAS REAL ESTATE ADVISORY S.44. București Phone: +40-21-236. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408. sector 1.L. etaj 6. 014459.77 Fax: +40-21-319.00 Fax: +40-21-313. Clădirea A. etaj 2.03.L. nr. 32. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. debt and equity financing. Courtyard Building SEMA Parc. A recognized leader in global real estate research.L. 400458. 90. the firm publishes a broad array of proprietary reports available on its online Knowledge Center at www.timisoara@eur. Managing Director COSTEL FLOREA . județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-45.R. 40-44.bucharest@eur. 010031. ap. ap.Partner.cushwake.04. and Consulting Services. 319.27 Annual turnover: N/A XX GRUP DE LUX Company name: GRUP DE LUX București Phone: +40-21-230. Opera Center.R.10. Nicolae Staicovici. Cluj-Napoca. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-528.91. industrial and retail real estate.70.000 employees. nr.A.10 Annual turnover: 2.45.R.Head of Office Agency SILVIU IONICI .com Website: www.81 Annual turnover: N/A COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL XX Calea Floreasca. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319. investment management. it has 230 offices in 58 countries and 15.L. 51-53.04. București Phone: office.R.20 Fax: +40-21-313.Head of Marketing FELICIA VASIU .18. 1. parter. nr. America House. Splaiul Independenţei.R. Client Solutions. nr. etaj 7.cushmanwakefield. Strada Constantin Br‰ncuș Company profile: Cushman & Wakefield is the world’s largest privately-held commercial real estate services firm. sector 1. investment banking. The Romanian office follows the acquisition of Activ Consulting. Founded in 1917.78 Annual turnover: N/A CONADI XX Company name: CONADI IMOB CONSTRUCT S.CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD Company name: CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD ROMANIA S. nr.01 E-mail: office. 11.00 Annual turnover: N/A CB XX RICHARD ELLIS EURISKO S. Floreasca Business Park.31. nr.L.R.Head of Asset Management DOINIŢA ILIE . It offers a complete range of services within four primary disciplines: Transaction Services.496 EUR (2009) XX EUROEST Company name: EUROEST INVEST S.03. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-313. which has been Cushman & Wakefield’s Associate Office in Romania for the last 11 years.01 Annual turnover: N/A XX ECHINOX DTZ Company name: DTZ ECHINOX CONSULTING S. Strada Banu Antonache. Top management: RAZVAN GHEORGHE . sector 6.00 Fax: +40-264-45. Bulevardul Lascăr Catargiu. 99. 2. Strada Gheorghe Lazăr.55 Fax: +40-21-300.L. nr. 169A.15 Fax: +40-21-310. Bulevardul Nicolae Titulescu.99 Annual turnover: N/A CENTURY 21 XX Company name: INTERNATIONAL HOUSE S. Contact: Strada Dr. 060044. including property sales.Head of Industrial Agency ANDREW PIRIE .

R. 155. It is one of the most firmly . 60.R.81.15. nr.71. Retirement and Second homes.03. 5. Strada Bărăției. sector 1.06 Website: www. 2-6. București Phone: +40-21-310.00 Fax: +40-21-302. nr.88. Strada 13 Decembrie.313.L.29 Fax: +40-268-42.R.35 Annual turnover: N/A Most important companies in "Developers" GRUPO LAR Company name: PROPRIETĂŢI IMOBILIARE LAR MANAGEMENT S. 35. nr. nr.L.L.52 Annual turnover: N/A XX JOHN TAYLOR Company name: PRESTIGE DOMUS S. sector 1.36. Contact: Calea Floreasca.083 EUR (2009) XX KING STURGE S.L.570 EUR (2009) THE XX ADVISERS Company name: PRIME PROPERTY ADVISERS S.44 Fax: +40-21-311.77 Fax: +40-21-231.XX ASCO PROPERTIES GVA Calea Floreasca.Country Executive Director 164 Real Estate . 014456. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-710. Bulevardul Unirii. It is specialised in key areas such as Residential properties. Company profile: Grupo Lar specialises in the development of real estate projects and aims to be a market leader at national and international level.13 Fax: +40-372-13. 38.54.90. 27.66 Fax: +40-21-318.31.85 Fax: +40-21-380. București Phone: +40-21-310. sector 1 Phone: +40-21-302. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232.85. sector 2. 28.81.96 Annual turnover: N/A PERFECT CASA XX Company name: PERFECT CASA INTERMED S. bloc 15.45 Annual turnover: 605.18. etaj 5. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-47. nr.R.04 Annual turnover: N/A XX JONES LANG LASALLE Company name: JONES LANG LASALLE SERVICES S. etaj 8.L. etaj 11. sector 1. sector 1. sector 1. Strada Erou Iancu Nicolae. 010445. Victoria Center.L. nr. București Phone: +40-21-318. bloc B2. sector 1. 39-41.28. 21.established real estate groups in Spain and is currently one of the top ten.31.99 Annual turnover: N/A NEOCASA S. etaj 3. Strada Gheorghe Manu.34. nr.69 Annual turnover: N/A XX HOMELIFE Company name: EVEREST MANAGEMENT GROUP S.L. etaj 3. Bulevardul Dacia. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316. 014462.99 Fax: +40-21-310. ap. sector 4. sector 1.R.79 Fax: +40-21-310. București Phone: +40-21-224.88. XX Calea Victoriei. XX Strada Republicii. 141-143.89 Annual turnover: 1.grupolar. investment and management of real estate assets. sector 1.629 EUR (2009) XX MEDIA CITY Company name: MEDIA CITY S.R.L. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-40.03.L. Strada Clucerului.L.338. bloc D1.54.85. Strada Academiei. Calea Victoriei nr. București Phone: +40-21-380. etaj 4.R.07/8/9 Fax: +40-31-710. Grupo Lar has grown to become a sizeable organisation of companies involved in the development. Shareholders: GRUPO LAR EUROPA DEL ESTE SL (Spain): 100% Top management: IONUŢ DOGARU . Vila 1. nr.46. București Phone: +40-21-310.37 Annual turnover: N/A RE/MAX XX Company name: REAL ESTATE FRANCHISE SYSTEM S.R.R. 10.L.89.55.L. 500164.L.28 Annual turnover: N/A SHM SMITH HODGKINSON XX Company name: SHM SMITH HODGKINSON (ROMANIA) S. Offices.77. București.77.88. Braşov. Strada Virgil Madgearu.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312.02 Fax: +40-21-310.18.79 Annual turnover: N/A XX IMOBILIAR EXPERT GRUP S. 96. nr. With its considerable experience. etaj 2-3. nr. Calea Floreasca.52 Fax: +40-21-316.46.93 Fax: +40-264-40. 169A.R. sector 1.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230.145. nr. 010072.R.R. Cluj Napoca. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311. 35. etaj 4. 99.11 Annual turnover: N/A REGATTA XX Company name: REGATTA S.L.71 Fax: +40-21-311. sector 3.01 Annual turnover: 2. nr. Retail and Industrial centres.34. ap.15.33 Annual turnover: N/A NOBILA CASA S.

Members of the board: TONY DE PAUW – CEO JOOST UWENTS – CEO JEROEN BIERMANS – Managing Partner Top management: JEROEN BIERMANS Managing Partner VALENTIN STĂNCIULESCU Business Development Manager Financial information: Registered capital 34. Companies can keep on focusing on their core business.71. WDP is a flexible company with top quality logistic & production spaces The company proves its flexibility through its willingness to adjust A Class facilities to the expectations of its potential customers (built to suit projects) who seek to efficiently use their Company profile: WDP (Warehouses De Pauw) is the market leader in Belgium and a major global player through its efficient customized services of development. depending on the size of the project. Warehouses with brains Real Estate 165 .Black Sea canal). Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-225.16 E-mail: info-romania@wdp. Romania: 49% Quality certificates: BREEAM-NL 2010 certificate issued by Dutch Green Building Council for WDP projects in Tilburg and Nijmegen Ownership: Private-owned: 100% Romanian: 49% Foreign: 51% Brands: WDP.71. 256G. with a portfolio of 1. near Piteşti (Oarja – with access to A1 highway).3 million meters of warehouses. Joining forces with WDP means choosing a long term relationship. in Braşov (Codlea). The company is willing. may it be ambient or refrigerated.WDP ROMANIA Company name: WDP DEVELOPMENT RO S. In short.411. 030352. sector 3. Time after time. nr.L. distribution centers and industrial spaces in Europe.27. Fundulea and Săruleşti – with access to Bucharest – Constanţa highway). WDP is developing a strategic portfolio of 10 logistic and industrial parks (on an overall area of 170 hectares). WDP takes care of their real estate. for ADR goods or specific warehouse or production halls.wdp. to follow the client in areas in which it is not yet present. everything about WDP is added value. with special contamination regime. In Romania.16 +40-730-09. Contact: Bulevardul Basarabia. Belgium: 51% JB Top Pro Invest SRL.260 RON (2009) Shareholders: Warehouses De Pauw Comm. WDP is present near Bucharest (Corbii Mari – with access to Bucharest-Piteşti highway. with direct access or close to the highways and main roads. Va.R. letting and management of logistical and industrial properties. both of them with easy access to DN1 and the future Bucharest-Braşov highway). near Ploieşti (Ariceştii Rahtivani – with access to DN72 and Păuleşti. the result is warehouses with brains. WDP is a transparent stock exchange company with great financial clout.01 Fax: +40-31-225. Nearby Constanţ Website: www. two industrial parks will also be developed: Mihail Kogălniceanu (access to International Airport and E60) and Agigea (access to the container loading terminal and Danube .

90. 310157.20/21/22/23 Fax: +40-21-311. 3.93.50. etaj 2. America Top management: SILVIANA BADEA .000 EUR (2009) XX VICTORIA HOLDING S.35. nr.50 Fax: +40-21-319.00 Fax: +40-21-569.01.22. Our core business is providing enhanced property returns to investors through value-adding activities.81.218.00 Fax: +40-21-310.00 Fax: +40-21-300. Piteşti.L.L.00 Fax: +40-31-405. 7.39.34 Annual turnover: 2. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-751-17. nr. nr.268 EUR (2009) XX ANCHOR GRUP S.948 EUR (2009) FUTUREAL GROUP XX Aleea Privighetorilor. Calea Floreasca. nr.50.R.22 Annual turnover: 5. Strada C. Strada Nicolae Titulescu.32.00 Fax: +40-21-403. Bulevardul Tudor Vladimirescu. Șoseaua Pipera-Tunari. 020057.51 Annual turnover: 17.82 Annual turnover: 46.385 EUR (2009) CONARG S.R.A.00. București Phone: +40-21-569. sector 4.85.L. Pipera. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-22.01. nr. București Phone: +40-31-405. Voluntari.35. 198. 153-155.Junior Asset Manager XX ADAMA Company name: ADAMA MANAGEMENT S.R. etaj 3.65.23 Annual turnover: N/A XX BERMO GROUP S. Rosetti. bloc R1.293.00 Annual turnover: N/A IBIZA CONSTRUCT XX Company name: IBIZA CONSTRUCT 2000 S.48. sector 5.85.valad.A.09 Annual turnover: 2. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-22.17. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.986 EUR (2009) XX ATRIUM CENTERS Company name: ATRIUM CENTERS MANAGEMENT S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310. ap. XX Strada Negru Vodă. ap.00. Valad has an international network of local offices managing 6 billion Euros of assets.00 Fax: +40-248-21.R.29 E-mail: office@valad.VALAD Company name: VALAD REAL ESTATE S.514. www.00. 26.R. București Phone: +40-732-30. 020085. sector 1.L.21 Fax: +40-21-319. 29.52 Fax: +40-21-569. sector 1. nr. etaj 1.01 Annual turnover: N/A EYEMAXX REAL ESTATE XX Company name: EYEMAXX MANAGEMENT S.29. 46. București Phone: +40-21-300.L.R. 39. Strada Erou Iancu Nicolae.R. 4-8. nr. etaj 1. sector 1. 5. 050726.A. nr.08 Annual turnover: 1.03 Annual turnover: N/A GTC XX ROMANIA Company name: GTC REAL INVESTMENTS ROMANIA BV Strada Jean Texier. București Phone: +40-21-403. etaj 3. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319. nr. Our network of 23 local offices in 13 countries enables us to match global investment capital with real estate opportunities. Strada Voluntarilor.410. etaj 7. nr.A. Arad. Grand Offices Marriott. Bucureşti Phone: +40-731-73. etaj 6. Bulevardul Timişoara. 2. nr. sector 6.342 EUR (2009) 166 Real Estate .36 Annual turnover: 1.02. Șoseaua Olteniţ XX Calea 13 Septembrie . sector 5. nr. Bulevardul Dacia. 54. 011901. sector 1.60 Annual turnover: 2.A. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-31-405.78/79 Fax: +40-31-405.17.65 Fax: Company profile: Valad Property Group is an active fund and asset manager with a focus on multi-let commercial and industrial properties.17.067. sector 2. 30. Contact: Strada Grigore Cobălcescu. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231.652.L.32.L. nr.17. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-412.93.173 EUR (2009) EUROPOLIS REAL ESTATE ASSET XX MANAGEMENT S.716. 31.valad.17 Annual turnover: N/A HELIOS PHOENIX S.44. Valad’s aim is to continue to build a sustainable property business by providing stakeholders with the ‘valueadd’ that underpins the Group’s name and philosophy.035 EUR (2009) XX EUROPE ROMANIA AFI Company name: AFI EUROPE MANAGEMENT Website: www.14. Anchor Plaza Office Building.52 Fax: +40-21-231.92 Annual turnover: N/A XX BĂNEASA INVESTMENTS S. 80.35.A.Regional Manager Romania CRISTINA POP .R. sector 1. 010196.

sector 1. 014104.02 Fax: +40-21-230.88. Splaiul Independenţei.22.18.113 EUR (2009) XX IULIUS MANAGEMENT CENTER S. nr.741 EUR (2009) PLAZA CENTERS MANAGEMENT XX ROMANIA S. Strada Petre Aurelian.45.R.84 Fax: +40-21-232. nr.A. Șoseaua de Centură. 43-45.68 Annual turnover: N/A XX RED Company name: RED MANAGEMENT CAPITAL S. Strada Ion Ionescu de la Brad.40 Annual turnover: N/A XX IMPACT DEVELOPER & CONTRACTOR S.96.20 Annual turnover: 9.51 Annual turnover: N/A Real Estate 167 . 011998. Cehov. nr. sector 3.144.74. 010169. 9-27. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311. sector 1.04. etaj 5.R.R.673 EUR (2009) XX NOVA GROUP INVESTMENTS THE ROMANIA S.99 Fax: +40-21-202.60 Annual turnover: N/A PROLOGIS XX Company name: PROLOGIS RO MANAGEMENT S.XX ICCO S.A.96. nr. Șoseaua Nicolae Titulescu.81/82/83 Annual turnover: 12.R. nr.L.74.633 EUR (2009) XX ȚIRIAC IMOBILIARE Company name: FERGUS CONSTRUCT INTERNATIONAL S.31/30 Fax: +40-21-231.11 Fax: +40-21-310. 319. Strada Tuzla.22. Șoseaua București-Ploiești.12.R.735 EUR (2009) XX WILLBROOK MANAGEMENT Company name: WILLBROOK MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-269. nr.47 Fax: +40-21-316.85. Șoseaua Nordului. București Phone: +40-21-316. București Phone: +40-21-233. 194.A.L. Strada Sărărie. 13. 6.07 Fax: +40-21-314.80 Fax: +40-21-233. Mathias Berthelot.R.83.75. Strada Școlii.109. București Phone: +40-21-231. ap.199. sector 6.L.160. Șoseaua Pipera-Tunari. nr. 013812. nr. Calea Dorobanți.48 Annual turnover: 1. județul BRAŞOV Phone: +40-268-40.L.R.P. Strada Gen. bloc D1. etaj 1. sector 1. Fax: +40-21-206. etaj GF. nr.32 Annual turnover: 2. 54. București Phone: +40-730-11.55 Fax: +40-21-311. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.99 Annual turnover: N/A XX ROMFELT REAL ESTATE S. Piaţa Unirii.63. nr.L. 010073. Emerald Residences Complex. 4C. 53.70/71/72 Fax: +40-21-230. 50. etaj 2. sector 1.511.67 Annual turnover: 3.88.724. sector 1.66 Fax: +40-21-319.05 Annual turnover: N/A XX OPUS LAND DEVELOPMENT Company name: OPUS LAND DEVELOPMENT S.18.12 Fax: +40-268- 10.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206.513 EUR (2009) XX SUMMA ROMåNIA S.83. nr.86 Annual turnover: 2. sector 2.83.389 EUR (2009) XX MIVAN DEVELOPMENT Company name: ROPOTAMO EXPERT S. București Phone: +40-21-319. Voluntari.49 Annual turnover: N/A XX RIVER INVEST S. Iaşi.R.A.35 Annual turnover: 3.20. nr.88 Annual turnover: N/A XX NEOCITY GROUP Company name: NEOCITY GROUP ROMANIA S. 9-9A. București Phone: +40-21-319.L.94 Fax: +40-21-313. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-21. nr. Ștefăneşti de Jos.21 Annual turnover: 11.12. 4-8.L. nr. 2. Calea Victoriei. 73-81. București Phone: +40-21-232. 013685.01. sector 4.799. 51.A.25 Annual turnover: N/A XX QUALITY LIVING DEVELOPERS S. București Phone: +40-21-230.L. nr. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu.R.30. nr. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-372-15. etaj 6. Strada A.31.R.83. Brașov.45.A.L.03 Fax: +40-21-269. București Phone: +40-21-313.05 Annual turnover: N/A XX OCIF GROUP Company name: OCIF MANAGEMENT S. nr. Strada Gheorghe Manu. bloc 7.63. America House.8. nr.22 Fax: +40-232-21.21/22/23 Fax: +40-21-311.780.R. nr. 155. Obiectiv 5.R. sector 1. sector 2.11. Strada 11 Iunie.L. 24-26.05. etaj 6.14 Annual turnover: N/A XX SOUTH PACIFIC Company name: SOUTH PACIFIC CONSTRUCTII S.L. București Phone: +40-21-230. sector 1.30.5. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-230. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-313.00 Fax: +40-372-15.33.360 EUR (2009) XX LIEBRECHT & WOOD ROMANIA S.L.44 Fax: +40-21-319. sector 1.56.

010665.13.R.53 Annual turnover: 5. nr. București Phone: +40-21-232. 42-44.22 Fax: +40-21-361.11.01 Annual turnover: N/A IMMOCONSULT ROMåNIA XX Company name: IMMOCONSULT LEASING ROMANIA S. 169A.66 Annual turnover: 1.L. Strada Grigore Cobălcescu. etaj 3.85 Annual turnover: 14. Bulevardul Regele Ferdinand.843 EUR (2009) XX VALAD Company name: VALAD REAL ESTATE S. America House.41 Annual turnover: N/A Most important companies in "Property & Facility Management" XX BUILDING SUPPORT SERVICES S. BB&TP. sector 1.52. nr.062 EUR (2009) MT XX & T PROPERTY MANAGEMENT S. Șoseaua București-Ploiești . Vila 28.545. Strada Nicolae Titulescu.21. nr.00 Fax: +40-21-300. nr. Strada Constantin Budişteanu. București Phone: +40-21-361.47. 59.18 Annual turnover: N/A ISS XX FACILITY SERVICES S. etaj 4. 47-53. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-407. Strada Daniel Danielopolu. etaj 2. București Phone: +40-21-208.47. 013696. nr.00 Annual turnover: N/A XX NEPI Company name: NEPI INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT S. 180-200.42 Fax: +40-31-407.98 Fax: +40-21-232. nr.L. sector 1.L.28 Fax: +40-31-860. București Phone: +40-731-73.17.A.90. 021381.L. Strada Gheorghe Țițeica. etaj 1.L. București Phone: +40-21-231. sector 1.00 Fax: +40-21-231.877. etaj 2. nr. 28C. sector 1.R.R.50/51/52 Fax: +40-21-208. corp B.R.85 Fax: +40-21-252. 013682.R.Most important companies in "Investors & Asset Managers" XX BARTLET ASSET MANAGEMENT Calea Floreasca. sector 1. 8-10. Strada Marcel Andreescu.41.13.52.L.859. nr. sector 1. Europe House.02 Annual turnover: 4.90.29 Annual turnover: N/A EUROPOLIS REAL ESTATE ASSET MANAGEMENT XX Company name: EUROPOLIS REAL ESTATE ASSET MANAGEMENT S. București Phone: +40-31-860. 020305. bloc A.R.17 Fax: +40-31-405. sector 2.L.956 EUR (2009) THE XX FACILITY MAINTENANCE COMPANY S.11. 4-8.29.R.41. București Phone: +40-21-252.99 Annual turnover: N/A XX QUINTET ASSET MANAGEMENT Company name: QUINTET ASSET MANAGEMENT S. 010196. sector 1.816.22. nr. sector 2. Bulevardul Lascăr Catargiu. Building B2. București Phone: +40-31-405.17. 011648. 46. nr.48. 13. București Phone: +40-21-300.L. etaj 1.48.R.407 EUR (2009) 168 Real Estate . sector 1.

Paper & Furniture Major Companies in Romania 169 .Wood.

furniture imports in the first seven months of 2009 fell by 36. At the end of last year the players in this market estimated 2010 would bring some stability. most of the industry players recorded losses. according to research company Research and Markets.368 EUR SORTILEMN S.A. but napkins. one of the most dynamic sectors is the corrugated cardboard packaging. 6.Wood. In the first seven months the market fell by 28%. București . toilet paper and paper towels are also very attractive to producers.ARAD Annual Turnover: 20. In addition. two times lower than the average of the 27 EU states. the number of employees in the furniture industry fell by 23%.531 EUR ELVILA S. In the same period. Paper & Furniture ITALSOFA ROMåNIA S. it decreased by approximately 30% to about 500 million Euros. 2009 being the third consecutive year in which this sector didn’t make profits. 2. Baia Mare . Gherla .L.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 19. 5.404. reaching a value of about EUR 171 mn. 170 Wood. both office and home. as it is shown by APMR. according to the Association of Furniture Producers in Romania (APMR). but as the real estate industry is not showing improvement and purchasing power will decrease due to reduced wages. the domestic furniture market fell by approximately 20% compared with 2008.R. As far as the Romanian wood processing industry is concerned. According to the data from APMR.432.MARAMUREȘ Annual Turnover: 75.L. Arad . its evolution is similar to the one of the furniture industry. down from about EUR 270 mn in January-July 2008.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 24. 4. Also.402. but the autumn brought a slight increase in the sales. 64% of domestic production of furniture was exported. due to current consumption in Romania. with an annual value of approximately EUR 900 mn. it is difficult to believe that these predictions can come true. 3.R.L. Arad .A.R.077. down by 15% from the same period of 2008. the value of furniture exports in the first seven months of the year was of EUR 580 mn. Paper & Furniture Overview In 2009. Home & Office Furniture Producers & Exporters Reported results for 2009 1.ARAD Annual Turnover: 38. Regarding the consumption of furniture. are generated by companies with Austrian shareholders.760. reaching the level of EUR 880 mn due to weaker purchasing power caused by the economic crisis.6%. Two thirds of the businesses in the wood processing industry.928 EUR .563. Paper and cardboard Romanian market amounted to around one EUR 1 bn in 2009.813 EUR COTTA INTERNATIONAL S.000 EUR MOBEXPERT HOLDING* București Annual Turnover: 58. Last year.823 EUR DITRE INTERNATIONAL S.

L.7.144 EUR 11.152. Nehoiu . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-266.51.179. Strada Dobrogeanu Gherea. AX PERPETUUM IMPEX S.A.680 EUR 18.96 Annual turnover: 7. Piteşti. nr. sector 2. Outlet. MOBILA SOVATA S.134. NIKMOB S. T‰rgu Mureș .L.ARAD Annual Turnover: 16.02 Annual turnover: 38.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 11. Arad.L. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-27.404.R. FOREST TRADING 93 S.42 Fax: +40-21-266.430 EUR 20. Urziceni .IALOMIȚA Annual Turnover: 8. 9.R.08 Annual turnover: 11.22. Călăraşi.715 EUR 14. Sibiu .R.R. MOBILIER GENERAL ARAD MGA S.881.47.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 14.L.R.L.257.BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 9. 110104.00 Fax: +40-257-27.MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 8. T‰rgu-Mureş.21. PLIMOB S.00 Fax: +40-264-59. Pantelimon. Arad. LEMET S. DEKO RAME S. Arad .R. 53.L.465.51. București . Cluj-Napoca.L. MOBEX S. Militari.934 EUR * cummulated data for Mobexpert Băneasa.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 15. Jucu .681.L.A. Sovata .432 EUR 19.515 EUR 12.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 10.012 EUR 15.510. STAER INTERNATIONAL S. nr.45 Annual turnover: 6.86. Arad .368 EUR (2009) Wood. Berceni. Cluj-Napoca . 8.030. 020331.A. Piteşti. AX Strada Branului. 310239.842 EUR ECOLOR S.47.R.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 16. Strada Bicaz.MARAMUREȘ Annual Turnover: 16.SIBIU Annual Turnover: 11. Sibiu. Timişoara Most important companies in "Home & Office Furniture – Producers & Exporters" XX ALPROM S.796 EUR (2009) XX COTTA INTERNATIONAL S.012 EUR (2009) CONFO MEX S.L.689 EUR 10. Pipera.895.A. 21. 400393.22 Fax: +40-248-28.MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 10. Sighetu Marmației . Braşov. Paper & Furniture 171 .L. nr.283.R.684 EUR 17. București . 2-4.249. Galați .R. 1-5.R.ARAD Annual Turnover: 9.86.318 EUR (2009) XX PERPETUUM IMPEX S.465.R.077 EUR 13.126.A.GALAȚI Annual Turnover: 16. MOBILUX S.867 EUR 16.330 EUR MAXSTILE S. nr. C‰mpina .231.A.L. Bucovina.464.L. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-28. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-59.R. MARTPLAST S. XX Șoseaua Fabrica de Glucoză.032.

L. Sovata. nr. nr. Paper & Furniture .L. 161.A. XX Șoseaua Panduri.R.29 Annual turnover: 6.80.49 Fax: +40-265-57. nr. sector 2.077. județul MARAMUREȘ Phone: +40-262-20. sector 1. Dej.61 Annual turnover: 16.934 EUR (2009) MAXSTILE S.62. 725400. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-21.L. 31. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-36.026. Baia Mare.62. 310000.31.R.35.60 Fax: +40-269-53.842 EUR (2009) XX SAMUS MEX S. 30. Arad.40.28. Strada Unirii.40 Fax: +40-21-242. Strada Praidului.39 Fax: +40-230-56.15 Annual turnover: 5.L. Strada Căprioarei. XX Strada Judeţului.681.42 Annual turnover: 11. XX Strada Nicolaus Lenau. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-57.296. nr.20 Fax: +40-265-21.16 Fax: +40-21-210. 40.249. Rădăuți.17 Fax: +40-243-20.305 EUR (2009) FAMOS S.84.895.R.283.97 Fax: +40-257-27. Arad. 21.01 Fax: +40-262-277. 20.18.A.715 EUR (2009) XX MOBAM S.66 Fax: +40-264-22.288. nr.05/42 Annual turnover: 75.684 EUR (2009) XX NIKMOB S.43. nr.430 EUR (2009) XX MOBEXPERT HOLDING S. nr.00 Annual turnover: 19. nr. Sighetu Marmaţiei.A.698 EUR (2009) DITRE INTERNATIONAL S. XX Jucu-Herghelie.39.57 Fax: +40-238-55. 8.L.64.11.30 Fax: +40-21-221.R. bloc P9.100 EUR (2009) XX MOBILA RĂDĂUŢI S. XX Platforma Industrială N-V. nr. 44 C.XX DEKO RAME S.000 EUR (2009) LEMET S.82. C‰mpina. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-250.881. nr. 430272. 105600.02.63 Fax: +40-262-31. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-411.80 Annual turnover: 9. Șoseaua Pantelimon. județul MARAMUREȘ Phone: +40-262-277. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-28.10.179. 40. 1.743 EUR (2009) XX SILVAROM S.L.70. 19. 63.432 EUR (2009) XX PLIMOB S.A.760. sector 5.71. XX Strada T‰rgului.928 EUR (2009) EXPLOIT S. București Phone: +40-21-242. 74-76. XX Bulevardul Unirii.87. 550205. Strada 1 Decembrie 1918.24. nr.162 EUR (2009) XX MOBEX S.R.15. DN7.20 Annual turnover: 8. Zona Comercială Băneasa.A.257. 310263.82. nr.70 Fax: +40-21-250.66. Șoseaua București-Ploiești. Sibiu.08 Annual turnover: 20.08 Annual turnover: 16. nr.126. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210.A. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-20. nr.531 EUR (2009) ECOLOR S.680 EUR (2009) XX MOBILUX S. nr. Odorheiu Secuiesc.36. Nehoiu. nr.82.R. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238- Fax: +40-244-36. Arad. județul HARGHITA Phone: +40-266- 405200.A.R.198.402. XX Strada Romaniţei.547 EUR (2009) FOREST TRADING 93 S.30 Annual turnover: 8.L. nr.L.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-220. județul IALOMIŢA Phone: +40-243-25.147.10 Fax: +40-257-21. Strada Lupeni.769 EUR (2009) XX MOBILA SOVATA S.R. T‰rgu Mureş.536.03. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-53. 69A.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-13. 6.47 Fax: +40-257-28.R. 2. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-21.56 Annual turnover: 10.032.94 Annual turnover: 5.79. 11. 12-16. 535600. Baia Mare.74 Annual turnover: 2. Strada Rocilor.305.00 Fax: +40-372-13. sector 6.633 RON (2009) MARTPLAST S.31 Fax: +40-266-21.42. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-56. 15.L.L.77 Annual turnover: 6. 407352. județul MARAMUREȘ Phone: +40-262-31.867 EUR (2009) XX MOBILIER GENERAL ARAD MGA S. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-725-64.21. 540314.689 EUR (2009) 172 Wood.L. ap. 137.A. XX Strada Regiei. etaj 3. Strada Bistriţei. Urziceni.61.18.24 Annual turnover: 16.R.330 EUR (2009) ELVILA S.81.10. Strada Bicaz.R.70.R. Jucu. 82.515 EUR (2009) ITALSOFA ROMåNIA S. nr. nr. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-21. sector 1.34.00 Fax: +40-262-20.17 Annual turnover: 1. sector 2.42 Annual turnover: 61. Bulevardul Unirii. nr.485.77 Annual turnover: 9.97 Annual turnover: Annual turnover: 10.74. 310239. Strada Volovățului.80 Annual turnover: 15.44. XX Strada Siriului.

563.754. BLUE BOX IMOBILIARE S.R.938. Suceava .696.53/54 Annual turnover: 1. nr.L. sector 2.R.88.144 EUR (2009) Home & Office Furniture Importers Reported results for 2009 1. București . SD-6B.L. (IKEA) București . Strada Fabrica de Glucoză.A.202 EUR (2009) GRUPPO ROMA S.754.L. nr.GORJ Annual Turnover: 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317. București .L.L. Victoria Business Park.R.52/55 Fax: +40-21-351.999. Roman .Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 69.51.885 EUR 10. Otopeni.293 EUR (2009) XX CLASS LIVING Company name: CLASS .66 Fax: +40-21-242.17. 73-81. nr.R.51.R.62 Annual turnover: 8. XX Strada Siderurgiştilor. 7.L. Strada Clujului.12. 6. nr.557 EUR SORTEM COM S. București Phone: +40-21-242. XX Calea Bucureşti. nr.R.823 EUR (2009) STAER INTERNATIONAL S.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 2.841 EUR (2009) CORPORATE OFFICE SOLUTIONS S. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-51. 5.L.L.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 6. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-40.999. 44. 3.L.R.62 Fax: +40-230-51.102 EUR CASA PLUS S. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-24.R.31. 720247. etaj 1.SUCEAVA Annual Turnover: 8.88. parter.17 Fax: +40-264-24. XX Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.799.L. 020332. 013685.R.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 3. sector 1. parter.744. Gherla. București . 27.00. T‰rgu-Jiu .841 EUR NEURO IMPEX S. Otopeni .MOB S.696. 2.62.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 11. 25.40/42/43 Fax: +40-21-317. București .L. 21.XX SORTILEMN S. bloc T94. 7.210 EUR Most important companies in "Home & Office Furniture – Importers" XX CASA PLUS S. București .L.293 EUR CORPORATE OFFICE SOLUTIONS S.908. 075100.030.R.12.A.898 EUR CLASS . 4.MOB S.00.754.NEAMȚ Annual Turnover: 5.R. nr. GRUPPO ROMA S.67 Annual turnover: 2.938.414.L.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 1.551. Suceava.202 EUR FURNITURE DESIGN DISTRIBUTION S. 9.48 Annual turnover: 24.R.62. 405300.09 Fax: +40-236-40.210 EUR (2009) Wood.R.R. 800234. Paper & Furniture 173 . județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-351. Strada George Enescu. Galaţi.005 EUR TECHO ROMANIA S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 5.08 Annual turnover: 16.41 Annual turnover: 6.139 EUR KIKA MOBILIER S.L. 8.

R.42 Fax: +40-21-256.362.414. Poarta 3 Faur. 103.96 Annual turnover: 5. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201.71 Fax: +40-233-74.R. Strada Splaiul Independenței. 10.04. Calea Dorobanţi. 1. 5.754 EUR LOSAN ROMANIA S.005 EUR (2009) XX TECHO ROMANIA S.77.118 EUR (2009) KIKA MOBILIER S. Fax: +40-253-23.563 EUR HOLVER S.XX IKEA Company name: BLUE BOX IMOBILIARE S. Strada Teiului.469. Piaţa Montreal. 65.NEAMȚ Annual Turnover: 17. sector 1. 135.139 EUR (2009) XX NEURO IMPEX S. 42A. nr. sector 3.R.81. nr.L.30. Corp Administrativ A.42. nr.12.885 EUR (2009) XX NOBILIS S.R.658.50 Fax: +40-21-569.472 EUR KRONOSPAN SEBES.12.SUCEAVA Annual Turnover: 90.222 EUR (2009) Wood 1.898 EUR (2009) ITALIA OFFICE S.R. Rădăuți .A.618 EUR (2009) NEOROM MOBILIER S.00/05 Annual turnover: 330.R.13 Annual turnover: 3.36 Fax: +40-21-312. 7. sector 6. Brașov .908.L. nr. Sema Park.98 Annual turnover: 11. 20.481 EUR KRONOSPAN ROMANIA S. Tarcău .103 EUR (2009) KYROS INTERIORS XX Company name: KYROS GRUP S. 319. 6. nr.091. etaj 2.342 EUR . județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-569. sector 1.77. XX Bulevardul Basarabiei. nr.R.37. sector 6.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 51. Brașov .04.R.152. București Phone: +40-21-601. Calea Floreasca.L. București Phone: +40-21-352. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.589. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.37.49.R.R. județul NEAMŢ Phone: +40-233-74.R. World Trade Center.321.978 EUR PROLEMN S. nr. Paper & Furniture Reported results for 2009 HOLZINDUSTRIE SCHWEIGHOFER S.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 39.799. 174 Wood. nr.36 Annual turnover: 69. 2. XX Șoseaua de Centură.41 Annual turnover: 5.R.L.L.75/76 Fax: +40-21-352.ALBA Annual Turnover: 206.140 EUR (2009) XX ROVERE MOBILI Company name: FURNITURE DESIGN DISTRIBUTION S.49 Annual turnover: 681.744. parter.75.11 Fax: +40-21-316.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 25.L.754.ALBA Annual Turnover: 129. Phone: +40-21-318.77 Annual turnover: 964.551.94/95 Fax: +40-21-201.608 EUR FORESTAR S.00 Fax: +40-21-317.81. Sebeș .57 Annual turnover: 2. Brașov .01.01/02 Fax: +40-21-318. Popești-Leordeni.L.R.35. județul GORJ Phone: +40-253-23. Reghin . T‰rgu-Jiu.L. 014553. nr.907.L.30. nr.R.448 EUR EGGER ROMANIA S. City Building. 210215.A. Sebeș .43 Annual turnover: 1. sector 1.L. Roman. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-256. Strada 22 Decembrie 1989.557 EUR (2009) XX SORTEM COM S.L.L. 55. 3. 256.L.95.R.L.75. 8. XX Strada Comerțului.A.MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 37.

36 Annual turnover: 51.28 Fax: Annual turnover: 39. Cluj-Napoca.R. 220183.24.61. Sebeş.A.80 Annual turnover: 15. județul ALBA Phone: +40-258-80.705. 500482.017. Sighetu Marmației . nr.705.L.R.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 15. 10A. XX Strada Principală.L. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-50.472 EUR (2009) XX KRONOSPAN ROMANIA S.R.11.61.A.563 EUR (2009) FOREST TRADING 93 S. AVIVA S. județul MARAMUREȘ Phone: +40-262-31.763.59. XX Strada Industriilor.90 Annual turnover: 11.R.00 Annual turnover: 5.73.342 EUR (2009) XX HOLVER S. sector 2.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 11.406 EUR (2009) FORESTAR S. Strada Mihail Kogălniceanu. București .L. XX Strada Traian.05 Annual turnover: 17. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-372-34. nr. Drobeta-Turnu Severin .CARAȘ-SEVERIN Annual Turnover: 12.80. Sighetu Marmației. Strada Mihail Kogălniceanu. 1. nr. Braşov.R.73.515 EUR (2009) HOLZINDUSTRIE SCHWEIGHOFER S.R.MEHEDINȚI Annual Turnover: 8.353.55 Annual turnover: 8.L. nr.00 Fax: +40-372-34.978 EUR (2009) XX KRONOSPAN SEBEȘ S.393. 020337. 515800. XX Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu. Cluj-Napoca .R.99 Fax: Annual turnover: 129.L.11.656 EUR (2009) Wood.35 +40-268-41.L.L. 1.MARAMUREȘ Annual Turnover: 11. 57.321.L.01 Fax: Annual turnover: 206.231. Strada Strunga Mieilor.9. FOREST TRADING 93 S.L. sector 2.897 EUR Most important companies in "Wood" XX AVIVA S.80.08 Annual turnover: 11.854 EUR (2009) AX XX PERPETUUM IMPEX S. 59.R.63.A.61. XX Strada Judeţului.36 Fax: +40-268-50. Tarcău. LEMNKING INDUSTRY COM S. XX Calea Mărășești.00 +40-258-80.39.012 EUR 14. 600218. AX PERPETUUM IMPEX S. nr.00 +40-258-80.00. 617445.907.00 Fax: +40-264-59.091. etaj 4. Sebeş.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 11. județul MEHEDINŢI Phone: +40-252-20. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-47.00 Annual turnover: 90. nr. Strada Branului.R. Sebeș . Braşov.01 Fax: +40-233-24.00. KRONOSPAN SEPAL S.731 EUR 11. 30. Sebeş.012 EUR (2009) BARLINEK ROMANIA S. nr. Drobeta-Turnu Severin. județul ALBA Phone: +40-258-80.465.R. județul NEAMŢ Phone: +40-233-24. 46. Strada Unirii.60. Paper & Furniture 175 . nr.L.11.50 Fax: +40-252-20.ALBA Annual Turnover: 12.658.406 EUR 13.L.465. 53.11.897 EUR (2009) EGGER ROMANIA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210. județul ALBA Phone: +40-258-80.469.353.34.A. Șoseaua Cristianului. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-59. nr. nr.38.L.99 Fax: Annual turnover: 12. 435500. Buchin . MASSIV FOREST PRODUCTS S.A.R.R.00 +40-258-80. nr. DELIGNIT ROMANIA S. București Phone: +40-372-43.16 Fax: +40-21-210.382.515 EUR 10.L.164 EUR 15.017.19 Fax: +40-262-31.439.448 EUR (2009) XX KRONOSPAN SEPAL S.656 EUR 12.00 Fax: +40-372-46.47.R. București . 295.47. Onești.575 EUR (2009) DELIGNIT ROMANIA S. 40.R. 400393.

etaj 1. 2. 40-42.51.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 18.81 Annual turnover: 37.997 EUR 176 Wood.10.A. Pucioasa . 8. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-51.L.164 EUR (2009) XX LOSAN ROMANIA S.152.XX LEMNKING INDUSTRY COM S.504 EUR SOMEȘ S. Strada Principală.754 EUR (2009) XX SILVA LEMNTEX S.536 EUR VRANCART S.A.362.L.R.204 EUR LETEA S. nr. 1. XX Strada Ierbuş.SUCEAVA Annual Turnover: 19. județul CARAȘ-SEVERIN Phone: +40-255-51.A. județul HUNEDOARA Phone: +40-354-50. Brașov.329. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-41.478.R. Călărași .389 EUR ROMCARTON S. 9.66 Fax: +40-265-51. Strada Lunca Grofului. 507075.R.445.731 EUR (2009) PROLEMN S.623.81 Fax: +40-372-67. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.848 EUR 12.10. 6. nr.VRANCEA Annual Turnover: 27.048 EUR AGRESSIONE GROUP S.640.A. 5.A.A.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 33. ECOPAPER S.609.51 Annual turnover: 12. nr.235. Buchin. 121.756 EUR (2009) XX VASICOS CENTER S. Cluj-Napoca . Suceava . 545300.R.28.33 Fax: +40-248-21. sector 1.574 EUR RONDOCARTON S. ECOPACK S.68.09. 14.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 18.DåMBOVIȚA Annual Turnover: 14. 3. Zărnești . Reghin.837 EUR 10.825. 013696.651 EUR AMBRO S.849 EUR 11. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-361.R.A.A.382.L. Strada Craiovei. nr. Ghimbav .68. Dej .R. Piteşti.A. nr.896. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-21.14.COVASNA Annual Turnover: 17.81.685. COMCEH S.L. Adjud . Comuna Chimindia.28.486 EUR (2009) Paper. 42-44.09. Băneasa Business and Technology Park .L.014.99 Annual turnover: 25. Sf‰ntu Gheorghe .608 EUR (2009) XX MASSIV FOREST PRODUCTS S.R. nr.156. București .BACĂU Annual Turnover: 16. Bacău .21/22 Annual turnover: 5.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 29.35 Annual turnover: 11.21/22 Fax: +40-354-50.A. Paper & Furniture .CĂLĂRAȘI Annual Turnover: 36. S‰nnicoară/Apahida .33 Annual turnover: 6.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 13. 7. 4.50 Fax: +40-255-51. 37. Strada Ioan Clopoţel.L.L.A.901 EUR DUNAPACK RAMBOX PRODIMPEX S.439. MONTE BIANCO S. Cardboard & Packaging Producers Reported results for 2009 1.30 Fax: +40-21-361. 337268.159.Clădirea B.806.24.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 15.

31 E-mail: cluj@rondo-ganahl. 40.09 Fax: targoviste@rondo-ganahl.61. județul CĂLĂRAȘI Phone: +40-242-31. Hungary and Romania. Suceava. We manufacture corrugate board packaging and recycled corrugate case material. 98.13.30 Fax: +40-245-20.General Manager ULISE BLAJ . nr. 53. București . nr.61.R. nr.574 EUR (2009) XX AMBRO S. 130089. we extended our business in Romania by servicing clients activating in all industries.159.17 Fax: +40-266-21.88 Annual turnover: 7.L. mainly food and drink. Cardboard & Packaging – Producers" RONDOCARTON S.Sales Manager . AX Strada Branului.07 Second address: Strada Laminorului.75.Plant Targoviste Quality certificates: ISO 9001:2000 issued by certificated by Germanischer Lloyd XX ABC-IMPEX S. 400393.511 EUR Most important companies in "Paper. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-58. 24. 81-83.40.9982% Contact persons: ANCA POPESCU . județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-25.87. Strada Prelungirea Bucureşti. 207.Financial Manager ANCA POPESCU . Opening the new plant in Targoviste. Sânnicoară/Apahida.61 Fax: +40-264-41. 46. nr. Calea Republicii.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 9. Paper & Furniture 177 . județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-330-40. Top management: TEOFIL CÂMPEAN . Strada Făgăraşului.759 EUR (2009) XX COMCEH S. Strada Rakoczi.806.91.Plant Targoviste Financial information: Registered capital 54.61 Annual turnover: 33.47.536 EUR (2009) Total revenues 130. light industry and automotive industry.204 EUR (2009) XX ECOPACK S.92.Sales Manager .Sales Manager .60.527. Ploiești . Târgovişte.10 Annual turnover: 6. Dej . judeţul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41.06 Fax: +40-264-41. Călăraşi. Calea Unirii.389 EUR (2009) XX PERPETUUM IMPEX S.L.15.R. judeţul DÂMBOVIŢA Phone: +40-245-20.205.05 Annual turnover: 19. etaj 6-7.Plant Cluj VIOLETA MANZARIU . 910048.00 Fax: +40-267-33.994.Sales Manager .A. 720019.82.L. nr.118 RON (2009) Employees 243 Ownership Private-owned: 100% Romanian: 0.47. Strada Constructorilor.521 EUR 14. Ghimbav.A. Company profile: Rondocarton offers premium corrugated board for excellent packaging.23 Annual turnover: 36.R.00 Fax: +40-264-59.R.527.478.R. nr.R.L.90.01 Fax: +40-242-31. Sf‰ntu Gheorghe.40.57.A.60.L.55 Annual turnover: 17. nr. using state-of-the-art technology in all our factories in Website: www. nr.75.343 EUR 15.076.849 EUR (2009) Wood.180 RON (2009) Annual turnover 29.048 EUR (2009) XX DUNAPACK RAMBOX PRODIMPEX S. Bulevardul 21 Decembrie 1989.08 Annual turnover: 11. Odorheiu-Secuiesc. 535600.10.77 Annual turnover: 15.825.52.014.13 Fax: +40-234-58.A.00 Fax: +40-268-25.076 EUR (2009) XX AGRESSIONE GROUP S.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 10. SEGEZHA PACKAGING S. Contact: Main address: Strada Aviatorilor.rondo-ganahl.L.329. Cluj-Napoca. TIGER SOMEȘ IMPEX S. județul HARGHITA Phone: +40-266-21. BRD Business Center. 11. Cluj-Napoca.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 12.465. Bacău. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41.Plant Cluj VIOLETA MANZARIU . 2A.064. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-59. județul COVASNA Phone: +40-267-33.A. 1.0018% Foreign: 99.678. 407042. 600304. nr. TETRA PAK ROMANIA S.14.L.012 EUR (2009) XX BARLETA S.

566.L. Strada Fructelor.82 Annual turnover: 18.R. Strada Bistriţei. Paper & Furniture RTC PROFFICE EXPERIENCE S. Bulevardul Decebal.997 EUR (2009) XX LETEA S.00 Fax: +40-237-64.L. Pucioasa.709. 1.34. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-40. Dej. Pantelimon. 17.445.21.089 EUR AUGUSTA PAPIER S.L. București .300.30.60 Annual turnover: 7. Strada Letea.17.66 Fax: +40-21-255. 2.830. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-444.A.156. EUR ROMANIAN PAPER DISTRIBUTION S.93 Annual turnover: 9.651 EUR (2009) Paper. nr.L. nr. sector 6. 3. Strada 13 Decembrie.640. Strada Bistriţei. 1A.15. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-22.18. nr. 405200.65 Annual turnover: 7. 032266. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-255. București . nr.62.901 EUR (2009) XX TETRA PAK ROMANIA S.13 Annual turnover: 7. 013811.00 Fax: +40-21-404. Zărneşti.11 Annual turnover: 13. Bacău. Pantelimon . 63.014 EUR (2009) XX PETROCART S. Băneasa Airport Tower.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 8. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-22. 141.12 Fax: +40-264-22.74.30 Fax: +40-233-21. Dej.31.65 Fax: +40-21-444. 5.18. Strada Ion Ionescu de la Brad. județul NEAMŢ Phone: +40-233-21.623.A.573.A.60.57.84 Annual turnover: 16. nr.69 Annual turnover: 10. nr. București .XX ECOPAPER S.L. Strada Poet George Țărnea.832.63.896.A.35.527. Bulevardul Theodor Pallady. sector 1. Ploiești.96 Annual turnover: 14. județul VRANCEA Phone: +40-237-64. 5. 66.511 EUR (2009) XX TIGER SOMEȘ IMPEX S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-269.A. 18. Bulevardul Timişoara. 061334. Strada Poligonului. nr.848 EUR (2009) XX PERPIGNA S.064.000 EUR EUROPAPIER ROMANIA S.R. nr.47.235. 405200.R.16 Fax: +40-234-57.39 Fax: +40-268-22.32.504 EUR (2009) XX ROMPRIX EXIM S.26.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 2. Comuna Dragomirești Vale .501 EUR (2009) XX ROMCARTON S.A. Dragomirești Deal. 171.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 12. 84..R.932 EUR PIGNA ROMåNIA IMPEX S. 100070. Strada Ecaterina Teodoroiu.A.R. Adjud.39 Annual turnover: 12. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-57.01 Annual turnover: 18. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203. nr. nr.97 Fax: +40-245-20. 17.90/91/92 Fax: +40-21-269.A. județul DåMBOVIŢA Phone: +40-245-20. Piatra Neamţ.R.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 3.A.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 34. nr. 63.A.343 EUR (2009) XX SOMEȘ S.L. Cardboard & Packaging Distributors Reported results for 2009 1.521 EUR (2009) XX VRANCART S.405.83.08.17 Fax: +40-264-22.L.633 EUR (2009) XX SEGEZHA PACKAGING S. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-20. sector 3.R. 178 Wood.362 EUR .21.20 Annual turnover: 27.15.70 Fax: +40-244- EUR (2009) XX MONTE BIANCO S.205.

077145.05 Fax: +40-21-352. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408. XX Bulevardul Timişoara. Strada Matei Basarab.18. A1 Parc Industrial . Comuna Dragomirești Vale.Hala F1.00 Fax: +40-21-408.38 Annual turnover: N/A XX AUGUSTA PAPIER S.073.65 Fax: +40-21-444.587 EUR (2009) PIGNA ROMåNIA IMPEX S.18. 84.L.A. sector 6. 20A.000 EUR (2009) Wood. nr.40 Fax: +40-21-301. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-444.27 Annual turnover: 12.362 EUR (2009) XX EUROPAPIER ROMANIA S. nr.089 EUR (2009) XX ROMANIAN PAPER DISTRIBUTION S. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-350.20 Fax: +40-21-350.L. nr. 24-26.R.00 Fax: +40-21-252. 060647. Pantelimon.L.39 Annual turnover: 8.832.L. Dragomirești Deal. 030674. sector 2.R.18.932 EUR (2009) XX PROFFICE EXPERIENCE S. RTC Strada Drumul Săbăreni.18.830.56.20.R. Phone: +40-21-253. Autostrada Bucureşti-Piteşti Km 13. sector 6.70. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-352. Cardboard & Packaging – Distributors" XX ANTALIS S.12.300.65 Annual turnover: 3.05/15 Annual turnover: 34.21. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-301. 7.R.21. Șoseaua Cernica.21 Annual turnover: 2.20. nr.Most important companies in "Paper. 061334.A.405. Paper & Furniture 179 .57.

Textile & Leather

Major Companies in Romania 181

Textile & Leather
The heyday of the textile industry in Romania seems to have gone forever: besides the competition of the Asian exporters, Romanian manufacturers have to deal with the economic recession that diminished even more the demand for their products. The sharp decline in selling caused by the recession is even more bad news for local manufacturers, as statistics show that the domestic market does not consume more than 15% of their annual production, China, Turkey, India, Bangladesh and Tunisia being the main suppliers of clothing for the local market. In these conditions, specialized federations note that the industry is already one foot into the abyss and it might as well disappear in a few years unless the authorities take measures to lower the production costs and boost exports at the expense of imports. At the same time, the multinational textile companies started to restrict their production capacities in areas that are far from their home countries, given the higher transport costs - so Romania is no longer such an attractive destination for them. As a result, the industrial production fell by 30% in 2009 and, despite the previous estimations of the players in this industry that hoped the market would get back on its feet, production continued to decline by 10 - 15% in 2010. The only sectors of local industry that managed to withstand the financial crisis were the production of shoes (which grew by 25% in 2009), knitwear production (plus 39%) and production of carpets (plus 35%). Experts say that the advantage of these products is the quality - that is superior to those imported from Asia - and this proved to be an important attribute in choosing such products in times of crisis. On the other side, the exports of textiles and footwear fell in 2009 by almost 15%, but this is no news anymore, as textile exports have been declining for four years now.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. RIFIL S.A.

Reported results for 2009
Săvinești - NEAMȚ Annual Turnover: 37,423,800 EUR

Botoșani - BOTOȘANI Annual Turnover: 27,880,308 EUR

Botoșani - BOTOȘANI Annual Turnover: 26,643,913 EUR

Iași - IAȘI Annual Turnover: 14,681,960 EUR

Bistrița - BISTRIȚA-NĂSĂUD Annual Turnover: 12,049,226 EUR

Cluj-Napoca - CLUJ Annual Turnover: 11,465,012 EUR

Botoșani - BOTOȘANI Annual Turnover: 9,689,272 EUR

Buzău - BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 7,890,800 EUR

București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 6,411,108 EUR

Vaslui - VASLUI Annual Turnover: 5,889,994 EUR

182 Textile & Leather

Most important companies in "Textile"
XX PERPETUUM IMPEX S.R.L. AX Strada Branului, nr. 53, 400393, Cluj-Napoca, județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-59.47.00 Fax: +40-264-59.47.08 Annual turnover: 11,465,012 EUR (2009) XX CARREMAN ROMANIA S.R.L. Calea Naţională, nr. 4, 710001, Botoşani, județul BOTOȘANI Phone: +40-231-60.63.09 Fax: +40-231-51.56.11 Annual turnover: 27,880,308 EUR (2009) XX COATS ROMåNIA IMPEX S.R.L. Strada Slt. Alexandru Borneanu, nr. 2-4, Sector 6, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.55.01/00 Fax: +40-21-316.72.30 Annual turnover: 6,411,108 EUR (2009) XX DOLPHIN INTERNATIONAL IMPEX S.R.L. Șoseaua București-Ploiești, nr. 3, 077050, Ciolpani, județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-266.81.51 Fax: +40-21-266.81.50 Annual turnover: 5,455,714 EUR (2009) XX FIBREXNYLON S.A. Strada Uzinei, nr. 1, Săvineşti, județul NEAMŢ Phone: +40-233-20.50.03 - Switchboard Fax: +40-233-20.51.80 Annual turnover: 4,813,312 EUR (2009) XX IAȘITEX S.A. Strada Primăverii, nr. 2, Iaşi, județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-43.67.60 Fax: +40-232-24.60.63 Annual turnover: 14,681,960 EUR (2009) XX LONFIL S.R.L. Calea Naţională, nr. 1, 710001, Botoşani, județul BOTOȘANI Phone: +40-231-51.14.78 Fax: +40-231-51.31.80 Annual turnover: 9,689,272 EUR (2009)

MARTELLI EUROPE S.R.L. XX Aleea Industriilor, nr. 17, Buzău, județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-72.46.33 Fax: +40-238-71.61.69 Annual turnover: 7,890,800 EUR (2009)
XX RIFIL S.A. Strada Uzinei, nr. 2, Săvineşti, județul NEAMŢ Phone: +40-233-28.18.39 Fax: +40-233-28.17.82 Annual turnover: 37,423,800 EUR (2009) XX ROLANA TEX S.R.L. Strada Progresului, nr. 1, Botoşani, județul BOTOȘANI Phone: +40-231-51.76.30 Fax: +40-231-51.20.64 Annual turnover: 26,643,913 EUR (2009)

Strada Drumul Cetăţii, nr. 20, 420129, Bistriţa, județul BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Phone: +40-263-23.00.40 Fax: +40-263-23 00 41 Annual turnover: 12,049,226 EUR (2009) XX TEXTILA OLTUL S.A. Strada Kos Karoly, nr. 19, Sf‰ntu Gheorghe, județul COVASNA Phone: +40-267-35.22.84 Fax: +40-267-35.18.66 Annual turnover: 5,320,940 EUR (2009) XX TRANSILANA S.A. Strada Fabricilor, nr. 44, 507075, Ghimbav, județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-47.54.48 Fax: +40-268-25.84.22 Annual turnover: 5,696,748 EUR (2009) XX VASTEX S.A. Strada Ștefan cel Mare, nr. 273, Vaslui, județul VASLUI Phone: +40-235-31.34.20 Fax: +40-235-36.14.69 Annual turnover: 5,889,994 EUR (2009)

1. 2. 3. BRISEGROUP S.R.L.

Reported results for 2009
Curtici - ARAD Annual Turnover: 59,456,710 EUR Constanța - CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 44,263,240 EUR

București - Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 37,764,318 EUR

Textile & Leather 183

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Urziceni - IALOMIȚA Annual Turnover: 27,117,773 EUR

Cluj-Napoca - CLUJ Annual Turnover: 23,967,228 EUR

T‰rgu Secuiesc - COVASNA Annual Turnover: 21,561,110 EUR

Alba Iulia - ALBA Annual Turnover: 20,061,392 EUR

Păulești - PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 19,194,628 EUR

T‰rgu Mureș - MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 18,254,469 EUR

București - Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 15,436,477 EUR

Săcele - BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 14,284,467 EUR

Timișoara - TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 13,727,438 EUR

București - Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 12,959,717 EUR

Bacău - BACĂU Annual Turnover: 11,854,230 EUR

Brăila - BRĂILA Annual Turnover: 11,336,471 EUR

Most important companies in "Clothing"
XX ADESGO S.A. Calea Șerban Vodă, nr. 220, 040215, sector 4, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-336.68.10 Fax: +40-21-337.19.72 Annual turnover: 12,959,717 EUR (2009) XX ALISON HAYES (ROMåNIA) S.R.L. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Buzău, km 55.2, Urziceni, județul IALOMIŢA Phone: +40-372-43.91.00 Fax: +40-243-25.41.72 Annual turnover: 27,117,773 EUR (2009) XX BLAZER S.R.L. Șoseaua Baldovinesti, nr. 12, Brăila, județul BRĂILA Phone: +40-239-61.02.00 Fax: +40-239-61.19.96 Annual turnover: 11,336,471 EUR (2009) XX BRAICONF S.A. Strada Școlilor, nr. 53, 810517, Brăila, județul BRĂILA Phone: +40-239-69.22.00 Fax: +40-239-68.51.63 Annual turnover: 9,043,240 EUR (2009) XX BRISEGROUP S.R.L. Strada Pastrajerului, nr. 24, Constanţa, județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-55.44.50 Fax: +40-241-55.44.50 Annual turnover: 44,263,240 EUR (2009) XX CAREMIL S.R.L. Strada Profesor Dumitru Martinas, nr. 6, 611047, Roman, județul NEAMŢ Phone: +40-233-74.17.32 Fax: +40-233-74.34.03 Annual turnover: 4,025,514 EUR (2009) XX CATEX S.A. Strada Eroilor, nr. 49, Călăraşi, județul CĂLĂRAȘI Phone: +40-242-30.73.00/06/07 Fax: +40-242-31.37.04 Annual turnover: 6,966,885 EUR (2009) XX CONFECŢII BåRLAD S.A. Strada Tecuciului, nr. 2, B‰rlad, județul VASLUI Phone: +40-235-41.36.03 Fax: +40-235-42.16.65 Annual turnover: 5,145,430 EUR (2009)

184 Textile & Leather

XX COTTONTEX S.R.L. Strada Buziașului, nr. 18, 300571, Timișoara, județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-22.48.10 Fax: +40-256-22.48.11 Annual turnover: 13,727,438 EUR (2009) XX ELCA S.A. Strada Pictor Nicolae Grigorescu, nr. 9, 105600, C‰mpina, județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-33.55.51 Fax: +40-244-37.03.31 Annual turnover: 7,334,192 EUR (2009) XX ELMEC ROMåNIA S.R.L. Strada Progresului, nr. 130-144, 050693, sector 5, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-411.70.86 Fax: +40-21-411.70.87 Annual turnover: 37,764,318 EUR (2009) XX FRANCESCA INDUSTRIES S.A. Strada Nicolae Bălcescu, nr. 185, Piteşti, județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-28.05.33 Fax: +40-248-28.05.35 Annual turnover: 7,010,923 EUR (2009) XX GRAFTEX PRODCOM S.R.L. Șoseaua Pantelimon, nr. 300, etaj 4, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-255.67.81/82 Fax: +40-21-255.67.83 Annual turnover: 6,994,772 EUR (2009) XX GRECALE IMPEX S.R.L. Strada I.H. Rădulescu, nr. 46, 825300, Măcin, județul TULCEA Phone: +40-240-57.27.27 Fax: +40-240-57.34.06 Annual turnover: 5,524,194 EUR (2009) XX HABITEX ROMANIA S.R.L. Bulevardul Independenţei, nr. 60, Baia Mare, județul MARAMUREȘ Phone: +40-262-20.61.94 +40-262-21.99.10 Fax: Annual turnover: 8,097,215 EUR (2009)

MONDEX S.A. XX Strada R‰ului, nr. 34, Sibiu, județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-22.99.15 +40-369-44.89.88 Fax: Annual turnover:7,417,488 EUR (2009) NORADA S.A. XX Strada Beclean, nr. 225, Odorheiu Secuiesc, județul HARGHITA Phone: +40-266-21.82.03 Fax: +40-266-21.38.65 Annual turnover: 7,436,958 EUR (2009) OZTASAR S.R.L. XX Strada Principala, nr. 1, Păuleşti, județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-51.51.09 Fax: +40-244-43.37.50 Annual turnover: 19,194,628 EUR (2009) PANDORA PROD S.R.L. XX Artera D.J., nr. 204D, Focşani, județul VRANCEA Phone: +40-237-22.24.78 Fax: +40-237-23.70.64 Annual turnover: 10,301,485 EUR (2009) PRODUCŢIE ZARAH MODEN S.R.L. XX Strada Păcii, nr. 27, 525400, T‰rgu Secuiesc, județul COVASNA Phone: +40-267-36.44.44 Fax: +40-267-36.09.29 Annual turnover: 21,561,110 EUR (2009) REKORD S.R.L. XX Strada Clujului, nr. 40A, 510193, Alba-Iulia, județul ALBA Phone: +40-258-81.95.03 Fax: +40-258-81.52.37 Annual turnover: 20,061,392 EUR (2009) RENANIA TRADE S.R.L. XX Strada Budiului, nr. 68, corp C, 540390, T‰rgu Mureş, județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-26.48.17 Fax: +40-265-26.09.06 Annual turnover: 18,254,469 EUR (2009) ROSCA - CONF S.R.L. XX Strada Mărăşeşti, nr. 6, 620063, Focşani, județul VRANCEA Phone: +40-237-20.68.15 Fax: +40-237-20.68.14 Annual turnover: 6,091,526 EUR (2009) ROSKO TEXTIL S.R.L. XX Strada A. I. Cuza, nr. 1, Parcela 1 - Zona Liberă Curtici, Curtici, județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-20.86.00 Fax: +40-257-20.86.01 Annual turnover: 59,456,710 EUR (2009) ROULEAU - GUICHARD ROUMANIE S.R.L. XX Strada Zizinului, nr. 14, Săcele, județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-27.66.00 Fax: +40-268-27.66.00 Annual turnover: 14,284,467 EUR (2009) SECUIANA S.A. XX Strada Păcii, nr. 42, T‰rgu Secuiesc, județul COVASNA Phone: +40-267-36.34.40 Fax: +40-267-36.15.49 Annual turnover: 5,833,038 EUR (2009)

IKOS - CONF S.A. XX Strada Rackoczi, nr. 40, Odorheiu - Secuiesc, județul HARGHITA Phone: +40-266-21.83.49 +40-266-21.81.11 Fax: Annual turnover: 8,801,320 EUR (2009) INCOM-VRANCO S.A. XX Strada Cuza Vodă, nr. 51-53, Focşani, județul VRANCEA Phone: +40-237-20.12.00 - Switchboard +40-237-20.14.42 Fax: Annual turnover: 6,505,439 EUR (2009) JOLIDON IMPORT EXPORT S.R.L. XX Strada Tăbăcarilor, nr. 1, Cluj-Napoca, județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41.93.91 +40-264-44.78.69 Fax: Annual turnover: 23,967,228 EUR (2009) MAGLIERIE CRISTIAN IMPEX S.R.L. XX Strada 22 Decembrie, nr. 53, Calafat, județul DOLJ Strada Traian, nr. 2, Calafat, județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-30.62.60 +40-251-30.62.63 Fax: Annual turnover: 7,487,229 EUR (2009)

Textile & Leather 185

XX SERCONF S.A. Strada Independenţei, nr. 2, Botoşani, județul BOTOȘANI Phone: +40-231-51.80.05 Fax: +40-231-53.01.91 Annual turnover: 5,407,519 EUR (2009)

SONOMA S.R.L. XX Strada Republicii, nr. 283, Bacău, județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-58.24.00 Fax: +40-234-58.22.12 Annual turnover: 11,854,230 EUR (2009) STAFF COLLECTION S.R.L. XX Bulevardul Corneliu Coposu, nr. 5, bloc 103, etaj 3, ap. 7, sector 3, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-305.78.40 Fax: +40-21-305.32.80 Annual turnover: 15,436,477 EUR (2009) STEILMANN BUKAREST S.R.L. XX Splaiul Unirii, nr. 76, 40037, sector 4, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.73.00 Fax: +40-21-404.38.99 Annual turnover: 6,653,838 EUR (2009) TEBA INDUSTRIES S.A. XX Strada Patria, nr. 14, Arad, județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-28.03.43 Fax: +40-257-28.07.01 Annual turnover: 9,373,200 EUR (2009)

XX TINA R. S.A. Strada Popa Soare, nr. 60 bis, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-250.40.74 +40-21-250.88.15 Fax: Annual turnover: 5,201,610 EUR (2009)

UNICONFEX EXIM S.R.L. XX Strada Crişan, nr. 25, 230034, Slatina, județul OLT Phone: +40-249-43.08.01 +40-249-43.94.12 Fax: Annual turnover: 9,860,041 EUR (2009) VASTEX S.A. XX Strada Ștefan cel Mare, nr. 273, Vaslui, județul VASLUI Phone: +40-235-31.34.20 +40-235-36.14.69 Fax: Annual turnover: 5,889,994 EUR (2009) VESTI - RO S.A. XX Strada Cuza Vodă, nr. 58, 620034, Focşani, județul VRANCEA Phone: +40-237-22.67.64/65 +40-237-22.68.42 Fax: Annual turnover: 5,949,673 EUR (2009)

Leather & Footware
Reported results for 2009
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. LEONARDO S.R.L.
Oradea - BIHOR Annual Turnover: 96,708,865 EUR

București - Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 37,764,318 EUR

Valea lui Mihai - BIHOR Annual Turnover: 33,359,222 EUR

Timișoara - TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 27,000,992 EUR

Valea lui Mihai - BIHOR Annual Turnover: 23,414,058 EUR

Oradea - BIHOR Annual Turnover: 17,657,113 EUR

Chiajna - ILFOV Annual Turnover: 16,211,095 EUR

Sibiu - SIBIU Annual Turnover: 12,541,464 EUR

București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 12,156,431 EUR

Oradea - BIHOR Annual Turnover: 8,295,335 EUR

186 Textile & Leather

nr.L.R.86 Fax: +40-230-55.30 +40-269-25.095 EUR (2009) RIEKER ROMANIA S. 11.60. 500075.25 Fax: +40-21-255. 410117. 077120. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-316.L. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-40. nr.926.L. 20J.00 Fax: Annual turnover: 16. Dumbrăviţa.10 Annual turnover: 17.24.60. XX Strada DN 59. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-42. 1.359. Calea Buziaşului.92.683.892.04 Fax: +40-256-29.70.113 EUR (2009) XX BONTIMES S. nr.32 Fax: Annual turnover: 23.45 +40-259-41. sector 6. Timişoara.R.R.87 Annual turnover: 37. nr. nr. Chişoda. Suceava.00.L.L.R. Strada Paleului. Timişoara. 305500.56 +40-268-42.335 EUR (2009) XX BIHORE S.431 EUR (2009) TECHNIC DEVELOPMENT S. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-41.588. XX Strada Industriilor.L.00.23.L.27 Fax: Annual turnover: 27. Strada Dorobanților. Calea Unirii (Zona Sere).71 Fax: +40-259-43. nr. nr.86 Fax: +40-21-411.16. 26-28.68.82 Annual turnover: 6. Oradea.L. Oradea.90 Fax: +40-259-42. 410482. Oradea.L.517. 44.772 EUR (2009) OTTER . Strada Anatole France.06 Fax: Annual turnover: 96.764. Jilava.20.769 EUR (2009) XX SHOES ROMåNIA S. 050693. nr. Șoseaua Dudeşti-Pantelimon. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-411.80. Strada Ana Ipătescu.40 Fax: +40-256-29.33.014 EUR (2009) LEONARDO S. 410542.16. București Phone: +40-372-71. Strada Progresului.64 Annual turnover: 2.R. 82.133.L.22. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-35.14.657.33.40.95. nr.00.11 Fax: +40-256-21.15. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-25.A.29/28 +40-256-35.L.12. Chiajna.687.000.08. 139-141.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-255.723 EUR (2009) XX DENIS S. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-42. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-21. XX Strada Timişoara.06 +40-21-331.70.908. Strada Nojoridului.Most important companies in "Leather & Footware" XX ACELLUM S.78 Fax: +40-259-47.L.L. 48.00 Fax: +40-259-40.R.865 EUR (2009) LLOYD SHOES ROMANIA S.70/71/72 +40-21-318. 550263.03.62. Fax: Annual turnover: 3.464 EUR (2009) STAR INTERNATIONAL S.DISTRIBUTION S. Valea lui Mihai. Valea lui Mihai. sector 3.156.34 Annual turnover: 6.52.033 EUR (2009) TINO S.R. nr. 131. nr. Strada Gramma II.15.04 Fax: Annual turnover: 4.36. 8. XX Strada Podului.65 +40-259-47.293 EUR (2009) XX DUCATEX S.708. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-41. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-41. 2. ARA Calea Revoluţiei. Km 8+550. sector 5. nr.295. 24.827 RON (2009) XX COMODI PROD S.058 EUR (2009) MUSETTE EXIM S.R.70.541.211. nr. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-55.967 EUR (2009) XX ELMEC ROMåNIA S. 040038.L.09 Annual turnover: 8.A.414. nr.35 +40-259-40. XX Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu.A.048 EUR (2009) XX ANTILOPA S.38 Fax: Annual turnover: 5.18 Annual turnover: 2.222 EUR (2009) XX BENVENUTI S. Timişoara. XX Calea Revoluţiei. 82.R.R.R. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-47. 10.173 EUR (2009) Textile & Leather 187 . nr. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-20.63. 96.R.81 Annual turnover: 17.70 Fax: Annual turnover: 12. nr. 66. Sibiu.264.992 EUR (2009) ROMIPEL S.705. 44.09 Fax: Annual turnover: 12.R.05 Annual turnover: 3.L.52.01.R.R.40. sector 4. nr.778 EUR (2009) VEXA SHOES INTERNATIONAL S. XX Strada Panait Cernat. XX Splaiul Unirii.16 Fax: +40-21-457. 130-144. Braşov.12. Oradea. 187.R. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-29. 720018.25 Fax: Annual turnover: 2. nr. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-40.92.57/59 +40-21-316.19. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.60.L. nr. XX Strada Fabricilor. Oradea.26 Annual turnover: 33. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-457.78.85 +40-256-49. XX Strada Avram Iancu.L.60.13 Annual turnover: 2. nr.318 EUR (2009) XX FILTY S. 307221.132. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-29.R.


Agriculture Major Companies in Romania 189 .

an aging population and widespread poverty in the rural areas are some of the challenges this activity faces. after the recent heavy floods.4%. low investments. TOEPFER INTERNATIONAL (ROMANIA) S. București . and in early 2010 LAPAR estimated 4.L.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 87.550.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 225. 190 Agriculture INTERAGRO S. as noted in a report from BCR. amid a slight recovery in the autumn.R. Romania occupies only the 30th place in the top countries with activities in the field of organic farming.000 kg per hectare. if wheat production in 2009 was about 3. difficult access to financial resources for modernization. 3. according to BCR.A. Although it benefits of favourable conditions in this area. According to the same BCR report. the low level of investment. agriculture continues to be at "the mercy of the weather”: because of the floods. 4.951 EUR . Craiova . 5.228. farmers only hope to achieve half of these estimates.65 mn hectares of arable land and out of them 200. București .008.379 EUR CEREALCOM DOLJ S. the wheat production would fall this year to less than half the level projected at the beginning of the year. Agricultural Products Reported results for 2009 1.R.557. The area sown with bio plants only accounts for less only than 2% of arable land. and the expectations of further increases have been detrimental to the land consolidation process.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 298. while the total production amounts to approximately 170. being the main cause for this situation. In 2010. which have compromised an important part of the agricultural crops. 1. the upward trend of land prices seen until two years ago.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 312. as estimated by the representatives of the League of Agricultural Producers (LAPAR). totalling about EUR 3 mn. The evolution in "the saw tooth" of the agriculture is no longer a novelty. even in the recent years after EU accession. Thus.DOLJ Annual Turnover: 60.R. when the weather became more favourable.000 ha).988. București .L.000 tonnes. including foreign ones. According to the same research. Organic farming tries to seize power in Romania and the Ministry of Agriculture has recently announced that it has negotiated with the European Commission a premium for the reconversion of the conventional agricultural land into organic farming area. 2. Romanian agriculture remains highly segmented between a few large producers and many small farms producing mainly for their own consumption.000 kg per hectare.1 mn land owners have 9.Agriculture Overview In 2009 the agricultural production declined by 0.162 EUR CARGILL AGRICULTURA S.000 farmers own 7.L. Constanța . According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and INCE-IEA. The fragmentation of the agricultural land.5 mn hectares with surface over 5 hectares.A. the top 50 players in agricultural sector work only 4% of total arable land (about 430.407 EUR ALFRED C. Romanian agriculture in 2009 was well below the 2004 level.487 EUR EXTIM TRADING S.

27 Fax: +40-238-71. AGRICOVER S.29 Annual turnover: 9. SOUFFLET MALŢ ROMåNIA S. Satu Mare.R. București . NUTRICOM S. Șindrilița .A.BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 59.177. București .64.134.DOLJ Annual Turnover: 55. Alexandria .A. CHIMAGRI S. 300237.A.571.763 EUR (2009) XX AECTRA AGROCHEMICALS S.A.07 Annual turnover: 12. nr.893 EUR 13. 31.377.019. județul SATU MARE Phone: +40-261-76. 9. Constanța .A. 10.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 34.VASLUI Annual Turnover: 31.811 EUR 20.966 EUR (2009) XX AGRICOVER S.BRĂILA Annual Turnover: 15. sector 5.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 34. Strada Vadul Călugăreni. nr.R.18.536. sector 1.CĂLĂRAȘI Annual Turnover: 41.46.784. Movila .56.546 EUR 12.932 EUR 11.669.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 26.45 Fax: +40-268-25.42. Strada Stan Tabără.TELEORMAN Annual Turnover: 55.L.02. București . nr.L.66 Fax: +40-261-76. Strada Fabricii.A. nr. județul SĂLAJ Phone: +40-268-25.R.574 EUR 19.081 EUR 17.144.L. 8. Șoseaua Odăi.08.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 32.778 RON (2009) Agriculture 191 .R.18 Fax: +40-256-30.191 EUR EUROSILOZ S. AGRICOVER S.78 Annual turnover: 59.299. Buzău.450 EUR 18.437. COMCEREAL S. Buzău .912.R. PIONEER HI-BRED ROMANIA S. Oltenița .95.611. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-30.A.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 30. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-43.696 EUR PROVIMI ROMANIA S.L. COMCEREAL S.278 EUR GLENCORE PROTEIN ROMANIA S.A.R.25.R.669.791. Strada Aurel Vlaicu.696 EUR 14.00 Annual turnover: 33.L. București Phone: +40-21-336. 28-32.959.083 EUR 15.L. nr.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 33.L.6.144. Vaslui . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. MONSANTO ROMANIA S.856 EUR 16. 341-345.677.R. Strada Depozitelor. 7. Zalău. Craiova .L.50 Annual turnover: 57.191 EUR (2009) XX AGRICOVER S.L.413 EUR (2009) XX ABO MIX S.63.A.69 Annual turnover: 11.27. București .R.BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 14. Timișoara. SYNGENTA AGRO S. Chișcani .879 EUR Most important companies in "Agricultural Products" XX ABO FARM S.L. 2.L.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 54.89 Fax: +40-21-312.R. 2.382.696 EUR (2009) XX AGRIGROS S.906. INTERCEREAL S.352. Constanța .A.824 EUR 10. Buzău .IALOMIȚA Annual Turnover: 16. GRANI COMERT S.R.92.45 Fax: +40-21-335. nr.

Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.L.25. Movila. 52. Strada Popa Farcaș. Strada Tecuciului.86.379 EUR (2009) XX GLENCORE PROTEIN ROMANIA S.L.33 Fax: +40-239-61. bloc L5.16. 30.65 Fax: +40-21-305.36. bloc 24. sector 2.15.515.611. nr. 900348. nr.19 Fax: +40-21-233.00 Fax: +40-21-210.265.35 Annual turnover: 30.63.69 Fax: +40-235-30.A. nr. 900155. 2.R. nr.21.42.89/90 Fax: +40-21-318.03.414. 12 bis. Iaşi. Alexandria. sector 2.31. Bulevardul Bucureşti. ap. 29.00 Fax: +40-243-25.60.856 EUR (2009) 192 Agriculture . Urziceni. Hotel Diplomat. nr.645. 013682.959.42.791.988.24.574 EUR (2009) XX KWS SEMINTE S.31 Annual turnover: 9.081 EUR (2009) XX INTERAGRO S.A. Strada Portului.26 Fax: +40-241-61.40.66 Fax: +40-251-41.44 Fax: +40-232-23.86. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-315. Annual turnover: 31. DN 3A Bucureşti .39 Fax: +40-241-63.54.59 Fax: +40-247-31.13 Fax: +40-239-61. Șoseaua Turnu Măgurele.695. nr. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-51.264 EUR (2009) XX COMCEREAL S.77 Annual turnover: 55. 7.083 EUR (2009) XX EUROSILOZ S.93. nr. 86.70. Strada Bibescu.48.A. nr. Strada Sevastopol.816 EUR (2009) (ROMANIA) S.A.23.932 EUR (2009) XX NUTRIMOLD S. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-61.A. 010991. nr.95 Fax: +40-241-63.89 Annual turnover: 9. județul VRANCEA Phone: +40-237-21.L.696 EUR (2009) XX EXTIM TRADING S. etaj 7. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-63.46 Annual turnover: 54. 151.71. Strada Verii. Constanţa. 020566.30 Fax: +40-235-41. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311.A.14 Fax: +40-241-69.382. județul VASLUI Phone: +40-235-41. 19-21. 2.R. 1.R.42.37. județul TELEORMAN Phone: +40-247-31.L.906.309 EUR (2009) XX CHIMAGRI S.758.80 Fax: +40-21-310.31. Strada Vasile Conta.L. Șoseaua Vizirului km 10+500.60.R.437.26 Annual turnover: 87. nr.008.70 Annual turnover: 41. sector 1. 13-17. Chișcani.L.10 Annual turnover: 13. 307. sector 2.898.694 EUR (2009) XX ALFRED C.63. Strada Dunării. 33.461 EUR (2009) XX MONSANTO ROMANIA S.A.21. Alexandria. 1. 810241.546 EUR (2009) XX NUTRICOM S. 3.228.A. parter. 1. nr. Strada Podul Inalt.38 Fax: +40-237-21. Olteniţa. județul BRĂILA Phone: +40-239-61. 1.019.23. Strada Celulozei.951 EUR (2009) XX CEREALCOM S. nr.407 EUR (2009) XX INTERCEREAL S. 140003. etaj 4.A.L. 8.34.R. nr. ap.Feteşti Km.38.R. 140010.505 EUR (2009) XX CEREALCOM S.96 Annual turnover: 32. Constanța.60 Fax: +40-247-31. 9-9A. nr.45 Fax: +40-243-36. sector 2.L.251.05 Annual turnover: 312.A. nr.42.05 Annual turnover: 9. 41. Calea Chişinău. județul BRĂILA Phone: +40-239-61.162 EUR (2009) XX CARGILL AGRICULTURA S.32.642 EUR (2009) XX CEREALCOM DOLJ S. județul CĂLĂRAȘI Phone: +40-242-51.L.82. Strada Răsuri. Vaslui. Strada Dimitrie Pompei.30 Fax: +40-242-51. nr. 731199. Constanța. 927175. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.18 Annual turnover: 5.45 Annual turnover: 16. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-41. Constanța. județul IALOMIŢA Phone: +40-243-36. județul VASLUI Phone: +40-235-36.18 Fax: +40-21-312.33 Annual turnover: 15.XX AGROCOMPLEX BIRLAD S. Strada Andrei Mureşanu. 817025. Craiova.91 Annual turnover: 298.824 EUR (2009) XX GRANI COMERȚ S.677.65 Annual turnover: 34. Strada Gării.832 EUR (2009) XX COMCEREAL S. 730232.R. B‰rlad. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-62.28. Focşani. județul IALOMIŢA Phone: +40-243-25.811 EUR (2009) XX COMBIAL S.38 Annual turnover: 4. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210. județul TELEORMAN Phone: +40-247-31.10 Annual turnover: 10. Strada Braţului. 915400.309. nr.71.73.A.55. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-305.34.487 EUR (2009) XX CEREAL IMPEX S. TOEPFER INTERNATIONAL XX COMCEREAL S.134. 200582.R. sector 1. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.35.R.550.93.557.57 Annual turnover: 60. nr. 1-3.A. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-23.99 Annual turnover: 225. Strada Constantin Sandu Aldea.43 Annual turnover: 13.A. Brăila.

București .554.784. Buftea .R.337 EUR LEOSER S. nr. Craiova.763 EUR (2009) Agriculture 193 . județul ILFOV Phone: +40-31-710.12.095. nr.01.55 Fax: +40-21-323. 6.R.054 EUR CONTEC FOODS S.087.203.377.A.L. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-23.A.GALAȚI Annual Turnover: 16.A. Șindriliţa. Strada Mihai Eminescu. Iaşi.Leordeni .48 EUR 10.L.L.01.900 EUR ALFREDO FOODS S. Constanța . 57. 8.R.289. etaj 4. Tecuci .24/25/26 Fax: +40-31-710.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 7.450 EUR (2009) UNISEM S. 7. XX Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.28.L. Popești . sector 2.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 9.299.L.88 Annual turnover: 14.99 Fax: +40-232-23. XX Strada Preciziei. Strada Fundac Plopii fără Soț.A.R.20.53.28.L.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 13.60 Fax: +40-238-40. București .464.L. YUKSEK INTERNATIONAL FRUCT S.R.966 EUR Most important companies in "Fruits & Vegetables" XX AGRICANTUS S. XX Strada Mihai Eminescu.R.17 Annual turnover: 3.691 EUR OSTROVIT S. Ștefăneștii de Jos . nr.177. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210.DN 2B KM 9 + 900 m.295.R. 19.313 EUR (2009) XX AGROINDUSTRIALA BUCIUM S.893 EUR (2009) XX SOUFFLET MALŢ ROMåNIA S. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-40.R. 3.31 Fax: +40-251-47.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 15. 73-81.12. 070000.R. Buftea. 55.360.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 32. Ștefăneștii de Jos .20. sector 1. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-47.359.7. DN2 km 19. 5.87. 9.00 Fax: +40-21-528.32 Annual turnover: 55.086.315 EUR DISTRIFRUT S.20.L.L. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-303. nr. 4.XX PIONEER HI-BRED ROMANIA S. ALIMENT MURFATLAR S. nr.00 Fax: +40-21-312.68.974 EUR AGRICANTUS S.R.39 Fax: +40-21-210. sector 3.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 22.20.278 EUR (2009) SEMROM MUNTENIA S.894 EUR BANCORP S.R.R. 28-30.L.078 EUR (2009) SYNGENTA AGRO S.12. București .09. 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-528. Ostrovit .879 EUR (2009) PROVIMI ROMANIA S.99 Annual turnover: 26.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 22.226. 18-22.L.124. Buzău.R.523. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-323. 013685.L. 700284.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 9.10 Annual turnover: 8.27 Annual turnover: 22.08 Annual turnover: 34.L.68 Annual turnover: 5. XX Strada Aristide Pascal.313 EUR BATUL MICRO IMPEX S. nr.523.A.385 EUR (2009) Fruits & Vegetables Reported results for 2009 1.15.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 19. Șoseaua Buzău-Brăila .

nr.L.36 Annual turnover: 16.086.60 Fax: +40-21-351.054 EUR (2009) XX EISBERG S.47.974 EUR (2009) ALIMENT MURFATLAR S. 9.46 Fax: +40-241-85.R.03. sector 3.359.86.087.010 EUR T.A.E. județul OLT Phone: +40-249-51.XX ALFREDO FOODS S.R. nr.709.226. 83.R. nr.A. 1. XX Strada Sinaia.245. 3. Tecuci. sector 4. nr.R. Strada Bușteni.L.61.85 Annual turnover: 15. 41.BRĂILA Annual Turnover: 75. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-372-16. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-327.ALBA Annual Turnover: 71.761 EUR AGRICOLA INTERNATIONAL S.289. nr. Strada Principală.07/08/09 Fax: +40-236-82. 107245.88 Fax: +40-21-461.01 Fax: +40-21-351.BACĂU Annual Turnover: 72.L. 134.487 EUR (2009) XX POMAROM S.83 Annual turnover: 32.90 Fax: +40-241-61.12. nr.74 Fax: +40-21-352.L.R. Ștefăneștii de Jos. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-85. 031101.721.L.61 Annual turnover: 3.88 Annual turnover: N/A CONTEC FOODS S.76.L.786.435 EUR MAREX S. 510170. nr. 941.75.86 Fax: +40-21-332. 2. 2.L.360.973 EUR .L. 194 Agriculture Reported results for 2009 SMITHFIELD FERME S.85.776 EUR (2009) XX LEOSER S.95. nr.12.R.315 EUR (2009) BATUL MICRO IMPEX S. Pantelimon. 56. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-332. 900196.L.87. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-352. Strada Livezii. Piatra Neamț .05 Fax: +40-31-405.800 EUR (2009) XX YUKSEK INTERNATIONAL FRUCT S. 3-5.L.R.47. 1A. Brăila .00 Fax: +40-258-81.A. Caracal. Ștefăneştii de Jos.TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 110. XX Strada Drumul Binelui.50.00.94.R.A. XX Strada 1 Decembrie 1918.66 Fax: +40-249-51. 235200. nr. sector 4. 3. Oiejdea .94 Annual turnover: 7. Lăpuşneanu. 3 BRAZI S.R.C.R. Bacău .45 Annual turnover: Annual turnover: 22. Alba-Iulia.337 EUR (2009) DISTRIFRUT S.70 Annual turnover: 2.L. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-38.L.374 EUR (2009) XX OSTROVIT S.02.99.93. XX Strada Școala Ciocanul. XX Strada Al. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-461. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-351. Intrarea Binelui.596 EUR (2009) XX ȘAHPROD METEOR S.88 Annual turnover: 3.514. Ostrov.A. 48.A. Strada Vasile Alecsandri.30.203.894 EUR (2009) XX MONTE VERDE GROUP S.02.952. București Phone: +40-31-405.70. 077145. nr. 050854. Popeşti .966 EUR (2009) BANCORP S. Timișoara . județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-63.12.09 Fax: +40-21-410. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-410. nr.80 Fax: +40-21-327.76.R.R. Șoseaua Cernica. 042149.900 EUR (2009) BERSER S. nr. 077175.464.R. etaj 1. Filipeştii de Pădure.691 EUR (2009) Breeders 1. 62.70. 077160. Splaiul Unirii. 4.Leordeni.267.NEAMȚ Annual Turnover: 64.61.09 Annual turnover: 19.427 EUR TRANSAVIA S.898.03 Fax: +40-244-38.L.02 Annual turnover: 7.85/86 Annual turnover: 9.554. sector 5. 6.79 Annual turnover: 13. nr. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-82. 077010. XX Strada Sabinelor. nr. Incinta Complex Fortuna. județul ALBA Phone: +40-258-81. Strada Regiei. 5. Constanţa.

526 EUR 20.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 14.L.6.DåMBOVIȚA Annual Turnover: 46.L.36 Annual turnover: 57. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-57. AVICOLA FOCȘANI S. 94.R.465 EUR 19.796.664.938. nr. XX Strada Morii. Oprişeneşti. S. 8.287 EUR (2009) Agriculture 195 .012.391.21 Fax: +40-244-21.287 EUR DIANA S.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 18.CĂLĂRAȘI Annual Turnover: 41.R.R. 38.L.133 EUR NUTRICOM S.061.243 EUR 17.R. XX Calea Moldovei.243 EUR (2009) AGRICOLA INTERNATIONAL S. SAFIR S. AGRISOL INTERNATIONAL R.R.O.221 EUR 14. Călărași .R.79 Annual turnover: 11.290.A.939.361. AGRIMON S.849. 7.101 EUR 15.18.453 EUR (2009) XX AGRIMON S.729 EUR 12.L.700 EUR 11.026.BRĂILA Annual Turnover: 14. Focșani . sector 1.L. Strada Daniel Danielopolu.797. 600352.L. MARIA TRADING S.L. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-21.840 EUR AVICOLA CREVEDIA S. CARMOLIMP S. R‰mnicu-V‰lcea .019.O. Florești . AVE IMPEX S. ONCOS IMPEX S.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 57.R.41 Fax: +40-21-232. nr. Oprișenești .A. Brașov . 9. S.797.614 EUR 18. județul BRĂILA Phone: +40-239-61.BRĂILA Annual Turnover: 22.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 34.515 EUR 16.A. Boldești-Scăeni . nr.08. Oltenița .061.656.R.67 Annual turnover: 22. AVICOLA BUZĂU S.76. 014134.705. București Phone: +40-21-232.L.L.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 24.R.562 EUR 13. Strada Principală. Vaslui .427 EUR (2009) AGRISOL INTERNATIONAL R.169 EUR Most important companies in "Breeders" XX AAYLEX TRADING S.45. Constanța .478. Crevedia .65.VRANCEA Annual Turnover: 24.932 EUR 10. Satu Mare .115.VASLUI Annual Turnover: 19.L.R. AVICOLA BRAȘOV S. 4-6. Brăila .SATU MARE Annual Turnover: 25. Buzău .A. COMPLEXUL DE PORCI BRĂILA S.68.BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 26. Bacău.36 Fax: +40-239-61.CĂLĂRAȘI Annual Turnover: 33. Boldeşti-Scăeni.A.00 Fax: +40-234-51.13. AVICOLA CĂLĂRAȘI S.A.73 Annual turnover: 72.A.68.R.VåLCEA Annual Turnover: 47.A. Ucea de Jos .L.

61.672.R.38 Fax: +40-268-24.A.54.02. 2.95.A. București Phone: +40-21-230. nr.667.R. Ucea de Jos.74.30 Fax: +40-21-310.05 Fax: +40-21-267.938. 210223. 32. județul TELEORMAN Phone: +40-247-31.305 EUR (2009) XX AVICOLA BRAȘOV S.A. XX Strada C‰mpului.R. 1.75 Annual turnover: 46.XX IMPEX S.425 EUR (2009) XX AVICOLA FOCȘANI S.04.604.019. Vaslui.79. nr. 1. nr. 1.656. Șoseaua Bucureşti-T‰rgovişte.251 EUR (2009) XX CARMOLIMP S. XX Strada Mircea cel Bătr‰n. XX Strada Gării.A.31. Brăila.04.59 Annual turnover: 9. XX Strada Abatorului. 207125.L.36 Annual turnover: 6.71 Fax: +40-241-55.88 Fax: +40-239-68.796.257 EUR (2009) SAFIR S. R‰mnicu-V‰lcea. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-36. 6.70 Annual turnover: 14.61 Annual turnover: 47.L. T‰rgu Jiu.77.04 Fax: +40-237-23.21.34 Annual turnover: 19. 900658. Olteniţa.098 EUR (2009) XX AVICOLA BUZĂU S.361. Brăila. 147280. XX Strada Calea lui Traian.L. județul SATU MARE Phone: +40-261-77.25 Fax: +40-261-77. XX Platforma Bucovăţ. 5.L.40 Fax: +40-250-74.A.62 Fax: +40-235-30. 6.89 Annual turnover: 24. Km 7. Constanța.77 Fax: +40-21-352. județul CĂLĂRAȘI Phone: +40-242-31. Șoseaua Constanţei Km 5-6.05.96 Annual turnover: 10.507.04 Annual turnover: 24. nr. Braşov. Annual turnover: 11. Strada Abatorului.49 Fax: +40-242-31.27 Fax: +40-264- EUR (2009) XX AVICOLA BUCUREȘTI S. 1.59. XX Strada București.36 Fax: +40-242-34. 1. Buzău. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-24.939.562 EUR (2009) XX AVICOLA CĂLĂRAȘI S. nr. județul CĂLĂRAȘI Phone: +40-242-51.R. județul BRĂILA Phone: +40-239-61.07. județul DåMBOVIŢA Phone: +40-21-352. județul BRĂILA Phone: +40-239-68. Periş.58.97 Fax: +40-243-23.11. județul VåLCEA Phone: +40-250-74. 910022.11.L. bloc MF2.705.133 EUR (2009) XX AVICOLA DRAGOȘ VODĂ S.02 Fax: +40-247-31. 507238.14 Annual turnover: 7.A.11.L. județul CĂLĂRAȘI Phone: +40-242-31. Poroschia.67. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-25.58. XX Strada Portului. Șoseaua Brăilei. 486. Strada Principală (DN 1).664.00 Annual turnover: 41. Șercaia.57.R.47.478.28 Annual turnover: 8.A.49 Annual turnover: 33.A.A. XX Șoseaua Buzăului.38 Annual turnover: 18.12. nr.18 Fax: +40-242-31.221 EUR (2009) XX INSTANT S. Bulevardul Bucureşti. AVI Strada Mărgăritarului. 440111.616 EUR (2009) MAREX S. Strada Jandarmeriei.012. 07715. Focşani. județul VASLUI Phone: +40-235-36. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-24.57. 227. Slobozia. nr.A. 730232.930. nr.703 EUR (2009) FELVIO PROD S.41 Fax: +40-268-25.359 EUR (2009) ROMSUINTEST PERIȘ S. județul GORJ Phone: +40-253-22. Strada Combinatului. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-71.48/28 Fax: +40-21-231.700 EUR (2009) PRIMA NOVA S. Fax: +40-238-71.16 Annual turnover: 26. Călărași.L.86. nr. XX Strada Baldovineşti. Dragoş Vodă.17. 86. 917085.526 EUR (2009) NUTRICOM S.A. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-267.R.266.932 EUR (2009) ONCOS IMPEX S. Satu Mare.025. nr. 407280.A. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-26.L. Floreşti.22 Fax: +40-239-61. apt.614 EUR (2009) 196 Agriculture .89 Annual turnover: 14.84 Fax: +40-253-22.R. Strada Cucului. nr.898. Șoseaua Sloboziei.46.A.50 Annual turnover: 75.840 EUR (2009) EUROPIG S. Bucovăţ. 4. 915400. AVE Strada Șoimoşeni. XX Strada Podul ënalt.169 EUR (2009) DIANA S.01.290. nr. nr.220.761 EUR (2009) MARIA TRADING S.A.01 Annual turnover: 14.36 Fax: +40-251-36. 2. nr.849. Călăraşi.R. județul CĂLĂRAȘI Phone: +40-242-34.29 Fax: +40-268-24. județul VRANCEA Phone: +40-237-23.101 EUR (2009) XX AVICOLA SLOBOZIA S. sector 1.26 Annual turnover: 25. județul IALOMIŢA Phone: +40-243-22. Km 4.L.07.82 Annual turnover: 5. Crevedia.12.61. nr. Km 5.729 EUR (2009) XX AVICOLA CREVEDIA S. nr. nr.339 EUR (2009) COMPLEXUL DE PORCI BRAILA S.16.74 Annual turnover: 6. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-55.47 Annual turnover: 34.60. 79.R.465 EUR (2009) XX CICALEX S.96.04. 52.211.

Piatra Neamţ.L. Km SMITHFIELD FERME S.800 Fax: +40-256-490.A.95 Fax: +40-258-81.R.08 Fax: +40-253-21.973 EUR (2009) XX TRANSAVIA S.709.010 EUR (2009) Agriculture 197 .33 Annual turnover: 64.08 Annual turnover: 10.C.42. Timişoara.514.A. 2-4.Cluj-Napoca.66 Annual turnover: 71.32. 3 BRAZI S. județul GORJ Phone: +40-253-21. XX Aleea Tineretului.78.064 EUR (2009) T. Șoseaua Alba-Iulia . Strada Curtişoara. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-278.E.L.538. județul ALBA Phone: +40-258-81. 7-9.614 Annual turnover: 110. Oiejdea. nr. nr. județul NEAMŢ Phone: +40-233-21. Bulevardul Cetăţii.435 EUR (2009) XX SUINPROD S.33 Fax: +40-233-21.786. Bumbeşti Jiu.


FMCG Major Companies in Romania 199 .

Cigarettes market is in fact the only market that grew in value with a double digit percentage. because of the abrupt prices increase. the profitability increased due to the decrease of operational costs. 2009 came as a shock. that for the first time since it has entered the market (1990) registerd a decrease in sales and. Still.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 71.1 bn). Vălenii de Munte . dozens of producers faced bankruptcy or insolvency.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 137. All producers in the market faced the worst year and the reason is that consumers preferred either to buy less or to go to lower price segments.840 EUR . The reason of this abrupt increase was the increase of the excise. București . the third largest beer producer on the market sold its operations from Romania and other seven countries in Eastern Europe – the company is now called Bergenbier. decreased with percentages comprised between just a few points up to 40%. depending on submarkets. On the other hand.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 54. Food 1. Almost all segments in food area suffered decreases in sales (such as 10% in meat and meat products or 15% in beer) or at best remained constant in value even if they increased in volume (the case of dairy market: 10% increase in volume but the same value – EUR 1. InBev.A. constructions. auto or insurance) the effect on managers was still powerful. Distributors also had to face a tough year. the leader in the market – has bought a local company (Bere Azuga). 4.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 43.645 EUR ALKA TRADING CO S.L. the tobacco industry has faced the most difficult period since the entry of the international producers. București . Kraft moved the production from Brasov county to Bulgaria. The largest segment in FMCG.693. after the name of the best sold brand in company portfolio.R. București . Although the FMCG sales decreased less compared to other markets (such as real estate. as a consequence. closed two factories. The non-food sales in FMCG market had a tough year – the consumption. because the black market reached over 30% of the total volumes sold in Romania.R.L. still lower in almost every segment than the European mean. 2.Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Overview After a long row of years that made all the retailers and producers of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) to rub their hands with joy at the sight of the annual results.L.5 bn (more than double compared to the next largest segment which is beer – EUR 1.026 EUR STRAUSS ROMåNIA S. the biggest distributor in FMCG area reduced its turnover with 39% compared to 2008. reaching EUR 3.35 bn) due to the largest increase in prices in the entire market: 50% compared to 2008. grew in value. Another beer producer – Ursus Breweries. 200 FMCG Coffee Reported results for 2009 KRAFT FOODS ROMANIA S. cigarettes market. Among the most important events that marked 2009 are the facts that Coca-Cola.870 EUR TYMBARK MASPEX ROMANIA S.256.246. Interbrands. 3.R.974.

40 Annual turnover: 14.37 Fax: +40-21-668.L.Human Resources Director RĂZVAN MIRCEA .being located in Switzerland. throughout the years.L. offering its consumers not only coffee. Headquarters are located in Holland. CAFEA FORTUNA S.640 EUR ALKA CO. Brazil and Israel.2 Billion NIS by the end of 2008.R.296 RON (2009) Employees 363 Auditor Auditor Intern .751 EUR (2009) ALKA TRADING CO S. In these years Strauss Coffee has tripled the scope of its activity from 1 Billion NIS up to 3.Deal .R. XX Şoseaua Străuleşti. S.Supply Chain Director ALEXANDRU FRANGOPOL .00 Fax: +40-21-272. in order to meet a wide range of tastes and preferances.111. București . 7. Suceava . sector 3. S. București .40 Annual turnover: 43. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-668. in AFH and especially in HoReCa the company has gained a solid expertise on the coffee market. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-272.820.15.751 EUR TCHIBO BRANDS S.573.77.L. The large variety of coffee brands.L.252. Top management: MARIUS MELESTEU . nr. with the purchasing center for green coffee . but also coffee related products. periodical research. sector 1.5. 6.R. 54-56. Contact: Bulevardul Theodor Pallady.General Manager CRISTINA NECULA .SUCEAVA Annual Turnover: 10. nr.840 EUR (2009) FMCG 201 .974.Marketing Director OVIDIU PÎSLARU . Elena Gheorghe XX ALKA CO. 76-86.252.the most fundamental raw material for preparing coffee .ILFOV Annual Turnover: Company profile: Strauss Coffee. Active on the retail market. 76-86.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 14. and is ranked as the number 1 or 2 player in most markets where it operates.L.R. and our 12 production sites around the world employing some 5.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 10.854 EUR Most important companies in "Food .186 EUR DAILY GROUP S. 013337. The company’s portfolio includes DONCAFE and FORT.246.R.L. Dragomirești . Strauss Romania is a leading coffee processing company on the local market. 013337. is the sixth largest in the world in terms of green coffee and one of the fastest growing coffee companies in the world for the past six years. after thorough.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 10.49 Fax: +40-21-668. having a powerful brand reputation in Romania and abroad.Cofee" STRAUSS ROMÂNIA S. 8. sector 1.Retail Sales Director RĂZVAN COSA Website: www. Strauss Romania is a 360 degree company. Şoseaua Străuleşti. are especially tailored for the Romanian consumer.57. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-668.L.577 EUR PANFOODS ROMANIA S.80 E-mail: office@strauss-group.L.49.742. București .870 EUR (2009) Total revenues from economy to super-premium.Chief Finnancial Officer MIRELA GEORGESCU .R.AFH Sales Director Financial information: Annual turnover 71. The Company enjoys a leading position in coffee markets in Central and Eastern Europe. nr.500 people.strauss.419. 9.

9. OETKER RO S.324 EUR WRIGLEY ROMANIA S.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 4.29.28. Vălenii de Munte.371 EUR KRAFT FOODS ROMANIA S.R. București . Strada Viilor.89 Annual turnover: 137. nr.974.18 Fax: +40-21-260.645 EUR (2009) Food 1. 5.092.568. sector 1.693.R. Strada Ştefan cel Mare.577 EUR (2009) XX KRAFT FOODS ROMANIA S.A. 3.026 EUR (2009) XX PANFOODS ROMANIA S.854 EUR (2009) XX TCHIBO BRANDS S.XX CAFEA FORTUNA S.886.L.544 EUR DOBROGEA GRUP S. Dragomireşti .R. 6. Clinceni . Iacob Felix.220 EUR 202 FMCG . Braşov.L.07 Annual turnover: 10.97.820. nr.28.R.R.573.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 148.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 48.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 44. 81. Confectionery Reported results for 2009 NESTLE ROMANIA S.640 EUR (2009) XX DAILY GROUP S.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 137.L.07/10 Fax: +40-21-300. judeţul BRAŞOV Phone: +40-268-40.R. 2.L.62 Fax: +40-244-28.97. 7.25 Fax: +40-230-53.161 EUR MARS ROMANIA S.06 Fax: +40-21-318.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 47. București . 720092.840 EUR DR.256.25 Annual turnover: 10.846 EUR CHIPITA ROMANIA S. București . 011038.66 Annual turnover: 59.34. 67.L.R.186 EUR (2009) XX TYMBARK MASPEX ROMANIA S.L. 8.693. București . 28.ARGEȘ Annual Turnover: 41. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 43. judeţul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-53.742. Strada de Mijloc. judeţul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-28.19.R.830.L.L.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 51.145. etaj 1. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-260.L.A.A.87 Fax: +40-268-47. nr.880. Ioan Cuza. Strada Aurel Vlaicu.L. 38-40.026 EUR STAR FOODS Popeşti-Leordeni . Suceava. Strada Dr. 3.Deal.R. 37A.R. Curtea de Argeș .73 Annual turnover: 21.733.R. Constanța .15. sector 1.38 Annual turnover: 10. Bulevardul Al.419. nr. nr. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-300.948 EUR ALKA TRADING CO S.L.34. București .

047.338 EUR 17. SIGA & CO CIMPINA S.576. XX Strada Cernăuți.10. 121.R. 76-86.909 EUR 14.L. FLIPPER COMIMPEX S.L. 720089. HEIDI CHOCOLATS SUISSE S.R.49. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-21.L.04. CADBURY ROMANIA S.46 Annual turnover: 12.014. Tunari .R.L. Suceava .42-45 Fax: +40-21-444.57. XX Șoseaua Alba Iulia.260.R. INTERSNACK ROMANIA S. Comuna Clinceni .083 EUR 18. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-444.338 EUR (2009) AMYLON S. SAFF TRADING S. sector 6.L. București . BEST FOODS PRODUCTIONS S.54 Fax: +40-230-53. Pantelimon .449. NESTLE ICE .L. 550052.735 EUR (2009) FMCG 203 . 06123.R.594 EUR 19. Suceava.029 EUR 16. RO STAR S.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 10. Bragadiru .ILFOV Annual Turnover: 10.155.974.594 EUR (2009) BETTY ICE S.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 33.759. BETTY ICE S. București .017 EUR Most important companies in "Food .73 Annual turnover: 18.A. nr.356.L.050.R.CREAM ROMANIA S. Clinceni . Campina .R.77. Olteni.268 EUR 22.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 12.273.99.A.340 EUR 11.A.44 Annual turnover: 8.732.402. FERRERO ROMANIA S.99.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 34.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 19.SUCEAVA Annual Turnover: 18.840 EUR (2009) BEST FOODS PRODUCTIONS S. București .L. nr.R.396. București .R. 013337.R. CREAM LINE ROMANIA S. Şoseaua Străuleşti. XX Strada Moineşti.421 EUR 20.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 19.785 EUR 12.R.22 Fax: +40-269-21.60.142.A. Ghimbav .ILFOV Annual Turnover: 10.014. nr.367 EUR 13.A.L. sector 1.40 Annual turnover: 43. Sibiu.L.L.732.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 37. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-668.528 EUR 21. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-52. SUPREME CHOCOLAT S.49 Fax: +40-21-668.852 EUR 15. 55. nr.30. 70.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 19.L. Carcea .ILFOV Annual Turnover: 11.R.DOLJ Annual Turnover: 15.Confectionery" XX ALKA TRADING CO S.

nr. Popeşti-Leordeni.53 Annual turnover: 19. etaj 6. 013604.77 Fax: +40-21-460.10 Annual turnover: 33.32. Constanţa. 87. 253-259.R. Oradea.367 EUR (2009) XX CHIPITA ROMANIA S. Strada Drumul Mare.37.396.09 Fax: +40-259-47. Complex Transilvania.00. Strada Albeşti.324 EUR (2009) SUPREME CHOCOLAT S. nr. Clinceni. XX Strada Dimitrie Pompei.89 Annual turnover: 48.85. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-43.R. XX Bulevardul Metalurgiei. nr.L. sector 2. XX Calea Floreasca. 8 A.50.220 EUR (2009) XX EURO FOOD PROD S.948 EUR (2009) NESTLE ICE .19 Annual turnover: 11.72.60 Annual turnover: 19.02.L. Bucharest Business Park.L.71 Fax: +40-21-420.356.28. etaj 4. 9-9 A.30 Annual turnover: Fax: +40-21-528. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-50. 1. 077060.02.26 Annual turnover: 15.R.18 Annual turnover: 10.19. nr. sector 1.45. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-266.M. Șoseaua Odăi.80 Fax: +40-21-316.22. 077180.44 Fax: +40-21-352.L. 23 C.20 Fax: +40-21-408.40 Fax: +40-21-301.449. sector 3.L.886. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-33. 28. Strada Copilului. etaj 2.L.16/21 Annual turnover: 10. nr.371 EUR (2009) RO XX STAR S.40 Annual turnover: 43.35.340 EUR (2009) XX FLIPPER COMIMPEX S.49 Fax: +40-21-668.18 Fax: +40-244-33.840 EUR (2009) XX EUROPEAN FOOD S.28 Annual turnover: 220. XX Strada B.083 EUR (2009) SIGA & CO CIMPINA S.CREAM ROMANIA S.759.R.22.R. nr.15. 42. 050156.L.273.R.90 Fax: +40-21-352. Șoseaua Viilor. Olteni.026 EUR (2009) MARS ROMANIA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-668. Calea Vitan.40.576.35.R.343 RON (2009) 204 FMCG .70.76 Annual turnover: 19.528 EUR (2009) SAFF TRADING S. nr.40. sector 2. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-351.L. Curtea de Argeş.87 Fax: +40-268-47.15 Annual turnover: 34.A. Hasdeu. nr.70 Fax: +40-251-43. 077060. București Phone: +40-372-73.70. XX Aleea 1 Complexul nr. Bulevardul Biruinţei.R.45.48.59.A. XX DN 48. 900155.A. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-420. comuna Clinceni. 8. 444-450. nr.89 Annual turnover: 137.15 Annual turnover: 44. nr. Braşov.268 EUR (2009) STAR FOODS E.22 Fax: +40-241-63. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-460. sector 1. 169 A.974.092.029 EUR (2009) NESTLE ROMANIA S. 50. 105600.A.L.P. DR. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-369. nr.03.28.05 Annual turnover: N/A XX FERRERO ROMANIA S. 37A.R. nr. nr. 14. sector 1. nr. Tunari.20-29 Fax: +40-21-266. 11-15.03. C‰mpina.155.49.XX CADBURY ROMANIA S. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-352. 22. 20.48.017 EUR (2009) XX HEIDI CHOCOLATS SUISSE S. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-405.R.01 Fax: +40-248-50. 012178. XX Strada de Mijloc.51.L. Bragadiru.10 Annual turnover: 37. S.51.57. sector 5.74.00 Fax: +40-21-204. nr.20 Fax: +40-21-352.L. nr. nr.R. XX Strada Taberei.A. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-40. Pantelimon. 077145. nr.R.544 EUR (2009) XX CREAM LINE ROMANIA S.13 Annual turnover: 81. 22.830. Clinceni. Floreasca Business Park. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-40.08 Fax: +40-372-73.402.571. Șoseaua de Centură.050. XX Strada Tipografilor.52.25.96 Annual turnover: 10. 207206.99. Strada Drumul Mare.71. sector 4.L.784 EUR (2009) KRAFT FOODS ROMANIA S. Strada Teatrului.A. Strada Celulozei. nr.56. Carcea.L.29.50 Fax: +40-21-380. 077160.R. 077060. Șoseaua Alexandriei.421 EUR (2009) XX INTERSNACK ROMANIA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-528. 077025.145. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-204.693. 2.00 Fax: +40-21-467.852 EUR (2009) XX DOBROGEA GRUP S. 1-2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408.A. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-352.161 EUR (2009) XX OETKER RO S.142. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.09 Annual turnover: 41.260.909 EUR (2009) WRIGLEY ROMANIA S.880.44 Annual turnover: 47.22.L.83.R. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-48. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-407.568.

000.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 55.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 102. Şoseaua Străuleşti. județulBIHOR Phone: +40-259-30. 3. sector 1.34. 2. 3.A.A.080 EUR (2009) ZAHĂR CORABIA S.98 Annual turnover: 14.422.080 EUR ZAHĂRUL LUDUȘ S.537 EUR FMCG 205 .SATU MARE Annual Turnover: 106.R.08.690 EUR (2009) Food 1.875.Food 1.L.000 EUR DANONE .A.52/56 Fax: +40-265-41.R.422.87 Fax: +40-249-56. nr. XX Şoseaua Borşului.689 EUR (2009) ZAHĂRUL ORADEA S. Luduş. nr.730 EUR (2009) ZAHĂRUL LUDUŞ S. Milk & Diary Reported results for 2009 FRIESLANDCAMPINA ROMANIA S.IALOMIȚA Annual Turnover: 13.A.98 Annual turnover: 144.Sugar" XX AGRANA ROMANIA S. Urziceni .33. Sugar Reported results for 2009 AGRANA ROMANIA S. XX Strada Fabricii.A.176.A.36. județulMUREŞ Phone: +40-265-41.176.15 Annual turnover: 56.A.MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 24.34.54 Annual turnover: 24. 4.690 EUR LEMARCO CRISTAL S.00/05 Fax: +40-259-44.OLT Annual Turnover: 14. 3.33. XX Strada Traian. Corabia .072 EUR (data for 2008) Most important companies in "Food .730 EUR ZAHĂRUL ORADEA S. Cluj-Napoca . 2.938 EUR NAPOLACT S.BIHOR Annual Turnover: 56.09.988.875. Satu Mare .053.PRODUCȚIE ȘI DISTRIBUȚIE DE PRODUSE ALIMENTARE S. nr.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 144. București . Luduș . 5.565. Oradea . 178-180.988. 3.L. nr.73 Fax: +40-21-269. 1.A.70. Corabia.913. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-269.689 EUR ZAHĂR CORABIA S. județul OLT Phone: +40-249-56. Oradea.A.A. București .

660. Sebeș .Iacob Felix. 7. 63-69. nr.524 EUR 11.67.MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 48.R.ALBA Annual Turnover: 13.R. XX Strada Dr. CARMO-LACT PROD S. 6. județul ALBA Phone: +40-258-81.767 EUR 10. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-314. județul ALBA Phone: +40-258-73.825 EUR (2009) XX CARMO-LACT PROD S. Popești-Leordeni .A.917.A.45 Annual turnover: 12.433 EUR DELACO DISTRIBUTION S.382 EUR DORNA S. Oiejdea.329. Brașov .159.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 21.287 EUR 16.A. Lupeni .L. București .518 EUR 12.329. Galda de Jos. nr. Vatra Dornei . ALBALACT S.L.A.MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 28.38 Fax: +40-258-81.660.61. Sighișoara .890. Sebeş.18 Annual turnover: 53. Galda de Jos.18.324.327 EUR 18.64 Annual turnover: 5.664.R.L. 392-600.720 EUR 17. 5.717 EUR INDUSTRIALIZAREA LAPTELUI MURES S.A.134 EUR (2009) BRAILACT S.Milk & Dairy" XX ALBALACT S. Brăila .580 EUR Most important companies in "Food .19. etaj 12. TRD .A.A.998 EUR HOCHLAND ROMåNIA S.BISTRIȚA-NĂSĂUD Annual Turnover: 10. Vatra Dornei .44 Annual turnover: 13.54.4. județul BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Phone: +40-263-26. GORDON-PROD S.473 EUR (2008) 206 FMCG .TNUVA ROMANIA DAIRIES S. Codlea .L. LACTAPROD S. nr.222.28 Fax: +40-21-314.R. 9. OLYMPUS DAIRY INDUSTRY S. 7. 427175.BRĂILA Annual Turnover: 7.HARGHITA Annual Turnover: 8.511.SUCEAVA Annual Turnover: 36.874.R. 8.679 EUR 13.A.A.290.134 EUR 14. Monor .BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: EUR (2009) XX ALPIN 57 LUX S.L. 153B.L. Targoviște .ALBA Annual Turnover: 53. Strada Răstoaca.14. ALPIN 57 LUX S.908.05 Fax: +40-236-26.R.SUCEAVA Annual Turnover: 21.064. COVALACT S. PRODLACTA S.17. Monor. Localitatea Oiejdea . 517293. 515800.621 EUR DORNA LACTATE S. Strada Principală.L.A.746.L.A.494. DN1.86 Fax: +40-258-80. nr.COVASNA Annual Turnover: 16.419 EUR 15.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 12.R.R.707.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 44. LACTATE NATURA S. T‰rgu Mureș . sector 1. Sf‰ntu Gheorghe .DåMBOVIȚA Annual Turnover: 10.

324. XX Strada Ecaterina Teodoroiu. 96.518 EUR (2009) XX LACTATE NATURA S.88 Fax: +40-265-77.80. Lupeni. Cluj-Napoca.L.L.08.40 Annual turnover: 102. XX Şoseaua Olteniţei.46 Annual turnover: 8.04.720 EUR (2009) DANONE . XX Strada Principală. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230- județul COVASNA Phone: +40-267-35.A. 725700.717 EUR (2009) XX DORNA S. XX Strada N. Vatra Dornei.64.511.382 EUR (2009) LACTAPROD S.17. județul HARGHITA Phone: +40-266-35.32 Fax: +40-31-410. 5.A.51. județul HARGHITA Phone: +40-266-24. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-25. etaj 4.45 Fax: +40-245-63.A.064. 415.40 Annual turnover: 1.04 Fax: +40-21-240.R. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-50.10. 3. județul MUREŞ Phone: +40-265-31. 1.10 Fax: +40-265-31. Vlăşineşti.74. XX Bulevardul Dorobanţilor. 013604.31.664.539 EUR (2009) FRIESLANDCAMPINA ROMANIA S.A.17. nr. XX Strada Academiei.35 Annual turnover: 21.938 EUR (2009) LACTO-SOLOMONESCU S.88 Annual turnover: 10. 537250.R.00.XX COVALACT S.00 Fax: +40-265-26. C‰mpulung Moldovenesc. scara A.86. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-37. 1.R.50 Fax: +40-266-36. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-408.40. sector 1. Satu Mare. județul BRAŞOV Phone: +40-268-44. Vatra Dornei.62. 505.87 Annual turnover: 44. 810031.44. 077160. Strada Nicolae C‰nea.52 Annual turnover: 13.36. 537167.537 EUR (2009) OLYMPUS DAIRY INDUSTRY S. Popeşti-Leordeni.645.524 EUR (2009) TRM .349.63.30.47/48 Fax: +40-266-24. nr.707.70 Fax: +40-239-40. nr. nr. nr.54 Annual turnover: 28. Bulevardul Independenţei .33 Annual turnover: 106. 251. 505100. Strada Lunca Oltului.38.43 Annual turnover: 48. XX Şoseaua Odăi.621 EUR (2009) DORNA LACTATE S. XX Bulevardul Cloşca.58 Annual turnover: 16. Popeşti Leordeni. nr. nr.L.10. 23.290.40 Annual turnover: 21. Codlea. Sf‰ntu Gheorghe. XX Strada Floreni.L.279.000.580 EUR (2009) Strada Alszegi.433 EUR (2009) INDUSTRIALIZAREA LAPTELUI MUREŞ S.70.565. nr.R.24 Annual turnover: 4. 540390. 6.A. 077160. județul SATU MARE Phone: +40-261-70. nr. XX Miron Costin. Remetea.23 Annual turnover: 7.39-41. XX Calea Baciului.315 EUR (2009) NAPOLACT S.80. nr.80 +40-230-57. XX Strada Aeroportului. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-316. nr.32. T‰rgu Mureş. 717466.L.19 Annual turnover: 3. XX Strada T‰rgului. 725700.30 Fax: +40-21-408. nr. județul DåMBOVIŢA Phone: +40-245-21. DELACO DISTRIBUTION S.R. 251. 2-4.890. nr. județul BOTOŞANI Phone: +40-231-54. 40. 253-259.L.61 Fax: +40-267-35. județul BRĂILA Phone: +40-239-61.A. sector 1.000 EUR (2009) FMCG 207 .R.746.28.419 EUR (2009) PRODLACTA S.679 EUR (2009) RARĂUL S.A.80.57.TNUVA ROMANIA DAIRIES S. Strada Transilvaniei.327 EUR (2009) HOCHLAND ROMåNIA S.A.10 Annual turnover: 3.86 Fax: +40-21-352.01 Annual turnover: 6.70 Fax: +40-21-408. județul MUREŞ Phone: +40-265-20.A.661. 023076.R.01 Fax: +40-231-54.PRODUCȚIE ȘI DISTRIBUȚIE DE XX PRODUSE ALIMENTARE S.101 EUR (2009) TRD XX . T‰rgovişte.20.L. 545400. 2/A. Sighişoara. nr.A.00 Fax: +40-261-76.575 EUR (2009) SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ DE XX INDUSTRIALIZARE A LAPTELUI HARGHITA S.A. Şoseaua Olteniţei.47.A.A. Fax: +40-268-25. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-204. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-31.089. 1. XX Strada Bega.32 Annual turnover: 12.494. nr.722 EUR (2009) SANLACTA S.50 Fax: +40-268-44. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-351.TNUVA ROMANIA MILK S. 157.R. XX Strada Bisericani.89. nr.00.053. S‰ntana de Mureş. județul MUREŞ Phone: +40-265-77. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-410. 3A. nr.82 Fax: +40-230-31. 90.84.55 Annual turnover: 55.767 EUR (2009) EURO FOOD PROD S. Braşov. Brăila. Titulescu.83 Fax: Annual turnover: 36.18. sector 2.81 Annual turnover: 3.159.14. nr.53.19. 010013.22. nr. nr.000 EUR (2009) GORDON-PROD S.40.11 Fax: +40-230-37.00 Fax: +40-264-41.34.L.

București . 4.486 EUR SMITHFIELD PROD S.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 42. 7.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 19.721.718 EUR 17. FERMA ZOOTEHNICĂ S. Chitila .328 EUR CAROLI PROD 2000 S.L.L.R.L.R.012 EUR 19.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 65.257.700.431.A.R. Meat Products & Fish Reported results for 2009 1.663 EUR ELIT S.495 EUR 14.R.000 EUR 15.L.L.R.384 EUR ALDIS S. Tulcea .779.400.L.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 31.SIBIU Annual Turnover: 47.L.L.640 EUR RECUNOȘTINȚA PRODCOM IMPEX S.TULCEA Annual Turnover: 24.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 38.CARAȘ-SEVERIN Annual Turnover: 23. Reșița .SATU MARE Annual Turnover: 105.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 46.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 29.000 EUR 10. 2.834. Sibiu .919.R.803 EUR 18.A.R.954.410.Meat.R. București . Timișoara .Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 78.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 20.386 EUR 13.302 EUR 16.MARAMUREȘ Annual Turnover: 22.737. Buftea .R.R.498 EUR 21. INDUSTRIALIZAREA CARNII (KOSAROM) S. Baia Mare .Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 70.000.R. Crevedia . NEGRO 2000 S. Oarda de Jos . Mizil .IAȘI Annual Turnover: 28.L.R.530 EUR 12. Vetis .520.035 EUR ANGST RO S.DåMBOVIȚA Annual Turnover: 21. Mizil . CARNIPROD S. București . București .864 EUR SCANDIA ROMåNIA S. 9.017. București . 6.279 EUR 208 FMCG . UNICARM S. Cugir .019. 8. OCEAN FISH S. Afumați . 3.L.451.499 EUR 20. AGROLI GROUP S.L.TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 95.L. ANA & CORNEL S.ALBA Annual Turnover: 71.275. Călărași . Pașcani .R.L. MERCADO S.R.766.R.ALBA Annual Turnover: 35.L. INTEGRA S.CĂLĂRAȘI Annual Turnover: 69.R.L.986. C+C S.R.345 EUR CRISTIM 2 PRODCOM S.950. CARMISTIN S.A.L. TABCO-CAMPOFRIO S. 5.L.602.A.669 EUR 11.

79.718 EUR (2009) CAROLI PROD 2000 S. Annual turnover: 16.836. Bulevardul Bucureşti.R.671.954. Strada S‰ntuhalm. C+C Strada Poneasca. km 4-5. nr.51. Meat Products & Fish" XX AGRO COMPANY S. 105800. nr. Annual turnover: 12. 1.431. 705311. Cluj-Napoca.L. nr. nr.31.R.L. 820004.09.81.89 Fax: +40-240-51.743. nr.275.65.66/07 Fax: +40-244-25. Tulcea. nr.55 Fax: +40-241-51.02. sector 6.11 Annual turnover: 19. Bulevardul Bucureştii Noi. Strada Bărsăneşti.979.L. județul TULCEA Phone: +40-240-51.019.000 EUR (2009) XX AVI-TOP S. 900330. Războieni. 30C. 123. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-352. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-352. XX Bulevardul Timişoara.L. 330004. 179B. sector 6. nr. Strada Interioară.89. nr.834.L. comuna Ion Neculce.L.39. Strada Nicolae Titulescu.784. FOX Şoseaua Vitan-B‰rzeşti.779.328 EUR (2009) XX FERMA ZOOTEHNICA S. nr. sector 4. 16. 042121.640 EUR (2009) XX & CORNEL S. corp 6 ILF.01 Annual turnover: 16.31.L.L. Cugir.R. S. 298. nr. Mizil.Most important companies in "Food .00 Fax: +40-21-312.L. 126. județul MARAMUREŞ Phone: +40-262-20. Arad.49 Annual turnover: 16. ANA Strada Bariera Amaru.R.L. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-51.76.06 Annual turnover: 23. Reşiţa.01/03 Annual turnover: 16.52 Fax: +40-241-62.58.T‰rgovişte. Bistriţa.669 EUR (2009) XX CARNIPROD S. 5.B.75 Annual turnover: 21. 23. Strada Depozitelor.803 EUR (2009) XX CARMISTIN S.286 EUR (2009) XX E.00/01/02/03 Fax: +40-21-352. 1- Fax: +40-262-22.663 EUR (2009) XX DARIMEX INTERNATIONAL S.60 Annual turnover: 38. Călăraşi.92 Annual turnover: 69.62. 310493. sector 1.09. Strada Cameliei.141.00 Annual turnover: 19. Baia Mare.09 Fax: +40-21-444.33.72.R. 430013.67.28.61. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-444.499 EUR (2009) XX ALDIS S. Strada General Costică Ştefănescu.L. nr. bloc 47. parter.658 EUR (2009) FMCG 209 .414.77 Fax: +40-21-352. județul BISTRIŢA-NĂSĂUD Phone: +40-263-22. nr.04 Fax: +40-254-21.151 EUR (2009) XX DISTRAL S.01.00 Fax: +40-257-28.R.00/01/02/03 Annual turnover: 46.530 EUR (2009) XX ANGST RO S. 60D.64 Fax: +40-21-492. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-40. ELIT Strada Victoriei.R.51 Annual turnover: 71. județul CARAŞ-SEVERIN Phone: +40-255-22.24 Annual turnover: 12. 1.28. 300408. Baia Mare. 23- Fax: +40-264-40.85. județul HUNEDOARA Phone: +40-254-21.08.46 Annual turnover: 78. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-25. 515600.R. nr. județul MARAMUREŞ Phone: +40-262-22. Strada Tulcei.L.L.45 Fax: +40-263-20.08.10 Annual turnover: 70.N.012 EUR (2009) XX COM SERV S.A. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-25.R.410.269 EUR (2009) XX AGRO-INVEST PROD S.928 EUR (2009) XX GEPETO IMPEX S.05 Fax: +40-232-24.384 EUR (2009) XX CETINA S.610 EUR (2009) XX S.686 EUR (2009) XX S.R. Strada Nicolae Bălcescu. Constanåa.L Şoseaua Bucureşti .08.L. 400230.R.81. 140. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-28. 17.29 Annual turnover: 22.32 Annual turnover: 42.R. nr.58 Annual turnover: 24. 148. județul ALBA Phone: +40-258-75.L.R.91.520. Calea Baciului.08.01.11 Fax: +40-258-75.51 Fax: +40-242-31.R.Meat.33 Fax: +40-244-25.A.853 EUR (2009) XX CRISTIM 2 PRODCOM S. nr.041 EUR (2009) XX AGROLI GROUP S.R.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-202. Şoseaua Tulcea-Murighiol.A.938. nr. nr.44. 105800. 5. județul IAŞI Phone: +40-232-24. Buftea. Deva.67. 430015.90 Fax: +40-262-25. 420044. județul CĂLĂRAŞI Phone: +40-242-31.257.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-492.30 Annual turnover: 19.20-22 Fax: +40-255-22. Mizil.000. Constanţa.R. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-58.

94 Annual turnover: 9. nr.L. XX Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-436. nr.035 EUR (2009) SMITHFIELD PROD S.70/80 Fax: +40-232-76. nr.35.87.83/84 Fax: +40-239-61. nr.L. XX 107247.26 Fax: +40-234-57.XX & E REINERT S. 2. 4. 401.737. nr. Buhuşi.19. XX Calea Feldioarei. XX Şoseaua Baldovineşti.68 Annual turnover: 31.45.L.R.386 EUR (2009) NEGRO 2000 S.76.27. XX Company name: INDUSTRIALIZAREA CĂRNII (KOSAROM) S.614.86.50 Annual turnover: 105.R.27. 517675. EURO COOLING CENTER.75.COLA S. 12. nr. Filipeştii de Pădure sat Minier.72. XX Strada Parcului.50.06 Fax: +40-244-38. 661. 1. 707295.77.21 Fax: +40-268-44. 65.017.L.00 Fax: +40-261-82. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-38.A.86. 107245. nr.97 Annual turnover: 14. 3. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-20.85 Fax: +40-21-460.343. 182. XX Strada Blajului. județul ALBA Phone: +40-258-81. nr. nr.L.864 EUR (2009) SCANDIA ROMåNIA S.24.986. XX DN2.954 EUR (2009) RADAN IMPEX S.456 EUR (2009) Strada Abator. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-460.187. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-400.2A.L.07. 244C. XX Strada Cartierului. XX Strada Biruinţei. nr.31 Fax: +40-235-36. XX Strada Andronache.89 Annual turnover: 28.76 Fax: +40-258-81.09.38 Annual turnover: 17.000 EUR (2009) UNICARM S. nr. 20.284 EUR (2009) INTEGRA S. 36.65. 022524.A.L. nr.95 Annual turnover: 18. 314.R.79.01.018 EUR (2009) SUPREMIA GRUP S. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-38. 45. Brăila. XX Strada Dumbravei.R. 59.45 Annual turnover: 65. Vetis. XX Strada Principală nr.24. XX Bulevardul Metalurgiei.80 Fax: +40-21-240.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-240.R. nr.80 Annual turnover: 11. Hala nr. Oarda de Jos.R. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-368-10. 46.L.R.345 EUR (2009) SOROLI .53.498 EUR (2009) 210 FMCG .L. XX Strada Polonă. județul VASLUI Phone: +40-235-36.508 EUR (2009) MERCADO S.49.990.210 EUR (2009) XX PESCADO GRUP S. Braşov.398 EUR (2009) MEDEUS & CO PRODIMPEX S.80 Fax: +40-257-27. Tulcea. 510003. Sibiu.68.10 Annual turnover: 47.475.A.50 Annual turnover: 8. Paşcani.472.L. 447355.919.75 Annual turnover: 10.18 Fax: +40-244-38. apt.55 Fax: +40-21-300.451. 500483. județul ALBA Phone: +40-258-81. Filipeştii de Pădure.279 EUR (2009) OCEAN FISH S.70 Fax: +40-232-73.210.34 Annual turnover: 20.302 EUR (2009) LUCA S.R.02.36 Annual turnover: 19.400. județul BRĂILA Phone: +40-239-61. județul SATU MARE Phone: +40-261-82.40 Fax: +40-240-51.945 EUR (2009) TABCO-CAMPOFRIO S. bloc 36.R.76.R. XX Strada Agroindustrială. 18. județul IAŞI Phone: +40-232-76. nr.L.87 Annual turnover: 35. județul IAŞI Phone: +40-232-73. Chitila. județul BRAŞOV Phone: +40-268-44.486 EUR (2009) VASCAR S. 617185.211.883.20. nr. nr.721. Braşov.68. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-27. 077045.11.26. 203.31 Fax: +40-21-350. nr. sector 4. XX Strada Gării. 550197.95 Fax: +40-21-436.R. XX Strada Morilor.568 EUR (2009) RECUNOȘTINȚA PRODCOM IMPEX S.583.L. sector 2.495 EUR (2009) KOSAROM S.R.11. etaj 3.14. 4. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-350. 605100.817. 136.82 Annual turnover: 12. 810183.R.10. Afumaţi.L. Strada Chebac. 2B.789 EUR (2009) MEATTEAM INTERNATIONAL S. apt.07.00 Fax: +40-269-20.89.136 EUR (2009) MARCEL S. 177.49. 012329.950.70 Annual turnover: 17.33 Annual turnover: 29.A. Răchiţeni.24.L.R.63 Annual turnover: 17.L. 300523. Arad. S‰ntimbru. Dumbrava Roşie.76 Annual turnover: 17.78 Annual turnover: 8.02 Fax: +40-258-81.45.A. 310176. Timișoara.A. nr.74. XX Strada Principală.00.35.A.R. 730217. km 14. PRINCIPAL COMPANY S.400 Fax: +40-256-400.401 Annual turnover: 95.R. Vaslui.97 Fax: +40-233-23. H Bulevardul Victoriei.77 Fax: +40-368-10.700.602. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316. județul TULCEA Phone: +40-240-51.644 EUR (2009) MEDASIMPEX S.04.110. județul NEAMŢ Phone: +40-233-23. 72. XX Strada Prislav. sector 1.02. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-56.

DOLJ Annual Turnover: 45. Podari . Strada Aurel Vlaicu.68. etaj 7.983 EUR (2009) XX CARGILL OILS S.92 Annual turnover: 261. ORKLA FOODS ROMåNIA S.357.669. 24.97. 4. nr. Băneasa Business Center. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.SATU MARE Annual Turnover: 29.A.A. 2. Margarine.A. judeţul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-71.R.357. nr. Buzău.96. judeţul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-67.61.A.669.33 Fax: +40-21-411. judeţul IALOMIŢA Phone: +40-21-411.662.A. Vaslui .99 Annual turnover: 45.IALOMIŢA Annual Turnover: 85.842. Urziceni. Constanţa.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 20. 1.A. 2.11 Annual turnover: 29.20 Fax: +40-21-233. 17-21.67 Annual turnover: 32.842.A.02. Carei .24. 5. Carei.598 EUR (2009) XX BUNGE ROMåNIA S.316.63. Strada Industrială. judeţul SATU MARE Phone: +40-261-86.A. 013682. Galaţi .23.39 Annual turnover: 85. nr. Buzău.470 EUR AGRICOVER S.191 EUR (2009) XX ARDEALUL S. 5-7.598 EUR ARDEALUL S. Buzău .12. 6. Ioan Cuza. Oil Reported results for 2009 BUNGE ROMANIA S.643 EUR ULEROM S.CONSTANŢA Annual Turnover: 32.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 176.Food 1.A.21.643 EUR (2009) XX ARGUS S. Şoseaua Bucureşti . nr.78 Annual turnover: 59.BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 261. nr.A.A.316. Bucureşti .208 EUR CARGILL OILS S. 8.BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 59. Aleea Industriilor. Oil" XX AGRICOVER S.GALAŢI Annual Turnover: 50.12 Fax: +40-261-86. 3.61.052 EUR (2009) XX EXPUR S.888.633.27 Fax: +40-238-71.Margarine. 7. nr. 9.470 EUR (2009) FMCG 211 .794 EUR 10. judeţul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-43.43.326.A.VASLUI Annual Turnover: 25.L.983 EUR UNILEVER SOUTH CENTRAL EUROPE S.A.40 Fax: +40-241-63.R.A.662.300 EUR Most important companies in "Food .052 EUR ARGUS S.326. Slobozia . Bucureşti .191 EUR PRUTUL S.860. Buzău . Strada Al.L.Ploieşti. 2.651 EUR EXPUR S. sector 1. Strada Industriei.554.89 Fax: +40-238-71. 925300. Constanţa .

651 EUR (2009) ORKLA FOODS ROMåNIA S. corp B. Chiajna .ARGEŞ Annual Turnover: 10. XX Splaiul Unirii.70 +40-235-42. Spices.L. 3.36. Iaşi .26 Fax: Annual turnover: 9. AMYLUM ROMANIA S. 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303.035.72 Fax: +40-031-805.50-52 Fax: +40-267-36. nr. XX Strada Teheran.554.SIBIU Annual Turnover: 13.A.XX MANDRA S. XX Strada Copilului.888. nr.R.10. nr. Herbs and Food Additives Reported results for 2009 SOCIETATEA NATIONALA A SARII S.68.648. B‰rlad.Spices.860. sector 1.L. 162.03. etaj 6. 9.33. 730232.A.IAŞI Annual Turnover: 8. judeţul IALOMIŢA Phone: +40-243-27. nr.00 Annual turnover: 176. 51. nr. judeţul VASLUI Phone: +40-235-36.L. Curtea de Argeş .R.794 EUR (2009) XX ULTEX S.A.368 EUR (2009) XX ULEROM S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-031-805.274 EUR 10. 14-18. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210.L.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 18.650.A. 5.13. 7.A. Bucureşti .70.220 EUR ORKLA FOODS ROMåNIA S. 112177.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 10. sector 4.32/33/36 Fax: +40-235-36.633.369 EUR DR.261 EUR (2009) XX UNILEVER SOUTH CENTRAL EUROPE S.11. sector 1.99 Annual turnover: 25.A.360 EUR (2009) 212 FMCG .75. 6.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 20. 731154. 4.78 Fax: +40-21-300. judeţul VASLUI Phone: +40-235-42.331 EUR ROLLIT PRODIMPEX S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 44. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-300. etaj 4. Most important companies in "Food . Ţăndărei. Vaslui. OETKER RO S.208 EUR (2009) Food 1.L.751. Sibiu .03. sector 1. 5. judeţul COVASNA Phone: +40-267-36. Herbs and Food Additives" XX AMYLUM ROMANIA S.00 Fax: +40-21-303.751. Strada Teilor.R.48.300 EUR DOHLER ROMANIA S. 013696.379.L.524 EUR FUCHS CONDIMENTE RO S. Voluntari .L.R.062.26 Annual turnover: 50.860. Strada Podul ënalt.49.94.150 EUR ESAROM ROMANIA S.L. Şoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti. etaj 1.A.R.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 9.70 Fax: +40-21-610. Strada Mihai Viteazul. Bucureşti .55 Fax: +40-243-27.933 EUR T‰rgu Secuiesc .75.300 EUR (2009) PRUTUL S. Chiajna .465. T‰rgu Secuiesc.87 Annual turnover: 4.R.L.830.274.R.300 EUR ION MOŞ S.71 Annual turnover: 20. nr.L.ARGEŞ Annual Turnover: 41.A.00 Annual turnover: 6.480.COVASNA Annual Turnover: 4. 42-44.70 Annual turnover: 1.R.777.000. 37. 8. nr. 525400.274 EUR (2009) CONDIMENTE ROMANIA S.01. Strada Fabricii.000 EUR ZEELANDIA S.R. nr.R. 2. Curtea de Argeş . 2.70.

544 EUR DOBROGEA GRUP S.00 Fax: +40-269-20. Sibiu.09 Annual turnover: 41.45. 112177.446.A. 550052. Oradea.L.R.R.A.379.89. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-352.80 Annual turnover: 44.02 Annual turnover: 13. nr.CONDIMENTE S.L. 150.89.L. Iaşi.35 Annual turnover: 4.81 Fax: +40-21-317. Chiajna. Curtea de Argeş.70.L.34 Annual turnover: 8.L.035. 50. 3.86 Fax: +40-21-352.300 EUR (2009) XX MOŞ S.539 EUR (2009) EUROPEAN FOOD S.75.860.05 Annual turnover: N/A FUCHS CONDIMENTE RO S.L.28. 13.45. Complex Transilvania. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-300.04 Fax: +40-21-317. Strada Erou Iancu Nicolae. Constanţa .75.R.80.161 EUR BOROMIR IND S.524 EUR (2009) EURO FOOD PROD S.01. 013604. Clinceni . 126B. Pantelimon . 14-18.72.22. nr.00.L. 5. Splaiul Independenţei.150 EUR (2009) Food 1.A.R.81.L. XX Şoseaua Alba-Iulia. judeţul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-40. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-317.86 Annual turnover: 3.395 EUR FMCG 213 . judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-490.300 EUR (2009) XX ORLANDO IMPORT . sector 1.40 Annual turnover: 9. judeţul MUREŞ Phone: +40-265-30.99 Fax: +40-265-25. nr.062. etaj 1.57 Fax: +40-21-351. nr. Silache Gheorghe.70. Strada Insulei. XX OETKER RO S.172 EUR CHIPITA ROMANIA S. nr. nr.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 57.R.L.11 Fax: +40-21-352. nr.33 Annual turnover: 18.R.CONSTANŢA Annual Turnover: 47.176.L. nr.R.390 EUR (2009) XX ORKLA FOODS ROMåNIA S. Chiajna. R‰mnicu V‰lcea .220 EUR (2009) ESAROM ROMANIA S.830.61. Şoseaua de Centură. nr. 41-43. 4.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-031-805.VåLCEA Annual Turnover: 66.331 EUR (2009) XX KAMIS . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-351. sector 1.092. 319C.22. judeţul IAŞI Phone: +40-232-21. judeţul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-20. XX Şoseaua Odăi.81.32 Fax: +40-248-26.000 EUR (2009) XX SOCIETATEA NAȚIONALĂ A SĂRII S.R. nr.28. XX Strada Nordului.61 Fax: +40-21-319. 37.648.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 48.000.627 EUR TITAN S.L.07 Annual turnover: 10.A. Voluntari.R.VåLCEA Annual Turnover: 42. Strada Albeşti. Strada Lupului.01 Fax: +40-248-50.502. Calea Victoriei. sector 1.269 EUR (2009) XX ROLLIT PRODIMPEX S.63. DN28. 077190.93. nr.30 Fax: +40-21-490. judeţul ARGEŞ Phone: +40-248-26.933 EUR (2009) DR.57 Annual turnover: N/A XX PACOVIS ROMåNIA S.94. nr. Şoseaua de Centură. Strada Copilului. 1-2.72 Fax: +40-031-805. 2.33.679.279.33.70. 5.XX DOHLER ROMANIA S.80. Clinceni. 253-259. Bread. sector 6.145.A.A.70.24 Fax: +40-232-21. 4. Pasta & Pastry Reported results for 2009 VEL PITAR S.480.EXPORT 2001 S. 220.369 EUR (2009) XX ZEELANDIA S. Curtea de Argeş.07. ION Strada Lt.L.R. 1-3.71 Annual turnover: 20. 010099. nr. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-351.19 Annual turnover: 3.13 Annual turnover: 10.R.L.R. R‰mnicu V‰lcea . T‰rgu Mureş.465.09 Fax: +40-259-47. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317. judeţul ARGEŞ Phone: +40-248-50.868. XX Strada Teatrului. nr.

13.213 EUR Most important companies in "Food .IAŞI Annual Turnover: 22.A.L.10 Annual turnover: 13.22 Annual turnover: 10.28 Fax: +40-250-73.557. PAN GROUP S. R‰mnicu V‰lcea . Strada Fabricii.A.L. MOARA CIBIN S. ROMPAK S.R. judeţul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-43.509. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-372-75.42. Craiova .258 EUR 18. 077160.R.282 EUR 21. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-492. Reşiţa .177. nr.00.845.960.R.04 Fax: +40-21-317.13 Annual turnover: 10.L.BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 31. Bacău . Strada T‰rgului.67.524 EUR (2009) XX BOROMIR IND S.626 EUR ȘAPTE SPICE S.561 EUR 14.00.L.R. 120226.20 Fax: +40-260-61. 450076.578.656.SATU MARE Annual Turnover: 25.33. Chiajna.A. MOPAN S.545.366 EUR 13.706 EUR FORNETTI ROMåNIA S. PURATOS PROD S.L. Buzău . 24.395 EUR (2009) XX BOROMIR PROD S.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 10.A. R‰mnicu V‰lcea.TIMIŞ Annual Turnover: 28.44. judeţul VåLCEA Phone: +40-250-73.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 16. Pasta & Pastry" XX ABO MILL S. 8.28 Annual turnover: 42.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 15.446.05 Annual turnover: 31. Suceava . Bucureşti . nr.L.62 Fax: +40-372-87.18. nr.997.A.227 EUR BOROMIR PROD S.379.SIBIU Annual Turnover: 14.574 EUR 12. Zalău. Zalău .687.19.692 EUR 15.Bread. nr. Popeşti-Leordeni.A.728.R. XX Şoseaua Voluntari. TECSA BUSINESS S.201.R.706 EUR (2009) DOHLER ROMANIA S. 9. nr.SĂLAJ Annual Turnover: 14. ARPIS INTERNATIONAL S.BACĂU Annual Turnover: 40.DOLJ Annual Turnover: 22.684.215. PANGRAM S. VP MAGASSIN S.GALAŢI Annual Turnover: 24.A. 10. Buzău. nr. GALMOPAN S. Botiz .404. Strada Şantierului.L.6. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-317.44.567 EUR 19. 37. Sat Chinez .578. Bucureşti .A.R.545.062.A.SUCEAVA Annual Turnover: 12.430 EUR 20.CARAŞ-SEVERIN Annual Turnover: 15.331 EUR (2009) ARPIS INTERNATIONAL S.567 EUR (2009) ARSLAN PRODIMPEX S.60. 7. Voluntari .11 Fax: +40-21-492. Tunari .L.A. 112 Bis.70 Fax: +40-238-44. Sibiu .508.A. PAMBAC S. SAM MILLS S.807 EUR 16.215.R. 2.161 EUR 17. Galaţi . XX Şoseaua de Centură. Paşcani .R.16 Annual turnover: 14.L. judeţul SĂLAJ Phone: +40-260-61.213 EUR (2009) 214 FMCG .A.L. Voluntari.33.VåLCEA Annual Turnover: 35.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 13.524 EUR 10.R.496 EUR 11. ABO MILL S. XX Strada Pavel Ciamur.61.

39. 70.474.67.A. Paşcani.911. Craiova. 384. apt.161 EUR (2009) FARINSAN S.807 EUR (2009) FMCG 215 .96.574 EUR (2009) HARMOPAN S. Bacău. nr.57. judeţul VåLCEA Phone: +40-250-74.00. 1.26 Fax: +40-262-27. nr.00 Fax: +40-236-49.89 Annual turnover: 48. 14.R.00 Fax: +40-234-51.31 Fax: +40-261-80. nr.93 Annual turnover: 22.47 Fax: +40-230-22.02.557.A. Pantelimon.627 EUR (2009) VP XX MAGASSIN S.R.22 Fax: +40-241-63.684.A. nr. 2. 22. PAN Calea Bucureşti. XX Strada Grădiniţei. 077180.L.30.L.524 EUR (2009) GALMOPAN S.404. nr.496 EUR (2009) SAPTE SPICE S.08 Annual turnover: 9.L. Şoseaua de Centură.51 Fax: +40-269-22.96.90 Fax: +40-21-352. judeţul GIURGIU Phone: +40-727-78.R.99. judeţul MARAMUREŞ Phone: +40-262-27.13. nr. nr.201. XX Strada Traian Vuia. 800157. 68-69.092.282 EUR (2009) MORĂRIT PANIFICAŢIE BĂNEASA S.74. Suceava. 600281.L. Reşiţa.57.09. nr. 705200.997.12. Piaţa Tomis II. judeţul TIMIŞ Phone: +40-256-37.509.60.561 EUR (2009) SAM MILLS S.87 Annual turnover: 7.R.99. 14. sector 1. judeţul SATU MARE Phone: +40-261-80. nr.95 Annual turnover: 15.67.A.48 Fax: +40-21-423. 447065.736. 4. Grădiştea. sector 5.68 Fax: +40-21-326. 46.65. judeţul VåLCEA Phone: +40-250-74. nr. apt.172 EUR (2009) VEL XX PITAR S.728.01 Fax: +40-250-74.97 Fax: +40-255-21.50 Annual turnover: 14. R‰mnicu V‰lcea. Strada Drumul Mare.71.656.A.A.A. 051895.258 EUR (2009) MOPAN S. judeţul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-41.L. Strada Timişorii.00.99/97 Annual turnover: 57. etaj 1.53.55 Fax: +40-722-12.626 EUR (2009) ROMDIL COM S.R. 52-54. judeţul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-52. XX Strada Harghita. Galaţi.47. 3.76.22. 077060.845.746 EUR (2009) ROMPAK S.544 EUR (2009) XX GROUP S.09 Fax: +40-250-74.R.176.813 EUR (2009) MOARA CIBIN S. R‰mnicu V‰lcea. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-423.23. judeţul CARAŞ-SEVERIN Phone: +40-255-21. nr. nr. 430422.04 Annual turnover: 66. Constanţa.96 Annual turnover: 40.A. Clinceni.67 Annual turnover: 13. XX Şoseaua Cernica.49. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-529.47 Annual turnover: 15.60. XX Bulevardul Decebal. nr. 173. XX Strada Mioriţei. XX Strada George Coşbuc. judeţul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-48. 1.76. nr.60.90 Fax: +40-241-52. nr.R.98. Sibiu.A. XX Şoseaua Alba Iulia. 200610.09. sector 3.80 Annual turnover: 22.60.692 EUR (2009) DOBRE ŞI FIII S.420.21.XX CHIPITA ROMANIA S. 240275.A.31 Fax: +40-21-232.01 Annual turnover: 5.49.R.23.46 Annual turnover: 12.00 Annual turnover: 28. 900155. 530154.01 Fax: +40-256-37.69 Annual turnover: 16. nr. XX Comana. 8.L.145.53. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-204.161 EUR (2009) XX PURATOS PROD S.90 Fax: +40-21-204. Strada Celulozei. 173-175. nr.122 EUR (2009) FORNETTI ROMåNIA S. XX Sat Chinez DC Hodoni-Dudeştii Noi.07 Fax: +40-266-37. Caramfil. judeţul HARGHITA Phone: +40-266-37.49 Fax: +40-21-529.44 Annual turnover: 47. judeţul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-40. Baia Mare.14 Fax: +40-251-46. judeţul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-22.69 Annual turnover: 24.90 Annual turnover: 6. km 5.A. nr.366 EUR (2009) XX PANGRAM S. bloc S6.687. judeţul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-22.80 Fax: +40-232-76.A. nr. Constanţa. XX Strada Nicolae G. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-352. XX Strada Mircea cel Bătr‰n. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232.04. 900340. 151.427. 550052.84.20. XX Calea Moineşti. XX Strada Europa.868.960. Miercurea-Ciuc. Tunari. nr.A.02. judeţul IAŞI Phone: +40-232-76. 25. Strada Timiş.177. Botiz.04 Annual turnover: 35.L.718 EUR (2009) XX DOBROGEA GRUP S. 720021. 25.L. Şoseaua Sălaj.106 EUR (2009) PAMBAC S. 11.227 EUR (2009) TECSA BUSINESS S. 257. XX Strada Timiş.26 Annual turnover: 320232.508.32 Annual turnover: 25.47.430 EUR (2009) TITAN S. 22. judeţul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-51.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-326.

4.283.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 54. București Phone: +40-21-203.489.25. nr. COCA-COLA ROMANIA S.645 EUR RIO BUCOVINA S. Splaiul Unirii. 537336. Brăila . județul HARGHITA Phone: +40-266-33.L. Strada Gheorghe Demetriade. 2. Soft Drinks Reported results for 2009 COCA-COLA HBC ROMåNIA S.256. Bucureşti .L. Bulevardul Unirii.959 EUR ROMAQUA GROUP S.R.R.321.R.R.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 17. 5.A.40. 1A. Strada Gării.848 EUR Most important companies in "Beverages .ILFOV Annual Turnover: 104.018 EUR (2009) 216 FMCG .16 Annual turnover: 6. București Phone: +40-21-200.HARGHITA Annual Turnover: 10. sector 5.642. sector 4. Tușnadu Nou. XX Șoseaua București Nord.14.05 Annual turnover: 104. etaj 2.977 EUR RED BULL ROMANIA S.00 Fax: +40-21-205. apt.10.14.Soft Drinks" XX APEMIN TUȘNAD S.93 Fax: +40-266-33.R. nr.60 Annual turnover: 8. Bucureşti . sector 1. Bucureşti .A.03. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-205. 10. Șoseaua București-Ploiești.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 15. 599.R.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 18. 160B.25. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232. nr.40.008 EUR QUADRANT AMROQ BEVERAGES S.HARGHITA Annual Turnover: 125.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 160. Vălenii de Munte .972.843 EUR 11.687. 3.R.00 Fax: +40-21-200.331.40.L.BRĂILA Annual Turnover: 12.Beverages 1. nr. Bucureşti .L. SOROLI . 5.018 EUR 12. 24.50.COLA S. nr.L.008 EUR (2009) XX COCA-COLA ROMANIA S. 011216. sector 1.L.716 EUR 10.50. 9. Bucharest Business Park. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21- Fax: +40-21-203.566.A. Bucureşti .489.562 EUR PERLA HARGHITEI S.331.A.A. S‰ncrăieni .Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 19.616 EUR (2009) COCA-COLA HBC ROMåNIA S.R. 27.589 EUR CARLSROM BEVERAGE CO S. Pantelimon .47 Annual turnover: 10.L.HARGHITA Annual Turnover: 16. sector 1.687.L.972.848 EUR (2009) XX CARLSROM BEVERAGE CO S.00 Fax: +40-21-202.R.01 Annual turnover: 15.595.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 439.634. nr. etaj 1.L.250 EUR (2009) XX CARPATINA S.R.R. 6.66 Annual turnover: 439.L.R. 8.L.L.227 EUR LA FANTANA S.571.25 Fax: +40-21-232.250 EUR TYMBARK MASPEX ROMANIA S.42.843 EUR (2009) XX CUMPĂNA 1993 S. APEMIN TUSNAD S.A. 7. bloc 15. Borsec . Bucureşti . Tuşnadu Nou .

XX Șoseaua de Centură.977 EUR (2009) XX BULL ROMANIA S. 7.IAŞI Annual Turnover: 29.25 Fax: +40-266-33.564.642.782.256.42. nr.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 28.698.622.69 Annual turnover: 17.COLA S.283.321.12.16 Fax: +40-21-667.86 Annual turnover: 16.32.IAŞI Annual Turnover: 22. RED Strada Sf. Bucureşti .639 EUR COTNARI S. 2.966 EUR 10. 8. RIO Șoseaua Chitilei.378.51 Annual turnover: 9. 030203. nr.L. Vălenii de Munte. etaj 1.A. 4.227 EUR (2009) XX ROMAQUA GROUP S.286. 050152. 6. nr. 3. 810183. Brăila. Borsec.00 Fax: +40-372-87. XX Șoseaua Viilor. 8.51. 600. București Phone: +40-21-667.R.90 Annual turnover: 125. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-200.09. sector 3.DOLJ Annual Turnover: 18. Ploieşti .L.00 Fax: +40-259-47. 3.68.VRANCEA Annual Turnover: 20.87 Annual turnover: 19.514. nr. 9.255 EUR JIDVEI S.72.L. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-302. Bucureşti . 38-40.L.66 Annual turnover: 54.82 Annual turnover: 12. nr.A.844.A.14.R.L.83/84 Fax: +40-239-61. județul HARGHITA Phone: +40-266-33.L. nr.A.246 EUR ZAREA S.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 7. Focşani .562 EUR (2009) XX BUCOVINA S.09.51.72 Annual turnover: 160.62 Fax: +40-244-28.589 EUR (2009) XX SOROLI .86 Fax: +40-266-33. nr.72. FILIALA ALBA Jidvei .645 EUR (2009) PARMALAT ROMåNIA S.27 Annual turnover: 18. 29. S‰ncrăieni. sector 1. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-40.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 14.26. Focşani .60 Fax: +40-21-302.74.00.959 EUR (2009) PERLA HARGHITEI S. Recaş .R.89. sector 2.42. Oradea. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-28. Șoseaua Baldovineşti.R. Craiova .23.VRANCEA Annual Turnover: 8.L. Strada Teatrului.L. Bectro Center.A. 012381. 36. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-336. CRAMELE HALEWOOD S.A.067.A. 46.70 Fax: +40-21-337. nr.579 EUR NITELA IMPEX S.52-58 Fax: +40-21-266.R. Vineri.455 EUR (2009) QUADRANT AMROQ BEVERAGES S. 55.595. sector 5.716 EUR (2009) Beverages 1. 1-2.A.560.XX EUROPEAN DRINKS S.05 Annual turnover: N/A XX FANTANA S. Wine Reported results for 2009 Iaşi .588.A.679 EUR VINCON VRANCEA S. Strada Ștefan cel Mare.72.577 EUR FMCG 217 . EUROVINO S.187. 5.R.ALBA Annual Turnover: 21.26.A.685 EUR CRAMELE RECAS S.68. județul HARGHITA Phone: +40-266-33. Tunari.634. 12.A.018 EUR (2009) XX TYMBARK MASPEX ROMANIA S.A. nr. Strada Carpaţi. LA Bulevardul Gării Obor. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-266.173 EUR MURFATLAR ROMANIA S. județul BRĂILA Phone: +40-239-61.944 EUR VINEXPORT S.TIMIŞ Annual Turnover: 9. Cotnari . Complex Transilvania.050. XX Strada Gării.R.R.

12.18.16 Annual turnover: 7. XX Intrarea Glucozei.65 Annual turnover: 2.R. 620070.628. 707120.96 Fax: +40-256-33. 37-39. 021452.68.44 Annual turnover: 2.13 Annual turnover: 2.R.340 EUR (2009) XX COTNARI S. 34.R. nr.62 Annual turnover: 28. Focşani. nr. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-33.02.24 Annual turnover: 4. XX Brazda lui Novac.92. Iași.29. nr.173 EUR (2009) XX JIDVEI S.09. nr.29 Fax: +40-232-27. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-53.A. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-27.588. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-322. 24.A. Financial information: Employees 70 Top management: MIHAI GAVRIL .050. nr. Strada Gării.61 Fax: +40-237-22.564.02.03.03. nr.22 E-mail: office@rovitsa. județul ALBA Phone: +40-258-88. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-23.579 EUR (2009) VINEXPORT S. nr.11 Fax: +40-237-27.090 EUR (2009) ZAREA S.41 Annual turnover: 9. 210.79. 023975. Strada Murfatlar.A.434.00 Annual turnover: 14. XX Strada Av‰ntului.514. Contact: Şoseaua Naţională.A.93 Fax: +40-232-73.286. Jidvei.45/46 Fax: +40-21-322. 1.33. 107. bloc B2+C.R. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-70. Craiova. sector 2.85 Fax: +40-244-23. sector 2.33.20 Fax: +40-21-668.50 Fax: +40-241-70.58.A. județul VRANCEA Phone: +40-21-346.A.55.579. XX Strada Plantelor.A. Strada Ștefan cel Mare.92.679 EUR (2009) XX MURFATLAR ROMANIA S.92 Annual turnover: 22. nr. with the wine variety cultivated at Valea Calugareasca assures a wide range of wines such as the red Feteasca Neagra very famous). Recaş.A.00. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-59. rovitsa@yahoo.02. 47. 517385.255 EUR (2009) XX CRAMELE HALEWOOD S.86 Annual turnover: 20.17.844. nr. nr.29.57. MURFATLAR. The wines of Valea Calugareasca are famous world wide.622.A. nr. Cabernet Saugvinon.87 Fax: +40-21-346. județul VRANCEA Phone: +40-237-27.63.General Manager Quality certificates: ISO 9001:2000 Ownership: Private-owned: 90% Romanian: 100% XX CARL REH WINERY S.33. XX Strada Mihail Kogălniceanu.16.623 EUR (2009) VINARTE S. 700497.49.L. Valea Călugărească. Saugvinon Blanc and Pinot Gris. Pinot Noir and the white Riesling. 1. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-73. taking part in international wine competitions. Strada Matei Voievod. sector 2. nr.00 Fax: +40-232-23. 200044. Focşani. XX Bulevardul Metalurgiei. Strada Complex de Vinificație Recatim.966 EUR (2009) VINIA S.Wine" ROVIT S. 66 Annual turnover: 21. XX Strada Dionysos.L.95/75 Fax: Company profile: The company Rovit S.62/63 Fax: +40-21-252. 92.A. Ploieşti. 107620.577 EUR (2009) XX CRAMELE RECAȘ S.944 EUR (2009) XX EUROVINO S.782.685 EUR (2009) 218 FMCG . 4. Cotnari.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-252. Merlot.81 Fax: +40-258-88.49.246 EUR (2009) VERITAS PANCIU S. 50. Panciu. Iaşi.60.L.29 Annual turnover: 29. FILIALA ALBA Strada Gării.L.A.378.639 EUR (2009) NITELA IMPEX S.698.79.00 Annual turnover: 8.095 EUR (2009) VINCON VRANCEA S.77 Annual turnover: 18. Tronson A. judeţul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-23. județul VRANCEA Phone: +40-237-23. Feteasca Alba.886.Most important companies in "Beverages .58.77 Fax: +40-251-59. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-667.68.

Pantelimon.65. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-20. 2.A. Oradea. 46. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-52.A. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-32.05 Annual turnover: 81.589 EUR (2009) UNITED ROMANIAN BREWERIES XX BEREPROD S.882 EUR ROMAQUA GROUP S. 24.535.00 Fax: +40-21-205. 9-9A. etaj 1. 26-28.72. sector 1.43 Fax: +40-230-52.250 EUR UNITED ROMANIAN BREWERIES BEREPROD S.42 Annual turnover: 5.50.595.589 EUR CARLSROM BEVERAGE CO S.74. 89. XX Strada Carpaţi.051. Clădirea 20. nr.A.694.260 EUR (2009) ROMAQUA GROUP S.250 EUR (2009) XX EUROPEAN DRINKS S.A. nr. Strada Independenței.644 EUR HEINEKEN ROMANIA S.423 RON (2009) XX BERMAS S.074.555 EUR (2009) FMCG 219 . nr.451.06.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 81.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 104.539. 27.47. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-47.L. Azuga. 020335. 61.00. 5.20 Fax: +40-21-315.04 Annual turnover: 284.595.329 EUR (data for 2008) Most important companies in "Beverages . Strada Humorului.331.051. nr.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 284.71. Bucureşti .10. etaj 4.10 Fax: +40-244-32. Bulevardul Biruinţei. nr.L. Pantelimon . etaj 1. Scheia. Galaţi.A. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-40.25 Fax: +40-266-33.284.00 Fax: +40-259-47. Borsec . 6. județul HARGHITA Phone: +40-266-33.77.R. Beer Reported results for 2009 URSUS BREWERIES S. Borsec. etaj 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-205. nr.Beverages 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-202. bloc 15. 4. S Park.90 Annual turnover: 125. 18.72.98. sector Fax: +40-21-243. XX Strada Grigore Ventura. nr.HARGHITA Annual Turnover: 125.64. nr.05 Annual turnover: 104.00 Fax: +40-21-316. Union Business Center II.A.65.A.L. Tunari .555 EUR Bucureşti .23. Bulevardul Unirii. apt.54 Annual turnover: 4. Strada Tipografilor. sector 5.A.80 Fax: +40-236-46. BERGENBIER S.A.Sector 1 Annual Turnover:225. 11-15.00 Annual turnover: 2.A. nr.644 EUR (2009) URSUS BREWERIES S. sector 1. 1-2. 3. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-205.00 Fax: +40-21-205.50. XX Calea Știrbei Vodă.171.746 EUR (2009) XX CARLSROM BEVERAGE CO S. Strada Teatrului.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-314.70 Annual turnover: N/A MARTENS S.R.R.65.05 Annual turnover: N/A XX HEINEKEN ROMANIA S.01 Annual turnover: 638.R. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu.04.331. 1.A.50. Pantelimon .A.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 150.007 EUR (2009) XX BERGENBIER S. Complex Transilvania.Beer" XX BERE AZUGA S.

2.859 EUR 10.772.R.79.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 41.442.L.240 EUR (2009) ALEXANDRION GRUP ROMANIA S. 6.L.R.100. 2. Ploiești.L.L.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 17.794. Constanța .L. XX DN 1. Bucureşti .079 EUR Most important companies in "Beverages .397.BRĂILA Annual Turnover: 75. EXCELSIOR S. București .911.639.655.01.916 EUR 12.00 Fax: +40-21-405. Otopeni.R.IALOMIȚA Annual Turnover: 12. 9.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 13.A. XX Șoseaua Vitan . Urziceni .L.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 14. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.L.288 EUR PERNOD RICARD ROMANIA S.Spirits" XX TRADING S. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-405.40/39/42/43 Annual turnover: 13.R.R.033 EUR Bucureşti . Ploiești . Poșta C‰lnău . București Phone: +40-21-334. București . ADS TRADING S.SUCEAVA Annual Turnover: 12.R.L.35 Fax: +40-21-316.567 EUR (2009) ANTONY GROSS EXIM S.79. nr.076.Beverages 1.A.11.167.96 Fax: +40-21-334.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 26. nr. Constanța .47. MAXIM DRINK S. Ipotești .Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 29.250.R. Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu. ANGELLI SPUMANTE & APERITIVE S.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 24.BUZĂU Annual Turnover: 54.L.811.R.68 Fax: +40-244-57.L.859 EUR EUROAVIPO S.992.L. nr.R. apt.68. 9 A.811.99 Annual turnover: 9.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 33. 013974.L.898. 8. 341-359. 42122.696 EUR 14. MAREX S. ADS Strada Rezervoarelor.992. 100514. 7.R.772. Otopeni .49 Annual turnover: 13. 4. 3. sector 4.750 EUR ALEXANDRION GRUP ROMANIA S.G.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 15.R.964 EUR (2009) 220 FMCG .777 EUR 15. 58.116 EUR HEINRIG IMPEX S. nr.275.454 EUR SOLLERS PPD S.L.962. Spirits Reported results for 2009 Brăila .11. sector 6. Bucureşti . IMPORT S.R.L.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 25.R.696 EUR (2009) XX ANGELLI SPUMANTE & APERITIVE S. ` 11. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-57. 15+116.A.B‰rzești.761 EUR EUROAVIPO GRUP S.01.L. Brănești .PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 13.137 EUR B & B S.567 EUR B.R.99 Annual turnover: 33.240 EUR 13.R. Bucureşti . ECUATOR HOLDING S.D.L. 5. CRISTALEX 94 S.

639.R. sector 6.777 EUR (2009) XX EUROAVIPO S. 3.35 Fax: +40-21-316. Constanța.275.G. Deva. Incinta 1.86 Annual turnover: 15. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.62 Fax: +40-241-55.86.90 Annual turnover: 11. 107050.88 Fax: +40-239-68. Zona Liberă Constanţa Sud. 900330. București .R.XX & B S.R. km 7.L. 428.L.454 EUR (2009) XX EXCELSIOR S.T.26 Fax: +40-21-313.54 Fax: +40-21-310. XX Șoseaua Buzăului. Strada Traian. Strada Mihai Viteazu. București Phone: +40-21-313. 36. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-52.R.L.011.44 Fax: +40-241-51.L.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 37.435 EUR PHILIP MORRIS ROMANIA S.040. sector 2.646 EUR (2009) QUASAR S.859 EUR (2009) XX CRISTALEX '94 S. nr. XX Strada Interioară.006 EUR (2009) Tobacco 1. 400046.576. 010144.86.R. XX Strada Traian. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-51. nr. sector 1. 341-359. București Phone: +40-21-323. XX Strada 22 Decembrie. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-35. nr.R.82.A.R. Urziceni. 14.R. Constanţa.137 EUR (2009) PRODAL 94 S.558.761 EUR (2009) MAXIM DRINK S. B Strada Principală.58. XX Strada Drumul ëntre Tarlale. 424. nr.240 EUR (2009) XX HEINRIG IMPEX S.58 Fax: +40-243-25.A.100. 3.05.R. sector 1. Cluj-Napoca.99 Fax: +40-254-20. 024045. 37.87 Annual turnover: 26.00.63/61 Annual turnover: 25. Strada Căpitan Papadopol. 37. Reported results for 2009 BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO (ROMANIA) TRADING S.L.13 Annual turnover: 24.05. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-51.80 Annual turnover: 17.L.859 EUR (2009) XX ECUATOR HOLDING S.01.L.61.39.01.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 1.587 EUR (2009) PRODVINALCO S.26 Annual turnover: 41.886 EUR JT INTERNATIONAL MANUFACTURING S.12 Fax: +40-31-405. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-405.L.35. județul IALOMIŢA Phone: +40-243-25.L.962. nr.916 EUR (2009) XX ANGELLI SPUMANTE & APERITIVE S.655.61.10 Fax: +40-372-64. Brănești.127 EUR J.288 EUR (2009) SORLA S.033 EUR (2009) XX B. 7.654.47.20.397.58 Annual turnover: 12. București .L.00 Annual turnover: 10.L.750 EUR (2009) MAREX S. IMPORT S.19. București .29. Otopeni .03 Fax: +40-241-74.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 425. 24.01.61. 925300.52 Annual turnover: 10. Anexa Socială. nr.R.82. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-372-64. județul HUNEDOARA Phone: +40-254-22. XX Strada Alexandru Donici.R. județul BRĂILA Phone: +40-239-68.01.934 EUR FMCG 221 . nr. nr.80 Annual turnover: 29.25 Annual turnover: 12. nr.46. 184-186.00.29.A.079 EUR (2009) PERNOD RICARD ROMANIA S.L. Constanţa.84 Fax: +40-230-52.20.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 387.011. Strada Constantin Sandu Aldea.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.40/39/42/43 Annual turnover: 13.029.277 EUR (2009) SOLLERS PPD S.91 Annual turnover: 11.R. etaj 5. nr. XX Șoseaua București-Buzău.62.44 Annual turnover: 14.167. Strada Matei Millo.L.076.A. Ipoteşti.D.911.10.11. Cernica.L.70 Fax: +40-21-323. nr. nr.97 Fax: +40-21-256.937.50 Annual turnover: 75. nr. 900225. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-224. sector 2. Brăila. 310239. sector 4.992. 4. 52.R.898. 2. Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu. XX Strada Verzişori.80 Fax: +40-244-35. INTERNATIONAL (ROMANIA) S.59. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-529.L.250. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-74. nr.R. 2.

818 EUR COLGATE-PALMOLIVE (ROMANIA) S. 5.719 EUR RECKITT BENCKISER ROMANIA S. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei. SARANTIS ROMANIA S.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 37.651 EUR GLAXOSMITHKLINE (GSK) S. 9. UNILEVER SOUTH CENTRAL EUROPE S.635.A. București . XX Strada Horia.51. București . 4. INTERSTAR CHIM S.L. sector 1. PROCTER & GAMBLE MARKETING ROMANIA S.31.888.423 EUR 222 FMCG .324.361.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 21.127 EUR (2009) PHILIP MORRIS ROMANIA S.648.30. nr.A. 1A.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 176.R. București . județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-303. 9-9A.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 27. Otopeni. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.11 Fax: +40-21-204.A.L.879.795.435 EUR (2009) Home & Personal Care Reported results for 2009 1. sector 2.Most important companies in "Tobacco" XX BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO (ROMANIA) TRADING S.51.R. București .31.488 EUR 14.00 Annual turnover: 387. 2.R.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 50.193 EUR HENKEL ROMANIA S.040. FARMEC S.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 111.367 EUR JOHNSON WAX S. București .791.R.R.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 20. etaj 2. 020335. Chiajna .L.457 EUR 12. București .L. București .30 Fax: +40-21-303.484.R.191.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 45. nr. București .268 EUR BEIERSDORF ROMANIA S.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 135. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-204.743 EUR 15. 7. COSMETICS ORIFLAME ROMåNIA S.462 EUR 10.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 42. 83-105. Cluj-Napoca .R.932. București . București . Cloşca şi Crişan. 6.L.17 Annual turnover: 1.L.33 Annual turnover: 37.R. București .934 EUR (2009) JT XX INTERNAŢIONAL MANUFACTURING S.937.L. FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS ROMANIA S.558.09/00 Fax: +40-21-311. Bucharest Business Park.30.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 56.723 EUR 13.A. nr.280 EUR L`OREAL ROMANIA S. București .R.157.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 16.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 65.L.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 23.932 EUR 11. 8. București .L.316.L.R.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 134.A.453 EUR AVON COSMETICS (ROMANIA) S.L.011.995.248.R.L.R. 3.

A.26.69.L.791. Ploieşti.62/63/64 Fax: +40-21-404. 013682. etaj 4.361.89. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-317.893 EUR (2009) XX UNILEVER SOUTH CENTRAL EUROPE S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-256. Strada Ioniţă Vornicul.268 EUR (2009) XX L'OREAL ROMåNIA S.23 Annual turnover: 42.33 Annual turnover: 15. 3. Strada Horia Măcelariu. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.65.28. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303. etaj 2.00. 9-9A. 020339. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-43.800. sector 2.26 Annual turnover: 21. sector 1.R. 99. Strada Costache Negri. Bulevardul Dacia.83.648.L. sector 5.315 EUR (2009) XX PROCTER & GAMBLE MARKETING ROMANIA S.34.L.R. Bulevardul Republicii.651 EUR (2009) XX WELLA ROMANIA S.16. nr.749. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-301. sector 2. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316. 013696. sector 1. 61-81. Corp 2.31. 020325.401.L.R. etaj 4.36 Fax: +40-21-256.59 Annual turnover: 4. 17 .719 EUR (2009) XX PAPILLON LABORATORIES COSMETIQUES S.488 EUR (2009) XX JOHNSON WAX S.932. sector 2. nr.83.248.A. 1-5.324.A. etaj 3. parter.L.00 Fax: +40-21-204.193 EUR (2009) XX GREEN NET S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-40. Opera Center. 30.A. Calea Floreasca.04 Annual turnover: 9. nr.367 EUR (2009) XX SARANTIS ROMANIA S. 030352.L.R.82.00 Fax: +40-21-30.457 EUR (2009) XX RECKITT BENCKISER ROMANIA S.00 Fax: +40-21-203.R. 9-9A. nr.888. 73-81.21.11.R. 13 A. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.19 Fax: +40-21-350. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-302.10 Fax: +40-21-319. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316. etaj 4. sector 4. nr.74 Annual turnover: 37.00.000 RON (2009) XX FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS ROMANIA S.Corp 2A.43 Fax: +40-21-460.L.795.05 Annual turnover: EUR (2009) FMCG 223 .R. nr.673. Strada Plantelor. Strada Henri Barbusse.00 Fax: +40-244-59. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.R. 42-44. nr.26. sector 1. 291. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.31. sector 2. 050552. sector 2.26. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti. București Phone: +40-21-204. 2. 37A.879.218 EUR (2009) XX FARMEC S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-209.L. George Constantinescu. nr. Șoseaua de Centură.25.441 EUR (2009) XX HENKEL ROMANIA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203.423 EUR (2009) XX GLAXOSMITHKLINE (GSK) S.462 EUR (2009) XX COLGATE-PALMOLIVE (ROMANIA) S.715.01 Annual turnover: 6. 256. sector 1. sector 2.L.316.58 Fax: +40-21-308.51 Fax: +40-21-316.23. sector 1.R. nr. nr.00 Fax: +40-21-317.22 Annual turnover: 134.06/07 Fax: +40-21-318. XX Bulevardul Basarabia.A.08 Fax: +40-21-302. nr.67.82.995.A.L.93. Strada Ing.33.280 EUR (2009) XX COSMETICS ORIFLAME ROMåNIA S.25. Strada Ermil Pangratti.31 Annual turnover: 65. Iride Business Park . Calea Șerban Vodă.00. nr.932 EUR (2009) XX UNILEVER ROMANIA S. sector 1.136. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318. Chiajna. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei.R.635.03. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222. bloc 14A.L. Intrarea Binelui.R.43 Annual turnover: 86.R.R. 020335.84 Fax: +40-264-43. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-460. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei.09 Annual turnover: 135.92 Annual turnover: 27.00. nr.Most important companies in "Home & Personal Care" XX AVON COSMETICS (ROMANIA) S.00 Fax: +40-21-209. etaj 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-308. sector 3. București Phone: +40-21-529. Cluj-Napoca. Bulevardul Aviatorilor.46 Annual turnover: 45.990 Annual turnover: 176.818 EUR (2009) XX BEIERSDORF ROMåNIA S. nr.24 Annual turnover: 16.77 Fax: +40-21-231. 1A.21 Annual turnover: 111.50.R.99 Annual turnover: 50.65.01 Annual turnover: 56. sector 1.L. nr.46.453 EUR (2009) INTERSTAR CHIM S.L.23 Fax: +40-21-222.50. 16.00 Fax: +40-21-529.70 Annual turnover: 12.L. nr. sector 4. nr.723 EUR (2009 XX COTY COSMETICS ROMåNIA S. nr. bloc B.50 Fax: +40-21-316. 133. 1-7.

București .328.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 47. Căldăraru .IAȘI Annual Turnover: 135.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 25.A.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 88.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 21. AMWAY ROMåNIA MARKETING S.R.288 EUR 18.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 23.313. CARMISTIN S. 7. București .311 EUR 25. Ploiești .000 EUR ELGEKA .561.168.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 70. București .669 EUR 14.L.L.R.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 23.674 EUR ASTRAL IMPEX S.HUNEDOARA Annual Turnover: 23.R.069.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 308.834 EUR 13.L. Arad . Otopeni .543 EUR 22.835 EUR 224 FMCG .302.L.874 EUR 15. CALIPRIX S.L.ARAD Annual Turnover: 121.236 EUR 10.R.569.911. TOP BRANDS DISTRIBUTION S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 22. T&O PRODCOM S.015 EUR 20.L.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 23. Iași .793 EUR 21.000. București .673. SOLLERS PPD S.R.L. DINAMICA IMPEX S.Distribution Companies Reported results for 2009 1.FERFELIS ROMANIA S.923 EUR 17. ECUATOR S.505 EUR AQUILA PART PROD COM S.L.R.A. Ipotești . 9.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 30. București .444.R. București .760.L.407. Chiajna .R.R.957.375.L.R.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 88. București .287. 6. 11.R.R. 4.ARAD Annual Turnover: 29. Hunedoara . 3.SUCEAVA Annual Turnover: 21. DUO S.559. TOTAL DISTRIBUTION GROUP & LOGISTICS S.738 EUR 24.L. București . București . SECA DISTRIBUTION S.210 EUR INTERBRANDS MARKETING & DISTRIBUTION S.056 EUR PROCTER & GAMBLE DISTRIBUTION S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 110.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 124. LEKKERLAND CONVENIENCE DISTRIBUTIE S.R.L.L.683 EUR 19. NORDIC IMPORT EXPORT CO S.L.L.819 EUR 16.R.811.L.993.R.R.R.L.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 67.L.R. 2. Arad . AGROALIM DISTRIBUTION S. OVERSEAS GROUP IMPEX S.860.815.R.L.R.989. GRANDDIS S. 5.296.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 44.L.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 42.998 EUR MACROMEX S.834. Mizil .081 EUR 23. 8.101 EUR 12.810 EUR WHITELAND IMPORT EXPORT S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 22.511 EUR SIMBA INVEST S.L. București . București .Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 27.697 EUR Ploiești .Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 279. București .R.R.L.L. AGRIROM S.R. Constanța . București .927.

S. XX Șoseaua de Centură. nr.41.R.08.80 Fax: +40-257-25.L. XX Strada Malu Roşu.L. nr.05 Fax: +40-256-21.380.540 EUR (2009) BAMBUS S.C. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-350.28.266. județul MARAMUREȘ Phone: +40-262-25.561.41.A.50. Baia Mare. București .39.L.R.060 EUR (2009) ASTRAL IMPEX S.93 Annual turnover: 88.D.318.00. 5. nr.L.989.L.L. Sediu IMGB. nr. MERIDIAN C.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 19.000 RON (2009) AQUILA PART PROD COM S. Clinceni.86.14. 060261.484.927.07 Annual turnover: 12. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-220.44 Annual turnover: 16. sector 1. nr.46 Annual turnover: 116. Șoseaua Andronache.65 Annual turnover: 7.08.R. Suceava.93 Fax: +40-244-59.365 EUR (2009) B. Blejoi . Arad.85 Annual turnover: 19.L. 4. Clinceni .38 Fax: +40-235-31. CORD IMPEX S. 1.R.81 Fax: +40-241-69. Ploieşti.L. nr.R. XX Șoseaua Berceni.R.132. sector 4.L.L.R.310.63.01 Annual turnover: 47. 13. 011665.00 Fax: +40-21-200.R. nr. XX Calea Giuleşti.569.39.484.L. Șoseaua Industrială.47.810 EUR (2009) FMCG 225 .837 EUR 27.R. 9. nr.23 Fax: +40-21-220. sector 6.L. XX Intrarea Fortăreței. 44. 720077. sector 2.R. XX Strada Mărgeanului.R.960.101 EUR (2009) AMWAY ROMåNIA MARKETING S. Hala C2. 229.25 Annual turnover: 29. XX Calea Zimandului. Corp C Annual turnover: 18.26. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-28.47 Fax: +40-230-52.486 EUR (2009) BELLA ROMANIA IMPEX S.31.R.L. XX Bulevardul Vasile Milea.00 Annual turnover: 121.R. 730151.L. 022524. 242.675 EUR (2009) ADICOST DISTRIBUTION S. Arad. nr.R. București Phone: +40-21-319. nr.SUCEAVA Annual Turnover: 18. S.04. Timișoara.92.478. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-25. XX Strada Biruinței. sector 3. XX Calea Vitan.774 EUR (2009) AGRIROM S. Orșova . 40-44.862 EUR (2009) CALIFORNIA FITNESS ROMANIA S.28.81 Annual turnover: 16. XX Strada Banul Antonache.60 Annual turnover: 23. 900147.06 Fax: +40-262-25. nr.MEHEDINȚI Annual Turnover: 19.38 Annual turnover: 11. județul VASLUI Phone: +40-235-31. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-69.50.218 EUR 28.L. etaj 5.646.00 Fax: +40-21-311.03 Annual turnover: 8. 104. 9.M.L. 105A.819 EUR (2009) AGROALIM DISTRIBUTION S.848.511 EUR (2009) CALIPRIX S.75.A.R. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-21.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 21. nr.R.000.R.04. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-202.318.39.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 18.39. nr.58 Fax: +40-21-319. Suceava . XX Strada Castanilor. 041919. ADICOST DISTRIBUTION S.63.05.12 Fax: +40-21-241.55 Fax: +40-257-27.774 EUR Most important companies in "Distribution Companies" XX AAYLEX DISTRIBUTION S.926.31.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-241. 3E. Vaslui. DE SILVA INTERMED S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-200. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-52.302. 300127.998 EUR (2009) ATIFCO INTERNATIONAL S. 100491.80 Fax: +40-21-350. BELLA ROMåNIA IMPEX S. nr. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-59.193 EUR 30. etaj 2. 121C. sat Olteni.683 EUR (2009) ADA XX HOLDING S.862 EUR 29. Constanţa. 077060.

577 EUR (2009) XX DALEX IMPEX S.197. nr.85.18 Annual turnover: 9.L.R. 9.L.403. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-52. Cluj-Napoca. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-53. 900225.34.L.19.784.47.64 Annual turnover: 10.33.15 Annual turnover: 6.01. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-33.660 EUR (2009) 226 FMCG . județul IALOMIŢA Phone: +40-243-23.73. nr.94 Annual turnover: 12.697 EUR (2009) EXCELSIOR S.28. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-351-45 18 02 Fax: +40-351-45 18 03 Annual turnover: 9.R.01.439 EUR (2009) DE XX SILVA INTERMED S. DANIEL S.298.R. 107070.916 EUR (2009) GABI'S S.811.20 Fax: +40-244-43. XX Strada Căpitan Papadopol. Strada Micești.28 Fax: +40-21-230.21 Annual turnover: 12. Cosoveni. 400624. județul DåMBOVIŢA Phone: +40-245-21.646.L. 207205.R.L. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-43. Strada M‰ntuleasa.193 EUR (2009) XX CYROM ROMANIA S. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-43.00 Fax: +40-21-411.L.32 Annual turnover: 42. comuna Cernica.669 EUR (2009) XX COMIND S.92.573.34.RO S.R.76 Fax: +40-230-52.00-08 Fax: +40-21-204. 47.837 EUR (2009) XX DEFEL COM S.L. F1-F2. 900147.14. Strada Aurel Vlaicu. 424.L.22.835 EUR (2009) XX CORD IMPEX S. Ipotești.M.C. 105800.27 Annual turnover: 70. nr.20 Annual turnover: 18.R.834. sector 5.FERFELIS ROMANIA S. sector 2. apt.81.L. bloc 47.407. DISTRIBUTION S.33.053.25 Fax: +40-230-53.64 Fax: +40-264-43.XX CARMISTIN S.29 Fax: +40-21-202. XX Strada Drumul ëntre Tarlale.167.92.74 Annual turnover: 23. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-667.R. XX Șoseaua București-Ploiești. 1.I.L. sector 2. 53. XX Strada Industrială.L. sector 1. nr. nr.R. Strada Fabricii de Zahăr.R.082. 023961. București Phone: +40-21-411.70 Annual turnover: 11. 1. 7. Constanța. 3.132 EUR (2009) GFS XX INVESTMENTS ROMANIA S. 28. Strada Dorobanților. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-21.950.78. Strada Nicolae Bălcescu. bloc 33.35. Mizil.001 EUR (2009) XX D. EUR (2009) DUO S. nr.31. 727325. 013685.R.77 Annual turnover: 16. Braşov.85.L.66.328. Drum Local fost DN.R. nr.88 Annual turnover: N/A GRANDDIS S. Călărași. nr. nr. Strada Nuferilor. XX Strada Drumul ëntre Tarlale.R. XX Strada Timiș Trias.498 EUR (2009) XX DAILY GROUP S. nr.L. 130088. 33. 720053. XX Strada Mihai Viteazul. sector 3. Constanţa. nr.92.313.35.30 Fax: +40-245-21. XX Strada Lespezi.R.00 Annual turnover: 13.44 Annual turnover: 14. 69. T‰rgoviște. 109.A. 077037.L. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-51. 032982. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-204. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.15 Annual turnover: 21.28 Annual turnover: 22.84 Fax: +40-230-52.M.L. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-529 47 14 Fax: +40-21-529.L.66 Annual turnover: 23. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-53.739.52. Strada Matei Basarab.A. sector 1.81. 720092.58.03 Fax: +40-242-31. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-63.55. București Phone: +40-21-230.13. nr.58.25 Annual turnover: 10.793 EUR (2009) GROUP QUEEN MONACO S.957. Căldăraru.55.84 Annual turnover: 21.L. Slobozia.30 Annual turnover: 10. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-253. 930. Mărăcineni.73. sector 1. Suceava. nr. 14.733 EUR (2009) XX DENIMPEX S. 44-48. sat Carcea. Strada Alexandru cel Bun.77 Fax: +40-248-21.735. 4. apt.L. Strada Gării.899. XX Strada Băuleşti.R.R.835 EUR (2009) EDRINKS. parter.R. 110147.58 Fax: +40-243-21. județul CĂLĂRAȘI Phone: +40-242-33. nr.81/82 Fax: +40-21-667. nr. nr.92.R. 67. Blejoi. 021387.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-202.266. 30C. nr.L.R.R.88 Fax: +40-21-317. Suceava. EUR (2009) ECUATOR S. 920072.987 EUR (2009) DINAMICA IMPEX S. 6. nr.83 Annual turnover: 9. 150-158.99.44 Fax: +40-241-51.736 EUR (2009) ELGEKA .66 Fax: +40-241-63.33 Fax: +40-244-25.19.R.67 Fax: +40-21-53.436 EUR (2009) XX D.695 EUR (2009) XX DANCLE DISTRIBUTION S. nr.78. nr. 107. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-25.R. Bulevardul Ferdinand I. 2.

50.28.L. nr.56 Fax: +40-21-318.21 Annual turnover: 3. nr. Strada Mihai Eminescu. 105A.93 Annual turnover: 67. Strada Izvorului. 3. nr. 331032. nr. Caramfil. 032258. Șoseaua Odăii.00 Fax: +40-21-206. nr. județul HUNEDOARA Phone: +40-254-71. 127.R. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-407.86. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-345.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-490.025 EUR (2009) XX MATRA INT S. 9-9A. nr. sector 1.82 Annual turnover: 7. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-336. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-369. IRIDE Business Park.61 Fax: +40-238-56.543 EUR (2009) FMCG 227 .50 Annual turnover: 279.874 EUR (2009) OPTIMEAT S.L.R.L. 14.92. 2A. 24. Bacău.R. XX Strada Atomiştilor.911.R. Orşova. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-51.05 Fax: +40-254-71.49. sector 5.29 Annual turnover: 13.444.993. 193.45. sector Annual turnover: 30.L.31.46 Fax: +40-21-457.R. 1. bloc 8. nr. județul MEHEDINŢI Phone: +40-252-36. 52-54. bloc 24. sector 1.09 Fax: +40-31-501 01 56 Annual turnover: 17. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-500. sector 2.L. sector 2. XX Strada Nicolae G.05.52.84 Fax: +40-234-22.A.47. etaj 4. nr. 013605.63/61 Annual turnover: 25.069.713. Bulevardul Libertății. 3F.86. nr. nr.66.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206.L.50. 225200.92 Annual turnover: 3.L.R.960. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-56.67.94.L.L. S.R.14 Annual turnover: 135.R. sector 2.081 EUR (2009) PROBER COM S.05. apt.082 EUR (2009) SECA DISTRIBUTION S.05.36.00 Fax: +40-21-232.416 EUR (2009) XX NORDIC IMPORT EXPORT CO S.505 EUR (2009) XX MARINA SNC Strada Matei Basarab. XX Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei .R. R‰mnicu Sărat. sector 5.47 Fax: +40-252-36.60. XX Strada Căminului.L. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-58.364 EUR (2009) ROCON DISTRIBUTION 2000 S.210 EUR (2009) SOLLERS PPD S. 23.60.25.R. 100491. Calea Vitan. 014145.31.L.760. 14. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-444.30 Annual turnover: 7. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.756.69. 013601. sector 3.57/58 Fax: +40-21-369.C.R.R.66. Măgurerele.57 Fax: +40-21-346. București Phone: +40-21-313. Strada Garoafei.288 EUR (2009) T&O XX PRODCOM S.830 EUR (2009) XX LEKKERLAND CONVENIENCE DISTRIBUȚIE S.60.02 Annual turnover: 44. Hunedoara. 27.45. 13. București Phone: +40-21-312.R. 020335.296. Strada Valea Cascadelor.L.L. nr. 240A.876.962 EUR (2009) XX INTER DISTRIBUTION COMPANY S. Oraviţa. 50. 1-7. Chiajna.168. sat Manolache.51.19. 10.XX HELP TRANS S.10 Annual turnover: 16.060 EUR (2009) XX INTERBRANDS MARKETING & DISTRIBUTION S. nr. apt. 810098.R.26 Fax: +40-21-313.R.99 Annual turnover: 110.70 Fax: +40-244-59. 051235.29 Fax: +40-21-345.67. Strada Timişorii. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-351. XX Strada Alexandru Donici.25 Fax: +40-255-20.L.673. 36.69. nr. județul CARAȘ-SEVERIN Phone: +40-255-57.10 Annual turnover: 124.R. nr. corp B. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232.04.R. 52.834 EUR (2009) XX LERIDA INTERNATIONAL S.28.422 EUR (2009) PROCTER & GAMBLE DISTRIBUTION S.951 EUR (2009) XX MERIDIAN C. sector 1.93 Fax: +40-21-444.438. nr.753. nr.93.00. sector 2.44. Glina.10 Annual turnover: 9.815. Brăila. Ploieşti.50 Annual turnover: 13.40.625 EUR (2009) OVERSEAS GROUP IMPEX S.511 EUR (2009) PROMOTERM S.287.674 EUR (2009) XX LARO DISTRIBUTION S.74 Fax: +40-21-351. 10. nr.51. XX Strada F‰nt‰nica. nr.L. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-457.R.L.15/16/17 Fax: +40-21-336.588.248.47 Annual turnover: 19.01 Fax: +40-21-407.696. nr. 031301.00. nr.52. 141-149.283. Strada Crizantemelor.928.57 Annual turnover: 13. Strada Preciziei.R.21 Fax: +40-239-69. Șoseaua Viilor.01 Annual turnover: 22. nr.66 Fax: +40-21-490.482 EUR (2009) XX MACROMEX S.61 Annual turnover: 11.05 Annual turnover: 23. 1.50. 010513.236 EUR (2009) SIMBA INVEST S.L. XX Strada Republicii.L. 021805. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-346. Strada Italia. XX Strada Malu Roşu.L. 379-381. județul BRĂILA Phone: +40-239-69. XX Șoseaua Baldovineşti.218 EUR (2009) XX NARDO TRADING CO S. sector 6.657.

69 Fax: +40-21-312.L.559.860. EUR (2009) TOTAL DISTRIBUTION GROUP & LOGISTICS S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-302. 70. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-461. județul IALOMIŢA Phone: +40-243-21.33.78.R.22. sector 3.04. 030836.R.09 Fax: +40-21-327.L. 3-5. Otopeni. J4/J5. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312.90 Fax: +40-243-23.51 Annual turnover: 308.311 EUR (2009) TRANSMIM S. nr.L.R. nr.00.394. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-352. XX Șoseaua Străuleşti. nr.R.522 EUR (2009) 228 FMCG .54 Fax: +40-21-461. 3.80 Fax: +40-21-352.03 Annual turnover: 88. XX Șoseaua Brăilei.088. TOP Drumul Gării Otopeni. sector 1. XX Bulevardul Metalurgiei. nr.81 Annual turnover: 10. 075100.L.000 EUR (2009) ZEPTER INTERNATIONAL ROMANIA XX IMPORT-EXPORT S. 132. Slobozia. sector 4.L.XX BRANDS DISTRIBUTION S.000. Bulevardul Unirii.00 Annual turnover: 21.90.R.056 EUR (2009) WHITELAND IMPORT EXPORT S. 013332.78.02 Annual turnover: 12. nr.88.

Traders Major Companies in Romania 229 .

The chain now has 25 stores. Ploieşti . The most important change in consumption that the companies had to deal with last year was the fact that the demand for cheap products.000 EUR SELGROS CASH & CARRY S. The biggest company on the market.010.R.228.569. of 10.403. All these moves will lead. and also having the largest commercial area that Metro has in our country.L.000 EUR ARABESQUE S. after all. also had a tough year on the market.L. The companies in the commerce field expect consumption to shift to cheaper products.SIBIU Annual Turnover: 104.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 88.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 380.875. one of them opened this year. 2.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 251. this year he prefers not to make any statement regarding the predictions the company has for Romania. Traders 1.302 EUR DEDEMAN S. Selgro’s CEO was stating at the end of 2009 that the year to come would be even more difficult.R.L. 5. considering the recently approved austerity measures. 8. But recently his statements were more reluctant. 4. the CEO of Metro was saying last year that his main concern is to maintain the profitable sales.R.226 bn. Though Dusan Wilms. 6. The situation is not better for warehouses or en-gross sales either – even though there are no data regarding their evolution. reached a turnover of EUR 1.A. Selgros Cash & Carry.063 EUR AMBIENT S. the decline of the Romanian market was. some estimation in the market consider the rate of sales decline even higher.986 EUR MEDIPLUS EXIM S.R. the ones with the smallest prices on shelves. to another consumption decline in 2010.BRAŞOV Annual Turnover: 718. according to Eurostat. Bucureşti . increased.L.9% for the entire EU market.000. in Bucharest. 3.810 EUR .9% compared to only 0.R.611.* Voluntari .ILFOV Annual Turnover: 1. Bucureşti . After 14 years of its entry on the Romanian market. The future doesn't look good either.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 307.R. Otopeni . most probably.* Braşov . Metro Cash & Carry saw in the results last year a decrease of EUR 260 mn compared to 2008.671.L.021. Even more. The CEO of Selgros was stating last year that 2009 was the year when “we got our feet back on the ground” and that. 230 Traders Reported results for 2009 METRO CASH & CARRY ROMåNIA S.R. the decrease of sales being the same as the one that Metro experienced (-17%). he was saying in the beginning of the year that he expects consumption to come back on track by the middle of the year. for example. Sibiu . the first chain in modern trade that made the decision to invest in Romania.181 EUR AQUILA PART PROD COM S. 7. a trend that was also visible in 2009. 2009 was the first time when sales decreased on Romanian market.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 516. Mogoşoaia . The evolution of the commerce on the Romanian market was last year worse than the situation in the European Union as a whole: in October.L. nobody was expecting the boom in consumption to last for 15 years.L. Metro’s main competitor.065 EUR PHILIP MORRIS TRADING S.Traders Overview After many years of growth.

nr. Strada Virgil Madgearu.02. Bulevardul Ion Ionescu de la Brad. 105A.BIHOR Annual Turnover: 53.21.671.939. Afumaţi .629 EUR 13.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 33.727. Chiajna .24 Annual turnover: 20.R. nr.A.448 EUR 20. Bucureşti . MAIRON GALAŢI S.R.05 Fax: +40-250-73.R. Bucureşti .TIMIŞ Annual Turnover: 80. Strada Nicolae Roşu. 011351.59. sector 1.66 Annual turnover: 25. 4. Piteşti . Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-405.A.70.894.335. nr.L.R. DIRECT S.93 Fax: +40-244-59. Ploieşti. Mediaş.499 EUR 10. XX Strada Malu Roşu.64 Annual turnover: 29.CONSTANŢA Annual Turnover: 69.241 EUR Note: *Cash & Carry Most important companies in "Wholesalers & Warehouses" XX ALSON COM TRADING S. etaj 5.430 EUR (2009) XX APROV S. Băneasa Airport Tower.79.569.030.64.R. sector 2.L.15. SUCCES NIC COM S.R.403.80 Fax: +40-21-404.857.VåLCEA Annual Turnover: 60. Oradea . Sibiu.L. 2F. 13.36/7 Fax: +40-31-405.912.96.449 EUR (2009) AQUILA PART PROD COM S.R. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-21-308. Ceptura.MAGELLAN S. T‰rgu Jiu .L. nr.L. Galaţi .L.L.930. ENERGROM S.439. sector 3.147 EUR (2009) XX APLAST S.A.L. 75.R.64.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 29.666 EUR 18. 100491.L.900 EUR 14.695. Strada Principală. GRUPUL INDUSTRIAL VOICULESCU SI COMPANIA (GRIVCO) S.L. AUGSBURG INTERNATIONAL IMPEX S. Bucureşti .65.62 Fax: +40-21-255.237.178. nr.GORJ Annual Turnover: 44.63.L. BLACK SEA SUPPLIERS S.R.L. Strada Turda.R. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-250-74. Timişoara .ARGEŞ Annual Turnover: 39. nr. Strada Gheorghe Doja. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-51.301.302 EUR (2009) XX ARTSANI COM S.L.810 EUR (2009) XX ARABESQUE S. 013811.195 EUR 12.9.R.80 Annual turnover: 13. DAMILA S. Râmnicu-V‰lcea . MARATHON DISTRIBUTION GROUP S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-255.L.784. Constanţa .10 Annual turnover: 27.64 Fax: +40-244-51.A.31.18 Fax: +40-269-83.80 Annual turnover: 307.A.03 Fax: +40-21-223. PROGES S. 107125.14.119 EUR (2009) XX AMBIENT S.295 EUR (2009) XX AUCHAN IMPORT EXPORT ROUMANIE S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408. Otopeni. Ploieşti.R. 15.00 Fax: +40-269-22.R.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 51.A.L.895 EUR (2009) Traders 231 .181 EUR (2009) XX ANDAMI COMP S.47. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-20.574 EUR 17. BADUC S.045.95 Annual turnover: 17.R.926.20. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-84. nr. IZOMETAL .Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 35. 236.30 Annual turnover: 104. 551005. Strada Barbu Ștefănescu Delavrancea.561.34.47.GALAŢI Annual Turnover: 79. Strada Maramureş.93 Annual turnover: 88.991 EUR 11.773.928 EUR 19. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-59.880 EUR 16.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 65.623 EUR 15.R.57.

județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-47.13 Fax: +40-238-71. Galaţi.L. XX Moșnița Nouă. 077010.19.01 Fax: +40-241-55.611. 16-44. DN 2.L.229.L.R. nr.14 Fax: +40-256-39. nr.27. XX Strada Depozitelor.44 Fax: +40-248-28.07 Annual turnover: 12.944 EUR (2009) CONSTAM METAL S.149 EUR (2009) BLACK SEA SUPPLIERS S.R. XX Intrarea Abatorului.R.96 Annual turnover: 51. 013721. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-71. 121. 191.21. nr.31. XX Strada George Coșbuc.11 Annual turnover: 79.R.055 EUR (2009) PHILIP MORRIS TRADING S. Autostrada Bucureşti-Piteşti. Afumaţi. nr.40. Pitești.31. XX Strada Horia.40. județul VRANCEA Phone: +40-237-21.R.30.000 EUR (2009) METALE INTERNAŢIONAL S. 38.81 Annual turnover: 60.74. XX Strada Tolstoi.91 Fax: +40-21-233.19. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-43.93 Fax: +40-21-351. 83-105.991 EUR (2009) MARATHON DISTRIBUTION GROUP S.XX AUGSBURG INTERNATIONAL IMPEX S. 71914.R.A. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-51.30 Annual turnover: 516.75 Annual turnover: 23. județul MARAMUREȘ Phone: +40-262-25.666 EUR (2009) EURO TRADE INVEST S.30.74. Agigea.R. județul BOTOȘANI Phone: +40-231-53. XX Bulevardul Aurel Vlaicu.L. nr.02.27 Annual turnover: 80. 307285. sector 1. sector 3. XX Strada Ciobanului.L. nr. 1B. Pitești.529. nr.857. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-320.04. Strada G‰rlei.063 EUR (2009) DIRECT S. 900721.97 Annual turnover: 29. Pajura 2.295 EUR (2009) GRUPUL INDUSTRIAL VOICULESCU XX ȘI COMPANIA (GRIVCO) S.15.R. București Phone: +40-250-70.986 EUR (2009) PITA XX S.L. Timişoara.13.R.R.499 EUR (2009) MAIRON GALAŢI S. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-423.651. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-351.L.253.10 Fax: +40-236-47.36.01 Fax: +40-256-43.60 Fax: +40-248-63.22 Annual turnover: 6.021.06 Fax: +40-262-25. nr.D.L.773. Calea Vitan. Buzău. nr.561. 323.90 Annual turnover: 26.91 Annual turnover: 29.A.939. bloc V21A.44.382 EUR (2009) DAMILA S.60.R.880 EUR (2009) MEDIPLUS EXIM S. 117. S.5. XX Strada Mircea Vodă.14 Annual turnover: 19. XX Aleea Industriilor. nr.629 EUR (2009) XX ENERGROM S.31.54 Fax: +40-21-314. Oficiul Poștal 1 Agigea.178. XX Strada Enric Baader. 110103. XX Șoseaua Bucureşti-Urziceni Km 14.50 Annual turnover: 39.045. nr.50. Chiajna. 300072. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-39.301. XX Strada Drumul de Centură.L. Baia Mare. 620157.900 EUR (2009) DEDEMAN S.86 Fax: +40-21-320.195 EUR (2009) CLEMANS S.77 Annual turnover: 23.17 Fax: +40-250-70.A.13.A.14. Strada Progresului. 13.39 Annual turnover: 251.75 Fax: +40-21-423. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-55.30.R. XX Dana Tehnică PL 7. 89.29. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-305.299.30 Fax: +40-234-58. 59. nr. nr. nr.04. nr.75 Annual turnover: 380.60.00 Fax: +40-21-404. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.M.20.690.L.44 Annual turnover: 14. sector 3. sector 1.928 EUR (2009) BARTER TRADING ROMåNIA S. 1A.14.R. Constanţa.835 EUR (2009) COVA GHERA & CO S.478. 5-6. sector 2.27. XX Strada Măgura.L.L. 7. nr.MAGELLAN S.A.784. Focşani. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-51.74 Fax: +40-21-301. 9.56 Annual turnover: 69. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.241 EUR (2009) HONEST GENERAL TRADING S. Casuța Poștală 47. nr.30. Glina.727. 133. 077135. 120224. etaj 1.02 Annual turnover: 65. nr.94.448 EUR (2009) B.79 Annual turnover: 16.29.A.74 Annual turnover: 35.77 Fax: +40-237-21.36.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222.930. Mogoşoaia.33.540 EUR (2009) BADUC S.L.939 EUR (2009) 232 Traders .31.83.R. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-28.875. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-301.A. nr.15. 7-9.04. Closca și Crisan.06.R.376.58. nr. 9-11. 24. XX Strada Mărgeanului.945. 5.87 Annual turnover: 33. Șoseaua de Centură.55.226 EUR (2009) IZOMETAL .22 Fax: +40-231-53. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-21. Otopeni. XX Strada Pecetei. Botoşani. XX Strada Maior Alexandru C‰mpeanu.14 Fax: +40-21-222. 4. Bacău. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-303.L.

574 EUR (2009) TEHNOINVEST S.275.512. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-40. 400205.L.000 products.25 Annual turnover: 16. To further strengthen the partnership with its professional customers. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-31.Tunari.00 Fax: +40-31-423. nr.Customer Management Director ADRIANA ROSS MAUGOURD . nr. 3. Braşov. județul IALOMIŢA Phone: +40-243-21.06.metro. XX Șoseaua Borşului. Company profile: METRO Cash & Carry Romania opened its first store in October 1996. 061334.010. Strada Bazaltului. Hunedoara.821 EUR (2009) Most important companies in Cash & Carry METRO CASH & CARRY ROMÂNIA S.00 Annual turnover: 12.274 EUR (2009) SEA XX ROMANIA S.90 Fax: +40-259-40.98. XX Strada Decebal.Procurement & Merchandising Director Food LAURENTIU PETRE . T‰rgu Jiu. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-41.926.62.623 EUR (2009) RONOR S. nr. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-43.681.R.L.68/67 Annual turnover: 13. Cluj-Napoca.A.22.439.90 Fax: +40-243-23. nr. 79. județul GORJ Phone: Website: www.98.672.000.75.04 Fax: +40-234-51. XX Piaţa & carry.75. 500019. 7.L.A. nr.METRO Punct.06.52. Braşov. In the following years.L. Contact: Şoseaua Pipera .00 Fax: +40-268-41.R. Rioba. nr. 231.55 Annual turnover: 13.66. Since entering the market.76.73. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-51. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-444.065 EUR (2009) Quality certificates: ISO 22000:2005 Brands: Horeca Select.55 Fax: +40-21-444.Operations Director ANCA VIZIREANU .R. Fine Food. XX Șoseaua Brăilei.00 Fax: +40-268-30.53.L. XX Calea Floreşti.00 Annual turnover: 26.41.72. Twin Towers Barba Center.55 Fax: +40-264-43. 410605.L. 110-116. XX Mărgineni.L.Procurement & Merchandising Director Non-Food CLAUDE SARRAILH . nr.440 EUR (2009) SILCOREX S.542 EUR (2009) TRANSMIM S.000 EUR (2009) Employees 5.35.53/57 Fax: +40-268- Annual turnover: office@metro. XX Bulevardul Timişoara. 021992.R.Human Resources Director XX SELGROS CASH & CARRY S.A. METRO Cash & Carry Romania opened the Gastronomy Competence Center and the Traders Competence Center in METRO Militari store and the Office Solution Center in METRO Baneasa store. 400509.22/23 Fax: +40-21-327. Cluj-Napoca.731 Top management: DUSAN WILMS .20 Annual turnover: 12. etaj 3. nr.137. XX Strada Zizinului. Calea Bucureşti.91 Annual turnover: 53.772 EUR (2009) SUCCES NIC COM S. 1/VI. METRO Cash & Carry Romania has focused on the needs of professional customers by offering an extensive selection of top quality products at competitive prices.24.35.Managing Director FRANK HAMMERLE .517 EUR (2009) RUSTRANS S. județul HUNEDOARA Phone: +40-254-74.495 EUR (2009) PROGES S. 49.XX PRES COM S. Oradea.R.02 Annual turnover: 12.70.394.53. nr. 703 bis.R. nr. 45. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-30. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-410. Aro.76 Annual turnover: 8. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-42. H-Line. In 2010.L. Slobozia. sector 5. 111.772 EUR (2009) SCHMITZ CARGOBULL ROMåNIA S.80 Annual turnover: 44.00 Fax: +40-21-410. being the first company to introduce a new trading system .16 Annual turnover: 29. județul GORJ Runcu. XX Strada Unirii.91 Fax: +40-253-21.L.09. Sigma. Șoseaua Progresului.62. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-321. nr. nr. Braşov.40. nr. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-31-423.L.000 sqm and a range of 19. Financial information: Annual turnover 1.00 Annual turnover: 9. 5-7. METRO launched a new concept dedicated to trader customers .275 EUR (2009) SAWA S. Voluntari.L.228.R. 92.719. nr.25 Fax: +40-264-42.33.R. 120.214. XX Strada Arhitect H‰rjeu. sector 2. Romanian Winecellars Traders 233 .931.R.522 EUR (2009) VALMET PRODUCTION S. the company concentrated on expanding the sales network reaching a number of 25 stores with a total selling space of approximately 179. 210146.02 E-mail: pr@metro.819.Finance Director EDWIN DEURLOO . 5. sector 6.


Retail Major Companies in Romania 235 .

772.. Bucureşti . Ethos and Trident – declared insolvency. Adrian Manolache.553.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 760.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 307. None of the retailers – international or local – can take pride in showing last year’s results: all of them saw their sales going down on like-to-like bases (-2. 5. the fierce decrease in sales was experienced by the companies in the electro-IT sector: over 42% drop in the first nine months of last year compared to 2008. Still.444 EUR AUCHAN ROMANIA S. 236 Retail Reported results for 2009 CARREFOUR ROMANIA S.000 EUR KAUFLAND ROMANIA S.135. Flamingo group declared insolvency. in a transaction that was evaluated to EUR 66 mn. reported an increase of sales of 23% (Romania reports along with the operations in Indonesia.3% for Carrefour in 2009 compared to 2008.586 EUR ROMANIA HYPERMARCHE S.A. Bucureşti . Only expansion was responsible in some cases of larger sales compared to 2008 – Mega Image. due to aggressive expansion. The only winners in retail area of 2009 were the discount chains that increased with several points their market share. The unfriendly measures taken lately by governments pushed a large number (50% to 90% of all the stores. this segment faced smaller sales by 24% compared to 2008.126. their attitude is still reluctant. so far.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 1. all the companies in retail area were competing in statements regarding results as well as investments. In retail industry. Because of the decrease in sales. Hypermarkets 1. according to the company’s annual report) but over the last year Mega Image opened eleven new stores. Bucureşti . The petrol stations also stopped the investment in Romania.759. and the overall results registered last year being smaller with about 10% compared to 2008. the international chains were the ones that suffered the least. 4.619 EUR real. Even worst is the situation in pharmaceutical area.R. the largest supermarkets chain in Bucharest.Retail Overview For years. the General Secretary of the Large Commercial Chain Association declared at the end of last year that the reason that local retailers face such hard time is the fact that they poorly administrated their expansion on the market. At the end of last year. due to the support of the mother companies and wider experience in the field. The do-it-yourself chains had no better results either – as a whole. The crisis brought silence and in rare occasions the managers of retail chains went public for comments. 3.S.A. for example). 2. Bucureşti . excepting Baumax and Dedeman that have already inaugurated investments over EUR 100 mn.000.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 329. most of the investments in DIY area were postponed for this year.C.A.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 871.HYPERMARKET ROMANIA S. No less than three chains – Spar. The most affected were the businesses of the Romanian retailers. The only important transaction on the market in 2009 was the takeover of Profi discount chain by Enterprise Investors investment fund.L Bucureşti . according to sources on the market.238 EUR . according to sources in the market) on the brink of bankruptcy.

000.Division Manager Finance & Accounting ROXANA VASILIU .. nr.real@real-hypermarket.000 RON (2010) Annual turnover 1. nr. real.approximately 50. the lowest price Bluesky – our brand for electronics and domestic appliances Tex .759. a company that operates in 33 countries with more than 2.. representing one of the best offers on the Romanian market in terms of quantity. to increase the local and national producers and.A.. 51.QUALITY .000 articles. quality and variety.Hypermarket Romania stepped up by 5.SELECTION.Hypermarket Romania is Member of METRO GROUP.Executive Director ANDREEA MIHAI . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206.Operations Director CAMELIA OPREA .R.Administration Director THIERRY GUILLON-VERNE .. 26Z.52 E-mail: office_romania@carrefour. real BIO and real.L Contact: Bulevardul Theodor Pallady. Within the METRO GROUP real.09 E-mail: receptie. sector 6.HYPERMARKET ROMANIA S. our goal being to increase the purchasing power of the customers.Managing Director CHRISTIAN GÖPFERT . sector 3. • a wide range of products . For the coming years the company mid term strategy is to continue investing in new stores and to create working places.Procurement and Merchandising Director Food OLAF SCHULZ .586 EUR (2009) Employees 8.00 Fax: +40-21-206. the sales of real.2%.282 (average full-time) Shareholders real.represents the concept of the large selling space self-service hypermarket in retailing being present in countries like Germany.Human Resources Director Financial information: Registred capital Website: www.000 EUR (2009) Employees 8..813. Members of the board: MICHEL LAMOOT .carrefour.500.00 Fax: +40-31-403. etaj 8.Division Manager Process & Information Management MADALINA TIMOTIN . Last year.. real.. • a very good quality of all fresh products.74. Top management: PATRICE LESPAGNOL . to further develop the own brands portfolio.offers a large range of own brands on 3 tiers: Tip.Division Manager Marketing SORIN NICOLAESCU . At the same time real.real-hypermarket. Romania .10..Most important companies in "Hypermarkets" CARREFOUR ROMANIA S. despite the difficulties generated to the entire economy by the downturn.. Vale Ver) Les Cosmetiques – our brand for cosmetics Carrefour Home – domestic appliances Carrefour Selection – premium alimentary products Reflets de France – alimentary products.Division Manager Corporate Communication and PR STEFAN RUNCANU .10. and over 290.Hypermarket entered the Romanian retail market in 2006 when its first store was opened in Timisoara.International Holding GmbH: 100% Ownership Foreign: 100% Auditor KPMG Middle management: ADRIANA PIŢA . all of them appreciated by Romanians: • a very aggressive price discount policy.. Poland. • the service policy • modernity and innovation. Contact: Bulevardul Timişoara.Hypermarket Retail 237 .Procurement and Merchandising Director Non Food VALENTIN PAUNA .135.500 Shareholders Carrefour: 100% Ownership Private-owned: 100% Foreign: 100% Auditor KPMG Brands: Marca Nr 1 – alimentary and non-alimentary products. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-403.Commercial Director Financial information: Registred capital Website: www. Studio.Marketing Director ARNAUD DUSSAIX . At present the chain counts 25 stores all over the country in which the customers can chose from over 60000 food and non food products in a diversified assortment.our brand for textiles Marca Carrefour – alimentary and non-alimentary products Exclusiv Carrefour – for the wines specially created for Carrefour (Chayeau Arthur.000 employees. Turkey and Company profile: Carrefour strategy is built on five values. to offer better prices to its Company profile: real. Clădirea Anchor Plaza. delicacies Contact person: ANDREEA MIHAI .120 stores.Marketing Director real.402 RON (June 2010) Annual turnover 760. Russia.Division Manager Legal Contact person: MIRELA SURGHIE – Head of Media Brands: real.

01 Fax: +40-372-09. 4.31 Fax: +40-250-74.095.00. 020284.462.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 74. 8. nr.625. judeßul VåLCEA Phone: +40-250-74.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 29.494 EUR GENERAL NIC IMPORT-EXPORT S.L. 7.036. 13.99 Annual turnover: 871.A. BILLA ROMANIA S.L. 100298.00.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 83.31 Annual turnover: 34. 400434.30 Annual turnover: 329.202 EUR (2009) CORA XX Company name: ROMANIA HYPERMARCHE S.689.765 EUR ANNABELLA S. Bucureşti .41.L. 2.20. 102.126.965 EUR (2009) 238 Retail .58.312 EUR Chiajna .L.67.R. 5. judeţul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-21.89.12 Fax: +40-372-87.317.435 EUR CAN SERV S. judeţul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-374-20.619 EUR (2009) TRIDENT XX Company name: TRIDENT TRANS TEX S. Strada Barbu Delavrancea.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 18.38 Annual turnover: 25.84 Fax: +40-21-223. 550131.27.XX AUCHAN Company name: AUCHAN ROMANIA S. Bucureşti .07 Annual turnover: 7.61. nr.A. 42. Şoseaua Barbu Văcărescu. judeßul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41.70 Fax: +40-21-305. nr. etaj 4.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 288. ARTIMA S.R.036. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222.520. Centrul Comercial Interex. Strada Arad.729 EUR Most important companies in "Supermarkets" XX ALIMROM TRADING S. Şoseaua Nordului FN.R.VRANCEA Annual Turnover: 22.957 EUR CDE R INTEREX S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 144.772.394.S. 1. MEGA IMAGE S. R‰mnicu Valcea .07. nr.L.39 Annual turnover: 74. Strada Lipscani.410. Bucureşti .L. sector 1.A. R‰mnicu V‰lcea. 011351. Strada Barajului. 030039.444 EUR (2009) INTEREX XX Company name: CDE R INTEREX S. nr.L.A.994 EUR (2009) XX ANNABELLA S. nr.553. Reported results for 2009 Bucureşti . 52.A. Sibiu.965 EUR GIMROM HOLDING S.57 Fax: +40-269-21.R.VåLCEA Annual Turnover: 34.R. Cluj-Napoca.93. Bucureşti .R. 240266. Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-09. 3.24/27 Annual turnover: 307.435 EUR (2009) Supermarkets 1. sector 3.78.238 EUR (2009) KAUFLAND XX Company name: KAUFLAND ROMANIA S. sector 2.625.L.388 EUR ZANFIR SNC Focşani .R.A.61. Strada Detunata.553. 120-144.R. 9.082 EUR Bucureşti . Ploieşti.567.C. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-300. 6.07.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 37. etaj 1.41 Fax: +40-244-59.

18 A (E85).07.654. Timi¿oara . Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu.957 EUR (2009) DACIA S. nr. etaj 1.820 EUR PROFI ROM FOOD S.66.61. judeßul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-374-20. 300222.56. 7.R. nr.939 EUR (2009) PRIMAVARA XX Company name: CAN SERV S.A.973. Timi¿oara.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 308. Radu Beller.148.312 EUR (2009) PITA XX S.055 EUR (2009) G'market XX Company name: GIMROM HOLDING S. Arice¿tii Rahtivani .410. etaj 1.689.082 EUR (2009) XX INTEREX Company name: CDE R INTEREX S.R. 2. sector 6. judeßul VRANCEA Phone: +40-237-22. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-405. nr.095.L.22 Fax: +40-231-53.79 Annual turnover: 29.55 Fax: +40-21-230.L.03. Strada Progresului.L.R. XX Strada Siret.36 Annual turnover: 22. sector 2.567.0800.50.110 EUR (2009) DM XX DROGERIE MARKT S.L. sector 1.04 Annual turnover: 37.62 Annual turnover: 288. Ploie¿ti.R. Bulevardul Timişoara.520.22 Annual turnover: 6. 5. judeßul BOTO¯ANI Phone: +40-231-53. 5-7.R. Chiajna.XX BILLA Company name: BILLA ROMANIA S.40. Foc¿ani. XX Strada Av.L.R. Reported results for 2009 ¯tefăne¿tii de Jos .61.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 368.00 Fax: +40-256-46.530.462.088 EUR MINIMAX DISCOUNT S.R.R.765 EUR (2009) ZANFIR SNC XX Calea Moldovei.01.GIURGIU Annual Turnover: 45.00 Annual turnover: 7.11 Annual turnover: 144.253. sector 1.L. REWE (ROMåNIA) S. Plaza Romania. ¯oseaua Nordului FN. 100298.L.39 Annual turnover: 74. 16. judeßul ALBA Phone: +40-258-81.L Bolintin Deal . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230.166 EUR Cr‰ngul lui Bot. 012152.77 Fax: +40-21-224. Centrul Comercial Interex.82 Annual turnover: 18.41 Fax: +40-244-59.18. 154-158.50.67.L. judeßul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-0800.69.435 EUR (2009) CARREFOUR EXPRESS XX Company name: ARTIMA S.520 EUR ALBINUȚA SHOPS S.354.00 Fax: +40-21-205.05 Fax: +40-21-410. nr.66 Annual turnover: 9.733. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-224.09.R.74 Fax: +40-21-405.R.69. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-410. Km 11-12.730 EUR (2009) MEGA IMAGE S.40. Botoşani. birou A.170. 3. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-205.A.36 Fax: +40-237-22.TIMI¯ Annual Turnover: 115. Strada Barbu Văcărescu. Bucure¿ti .625.A. 95. XX Strada Iuliu Maniu.388 EUR (2009) GENERAL NIC IMPORT-EXPORT S.18.L. 510111. 30 B.553. 26.494 EUR (2009) Discount Stores 1.77. nr. nr.56. Bulevardul Mihai Viteazul.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 25. nr. 19 A. nr.A. Autostrada Bucure¿ti-Pite¿ti. PLUDI MARKET S.R.66 Fax: +40-258-81. 4.195 EUR Retail 239 .20 Annual turnover: 83.L. Alba-Iulia. sector 6. Centrul Comercial Carrefour Militari. judeßul TIMI¯ Phone: +40-256-46.60.

Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 178. Strada Miresei. Arice¿tii Rahtivani.08 Annual turnover: 115.537. 7. 9.27.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 109. nr. judeßul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-40.894.820 EUR (2009) MINIMAX DISCOUNT XX Company name: MINIMAX DISCOUNT S.610.520 EUR (2009) PENNY MARKET XX Company name: REWE (ROMåNIA) S.170.00 Annual turnover: 368.682 EUR AMBIENT S.195 EUR (2009) XX PLUS DISCOUNT Company name: PLUDI MARKET S. ¯tefăne¿tii de Jos.973.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 32.L.R.R.295 EUR BRICO EXPERT S. 2.553. etaj 1.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 29.88.R.A.L.870 EUR .Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 16. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.181 EUR HORNBACH CENTRALA S. Bucure¿ti .BACĂU Annual Turnover: 251.L.L.R. 7.L Autostrada Bucureşti-Piteşti. ¯oseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti. 10. 1.A. 013693.SIBIU Annual Turnover: 104. Ploie¿ti .L. nr.530. 6. Timişoara.Most important companies in "Discount Stores" XX ALBINUŢA Company name: ALBINUȚA SHOPS S.473 EUR BAUMAX ROMANIA S.76 Annual turnover: 25. 240 Retail PRAKTIKER ROMåNIA S. Sibiu .09 Annual turnover: 308.R.654.063 EUR BRICOSTORE ROMåNIA S.870 EUR DEDEMAN S.R. judeßul ILFOV Phone: +40-372-12.192 EUR OBI ROMANIA S.403.148.075 EUR ARTSANI COM S. DN 72.335. judeßul TIMI¯ Phone: +40-256-24.27. Voluntari . 8. Bucure¿ti .ILFOV Annual Turnover: 257.41. 4.L. Bu¿teni.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 73.R.L.521. Bolintin Deal.R.72 Fax: +40-21-233. judeßul GIURGIU Phone: +40-21-529. sector 1. Bucure¿ti .71 Fax: +40-372-13 70 34 Annual turnover: EUR (2009) PROFI XX Company name: PROFI ROM FOOD S. km 22. Bucure¿ti .056.00 Fax: +40-244-40.A.R.088 EUR (2009) Do It Yourself Stores Reported results for 2009 1.03 Fax: +40-256-24.66. Cr‰ngul lui Bot.R.81. 3. 5. Domne¿ti . bloc 22.R.L. Bacău .L. nr.L.

26 E-mail: ro@baumax. Slovenia. Romania.473 EUR (2009) XX DEDEMAN Company name: DEDEMAN S. Strada ¯colii.98 Annual turnover: 32. Suceava.521. Cluj.39 Annual turnover: 251.056. clădirea B. we have operations in the Czech Republic. Croatia (6). 236.A. 014462. Conect III. Company name: BRICO EXPERT S.15. judeßulul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-51. Romania (11).64. sector 1.000 employees. 15.64 Fax: +40-244-51.Country Manager LUCIA TERPU UNGUREANU . Bulgaria (4).L. judeßul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-206.L.27. Domne¿ti. Hungary. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-404.07. nr. nr. 42-44. La Cultura. nr.80. 4. etaj 2. Contact: Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei. the Group operates 11 stores in Brasov. We currently operate 145 bauMax centers: Austria (67 stores).063 EUR (2009) XX HORNBACH Company name: HORNBACH CENTRALA S.537.baumax.L.000 EUR (2009) Ownership Private-owned: 100% Foreign: 100% Employees 1. 112-114.30 Fax: +40-234-58. Bulgaria and Turkey. Hungary (15). etaj 1.A.181 EUR (2009) XX ARTSANI COM Website: www. Strada Gheorghe Doja. Sibiu.32 Annual turnover: 73.64 Annual turnover: 29. 020337. sector 6. Strada Tolstoi.64. 7.Most important companies in "Do It Yourself Stores" BAUMAX ROMANIA S.R.403. OBI ¯oseaua Bucure¿ti-Ploie¿ti. 10A. judeßul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-204.00. Targu Mures.335. 17-21. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-620. We are the market leader in 9 Central and Southeast European countries: in addition to Austria. Genius Pro XX AMBIENT S. with a fast growing 1000 employees team in Romania. Calea Giuleşti.15. sector 2.553. 77190.71. Iasi. nr.81 Annual turnover: 16. Strada Hornbach.870 (2009) XX ROMANIA S.295 EUR (2009) XX BRICOSTORE Company name: BRICOSTORE ROMåNIA S.000. Aqua Garden.21.L. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-372-06.870 EUR (2009) Retail 241 . Calea Vitan.00 Fax: +40-31-620.96.000 Contact person: LUCIA TERPU UNGUREANU . in Europe. Bacau. The company has been nominated several times on the list of “the BEST EMPLOYER”. nr.Marketing Manager Brands: Garden Trend. Slovenia (3).R. bauMax has a total headcount of 10. Băneasa Business & Technology Park.30 Fax: +40-21-206. 1-3.80 Fax: +40-21-231. Top management: ALEXANDER FRECH . Bacău. according to the Fortune Magazine.58 Annual turnover: 257. etaj 3.A. nr. Pool Master.11 Fax: +40-31-407. Sibiu. Master Fix .L. Turkey (1 store). Czech Republic (24) Company profile: bauMax is a family-owned business which was founded in Austria more than 30 years ago. Ploiesti. Green Vital. In Romania.R. nr.27. Croatia. Slovakia. OK. Slovakia (14 stores).30 Annual turnover: 104.41. judeßul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-51.192 EUR (2009) XX BRICOLAGE ROMANIA MR.R. nr. sector 3.33.10 Annual turnover: 178. Ploieşti. Voluntari. Merox.Marketing Manager Financial information: Registered capital 43. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-31-710. Craiova.075 EUR (2009) XX PRAKTIKER Company name: PRAKTIKER ROMåNIA S.00 Fax: +40-21-204.860.15. judeßul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-20.00 Fax: +40-269-22.00 Fax: +40-372-06.100 EUR (2008) Annual turnover 100.R. nr.03. Strada Turda.610.71. 060251. Bucharest and Pitesti.875.

ZARA. Cacharel. These new developments represent a total financial effort of 22 EUR mn and add a total of 25.baneasashoppingcity. Bershka. to meet thousands of customers who want to feed or embellish their cars in the Baneasa Commercial Area. even in a difficult economical global and local environment. a family entertainment center (bowl. upscale design. Baneasa Developments decided to build a GAS STATION having incorporated a car wash and a Drive-in Restaurant The investment will amount to 2 EUR mn and will serve thousands of vehicles each day. The three phases investment includes: a multiplex cinema.02. Desigual. The gas station construction will begin this year. Baneasa Developments begins a new major investment. video games and other fun facilities) and a gas station. a For further details: Loredana Croicia – Sales & Marketing Website: www. It has a unique tenant’s mix with brand offers addressed to visitors with medium to high income. Reserved and the list is still open.05 Fax: +40-21-306.55. adding 3 new facilities: the MULTIPLEX CINEMA. Humanic. declared Ali Ergun Ergen.Most important companies in "Malls & Shopping Centers" BĂNEASA DEVELOPMENTS S. Băneasa Developments Phone: +40-0747-07. billiard. The cinema is an integral part of the commercial center and promises to follow the central concept of Baneasa Shopping City: quality services. Baneasa Shopping City stands for the best shopping experience by offering high quality standards and large diversity within products range.croicia@baneasa. the developer of one of the largest shopping areas in the Central and Eastern Europe. When developers restrict or even stop their investments.58 E-mail: retail@baneasa. The new developments are especially designed to offer customers better services and a complete entertainment and leisure experience thus making Baneasa Commercial Area the city destination when talking about shopping and fun alike. Contact: Şoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti. nr. Sunglass Hut.R. Baneasa Shopping City reached high visibility on Romanian market through its unique positioning among its competitors: integrated fashion and food concept. Peek & Cloppenburg. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-306.000 m2 to the Baneasa Commercial Area. Adidas.000 m2 to the Baneasa Shopping City. The MULTIPLEX CINEMA has an estimated investment of 19 EUR mn and adds a total of 15. Starbucks. the CEO of Baneasa Developments. “We believe that this investment is the natural step that Baneasa Developments must take now when celebrating 2 years from the opening of the most eagerly awaited fashion mall in Romania.06. Douglas. Catwalk. Moreover. The family entertainment center is planned to open by spring 2011. Nordsee.000 m2 and it will be dedicated exclusively to game and fun for families and all ages. The total investment in this phase is estimated to EUR 1 mn. Băneasa Developments Phone: +40-747-07. 242 Retail . sector 1. family oriented. This will start the construction of three new facilities. Ipekyol. The millions of visitors who have stepped inside our shopping center during all this period of time have realized that they can see in both Baneasa Shopping City and Baneasa Commercial Area a trend-setter on the Romanian market.racanel@baneasa. Oviesse. Salsa Jeans. Marks& Spencer. 42D. The cinema will incorporate13 screens having a total seat capacity of more than 2.700. a leader. the FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT CENTER and the CAR SERVICES (gas station and car wash)”. GAP. Calvin Baneasa Developments is building three new areas dedicated to its customers Baneasa Developments. Piazza Roxana Răcănel – Media Specialist. This is also why.37 E-mail: roxana. Visitors can find here brands like Massimo Dutti. The cinema construction will begin this spring and plan to open by second half 2011. The FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT CENTER will have a surface of 4. announces the expansion of the Baneasa Commercial Area by beginning an investment plan in three phases. we decided to invest in increasing the comfort and satisfaction level for our customers. Baneasa Shopping City offers to its customers more than 270 units of fashion. Stradivarius. Debenhams.32 E-mail: loredana.02. wide gastronomy and quality services. The Entertainment Area is an integral part of the Baneasa Shopping City and will be developed on top of the center’s food court.

Foc¿ani.73.85. nr.A. 900419. Strada Tudor Vladimirescu. nr.87.43. Arad. 22.L. 181. Braşov.716. 4.35. Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu.02 Annual turnover: 1. nr.33 Annual turnover: N/A XX HOME & DESIGN MALL Company name: TEAM BUILDING S.25.077. nr.L. judeßul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-82. Vărsătura. Calea Aurel Vlaicu. Bacău. sector 4.768.16.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-327.85.R. 103 bis. nr. 410583. nr.13/12 Fax: +40-237-23.21 Fax: +40-21-319. Strada Nufărului.00 Fax: +40-21-320. judeßul VRANCEA Phone: +40-237-23.862 EUR (2009) XX IULIUS MALL CLUJ Company name: IULIUS MALL CLUJ S.16.L.21 Fax: +40-268-33.25. Strada Alexandru Vaida Voievod.R. nr.60 Fax: +40-256-40.26 Annual turnover: N/A IULIUS MALL IA¯I XX Company name: IULIUS MANAGEMENT CENTER S.91.50.30/31 Annual turnover: 11.514 EUR (2009) LIBERTY CENTER XX Company name: LIBERTY CENTER S. 126-132. Bulevardul Tudor Vladimirescu. 2.42 Annual turnover: 1.35.09 Annual turnover: N/A IULIUS MALL TIMI¯OARA XX Company name: IULIUS MALL TIMI¯OARA S. judeßul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-55.A.935 EUR (2009) LOTUS CENTER XX Company name: LOTUS MARKET S.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319. judeßul ALBA Phone: +40-258-81.11.13 Annual turnover: 4.60. Bulevardul Vasile Milea.132 EUR (2009) JOLIE VILLE GALLERIA XX Company name: JOLIE VILLE INVEST S. sector 3.01 Fax: +40-21-206.708 EUR (2009) MILITARI SHOPPING XX Company name: LAND DEVELOPMENT PROIECT S. Strada Progresului.158 EUR (2009) XX ARMONIA CENTER ARAD Company name: ARMONIA CENTER ARAD S.046 EUR (2009) Retail 243 . judeßul TIMI¯ Phone: +40-256-40. nr.50. Strada Demetriade.584 EUR (2009) MACROMALL XX Company name: A. nr.R.00 Annual turnover: N/A XX BUCURESTI MALL Company name: ANCHOR GRUP S.75.283.R. 32.05 Annual turnover: 2.86/87 Annual turnover: N/A XX EUROPEAN RETAIL PARK BRĂILA Company name: BEL ROM Strada Principală. 55-59.R.754.R. 546-560. Calea Aurel Vlaicu.75. Oradea.22 Fax: +40-259-47. Bulevardul Al. Arad.A.385 EUR (2009) XX PARK MALL CITY Company name: CITY PARK MANAGEMENT S.88 Annual turnover: 7.11. judeßul ARAD Phone: +40-730-71.92.L. nr. 1.72.07. judeßul BRA¯OV Phone: +40-268-33. 10-12.L. nr. nr. sector 6. 116 C.75.R. ¯oseaua Olteniţei.01 Annual turnover: N/A IULIUS MALL SUCEAVA XX Company name: IULIUS MALL SUCEAVA S.64.60 Annual turnover: 10. 151-171.22 Annual turnover: 5. 2.46 Fax: +40-21-413.80. sector 4.12 Fax: +40-239-65.652. Calea Unirii.589 EUR (2009) MALL ALBA XX Company name: MALL ALBA S.30 Annual turnover: 1.A. sector 6.L. 500229.R. nr. Calea Bucureşti.L.87. Iaşi. judeßulul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-206.00 Annual turnover: 2.10 Fax: +40-31-425.75.194. Voluntari. judeßul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-20.24/25 Fax: +40-264-20.320.04.L. nr.20.40 Annual turnover: 2.316.470 EUR (2009) XX ATRIUM CENTER ARAD Company name: ATRIUM CENTERS MANAGEMENT S.522.R. Timişoara.85. 53-55. 229.40.G. 4. nr.R. Constanßa. Suceava.87.150.00 Fax: +40-232-20. nr. Cluj-Napoca.XX PALACE COTROCENI AFI Company name: COTROCENI PARK S.80.R. nr. 50 A.12 Annual turnover: N/A XX EUROPEAN RETAIL PARK FOCŞANI Company name: BEL ROM Calea Moldovei. judeßul BRĂILA Phone: +40-239-65. judeßul IA¯I Phone: +40-232-20. judeßul ARAD Phone: +40-357-44. nr. 061699.R.85. 296/6-296/7.986 EUR (2009) XX MALL CITY Company name: VICTORIA HOLDING S.86/87 Fax: +40-234-55.L Bulevardul Ghencea.189.W. MACRO S.82 Fax: +40-21-361. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-380. judeßul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-43. Calea Vitan. nr. Lăpuşneanu.05 Fax: +40-258-81.L.70 Fax: +40-21-206.00 Fax: +40-241-82.67.125 EUR (2009) XX EUROPEAN RETAIL PARK BACĂU Company name: BEL ROM Calea Republicii. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-413. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-31-425. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-206.12. Strada Erou Iancu Nicolae.40. sector 6.71 Annual turnover: 6.09 Annual turnover: 17. judeßul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-20. 30. Alba-Iulia.64.00 Fax: +40-230-20.067. nr.L.L.

A.R.F. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.77 Fax: +40-250-73 37 71 Annual turnover: 3.87.L.50 Fax: +40-330-40.45.A.18. Calea Unirii.R.Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-310.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 190. sector 3. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303.13 Annual turnover: 6.090.A.986 EUR (2009) TOMIS MALL XX Company name: TOMIS S.12. 27 B. Bulevardul Bucure¿tii Noi.L.522 EUR (2009) DEBENHAMS XX Company name: FASHION RETAIL GROUP S. ¯oseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.300 EUR (2009) RIVER PLAZA MALL XX Company name: RIVER PLAZA MALL S.50.774 EUR (2009) PEEK & CLOPPENBURG XX Company name: PEEK & CLOPPENBURG S.R.161.L. etaj 4.Int 1 Annual turnover: 5.84 Annual turnover: 7.322.L. Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu. 1.15. Bucure¿ti . nr. judeßul VåLCEA Phone: +40-250-73.04 Fax: +40-21-361.O.XX PLAZA ROMANIA Company name: ANCHOR GRUP S.C.60. 041312.63 Annual turnover: 5.31. sector 3.85/6/7 Fax: +40-21-300. sector 1.50. ¯oseaua Oltenißei.784 EUR (2009) HONDOS CENTER XX Company name: HONDOS CENTER ROM S. 244 Retail Reported results for 2009 SENSIBLU S. judeßul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-330-40.50 Fax: +40-21-319.50 . Băneasa Shopping City. 2.000 EUR S.51/52/53 Annual turnover: 17.082. sector 6.18.E.R. SA (FARMACIILE DONA) Pope¿ti-Leordeni . nr.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-425.11 Fax: +40-21-380. judeßul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-61.L.P. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-380. nr. nr. nr.47.L.02.L. sector 1.149.29. sector 6. Bulevardul Timişoara. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-408.830.A.36 Annual turnover: 23. ¯oseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.20 Annual turnover: 7. Constanţa. nr. 546-560.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 109.15. Bucure¿ti . nr. 061129.41/2/3 Annual turnover: 1.782 EUR (2009) SUCEAVA SHOPPING CITY XX Company name: SUCEAVA SHOPPING CITY S. nr. 7 A. 4.R.L.716. Mogo¿oaia .04. Strada ¯tefan cel Mare.02. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-361.394 EUR (2009) VITANTIS SHOPPING CENTER XX Company name: VITANTIS S.18 Fax: +40-241-61.08 Fax: +40-21-303.46 Annual turnover: 15. R‰mnicu V‰lcea.R.60 Fax: +40-21-408.754.106 EUR .R.699 EUR (2010) MARKS & SPENCER XX Company name: MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS ROMANIA S. 2.095 EUR (2009) Drug Stores 1. nr.243. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-300.30.A. 42 D.693.13 Fax: +40-21-310.R.236.324. 125. ¯oseaua Vitan B‰rze¿ti.154.15.45. 010801.07. Calea lui Traian.L. 36-40. sector 1.R.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 74.207 EUR (2009) UNIREA SHOPPING CENTER XX Company name: UNIREA SHOPPING CENTER S.20 Annual turnover: 11. (CITY PHARMA) Voluntari . nr. 5. sector 4.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 67.690 EUR HERMES PHARMA S.942 EUR (2009) Most important companies in "Department Stores" XX C&A Company name: C&A MODA RETAIL S.624.A. 42 D. nr.87.215 EUR CENTROFARM S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 34. 26. 3.606. etaj 102.690 EUR HELP NET FARMA S.I.416. Piaţa Unirii.R.10 Fax: +40-21-361. Suceava. 25 A.

Bucure¿ti .84 Annual turnover: 8. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-314.R.090.161.398. sector 1.52.A.R.A. Calea Plevnei. George Constantinescu. nr.A.R.184 EUR GENCO TRADE S. 5. nr. sector 2. 7. 077160.73/74 Fax: +40-21-220. sector EUR Retail 245 .75 Fax: +40-21-314.HUNEDOARA Annual Turnover: 11.A. 3.74. Popeşti-Leordeni. etaj 4. judeßul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-43. nr.000 EUR (2009) Electric.74.215 EUR (2009) CATENA XX Company name: CATENA MANAGEMENT S. judeßul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-301. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408. etaj 1.143 EUR (2009) CENTROFARM XX Company name: CENTROFARM S.E. Birou 1. 2. Strada Maiakovski. nr. 2.R.644 EUR QUASAR S.91 Fax: +40-21-361. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-315.R.754.L.576. 2.L.L.29.F. 24. 400237. Bucure¿ti .416.97. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-221.26.A. Strada Ing.00 Annual turnover: 74.760.690 EUR (2009) PHARMA NET XX Company name: PHARMA NET S. sector 6.60 Fax: +40-21-303. etaj 1.322.59 Annual turnover: 3.327.36.106 EUR (2009) CITY XX PHARMA Company name: HERMES PHARMA S.20 Fax: +40-21-311.C. Strada ¯colii. Deva .R.58 Fax: +40-21-408.17.R.A.29. Mogoşoaia. 3.R.68 Fax: +40-264-43. Electronic & Home Appliances Stores Reported results for 2009 1. Centrul de Nord (Centrul Pipera II). Jibou . judeßul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-467.A.57.354. nr.644.L.34 Annual turnover: 67. 53. judeßul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-300.75 Annual turnover: N/A XX HELP NET Company name: HELP NET FARMA S.COVASNA Annual Turnover: 171.O.P. 133.08. nr. Voluntari. etaj 4.71.899. 4.SĂLAJ Annual Turnover: 12.00 Fax: +40-21-308.524 EUR (2009) REMEDIO FARMACII S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-308. 030205. tronson 1.738. ¯oseaua Pipera-Tunari 2/II.Most important companies in "Drug Stores" XX FARM S.95 Annual turnover: 109.L.L.27 Annual turnover: 4.L. 2NA Strada Sf.677 EUR WALDMESSNER INVEST S. DOMO RETAIL S. 1.I. Vineri (incinta Complexului Agroindustrial Unirea).Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 79.49. nr.12. nr.A.46. T‰rgu Secuiesc . Cluj-Napoca. 077135.74 Fax: +40-21-301. 020339. XX Bulevardul Preciziei.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 12. S.036 EUR COMATEX S. XX Strada Ciobanului. sector 3.84 Annual turnover: 34.082 EUR (2009) SENSIBLU S.36. Strada Islaz.75 Annual turnover: 190.690 EUR (2009) FARMACIILE DONA XX Company name: S.

39 Annual turnover: N/A NEW LINK S.32. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-351.470. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-31-710.71.236. nr.74.L.738. judeßul SĂLAJ Strada Tudor Vladimirescu.62. nr.677 EUR (2009) DOMO XX Company name: DOMO RETAIL S.41 Fax: +40-260-61.L.33 Fax: +40-241-63. judeßul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-51.R. nr.142 EUR ROMPETROL DOWNSTREAM S. XX ¯oseaua Bucure¿ti-Ploie¿ti. 7 A.25 Annual turnover: 12. sector 2.L.030. XX Strada Olteţului. 52-54. Bucuresti Phone: +40-21-407.R.A. sector 1.L. nr. XX Bulevardul Mihai Viteazul.71. Strada Abatorului.R.80 Fax: +40-21-201. Oradea.11.25 Fax: +40-21-242. judeßul COVASNA Phone: +40-267-36.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 1.A. Bucure¿ti .47 Annual turnover: N/A Gas Stations 1.L.11. 17. Zalău. 3.354. 013704.76 Fax: +40-21-351.034 EUR (2009) COMATEX S.72. judeßul SĂLAJ Phone: +40-260-66. 11.417 EUR (2009) TONIS TRADE S. 2.70.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 3. XX Strada Biharia. sector 2.912.08. etaj 2.576. 37.277 EUR (2009) RELCO S. 30.S.73.R. (Petrom ) Bucure¿ti .R. Metav Businsess Park.763.11. sector 1.40. etaj 5.10 Fax: +40-21-529.L. 15.R.025 EUR .32 Annual turnover: 171.72 Fax: +40-21-242. Bulevardul Poligrafiei.A. 450099.00/01 Fax: +40-21-319. Bucure¿ti .A.R. XX Strada Someşului. Constanßa. sector 1.098. nr.12 Fax: +40-267-36. 15.17. XX Strada 22 Decembrie.90 Fax: +40-259-47.398. nr.Most important companies in "Electric.29. Electronic & Home Appliances Stores" XX ALTEX Company name: ALTEX ROMANIA S.44.35 Fax: +40-21-407. Caramfil.036 EUR (2009) GERMANOS TELECOM ROMåNIA S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 776.32.794.87 Annual turnover: 79.73.20. Strada Nicolae G.A.780.R.44. Jibou.19 Annual turnover: 6.233 EUR (2009) SAY XX SHOPS Company name: M. 2 A.99.L.C.74 Annual turnover: 12. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201.238. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-242. XX Strada Tomis. sector 1. 67-77. XX Strada Johann Strauss.30.01 Annual turnover: 10. nr. 1.01. nr. judeßul HUNEDOARA Phone: +40-254-22.848 EUR LUKOIL ROMANIA S.L. 46.99 Fax: +40-254-20.R.644. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-204.023 EUR (2009) WALDMESSNER INVEST S. nr. COMMUNICATIONS S. nr.L.45.05 Annual turnover: 9. Deva. T‰rgu Secuiesc. nr. 246 Retail Reported results for 2009 OMV PETROM S. judeßul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-47. 95. XX ¯oseaua Fabrica de Glucoză.91 Annual turnover: 11.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206. nr.90 Annual turnover: 4.00 Annual turnover: 7. nr.921.644 EUR (2009) AUDIO BRONX S.184 EUR (2009) GENCO TRADE S.370 EUR (2009) QUASAR S.

XX Calea Dorobanţilor. 169A.09.629. 239.794. sector 1.000 EUR DIESEL ONE S. 5.83 Annual turnover: 22.700. nr.80 Annual turnover: 25.Polizu.00 Fax: +40-21-232.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 447. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-204. 4-6.68. Bucure¿ti .41 Fax: +40-269-55. Strada Gh.520.63. bloc A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-0800-0800.North Tower.273.HUNEDOARA Annual Turnover: 69. nr. 7.000 EUR (2009) XX OMV ROMANIA Company name: OMV PETROM MARKETING S. Deva. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206.Sector 1 Annual Turnover 428. City Gate .R.00 Fax: +40-31-620. 10.L.L.R. sector EUR Most important companies in "Gas Stations" XX ROMANIA S.744 EUR (2009) EUROIL S.63.R. 6.R.L. Deva . sector 1.600 EUR (2009) OMV PETROM S. Săli¿te.4. Roşca.68.L.142 EUR (2009) ROMPETROL GROUP DOWNSTREAM S.R. etaj 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-620. 58-60.05.450. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232. Saliste .R. (AGIP) Bucure¿ti . sector 1. sector 1.291. nr.64 Annual turnover: 3. 330182. 3-5.257. XX Strada Elena Văcărescu. XX Strada Zarandului. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203.R.L. nr.13 Fax: +40-21-232. Bulevardul Daniel Danielopolu.R. ENI Calea Floreasca.978 EUR (2009) DIESEL ONE S.629.025 EUR (2009) Retail 247 .97 Annual turnover: 69.R.L.82.SIBIU Annual Turnover: 22. 010567.98 Fax: +40-254-20.05.520.04 Annual turnover: 337. 6.05 Fax: +40-21-203. XX Piaţa Presei Libere.39.273. Bucure¿ti .48 Annual turnover: 447.00 Fax: +40-21-206.030.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 337. judeßul HUNEDOARA Phone: +40-254-20.20 Annual turnover: 3.700.L. Bucharest Corporate Center.L.000 RON (2009) MOL ROMANIA XX Company name: MOL ROMANIA PETROLEUM PRODUCTS S. sector 1.R. XX Strada D.75. 258.82.L.600 EUR OMV PETROM MARKETING S.A.966 EUR (2009) LUKOIL ROMANIA S.934.11 Fax: +40-21-406.04. nr.257.744 EUR EUROIL S. nr. 8.R.R. etaj 3.60.L.06 Annual turnover: 428.L. judeßul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-44.D. MOL ROMANIA PETROLEUM PRODUCTS S.978 EUR ENI ROMANIA S. nr.L.


Transport & Cargo Major Companies in Romania 249 .

569. Blue Air came second.920. As far as the port operators are concerned.506 EUR REGIA AUTONOMĂ DE TRANSPORT BUCURE¯TI R.L. Comvex Constanta was the most hit. followed by the Hungarian airline WizzAir. many of the local transporters estimate that. 4. after a dispute over fares with ArcelorMittal steel group. as a consequence. AQUILA PART PROD COM S. went off the market. that led the Indians to redirect their activity to a port in Bulgaria.A. Sibiu . as a recent wave of mergers and acquisitions among the players on this market kept them focused on reorganizing their business in 2009. Ploie¿ti . 2009 wasn’t a good year at all.L. their business recorded declines of about 40%. in 2010 their business might start to slightly grow again. 7. as it is expected by the National Union of Romanian Transporters. Tarom had a market share of 19%. 3. MyAir and SkyEurope.GORJ Annual Turnover: 44. The crisis forced the airline companies to stop their rapid evolution.Transport & Cargo Overview For the companies in this field.569.640 EUR UNICOM TRANZIT S. Bucure¿ti .COVASNA Annual Turnover: 40.SIBIU Annual Turnover: 63. 4. 250 Transport & Cargo Bucure¿ti . 5. Miercurea Ciuc . which carried 62 million people last year. Two low cost companies. T‰rgu Jiu . just as much as low cost operators Blue Air and Wizz Air put together. their business being severely hit by the decrease of passengers.500 transport operators closed down in 2009 and 4.A.574 EUR REGISTRUL AUTO ROMåN R.A. The largest operator in the market remained the state company Tarom. following last year’s cost control strategies. Road Transportation Reported results for 2009 1.7 million passengers over the last year.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 42. their business has been mostly hit by the decrease of trade and a loss of important contracts.810 EUR ATLASSIB S.221 EUR . However.000 more could have the same fate this year.R. Those that succeeded to go on had to severely adjust their costs and.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 167. The sale of the two low-cost airlines last year exceeded EUR 200 mn.816.294. Deva . the most affected player being the national transporter.176.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 88.R.HUNEDOARA Annual Turnover: 55. 2. marking a decrease by 17% compared to the previous year.L. 6.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 42.559 EUR SUCCES NIC COM S.R. 8.439.A. Many companies reduced their expenses with transportation of all sorts and this triggered a downfall in revenues of local players in this market. which transported 1. hundreds of their employees got fired last year. The number of passengers decreased up to 20% in 2009. The Romanian courier market stagnated last year at EUR 200 mn.421 EUR WABERER`S ROMANIA S.A.242. Consequently. Bucure¿ti . CFR Passengers.690 EUR EDY INTERNATIONAL SPEDITION S.

496.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-407. 105 A. Oficiul Po¿tal 1. Bacău .585. Albota.75. Strada Ghe. Dumbrăvißa .A.L. Ploieşti.L. Casußa Po¿tală 47.56 Fax: +40-248-22.149 EUR (2009) XAQUILA PART PROD COM S.R.85 Annual turnover: 14.01/07 Fax: +40-269-22.275 EUR 11.551.496.268.R.569. judeţul BRAŞOV Phone: +40-268-50. nr. judeţul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-59.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 15.41.SIBIU Annual Turnover: 18.749.L.93 Fax: +40-244-59.672.DOLJ Annual Turnover: 28.690.379. judeţul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-51.56 Annual turnover: 11.09.A.L.BACĂU Annual Turnover: 29.646. TCE LOGISTICA S. judeţul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-55.285.ARGE¯ Annual Turnover: 15.01 Fax: +40-241-55. Dana Tehnică PL 7.R.90.79. 900721.520 EUR 17. CETA-COMPANIA DE EXPEDIÞII ¯I TRANSPORT AUTO S.TIMI¯ Annual Turnover: 26.CĂLĂRAŞI Annual Turnover: 14.R.686 EUR 20.149 EUR 13. RUSTRANS S.ARAD Annual Turnover: 22.L.690.164. nr. Braşov.746 EUR (2009) XBARTER TRADING ROMåNIA S.66. Ploieşti.087 EUR 19. Strada Calea Feldioarei.242. 500483.R. Pite¿ti . judeţul CĂLĂRAŞI Phone: +40-242-33.A.A. nr.935. Bucure¿ti . Călăraşi.CONSTANÞA Annual Turnover: 26.15. Strada Varianta Nord. INTERNATIONAL LAZAR COMPANY S.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 17.387 EUR (2009) Transport & Cargo 251 .A. Sibiu.382 EUR 12. 117030.505.A.L. Bascov .L. 192. nr. BARTER TRADING ROMåNIA S. SCHENKER ROMTRANS S. Strada Malu Roşu.935 EUR (2009) XASTALROM S.R.931 EUR Most important companies in "Road Transportation" XAGETAPS S.752 EUR 16. 38 A.9. ASTALROM S.A. 75 C. 910053. TRANSCONDOR S.71 Fax: +40-242-33. DUMAGAS TRANSPORT S.ARGE¯ Annual Turnover: 29.142 EUR 18. nr.10 Annual turnover: 15. Bucure¿ti . nr.24. Cantacuzino. Agigea .26. 100491.50 Fax: +40-21-316.47.75.55 Annual turnover: 13. Strada Preciziei.04.R.686 EUR (2009) XATLASSIB S.A. Agigea.L.L.44. Arad .47.505.44. 1. sector 6.46 Annual turnover: 63.L.A. judeţul ARGEŞ Phone: +40-248-22.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 16. 14. Calea Craiovei.50 Fax: +40-268-50.27 Annual turnover: 14. TRANS CAR S.R.931 EUR (2009) XCETA-COMPANIA DE EXPEDIÞII ¯I TRANSPORT AUTO S. DELTA PLUS TRADING S. DUNCA EXPEDIÞII S.14.25 Fax: +40-244-40. Călăraşi .745.327.R.690 EUR (2009) XCIPCOS MAR COMPLEX S.93 Annual turnover: 88. Podari . Sibiu .720 EUR 10.318 EUR 15.L.810 EUR (2009) XCARTRANS PREDA S.651 EUR 14. Gr. Strada Tractorului.R. 100492. Bucure¿ti . judeţul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-22.90 Annual turnover: 26.

164. nr.00 Fax: +40-254-20.110 EUR (2009) XRUSTRANS S. judeţul ARGEŞ Phone: +40-248-61.A. 117045.72 Fax: +40-248-61. Bucureşti Phone: +40-742-11. Pantelimon. 14.816. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-372-11. Bascov. judeţul TIMIŞ Phone: +40-256-21.00 . Sibiu.176. Calea Şagului Km 7. Tolstoi. Borş. judeţul ARGEŞ Phone: +40-248-50.156 EUR (2009) XGALASSINI ROMåNIA S.01 Fax: +40-251-30.04 Fax: +40-234-51.86. 210146. 110185. judeţul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-22.99 Annual turnover: 29. 550123.268.A. sector 1.L. Deva. Clinceni.456.68.00 Fax: +40-21-311.574 EUR (2009) XEUROLOGISTICA S. Strada Gării.51. sector 5. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317. nr.91 Fax: +40-253- nr.46.34-41 Fax: +40-357-40. 14. Strada A. sector 1.R.70.266.93 Annual turnover: 10.214. nr. Dumbrăviţa. T‰rgu Jiu. Şoseaua Borşului. Timişoara.01 Fax: +40-269-22. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232.74/75 Annual turnover: 7. Mioveni.R.A.91 Fax: +40-248-50. 010861.05. 391A.39 Fax: +40-21-316. 7+142.R. nr.00 Fax: +40-372- EUR (2009) XTCE LOGISTICA S.A. 115400. judeţul GORJ Phone: +40-253-21.646.17 Fax: +40-256-49. Calea Zarandului. nr.92 Fax: +40-21-232.00 Fax: +40-248-27. Mediaş. nr. nr. 500053.L.604. Arad.L. Tarla 39.00 Fax: +40-268-25. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-351. 300517.439. Podari.62.L. Autostrada Piteşti-Bucureşti.474 EUR (2009) XSUCCES NIC COM S. judeţul ARAD Phone: +40-357-40. 11. 278.R. nr.99.54/72 Annual turnover: 42.286 EUR (2009) 252 Transport & Cargo .34 Annual turnover: 17. Şoseaua Cristianului.16 Annual turnover: 29. 1.R. Zona Industrială. nr.A.935.61. nr. Piteşti.285. 220.40.672. 7. 310412. Bacău.752 EUR (2009) XFRIGOEXPRES S. judeţul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-41. Şoseaua de Centură.78.373.559 EUR (2009) XSCHENKER ROMTRANS S.61.A. 050908. Bulevardul Dinicu Golescu.30.64 Annual turnover: 14.L.93.720 EUR (2009) XUNICOM TRANZIT S. NordEst Logistic Park . judeţul BRAŞOV Phone: +40-268-50.90 Annual turnover: 179.964.28 Annual turnover: 8. 19.44 Annual turnover: 13.16 Annual turnover: 28.79 Fax: +40-21-352. 24-26.93.05 Annual turnover: 6. nr. nr.15 Fax: +40-259-41. judeţul TIMIŞ Phone: +40-256-47. DN 65B. nr.18 Annual turnover: 55.R.651 EUR (2009) XDUVENBECK LOGISTIK S.R. 014012. judeţul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-31.centrala Fax: +40-21-318. Şoseaua de Centură. 207465.A.62. judeţul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-51. sector 1. Calea Rahovei.73 Annual turnover: 15.R.60.R. sector 6.R.640 EUR (2009) XDUMAGAS TRANSPORT S.087 EUR (2009) XREGISTRUL AUTO ROMåN R.L.L.31.27 Fax: +40-21-317.L.07. 417015.39 Annual turnover: 16. Strada Dumbrava Roşie.98. km 3+750.66. judeţul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-30.L. nr. Calea Griviţei.31 Annual turnover: 22.86.A.34. Oradea. nr. Drumul Săbăreni.L.80 Annual turnover: 44. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-307. 258. 120.XDELTA PLUS TRADING S.L. 117.46. judeţul ARGEŞ Phone: +40-248-27. Strada Serelor.74.150 RON (2009) XREGIA AUTONOMĂ DE TRANSPORT BUCURE¯TI S.R.32.16 Annual turnover: 12.520 EUR (2009) XENIGMA TRADING 2000 S.434.R. Strada Tractorului. DJ 691 Km. nr. 551010.76. judeţul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-83. nr. Strada Bilciureşti. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-202.96 Annual turnover: 18. 53. 129.76.142 EUR (2009) XTRANS CAR S.22 Annual turnover: 5.72 Fax: +40-256-47. 1. 196.74/75 Fax: +40-259-43. 4.585.76.32.40. etaj 2. Braşov.275 EUR (2009) XEDY INTERNATIONAL SPEDITION S.91.74 .95 Annual turnover: 167.98.803.506 EUR (2009) XVIATOR & VEKTOR RO S.A.526 EUR (2009) XROHEL TRANS INTERNATIONAL S.947 EUR (2009) XTRANSCONDOR S.382 EUR (2009) XRO-HOLLAND TRANS S.551. 9A. Strada Calafatului. 077060.99.68. Strada Unirii. Bulevardul Dacia.318 EUR (2009) XINTERNATIONAL LAZAR COMPANY S.05.148. 600093.41.07 Fax: +40-269-84.749.17.140 EUR (2009) XDUNCA EXPEDITII S. nr.19.920. judeţul HUNEDOARA Phone: +40-254-20. Şoseaua Borşului.12 Annual turnover: 26.A.

Bucure¿ti . nr. Strada Ştirbei Vodă.220 EUR (2009) XWILLI BETZ ROMANIA S. Bucure¿ti . Bucure¿ti . Bucure¿ti . Bucure¿ti .085.958.294.A. SOCIETATEA NAÞIONALĂ DE TRANSPORT FEROVIAR DE MARFĂ CFR MARFĂ .459. 92.098 EUR METROREX S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 42.35.A.94. GRIVIŢA S.351 EUR 11. ROM RAIL TRANSPORT S. 8. RESTAURANT SI BAR CFR . sector 6.449 EUR Transport & Cargo 253 .996 EUR COMPANIA NATIONALA DE TRANSPORT FEROVIAR BUCURESTI S. 3.A.S.F. TRANSFER INTERNATIONAL SPEDITION S.481 EUR 12.421 EUR SERVTRANS INVEST S. Bucure¿ti .382. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-314. SOCIETATEA COMERCIALA DE EXPLOATARE A VAGOANELOR DE DORMIT. Bulevardul Timişoara.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 25. Bucure¿ti .329 EUR (2009) Rail Transportation Reported results for 2009 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-444.157 EUR ATELIERELE C.L.A. sector 1. 5.R.XWABERER'S ROMANIA S. Bucure¿ti .L.R. TRANS EXPEDITION FEROVIAR S.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 11.R.76.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 472.A. 9.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 27. Bucure¿ti .441 EUR ROMPETROL LOGISTICS S.045.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 94.94.GEVARO S.R.A.R.331 EUR 15.364 EUR 13.A.877.198.793 EUR 14.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 12. BAREXIM S.569. Bucure¿ti .621.369. Bucure¿ti .76 Fax: +40-21-444.049.A.R. Bucure¿ti .PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 48.416. Bucure¿ti .L.A.A.L.45 Fax: +40-21-314.901.A.L.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 251. Bucure¿ti . CUSETA. 7.426. nr.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 17.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 37.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 14.847 EUR SOCIETATEA NAÞIONALĂ DE TRANSPORT FEROVIAR DE CĂLĂTORI CFR CĂLĂTORI S. 104-106. Ştirbei Center. Ploie¿ti .369. 6.89 Annual turnover: 40.L.R.717.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 32.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 100.47 Annual turnover: 7. 4. UNIFERTRANS S.012 EUR 10. GRUP FEROVIAR ROMåN S.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 18.710 EUR UNICOM TRANZIT S.615 EUR 2.


. RON (2009) Annual turnover 179.17. Contact: Strada Bilciureşti.A.13 Annual turnover: 251.98. Unicom Tranzit Company profile: S. Strada Vaselor.558 Ownership Private-owned: 100% Romanian: 100% SORIN CHINDE . 114.30. 38. 014012. GRIVIŢA S. Financial information: Registred capital 4. with quality management certifications. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318. nr.500 RON (2009) Annual turnover 425. sector 1. Timişoara.83 Annual turnover: 1.Ukrainean border. locomotives and railway lines. sector 2.49.214. Bulevardul Dinicu Golescu. intrarea E. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-224. road transport and multimodal.L. nr.A.A.183.313.073.852 RON (2009) XCOMPANIA DE TRANSPORT FEROVIAR BUCUREŞTI S. etaj 2. The main object of activity is providing all logistics necessary for internal and international transportations of cargoes on the Website: www. Strada Gării.901. according to ISO 9001:2001. Bucharest provides freight railway transportation and wagon shunting activities.293.52 Fax: +40-256-49.General Manager ADRIAN TACEA .67.F. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: General Manager Ownership: Private-owned: 100% Romanian: 100% Quality certificates: ISO 9001:2001 issued by SRAC. by SRAC and IQNET.89 Annual turnover: 48.33. TASTEL S. with 100% private capital.General Manager VASILE MÂNDROIU .C.32. Calea Griviţei. USER member. Bulevardul Dinicu Golescu . The connected activities are dispatching and storing the goods in Romanian .10 Fax: +40-21-318. Grup Feroviar Roman S.133.00 Fax: +40-21-210.615 EUR (2009) XBAREXIM S. is an affiliated member of the International Railways Union (UIC) and an associate member of the Organization for Collaboration of Railways (OCCF).516 RON (2009) Employees 1.R. was established in 1994 as a joint stock company. 2. XATELIERELE C. being an authorized and a licensed railway transportation operator for these services and for current maintenance and repairs of wagons.gfr.157 EUR (2009) XBEGA REPARAŢII VAGOANE S. Contact: Calea Victoriei.981 RON (2009) Total revenues 440.92 Fax: +40-21-232.36 Annual turnover: 27. 359.012 EUR (2009) XCFR MARFĂ Company profile: The company Grup Feroviar Roman S. Company name: SOCIETATEA NAŢIONALĂ DE TRANSPORT FEROVIAR DE MARFĂ .356 EUR (2009) 256 Transport & Cargo . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210. 9A.11. the activity extended on the international transportation market.432 RON (2009) UNICOM TRANZIT S.C. 38. camera 58.11. 010718.A. nr.S. Having obtained freight railway transportation licenses for Hungary and Bulgaria. sector 1.636. 34. The company is an affiliated member of FIATA. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232. sector 1.A.CFR MARFĂ Website: www.Most important companies in "Rail Transportation" GRUP FEROVIAR ROMÂN S.09. nr.198.12 Annual turnover: 32. etaj 8.A. nr.Director Adjunct Financial information: Registred capital 6.08 Fax: +40-21-224.90 E-mail: tranzit@unicom-group.R. nr. judeţul TIMIŞ Phone: +40-256-49.12 Fax: +40-21-225. IQNET Auditor: S.91 E-mail: office@gfr.371.A.41. Top management: Net profit 10.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-225.90/92/93 Fax: +40-21-318.A.150 RON (2009) Employees 100 Top management: ION BUCUR .503 RON (2009) Gross profit 15. sector 1.A. by the companies owned by Grup Feroviar Roman.

L. nr. nr.758 EUR COMPANIA NAÞIONALĂ AEROPORTURI BUCURE¯TI S.00 +40-21-319.750 EUR GLOBE GROUND ROMANIA S. Poarta I. corp A.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 11.25 Fax: +40-31-405. sector 1. etaj 2.39 Annual turnover: 472.22 Fax: +40-21-319.R.49.995 EUR (2009) XUNIFERTRANS S. 9 A.S.A. Company name: SOCIETATEA NAŢIONALĂ DE TRANSPORT FEROVIAR DE CĂLĂTORI .ILFOV Annual Turnover: 71.26. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-405. 10-12.41 Annual turnover: 25.235.709 EUR (2009) XTRANSFER INTERNATIONAL SPEDITION S. 900900. 48. nr.R. etaj 6.A. apt.767 EUR (2009) XROMPETROL LOGISTICS S. judeţul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-66.257 EUR Transport & Cargo 257 .85 Fax: +40-244-40.59 Annual turnover: 17. 060754. 010858.A.R. 4.045.12 Annual turnover: 14.A. nr.R. 5. Incinta Port. Otopeni .L. sector 1.99. 38. 38. nr.14. RESTAURANT SI BAR CFR .537. 7.A. ADMINISTRAÞIA ROMåNĂ A SERVICIILOR DE TRAFIC AERIAN ROMATSA R.26.A. 5.L.864.51. sector 1. sector 1.50 Annual turnover: 1. nr.R.416.36.01 Fax: Annual turnover: N/A XSNTFC CFR CALATORI S. Constanţa.837.00 Fax: +40-21-210.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 18.000 RON (2009) XSERVTRANS INVEST S.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.24. sector 2.18 +40-21-222.A.01 Fax: Annual turnover: 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 191. Otopeni .R.L. Bucure¿ti .A. apt.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 126.152.006 EUR (2009) XSOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ DE EXPLOATARE A VAGOANELOR DE DORMIT.L. sector 1.441 EUR (2009) XTRANS EXPEDITION FEROVIAR S.24. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210. etaj 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-223. 1-9. 6.16.877.26 Annual turnover: 12. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-405. 010863.XCOMPANIA NATIONALA DE CAI FERATE CFR S.621. nr.16. Clădirea Policlinică. Strada Basarabilor. nr. Strada Bilciureşti.633.CFR CĂLĂTORI .351 EUR (2009) Air Transportation Reported results for 2009 1.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 145.29.793 EUR (2009) XTRANSBORDARE VAGOANE MARFĂ S. sector 1.A.426. Strada Fabrica de Glucoză. sector 2. Bucure¿ti .26.03. Otopeni . Bucure¿ti . DIRECT AERO SERVICES S. sector 6. 10. judeţul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-40.30.085. etaj 4. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-300. Ploieşti.59 Fax: +40-21-316.99.42 Fax: +40-21-232.452 EUR 2. CUŞETA. Bulevardul Dinicu Golescu. 010099.717. 34.13 +40-241-66. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.A. 060754. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232.89 Annual turnover: 77.03. Piaţa Gării de Nord.045.33. 1-3.55 Fax: +40-21-319. 11. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.GEVARO S. 3. Bulevardul Dinicu Golescu.958.64.618. 38.A.364 EUR (2009) XMETROREX S.R. Strada Vaselor.L.365.49.41.585 EUR COMPANIA NAÞIONALĂ DE TRANSPORTURI AERIENE ROMåNE TAROM S.26.51 Fax: +40-31-405. Strada Economu Cezăscu. sector 1. Bulevardul Dinicu Golescu.46 Fax: Annual turnover: 37.838 EUR (2009) XEUROFER TRANS S.72.L.70/71 +40-21-312. nr.00 Annual turnover: 48. Şoseaua Nicolae Titulescu.49 Fax: Annual turnover: 94.913 EUR COMPANIA ROMåNĂ DE AVIAÞIE ROMAVIA R. nr. 014142.29. Strada Bechea.331 EUR (2009) XROM RAIL TRANSPORT S.

499 EUR (2008) XSOCIETATEA NAŢIONALĂ AEROPORTUL INTERNAŢIONAL TIMIŞOARA . nr.A. nr.57 Annual turnover: 11.L.37 Fax: +40-256-49. 400397.365.7.33. judeţul IAŞI Phone: +40-232-27.24 Annual turnover: 7. 224 G. 71.A.12 Annual turnover: 9.49. 075150. sector 1.switchboard Fax: +40-21-201. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-208.00 Fax: +40-372-46.618. Iaşi. 1. Cluj-Napoca. Otopeni. nr.A. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-201. 224 H. 149.740 EUR (2009) 258 Transport & Cargo .L.TIMI¯ Annual Turnover: 9.A.901.74.90 Annual turnover: 80.R.222 EUR (2009) XAEROPORTUL IAŞI R.TRAIAN VUIA S.94 Fax: +40-262-22.CONSTANÞA Annual Turnover: 3. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-372-46.320.69 Fax: +40-21-311.61 Annual turnover: 191. etaj 1. Calea Bucureştilor.04 . nr.152. AEROPORTUL CLUJ NAPOCA R.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 7.61/65 Fax: +40-21-316. 4.41 Fax: +40-21-204.67.585.35 Fax: +40-269-25. sector 4. judeţul ARAD Phone: +40-257-33. Terminal Plecari. Otopeni.10 Annual turnover: 20.50.A.A.844 EUR (2009) XION ŢIRIAC AIR S.99. judeţul ILFOV Aeroportul Henri Coandă.A.36 Fax: +40-264-41.650 EUR (2009) XDIRECT AERO SERVICES S.491.240 EUR (2009) XCOMPANIA NAŢIONALA AEROPORTURI BUCUREŞTI S. 075100. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316. 2. Otopeni. Otopeni.650 EUR SOCIETATEA NAÞIONALĂ AEROPORTUL INTERNAÞIONAL TIMI¯OARA .47. 310059.A. nr.22. nr.A. Aeroportul Internaţional Henri Coandă.31.934 EUR Most important companies in "Air Transportation" XADMINISTRAŢIA ROMANĂ A SERVICIILOR DE TRAFIC AERIAN ROMATSA R.A.07. 224 E.99. Otopeni .691.20.00/01 Fax: +40-21-201.66. Calea Bucureştilor. Cluj-Napoca .585 EUR (2009) XAEROPORTUL ARAD S. Strada Principală. 550051.90 Fax: +40-232-27.24. nr. SOCIETATEA NAÞIONALĂ AEROPORTUL INTERNAÞIONAL MIHAIL KOGĂLNICEANU-CONSTANÞA S. 224 F.R. 307200. Calea Aeroportului. judeţul TIMŞ Phone: +40-256-49. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311.355. nr. ION ÞIRIAC AIR S. Terminal Cargo BICC (Servicii Cargo).956 EUR (2009) XAEROPORTUL SIBIU R. 73. 013813. nr.691.44.33. 075150.257 EUR (2009) XAEROPORTUL CLUJ NAPOCA R. Calea Bucureştilor. Calea Bucureştilor.15.82 Annual turnover: 1. Strada Moara de V‰nt.452 EUR (2009) XCOMPANIA NAŢIONALA DE TRANSPORTURI AERIENE ROMåNE TAROM S.05 Annual turnover: 9.74. Timi¿oara .864 EUR (2008) XAEROPORTUL INTERNAŢIONAL BAIA MARE R.845. bloc B2. 8. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-201.A.31. etaj 2. Timişoara. judeţul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41. Mihail Kogălniceanu . Arad.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 9.516.740 EUR 9.741 EUR (2009) XCOMPANIA ROMåNĂ DE AVIAŢIE ROMAVIA R.A.39 Fax: +40-21-230. 10.901.A. Otopeni. judeţul MARAMUREŞ Phone: +40-262-22. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-350.16. Şoseaua Alba Iulia.845.029 EUR (2009) XGLOBE GROUND ROMANIA S.33.94 Annual turnover: 1.90. Bulevardul Dimitrie Cantemir. Strada Traian Vuia. Tăuţii Măgheruş.47.956 EUR 10.67 Annual turnover: 536. Bulevardul Ion Ionescu de la Brad. Otopeni.70 Annual turnover: 1.20.42 Annual turnover: 145.A.31 Annual turnover: 2. nr. judeţul ILFOV Aeroportul Henri Coandă.516.756. Sibiu.053.10 Fax: +40-257-25. Strada Buzeşti. 34.32.15.A. sector 1. nr. Strada Aeroport.TRAIAN VUIA S. judeţul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-25.

934 EUR (2009) Maritime & River Transportation Reported results for 2009 1. 9.084.637.853. Agigea . 2.002 EUR 10. Constanßa .A.798. Constanßa .XSOCIETATEA NAÞIONALĂ AEROPORTUL INTERNAŢIONAL MIHAIL KOGĂLNICEANU .653 EUR Transport & Cargo 259 .871.R.80.CONSTANÞA Annual Turnover: 21.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 136.906 EUR NORTH STAR SHIPPING S.CONSTANÞA Annual Turnover: 10. DG PETROL S. Constanßa .109 EUR COMVEX S.221.L. Constanßa .A.CONSTANTA S. judeţul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-25.A.509.A. Galaßi .GALAÞI Annual Turnover: 36. Mihail Kogălceanu. 7. SOCEP S.703. CHIMPEX S.543.L.CONSTANÞA Annual Turnover: 49. 3.107 EUR COMPANIA NAÞIONALĂ ADMINISTRAÞIA PORTURILOR MARITIME .R.CONSTANÞA Annual Turnover: 12.CONSTANÞA Annual Turnover: 85. 6.R.678 EUR 12.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 28.033.S.R. 4.697 EUR CONSTANÞA SOUTH CONTAINER TERMINAL S.904 EUR 5.CONSTANÞA Annual Turnover: 11.L. Bucure¿ti . CONSTANÞA Constanßa .L.A.22 Annual turnover: 3. Constanßa . Bucure¿ti .Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 10.602 EUR 13.L.51.CONSTANÞA Annual Turnover: 17.00 Fax: +40-241-50.320.L.818. Bucure¿ti . COMPANIA DE NAVIGAÞIE FLUVIALĂ ROMåNĂ NAVROM S. SARGEANT MARINE ROMANIA S. Constanßa .A.492 EUR 11.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 49. SPET SHIPPING S.A. Bucure¿ti . Strada Tudor Vladimirescu.363. nr.A.129.270 EUR TOMINI TRADING S.CONSTANÞA Annual Turnover: 34.600 EUR MSC ROMANIA SHIPPING S.R. 4.376 EUR TTS ( TRANSPORT TRADE SERVICES ) S. 8.R. 907195.

A. 900900.15. Galaţi.L.L.Most important companies in "Maritime & River Transportation" XCHIMPEX S. Clădirea Administrativă MOL II-S. judeţul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-63.95. 900900. 810118. 1. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222.R. 1. Dana 64 (45). 1.20.99.R.05/06 Annual turnover: 136.904 EUR (2009) XPORT BAZINUL NOU S.105 EUR (2009) XNORTH STAR SHIPPING S.906 EUR (2009) XCOMPANIA NAŢIONALĂ ADMINISTRAŢIA PORTURILOR DUNĂRII FLUVIALE S.A.93 Annual turnover: 4.52 Annual turnover: 6.10 Fax: +40-241-63. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-805. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310. Incintă⠐Port Constanţa.237 EUR (2009) XCOMPANIA DE NAVIGAÞIE FLUVIALĂ ROMåNĂ NAVROM S.51 Annual turnover: 5. nr. Brăila. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.05 Fax: +40-21-310. Galaţi. Giurgiu.910. Strada Miroslavei.001 EUR (2009) XCOMVEX S. Agigea.871. 34. judeţul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-47.36 Fax: +40-241-60.256 EUR (2009) XKAPITAL LEADING TRANSPORT S.00 Fax: +40-246-21. Strada Anghel Saligny.10. Incinta Port Dana 54.129. 4. nr.90 Annual turnover: 36.40 Fax: +40-241-61.L. etaj 2. judeţul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-58.90.19.R.R.L.A. 080011. 800201.530.A. judeţul BRĂILA Phone: +40-239-61. 023965.50.05 Fax: +40-241-73.05 Fax: +40-239-61.678 EUR (2009) XECONOMU INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AGENCY S.46. 907015.21 Annual turnover: 5. sector 1. SOCEP.22 Fax: +40-236-46. Constanţa. judeţul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-69.002 EUR (2009) XROMNAV S.L. judeţul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-46.480. Şoseaua Portului. Aleea Caşin. Incinta Port. Strada Străjerului.25.613 EUR (2009) XCONSTANÞA SOUTH CONTAINER TERMINAL S. GIURGIU Şoseaua Portului.033.90.49 Fax: +40-241-60.10 Annual turnover: 17. nr.00 Fax: +40-241-60.20 Annual turnover: 4. Galaţi. 39-41.85.11 Annual turnover: 8.30.436 EUR (2009) XD. 900900.43.R.A.90.443 EUR (2009) XMSC ROMANIA SHIPPING S.03 Fax: +40-246-21. Strada Academiei.05.30.S.82/84/76 Annual turnover: 5.A. Strada Iacob Felix. nr. Strada Portului. nr.G.74 Annual turnover: 6.35.64 Annual turnover: 5.750.10.324. sector 1. sector 6.35.600 EUR (2009) XROMPORTMET S. judeţul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-70.77.796 EUR (2009) XMINMETAL S.30 Annual turnover: 11. 22.11 Annual turnover: 28.A. 14. 24.109 EUR (2009) XCOMPANIA NAŢIONALĂ ADMINISTRAŢIA PORTURILOR MARITIME .989 EUR (2009) XCOMPANIA NATŢIONALĂ ADMINISTRAŢIA CANALELOR NAVIGABILE S. Giurgiu. Port Constanţa-Sud.59 Annual turnover: 21.22 Fax: +40-21-222.66/67 Fax: +40-21-411.798.853.82.509. Constanţa. nr.L. Strada Popa Savu.582. 70.82.91 Annual turnover: 6.23. Strada Incinta Port Dana 80-84.31 Fax: +40-236-44.R. Agigea. Constanţa.R. Dana. nr.85 Fax: +40-241-60 66 35 Annual turnover: 12. etaj 1.399.221. CONSTANŢA Gara Maritimă.543. Strada Basarabiei. Port Gara 45. nr.L.312.94.99. nr.697 EUR (2009) XMAERSK ROMANIA S.R.54 Annual turnover: 34.24. judeţul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-60. PETROL S. sector 1. 800025.637. 3 A. judeţul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-61. Incinta Port Nou Constanßa.270 EUR (2009) XSARGEANT MARINE ROMANIA S.L.80/1/3/5/6 Fax: +40-21-310. judeţul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-73.A. Constanßa. Constanßa.91. Constanţa. 011041. 1. nr. judeţul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-60.23.90. judeţul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-44.46.12 Annual turnover: 49.27.01. judeţul GIURGIU Phone: +40-372-46. nr.22.596.957 EUR (2009) XCOMPANIA DE NAVIGAÞIE FLUVIALĂ GIURGIU NAV S. 900900.492 EUR (2009) 260 Transport & Cargo . Strada Ecluzei.16.35 Fax: +40-241-63.38 Fax: +40-236-46.01. 900900.A. Strada Siret.33. judeţul GIURGIU Phone: +40-246-21.A. 34. Constanţa.363. judeţul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-63. 800820.16 Fax: +40-241-63. 1. nr. nr.A.

nr.00 Annual turnover: 10.L Joita .GIURGIU Annual Turnover: 15.L.000 EUR CARGO-PARTNER EXPEDITII S.R.11. Oradea . Bucure¿ti .65 Annual turnover: 5. 34. 9.INTERFRACHT ROMANIA S.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 13.R.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 20.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 42.R. Chiajna . sector 1.38.084. 8.L. 2. Otopeni .205.37.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 27. 4.L. Strada Jupiter.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 17. 010024. KARL HEINZ DIETRICH INTERNATIONAL EXPED S.537 EUR 10.L.55 Annual turnover: 85. nr. 6.23. Bucure¿ti . Bucure¿ti .164.292.575 EUR (2009) XSPET SHIPPING S. Calea Rahovei. Bolintin Deal . sector 5.520 EUR GEBRUDER WEISS S.471.315. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-207.095 EUR SCHENKER ROMTRANS S.622 EUR KUEHNE + NAGEL ROMANIA S. Dana 34.A.501 EUR DSV SOLUTIONS S.R. Bucure¿ti .500. Constanţa.025.XSOCEP S. CALBERSON ROMåNIA S.703. KLG EUROPE LOGISTICS S. Strada Av. Otopeni .00 Fax: +40-21-315. 5.R.414.294.821 EUR Transport & Cargo 261 .ILFOV Annual Turnover: 12.20.644. nr.A.R.602 EUR (2009) XTRANSORIENT S. Popişteanu Cristian.L. Arad .653 EUR (2009) XTTS (TRANSPORT TRADE SERVICES) S.A.30 Fax: +40-21-317. Strada Vaselor. 7.781.R. 3.221.R.042 EUR DELAMODE ROMåNIA S.206 EUR 11. 19.14. UNICOM TRANZIT S.421 EUR EXPRESS .813 EUR 12.BIHOR Annual Turnover: 13.GIURGIU Annual Turnover: 13.L.L.650. 196C. Incinta Port Constanţa.A.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 12.L. Bucure¿ti .A.56 Fax: +40-241-69.A.59 Annual turnover: 10.242.194 EUR CENTRUM TRANSPORT S. 2-4.376 EUR (2009) Freight Forwarders & Custom Agents Reported results for 2009 1.07 Fax: +40-21-210.03 Fax: +40-241-63. nr. judeţul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-67.A. Constanţa.107 EUR (2009) XTOMINI TRADING S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.L.73. judeţul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-69.ARAD Annual Turnover: 30.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 12. sector 2.43 Annual turnover: 49.

judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-203.R.00.536 EUR (2009) 262 Transport & Cargo . Strada Ion Creangă.46. nr.46. strada Industriilor.501 EUR (2009) XKLG EUROPE LOGISTICS S.R.48.622 EUR (2009) XKAPITAL LEADING TRANSPORT S.41 Fax: +40-372-67. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-408.498.58 Annual turnover: 12.L.L. Otopeni. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-207. Ryhart Logistic Park . Bucharest West Logistics Park.13.51 Annual turnover: 13. km 13.L.L. 61-63. nr. nr. nr.49. nr.58.53 Fax: +40-21-207.50 Fax: +40-21-407.R.414.94.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 8.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 10. km 23. 3. Comuna Dragomireşti Vale.853.24. Glina .00. EUR (2009) XCARGO-PARTNER EXPEDITII S.L.01 Fax: +40-372-15.L. 410605.82/84/76 Annual turnover: 5. 077096.00 Fax: +40-21-203. TRANSALKIM INTERNATIONALE SPEDITION COMISIONAR VAMAL S.68.26 Fax: +40-259-47. Oradea. Strada Sulfinei.L.073. nr. 111-115. Autostrada A1.08 Annual turnover: 13. QUEHENBERGER LOGISTICS ROU S. Bucharest West Logistics Park.A.62 .095 EUR (2009) XKUEHNE + NAGEL ROMANIA S. 9.02. Bucure¿ti . 075100. Autostrada Bucureşti-Piteşti. km 16. DE 287/1. Clinceni .L. Joiţa. AGNIS TRADING S.02. 40. km 23.329 EUR (2009) XCALBERSON ROMåNIA S.67.L.206 EUR (2009) XEXPRESS .500. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-31-405.L.00 Fax: +40-31-405.69/68 Annual turnover: 30. ProLogis Park. Strada Horea.596. Şoseaua Borşului.94.54 Annual turnover: 15. Chiajna. Şoseaua Odăi.60 Annual turnover: 27.R.L. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-31-860.R. 075100.L.790 EUR Most important companies in "Freight Forwarders & Custom Agents" XAGNIS TRADING S.L.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 7. Autostrada Bucureşti-Piteşti.292. judeţul GIURGIU Phone: +40-21-407.190 EUR (2009) XKARL HEINZ DIETRICH INTERNATIONAL EXPED S.INTERFRACHT ROMANIA S.R.00. Olteni. judeţul GIURGIU Phone: +40-21-300. nr.37.92 Annual turnover: 7. 077040.R.813 EUR (2009) XDSV SOLUTIONS S.376 EUR 14.315.025.5.84. Int. DE 287/1.85.88 Annual turnover: 12.99 Annual turnover: 6.R. Aeroport Henri Coandă. 39-41.R. nr. 28-35.67 Fax: +40-21-350. 023965.80/1/3/5/6 Fax: +40-21-310. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-431. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.242.68 Fax: +40-21-408.790 EUR (2009) XEGETRA ROMANIA S.01 Annual turnover: 12.49.R. DN 4.R.237 EUR (2009) XCEVA LOGISTICS S. strada Ithaca.81 Annual turnover: 20.67.00 Fax: +40-21-431.150 EUR 15.R. judeţul GIURGIU Phone: +40-372-67. Bulevardul Timişoara.58 Fax: +40-21-300. nr. strada DC 147.01 Annual turnover: 2.701. 077105. Şoseaua de Centură.194 EUR (2009) XGEBRUDER WEISS S.821 EUR (2009) XDELAMODE ROMåNIA S.24. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-372-15. 077096. Cloşca şi Crişan.644. nr.R. Strada Academiei. Otopeni. 1000. km 23.L. Bolintin Deal. sat Dragomireşti Deal.00/32 Fax: +40-21-407.37. Autostrada A1.L.085. judeţul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-47.650. Otopeni.08. Otopeni. Glina.75/76/77 Fax: +40-31-860.000 EUR (2009) XCENTRUM TRANSPORT S.A.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-407. sector 1. 62-68. 087150.08.74.31. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-350.R.781. Dragomireşti.66 Annual turnover: 13. sector 6.74.31.

L.796 EUR (2009) XUNICOM TRANZIT S.359 EUR CARGUS INTERNATIONAL S.R.30 Fax: +40-21-451.05. Strada DE.R. 310510.R.752. 48/1.073.69.R.92 Fax: +40-21-232. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-405. Bulevardul Timişoara. Bucure¿ti . Sibiu . 90. sector 5.L. nr. Bucure¿ti .915 EUR NEMO PROD COM IMPEX S.809.833. Bucure¿ti .646. 5.22 Fax: +40-21-222. Bucure¿ti . nr. 9 A. judeţul ARAD Phone: +40-261-75.29. nr.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 5. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.99. 4.150 RON (2009) XQUEHENBERGER LOGISTICS ROU S.R.61.L.98. 14.A. Bucure¿ti .508.73 Fax: +40-261-75.20.R.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 39.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 10.520 EUR (2009) Couriers & Messengers Reported results for 2009 1. Arad.150 EUR (2009) XZIMROM SHIPPING S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 13.XLAGERMAX AED ROMANIA S.818. sector 1.823 EUR COMPANIA NAÞIONALĂ PO¯TA ROMåNĂ S. nr.305. sector 1.324. Strada Bilciureşti.71/72/73/74 Fax: +40-21-230.165 EUR TNT ROMåNIA S.339 EUR TCE LOGISTICA S. Bucure¿ti .57/58 Annual turnover: 8.24 Annual turnover: 10. sector 6. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230. Bucure¿ti .788 EUR PEGASUS COURIER S. Zona Industrială de Vest.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232.648 EUR Transport & Cargo 263 .SIBIU Annual Turnover: EUR (2009) XTRANSALKIM INTERNATIONALE SPEDITION COMISIONAR VAMAL S. nr.37. FAN COURIER EXPRESS S.L.863.L. PO¯TA ATLASSIB CURIER RAPID S.R.A. Strada Popa Savu. Bucure¿ti . Strada Emil Pangratti. 10.L. sector 1. 2.R.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 16.09.L.R.L.L. etaj 2.L.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 24. sat Olteni.376 EUR (2009) XMAERSK ROMANIA S.142 EUR UPS ROMANIA S.R. Calea Rahovei.27 Fax: +40-21-317.L.498.99.21 Annual turnover: 5.90 Annual turnover: 179.34 Annual turnover: 17. 76/88. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222.51 Annual turnover: 6. nr.R.45. Bucure¿ti .Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 338.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 30.818 EUR (2009) XSCHENKER ROMTRANS S.225 EUR DHL INTERNATIONAL ROMANIA S. 9.A.284.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 32. 6.R. 8. 3. 35.L.73 Annual turnover: 3.A. 014012. Strada III. 196.742. 7. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-444.40 Fax: +40-21-444.05.L. Clinceni.120.140 EUR 10. nr.532.214.

the integration process aims at a further development of Cargus capabilities and offering. sector 1.L. Cargus Matinal) and international express courier services. of employees 461 Shareholders DEUTSCHE POST DHL: 100% Ownership Private-owned: 100% Quality certificates ISO 9001/2001 issued by LLOYD’S Register for Quality Assurance ISO 14001 Environment Management Certification issued by SGS GROUP Brands DHL. In its 18 years of activity. DHL EXPRESS 12:00 and DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE.Time Definite International services (DHL EXPRESS 9:00. transportation and logistics.IT Manager Financial information: Registered capital 10. nr.00 Fax: +40-21-200.Finance Manager OVIDIU PĂUN .A.69 E-mail: rodhl@dhl. With a fleet of over 600 vehicles and more than 1700 employees and co-workers.00 E-mail: cargus@cargus. 11 C.01 Annual turnover: 338. 169 A. Strada Fabrica de Glucoză. Top management: GIAN SHARP .Managing Director Financial information: Registered capital 200. of employees Company profile: CARGUS is the first private domestic courier company in Romania.120.R. 169 A.Customer Interface Manager GABRIELA BAICAN .Most important companies in "Couriers & Messengers" CARGUS INTERNATIONAL S. DHL offers expertise in express. sector 1. DHL is a Deutsche Post DHL brand.Human Resources Manager ALEXANDRA BUCŞAN .Day Definite services (ECONOMY Website: www.00 (outside Bucharest) +40-21-9330 (for Bucharest) Fax: +40-21-351. Bucuresti Phone: +40-21-222.Brand and Communication Manager DHL International Romania SRL DHL INTERNATIONAL ROMANIA S. nr.17. IMPORT ECONOMY SELECT): express road transportation with delivery in a definite number of days.R. On the Romanian market DHL Express offers a wide range of express Website: www. overland transport. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-9336 Fax: +40-21-243.823 EUR (2009) XFAN COURIER EXPRESS S.Country Operations Manager MARIAN PLETEA .14.000 employees are dedicated to providing fast and reliable services that exceed customers’ expectations.165 EUR (2009) No. Members of the board: GIAN SHARP . DHL Express Contact person: LUANA DUMITRESCU . 2008 Deutsche Post DHL aquired CARGUS.L.DHL-brandworld. specializing in providing innovative and customized solutions from a single source. a single interface to ensure all transportation and logistics solutions from one source.226 EUR (2009) 264 Transport & Cargo . divided under three categories: .140 RON (2009) Annual turnover 32. DHL’s international network links more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. To customers.989. nr.000 expeditions daily.02. sector 2. sector 2.73.R. Bulevardul Dacia. In November. Cargus is offering national express courier services (Cargus Express. DHL DOMESTIC EXPRESS 18:00): domestic courier services . contract logistic solutions as well as international mail services. Cargus offers its clients dedicated services adjusted to their specific needs and requirements. on the long combined with worldwide coverage and an in-depth understanding of local markets.917. IMPORT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE): international express courier for documents and parcels and specialized services Time Definite Domestic services (DHL DOMESTIC EXPRESS 12:00. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-200.211 Shareholders DEUTSCHE POST DHL: 100% Ownership Private-owned: 100% Quality certificates ISO 9001:2001 issued by (SGS) Top management: GIAN SHARP . Bucuresti Phone: +40-21-933. Contact: Calea Floreasca. owning more than 90 offices and expedition centers covering all areas of the country.Commercial Manager CRISTINA FILIP . Cargus has developed the most extended courier network in Romania. air and ocean freight.014 RON (2009) No. nr. Some 300.508.000 RON (2009) Annual turnover 102.73.L. Cargus offers an extended service pool: courier.Managing Director BOGDAN OBRETIN . The aquisition was followed by a process of integration of Cargus into DHL’s structure.General Manager Brands CARGUS Contact person: LUANA DUMITRESCU . 140. Contact: Calea Company profile: DHL is the global market leader of the international express and logistics industry.cargus.29 Annual turnover: www.71 Fax: +40-21-222. registering more than 20.00.Brand Communication Manager XCOMPANIA NAŢIONALĂ POŞTA ROMåNĂ S.833.

Strada Autogării. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-742-11. etaj 1. sector 3. Sibiu.788 EUR (2009) XSPRINT CURIER EXPRES. 24-26.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 840.66 Fax: +40-21-345.04.401. Şoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti Aeroportul Internaţional Bucureşti Băneasa. Strada Sutaşului. nr.R.93.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 1.648 EUR (2009) XNEMO PROD COM IMPEX S.R.L.L.529.25. Otopeni. 138. Strada Topraisar.359 EUR (2009) XPAN EXPRESS S.014 EUR (2009) XGLOBAL RELOCATION SERVICE S.00 Annual turnover: N/A Drumul Săbăreni. parter. INTERDEAN ROMANIA S.88. sector 1. ¯oseaua Odăii.76 Fax: +40-21-201.42 Annual turnover: 1.R. sector 1.R. sector 6. sector 6.R. Strada Migdalului. sector 1. nr.25.93. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-221.R. 013681.L.06.132 EUR (2009) XTCE LOGISTICA S. Bucure¿ti .Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 1.80 Annual turnover: 30. Bucure¿ti . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317. Bucure¿ti .R. Bucharest Business Park. 35.95.45.R. nr.R.88. XOTTO EXPEDIÞII S.60 Fax: +40-21-256.L. 4. 2.L. Strada Ing.L.697. Pascal Cristian.94.R.L.L.45.78 Annual turnover: 4. nr.39 Fax: +40-21-316.00 Annual turnover: 10. 40. Măgurele .18/28 Annual turnover: 13.627 EUR (2009) XINTERDEAN ROMANIA S.L.64.620 EUR (2009) XRILVAN SERV S. Şoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.70 Annual turnover: 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303. 3.752. 1 A.L.01. 173 A.90 Annual turnover: 1.L.92/93/94 Fax: +40-21-448.L. Bulevardul Basarabia.73.231 EUR (2009) Transport & Cargo 265 . Strada Ferme C.697.63 Annual turnover: 840.R.284. 1. nr.79 Fax: +40-31-100. sector 6.25/26 Fax: +40-21-317.473 EUR (2009) XPOŞTA ATLASSIB CURIER RAPID S. sector 2.646.014 EUR RILVAN SERV S.155.04 Annual turnover: 5. C1-C2. nr.77 Fax: +40-21-233.95.R. judeţul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-22. 2.29. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-250.037 EUR (2009) XPEGASUS COURIER S.231 EUR AGS BUCAREST S. 060221. nr.20.93. nr.597.25 Fax: +40-21-220.27 Annual turnover: 3. Strada Pascal Cristian.237.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-221. nr. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-311. 1.R.L.R. Strada Atomiştilor. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-448.XINTERNATIONAL ROMEXPRESS SERVICE LTD S.237.L.627 EUR GLOBAL RELOCATION SERVICE S.140 EUR (2009) XUPS ROMANIA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.L. nr. 13.809.01.46 Fax: +40-21-221.818.88. nr.21 Fax: +40-269-24.67 Fax: +40-21-303. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-345.620 EUR Most important companies in "Moving Companies" XAGS BUCAREST S. bloc C. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-311. 29.915 EUR (2009) Moving Companies Reported results for 2009 1.A. 20 A.48.532. sector 6.R. nr.142 EUR (2009) XTNT ROMåNIA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-9392 Fax: +40-21-242.67.L.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 1. 550123. sector 1.06. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-9335 Fax: +40-21-404.R. Incinta Faur.82. Măgurele. 4.23.L. nr.39 Annual turnover: 16.62 Annual turnover: 1.14 Annual turnover: 1.401. Strada Re”nvierii.


Automotive Industry Major Companies in Romania 267 .

Automotive Industry Overview 2009 was a nightmare year for the auto market: sales have fallen. Vehicle Producers & Importers Reported results for 2009 1.576 EUR ROMCAR S. only 65% of the vehicles were sold. 2. In the first four months of this year.141. On the other hand. 4. according to EAMA. with a reduced production pace until the end of the year.631. sustained by the scrapping programs adopted by several EU countries. Mioveni - ARGEȘ Annual Turnover: 2. Automobile Dacia's exports rose by almost 45% to 103.893.A.101.000 EUR PORSCHE ROMANIA S.935 EUR TOYOTA ROMANIA S. on condition that a new vehicle is bought.000.R.535 EUR .L.000 vehicles. Last year. In 2009. many dealers putting locks on the door.R. 3. 268 Automotive Industry AUTOMOBILE DACIA S.L. In these conditions. During the first four months of 2010.4% compared to 2008.L. car production became the second industry that contributed to Romanian exports.R. according to the company’s statistics. the beginning of the car scrappage scheme („Rabla”) was a breath of fresh air for the companies in this industry. In these conditions. 56. And. at the end of 2009. after the first month as 2010. the Romanian Government started the program providing for a bonus for each scrapped vehicle older than 10 years. Voluntari - ILFOV Annual Turnover: 161.R. and this year the Romanian Government will spend over 180 million Euros for it. as Ford Romania only started production at the car plant in Craiova in September 2009. Under the pressure of the steep reduction in consumption. București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 132.000 vehicles but. 6. In 2009. In March 2009.286. according to the National Statistics Institute.012 units. not even at the end of the first quarter in 2010. 5. according to EAMA. especially on the account of Dacia. new passenger car registrations in Romania amounted to 116. this program was intended for 60. decreasing by more then 53% compared to 2008. according to a recent report issued by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (EAMA). București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 131.378. given the persistence of the economic crisis and lack of credits.L.1% more than in 2008.L. the market did not lack bankruptcies. car dealers have had to resort to massive campaigns of discounts in order to get rid of the important stocks made in times when sales had reached their peak.521 EUR RENAULT NISSAN ROMANIA S. this market did not see a return to a positive trend. Voluntari - ILFOV Annual Turnover: 382. the turnover of motor vehicles and motorcycles sector dropped by almost 20%. decreasing by 59. the total exports of new passenger cars in Europe increased by 58% compared to 2008. The program was extended three times.723 EUR HYUNDAI AUTO ROMåNIA S. while in 2009 Dacia’s export reached almost 270. București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 96.R.000 units.

Contact: Strada Biharia.L.L. București - Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 18. part of Daimler AG.437 EUR Most important companies in "Vehicle Producers & Importers" MERCEDES-BENZ ROMANIA S.R.: 100% Ownership Private-owned: 100% Auditor KPMG Employees 149 MICHAEL GREWE . nr. București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 42.G.L.926. București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 42.455 EUR 12.720 EUR 17. VOLVO ROMANIA S. EVW HOLDING S.A.444.45. Craiova - DOLJ Annual Turnover: 41. București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 30.Marketing/Communications Vans & Corporate/PR Communications Automotive Industry 269 .R.968. the largest car manufacturer in the world. Brașov - BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 20. Mercedes-Benz Romania follows the global lines of the brands it represents. Respect towards the customers.863.R.508 EUR AUTO ITALIA IMPEX S. sustainable growth and profitability. BMW VERTRIEBS GMBH SALZBURG SUCURSALA BUCURESTI București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 52. Members of the board: Financial information: Shareholders DAIMLER A. București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 28.L.387 EUR 13. 9.R.10 Website: www. ROMAN S.R.344 EUR 20.R. București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 57.784 EUR TRUST MOTORS S.437 EUR 16.L.Sales and Marketing Manager MBC PHILIPP HAGENBURGER .A.320 EUR 14. HONDA TRADING ROMANIA S.After Sales Manager IOANA LEMNARU . CITROEN ROMANIA S.765.45. București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 75.304. KIA ROMAUTO S.494.000 EUR 18.030. EVOBUS ROMåNIA S.478.858.413 EUR 11.Sales and Marketing Manager Vans RĂZVANA HANTILA .Sales and Marketing Manager CJD IOANA PREDESCU . S‰nnicoar¾ - CLUJ Annual Turnover: 51.R.HR Manager Brands: • Mercedes-Benz • smart • Mitsubishi Fuso • Chrysler • Jeep • Dodge Contact person: GABRIEL CRĂCIUN .L.133 EUR 10.R.L. MERCEDES-BENZ ROMANIA S. sector 1.578.127.R. FORD ROMANIA S.CEO & President Mercedes-Benz Romania TINA HUTANI . as well as at Mercedes-Benz Romania. M CAR TRADING S. discipline and integrity are highly-treasured values at Daimler AG.L. 26.L. IVECO ROMANIA S.332.7.R.55 Fax: +40-21-200.L. 8.534.CFO MARIJO CICAK .L.477 EUR Company profile: Mercedes-Benz Romania is an international company. București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 41.R.010 EUR 19. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-200.mercedes-benz.R. București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 92. București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 91.L. Daimler being an automotive group commited to excellence.Network Development Manager VALERIU ZAHARIA .

sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21- Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-345.20 Annual turnover: 18. Strada Poienelor.00. Ciorog‰rla.660 EUR (2009) 270 Automotive Industry .928 EUR (2009) XX RENAULT NISSAN ROMANIA S. Conect Business Park.R.06 Annual turnover: 41.387 EUR (2009) XX FORD ROMANIA S. 373-377. Braşov. 15011.18 Annual turnover: 6.50 Fax: +40-21-202.00 Vocea Clientului Fax: +40-248-50. 062204. etaj 5.765.34 Fax: +40-21-444. 165-169.906 EUR (2009) XX EURO INTER TRADE CORPORATION S. sector 1.784 EUR (2009) XX AUTOMOBILE DACIA S. 10A.50.141. Bulevardul Th.L. Strada Uzinei.28.L. sector 6. Șoseaua Bucureşti.88.L.12.R.36 Annual turnover: 20. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.L.R.40. nr. nr.35/45 Annual turnover: 10. nr. 200745.R. nr. 107A. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-269. Șoseaua Pipera-Tunari.413 EUR (2009) XX CAR TRADING S. Șoseaua Od¾ii. M Bulevardul Expoziţiei.92 Annual turnover: 41. etaj 2. S‰nnicoar¾.R.493.21 Annual turnover: N/A XX ROMAUTO S. sector 6. sector 1.11 Fax: +40-21-304.R.968. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.L.28.42/43 Fax: +40-21-315.79 Annual turnover: 91.244. nr.549. București Phone: +40-21-304.06.478.720 EUR (2009) XX EVW HOLDING S. 013714. Strada Grigore Alexandrescu.99 Annual turnover: 52.XX AUTOITALIA GROUP Company name: AUTO ITALIA IMPEX S. Mioveni. 89-97. corp H.80 Annual turnover: 132. Bulevardul Ion Ionescu de la Brad.L.A.437 EUR (2009) XX HYUNDAI AUTO ROMåNIA S.L. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-50.99 Annual turnover: 51.08.88. 42B. sector 3. 500419. sector 2.L.437 EUR (2009) XX GERMAN TOP TRADING S. nr.000. nr.030.22 Annual turnover: 12. CTE Șoseaua București.05 Annual turnover: 57. nr.R.863. 2.L.A. Strada Henry Ford.23 Fax: +40-21-269.08.36.L.304. Bulevardul Timişoara. 261. nr.000 EUR (2009) XX PORSCHE ROMANIA S. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-372-15. 013605.25.25 Annual turnover: 96.88 Fax: +40-21-203.R.R.L.39. Pallady.15. București Phone: +40-21-528.89.R. nr. nr. sector 1.723 EUR (2009) XX SCANIA ROMåNIA S.70 Fax: +40-21-318. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311. 077190. 57. 29. sector 1. 60D.78.858. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-40.R. 1. Strada Clujului. nr.08.02 Fax: +40-21-528.L. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-315.L. nr. 7.39 Annual turnover: N/A XX TRAILERS S.101.58 Fax: +40-21-203. 201.00 Fax: +40-264-41.14.99 Fax: +40-21-311. 010624.40 Annual turnover: 14. nr.494. sector 1. 42 -44. 6-8.65 Annual turnover: 30.626 EUR (2009) XX EVOBUS ROMåNIA S. nr.L. nr. Westgate Business Center. 077055.70.03/07 Fax: +40-21-300. 1A. Bulevardul Preciziei. nr. Voluntari.R.535 EUR (2009) XX IVECO ROMANIA S.33.78.17. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.77.127.A.05 Fax: +40-21-312.378. Strada Tipografilor.L.383.935 EUR (2009) XX PREMIUM AUTO MOTORS Company name: PREMIUM AUTO S. etaj 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-710.31/41 Fax: +40-21-345. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.08 Fax: +40-372-15.R. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312.R.76 Annual turnover: 2. nr. sector 6.50. etaj 5.631.R. sector 1.L. 5.42 Fax: +40-21-319.893.16. 40.457 EUR (2009) XX CITROEN ROMANIA S.12 Annual turnover: 12. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-58. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-444.576 EUR (2009) XX ROMAN S.06.99 Fax: +40-251-58.000 EUR (2009) XX BMW VERTRIEBS GMBH SALZBURG XX HONDA TRADING ROMANIA S. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.R.R. Metropolis Center - West Wing. KIA Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.61.25.50 Fax: +40-268-31.89 Annual turnover: 382. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-203. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-31. Calea Giuleşti.344 EUR (2009) XX ROMCAR S.L. S-Park.66 Annual turnover: 131.28.288 EUR (2009) SUCURSALA BUCUREȘTI Șoseaua București - Ploiești.91. 24. sector 1. 11-15.954. Ciorog‰rla. B¾neasa Business & Technology Park. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei.38 Fax: +40-21-316.00.90 Fax: +40-21-407. sector 1. nr. Craiova. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-

503 EUR Reported results for 2009 București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 131.L. București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 50.03.R. București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 58.L. nr.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-202.426.675 EUR 11.332. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.L.207 EUR Automotive Industry 271 . 5.R. 572-574. ROMCAR S. București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 77.L. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT TEAM S.495 EUR (2009) XX TRUST MOTORS S.11/40 Annual turnover: 75. București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 24.R.965.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-207. Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu. MIDOCAR S.497.77. Dragomirești - ILFOV Annual Turnover: 88.R.05.534.01 Annual turnover: 161.521 EUR (2009) Vehicle Dealers 1. 42 - 44. nr. București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 23. București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 34.90 Annual turnover: 42.215 EUR MHS TRUCK & BUS S.A. 061129.199. București - Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 50.L.438 EUR EURIAL INVEST S.901 EUR CASA AUTO S.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-361.060 EUR 15.637 EUR 14. 646-648. INCHCAPE MOTORS S. AUTOWORLD S. București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 41.00/30 Fax: +40-21-207.L.XX SUBARU MOTORS TRADING S.05 Fax: +40-21-361.L.R.469. 8.L.R.297.30 Fax: +40-21-202.L. Voluntari - ILFOV Annual Turnover: 27. sector 6. PORSCHE INTER AUTO ROMANIA S. 1.R.L. ȚIRIAC AUTO S. sector 6.L. Tunari - ILFOV Annual Turnover: EUR 12. București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 76.R.049.77.R. Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu. 9.193 EUR AUTOMOBILE BAVARIA S.R. 3. București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 37.950.133 EUR (2009) XX VOLVO ROMANIA S.R.L. 2.05 Annual turnover: 9.591.320 EUR (2009) XX TOYOTA ROMANIA S.R.286. Voluntari. SERVICE AUTO SERUS S.888.R.R. nr.935 EUR 13.R.301. nr.154 EUR AUTOKLASS CENTER S.L. 7.L.L.155.723 EUR CEFIN ROMåNIA S.385. 4.684. Cluj-Napoca - CLUJ Annual Turnover: 20.229 EUR IPSO S.L. 6. Șoseaua Pipera-Tunari.R.772 EUR Fax: +40-21-200. sector 1.893.L. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-200.

01 272 Automotive Industry .121 RON (2009) Net profit 16.28 (Skoda) Fax: +40-21-203.907 EUR 23. COLINA MOTORS S.R. On 1st of August 2007 a new company Porsche Inter Auto Romania SRL was created and took over the five own dealers of Porsche Romania: Porsche Bucuresti Aviatiei. Oradea - BIHOR Annual Turnover: 16. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-409.12 (Volkswagen. RMB INTER AUTO S.862 EUR 20. 41. 2. 300645.096.21 (Seat) PORSCHE TIMIȘOARA Calea Lugojului. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-208. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-203. nr. București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 17. Popești-Leordeni - ILFOV Annual Turnover: 19.962 EUR Most important companies in "Vehicle Dealers" PORSCHE INTER AUTO ROMANIA S. CASA AUTO S.porscheinterauto. nr.R.089. Iași - IAȘI Annual Turnover: 15.437. Porsche Bucuresti Nord.206. following the modern concept of full service dealer.R. 077040. sector (AUDI) Fax: +40-256-40. 020276. 136. Cluj-Napoca - CLUJ Annual Turnover: 19.37 (Volkswagen) Fax: +40-21-208.R.04.743. The five retail and service centers are built and equipped at the latest standards of quality and design demand.L.801 RON (2009) Gross profit 18.726 EUR 17. ROMCAR MOTORS S.37.58 E-mail: pia-office@porsche. Chiajna. Porsche Bucuresti Vest 2 and Porsche Timisoara. including Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles) Fax: +40-21-203. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-40. București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 18. Voluntari.769 RON (2009) Total revenues 504. 077040. nr. București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 20. Chiajna.89 PORSCHE BUCUREȘTI NORD Șoseaua Pipera-Tunari.80.37. BRADY TRADE S. Ghiroda.20 Fax: +40-21-409.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203. HYUNDAI MOTOR S.R.R. 077190.589.418 EUR 21.L.600 RON (2009) Annual turnover 506. Porsche Bucuresti Vest 1.12.28.R. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-203.L.16.L. București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 15. Website: www.816 EUR 22.L.888.884 EUR 24.60 PORSCHE BUCUREȘTI VEST 1 Șoseaua de Centur¾. Tunari.447 RON (2009) Employees: 550 Ownership: Private-owned: 100% Brands: Audi Porsche SEAT Skoda Volkswagen Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Branches: PORSCHE BUCUREȘTI AVIAŢIEI Strada Barbu V¾c¾rescu.166 EUR +40-21-9229 Fax: +40-21-409. AVIA MOTORS S.L.R. 077190. D & C IMPEX S.28.559.L. Porsche Romania SRL has separated the import activity from retail & service. Contact: Șoseaua Pipera-Tunari.288. 201.13 PORSCHE BUCUREȘTI VEST 2 Șoseaua de Centur¾.201 EUR 19. nr. Quality certificates: Certificate for the quality management system: EN ISO 9001/2000 Financial information: Registered capital 178.04.L. nr. Pantelimon - ILFOV Annual Turnover: 18. 53.12. 2. AUTOMOTIVE TRADING SERVICES Company profile: As a result of its evolution.L.415.855.

15.88.80 Fax: +40-257-28.00 Fax: +40-230-55.R.63.04.R. nr. 291-301. ALIAT-ATELIER DE LUCRĂRI DE ëNTREȚINERE AUTO TERITORIAL S. Strada Clujului. 1-7. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-54.28.02 Annual turnover: 11. 410057.653. Oradea. nr.418 EUR (2009) XX BRIARI'S IND S. nr.00. 247. 11. 300642. Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu.L. 410553. Calea Floreşti.54. DN2 E85 Km 432. Calea Radnei.50 Fax: +40-251-41.L.R.L. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-209.R.31. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-22. 23. București Phone: +40-21-317. sector 1.862 EUR (2009) XX BRADY TRADE S.589.83 Fax: +40-21-303. Suceava.51.17. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-41.735. 373.17.16.L.A.R. Bulevardul Expoziției. nr.L.L.180 EUR (2009) XX & C IMPEX S.229 EUR (2009) XX COLINA MOTORS S.L.L. Sibiu. nr.438 EUR (2009) XX AUTOMOTIVE TRADING SERVICES S. nr.54 Fax: +40-21-408.907 EUR (2009) Automotive Industry 273 . nr. Carcea. Strada Miresei.590 EUR (2009) XX AUTO COBĂLCESCU S.59 Annual turnover: 16.L. Oradea.08 Annual turnover: 18. nr.L. 900002.L. sector 1.R. Șoseaua Suceava-F¾lticeni.884 EUR (2009) XX AUTOSERVICE S. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-47.985.R. Strada Santinelei.L.15 Fax: +40-21-221.R. 166A. 69.47 Annual turnover: 20. nr.00.345 EUR (2009) XX ANVELO CENTER S.50/51 Fax: +40-21-316.R.29. Palazu Mare.R.L. 10B. 900498.87.219.R. nr.L.01 Fax: +40-21-209. Strada Horia.14/15 Fax: +40-21-352. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-55.00 Fax: +40-21-206.30 Fax: +40-241- Șoseaua Bucureşti - Ploieşti.24. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-44. nr.60.98.R.70/73 Fax: +40-21-331.62 Bulevardul Aurel Vlaicu.391. Bulevardul Biruinţei. 310316. Arad.L. Cluj-Napoca.396 EUR (2009) XX AUTO SCHUNN S. Strada Italia.00 Fax: +40-21-202.41. Otopeni. 45. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-331.30.31. sector 4.767. 2. nr. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-352.22 Annual turnover: 76. 287. Splaiul Unirii. 600353. sector 1.R. sector 6. nr. 42-44. 400524. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-64.00.743. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408. nr.324 EUR (2009) XX BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT TEAM S.31 Annual turnover: 12.865. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-59.497.207 EUR (2009) XX AVIA MOTORS S. 1.437. nr.426. 17-19. 550052.76.23. sector 1.79 Șoseaua Alba-Iulia. nr.13 Annual turnover: 15. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-28. nr.86.206.166 EUR (2009) XX CYBERNET AUTO CENTER S.089.R.74 Annual turnover: 10.R. Calea Chișin¾ului. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303.84.30 Annual turnover: 12. județul BACĂU Phone: +40-234-51. Strada Prof. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-221. 17.54 Fax: +40-265-25. nr. sector 6.407. nr.552 EUR (2009) XX AUTO-GRUP S.00. Bucureşti Șoseaua Od¾i.L. T‰rgu Mureș. Constanţa. 725200. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-20.64 Annual turnover: 19. Chiajna.04 Fax: +40-234-57.626 EUR (2009) XX AUTOKLASS CENTER S.10 Annual turnover: 10. Iași.16 Annual turnover: 24.21-27 Fax: +40-21-317. nr.88.385.950. Timișoara. 540237.964. Cluj-Napoca.47 Annual turnover: 50. 145. 304. Bac¾u.40. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-25.R. 133. Calea Moldovei.96. nr.30.259. nr. 700552.66. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206.91 Fax: +40-241-64.962 EUR (2009) XX CEFIN ROMåNIA S.R.R.86 Annual turnover: 10.01 Annual turnover:15.L.30 Annual turnover: 88. Strada D‰mboviţa.47 Fax: +40-259-41.637 EUR (2009) XX CASA AUTO S.13.33 Fax: +40-232-27.297.84 Annual turnover: 12. Cloşca şi Crişan. județul CLUJ Strada Calea Turzii. D Calea Clujului. nr.00 Fax: +40-264-20. sector 1. Strada Gheorghe Doja.40.L. 2 C.L.74 Annual turnover: 41.772 EUR (2009) XX CASA AUTO S.72 Fax: +40-259-40.000 EUR (2009) XX AUTOWORLD S. Dr.44 Fax: +40-256-24. Grigore Cob¾lcescu.901 EUR (2009) XX AUTOMOBILE BAVARIA S. 207206.78. 060844. Calea București.14. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-27.R. 239. 300.54.87 Annual turnover: 18.R. Pantelimon. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-202. Strada Pechea. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318. 249.11 Annual turnover: 14. nr.60.88 Fax: +40-269-22. 2.436 EUR (2009) XX AUTO EUROPA S.684.42.54 Annual turnover: 10.



572-574.193 EUR (2009) XX MERIDIAN BUSINESS GRUP S.00 Fax: +40-21-207.32 Annual turnover: 13. Șoseaua Brașov-Ghimbav (l‰ng¾ Metro 1). 172.12.R.90 Annual turnover: 12.00 Fax: +40-21-407. Voluntari.238 EUR (2009) XX PORSCHE BUCUREȘTI AVIAŢIEI Strada Barbu V¾c¾rescu.28.88. sector 6.R.L. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-330-78. sector 1.L.10 Fax: +40-21-240.03.18 Annual turnover: 10.20 Fax: +40-21-409.R.12.72. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203. 727541.12. 219-225. Voluntari.41 Annual turnover: 34.346. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-200. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-43. nr. Strada Humorului. Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu. 81. 041711. DN 1 km 174+507.816 EUR (2009) XX INCHCAPE MOTORS S.20/21 Fax: +40-264-43.72.44.R. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti. nr.L. 117. nr. nr. 700181.L.470 EUR (2009) XX EURIAL INVEST S.60 Annual turnover: N/A BUCUREȘTI SUCURSALA FORUM AUTO Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-301.L. nr.21 - Seat Annual turnover: N/A XX PORSCHE TIMIȘOARA Calea Lugojului.R.58.893. 55-57.R.05 Fax: +40-230-52. Ghimbav.315. MIT Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.R. 201.047 EUR (2009) 276 Automotive Industry .05 Fax: +40-232-24.00.39. 077190. sector 6.42 Fax: +40-21-319. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-40. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-305. sector 1. nr.BAS AUTO S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-300.L. Suceava.65.R. 2.83 Annual turnover: 50.28 - Skoda Fax: +40-21-203.R.01 Annual turnover: N/A XX RMB INTER AUTO S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-207.37. 020276. 207467.37. Șoseaua Od¾i. 165-169.35 Fax: +40-21-301. nr.559.R.415. 592.736 EUR (2009) XX .215 EUR (2009) XX EURO INTER TRADE CORPORATION S. nr.22 Annual turnover: 27. nr. nr.273 EUR (2009) XX DUMATRUCKS S.67 Annual turnover: 10.59.R. Cluj-Napoca.28. 6-8.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.L. Chiajna.92.L.27 Fax: +40-21-352. 013695.649 EUR (2009) XX HYUNDAI MOTOR S.301.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311.493. nr.72.99 Fax: +40-21-311. sector 1. București Phone: +40-21-407. 077040.L. nr.40. nr.76. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-407.826.80. sector 6.80. Calea Giuleşti. Bulevardul Expoziţiei.77. 2.37 Volkswagen Fax: +40-21-208. 145.726 EUR (2009) XX ROMCAR S. Șoseaua Iaşi-Tomeşti. Ghiroda.244. 52-62.R. DI Șoseaua Fundeni.12 - Volkswagen. Calea Turzii. XX MIDOCAR S.L. nr.82 Annual turnover: 11. Șoseaua Pipera-Tunari.L. sector 2.66.77. sector 1.R. 500025.79.58. including Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Fax: +40-21-203. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-208.13 Annual turnover: N/A XX PORSCHE BUCUREȘTI VEST 2 Șoseaua de Centur¾. 53. Chiajna.99 Annual turnover: 14.201 EUR (2009) XX ROMCAR MOTORS S.36.R. 061129.L. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-42.626 EUR (2009) XX EUROSPEED S.81.03.591.L. 260-262.00 - AUDI Fax: +40-256-40.01 Fax: +40-251-30. 012103. 2.01 Annual turnover: 20. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-203.03 Annual turnover: 19.80 Fax: +40-21-305. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-203. 077040. nr. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-23.R.90.562.53 Fax: +40-21-407. sector 1. sector 1. nr.80.89 Annual turnover: N/A XX PORSCHE BUCUREȘTI NORD Șoseaua Pipera-Tunari.90. Iaşi. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-40.06.19.L.XX DELCAR S.48 Annual turnover: 17. nr. 40.35 Annual turnover: 10.11 Annual turnover: 58.936 EUR (2009) XX IPSO S.546.L.855. 1.926 EUR (2009) XX MOTORS INTERNATIONAL S.723 EUR (2009) XX ROMIL SERVICE S.06. sector 4. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-208. 136. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.R. 41. nr.945 EUR (2009) XX MHS TRUCK & BUS S.154 EUR (2009) XX PORSCHE BUCUREȘTI VEST 1 Șoseaua de Centur¾. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-240.66 Annual turnover: 131.51 Fax: +40-21-318. km.58. Strada Calafatului.88 Fax: +40-268-40. sector 2. nr.965.L.60/70 Fax: +40-21-350.27. 300645. Podari.80 Annual turnover: 13.77 Annual turnover: 77. Strada Turnu M¾gurele.20 Fax: +40-21-200. Strada Parcului. Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu.

Mioveni - ARGEȘ Annual Turnover: 175.289 EUR Automotive Industry 277 .354 EUR TAKATA .L. 3.461.295. 60 E.665 EUR (2009) XX TIRIAC AUTO S.123 EUR JOHNSON CONTROLS ROMANIA S. Comuna Cristian - BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 235. București Phone: +40-21-224.L. nr. 8.L.L. Slatina - OLT Annual Turnover: 173.R.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-444. Bulevardul Timişoara.R. Brașov - BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 274.074.49.A. AUTOLIV ROMANIA S.L. Arad - ARAD Annual Turnover: 73. EURO AUTO PLASTIC SYSTEMS S.199. Ghimbav. Șoseaua Nordului.168 EUR 11. Timișoara - TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 144.L.327 EUR PIRELLI TYRES ROMåNIA S.955.46 Annual turnover: 37.R.30.280.XX SERVICE AUTO SERUS S.965.284 EUR 15.64. 7.L. nr. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-47.666 EUR 10. Splaiul Unirii. 061333.469. 5.247. nr.89 Annual turnover: 12. Mioveni - ARGEȘ Annual Turnover: 168. București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 264. Arad - ARAD Annual Turnover: 212.681.R. 507075.L.020 EUR MICHELIN ROMåNIA S.R.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-346.30 Fax: +40-21-202.R. AUTO CHASSIS INTERNATIONAL ROMANIA S. 4.060 EUR (2009) XX TESS S.40 Fax: +40-268-25. CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE ROMANIA S. 6. sector 3.629.45 Annual turnover: 14.16.L. 2.08. CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS S.L.A. Timișoara - TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 83. Mioveni - ARGEȘ Annual Turnover: 351.L.R.L.771.L.04 Annual turnover: 23.978.L.317 EUR 14.311 EUR DELPHI PACKARD ROMANIA S. 24-26.R. 283.08.533 EUR Timișoara - TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 334.606.R. YAZAKI ROMANIA S.903.877.040 EUR (2009) Automotive Parts Producers Reported results for 2009 1.906 EUR 17.91/92/93 Fax: +40-21-346. YAZAKI COMPONENT TECHNOLOGY S.R.L.675 EUR (2009) XX TOYO MOTOR CENTER S. RENAULT INDUSTRIE ROUMANIE S.619.R.224.L. Ploiești - PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 127.05/03/06 Fax: +40-21-444. Sibiu - SIBIU Annual Turnover: 117.224.863 EUR 16. S‰nnicolau Mare - TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 183.PETRI ROMåNIA S.R.R.119 EUR 13.47. DN1 km 175+250.R.49.373 EUR 12.L. CONTITECH ROMANIA S.265 EUR SCHAEFFLER ROMåNIA S.893 EUR CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS S. 9.463.R.R.155. sector 1. Mioveni - ARGEȘ Annual Turnover: 84. sector 6.R. MARQUARDT SCHALTSYSTEME SCS Sibiu - SIBIU Annual Turnover: 61.

44 Annual turnover: 168. Pitești - ARGEȘ Annual Turnover: 42.R.A.705 EUR (2009) XX ASAM S.36/37 Annual turnover: 20.R. nr.955. Strada Turda. F. COMPA S.020 EUR (2009) XX CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS S. 4. 114.524 EUR (2009) XX BRANDL RO S. Strada Avram Imbroane.73.R.36 Annual turnover: 43.25 Annual turnover: 274. nr.209 EUR Most important companies in "Automotive Parts .C. Strada Uzinei.L.893 EUR (2009) XX CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE ROMANIA S. FAURECIA SEATING TALMACIU S. AEES POWER SYSTEMS S. Iaşi. Arad - ARAD Annual Turnover: 45. 500053.771. T¾lmaciu - SIBIU Annual Turnover: 36.51.81.S.524 EUR 23. nr.77.857. Strada Bucegi.48 Fax: +40-261-70.337 EUR (2009) XX COMPA S.5.14 Annual turnover: 5.922.A. București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 53.L. nr.R. Mioveni. 35. Nadab - ARAD Annual Turnover: 43. LEONI WIRING SYSTEMS PITESTI S. Sibiu.R. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-30.30 Fax: +40-249-43.12 Annual turnover: 334. EUR 24.70.385.168 EUR (2009) XX AUTOLIV ROMANIA S.R. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-30. 59.08 Annual turnover: 45. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268- Fax: +40-256-29. Timişoara.299. 9.975.103. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-23.L.L. KROMBERG & SCHUBERT ROMANIA S.18.385.L. 115400.67.93 Annual turnover: 15.028.55 Annual turnover: 144. 8.Producers" XX AEES POWER SYSTEMS S. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-21.00 Fax: +40-269-23.52.A.R.11.71.L Carei - SATU MARE Annual Turnover: 56. Sibiu - SIBIU Annual Turnover: 59.67.A.R. Braşov.L.237. CONTITECH FLUID AUTOMOTIVE ROMANIA S.922.180 EUR (2009) XX COMPONENTE AUTO S.79. nr. Nadab.R. nr. Strada Fagului.59 Annual turnover: 22.300 EUR 20.L.15 Fax: +40-232-27.71.656.R. Satu Mare. județul OLT Phone: +40-249-43.20 Fax: +40-248-21.N. Calea Martirilor 1989.15 Fax: +40-257-30.60. 77.A.000 EUR 21. Arad. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-30.474 EUR 25. DN 79.S.. Strada Henri Coand¾.94.180 EUR 19. 8. nr.287 EUR (2009) XX AUTO CHASSIS INTERNATIONAL XX AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS ROMANIA S.629. Slatina. nr.R. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-25.R.00 Fax: +40-268-47.926. județul SATU MARE Phone: +40-261-70.55. Sibiu.023 EUR (2009) XX ALTUR S.17. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-50.00 Fax: +40-256-30. nr.44.C.000. ROBERT BOSCH S.373 EUR (2009) 278 Automotive Industry . 115500. Timişoara. 440186.L. Km 37. Strada Aurel Vlaicu.484.L.12.17 Fax: +40-248-34.857.R.463.52. nr.71. Strada Piteşti.L.115 EUR (2009) ROMANIA S.66 Fax: +40-269-21.696 EUR 22. 310059. 2A. Timișoara - TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: 58.780 EUR (2009) XX ANVIS ROM S. Topoloveni.L. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-21. BOS AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS ROMANIA S. 1. 300724. Strada Maximilian Popovici.002.70 Annual turnover: 59. nr. BOS Calea Bodrogului. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-60. 550234.L.30 Annual turnover: 11.00 Fax: +40-257-30.09. 550245.72.

L.314.284 EUR (2009) XX EYBL AUTOMOTIVE ROMANIA S. județul SATU MARE Phone: +40-261-70.61.R. 550109.R.R.686 EUR (2009) XX EKR-ELEKTROKONTAKT ROMANIA S.00 Fax: +40-256-30. Zona Industrial¾ Est. 33.L.73.289 EUR (2009) XX MICHELIN ROMåNIA S.50.911.09 Annual turnover: 117.03 Fax: +40-248-20.R. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248- Annual turnover: 183. Mioveni.L.35. nr. Timişoara. Piteşti. județul HUNEDOARA Phone: +40-356-73. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-30.50 Annual turnover: 17. 1.533 EUR (2009) ROMANIA S. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-30.R. Strada Otto Rudolf. 555700. Mioveni.863 EUR (2009) XX DELPHI PACKARD ROMANIA S. Sibiu.45.75.74.L.75.899. nr. 445100.10 Fax: +40-261-80. nr. 11. T¾lmaciu. nr. Strada Uzinei. Deta.656.75. 2A.61.90 Annual turnover: 9.224. KEY Strada Ribița.317 EUR (2009) XX CONTITECH FLUID AUTOMOTIVE XX HONEYWELL GARRETT S.L.L. 115400.30. Sibiu.666 EUR (2009) XX RENAULT INDUSTRIE ROUMANIE S. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-21-77.L. World Trade Center.R. 55001. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408.092 EUR (2009) XX LEONI WIRING SYSTEMS PITEȘTI S.39 Annual turnover: 29. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-20.L.01.15.64 Annual turnover: 15. nr.12 Fax: +40-248-50. Satu Mare.L. nr. S‰nnicolau Mare. Strada Uzinei.L. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-50.00.19 Fax: +40-256-30.84. etaj 3.66. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-202.01 Annual turnover: 83.00 Fax: +40-21-202. 400599. Strada G¾rii.79. județul OLT Phone: +40-249-43.265 EUR (2009) XX PIRELLI TYRES ROMåNIA S. nr. nr. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-50. nr.R.R.84.00 Fax: +40-269-55.732.000.93. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-20.887 EUR (2009) XX FAURECIA SEATING TALMACIU S. 2. 125.00 Fax: +40-256-30.003 EUR (2009) Automotive Industry 279 .R. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-20. Sighișoara.84. 33. Strada Salzburg. Ribița.540 EUR (2009) XX LEAR CORPORATION ROMANIA S. județul SATU MARE Phone: +40-261-80. nr. Strada R‰ului. 115400.965.123 EUR (2009) XX DRM DRAXLMAIER ROMåNIA SISTEME ELECTRICE S.327 EUR (2009) XX SAFETY SYSTEMS RO S.L.00 Fax: +40-261-70.12 Annual turnover: 84.R.A. Strada Vulturului.75 Fax: +40-257-46.005. Strada Mihai Viteazu.474 EUR (2009) XX MARQUARDT SCHALTSYSTEME SCS Strada MŸnchen. 10-12. Carei. Strada Otto Rudolf.13 Annual turnover: 20.00 Fax: +40-269-23.264. DN7 km 256 + 836. 244A. 10. 317280. Piaţa Montreal. 92. 110139.07. sector 6. nr.074. 305200. 18. nr.877. nr. Strada Ghioceilor.52.67 Annual turnover: 16. Strada Dr¾g¾nești. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-20.61. Mioveni. Strada Streiului.00 Fax: +40-248-50.84. 34.L.903.54. nr.51. nr.44 Annual turnover: 58. nr. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-30. 2A.943 EUR (2009) XX AUTOMOTIVE SAFETY RO S.00.L. 230150.94. Cluj-Napoca.300 EUR (2009) XX KUHNKE PRODUCTION ROMANIA S.35.L. Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu. GST Strada Mihai Viteazu. Strada George Coșbuc.20. nr. nr.000 EUR (2009) XX CONTITECH ROMANIA S. 337400. Slatina.61.R. S‰ntana.L.486. 550018. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-20.60/61 Fax: +40-269- Annual turnover: 21. 2-4.76 Annual turnover: 351.50 Fax: +40-264-44. nr.R.70 Annual turnover: 24.17.00 Annual turnover: 61.247.44 Fax: +40-248-20.31 Fax: +40-249-43. 1.00 Fax: +40-256-40.65.606.R. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-40.R. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-20. Strada Uzinei.628.R. 35. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-46.40 Annual turnover: 56.600 EUR (2009) XX KROMBERG & SCHUBERT ROMANIA S. nr. 8.15.00 Fax: +40-356-73.237.04 Annual turnover: 11. sector 1.L. nr.75. 110113.R. Sibiu. 6.04 Fax: +40-21-408.12 Fax: +40-248-20.L.978.R.00 Annual turnover: 264. 115400. Pitești.37 Annual turnover: 175.86 Annual turnover: 36.30 Annual turnover: 173. Timişoara. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-50.R.93.314 EUR (2009) XX JOHNSON CONTROLS ROMANIA S. Aleea Austriei.61.28 Annual turnover: 42.07.000.L.L.282 EUR (2009) XX EURO AUTO PLASTIC SYSTEMS S.209 EUR (2009) XX FUJIKURA AUTOMOTIVE ROMANIA S.L.51. 237. Strada Depozitelor.XX CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS S.R.R. 6.224.

70. nr.46 Annual turnover: 18.91. Satu Mare - SATU MARE Annual Turnover: 102.R.11.19 Annual turnover: 73.89.328 EUR GOODYEAR DUNLOP TIRES ROMANIA S.906 EUR (2009) XX YAZAKI ROMANIA S. Iaşi. 132.R. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-372-44. 4.493. 2.651. 152.61. Șoseaua Ploieşti-T‰rgovişte. județul ARAD Phone: +40-372-57. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-405.48 Annual turnover: 235.EXODUS S. Arad. 10A.20.00 Fax: +40-258-80. sector 1. Oradea.97 Annual turnover: 18. Arad. 8. Km 8.61.L.L.270 EUR (2009) XX TOTAL LUBRICANTS ROMANIA S.R.354 EUR (2009) XX STABILUS ROMANIA S.A.07 Fax: +40-269-20.502 EUR ATP .L.510.A.55 Fax: +40-238-71.05.00 Fax: +40-268-30. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-20. 507190. nr. DN 11.134.01 Annual turnover: 127.954 EUR (2009) XX YAZAKI COMPONENT TECHNOLOGY S. Ploieşti. București - Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 65.L. Strada Uzinelor.280.474 EUR TROST AUTO SERVICE TECHNIK S.00 Fax: +40-257-20.R.143.58. 4-4A. județul BUZĂU Phone: +40-238-71.L. nr.37.91.51 Fax: +40-21-361. Strada Silvestru.XX ROBERT BOSCH S. etaj 1. Strada III Zona Industrial¾ Est.R.166.R.PETRI ROMåNIA S. 507055.L.55.75.R.311 EUR (2009) XX TESS CONEX S. 410605. S¾sar - MARAMUREȘ Annual Turnover: 31.R.A. județul ALBA Phone: +40-258-80.08 Fax: +40-268-50.045.R.13 Annual turnover: 53.794 EUR (2009) XX STAR TRANSMISSION CUGIR S.166 EUR .58. nr.955.A. 280 Automotive Industry AUTONET IMPORT S.13 Annual turnover: 22.00 Annual turnover: 212. 6. Sibiu.00 Fax: +40-21-233. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.334.31.461. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-50. 3. 30-34. nr. Bucharest Business & Technology Park.342.589.627 EUR (2009) XX THYSSENKRUPP BILSTEIN COMPA S.13. 42-44. nr.67. 310491.044 EUR COLINA MOTORS S.R.975.L. 3. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-30. Zona Industrial¾ Arad Vest.L.70.92 Annual turnover: 27.L.L.652 EUR (2009) XX SCHAEFFLER ROMåNIA S.996.370 EUR (2009) XX UAMT S.01 Annual turnover: 11.295. București - Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 29. nr.L.26 Fax: +40-259-46. nr. comuna Cristian.05. 9. Parcul Industrial Ploieşti.119 EUR (2009) Automotive Parts Distributors Reported results for 2009 1.R. 8.00 Fax: +40-372-57.R.R.00 Fax: +40-372-44. nr. S‰npetru.428 EUR AD AUTO TOTAL S.L.199. Strada Henri Coand¾. Annual turnover: 20. Strada Victoriei. Strada Transilvaniei.541 EUR (2009) XX TAKATA . Cugir. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-361. București - Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 52.66 Fax: +40-232-23.72.835.61 Annual turnover: 14.L. 5.10. Aleea Schaeffler.A. Strada Horia M¾celariu. nr. județul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-45. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-29. 013696. km 5+863. Buz¾u. sector 1. Popești-Leordeni - ILFOV Annual Turnover: 19.696 EUR (2009) XX ROMCARBON S. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-20.

Strada Chiciurei. nr. Calea Chișin¾ului.26. Bulevardul Constructorilor. Strada Lemnarilor. nr.466 EUR CONEX DISTRIBUTION S. 700012.17. 17-19.45.L.35.L. 10.R. 535600.825 EUR 10.54.529. 9.044 EUR (2009) Automotive Industry 281 . 78.12/15 Annual turnover: 31. Odorheiu Secuiesc. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-352.83 Annual turnover: 11. 060346. nr.12 Annual turnover: 65. ELIT Strada Barbu V¾c¾rescu. 164A. etaj 1.00 Fax: +40-262-34. 050583. 030992.A.49. județul MARAMUREȘ Phone: +40-362-40.81 Fax: +40-21-318.R. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.502 EUR (2009) XX GRĂDINARIU IMPORT EXPORT S.65.67. nr. nr. 11-15. nr.41. nr.143 EUR GRĂDINARIU IMPORT EXPORT S.362.59.05. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-23. AD Splaiul Unirii.187.452 EUR Most important companies in "Automotive Parts .L.L.R.493. S-Park.79 Fax: +40-21-202.453.R.888.49 Annual turnover: 17. nr. N.16 Annual turnover: 6.81. Bucureşti Bulevardul Magheru. 4.R.R.R. 040038. Otopeni.362. sector 3. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-209. 96. nr.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-346.L.L.L.452 EUR (2009) XX FALCON ELECTRONICS PROD S. ATP Strada Sub Dura.91 Annual turnover: 29.55 Fax: +40-266-21.45. 16A.L.26. 8.07 Fax: +40-248-20. 32. 4-5. București - Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 11.067. sector 5.428 EUR (2009) XX BINAR IMPEX S.L.166 EUR (2009) XX CONEX DISTRIBUTION S. 075100.Distributors" XX AUTO TOTAL S.50. nr. bloc M57.A. 47. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-26.05. parter.R.640 EUR (2009) XX COLINA MOTORS S.7.43 Fax: +40-21-346. sector 2. parter.589. Strada Dr. 43. sector 1. 437229.07 Fax: +40-232-23.R.531.90.R. S¾sar. Iași - IAȘI Annual Turnover: 15. județul HARGHITA Phone: +40-266-21.49.52 Annual turnover: 10. Strada Panait Cerna.996. Strada Pechea.86 Fax: +40-21-352. nr. nr.143 EUR (2009) XX ROMANIA PIESE AUTO ORIGINALE S. București - Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 19. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.825 EUR (2009) XX DINAMIC 92 DISTRIBUTION S.49.R.69 Annual turnover: 19. Strada Tipografilor.EXODUS S.87 Fax: +40-261-71. nr.166.52 Annual turnover: 52.134. Strada Aurel Vlaicu.346. Iași.L.386 EUR (2009) XX TROST AUTO SERVICE TECHNIK S.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.02 Fax: +40-21-209. Strada Horia.L.453.64 Annual turnover: 19.69 Fax: +40-31-410.466 EUR (2009) XX IMPAR S.529. București - Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 17. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-221.L. județul SATU MARE Phone: +40-261-71.L. Bulevardul Dacia. sector 1.L.07 Annual turnover: 15.R.L. sector 4.17. DINAMIC 92 DISTRIBUTION S.058 EUR (2009) XX GIRAMEX S. Cloșca și Crișan.41.R.09 Fax: +40-21-311. Manolescu .05. 14B. sector 1. 136-138. Satu Mare.54.85 Annual turnover: 8.651.16 Fax: +40-21-316.474 EUR (2009) XX AUTONET IMPORT S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408. sector 6. ën service Ciclop. sector 3.L.98 Annual turnover: 102.54 Fax: +40-21-408. 6-8. ELIT ROMANIA PIESE AUTO ORIGINALE S. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-410.775 EUR (2009) XX GOODYEAR DUNLOP TIRES ROMANIA S.888.05.67. 440122. Mioveni.R.97.81.12 Annual turnover: 7.329 EUR (2009) XX .71.


Business Services Major Companies in Romania 283 .

trends. according to the players in this industry. However. many clients didn’t extend their contracts. in March the number of unemployed fell and the recruitment activity in some sectors revived. given that competition for customers’ “wallet” was fierce. restructuring debt or financing. The lucky ones that had strong portfolios of clients had losses of “only” 40% compared to 2008. For 2010. training companies had to reduce tariffs. after the lawyers have also reduced operational costs. once the companies have stopped hiring new people and the unemployment has increased. as the labour market was “flooded” with job openings. As some main lines of their business were shattered by the crisis. In 2009. Even the large companies that had impressive training budgets in the past decided to cut costs. 284 Business Services . it is to be expected that 2010 will be a tough year. In these conditions. but the lawyers found new lines of business. Professional Training: The specialized training companies had an extremely difficult year. Market assessment and technical expertise: 2009 was far from being an excellent year. consultancy market fell dramatically last year. According to the estimations in the market. PR or IT support . 2010 started under better auspices and for the first time in the last year and a half. while many small firms left the market. and preffered to internalize recruitment activities. Audit continued to be the main driver of the business. The only remaining source of growth was the consultancy for attracting European funds. Therefore. specialized companies also having problems. after the companies tried to cut even the costs of legal assistance. But this was not necessarily translated into the profitability of the firms in the market (that maintained at 4060%). Market Research: 2009 was a year in which players from various markets have become extremely interested in their customers’ preferences. insolvencies and litigations. Many lawyers say they had to work harder last year. by improving their operations and slowing down the hiring pace. Moreover. even in times of crisis. Therefore. the market players are rather pessimistic . most of the consulting companies focused on strengthening their position on the market. Outsourcing: The players in this field were among the few winners of the crisis. 2010 won’t bring too many changes and the revenues will remain similar to 2009 – meaning the market will be of around EUR 200 mn. especially in the area of mergers and acquisitions. as the number of customers fell dramatically. but the Big Four firms also turned more to legal and financial advisory services. Many small companies went off the market and the large companies struggled to maintain their businesses afloat.such as accounting. Management consulting. the declining trend will continue in 2010. audit and accounting: After the peak recorded in 2008. 2009 marked a decline in wages. the attorney services remain one of the most profitable activities in the Romanian economy. market studies on consumer behaviour and preferences. The biggest loss came from the construction sector. real estate and finance) have decreased. specializing in-house employees as trainers. Moreover. payroll. some market researches on this area show that Romania has the chance to become the largest regional hub for outsourcing in the future.Business Services Overview Law firms: Although 2009 marked a decline for nearly half of the law firms. Still. especially since the most profitable activities until 2008 (mergers & acquisitions. In addition. As many companies tried to reduce their costs with some activities . Human resources and recruitment: Until 2008 the number of companies offering human resources consulting and recruiting services increased exponentially. One sign that this industry is still flourishing is that outsourcing companies fired thousands of people across the country in 2009. given the announced layoffs in the public sector. but there were quite a few players who had specialized people in this area. which provided in the past the most profitable customers for the companies operating in this industry.outsourcing companies took over these responsibilities and expanded their customer portfolios. and this impacted their financial results at the end of the year. since most of the clients have stopped any new projects. most probable. the market posted similar incomes to those in 2008. consultancy services for European funding access. The cash flow wasn’t as fluid as it used to be. as they switched to loan restructures. evolution of the labour market or the real estate sector were at great demand and the companies in this field did not lack customers.that there are not any clear signs that the market will recover anytime soon. and that makes Romania (once again) an attractive destination for external companies that look for outsourcing destinations.

51 E-mail: bucharest@salans. competition law.Partner Financial information: Annual turnover 18. Top management: SORIN DAVID .000 lawyers in 75 jurisdictions. Clădirea Lakeview. Brussels. Paris. Top management: CHRISTOPHER D.birisgoran.37. Madrid. employment (including collective dismissals). capital markets and private equity. D&B David si Baias currently has a team of 35 lawyers. nr. restructuring and insolvency. etaj 3-4.8% Gelu Goran: 23.A. intellectual property.Most important companies in "Legal" BIRIŞ GORAN Contact: Strada Emanoil Porumbaru.Partner SALANS Contact: Strada G-ral C.07.Managing Partner CLAUDIU MUNTEANU-JIPESCU . Salans’ lawyers have been often involved in pioneering transactions in Romania and the region. Istanbul. 020276.20 E-mail: office@birisgoran. sector Company profile: D&B David si Baias is the correspondent law firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Romania and it is integrated within the international network of correspondent law firms of PricewaterhouseCoopers that has nearly 2. Bucharest.49. sector 2. real estate. as well as litigation and insolvency. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-225. acquisitions and restructurings.8% Ownership Private-owned: 100% Romanian: 100% Employees: 40 D&B David si Baias SCA Company Name: D&B DAVID SI BAIAS S.10 Fax: Company profile: Biriş Goran was established in April 2006 by four senior-level attorneys.Managing Partner ANDA G. 301-311.Local Partner Financial information: Ownership Private-owned: 100% Employees 55 Business Services 285 .8% Victor Constantinescu: 23. labor relations. real estate. New York. Berlin. providing specific solutions for companies in these industries. BERLEW . D&B David si Baias also specializes in pharmaceutical and IT & Telecom fields.8% Raluca Năstase: 4.924 RON (2009) Contact person: ANDA ROJANSCHI . nr.Partner LAURA TONCESCU . Budapest.506. Kyiv.Partner (Ruxandra Jianu is a Partner in Biriş Goran Tax Consulting. representation and legal advice in the following areas: companies and groups of companies. D&B David si Baias law firm provides its clients with integrated.Partner DAN VIŞOIU .Managing Partner FLAVIUS BAIAS . out of which 5 are partners.Partner VICTOR CONSTANTINESCU . 77. London.salans. by providing assistance.49. Top management: GABRIEL BIRIŞ . Barcelona. Baku. real estate.mail@david-baias.70 Fax: +40-21-225. including corporate/M&A.Partner TIBERIU CSAKI . Petersburg and Website: www. The firm already has an impressive array of international and domestic clients and is widely perceived as a high quality and business-driven transaction boutique. nr. the tax firm of Biriş Goran) Financial information: Shareholders Gabriel Biriş: 23. 011424. dispute resolution. TODOR .8% Daniel Vişoiu: 23. sector 1. Shanghai. Salans’ team covers all aspects of corporate and commercial transactions. Hong-Kong. mergers and acquisitions. litigation and arbitration. Budişteanu. financial services and capital markets. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-260. Moscow. and has a specialized tax dedicated department. public acquisitions and infrastructure.Partner GELU GORAN . mergers. Beijing. – A correspondent law firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers Contact: Strada Barbu Văcărescu. intellectual property. which gained recognition from clients and awards. 010775. innovative and pragmatic solutions. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312.07. but also of the cultural and business community in CEE. The firm is constantly ranked on top positions internationally and is actively involved in community’s life as a supporter of CSR projects.71 E-mail: office. construction. St. With a history of 13 years in Romania. Salans has experienced lawyers with deep knowledge of the local business environment.50 Fax: +40-21-312. consumer and personal data protection.Partner RUXANDRA JIANU . competition and state aid.37. Company profile: Salans is a full-service international law firm with 22 offices on three continents: Almaty. Website: www. banking and finance (including loan workout and loan restructuring). Biriş Goran was quickly recognized as one of the top law firms in Romania for its ability to provide timely and business oriented legal and tax advice. 28C.Partner ANDA ROJANSCHI . competition. The firm focuses primarily on transactional work. fiscal and commercial litigation.Partner RALUCA NĂSTASE .Partner DAN DASCĂLU .C. energy and infrastructure. Bratislava.


etaj 15. sector 6. greenfield investments. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-264. nr. etaj 2. S-Park. C. nr.Sediu Permanent Strada Vasile Lascăr. 050094. IT and telecommunication law and environmental law.00 Fax: +40-21-407. restructuring and insolvency.Limited Liability Law Partnership Strada Dr.88.88.99 Annual turnover: 22. Floreasca Business Park. POP & PARTNERS Strada Puskin.77. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-229. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-402. tax and financial advisory. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-405. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-100.02 Annual turnover: N/A XX STOICA & ASOCIAŢII SCA Strada Dr. DR.69. etaj 4. PANAIT. nr.R. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-315.78 Annual turnover: N/A XX ŢUCA ZBåRCEA & ASOCIAŢII SCA Bulevardul Nicolae Titulescu. etaj 8. etaj 5. banking and finance law. corp B. 33. nr. sector 1. ŞTEF®NESCU & ASOCIAŢII Strada Economu Cezărescu. 30.00 Fax: +40-21-527. sector 2. 011033.000 EUR (2009) XX PELI FILIP SCA Calea Floreasca. 52. nr. real estate and construction law.77.NOERR Contact: Strada General Constantin Budişteanu.05. nr.SCA DUNCEA. Felix Iacob. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-407.NOERR Company name: S.00 Fax: +40-31-229.26/27/28 Fax: +40-31-100.23. XX MAZARS . LUXEMBURG SUCURSALA BUCURE¯TI Strada Nicolae Iorga. pharmaceutical law.L MENZER & BACHMANN . sector 2.15. Website: www.Head of Energy Department Financial information: Employees 50 Contact person: PROF DR. JORG K. 28C. 63-69. sector 1. 013714. sector 2.50 Fax: +40-21-264. 31. 020976. as well as German Lawyers. 39-41.58.41. Our professionals are specialized in all areas of Romanian law.94 Fax: +40-31-405.26. Company profile: In the Noerr Bucharest Office are acting highly talented and experienced Romanian lawyers.L. MENZER .34 Annual turnover: N/A . 014459.30 Fax: +40-21-402. 31 B. 011141. sector 1. nr. M&A. Top management: PROF.A. 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-405.Head of Employment Law Department MAGDALENA ALEXANDRA LUPOI Head of Banking and Finance Department CORNELIU POPA .61.Head of Real Estate Department ALEXANDRU ENE .00 Annual turnover: N/A XX Platis.16. leasing and insurance law. 020061.Managing Partner RUSANDRA SANDU Associated Partner. MENZER . nr.00 Fax: +40-21-307.87 Annual turnover: N/A XX ENESCU. sector 1.01 Annual turnover: N/A XX LUCU TSIGNOPOULOU & ASOCIAŢII SCA Splaiul Independenßei.R. 60.39.61. energy law.58.77 Fax: +40-31-405. intellectual property law.38.00 Fax: +40-21-455.15.11. nr. 8.20 Annual turnover: N/A XX KINSTELLAR Company name: KINSTELLAR BUSINESS SERVICES S. etaj 2. media. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-204. 020503. sector 5.55 Annual turnover: N/A Business Services 287 . Opera Center II. 020021. sector 1.26. competition and antitrust law. Head of Dispute Resolution & Litigation Department ROXANA DUDAU . sector 5.noerr. dispute resolution and litigation. Head of Corporate Department IRINA STANICA .60 Annual turnover: N/A XX CMS Cameron McKenna SCA Company name: CMS CAMERON MCKENNA S. Strada Tipografilor.20.00 Fax: +40-21-310. 060754. joint ventures. Staicovici.09.700. sector 1. Bazilescu E.31 Annual turnover: N/A XX SCPA ¯TEF®NIC® ¯I FLOREA Strada Academiei. 169 A.44. such as: corporate law.11.16.20. Head of Corporate Department ALEXANDRA NICOLAE Business Development & Communication Manager Romania XX GRIGORESCU bpv Strada Dionisie Lupu.00 Fax: +40-21-315. Aripa de vest. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-402. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-455.P.L.88 Fax: +40-31-312. JORG K.29 Annual turnover: N/A XX GARRIGUES Company name: J & A GARRIGUES SLP .05.90 Fax: +40-21-204. nr.Associated Partner.R. 11-15. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-307. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-312.89 E-mail: info@noerr. America House. sector 1. clădirea B3-B4. employment law. nr. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-527. tax and financial advisors.Managing Partner RUSANDRA SANDU Associated Partner.09. sector 1. nr. Our professional activities focus on structuring and assisting the completion of projects in all law areas.01 Annual turnover: N/A XX RADU T®R®CIL® P®DURARI RETEVOESCU SCA Bulevardul Dacia.

31.66.88 Fax: +40-21-223. 020043.15 Annual turnover: N/A XX PACHIU SI ASOCIATII SCA Strada Munţii Tatra. 4-10.14. Caragiale.00 Fax: +40-21-314. etaj 4&5. Capşa Stefan.23 Annual turnover: N/A NESTOR NESTOR DICULESCU KINGSTON XX PETERSEN DN Bucureşti . nr.55/57 Fax: +40-21-314. 159. 5. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312.44 Annual turnover: N/A 288 Business Services .00 Fax: +40-31-224.31. Union International Center II. sector 1. nr.59. sector 5. sector 6.73/74/76 Fax: +40-21-315. 020961. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210. 010498. Fax: +40-21-230.41.55 Fax: +40-21-210. 10-12.10. OLTENA¯U & ASSOCIATES SCPA XX ¯oseaua Kiseleff.03.10 Fax: +40-21-223. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-314.84 Fax: +40-21-201. mezanin. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-207.00 Fax: +40-21-211. DORU ¯I TRANDAFIR XX Strada Puţul cu Plopi. 14. 11. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-401.67.84.66 Annual turnover: N/A XX GIDE LOYRETTE NOUEL SCA XX VIL®U & MITEL SCA Calea Griviţei. 2. sector 1.17/18 Fax: +40-21-311. MecanoExportImport.47. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201. sector 1. 4-8.01. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-31-224. 1 A.02 Annual turnover: N/A XX SULICA. nr.L.AVOCAÞI SCA Strada Mareşal Pilsudski Iosef. nr. 011853.71.47 Fax: +40-21-401. nr.42. D®NESCU ¯I ASOCIAŢII SCA Strada I.75 Annual turnover: N/A XX REFF & ASOCIAŢII SCA ¯oseaua Nicolae Titulescu.77 Annual turnover: N/A STRATULA MOCANU ¯I ASOCIAÞII XX Intrarea Mareşal Josef Pilsudski. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-223. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-211. nr. sector 1. 011141. nr. etaj 5. America House. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-316. nr. nr. etaj 5.51. 060052. 26-28.10. 010741.00 Annual turnover: N/A . nr.000 RON (2009) SCA XX SCHOENHERR ¯I ASOCIAŢII Bulevardul Dacia.17 Fax: +40-21-318. 27.71.91 Annual turnover: N/A SCPA MU¯AT ¯I ASOCIAŢII XX Bulevardul Aviatorilor. nr. nr.42 Annual turnover: N/A XX RAŢIU & RAŢIU SCA Strada Roma. PROTOPOPESCU.90 Fax: +40-21-319.09 Annual turnover: N/A XX COSTEA. 020564. sector 1. sector 2. 45.19 Annual turnover: 16. 30. Bucharest Business Park.44. sector 2.05.08 Fax: +40-21-312.65.84. 43.16. nr. nr. sector 1. 35.L. nr. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201. 020037. 38.88.LEROY ¯I ASOCIAŢII Strada Maior ¯onţu. sector 1.68 Annual turnover: N/A XX DELEANU VASILE . etaj 4. 010016.01 Annual turnover: N/A WOOD. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319. nr.67. sector 2.41. 28-30.39. JALB®.69 Annual turnover: N/A XX BADEA ¯I ASOCIAÞII SCA Strada Academiei.00 Fax: +40-21-201. 011022.60 Annual turnover: N/A SCA XX VOICU & FILIPESCU Strada ¯tirbei Vodă. 20.02. 050485. nr.65.42.60 Fax: +40-21-311. 11-13. sector 1.85 Annual turnover: N/A XX DRAGOMIR & ASOCIAÞII SCA Strada Constantin Noica.48. sector 2.14. Calderon. sector 1. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-211.02. POPA ¯I ASOCIAŢII SCA Strada Dr. nr.64 Fax: +40-21-210.Ploieşti. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210. sector 2.12. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-315. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-202. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-211. 013681.10. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311.53/54/55 Fax: +40-21-211. PACHIU SCA XX Strada Nicolae Filipescu.66.05. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222.46 Annual turnover: N/A XX D®NESCU. nr. 70. nr.XX SCPA COBUZ ¯I ASOCIAŢII Strada Mărgăritarelor.17.65 Annual turnover: N/A SOCIETATEA PROFESIONAL® CU R®SPUNDERE XX LIMITAT® BOSTINA ¯I ASOCIAÞII Strada J. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-314.17. MEYER.16.00 Fax: +40-21-223. 7. VONICA SCA Strada Henri Coandă. etaj 3. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230.01. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311.44 Fax: +40-21-319.90 Annual turnover: N/A SCA XX ZAMFIRESCU RACOŢI PREDOIU Strada Jean Louis Calderon. 143. sector 1.52.65 Fax: +40-21-211. 010413.56 Annual turnover: N/A WHITE & CASE.10.57 Annual turnover: N/A SCPA RUBIN.

Most important companies in "Management Consulting"
Strada Dr. Felix Iacob, nr. 63-69, Premium Plaza, etaj 15, 011033, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-402.40.00 Fax: +40-21-310.71.93 E-mail: Website:

Company profile: Ernst & Young Romania has been a leading company in the professional services market since 1992. Our professionals have extensive knowledge, deep technical skills and years of relevant experience in many industry sectors, specifically: financial services, oil and gas, utilities, real estate, telecommunications, consumer products, automotive, etc. Our personnel include both expatriates and nationals with a wide variety of experience in audit, business and risk advisory, tax advisory and compliance (including human capital), transaction support and M&A advisory, as well as other special assignments. Top management: Contact person:
ELENA BADEA - Marketing Department CAMELIA HORLACI - Country Managing Partner PANOS PAPAZOGLOU Partner - Leader of Assurance Services VENKATESH SRINIVASAN Partner - Head of Tax Advisory & Compliance Services CORNELIA BUMBĂCEA Partner - Leader of Transaction Advisory Services EIRINIKOS PLATIS - Partner - E.Platis, C.Bazilescu LLLP, the affiliated law office of Ernst & Young in Romania ELENA BADEA - Marketing Department

Financial information:
Employees 450

Foreign: 100%

Quality certificates:
lSO 9001

Strada Cretei, nr. 12, 014154, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-620.18.88 Fax: +40-31-620.18.89 E-mail: Website:

Financial information:
Registered capital 10,500 RON (2009) Annual turnover 6,260,057 EUR (2009) Total revenues 6,330,405 EUR (2009) Gross profit 618,427 EUR (2009) Net profit 519,403 EUR (2009) Employees 24

Company profile: Horváth & Partners is an independent, international management consulting company with more than 400 highly qualified employees. You can find us at five different locations in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland and the United Arabian Emirates. Using these locations as a base, our consultants undertake projects across the entire globe. Together with our partners, “Highland Worldwide”, an independent network of freelance consultants, Horváth & Partners succeeds to deliver projects in Europe, Asia and USA. As Performance Architects, our first priority is to sustainably improve the performance of your company. We accompany our clients through the entire process, from developing the business concept through (IT)-implementation to carrying out tailored training measures. By continuously expanding our fields of business and developing trend-setting solutions in the areas of Strategic Management & Innovation, Process Management & Organization and Management Control & Finance, we have grown into a leading-edge management consulting firm with international locations. Top management:
KURT WEBER - Managing Director Romania AURA CADIS - Managing Consultant ANIKO SOMODI - Managing Consultant LAVINIA GRIGORUŢ - Marketing & Communication Manager

HORVÁRTH AG, Germania: 100%

JPA Audit & Consultanta S.R.L.

Quality certificates:
ISO 9001:2008

Private-owned: 100% Foreign: 100%

Horváth & Partners

Strada Dr. Burghelea, nr. 5, 024031, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-306.05.00 Fax: +40-21-306.05.10 E-mail: Website:

Company profile: Roland Berger Strategy Consultants is one of the world’s leading strategy consulting firms. Founded in Munich in 1967, we have since become the only global strategy consultancy of European origin. Our consultants support one-third of the world’s top 1,000 companies. We also advise over 40% of leading European companies and public institutions on all issues of business management from strategy to new business processes and structures. Our successful track record proves that we create measurable and lasting value. Roland Berger Strategy Consultants provides strategic advise to top executives. We have extensive international experience in all areas of strategy consulting: growth, internationalization, marketing and brand strategies, strategic alliances, acquisitions and post-merger integration, portfolio and process optimization, restructuring and value-based management. Top management:
CODRUŢ PASCU - Managing Partner

Financial information:
Employees: 2,000

Private-owned: 100%

Soter & Partners

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants GmbH: 100%

Quality certificates:
ISO 9001:2001

Business Services 289

Main address: DN 1 Bucureşti-Ploieşti, nr. 69-71, 013685, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201.22.22 Fax: +40-21-201.22.11 Website:

Company profile: KPMG in Romania offers Audit, Tax and Advisory services, including restructuring and accessing business financing services, to a large range of organisations from the private and public sectors. KPMG in Romania is a member firm within the global KPMG network, which has offices in 140 countries and nearly 135,000 staff worldwide. KPMG in Romania now employs more than 600 people, including both local and expatriate staff, who combine detailed experience of the Romanian and Moldovan markets with international know-how. KPMG in Romania opened its first office in 1994 in Bucharest, opening a second in Timisoara in 1999. In the last two years we have also opened in Cluj, Iasi and Constanta. KPMG in Moldova opened in 1997, and in 2001 became affiliated with KPMG in Romania. Both are member firms of KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”), a Swiss entity.
Timişoara: B-dul. Mihai Viteazu, nr. 30, RO-300 222, Timişoara, România Phone: +40-256-22.13.65 Fax: +40-256-49.93.61 E-mail: Cluj: Calea Dorobanţilor, nr. 18-20, Power Business Center, 400117, Cluj-Napoca, România Phone: +40-740-33.33.44 Fax: +40-753-33.38.00 E-mail: Constanţa: B-dul Mamaia, nr. 208, etaj 2, 900540, Constanţa, România Phone: +40-756-07.00.44 Fax: +40-752-71.00.44 E-mail: Iaşi: Str. Săulescu nr. 29, etaj 3, 700010, Iaşi, România Phone: +40-756-07.00.48 Fax: +40-752-71.00.48 E-mail:

Chişinău: Strada Ştefan cel Mare, nr. 202, etajul 9, MD-2004, Chişinău, Republica Moldova Phone: +373-22-58.05.80 Fax: +373-22-54.04.99 E-mail: Website:

Financial information:
Annual turnover 33,300,000 EUR (September 30, 2009 – according with IFRS; KPMG Romania and Moldova) Employees: 600

Top management:
ŞERBAN TOADER - Senior Partner

Strada Barbu Văcărescu, nr. 301-311, Clădirea Lakeview, 020276, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-225.30.00 +40-21-225.35.00 Fax: +40-21-225.36.00 E-mail: Website:

Company profile: PricewaterhouseCoopers has been present in Romania since 1991 and has developed substantial practices, continuing to expand its services and knowledge of the local business environment. PricewaterhouseCoopers provides the highest level of professional services to multinational and Romanian companies. Service lines include Assurance, Advisory (transactions, business recovery, dispute analysis and investigations - forensic, performance improvement), as well as Tax and Legal. In addition, Legal Services are provided by D&B David si Baias, a correspondent law firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Romania. Overseen by 18 partners and employing over 650 specialist and support staff, PricewaterhouseCoopers operates in Romania and Moldova through a network of five offices in Bucharest, Timişoara, Cluj-Napoca, Constanţa and Chişinău. Top management:
VASILE IUGA - Country Managing Partner WILHELM SIMONS - Partner - Assurance Services Leader PETER DE RUITER - Partner - Tax and Legal Services Leader DINU BUMBĂCEA - Partner - Advisory Services Leader RUXANDRA BĂNDILĂ - Marketing & Business Development Director

Financial information:
Annual turnover 43,900,000 EUR (2009) Employees 650

Contact person:
RUXANDRA BĂNDILĂ Marketing & Business Development Director

XX KEARNEY MANAGEMENT CONSULTING S.R.L. A.T. Strada Academiei, nr. 39-41, 010013, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.63.00 +40-21-310.63.83 Fax: Annual turnover: 4,057,749 EUR (2009)

ALTRIA CAPITAL S.R.L. XX Strada Bitolia, nr. 47, ap. 1, 011676, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230.23.31 Fax: +40-21-231.43.01 Annual turnover: 377,272 EUR (2009) ARCHITECTED BUSINESS SOLUTIONS S.R.L. XX Strada Olteţului, nr. 15, Iridium Business Center, 023818, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-243.12.96 Fax: +40-21-242.34.35 Annual turnover: 1,303,134 EUR (2009) ASCENDIS CONSULTING S.R.L. XX Strada Ion Ionescu de la Brad, nr. 2 B, 013813, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206.64.29 Fax: +40-21-206.64.26 Annual turnover: 1,990,110 EUR (2009)



Strada Preciziei, nr. 24, Westgate Park, clădirea H, etaj 1, ap. 4, 062204, sector 6, Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-28.60.00 +40-372-28.60.01 Fax: Annual turnover: N/A

ACHIEVE GLOBAL XX Company name: UNITED BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT S.R.L. Strada Bucur, nr. 2, parter, 040292, sector 4, Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-710.03.60 +40-31-710.03.61 Fax: Annual turnover: 1,200,000 EUR (2009)

290 Business Services



Strada G-ral Praporgescu, nr. 1-5, etaj 2, ap. 4, 020965, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.26.72/73/74 Fax: +40-21-319.26.75 Annual turnover: 393,355 EUR (2009) XX BUSINESS IDEAS PROVIDER GRUP S.R.L. Strada Siret, nr. 40, 012154, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-77.03.92 Fax: +40-21-224.05.20 Annual turnover: 2,963,195 EUR (2009) XX CAPITAL PARTNERS S.R.L. Bulevardul Dacia, nr. 56, 020061, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-225.10.00 Fax: +40-31-225.10.02 Annual turnover: 3,044,893 EUR (2009) XX CONTEXPERT CONSULTING S.R.L. Strada Nicolae Filipescu, nr. 53-55, etaj 6, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311.43.20 Fax: +40-21-311.43.26 Annual turnover: 1,128,129 EUR (2009) XX DELOITTE CONSULTANTA S.R.L. ¯oseaua Nicolae Titulescu, nr. 4-8, America House, etaj 3, 011141, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222.16.61 Fax: +40-21-222.16.60 Annual turnover: N/A

XX MANAGEMENT S.R.L. IQ Strada Socului, nr. 15, Petreşti, judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-350.25.09 Fax: +40-21-350.25.10 Annual turnover: N/A

Bulevardul Primaverii, nr. 35, etaj 2, ap. 3, 011973, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-223.00.15 Fax: +40-21-223.00.19 Annual turnover: 551,350 RON (2009)

MIDOCAR CONSULTING S.R.L. XX Calea Victoriei, nr. 100, etaj 2, apt. 19, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312.20.56/57 Fax: +40-21-312.20.55 Annual turnover: 1,469,530 EUR (2009) PIERRE AUDOIN CONSULTANTS S.R.L. XX Strada Dr. Louis Pasteur, nr. 40, etaj 2, sector 5, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-410.75.80 Fax: +40-21-410.75.81 Annual turnover: 373,745 EUR (2009) RAIFFEISEN INVESTMENT ROMANIA S.R.L. XX Bulevardul Carol I, nr. 26, 020921, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312.03.10 Fax: +40-21-312.03.08 Annual turnover: 839,262 EUR (2009) RIFF XX HOLDING INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. Strada Romulus, nr. 4, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-313.33.29 Fax: +40-21-313.56.93 Annual turnover: 370,814 EUR (2009) TMF XX ROMANIA S.R.L. Calea ¯erban Vodă, nr. 133, Central Business Park, sector 4, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.68.48 Fax: +40-21-316.68.38 Annual turnover: N/A TMI XX TRAINING & CONSULTING S.R.L. Bulevardul Primăverii, nr. 51, etaj 4+M, ap. 5, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.77.10 Fax: +40-21-319.77.14 Annual turnover: 1,116,096 EUR (2009) TREND HOSPITALITY S.R.L. XX ¯oseaua Bucureşti-Ploiesti, nr. 42-44, Băneasa Business & Technology Park, clădirea A2, etaj 4, 013696, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203.50.50 Fax: +40-21-203.50.51 Annual turnover: 522,732 EUR (2009) VISIONWISE XX Company name: VISIONWISE CONSULTING Calea Floreasca, nr. 169, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.97.31 Fax: +40-21-318.00.40 Annual turnover: 192,532 EUR (2009) YARNEA S.R.L. XX Strada Uzinei, nr. 1, Săvineşti, judeţul NEAMŢ Phone: +40-233-20.50.30 Fax: +40-233-20.51.80 Annual turnover: 20,722,108 EUR (2009)

ELECTRICA SOLUZIONA S.A. XX ¯oseaua Pipera, nr. 41, etaj 3, 014254, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.24.85 Fax: +40-21-233.22.45 Annual turnover: 3,494,188 EUR (2009) EMCT ROMANIA S.R.L. XX ¯oseaua Pipera, nr. 41, etaj 4, 014254, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.17.40 Fax: +40-21-233.17.39 Annual turnover: 63,038,066 EUR (2009) ENSIGHT MANAGEMENT CONSULTING S.R.L. XX Strada Traian, nr. 184-186, Niro Business Center, 024045, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-405.54.68 Fax: +40-31-405.54.67 Annual turnover: 4,796,721 EUR (2009) GENPACT ROMANIA S.R.L. XX Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu, nr. 9-9 A, Iride Business Park, 19, 020335, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-12.84.51 Fax: +40-21-528.84.80 Annual turnover: 39,862,793 EUR (2009) HAY XX GROUP MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS S.R.L.
Strada Gheorghe Manu, nr. 5, ap. 5, 010442, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-650.20.44 Fax: +40-21-650.20.45 Annual turnover: 1,054,692 EUR (2009)

INTEGRATOR S.A. XX Strada Elena Clucereasa, nr. 49 A, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303.97.30 Fax: +40-21-303.97.37 Annual turnover: 1,070,985 EUR (2009)

Business Services 291

Most important companies in "Audit & Accounting"
Splaiul Independenţei, nr. 52, sector 5, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-315.61.00 Fax: +40-21-315.61.02 E-mail: Website:

Financial information:
Registered capital 103,800 RON (2009) Annual turnover 2,000,000 EUR (2009) Employees 67

Company profile: Baker Tilly Klitou is a firm of Auditors, Accountants and Business Advisors, which offers services of the highest standard to business operating both nationally and internationally. Our firm is an independent member of Baker Tilly International which is the 8th largest network in the world by fee income and is represented by 147 member firms in 114 countries, with more than 26,000 personnel worldwide. Our main aim is, through our specialized departments, to offer our clients services of the highest standards and to add value to their business activities. Baker Tilly Klitou is represented in Romania by Baker Tilly Klitou and Partners SRL that holds the Authorization no. 384/26.05.2003 from Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania. In February 2009, the World Bank agreed to include Baker Tilly Klitou among the firms fully acceptable to audit World Bank financed operations in Romania. In March 2009, following the assessment performed by World Bank in view of determining the eligibility of the company, Baker Tilly Klitou was fully accepted to audit World Bank financed operations in Romania. Top management:

Quality certificates:
ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004

Strada Nerva Traian, nr. 3, City Business Center, sector 3, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.94.76 Fax: +40-21-319.94.77 E-mail: Website:

Company profile: BDO Audit, together with entities specialized in Business Advisory, Tax and Business Restructuring, is part of BDO Romania, the fifth audit and consultancy firm in the country, having more than 15 years of experience in providing professional services. With over 150 professionals working within multidisciplinary teams, under the coordination of 11 partners certified by professional international and local bodies, BDO Romania offers the whole range of professional audit and consultancy related services. As a Member Firm of BDO, the fifth largest accountancy network in the world, our services incorporate the requirements of professional standards and the expertise of a network with over 46,000 professionals operating through 1,138 offices in 115 countries. Top management:
SILVIU MANOLESCU - Managing Partner SORIN CAIAN - Senior Partner Business Advisory NICULAE BALAN - Senior Partner Business Restructuring NICU CRETU - Senior Partner Accounting VASILE BULATA - Senior Partner Audit & Assurance EMILIAN DUCA - Tax Partner

Financial information:
Registered capital 10,000 RON (2009) Annual turnover 28,000,000 RON (2009) Employees 150

Contact person:
SILVIU MANOLESCU - Managing Partner

Private-owned: 100% Romanian: 100%

Quality certificates:
ISO 9001:2008

Strada Nicolae Filipescu, nr. 5355, etaj 6, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311.43.20 Fax: +40-21-311.43.26 E-mail: Website:

Company profile: Since 1996 SC Contexpert Consulting SRL is specialised in audit, accounting, payroll, preparation of financial statements - compliant with Romanian requirements and/or IFRS, periodical financial reports to Management, tax advisory, recruitment, business process outsorcing, accounting and tax training and due diligence services, combining local know-how with international expertise to provide efficient and tailormade solutions to all our clients. Since August 2007 our company is the Romanian member of Morison International, one of the world’s fast growing global association of more than 82 independent firms, present in 56 countries and mobilizing the expertise of 580 partners. Top management:
SORIN ISTRATE - Managing Partner DANIELA ISTRATE - Partner

Financial information:
Registered capital 1,265 EUR (2009) Annual turnover 1,128,129 EUR (2009) Total revenues 1,204,287 EUR (2009) Gross profit 237,733 EUR (2009) Employees 36


Sorin Istrate: 47.62% Daniela Istrate: 52.38%

Quality certificates:
lSO 9001 : 2008 issued by SRAC lSO 9001 : 2008 issued by IQNET (The International Certification Network)

Private-owned: 100% Romanian: 100%

292 Business Services

Strada Dr. Felix Iacob, nr. 63-69, Premium Plaza, etaj 15, 011033, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-402.40.00 Fax: +40-21-310.71.93 E-mail: Website:

Company profile: Ernst & Young Romania has been a leading company in the professional services market since 1992. Our professionals have extensive knowledge, deep technical skills and years of relevant experience in many industry sectors, specifically: financial services, oil and gas, utilities, real estate, telecommunications, consumer products, automotive, etc. Our personnel include both expatriates and nationals with a wide variety of experience in audit, business and risk advisory, tax advisory and compliance (including human capital), transaction support and M&A advisory, as well as other special assignments. Top management: Contact person:
ELENA BADEA - Marketing Department CAMELIA HORLACI - Country Managing Partner PANOS PAPAZOGLOU Partner - Leader of Assurance Services VENKATESH SRINIVASAN Partner - Head of Tax Advisory & Compliance Services CORNELIA BUMBĂCEA Partner - Leader of Transaction Advisory Services EIRINIKOS PLATIS - Partner - E.Platis, C.Bazilescu LLLP, the affiliated law office of Ernst & Young in Romania ELENA BADEA - Marketing Department

Financial information:
Employees 450

Foreign: 100%

Quality certificates:
lSO 9001

Strada Economu Cezărescu, nr. 31B, 060754, sector 6, Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-229.26.00 Fax: +40-31-229.26.01 E-mail: Website:

Company profile: MAZARS is an international integrated and independent organisation, specialised in audit, accounting, tax and legal advisory services, relying on the skills of over 12,500 professionals active in 56 countries, as well as a member of the Praxity alliance (uniting 110 independent firms, present in 75 countries and mobilising the expertise of 25,000 professionals). The audit and financial advisory services of MAZARS Romania, the sixth leading advisory companies in the Romanian market, are provided by a team of professionals with wide experience acquired over many years of practice in the field, governed by principles and procedures set at the highest international standards. The tax and legal advisory services of MAZARS Romania also represent a major part of the professional practice of the office, together with accounting and payroll services. Top management:
JEAN-PIERRE VIGROUX - Managing Partner HUBERTUS EICHLER - Partner, German & Austrian Desk VASILE ANDRIAN - Senior Manager, Head of Audit Services

Financial information:
Employees 45

Contact person:
JEAN-PIERRE VIGROUX - Managing Partner VASILE ANDRIAN - Senior Manager, Head of Audit Services

Strada Barbu Văcărescu, nr. 301-311, Clădirea Lakeview, 020276, sector 2, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-225.30.00 +40-21-225.35.00 Fax: +40-21-225.36.00 E-mail: Website:

Company profile: PricewaterhouseCoopers has been present in Romania since 1991 and has developed substantial practices, continuing to expand its services and knowledge of the local business environment. PricewaterhouseCoopers provides the highest level of professional services to multinational and Romanian companies. Service lines include Assurance, Advisory (transactions, business recovery, dispute analysis and investigations - forensic, performance improvement), as well as Tax and Legal. In addition, Legal Services are provided by D&B David si Baias, a correspondent law firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Romania. Overseen by 18 partners and employing over 650 specialist and support staff, PricewaterhouseCoopers operates in Romania and Moldova through a network of five offices in Bucharest, Timişoara, Cluj-Napoca, Constanţa and Chişinău. Top management:
VASILE IUGA - Country Managing Partner WILHELM SIMONS - Partner - Assurance Services Leader PETER DE RUITER - Partner - Tax and Legal Services Leader DINU BUMBĂCEA - Partner - Advisory Services Leader RUXANDRA BĂNDILĂ - Marketing & Business Development Director

Financial information:
Annual turnover 43,900,000 EUR (2009) Employees 650

Contact person:
RUXANDRA BĂNDILĂ Marketing & Business Development Director

Business Services 293

100 95 75

Strada General Constantin Budişteanu, nr. 28C, etaj 2, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-312.58.88 Fax: +40-31-312.58.89 E-mail: Website:

25 5 0

Company profile: Noerr Finance & Tax, founded in 2004 is a member of the Noerr Wirtschaftprüfungs- und Steuergesellschaften Group and represents the financial and tax consulting arm of Noerr. We combine local know-how with international expertise accumulated over more than 50 years to provide efficient and tailor-made solutions. Our professional activities focus on financial advisory, audit of financial statements, due diligence, EU funds assistance, bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements - statutory and IFRS, periodical financial reports to Management, internal audit services and taxation. Top management:
IULIAN SORESCU Associated Partner, Head of Financial Department FLORIN GHERGHEL - Head of Tax Department

Financial information:
Employees 14

Contact person:
IULIAN SORESCU - Associated Partner, Head of Financial Department FLORIN GHERGHEL - Head of Tax Department ALEXANDRA NICOLAE - Business Development and Communication Manager Romania

Calea Şerban Vodă, nr. 133, Central Business Park, sector 4, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.68.48 Fax: +40-21-316.68.38 E-mail: Website:

Financial information:
Registered capital 816,699 RON (2009) Employees 79 Shareholders TMF Holding Eastern Europe B.V.: 99.9% Ownership Foreign: 100%

Company profile: TMF is a global independent administrators company, with over 3,000 professionals working from 87 offices in 66 countries around the world. On the local market, TMF Romania has been present for 10 years, being a member of The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (CECCAR), since 1999 and also member of Romanian Fiscal Consultants Chamber. We focus on our clients’ needs and service all industries, and, over the years we have formed specialized teams that have significant experience and recognized expertise in supporting different niche sectors. Our service offering is concentrated mainly into three service lines: • Financial administrative services (bookkeeping and reporting services, fund administration services, VAT services); • Human resources administrative services (payroll processing, complete management and reporting cost analysis, human resources services for companies of any size); • Legal administrative services (corporate secretarial services, domiciliary and management services). Why choose TMF Romania? • Worldwide presence, however services are customized locally; • Independent and complete range of administrative services; • Complete delivery by our administrative services team; • Proven track record.

Top management:
EMINE CONSTANTIN - Managing Director CAMELIA NIŢĂ - Managing Director

Bulevardul Dimitrie Cantemir, nr. 2 A, bloc P3, ap. 39, sector 4, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-336.90.88 Fax: +40-21-336.90.98 Annual turnover: 410,086 EUR (2009)

XX DELOITTE TAX S.R.L. ¯oseaua Nicolae Titulescu, nr. 4-8, America House, etaj 3, 011141, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222.16.61 Fax: +40-21-222.16.60 Annual turnover: N/A

100 95 75

Bulevardul Naţiunile Unite, nr. 1, Gemenii Sitraco, etaj 8, sector 5, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.66.88 Fax: +40-21-316.66.99 Annual turnover: 988,234 EUR (2009)

FIDEXPERT S.R.L. XX Strada Traian, nr. 2, bloc F1, ap. 13-18, 030574, sector 3, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-327.31.02 Fax: +40-21-327.30.50 Annual turnover: 914,403 EUR (2009) MAZARS CONSULTING S.R.L. XX Strada Economu Cezărescu, nr. 31 B, 060754, sector 6, Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-229.26.00 Fax: +40-31-229.26.01 Annual turnover: N/A

25 5 0

DELOITTE AUDIT S.R.L. XX ¯oseaua Nicolae Titulescu, nr. 4-8, America House, etaj 3, 011141, sector 1, Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222.16.61 Fax: +40-21-222.16.60 Annual turnover: N/A

Business Services 295

XX ¯oseaua Iancului.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-313.075.81 Annual turnover: 2. nr.A.48. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.150.803 EUR (2009) SOCIETATEA ROMåN® XX PENTRU ASIGURAREA CALIT®ŢII CERTIND S.530 EUR (2009) XX SCOT & COMPANY CONSULTNG S.604 EUR (2009) Strada Theodor Burada. ap.689 EUR (2009) SGS XX ROMANIA S.68.02. Calea Victoriei.51 Fax: +40-21-313. TMF Calea ¯erban Vodă.51 Annual turnover: 1. nr. sector 1.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310. ap. 010798. 800310.47 Fax: +40-21-312.421 EUR (2009) XX MOODY INTERNATIONAL S. 27-29.95 Fax: +40-21-211.220 EUR (2009) TŰV XX SUD ROMANIA Calea Victoriei.21. etaj 2. etaj 2.34.23. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-322.21. judeßul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-49.R. 17. nr.20. nr. sector 2.88. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.68.38 Annual turnover: WND ROEDL & PARTNER AUDIT S. Bulevardul Unirii. Calea Dorobanţilor. 16. bloc G2C.525. sector 1.36. 37-40.36 Annual turnover: 1. nr. Central Business Park. 31.08. 155.02.R.33.L. Strada Tunari. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210.48 Fax: +40-21-316. nr.L. etaj 5. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318. Strada Frumoasă. nr. XX Strada George Enescu.50 Fax: +40-21-318. Strada Brăilei.46. 61. nr.88. nr.L.56/57 Fax: +40-21-312. 19.469. 100. sector 1.L.L. 103-105.20. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-335. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-313.R. Calea ¯erban Vodă.A.L. 4. sector 1. sector 1. nr.L. sector 4.R.07 Fax: +40-21-210. etaj 5.579 EUR (2009) 296 Business Services .91. nr.97 Annual turnover: 3.890.83/84/85 Fax: +40-21-335.R.18 Fax: +40-21-232. Galaţi. Palatul UGIR 1903.90/91/93 Fax: +40-236-49. etaj 2.92. XX Strada Pictor Ion Negulici.333.51 Annual turnover: 1. nr. Strada Feleacu.44. 71.744.63. nr.028 EUR (2009) GERMANISCHER LLOYD INDUSTRIAL SERVICES XX ROMANIA S.35 Fax: +40-21-313.21.200 EUR (2009) FIATEST S. etaj 3. nr.300 EUR (2009) LLOYD'S REGISTER ROMåNIA S.91. ap.36. etaj 3.66.46.R.111 EUR (2009) Most important companies in "ISO Consulting & Certifying Companies" XX AEROQ S. 24.R. nr.R. sector 1.L.20 Annual turnover: 8. sector 1. 38. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210.345.570 EUR (2009) BUREAU VERITAS ROMANIA CONTROLE XX INTERNATIONAL S. bloc D1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. sector 2.09 Annual turnover: 799.55 Annual turnover: 1. sector 3.XX MIDOCAR CONSULTING S.447.66.L.62 Fax: +40-21-310.34/35 Fax: +40-21-318. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232.189 EUR (2009) XX ACCOUNTING & PAYROLL S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-330. sector 1.00 Fax: +40-21-330. XX Strada Transilvaniei. sector 4.L.R.06 Annual turnover: 969. 6. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. 133.17 Annual turnover: 1. 011943.15 Annual turnover: 1.295.53. 165b.92. sector 1.13.72 Annual turnover: 671.80 Annual turnover: N/A TŰV XX RHEINLAND ROMANIA S. etaj 2. 14B.26 Annual turnover: 1.50 Fax: +40-21-327.

47. Cyprus: 100% Top management: RADU FURNICĂ . Korn/Ferry International Romania SRL .71. Alexandru Constantinescu.66.70 E-mail: office@brainbank. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-228. Being the First initiative ever on this topic. Enrolments are made on a “by invitation only” base or based on senior managers’ referrals (LDS alumni referral) securing this way the very high quality of the members.R. Talent Gate provides: • Selection services at the entry level for the management pipeline • TPR . Founder of The Leadership Alliance Contact: Str.L.exclusively focused at the top of organizations • Counseling and recruitment for Board of Directors • Individual career advice and solutions for top professionals. nr. TALENT GATE Member of The Leadership Alliance Contact: it was named at the time. nr. In Website: www. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-224. see also www. sector 1.identified segments to target with special programs • Advisory approach • Continuous talent mapping & management activity • Increased success retention rate substantially • Decreased turnover of young employees • Minimized resources • Professional Knowledge Management structure Contact person: ALINA COJANU – Project Assistant Business Services 297 . LDS is strictly specialized in: • Quality retained direct executive search . NYSE.kfi. along potential paths of most probable professional development. Korn/Ferry International (KFI. Talent Gate’s partners will benefit from: • Early access to large databases with validated talent • Already selected competencies for entry level • Pre.talentgate. The services range offered by Brain Bank includes: • Recruitment Process Outsourcing • Middle Management Recruitment • Talent Acquisition/Discovery Programs (via referrals and by invitation only) • Management Assessment The major competitive advantage of Brain Bank is that it is constructed as a Middle Management Who’s Who.24 E-mail: office@kfi. management assessment and related services for the Korn/Ferry International in Company profile: Talent Gate is the first company aiming exclusively at educating young talents about their career opportunities. sector 1. Talent Gate identifies and promotes the best young talents and “channels” them directly into a selected group of Contact person: ANDREI COSTACHE Business Development Manager Company profile: BrainBank is the first premium provider of quality talent development and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services focused exclusively at Middle Management level in Romania. sector 1. 47. a 100% private Ownership: Private-owned: 100% Foreign: 100% Company profile: The company was established in Romania in 1994 as a subsidiary of the leader of the global executive search industry. went through a successful management buy-out process and changed its name to Leadership Development Solutions SRL. Alexandru Constantinescu. Between 2001 and 2010 Leadership Development Solutions SRL was the exclusive strategic ally and provider of top executive search.Most important companies in "Executive Search & Recruitment" LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS S. Members of the board: RADU FURNICĂ . For Corporate Clients. Alexandru Constantinescu.President BRAIN BANK Member of The Leadership Alliance Contact: Website: www. nr. fully owned by its Cyprus based HQ and holding company .15. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-224.brainbank.Leadership Development Solutions Website: www.kornferry.President Shareholders: Leadership Development Solutions Ltd. 47.Talent Pool Reports • Market level studies & scientific reports • Assessment center programs • Talent Planning & Management programs.09 E-mail: office@talentgate.

integrity. Since its creation. The relationships between professionals and corporations are changing significantly. the success of future corporations depends on their ability to attract and retain talent. . grow and feel rewarded. Between 2001 and 2010 Leadership Development Solutions SRL was the exclusive strategic ally and provider of top executive search. Our firm continuously refines the discipline and art of accessing the strongest and uniquely fit professionals.talentgate. It is vital for their success.kfi. who found a new career through us. LDS Senior Advisors’ solutionbased work is driven by a great focus on client. In www. Proud to work with the best www. Established in 1994 as the fully owned subsidiary of Korn/Ferry International. We consider that our success is directly linked to the success of the firms that benefit out of the skills and talents of people brought in their organizations through our help. they deserve nothing less. the company has completed more than 500 successful projects across various industries sectors of the Romanian economy. LDS possesses a deep understanding of the market evolutions and a thoroughly developed local network that is critical to our clients’ success in the very dynamic environment of today’s Romania. www.brainbank. They work closely with clients and candidates to shape human capital strategies and solutions. In today’s fluid recessionary environment. An additional mistake is the assumption that retaining top talent becomes easier due to fewer career opportunities available on the market. we help our clients to attract and retain the best leadership capital. the subsidiary went through a successful management buy-out process in 2001. We take great satisfaction to see how professionals. some corporations fool themselves in believing that the price for top talent is half of what it was last year just because of the crisis. Radu Furnica. able to assume selected decision making positions. The belief that passionate and fulfilled professionals make the difference between winning and mediocre companies is central to the LDS There is no substitute for talent. some corporations leave the impression that searching for top talents is lower priority. management assessment and related services for the Korn/Ferry International in Romania. Moreover. highest quality. Stepping into such pitfalls is going to be a very expensive experience in twelve months from now. took over the ownership of the firm and the name of the company was changed to Leadership Development Solutions (LDS) to reflect its orientation towards a broader scope. The former Managing Partner. and commitment to match candidate’s aspirations and companies’ Since 1994. Whether we like it or not. To these professionals we present a portfolio of carefully managed companies that provide access to high performance and growth opportunities. This is our core specialty.Leadership Development Solutions (LDS) is the first advisory firm specialized in retained direct executive search in Romania.

TalentGate will create a custom profile by adapting its systems to cover the company’s need. TalentGate. acquisition & retention programs. TalentGate identifies & promotes the high potential young talents and ‘channels’ them directly towards a selected group of corporations.  Decreased turnover of young employees. Enrollments are made on a “by invitation only” base or based on senior managers’ referral (LDS alumni referral) securing this way the very high quality of the members. for example.  We work for the best companies in Romania  We work with the best Romanian professionals  We identify and attract the best talents in the market  We promote the concept of leadership The other two pillars of The Leadership Alliance are BrainBank and TalentGate. The Leadership Alliance The Leadership Alliance is a three pillars strategic alliance initiated by Leadership Development Solutions. norms of professional behavior. Based on the partners’ criteria (that we help define).  Pre-identified segments to target with early access programs (internships. It is the first company aimed exclusively at advising young talents about their career opportunities. The Leadership Alliance 47 Alexandru Constantinescu Street. who is seeking the right senior manager for a specific role – or. In Romania’s case. RO6769390 E-mail: office@leadershipalliance. and the ability to secure the best players in a time scale tailored to the client’s objectives. the TalentGate’s selected partners.Leadership Development Solutions is rigorously specialized in:  Quality retained direct executive search. In the future progression of TalentGate alumni will also represent an important source of members. The partner companies’ main benefits from working with TalentGate are:  Substantially increased success rates. We take pride in contributing to the achievements of companies by finding best professionals that their organization and objectives need. The cultural dynamics are critical and are often the key differentiator to whether or not a candidate will be successful in the new role. The services range offered by BrainBank includes:  Recruitment Process Outsourcing  Middle Management Recruitment  Talent Acquisition/Discovery Programs (via referrals and by invitation only)  Management Assessment The major competitive advantage of BrainBank is that it is constructed as a middle management Who’s Who.  Updated and thoroughly researched knowledge about the existing talent pool materialized in Talent Pool Reports (TPR) and market level studies & scientific reports. benefits from an exclusive pedigree resulted from the proven track record of the mother-company LDS and sistercompany BrainBank. the relationship between the employee and the employer need to be revised and “upgraded” to new and viable concepts and methods suitable to the Romanian environment. for a young generation with a confused value systems and chronic lack of support to find its career path. no.  shorten their path to success by introducing them to strong corporations. a team of managers to pioneer entry into a new market. Bucharest. specialist knowledge of the industry.  Minimized resource usage in today’s rather scarce reality with increased speed. up to the senior level of professional development. BrainBank is the first premium provider of quality talent development and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services focused exclusively at middle management level in Romania. etc). a commitment to finding the right professional whatever the challenges. Using a high-quality executive search firm ensures that the client will benefit from confidentiality. Its aim is to provide premium quality alternatives to the existing supply of recruitment services at all levels in the Romanian market. In a rapidly changing environment. Tel: +40 21 224 71 24. RO-011472. along potential paths of most probable professional development.  guide young talents through an indepth analysis of the current market challenges . TalentGate focuses on improving performance of partners through focused talent www. TalentGate becomes the first dedicated professional firm to:  help them to discover their inner potential through a thorough assessment . regional or international market.leadershipalliance. TalentGate provides:  Selection services at the entry level for the management pipeline selected by aptitudes. standards of ethical conduct. together. the third pillar of the alliance. A clear differentiation of the top executive search process is the fact that it focuses on finding who the best professional for a certain role is and not whoever is available. Individual clients will find that LDS will honestly & devotedly advise with regards to their career goals. Reg. business simulations. Through its down-to-earth understanding of the current situation and challenges at the entry level of the talent market. Credibility and highquality professionalism remain the key words. Executive search is oriented towards the client’s needs and then finding the best suited candidate to those requirements. executive search is a mean of finding the highest-caliber professionals on the local. The Executive Search Industry in Romania: the process Executive search is based on one main premise that differentiates it from regular recruitment agencies. Confidentiality is paramount. The search firm acts for the client. exclusively focused at the top of organizations  Counseling and recruitment for Board of Directors  Individual career advice and solutions for top professionals LDS sees it as its mission to enable both the individual and company clients to be successful. We focus on the top 2% of the Talent Market in Romania from the earliest stage in career. For Corporate Clients. Simply put.

R.84.553.99 Annual turnover: 705.53. 19. sector 1. nr.I.469. etaj 2.20. sector 1.93.09. XX Strada Bitolia. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. nr. XX Strada Vasile Lascăr. nr.43. 26-28. sector 1.46 Fax: +40-21-300.56/57 Fax: +40-21-312. Bulevardul Lascăr Catargiu.110 EUR (2009) BUCHAREST SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT (BSM) XX Calea Griviţei. ap.43. nr.R.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-228.26 Annual turnover: 1.XX ADECCO RESURSE UMANE S. 28. sector 4.43. nr.30 Fax: +40-21-223.502 EUR (2009) PEDERSEN & PARTNERS CONSULTING S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231.25 Annual turnover: 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. nr. etaj 3. Calea Griviţei .129 EUR (2009) K. TRUST & PARTNERS S.859 EUR (2009) MIDOCAR CONSULTING S. 011038.45 Annual turnover: 7.L. 3. 2-2A. sector 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210.24 Fax: +40-21-212.24 Fax: +40-21-312.L. nr.64.20 Fax: +40-21-311. XX Strada Ion C‰mpineanu. Mozart.03. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-300.00. ap. etaj 1.580 EUR (2009) AIMS HUMAN CAPITAL ROMANIA S.R. Strada Dem. 010026. 040278.L.19 Annual turnover: 293.18. XX Strada Nicolae Filipescu. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. nr.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-223. etaj 8. sector 1.R.R.15.83. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-710. sector 1.40 Fax: +40-21-312.530 EUR (2009) NEUMANN INTERNATIONAL S. 28. 100.00 Fax: +40-21-207. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206.R.094 EUR (2009) ASCENDIS CONSULTING S. 2 B.708 EUR (2009) MANPOWER ROMåNIA S. sector 1.20 Fax: +40-21-231. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.59. 2. sector 1.990.R. 26. nr.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.Dobrescu.310. 040292. Iacob Felix.R. 11. XX Strada Marcel Iancu.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311. sector 1.93.440.87 Annual turnover: 12.R.98 Fax: +40-21-307. nr. etaj 2.46 Fax: +40-21-300. 5.55 Annual turnover: 1.35.66 Annual turnover: WND Most important companies in "Training & Business Schools" XX ACHIEVE GLOBAL Company name: UNITED BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT S. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231.L.18.64.M.53.R. sector 1.71.60 Annual turnover: WND LUGERA & MAKLER S.34 Annual turnover: 309. XX . nr.816. 1. 7. sector 2.26 Annual turnover: 1.60 Fax: +40-31-710. XX Strada Ion Ionescu de la Brad.A. 30.71.98 Fax: +40-21-312.97. Union International Business Center II.44. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-300.L.L.90 Annual turnover: 3. A. nr.634 EUR (2009) ALEXANDER HUGHES ROMANIA S.963 EUR (2009) BARNETT MCCALL RECRUITMENT S.Institutul de Administrare a Afacerilor din Bucureşti Company name: EXEC-EDU-FORMARE CONTINU® MANAGERIAL® S.R.962.07.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-307. etaj 1.20. nr.35. 16 B. XX Strada Dr.200. 2. nr.20 Fax: +40-21-318. XX Strada W.L.03. 41. 010031. 3. 11.28 Annual turnover: 5. 020757. 53-55.90 Fax: +40-21-231. nr.64. sector 4. ap. sector 1.REPREZENTANÞ® Strada Oiţelor. 8-10.97.R. 010665.128.61 Annual turnover: 1.25 Annual turnover: N/A 300 Business Services . etaj 6. nr.L.659.07/08 Fax: +40-31-030.R. sector 1. etaj 1. Strada Bucur.L.35.R.07. sector 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. sector 1.L.95.732 EUR (2009) CONTEXPERT CONSULTING S.00 Annual turnover: 11. Union International Center.315.29 Fax: +40-21-206. etaj 5.45 Annual turnover: 11.L.218 EUR (2009) MCKINSEY ROMANIA XX Company name: MCKINSEY & COMPANY S.L.000 EUR (2009) XX ASEBUSS .09. sector 2.12 Annual turnover: N/A ADECCO ROMANIA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-207.24 Fax: +40-21-231.40. XX Strada Şcoala Floreasca. XX Strada Ştirbei Vodă. Strada Doctor Felix. ap. XX Calea Victoriei.R. 013813.325 EUR (2009) STEIN & PARTNER MANAGEMENT XX CONSULTING S.35.

12/13/14/15 Fax: +40-21-311.03. Bulevardul Magheru.L. 26.20.05 Annual turnover: 7. sector 3.875.R.L.928 EUR (2009) XX HUMAN INVEST S. Strada Puţul lui Crăciun. sector 2.70 Annual turnover: 804. 84.R.82 Annual turnover: 525. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317. Strada Crişana.L.79.R.08 Annual turnover: 1. Strada Tudor Arghezi.191 EUR (2009) XX CENTRUL PENTRU STUDIEREA OPINIEI ŞI PIEÞII (CSOP) S.A.R.62.R.L. nr. 020943.804.668.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-326. etaj 1.93.IRECSON S.10 Fax: +40-21-319.77. nr.21.92 Annual turnover: 696. 21. 32-34.178 EUR (2009) XX INSTITUTUL ROMåN DE CERCET®RI Strada Franceză. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.L.64. 44.88 Fax: +40-21-317. Most important companies in "Market Research" XX CEGEDIM ROMANIA S.41 Fax: +40-21-312.458. 12.L.45.13 Annual turnover: 2.97.51. nr. Sema Park.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-326. 050570.88 Annual turnover: 702. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-668.41 Fax: +40-21-805.66.166 EUR (2009) XX CODECS S. 81.77. sector 3. nr. etaj 1. 031111. nr. sector 1.R. sector 3. sector 2. Splaiul Independenßei. 021482. sector 5. etaj 6.L. 319.24. sector 2.900 EUR (2009) XX IPSOS INTERACTIVE SERVICES S. bloc IPA.40 Annual turnover: 2.000 EUR (2009) Business Services 301 . sector 5.31 Fax: +40-21-318.L.14 Annual turnover: 1.20 Annual turnover: 814. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-335.20 Fax: +40-21-300. Strada Sfinţii Apostoli. nr. BOC Upground.R.25.22 Annual turnover: 903.77 Annual turnover: 791.192 EUR (2009) XX TRAINING & CONSULTING S. Bulevardul Libertăţii. Strada Dogarilor. sector 1.00 Fax: +40-31-220. Strada Dornei. nr. nr.47.L. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-252.698 EUR (2009) XX INTERACT BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS S.89.81. 030937.63. etaj 4+M.71 Annual turnover: 820. 37-39.337. 010024. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-207.40. 20.575 EUR (2009) XX CENTRUL DE SOCIOLOGIE URBAN® GFK XX ROMANIA .83 Annual turnover: 533.346 EUR (2009) XX RODDIA CONCEPT S. sector 6. nr. 030836. 3 A. Calea Floreasca.91 Fax: +40-21-212.L.889 EUR (2009) ŞI REGIONAL® .63 Fax: +40-21-313.55. 3. nr. nr. 51.36. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-212.27 Fax: +40-21-318.198 EUR (2009) XX IRSOP MARKET RESEARCH&CONSULTING S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-205. nr.R. 020339. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.20 Fax: +40-21-668.L.XX BUSINESS TRAINING ROMANIA S. 75. Strada Theodor Speranßia. sector 1.81. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-212.82/83/84 Fax: +40-21-252.89.R. sector 2.12/13/14/15 Annual turnover: 1. 5.30. 040091.R.R.69 Annual turnover: 22.45. 169.56.93. 012134.R. Strada Cristian Popişteanu.58. nr.173 EUR (2009) ECONOMICO-SOCIALE ¯I SONDAJE . bloc 103. Strada Agricultori. sector 1.45. sector 2.L.L.70 Fax: +40-21-326. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-300. nr.112. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-315.15 Fax: +40-21-210.L. 9. 2-4. sector 1. 020553.116. TMI Bulevardul Primăverii.L. ap.30. sector 1. nr.R.216 EUR (2009) XX COMPETITIVE IN BUSINESS & CONSULTING S.INSTITUT DE CERCETARE DE PIAŢ® S. Strada Tunari.957 EUR (2009) XX ROLAND GAREIS CONSULTING S. 012292.84 Annual turnover: 5.55.60 Fax: +40-21-225.29 Annual turnover: 539. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-315. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-220.00-02 Fax: +40-21-335. Strada Caloian Judeţul.366 EUR (2009) XX IMAS-MARKETING ¯I SONDAJE S.13.00. ap.096 EUR (2009) XX TREND CONSULT S.225 EUR (2009) XX DAEDALUS CONSULTING S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311.A. 68. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319. sector 1. Strada George Constantinescu.920.CURS S.88.00 Fax: +40-21-205. 10.R. nr.88.L.

R. sector 6. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232.L.01 Annual turnover: 10.63. 319C. nr.L. 95.78/79/80 Fax: +40-21-326. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.400. sector 6. sector 1. Splaiul Independenţei.R.000.00 Fax: +40-21-527. XX Strada Siret. 4-10.793 EUR (2009) IIRUC SERVICE S.L.96 Fax: +40-21-242.195 EUR (2009) CAPGEMINI SERVICES ROMANIA S. Aleea Mihail Sadoveanu.159.60. 023818. nr.34.R. nr.429 EUR (2009) ARCHITECTED BUSINESS SOLUTIONS S.30.A. 19. 15. Cluj-Napoca. XX Splaiul Independenßei.47. nr. sector 2. XX Strada Siret. 014354.66. Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-12. 011763.65.00. Iride Business Park. Ia¿i.67. 7. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-527.ROMåNIA S. judeßul CLUJ Phone: +40-364-14.135 EUR (2009) XX SYNOVATE S.66. Strada Siriului.72 Annual turnover: 3.477 EUR (2009) XX GALLUP ORGANIZATION . etaj 1-2. 63-69.84.00 Annual turnover: 2. nr. 63. etaj 5.00 Fax: +40-21-405. H1 WestGate Park. Vitan Center. Agrovet.409 EUR (2009) BUSINESS IDEAS PROVIDER GRUP S. sector 1.36 Annual turnover: N/A GENPACT ROMANIA S.84. etaj 9.000 RON (2009) XX METRO MEDIA TRANSILVANIA STUDII SOCIALE SONDAJE MARKETING ¯I PUBLICITATE S. nr. 319. XX Strada Fabrica de Glucoză. 40. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-209.12. I.L.51 Fax: +40-21-528.01.00 Fax: +40-21-224.30 Annual turnover: 3.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-77. 23 C.97/98 Fax: +40-21-318. sector 6. Bulevardul Preciziei. etaj 1-2.L. XX Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu. 6. sector 1.60.R.17 Annual turnover: 3.26 Annual turnover: 11.00 Fax: +40-372-28.R.L.976 EUR (2009) 302 Business Services . XX Strada Olteßului. nr.089.35 Annual turnover: 1. etaj 1. Cluj-Napoca.R.35. nr. Iridium Business Center.65. sector 2.01 Fax: +40-232-20.L. 400462. Icechim.554. Fax: +40-21-224.279.L.L.11 Annual turnover: 6.R.73 Annual turnover: 723.R. 062204. sector 2.962 EUR (2009) Most important companies in "Business Process Outsourcing" XX ACCENTURE SERVICES S.R.R.25/6/7/8/9 Fax: +40-31-228.XX ISRA CENTER MARKETING RESEARCH S.81 Annual turnover: 6.81.01 Annual turnover: 14. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-326.26 Annual turnover: 6.L.25. Splaiul Independenßei.60 Annual turnover: 1.L.L.R. 012152. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-208. nr.499 EUR (2009) XX ROMANIA CGS Company name: COMPUTER GENERATED SOLUTIONS ROMANIA S.R.L.00. Strada Constantin Br‰ncuşi.51.000 RON (2009) XX NIELSEN ROMANIA Company name: ACNIELSEN ROMANIA S.67.03. 20.80.21 Fax: +40-21-232. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.81. Felix.347 EUR (2009) WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES S. 9-9 A. 400409.750. 700490. 13.25. nr.L. nr.R. 020335. nr. 202.963. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-224.L.R.73/77/81 Fax: +40-21-310.80 Annual turnover: 39. 060044. Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-28. judeßul IA¯I Phone: +40-332-40.077 EUR (2009) MERCURY RESEARCH S. etaj 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-243.802 EUR (2009) MEMRB ROMANIA XX RETAIL TRACKING SERVICES S. 24. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311. nr. XX Strada Dr.134 EUR (2009) AROBS TRANSILVANIA SOFTWARE S. Strada Munţii Tatra.55.305 EUR (2009) XL XX WORLD ROMANIA S.303. THE Strada Londra.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-228. judeţul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-44.35. sector 1. XX Strada Minerilor.20 Annual turnover: 2.444.53 Fax: +40-264-59.01 Fax: +40-21-208. nr.10 Fax: +40-21-311.84. sector 1.77 Fax: +40-264-43.005.029. sector 2.05.R. sector 2.210.25. nr.14. nr.213. Calea Vitan. nr. 060044.10 Annual turnover: 5.862. 012154.

Professional Services Major Companies in Romania 303 .

for example.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 2. most of them being small and medium businesses.020.182. Security services is another segment that didn’t fell so much of the crisis.802.A. According to some estimation. Bucure¿ti . still.040 EUR 10.927.R.692 EUR COMTEL FOCUS S. 4. Otopeni . Still. Bucure¿ti . this market accounts for approximately Eur 700 mn and grew with 20-25% in 2009. there are some segments in this area that managed to overcome the downturn. In the events organizing market.610.524 EUR ACCOR HOTELS ROMANIA S. The security market is very fragmented. 2.884 EUR ROMEXPO S. ANA HOTELS S. UNION INTERNATIONAL CENTER S. this trend will also continue in 2010.209 EUR BUCHAREST FINANCIAL PLAZZA S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 5. services have been one of the areas most affected by the crisis.872. the market continues to develop even in times of crisis. Bucure¿ti .L. Bucure¿ti .Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 25. Business & Conference Centers Reported results for 2009 1.L. given that companies’ budgets were under pressure and individuals’ purchasing power was drastically reduced. 3. Bucure¿ti . Romania’s entrance in the circuit of the important bands and artists worldwide creates a market with an enormous potential. as the players in this field note that companies increased their security plans as the infractionalty rate tends to grow higher.000 EUR WORLD TRADE CENTER BUCURE¯TI S.L.R.131.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 13.361. Bucure¿ti .A. the entertainment segment represented last year an important source of money for the organizers and.287 EUR 304 Professional Services .000. 8. with over 1.A.714 EUR METAV S. Bucure¿ti .A. which can be also exploited in times of crisis.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 14. business events organizers were hit by the decreasing budgets allocated by the companies for conferences. exhibitions and corporate events. 7.R.A.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 7.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 25. most probable. Bucure¿ti . 6.014 EUR SOCIETATEA COMPANIILOR HOTELIERE GRAND S. as some organizers estimate. Bucure¿ti . finding new niches to develop. 5.A.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 2. 9.588 EUR COMPANIA HOTELIERA INTERCONTINENTAL ROMANIA S.Professional Services Overview Overall. On the other hand.A.000 active companies. although the budgets and the amplitude of events are smaller.863.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 14.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 10.

L.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.20. nr.58.90. Athenee Palace Hilton. nr.21. nr.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-315. Iaşi. 013704. Strada Horea.77 Fax: +40-21-315.78 Fax: +40-21-311. 010065.01 Annual turnover: 25.20 Fax: +40-21-310.75 Annual turnover: 875. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.10 Annual turnover: N/A Professional Services 305 . Mangalia.209 EUR (2009) XX BUCHAREST FINANCIAL PLAZZA Company name: BUCHAREST FINANCIAL PLAZZA S.A. Cluj-Napoca. Piaţa Montreal. sector 5. nr. nr.884 EUR (2009) XX BUCHAREST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE XX INTERNATIONAL TRADE CENTER S. sector 1.A.74 Annual turnover: 768.65.A.802.L. judeßul IA¯I Phone: +40-232-24 20 00 Fax: +40-232-26. Strada Anastasie Panu.131. ap.75 Fax: +40-264-41. nr.014 EUR (2009) XX NOVOTEL BUCAREST CITY CENTRE**** Company name: ACCOR HOTELS ROMANIA S. Strada Episcopiei.648 EUR (2009) XX RADISSON SAS HOTEL***** Company name: BEA HOTELS EASTERN EUROPE (ROMANIA) S. 075100. judeßul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41.61. sector 1.90. sector 1. Otopeni.927. nr. 26. Calea Victoriei.00 Annual turnover: N/A XX ROMEXPO S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311.00/22 Fax: +40-268-54. nr.17.33 Fax: +40-21-319.872.61 Fax: +40-241-75.40. 2-4.863.00 Fax: +40-21-313.20 Fax: +40-21-312.524 EUR (2009) CENTER Strada Izvor.N..10 Annual turnover: 2.70.A.00.88 Fax: +40-21-308. nr. judeßul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-203. 400174. sector 1. 37B.271 EUR (2009) XX MARRIOTT BUCHAREST GRAND HOTEL***** JW Company name: SOCIETATEA COMPANIILOR HOTELIERE GRAND S.714 EUR (2009) XX OPERA CENTER ONE S. Tronson 3.L.R. nr. nr.11.88. Calea Victoriei.38. 90.90. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-308.00 Fax: +40-21-207. nr. 2. 10. 15.20. Bulevardul Mără¿ti.03. 700020. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-403. 1.70.A.40.21.A.02 Annual turnover: N/A XX CENTRUL DE AFACERI MAREA NEAGRA PRESIDENT S.A. nr. 011465.00. Calea Bucureştilor.10 Annual turnover: 3. Bulevardul Alexandru Vlahuţă. Calea Victoriei.00 Annual turnover: WND XX angelo Airporthotel**** Bucharest Company name: COMTEL FOCUS S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303.69 Fax: +40-21-411. sector 3.IA¯I Company name: INPROIECT S. 400690. sector 3. 63-81. Braşov.A. 283. 1-5.00 Fax: +40-21-203.R.235 EUR (2009) XX EXPO TRANSILVANIA S.00.R. judeßul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-75.Most important companies in "Business & Conference Centers" XX HOTELS S.R.88.09. etaj 9. nr. judeßul BRA¯OV Phone: +40-268-54. 26-28.720 EUR (2009) XX WORLD TRADE CENTER**** Company name: WORLD TRADE CENTER BUCURE¯TI S. etaj 3.L.58.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.577 EUR (2009) XX INTERCONTINENTAL BUCHAREST ***** Company name: COMPANIA HOTELIERĂ INTERCONTINENTAL ROMåNIA S. 6.040 EUR (2009) XX ATHENEE PALACE HILTON***** Company name: ANA HOTELS S.287 EUR (2009) XX WORLD TRADE CENTER .00 Fax: +40-21-403. nr.99 Fax: +40-21-318.11 Annual turnover: 2.13.L. 4.R. sector 1. Cluj-Napoca.62. sector 5.588 EUR (2009) XX UNION INTERNATIONAL CENTER Company name: UNION INTERNATIONAL CENTER S. Calea 13 Septembrie.90.00 Annual turnover: 10. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-202. sector 1. Strada Costache Negri.04. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-411.R. nr.17 Annual turnover: 14. Annual turnover: 25. ANA Strada Poligrafiei. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-202.89 Annual turnover: 7. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-207.70 Annual turnover: 14.80 Fax: +40-21-312. sector 1. sector 1. sector 5.40. nr.61 Annual turnover: 654.86 Annual turnover: N/A XX INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTRE OF CCIR Octavian Goga. Strada Teilor. 10. nr.11.79.610.521.44.01 Annual turnover: 583.11 Fax: +40-21-314. Strada ¯tirbei Vodă. 500387.37. 10. Bulevardul Nicolae Bălcescu. judeßul CLUJ Strada Aurel Vlaicu F. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. 65-67. 1-3.

935 EUR (2009) BDOBC BUSINESS CENTER XX Company name: BDOBC BUSINESS CENTER S.78.L.90 +40-21-317. 37. XX Strada Gh.36 Fax: Annual turnover: 618. judeßul CLUJ Strada Aurel Vlaicu F. judeßul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41.63. 4.94. judeßul IA¯I Phone: +40-232-27. 023662. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.588 EUR RALCOM EXHIBITIONS S.36 Fax: +40-21-231.L. Bucure¿ti . nr.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231.L.A. Bucureşti Strada Av.935 EUR IBP CONFERENCES S. Cluj-Napoca.75 +40-264-41.610. Strada Vasile Gherghel.88. 4.. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-331.938 EUR (2009) EXPO TRANSILVANIA S. 2. Iasi .03.39 Annual turnover: 456.L.R.72. 700382.IA¯I Annual Turnover: 1.L. Strada Grigore Alexandrescu.R.R. 400174. 6. sector 1.812 EUR RODDIA CONCEPT S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 14. 80. Iuliu Tetrat.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 874.03.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 1.64.070.R.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 768. 10. sector 2. nr. nr. ap.L.27.R.90.91 Annual turnover: 1. 59. ¯incai.67 Fax: +40-21-310.90.74 Fax: Annual turnover: 768. nr.962 EUR (2009) 306 Professional Services .71 Fax: Annual turnover: 372. sector 1. 5. sector 1. XX Splaiul Unirii . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.903 EUR (2009) EVENSYS XX Company name: EVENSYS CONSULT S. Strada Argentina.L.N.956 EUR EXPO TRANSILVANIA S. XX Strada Horea.64. Strada Sinzieni.003. Cluj-Napoca . 2. sector 4. ap. 011524.687 EUR AB PLUS EVENTS S.72.L. Cluj-Napoca.577 EUR (2009) GENERAL EXPO S.16 Annual turnover: 308.R. nr. 15. AB Strada Ungheni. 2.Fairs & Conferences Organizers Reported results for 2009 1. 400690.R. Bucure¿ti . Ia¿i. nr.R.68 Annual turnover: 378.13-15 Fax: +40-21-231.577 EUR Most important companies in "Fairs & Conferences Organizers" XX PLUS EVENTS S. ROMEXPO S. sector 4. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.166 EUR (2009) IBP XX CONFERENCES S.812 EUR (2009) INTERMARKETING & CONSULTING S. 3.44.45 +40-21-330.L. nr. bloc B5.A.12.L. Bucure¿ti .11 Fax: +40-232-21.93 Fax: Annual turnover: 874.R.25/26 +40-21-319. sector 1.711 EUR (2009) DK XX EXPO S.77. 040033.A. Bucure¿ti . 2. 53. 3. nr.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 791. etaj 2.003.L.R.

310.30. Bucure¿ti .895 EUR (2009) XX DIVIZIA DE SECURITATE S. nr.60 Fax: +40-21-225.47. Bucure¿ti .L.51.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 21.XX PATRU ACE S.R. Bucureşti. 67.R.522 EUR BGS DIVIZIA DE SECURITATE S.02 Fax: +40-21-211.L Bucure¿ti . 1.L. Bucure¿ti .158.866 EUR UTI RETAIL SOLUTIONS S.A.138.610. BIDEPA ALARM S. 9. nr.713 EUR COBRA SECURITY S.09/37 Annual turnover: 2.089. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-207. 012134.719 EUR ROSEGUR S. sector 1.L.256 EUR Most important companies in "Security Companies" XX ASTRA NOVA SECURITY S. 8-10.R. sector 4.R.20 Fax: +40-21-330. nr. Bucure¿ti .889 EUR HELINICK S.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 22. nr. Piaßa Unirii. sector 1. Bucure¿ti .13. 2. 7.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 7.R.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 10. 030119.L.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 13.60 Annual turnover: EUR (2009) Professional Services 307 . 20 A.L.588 EUR (2009) Security Companies Reported results for 2009 1.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 8. etaj 5. 65-67.498.77 Annual turnover: 791.70 Annual turnover: 4.R.R.A.A.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 16.R.30.00 Fax: +40-21-207.383 EUR (2009) XX RODDIA CONCEPT S. nr. 8. sector 1.595 EUR SECURITAS SERVICES ROMANIA S. XX Strada Răsp‰ntiilor. 5.R. 3.833.539 EUR RASIROM R.L. Strada Pußul lui Crăciun. Magazin Unirea.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 33. BGS Strada Cuza Vodă.631.70.30 Annual turnover: 22. XX Bulevardul Mără¿ti.711. 6.03 Fax: +40-21-311.03 Annual turnover: 651.A. Bucure¿ti .L.30.675 EUR 10.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-330.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 17. Bucure¿ti . 011465.485 EUR GLOBAL SECURITY SISTEM S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-212.R.853.L. nr.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 5.L. Bucure¿ti .687 EUR (2009) ROMEXPO S.706. G4S SECURITY SERVICES S. 4. sector 3 Phone: +40-21-303.957 EUR (2009) RALCOM EXHIBITIONS S.27.387. Strada Horaßiu. 10.A. sector 2.70.51. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-207. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311.L. Bucure¿ti .02. 020548.

sector 3. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232. judeţul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-54. 53.L.498. XX Strada Ilie Gripescu. 3. 23. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. 9.06 Fax: +40-21-250.03 Annual turnover: 4.R. sector 2.02 Fax: +40-21-255.50.889 EUR (2009) SECURIT FORCE S.11. sector 2.12.L.55 Annual turnover: 5.A.R.R.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 81. nr.170. 8. 1.55 Fax: +40-244-54.14 Annual turnover: 1.44.L.35 Fax: +40-21-232.128. 114.L. nr.30 Fax: +40-21-212.000 EUR VESTA GRUP SERVICES S. 4. Strada Mr. XX Strada Dorobanţilor.31 Annual turnover: 8. sector 2. 62A. XX Strada Walter Maracineanu.44 Fax: +40-21-404. Strada Vasile Lascăr.84. sector 1. 100172.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 840. 64-70.485 EUR (2009) ROSEGUR S.17. nr. nr. sector 1.00 Fax: +40-21-253. XX Bulevardul Mără¿ti.05.68. XX Strada George Georgescu.853. sector 5. Cluj-Napoca. 10. XX ¯oseaua Mihai Bravu. nr.706. nr.631. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-404. sector 1.L.R.A. Intrarea Poiana. XX Strada Dimitrie Pompeiu.45. Bucure¿ti .80 Fax: +40-21-337.62.40 Annual turnover: 17.L.R. 27 C. sector 4.R.L.L.620 EUR CDD RELOCATION S.27.R.127.440 EUR (2009) SECURITAS SERVICES ROMANIA S.55 Annual turnover: 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-253.46. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230.624.437 EUR (2009) Relocation Companies Reported results for 2009 1. nr.70.01 Annual turnover: 4.27.R.L.45.256 EUR (2009) HELINICK S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-337. 3. 6 A.30 Annual turnover: 16. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-405. bloc 64. Ion Coravu.02 Fax: +40-21-224.55 Fax: +40-21-233.522 EUR (2009) GLOBAL SECURITY SISTEM S.675 EUR (2009) GUARD ONE ALARM SYSTEMS S.11. XX Aleea Florin Ciungan.65 Annual turnover: 10. 023707. ap.84.78 Annual turnover: 7.R. 8.693. nr. 33.742 EUR (2009) CAMELEON SECURITY SYSTEMS S. Măgurele .640 EUR (2009) COBRA SECURITY S.668. 2. nr. Bucureşti Strada Cpt.64 Annual turnover: 13.L.36.A. nr.R. 308 Professional Services GLOBAL RELOCATION SERVICE S.41. XX Strada Eraclie Arion .Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 770.01-07 Fax: +40-21-312.A. nr.R.63 Fax: +40-21-335.18.R.R.866 EUR (2009) COMPANIA DE PAZA MONDIAL POL S.833.R. cam. nr. sector 1.310.41.08 Annual turnover: 1. Bucure¿ti .12.822.46.17.387.33 Annual turnover: 33.L.840 EUR . Ploieşti.58. sector 2.L. 42-44.677 EUR (2009) UTI XX RETAIL SOLUTIONS S. XX Strada Artei.43 Fax: +40-21-311.L.539 EUR (2009) BRONIC SECURITY S.12.158.L. nr.71. sector 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-212. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-224.27. XX Bulevardul Ghica Tei. 010155.138.258 EUR (2009) TOTAL SECURITY S. sector 2.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-335. nr. 54. sector 5. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-803. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-344. judeţul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-59. nr. XX Strada Pinul Alb.44.99.XX BIDEPA ALARM S.548. sector 2.719 EUR (2009) TIGER PROTECTOR COMPANY S.70 Annual turnover: 2.14 Fax: +40-21-312. XX Strada Cernăußi.69 Fax: +40-264-59. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-250. nr. 1-3.32 Fax: +40-21-346. Vijelie.99.713 EUR (2009) RASIROM R.58.99 Annual turnover: 1. nr.107 EUR (2009) G4S XX SECURITY SERVICES S.96 Annual turnover: 21.R.

363 EUR AMERICLEAN S. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-317. DANYMOND SERV S. sector 1.620 EUR (2009) Professional Cleaning Companies Reported results for 2009 1.25 Annual turnover: 81. 7.R.738 EUR (2009) COMPANIA ROMPREST SERVICE S.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 1.R.352 EUR (2009) VESTA GRUP SERVICES S.675 EUR 10. 138. etaj 1. Bucure¿ti .864 EUR DEEP SERV 2000 S.L. nr.447.889. 9. Strada Domnißa Anastasia. sector 4.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 1.355 EUR PAFLORA IMPEX S.738 EUR PROFIMED S. 13.840 EUR (2009) GLOBAL RELOCATION SERVICE S. XX Strada Atomi¿tilor. nr.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 72.87.L.R.036 EUR EXCEL SERVICES S. nr. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-252.934 EUR (2009) Professional Services 309 .R.170 EUR RER ECOLOGIC SERVICE BUCURESTI REBU S. 5.97. Bucure¿ti .87.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 561.R.A.34. Oradea . sector 2.A.25 Fax: +40-21-317. Most important companies in "Professional Cleaning Companies" XX AMERICLEAN S.858.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 961.934 EUR Bucure¿ti .L.55 Fax: +40-213-06. sector 5. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230. 075100. 1C.54 Fax: +40-21-317. Măgurele. nr.L.R.L. etaj 8. bloc C6.54 Annual turnover: 770.L.64.L.79. Ia¿i . 6.430 EUR Bucure¿ti .IA¯I Annual Turnover: 3.R.L. Foc¿ani .R.52 Fax: +40-31-805. Bucure¿ti .Most important companies in "Relocation Companies" XX CDD RELOCATION S.12.R. XX Calea Poligrafiei.888.731 EUR HOLDMANN HYGIENE SOLUTIONS S.70.VRANCEA Annual Turnover: 1.R. nr. sector 1.R.34.L.64 Annual turnover: 961. nr. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-31-805. Bucure¿ti .A. COMPANIA ROMPREST SERVICE S.858. XX Strada Heliade ëntre Vii.25. RER ECOLOGIC SERVICE ORADEA S.53 Annual turnover: 18. 162.L.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 25. Bucure¿ti .28 Annual turnover: 72.63 Annual turnover: 840. etaj 3.11.222.L. 8.R.BIHOR Annual Turnover: 4.316. Strada Marinarilor.A.564.000 EUR (2009) THE XX PARTNERS IN RELOCATION GROUP S.28 Fax: +40-31-817. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-204.20. judeßul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-311. 4.97. 3. 2.64 Fax: +40-21-230. 8.L.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 730. Splaiul Unirii.

Bucure¿ti . sector 3.04. 620171.276.L.L. 24 A.68 Fax: +40-21-326.68 Annual turnover: 1. Focşani.16. nr. Strada Biharia.87 Annual turnover: 25.L.R.R. 033094.85 Annual turnover: 561. 58 F.056 EUR (2009) CUPON PRO S.82.46 Fax: +40-21-208.R.731 EUR (2009) Voucher Providers Reported results for 2009 1. 75. nr.30.888. nr.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 2. 2.810. 700031.53 Fax: +40-237-22. XX Strada Pictor Grigorescu.04.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-252. XX Strada Lainici. 17.L. Bucure¿ti .40. nr. Bucure¿ti .447.10 Fax: +40-21-231.L.21 Annual turnover: 4.L.549 EUR SODEXO PASS . nr.L.91.R.547. nr. sector 1.R. 4. 133. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-402.153.153.XX DANYMOND SERV S. Annual turnover: 730. Bucure¿ti .98 Fax: +40-21-224. Bucure¿ti . bloc V30. ACCOR SERVICES S.L.46.056 EUR CUPON PRO S.00 .602 EUR EUROTICKET COMPANY S.316.R.426 EUR (2009) 310 Professional Services .03. judeßul VRANCEA Phone: +40-237-22.03.R.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 7.675 EUR (2009) XX PAFLORA IMPEX S.355 EUR (2009) EXCEL SERVICES S. nr. 5.57 Annual turnover: 2.ROMANIA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-301. XX Strada Agatha B‰rsescu.864 EUR (2009) PROFIMED S.64.R. XX Strada Iordache Golescu. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-224.426 EUR CHEQUE DEJEUNER ROMANIA S. 35.170 EUR (2009) RER XX ECOLOGIC SERVICE ORADEA S.R.91 Annual turnover: 7. 040205. 42.R.L.222. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-204.602 EUR (2009) XX SODEXO PASS .06 Fax: +40-21-252.810. 37.00 Annual turnover: 18.564.549 EUR (2009) XX CHEQUE DEJEUNER ROMANIA S.59. Strada Tudor Vladimirescu. judeßul BIHOR Phone: +40-259-43. Oradea. sector 5.44 Fax: +40-259-43.L. ap. sector 1. nr.47 Annual turnover: 3.R.55.430 EUR (2009) RER XX ECOLOGIC SERVICE BUCURE¯TI REBU S.55. Bulevardul Timişoara.80.04.ROMANIA S. judeßul IA¯I Phone: +40-232-23.A.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 19.66 Annual turnover: 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-444. 3.269.L.547. 050881. 3. parter. sector 3. 5/3.L. nr.23 Fax: +40-21-312.L.60. Iaşi. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. nr. nr.A.R.269.R. Calea ¯erban Vodă.887 EUR Most important companies in "Voucher Providers" XX ACCOR SERVICES S.44/47/48 Annual turnover: 19. sector 1.R. 79. Bucureşti Phone: +40-741-09.33.70/85 Fax: +40-21-444. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-326.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 18. 67-77. sector 3. sector 6. nr. ap.40.889. sector 4. 013981. ¯oseaua Dude¿ti-Pantelimon.11 Fax: +40-21-301.53 Annual turnover: 1.Dispecerat Fax: +40-21-410.363 EUR (2009) HOLDMANN HYGIENE SOLUTIONS S.02.036 EUR (2009) DEEP SERV 2000 S.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 1.R. 031484.L. XX Splaiul Bahlui Mal St‰ng. Strada Tudor Vladimirescu. corp B. 8. Intrarea Sectorului.82.

329. Bucure¿ti . sector 1.000.18.Office Supplies 1.L. nr.18 Fax: +40-21-528. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-777. 45.L.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 30.955 EUR Most important companies in "Office Supplies" XX AGRESSIONE GROUP S. Calea Victoriei.332. 5.R.474 EUR (2009) Professional Services 311 .A.R.512.R.L.000 EUR TOP BIROTICA S.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 33.061. Bucure¿ti . sector 2. Bulevardul 21 Decembrie 1989.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 1.30.L.L.R.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 2.374 EUR RENTROP & STRATON . Voluntari.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 8.569 EUR OFFICE 1 S.329.A. 4. nr.061.61 Annual turnover: 33.300. Bulevardul Timi¿oara.L.22 Fax: +40-21-777. judeßul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-528.18.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 3.16 Annual turnover: 8.094 EUR (2009) XX AUSTRAL TRADE S. Cluj-Napoca.L.L. BRD Business Center.574 EUR PRO EXPRESS RETAIL S.61 Fax: +40-264-41.02.248. 84. Strada Fainari. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-241.000 EUR Cluj-Napoca .35 Fax: +40-21-241.602.R. etaj 6-7. Reported results for 2009 Bucure¿ti .40.R.40 Fax: +40-21-210. 8.R.374 EUR (2009) DIVERTA XX Company name: PRO EXPRESS RETAIL S. Voluntari . Chiajna . nr. sector 6.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 1.56 Annual turnover: 3.R.L. 7. Bucure¿ti .R. RTC PROFFICE EXPERIENCE S. AGRESSIONE GROUP S. Afumaßi .235. sector 2. 81-83. nr.51.077 EUR 10.A. Bucure¿ti . 2.L.909 EUR (2009) XX ARETINA PRODCOM S. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-408. 6.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 3. Bucure¿ti .38 Annual turnover: 234.R. 061326.474 EUR AUSTRAL TRADE S.A.319 EUR BIRO-MEDIA TRADING S.510.000 EUR (2009) DEPOZITUL DE PAPETARIE XX Company name: BIRO-MEDIA TRADING S. nr.A.L.GRUP DE EDITURĂ ¯I CONSULTANȚĂ ëN AFACERI S. 117. nr.11. 1 C. Strada Pancota. ¯oseaua Pipera-Tunari.248.71. 3. SMART TRADING PREST S.40. TOP OFFICE PRODUCTS S. 3.38 Fax: +40-21-311.02.574 EUR (2009) XX ANTHONY FROST ENGLISH BOOKSHOP Company name: LIBRARIA ENGLEZA S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 34.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 4.R. judeßul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41.00.964 EUR 9.35 Annual turnover: 509.30/32 Annual turnover: 30.51. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-311.000.

45.L.077 EUR (2009) FLARO S.512. Sibiu. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-460. Gemenii Sitraco. XX Bulevardul Carol I. 24-26. 13. sector 4. 19.47.97 Annual turnover: 4.63. 33.31. nr. TOP Soseaua de Centură.45.R. XX Strada R‰ului.L.40.510. sector 6. nr. 042146.97. judeßul TIMI¯ Phone: +40-256-29. judeßul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-310.09.94 Fax: +40-21-317. nr. sector 4.383 EUR (2009) 312 Professional Services .958 EUR (2009) XX PROFFICE EXPERIENCE S.23.L.97. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-209. 550109.235.53 Fax: +40-351-80.00 Annual turnover: TOP Strada Drumul Săbăreni.05.964 EUR (2009) OFFICE 1 S.569 EUR (2009) XX OFFICE PRODUCTS S.GRUP DE EDITURA SI CONSULTANTA IN AFACERI S.A.25 Annual turnover: 804.R.96 Fax: +40-21-410. judeßul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-22. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-317. nr. 4.L. Strada Aries.47. nr. Strada Catinei. 1 A. Chiajna.57.L.955 EUR (2009) XX BIROTICA S.81 Annual turnover: 157. judeßul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-41. Timisoara.23. RTC Strada Drumul Săbăreni. 5.R. 11-13. nr. 041017.A.319 EUR (2009) PINTEXIM S.94 Annual turnover: 439.984 EUR (2009) IDEI XX DE AFACERI Company name: RENTROP & STRATON .16 Annual turnover: 1.792 EUR (2009) PRO XX OFFICE S.R. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-408.000 EUR (2009) XX SMART TRADING PREST S. 200692.15 Fax: +40-356-81.L. nr.20.45 Fax: +40-21-205. nr. 060647. Craiova.R. 24-26. sector 5. Strada Uioara.80 Fax: +40-269-22.94 Annual turnover: 1. sector 6. sector 6.05/15 Annual turnover: 34.66 Annual turnover: 612. nr. XX Intrarea Binelui. Bulevardul Naţiunilor Unite. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408.21.L. 3.00 Fax: +40-21-408. Bucure¿ti Phone: +40-21-402.332.85 Fax: +40-21-310.17 Fax: +40-21-408.30 Annual turnover: 2. etaj 4.R.00 Fax: +40-21-460.R. nr.R.00. 060647.XX EMAGBIROTICA S. bloc 107 A.300.



Healthcare Major Companies in Romania 315 .

L.809 EUR .C. so the major players estimate important increases of turnover this year.R.000 EUR Reported results for 2009 CENTRUL MEDICAL UNIREA S. 3. where the need for equipment is very high and so are the opportunities for making profits. as opposed to the saturated markets in Western Europe.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 15.M. Important medical equipment suppliers such as Siemens and Philips try to develop on a young market. The local market for medical equipment is valued at about EUR 200-250 mn. Medical Centers 1.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 26.562.A. going hand in hand with pharmaceutical companies. according to the major players in this industry.R.Healthcare Overview 2009 was a good year for most of the players in this industry. given that the new shareholders. The two takeovers that marked the market – those of Medlife and Unirea Medical Centre . București .072.954.B. the introduction of payment for certain medical services and the decrease of the number of beds in hospitals are some of the factors that might continue to increase the demand for private health services. two investment funds. 316 Healthcare MEDICOVER S. București . București .019 EUR Societatea Comercială de Tratament Balnear și Recuperare a Capacității de Muncă "T. but also for other buyouts. compensating the fact that many corporate clients reduced the number of subscription or failed to renew their contracts.R. in this market. 4. The problems of the state health system. București . București .401.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 16.117 EUR 5. Larger offices have continued to make profits. the lack of volume dynamics is compensated by the fact that the industry is yet at its beginning.R. up to about EUR 400 mn.L. during last year dental work took place mostly in private dental clinics. This evolution was supported by the increasing number of patients on the retail side. MED LIFE S. In 2010 similar results are expected." S. might expect an over the market growth. according to the representatives of the major companies providing medical equipment.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 16. As far as the private dental clinics are concerned.created good prerequisites for future investments in expansion. given that many patients have decided to postpone medical treatment for a time when the financial burden would become less heavy. which had large increases in turnover. still. while smaller players were in danger of disappearing from the market. 2.300. private medical services grew last year.954 EUR SYNEVO ROMANIA S.A.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 11. Despite the crisis.L.

Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 5.L.38 Fax: +40-269-23. 59. 111-113. nr. nr.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 7.500.000 RON (2009) CLINICA MEDICALA HIPOCRAT 2000 S. 14 A. XX Șoseaua Panduri. nr.285. sector 2. nr.891 EUR (2009) CENTRUL MEDICAL UNIREA S. sector 3. XX Calea Floreasca.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 9.L.57 Fax: +40-244-51.617 EUR EUROCLINIC HOSPITAL S.511 EUR (2009) CENTRUL MEDICAL ROMAR S. București . sector 1.25 Annual turnover: 30. GRAL MEDICAL S.103 EUR (2009) CENTRUL MEDICAL MEDIURG S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 5.77.93 Fax: +40-21-311.L.R.R.04. 16. 9. București .80.07 Fax: +40-21-321.L.000.41.00 Fax: +40-21-231. 10.L. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-23. 7.R.694 EUR HIPERDIA S.909 EUR (2009) GRAL MEDICAL S. XX Strada Clemenței.41 Fax: +40-21-231. 030328.645.06 Fax: +40-21-304.07 Annual turnover: 11.011 EUR (2009) Healthcare 317 .51 Annual turnover: 1. XX Calea Floreasca. 5B.09.124. 41. Ploiești. Brașov . XX Bulevardul Chişinău.19 Annual turnover: 4.83 Annual turnover: 1.01 Annual turnover: 69.47 Annual turnover: 5.400. 550253. 60. sector 1. 71. MEDSANA BUCHAREST MEDICAL CENTER S.04 Annual turnover: N/A CENTRUL MEDICAL MED-AS 2003 S.11/91 Fax: +40-21-222.622. XX Strada Ion Ionescu de la Brad.84 Annual turnover: 3.000 EUR (2009) CENTRUL MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS S. XX Bulevardul Aviatorilor. București Phone: +40-21-321.41.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-9232 Fax: +40-21-319. sector 1.A.R.L. sector 1.67.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 7.R. București .977. 030088.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311. sector 3. Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-271. BIO Calea Floreasca.20 Annual turnover: 2. nr. București Phone: +40-21-200.78 Fax: +40-31-815.68.11. București .R. București .6. nr. 14 A.L.706 EUR 10. București Phone: +40-21-200.02. județul Prahova Phone: +40-244-59.781 RON (2009) EUROMEDIC ROMANIA S.77. XX Strada Constituţiei. nr.909 EUR Most important companies in "Medical Centers" XX MEDICA INTERNATIONAL S. Sibiu.R. nr. MEDCENTER S.000 EUR SANADOR S. nr. etaj 2.654 EUR 12.35.A. București .R.04.R.L. etaj 2. 8. XX Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta.876.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222.44. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-255.400.01.L.98 Annual turnover: 1.L.723 RON (2009) EUROCLINIC MEDICAL CENTERS S.R.223.838.37. sector 1.562. nr.L.68. XX Calea Floreasca.25 Annual turnover: 2.R. 014463.R. 24.35. XX Strada Traian Popovici (Fostă Unităţii).R. sector 1.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 11.35.A.871. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231.A. EUROMEDIC ROMANIA S.000.00 Fax: +40-21-231. nr. nr.551.488.11.51.27 Fax: +40-31-103.L.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: WND 11. 79-91.02.185 EUR (2009) CENTRUL MEDICAL POLISANO S.629 EUR (2009) EUROCLINIC HOSPITAL S.R. sector 5.04. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-105.

32.787. 2.32.L. nr. nr. Iacob Felix. 7. Strada Mircea Vodă.17.181 EUR (2009) XX PULS MEDICA S.C.40/10 Fax: +40-21-210. 4.76. sector 1.483 EUR . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.L.40.79 Annual turnover: 1.617 EUR (2009) XX OPTIMED S. 9. 500020.50. București .954.L.A.65 Annual turnover: 15. Strada Poarta Schei.B.L.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 23.40.34. sector 3.08 Fax: +40-268-47.XX HIPERDIA S.60.R.50 Annual turnover: 26.R.L.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 23.R. sector 1.R. 6. Piatra Neamț .R. Nanu Muscel.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-242.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 10. 5. nr. Strada Dr.963 EUR TEHNO ELECTRO MEDICAL COMPANY S. 47. 16-20. XX Calea Griviţei. 8. 023828.R. 306.99 Fax: +40-21-310.60 Fax: +40-21-206.NEAMȚ Annual Turnover: 6. 010719. XX Strada Dr.M. Brașov. București . 3. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-9646 Fax: +40-21-209. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-315.334.350 EUR GENERAL ELECTRIC MEDICAL SYSTEMS ROMANIA S. București . 11.L. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-47.694 EUR (2009) XX Societatea Comercială de Tratament Balnear MED LIFE S.L. 9. 31.10 Fax: +40-21-315. sector 2. nr.876.000 EUR (2009) MEDCENTER S.953 EUR FRESENIUS MEDICAL CARE ROMANIA S.00 Fax: +40-21-402.R.809 EUR (2009) MEDSANA BUCHAREST MEDICAL CENTER S.R.072.654 EUR (2009) și Recuperare a Capacității de Muncă "T. 12.77 Fax: +40-21-242.R.42.L.248 EUR PREGIS COMPANY S.R. București . sector 1.L. 050521. Strada Ion C‰mpineanu. Century Building. 365.10 Annual turnover: 9. nr.R. București Phone: +40-21-320. ap.R. București .16.901.L.R. sector 1.80.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 8.43 Annual turnover: 11.L.820 EUR RADIUS MEDICAL S.19.96 Annual turnover: WND MEDICOVER S.127 EUR (2009) XX SANADOR S.300. nr.019 EUR (2009) Medical Equipment Reported results for 2009 1. 500035. etaj 4. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-212.645.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 7.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 7.78. 37.972. București . Strada Tunarului.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 9.93 Annual turnover: 16.19.R.052. XX Strada Grigore Alexandrescu. XX Intrarea Glucozei. Braşov. etaj 3.860.R. nr.40.L.L.831.792 EUR NOVAINTERMED S.043.19.066. 37-39.01 Annual turnover: 7. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.76 Annual turnover: 5. Tronson 4. Strada Lungă. București . sector 2.34 Fax: +40-268-47.60.622.L. 318 Healthcare TOP DIAGNOSTICS S. nr.764 EUR DENTOTAL PROTECT S. 010625. București . județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-47.L. 010031.727.713 EUR MESSER ROMANIA GAZ S.562. nr.117 EUR (2009) XX SYNEVO ROMANIA S.36.10 Fax: +40-21-320. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408." S.11 Annual turnover: 1.940.44. nr.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 7.A.R.A. sector 5.

62 Annual turnover: 1.53. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-410. 29. 3. Aleea Păcală. București .206. 42. Alexandru Săvulescu.652. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-344.20/21 Annual turnover: 23. sector 5.R. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-21. 11.196 EUR (2009) XX FRESENIUS MEDICAL CARE ROMANIA S.L.09 Fax: +40-21-211. nr. Bulevardul Tudor Vladimirescu. sector 2.242.53.L.860.46/47 Fax: +40-21-232. 20. sector 1. sector 3.L.L.17/18 Fax: +40-21-311.67.R.166. 24.10.305. 012902.579 EUR 14. Strada Nisipari. nr.20 Annual turnover: 5. 19-21. CLINI LAB S. București .Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 6. nr.S.L.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 6. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-324.72/68 Fax: +40-21-233. 4. etaj 3.L. 37A.280 EUR 12.15 Annual turnover: 1.96 Annual turnover: 4. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti. 2000 TRADING IMPEX S.60 Fax: +40-21-233.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-324.M.A.713 EUR (2009) XX GENERAL ELECTRIC MEDICAL SYSTEMS BTL XX ROMåNIA APARATURĂ MEDICALĂ S.R.14 Annual turnover: 6.305. 030667. XX Bulevardul Dacia. nr.024 EUR (2009) XX DIAMEDIX IMPEX S.L.L.84 Fax: +40-265- EUR 16.42.R. A.30 Annual turnover: 3. IOR S.L. Strada Copilului. 16. sector 3.634.56.62 Fax: +40-21-344.88. Strada Arh.88.565 EUR (2009) XX EDITRONIC INTERNATIONAL S.24 Fax: +40-21-324.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 4.20 Fax: +40-21-326.MUREȘ Annual Turnover: 5.65.70. TEHNOPLUS SERVICE S. sector 3.20 Annual turnover: 7. IOR Strada Bucovina.R. nr.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 4.66-70 Annual turnover: 6.311 EUR 11. 15. 81.72 Fax: +40-21-324.14 Annual turnover: 1.279.R. Intrarea Sectorului. 14B-16.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 6. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-212. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222.A. BTL ROMåNIA APARATURĂ MEDICALĂ S.14 Fax: +40-21-410. Strada Ion Tuculescu.R. 10.R.R.792 EUR (2009) XX S.A.A.898.071 EUR (2009) CLINI LAB S. București .84.812 EUR (2009) DENTOTAL PROTECT S.62 Annual turnover: 7. nr.82 Annual turnover: 1.206.42. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.07 Annual turnover: 5.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 5.L.66-70 Fax: +40-21-668. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-326. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-668. sector 3.11.316 EUR (2009) Healthcare 319 . Strada Năvodari. nr.L.50 Fax: +40-21-324.071 EUR 15.579 EUR (2009) DANSON S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-203. nr.R. T‰rgu Mureş.659 EUR (2009) XX MEDICARE TECHNICS S.87.76.316 EUR 13. sector 3.A. MEDICARE TECHNICS S.14. nr. ap. Intrarea Patinoarului.587 EUR (2009) XX A.R. București .49.R. sector 1. 7.L.242. București .98. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-324. DIAMEDIX IMPEX S. București .830 EUR Most important companies in "Medical Equipment" XX ADION PRODIMPEXTRANS S.072.R.80.51.M.435. bloc PM 50. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.14. XX Bulevardul Mircea Vodă. 030393. nr.901.57. nr.313. nr. XX Strada Rodnei.L.31. nr.74 Fax: +40-21-222. T‰rgu Mureș . sector 3.830 EUR (2009) XX AVENA MEDICA S.A.210.79 Annual turnover: 4. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311.L.280 EUR (2009) XX DRAGER MEDICAL ROMANIA S.R. sector 2. sector 1.435.S.210.072. 2000 TRADING IMPEX S.350 EUR (2009) ROMANIA S.R.

sector 1. 7.L. Strada Lungă.972. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-327.23 Annual turnover: 2.31 Fax: +40-21-332. Piatra Neamţ. XX Strada Italiană. Strada Foişorului. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-332.70.53.R.199 EUR .43 Annual turnover: 6. sector 3.248 EUR (2009) XX OPTIMED S.59 Fax: +40-21-322.066. XX Calea Călăraşilor.32. 011514.91 Fax: +40-21-318.07.22.744 EUR MAIODENT S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 1. nr.90 Fax: +40-31-401. nr. XX Strada Dumbravei. 9.35.R. XX Strada Drumul Potcoavei.76. apt. 7-9.46.R.XX MEDROM MEDICAL SYSTEMS S.A .913 EUR DENT . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-224.646 EUR (2009) XX TEHNOPLUS SERVICE S. Braşov.A.764 EUR (2009) XX TEHNO INDUSTRIAL S.76.22. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-320.L.21.19 Annual turnover: 4. nr.24 Fax: +40-21-327. 3.733 EUR (2009) XX TEHNO ELECTRO MEDICAL COMPANY S.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 650. 500035.R. București .R. Galați . bloc F6C.787. sector 4. 1.BRAȘOV Annual Turnover: 661.R. sector 3. 010449. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317. TOP Strada Orlando.953 EUR (2009) XXLAB SOLUTIONS S. București .50 Fax: +40-21-252. 20. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-47.634. ap.603.L. sector 1. 1.34 Fax: +40-268-47.L.L.52.136 EUR DENTAL S.215 EUR (2009) XX RAFI INTERNATIONAL GENERAL COMMERCE S.339 EUR TRIDENT DENTAL S.30 Fax: +40-233-22.74/75 Fax: +40-21-212. 6.67 Annual turnover: 8.L. sector 2. bloc 45.AMERICA STOMACLINIC S.11 Annual turnover: 23.R.562 EUR (2009) MESSER ROMANIA GAZ S. nr.R. 177. nr. 077190. Strada Costache Sibiceanu.97. 9. 3.40.655 EUR DENTANA CAS IMPEX S. București . nr. 3.56.A. 25.L.R.26 Annual turnover: 10.L.138.334.40 Annual turnover: 6. 6.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310. 610202. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-31-401. sector 2.L.963 EUR (2009) Dental Centers 1.72/82 Fax: +40-21-348.21.05 Annual turnover: 9.420. bloc B14.577. sector 1.L. București . București .R.33 Annual turnover: 2. nr.181 EUR (2009) PREGIS COMPANY S. ap. nr. 57.727.185. sector 3.36. Calea Floreasca. etaj 3.90.L.R.89 Annual turnover: 7.R. Strada Călușei. nr.71.GALAȚI Annual Turnover: 508.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 549.R. Pipera. 91-111. 5.81/82 Fax: +40-21-224.052. 4.L. Brașov .L.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318. județul NEAMŢ Phone: +40-233-22.311 EUR (2009) XX DIAGNOSTICS S.R.10. 9.02 Fax: +40-21-317.483 EUR (2009) RADIUS MEDICAL S.10. nr.37.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 615. București Phone: +40-21-252.86 Annual turnover: 1.820 EUR (2009) NOVAINTERMED S.79 Annual turnover: 1. 320 Healthcare Reported results for 2009 DENT ESTET CLINIC S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-348.L. nr.R. 030616. 5A. 2.46.912 EUR DENTALMED COM S. 69A.36.L. Strada Odobeşti.831.L. ap. X Bulevardul Constantin Br‰ncoveanu.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 538.R.

L.00.87.99 Annual turnover: 549.59.79 Fax: +40-21-211. Plopeni. sector 2.R.73.R.L.05 Fax: +40-257-28. nr. nr.8. sector 1.L.R. București Phone: +40-21-330.R. Brașov.99 Fax: +40-21-318. ap. nr. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-244-22.AMERICA STOMACLINIC S. sector 2. nr.08 Fax: +40-21-230.L. nr.PRAHOVA Annual Turnover: 397. M. 8.708 EUR (2009) XX CLINICA MEDICALA DENTIRAD S. București Phone: +40-21-252. nr. Aleea Lungulețu. București Phone: +40-21-318. sector 2. parter.R.393 RON (2009) XX DENTALMED COM S. Strada Varșovia.R. MEDICAL S.L.L. București Phone: +40-21-317.482 EUR (2009) XX CLINICA DE STOMATOLOGIE STOMASAN S. Strada Carpaților.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 430.91 Fax: +40-244-22.04 Annual turnover: 2.78. 128.G. 29.R.89.162 EUR (2009) XX DENTAL S.41 Annual turnover: 396. 020014.L.L. 14. MEDICAL S.78. București Phone: +40-21-434. 800098. Bectro Center.28.743 EUR 10. Arad. 3A.R.743 EUR (2009) Healthcare 321 . Brașov. București .24 Fax: +40-262-21. bloc V3. județul MARAMUREȘ Phone: +40-723-12.78 Annual turnover: 398.83 Fax: +40-236-47.87 Annual turnover: N/A WITTENBERGER S. nr. XX Strada Iuliu Maniu.R. sector 1. 7. nr. XX Strada Spătarului. XX Strada Dr. 310134. 2.339 EUR (2009) DENTART S. nr. 5.L.02.96 Fax: +40-268-32.32 Fax: +40-21-252.898 EUR (2009) M.86.744 EUR (2009) VELVET MEDICAL S.24 Annual turnover: 397.G. 24.65 Fax: +40-21-317.65 Annual turnover: 615.44.39.10.L. județul ARAD Phone: +40-257-28.L. județul GALAŢI Phone: +40-236-41. Strada Republicii.27 Annual turnover: 538. 36.58 Annual turnover: 332.L. nr.37. XX Strada C.R.82.L. XX Strada Sf‰nta Vineri.R.28. Strada Pădurarilor. XX Strada 1 Decembrie 1918.118 EUR (2009) XX DENT . CLINICA MEDICALĂ DENTIRAD S.03.94.R.70 Fax: +40-268-41. Plopeni . Leonte.18. 7.79 Annual turnover: 430.136 EUR (2009) XX DENTAL-ALEX S. Strada Lungă. 11. 040311.87.R.02 Fax: +40-21-434. 9. sector 4.655 EUR (2009) XX DENTANA CAS IMPEX S. sector 5. Corp B.724 EUR (2009) GREEN DENTAL CLINIC S. Strada Brăilei. Bulevardul Gheorghe Șincai.03.58. 062357. Rosetti.65 Annual turnover: 250.58.L.270 EUR WITTENBERGER S. 500058.02 Annual turnover: 650.L.31.R.26.R.270 EUR (2009) MAIODENT S.20. București Phone: +40-21-317.R.49 Annual turnover: 357.48.32 Annual turnover: 239.L. nr.L.35 Fax: +40-31-805. nr. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-32.10.ARAD Annual Turnover: 398. 4.913 EUR (2009) TRIDENT DENTAL S. București Phone: +40-21-230.70 Annual turnover: 661.A . nr. 030203. nr. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-41.L. sector 3.153.118 EUR Most important companies in "Dental Centers" XX BIOSTOM S. sector 6.R. Arad . 4.A. București Phone: +40-21-314. Galați. XX Strada Grigore Alexandrescu. nr.97 Fax: +40-21-317. parter.R.64. București Phone: +40-21-211. 1-1A. Baia Mare. 4.

• the maintenance of the highest standards of hygiene and control of the infections. Bucharest Phone: +40-21-232.20. Bucharest Phone: +40-21-222. with dedication and professionalism.20.1 in Romanian Dentistry. Grigore Alexandrescu Street. location dedicated exclusively to them. • the orientation towards the patient’s needs and offering some personalized treatment programs.87 Mobile: +40-744-66.17. Also.73.DENT ESTET 4 KIDS. also present in the international elite clinics.dentestet. for minor affections up to serious complications. We provide guarantee certificates for our services We provide counseling for the patients and also inspiration for a healthy life style. the good results and specially the long lasting ones. Prevention and personalized treatments We are followers of the principle “prevention and less intervention”. from which one is dedicated exclusively to the little patients . Bucharest Phone: +40-21-232. using equipments and techniques recognized at international level.000 euro investments in 2008 “The patient chooses quality dentistry.79 Website: www. We offer We contribute to the professional and personal success of our patients through dental services according to the highest expectations. We guarantee our team’s expertise in ultra-specialized fields. assuring the quality for the provided solutions. so that we can be one step ahead any affection that may occur.10 years of leadership in dental medicine Contact: DENT ESTET HEAD OFFICE 15th Aviatorilor Blvd. • the use of the most recent technologies in the field. • the quality guarantee of the provided services. Mircea Zorileanu Street. • counseling and management oriented towards the patient.26.20. the guarantee of the services and the physician’s professionalism are the criteria upon which the patients appreciate the fame of a clinic. respectively of treating the cause and not just the symptomatology of the dental decay affection. Bucharest Phone: +40-21-314. clinics founded based on the desire to respond to all it’s patients needs through a complete set of dental solutions.20 DENT ESTET Advantages • the team of expert physicians educated at the highest international standards.and bio-active ones.63 Who we are 10 years of Excellency in dental services makes us no. endodontology or dental prosthetics.41 Mobile: +40-723.08 Mobile: +40-744-60. We apply modern and advanced personalized treatment methods. DENT ESTET 4 KIDS 62 B Av. recognized at international level. embracing food and hygiene habits in order to protect the dental health. That is why we embrace the needs of dental health through complete prophylaxis and dental prevention. 322 Healthcare .11.56. The DENT ESTET team has a wide experience in branches like: implantology and dental surgery.20 DENT ESTET RESIDENTIAL HERĂSTRĂU 82-92 North Street. MD CEO and Founder of the DENT ESTET Group Clinics GREEN DENTAL CLINIQUE 7th.60. which assure dental protection on long term. we use in our clinics ecological materials-minimum invasive. 8 millions euro turnover in 2009 • 170.DENT ESTET .20 Fax: +40-21-222. • dental solutions for children. We are present with 4 premium dental clinics.14 Mobile: Company profile: • 4 clinics in Bucharest with 17 dental chairs • 5000 patients • 10 years of experience • 25 expert physicians and specialists • 1.” Oana Taban.11.

DENT ESTET 4 KIDS is the first dental clinic which reunites pediatrics dental physicians with anesthetics. psychologists and infant psychiatry physicians. the position and the heterogeneous aspect of them. Wishing to respond to these needs. Germany. as well as the Romanian ones residents of other countries have the opportunity to visit picturesque places of Romania and in the same time to benefit of a complete set of dental solutions at much more competitive prices than in any other Western European country. for the Romanian patients. We’re always investing in equipments and the last generation techniques and we are permanently aware of the latest discoveries in the field.DENT ESTET 4 KIDS For the first time in Romania and Eastern Europe. in order to guarantee impeccable teeth. we provide to the little patients a clinic dedicated exclusively to them: DENT ESTET 4 KIDS. Our entire activity is constantly under a rigorously procedure of maintaining and improvement of our quality services. Exclusively for children . France and Israel. patients from other countries. auxiliary to the departures-both personal and business ones. by The Germanischer Lloyd GmbH-Hamburg. the opportunity to benefit of our elite services. Healthcare 323 . residents of other foreign countries. adjusting the color. we help you to obtain impeccable teeth. The quality guarantee We have a professional team formed by 100 physicians and experts. We offer. constantly included in training programs and in the ones for communicate and technique specialization. Each year we assign a consistent budget for the acquiring of medical equipments. expert personnel in communicating and relating with children. also used in the elite clinics from EU and USA. specialized in medium and profound relaxing techniques. Dental Tourism Programs Through these programs.Dental Aesthetics In an environment dominated by the necessity of pleasant appearance. *The quality of our services portfolio was recognized at an international level through ISO 9001:2000 certificate. the DENT ESTET’s experts provide to its patients the newest technologies used in the elite clinics from USA.


Media & Advertising Major Companies in Romania 325 .

Therefore. as the major advertisers increased their focus on adjusting their media investments each quarter. decided to stop investing in adverting. PR Agencies and online agencies: The PR market decreased by 15-20% in 2009. especially from the financial services and automotive industry. investments of about EUR 35 mn are expected. as far as the clients’ budgets are concerned. the players in this industry expect a 15% increase in the volume of their businesses this year. compared to EUR 13 mn in 2009. from EUR 70 mn in 2008. as the number of GRP’s sold was 33% higher over the same period in 2009. Last year the total media market in Romania decreased by 37% in net value (down to EUR 339 mn). the main focus is expected to be on the online platforms but. Many clients. according to Media Fact Book 2010. However. so it does not depend too much on the way the marketing budgets fluctuate. down to EUR 2530 mn. up to EUR 14 mn. Overall. Amongst the few clients that maintained their advertising investments. as the media market is expected to drop to EUR 308 mn. as the biggest part of the income comes from subscriptions. Therefore. some of the biggest investors in outdoor advertising in the previous period. most specialists in this area estimate that the last year trend is not to change any time soon. the ones in telecom and FMCG were the most important. Advertising materials. but the first four months in 2010 seemed to bring some good news again.Media & Advertising Overview For the media & advertising industry. outdoor). cinema. as the two waves of political elections brought a large amount of money to the outdoor agencies. the expenditures went down for all types of media (TV. Last year they stumbled in dealing with their clients budgets. nevertheless. As for 2010. reaching a level lower than in 2006. For this year. Media Agencies: Until 2009. Those who focus on the internet are thought to be the winners of this period. as only the investments in online marketing are the ones to increase in 2010. this is a rather steady business. as for 2010. Advertising Agencies: Competition was very tough for advertising agencies in 2009. internet. The biggest loss came from the real estate developers and the automotive players. an annual study issued by Initiative Media. this year could bring a slight recovery in the volume of investments in advertising materials. 2009 seemed to be the worst year ever. Press Agencies: The press agencies tried their best to cope with the increased level of competition on the market and also with the fact that their clients began to cut budgets. advertising production and printing houses: After having worked with budgets that came close to zero in 2009. print. The value of the market dropped to EUR 42 mn. 326 Media & Advertising . media agencies were the most profitable divisions of the media groups. radio. 2010 does not bring too much good news either. Outdoor campaigns: 2009 wasn’t such a bad year for the Romanian market of outdoor advertising. most of the estimations show a low optimism. the revenues of the agencies dropped with 10-20% last year.

028 EUR (2009) REUTERS XX Company name: REUTERS ROMANIA S. features. nr. AGERPRES also offers the interested public access to the most important archive of images in Romania as well as one of the richest archives of press documentation.73. 62-64. 013701.61.58 Fax: +40-21-202. nr.07.56 Annual turnover: N/A XX MEDIAFAX S.04 E-mail: marketing@agerpres.67. Topics are chosen to be relevant to all visitors interested in Romania. nr. the ACTMedia is glad to host press releases from differents companies that wish to publicize their activity in Romania or report major developments in their home Company profile: AGERPRES is the most important supplier of news and press photographs in Romania.M.605. corp A2.61. economy. 22 B. etaj 9. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. sector 2.83 Fax: +40-21-310.78 Annual turnover: N/A AGER PRESS Website: www.A. București Phone: +40-21-549. Calea Buzești. Strada Aurel Website: www. In addition to our own news items. nr.30. București Phone: +40-21-311. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-825. 010964.M. 9. Aside from the daily bulletins that reflect issues in these and other areas. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-688. while an other one is covering companies area.04/05/02 Fax: +40-21-312.53 Annual turnover: 1.R. 1.57 Fax: +40-21-317.55 E-mail: office@actmedia. ap. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-207. etaj 2.61. a third weekly bulletin has recently been added to cover Romanian industry topics. ap. 38. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-202. Strada Sf. sector 2. nr. Top Management: CRISTIANA TERENCHE – Editor in Chief AGERPRES Company name: AGENŢIA NAŢIONALĂ DE PRESĂ AGERPRES Contact: Piaţa Presei Libere.55 Fax: +40-21-688. nr. sector Company profile: ACT Media was established in April 2002 by professional journalists.24. sector 1. nr. Voievozi.75 Fax: +40-21-312.PRESS S. nr.04/02/03 Fax: +40-21-230.PRESS Company name: AGENȚIA DE PRES® A. It publishes current affairs and business news. AGERPRES is a member of the European Alliance of News Agencies. AGERPRES is a prompt and fait intermediary between the event and the news media.752.L.06.00 Fax: +40-31-825.agerpres. World Trade Center.10 Annual turnover: 1.L. 1.04. 102-104. 013701. etaj 1. another is focused on energy and environmental matters.78 Annual turnover: 1. and finances. sector 1. 10.24.067.Most important companies in "News Agencies" ACTMEDIA NEWS AGENCY Contact: Şoseaua Colentina. Top Management: IOAN ROŞCA – General Manager MAGDALENA BUNEA – Marketing Manager GEORGE ANDREI –Editor-in-chief Business News Desk Contact person: MAGDALENA BUNEA – Marketing Manager Quality certificates: SR EN ISO 9001:2001 SR EN ISO 14001:2005 OHSAS 18001:2004 XX A.59 Annual turnover: N/A NEWSIN MEDIA S.01. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310. 011874.389 EUR (2009) AGENŢIA FRANCE PRESS XX Strada Muzeul Zambaccian.837 EUR (2009) BLOOMBERG NEWS XX Piaţa Montreal. ACTMedia News Agency purpose is to keep foreign readers in touch with the latest Romanian developments particularly in the areas of politics.actmedia. 31.12. receiving and supplying news from and to the European space.L.773 EUR (2009) Media & Advertising 327 .20. ACTMedia News Agency also supplies specialized weekly bulletins: one of them is devoted to finances and banking. sector 1.A. successor of the first Romanian news agency set up in 1889. XX Strada Mihai Eminescu. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. nr.837. 76-80.67.20. sector 1.R.02 +40-21-207.61. sector 2. 21 A.40 Annual turnover: 4. OD 56. By more than 600 items of news and more than 1000 press photographs from the domestic and foreign events that it dispatches daily. analysis. XX Piaţa Presei Libere.30.R. entertainment and opinion. Premium Point.

449.A.37.371.R. 3.90 Fax: Annual turnover: 55.654 EUR PUBLICIS S.538 EUR FCB BUCHAREST S.016.Advertising Agencies Reported results for 2009 1. XX Strada Barbu Văcărescu. ADVERTISING S. sector 2.726 EUR GRAFFITI/BBDO S. 16.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 5.113 EUR (2009) XX DDB BUCUREȘTI S.513.A. București .A.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 13. București .00 +40-21-232.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 15. nr.V. București . Strada General Berthelot. etaj 2. 57.717 EUR (2009) ARS XX ADVERTISING S.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 11. 137A. OGILVY & MATHER ADVERTISING S. XX MCCANN ERICKSON S.742.22.192.R.922. 21. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.03 Annual turnover: 4.630.27 +40-21-232.R.31.789 EUR (2009) BRANDS TALK ADVERTISING S.513.L.073 EUR N.77 Fax: +40-21-212.853.L. Strada Silvestru.98 +40-344-80.47/48 +40-21-312.R. București Phone: +40-21-206.R. nr.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 55.94 Annual turnover: 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 9.L.R.494 EUR 10.L.791 EUR ODYSSEY COMMUNICATION S.L.14.572. 4.L. București .87 Fax: Annual turnover: 2.111 EUR MERCURY360 COMMUNICATIONS S.96.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232.92 Annual turnover: 4. 020273.03 Fax: Annual turnover: 2. Calea Victoriei. 9.A.62 Annual turnover: 9. etaj 7.281.00. sector 1. Muntenia Business Center. nr. 7. Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-07.43.L.34.L.91. 141. 8. 010071.34. Bulevardul Nicolae G.05.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 6.198 EUR (2009) XX FRONT LINE MARKETING S. sector 2. București . sector 5.829.94 Fax: +40-21-319.L. Splaiul Unirii.L.676 EUR Most important companies in "Advertising Agencies" XX ADDV EURO RSCG S. Caramfil.L.833 EUR (2009) XX GMP ADVERTISING S. București . nr.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 8.40. București . București . sector 4.59 Fax: Annual turnover: 2.282.658 EUR (2010) B.19. 6. nr. MCCANN ERICKSON S.829.572. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210.825 EUR (2009) 328 Media & Advertising .13.L.X.L.30 Fax: +40-21-410.R. nr. sector 2.E.789 EUR LEO BURNETT & TARGET S. București .V. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. FCB Strada Barbu Văcărescu. B.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 14. nr.331 EUR (2009) XX BUCHAREST S.882.198 EUR GREY WORLDWIDE ROMANIA S. 2.92 Fax: +40-21-231. 61 C.R. sector 1.R. 75. Strada Carol Davila. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-805.40. nr.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 16. 164 A.T.R. sector 1.R.77.185.R. 5. București .

192. sector 2.457.65 Fax: +40-21-204.549 EUR (2009) SCALA JWT PUBLICITATE S.572.111 EUR (2009) XX LOWE & PARTNERS S.556.R.76.E.A. 010512. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.14.56. nr.L. 13.43 Annual turnover: N/A TBWA BUCUREȘTI S. Strada G.61.T. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-59.376 EUR Media & Advertising 329 . etaj 8.922.235 EUR (2009) SPRINGER & JACOBY Romania XX Company name: BABEL COMMUNICATIONS S.195. sector 1.00 Fax: +40-21-301.371. 2. 9 A.281. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230.18 Fax: +40-31-690.70/71/72 +40-21-230. sector 3.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 40.01. XX Strada Mihai Eminescu . Strada Constantin Sandu Aldea. nr. nr.09 Annual turnover: 8. nr. sector 1.R.68 Fax: Annual turnover: 4.32 Annual turnover: 11. ZENITH MEDIA S.31 Fax: +40-21-230. sector 2.L. LEO Strada Nicolae Iorga.00 +40-31-730.12 Annual turnover: 13. ADVERTISING S.126 EUR (2009) TEMPO ADVERTISING S. 5.66 Annual turnover: 15. XX Strada Luminei.110. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. 17.00.192.R. 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201.06. Bariţiu. 17. Bucureşti .064.726 EUR (2009) SAATCHI & SAATCHI S. nr.A.403. XX Strada Spătarul Stelea.02.65.A. nr.L. 39. nr. nr.23 Fax: Annual turnover: 2. nr. nr. 8.654 EUR (2009) XX N.L. 19-21.82 +40-264-59.154 EUR (2009) TEASER MEDIA S.01. Strada Iordache Golescu .R. XX Strada Logofăt Luca Stroici. Bucureşti Phone: +40-730-24.01.L.R. nr. București Phone: +40-21-316.16/18/22/06 Fax: +40-21-310.R.741 EUR (2009) VITRINA ADVERTISING XX Company name: VITRINA FELIX MEDIA S.03. sector 1.42.X. 011766.01 Fax: Annual turnover: 5.10/11/12 +40-21-211.02.00 +40-21-407.88.49 Fax: Annual turnover: 14.249 EUR (2009) XX MERCURY360 COMMUNICATIONS S.676 EUR (2009) PUBLICIS S. 3.06. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-730.913. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-212.09 Annual turnover: 5.R. nr.24.76.61 Fax: Annual turnover: +40-21-231. sector 1. 24.R.R.01.R.14.538 EUR (2009) XX OGILVY & MATHER ADVERTISING S. 39. Cluj-Napoca.A. Strada Grigore Alexandrescu. IRIDE Business Park. XX Strada Pictor Barbu Iscovescu.65. XX Strada Trotuşului.XX GRAFFITI/BBDO S. sector 1. 12.254 EUR (2009) Media Agencies 1.96 Fax: Annual turnover: 2.494 EUR (2009) XX ODYSSEY COMMUNICATION S.00. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-690. 010432. 3.99 Annual turnover: 5. Strada Frumoasă.L.44 Fax: Annual turnover: 3.572.60 +40-21-224.791 EUR (2009) XX GREY WORLDWIDE ROMANIA S. Iprochim. Strada Louis Blanc.56.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-301. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-407.L. nr. sector 1.65.00 Fax: +40-21-201. nr. sector 2. Strada Ceasornicului.R.449.266.L.65.L.79.524 EUR INITIATIVE MEDIA S.L. 96. 9-9A.21.L. Bucureşti . nr.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 35. 010987. sector 1.04.742. 808. sector 1.073 EUR (2009) XX BURNETT & TARGET S. 86. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-224. nr. Bucureşti . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. apt. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201.L.43. sector 1.532.209 EUR Reported results for 2009 STARCOM MEDIAVEST GROUP S.R.L.00 Fax: +40-21-201. sector 1.01 Annual turnover: 16.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 41.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-204.00 Fax: +40-21-316.19 Annual turnover: 6. sector 1.L. Strada Căpitan Gheorghe Demetriade.

interaction (digital.400 highly talented and motivated people working across 84 countries.511.L. Bucureşti .423. 5. sector 1.378. etaj 14.R.L.600 RON (2009) Annual turnover 129. Bucureşti . direct.L. Bucureşti .036 EUR 15.595.L.R.995.069 EUR MINDSHARE MEDIA S. Bucureşti .Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 8.L.A.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 7. search). Bucureşti .Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 17. Bucureşti . CARAT ROMANIA S.L.840. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319. MEC Romania services include brand and consumer insight and ROI.666 EUR 10.630.R. Bucureşti . Bucureşti .344 EUR UNITED MEDIA SERVICES S. MEDIA-TIQUE Company profile: MEC is one of the world’s leading media agency networks.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 30.R.A. Bucureşti . media planning and buying. BRAND CONNECTION S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 18.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 7. Bucureşti . leading to relevant awareness.General Manager Ownership: Private-owned: 100% Foreign: 100%.745 RON (2009) Employees: 40 Top management: BOGDAN PRAJISTEANU . MEC is a founding partner of GroupM. Bucureşti .L.641. 9. 8.845.L. or http://www.R.040. OPTIMEDIA S. entertainment and cause partnerships. With over 4.L.885 EUR 12.54/5 Fax: +40-21-319.mecglobal.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 7.R.L. that gets consumers actively engaged with the clients’ brands. MEDIA DIRECTION S. MEC manages more international assignments than any other network.R.R. deeper relationships and stronger sales.facebook.558.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 14. 330 Media & Advertising MEC ROMANIA Contact: Strada Dr. retail consultancy.801 EUR 14.L. 6.267 EUR MEDIACOM ROMANIA S.71.R.53 Website: www. MEDIA INVESTMENT COMMUNICATION S. Bucureşti .romania Financial information: Registered capital 20.4.General Manager Shareholders: WPP & Berkeley Square: 100% Auditor: Deloitte & Touche Contact person: BOGDAN PRAJISTEANU .Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 34.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 14. communications planning.831.71.R.136 EUR MEDIAEDGECIA ROMANIA S.182 EUR 11. MEDIA PLANNING GROUP (MPG) ROMANIA S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 25. 63-69.983 EUR 13. Iacob Felix . nr. To find out more about us go to www.821 EUR Most important companies in "Media Agencies" MEDIAEDGECIA ROMANIA S. sport.366 EUR THE MEDIA PARTNERSHIP S.124.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 29. WPP’s media investment management group.

45. etaj 4.41 Annual turnover: 8. nr.R. nr.378.27 Fax: +40-21-232.20 Fax: +40-21-326.01 Annual turnover: 2.106.00 Fax: +40-21-301. becomes part of the strongest local media pool. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-301. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-320.30.R.00.ZenithOptimedia.355 EUR (2009) HOUSE OF MEDIA S. 184-186. 014111.15 Annual turnover: 17. It is also recognized as one of the most proactive and innovative media agencies. due also to its ability to manage a diverse portfolio of conventional and non-conventional campaigns. XX Bulevardul Nicolae Titulescu. 014111. 011363. 164A.34 Fax: +40-21-311. 4-8.Media Director Contact person: MARIA TUDOR . XX Strada Clucerului.29 E-mail: zenithmedia@zenithmedia.087 EUR (2009) INITIATIVE MEDIA S.666 EUR (2009) MINDSHARE MEDIA S.840.Managing Director Top management: MARIA TUDOR .88. nr. 17.136 EUR (2009) MEDIA PLANNING GROUP (MPG) ROMANIA S.72 Annual turnover: 2. Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu. 061072.A. buying.45. sector 2.00.50. nr. sector 1. sector 1.A.845. sector 5.630. sector 1.01.R.53.L. 013813.44. 011141. București Phone: +40-21-206. Zenith Media continues to consolidate the ROI Agency reputation on the market through outstanding communications projects. Aripa de Vest.L.400 EUR (2009) BRAND CONNECTION S.R. 7. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317. nr.11.982 EUR (2009) GLOBAL MEDIA S. called Publicis Groupe Media. nr. XX Strada Grigore Alexandrescu.R.948 EUR (2009) MEDIA DIRECTION S.L. sector 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-323. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-326. nr.R. 011805.R. sector 1.376 EUR (2009) INTERNATIONAL SPORT MANAGEMENT SRL XX Strada Dr. sector 1. XX Strada Traian.00 Fax: +40-21-455. 39.87 Annual turnover: 34. owned by Publicis Group.60. nr. București Phone: +40-21-230.15.854.00 Fax: +40-21-233. Nicolae Tomescu.L.01.R.22.R. etaj 7. 35.258.70 Annual turnover: Website: www. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230. nr.913.R.L.A.L.42/43 Fax: +40-21-223. București Phone: +40-21-207.885 EUR (2009) Media & Advertising 331 .53. sector 1. nr. Company profile: Part of an international network . research and consultancy) on all media.L.99 Annual turnover: 25.60 Fax: +40-21-202.70 Fax: +40-21-207.801 EUR (2009) MEDIACOM ROMANIA S. sector 1.88. XX Strada Ceasornicului.L. 2007. sector 1. 164A.zenithmedia.87 Annual turnover: 5. Atlantic Business Center.10/17/18/21 Fax: +40-21-314.423. 2008).01. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-301. being recognized today as the leading communications media expert. sector 4.60.202 EUR (2009) CARAT ROMANIA Financial information: Annual turnover 41.631 EUR (2009) XX LINEA DIRECTA COMMUNICATION S.821 EUR (2009) MEDIA-TIQUE S. XX Strada Luminei. 86. XX Strada Frumoasă.64 Annual turnover: 7.995.45.50.036 EUR (2009) CABLE DIRECT S.124. etaj 7. 23. 6.L.15.00.924. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206. America House. XX Strada Grigore Mora.22 Fax: +40-21-230. 78. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201.63 Annual turnover: 14. 17. XX Strada Ceasornicului.344 EUR (2009) OPTIMEDIA S. 184-186.22.831.L.27 Annual turnover: 2. Zenith Media together with Optimedia and Starcom Media Vest.99 Annual turnover: 35.A. sector 2. XX Strada Barbu Văcărescu.210 EUR (2009) Employees: 56 Auditor PG Economides Co & Audit S.30.L.ZENITH MEDIA S.00 Fax: +40-21-232.266. nr.25 Fax: +40-21-317. București Phone: +40-21-455. nr.05. nr.49 Fax: +40-21-231.00. sector 1. XX Strada Iordache Golescu. sector 2.182 EUR (2009) MEDIA INVESTMENT COMMUNICATION S.77 Fax: +40-21-323. 19. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-314. nr. The agency offers complete services of media communication (strategic planning.66 Fax: +40-21-320. 041417. 8. XX Strada Belgrad.R. Zenith Media started as an independent entity in 2000.15. XX Strada Barbu Văcărescu. 17.99 Annual turnover: 7. nr.R. sector 1.35 Annual turnover: 2. București Phone: +40-21-232. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-223.Managing Director LOREDANA BARACU .L.00. creative approach and with high business results for agency’s clients.25 Annual turnover: 2. Members of the board: MARIA TUDOR . corp A. bloc Niro. Starting with 2009. nr.Managing Director XX VENTURE COM INTERNATIONAL S.11. nr. AD Strada C-tin Dobrogeanu Gherea.15. București Phone: +40-21-311.R. etaj 1.36 Annual turnover: 14. Contact: Strada Traian. the largest Romanian media agency for three years in a row (2006.05. offline and online.596.00.L.01.170. sector 6.38 Fax: +40-21-301. 011885.

4. București Phone: +40-21-207. Strada Alexandru Constantinescu.L.30 Fax: +40-21-313.L.R.76 Annual turnover: 776.087 EUR ROGALSKI GRIGORIU PUBLIC RELATIONS S.95 Annual turnover: 381. etaj 7.01 Annual turnover: 40.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 1.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 1.R. 011141.R. 8.R.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-313.L.22. nr.11.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 611.22.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 1. NICOLA & PARTNERS S.192. Bucureşti .30 Annual turnover: 3.00 Fax: +40-21-232. 020612. sector 1.664 EUR (2009) XX ACTION GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS S. Bucureşti . 35. Strada Barbu Văcărescu. nr.R. sector 1.676 EUR IMAGE PUBLIC RELATIONS S.L.000 EUR (2009) 332 Media & Advertising .22. XX Strada Nicolae Iorga.108 EUR FREE COMMUNICATION S. apt. 9. sector 1.216 EUR LOWE PUBLIC RELATIONS S.069 EUR (2009) UNITED MEDIA SERVICES S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 905.11.70 Fax: +40-21-207. nr. nr.XX SPOON MEDIA S. Caro Business Park.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210.285 EUR B.D. 7. 18. 164 A.33. Bucureşti . 6.R.040.L.L.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 2. XX Şoseaua Nicolae Titulescu.66. nr.235. 3.66.957 EUR Bucureşti . nr.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206. sector 1.347.060.L. 5. Bucureşti .351. sector 1.558.R. ap.168. Bucureşti . Aleea Modrogan.R.555 EUR (2009) THE XX MEDIA PARTNERSHIP S.143. ASSOCIATES COMMUNICATION GROUP S.R.R. Strada Viitorului. Bucureşti .Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 1.L. 2.267 EUR (2009) STARCOM MEDIAVEST GROUP S.R.108 EUR Most important companies in "PR Agencies" XX 2ACTIVEPR S. America House.587 EUR DC COMMUNICATION S.70 Fax: +40-21-224.L. 4.42.L.00. sector 2. 3. Bucureşti .61.356. Reported results for 2009 MATHER COMMUNICATIONS ROMANIA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-224.448 EUR PEPPER COMMUNICATION S.61.87 Annual turnover: 29.40 Fax: +40-21-201. 13. 011471.15 Fax: +40-31-425. etaj 1.524 EUR (2009) PR Agencies 1.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 611.L.99 Annual turnover: 18. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201. 14.A.L.L.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 3. 4-8.R. Bucureşti .

39 Fax: +40-21-316.L.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 1.09 Annual turnover: 3.235.193 EUR APROPO MEDIA S.40 Fax: +40-31-815.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. nr. 2.399.NET S.312 EUR Media & Advertising 333 . 5.00 Fax: +40-31-228.45 Fax: +40-31-817.13. sector 1.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 1. C. Bucureşti .R.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 1.L. nr.63 Fax: +40-21-647.347.285 EUR (2009) XX LOWE PUBLIC RELATIONS S.47. sector 1. București Phone: +40-741-81. sector 2.D.790 EUR HTTPOOL S.R. IRIDE 24.00 Fax: +40-21-201. sector 5.79 Fax: +40-21-313.145.54.97.R.R. 010801. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-224. nr. sector 2.00 Fax: +40-21-232. 68. 9-9A. 20.L.38. 050908.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-647.R. sector 1.L.L.R.01. 1A.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-207.L. etaj 6. 22.R.A.87 Annual turnover: 1.04 Annual turnover: 801. nr.L.53. 86.L. București Phone: +40-21-206.87 Annual turnover: 2. 3.81. ap. sector 2.L.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 3. XX Strada Alexandru Puşkin. Bucureşti .09.351. Bucureşti . 010627. nr. Bucureşti . 1.XX B.00 Fax: +40-21-232.R.442 EUR ARBOMEDIA. nr. Bucureşti .22.L.R. 164A. nr.97 Annual turnover: 341. XX Strada Alexandru Puşkin.90 Annual turnover: 364.869 EUR NETBRIDGE SERVICES S.L.R.EVOLUTION S. 2.R.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 3. 8.L.80. nr. Strada Nicolae Gogol.50 Annual turnover: 905.19/20 Fax: +40-21-231.35 Annual turnover: 1.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 55.L.43. MEDIA GROUP S. sector 1.143.00.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. ASSOCIATES COMMUNICATION GROUP S.216 EUR (2009) PRAIS CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.89 Annual turnover: 205. București Phone: +40-21-206.957 EUR (2009) XX NICOLA & PARTNERS S.364. DC Calea Rahovei.R. sector 2.R.00.509 EUR (2009) Media Sales Houses Reported results for 2009 1.883 EUR AD. Strada Barbu Văcărescu. nr.087 EUR (2009) XX COMMUNICATION S. 164A.849.R.41 Annual turnover: 1. nr.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201.162.168.R.22.L. XX Calea Victoriei.78.67.35 Fax: +40-21-313.R.22. 95-97.769 EUR DBV Media House Bucureşti .699 EUR (2009) ROGALSKI GRIGORIU PUBLIC RELATIONS S.I.R.587 EUR (2009) XX MATHER COMMUNICATIONS ROMANIA S.L. nr.R. 4.696. Strada Ceasornicului. XX Strada Tony Bulandra.594 EUR (2009) SYNERGY GROUP S. Bucureşti .063.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 11. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-301.00.97.L.676 EUR (2009) XX FREE COMMUNICATION S.L.562 EUR (2009) UNITED MEDIA CORPORATION S.082 EUR (2009) SYNERGY COMMUNICATIONS S. sector 1.22.39. sector 1.R.081 EUR F5 WEBCORP S.108 EUR (2009) XX IMAGE PUBLIC RELATIONS S.00 Fax: +40-21-301.99 Annual turnover: 1.63 Annual turnover: 308. XX Strada Barbu Văcărescu. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.34 . 18. Bucureşti . 17. 7. Intrarea Carol Knappe. 020335. 196A. Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei.356.14 Annual turnover: 611.R. 6. Strada Grigore Alexandrescu. etaj 2. sector 1. sector 1.01. XX Strada Popa Tatu.39 Fax: +40-21- EUR (2009) PEPPER COMMUNICATION S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-313.43. nr.67. nr.

29 Annual turnover: 1. nr.83.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222. 162. nr.162. Piaţa Presei Libere .53.790 EUR (2009) XX APROPO MEDIA S.193 EUR (2009) XX C.L. sector 1.062 EUR Most important companies in "Outdoor" XX AFFICHAGE ROMANIA S. Strada Grigore Mora.R.64.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 2. sector 2.R.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 7.A. nr.76/75 Annual turnover: 55. București Phone: +40-21-204. Strada Aurel Vlaicu. etaj 4. 1.R.696.52 Annual turnover: 1. 5.R. sector 6.63 Annual turnover: N/A BETA CONS S.165 EUR (2009) Outdoor 1.R. Strada Panait Istrati. corp A3.20 Fax +40-21-316.33. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. Strada Ion Filibiliu.L.10 Fax +40-21-209.75.R. Fax: +40-21-312.64. sector 2. Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu.39. 7. 6. Casa Presei Libere.L. 79. corp A.83. Bucureşti .L.NET S. nr.325.R. 3. Strada Pierre de Coubertin. 31.67.71 Annual turnover: 2.L. București Phone: +40-21-209.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 2.21 Annual turnover: 3.03 Annual turnover: 11. 013701.12 Annual turnover: 10.12 Annual turnover: 3. nr. MEDIA GROUP S.EVOLUTION S. nr.L.768 EUR (2009) XX MEDIA HOUSE S. sector 3. 012101.346 EUR (2009) 334 Media & Advertising . nr. sector 1.R.364.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 9. București Phone: +40-31-825.L.10. nr.73 Fax +40-21-204.L. Reported results for 2009 EUROMEDIA GROUP S.390.03 Fax +40-21-222.442 EUR (2009) XX X-MEDIA F5 Company name: F5 WEBCORP S. Bucureşti . ELTRIX S. 10. nr. sector 1. etaj 3. nr. etaj 2. 55. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-665.L.R.31.37.60 Fax +40-31-825.791 EUR CLEAR CHANNEL ROMANIA S.L.L. București Phone: +40-21-549. 3-5.93.849.10.145. 4.25 Annual turnover: 1.93 Fax +40-21-310. Bucureşti .883 EUR Bucureşti .R. Bucureşti .R.671. București Phone: +40-21-316. sector 1. 62-64.L. XX Șoseaua Străuleşti.029.39. București Phone: +40-21-321.A. 2.884 EUR (2009) XX NETBRIDGE SERVICES S. sector 1.393 EUR NEWS OUTDOOR ROMåNIA S. Bulevardul Ghica Tei. vila 10.200.05. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-224.R.40.399.10 Fax: +40-21-269. 011548.888.869 EUR (2009) XX ARBOMEDIA Company name: ARBOMEDIA. DBV Strada Vasile Gherghel.48/55/99 Fax +40-21-665.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 5.Most important companies in "Media Sales Houses" XX AD.I.93.L.081 EUR (2009) XX SPLENDID MEDIA S.15 Fax +40-31-815.75.L. sector 2.222 EUR NEW AGE ADVERTISING AGENCY S.R.

R.49 Annual turnover: 1.238.84 Fax: +40-21-232. Bucureşti .Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 1. Annual turnover: 9.L.L. 20.A. 4. Bucureşti . etaj 2. 21. ITALIAN EXPRESS S. nr.88.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 1.010 EUR SIMACO ADVERTISING S.42.R.00 Annual turnover: 2.668.261. nr.12 Annual turnover: 2.R.34/36 Fax: +40-21-327.56 Annual turnover: 1. Strada Delea Nouă. sector 1. etaj 4.44. nr.R.56.062 EUR (2009) NEWS OUTDOOR ROMåNIA S. București Phone: +40-21-224.851 EUR FIRST ADVERTISING AGENCY INTERNATIONAL S. 6. 7. 5. Bucureşti .L. Bucureşti .A.26.561 EUR NEI CO GRUP S.957 Fax: +40-21-318.010 EUR (2009) Media & Advertising 335 . 4.R. Bucureşti . 3.372 EUR (2009) ELTRIX S. nr.019. 7.869 EUR TEX PROMOTION S.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 3.393 EUR (2009) EUROMEDIA GROUP S.R.R. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-41.854. nr.L.44. 8. nr.L.791 EUR (2009) ULTRAVISION S.XX CLEAR CHANNEL ROMANIA S. 36-38. Cluj-Napoca.L. Bucureşti . corp I3.R. XX Strada Paul Kiseleff. XX Strada Costache Radu.390.831. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-267. nr.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 1.19.306. XX Strada Văliug.153.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 1. Voluntari. județul DOLJ Phone: +40-251-41.L.19 Fax: +40-21-212.R.483 EUR TERRANITA TRADING S.13. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-313.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-744-666. Craiova.R.14 Fax: +40-264-41. XX Strada Jean Negulescu. sector 3. Bucureşti . sector 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-327. 16-18.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 1. 4.920 EUR Most important companies in "Promotional Articles" XX ELITE PROMOTION S.48 Annual turnover: 5.40.L.56 Fax: +40-21-313. 15D.67.L.32 Fax: +40-251-41. Piaţa Alba-Iulia. sector 3.830 EUR TOTAL ADVERTISING S.64 Fax: +40-21-267.R.L.40. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232.944 EUR LA STRADA COM S. 061072.44.232.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 1.430.222 EUR (2009) NEW AGE ADVERTISING AGENCY S.64 Annual turnover: 1. nr.R. Asesoft.888.L.R.671.293. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-212. sector 1.13.79 Annual turnover: 7.L.L.R.10 Fax: +40-21-410. nr. XX Strada Iancu Marcel. 3-5.17 Annual turnover: 900.703 EUR (2009) Promotional Articles Reported results for 2009 1. Bucureşti .R.L Strada Septimiu Albini.668.000 EUR (2009) FIRST ADVERTISING AGENCY XX INTERNATIONAL S.26. sector 6.029.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 4. XX Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu. ap.51. 29.883 EUR (2009) MISTIC MEDIA S.

R.797 EUR (2009) XX ITALIAN EXPRESS S. 6-8.L.L. sector 1.L. nr. nr.Sector 6 Annual Turnover: 45.90. 020337. Reghin.829 EUR (2009) XX CO GRUP S.25 Annual turnover: 979.42. Buftea .746 EUR MEGA PRESS HOLDINGS S.52.375 EUR (2009) LA XX STRADA PROMOTIONAL OBJECTS Company name: LA STRADA COM S.99 Fax: +40-21-233.639.68/08 Annual turnover: 1.016 EUR COMPANIA DE PRODUCÞIE INTERTAINMENT S.30. 30.Secuiesc . sector 2.L.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 19.255 EUR FED PRINT S.Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 10.686. nr. nr.HARGHITA Annual Turnover: 43. S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 17.831.463 EUR 10. nr. 18 B.869 EUR (2009) Printing 1. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. Bucureşti . Bucureşti . Pantelimon .397. 40.24 Annual turnover: 3. 8. nr.676 EUR INFORM LYKOS S. XX Strada Olteţului.53.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 18. Strada Gazelei. 9.28.A. Strada Zambilelor. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-253. 69.352 EUR G.561 EUR (2009) TERRANITA TRADING S.07/67 Fax: +40-21-337.40.R.40.R. Bucureşti .323.30.78/79 Annual turnover: 1.R. Bucureşti .47 Annual turnover: 1.634.306.30.854.R.53. Bucureşti .Sector 4 Annual Turnover: 8. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317. NEI Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompei.30.25.73. sector 2.A.001. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-242. ARTA GRAFIC® S. 4.R.830 EUR (2009) XX MARIN'S BALKAN Company name: MARIN S BALKAN BUCHAREST S.68 Fax: +40-21-243.401 EUR MONITORUL OFICIAL R.70 Fax: +40-21-230. 6.430.L.52.30 Fax: +40-21-242.L.51 Annual turnover: 504.625.20 Fax: +40-21-346.22.71/72/73 Fax: +40-21-317. 62-64.A.944 EUR (2009) XX SIMACO ADVERTISING S. nr. 313.00 Fax: +40-265-256-30. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-242. Bucureşti .232. Strada Puişor. nr. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-51.852 EUR INFOPRESS GROUP S.297.55 Annual turnover: 4. sector 4.835.23 Annual turnover: 1.65. Reported results for 2009 COMPANIA NAÞIONAL® IMPRIMERIA NAÞIONAL® S. 3.483 EUR (2009) WEISSPUNKT S. sector 5.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 8. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-337.R.A. XX Strada Nicolae Caramfil. sector 2. 34.851 EUR (2009) TEX XX PROMOTION S.R. CANALE & C.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 11. 012962. Odorheiu . Bucureşti . nr.019. Strada R‰ului. Strada Motzard. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.30.L.25 Fax: +40-21-667.969.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 12.72 Annual turnover: 1.R.A. 545300. 2.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-243.A.L. Splaiul Unirii.509 EUR 336 Media & Advertising .L.R. corp ICPE.479 EUR ART GROUP INT S. nr. 5. 21.65 Annual turnover: 569.XX GRAFIS ART S. XX Strada Acordului.17. sector 1. 10B.A.920 EUR (2009) TOTAL ADVERTISING S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-346.68/08 Fax: +40-21-242.R.A.L.66.153.L. sector 2. 7.

Financial Manager CRISTINA NICOLAESCU . județul Ilfov Phone: +40-21-352.36 Annual turnover: 8.72. nr. 347-363.47. Our range of printing presses offers complete solutions for the client’s needs.20. 050881.08.029. Cuza.001.00 Annual turnover: 2. nr.10 . etaj 3. Strada Studioului. nr. județul Harghita Phone: +40-266-21.R.76 Fax: +40-21-411. sector 5.79 Annual turnover: 7. județul Ilfov Phone: +40-21-351. 63-65.508 EUR (2009) XX BEST PRINT SERVICES S. Piaţa Gutenberg.992. I. nr. Șoseaua Odăii.10/12/24 Annual turnover: 45.10. Strada Valea Oltului. 1.A.R.186. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316. bloc 22B.01 Annual turnover: 8. sector 4.54 Annual turnover: 2.016 EUR (2009) NAŢIONAL® S.01/02/03 Fax: +40-21-203. nr.A.44.64 Fax: +40-266-21.Most important companies in "Printing" PRO-TIP S.852 EUR (2009) XX ELTRIX S.R. etaj 1.366 EUR (2009) XX COMPANIA DE PRODUCŢIE INTERTAINMENT S.88.88. Contact: Strada Nicolae Caramfil.85.L.L.212.L.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-301. 041833. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-103. nr. km 15.00 Annual turnover: 19. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-434. Pantelimon. Clădirea Centrală Media Pro. 070000.698. 013187. Bulevardul Tudor Vladimirescu. 34. Experienced employees and latest technology are here to fulfill all your requests.491 EUR (2009) XX MEGA PRESS HOLDINGS S.57 Annual turnover: 18. Buftea. nr.2. Strada Băiculești. sector Website: www.R. Calea Șerban Vodă.49 Annual turnover: 10.700. nr.686. G.R.28 Fax: +40-31-103.570 RON (2009) Media & Advertising 337 . corp C14.L. nr.61.27 +40-31-103.000 EUR (2009) Employees: 54 Top management: NICOLAE ION .40 Fax: +40-21-352. județul Ilfov Phone: +40-31-825.28 Fax: +40-31-825. Bucureşti Phone: Company profile: PRO-TIP has the reputation of one of the best printing companies in the city. nr. 040205. 1.R. Prepress takes highly skilled professionals to understand colour separation techniques that will result in superior colour fidelity for the final product. etaj 1.39.L. 013604. corp B.84 Fax: +40-21-232.10. Chitila.Sales Manager Contact person: CRISTINA NICOLAESCU .L.15 Fax: +40-21-301.47.91 Annual turnover: 43. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-461. sector 2.44. 56.18 Fax: +40-21-461. 077045.479 EUR (2009) XX CANALE & C. nr. apt.85.29 E-mail: office@protip. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408.676 EUR (2009) XX INFORM LYKOS S. Calea Rahovei.19. Bulevardul Metalurgiei. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-411. PRO-TIP has provided colour separation services to advertising agencies. 10.087 EUR (2009) XX EUROGRAFICA S.16.625.323.45. For 10 years.639. 47.20 Fax: +40-21-306.835. 31.463 EUR (2009) XX COMPANIA NAŢIONAL® IMPRIMERIA FED XX PRINT S.A.45.91.General Manager LILIANA PRICOP .67.A.09 Annual turnover: 10. Odorheiu .99 Annual turnover: 6.Marketing Manager Ownership: Private-owned: 100% XX ARTA GRAFIC® S. sector 1.639 EUR (2009) XX INFOPRESS GROUP S.47. nr.R.393 EUR (2009) XX EUROGAMA INVEST S.352 EUR (2009) XX MANROLAND ROMåNIA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-444.08. 1.72. Financial information: Registered capital 2. nr.000 RON (2009) Annual turnover 1.02/03/04 Fax: +40-21-434. Șoseaua Bucureşti-Piteşti. sector 5. sector 1. Bulevardul Al.82. 16-18.60/57 Fax: +40-21-351.96 Annual turnover: 12.A. 133. Strada Cernica.297.Secuiesc. 32-44. 061977.80. Strada Petricani.16 Annual turnover: 4. 70. sector 4. Strada Văliug.39.39.A.companies. 240.00 Fax: +40-21-408. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232.401 EUR (2009) XX HEIDELBERGER DRUCKMASCHINEN ROMANIA S.81.37 Fax: +40-21-490. sector 6.Marketing Manager DRAGOŞ CIOCAZAN .16.03 Fax: +40-21-444. S.179.L. sector 1.61.969.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-104. sector 1.L.

356 EUR (2009) 338 Media & Advertising . sector 2.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 1.XX MONITORUL OFICIAL R.316 EUR (2009) R. București Phone: +40-21-212.00 Fax: +40-21-232.R. București Phone: +40-21-410.794 EUR Most important companies in "Advertising Production" XX AVANTGARDE PRINTING S.L.557.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. 65.35 Annual turnover: 4. 020235.44. Bucureşti . XX Strada Biharia.R. nr. nr. Bulevardul Basarabia. nr.794 EUR (2009) XX INKORPORATE PRINT S.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 1.343.R.94/95 Fax: +40-21-212. XX Strada Johann Strauss.576 EUR IMPRESSION GRAPHICS ROMANIA S.03 Fax: +40-21-255. XX Strada Serg.R. 164 A.60.R. sector EUR (2009) XX PROSPERO Company name: PROMOTIONS SPECIAL EVENTS ROMANIA (PROSPERO) S.504 EUR (2009) XX SUPERCARD S.26.L. 2A. sector 4.827.L.L. 012329.40 Fax: +40-21-201. Strada Barbu Văcărescu.641 EUR (2009) IMPRESSION GRAPHICS ROMANIA S. poarta 1 Faur.22.08/09 Annual turnover: 1.R. corp Mega.L.906.32. 2.R.35 Fax: +40-21-212.L.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 1.99 Fax: +40-21-461.R.87 Annual turnover: 5. București Phone: +40-21-206. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318. Strada Parcului.65. sector 2.04.L.01.H.60.L.00. nr.36.00 Fax: +40-21-408.24 Annual turnover: 4. 023741.627. BT PRODUCTION GROUP S.45 Fax: +40-21-231.144 EUR (2009) PRINT PACK PROD S. sector 3.R. XX PRINTING S.51.41 Annual turnover: 1. nr.433. nr.066 EUR (2009) BT XX PRODUCTION GROUP S.L.L.L.94/95 Annual turnover: 1. 013981.01/02/03 Annual turnover: 2.255 EUR (2009) RODATA S. 33-35.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 5. nr. sector 3.65.433.557. 3.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 2. 64-66.488. 140.L. nr.906. sector 2. Bucureşti . Strada Ispravnicului.066 EUR PROMOTIONS SPECIAL EVENTS ROMANIA (PROSPERO) S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-460.L. sector 2. 4.422.51.641 EUR INKORPORATE PRINT S.12. 21.R. sector 1. Bucureşti . 67-77. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-211.R.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-433.33 Annual turnover: 5.R.L.01/02/03 Fax: +40-21-433. București Phone: +40-21-201.488. sector 6. nr. Bucureşti . sector 6.756. 5.44.397.10/11/12 Fax: +40-21-318. 6. Bucureşti .07. Strada Eșarfei. Năstase Pamfil. nr. București Phone: +40-21-255.504 EUR AVANTGARDE PRINTING S. XX Bulevardul Uverturii.R. 121-137.R.L. sector 1. 152. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-408. nr.732.356 EUR SUPERCARD S.A.07.000 EUR (2009) VISUAL PROMOTION S. București Phone: +40-21-212. 26. 256. Bulevardul Timişoara.495 EUR (2009) Advertising Production Reported results for 2009 1.12.711.756.29.20 Annual turnover: 2. Strada Buestrului.R.L.01.82 Fax: +40-21-410.08.711.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 1.852 EUR (2009) TIPOGRAFIA EVEREST 2001 S. Bucureşti .59 Annual turnover: 4.L.09 Annual turnover: 17.08/09 Fax: +40-21-211.65 Annual turnover: 1. nr. XX Bulevardul Metalurgiei.

Business Travel Major Companies in Romania 339 .

As for the local car rental market.599.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 22.579. but the leadership is still owned by JW Marriott Grand Hotel. At the same time.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 25. some branches of local car dealers (Automobile Bavaria or BDT) and smaller companies.R. most of the customers come from Western European countries and are either tourists on holiday or employees of multinational companies.L.L.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 13. the players in this industry do not expect any new falls in 2010. Greece and Bulgaria remained in top destinations for Romanians. as the offer of accommodation has increased by 30% in the last two years. With nearly 120 hotels classified by one to five stars. 340 Business Travel Reported results for 2009 HAPPY TOUR S.019 EUR AEROTRAVEL S. Turkey. 6. Five star units have become less profitable than economic units of two and three stars. mainly concentrated in Bucharest.L. 3.666.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 28. București .L.839 EUR ACCENT TRAVEL & EVENTS S. Bucharest has a capacity of 10.R.L. București . 4. 5. which is usually the one that brings the most important revenue for hoteliers . the business of the largest hotels on the Romanian market dropped last year by approximately 40% over 2008 and more than half of the rooms in four and five star hotels remained unoccupied. The rank of the top ten hotels on the market changed last year. but this is not the easiest task.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 28. have been affected mainly by the decline in business travel. The local market is mostly formed of international companies (such as Hertz.590 EUR . concentrated in Bucharest.R. but no significant improvement either.985 EUR PERFECT TOUR S. given the limited promotion of Bucharest abroad. Following a 20% decrease in the value of lease contracts last year.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 15.CLUJ Annual Turnover: 26.722. which had a turnover estimated at EUR 29 mn.R.between 8% and 42%. according to market players.R.000. The biggest hotels.R. Travel Agencies 1. according to a report by CB Richard Ellis (CBRE).000. as their costs are much higher than those of low cost hotels.Business Travel Overview Due to the lower corporate travel budgets. 7. Avis and Sixt New Kopel). București .80% of their turnover is represented by business tourism.000 EUR EXIMTUR S. București . 2009 also marked the first drop in a decade on the market of travel agencies and the fall was not neglectable . Cluj-Napoca .752.L. 2. The most affected activities by the economic conditions have been the selling tickets and the travels abroad.L. they struggled to attract leisure tourists.391 EUR SIND ROMANIA S. București .000 EUR MARSHAL TURISM S.R.300 rooms. București . segments that contribute with over 50% to the turnover of the five largest travel agencies.

33. Whether you come to us on your own behalf or representing your organization. nr.150.8. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-243.Sector 5 Annual Turnover: 10. which is the largest worldwide travel agency organization based on the franchise concept.L. sector 2.23 +40-21-242.R. J ` INFO TOURS S.L. 400366. 96. parter. Contact: Strada Mântuleasa. sector 2.L.L.R.02. Cluj-Napoca.L. you will probably be impressed by our work style: we seek to understand your needs.73. ideas and information.03 Fax: +40-364-80. 14. XX Strada Nichita Stănescu.R.942.L.21 Fax: +40-21-250. București .048.000 EUR (2009) Employees: 110 Contact person: CLAUDIA STAN – Marketing Manager XX ACCENT TRAVEL & EVENTS S.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 12.80 Annual turnover: 4.835.31. and we aim at helping our customers with useful advice. 2. We believe in earnestness and long-term relationships.R.R. nr.973 EUR 12.310.38. Strada Zambilelor. 021972.06 Fax: +40-21-316.R.907 RON (2009) XX GAMA PROCONSULT S. 023784. 74 A. București .73 Fax: +40-21-243.R.19.590 EUR (2009) XX ALTO TOUR Company name: ING. SUNMEDAIR TRAVEL & TOURISM SERVICES S.R. sector 2. București .677 EUR (2009) DANCO PRO COMMUNICATION S.000 EUR 10.91 Annual turnover: 4. București .398 EUR Most important companies in "Travel Agencies" AEROTRAVEL S. Bulevardul Ferdinand I. etaj 1.R.050. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-250. XX Strada Maior Coravu Ion.38. nr.135 EUR DANCO PRO COMMUNICATION S. București .000 EUR (2009) EXIMTUR S. nr. And our greatest satisfaction is to see you happy with the choice you made in full awareness of all the possibilities.585 EUR 11.000.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: 12.579.R.357. 011255. nr. Top management: ANTONIO NIŢU – General Manager CLAUDIA STAN – Marketing Manager Financial information: Registered capital 300. We are proud to belong to the Lufthansa City Center International network. XX Strada Ion Neculce.43.18 Fax: Annual turnover: 7. București Phone: +40-21-242.L.393 EUR (2009) AVIA TRAVEL & TOUR S. PARALELA 45 TURISM S. nr.19.aerotravel. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-223.Sector 3 Annual Turnover: 11. ROMANIA TRAVEL PLUS S. 021383. 16.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 10. sector 1.80 Fax: +40-21-314.73. sector 2. nr.43. not to persuade you of what you Company profile: We are travel counselors.81 Annual turnover: 13. 96.006.08 E-mail: bucuresti@aerotravel. 9. Lufthansa City Center combines flexibility and competence with economically independent entrepreneurs under the umbrella of Lufthansa. Strada Zambilelor. sector 2. 29C.L.050.02. Website: www.23.778. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-314.12 Annual turnover: 12.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.075 EUR (2009) Business Travel 341 .04 Annual turnover: 113.R.L. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-364-80.L.L.DEVELOPMENT S.02.000 RON Annual turnover 28.R.92-96 Fax: +40-21-223. 31.

76 Annual turnover: 6. 011821.42 Fax: +40-21-311. sector EUR (2009) XX WORLD TRAVEL S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.R.42 Annual turnover: 12.99.R. 56.09 Fax: +40-21-311. Strada Maria Rosetti. 35. sector 1. 42. parter . 7-9.17. nr.R.019 EUR (2009) XX J'INFO TOURS S. Bucureşti Bulevardul Magheru.R. Strada Dr. 011033.79. Strada Șipotul F‰nt‰nilor.985 EUR (2009) XX T/ACMB TRAVEL Company name: CMB INTERNATIONAL EXIMP S.R.17.82 Fax: Annual turnover: 10. sector 1.L. 1.44/45 Fax: +40-21-212.786 EUR (2009) XX TRAVEL HOUSE Company name: TRAVEL HOUSE INTERNATIONAL S.R.982 EUR (2009) XX PERFECT TOUR S.44/45 +40-21-319.839 EUR (2009) XX MILLENNIUM TOUR S. Strada Sevastopol.60 Fax: +40-21-204. nr.135 EUR (2009) XX SIND ROMANIA S.398 EUR (2009) Most important companies in "Airline Agencies" XX AEROFLOT .06.30/32/33/34 Fax: +40-31-403.83.51. 1.L. Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta.R. sector 3. sector 5.06 Annual turnover: Annual turnover: N/A 342 Business Travel .R. sector 1.83 +40-21-314.55-59 Annual turnover: 8.31. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-204.L.17 +40-21-314.574 EUR (2009) XX TRANSILVANIA TRAVEL S.159.399.239 EUR (2009) XX ROMANIA TRAVEL PLUS S. nr. 85.42. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230.R.43/46 Annual turnover: 7.40 Fax: Annual turnover: 28.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317.86.L. nr. ap.23 Annual turnover: 6. 050012.82 Fax: +40-21-230.39. nr. Town Office.12 Annual turnover: 148.R. America House Building.778.86. Strada Jules Michelet.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206. sector 1. 010391. 9A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-321. 18. nr. 5.436.L.28 Annual turnover: N/A XX BLUE AIR .740 EUR (2009) OLIMPIC INTERNATIONAL TURISM S.84. București Phone: +40-21-310. etaj 2.44/55/59 +40-21-305.49/50 Fax: Annual turnover: 11. Iacob Felix. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-305.722.150. Bulevardul Elisabeta.50. Bulevardul N.01/34 Fax: +40-21-321. sector 2.44.58 Fax: +40-21-330.585 EUR (2009) XX HAPPY TOUR S. sector 4. sector 1.973 EUR (2009) XX MARSHAL TURISM S.74 Annual turnover: 10. nr. nr. sector 1. Strada Lipscani. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-208.92.A.006.92. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311. Strada Grigore Alexandrescu. Titulescu.L.R.00.31.040.R.L. 011013.L. etaj 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311.546 EUR (2009) XX PARALELA 45 TURISM S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-330. bloc 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-403. bloc 5B. parter.06 Annual turnover: 4.45/46 Fax: Annual turnover: 15. 5. Bulevardul Unirii. ap.329. 20. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-212.R.L. 24.84.06. sector 1. Strada Piaţa Amzei. 89-97.707 EUR (2009) AIR XX FRANCE Company name: AIR FRANCE Strada Buzeşti.000.99. XX Strada Vişana. 4-8. nr.R. 66. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-314. nr. sector 4. 29- Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319. sector 1.51.39/41/42 Annual turnover: 4.A. Intrarea Aniversării.18. nr.58/59 Fax: +40-21-312. nr. 41.000 EUR (2009) XX PROMPT SERVICE TRAVEL COMPANY S.14 Fax: +40-21-312.55-59 Fax: +40-21-317.666.L.39. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-307. Metropolis Center. 011448.REPREZENTANŢĂ Bulevardul Gheorghe Manu.52 Annual turnover: N/A AUSTRIAN AIRLINES BUCURESTI XX Aleea Alexandru. 010157. sector 1. Fax: +40-21-206.99.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-315. 030015.TRANSPORT AERIAN S. sector 1. sector 1. nr. Strada Tudor Ștefan.XX TRAVEL GO Company name: SUNMEDAIR TRAVEL & TOURISM SERVICES S. etaj 4. nr.83 Fax: Annual turnover: 7. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316. Bălcescu.54 Annual turnover: 22. Bulevardul N. nr. nr.03. sector 1.599. 57. sector 1.34-36 Fax: +40-21-312.86 Fax: +40-21-208.765. bloc 43. nr. sector 3. nr.L. 3.00 +40-21-307.86.

72 Fax: +40-21-326.84.11 Annual turnover: N/A XX POLISH AIRLINES LOT Bulevardul Mircea Eliade. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-201. nr.80.38/39 Fax: +40-21-317.28 Fax: +40-21-317. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-204.66 Annual turnover: N/A XX EMIRATES Reprezentanță Strada Dr. sector 1. nr.24 Annual turnover: N/A XX MALEV . sector 3.08.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303.80.40 Fax: +40-31-403.265.865.258 EUR AVIROMS RENT-A-CAR S. nr.14 Annual turnover: N/A XX TURKISH AIRLINES Bulevardul Nicolae Bălcescu. CONCEPT CONSULT & PROSPECT S.162 EUR (2009) XX COMPANIA NAȚIONALĂ DE TRANSPORTURI XX LUFTHANSA . sector 1.11 Annual turnover: N/A XX CARPATAIR S. nr.50.L. 307210.84 Annual turnover: N/A XX . nr. sector 1.92.50. .05 Fax: +40-21-223. sector 1.TIMIȘ Annual Turnover: EUR Business Travel 343 .10 Fax: +40-21-311. sector 1.L. etaj 2.COMPANIE MAGHIARĂ DE AVIAŢIE Intrarea Iuliu Valaori. nr. bloc Alba. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.266 EUR RENT CAR SERVICE LITORAL S. 85. etaj 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316. 5. 38.R.BUCUREȘTI Aleea Alexandru.47.R. nr.827 EUR AUTO EUROPA S. Otopeni .22.32.R.5039 Annual turnover: N/A XX KLM ROYAL DUTCH AIRLINES Strada Buzeşti.00/01 Fax: +40-21-201. nr. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-206.ILFOV Annual Turnover: 10. 102-108. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-223.68 Fax: +40-21-317.65 Annual turnover: N/A XX REPREZENTANȚĂ SAS Strada Dr. 6.12 Fax: +40-31-816. 3.69. București .311.28 Annual turnover: N/A Car Rental Companies Reported results for 2009 1.275.618. 224F. Otopeni. Ghiroda. nr. Aeroportul Internaţional Timişoara.746.61 Annual turnover: 191. 04023.92. București Phone: +40-31-403. 9A. nr. Calea Victoriei. nr. nr. nr.Sector 2 Annual Turnover: Annual turnover: 62.585 EUR (2009) XX CZECH AIRLINES Strada Uruguay. 9A.XX BRITISH AIRWAYS PLC Strada Academiei.42.Sector 1 Annual Turnover: 4. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-326.CONSTANȚA Annual Turnover: 4. nr. etaj 4. Constanța .33 Fax: +40-256-30.27.20 Annual turnover: N/A AERIENE ROMåNE TAROM S. nr. sector 4.88. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-30.49 Annual turnover: N/A XX SWISS INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES Aleea Alexandru.L.44 Annual turnover: 537. 35A.359. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311.396 EUR NEW KOPEL ROMANIA S.R. București Phone: +40-31-403.47. Calea Bucureştilor.66.497 EUR (2009) XX OLYMPIC AIRLINES Strada Anastasie Simu. 28-30. Iacob Felix.63. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317. 4. 57. ap.74 Annual turnover: N/A XX AIR MY Company name: EUROSKY MEDIA S. ap.A.BUCUREȘTI Company name: AGENŢIA DEUTSCHE LUFTHANSA . sector 1. Iacob Felix.50. 27.22 Fax: +40-21-206.L.29. etaj 1. etaj 1. sector 1.60 Fax: +40-21-316. București . bloc B2. etaj 9. 011039. 1. 2.AL ISRAEL LTD.22 Fax: +40-21-303. 57. Strada Aeroport. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-317. sector 1.10/13 Fax: +40-21-204. 011039. Excelsion Centre. 2.BUCUREȘTI EL Bulevardul Dimitrie Cantemir.L.A.30 Fax: +40-31-403. Timișoara . 18. sector 3.42. etaj 2. 2. 18.L.

nr.02 Fax: +40-21-231.R. Company profile: Hertz Romania is the leader of the Romanian car rental market. Otopeni. Self or chauffeur drive rental. sector 1.42.54 Fax: +40-21-320.69. Arad.265.790 EUR (2009) XX BUDGET RENT A CAR Company name: GLOBE TRADING S.746. Strada Cap. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-44. Members of the board: JEAN ALAIN GRUMBACH – Administrator Financial information: Registered capital 52. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210. international reservations .45. sector 2. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-350.A.Most important companies in "Car Rental Companies" AAA AUTORENT S.525.R.34 Annual turnover: 717.32 Fax: +40-21-319.L. Timisoara and Tirgu Mures.L.hertz. București Phone: +40-21-300. Constanţa.44 Fax: +40-256-24. Brătianu. nr.85.28.L. sector 5. Mercedes. nr.396 EUR (2009) XX AUTORENT S. sector 3.24. Piaţa Montreal. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-320. parter. sector 1. Bulevardul I.44 Fax: +40-21-210. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-54. Land Rover . București Phone: +40-21-231. nr. 300642. Strada Turturelelor. etaj Annual turnover: 10.of the latest generation and serving its clients in 16 locations in Bucharest. Cluj-Napoca.43.012 EUR (2009) XX BAVARIA RENT S.41.384 EUR (2009) XX AUTO EUROPA S.45 Annual turnover: 4.R. Gheorghe Bulugea.000 RON (2009) Annual turnover 9.09.R.96 Fax: +40-21-321.345.L. sector 1. 3. nr.750 EUR (2009) XX HOLIDAY AUTOS ROMANIA Company name: CONCEPT CONSULT & PROSPECT S. 010961. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-31-802. Strada Mihail Moxa. 17. 4.266 EUR (2009) XX RENT CAR SERVICE LITORAL S. 9.L. Cloşca şi Crişan.04. bloc 109.R.R.359.12 Annual turnover: 4. Website: www.7076 Annual turnover: 19. delivery and collection. World Trade Center.31 E-mail: office@hertz.258 EUR (2009) 344 Business Travel . nr. Clădirea C. nr. 050122.48.48. – HERTZ .20.L. C.R.22. nr. Strada Horia.827 EUR (2009) XX NEW KOPEL ROMANIA S. nr. 011469. 251.22 Fax: +40-21-201.R.865.L.95 Annual turnover: 560. 9. Timișoara. 11A. 1.L. nr.02 Annual turnover: 11.378.85.608 EUR (2009) XX DIRENT GROUP S.07.75. Constanta.54 Annual turnover: 1.311. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319. 17. nr.28/29/30 Fax: +40-21-335. Strada Miresei. Opel. Oradea. Calea Bucureştilor.75.L.RENT A CAR FRANCHISEE Contact: Bulevardul Naţiunile Unite.31 Annual turnover: 509.Ford.20.60-63 Fax: +40-21-350. operating a fleet of some 350 cars and minivans . 10.all our services are continuously improved for meeting our customers’ expectations.33 Annual turnover: 3. special equipment rental.67 Fax: +40-21-210. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-335.684 RON (2009) Employees 38 Quality certificates: 9001:2008 issued by SR EN ISO 14001:2004 issued by SR EN ISO Brands: Hertz Top management: JEAN ALAIN GRUMBACH – Administrator DRAGOŞ MATEI – Operations Manager Ownership: Private-owned: 100% Foreign: 100% XX AUTO RENT Strada Mihail Moxa.L. 201-203. AHL Strada Grigore Mora.960 EUR (2009) XX AVIS Company name: AVIROMS RENT-A-CAR S.18 Fax: +40-241-62.



HoReCa Major Companies in Romania 347 .

2.10 Fax: +40-241-74. that five star hotels in Bucharest had last year an occupancy degree of almost 60%. According to the same source.463. nr. but also a lower turnover. out of which 38% are restaurants.052 RON (2009) Total revenues 117.361. sector 1.51. Eforie Nord.A.662 RON (2009) Gross profit 965.: Registered capital 4. Voluntari.036. This luxuriously appointed hotel is complemented by an outstanding reputation for individual and friendly service and ensures personal comfort 24 hours a day. both for the 4-5 star hotels and those in categories with fewer stars.187 RON (2009) Net profit 459.R. Financial information Ana Hotels S. Also. An analysis from Investment Labartt .313 four-star rooms and 411 three-star Company profile: Fresh contemporary and welcoming. Strada Republicii.820 RON (2009) Annual turnover 107.20 Annual turnover: 25. will register an occupancy rate up to 55%.A.830 five-star rooms.A. according to a study issued by Trend Hospitality. Contact: Bulevardul Poligrafiei.878 RON (2009) Brands: Crowne Plaza Bucharest Hotel XX ALEXANDER HOTEL Company name: ALEXANDER HOTEL S.17. All 164 freshly upgraded Rooms and suites have views over the lavish hotel garden.34 Fax: +40-21-202.5% last year. with access to outside terraces that gives you an authentic feeling when you go outside. the average occupancy rate for the four star hotels in Bucharest was 41. 2009 brought a lower occupancy rate. the most important five-star hotels had an average occupancy rate higher by 4-5% over the same period in 2008.crowneplaza.100 cafes. for example. Divided by category. nr.HoReCa Overview On the hotels local market. 905350. Șoseaua Pipera-Tunari. along the country.17. Meanwhile. in Romania there were over 34. According to the same study. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-74. especially on the four-star segment.500 rooms. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-224. In the restaurants and bars Website: www. Representatives of the JW Marriott. After the first three months in 2010. Most important companies in "Hotels" CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL★★★★★ Company name: ANA HOTELS S.00.L.20 Fax: +40-21-569. a study of hotel consultancy company Fivestar Hospitality shows that three stars hotels in Bucharest had last year have an average occupancy of 37.3%.19 Annual turnover: N/A EUROPA HOTEL XX Company name: ANA HOTELS S. 13. but decreasing budgets of the companies and the decrease of the population income will most likely have a negative impact on hoteliers in 2010. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-569. 1. Crowne Plaza Bucharest hotel offers a reassuring blend of global standards.Hospitality Services & Management shows that the hotel market in Bucharest includes 23 hotels operating under an international brand with over 4.000 units in the segment of the bars and restaurants.210 EUR (2009) 348 HoReCa .88 E-mail: reservations@crowneplaza. there are 1. the offer in Bucharest includes 1. nr. first-class accommodation and facilities. For 2010 Labartt International estimates that the hospitality market. the largest five-star hotel on the Romanian market (which saw it’s turnover after the first ten months in 2009 dropping by 22%) estimated. The conference center offers 11 conference rooms being able to accommodate up to 1000 guests.bars and clubs 25% and 17% catering units. 25% . last year marked a decline of about 25%. representing almost 40% of the total market.712 fast foods and over 5.11. 1/VI.

300 Fax: +40-372-010. 209.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-87.040 EUR (2009) XX ATHENEE PALACE HILTON Company name: ANA HOTELS S. nr. Calea Victoriei. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-47.65.55 Annual turnover: 1.A. Strada Scoala de ënot. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-60.359.80 Fax: +40-21-308.77 Fax: +40-21-315. 550055. sector 4.L. sector 3.L. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-24.R.209 EUR (2009) XX BEST WESTERN HOTELS ROMANIA Company name: CONCEPT CONSULT & PROSPECT S.00 Fax: +40-372-12.90 Annual turnover: N/A XX HILTON SIBIU Company name: PALACE DUMBRAVA S. sector 1. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-203. 63-81.51.00 Fax: +40-269-22.644. sector 1. Mamaia. 283. 26. nr. Mamaia.131. nr. 143.04 Annual turnover: 3. Strada Gheorghe Bulugea. Aleea Suter. Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-12.76 Annual turnover: 19.40.R. Mamaia.827 EUR (2009) XX CLASS HOTEL Strada G‰rlei. 00001.A.178 EUR (2009) XX HOTEL ARO PALACE Company name: ARO-PALACE S.10 Annual turnover: 2.65.A.02 Fax: +40-241-87. Bucureşti Phone: +40-800-12.28 Annual turnover: 5. sector 1.541 EUR (2009) XX HOTEL BUCUREȘTI . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. 042121.36 Annual turnover: 339. nr.00 Annual turnover: 23. nr.20.CENTRE VILLE Company name: BUCUREȘTI TURISM S.56.220. Strada Decebal.A. nr. sector 2.59. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-313. Bucureşti Phone: +40-372-010.L. 19.199 EUR (2009) XX HOTEL EUROPA Company name: WORLD TRADE CENTER IAȘI Strada Anastasie Panu.31 Annual turnover: N/A  XX GOLDEN TULIP TIMES Company name: SOCIETATEA HOTELIERA TIMES S. 23-25. 900001.00 Fax: +40-268-47.18 Fax: +40-21-316. Braşov.626.289.01 Annual turnover: 19.00 Annual turnover: 34. 12. 56.R.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303.567.13 Fax: +40-21-233.364. 4.747 EUR (2009) XX HOTEL CLUB SCANDINAVIA Mamaia.00 Fax: +40-21-203.56.90.R. sector Fax: +40-21-212.01 Annual turnover: N/A XX Hotel IAKI Mamaia Company name: PLATINUM CLUB MAMAIA S. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-23.99 Annual turnover: N/A XX HOTEL CAROL PARC Company name: CAROL PARC HOTEL S. sector 1.55.00 Fax: +40-241-60. 1-3. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-341-44. Sibiu.A.20 Fax: +40-241-83.XX angelo Airporthotel Bucharest Company name: COMTEL FOCUS S. nr.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316. sector 1.L.31. Strada Mureşenilor.00 Fax: +40-269-50. județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-50. 900001.21.17. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-83.832 EUR (2009) XX HOTEL CAPȘA Calea Victoriei.65.01 Annual turnover: N/A XX HOTEL CONFORT TRAIAN Company name: RIN HOTEL MANAGEMENT S.40.361.70.31.88. 075100.37. 30 A.67.529. 040746.90. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-308. Otopeni.19 Annual turnover: 1. 1.304 EUR (2009)  XX GRAND HOTEL REX Statiunea Mamaia.17. Strada Pădurea Dumbrava.21 Annual turnover: N/A XX GOLDEN TULIP MAMAIA Bulevardul Mamaia.77 Fax: +40-21-336. Calea Bucureştilor. nr. nr. nr.555. Sibiu.15. Strada Episcopiei.70.38 Fax: +40-21-313. sector 3. Strada Traian. nr.R.21 Annual turnover: 25.00 Fax: +40-232-24.03.30 Fax: +40-341-44.301 Annual turnover: N/A HoReCa 349 .894 EUR (2009) XX GOLDEN TULIP ANA TOWER Company name: ANA OIL S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-212.627 EUR (2009) XX GOLDEN TULIP BUCHAREST HOTEL Company name: GOLDEN TULIP BUCHAREST Calea Victoriei.71 Fax: +40-21-231. 2.28. 010064. sector 1.28.86 Annual turnover: N/A XX CONTINENTAL HOTEL Company name: CONTINENTAL HOTELS S. Athenee Palace Hilton.R. nr. Iaşi.16. nr. 55A. 030964.70.39 Annual turnover: 2. nr.L.971 EUR (2009) XX GRAND HOTEL CONTINENTAL Calea Victoriei. nr.52. 166. nr. nr. Calea Griviţei.70. 36.

sector 1.R.L.50.15. 105100.11. Bulevardul Mircea Vodă. Timișoara. București Phone: +40-21-300. nr.L. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-83.74. 1A. sector 1.00 Fax: +40-241-83.000 RON (2009) XX INTERCONTINENTAL BUCHAREST  Company name: COMPANIA HOTELIERĂ INTERCONTINENTAL ROMåNIA S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-403. sector 1. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-50.670 EUR (2009) XX HOTEL PARLIAMENT Company name: ELITE HOTEL MANAGEMENTS AND ESTATE S.R.79. 010082.91 Fax: +40-21-300. sector 1. sector 1. nr.927.L Bulevardul Mamaia. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201.20.00. 905560.A.71.09 Annual turnover: N/A RAMADA IAȘI XX Strada Grigore Ureche.A.71. Calea Bucureşti. nr. Strada Pestalozzi.00 Fax: +40-241-87.08. Mamaia. 3-5.50. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-411. nr.45 Fax: +40-21-317. Calea Victoriei. 87.74.425. Bulevardul Poligrafiei.00.05.L. 37 B.54 Annual turnover: 1. Annual turnover: N/A RAMADA BRAȘOV XX Company name: HP TOWERS S.R.274. 900001. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-87.361.582 EUR (2009) XX HOTEL SATURN Company name: HOTEL SATURN Saturn.A. sector 3. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-256-40.510 EUR (2009) NH XX HOTELS TIMISOARA Company name: NH MANAGEMENT BLACK SEA S.02.R. Bulevardul Alexandru Șerbănescu. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.46 Annual turnover: 820.R.00 Fax: +40-21-233.00 Fax: +40-21-403.37 Annual turnover: N/A RAMADA PARC HOTEL XX Company name: PARC HOTELS S. 21. 63-81.00 Fax: +40-21-549.A.20 Fax: +40-21-312. Calea Victoriei.66 Annual turnover: N/A XX HOTEL VEGA Mamaia. Săcele . nr.23. 10. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-549.88. 300115.80.802. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.30.60.367 EUR (2009) XX HOTEL RAMADA NORD Company name: DE SILVA RTH S.09 Fax: +40-268-50.00 Fax: +40-241-60.90. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-300.09 Annual turnover: 463. nr.006 EUR (2009) PHOENICIA GRAND HOTEL XX Company name: PHOENICIA HOTELS S.900. Iasi. nr.88 Annual turnover: N/A Pullman Bucarest World Trade Center XX (Ex Sofitel)  Company name: WORLD TRADE CENTER Bucureşti S. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-74. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311. nr. 44 A. 010065.88.41 Annual turnover: 1.99. județul IAȘI Phone: +40-232-25. 10.40 Fax: +40-256-40.014 EUR (2009) XX HOTELS BUCHAREST NH Company name: CANTABRIA IMPEX S.R.A.88 Annual turnover: 33.714 EUR (2009) PALM BEACH HOTEL XX Company name: BETINA M S.27. Calea Victoriei. nr.70 Fax: +40-232- EUR (2009) RADISSON SAS HOTEL XX Company name: BEA HOTELS EASTERN EUROPE (ROMANIA) S. Annual turnover: N/A XX MARRIOTT BUCHAREST GRAND HOTEL JW Company name: SOCIETATEA COMPANIILOR HOTELIERE GRAND S. sector 5. 030662. sector 1. 5-7. 38-40.549.403 EUR (2009) XX HOWARD JOHNSON GRAND PLAZA HOTEL Company name: GRAND PLAZA HOTEL S.25.50 Annual turnover: 10.L. nr. 013704.L.08. nr.00 Fax: +40-372-05.27.91. Bulevardul Nicolae Bălcescu.R.XX HOTEL LUX GARDEN Strada Sorica.89 Annual turnover: 7. Azuga.15/20/35/46/72 Fax: +40-21-310.R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-308. Strada Daniel Danielopolu. nr.01 Annual turnover: 4.01 Annual turnover: 25. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.L. nr.00 Fax: +40-21-201.91 Annual turnover: N/A XX HOTEL RAMADA MAJESTIC BUCHAREST Company name: MAJESTIC TOURISM S.90 Fax: +40-21-411. nr. Calea Dorobanţilor.93.00 Fax: +40-21-316. nr.50. Piaţa Montreal.90.04.30 Annual turnover: 6. 4. sector 1.99 Annual turnover: 2.A. sector 1.239 EUR (2009) NOVOTEL BUCAREST CITY CENTRE XX Company name: ACCOR HOTELS ROMANIA S. Mamaia. sector 1.A.L.L. 90. 27. județul PRAHOVA Phone: +40-372-05.99. Strada Izvor.00 Fax: +40-21-313.91.50.60 Fax: +40-241-74. 13. nr. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-60.88 Fax: +40-21-308.459 EUR (2009) 350 HoReCa .R.50 Annual turnover: N/A XX HOTEL MAMAIA Company name: MAMAIA S. 010082. Calea 13 Septembrie. sector 5.00 Annual turnover: 3.

județul SIBIU Phone: +40-269-23.L.01 XX FOUR SEASONS Strada Vasile Lascăr.50.29. nr.20 Fax: +40-31-104.77 Fax: +40-21-315. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-403.75. 50-52.067.10/16 Fax: +40-21-350.28.R.90. nr. 4. 8.00.00. sector 1.L. sector 2. nr.44 Fax: +40-21-231. sector 1.00 Fax: +40-21-403.05 Annual turnover: 781. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201. sector 5.19. sector 1.59.L. Art Business Center.199 EUR (2009) XX COMPLEX CONFORT RIN Company name: RIN HOTEL MANAGEMENT S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-731-11. sector 1. nr.40.01 XX CUCINA. București Phone: +40-21-315.A. sector 1.95 XX ARCADE Strada Ion Cantacuzino.88 XX BRASSERIE Strada Episcopiei. 29. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-319. 80.37. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-335. Otopeni. Otopeni.17 Fax: +40-21-403. sector 1.62.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-403.60 XX ARGETINE Strada Masaryk Thomas. sector 1. nr. Fax: +40-21-210.21 Annual turnover: 1. sector 1.The Italian Kitchen Calea 13 Septembrie.15.01 XX CUPOLA.B‰rzeşti. nr.92 GRANDEUR XX Strada Buzești.R.33. Strada Emil Cioran. Calea Bucureştilor . 285. 050713. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-313.77 Fax: +40-21-315. nr.50. Strada Vitan . Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201. 90.38 Fax: +40-21-301.L. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-260. sector 1.15. nr.23. nr. 050713. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303. etaj 13.50. 255A. nr. sector 5.R. 042121. nr.67.R. 50-52. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222. 1. 52. nr. nr. 4. sector 5.00.92 LE XX BISTROT Strada Episcopiei.38 Fax: +40-21-313. sector 1. Sibiu. 7. 1-3.31. Calea Victoriei. nr. 7 D.37.45 XX AQUARIUM Strada Alecu Russo. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-211.29. sector 1.78.21 HoReCa 351 .10 Fax: +40-21-350. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233.41.19. Strada George Georgescu.30 Annual turnover: 6.45 XX MANDRAGORA LA Strada Mendeleev. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-313. nr.XX RAMADA PLAZA BUCHAREST Company name: PARC HOTELS S.79 XX CASA CAPȘA S.12 XX JARIȘTEA IMPEX S.L.459 EUR (2009) RIN XX GRAND HOTEL Company name: RIN HOTEL MANAGEMENT S.98.52. sector XX CHAMPIONS The American Sports Bar & Restaurant Calea 13 Septembrie. nr.30 Fax: +40-21-201.18 XX CASA ROMåNEASCĂ Strada Calea Bucureştilor.79 Fax: +40-21-222. nr. sector 1. nr. 1-3.17/19 Annual turnover: 1. Șoseaua Kiseleff. nr. 90. 5-7.35 XX AVALON Calea Dorobanţilor.30 XX BENIHANA TEPPANYAKI Calea Dorobanţilor. 5- XX CASA BOIEREASCĂ Strada Sofia. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-350.10. nr. nr. județull ILFOV Phone: +40-21-350. 2.40 GARIBALDI XX Strada Icoanei.00.02 Fax: +40-21-403.18. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-303. sector 1. Bulevardul Poligrafiei.30 Fax: +40-21-201.R.199 EUR (2009) RAMADA SIBIU XX Company name: ATLANTIC TRAVELS S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-619.00 Fax: +40-21-549.41. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-212.11.99 XX CASA DOINA S. 90. 010551. 011341. nr. 3-5. sector 4. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-403.63.Modern Classics Calea 13 Septembrie.056 EUR (2009) Most important companies in "Restaurants" XX ANGEL'S Strada Paris. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210. 36.R.289. 81. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231.00 Fax: +40-31-106. sector 2.21.

Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-212. județull ILFOV Phone: +40-21-380. nr. nr.46. sector 1. Cluj-Napoca. 128-130.67 Annual turnover: N/A ELITE EVENTS S.L.L. Strada Avram Iancu.06 Fax: +40-21-230.65.84 Fax: +40-21-410.76 Fax: +40-21-211. 47A.55 XX RESTAURANT BALTHAZAR Strada Dumbrava Roşie.56. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.31. Cluj-Napoca.66 XX UPTOWN GRUP S.03. 44.60 Fax: +40-21-212. Marriot Bucharest Grand Hotel.30. sector 1. nr. sector 1.63 Fax: +40-21-232. 2.L.40. Sofitel.172 EUR (2009) XX AMRITA COM S. sector 1.916 EUR (2009) XX EUREST ROM S.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-211. Bucureşti Phone: +40-768-561. sector 1. Bulevardul 21 Decembrie 1989.A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-403. nr.13.76 XX BRICK THE Strada Aleea Paradisul Verde.R. nr.84 Most important companies in "Catering Services" XX AGRIROM S.75 Annual turnover: 410.R. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-351. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222.829 EUR (2009) 352 HoReCa .28.L. Braşov.L.L. XX Strada Paris.46.61 Annual turnover: 19.45. sector 1. nr.R.40.90/94 SANGRIA XX Strada Căderea Bastiliei. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318. sector 5.17 Annual turnover: 322.82 Fax: +40-21-212.14.09 PICCOLO MONDO XX Strada Clucerului. sector 2.47 Annual turnover: 1. nr. Otopeni.77 Annual turnover: 506. Strada Domnița Ruxandra.79 Fax: +40-21-252. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.068.21.60 XX VANITY Splaiul Independenței.70. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-252. sector 1. 59.48. nr.304 EUR (2009) XX EXCLUSIV CATERING S. nr. 400083. nr.80 Fax: +40-21-352. Calea Bucureşti.R. sector 1. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-42.46. 024073.47 Fax: +40-21-318. 050536. 2.22. Strada Austrului.R. sector 1. Strada Mărăşti.97 Annual turnover: 1.27.91. sector 2. 56.R. 2. 020463.28. 27-29. 224R. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-410.332 XX YAKIMONO Strada Calea 13 Septembrie.745 EUR (2009) XX GALA CATERING S. sector 2.L.R.51. JW.29 Fax: +40-268-32. județul BRAȘOV Phone: +40-268-31. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. XX Bulevardul Ficusului. nr.590.57.13.88 MAIKO XX Strada Grigore Gafencu. 18.67. 78. 10. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230. 12. nr.810 NOBLESSE RESTAURANT S.289. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-722-44.78.22. nr.41 Fax: +40-264-59.48. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232. nr.14. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-233. 075150. 400604. 500332. Corbeanca.L. 46. Strada Traian. sector 5. Primo Nebiolo.XX OLIVIADES LES Piaţa Montreal.54 Annual turnover: N/A XX AMERICAN FOOD CATERING S. 9. nr. 16. 90.77 Fax: +40-21-230. Aeroportul Internaţional Henri Coandă. județul CLUJ Phone: +40-264-45. 1. 315 B.46.R.437 EUR (2009) XX ALPHA ROCAS S.54.26. nr.38/39 Fax: +40-21-318.54.R.09. sector 1. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-210.61 RESTAURANT SILVIUS XX Strada Louis Pasteur.17 Fax: +40-264-42. 44. 07719.33 XX MCMONI'S Strada Dr.20 XX TRATTORIA BUONGIORNO Bulevardul Lascăr Catargiu.91. Strada Rabat.00 Fax: +40-21-316. nr. nr. sector 1.

județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-200. XX DUSSMANN SERV ROMANIA S.47 Fax: Annual turnover: 2. Strada Chişcani.02. XX Strada Occidentului.149. nr.15.192.L. nr. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-350. XX Șoseaua București-Ploiești.16. județul SUCEAVA Phone: +40-230-53. Suceava.510.R.15.45 +40-31-690.441. Constanța.L. 2. județul ARGEȘ Phone: +40-248-28. sector 3.299 EUR (2009) Most important companies in "Equipment Suppliers" XX ALPROM S.255. 110104.A.A.36. 46.25 Fax: +40-230-53.514.34. 25-27. 11-13.A.21.09 Fax: Annual turnover: 1.59 +40-21-310.22.L.R. nr.430 EUR (2009) UZINELE TEXTILE TIMIȘOARA S.187. sector 1. nr. 720092. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.370 EUR (2009) P. 030774. Bulevardul Mamaia. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-352. Petrești.20 Annual turnover: 8.03.33 Annual turnover: 11. nr. 300642. 012241.07 Annual turnover: 3.L.50 Fax: +40-21- județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-55.01.21 Fax: +40-21-316.25.16.965.XX GASTROM INTERNATIONAL CATERING S.R. XX Bulevardul Preciziei.22 Fax: +40-248-28. sector 1. nr.573. XX Strada Căprioarei.03.R. 023817.54 Annual turnover: 7. Piteşti. 540314. Strada Negru Vodă.88 Fax: +40-21-352.257. sector 2.07 Annual turnover: 13. nr.577 EUR (2009) HoReCa 353 .10 +40-21-326.040 EUR (2009) HORECA EXPERT XX Company name: ECO STAR REL S.51.080 EUR (2009) WU XX XING Company name: C.318 EUR (2009) FRANKE ROMANIA S.588 EUR (2009) DAAS IMPEX S.L.64 +40-21-200. XX Calea Aradului. 18.R. 2-4.R.237. km 19. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-222.51 Annual turnover: 10. 98. 3.64 Fax: Annual turnover: 586. Pantelimon.65 Fax: Annual turnover: 1.33.08 Fax: +40-241-54. București Phone: +40-21-224.25 Annual turnover: 10.20 Annual turnover: 11.972. nr.099. nr. XX Bulevardul Biruinței.58 Fax: Annual turnover: 3. 077067.96 Annual turnover: 7.54.20 Fax: +40-265-21. Corbeanca.87 +40-21-222.R.51.88. sector 1. Pantelimon.L. 12.50 Fax: +40-21-350.L.34.L.490 EUR (2009) XX PRIVILEG CATERING S.306 EUR (2009) ROMANIAN CATERING S.88. 48.01. T‰rgu Mureş.475 Fax: +40-256-22.R.L.R. 5.490 EUR (2009) BILANCIA EXIM S.769 EUR (2009) MOBEX S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-242.01 +40-21-242.711 EUR (2009) DAILY GROUP S.R. nr. Bulevardul Biruinţei.R.45 Fax: Annual turnover: 1. Strada Goloviţa. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-690. nr. sector 1.L.22. nr.994 EUR (2009) GUSTO S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310. nr.EXIM 92 S. 67. sector 6. XX Strada Aviator Mircea Zorileanu.27.54.R. nr. județul TIMIȘ Phone: +40-724-519.86. XX Strada Olteţului.02.347 EUR (2009) ASSA ABLOY ROMANIA S. nr. Timișoara. XX Strada Aurel Vlaicu.771. Strada Balanței. județul MUREȘ Phone: +40-265-21. Strada Dobrogeanu Gherea.L. 292.13. 54. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-326.L. 1.


Luxury Goods Major Companies in Romania 355 .

Brand Manager MONTBLANC Brands: MONTBLANC Financial information: Employees: 7 Contact person: ANCA VASILE . Union International Business Center. Most important companies in "Luxury Goods" MONTBLANC Company name: CONMART TRADING S. perfumes. not easily disturbed by the changes in the economic environment and used with a certain lifestyle. the most important multi-brand stores are Victoria 46.Star Nicholas Rieussec.individuals with high incomes. Bottega Veneta. spa and gourmet/organic suffered smaller declines.00. Website: www.adoraboutique. Our passion and commitment for offering the best services developed a strong relation between Montblanc and our company. According to Luxury Industry Management Consultants these measure will likely result in stimulating the already growing grey and black markets. 11. Ralph Lauren. jewellery. Union Center. businessmen. One important problem for this market is the additional taxation of luxury goods that will affect also products like fragrances. Therefore. 11. Contact: Strada Ion Câmpineanu. Top management: EDELSTEIN MARIAN . luxury market in Romania dropped 25%. accessories. Catwalk.L. Christian Dior.Director ANCA VASILE .25. watches. for whom these products are primarily a Company profile: Since 1999 Conmart Trading has been the exclusive importer and distributor in Romania for Montblanc brand. in the first quarter of 2010. so we are able to present in this moment on the market the newest releases from Montblanc: from writing instruments limited edition Patron of Art . according to Luxury Industry Management Consultants. Luxury fashion market has matured since 2008. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. notaries. especially in alcohol and tobacco. one possible explanation lies in the target addressed: bankers.31 Shop: Strada Ion Câmpineanu. nr. boats. sector 1. which have reached alarming levels in many sectors.50 Fax: +40-21-310. According to Luxury Industry Management Consultants.King Francois I to the first watch calibre manufactured in house 100% . Missoni and Givenchy arrived to multi-brand stores. while segments like hospitality. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-311 0623 E-mail: montblanc. the players on this market shouldn’t experience such a bad time during the crisis. furs and rare leathers etc. The dynamic progress of our company established us as a valuable leader on the high end luxury market in Romania. which is not very easily downgraded.the driving force in the new Montblanc Collection .av@adoraboutique.Luxury Items Overview The luxury items market has a very well defined target . We invite you to explore the wonderful MONTBLANC world THE SOUL of our company. nr.R. fashion and travel. in the luxury segment of fashion and accessories men’s segment registered lower declines than women’s. The hardest hit will be received by guns and hunting weapons retailers. lawyers. as the prices of their products might increase by 100% because of the new taxation. The Concept Store. Mengotti Fashion Victim. nevertheless. sector 1. The most affected sectors are automotive. Conmart Trading owns two Montblanc monoshops and in the last years developed a strong distribution by choosing the best jeweler retailers that meets the Montblanc strict quality requirements. when the first collections of manufacturers like Burberry. parter. etaj 4. Jolie Ville and House Beautiful.Brand Manager MONTBLANC 356 Luxury Goods . cosmetics and jewellery.

36.449. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316. bloc UCR.09. județul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-350.33. sector 1. nr. 90.75 Annual turnover: N/A EUROJET ROMANIA S. Otopeni.L.76 Annual turnover: 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312.47.09.89 Annual turnover: N/A ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA XX Calea Victoriei.79 Annual turnover: 28. 3.84 Fax: +40-21-312.31 Annual turnover: 2. 013812.15. Bucureşti Phone: +40-374-22.45.807 EUR (2009) HELVETANSA S.66 Fax: +40-21-231.R.L.44 Annual turnover: 4. județul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-67.60 Annual turnover: 110. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-425. 6.26.960.83 Fax: +40-21-411.09. sector 1.R.R.07 Fax: +40-21-312. 05071.01 Fax: +40-21-350. Calea Victoriei. sector 1. 71.82.983 EUR (2009) Luxury Goods 357 .L.26.24.52.R.949.335 EUR (2009) B XX & B COLLECTION S. București Phone: +40-21-312. JW Marriott. Calea Victoriei. D1.30 Annual turnover: 809. 136.R.R.945 EUR (2009) GENERAL BUSINESS SYSTEM S. 040104. XX Calea Victoriei. XX Strada Ion Ionescu de la Brad.44. bloc 8C. Bulevardul Unirii. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-231. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-327. sector 5. nr. nr.94 Annual turnover: 6.90 Fax: +40-21-411.42.37 Fax: +40-241-61. etaj 11.083 EUR (2009) CELLINI XX Company name: SODO MIGLIORI ROMANIA S. nr. 4. 90.05.67 Annual turnover: 36. bloc E6.393 EUR (2009) FURLA SHOP XX Company name: PUIU & FIII S.L.920. nr. nr.R.L. apt.32 Fax: +40-21-336. 8.028 EUR (2009) ELYSEE CONCEPT S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310.L.988.64. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-411.R.L. 112.R.07 Annual turnover: 3. sector 1.XX ALSA BOUTIQUES S.43 Fax: +40-21-335.062 EUR (2009) COSROM COSMETICS XX Strada General Atanasie Demosthen. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-824.L.367. sector 1. nr. sector 4.695. sector 3.15.43 Annual turnover: 110.44.02. sector 5. XX Calea Bucureștilor. 20.R. 100. Strada Sabinelor. Calea Victoriei.06.558.75 Fax: +40-21-316. 91B. Galeriile Grand Avenue.835. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-805.561 EUR (2009) XX FORZA ROSSA S.66 Annual turnover: 3. 61-63.79 Fax: +40-31-805.R.45 Annual turnover: 2.88 Fax: +40-31-824. nr. XX Calea 13 Septembrie.40.R.L. nr. Constanța. tronson 5.99.R.39 Fax: +40-31-425.51. nr.32. Strada Traian.932 EUR (2009) CHRONOLINK XX Calea 13 Septembrie.89. 88. Bulevardul Unirii.629 EUR (2009) XX ESTEE LAUDER ROMANIA S.459 EUR (2009) GALT OROLOGERIE ELVEȚIANA XX Company name: IMPULSE ROMANIA S.R. bloc 7A. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-315. parter.30 Fax: +40-31-425.80 Annual turnover: 2. XX Calea Victoriei. sector 1.07.L. nr.312 EUR (2009) FASHION VICTIM XX Company name: CORNERSTORE CONSULTING S.51. nr.73.73. Calea Dorobanţilor. nr. 7. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-316.490.L. sector 5. XX Strada Războieni.074 EUR (2009) INA XX CENTER Company name: INA INTERNATIONAL S. 153.R. 900538. sector 1.29.254 RON (2009) CHRONOTIME INTERNATIONAL S.95. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-318.668 EUR (2009) FRANCO'S MARINA S.89.393 EUR (2009) EGEA COSMETICS XX Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-425.832 EUR (2009) BELSTAFF XX Calea Victoriei. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-411. Bucureşti Phone: +40-730-99.95.L.44.R.90 Annual turnover: 2. Strada Alexandru Constantinescu. apt.L.77 Fax: +40-21-327.L.756. sector 5.88 Fax: +40-21-269.L.95 Annual turnover: 20. nr.R. nr.07 Annual turnover: 425.42 Fax: +40-21-403.589 RON (2009) EVERET ROMANIA DISTRIBUTION S. Annual turnover: N/A BLACK SEA BOATS AND SPORTS S. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-336. sector 4. sector 6.21.L. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-403. 122. 155. nr. 16. nr.L. 60. nr. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-335. XX Şoseaua Panduri. sector 4. sector 1.791. 63-81. nr. 54.99. 01-02. XX Bulevardul Unirii.85 Fax: +40-21-315.01 Annual turnover: 64. nr. 102.66 Fax: +40-21-312.59 Annual turnover: 12.532.02.95 Annual turnover: 2. sector 1. nr.982. sector 1.

03 Fax: +40-21-335.L. nr. 020994. 050726.25. sector 4. sector 1. sector 1.L. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-300. 44 A. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-232. nr. 46. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-335. 102-110.85 Fax: +40-21-350. Mogoşoaia.L.92.316. Constanţa.R. etaj 3.40.367 EUR (2009) 358 Luxury Goods .22. 48-50. 32. 14-16.L.580. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-211.R.L.Ploieşti.R.72/74 Annual turnover: 3. nr.262 EUR (2009) PRIVILEGE INTERNATIONAL COSMETIC S. nr. 900652.26 Fax: +40-241-54.25.70 Fax: +40-21-211. 12.50.833.000. nr.00 Annual turnover: 22. judeţul ILFOV Phone: +40-21-350.03. nr.40. Strada General Berthelot.77 Annual turnover: N/A XX MARELLA Calea Victoriei. sector 1.L.077 EUR (2009) XX NAUTIC LIFE S. sector 5. nr.XX KRISTINA DRAGOMIR Strada Speranţei.815 EUR (2009) XX MADISON RAND PROMOTIONS S. sector 4. Calea 13 Septembrie. PRODUCTS S.L.R. judeţul CONSTANŢA Phone: +40-241-54. sector 1.885 EUR (2009) YOU XX & ME EXIM S. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-305.49 Annual turnover: N/A ROYAL CARO S. Bucureşti Piaţa Dorobanţi. Bucureşti Phone: +40-31-413. 014178. 3. Splaiul Unirii. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-230. sector 1. 14.L Bulevardul Tomis.278. sector 2.53.60 Annual turnover: 3. sector 1.26 Annual turnover: 1.R.89.50.401.75 Annual turnover: 464. nr.14. sector 2.576. sector 1. Bucureşti Phone: +40-743-105. XX Strada Sabinelor. nr.399.349 EUR (2009) XX NIRAN CO. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-201.97 Annual turnover: N/A XX MENGOTTI Calea Victoriei. 1-3.06. 16.07.481. 12.50. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-411.62 Annual turnover: 4. sector 1.90 Fax: +40-21-319.23.R.07.64 Annual turnover: 2. 21-23. 19 Bis.R. XX Strada Paul Greceanu.57 Annual turnover: N/A XX MICRI GOLD BIJUTERII S.23.A. 2 bis.626 EUR (2009) XX PRESTIGE PARFUM S. Strada Chitila Pădure. sector 5.00. Bucureşti Phone: +40-722-10.395 EUR (2009) RAIONUL 4 XX Strada Nicolae Golescu.974 EUR (2009) THE XX PLACE CONCEPT STORE Strada Calea Dorobanţilor.88 Annual turnover: N/A VICTORIA 46 XX Company name: SOLMAR TRADING GRUP S. nr.26. 102. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-315. 42D. 22. sector 2. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-335. Nr. sector 5.48 Annual turnover: 7. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-211.30/31 Fax: +40-21-210. nr. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-212. etaj 2. Şoseaua Viilor. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-310. XX Strada Corneliu Botez.62. 18-18A. bloc 4B. sector 1. 90. sector 1.L.336.57 Fax: +40-21-312. XX Strada Vulturilor.00 Fax: +40-31-413.94 Annual turnover: 5. nr. Bucuresti Şoseaua Bucureşti .28.70 Annual turnover: 2.11 Fax: +40-21-211.R.501 EUR (2009) STEFANEL (ROMANIA) S.L.77.L.R.43 Fax: +40-21-335. nr.R. Strada Domniţa Ruxandra.50 Annual turnover: N/A THE XX PRIVATE LUXURY GROUP S. 020562.00 Fax: +40-21-411. Calea Victoriei. nr. Bulevardul Nicolae Bălcescu. nr. nr.R.53. 020471. 32.59. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21. 31-33.77. 077135. sector 1.84 Fax: +40-21-232.93 Annual turnover: 15.10.93. sector 1.201 EUR (2009) XX NEPTUN YACHT S.993.91. 6.71.858. sector 1.L.55. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-313.84 Annual turnover: 1.61 Fax: +40-21-300. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-313.43.107 Annual turnover: N/A XX LANCEL Şoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti.R.27 Annual turnover: 193.47. nr.030 EUR (2009) XX MARDIKIAN Strada Episcopiei.R. 5. nr.68 Annual turnover: N/A XX LOUIS VUITTON ROMANIA S. apt. sector 3.58 Annual turnover: N/A TOP XX LINE Bulevardul Regina Maria.47. Bucureşti Phone: +40-21-312. Şoseaua Pipera-Tunari. 216. nr.L. nr.590 EUR (2009) SEPHORA MARINOPOULOS ROMANIA S.

ro .311. Phone: 021.45 Calea Victoriei. www.51. Bucharest.librariaengleza.38.

274-275 290. 298-299 31 188 293 330 266. 293 345 180. 289. 348 285 285 314. 24 16.Ana Hotels Cushman & Wakefield Rom‰nia D&B David & Baiaş SCA Dentestet DHL Internaţional Rom‰nia EGL Gas & Power Rom‰nia Ernst & Young Grup Feroviar Rom‰n Grupo Lar Hertz-Rent a car . 293. 256 164 344 289 159 118 70. 25 237 98 129 289 177 218 285 111 198.Băneasa Developments Baumax Rom‰nia BDO Audit Beta Biriş Goran Cargus Internaţional Carrefour Rom‰nia Coldwell & Banker . 269 233 354. 248 290 297. 24 242 234. 165 331 360 Major Companies in Romania . 287 294. 201 295 94 256 166 160. 241 292 89 285 Bookmark. 48 282.-Hypermarket Rom‰nia Remar Remco Rom‰nia Roland Berger Strategy Consultants Rondocarton Rovit Salans Societatea de Tranfer de Fonduri și Decontări TransFond Strauss Rom‰nia TMF Rom‰nia Treshold Unicom Tranzit Valad Real Estate WDP Rom‰nia Zenith Media Page 327 341 324. 65 292 Outside Back Cover.356 286. 295 272. 313 Inside Back Cover.Conmart Trading Noerr Noerr Finance & Tax Porsche Inter Auto Rom‰nia Pricewaterhousecoopers in Romania Pro Business Communication Services Pro-Tip Raiffeisen Bank RBS Bank real. 20-21. 267 237 162 53 292 346. 267 44. 322-323 Bookmark.Agenţia Naţională de Presă Agerpres Alpha Bank Rom‰nia Anthony Frost Azur Baker Tilly Klitou & Partners Banca Comercială Rom‰nă Banca Rom‰nească Membră a Grupului National Bank of Greece Băneasa Shopping City . 327 25 359 58.Advertisers Index Company Act Media News Agency Aerotravel Agerpres .Affiliates of Romania Compania Naţională de Transport a Energiei Electrice "Transelectrica" Contexpert Consulting Crowne Plaza Hotel .AAA Autorent Horvath & Partners Management Consulting IBP Real Estate Ines Group Kompass Rom‰nia KPMG Rom‰nia Leadership Alliance Leaseplan Rom‰nia Magazinul Progresiv Mazars Rom‰nia MEC Rom‰nia (Mediaedgecia Rom‰nia) Mercedes Benz Rom‰nia Metro Cash & Carry Montblanc . 26 22-23. 254-255. 337 Inside Front Cover.

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