Produced biosolids are also easy to separate and dewater. the analysis for MBBR accounted for nitrogen removed via assimilation into the biomass produced during BOD removal. The bactera’s/activated sludge grow on the internal surface of the carriers. Only the extra amount of bacteria’s growth. That means that by increasing the filling fraction one can increase surface area and capacity of the reactor to reduce BOD’s without additional tanks (it shall be noted that Oxygen demands also increases simultaneously). The bacteria’s break down the organic matter from the waste water. contrary to activated sludge reactor. large bubble aeration system assures mixing and floating of plastic carriers with attached biomass. However. At the bottom of the tank. thus eliminating the need for recycling solids from the secondary clarifiers. The biomass for biological treatment would grow on the media. where nitrification would occur. MBBR are a hybrid of activated sludge and biofilter processes (Odegaard. MBBR achieve its treatment strategy by having a biomass grow on plastic high surface area carriers that move freely in the water volume of the reactor kept within the reactor volume by a sieve arrangement at the reactor outlet.92 g/cm3) and shaped as small cylinders with a cross on the inside of the cylinder and “fins” on the outside. MBBR does not need return activated sludge (RAS). Because the MBBRs would be treating primary effluent. MBBR utilize whole tank volume for biomass. For this option. 2004). the excess sludge will come separate from the carriers and will flow with the treated water towards the final separator. Unlike most fixed film bioreactors. Microorganisms growing on such media are also much more resistant to pH and toxic shock as well as fluctuations in BOD’s. Media would be added to the existing aeration tanks. The aeration system keeps the carriers with activated sludge in motion. Kaldnes provided the design concept criteria. .WHAT IS MBBR (MOVING BED BIOFILM REACTORS) ? . WHAT IS BIOFILM CARRIER LIKE ? The biofilm carrier is made of high density PP (0. Stainless steel sieves would be installed at the outlets of the aeration basins to retain the media. One of the important advantages of the moving bed biofilm reactor is that the filling fraction of carrier in the reactor may be subject to needs. Data below summarizes design criteria for the MBBR nitrification system and denitrification system. Various shapes and sizes are introduced by numerous manufacturers.

Showing design specifications for MBBR MBBR Design Specifications Design influent BOD (average.45 With Specific surface area m2/m3 500 % fill of carrier element 40 Table 1. mg/l) Design influent TSS (average.96 50 8 250 . De -aeration can be accomplished by nitrogen stripping.d 2. Carrier media movement is provided by coarse bubble aeration/ fine bubble aeration in the portion of the reactor containing the media. which drives dissolved oxygen from the wastewater. mg/l) Design average FOG (mg/l) Design maximum temperature (oC) Number of tanks Reactor Empty Bed Volume (m3) Bulk volumetric filling of carriers% Hydraulic Retention Time at Design Flows (Hours) Specific biofilm surface area (m2/m3) 1. Effluent from the aeration basins would be deaerated before flowing to additional MBBRs for denitrification.200 400 60 35 2 67.Additional facilities for producing oxygen would also be required in comparison to the conventional aeration systems. DESIGN CRITERIA FOR MBBR Moving Bed Bio-film Reactor for Nitrification With Specific surface area m2/m3 % fill of carrier element 500 65 Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor for Denitrification Loading rate g/m2. Nitrogen gas is a by-product of the cryogenic pure-oxygen generation system.

Environmental Study Review: Secondary Treatment Upgrading Options. Owen Sound Wastewater Treatment Plant. Owen Sound.000m2/d) 340 17. additional equalization tanks (EQ) are installed. COMPARISION WITH OTHER AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGIES Source: Executive Summary.000 20 STEPS INVOLVED WITH MBBR TREATMENT: • • Remove large objects and particles that interfere with the performance of the MBBR System self cleaning rotary drum screen was installed To address fluctuations in wastewater contaminants concentration.Design Soluble BOD Load (kg/day) Design Surface Area (m2) Loading Rate (kg/1. Ontario .