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Published by: Zachary Smith on May 07, 2012
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Quick Write: What are positives and negatives to having a seating chart in your classroom?

The positive aspects to seating charts is that seating charts can help prevent problems that may happen in the classroom such as excessive talking or disruptive behavior between specific students. Furthermore, this will help give structure and consistency to the class. If students know exactly where they are to sit, then possibly no class time will be wasted at the beginning of class when students are trying to find the best possible seat that is still available. The negative aspects of seating charts is that this can cause students to possibly act out because of where they are sitting. If a student feels that a possible "punishment" for acting out in class would be to move to another seat that the teacher thinks is less desirable, but the student would prefer to sit there, then he or she may continue to act out. Also, if there are any ELL students in the classroom, if the seating chart separates ELLs that have the same L1 language, then there is a language support that is lost for at least those two individual students.

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