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_------- Sorry . . --.. '.Fra nee· TeL+i33 (0]463 4320 75 But is it good? wines born ol rich Mlediiterralnean soil anc Yes !! Craftedfrom Fax +38 (0]463 32 96 39 siqnec by renowned wine makers affirm ~ngltheir devotion to.5 - It AustraUan ? _' w . XL ' ernbod ies true lM.1 1.1 : e XL. • 1 z -- It's CaUfornian or ltallan. • 1 Then It's got to be·from the New World~ right? !I Acttn3lUy..~s is pure French VoHa !I And is thefruit of two youn'g passionate wine entrepreneurs Laurent Durnen il and l. the brand. lNlow it's time for XL Wii nes l !! 3 ._-'_-- Nope .udovic IR'emaury.erra nean spirit. .". WI rN ES C h§tea u de Flo rts T1700 AziUe..---. then. XLWiin. .Wine talk heard through the grapevine U') .ediit.

WI'NES 'HL+38· [@)q'@4320 7!J seriqraphy. A 12:3I(}p. Sublirne moments to live and share'. . The winds o. k)~g bottle. And to d IrES$ Il~ pthe bottle.rn" chilled IRose acccrnpanyinq Clitn.Jls~teamed F.'[n..or m w z m~e a renowned ltalian oll'i~leeil. mu(~ a Guerlain "nouvelle v8IgllJl12!". a classy wl ne shn Ldd be.A new dress 'for dinner Wli ne [has tinally evollve!d :13 d shed its n respected old Bordeaux bottle ! AHe·rall.. The culrninaticn is +33 [01468 32 %-39 f'i!. just pure delectati em 1 An '1111 :3~'Lrri. diu[ILla hels we Ire [eft behind in favcr 'CrUunrnatched rnetallic e xt.S.f time and attentinn to detail (f) w z are cernpellinq and nbUgle cHI irrtpassioned rCN:lIl. rOIT1lG! ntic Red wRh Fo lie' glrals 4 bonbons and red beetmo't chips.s~ and pickledlemcnqrass. at ar~ytilme .bywl. matched by a ~eqluall[y classy vessel. grape variety or Q dg in . No domain narna. on paclkdlgllJlr1!gl and irnaqe. An 8: 3 []p.fresllW~~te found at the tapas bar.. 750 ml-13%1lIc.

h'l'ine. flhe wine's produced by XL WIINIES .XL WINES COMPANY XL WIIINIES is composed of 8 cornplernenta ry associates eXpe'r~. In d Lud ov ic Re'rn a LI! Iry. Ro~~. communication. XIL WUNUESo is a lI~ewsty[e of wi ne company .. passing th r~u'gh the IRhone' Va Usy.s.d~terld.d XILWII N ES. sophisticated but d'ClWrlJ tel W Z FK e Mediterranean spirit by Xl WINES earth and mostirnperlantly. XL.s. WIIINI S to rand il In the 'g re' a test tra d Ii tions [If E meticulous ble nd iir~gl nd b reedinq. rnarketinq.Fril n ce m ""3.c:orn 5 . XIL WU4ES. rdlll1~le' of w~ne's : W~ilte and soon Champaglne. Wn~E5.. WINES C ha""tealJ de H@r!5 11700 At i Lle .309 tnfo@).~ealllre. sornrnellery end irnport-export ventures who jnined fcrces oln thelnitiatlve oftwo wine contractors : if) l.dlDC to Prove nee.6343 2075 Fax +33101468:]2 %'. 'PTE' rn iu rn Wi n es' a nd a 'g' r'D U P 00f ~ ~ nflue inthe wDwtdl of "Super Premiums".e and ccrnrnitted to f"19 nt D ~I rn e' Ihi li~. is a Eu rnp ean trade cornpa ~y ~.e need in production.1 [014. These 'growe'rs author the w~ne:sor the Xl. hails from the South. a tID xt.eUas spirits and sweet wine. . cultivated iln partnership withtbe devoted "new viin.eW consumers th f"U uglhout the WDlrlld.g~on -fro.are~11(m% French.m lLang!u~. . as w.atte· rowe rs" of the M~. isa lRed.

20 75 Fax +c1J [ol46B 32 96 39 i n f 0 @x lw i n . w z - Tel +33 [0]46343.Fra n ce.g •C Q rn 6 Pa cka g ing style and design call to mind the luxurious world of perfume or the elegance of great Italian olive oils.XL WI N ES G. j' . WINES 11700 Ali lJe . an engraved metal serigraph entices the eye.A'LLERY (f) x >< e xt. On every bottle.

:ziLle. WltNJES de Floris CMteau '·1700 A.if) w z e XL.France H·L +.33 [0]4684320 75 Fax +33 [0]463329639 7 .

marinated sard ines and cand ied tomatoes on toast. A sharp. I calculated old .rn.ziUe .. F~r once I was there on time as business appointments I waited for hi m. Irs a Hetercclite A wonderful cellection of exotic butterflies from around the world adorns the walls.riglnan] • [an be drunk chilled. small roasted mullets ~i~ 11700 !\. pro posed to rendezvous Sh~w'" at around obliqe.5yrah alll1ld Grell1lali!::iI1le].bernet-SauvigII11l0n. Mu~tic~~~red bakelite earthenware m~Hy sits on t~p of the table while ~~n~. Noah ta kes a refreshing deep breathe. 8 rendered divine by the bottle of 11 :3.0p. It be red wi ne.. . ·expressive and ref'r9slllingl rose wine (Clnsa.steel.. tern pu ra tiger prawns.h" Ca.m. Wines for dinner. The h~t are li~hUy sprayed with watter t~ add a mtle freshness and if) w z ai r.m. Ch~le·au WIN IES de· Floris Gourmet:. aHair ! Each one bring in~ their own speciaUty. Mer~u fish Couscous. by XL WI N ES "J osep h M. olive 0 i ls nd c~ ria nder.Oa. 11 :3. Around the fountain. seated en an "p ri ncess green .m. te rrefied sesame seeds. by Fax +38 [0146832 96 39 in fo@xLwine.Josep h offers lsadora a bettle of 11 :3.Gom The mousse ~f"f~ie g resend dates" that josephine chilled brouqht is bottle ~f 12:3..u~t:.White time at the "Kitchen '1'1 :30 a" m. if earthenware parents. white linen. fn!lity" spiced and de~Icate red wine (Syra. beetro ot chi ~s. by XL WINE'S Red tlme It's a blistering day. m.. the expanse of the zinc co u nter that was ha rely o ne yea r '12:30 p. ~y Xl. beef tartare with sweet almond and avecado earpaccio en toast. Noah caMs mom service to erdera e xt. Hournouserid scampi stufled pitas. by XL.m. The ~uests arrive . . plush deckcha irs su rrou nd it installed ~a~e tables . colored and diverse and Mari~ and his . of B:30p..0. Lea picks a bottle XL Wines . by' XL Roseflme· WI NES penora mic eut for 8:30 p. F~r tcday's lu nc h. G'renali!::ihe and tl1le very Medlterral1lean Ca. It's picnic timeat "Line and K~an·'·.France· Tel +38 [0)4634320 7'5 and lemon co nfit. A fresh and aromatic whit:e wine ~Chardonll1lay agled fbr a time perlcd In an oalk barrell. cordia. .~. Wh ite fis h cu rlpa pe rs.Oa.s. Wi nes.. alenq with some ice as he rests and enj~ys the last few sunbea rns to pierce his balcony patio.5allJvlgnon and Viognlerl" "M ou les en escabeche". lerne n grass. jasmine flaqstones ceo l ojf the The 5Hth n~or balcony's view of the city stretches and Antoine have miles..

11700 Al[llE- France Hl+3afoJ4634j.68 ./ Ii) I' W z C M§t~~u de< Flori:.9 9 .I ~ • 'I I~ • L.20 75 Fax '"33 rOl4..32. 9£ 3. .

or 6iiJcEMses ~72Q bottles] 7"0 cases I[B40 bGu~esl f'Or VMF paille tis•."1 Go I 1''-' J . . supple. iN' El S P edfi. HlR EVERY M 0 MENlS .n:ier" Sauv'ignon i iii ca se s of 12.c aromatic domf narrce :[however'.f"8nean wine- Golour ~ \Nl-.Technical notes L J White byXL WINES U1 W Z IFrel"'lch Medher. 2.retst To the nose: pO'!. C Q m 10 To the EFfe ~ pate yelLow with .2."i. bottle a.t:sl.H""'j'..24.. TASTIING acrew cap..[0]463 31 75 96 39 ln f 0 @.:~' 20 C h:3t sau d ~ FlQrfs .17Q~ Alille- leL +33 (0)46843 Nfl! +33.rande fTnaILe·" Idue to Sauvlqnon]. deliivered 5 Chard'-cmtllay i[with !1"'Iailf f the v~ni:ficati.gILded n'l:lanee [due to part of the Dlam©'!lnay borne In oak baJr.ant. ha ILa need and ha rrn anieus.ler-Fuh" marlked by a touch o.o n o done ~!1i oak banebt Vi.50 rnl bettles w~~h of ilrinking temperature :1'0-1.og. apricot" CElf1Id.. To 'the mouth :const. (l[ e XL WI':N ES Fr'ano. In summary ~ H~RMON~OUS" COMPLEX.:: lwo1n es .fedrmr. der~ered il'n ceses .\J[ . one COlJ M flind the flavour of VBI1"11l!la.l8Me h!. . sma'll bettles W@!ightI case ~t9 Ikg' Cases I pa Ue!t : 50 cases ~6oo boU~eslfoll Eu ro paLlets.vaj. Ava iLab iUty . 'but 0'[ a DestJItHu'l com'ptexitry" WWlI -a fresh a rH~ aeidu leu 5 ~g.~50 eeo eases IE.lile G fa pes va rie:t¥= Capacity 800m PRACTIICAL IINFORMIATIION = 75[1 m[ I boule.f dry fruits arid apricot ~ty'pi:~l 01 ViOgFlliE.

. by X. s~ightly structured hy Syra1h Iwilid'q allows it to be an 9vBTy-mea[ wi'nej wi. deHveredl lneasas of 2~4small battles Weight.Technical notes P Rose.hHaveur as a ffnate.L. C~nsault Ilrinking te!mperatu.. TIO the mouth . i Soon iBv81ilaMein 250 mh bctties with scrnw cap.cases of 1i2 bottles Ld lrASIllNG To ithe eye ~tender plink. TIO the nlOse ~ sharp w.:smooth.L*33 [oJ468 43 7.ry = 51 LKY. casas .ith flint 8T'Id ripe friuhs.WI N ES Frel'llch Me[merlranean w 1m'-:--- ilflJe [ol:our: !Rose Grapes Variety ~ Gre'"acihe •. fre·s. 1MliN IERAL. · .. In summ:a.h el.ity : V'MFpaUets. . 50 O(DO cases e XL WIN IES CM~tea IJ de FLori s 1'1700 AzllLe . .France 20 C:ONVHlIAL Te.Fe : S-1DO[ PRACrIICAl.3.3 1:0]4683296.tih 8 be-autfrhJl.l!l-ood:jeu.Shlraz. IINIFOIRMATIIOINI de live red if) (a paci'lJ ~ 7S C) m U h'um ~dlJeto Gn~ r18C. b 60 O3.9 11 . I case ~ 18 kg (3 ses I p:a lle't: : 50.~ .s·e5 172:0DoUlesl o-r 7!1I! cases Z 'Uilli!i] oub~sJ b fOIF Anilabil. fu.1601(] ottLes~ for Eum pallets.5 Fax: +3.

11. G. 60 cases ~720bottles] C:H' .le. In summary: WI:l:Q. forest fru iots.s ~S'lH::h aslblac'kbeny.Technical notes pm tn French Meci:her'Faneanwiille W Co[our: 'Red Z Sra pes var. % 39 12 uv fg. g.Gom 20 75.j' typkal of Grenade and old Cari'giJlaJrl Inf!~mmced by carbonic rnaeeration.01468 32 !nfo@xlwinE!s. iPrunes . [01466 43 Fa:.ts you pre d let the sttliU pr~irlllar:y' Ha. To the mouth: very .Qr-'is CM1~au To the nose ~ipOVllerlu[[.[3 ouo cases H70Q A~iUe _. EXPLOSIVE" FOR'A NiI!CE !EVEN:I.. S h.arTi' 111.t ~ 50 cases ~6(m o. of bLa.on. WIIN ES de! Ft.rl 9 na n Or'i'nking temperature ~1'4-1!6~( IPRACTII CAL IINFORMIATIION Capacity ~750 mk I bottle.ed p UJ rp le disc whi ch .otdesl for e xi. EllllfO AvaiLability ~ 15. gn:md finall is fresh oLives. +. blLad:clLlrrnnL. 24 srna U b ottles Weight: I case :18 kg: Case. deU:vefied' hn cases of 12boutes So 0 !'iJEli\I'ai LaMe I'" 250 m k.d:ied.bouiles w1tih screw C'Ei'P.?UJ cases [a4!O b()jU~eBlfQr VMF pa.. .an 'eXtrn\i'aga nt' arometic palette.rena ehe.. supple with ..33 1.Iered ~T'Icases of TASTIING To' 'the eye = d!ar.h. .k red: wltJ1! di ma ~k.1Nj DiI'NN Elf': G em BY 'ITSELF ON THE RDCKS .[let3.i ra z. .jet.[be ea use of Ca b e rn et-Ss 111118 pallets. rnspbeJ0F)'. Fr'anc!2! Tel +3]. ~ Cabernet-Sai!:. such as llquorice and pepper ~'ttypicaIL Syrral1il.v~gn.s I paUe. Wlt~ many flavours of 'red and wrtd £r!1Jh. det~.J" [a.J..

l[ bottles. JET LAG byXL WI N. Carl 9 na II : 2H"1 • WHiITE JET iLAG : ChardollIr18Y" Vjlognier" Sauvlqnon m~ bottles with . wm also exLst illl 187 rn] for airlines companies.24 sma. 96 39 com 13 .r. 250 WliNES 1170(1) Azill@ . anywhere . Grenac. Grapes variety • RED JET LAG.Fr"aniC~ HlL+33 [O!46~432075 Fax +33 1.ES Colour = Red and WhHe fM e xt...he.01468 32 rnfD~xlwll1e$. e"h' oruraz. dellversdln cases of. : Caberlllet-SaiUvig nen.Anytime.sOFe\"JI cap o:nb.

corn [a IJln~ smell of IN!uxeon lin tine surnrner.In th e La ng uedec regl~'n'grOItl.ikes wind sUJlrrilngl morethan cmythiUijg. General Miana'geufnF e xt. LlUIdwh: R.efof the "Corbieres Wiilrllt!S 1~[+3J [0]466. "'a.t ra p eze the II Ch~.enerall Director of Xl WIIINES. his wilfe's new shoes. in rnarketi ~gt 8Ill1d ~n1tEl'rInat~o~a[ has been inthe business for aver Ane'F CaUfonlliC1l~ 18fj)n].. 4D years aqo. WI:N IES and Charnpaqne.dwli .8 ye' a rs o ld. lLiikes red swea te rs . was Executive 5 years at the "Celliers Sa'~nJtMlar~~n" wli'nery ..ndmJlrUeUe.egunwlir1!g 'ralmii1lythat He ~~IS ~lllway5 worked in the wine worild sales. 90 39 l. [lUldov~ [@xlLw~nss.ent [JiumenU. Bern o] a w~~. 2075 hal:: +33. G... [01403 32. nes. EH'li'g r nee' It: Bornin the (hamIPCl.if) w z lLaur.3lrs. a [a plancha" and his mother's poached eggs .5~O Yfj. qou rrnet sard ines and press ulre C(lJ~ fnfo@.emaury" 2.ea'l~X .ccrn 14 ked risotto .::Lwlnes..411 Institute" for ~[] years. Cha~rm:alW1()ff XLWIINES..

corn AccrQlll!J 't~nglz n Ad mbil~str8l'Uon and Fr.France E (j) (]) • o u • C lre. Canad a.0 '75 Fax • Asia : asila@x['m • IRussiia : riLissiia@x[wlines.t. IE! rasil : almeriica@x1lwilne's.e. +33[D!468 1 43 .liaSammut jIIJliUa@x[wiines .R.corn Pr'le.c:om .@x1lwilnes. : JIJI[.co • Oceania m : a ustra [a Ex IPIr(l1 rt 81 raas S S ><• J : • Europe :e !JInJcpa@x1lwlillles.[.nch : co rnpt a@x[wilnes. 39 ilnfo@x1lWlillles .2.e.468 32 • USA.c>rJcm co mrn ere Iia [.CONTACTS Xl WIINES Chateau de Floris 1'117i(]!] Azille .

France x: o o Te l +33 10]468 43 20 75 Fax +33 [01468 32 96 39 info@xlwines. .xlwines.~ L W Chateau 11700 Azille de Floris \Ii .com e.U) - w z o u .