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Digital Booklet - Planet Jedward

Digital Booklet - Planet Jedward

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Published by: jedwardro on May 07, 2012
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ou know what? We are so happy... first off, we’d like to thank you (yeah you!

) the one reading this like right now! If you bought this record then you are truly a fan. We love you so much and thank you for being a Jedward fan. In this time and place for music it means so much more to be a Jedward fan. You’re the best and the reason we enjoy every bit of what we’re doing. For that you definitely deserve the first thanx :)


Thanks for all the amazing ideas. Robin and Paul who helped us make this album. the best part about doing everything is having you as my best friend John! I don’t like defining myself! I am a twin with you! John Next we wanna most definitely give major props to. You are the guy that made Jedward. I love you man (hi five) Edward: thanks batman/superman/spiderman. Then we would like to thank our family & our Mom & Dad for putting up with everything we've had to go through. T . "Who ya gonna call? (lets think)…no still don't know do you know? To the producers Nigel. we would like to thank the man above for Anything and Everything he has done for us "you rock". much love & thanks. We would also like to thank our brother Kevin and we can’t forget our dogs! Thank you to all our true friends not in any order and thanks for always thinking of us as John and Edward. mentor and friend Louis Walsh. Yo Vanilla Ice. you know who you are. John: thanx to my partner in crime (Edward) lets do this Edward and make history. thanks for your musical expertise. We have a bright future ahead of us because of you.our manager. Our Grandparents for giving us everything (we mean..ext. N o all the artists who influenced and inspired us and also the ones that have kept it ''real'' with us. you keep it cool & stay the mac that you are (Ice Ice Baby too cold too cold) Everyone "Come On Down!" to our shows. everything!)..

Andrew Llinares. David Harris your real cool. Neil Ashby. Jamie Danan. Yvie Burnett. Simon Lindsay.lso everyone involved at Universal Music Ireland— thank you for all your continued support and we hope to be as successful as all the groups on your label. Andrew Campbell. Olly Lester Absolute Marketing . Martyn Berg. Siobhan Greene. Dave Ball. Cheryl and Danni for all the wonderful advice.. Richard Holloway. . We want to thank you for your understanding of who we are and hope for a successful future together. Thank you to Sony for letting us go. Ben Thursby. Mark Sidaway. Cynthia Lole. James McGuinness. UK Team – Sean Cooney. Mark Crossingham for being the man and believing in us and making it happen. Phil Clyde-Smith for making a kick ass video U veryone at X Factor. Amy McGovern thanks for always giving us tips you have great ideas. Caroline Torrie. cool CD collection. Hope you love it as much as we loved making it for you! We’d like to thank the following people for helping make Planet Jedward a reality!! You rock…. Allan Coffey. niversal UK . Sara Lee. Tara O’Sullivan.…An extra special thanks to Simon. Joe Street.Jackie Joseph. Dermot O’Leary. Stacy Scurfield. We had such an amazing time making this record and are very excited for you to finally listen to it in its entirety.you guys are amazing at what you do and thanks for everything. Thank you for letting us be part of something so big. Tony Dunne. Michelle Foreman …. the X Factor…big shout out to the whole X Factor team 09/10.Henry Semmence. Gill Dooley thanks for always making our stuff amazing. Aisling Flood and Laura Coffey thank you. thanx for getting our CD in the stores.

Amanda and all at Next Models. we apologise. THANX for all your support.. our agents and our accountants. Faye and the team. Peace and Love…”wait.I. but if you aren’t on here it does not mean you are not in our heart. there is always another album. Kevin for the amazing photo shoot. Lou Teasdale for making us look gorgeous! To our touring family thanks for making every day on the road fun and interesting. f there is anyone that we forgot to put down on this paper . If you read all of this then we thank you again for your never ending love and support and for helping us to live our dream and I hope you enjoy this album. Our publicist / friend… Sara Lee thanks for getting us out there.Y. Out stylist. virtual hug from John and Edward. online. media. I Peace Out Jedward . Our friends at radio stations..e wanna thank all the radio stations. retail and e-tail stores and anyone who has helped us. Thank you to Britney Spears you know we love you! You were born to make us happy. Peter Aiken & Caroline Desmond thank you. W T hanks to Bravado. all the press THANX. TV. and remember. press. hold up” F.


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