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18 Generic Clark Coal

18 Generic Clark Coal

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Coal demand decreasing now – construction costs and policy uncertainty
John Laumer is an independent energy consultant and news reporter, “Along The Green Horizon: Big US Electricity Price
Increase,” Tree Hugger Business and Politics, 9/20/07 http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/09/get_ready_for_a.php
"But a combination of rising construction costs for coal-fired power-plants and uncertainty over whether Congress will regulate
emissions of carbon dioxide - a byproduct of burning coal and one of the main gases behind global warming - has put plans for
many new plants on hold." "Rising construction costs and uncertainty over global warming laws may lead to higher power
prices for everyone, experts say. With the nation's demand for power expected to surge 50 percent over the next 30 years, the
result may be higher electricity costs for everyone." "An estimated one-third of planned new coal plants have either been
delayed or are "at the edge of cancellation," said Dean Oskvig, head of the energy business at Black&Veatch, an engineering
firm that builds power plants. Oskvig said cost is the main concern. The global commodities boom has caused the price of
steel, concrete and lumber to soar. Plus, a spike in demand for energy of all kinds has led to a construction frenzy throughout
the sector, driving up the cost of skilled labor. This has doubled the price of building a new coal-fired power plant, said Judah
Rose, an industry expert at ICF Consulting, who testified before the North Carolina Utilities Commission." "Black & Veatch's
Oskvig said carbon capture and sequestration can raise the price of a power plant by 40 to 80 percent -- yet another factor that
will drive power prices higher. "We've been used to really cheap energy to drive our society," he said. "But the days of the
energy bargain in this world are over.""

Jamil Ahmed, Andy Amoranto, Anuj Bapodra, Val Bisharat, Kayla Janyk, Neeraja Koneru, Fayzan Rab, Sayaan Saha, Nahum
Seifeselassie, Junaid Tayyab


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