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58 KO Hegemony Impacts

58 KO Hegemony Impacts

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helicopters fighting the War on Terror in nearby Afghanistan to bring relief as soon as possible. To help those in


DDI 2008 Kernoff/Olney
Krishnan Ramanujan

need, the United States also provided financial aid to Pakistan; and, as one might expect from those witnessing the
munificence of the United States, it left a lasting impression about America. For the first time since 9/11, polls of Pakistani
opinion have found that more people are favorable toward the United States than unfavorable, while support for Al-Qaeda
dropped to its lowest level. Whether in Indonesia or Kashmir, the money was well-spent because it helped people in the wake
of disasters, but it also had a real impact on the War on Terror. When people in the Muslim world witness the U.S. military
conducting a humanitarian mission, there is a clearly positive impact on Muslim opinion of the United States. As the War on
Terror is a war of ideas and opinion as much as military action, for the United States humanitarian missions are the
equivalent of a blitzkrieg. THERE IS no other state, group of states or international organization that can provide
these global benefits. None even comes close
. The United Nations cannot because it is riven with conflicts and major
cleavages that divide the international body time and again on matters great and trivial. Thus it lacks the ability to speak with
one voice on salient issues and to act as a unified force once a decision is reached. The EU has similar problems. Does
anyone expect Russia or China to take up these responsibilities? They may have the desire, but they do not have the
capabilities. Let's face it: for the time being, American primacy remains humanity's only practical hope of solving the world's


DDI 2008 Kernoff/Olney
Krishnan Ramanujan

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