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SureCall Outside 800MHz Yagi Antenna

Part Number: CM230-800 800MHz Yagi Antenna (14dB)

This low profile antenna is an external directional Yagi antenna commonly used with our 800 MHz in-building amplifiers. It works with all networks operating at 800 MHz frequency including CDMA and GSM voice signals and also EVDO, HSDPA, UMTS and EDGE data transfer services.

The CM230-800MHz Yagi Antenna is a directional antenna. Directional antennas need to be pointed toward the nearest cellular tower for the best results. Mounting Details: The CM230 800MHz Yagi Antenna includes mounting equipment to attach to a pole .5 inch 1.5 inch in diameter (pole not included). To optimize reception, attach the directional antenna to your cell phone and slowly rotate the antenna in different directions until you get the best signal. .

Designed for outdoor use Directional antenna needs to be pointed toward the cellular tower 14 dBi Gain. Single Band 800 + iDEN 800 Easy to install Includes mounting equipment

Technical Specifications
Frequency Input Impedance Antenna Gain VSWR Polarization Type Radiation Connector type Max Power Beamwidth Length Mount Groundplane Number of Elements Operating temperature Rated Wind Velocity Cable Lightning Protection Weight 806-960MHz 50 ohm 14dBi at 806-960 MHz 1.5 Vertical or horizontal Directional N Female or based on customized 100 Watts E:72 H:5/E:76 H:5 44.2 Mounts on pole with .5 to 1.5 diameter Built-in ground plane 14 -40F - +140F 133 miles per hour 14.96 inch DC Ground 1 lb 2 oz Tel: 1-888-365-6283 Fax: 1-510-996-7250 48820 Kato Rd. Suite 300B. Fremont, CA 94538