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No. 1/55/2008/0(Pay/Services) ‘Government of India Ministry of Defence New Delhi Dated 4 November, 2008 To, ‘The Chief of the Army Staff “The Chief ofthe Naval Staft ‘The Chief ofthe Air Staff Subject: RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE SIXTH CENTRAL PAY COMMISSION ALLOWANCES/CONCESSIONS IN RESPECT OF OFFICERS OF THE BMY, = IMPLE! Si, Lam directed to say that consequent on the decisions of the Government on the recommendations of Sbth Central Pay Commission relating to allowances and concessions In respect of Officers of the Army, Navy and Air Force vide Ministry of Defence Resolution No. 1(80)/2008/D(Pay/Services) dated 30 Aug 08, the President Is pleased to sanction revised rates of allowances/concessions as per Append attached to this letter 2. The revised rates of the above ellowances/concessions will be effective fram 01 September, 2008. As far as future revision of allowances is concemed, revision as specified elsewhere may be done in respect of allowances common to Civilan and Defence Forces. In the case of allowances specific to Defence Forces, the rate of these allowances would be ‘enhanced by 25% automatically each time the Dearness Allowance payable on the revised pay band goes up by 50%. 3. The esting terms and conditions for grant of the abowances/concessions would continue to be applicable In respect of the revised rates notified In the Appendix to this letter 4, The relevant Rules in the Pay & Allowances Regulations for Army, Navy and Air Force of Officers will be suitably amended in due course. ont 5, The term ‘Basic pay’ for the purpose of these orders refers to basic pay as defined in relevant Special Army/Nevy/Alr Force Instructions. 6. Special Compensatory (Hil Area) Allowance, Special Compensatory (Remote Locality) Allowance, Island Special Duty Afowance, Projact Allowance and Hard Area Allowance are admissible to Defence Forces personnel on terms & conditions as are applicable to civilian employees. However, If field service concessions are admissible in such areas, the Defence Forces personnel have the option of receiving the higher of two allowances. 7. This letter issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Defence (Finance) vide their Dy. No. 642/AG/PA dated 4.11.2008. Yours fatthtuly, (S.C. Siva} Rao) Under Secretary to the Government of India Copy to ‘As par standard lst of distribution, fy Cowra i880 Gaon) Appendix (Refers to Para | oF Gost of India MoD leer No. I(55)/2008/0(Pay/Services) Dated ‘th November, 2008) )F ALLOWANCES /C¢ s10N IN RESPECT OF OFF THE, RCE AS BY THE GOVT SI] Allowance! [To whom granted lating Rates (ia Rupees) ieafter VICPCAin jReoorts No[Benefit Rupees) [ving [Fg Of and oquivaleat 500 PM 3000 PH [Estanion of Nevy and indian ‘allowance Fie Leand equivalent 3500 PM T1000 PAT iAir Fore sligiilty conditions to the Army Aviation Pilots [Sqa Lr to Gp Capt and “000 PN Ta000 PME making them eligible for grant ter emuivalent inching jo the Flying Allowance as ong {Captain (0) with tess than ls they contine tbe borne in p yeas of service ithe Aviation Cadre may be [Air Grade & above and S50 PM 10500 PM [done Separate orders laying the thir equialeat including Joonditons, et. would be (Captain (IN) wit more issued than 3 years of service 2 [Subarine [Capt yes in rank and 0PM 19500 PM Allowance [above \Le Car WSaiap ess han 7000 PM Toa PM 13 yrs ine [Lieutenant 35007 Troe Px {Sub Liewenaat “4500 PM ‘9000 PM J [MARCOS aad [Cape 3 yrs nan and 50M Toi00 Pw jcbarioe above [Allowance |rpCariEacCapt ess than 700 PM Taoo0 Pa 5 yes in rk icwtenant SwPM 11000 PM [Sob Liewenant 5007 3000 PM + S