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SureCallLightning Protector

Part Number: CM-LP Lightning Protector

Lightning can possibly damage your amplifier system. This can be prevented with correctly grounded surge protectors.

Technical Specifications
Items Frequency range max Dielectric Withstanding Voltage Insulation Resistance Contact Resistance Specification 3 GHz 2500V (RMS)

How it Works
Insert protector between the outside antenna and an amplifier. The protector does not connect directly to an amplifier. The Lightning protector needs to be grounded.

5000M Center conductor 1m, Outer conductor 1m

N type Connectors Weather-proof Attenuation <0.2dB Frequency range up to 3GHz Replaceable gas discharge element

VSWR I/O Impedance Material Insulator Color RF Connector Operating Temperature Mating Durability

0~2.3 GHz 1.2 50 PHOSPHOR BRONZE/ BRASS PTFE Nickel N female to N female - 55C to +155C / -67F~ +361F 5/8-24UNEF-2A 500 cycles

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