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SureCall Full Band Splitter / Coupler

Part Number: CM-WS-2/CM-WS-3/ CM-WS-4 Dual Band and Full Band Splitter

Part Number: CM-C-6/CM-C-10 Dual Band and Full Band Coupler

These splitters allow from 2 to 4 inside antennas to be used with a single amplifier. Each inside antenna connection has 0.4 dB signal loss. The full band splitters cover PCS, Cellular, AWS and LTE band systems from 698MHz to 2700 MHz.

Model # Description

CM-C-6 6dB Coupler

CM-C-10 10dB Coupler

How it Works
These splitters distribute equal amounts of signal sent to two to four interior antennas for similarly sized areas.

These couplers split the cellular signal unevenly. The dual band couplers are designed for PCS and Cellular systems on 800MHz and/or 1900MHz band systems. The new full band couplers cover PCS, Cellular, AWS and LTE band systems from 698MHz to 2700 MHz.

Can also be used to connect two outside antennas to one Dual-Band amplifier or two Mi Technical Specifications amplifiers to one inside antenna

How it Works
Item# Model# Frequency Range Insertion Loss Isolation VSWR Maximum Power 2 Way Splitter CM-S-2 698-2700 Mhz 0.4dB 22dB 1.5:1 20W 3 Way Splitter CM-S-3 698-2700Mhz 0.5dB 22dB 1.5:1 20W 4 Way Splitter CM-S-4 698-2700Mhz 0.6dB 22dB 1.5:1 20W
These couplers can compensate for the difference in signal loss caused by different cable lengths.


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