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Learn Charter School Romano Butlers Real Men Read

Learn Charter School Romano Butlers Real Men Read committee is seeking dedicated male mentors readers to help make a difference in the lives and education of our students on :

Friday May 11, 2012 9 am until 1 pm

Our goals are to: Demonstrate that real men do read and value education. Encourage and improve the literacy skills of students. Encourage the importance of success in life and making the right choices. Develop community/parent partnerships. Teachers will offer mentor readers a selection of grade appropriate culturally relevant reading material or material related to character education. Volunteers will receive assistance with leading a discussion about the reading. Please fill out the visitor's information. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Name (Last, First, Middle Initial) ____________ Cell Phone (____) _____ - _______ Mailing Address ____________ City ____________ State ____________ Zip ____________

Name of Employer ____________ Employer Address ____________

Title Sales Rep ____________

Work Phone (____) _____ - _______

L. Tomlinson

E-Mail Address: ____________

For more information contact Real Men Read committee: Mrs. Rivera, Mrs. Washington, Mr. Garcia, Mr. Celis, or Ms. Tomlinson. Learn Charter School Romano Butler 1132 S. Homan Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60624 (773) 722-0200