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Published by: Sarah MacKay Slutzah on May 07, 2012
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Five passes to include the following: Bucket of Small Balls, Mini Golf & Batting Cage Tokens

Driving Range
Bogeys’ driving range offers 39 tee stations, 10 of which are covered to provide shade from the sun or relief from the rain. Our stance and brush mats are maintained in the finest condition and we replace all of our range balls every year to provide you with the finest range experience in town. Thirteen targets are arranged from 25 to 250 yards so you can practice every club in the bag. In addition, there is a practice sand bunker as well as a putting green to help you hone your short game skills

Batting Cage
Bogeys’ seven-station batting cage offers the following speeds: - Slow pitch Softball - Medium Fast Softball (~ 45mph) - Fast Softball (~ 55mph) - Baseball (~ 35mph, 45mph, 55mph, 70mph, 80mph) We provide the bats and helmets. All you need to bring is your swing.

Miniature Golf
Bogeys’ miniature golf course is one of the most challenging, most enjoyable courses in the country, where a hole in one is the exception, not the rule. Beautifully landscaped and featuring dog legs, undulations, traps and water hazards, it is lots of fun for people of all ages…a great setting for a birthday party, corporate team builder, family night out or intimate date. So choose a putter, enjoy the fresh air and beautiful setting and, most importantly, have a great time.

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