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Name: Khaled Salem Ali Alneaimi ID: @00029157

The Wattmeter

The Wattmeter is an instrument used to measure the electric power in watts of any circuit.

There are two types of the wattmeter: Analog wattmeter and digital wattmeter.

The Analog Wattmeter consists of two coils, the current coil and the potential coil. The current coil is connected in series with the load, and the potential coil is connected in parallel. When current flows through the current coil of a wattmeter, a field is set up around the coil. This filed is proportional to the current. The potential coil is connected in series with a high-resistance resistor. The actuating force of a wattmeter comes from the field of its current coil and the field of its potential coil. The force acting on the movable coil (which is connected to the needle that indicates the electric power) at any instant (tending to turn it) is proportional to the instantaneous values of line current and voltage. The Digital Wattmeter samples the voltage and the current thousands of times a second. Then it takes the average of the instantaneous voltages and multiplies it by the current to give the electric power which is displayed on LCD. Digital wattmeters are commonly used for direct, small power measurements.