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Rental Application Checklist

SUPERINTENDENT FORM: (Please submit with each new application) *Management requires that the following items be included with all applications. *Review of the applications will take place ONLY when ALL documents have been submitted.

Please Check Boxes:

A Rental Application COMPLETELY filled and signed (including all HIGHLIGHTED FIELDS)
Employment Letter(s) [must be original] and/or Recent Government Assistance Statement B and/or Recent Pay Stub and/or Pension Statement STAMPED Banking Information Form C or Signed Bank Reference Letter or Indicate if Presidents Choice

D Scan/Copy of Certified Cheque/Money Order for LMR E Scan/Copy of Postdated Cheque for 1st Months Rent F Scan/Copy of Government Issued Photo I.D. G Authorization Form H Landlord Reference Letter
When Necessary:

A Guarantor Form Completely Filled & Signed B Guarantor Income Document C Guarantor- Scan/Copy of Government Issued Photo I.D.

I, _____________________________________, have submitted all necessary documents required to begin the rental review process of application for Unit _______: ______________ Date ____________________________ Signature