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Published by: AffNeg.Com on Dec 21, 2008
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Florida key
Jim Stratton, Sentinel Staff Campaign 2008: Winning strategies,Campaign 2008: Winning strategies for
Obama, McCain in Florida, July 20, 2008, [http://www.orlandosentinel.com/orl-
win2008jul20,0,1651611.story] Date accesed 7/21/08 MS

Set aside the soaring speeches and rock-star rallies, and Sen. Barack Obama's future in Florida depends on a fragile
proposition. To win the Sunshine State, the Democrat needs a massive turnout among two fickle voting blocs: young
people and blacks. By contrast, his Republican rival, Sen. John McCain, sees a state of tailor-made constituencies:
military types and conservative whites, especially in North Florida; wealthy Republicans in southwest Florida;
Cubans in southeast Florida, along with lots of other right-of-center Floridians. Add in the GOP's famous turnout
machine -- Republicans carried Florida in eight of the past 11 presidential elections -- and you reach the same conclusion as
pollster Brad Coker. "Overall, the state's long been more Republican than the rest of the country," he says. "I think the Gore-Bush race in 2000
created a false impression about how even it was."At the same time, that narrow Bush win -- 537 votes, amid evidence that thousands of Gore
voters saw their ballots discarded as spoiled -- inspires Steve Schale, Obama's campaign chief in Florida. All Obama has to do, Schale said, is
"just a little better than Al Gore did in 2000." Here's how he'll try -- and how McCain will try to stop him. Obama: Maximize turnout. Obama
must rev up voter turnout, especially in Democrat-rich South Florida; his Florida operation started going door-to-door Saturday. In particular, he'll
court blacks and young voters, two groups that overwhelmingly support him -- but who can be inconsistent.



Elections Disadvantage

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