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Comm. related: IEEE spectrum google-latest trends in ECE advanced fields of comm engg IEEE.

ORG-search => area related information NASA (google) chip magazine - chip & design magazine library journal journal paper in certain area ppts on certain topic MIT latest journals in IEEE Electronics For U magazine NETU magazine Preparation: (1) collect info (2) presentation: - 30 slides (i)title page (ii)outline (iii)introduction (iv)history (v)basic principles (vi)explaination of block diagram (vii)international status (viii)national status (ix)research & challenges (x)application (xi)conclusion (xii)references ->ref: author,title,confrence(ieee format) ->in one slide not more than 8 pts ->more diagrams[website] ->references atleast '10' ->seminar report[20-30pgs] chap font - 16 title font - 14 text font - 12 (1.5 spacing) with pg no's

! !Times New Roman !