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Dream Scarred Press - Complete Control - Character Design for the Uninhibited

Dream Scarred Press - Complete Control - Character Design for the Uninhibited

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CoMplete Control

CoMplete Control
Character Design for the Uninhibited
Author: John Fraser Layout: Jeremy Smith Additional Layout: Andreas Rönnqvist Interior Illustrations: Rick Hershey, Shaman’s Stockart, V. Shane Cover Illustration: Shaman’s Stockart
This edition of Complete Control is produced under version 1.0a, 5.0, and/or draft versions of the Open Game License and the System Reference Document by permission of Wizards of the Coast. Subsequent versions of this product will incorporate later versions of the license and document. Designation of Product Identity: The following items are hereby designated as Product Identity in accordance with Section 1(e) of the Open Game License, version 1.0a: Any and all Dreamscarred Press logos and identifying marks and trade dress, such as all Dreamscarred Press product and product line names including but not limited to Complete Control: Character Design for the Uninhibited, Untapped Classes: Society Mind, Untapped Potential: New Horizons in Psionics; and all artwork, symbols, designs, depictions, illustrations, maps, and cartography, likenesses, poses, logos, or graphic designs, except such elements that already appear in final or draft versions of the d20 System Reference Document or as Open Game Content below and are already open by virtue of appearing there. The above Product Identity is not Open Game Content. Open Game Content: The entirety of this work with the exception of the above-mentioned Product Identity is designated as Open Game Content. Some portions of this book which are Open Game Content originate from the System Reference Document and are ©1999, 2000, and 2001 Wizards of the Coast, Inc. The remainder of the Open Game Content portions of this book are hereby added to Open Game Content and if so used, should bear the COPYRIGHT NOTICE “Complete Control” ©2008 Dreamscarred Press This material is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Any reproduction, re-transmission, or unauthorized use of the artwork or non-Open Game Content herein is prohibited without express written permission from this book’s authors, except for purposes of review or use of Open Game Content consistent with the Open Game License. The original purchaser may print or photocopy copies for his or her own personal use only. This document is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people, organizations, places, or events is purely coincidental. Adapted from the Buy the Numbers system (see www.stcooleypublishing.com for more information) Some images contained within copyright V. Shane or Shaman’s Stockart and are used with permission.


Introduction to Terms and Definitions
Every character has to have certain statistics in a role-playing game. Depending on the system, the necessary statistics change. Complete Control: Character Design for the Uninhibited is designed for gaming systems that incorporate known quantities like Hit Dice, Base Attack Bonus, six Ability Scores, three Saving Throw modifiers, Skills, Feats, Magic, and even Psionics and Channeling. Of course, these are only a handful of things that make up a character to be role-played. Since this product has to begin somewhere, it might as well begin with the most easily definable quantities. Even still, before we can get to the basics there are three fundamental mindshattering principles that must be accepted. I suppose – to be honest – it is more like one principle and two additional corollaries.

Mentalis Design

What Do You Mean My Character Has No Class? No, it isn’t quite what you think. A character can have as much class or as little class as desired. Anyone can role-play class into or out of any character. But the principle that must be understood is that this system frees characters from the concept of having a class or a prestige class. A character can have class, but a character no longer has a class. Let that thought sink into the mind for a little bit. How much of current role-playing is centered on this concept of class? Many abilities that a character can attain are dependent on their class. The amount of damage a character can endure is based on class. The skills a character can have are based on class. The psionic powers, magic spells and incantations, or divine abilities are based on class. But what if this no longer had to be true? What if – like in some top grade spoof that combined The Matrix with role-playing – Morpheus was sitting before you holding out two pills? One of them was red and the other was blue. And you are told, “Take the one pill, and life goes back the way it was. You go back to gaming, close this document, and make characters based on class like you’re familiar with doing. But, if you take the other pill, your eyes will be opened and your mind will be freed. Character design will know only the boundaries of your Game Master and your imagination. The choice is yours.” Think about it. What would it be like to play a wizard who actually can have d10’s as their Hit Dice if they are willing to sacrifice someNow, the sky is the limit for your concepts. So shoot for thing in return? What would it be like to play a functional melee bard what you want, and don’t be limited by classes.


and cases like it. It is as close to ultimate freedom in gaming as we can get without holographic technology! Corollary One: Character Level There are certain inherent problems that creep into game play when a system that was originally designed to have class as a part of it suddenly has class yanked out of it. All of a sudden experience is collected. that’s right – without class altogether. In this case. this is almost always the first question that is asked once the new system is absorbed. know that all abilities that are class level dependent will have individual ability levels. For now. Corollary Two: Purchasing New Elements of a Character From a player’s perspective.CoMplete Control that gets Base Attack Bonus and Hit Dice like a fighter by selectively choosing to give up a few of the typical bard abilities that don’t really fit the player’s concept of their character anyway? What would it be like to play a fighter who gets to keep their Hit Dice but gives up a few fighter feats in exchange for a few levels of psionic power progression and some actually functional skills – maybe even a few sneak attack dice? The mind-shattering fundamental principle that absolutely cannot be overlooked is that role-playing done through spending earned experience is most free when it is classless. or even Base Attack Bonus progression. this system will always use total character level instead. or spell casting mean something significant again. None of these things are predetermined by a choice of class! Not only does the concept of “dead levels” go away completely. but all of a sudden an increase to Base Attack Bonus. When can experience be spent? How much can be spent at one time? 2 . Character level remains the same in all cases. treat that result as the number of Hit Dice that a character would have when considering the effect of spells and power effects. class level is not so easy to overcome because class is no longer a word that has any meaning in this kind of game. but for right now understand that these distinctions will be handled. However. and spent as it’s earned instead of all at once in the form of a new predetermined class level. As will be discussed later. every part of a character is the way that the player wants it to be. certain class abilities talk about class level and character level. Hit Dice progression. There is no such thing as a predetermined save progression. Yes. For example. Not that there is anything wrong with playing in either system. In cases where total Hit Dice is the determining factor. Additionally. That is the fundamental difference between playing in a standard role-playing game and playing in a game where class is eliminated from the system. Saves. To be honest. Hit Dice no longer becomes a legitimate means for determining the ability of a power or spell to effect a character. Simply compare the experience earned with an experience table and you have the character level. that too is an incredibly freeing proposition once the mind is allowed to absorb it. a classed system is far easier for the Game Master to manage. in place of determining a character’s Hit Dice it is easiest to find their effective character level based on the amount of total experience that they have earned. hoarded. this document will get into more detail this subject. In this system there are no such things as class skills or cross-class skills. Later on. There are no such things as class abilities. Then. But in a classless system. There are no such things as feats that you have to take because they are built into the class. what if a player is trying to decide whether the effect of a spell can affect their character based on the number of Hit Dice they have? Since Hit Dice in this system will be bought as desired instead of gained every level (see Hit Dice section below).

Mentalis Design Do I need training or do I just get better? These questions are honestly best left answered by each Game Master rather than by some author who doesn’t know the individual game dynamics of every game across the world. Game Masters are certainly within their right to limit experience point spending to between gaming sessions.5 SRD. In my games and with my players. Keeping up with a large number of players’ changes as soon as they can make them might bog some groups down and make the game less enjoyable. that is dynamic that makes the game more fun and realistic. EM – The Mind Unveiled: Enlightened Monk HK – The Mind Unveiled: Halo Knight MO – The Mind Unveiled: Morphean SK – High Psionics: Soulknives TC – Tome of Channeling UP – Untapped Potential: New Horizons in Psionics WM – Untapped Classes: The Worldthought Medic 3 . ability.5 SRD. I also game with my laptop computer and have a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to do all my number crunching on the spot for all the characters in the game. However. I know that it is safe for me to let them spend their experience as they earn it – although I do sometimes impose time periods of training. It is a decision best left in the hands of the one who is most often charged with making the game balanced and fun to play. To my mindset. or progression can be found. However. and overcoming challenges. In those cases. That makes the game easier to adjust on the fly. Symbols Used Throughout This Work Some of the concepts used in this work come from the 3. some examples intentionally illustrate a few of the works from Dreamscarred Press. There is nothing intrinsically wrong about that restriction. honing their skills. Other Game Masters might consider that scenario a numerical nightmare. Classes and abilities that receive no special notation are from the 3. These symbols are listed to give the readers the ability to reference the examples used in the actual document where the class. But. Those are usually meant to explain part of what the characters did during adventures as well as explain some down time between gaming sessions. for the most part I like the fluidity of a character improving on the spot as they are actually fighting. Those classes and abilities from Dreamscarred Press will be given one of the following symbols.

000 XP spending limit for by subtracting the initial amount from the total initial characters. Of course. The Game creation. the initial question that lost after character creation. The overall character level is found Master established a 2. then she would have A Game Master establishes a set that total of 3. 1. If can a Fighter begin adventuring with that first Tasha’s player had spent 1. The ending result is the and shield as well as the powers of the to keep track of three numbers: experience that has advanced the mind? Feel free! Total XP given character beyond the first level.900 XP to spend: 1.CoMplete Control The Basics: Fundamentals for Everyone had earned an additional 1.750 XP.750 XP Step One: How To Buy A Character’s = 3.750 hands at the beginning of the game. Tasha’s player created given by the Game Master and comparing this the character with the original XP allowance result to any experience table. capable of wielding sword free total. the Game Master (initial amount plus Again. assuming that can use to create their character Tasha’s player had not for free.000] This value of 1.000 XP at character creation. by the Game Master. it merely creates is asked is how a player gets to buy their first a nest egg for the first in-game purchase. that 150 XP would be available own network if they don’t have the to spend later with any experience experience to buy the ability? gained once adventuring begins. limit of experience that all players However. Let’s numbers if their experience is at zero? How go more in depth with Tasha from above.850 XP out of point of Base Attack Bonus if they have the 2. Actually. The amount free and over the course of her adventures Tasha 4 . she nothing with which to buy it? How can wouldn’t lose the unspent 150 XP.750 XP puts Initial Statistics With No Experience Tasha as a second level adventurer. Thus.750 XP.750 XP. a Society Mind begin to establish their Instead. Total XP already spent.750 From the player’s perspective XP to spend from the the easiest way to keep track adventuring and 150 of a character’s overall level is XP left over from the to simply note the current total character generation experience that has been given by process. The answer is actually very If Tasha went out and did some straightforward and puts a fair amount adventuring and earned the of control into the Game Master’s previously mentioned 1. This experience yet bought any addition is never counted in the character aspects she tabulation that determines would technically have the player’s character level. this isn’t quite as difficult as it Unspent initial character experience is not sounds. this is experience gained from adventuring) Want your psion to be a heavily armed why it is easiest and deduct away from it the beginning warrior. XP.750-2. Tasha is a character that has and the initial amount given at character currently has a total of 3. For example. [1.

080 1.650 1. but caution should be used by Game Masters who set the initial limit outside of the suggested range of 1. The example characters found at the end of this work are built on an initial starting value of 1.350 1. They measure how much life or vitality the character has at any given time.260 1. or a good horse to flee on.320 1.550 2.160 2.800 1.800 1.500 1.920 2. Hit Die being Purchased d4 1 2 3 30 60 120 180 240 300 360 420 480 540 600 660 720 780 840 900 960 1.500 XP.060 3.170 1. a Game Master might want to start a 10th level game with an initial free amount of 1.420 Total Number of Hit Die Purchased 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 5 .710 d8 60 120 240 360 480 600 720 840 960 1.560 1.040 2. Challenging games might begin as low as 1. Most Game Masters will therefore find that an initial purchase amount of between 1. For games beginning above first level. Step Two: The First Purchase .160 2.440 1. it has to be sufficient to simply dictate that most traditional characters can be built in their first level for 2.400 2.Mentalis Design to spend is found by subtracting the amount already spent from the total given by the Game Master.980 2.800 1.080 1.620 1.250 2. This will allow players to create their characters as they see fit up to any level of play determined by the Game Master.080 1. For example. Game Masters can set the beginning experience total that the players can use as well as the initial free amount.530 1.000 XP. It sounds complicated.500 XP and 2.020 1.950 2.620 1.520 2.680 1.260 1.Hit Dice If a classless system is possible.750 XP. then Hit Dice is the perfect place to begin.200 1. For right now. But a moment of honesty will bring a simple confession out of most role-players.100 2.880 3.700 2.050 1. [Remembering to include the initial free amount is important when creating characters above 1st level because it is often forgotten and puts the characters at a slight disadvantage.080 1.350 1.000 XP or less.340 2.000 XP should give their players a chance to buy a good start to the character they want.240 3. Every character needs some Hit Dice.850 d12 90 180 360 540 720 900 1.140 d6 45 90 180 270 360 450 540 630 720 810 900 990 1.280 d10 75 150 300 450 600 750 900 1. They are a measure of how much punishment a character can endure before needing to find aid.440 1.000 XP. but it really is very easy.700 2.200 1.500 XP – 2.] Consulting a character table for the beginning experience total for 10th level and then adding the initial free amount will indicate a reasonable amount of experience each player has to create their character. shelter.440 1.

thinking that Herron is going to spend most of his time in the back and healing people. The fifth.290 1. These cost Herron’s player 480 XP for the first d8. this does bring up the issue of Constitution bonuses to Hit Points and when they properly accrue. So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. let’s take an example. However.655 3. Herron’s associates continue to get into more and more difficult scrapes. What exactly does a character have to spend in order to purchase their Hit Dice? The formula is very easy and the results are listed in the Table on Hit Die. each d4 Hit Die. Herron’s player has spent enough XP to purchase seven Hit Dice: four d4 and three d8. To find any character’s Constitution bonus (or penalty) to their total Hit Points the player simply multiplies their Constitution modifier by their current character level and adds the appropriate bonus or penalty. Hit Points become a completely new variable for every character that is created. Please note that Herron’s character level is never considered in this calculation. 600 XP for the next d8 and 720 XP for the third d8. These cost Herron’s player 60 XP when purchasing the second Hit Die. Since this system replaces Hit Die with character level whenever a total Hit Die is requested.935 2.150 2.505 1. causing Herron to have to play a more up front role at times.CoMplete Control The Hit Dice given for a class or prestige class may not always be what the player is looking for.010 3. At the end of the prior example. However.085 6 New Base Attack Bonus . What if a character could have not only the size Hit Dice that is appropriate for the player’s character design but also an amount of Hit Dice that is independent of the current level of the character? Hit Dice does not need to be a function of level. This thought process continues on for three more purchases. and his player doesn’t particularly feel the need to spend a bunch of experience points on Hit Points in the beginning.870 4.720 1. 120 XP for the third Hit Die.075 1.225 3. sixth. XP Cost +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12 +13 +14 +15 +16 +17 +18 +19 +20 110 215 430 645 860 1. He starts out buying an initial d4. the same is true here in the case of Constitution bonuses. Herron’s player sees a need to increase the size of the Hit Die purchased. If a player wants to play a Psion with a strong mind but a weak frame. This initial choice costs Herron’s player a mere 30 XP. Herron is a Worldthought MedicWM. and 180 XP for the fourth Hit Die.440 3.580 2. and seventh purchases the player makes for Herron are all d8 Hit Die. Let’s use Herron from above as a continued example. So. The only thing that is important is whether or not Herron’s player has the unspent experience to spend on these choices when the player wants to buy them.795 3. is there anything wrong with skimping out on a few Hit Dice in order to boost their psionic abilities? Does a 6th level Society MindUP absolutely have to have six d6 Hit Dice? What if the player wants five d4 Hit Die or seven d8? Is that even possible? Of course it is! The player would need to be willing to make the appropriate sacrifice in the cases where the character is exceeding the expected values as the class was originally written.365 2. Suddenly.

The player will end up spending 2. there is no limit as to how low a character’s Base Attack Bonus should be in this system as well. Jared’s player could spend 110 XP to increase his Base Attack Bonus from +0 to +1 and then immediately spend an additional 215 XP to increase his Base Attack Bonus from +1 to +2. then Base Attack Bonus should be even easier. Let’s take two examples. His total Hit Points would be 47 [31+16] as an 8th level character regardless of the fact that Herron only has purchased seven Hit Dice.830 7 New Saving Throw . it is impossible to end up with a character that may be third or fourth level and still have a Base Attack Bonus of zero – although this is not recommended! But.8 on the d8 rolls. In total.3. Points of Base Attack Bonus are purchased as the player desires it for their character and as the player has free experience to spend. Shannara’s player has the experience to spend and wants to upgrade her to a Base Attack Bonus of +11/+6/+1. Base Attack Bonus is purchased at a rate listed in the table.000 XP on Herron.430 3.710 3. Jared’s player would have spent 325 XP out of the free pool of experience given to the player at character creation. The second example is Jared.190 1. That would put him with the range of an 8th level character. But. The first is Shannara. That would give him 31 Hit Points from his purchased Hit Dice.750 2.310 2.1. The formula for the purchase is actually very easy.Mentalis Design For the sake of the example.550 4.030 2.470 1.990 4.270 4. suppose the player has actually earned a total of 30. Under this system. By multi-classing several times.150 XP in order to upgrade to the new Base Attack Bonus. there are no fractional advancements or any other form of class restrictions.590 2.785 XP over the course of Shannara’s adventuring to get her to a Base Attack Bonus of +10/+5. a female MarksmanUP who has already paid the 9. suppose the player rolled a 3. A character is certainly not obligated to buy a point of Base attack bonus at any level. Step Three: Offense If Hit Points were straight forward.150 3. Step Four: Resistance Typically. Herron would actually receive 16 [8*2] Hit Points as a Constitution bonus. although several points may be purchased one after another if the player has enough experience to spend at one time. just as a character in a standard game could technically avoid earning their first point of Base Attack Bonus. Jared’s player decides that at the beginning of Jared’s career an extra point of Base Attack Bonus is more important than one of the feats that he could otherwise spend the experience on.870 3. Many classes start off on their first level with a Base Attack Bonus of zero. a brand new Fighter preparing for his first adventure. If Herron has a Constitution score of 14. It should be noted that characters must buy their attack bonuses one point at a time. once Hit Dice and Base Attack Bonus are determined in the process of character generation the next areas to work XP Cost 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 45 60 70 350 630 910 1.7. giving him a modifier of +2.4 on the d4 rolls and a 5.

Reflex (REFL). there is no need for strong and weak save tables. feats will always remain an important part of the game and the ability to not only pick feats when a player wants them but also to pick the feats that they want is a very rewarding combination.840 5. Jared begins with all three saving throws set at zero. This would cost Jared’s player 105 XP of the beginning experience allotted. there is no cost to gaining a free feat if that is the benefit of a character’s race. As a beginning character. saving throws must be increased one point at a time – although a player is certainly able to purchase more than one point of save at any interval assuming that they have the experience to spend. However. feats are one of the most sought after quantities. Any feat that would normally be gained by taking a level in a class is now purchased only if the character actually wants the feat. There are a couple of things that should be stated clearly with respect to this table. the feat can be purchased whenever the player desires it so long as they have the experience to spend and their character meets the feat’s prerequisites. there are no feats gained through character advancement at all. Under a system like the one presented here. this is because a player’s feats are one of the few truly customizable aspects in a standard role-playing game. When using this table. and Will (WILL).400 6.000 9.CoMplete Control on are the saving throws: Fortitude (FORT).280 3. it is not uncommon for feats to begin to take less of a prominent role in character design because players are satisfied by the customizability of every aspect of building a character. However. simply use the table listed. feats are no longer gained automatically as a character’s XP Cost 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 100 160 680 1. each of the three saving throws is increased independently of the other two. Just as there is no experience cost for gaining special abilities or skill modifiers because of a selected race.960 8. Because Jared’s Ability Scores make him an agile fighter with a strong Constitution. bonus feats granted through racial selection should not be counted. suppose the player with Jared from the previous example is now working on saving throws.720 2. Jared’s player can do so by first expending 45 XP and then expending 60 XP.360 5. Step Five: Selecting Feats Often. Even thought the player had already purchased increases to the WILL save. purchases made to the other saves are unaffected by the amount of experience already spent. Jared’s player is really worried most about WILL saves. Also. Instead. Since each additional point of saving throw bonus is purchased when the player desires.880 6. In a similar manner. The saving throws are just as straightforward as Base Attack Bonus. the player could purchase a +1 to the REFL for 45 XP.440 7. Furthermore.480 9. remember that since there are no longer classes.800 4. As with the formula for Base Attack Bonus.520 8 Total Number of Feats Purchased .240 2. If Jared’s player were slightly concerned about Jared’s REFL save.760 3. As an example. Additionally.200 1.320 4.920 7. The player wants to begin play with Jared having a WILL save modifier of +2.

Let’s take Jared as an example again. Of course. If the player instead wanted to buy Jared’s first feat it would cost 100 XP. the character’s intelligence score determines a skill rating which will be used to determine the base price per skill rank. Chapter Three will discuss levelvariable class abilities. That process will be explained in subsequent chapters. suppose Senna the Rogue has Skill Rating Non-Human 68-9 10-11 12-13 14-15 16-17 18-19 20-21 22 + 80 48 34 27 22 18 16 14 13 Human 48 34 27 22 18 16 14 13 12 9 Intelligence . a higher intelligence score earns free ranks of a skill with each class level. These abilities should be discarded from the choices that a player can take in this system. However. But skills are certainly fundamental to a Rogue’s or Bard’s development. 3rd.Mentalis Design level increases to 1st. For example. Step Six: Skills Skills are usually to Rogue and Bard type characters what feats are to Fighter type characters. or every three levels after 3rd. intelligence is still important to a character. A second feat would cost Jared’s player an additional 160 XP. In this system. a player may buy multiple ranks of a skill at the same time so long as they have the appropriate experience to spend. If a player wants their character to be eligible to take a feat with Fighter levels in the prerequisites they must buy access to that class ability to the appropriate ability level. there is no longer a Fighter class. That isn’t to say that combat characters can’t enjoy skills and skill-type characters can’t enjoy feats. they should do it by buying a feat. the option to buy the Rogue special ability and actual gain a feat should be disallowed. For example. Jared would need to meet all the prerequisites for the feats selected before being able to purchase any of the feats. some feats have class level requirements. multiply the skill rating indicated from the table above by the level of the rank minus four. Since this system no longer uses classes. Some classes have class abilities that actually give a character the option of gaining a feat. While most of the options for this ability are still valid. Thus. While possible for a starting character whose player to make other sacrifices. The rationale is that if a character wants to gain a feat. As the table to the left indicates. Greater Weapon Focus requires a character to be a Fighter of 8th level. To find the actual cost of the skill rank. Finally. multiply the number from the table above by one-half and round the result up if necessary. Feats are selected only when a player wants to buy them and outside of a Game Master’s beneficence the only free feat ever gained is through race at character generation. If the player wants to buy a feat. they would need to actually buy the feat according to the prices listed here. A classic example of this is the Rogue special ability. prerequisites such as these must be rethought. Jared could even buy a third feat for 680 XP. each rank of a skill must be purchased individually. The simplest answer is implemented in this work. Suppose Jared’s player has rethought the decision earlier to buy two points of Base Attack Bonus and now is thinking about the feats that could instead be purchased with the experience. For determining the cost of the first four ranks of any skill. not buying a class ability that earns them the feat. In a standard game. As with the prior tables. but nothing earns a character any free ranks in a skill (except an appropriate feat or item). but for right now know that access to Fighter feats is a level-variable class ability.

This gives Aswaan a skill rating of 22. While this rules system does not place a limit on how many ranks of XP Cost Proficiency with any single simple weapon Proficiency with all simple weapons Proficiency with any single martial weapon Proficiency with all martial weapons Proficiency with any single exotic weapon Proficiency with any one light armor Proficiency with all light armors Proficiency with one medium armor Proficiency with all medium armors Proficiency with one heavy armor Proficiency with all heavy armors Proficiency with light shields Proficiency with heavy shields Proficiency with tower shields 5 XP 25 XP 10 XP 50 XP 50+[25*(number of exotic weapon proficiencies)2] 5 XP 25 XP 10 XP 50 XP 15 XP 75 XP 10 XP 15 XP 25 XP 10 Proficiencies . A good suggestion for this number is anything between 18 and 27 for nonhumans and a corresponding rating of between 16 and 22 for human characters. Senna’s player wants to add a few more ranks to the Balance skill. That gives Senna a skill rating of 18 with regard to purchasing skill ranks. it should be noted that players who play characters with higher Intelligence scores will not be pleased with this decision while players with characters of sub-average Intelligence will be greatly excited. Instead of races receiving bonus skill ranks. However. In this case. If her player wants to purchase the first four ranks in the Balance skill. Additionally. the Game Master is certainly within their right to set a static skill rating. her player could do that if she had the 36 XP to spend.CoMplete Control an Intelligence of 16. If Senna’s player wants to buy a 5th rank in the Balance skill she would have to spend an additional 18 XP for that rank. Thus. Aswaan is Human so this value decreases to 18 as shown in the table. In these cases. If the player wanted to purchase a 6th rank. These characters should use the in the column indicated for Humans. For example. Each of the first four ranks would cost 9 XP. A few adventures later. so a static skill rating with this in mind helps promote an average game. this system reduces the skill rating found in the table above for races which grant bonus skill ranks. the cost of the 5th skill rank and higher is always the skill rating times four less than the rank number being purchased. the rank would cost 48 XP when purchased. the cost would be 36 XP. Most games have characters with an average Intelligence of 12 or 14. some Game Masters are bothered by the ability for a player to buy more ranks in a skill than would normally be allowed in a standard game. Aswaan the NexusTC begins play with an Intelligence of 14. Some Game Masters may not want to hassle with skill ranks that are Intelligence dependant. it would cost 108 XP. if Aswaan’s player wanted to pick up the 1st rank in Hide at any point in the game the player could do so by paying 9 XP. Another question that needs answered is with races that are given a free skill point at each level. it is much easier to convert the free skill ranks into a reduced cost for each skill rank purchased. If Aswaan already had 9 ranks in the Heal skill and his player wanted to pick up the 10th rank. However. Should Senna’s player advance Senna’s Intelligence to 18 (this will be covered later) before purchasing a 7th rank. Remember. There are other considerations in regard to buying skills.

armor and shields. and great sword. unfettered by the design of a class. The a character to be first choice will proficient with any use the standard heavy armor. In terms of Weapon Groups. it would certainly be reasonable and easy to place a maximum limit equal to three plus the current character level. use heavy shields will speak in the must be proficient with light shields. with all medium and Exotic armors. two armor. This would automatically ensure that balance related to maximum skill rank would be maintained according to the benchmarks of a standard game. 11 . and Exotic weapons can use the following table for characters determining their proficiencies at 1st level: As a rule. in order for a character to be proficient in Step Seven: Weapon and Armor any single martial weapon they Proficiencies must be proficient with at least This is one of the most overlooked changes to three simple weapons – one of a game in which class has no inherent meaning. order for a character Depending on the to be proficient in any medium style of the game. especially for Game Masters who make consistent use of published adventures and adventure paths. with if they have no class to define the In order for a character to be choices? How many weapons can proficient in all martial weapons a character be familiar with over they must also be proficient with the course of their adventuring all simple weapons. weapons while other classes receive access It should be noted that purchasing to only specific weapons. Martial. Martial. long sword. In order weapons. there are classes shields they must be proficient with heavy that receive access to whole categories of shields. A Game Master wanting to use the designations of Simple. they must be choices are going to proficient in all light be presented here armors. In order career? for a character to be proficient Some Game Masters enjoy in even one exotic weapon having characters with a broad they must be proficient in range of weapon choices. which must be related in form or What weapons can a character be familiar function to the martial weapon. players stick to the traditional The same is true for mace.Mentalis Design get proficiency with one whole category and then some of another category. other all simple and all martial Game Masters prefer that weapons. The second option Now your raging holy warrior can combine heavy armor for a character to with rages. It might seem confusing. but the rules can make it quite simple. In order for in this work. In bow. they concept of must be proficient Simple. order for a character to be proficient with tower In the standard game. club. A few classes even a skill a character can have at any one time.

240 XP. and Exotic weapons. or class abilities is the idea of attribute increases. Step Eight: Attribute Increases The final area of character development that doesn’t involve spell casting. In fact. or shield proficiencies after character generation must be done through purchasing feats and using the feat table to indicate the cost. Martial. Ability Increase 12 2 3 4 5 6 . In a standard game.280 XP and the fourth advancement would cost 3. these prices are for characters at the character generation stage only. Senna’s player could have accomplished this by spending 360 XP to move the score from 16 to 17. Additionally. Asking a character to buy all simple and medium weapon proficiencies in addition to an exotic weapon proficiency would cost them 150 XP. XP Cost Weapon Groups Each groups made up of simple or martial weapons only Each group with at least one exotic weapon within their list 25 XP Additionally. Some Game Masters enjoy using the concept of weapon groups.320 XP to move the score from 17 to 18. Some Game Masters might feel that this price is too insignificant for exotic weapon proficiencies. This is certainly possible.160 50+[25*(total number of groups having at least one exotic weapon) 2] These numbers in this table will generally balance with the numbers listed in the table above for Simple.CoMplete Control proficiencies in this manner does automatically eliminate a few choices for feats in the standard game at first level.320 2. the first few feats of a character’s development cost 100 XP and 160 XP respectively.240 4. many players also like the freedom of being able to have more than five ability advancements over the course of their character’s life. These costs are reasonable in comparison to the first few feat costs that a character would incur. Returning to the example of Senna the Rogue from above. In that light. Adding weapon. if the player at any time wanted to advance a statistic besides Intelligence they would only pay 360 XP for the first advancement to the XP Cost 1 360 1. the table below indicates that it using weapons groups is very straightforward. However. However. armor. the next increase would cost 2. This may need an example to clarify the rules of purchasing ability increases. The player could then have spent 1. If the player wanted to continue advancing Intelligence. In any case. there was mention of Senna’s Intelligence score increasing from 16 to 18. not all Game Masters want to use weapons broken into these categories. realizing of course that if they spend more experience than expected on ability increases then they will have less experience to spend on other aspects of their character.280 3. and the purpose of this work is to explain the formulas for using them rather than list out a series of weapon groups. A third exotic weapon proficiency would cost 275 XP. Some characters will benefit from one system over the other. A second exotic weapon proficiency would cost them an additional 150 XP.200 5. but these differences are usually minor in the beginning of a game and insignificant as the game runs its course. these prices are for characters at the character generation stage only. a character may increase their ability score by one point every four character levels. There are many good sources for finding weapon groups in publication. However. Many players will like the ability to purchase their own ability improvements whenever they want. psionics. the rules are simple. Characters who have already begun to adventure must use feats to add weapon groups to their proficiencies.

but advancing a second or third ability score always begins back at 360 XP for that particular ability score. Also. A few other notes should be made about this rule. Suddenly character design is now as much fun between levels as it is at each new character level. Summary of the Basics At this point.320 XP for the second advance. a Game Master and their gaming group could begin to throw together some mock-fighters and begin having oneoff combats at various levels of builds – so long as their builds do not need class abilities. This is a significant point to consider. it is also very basic and easy to implement. And that is the point of this system. because it demonstrates that while this system is numbers heavy in terms of keeping track of experience gained and experience spent.Mentalis Design new statistic and 1. note that ability advancement happens independently of advancement to other ability scores. or magic. psionics. The cost increases for each advance to an ability score. What will take more time is realizing the many ways that a player can now tweak their character to get exactly what they want. First. 13 . Character conversion in the areas that have already been discussed should take a very limited amount of time. note that the cost to increase an ability score is independent of the actual ability score.

620 1. the price of constant abilities is easy to figure out. For example. the level would be 5.700 2.590 4. however. because the power of constant abilities is often largely tied to the build of the character. This is a constant ability because its effects remain the same for the entire life of the character.320 4.400 As the table shows. while the Barbarian gains the ability at 5th level. On the other hand. For example. A player would need to pay 1. These abilities are any ability that either does not change or does not change in a measurable way. care should be taken when straying too far from the suggested cost of such abilities. Those abilities will be handled in the next chapter. and they are by far the easiest to keep track of as a player.510 3.050 4. the Barbarian and the Rogue both gain Improved Uncanny Dodge.350 XP to purchase that ability for their character regardless of when it is purchased. The price for constant abilities is easy to figure out with respect to base classes. The table for buying a constant ability is predominantly a guideline. Constant abilities are the easiest to see.780 4.CoMplete Control Constant Abilities The name can mean many things. XP COST 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 270 540 810 1. These abilities are purchased with a certain amount of experience every single game and once they are purchased the bookkeeping is minimal. The only piece of information needed is the absolute lowest level that an ability can be gained. The temptation to raise and lower ability costs should be cautioned. hence the name.080 1.130 5.970 3. the ability’s power is somewhat diminished. Every Game Master and every player knows that not all abilities gained at a certain level are equal in power. the rogue gains this ability at 8th level. in a standard game a class ability that adds a static bonus to a specific skill check is a constant ability.240 3.890 2. As an example. 14 Level of the Constant Ability . the ability should always be priced at the absolute lowest level that the ability can be gained in a standard game. In the case of Improved Uncanny Dodge.860 5. Once the ability is gained it is present in a constant way and in a constant amount. define. When determining the price of a constant ability.160 2.350 1. an ability to leave no trace while moving through woodland areas is vastly helpful to a single character or a group of characters in which each member has access to the ability. In a party who does urban adventuring or a party full of heavy track laying associates. but the one thing that constant abilities are not is boring. abilities that gain additional uses or change based on the level of the character are not constant abilities because they contain at least one variable element. The point of this argument is that while the table is a guideline and a Game Master ultimately has the ability to raise or lower the cost of any ability.430 2. However.

it is wise to restrict the purchase Game Masters may desire to add to or increase of constant abilities to when the character’s the prerequisites for abilities gained after the level is one less than when a character would 1st level of a Prestige Class or base class. Note that this reduction in abilities for the 1 level of the Prestige acquisition level does not reduce the purchase Class would actually be priced price. For example. the prerequisites can easily shift to abilities can be acquired. The work that must be done experience with these rules increases. In this case. Since the 4. a five level standard game. In this system.590 XP. the standard rules and use that as the point The reason for reducing the level by one in of comparison for this system.Mentalis Design However. if a For example. Most Prestige abilities priced accordingly. constant beginning of each level compared to a character st in a standard game. gain access to them in a standard game.620 XP. the AmalgamistUP Prestige be bought by a character that is at least at the Class has a 1st level ability called Crystallic 15 . That reduction has already been taken as 6th level constant abilities into account as will be explained in the and therefore cost 1. Additionally. The price of the Prestige Class would be th a constant ability is priced as 7 level constant always dependent abilities and would therefore upon the lowest level cost 1.510 XP. Prestige Class prerequisites are The Game Master can decide to make all abilities open during Want a monk’s ability to avoid made irrelevant by the nature the whole game or to limit when damage. In psion? Not a problem! the class abilities themselves in most cases when getting used to order to maintain game balance. some work is required when figuring 4th character level since it can be acquired at 5th out the price of constant abilities found within level in a regular game. characters have all their 2nd level abilities of the class abilities falls into place relatively the moment the characters have enough painlessly. As a Game Master’s Prestige Classes. even while playing a of class being irrelevant. it is appropriate for Game be entered at 13 level by a standard Masters to establish prerequisites for character will have its constant most class abilities. The constant abilities appropriate prerequisites gained on its 5th (last) level would th for abilities that come out of technically be 17 level and cost Prestige Classes. The Classes have prerequisites. the system. In a standard minimum level is determined then the cost game. Prestige Class that at its earliest can th Finally. that the ability is gained in a As another example.890 XP. chapter regarding the designer’s 2nd level constant abilities for notes. the is to determine what the earliest character level character level requirement of many abilities that a Prestige Class may be entered under can be dropped. Improved Uncanny Dodge could only For example. many ten level Prestige Classes character has to be 2nd level before purchasing are built assuming that a typical character who 2nd level constant abilities then they are actually makes prudent decisions can enter them on going to be constantly underpowered at the the 6th character level. experience to be 2nd level. Once that the above suggestion is simple. and constant abilities of this Prestige st these prerequisites are a good Class’ 1 level would each cost place to start when determining 3.

As such. its prerequisites should also be set accordingly to being able to gain the abilities at the 5th character level. Knowledge (Psionics) 8 ranks. it is certainly reasonable to set the following prerequisites for the ability: Heal 4 ranks. While the rules for constant abilities are easy to implement. Able to manifest body adjustment and either metaphysical claws or metaphysical weapon. the AmalgamistUP Prestige Class also has an 8th level class ability called Efficient Crafting – technically a 13th level constant ability able to be gained under this system at the 12th character level. the experience cost for any class ability that does not vary as character development occurs can now be determined. Following these rules. Since the Almagamist Prestige Class can be attained on the 6th level in a standard game. Any sourcebook that illustrates its new character classes in either a base class form or a Prestige Class form can now have its constant abilities converted into this classless system. A reasonable list of requirements for this ability might be: Crystallic Limb constant ability. the more exciting aspect of the progression of the rules is that there are only a few topics yet to be covered before a game can be fully converted into a truly classless wonder! 16 . and having successfully grafted at least one crystallic on yourself. Knowledge (Psionics) 15 ranks. Additionally. Craft Crystallic feat.CoMplete Control Limb.

125 1.745 Next increase 30 60 90 120 150 180 210 240 270 300 330 360 390 420 450 480 510 540 570 17 Level of the Variable Ability .125 4. At worst. and several means of denying their opponents their Dexterity bonus than to a character who lacks these things. the Worldthought MedicUP has a class ability that steals hit points from its enemies and allows the medic to heal his allies with the stolen damage. Additionally. While these are certainly the most popular means for abilities to vary. it just requires some attention to detail. For example. As with constant abilities.025 2.635 5. variable abilities are always purchased according to the lowest character level in which the ability could be attained through any combination of classes in a standard game.645 4. As written. Other variable abilities vary based on the number of uses granted per day.195 3.385 2. any ability that is based on a class level must now be based on an ability level. Some variable abilities vary based on an effective user level. some abilities vary in combinations of these methods.395 1. Even the same ability can be vastly different in effectiveness between characters. As with constant abilities. variable abilities have elements within them that vary to some extent as the character improves. This will initially take some work for a Game Master to define. No two variable abilities have exactly the same effectiveness. Where these abilities are more difficult to use is in the upkeep and bookkeeping on the player’s end as well as remembering what the next variable increase should cost. Still more variable abilities vary in how many Hit Dice of damage they can do. the ability to do extra damage when an opponent is denied their Dexterity bonus to Armor Class is much more valuable to a character with high Dexterity. Level-Variable Abilities One of the most interesting aspects of variable abilities is that since class is irrelevant in this system. they are not the only ways for abilities to vary.695 2.775 3. For example. Caution must be used when adjusting the cost of abilities above or below the guidelines that the formulas suggest.Variable Abilities Mentalis Design Variable abilities are not named because their cost varies from game to game but because their effectiveness can vary from level to level. too! Variable abilities are not difficult in determining the amount of experience necessary to purchase.175 5. it is time consuming. high initiative. Even that task is not difficult. but it is not difficult to accomplish. the formulas for generating variable ability costs are only guidelines. In other words. the ability allows a character to damage an opponent an amount equal to their Wisdom modifier plus their class XP COST Initial 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 45 75 135 225 345 495 675 885 1.

the initial increase of 30 XP character’s character level. then increasing the ability to 2nd Anyara began opening the player wants to increase the level would cost an additional ability level to 4th level so that portal to the Fae Lands to 30 XP. Jenna would powers now have Steal Health at the 4th this were to continue until the ability level reached 20. if a 1 leveldo 5 points of damage as soon as the ability is purchased. Each increase to the ability a Worldthought MedicUP. However. etc. In other words. is listed in the second column titled over the course of a character’s life next increase. and the character can use time is always 30 XP times the the ability at as soon as it is gained original level of the ability. 3rd. it 3rd level would cost 60 XP. Since there is no longer a class level. the aforementioned based on the cost of the previous Steal Health ability of the increase. the cost of of a 5th level-variable ability. The each increase is much smaller than increase for 6th level is 150 XP. on the 5th level must assume the costs for the Ability levels may be purchased for a 1st. at an ability level of 3.745 XP by the 20th ability the term ability level must be introduced and level. which is listed in to increase the individual power of the column for the initial cost level-variable abilities. they could do so as soon as they had 18 . If Jenna. Jenna could st increase. Level-variable ability increases Following the pattern. If would cost 90 XP. This means that is shown in the table. and 5th levels in its initial cost. character whenever the player has enough Respectively. 6 points of damage through that ability. an ability that begins defined. the player would have ability level and she would be capable of doing spent a cumulative 5.745 XP on that ability. The initial cost for an Worldthought MedicUP is normally ability of this type at any given level gained at 3rd level. which that for a constant ability. increase. 4th. together gives a result of Since ability levels can be purchased 345 XP. This column is included the variable abilities outpace the so that the player can easily know price of constant abilities of the where to begin the increase cost when same level. If Jenna’s variable ability costs 45 XP. Thus. the 7th level must be purchased whenever the would then cost 180 XP and the 8th player wants the ability level to level would cost 210 XP. any number of level-variable abilities and 120 XP for 5th level. – each with their own ability level as Adding these numbers preferred by the character’s player. had a level afterwards is always Wisdom modifier of +2 and the 30 XP more than the prior Steal Health ability. Increasing the ability to make the pact and gain new Jenna can do more damage. purchasing a level-variable ability. those costs would be the initial free experience to spend regardless of the 45 XP for 1st level. always reaches 5. The cost to the ability costs 135 XP to purchase increase the ability’s level the first initially. 60 XP for 3rd entirely possible for a character to have level. it is for 2nd level.CoMplete Control level. 90 XP for 4th level. If The table is created in such a manner that the player wanted to increase the ability level the cumulative cost of a level-variable ability again. As such. 2nd. and this increase is always For example.

the player would need to spend an additional 150 XP to raise the ability level first to 3 and then to 4. The second increase to this ability would cost 240 XP. incantations. the Ranger class casts spells at a caster level equal to half the overall Ranger class level. resulting in a net ability level of 17. or 16. and it would result in the ability now being 9th level. A 15th level-variable ability always costs 3. Jenna would have Steal Health at the 5th ability level. Furthermore. The second increase to this ability would cost 480 XP. A 7th level-variable ability always costs 675 XP and automatically begins as a 7th ability level. increases to the ability level always cost 30 XP more than the cost for the prior increase in level. the first increase to the above mentioned 7th level ability costs 210 XP. Since the Druid ability functions identically (in fact more efficiently) than the Ranger ability. the MarksmanUP class has a level-variable ability called Cover Fire. the player would spend a cumulative 5.Mentalis Design the additional 120 XP to spend. The ability would be 4th level by the purchase. so increasing caster level is a 1st level-variable ability. In total. it has the Animal Companion class ability which is defined by the Druid class ability. The one exception to this rule is a class ability that is defined by a completely different class. The DC of the effect is calculated by adding 10 + one-half the character’s MarksmanUP class level + the Dexterity modifier. For the Ranger to actually cast spells. If Xerrem’s player pays another 120 XP the ability level rises to 5.5)+3.5)+3. a MarksmanUP with a Dexterity modifier of +3. regardless of her character level. Using the chart. As the example demonstrates. Regardless of when the player purchases the ability to cast spells. the player would need to pay an additional 30 XP so the ability level would be 2 and the effective caster level would be 1. Although the Ranger cannot cast spells until 4th level. but the ability description indicates that the DC of Xerrem’s Cover Fire ability is 10+4(. spell slots. If Xerrem’s player pays another 150 XP the ability level rises to 6 and the DC of the Cover Fire effect becomes 10+6(. In this case. but the DC would not increase due to the rules about rounding decimals down. the Ranger ability is simply disregarded. However. For the Ranger to have a caster level of 2. it should be stated that this experience spent is only to increase manifester/ caster levels. Some level-variable abilities are phrased in terms of effectiveness based on a percentage of the overall class level. which has a class level variable effect within the Difficulty Class of the effect. the caster level would still only be 10 because of the caster level for a Ranger’s spell casting specifies that caster level is half the ability level. level-variable abilities found in base classes always begin functioning at the minimum level according to the purchasing cost. they would 19 . The first increase to the above mentioned 15th level ability costs 450 XP. No player would consider taking the Ranger version where each level only counts as a half level when the Druid ability is also available.745 XP if the ability was eventually raised to the 20th level. the character still cannot cast spells because the Ranger’s caster level is defined as half the ability level. would benefit from the Cover Fire class ability. At this point. For example. Suppose the Xerrem. which is a 4th level-variable ability. though. As another example. The actual explanation of how to buy power points. and power/spell levels will be handled in the next chapter. Regardless of the base price of a variable ability.195 XP and automatically begins as a 15th ability level. If a player wanted their character to have an animal companion with the relative strength of a Ranger. To stick with the Ranger. it would cost 45 XP for a caster ability level of 1. or 15. Jenna would be able to do 7 points damage as defined by the class ability description. Xerrem’s player can buy the ability for 225 XP. other classes have the ability to cast 1st level divine spells at 1st level.

then Meditative Focus is priced as a 7th levelvariable ability and costs 675 XP. Bardic Music is a 1st level ability that initially costs 45 XP and 30 XP to improve. Abilities from Prestige Classes can only be increased to the maximum level that would be found in a standard game (usually 5 or 10). The experience expenditures for this kind of variable ability are in the following table. Countersong is a subordinate ability gained at 1st level. so it can be bought for 30 XP once Bardic Music is purchased. This number is 20 . Subordinate abilities can be priced at 30 XP times the level at which they are gained once the greater ability has been increased to an appropriate level. Those abilities that are based on an overall character level – or some other designation besides the Prestige class level – act as though they were from a base class. The second column indicates how much experience must be spent for one use of the ability per day. and Suggestion are great examples of this. unlike constant abilities – whose effect is static – level-variable abilities can often be pushed beyond the limits that a standard game might allow. it is possible for a player to increase an ability level beyond the current individual character level. To continue with the Knight MeditantUP example from above. Additional increases would require Game Master approval. rather than the ability level beginning at 7. Mass Suggestion is a subordinate ability gained at 18th level and therefore it costs 540 XP. Ultimately. the table and application of the data are considerably simpler than levelvariable abilities. While this is normally not a problem. It is always up to a Game Master to determine how far beyond the limits a character may go. To increase the ability to 3rd level. For example. It is certainly reasonable for a Game Master to place a requirement that an ability level cannot exceed a certain number of levels above the character’s current level or above 20. Class abilities from Prestige Classes that function off of the character’s Prestige Class level are always purchased as a level-variable ability of the appropriate level but the ability level begins at the level where the ability first appears within the Prestige Class. Finally. Increasing level-variable abilities that come from Prestige Classes above this limit is possible only with Game Master approval. the ability level would begin at 2 since the ability is dependent upon the Prestige Class level. assuming that Bardic Music has been purchased and improved to an ability level of 18. However. 210 XP would be required as if it were being increased to 8th level. some Game Masters may not be comfortable allowing ability levels to increase too far above character level. the Knight MeditantUP has a 2nd level-variable ability called Meditative Focus. The first column of experience indicates how much experience must be spent to buy access to the ability. In the system being described here. but they would only spend 1. There is a small amount of difficulty with level-variable abilities that come out of Prestige Classes. Bardic Music and its many subordinate abilities like Inspire Courage. this is a decision that is best left in the Game Master’s hands. Use-Variable Abilities Some class abilities do not vary by the character’s class level but by how many times the ability may be used during the course of a day. They could buy increases whenever it suited them.395 XP in the process. for example.CoMplete Control simply buy the Druid’s Animal Companion ability up to level 10. If this Prestige Class could be entered at the earliest at 6th level. For example. This table is made up of two kinds of data. the ability level for Meditative Focus can only be increased to 10th level. Inspire Competence. some level-variable abilities are improved by other abilities that are fully dependent on the main ability. In this case. Additionally.

the formula for finding the cost of each daily use is applied. If Tierna.350 1.880 3.700 2. For example.420 3.620 1. In general. As an example.980 2. Jenna’s player can increase both the ability level and the number of uses per day.880 3.800 1. we can return back to Jenna.340 2.620 1.170 1.260 1. Level of the Variable Ability 21 .440 1. Another class ability this class has is the ability to use the Empathy power twice per day with a manifester level equal to the ability level. a Halo KnightHK.800 1.600 governing the amount of uses in a standard game.060 3. This number is generated by multiplying the cost of the first use by two.420 3. The second use would still cost twice the cost for the first use. this is a 6th level variable ability.240 3. In this exception.160 2. Since a standard non-epic game would not give a player a fourth use of this ability. the Halo KnightHK has a 9th level ability called Avatar Surge that allows the character to use his ability to take on avatars to give the character a bonus to Strength or Dexterity.800 Second use 180 360 540 720 900 1.080 XP.260 1.060 3. The third column indicates the cost for a second daily use of the ability. When this happens the formula for level-variable abilities is always applied first to determine the initial cost of the ability.080 1.260 1.700 2.520 2. As the character progresses.080 1. The player could also then purchase a single use of the ability for 180 XP and a second use for 360 XP.620 1. Then. If Jenna’s player desires to have Jenna use the Empathy ability as a 7th level manifester.160 2.440 1. Jenna’s player could purchase the Empathy ability for 495 XP.600 First use 90 180 270 360 450 540 630 720 810 900 990 1.240 3.710 1.620 XP to spend. uses may be purchased by multiplying the number of use being purchased by the cost for the first use.Mentalis Design always generated by taking half of the initial cost for the ability.620 XP. the levelvariable formula is applied first. Additionally. The third daily use would still cost three times the cost for the first use.080 1. the first use always costs 30 XP times the level of the ability instead of half the base cost. As written in the original class.430 XP to spend.240 XP only if the Game Master allowed.440 1. the player would need to spend 810 XP in order to buy the first use of the ability. Occasionally. The player could buy an additional use of this ability should the player have the 2. Since this variable ability contains both levelvariable and use-variable aspects. a fourth use could be bought by Tierna’s player for an additional 3. a player would need to spend 1. To gain access to this ability for a character. it is possible to gain more uses of the ability per day so long as either the amount of uses desired can be legitimately obtained in a non-epic game or the Game Master allows an excess of the rules XP COST Initial 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 180 360 540 720 900 1. the Worldthought MedicWM.340 2.980 2.520 2.530 1. If Jenna’s player desires to have Jenna to be able to use the Empathy ability three times a day it would cost 540 XP. For example. it would cost 180 XP as can be found on the chart for level-variable abilities. The fourth use of a 3rd level use-variable ability would always cost 1. the fifth use of a 1st level use-variable ability would cost 450 XP. already has the Avatar Surge ability with one use then Tierna’s player can purchase a second use any time that the player has the 1. variable abilities contain both daily uses and a variable ability level. Additionally.

800 1. which can scale depending on the type of damage reduction desired. Because the uses of an ability that contains both levelvariable and use-variable are so cost efficient.880 3.160 2.340 2. Using the progression found in the Barbarian class.170 1.600 by a predetermined amount. Most Game Masters should feel quite comfortable in placing a limit in this area of what a standard game allows or perhaps an additional use or two if it does not seem unbalancing. Then.420 3. players can often buy more uses than would normally be found in a standard game for a relatively insignificant cost. Game Masters are discouraged from allowing too many additional uses to be purchased beyond what the rules allow for in a standard game. It may be that the ability increases in damage dice as the character progresses. 2/-.700 2.160 2. Both types of variable abilities result from a systematic increase in the effect.890 XP. of the variable abilities remaining vary by some sort of predetermined progression defined in the effect of the ability. In this respect the rules for progression-variable abilities continue to be identical to how use-variable abilities interact with level-variable abilities. in cases where there is both a progression-variable effect as well as a levelvariable effect. DR 1/.440 1. This ability is priced as a 7th level ability for 1.260 XP.for 630 XP. the formula for determining each progression in the effect is applied. this pricing does present a potential abuse of the mathematical system.260 1. it would cost 1.620 1. the table for finding the initial cost of the level-variable is always consulted first.240 3. In the case where a variable ability contains both a progression-variable and a use-variable but not a level-variable. Whatever the progression.350 1. a character might be interested in gaining a class ability that provides damage reduction.240 3. Once the initial cost is determined from the level-variable formula. this case may well be the easiest of all the variable abilities to spot.980 2.440 1. In such cases the cost for the first progression is 30 XP times the initial level that the ability can be purchased.600 First Progression 90 180 270 360 450 540 630 720 810 900 990 1. The following table for determining the cost of this kind of variable ability will look suspiciously familiar to the use-variable table. For example. Additionally.080 1. we can see that a player could buy the initial access to the Damage Reduction ability.080 1. It may be that the ability increases elemental resistance XP COST Initial 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 180 360 540 720 900 1. the formula for buying the daily uses is applied in addition to the formula for buying the desired progression. The player would then have to purchase the first progression of the ability. if not all.700 2.710 1.060 3.520 2. Another increase would cost 1. If a player wanted to increase their character’s damage reduction to the next progression.080 1.260 XP.880 3.340 2.800 1.260 1.800 Second Progression 180 360 540 720 900 1.530 1.CoMplete Control However. the initial cost can be found using either the use-variable or the progression-variable table since the tables are identical. Both of these costs continue to be based on half the initial Level of the Variable Ability 22 .260 1. Progression-variable abilities feel like use-variable abilities for good reason.060 3.420 3.520 2.620 1.440 1.980 2. Progression-Variable Abilities Most. To avoid this.620 1.

A Game Master can easily allow the players to convert their characters while using standard methods for generating antagonists for the game if necessary – at least until a large chunk of the conversions can be accomplished. The systems are in reasonable balance with each other. most Game Masters who want complete control and the ability to customize the allies and antagonists for the players’ characters soon find themselves caught up in the desire to convert completely. Summary of Variable Abilities The tables of variable abilities are certainly not difficult to apply. Don’t feel obligated to convert each class ability of every class before using the system. and performing incantations! 23 . so there shouldn’t be a consistent advantage by using either system. Furthermore. at this point in the work all the rules have been explained with the exception of manifesting powers. casting spells. In the end. most players who want complete freedom in their character design are usually quite willing to assist in converting the abilities of Base Classes and Prestige Classes into experience progressions. this can be accomplished with minimal effort past the initial understanding of the rules. If anything. This case is extremely rare in character building.Mentalis Design cost for purchasing access to the ability. The key to this aspect of converting a standard game into a classless game is patience. a Game Master might consider it tedious work in the beginning. These prerequisites can easily be taken and adjusted from any appropriate portions of the Prestige Class prerequisite list or the base class abilities already gained. although as experience with these rules increases this decision is less important. as in the case of constant abilities a Game Master should feel comfortable establishing prerequisites for variable class abilities. With a bit of patience. It is recommended that in the beginning all abilities be given a minimum level in which they can be purchased. However. Also.

and on one level they are absolutely a Sorcerer or Psion would. or they innately know a manifesting powers and casting spells is a class small subset of their class spells or powers as ability. This is still true. purchased in addition and so on until they to access to the ability reached fifteen powitself. Spells. Many people will argue that as a Wizard would. casting is the variable then the character’s known abilities that depend on powers would follow that use. if the player wanted Before we get to the their character to cast actual cost of purchasing spells like a Cleric levels of powers/spells. At character creation. In those abilities. Instead. two powthe ability had to be ers at the 3rd ability level. then the character spell slots. then spells on their class spell list as a Cleric would. a player However. automatically does. the ity level. of a 1st level Marksman. one power at the individual uses for 2nd ability level. and Incantations CoMplete Control In the last chapter we discussed variable they know only the spells found in a spell book class abilities. in one of the examples An example will help here. That is why the cost for determining when purchasing manifester/caster levels that manifester/caster level is given distinction would be applied to a cost according to a levelwhatever manifester/caster levvariable ability as discussed el is purchased. from the previous chapter. there is still a can spend 40 XP and purchase difference between having a the ability to manifest powers specific level of ability and or cast spells as a first level actually having some power manifester or caster. right. If the player wanted classes either know all the their character to cast spells as a Sorcerer.Powers. If the or spell to perform. or even power would know all the Want to combine abilities from multiple points something needs to spells on the Cleric classes to get that concept just right? be said about powers/spells spell list as the Cleric Here is how you do it! known. In a standard game. access to the ability did The character would know not actually buy any no powers at their first abiluses. The same is true ers known at the for manifesting powers 20th level. player designates that they A fair analogy to want their ability to manimake regarding power fest powers to follow the manifestation and spell MarksmanUP progression. and casting spells. 24 . Instead.

800 Power Level 25 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 . For arcane spells.Mentalis Design the character would know the same amount of spells that a Sorcerer would know at a class level equal to the character’s ability level. however. Not all classes have an equal power or spell list. Finally. and the abilities would be increased completely independently of each other.320 1. the player would need to spend 45 XP to be able to cast Druid spells as a 1st level caster. This reduction of price only applies to those costs listed below. then the player would need to buy access for each ability following the rules for level-variable abilities. Just as a character with a variable ability must buy additional uses. There is an iconic list for each ability. This aspect of the game becomes fully customizable – and admittedly scary to many novice Game Masters. First. the player would need to spend 45 XP to be able to manifest Society Mind powers as a 1st level manifester. XP COST Full 1 2 50 240 720 1. There is one other issue that needs to be covered before the price guidelines are given. not to the cost of purchasing manifester/caster levels as a level-variable ability. Each of these abilities would progress as slowly or quickly as the player wanted. In order to do this. the character would know 4 0-level spells and 2 1-level spells from the spell list. The manifester/caster ability is always purchased at full cost as a level-variable ability. In order for a character to manifest powers of a given level. the iconic list is that of the Psion or the Wilder. If a character wants to cast spells as a Druid and manifest powers as a Society MindUP. figuring out the cost for a psionic character’s power is very straightforward. Second.160 2.200 1. they can be used by a character that has them for any power regardless of level and augmentation. What is truly variable in this system is how much power the character can wield. the rules are simply applied twice. then the player would need to apply the rules below for each manifesting and casting progression. The table shows the cost for buying access to powers of a certain level. once for each class. A psionic character knows a specific set of powers and buys power points in order to be able to manifest those powers. Access to a level cannot be bought unless access to all the previous levels has been purchased. At first level.680 2. Additionally.080 1. Other class progressions may use these full lists or grant access to only a portion of them. the player must buy access to each level of powers as they are desired. Since this is the case. Power points do not have levels. For psionic powers.640 3.600 50% 25 120 360 600 840 1. This would only buy them caster and manifester levels. the player must buy power points to fuel the ability. Psionic Progressions Psionic progressions are the easiest to describe and manage because they do not have spell slots as a part of their structure.560 1. If they actually wanted spells to cast and power points to spend.120 3. a manifester or spell caster can buy as many power points or spell slots as they have experience to spend. Then. Classes whose power or spell lists are reduced more than slightly from these iconic lists should use the costs listed below in the 50% column. A psionic character simply needs to buy the initial access to manifest powers as a level-variable ability discussed in the prior chapter. For divine spells. the list is that of the Wizard or Sorcerer. it is possible to buy access to multiple manifesting classes or casting classes. the list is the Cleric’s spell list.

CoMplete Control they must pay the one-time fee for access to that level in addition to ensuring that their manifester ability level is high enough to allow access to the level. However.5 XP per power point. The second reason is simply one of game balance. Only when both of these conditions are met can the player have his character begin manifesting powers of the desired level. Chrysmys could manifest 2nd level powers with an expenditure of 120 XP. the lack of a psionic version of spell slots does imply that there needs to be one additional consideration with regard to psionic rules. Once those purchases are made. In this system.] If we continue to use Chrysmys as an example. The only thing left to discuss regarding psionics is the cost for power points. The first reason is because there is the possibility of a player spending 195 XP per power point to fuel one caster ability and 97. Chrysmys is a dwarven Devoted PsionUP. the table for purchasing spell levels is necessary. this table is not difficult to put into application. If Chrysmys were a MorpheanMO. Unfortunately. psionic power points (and bonus power points for high ability scores) must be kept separate if a character desires to have multiple manifester abilities that use power points. the player would pay 585 XP for 6 power points.5 XP per power point to fuel a second ability. [A Game Master can easily round this up to 98 XP or allow these players to buy their points in pairs for 195 XP. It should be noted that power points gained from having high ability scores are gained as normal without cost. Since the MorpheanMO list is reduced in versatility from the Psion/Wilder list. For example. If a player were to buy a full set of power points for one manifesting ability they could add manifester levels and power levels for much less of a cost for multiple other casting progressions. the fact that both of these systems rely on spell slots instead of power points means than an additional table is necessary. assuming that the 25 XP had already been paid to buy access to first level powers. This means that it is now possible for Chrysmys to buy access to second level powers. Those classes who follow the 50% column in the table also receive a reduction in power point cost of 50%. Assuming that the player has already spend the 50 XP to gain access to first level powers. Before getting to the table on spell slots. Characters that have more than one manifester ability receive bonus power points for each manifesting ability by using the appropriate ability level and modifier. This would cost 225 XP in total. there is no need to distinguish between the cost of arcane and divine casting progressions. his player would have needed to increase Chrysmys’ manifester level to 4 before being able to buy access to second level powers. Arcane and Divine Progressions Fortunately. If Chrysmys was a dwarven MorpheanMO instead. Every power point purchased by a psionic character with access to a full power list costs 195 XP regardless of the character’s level. 26 . The player has expended 135 XP to bring Chrysmys’ manifester level up to 3following the rules of the level-variable abilities. Chrysmys’ player can select as many known 2nd level psionic powers as afforded to him by the Devoted PsionUP base class for a 3rd level manifester. However. Chrysmys’ player would use the 50% column in the table to determine the cost for buy power levels. Chrysmys’ player can add 6 power points to Chrysmys’ power point total at any time for 1170 XP if Chrysmys were a Devoted PsionUP. the player can now spend 240 XP and gain access to second level powers. implying that their cost is 97. In this system the cost for power points is one of the major balancing aspects. This does not even need a table. Bonus power points are always found using the proper manifester level purchased as a level-variable ability and the appropriate ability modifier.

Mentalis Design This table is nearly identical to the cost for buying access to levels of psionic powers. Continuing the example from Kira above.680 2.040 XP. For example.120 3. suppose Kira’s player had already purchased 4 0-level slots for 680 XP.530 Spell Level Access Spell Slot Level 27 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 . In order to XP COST Full 0 10 50 240 720 1. the player may purchase access to multiple levels at the same time so long as all the prior levels have been purchased.060 cast 4th level spells.200 1. As with psionics. These spell slots must be purchased for the character. however they still must purchase access to the level in order to purchase spell levels and spell slots of a higher level.380 2. Then the player could spend 1.040 2.700 2. and three 2-level slots for 2. the player would have already spent 300 XP to buy access to 0. There is no requirement that a spell caster purchase any spell slots for a given spell level.800 0 1 Full 170 340 680 1.360 1.190 1. access must be purchased for the zero level spells before access can be purchased to first level spells. they must pay the one-time fee for access to that level in addition to ensuring that their caster ability level is high enough to allow access to the level. If the character has enough experience.560 1. Only when both of these conditions are met can the player have their character begin buying spell slots of the desired level and actually casting spells. Unlike psionics.160 2. In order for a character to cast spells of a given level.360 XP. four 1-level slots for 1. Additionally. As with the psionic table. this table shows the cost for buying access to spells of a certain level.320 1. her player would first have to spend a total of 270 XP to increase her caster ability level to 5 and then to 6.200 XP and buy access to 4th level spells.080 1.640 3. 1st.020 1. The XP COST 50% 85 170 340 510 680 850 1. the player can buy as many 3-level spell slots for Kira as desired at a cost of 1. In cases where a casting progression includes the use of zero level spells.020 1.020 XP per slot. The only difference in the numbers is that spell casters often have access to zero level spells while psionic characters never have access to zero level powers. Once Kira’s player is able to purchase access to 3rd level spells. spell casters use spell slots to determine the effectiveness of their ability. if a player buys higher spell slots the character is able to use the spell slots of a higher level to cast spells of a lower level or even use metamagic spells if desired. If a spell caster does not purchase slots for a given spell level. the player would need to spend a total of 390 XP to increase the caster ability level to 7 and then 8. and they can be purchased in any quantity that the character desires.360 1. However. they simply cannot cast any spells of that level. arcane and divine spell casters with high ability scores receive bonus spell slots at no experience cost. and 2nd level spells and would need to spend an additional 720 XP to buy access to the 3rd level spells.720 3.600 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 50% 5 25 120 360 600 840 1. they cannot be sold. Once spell slots are purchased. if Kira the Sorcerer is already able to cast 2nd level spells as a 4th level caster and her player wanted to improve the ability to cast 3rd level spells.

bonus spell slots Channeling levels can only be used are purchased as when the character a level-variable is able to cast spells ability. from different casting This is accomplished abilities must be in an identical fashkept separate from ion as manifester each other and and caster levels. incantations do The ability to pick the not have levels and therefore no levfirst two domains is a els need to be purchased. Of implies that their cost should be reduced. ally. spells and powers.500 4. Domain spell slots levels and thus are purchased at the price they do not need indicated by 50% column to be purchased. 1 200 300 400 500 2.CoMplete Control appropriate caster level – purchased as a levelchanneling system converts remarkably well variable ability . the 2 Incantations Known 28 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 . and it offers the ability for a character to use a certain number of known incantations largely at will. in the spell slot table. Of course.is used in conjunction with the into the system proposed here. Additionfirst level constant ability.500 6.500 12. but there is no limit on how many times each incantation can be used over the course of a day. Unlike issue of Cleric domains. casting ability modifier to determine any bonus As with magic and psionics. characters using spell slots. The Your channelers can be everything you imagined Once an incantafact that the purchased tion is purchased .500 16. channeling levels for The last topic their character. A course.500 14.500 10. There is a requirement on how many incantations can be used each minute. incantations are not fueled by meaning that it costs 270 power points or spell XP. domain spell slots are not it can be used acnearly as versatile as a non-domain spell slots cording to the rules governing incantations. Fortunately. of a given level by Once a playpurchasing access to er has purchased the spell level. The system is called channeling.take them out for a test drive.500 Channeling Progressions In the Tome of Channeling a new system of using power is given. bonus spell slots gained the channeling model need a channeling level. the only discussed with regard remaining things to purchase are to spell casting is the the individual incantations.500 8. the rule saying that a channeler must character is able to buy as many domain slots XP COST as their Game Master allows. called that needs to be a NexusTC.

At this point. 29 . all the rules for designing characters following those found in the SRD and published by Dreamscarred Press have been explained. True versatility is now at any player’s or Game Master’s fingertips. An example will follow. If Ayssah is buying his first Incantation it would cost 200 XP. Magic. and Channeling Summary Working with characters that use psionics. Psionics. IF it were Ayssah’s third or fourth incantation it would cost 400 XP or 500 XP respectively. magic. Once it is purchased. incantations can be purchased whenever the player has the experience to spend. it would be immediately available for use. If it were Ayssah’s second incantation it would cost 300 XP. and channeling is not difficult at all.Mentalis Design be able to channel the incantation according to its DC remains in effect. Since incantations do not have levels. Characters should be able to be fully converted and entire games should now be able to become fully classless. In fact. magic. psionics. Ayssah is NexusTC who has grown accustomed to channeling air incantations out of the sphere of Elements. and channeling can be added to almost any build as a minor enhancement or even a major replacement for abilities that don’t fit the player’s personal character design goals.

Some aspects of character design which can happen in a standard 20 level game can be pushed beyond the limits of a standard until the implications are understood. that ruling maintains the original 20 carefully considered before allowing the limits to be increased. If they have extra experience to spend they need to spend it in areas other than their strengths. not every aspect of the game is absolutely broken if the progressions are allowed. Others should be very least. for example. So. the standard every increase to psionic or magic ability are beginning policy should be only to allow that not equal. and psionic characters would have their spell slots and powerpoints limited absolutely by how many power points and spell slots could ultimately be purchased as a character in a standard game. to allow save progression to continue to so you know what you can soon do . This is the safest position to take because it limits characters’ strengths. 30 . The arcane. There is a very after they are familiar with how the rules good reason that this discussion has been left out work. divine. A Game Master might decide that it is acceptable It might be a good idea to plan out your next purchases.Play Considerations CoMplete Control as high as +15. every class ability. This rule encourages wellrounded characters rather than gamebreaking characters. However. – left out of the discussion up until now is These are decisions best left to Game Masters construction of upper limits. the one arcane caster to purchase more spell slots than thing that has been largely – and intentionally would normally be possible. Every purchase. At the game without breaking it. However. Games should be able to be Game Master might be fine with allowing an converted fairly quickly. A Game Master Upper Boundaries might decide that allowing players to buy more The rules put forth in this system are fairly than 20 Hit Dice is perfectly acceptable. a character would not be allowed to purchase more than 20 Hit Dice and a character would not be allowed to increase the progression of Sneak Attack beyond +10d6 damage. The safest rule to consider is one which says that nothing which does not have precedence in a standard game can be brought into a game under this system. A straightforward. In spite of the ability for Game Masters until now. to house rule their own games.

there are certain combinations that make powerful characters and certain combinations that make weak characters. Game Breaking Possibilities Of course. While this should be monitored. they have the ability to put together particularly lethal combinations. Characters that are willing to utilize a restricted power. In the end. the need to purchase 1st level spell slots is not very high if a character is generating a 10th level character. For example. However. Power gamers who have a power gaming Game Master will find themselves challenged like never before in this system.Mentalis Design level game balance designed into the standard game while the Game Master and the players are familiarizing themselves with the rules. spell. Game Masters should almost always be aware of the main design goals that become apparent as characters gain experience. Role-playing players who find themselves under a Game Master that likewise emphasizes role-playing will find their depth of games increased as well. or channeling list can often add that aspect to their design for a very reasonable cost. this system opens wide the door for game breaking combinations. there are some ways to use the system to its fullest and Game Masters should be aware of these design strategies. Even still. Creating Characters Above 1 st Level Creating characters above 1st level can lead to some imbalances if some guidelines are not considered. When players are allowed to design exactly the character that they want. the character would certainly have purchased the lower level spell slots. Characters built from 1st level are likely to purchase abilities when they are needed. but so long as the Game Master and players are of the same mind in building characters this system should be good for any table. Instead. it is also true that characters who are built with those intentions also typically paint themselves into fairly small niches. the temptation would be to buy access to the lower spell levels but spend all the experience for spell slots at the higher levels. especially in the latter character levels. Characters generated at higher levels 31 . Characters that are able to limit themselves to a three or fewer level-variable class abilities and then mix in a few progression-variable or use-variable abilities often find that they have spent their experience well. a character that takes on too many character abilities that are based on the levelvariable model will find themselves falling short of their design goals as the character progresses. Every table and every game is going to be different. This is especially true when discussing powers and abilities whose power does not increase once purchased. It is about bringing fun back into character design. Had this character been generated from 1st level and played through 10th level. Another likely area of abuse is in the purchase of abilities. this system is about flexibility instead of limitation. In general. Characters that intentionally buy three good save progressions and look to buy better than average aspects of more than one other category also find it hard to keep up with the experience demands. Characters that are willing to buy higher cost Hit Dice in the beginning and then lower Hit Dice at the end will have more experience to spend than characters who try to skimp in the beginning and have to make up the difference as the total number of Hit Dice increase. but they should also become familiar with apparent design flaws as well. Characters that rely too heavily of constant abilities also tend to find themselves falling short of necessary experience. Game Masters who are aware of their player’s character’s flaws are much more likely to have players with wellrounded characters. If Game Masters allow characters to be generated above 1st level there is a need to ensure that the character is designed with balance in mind as well as the character’s history.

it is reasonable to think that not all members of a race would have every aspect of one’s heritage to the same degree. Some of the abilities can be kept as part of an unadjusted 1st level racial package equivalent to that which an LA +0 race would receive. It is possible to break down a Level Adjusted race into purchasable subcomponents. Fantasy world genetics is a funny thing – where races can often freely intermingle. 450 for a d10. At the very least. Prerequisites can take the form of certain skill ranks. feat purchases. the means for buying ability score improvements are also integrated into the system already. The best benefit of this system is that the concept of Level Adjustment goes away completely. Additionally. a player can build as much or as little of the racial adjustment into their character. so each Level Adjusted race can be broken down into a fair 1st level racial ability score adjustment that is equivalent to the rest of the LA +0 races. a character built under this system has a character level equal to what his experience dictates it should be. if a player wants to play a character with 3 racial Hit Die and a Level Adjustment of +2 then they would effectively already be a 5th level character. These prices are for a character that has already bought their first three Hit Dice. This problem is best solved through establishing prerequisites for higher level abilities. so the racial Hit Die can simply be ignored. and that is what the following paragraphs will hope to explain. The remaining abilities can be converted into constant or variable abilities at an appropriate level based on the Level Adjustment. It should be noted that Game Masters who follow this method might consider placing racial prerequisites upon the abilities taken from Level Adjusted races. they would gain all aspects of the Level Adjusted race for the lowest experience total of a level 5 character. The simplest solution to the problem is to figure out the Effective Character Level of a player’s design and simply set that value as the point at which the player collects experience. or 540 for a d12. Once Level Adjustments are seen in this light breaking them down can be quite easy. Any additional increases to ability scores can be bought following the normal rules. Furthermore. the Hit Dice are the easiest to remove. Essentially. In any case. 360 for a d8. This system already has a means for buying Hit Die from the very beginning. In this kind of a world. For example. In this system to follow. that does not need to be the only solution to the question of Level Adjustment. this system proposes treating Level Adjusted races as vastly reduced base classes which can be broken down using the rules provided. the only thing that remains is dealing with the racial abilities gained by each race.CoMplete Control will not automatically purchase the lower level abilities that a character gaining levels by adventuring would. it opens up the door to character history becoming much more significant at character generation! 32 . it is imperative that the prerequisites make sense for the ability in question. In this manner a player desiring to play a character with a Level Adjusted race can buy their racial abilities as though they were constant or variable abilities. As with every other character in the game. or the purchase of prior abilities. Level Adjustments happen because a playable race receives more in their racial package than seems normally appropriate. 270 for a d6. However. What To Do With Characters That Have A Level Adjustment This consideration is a bit more simply solved than it originally seems. In fact. when they go to buy their next Hit Die they would pay 180 XP for a d4. Thus. there is both a simple and a more complex solution to the problem. They are then able to purchase other aspects to their character at an appropriate price as they have experience to spend. At this point. In breaking down a Level Adjusted race.

it should be understood that the abilities gained at any level should technically be able to be purchased using the experience gained before they were able to level. The understanding that a level’s gained abilities are actually gleaned from the prior level’s experience is one of the most fundament aspects of this project – but I’ll confess that it was one of the most difficult to remember and apply. The first level of a character usually includes at least one save where the character not only gets an increase of one. assume that I am speaking about the result coming out of all the classes being blended together into Percentage Hit Die 12% 12% 12% < 1% 6% 12% 12% Controllable Aspects Base Attack Bonus Saves Proficiencies Ability Increases Skills Feats 33 . knowing this fact makes the explanation easier. The character in a typical game receives four times the normal skill points at first level. It is unfortunate that it worked out this way. and that can be found on any experience chart. For those who don’t particularly care why it works so long as it does. the system can be used easily enough without explanation. This is why many of the tables included in this work have a beautiful mathematical progression if the first (and sometimes second) value is ignored. remember that in a standard game a character has access to all abilities of a certain level the moment the Game Master allows the character to increase their level. I’d like to spend the rest of this space talking about how the numbers and progressions were chosen within this project. Characters who channel incantations like the NexusTC gain two at their first level. With those two disclaimers out of the way. for the time being realize that the first level of a character actually breaks most of the progressions. continue reading. but it is an unavoidable consequence of having a game where the rules of character progression don’t always apply to the very first level. in all aspects of character design where the first level of a character does not follow the rules for the remaining 19 levels – the first level is ignored. Outside of Hit Dice progression and class abilities. Also. The progression is chosen for the last 19 levels and a random – yet appropriate – value is used for the levels that do not fit the progression. but of two! Some characters gain spell casting progression for spell levels of zero and one. Usually this occurs as soon as the characters have enough experience to increase their level. skipping this section of explanation will not hinder your game play. In order for this understanding of game power to be maintained. The underlying principle of this system is found in the systematic method that a character gains experience. If you will. As was stated earlier in this work. Because not all the people who want to use the system also want to know how and why the system works. However. virtually all other aspects of character design are broken by the very first level of gaming! So.Mentalis Design Designer’s Notes Part of the beauty of a system like this is that the logic behind the design is able to be explained for those who are interested. The hardest part of the project was determining the typical baseline for a completely average character in a completely average class. these notes have been pulled out and separated from the rules. So. For those who want to know why the system works.

CoMplete Control one class that represents the average of them all. As explained earlier. The strengths of one class are balanced by the weaknesses of another until a truly generic character remains. The average of these is the d8. an astute observer of this discussion should have already realized that the formula breaks down for the first Hit Die. 150 for the d10. the Game Master could use a random number generator or apply a formula that gives standard Hit Points for each non-standard die. this proposal sounded fair. The last die is (120)(20-1) or 2. A character wanting a d7 could pay 105 XP for their second die using the same logic. Hit Dice This is by far and away the easiest of the components to nail down. is that at each level 12% of a completely generic character’s experience should be spent towards each aspect. And before you ask. That was easy. The third die is (120) (3-1) or 240 XP. All of the other aspects on the table were determined to be of relatively equal importance to a generic character – although admittedly individual classes rely on each of those aspects differently. This always equals 120 times the previous character level. Also remember the first principle as it is applied to the results of the table above because it gives us the guiding principle behind most of this work. all the values that were chosen for the first level acquisitions 34 . simply realize that 120 XP divided by 8 is 15. While this sounds bland on the very surface. What that table implies. then. but for the sake of this work I’ll establish the basic guidelines for those aspects that are controllable. The neat aspect of this analysis is that technically a Game Master could allow characters to use nonstandard Hit Die. What this does is set a benchmark of 66% of a character’s experience being spent in these aspects. d6. Regardless of the size of the Hit Die. and class abilities are intentionally left off the table at this point. magic. Extrapolating that information onto the other dice gives the base cost of 60 for the d4. the fact that not all of these aspects increase with each level makes them all unique. you’ll notice the obvious absence of psionics. To determine actual Hit Points. This was difficult to determine. d8. From there. Looking at the table of controllable aspects. A character wanting a d9 would simply pay 135 XP for their second die. but for now believe that from the perspective of the proposed 190.280 XP. 90 for the d6. Ability increases are about half as consuming as the other aspects listed.000 XP needed to make a maximum level character their cost is insignificant. magic. and class abilities. the base cost for the second Hit Die is equal to 15 times the number of sides on the die. The anomaly that is iroficiencies will be discussed later. The goal for the per level expenditure for an average progression of each of the aspects in the table is: XP = (12%)(experience gained during the previous level). and 180 for the d12. Essentially. Of course. simply multiply the base cost times the previous number of Hit Die already purchased and you almost completely fill out the rest of the Hit Dice table. d10. The second d8 Hit Die is equal to (120)(2-1) or 120 XP. To convert these prices fairly among the remaining dice. 1 minus 1 is always zero and the equation always turns out a result of zero. I’ll take each one in order of complexity. We only have all the values for the 2nd d8 through the 20th d8. and d12. To explain what is meant by this. 135 equals 9 times 15. Hit Dice come in five forms: d4. the rest of the attributes of character design were certainly not that easy! But we’re not quite finished with Hit Die. Considering that psionics. Using the formula given above for determining the per level expenditure gives the results shown earlier in the d8 column of the table detailing the XP cost for each Hit Die purchased. Dividing each of these values by the amount of experience needed to get to the new level always gives a result of 12%.

215 Where this really comes into training. value for a Base Attack Bonus at a constant 12% through each or even most of his enemies.685. After all. That divided linearly over only choice was what to do with the fact 15 increases. Once the value was chosen. Mergil focused on his sword make tabulation easier. making him a better XP was chosen as the initial play is in keeping the progression fighter than any of his allies. Finding the that a character receives four times cumulative sum of the the amount of skill points at 1st level in numbers 1 through 15 is easy. To from level 1 to 20. If the ideal total XP of a It’s hard to believe that skills finished generic character is 190.800 XP needs to be difficult choice for this system.800 by 105 gives level completely messes up any hope of 217 (rounded down to the a true mathematical progression nearest whole number). it fits well among the other costs of building a 1st level character. I considered this a success. Remember. this becomes more difficult once the determination of the average Base Attack Bonus is made.500 XP as a “free pool” would spend 40. It should also be noted that a character with a full Base Attack progression that was given 1. Once again. the first Hit Die always costs half of the second Hit Die. of +2. occurs for 3 levels. At the beginning.4% or their 191. If 215 is the base value skill at any level also wreaks havoc on the 35 . or (215)(4-1). In fact. Additionally. and the result is 105. or 5. or 215(3-1). then 12% of that total is 22. filling out the table is just as easy as it was for Hit Die. the breaks down for level 1 because 1 minus 1 fact that players can choose any rank in a always equals zero. a standard game. In each case. In this manner. It does not follow the exact progression of the rest of the table. Base Attack Bonus can progress in an integral pattern at each level. Even better. but it actually XP. I had to make a the 22. the first Dividing 22.960. The third increase is 430.500 XP.000 would be the next least complicated XP. A character with a ½ Base Attack Bonus progression would spend 9. Considering that the number is only 115 XP off of the 12% mark that was established. Base Attack Bonus One might think that Base Attack Bonus is as simple as Hit Die. The progression begins at the 2nd level. and then takes one level off before repeating.675 XP. The problem that this choice grants is that now the progression doesn’t happen along a linear path. What this implies is that is. the formula of the levels. What this means is that the average character purchases an increase to their Base Attack Bonus 15 times over Skills 20 levels. However. the total XP that an iconic Cleric would spend for their Base Attack Bonus is 22. I chose the ¾ progression found in the Cleric class to be the average.1%.Mentalis Design were chosen largely at random so as to make as much sense as possible.800 progression to figure out. For the sake of this work and for obvious reasons. The fourth increase is 645. for Base Attack Bonus. but it does make logical sense. a character with a ¾ Base Attack Bonus progression will have a total XP expenditure of slightly less than 12% because we rounded 217 down to 215. or 21. then 110 XP seemed a reasonable choice for the cost of a Base Attack Bonus of +1.

5 ranks for 120 XP. Following that logic. Those limits are arbitrary. increasing the intelligence of a character by two points increases the number of skill ranks gained by one. Simply continuing with this logic fills out the rest of the chart for non-humans. Dividing 120 by 4. Of course. A human with Intelligence 12 should be able to buy 5.8. If a non-human with Intelligence of 10 can buy 3. I chose a system that would work around both of these problems. Continuing with this pattern fills out the rest of the human column of the chart as well. but the cost does not increase or decrease outside the range. the average number of skills purchased at 3rd level should equal 240 XP. and so forth. Additionally. Skill rank prices would then begin with the fifth rank because it cannot ever be purchased until 2nd level or beyond.CoMplete Control mathematical progression meant to balance the skill rank number with the level at which it is normally gained in a standard game. The average number of skills purchased at 2nd level should total 120 XP. While I was tempted to round this number up to 35 to make the numbers clean. per rank. then a human with Intelligence of 10 should be able to buy 4. should a Game Master desire to set different upper or lower boundaries they can easily use the patterns and logic expressed here to find those values and use them if desired. a character with Intelligence 14 should be able to buy 5. If a character with an intelligence of 10 can buy 3.5 ranks for 120 XP. Finding the average of 2 and 8 gives 5 as a result.5 ranks for 120 XP.5 skill ranks for 120 XP. a bit of calculation is required.67. The calculation is the same as above and it results in 26. the skill rating for each skill rank for a non-human character with average Intelligence of 10 remained 34 XP each. Few classes give 8 skill ranks per level. Characters can have an Intelligence score above and below these levels.5 ranks for 120 XP. then a character with an intelligence of 12 should be able to buy 4. it does not represent a true average among the classes.5 gives a result of 34 XP per rank as an average – remembering that these are actually the 5th skill ranks. or 22 XP. In fact. To alleviate this dilemma completely. and I established the limit at Intelligence 6 for the lower bound and Intelligence 22 for the upper bound. It was stated earlier that the 2nd level skill ranks gained should equal 120 XP. In a standard game. Feats For here on to the end. the first four ranks – normally all gained at the 1st level – would cost the same. Thus. The result is 21. The temptation is to use 5 as this number because 8 is the maximum class value for skill ranks and 2 is the lowest. I’ve found that the best overall approximation for the average skill ranks is 3. there are limits to how cheaply or how expensive skill ranks can get before the game runs the risk of being broken or too expensive. my experience tells me that there are far more classes that give 2 skill points as any other amount. the method used to integrate Intelligence score as well as racial bonus skill ranks mandated that round numbers would simply not be possible where skills were concerned. In this system. Obviously. However. The only thing that is left is to determine the average number of skill ranks gained by a purely generic character.5 ranks per level. rounded up to 22 XP.5 gives a result of 26.5 ranks by paying 21. What this allows is for a progression to be developed using the 12% formula listed at the beginning of this chapter. To determine the XP for characters of differing Intelligence. even an increase of 1 XP per skill rank would cause effects in the final tally. Dividing 120 XP by 3.67. The column for racial bonus skill rating follows the same logic and gives the same result. the formulas involve another level of logic simply because the remaining character attributes do not necessarily 36 . or 27 XP. That result rounds up nicely to 27 XP per rank.8. while this would be numerically correct.

6% of the proposed 190.000 XP difference emerging. and 100 XP is a good round number that produces good results when used in an average 1st level character build. Saves The process of figuring out the save progression cost within a character seems like 37 . which is 10.000 XP. The only thing left was to pick a random number for the initial feat cost. the results on the table are reasonably neat numbers to use. On average. The experience to get from the bottom value of one pair of levels to the bottom of another pair of levels is always 4. a nice pattern comes forward.260 XP on those feats. which was the preferred goal stated at the beginning of this section. This fact nearly makes feat purchasing impossible to calculate. That means that many classes would be expected to expend a minimum of around 500 XP of their initial experience pool – and that assumes that the price for the first feat would be just 10 XP! Those classes like the Ranger that end up with a total of three feats at their first level would be spending 1. As has been said before. they increase sporadically or at best every other level. In order to compensate for starting the progression one feat later and the subsequent lowering of all the feats costs. and this would become the beginning of the process. Then compare it to the sum of the 15th and 16th levels and work your way down the list. which is 13. remember that the average number of feats that a character gains over a 20 level career is between 10 and 11. a character gains a feat every other level through various means. You’ll soon see the pattern of 4. This demonstrates that while math can do a great job of handling the progression from 2nd level through 20th level. If the totals for level pairs are examined. Sure. Given the need to play with the numbers for the sake of keeping 1st level characters at a functional build. the complexity of 1st level character generation tragically plays with this progression. What makes that nice is that the average number of feats divides nicely into the total number of character levels. the easiest means was to find a progression that gives the desired total. But many classes incorporate feat acquisition in their class progression – and they seldom do it in a predictable pattern. A character with 10 feats would spend 20. the step in cost between the feats needed to be increased to a value more than 480 XP.1% of the proposed 190. 7 of those feats are gained through the character levels – which all classes get. These numbers surround the desired 12%.100 XP on those feats.000 XP is 480 XP. However. As a demonstration of the numbers. Furthermore.000 XP greater than the prior increase.000 XP. {Start by adding the 19th and 20th levels together and comparing them to the 17th and 18th levels. creating the table for feats would need to be more of an art than a science for the first two costs. On average. classes gain just over 10 feats in total. Several classes gain a feat at first level in addition to the character feat gained at first level.Mentalis Design increase level by level. Having a base starting value of 160 XP for the 2nd feat and having an average increase of 520 XP results in a progression that approximates the desired goal of 12% expenditure. feats are gained at first level and then every level that is a multiple of three. A character with 11 feats would spend 25. Instead. The other three are gained through the average class progression. the initial cost would be on the second feat and would thus lower the total. there is something nice that happens when the average number of feats per class is calculated. What this means for the math behind the tables is that a general progression can be easily fit into a nice and neat full level package.} 12% of 4.470 XP out of their initial experience just on feats. The sporadic nature of feat acquisition seems to make them difficult to price. If the progression could start at the second feat chosen.

a mathematical approach could only work so well.1% of a character’s experience. it is just that the poor save is earned later in the character’s life so the cost is much less significant at the level it is earned. so the poor save is really only the six cheapest costs of the total cost for a good save progression. If we ignore that first level as has become the custom. As with feats. Using an initial baseline of 7% and using the argument from the feat section above that a character’s available experience grows by 4. this mark implied that a poor save would account for 1. The cost is the same. a character with one good save. the first two points of the good save occur within the first level and thus imply that the progression cannot begin with the first point of bonus and still be functional. those first two bonuses would have to be ignored for the purposes of developing a good progression. and through a bit of experimentation the value of 70 was chosen to best represent the overall data in the progression. on average there are only a few more classes that have only one good save than have two good saves. one poor save. the fact that a good save results in a +12 at the end of 20 levels seems to indicate that the assumptions used by the feats would be less likely to apply in this case. The cost for each increase to a save costs more than the one before it. However.CoMplete Control a difficult job. The formation of the table is just as much an art as a science. but it should be realized that in this system it isn’t as easy as simply saying a good save will be twice as much as a poor save. figuring out the progression for the good save becomes the most important. a character with a good save really receives a +10 over 19 levels. There are several approaches to finding that value. 38 . some classes receive two or even three good saves. This implies that the true average lies within a character that has about one and a half good saves. A base value needed to be chosen as well.000 XP every two levels it is easy to see that the step increase for the progression should be 280 XP. In order to make a good mathematical progression that also allows first level character to be built reasonably well. Those totals appeared mathematically fair. 45 XP and 60 XP were chosen because they were round numbers. Making the first value so small as to be insignificant was not an option. In the end. Another problem is that since a character receives three saves. Thus. and a character with all good saves would spend 21% of their total experience on saves. That begins to look more and more like the feat progression after all. 7% was the initial mark. Interestingly enough.2% of their experience on saves. This is particularly true because while all classes receive one good save. each save must be less than 12% so that the sum of the save expenditures for an average character approaches 12%. a character with two good saves would spend about 15. but with the third value being 70 XP it only gave so much room. the initial two values needed to be chosen. As with feats. and one save exactly halfway in between would spend just under 12% of their experience. 280 XP turned out to be a near ideal amount of increase for each step in the progression. In the end analysis. Once the experience totals for the progression were established for the third point of save and higher.1% of their experience on saves. it is important to note that in a good save progression a class earns a +2 at first level. Filling out the cost for the poor save would simply mean applying the cost for the good save and checking the percentages. The nice thing about this system is that there is no distinction between the cost of a +1 on a good save and a +1 on a poor save. Perhaps even more importantly. That would mean that a character with one good save and two poor saves would spend around 9. Interestingly enough. Also. Considering that a good save would make up the lion’s share of a character’s save expenditure.

and while both numbers will not break a high level character the experience spent on each save is not insignificant to a first level character. In the system say that of the 300 XP proposed above. a character Having trained as both an assassin above that half could go to each buying access to both and as a marksman. there were three characters are not going to be categories within each type. which should be plenty of options for cost) + (heavy armor cost) should also be 150 any character. Most armor. proficiencies needed Individual heavy armors become 15 XP to be priced so that apiece. It didn’t seem level.Mentalis Design mathematically could become (X) + (2X) + (3X) = 150. it seemed fair to anyway. That equation nicely works out to 6X = 150. and exotic. the equations groups. the cost of the right to allow players to buy exotic first two feats that a character incurs weapons at will. or one-fifth the cost. The armor the individual prices become 10 XP. Also: (light armor cost) + (medium armor groups. so the first one expensive the cumulative would cost 75 XP if the progression total would be significant to from simple to martial weapons a character being developed at first is to be followed. With light armor and simple weapons being 25 XP each. the equation for finding the cost for number should be least and it should progress exotic weapons is simply ported into weapons higher in total until the end. If they Armor is divided into light. That that grew according to a quadratic value totaled 260 XP. Realizing that in each equation the first weapons. Devon could hit a of armor and weapons. so an increase was used as a guideline. weapons. cost of the individual The prices for weapons groups proficiencies. (martial cost) + (first exotic cost) should be 150 That total seems appropriate for three weapons XP. aren’t martial characters. That sounded like the perfect round number. were simply ported over from In terms of weapons and the explanation above. 39 . The cost reasonable to aim for 300 XP as stays low for the first few exotic a high target for proficiencies. martial. Knowing that aren’t going to be expending no class is granted exotic weapons much XP on proficiencies as an innate ability. initial says is that: (simple cost) + weapons spends 75 XP. martial characters at all. Exotic weapons are purchased while not individually individually already. What that martial and simple human heart at 200 yards. they medium. so it seemed function was employed. too content with a single weapon Weapons are divided into group unless they really aren’t simple. Extrapolating that for proficiencies was progression to martial weapons and medium not difficult. or X = 25. As with simple and martial XP. offered a hint at a mathematical rationale behind them. it seemed reasonable to price Proficiencies individual elements of each of those categories Choosing the vales at 5 XP. Additionally. but after that it becomes That value was used as a too high for most players to spend baseline to determine the without a good reason. and heavy.

Once the aspects of character design that have already been discussed are tabulated. Since we are only going for an approximation – and hopefully one that gives fairly round values – an interesting thing happens when we drop Z from the equation. If all the level-variable abilities were to cost the same.700 should give us a good answer. However. 6% of 16.18% was to be the average total goal that 3% would make a good per ability goal. In a standard game. with each subsequent refinement each class had to be recalculated using the new data set. If Z equal the initial cost and X equals the upgrade cost then the formula is simply: Z + X + 2X+ 3X+ 4X+ 5X+ 6X+ 7X+ 8X+ 9X+ 10X+ 11X+ 12X+ 13X+ 14X+ 15X+ 16X+ 17X+ 18X + 19X. This means that an ideal mathematical progression for class abilities would increase with each level and give a total between 16% and 18% of the total experience spent. 4th. This is a number that produces satisfactory results. {Start by examining the total experience needed to reach 17th. then X = 30. Using 360 XP as the base figure and 960 XP as the increase amount makes it easy to fill out the chart for the 2nd. there is a little math that can be helpful in making proper estimated guesses. the completely generic character has 66% of their experience spent.200 XP is the target. This goal translates into an XP amount of 5. If 190X = 5.000 XP increase in the discussion about feats. 18th. In other words. a leap of faith had to be exerted and the math had to be tested from there. it is only a matter of picking an 40 . and 20th levels and compare them with the experience needed to reach the lower quadruplets of levels and you will see a pattern begin to emerge} Examining the pattern reveals that each increase from one quadruplet to the next is 16.400 XP and 34. and even 6th ability score increases. Class Abilities The math for class abilities is nearly impossible to determine. 19th.000 XP is 960 XP.000 XP.5%.CoMplete Control Ability Score Increases Increasing Ability Scores is actually one of the easier increases to figure out of those that do not increase every level. This reduces to Z + 190X. an ideal goal had to be determined.539 XP or 16. In this system. Ability Score increases come at a very regular and predetermined rate. then the equation representing this is easy to figure out. the average expenditure per class on class abilities is 31. The only difficult part is that they increase every four levels rather than every one or two levels like the others. At this point. then 6% of each increase should give the number that is used to determine the cost increase from one level to the next. the same logic that applied to feats and save progression can apply here.700 XP as closely as possible.700XP. If the cost of a level-variable ability is related to the experience gained over the previous level. we can see that Z + 190X = 5. At some point. If the goal is to make this total approximate 5.700 XP. However. Multiplying 6% and the total amount of experience that a character has when they receive their first ability increase in a standard game results in 360 XP. 5th. 3rd. Since the premise put forth in the opening paragraphs of this chapter was to have the experience spent on ability scores set to 6% of the total. Using the same logic that gave us the 4. It seemed reasonable to assume that if 16% . it is far simpler to simply guess at a base value and then use mathematical progressions to determine the rest of the pattern and whether the pattern gives a proper result. Of course. The process began with the class abilities that are level dependant. Setting the base value for the first increase should also be easy. Thus each increase should differ from the prior increase by 960 XP. we can arrive at the differential between ability score increases. This means that an average class ability expenditure of between 30.

This means that the increase cost should be one-third the cost of a constant ability of the same level and the base cost should be the remaining twothirds.5 times the increase cost. because the Rogue’s sneak attack is a signature to the class and it should be priced accordingly. there is no difference in the game mechanics between a constant ability and a use-variable or progression-variable ability with only one progression. The reason for considering divisibility by 3 will be discussed shortly. Even a powerful ability gained at 12th level can be improved twice (for a total of 3 uses per day or at its third progression) for 8. for example. Of course. This is why it was desirably to choose a number for constant abilities that could be nicely divided by 3. it seemed reasonable to have the initial cost equal 1. It was desirable to have the base cost equal to twice the use or progression cost. Thus. these last kinds of abilities are actually easy to figure out. As to the remaining class abilities. The first is that low level abilities can grow substantially without becoming too expensive. constant abilities often do increase in power the higher they are gained. but 270 was chosen because in the end this progression gave the best results.745 XP is not evenly divisible by 20. is a 1st level ability that needs to increase a total of 10 times. The second desirable outcome of this process is that even higher level abilities can gain multiple uses without costing incomprehensible prices. The fact that it costs only a little less than a level-variable ability progressed through 20 levels is ideal. those constant abilities that are gained at the twentieth level should cost the most. then it is reasonable to set a maximum value for constant abilities around that range as well. The only remaining abilities to be determined were progression-variable abilities and usevariable abilities. but it results in 287. the Rogue spends a total of 5.Mentalis Design initial value that makes logical sense. If the levelvariable abilities each cost 5. round number that would make a system friendly to use. As was hinted at in the beginning. a first level constant ability costs 270 XP. Thus. It follows that a number that is divisible by 20 would make a great beginning value for determining the base price of a constant ability. Either 290 or 280 would work well. Following the math given above through the whole cost of the ability.25. so it is almost always fair to say that the higher a constant ability becomes available the more it should cost. Since these abilities are related in terms of progression. This is not a good.745 XP over the course of twenty levels. In this case. they should be priced equivalently. This is significant. one of the progressions had to be determined first and the other progression would be made 41 . There are two desirable outcomes that happen with this application of logic. The Rogue’s sneak attack ability. Instead. the numbers worked out well once a bit of mathematical reasoning and testing was done at the beginning with level-variable abilities.640 XP total. In the end.745 XP for a level-variable ability taken the whole way to level 20. This pattern continues throughout the whole level by level progression. Using that logic and the progression that constant abilities are simply 270 XP times the lowest level that they can be gained. but the fact that 270 and 300 are both nicely divisible by 3 as well they become even more ideal. Since it should cost a bit more to buy access to an ability than to increase its power. Psionics and Magic There was no simple way to determine the cost for psionics and magic together.130 XP for its ability. the work above set up the work to follow. 5. A progressionvariable or use-variable ability should cost 180 XP to grant access and an additional 90 XP to buy its first use. this gives a total accumulation of 5. Either number works. Furthermore. it was desirable to keep the math behind their progression identical if possible. For example. the value of 45 was determined.

With the increase already 42 .780 XP building their character with their spell casting abilities removed. A wizard only spends 93. That leaves almost 100. spell levels must be purchased. but it is a circumstance that can be worked around. In this system. knowing that the progression stops after 9th level rather than continuing through the whole class. the cumulative result would be about 8% of an iconic Wizard’s total XP spent on spell level acquisition. However.CoMplete Control to conform to the progression of the other. Because spell casting – with spell levels and slots within those levels – is much more complicated than psionics. Spell slots are also gained with a very precise progression. because the magic system was chosen to have 9 levels instead of 10 and thus spell level acquisition stops being gained at level 17 instead of level 19. Using that logic. so its experience cost will be not be explained again within this argument. it should be asserted that once again spell casting messes with the mathematical perfection across the 20 levels. That cost is best handled as a level-variable ability. Using the assertion set in the opening paragraphs of this chapter. Fortunately. spell casting progression is very systematic in the wizard. Third. an absolutely generic character is going to spend roughly 66% of the gained experience on everything besides magic and class abilities. spell slots must be purchased. and knowing that the nature of 1st level purchasing throws off the 0-level and 1-level costs. Additionally. If class abilities were designed to accommodate about 17%. Using 12% as a guide. it was easiest to start with magic and then conform the easier psionics to the magic progression. this isn’t overly helpful information because not all classes use magic and abilities to the same level if at all! So. That is an unfortunate circumstance of the way that the game had been designed.5 SRD and find out exactly how much experience a generic Wizard consumes in everything except their spell abilities. it was a number that had worked well in determining the feat progression earlier. The fact that a wizard gains both 0-level spells and 1-level spells at their 1st level indicates that a true progression from start to finish will not give a desired result. a value of 12% was selected as the desired outcome for determining the total cost of each spell level. Spells levels are gained every two levels. but it seemed logical considering that spell level acquisition really does not give a spell caster any power. That would make the cost easier to figure out. the math would not be as clean as was found in the section on saves – or even ability score progression. the easiest method of determining the cost for magical progression was to build a generic Wizard according to the 3. spell level acquisition does not occur after 9th level spells are gained so it made sense to pick a slightly larger number than would be expected because of the offset from not having to spend any later experience on this acquisition. So. Second. remember from the section on feats that each increase should be 480 XP on a 12% model applied to a progression that gains an increase every other level. the caster level has to be bought and increased. First.000 XP to be used in generating the costs for spell casting. this would leave 17% for magic and psionics. This seemed like a fair number considering that wizards in general spend over half of the total experience on their spell casting ability. The 12% was a random number. Doing that gives an astonishing result. so this third one should also carry the greatest burden of cost. Finally. the progression would need to be determined from 2nd through 9th level spells and then the data from that would help guide the pricing of the 0 and 1 level information. Unfortunately. Of course. It is this third purchase that truly gives the wizard its power. there are three aspects to being able to cast spells. To obtain the cost for each spell level.

the becomes: 4(.5X.5X + 22X + 27. If the amount of Using the Cleric as the increase is set equal to the cost of middle guide and also realizing 1-level slots and the cost of 0-level that the Cleric spell casting is st spells is set to equal half that of 1 often seen as one of the more level spells. Calculating 0-level spells slots. The Cleric ends up with 6 spell slot cost.5X + 11 X + beginning value. a certain amount of experience more than a slot from the previous This reduces even further to level.5(8X) + 190. the Sorcerer by level 3. This reduced nicely to 2X + If a generic progression can be assumed so that each slot costs 4X + 8X + 12X + 16X +20X + 24X + 28X + 32X + 36X. 135. However.5X) a much nicer number. If X again after the spell levels gained by the notoriously equals the cost of increase and the base cost.5 of increase and the base cost for each spell gives a result of 246.404 XP by 220.5(7X) + 4. This gives the Cleric + 5. of every level. The costs to 273X. 5+1 spell all of the costs for building slots for levels 1-5. for 0-level and 1-level acquisition were At the end of its progression. the Cleric seems like a reasonable even easier as can be seen in the choice to use in determining paragraphs to follow.5(4X) + an experience total that sits very close to 5. then the Cleric equation becomes:6(. easier to assume.5(2X) + 5. This reduces even further completely fills out the table.5(3X) + 5.5X) experience gained by that level is 240 XP. The . and the Sorcerer models + 4(3X) + 4(4X) + 4(5X) + spell slots are predetermined.Mentalis Design determined. This reduces even further to 220. Dividing 54. and 4+1 Arcane.all were available to Ghundra and for spell slot cost gives assumption was made that she revelled in controlling them all. then the math becomes powerful lists in a game.5X + 27X + 31. st determined by building a 1 level generic the Wizard ends up with 4 spells wizard and finding a reasonable cost. If X again equals The only thing left to be determined the cost of increase and the base regarding spell casting is spell slot cost.5(5X) + 4. difficult 1st character level.5X. Using 240 6(9X). divine and psionic powers a 20th level cleric except spell slots for levels 6-9.404 XP to spend on half for domain spells. which is the first spell level gained ends up with 6 spells of every level. reasonable to use 8% of the experience total At the end of its progression. That leaves the Cleric’s spell slot cost is 54. the only thing left to explain is the 4.5)X + 4(X) + 4(2X) Wizard. then the Wizard equation acquisition. If X equals the cost spell slot costs. 4(6X) + 4(7X) + 4(8X) + 4(9X). Since 8% became the overall 16.5(9X). 8% of the total then the Sorcerer equation becomes: 6(.5X + 36X + goal for the total experience spent. then the numbers become 182X. + 6(X) + 6(2X) + 6(3X) + 6(4X) + which mathematically is pleasing considering 6(5X) + 6(6X) + 6(7X) + 6(8X) + the static increase is 480 XP. or 245 if rounded to slot. it seemed 40. This reduced nicely to nd XP as the base price for acquiring 2 3X + 6X + 12X + 18X + 24X level spells and increasing each value by + 30X +36X + 42X + 48X + 480 XP to obtain the next level almost 54X.596 XP. this value proves to 43 . This reduces to 3X + 5.000 XP.73.5(6X) + 4. With the Cleric.5(X) + 5.

000 XP is 72. This is good.625 XP by 343 (the Psion’s power point total) gives a result of 197. Thus. This only leaves the determination for the cost of psionic power points.117 XP. the character would need 112. The numbers are also favorable when analyzing the iconic class builds and the level-by-level experience costs for other classes as well. The Wizard spends 67. If X is the base cost and Y is the increase between incantations.883 XP. and 9 times 500 XP would make up 4. The Psion and the Wizard are nearly identical builds. the psionic progression falls easily into place. Wilder. This is not a bad thing.000 XP –near the upper limit for 20th level characters – the cost per spell slot rises to 300 XP.500 XP of the remaining difference. This increase in quantity needed removes the necessity to have the cost rise as well. This implies a difference of 1.000 XP. Cleric. and it lifts both the Wizard and Sorcerer into the accepted range of experience.883 XP. That would leave 5.000 XP. If these classes are roughly equivalent. Now that the magic progression has been determined. and this is easily enough accomplished. These restricted classes have less versatility at their disposal. it should be noted that 36 times 2. The first three incantations certainly do not follow the pattern of the fourth incantation and those that follow. Considering that the fourth incantation begins a pattern and the first three come in the first two levels where costs need to be minimized.833 XP. There is no need to scale the cost.CoMplete Control be considerably short when applied to the 20th level Sorcerer and Wizard builds. This is a good number. In the interest of discovering figures that are easy to use. That leaves 77. if the cleric is pushed to an overall expenditure of around 209. This number can be rounded to 195 to make it easier to use as well as give a nice result within each iconic class. it made sense to find a mathematical progression that puts the lion’s share of the experience upon the last nine incantations.883 XP to be split among the incantations. merely a design element that must be overcome. This cost reduction determination was done by building each class with reduced manifester/caster abilities as though it had full access to a spell list and then finding a percentage that worked well across the board. X + (X+Y) + (X+2Y) + (X+3Y) + (X+4Y) + (X+5Y) + (X+6Y) + (X+7Y) + (X+8Y) < 77. If a Nexus is built with everything except its invocations in place. Channeling At first glance. This implies that 9X + 36Y < 77.625 XP on spell slots and familiar. That is why that value was included within the table. Those classes who have access to a power or spell list that has restricted options shouldn’t be required to pay the same amount of experience as a Psion. One final note should be added with regard to classes who have limited spell casting ability. then simply finding a numeric cost for each power point that approximates the cost for the Wizard’s spell slot and summon familiar ability should do the trick. because in terms of power the Cleric is powerful enough to justify an overall experience expenditure over the proposed 190. because the rising number of power points needed to manifest higher level powers implies the need to buy more with each level. the table for channeling looks highly disjointed. simply swapping out the spell slots for power points and removing the Wizard’s familiar. Wizard. Dividing 67. then a formula for the last nine incantations is fairly easy to find. In the end.16 XP per power point. The value that seemed to work the best as well as give reasonable numbers was 50%. or Sorcerer would.383 XP to be divided among the 44 . their cost is reduced. there is no need to alter what is functionally the same for both classes. once again the progression is bitten by the fact that the first level disrupts the pattern. However. The cost for accessing psionic power levels is identical to the spell levels.

But like all good games. In the end. there are areas to be exploited by those who understand the system best. There will no doubt be readers who disagree with a few assumptions stated in this chapter. eighteen of the twenty levels came in under the expectation. And we all know what they say about absolute power. and is only 483 XP short of the goal. The Game Masters and the players at each table can determine their individual comfort with how much leniency to allow when applying these rules to character generation. Any system that sets out to use math to break down the individual aspects of each character can (and will) be exploited. This totals 900 XP. It works fairly well at identifying classes that are underdeveloped as well as those that may be a little too robust. It is a system that allows a player to build exactly the character they want so long as their expectations of power are reasonable. There are no doubt readers who might suggest a different pattern or progression. I hope the system has been an inspirational read. and have fun gaming! 45 . and if nothing else I hope that this system has kindled a fire within you to try out a few builds that you always wanted to do but never thought were possible. there are aspects to this system of which Game Masters need to be aware. Each table may find different comfort levels in applying the rules of this system. There is certainly more than one way to break down a character into the sum of the acquisition of all its parts. Considering the overall build is 189. makes a nice pattern. and 400 XP. Is a Game Master comfortable allowing progressions to be taken further than would normally be allowed in a standard 20 level game? Is a Game Master comfortable allowing skill ranks or abilities to be purchased whenever the funds are available without setting limits on when and how much can be bought at a given character level? These are the kinds of questions whose answers depend largely on the type of players sitting around the table. 300 XP. With freedom to build the character that is truly desired comes absolute power over character creation. Conclusion on the Designer’s Notes The fun thing about mathematics is that while the numbers don’t lie. However. it made sense to make the first three incantations 200 XP. The goal of this system isn’t to replace a system that has limitations with another system that has different limitations.Mentalis Design first three incantations which do not fit into the progression of incantations gained at the later levels.517 XP the result was satisfying. the Game Master needs to understand the system and set reasonable limits on how far each aspect of this system can be pushed. Go. Since the fourth incantation would cost 500 XP. Over the course of a character’s life. Power gamers can use this system as well – if not better – than a standard game. it is a work that succeeds in accomplishing the task at hand generally well across the board. This work is not the final word in this process. In the end. It works well in accomplishing a reasonable approach to designing non-standard characters. 483 XP is rather insignificant. When placed within an iconic Nexus build. there are often multiple equations to accomplish the same task. However. The final remaining piece that remained was to check the numbers and make sure that the progression fits within the expectations set for each level. The two levels where the total experience spent exceeded the expectation were by 435 XP and 72 XP respectively. The goal of this system is to allow players to build characters that they want to build and have fun. this system works.

ered to be the same ability for Additionally.5 her heart. listed here is too low the price can First. These classes were that offer these taken only from the works of abilities at lowWizards of the Coast (as holders er levels is potenof the OGL license) and tially unbalancing and Dreamscarred Press should be done with care (as publishers of under this system. On the other hand. as menthe sake of pricing and thus tioned above the specific priced the same in all cases class abilities listed here regardless of the name. First. if a a game. system is based on the With regard to premise that classes pricing. can be found in the 3.5 SRD as Additionally. and of prices can vary. This has Game Master decides that the price two implications. Infores are produced – and dePiqa was a trained berzerker who mation on the abilities as pending on which ones are had unlocked her psionic potential. these abilities are considsary. as more well as from products from classes and Prestige ClassDreamscarred Press. the prices listcertainly be adjusted upward. it is an different names. Therefore. in battle. reresources present to the author at the time of member that class writing. they are certainly welest level that they come to alter the price downward for can be obtained in their game. wield. In these casassumption that is neceses. ed in this document This leads to the are priced accordsecond implicaing to official available tion. Generatclasses and Prestige Classes at ing new homethe time of the writing of this brew classes document. If a Game Master has access to a class abilities are priced that gains a particular ability at a level lower according to the lowthan that listed here. occasionally the level on which they are abilities may have the exact gained. This this work).CoMplete Control List of Class Abilities Before going through the following list of these prices are simply guidelines based on the class abilities. 46 . are from the 3. there are a are designed with abilifew considerations to ties that are balanced for discuss.well as the classes from at each gaming table – the which they are drawn ing both the power of her mind. While that is true same effect in spite of having to varying degrees.

with an ability’s upgrade listed directly below its root ability. the Alter Mind Armor has a prerequisite of: Mind Armor Bonus (+1) ability. Ability names are listed in bold. the greater ability is an automatic prerequisite for the subordinate ability.620 XP First Progression XP: 810 XP Bardic Knowledge Prerequisites: Bardic Music (1) ability Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 45 XP First Increase XP: 30 XP Bardic Music Type: Level/Use-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 45 XP First Increase XP: 30 XP First Use XP Cost: 30 XP • Countersong: 30 XP Prerequisites: Bardic Music (1) ability • Fascinate: 30 XP Prerequisites: Bardic Music (1) ability • Inspire Competence: 90 XP Prerequisites: Bardic Music (3) ability • Inspire Courage Base: 30 XP Prerequisites: Bardic Music (1) ability First Progression XP: 30 XP • Inspire Greatness: 270 XP Prerequisites: Bardic Music (9) ability • Inspire Heroics: 450 XP Prerequisites: Bardic Music 47 . That means that the Mind Armor Bonus ability must be purchased through its first progression in order to take the Alter Mind Armor ability. Abundant Step Prerequisites: Unarmored Speed Bonus ability Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 8 Base XP Cost: 885 XP First Increase XP: 240 XP Alter Mind ArmorSK Prerequisites: Mind Armor Bonus (+1) ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 5 Base XP Cost: 1. For example.Mentalis Design SRD or in the appropriate Dreamscarred Press products. Anima Flare (30 ft) ability Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 9 Base XP Cost: 1. Prerequisites have been listed according to the classes out of which they have been drawn. Some abilities – like Bardic Music: Countersong – are subordinate abilities to a greater ability and are listed with the greater ability. Class abilities The class abilities presented below are listed in alphabetical order. As one would expect. A prerequisite listing Damage Reduction (3/-) means that the player must already have purchased the Damage Reduction ability and increased it to 3/-. Prerequisites that contain a number inside parenthesis indicate the level of progression needed by the prerequisite.350 XP Anima FlareHK Prerequisites: Primary Avatar Ability Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 3 Base XP Cost: 540 XP First Progression XP: 270 XP • Flare Mastery: 510 XP Animal Companion Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 45 XP First Increase XP: 30 XP Aura of (Alignment) Type: Constant Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 270 XP Aura of Courage Prerequisites: Aura of (Alignment) ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 3 Base XP Cost: 810 XP Avatar SurgeHK Prerequisites: Primary Avatar ability. The subordinate abilities are listed in bold as well.

260 XP First Progression XP: 630 XP Deflect BlowsSK Prerequisites: Wild Talent feat Type: Use-Variable Level Gained: 3 Base XP Cost: 540 XP First Use XP: 270 XP Detect (Alignment) Prerequisites: Aura of (relevant Alignment) ability Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 45 XP First Increase XP: 30 XP Diamond Body Prerequisites: Purity of Body ability or Knowledge (religion) 18 ranks Type: Constant Level Gained: 11 Base XP Cost: 2. BAB +4 Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 4 Base XP Cost: 225 XP First Increase XP: 120 XP Damage Reduction Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 7 Base XP Cost: 1.970 XP Diamond Soul Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 13 Base XP Cost: 2.430 XP Camouflage Prerequisites: Hide or Survival 11 ranks Type: Constant Level Gained: 8 Base XP Cost: 2.590 XP Divine Grace Prerequisites: Follower of 48 .385 XP First Increase XP: 390 XP Dimensional SwapSK Prerequisites: Alter Mind Armor ability Type: Level/Use-Variable Level Gained: 7 Base XP Cost: 675 XP First Increase XP: 210 XP First Use XP: 210 XP Discipline ApotheosisUP Prerequisites: Discipline Expertise (+2) DC ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 20 Base XP Cost: 5.800 XP First Progression XP: 900 XP Divert ConcentrationUP Prerequisites: Mystic Echo ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 17 Base XP Cost: 4.CoMplete Control (15) ability • Mass Suggestion: 540 XP Prerequisites: Bardic Music (18) ability • Song of Freedom: 360 XP Prerequisites: Bardic Music (12) ability • Suggestion: 180 XP Prerequisites: Bardic Music (6) ability Bladewind Prerequisites: Mind Blade Bonus (+2) ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 9 Base XP Cost: 2.160 XP Caster Level Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 45 XP First Increase XP: 30 XP CatfallEM Prerequisites: Monk’s WIS Bonus to AC Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 4 Base XP Cost: 225 XP First Increase XP: 120 XP Channeler Level Prerequisites: Magic Sensitivity ability Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 40 XP TC First Increase XP: 25 XP Cooperative HealingWM Prerequisites: Worldthought Network ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 270 XP Cover FireUP Prerequisites: Wind Reader ability.400 XP Discipline Expertise +1/-1 MLUP Type: Constant Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 270 XP Discipline Expertise +1 DCUP Prerequisites: Discipline Expertise +1/-1 ML Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 10 Base XP Cost: 1.

980 XP First Progression XP: 990 XP Health SenseWM Prerequisites: Medic Powers ability Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 2 Base XP Cost: 360 XP Firs Progression XP: 180 XP Hide in Plain Sight Prerequisites: Move Silently 8 ranks. Worldthought Network (long) ability Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 11 Base XP Cost: 1.970 XP Healing AffinityWM Prerequisites: Health Sense (stabilize) ability.400 XP Elude Touch Type: Constant Level Gained: 2 Base XP Cost: 540 XP EmpathyUP Prerequisites: Request Aid ability Type: Level/Use-Variable Level Gained: 6 Base XP Cost: 495 XP First Increase XP: 180 XP First Use XP: 180 XP Empty Body Prerequisites: Abundant Step ability Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 19 Base XP Cost: 5. Detect (alignment) ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 2 Base XP Cost: 540 XP Divine Health Prerequisites: FORT +3 Type: Constant Level Gained: 3 Base XP Cost: 810 XP Domain Powers Prerequisites: Divine Caster Level (1) Type: Constant Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 2700 XP Efficient NetworkUP Prerequisites: Mystic Echo ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 20 Base XP Cost: 5. Aura of (alignment) ability. Hide 10 ranks Type: Constant Level Gained: 8 Base XP Cost: 2. BAB +2 Type: Constant Level Gained: 2 Base XP Cost: 540 XP Evasion Prerequisites: REFL +3 Type: Constant Level Gained: 2 Base XP Cost: 540 XP Fast Movement Type: Constant Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 540 XP Favored Enemy Prerequisites: BAB +1 Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 180 XP First Progression XP: 90 XP Fearsome InsightMO Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 2 Base XP Cost: 75 XP First Increase XP: 90 XP • Fear Incarnate: 360 XP Fighter Feat Access Prerequisites: BAB +1 Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 45 XP First Increase XP: 30 XP Flurry of Blows Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 180 XP First Use XP: 90 XP • Greater Flurry: 330 XP Free Draw Prerequisites: Mind Blade ability.Mentalis Design a deity.175 XP First Increase XP: 570 XP Evade ArrowsUP Prerequisites: Wind Reader ability. BAB +3 Type: Constant Level Gained: 5 Base XP Cost: 1.350 XP Greater Rage Prerequisites: Rage 3/day Type: Constant Level Gained: 11 Base XP Cost: 2.160 XP Idealized WeaponHK Prerequisites: BAB +2 49 .

780 XP Inner LanguageUP Prerequisites: Worldthought Network ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 11 Base XP Cost: 2.350 XP Indomitable Will Prerequisites: Rage (4/day) ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 14 Base XP Cost: 3. Cooperative Healing ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 270 XP Mind ArmorSK Prerequisites: Wild Talent feat Type: Constant Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 270 XP Mind Armor BonusSK Prerequisites: Mind Armor 50 .430 XP Improved Mind ArmorSK Prerequisites: Mind Armor (+1) ability.400 XP Ki PsionicsEM Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 45 XP First Increase XP: 30 XP Ki Strike Prerequisites: Unarmed Damage Bonus.970 XP Improved Shield/SpikesSK Prerequisites: Mind Shield/ Spikes ability Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 8 Base XP Cost: 1.590 XP Lay on Hands Prerequisites: Aura of (nonevil alignment) ability Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 2 Base XP Cost: 75 XP First Increase XP: 60 XP Lore Prerequisites: Caster/Manifester level (1) ability Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 45 XP First Increase XP: 30 XP Magic SensitivityTC Type: Constant Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 0 XP Magic TouchTC Prerequisites: Magic Sensitivity Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 4 Base XP Cost: 225 XP First Increase XP: 120 XP Manifester Level Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 45 XP First Increase XP: 30 XP Medic PowersWM Prerequisites: Worldthought Network ability. BAB +3 Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 4 Base XP Cost: 720 XP First Progression XP: 360 XP Ki StyleEM Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 180 XP First Progression XP: 90 XP Knife to the Soul Prerequisites: Mindblade (+3) Bonus ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 17 Base XP Cost: 4. REFL +6 Type: Constant Level Gained: 9 Base XP Cost: 2.CoMplete Control Type: Level/ProgressionVariable Level Gained: 2 Base XP Cost: 75 XP First Increase XP: 60 XP First Progression XP: 60 XP Improved Evasion Prerequisites: Evasion ability. Type: Constant Level Gained: 11 Base XP Cost: 2.970 XP Keep on StandingSK Prerequisites: Trade Blows (2) abilty Type: Constant Level Gained: 20 Base XP Cost: 5.440 XP First Progression XP: 720 XP Improved Uncanny Dodge Prerequisites: Ucanny Dodge ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 5 Base XP Cost: 1.

BAB +3 Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 4 Base XP Cost: 720 XP First Progression XP: 360 XP Mind Blade Enhancement Prerequisites: Mind Blade (+1) Bonus ability. BAB +4 Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 6 Base XP Cost: 1.080 XP Arundel learned how to focus his First Progression XP: 540 XP mind into a weapon of psionic energy.080 XP First Progression XP: 540 XP Mind Blade Prerequisites: Wild Talent feat Type: Constant Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 270 XP Mind Blade Bonus Prerequisites: Mind Blade ability. SK Mind Shield/Mind Spikes Prerequisites: Mind Armor Type: Level/ProgressionVariable ability Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 4 Level Gained: 3 Base XP Cost: 225 XP Base XP Cost: 540 XP First Progression XP: 270 XP MindlockMO Prerequisites: Touch of Fear ability First Increase XP: 120 XP First Progression XP: 120 XP Focused Mindlink: 420 XP Monk’s AC Prerequisites: Monk’s WIS Bonus to AC ability Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 180 XP First Progression XP: 90 XP Monk’s WIS Bonus to AC Type: Constant Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 270 XP Multiple Throw Prerequisites: Throw Mind Blade ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 13 Base XP Cost: 3.160 XP Nature Sense Prerequisites: Knowledge (Nature) 3 ranks Type: Constant Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 270 XP Network SenseUP Prerequisites: Social Insight ability Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 5 51 .Mentalis Design ability Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 4 Base XP Cost: 720 XP First Progression XP: 360 XP Mind Armor EnhancementSK Prerequisites: Mind Armor (+1) Bonus ability Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 6 Base XP Cost: 1.510 XP Mystic EchoUP Prerequisites: Cooperative Healing ability and Network Telepathy ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 8 Base XP Cost: 2.

CoMplete Control Base XP Cost: 900 XP First Progression XP: 450 XP Nightmare FormMO Prerequisites: Fearsome Insight ability Type: Use-Variable Level Gained: 8 Base XP Cost: 1.080 XP Rogue Special Ability Prerequisites: Sneak Attack +5d6 Type: Constant Level Gained: 10 Base XP Cost: 2.350 XP Resist Nature’s Lure Prerequisites: Knowledge (Nature) 7 ranks.260 XP First Progression XP: 630 XP Slow Fall Prerequisites: Monk’s WIS Bonus to AC Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 4 Base XP Cost: 720 XP First Progression XP: 360 XP 52 .400 XP Primary AvatarHK Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 180 XP First Progression XP: 90 XP Psychic Enervation Type: Constant Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 0 XP Purity of Body (Divine Health) Prerequisites: FORT +3 Type: Constant Level Gained: 3 Base XP Cost: 810 XP Qaelic AscendancyMO Prerequisites: Persistant Nightmare ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 20 Base XP Cost: 5.080 XP First Use XP: 540 XP Request AidWM Prerequisites: Network Telepathy abilty.980 XP First Progression XP: 990 XP Shroud of Fears Prerequisites: Nightmare Form ability Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 10 Base XP Cost: 1.700 XP Secondary AvatarHK Prerequisites: Primary Avatar Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 7 Base XP Cost: 1. BAB +3 Type: Constant Level Gained: 5 Base XP Cost: 1.260 XP First Progression XP: 630 XP Shape Mind Blade Prerequisites: Mind Blade ability. BAB +11 Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 15 Base XP Cost: 3. Health Sense ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 5 Base XP Cost: 1.400 XP Quivering Palm Prerequisites: Greater Flurry ability.800 XP First Progression XP: 900 XP Signature StyleUP Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 7 Base XP Cost: 1. Nature Sense ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 4 Base XP Cost: 1.350 XP Share AvatarHK Prerequisites: Primary Avatar (3) ability and Anima Flare (30 ft) ability Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 11 Base XP Cost: 1.195 XP First Increase XP: 450 XP Rage Type: Use-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 180 XP First Use XP: 90 XP Remove Disease Prerequisites: Lay on Hands ability Type: Use-Variable Level Gained: 6 Base XP Cost: 1.440 XP First Use XP: 720 XP • Persistant Nightmare: 570 XP Perfect Self Prerequisites: Monk’s AC ability and Diamond Soul ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 20 Base XP Cost: 5.

Mentalis Design Smite (Alignment) Prerequisites: Aura of (relevant Alignment) ability Type: Level/Use-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 45 XP First Increase XP: 30 XP First Use XP: 30 XP Sneak Attack Prerequisites: Hide 4 ranks Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 180 XP First Progression XP: 90 XP Social InsightUP Prerequisites: Worldthought Network ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 2 Base XP Cost: 540 XP Soul OpeningTC Prerequisites: Channeler Level (3) ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 3 Base XP Cost: 810 XP Soul Rift Prerequisites: Soul Opening ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 20 Base XP Cost: 5.700 XP Sphere Resistance Prerequisites: Channeler Level (1) ability Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 3 Base XP Cost: 540 XP First Progression XP: 270 XP Spirit of the Many Prerequisites: Worldthought Network ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 2 Base XP Cost: 540 XP Spontaneous Conversion: Cure Prerequisites: Divine Caster level (1) ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 270 XP UP TC Spontaneous Conversion: SNA Prerequisites: Divine Caster level (1) ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 270 XP Steal HealthWM Prerequisites: Worldthought Network ability.775 XP First Increase XP: 420 XP Still Mind Prerequisites: Any 2 Saves +3 Type: Constant Level Gained: 3 Base XP Cost: 810 XP Summon Familiar Prerequisites: Arcane Caster Level (1) ability Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 45 XP First Increase XP: 30 XP Suppress DisplayHK Prerequisites: Anima Flare (20 ft) ability 53 . Cooperative Healing ability Type: Level/ProgressionVariable Level Gained: 3 Base XP Cost: 135 XP First Increase XP: 90 XP Range Increase (7th level): 210 XP Steal LifeWM Prerequisites: Steal Health ability Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 14 Base XP Cost: 2. Lay on Hands ability Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 5 Base XP Cost: 345 XP First Increase XP: 150 XP Sphere DefenseTC Prerequisites: Sphere Resistance ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 10 Base XP Cost: 2.400 XP Soulbinding Gaze Prerequisites: Worldthought Network ability Type: Level/ProgressionVariable Level Gained: 3 Base XP Cost: 135 XP First Increase XP: 90 XP UP TC Progression(11th level): 330 XP Progression(14th level): 420 XP • Subconscious Gaze: 420 XP Special Mount Prerequisites: Divine Grace ability.

050 XP Tireless Rage Prerequisites: Greater Rage ability and Rage (5/day) ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 17 Base XP Cost: 4.CoMplete Control Type: Constant Level Gained: 8 Base XP Cost: 2.620 XP Telepathy (Network)UP Prerequisites: Worldthought Network ability and Spirit of the Many ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 3 Base XP Cost: 810 XP TerrorsMO Prerequisites: Touch of Fear (1) ability Type: Level/Use-Variable Level Gained 1 Base XP Cost: 45 XP First Increase: 30 XP First Use XP: 30 XP • Channel Terror: 180 XP • Terror Mastery: 510 XP Tertiary Avatar Prerequisites: Secondary Avatar Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 17 Base XP Cost: 4.125 XP First Increase XP: 510 XP HK Thousand Faces Prerequisites: Druid Caster Level (9) ability and Able to cast 5th level Druid Spells Type: Constant Level Gained: 13 Base XP Cost: 3.430 XP Touch of FearMO Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 45 XP First Increase XP: 30 XP Trackless Step Prerequisites: Woodland Stride ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 3 Base XP Cost: 810 XP Trade BlowsSK Prerequisites: Mind Armor (+1) ability Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 5 Base XP Cost: 900 XP First Progression XP: 450 XP Trap Sense Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 3 Base XP Cost: 540 XP First Progression XP: 270 XP Trapfinding Prerequisites: Search 4 ranks Type: Constant Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 270 XP Turn Undead Prerequisites: Cleric Caster Level (1) and able to cast 1st level Divine spells Type: Level/Use-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 45 XP First Increase XP: 30 XP First Use XP: 30 XP Unarmed Damage Prerequisites: Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 180 XP First Progression XP: 90 XP Unarmored Speed Bonus Prerequisites: Monk’s WIS Bonus to AC ability Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 1 54 . BAB +1 Type: Constant Level Gained: 2 Base XP Cost: 540 XP Timeless Body Prerequisites: Knowledge (Nature) 18 ranks Type: Constant Level Gained: 15 Base XP Cost: 4.160 XP Surging Euphoria Prerequisites: Wild Surge ability. BAB +3 Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 4 Base XP Cost: 720 XP First Progression XP: 360 XP Swift Tracker Prerequisites: Track feat Type: Constant Level Gained: 6 Base XP Cost: 1.590 XP Tongue of Sun and Moon Type: Constant Level Gained: 9 Base XP Cost: 2.510 XP Throw Mind Blade Prerequisites: Mind Blade Ability.

but her deep emotional connection also allows her to form a worldthought network. 55 .430 XP Volatile Mind Prerequisites: Wild Surge ability and BAB +3 Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 5 Base XP Cost: 900 XP First Progression XP: 450 XP Wholeness of Body Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 7 Base XP Cost: 675 XP First Increase XP: 210 XP Wild Empathy Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 45 XP Increase XP: 30 XP Wild Shape (Elemental) Prerequisites: Knowledge (Nature) 19 ranks Type: Level/Use-Variable Level Gained: 16 Base XP Cost: 3645 XP First Increase XP: 480 XP First Use XP: 480 XP Wild Shape (Natural) Prerequisites: Knowledge (Nature) 8 ranks Type: Level/Use-Variable Level Gained: 5 Base XP Cost: 345 XP First Increase XP: 150 XP First Use XP: 150 XP Wild Surge Prerequisites: Psychic Enervation ability Type: Progression-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 180 XP First Progression XP: 90 XP Wind ReaderUP Type: Level-Variable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 45 XP First Increase XP: 30 XP Woodland Stride Prerequisites: Nature Sense ability Type: Constant Level Gained: 2 Base XP Cost: 540 XP Worldthought NetworkUP Type: Level/ProgressionVariable Level Gained: 1 Base XP Cost: 45 XP Increase XP: 30 XP Range Progression XP: 30 XP Gailbraith uses her emotions to manifest her powers. not unlike a Wilder.Mentalis Design Base XP Cost: 180 XP First Progression XP: 90 XP Uncanny Dodge Type: Constant Level Gained: 2 Base XP Cost: 540 XP Venom Immunity Prerequisites: Knowledge (Nature) 12 ranks Type: Constant Level Gained: 9 Base XP Cost: 2.

In one respect. however in this system the purchases would actually be made as the experience becomes available. he is just as well equipped to take it as dish it out. In many respects they are more powerful. Baruk. Perhaps more importantly the increase in power comes because a player can tap into two full level-variable aspects of completely different classes and not worry about sacrificing ability level progression. and the culmination of the work won’t bring the reader back into that mind frame. and Society MindSM build from the examples above. With respect to base classes. Bard. and incantations are ignored because the exact selections do not increase the cost. Baruk has the ability to tap into the fears of anyone who challenges him. spells. this work is not going to attempt to put what follows in a typical base class or Prestige Class format. and this is intentional. incantations. The other examples could be of any race. this is merely an examination of the rules for the purpose of having examples. Instead. A good build will contain both combat and out-of-combat options – and these builds are not only the best kind of builds but also the most fun to play and the easiest for a Game Master to balance. Granted. A character can have access to Primary. some things will have to be sacrificed from the traditional Fighter. The breakdowns are split roughly into level equivalents. spells. powers. The best builds will be characters that have combinations which don’t overlap more than necessary. these are noted generically where they would be purchased. Feat selection. and Tertiary Avatars in addition to having a 20th level Worldthought Network. The examples that follow are going to be made up of parts of already existing base classes from the SRD and Dreamscarred Press. it might make sense to put out a few sample builds. A character can have full access to 20th level fighter feats and full access to Bardic Music if they want. Baruk and Marcus are designated as a Human simply to show examples of reduction in skill points and a free feat. and race is largely ignored in the following examples. these might serve for alternate base classes for a standard game. take into account not only what has been combined but also what has been sacrificed in order to add new options in a non-traditional build. Finally. a Dark Wanderer There are a few people who enjoy walking through this world and preying upon the fears of others. and he’s pretty good at avoiding 56 . what follows is going to be a breakdown of playable characters in this system. But these combinations are possible and at first glance they may seem unbalancing. When evaluating the examples of possible builds. Additionally. things like feats. Each character only receives so man actions per round. Instead. Halo KnightHK. In a second respect. Secondary. As a third benefit. In Baruk’s case.Example Builds CoMplete Control In order to demonstrate few of the rules and how they are put into practice. The key to remember is that the common denominator of all characters is actions. The ability to pick and choose a character’s elements automatically makes a character design more efficient and powerful. this shows an alternate use of this system: this is a quick and dirty means for generating new base classes and Prestige Classes. This work has been about breaking free of classes. powers. these builds may seem overpowered when compared to the multi-classed build necessary to approximate each character in a standard game.

143 / 7. Spot – 23.575 XP BAB +15: 22. Bluff 7th rank (54).000 XP . Concentration – 11.685 XP 1 Good Save: 13.127 power points (For use with MorpheanMO Terror ability only.132] – d10 (75). 3rd. Touch of Fear 2nd level (30). Open Lock – 23. Mind Blade (270). Evasion (540). Fearsome Insight 2nd level (75) 3 – [1. 1st Feat (100). REFL +1 (45). Terrors 4th level 4/day (90+120) 5 – [4. Gather Information – 11. Bluff 6th rank (36). no manifesting) TOTAL: 190. Mind Blade Bonus.083] – d10 (150). 2nd. Tumble 3rd rank (9). 2nd.All Simple Weapons 205 Skill Ranks: 26. Fearsome Insight 3rd level (60). Hide 8th rank (72). Gather Information 4th rank (9). 2nd. Disable Device 8th rank (72). Trapfinding. CHA 18(15) Proficiencies: 25 XP . FORT +3 (70). Move Silently – 23. Spot 1st. 2nd ranks (18). Proficiencies (25). Purchase Highlights: 20d10: 28.405 XP . Touch of Fear 4th level (90). Spot 8th rank (72). Concentration 4th rank (9). Improved Uncanny Dodge. Search – 23. Touch of Fear 1st level (45). Touch of Fear 3rd level (60).056] – d10 (300). Monk’s WIS bonus to AC. he’s also quite skilled at setting and disarming traps to enhance the psychological effect of his power. REFL +3 (70).352 XP Bluff – 23. 4th ranks (36). Hide 5th rank (18). Concentration 1st. Spot 6th rank (36). Mind Blade.860 XP 16 Abilities: 58. 2 power points (195). Abundant Step. 4th ranks (36). Intimidate 4th rank (9).980 XP . 2nd. FORT +2 (60). Move Silently 6th rank (36). All in all. Open Locks 5th rank (18). Tap Sense +1 (810). Trapfinding (270) 2 – [951 / 2. 1 power point (98). Open Locks 1st.383 XP . Search 5th rank (18).Fortitude & Will 6 Attribute Inc: 6. Intimidate 1st. Monk’s WIS to AC bonus (270). Disable Device 6th rank (36). 1 Free Feat (0). 4th ranks (36).Touch of Fear. 2 power points (195). 2 power points (195).715 XP not counting Initial 1.215 XP (188. 4th ranks (36). 2nd Feat (160). Open Locks 6th rank (36). 2nd.STR 8. Search 6th rank (36). Unarmored Speed Bonus +0 (180+90). Disable Device 7th rank (54). Fearsome Insight. Hide 6th rank (36). INT 14. Disable Device 5th rank (18). WILL +3 (70). 3rd. Monk’s AC Bonus. Concentration 3rd rank (9). Hide – 23. Unarmored Speed. Uncanny Dodge. Move Silently 1st. Mind Blade Bonus +1 (720+360). Evasion. Bluff 1st.199] – d10 (450). Tumble 1st.950 XP . Terrors. Mind Blade Enhancement. Bluff 5th rank (18). Spot 7th rank (54). Touch of Fear 5th 57 . Gather Information 1st. REFL +4 (350). 2nd ranks (18). CON 12(10). 3rd.500 XP) Breakdown: 1 – [1. Fearsome Insight 4th level (90). DEX 14(13). Improved Evasion Manifesting: 12. BAB +1 (110). Move Silently 5th rank (18). Disable Device – 23. 2nd ranks (18). 2nd. Open Locks 7th rank (54). Hide 1st. WILL +2 (60). In addition to tapping into fears. Baruk tends to be a mean spirited Human who simply enjoys watching other people succumb to their fears at his hands. Tumble 4th rank (9). Search 1st. Trap Sense. 3rd. Move Silently 8th rank (72). Search 8th rank (72). Move Silently 7th rank (54). 2nd ranks (18). REFL +2 (60). Tumble – 11 8 Feats (1 Free): 8. 4th ranks (36).132 / 1. CHA +1 (360). BAB +2 (215). WIS 12. FORT +1 (45). Spot 5th rank (18). WILL +1 (45). 3rd. Terrors 3rd level 3/day (135+180) 4 – [3.454] – d10 (600).255 / 11. Intimidate – 11. 4th ranks (36). 3rd. 2nd. Disable Device 1st. Bluff 8th rank (72). Hide 7th rank (54). Monks’ AC Bonus +0 (180+90).973 / 4. BAB +3 (430).Reflex 2 Average Saves: 12. Search 7th rank (54). 4th ranks (36). Gather Information 3rd rank (9).Mentalis Design being hit hard as well. 3rd. Open Locks 8th rank (72). Intimidate 3rd rank (9).

Hide 16th rank (216).447] – d10 (900). Channel Terror (180). Bluff 13th rank (162). Spot 11th rank (126). Trap Sense increase to +3 (810). Bluff 14th rank (180). Search 10th rank (108). Concentration 8th rank (72). Hide 14th rank (180). REFL +5 (630). Terrors 6th level 6/day (150+180) 7 – [6. Unarmored Speed increase to +30 (360). Disable Device 9th rank (90). Bluff 15th rank (198).720). Open Locks 9th rank (90). Uncanny Dodge (540). 4 power points (390). Gather Information 7th rank (54). Terrors 7th level 7/day (180+210) 8 – [7. Disable Device 13th rank (162). BAB +4 (645). Disable Device 14th rank (180). Spot 12th rank (144). Intimidate 7th rank (54).290). 8 power points (780). Tumble 5th rank (18). Touch of Fear 7th level (180). Disable Device 10th rank (108). Terrors 10th level 10/day (270+300). Terrors 12th level 12/day (330+360). FORT +4 (350). Intimidate 5th rank (18).866 / 67.500). 4th Feat (1. Open Locks 14th rank (180). Mind Blade Bonus increase to +2 (720). Search 13th rank (162).470).505).221 / 56. Terrors 5th level 5/day (120+150) 6 – [4. Fearsome Insight 10th level (270). Open Locks 15th rank (198). REFL +8 (1. Hide 12th rank (144).350). Spot 9th rank (90). Improved Uncanny Dodge (1. Touch of Fear 8th level (210).714 / 46. Move Silently 11th rank (126). WILL +5 (630). Intimidate 6th rank (36).650). Bluff 11th rank (126).479] – d10 (1.032 / 29. Move Silently 12th rank (144). Spot 10th rank (108). BAB +9 (1. Abundant Step 9th level (240) 10 – [8. Intimidate 8th rank (72). Spot 14th rank (180). 3rd Feat (680). Search 9th rank (90). Fear Incarnate (360).720). Abundant Step 12th level (330) 13 – [11. 5th Feat (1.389] – d10 (750).190). Open Locks 13th rank (162). Mind Blade Enhancement increase to +2 (1. Monk’s AC bonus increase to +1 (180). Abundant Step 10th level (270) 11 – [10.155] – d10 (1. Fearsome Insight 11th level (300). Trap Sense increase to +2 (540). Spot 13th rank (162). Fearsome Insight 12th level (330). 4 power points (390). REFL +6 (910). REFL +7 (1. Move Silently 10th rank (108). Move Silently 16th rank 58 . Terrors 9th level 9/ day (240+270). FORT +6 (910).CoMplete Control level (120). Terrors 11th level 11/ day (300+330). BAB +6 (1. Gather Information 5th rank (18). Unarmored Speed Bonus increase to +10 (180). Hide 10th rank (108).350). Search 15th rank (198). Monk’s AC Bonus increase to +2 (270).242] – d10 (1. Spot 15th rank (198). Fearsome Insight 8th level (210). Move Silently 13th rank (162). Touch of Fear 10th level (270). Abundant Step 11th level (300) 12 – [10. Search 12th rank (144). Gather Information 8th rank (72). Search 14th rank (180). Bluff 12th rank (144). Fearsome Insight 6th level (150). 8 power points (780). Tumble 6th rank (36).800). BAB +7 (1. 4 power points (390). 4 power points (390). Move Silently 9th rank (90). Search 11th rank (126). Touch of Fear 9th level (240). Mind Blade Enhancement +1 (1080+540). Tumble 7th rank (54). Touch of Fear 12th level (330). Gather Information 6th rank (36). Hide 11th rank (126). FORT +5 (630). Unarmored Speed increase to +20 (270).200).200). 4 power points (390). Move Silently 15th rank (198).935 / 16. Touch of Fear 6th level (150). Disable Device 12th rank (144). DEX +1 (360). BAB +8 (1. Hide 9th rank (90).058 / 22. Concentration 6th rank (36). BAB +5 (860). Bluff 9th rank (90).075). Bluff 10th rank (108). Fearsome Insight 7th level (180). Bluff 16th rank (216). Open Locks 12th rank (144). Disable Device 11th rank (126). Fearsome Insight 9th level (240). WILL +4 (350). Disable Device 16th rank (216).080). Concentration 5th rank (18). Terrors 8th level 8/day (210+240).376] – d10 (1.492] – d10 (1. Hide 15th rank (198). Concentration 7th rank (54).250 / 78.962 / 37. Hide 13th rank (162).050). Open Locks 11th rank (126). Fearsome Insight 5th level (120). WILL +6 (910).441] – d10 (1. Disable Device 15th rank (198). Open Locks 10th rank (108). Abundant Step 8th level (825) 9 – [7. Move Silently 14th rank (180). Touch of Fear 11th level (300).

WILL +9 (1.160).170). CHA +3 (2. Search 17th rank (234). Move Silently 22nd rank (324). Concentration 9th rank (90). Fearsome Insight 18th level (510). REFL +11 (2. Spot 20th rank (288). Open Locks 23rd rank (342). Bluff 22nd rank (324). Spot 23rd rank (342). 12 power points (1. Hide 21st rank (306). Abundant Step 16th level (450) 17 – [15.580). Move Silently 19th rank (270).280). BAB +11 (2. Spot 19th rank (270). Gather Information 9th rank (90). Bluff 20th rank (288).080).320). Touch of Fear 15th level (420).470). Disable Device 19th rank (270).550). Fearsome Insight 16th level (450). Trap Sense increase to +4 (1. BAB +13 (2.494] – d10 (2. REFL +9 (1.620). 12 power points (1. Intimidate 11th rank (126).824 / 106. Fearsome Insight 17th level (480). Bluff 18th rank (252).795). 6th Feat (2.935). Tumble 10th rank (108).320).100). Hide 19th rank (270). Open Locks 21st rank (306). Terrors 14th level 14/day (390+420). Concentration 10th rank (108). Search 21st rank (306). Fearsome Insight 13th level (360). 8 power points (780). Monk’s AC Bonus increase to +3 (360). Bluff 19th rank (270). Terrors 15th level 15/day (420+450). Open Locks 22nd rank (324). Search 23rd rank (342). Abundant Step 13th level (360) 14 – [12. Touch of Fear 13th level (360).Mentalis Design (216).590). Touch of Fear 18th level (510). Concentration 11th rank (126). Mind Blade Enhancement increase to +3 (1. Hide 20th rank (288). Fearsome Insight 19th level (540). Terrors 18th level 18/day (510+540).750). Disable Device 20th rank (288). 8 power points (780). Tumble 8th rank (72). FORT +7 (1. Touch of Fear 16th level (450).170). Tumble 11th rank (126). Terrors 19th level 19/day (540+570). Mind Blade Bonus increase to +3 (1.190). Terrors 17th level 17/day (480+510). Open Locks 19th rank (270).310).760). Open Locks 17th rank (234). Search 16th rank (216). Hide 18th rank (252). Fearsome Insight 15th level (420).365).470). Abundant Step 19th level (540) 20 – [17. Intimidate 9th rank (90). Disable Device 23rd rank (342). Tumble 9th rank (90).400).010). Hide 17th rank (234). Search 20th rank (288). Search 18th rank (252).850).190). CHA +2 (1. Hide 22nd rank (324). Disable Device 22nd rank (324). Move Silently 20th rank (288).265] – d10 (1.112 / 154. Move Silently 17th rank (234). Disable Device 18th rank (252).170). 12 power points (1. Bluff 23rd rank (342).315 / 121. Terrors 16th level 16/day (450+480). Gather Information 10th rank (108). FORT +9 (1. WILL +8 (1. CON +2 (1. Move Silently 21st rank (306). Spot 17th rank (234). Search 19th rank (270). Spot 21st rank (306). Mind Blade Bonus increase to +4 (1.440). BAB +12 (2. Fearsome Insight 14th level (390). Disable Device 17th rank (234). 7th Feat (2. FORT +8 (1. Bluff 21st rank (306). Spot 18th rank (252). Hide 23rd rank (342). Touch of Fear 17th level (480).170). Abundant Step 15th level (420) 16 – [15.250). Abundant Step 18th level (510) 19 – [17. Bluff 17th rank (234). WILL +7 (1. BAB +15 (3.620). 8 power points (780). Unarmored Speed increase to +50 (540). CON +1 (360). Disable Device 21st rank (306).441] – d10 (2. Search 22nd rank (324). REFL +12 (2.404] – d10 (2. Touch of Fear 19th level (540).350). Open Locks 18th rank (252). BAB +10 (1. Abundant Step 14th level (390) 15 – [14. Improved Evasion (2. Open Locks 16th rank (216). Trap Sense increase to +6 (1.430). REFL +10 (2. BAB +14 (2. 12 power points (1.080).030). Spot 16th rank (216).950). Intimidate 10th rank (108).150).750). Terror Mastery (510). Terrors 13th level 13/day (360+390). Gather Information 11th rank (126). Abundant Step 17th level (480) 18 – [17.750).089] – d10 (2. Open Locks 20th rank (288).215] – d10 (2.978 / 137.774 / 190.947 / 172. Touch of Fear 14th level (390).240). 12 power points 59 . mind Blade Enhancement increase to +4 (2. Move Silently 23rd rank (342).382] – d10 (2.773 / 91. Spot 22nd rank (324). Unarmored Speed Bonus increase to +40 (450). Move Silently 18th rank (252). Trap Sense increase to +5 (1.700).

Reflex 1 Poor Save: 2. and her mastery over the auras that surround her only enhances that conception of her.30. She is quite flamboyant.352] – d6 (360). Touch of Fear 20th level (570).475 XP . CON +1 (360). REFL +2 (60).9 levels. Concentration 5th rank (34).460 XP 11 Abilities: 36. 2 Halo Knight power points (195). FORT +2 (60). Primary Avatar 2 (180). Sense Motive – 23 12 Feats:.All Simple Weapons 46 Skill Ranks: 13. not manifesting) TOTAL: 191. Furthermore. Abundant Step 20th level (570) Deneva.187 XP (189. FORT +2 (70).Manifester (Society MindUP). Spirit of the Many. Access to 2nd level Society Mind powers (120). Monk’s AC Bonus increase to +4 (450).145 XP BAB +10: 9. 5 Society Mind power points (488). Concentration 1st. Primary Avatar 1 (180+90) 2 – [1. Worldthought Network.Will 7 Attribute Inc: 9. Network Telepathy (810).687 XP not counting Initial 1.939 / 7. a Connected Mind Deneva is not what many would call a knight. Mystic Echo. 2 Halo Knight power points (195). WIS +1 (360). 343 Society Mind power points. Worldthought Network 5th level 60 . DEX 14. INT 10. BAB +2 (215). Worldthought Network 1st level touch (45+30).CoMplete Control (1. Concentration 7th rank (102). Worldthought Network 3rd level (60) 4 – [2.065 XP . 1st Feat (100).Fortitude 1 Average Save: 6. although she is highly interested in protection and bringing people together under her banner. Society Mind Manifester 5th level (120). Cooperative Healing. REFL +3 (70). 2 Halo Knight power points (195). Society Mind Manifester 2nd level (30). Deneva’s mind has long since been trained to tap into the mental thoughts of others – even so much as allowing telepathic communication between specific individuals. CHA 14(13) Proficiencies: 25 XP .STR 8. 2 Society Mind power points (195). 4th ranks (68). 1nd. Purchase Highlights: 20d6: 17. Unarmored Speed Bonus increase to +60 (630). 127 Halo Knight power points (For use with Avatars only. Concentration 8th rank (136).785 XP 1 Good Save: 13. Proficiencies (25). Access to 1st level Society Mind powers (25). Spirit of the Many (540). Sense Motive 8th rank (136).336] – d6 (45). BAB +1 (110). 2nd. 2nd Feat (160). 11 powers known. Society Mind Manifester 4th level (90). Inner Language.Concentration – 23.500 XP) Breakdown: 1 – [1. FORT +1 (45).800).000 XP . Mind Blade Bonus increase to +5 (1. Primary Avatar. Sense Motive 6th rank (102). Cooperative Healing (270). 3rd Feat (680).147 / 11.240 XP . Share Avatar. Society Mind Manifester 1st level (45).106 / 2. 3rd. Network Telepathy. REFL +1 (45). 3rd. Sense Motive 6th rank (68). Concentration 6th rank (68). Fearsome Insight 20th level (570). Worldthought Network 2nd level (30) 3 – [1.442] – d6 (90). CON 14(12). Access to 3rd level Society Mind powers (360). Deneva’s mind has also learned to tap into the energies of the world around her to enhance her abilities and even those around her. 4th ranks (68). Worldthought Network 4th level close (90+60) 5 – [4. Sense Motive 1st.056 XP . 6 Society Mind power points (585). CHA +1 (360). Sense Motive 5th rank (34).336 / 1.170). Secondary Avatar. WILL +1 (45). Society Mind Manifester 3rd level (60). Terrors 20th level 20/day (570+600).824 / 4.205] – d6 (270).405 XP .266] – d6 (180). 1 Halo Knight power points (98). 4 Society Mind power points (390). 8 Society Mind power points (780). WIS 19(15). FORT +4 (350).531 XP . Efficient Network Manifesting: 53.

th Network 9 level (240) REFL +7 (1. Concentration 13th (442). Sense Motive 16th rank (408). Sense Motive 11th rank (238). BAB Society Mind Manifester 9th +7 (1.170). Con(360).240).075). Sense Motive 14th rank th th centration 9 rank (170). (780). 6th Feat (2. level (240). REFL +4 Worldthought Network 11th level (300) (350). Con10 – [8. Concentration 10th rank (204).080).755). Society 20 Society Mind power points (1. 8 level (210). (390). 18 Society Mind power points (1. BAB +3 11 – [11. Concentration 16th 12 Society Mind power points (1. th rank (306). Concentration 11th 13 – [10.320).750). WILL +2 (60).260+630).320). WIS +3 (2. 8 Halo Knight Knight power points (390). Contration 14th rank (340).454 / 77.290). Society Mind Manifester 3 (270).775 / 16. Society Mind Manifester th Mind power points (2.080). Mystic powers (1.801 / 28. 8 Halo th Mind Manifester 7 level (180).160). 4 Halo / 93. FORT from her. FORT +5 (630).320). BAB +4 Network 12th level (330) (645). Inner Lan(390). rank (238).260). 4 Halo Knight power points 8 Halo Knight power points (780). er points (1. Concen(430). connecting her on a level +7 (1. Access to 7th level Halo Knight power points (390). WIS +4 (3. FORT +6 (910). REFL +6 (910). 11 Society Mind powWILL +4 (350).950). Sense Motive 9 rank (340).379] – d6 Deneva’s connections vibrate outwards centration 17th rank (810).190). Access to 6th level Society Mind powers (170). WIS Manifester 13th level +2 (1. Worldthought Network 8th level (210) 8 Halo Knight power points 9 – [7. CON +2 (1. 23 So16 Society Mind power points (1. BAB +5 (860). Worldthought Network 10th level Long level (390) 61 .243).127] – d6 (450). Secondary Avatar 2 (1. Sense 12 – [11. Society Mind REFL +5 (630). Sense Motive unachievable by others. 7 – [5.980+990).365). Secondary Avatar 1 (1. 4th Feat (1. Access to Network 13th level 5th level Society Mind powers Miles (360+150) (840).970). Worldthought Network 7 level Medium (180+90) 8 – [6.560). Concentration 15th rank (374). 4 Halo Knight power points Sense Motive 15th rank (374). Society Mind Manth ifester 12th level (330).Mentalis Design (120) (270+120) 6 – [4. 4 Halo ciety Mind power points (2.827] – d6 (540). BAB +6 th th Motive 10 rank (204). Worldthought FORT +9 (1.240). th Worldthought Network 6 level (150) Society Mind Manifester 11th level (300). WILL +3 (70).760). 5th Feat (1. Sense Motive 13 17th rank (442).827] – d6 Knight power points (390). 14 Society Mind pow14 – [16.087 er points (1. 4 rank (408).735 / 56.720).307] – d6 (720).679 / 36.072 / 44. Share Avatar (1.073).200).048). Society Mind Manifester 10th level 14th level (390). (1. Feat (2. Sense Motive 12th rank (272). guae (2. Primary Avatar power points (780). Access to 4 level Soci(1. Worldthought Knight power points (780). ety Mind powers (600). 7th rank (306).280).741] – d6 (1.173 / 67.190). Society Mind Manifester 6th level (150).287] – d6 (990).470). FORT +8 (1.701 / 21. 10 Society Mind pow(1. 21 Society Echo (2.114] – d6 (900). Worldthought Network 14th (270). Worldthought centration 12th rank (272).628] – d6 (630). er points (975).170).

440). Worldthought Network 18th level (510) 19 – [22.310). Concentration 21st rank (578). Share Avatar 2 (1. Society Mind Manifester 16th level (450). 12 Halo Knight power points (1.767 / 191.950 XP . Secondary Avatar 3 (1.065 XP .100 / 105. 8 Sorcerer Spell levels.472] – d6 (1. Worldthought Network 15th level (420) 16 – [14. 9th Feat (3. Society Mind Manifester 18th level (510).187] – d6 (1.505). Access to 1-level Cleric Spells (50).CoMplete Control 15 – [12.Will 9 Attribute Inc: 14.056 / 137.360).120). 4th ranks (68). Concentration 19th rank (510).Caster (Cleric). Sorcerer Slots: 3/3/3/3/3/3/3/2/2 TOTAL: 190.785 XP 2 Average Saves: 12. 12 Halo Knight power points (1. Proficiencies (25). Sense Motive 18th rank (476). however. 2 0-level Cleric slots (340).030).925). Concentration 18th rank (476).350).720). Sense Motive 19th rank (510).271] – d4 (30).430 XP BAB +10: 9. WIS 19(15).800). Sorcerer caster 1st level (45) 62 .760 XP . 32 Society Mind power points (3.860 XP 3 Abilities: 11. Sense Motive 20th rank (544). there are few in the world who can accomplish what he can.170). ultimate power comes not in strength or quickness of the body.056 XP . WILL +6 (910).207 / 172.Concentration – 23. 10th Feat (4.620). Society Mind Manifester 17th level (480). Society Mind Manifester 15th level (420). Sense Motive 23rd rank (646).927] – d6 (1. 29 Society Mind power points (2. Sense Motive 22nd rank (612). Worldthought Network 20th level (570) Juran. The cost of being a conduit for arcane and divine power has come at an extreme cost.840). REFL +8 (1. FORT +12 (2.170). His body is frail and he has few talents beyond his magic. 12 Halo Knight power points (1.438). a Magus For some.535). Concentration 1st. FORT +11 (2.420] – d6 (1. Access to 9th level powers (1. BAB +9 (1.490 / 120. 3rd.STR 8. 2nd. 12 Halo Knight power points (1.800).590).750).170).935). 4th ranks (68). BAB +10 (1. Cleric Slots: 3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3. 3rd. Access to 0-level Cleric Spells (10) . 31 Society Mind power points (3.260).760 XP . Few in the world can even dream of wielding the power that he has been given.320). CHA 18(14) Proficiencies: 25 XP . CON 12. 26 Society Mind power points (2.271 / 1. Concentration 23rd rank (646). BAB +8 (1. 12th Feat (5. REFL +1 (45). INT 10. 1st Feat (100).710). Juran is one such person. Intimidate – 23 7 Feats: 8. Cleric Spell List Known. 25 Society Mind power points (2. Society Mind Manifester 19th level (540).170). Access to 8th level Society Mind powers (1.417] – d6 (1.470). Concentration 20th rank (544). 8 Halo Knight power points (780). Primary Avatar 5 (450).280). They believe in true power – arcane and divine forces working together through a single conduit. Access to 1-level Sorcerer Spells (50) . Cleric caster 1st level (45).971 XP not counting Initial 1.890).741 / 150. Society Mind Manifester 20th level (570).400). 11th Feat (4.213] – d6 (1. Efficient Network (5.9 Cleric Spell Levels.530). 12 Halo Knight power points (1. Sense Motive 21st rank (578). Known Sorcerer spells: 9/5/5/4/4/4/3/3/3. 30 Society Mind power points (2. WILL +5 (630). Worldthought Network 16th level Planar (450+180) 17 – [17.All Simple Weapons 46 Skill Ranks: 13. REFL +9 (1.Fortitude & Reflex 1 Poor Save: 2.828). 8th Feat (3.471 XP (188.980).170). Purchase Highlights: 20d4: 11. 2 0-level Sorcerer slots (340). Concentration 22nd rank (612). Caster (Sorcerer).500 XP) Breakdown: 1 – [1. Spontaneous Cure Spell Conversion Spell Casting: 105. FORT +10 (2.023). Intimidate 1st. Access to 0-level Sorcerer Spells (10) . But when his magic is needed. Worldthought Network 17th level (480) 18 – [12. 2nd. Worldthought Network 19th level any range (540+210) 20 – [18.560). Primary Avatar 4 (360). FORT +1 (45). DEX 14(13).780 XP .

Mentalis Design
2 – [1,038 / 2,308] – d4 (60), BAB +1 (110), (170), Intimidate 9th rank (170), Access to 3rd th FORT +2 (60), Concentration 5 rank (34), level Sorcerer Spells (720), 1 3-level Sorcerth Intimidate 6 rank (34), 1 1-level Sorcerer er Slot (1,020), 2 3-level Cleric slot (2,040), slot (340), 1 1-level Cleric slot Cleric caster 6th level (150), Sorcerer (340), Cleric caster 2nd level caster 6th level (150) (30), Sorcerer caster 2nd level 7 – [6,608 / 22,349] – d4 (30) (360), FORT +4 (350), 3 – [2,191 / 4,500] – REFL +4 (350), Concend4 (120), REFL tration 10th rank (204), In+2(60), WILL timidate 10th rank (204), +1 (45), DEX +1 4th Feat (1,200), Ac(360), Concentracess to 4th level Clertion 6th rank (68), ic Spells (1,200), 1 3-level Sorcerer Slot Intimidate 6th nd (1,020), 1 4-level rank (68), 2 Feat nd Cleric slot (1,360), (160), Access to 2 Cleric caster 7th level Cleric Spells (240), 1 1-level Sorlevel (180), Sorcerer Slot (340), 1 cerer caster 7th level 1-level Cleric slot (180) (340), Cleric caster 8 – [5,881 / 3rd level (60), Sorcerer 28,230] – d4 (420), caster 3rd level (60), BAB +4 (645), Spontaneous Cure Concentration 11th Conversion (270) rank (238), Intimi4 – [2,519 / 7,019] date 11th rank (238), – d4 (180), BAB +2 Access to 4th level (215), FORT +3 (70), Sorcerer Spells REFL +3 (70), Con(1,200), 1 4-levcentration 7th rank (102), el Sorcerer Slot th Intimidate 7 rank (102), (1,360), 1 4-level Access to 2nd level SorCleric slot (1,360), cerer Spells (240), 1 2-level Cleric caster 8th levSorcerer Slot (680), 1 2-level el (210), Sorcerer Only the most devoted can master the caster 8th level (210) Cleric slot (680), Cleric caster 4th level (90), Sorcerer caster 4th heights of both the arcane arts and the 9 – [7,574 / 35,804] divine miracles. – d4 (480), FORT +5 level (90) 5 – [3,512 / 10,531] – d4 (240), Concentra(630), REFL +5 (630), WILL +3 (70), Contion 8th rank (136), Intimidate 8th rank (136), centration 12th rank (272), Intimidate 12th rank 3rd Feat (680), Access to 3rd level Cleric Spells (272), Access to 5th level Cleric Spells (1,680), (720), 1 2-level Sorcerer Slot (680), 1 2-level 1 4-level Sorcerer Slot (1,360), 1 5-level Cleric Cleric slot (680), Cleric caster 5th level (120), slot (1,700), Cleric caster 9th level (240), SorSorcerer caster 5th level (120) cerer caster 9th level (240) 6 – [5,210 / 15,741] – d4 (300), BAB +3 10 – [9,712 / 45,516] – d4 (540), BAB +5 th (430), WILL +2 (60), Concentration 9 rank (860), CHA +1 (360), Concentration 13th rank


CoMplete Control
(306), Intimidate 13th rank (306), 5th Feat (1,720), Access to 5th level Sorcerer Spells (1,680), 1 5-level Sorcerer Slot (1,700), 1 5-level Cleric slot (1,700), Cleric caster 10th level (270), Sorcerer caster 10th level (270) 11 – [8,140 / 53,656] – d4 (600), WIS +1 (360), Concentration 14th rank (340), Intimidate 14th rank (340), Access to 6th level Cleric Spells (2,160), 1 5-level Sorcerer Slot (1,700), 1 6-level Cleric slot (2,040), Cleric caster 11th level (300), Sorcerer caster 11th level (300) 12 – [12,873 / 66,529] – d4 (660), BAB +6 (1,075), FORT +6 (910), REFL +6 (910), WILL +4 (350), CHA +2 (1,320), Concentration 15th rank (374), Intimidate 15th rank (374), Access to 6th level Sorcerer Spells (2,160), 1 6-level Sorcerer Slot (2,040), 1 6-level Cleric slot (2,040), Cleric caster 12th level (330), Sorcerer caster 12th level (330) 13 – [12,876 / 79,405] – d4 (720), WIS +2 (1,320), Concentration 16th rank (408), Intimidate 16th rank (408), 6th Feat (2,240), Access to 7th level Cleric Spells (2,640), 1 6-level Sorcerer Slot (2,040), 1 7-level Cleric slot (2,380), Cleric caster 13th level (360), Sorcerer caster 13th level (360) 14 – [12,634 / 92,039] – d4 (780), FORT +7 (1,190), REFL +7 (1,190), CHA +3 (2,280), Concentration 17th rank (442), Intimidate 17th rank (442), Access to 7th level Sorcerer Spells (2,640), 1 0-level Sorcerer Slot (170), 1 1-level Sorcerer Slot (340), 1 7-level Cleric slot (2,380), Cleric caster 14th level (390), Sorcerer caster 14th level (390) 15 – [13,762 / 105,801] – d4 (840), WILL +5 (630), WIS +3 (2,280), Concentration 18th rank (476), Intimidate 18th rank (476), Access to 8th level Cleric Spells (3,120), 1 7-level Sorcerer Slot (2,380), 1 8-level Cleric slot (2,720), Cleric caster 15th level (420), Sorcerer caster 15th level (420) 16 – [13,955 / 119,756] – d4 (900), BAB +7 (1,290), BAB +8 (1,505), CHA +4 (3,240), Concentration 19th rank (510), Intimidate 19th rank (510), 1 7-level Sorcerer Slot (2,380), 1 8-level Cleric slot (2,720), Cleric caster 16th level (450), Sorcerer caster 16th level (450) 17 – [17,258 / 137,014] – d4 (960), BAB +9 (1,720), FORT +8 (1,470), REFL +8 (1,470), WIS +4 (3,240), Concentration 20th rank (544), Intimidate 20th rank (544), Access to 8th level Sorcerer Spells (3,120), 1 8-level Sorcerer Slot (2,720), 1 0-level Cleric slot (170), 1 1-level Cleric slot (340), Cleric caster 17th level (480), Sorcerer caster 17th level (480) 18 – [17,226 / 154,240] – d4 (1,020), WILL +6 (910), Concentration 21st rank (578), Intimidate 21st rank (578), Access to 9th level Cleric Spells (3,600), 1 8-level Sorcerer Slot (2,720), 1 2-level Cleric slot (680), 1 9-level Cleric slot (6,120), Cleric caster 18th level (510), Sorcerer caster 18th level (510) 19 – [17,359 / 171,599] – d4 (1,080), BAB +10 (1,935), FORT +9 (1,750), REFL +9 (1,750), Concentration 22nd rank (612), Intimidate 22nd rank (612), 7th Feat (2,760), 1 2-level Sorcerer spell (680), 1 3-level Sorcerer spell (1,020), 1 3-level Cleric spell (1,020), 1 4-level Cleric spell (1,360), 1 5-level Cleric spell (1,700), Cleric caster 19th level (540), Sorcerer caster 19th level (540) 20 – [18,872 / 190,471] – d4 (1,140), Concentration 23rd rank (646), Intimidate 23rd rank (646), 1 4-level Sorcerer spell (1,360), 1 5-level Sorcerer spell (1,700), 1 6-level Sorcerer spell (2,040), 1 6-level Cleric spell (2,040), 1 7-level Cleric spell (2,380), 1 8-level Cleric spell (2,720), 1 9-level Cleric spell (3,060), Cleric caster 20th level (570), Sorcerer caster 20th level (570) Marcus, a Pugilist Nothing brings a person back to reality like a quick jab to the bottom of their chin. Marcus understands that getting in and getting dirty is the quickest way to victory. He’s centrally focused on fighting with his hands and other specially made weapons. He doesn’t particularly enjoy long debates or waiting for people to work their way through a situation. He isn’t exactly


Mentalis Design
the most sociable character, either. But when a fight breaks out in a side alley and there’s only so much time until the town guard shows up to start making arrests, Marcus makes sure that the fight ends quickly. As a human, he tends to not have any favorite race to pick on. He’s an equal opportunity brawler. Purchase Highlights: 20d10: 28,575 XP BAB +20: 40,960 XP 2 Good Saves: 26,810 XP - Fortitude & Will 1 Poor Save: 2,065 XP - Reflex 8 Attribute Inc: 9,600 XP - STR 18(15), DEX 14, CON 16(13), INT 10, WIS 14(12), CHA 8 Proficiencies: 25 XP Monk Weapons 73 Skill Ranks: 10,108 XP - Balance - 15, Climb - 23, Escape Artist - 10, Jump - 15, Swim - 10 13 Feats (1 Free): 30,460 XP 11 Abilities: 41,925 XP - WIS Bonus to AC, Monk’s AC Bonus, Unarmed Strike (Damage), Flurry of Blows, Ki Strike, Wholeness of Body, Abundant Step, Diamond Soul, Quivering Palm, Empty Body, Perfect Self TOTAL: 190,528 XP (189,028 XP not counting Initial 1,500 XP) Breakdown: (Numbers in parenthesis are XP expenditures; numbers in brackets represent cumulative totals for each breakdown as well as for the whole character) 1 – [1,386 / 1,386] – d10 (75), BAB +1 (110), FORT +1 (45), FORT +2 (60), WILL +1 (45), WILL +2 (60), Monk Weapons Group (25), Climb 1st,2nd,3rd,4th ranks (56), Human Bonus Feat (0), 1st Feat (100), Flurry of Blws -2/-2 (180+90), Monk’s WIS bonus to AC (270), Unarmed Damage 1d6 (270) 2 – [804 / 2,190] – d10 (150), BAB +2 (215), FORT +3 (70), WILL +3 (70), Balance 1st and 2nd ranks (28), Climb 5th rank (27), Escape Artist 1st and 2nd ranks (28), Jump 1st and 2nd ranks (28), Swim 1st and 2nd ranks (28), 2nd Feat (160) 3 – [1,155 / 3,345] – d10 (300), BAB +3 (430), REFL +1 (45), Balance 3rd and 4th rank (28), Climb 6th rank (54), Jump 3rd and 4th rank (28), Monk’s Unarmored AC Bonus +0 (270 XP) 4 – [3,370 / 6,715] – d10 (450), BAB +4 (645), FORT +4 (350), WILL +4 (350), Balance 5th (27), Climb 7th rank (81), Jump 5th rank (27), Flurry increase to -1/-1 (180), Unarmed Damage increase to 1d8 (180), Ki Strike: Magic (720+360) 5 – [2,924 / 9,639] – d10 (600), BAB +5 (860), STR +1 (360), Balance 6th rank (54), Climb 8th rank (108), Escape Artist 3rd rank (14), Jump 6th rank (54), Swim 3rd rank (14), 3rd Feat (680), Monk’s AC improvement to +1 (180) 6 – [4,868 / 14,507] – d10 (750), BAB +6 (1075), FORT +5 (630), REFL +2 (60), WILL +5 (630), DEX +1 (360), Climb 9th rank (135), Escape Artist 4th rank (14), Swim 4th rank (14), 4th Feat (1,200) 7 – [6,589 / 21,096] – d10 (900), BAB +7 (1,290), WIS +1 (360), STR +2 (1,320), Balance 7th rank (81), Climb 10th rank (162), Jump 7th rank (81), 5th Feat (1,720), Wholeness of Body 7th level (675) 8 – [6,469 / 27,565] – d10 (1,050), BAB +8 (1,505), FORT +6 (910), WILL +6 (910), Balance 8th rank (108), Climb 11th rank (189), Escape Artist 5th rank (27), Jump 8th rank (108), Swim 5th rank (27), Flurry increase to -0/-0 (270), Unarmed Damage increase to 1d10 (270), Wholeness of Body 8th level (210), Abundant Step 8th level (885) 9 – [7,246 / 34,811] – d10 (1,200), BAB +9 (1,720), REFL +3 (70), DEX +2 (1,320), Climb 12th rank (216), 6th Feat (2,240), Wholeness of Body 9th level (240), Abundant Step 9th level (240) 10 – [9,466 / 44,277] – d10 (1,350), BAB +10 (1,935), FORT +7 (1,190), WILL +7 (1,190), WIS +2 (1,320), Balance 9th rank (135), Climb 13th rank (243), Escape Artist 6th rank (54),


Body (360). 11th Feat Wholeness of Body (330). 10 Feat (4.253 / 106.800). Abundant Step (480). BAB 11 – [7.310). FORT + 10 (2.470).604 / 51.150). +12 (2. Abundant Step (330) (4. Swim 6th rank (54). FORT Abundant Step (450).280). Swim 9th rank (135). Balance 14th th 8 Feat (3. Swim 8th rank (108). Wholeness of 14 – [12.280).580). Swim (81).310). Jump 12th rank (216).159] – d10 (2. Abundant Step (390).064 / 63. Climb Damage increase to 2d6 (360). AC bonus increase to 20 – [21. 9th Feat WILL +11 (2.655).026 / 120. Balance 12th rank 19 – [20. Step (420). Diamond – d10 (1.950). Wholeness of Body Palm (3. Balance 15th rank Escape Artist 8th rank (108).470).694 / 90. the Pugilist. Empty Body +15 (3. BAB 66 . WILL +8 (450) (1.757] rank (297).080).868 / 190. Balance 10 rank (162).750).840). Climb 18th rank (5.400). FORT +9 (1. Climb 15th 17 – [13. Jump th 14 rank (270). 7 Feat rank (405). REFL Soul (450). th (216).030). BAB +14 (2.660] – d10 (2.225). Bal18 – [14. Wholeness of (297). Quivering Palm +13 (2.850). BAB +17 th 7 rank (81). Climb 17 rank (351). WILL +10 th +11 (2. Escape Artist 9th rank (135). BAB +19 (3. Escape Artist – d10 (2. BAB +18 th (189). Great+3 (360). Diamond Soul 15 – [15. Diamond Soul (162). Climb 22nd rank (486).881] – d10 (1. Jump (2. Jump 11th (2.558 / 148. BAB (540). Abundant 12th rank (243).030). Abundant er Flurry (330). Wholeness of Body (420).280). Diamond +8 (1.360).315] th ance 11 rank – d10 (2. Abundant Escape Artist 10th rank Step (360).250). Ki Strike: Ad12 – [12. 168.650). Swim 10th rank (2385) (162). REFL +5 (630).440). Unarmed rank (270).760). Balance 13th rank (243).870).550). Quivering Palm (540). Wholeness of Body 13 – [14. Wholeness of Body (300).906] Body (510). Diamond (297).320).572 / 133. Soul (510).CoMplete Control Jump 9th rank (135). REFL +6 (910).175) th (378). Abundant Step (510). FORT +11 rank (324).528] – d10 (2. BAB mond Soul (480). Jump 14 rank (162).795). Quivering Marcus. Wholeness of Body (450). Climb 16 (3. Quivering Palm +4 (350). BAB amantine (1.500). Diamond Soul (420). (3.365). can devastate almost WILL (1. Abundant Step (540). Unarmed Step (300) Damage increase to 2d8 (450). Wholeness of Climb 21st rank (459). (3800). Wholeness of Body Soul (390) (540).345 / erful unarmed attacks and his feat chains. Climb (2. rank (189).010). Monk’s AC Bonus to +2 (270). Quivering Ki Strike: Lawful (720).100). Jump 15th rank Body (390). STR (480) +3 (2.185] – d10 (2. Abundant Step (270) 16 – [14.195) (270). 20th rank (432).267 / 78.700). 12th Feat (5. Climb 19th th th th 14 rank (270).945] – d10 (1. DEX +3 Palm (510) any enemy through a combination of pow(2.750). Diad10 (1.212] – (480). BAB +16 (3.

CON 14(13).145). 11 power points (2. 3rd. Wild Surge (180+90) 2 – [1. Manifester 4th level (90) 5 – [3.590). 5 power points (975). 4th ranks (54). 3rd. Purchase Highlights: 20d4: 11.347 / 1. Empty Body (570).400) Shanra.347] – d4 (30).913 / 7. 6 power points (1.478] – d4 (60). Channeler 7th level (180). Manifester 6th level (150) 7 – [6. While she is weak in frame. WILL +3 (70). Bluff 9th rank (135).584 / 10. Elude Touch (540) 4 – [2. She is emotional. BAB +1 (110). Abundant Step (570). Manifester 1st level (45). 343 Power points TOTAL: 191.777] – d4 (300). Proficiencies (25).Mentalis Design +20 (4.291 / 22.Bluff . For the remaining people. Bluff 6th rank (54). Wild Surge. her sheer force of persona has overcome many who dared underestimate her abilities. Diplomacy 9th rank (135). Wild Surge +3 (270) 67 .Fortitude & Reflex 5 Attribute Inc: 7. 11 Powers Known.170). BAB +3 (430).785 XP 1 Good Save: 13. Diplomacy 6th rank (54). WILL +2 (60). Others learn how to impose their will upon the people around them. a Force of Persona Some are content to allow the world to pass them by without leaving a mark. Access to 2nd level powers (240).23 9 Feats: 15.23. BAB +2 (215). REFL +1 (45). Her assaults can come either from her internal fuel or her passionate connection to the world around her. Manifester 2nd level (30) 3 – [1. FORT +1 (45). Psychic Enervation (0).131 / 2. 3rd Feat (680).855 / 15.947 / 4. she is best left uncrossed. 2nd Feat (160). and once her emotions come to the surface she is quite dangerous. Quivering Palm (570). Bluff 5th rank (27).7 Incantations Manifesting: 82. 2nd. Concentration 10th rank (162). Manifester 5th level (120). 4 power points (780).425] – d4 (120). Bluff 7th rank (81). 2 power points (390). Manifester 3rd level (60). 8 power points (1. Diplomacy .338] – d4 (180). Access to 3rd level powers (720). Wild Surge +2 (180) 6 – [4. WILL +1 (45).430 XP BAB +10: 9. Soul Opening (810).Manifesting (Wilder).085).9 Levels. impacting the world around them is simply a part of who they are.940 XP 6 Abilities: 14. WILL +5 (630). Diamond Soul (570).305 XP . Diplomacy 5th rank (27). Wholeness of Body (570). CHA +1 (360).910 XP .900 XP . Concentration 7th rank (81).200).STR 8.560). 4th ranks (54). INT 12.500 XP) Breakdown: 1 – [1.All Simple Weapons 69 Skill Ranks: 15. Diplomacy 1st.Will 2 Poor Saves: 5. Channeling (Nexus). CHA 19(15) Proficiencies: 25 XP . CON +1 (360). Access to 1st level powers (60). 1st Feat (100). Shanra is one of those people who simply use their will to change her environment. WILL +4 (350). 3rd.922] – d4 (240). Soul Opening. 2nd.320 XP . Either way. Concentration 8th rank (108). Channeler 5th level (120). Bluff 8th rank (108). Bluff 1st.4th levels (45+30+60+90). FORT +12 (2. Climb 23rd rank (513).950). 1st Invocation (200). 2nd. 4th ranks (54). 10 power points (1. Channeler 1st. 4th Feat (1. Diplomacy 10th rank (162). Manifester 7th level (180). Concentration 1st. Bluff 10th rank (162). Psychic Enervation. Concentration 5th rank (27). Perfect Self (5.3rd. Elude Touch Channeling: 14. REFL +2 (60). Concentration 9th rank (135). Diplomacy 7th rank (81).632 XP not counting Initial 1. 2nd Incantation (300). WILL +12 (2. WIS 10. Concentration 6th rank (54). Concentration .132 XP (189. FORT +2 (60).405 XP . AC Bonus increase to +4 (450).068] – d4 (360). DEX 14.560 XP . Diplomacy 8th rank (108).552 XP . 2nd.590).23. Channeler 6th level (150). Unarmed Damage increase to 2d10 (540).

Channeler 14th level (390). Concentration 19th rank (405). 7th Feat (2.899 / 106.267] – d4 (600). Channeler 18th level (510). a Sonic Mind Not all who pick up a lute can use magic. 23 power points (4. BAB +4 (645). WILL +12 (2. Channeler 20th level (570). Diplomacy 16th rank (324). Not all who pick up a harp are poor combatants. 3rd Incantation (400).075). Concentration 17th rank (351).620 / 56. 5th Feat (1. Concentration 15th rank (297). Concentration 20th rank (432).160).655). Manifester 10th level (270) 11 – [10. Concentration 13th rank (243). 8th Feat (3.340). Bluff 21st rank (459). Concentration 16th rank (324). BAB +7 (1. FORT +3 (70). Wild Surge +5 (450) 16 – [14.030). Diplomacy 17th rank (351).750). Manifester 14th level (390) 15 – [13.720). REFL +3 (70). Fortunately. Manifester 12th level (330) 13 – [11. Concentration 14th rank (270).140). Bluff 18th rank (378).CoMplete Control 8 – [6.280). Bluff 12th rank (216).988] – d4 (480).070). WILL +7 (1.740 / 120.800). Manifester 19th level (540) 20 – [18. Bluff 17th rank (351). REFL +4 (350).045).600). FORT +6 (910). Channeler 15th level (420).647] – d4 (540). Manifester 16th level (450) 17 – [15. Bluff 13th rank (243). Diplomacy 21st rank (459).208] – d4 (1. Manifester 9th level (240) 10 – [8. Manifester 17th level (480) 18 – [17. Access to 7th level powers (2.680). Channeler 12th level (330). Access to 4th level powers (1. Concentration 11th rank (189). BAB +9 (1.240).807 / 153. BAB +6 (1. Diplomacy 13th rank (243).659 / 45. Diplomacy 12th rank (216).505).138] – d4(960). Sirensia loves nothing more than entertaining a crowd to gain their trust. WILL +8 (1. Diplomacy 15th rank (297). 4th Incantation (500). WILL +10 (2. she is a highly compassionate person once she has 68 . Channeler 13th level (360).310). BAB +8 (1. 7th Incantation (6.240).590).108] – d4 (780).760). Diplomacy 14th rank (270). 6th Feat (2. FORT +5 (630).320).778 / 92.500).945] – d4 (1. Bluff 22nd rank (486). Bluff 15th rank (297). Access to 6th level powers (2.510). Channeler 8th level (210).500).080).470). 29 Power points (5.510).485).747] – d4 (900). BAB +10 (1. 5th Incantation (2. 16 power points (3. Manifester 11th level (300). Diplomacy 19th rank (405).200). Channeler 19th level (540). Diplomacy 23rd rank (513).937 / 79. CHA +4 (3.875).190). Channeler 10th level (270).850). Wild Surge +4 (360) 12 – [11.902 / 28. Channeler 9th level (240). FORT +4 (350).393] – d4 (660). CHA +2 (1.391 / 136. Bluff 16th rank (324).640). Manifester 20th level (570). Manifester 15th level (420). 12 power points (2. 26 power points (5.924 / 191.485).126 / 67. Diplomacy 22nd rank (486). REFL (630). Access to 5th level powers (1.007] – d4 (840). Concentration 22nd rank (486). Access to 9th level powers (3. Bluff 23rd rank (513). Bluff 19th rank (405). 25 power points (4. Channeler 11th level (300). Access to 8th level powers (3. Manifester 13th level (360) 14 – [12.190) REFL +6 (910). WILL +9 (1. Concentration 18th rank (378). BAB +5 (860).132] – d4 (1.280).730).018 / 36. Concentration 12th rank (216). Channeler 17th level (480). 14 power points (2. Diplomacy 18th rank (378).970] – d4 (420). 31 power points (6. WILL +11 (2. Concentration 21st rank (459).120). Bluff 20th rank (432).263 / 172. FORT +7 (1.935). 18 power points (3. Manifester 18th level (510) 19 – [18. CHA +3 (2. Manifester 8th level (210) 9 – [8. 32 power points (6. Wild Surge +6 (540) Sirensia.500).020).330] – d4 (720). Bluff 11th rank (189).720). 9th Feat (3. 18 power points (3.120). WILL +6 (910). Channeler 16th level (450).240). Concentration 23rd rank (513). Bluff 14th rank (270). 6th Incantation (4.290). Diplomacy 11th rank (189). 30 power points (5. Diplomacy 20th rank (432). 23 power points (4.

2 power points (195).412] – d10 (900). Bardic Music.720). Perform: Stringed Instruments 7th rank (144). Perform: Stringed Instruments 5th rank (48).Fortitude & Will 1 Poor Save: 2. CON +1 (360). WILL +1 (45).784] – d10 (750). BM: Fascinate (30). Because her mind has learned to utilize psionics instead of magic.249 / 10. 20 Powers Known. she has also learned how to augment her compassion with her powers. Access to 2nd level powers (144).016] – d10 (150).All Simple & Martial Weapons. 2nd. Access to 1st level powers (30).810 XP . FORT +2 (60). 4th ranks (96). Access to Fighter Feats 1st level (45). Perform: Stringed Instruments 10th rank (288).987 / 4. Proficiencies (250). Access to Fighter Feats 5th level (120).065 XP . Manifester 2nd level (30). All Shields (except Tower) 46 Skill Ranks: 18.Manifesting (Psychic Warrior). Perform: Stringed Instruments 1st. Manifester 4th level (90). Bardic 69 . Access to Fighter Feats 6th level (150). 2nd Feat (160). FORT +4 (350). 1 power point (98).500 XP) Breakdown: 1 – [1. 4th ranks (96).957 / 6. BM: Inspire Competence (90) 4 – [2. Purchase Highlights: 20d10: 28. Bardic Music 6th level 6/day (150+180) 7 – [5. Access to Fighter Feats 7th level (180).Mentalis Design the trust of those listening to her.209] – d10 (600).685 XP 2 Good Saves: 26. BM: Fascinate. often using her psionic power to enhance her abilities.STR 14. CHA +1 (360). Manifester 1st level (45). Bardic Music 4th level 4/ day (90+120) 5 – [3. BM: Inspire Greatness. Access to Fighter Feats. 5th Feat (1. 3rd Feat (680).432 XP . Intimidate 7th rank (144). Perform: Stringed Instruments 8th rank (192).272] – d10 (75). 3rd. 2 power points (195).055 XP not counting Initial 1. FORT +1 (45). Access to Fighter Feats 3rd level (60). Perform: Stringed Instruments 9th rank (240). Sirensia will stand up and fight for the downtrodden. BAB +4 (645). Bardic Music 1st level 1/ day (45+30). CON 14(13). She listens to their stories and learns where they might need help. Manifester 3rd level (60). DEX 10. Manifester 7th level (180). WILL +5 (630). 127 Power points TOTAL: 190.003] – d10 (300).065 XP . Intimidate 1st. INT 8. 2 power points (195). FORT +3 (70). Intimidate 10th rank (288). REFL +2 (60).628 / 20. BM: Song of Freedom. Manifester 4th level (120).23. WILL +3 (70). CHA 16(12) Proficiencies: 250 XP . WILL +2 (60). What might make Sirensia an even more inventive character would be to expend 8 or 10 of her 14 gained feats on Mind Blade feats outlined in The Mind Unveiled: Mind Blade Feats available from Dreamscarred Press. BAB +3 (430). BM: Inspire Competence. FORT +5 (630). BAB +2 (215). BAB +5 (860). BM: Inspire Courage. 2nd.Intimidate . WIS +1 (360). 1st Feat (100). Manifester 6th level (150). WIS 16(15). BM: Inspire Heroics Manifesting: 16. Access to 3rd level powers (432).23 14 Feats: 42.555 XP (189. All Armors. BM: Inspire Courage +1 (30+30) 2 – [744 / 2.575 XP BAB +15: 22. Bardic Music 2nd level 2/day (30+60) 3 – [1. Bardic Music 3rd level 3/day (60+90). Perform: Stringed Instruments . Access to Fighter Feats 2nd level (30). Intimidate 8th rank (192). 4th Feat (1200).740 XP 9 Abilities: 25.575 / 14. BAB +1 (110). Access to Fighter Feats 4th level (90).272 / 1. 4 power points (390).Reflex 6 Attribute Inc: 7. 4 power points (390). Perform: Stringed Instruments 6th rank (96). WILL +4 (350). Intimidate 5th rank (48). 3rd. Intimidate 9th rank (240).013 XP 6 Levels.960] – d10 (450). Intimidate 6th rank (96).920 XP . REFL +1 (45). Bardic Music 5th level 5/day (120+150) 6 – [4.

Intimidate 13th rank (432). 4 power points (390). Bardic Music 14th level 14/day (390+420).360).030). BAB +11 (2. CHA +4 (3. Intimidate 20th rank (768). 12 power points (1. Bardic Music 11th level 11/day (300+330) 12 – [10. 12 power points (1. Perform: Stringed Instruments 12th rank (384).050). WILL +9 (1.411 / 120. BAB +12 (2. Access to Fighter Feats 8th level (210).150).212] – d10 (1.365). Access to Fighter Feats 14th level (390).320).716] – d10 (1. Intimidate 14th rank (480).795). Bardic Music 10th level 10/day (270+300) 11 – [9.800). BAB +9 (1. REFL +3 (70). Intimidate 16th rank (576). BAB +14 (2. Manifester 8th level (210). Intimidate 22nd rank (864).350). Intimidate 15th rank (528).700).800). Perform: Stringed Instruments 13th rank (432). Perform: Stringed Instruments 22nd rank (864). Intimidate 17th rank (624).656 / 135.935). 12 power points (1. Perform: Stringed Instruments 16th rank (576). 4 power points (390). Perform: Stringed Instruments 21st rank (816). 9th Feat (3.532 / 151. 70 . Access to Fighter Feats 15th level (420). BM: Inspire Greatness (270) 10 – [8. WILL +7 (1. Access to Fighter Feats 16th level (450).691] – d10 (2. CHA +3 (2.030). Intimidate 21st rank (816). Perform: Stringed Instruments 11th rank (336). WILL +10 (2. Intimidate 19th rank (720). Access to Fighter Feats 10th level (270).922] – d10 (1.250).550). Manifester 18th level (510).075). Manifester 12th level (330). BM: Song of Freedom (360) 13 – [12. Intimidate 11th rank (336).768 / 36. 10th Feat (4. BAB +8 (1.240). FORT +10 (2. 8 power points (780). Bardic Music 16th level 16/day (450+480) 17 – [15.228] – d10 (2. Intimidate 18th rank (672). BAB +10 (1. Perform: Stringed Instruments 14th rank (480). BM: Inspire Courage increase to +2 (60) 9 – [7.255 / 53. Bardic Music 9th level 9/ day (240+270).170). Intimidate 12th rank (384).950). Access to Fighter Feats 12th level (330).840). 8 power points (780). FORT +11 (2. Access to 4th level powers (720).470). Bardic Music 12th level 12/day (330+360).357] – d10 (1.880). 11th Feat (4. BAB +13 (2. Access to Fighter Feats 11th level (300). CHA +2 (1. Perform: Stringed Instruments 17th rank (624).696] – d10 (2. FORT +9 (1.104 / 44.625] – d10 (1. FORT +6 (910).170). Manifester 16th level (450). Perform: Stringed Instruments 18th rank (672). REFL +5 (630). 6th Feat (2. WILL +8 (1. Manifester 11th level (300). 8 power points (780).004 / 105.650). BM: Inspire Courage increase to +3 (90) 15 – [14. BM: Inspire Heroics (450) 16 – [14. 8 power points (780).240). Manifester 15th level (420).008).750). WILL +6 (910). Bardic Music 17th level 17/day (480+510) 18 – [15.290).310). Manifester 14th level (390).580).290 / 76. 12 power points (1. 12th Feat (5. Access to Fighter Feats 18th level (510).400).505).280). Bardic Music 18th level 18/day (510+540) 19 – [16. Manifester 10th level (270).320). Access to 5th level powers (1. WILL +11 (2. FORT +7 (1. Perform: Stringed Instruments 20th rank (768).760).750).589] – d10 (1.470). REFL +6 (910). Bardic Music 13th level 13/day (360+390) 14 – [15. Bardic Music 15th level 15/day (420+450). 8 power points (780).170). Access to Fighter Feats 9th level (240). Access to Fighter Feats 13th level (360). Perform: Stringed Instruments 19th rank (720).296).040] – d10 (2.463 / 167.177 / 28.280). Manifester 9th level (240). FORT +8 (1. Access to Fighter Feats 17th level (480). Manifester 13th level (360).200). REFL +4 (350). Access to 6th level powers (1. 7th Feat (2.CoMplete Control Music 7th level 7/day (180+210) 8 – [8. Bardic Music 8th level 8/day (210+240).100). BAB +7 (1.720). Perform: Stringed Instruments 15th rank (528).206 / 63. BAB +6 (1.190). Manifester 17th level (480).310).413 / 91.190).170). 8th Feat (3. 4 power points (390).500). 13th Feat (5.461] – d10 (1.629] – d10 (2.

He has been aided by the forests many times. Use Rope 6th rank (44).Fortitude 10 Attribute Inc: 13. Balance 8th rank (88). WILL +1 (45). BAB +15 (3. Knowledge: Nature 5th rank (22). Survival 5th rank (22). Bardic Music 19th level 19/day (540+570) 20 – [22. Survival – 23. and freely gives it to anyone who is in genuine need of his assistance. Lay on Hands. CON 12(10). BAB +1 (110). Nature Sense (270) 4 – [2. Heal 3rd rank (11). Heal 4th rank (11). 2nd ranks (22). Lay on Hands 4th level (90).810 XP . Survival 7th rank (66). 4th ranks (44). Balance 7th rank (66).435 / 1. Evasion. Cover Fire. REFL +4 (350).Reflex & Will 1 Poor Save: 2. CHA 16(12) Proficiencies: 150 XP . Trackless Step. In truth. BAB +5 (860). Handle Animal 7th rank (66).760 XP . Purity of Body.Favored Enemy. Favored Enemy 1 (180+90). Cover Fire 4th level (225). 12 power points (1.590).170). BM: Inspire Courage increase to +4 (120) Tin’tal.864 / 190. although there are plenty of druids who call Tin’tal a friend. REFL +3 (70). Handle Animal 5th rank (22). Knowledge: Nature 7th rank (66). REFL +1 (45).282] – d8 (240). 4th ranks (44). Resist Nature’s Lure. Balance 5th rank (22).500 XP) Breakdown: 1 – [1. Bardic Music 20th level 20/day (570+600).All Simple & Martial Weapons.980 / 7.Balance – 23.200 XP . Manifester 20th level (570). 4th ranks (44). 2nd. 3rd. Light & Medium Armors 159 Skill Ranks: 23. 14th Feat (6. Animal Companion 1st level (45) 2 – [938 / 2. Climb 4th rank (11). BAB +2 (215). Nature Sense. BAB +4 (645). Knowledge: Nature – 23. Intimidate 23rd rank (912). DEX 18(15). Handle Animal – 23. Lay on Hands 3rd level (60). 4th ranks (44). Use Rope 5th rank (22). Swift Tracker. REFL +2 (60). WIS 14(13). 1st Feat (100). FORT +1 (45).850).435] – d8 (60). DEX +1 (360). Animal Companion 2nd level (30).590). BAB +3 (430). Jump 3rd rank (11).260 XP 16 Abilities: 40. Use Rope 1st.373] – d8 (120). Swim 3rd ranks (11). WILL +2 (60). Woodland Stride (540) 5 – [4.262] – d8 (360). WILL +4 (350). Animal Companion 3rd level (60).860 XP BAB +20: 40.535 XP . Use Rope – 23 10 Feats: 20.600 XP (189.Mentalis Design Manifester 19th level (540). WILL +12 (2.400). Swim – 11. Tin’tal is a benevolent caretaker of the woods.100 XP not counting Initial 1. Survival 6th rank (44). Swim 1st. Heal – 11. Lay on Hands 2nd level (75) 3 – [1. Handle Animal 8th rank (88).010). Balance 6th rank (44). 3rd. Proficiencies (150). 2nd. Perform: Stringed Instruments 23rd rank (912). INT 14. Woodland Stride. 3rd. 2nd ranks (22). Survival 1st.STR 8. Evasion (540). a Woodsman Many call Tin’tal a druid.214 / 11. Jump – 11. Jump 1st. Heal 1st. WILL +3 (70). Handle Animal 6th rank (44). Tin’tal has learned compassion. Aura of Good (270). 2nd. Hide in Plain Sight. Aura of Good. Venom Immunity TOTAL: 190. Handle Animal 1st. Balance 1st. 2nd Feat (160). 3rd. Animal Companion 4th level (90). Tin’tal has no official membership into a druidic order. Access to Fighter Feats 19th level (540).065 XP . Knowledge: Nature 6th rank (44). Remove Disease. 2nd ranks (22). 4th ranks (44). FORT +12 (2. Animal Companion. 2nd. Access to Fighter Feats 20th level (570). but it is not really an appropriate title.555] – d10 (2. Knowledge: Nature 1st. Use Rope 7th rank (66).960 XP 2 Good Saves: 26. Climb 1st. Purchase Highlights: 20d8: 22. 3rd. 2nd. Climb – 11. often doing nothing to deserve the assistance of the forest. Knowledge: Nature 8th 71 . Climb 3rd rank (11). 2nd ranks (22).909 / 4.476] – d8 (480). Improved Evasion.

Cover Fire 8th Level (210) 9 – [7.695] – d8 (1.320). Survival 17th rank (286). CHA +2 (1. Jump 5th rank (22). Survival 12th rank (176). Lay on Hands 6th level (150). Survival 11th rank (154).520).470). Jump 7th rank (66). Use Rope 8th rank (88).795). Use Rope 15th rank (242). 7th Feat (2. Climb 6th rank (44). Knowledge: Nature 17th rank (286). Cover Fire 9th Level (240) 10 – [8.750). Survival 13th rank (198).335 / 66.365).160).191] – d8 (600). Purity of Body (810).720). Cover Fire 6th Level (150) 7 – [5. BAB +9 (1.200).080).785 / 45. 3rd Feat (680).075). Use Rope 12th rank (176).080+540).505). Favored Enemy increase to 2 (180).480 / 106. Balance 16th rank (264). 5th Feat (1.240). Improved Evasion (2.578 / 21. Swim 5th rank (22). REFL +8 (1. Balance 11th rank (154).769] – d8 (720). Use Rope 14th rank (220).160). Cover Fire 11th Level (300) 12 – [11. Use Rope 13th rank (198). Handle Animal 10th rank (132). FORT +2 (60). Resist Nature’s Lure (1.680). Animal Companion 5th level (120).580). Cover Fire 7th Level (180) 8 – [7.876] – d8 (1. DEX +2 (1. Lay on Hands 11th level (300). Balance 17th rank (286). Remove Disease 2/day (1.069] – d8 (1. REFL +7 (1. CHA +1 (360). Animal Companion 13th level (360). Knowledge: Nature 12th rank (176). BAB +14 (2. WILL +8 (1.320). BAB +6 (1.320). Swim 8th rank (88).560). Climb 7th rank (66). BAB +7 (1.731] – d8 (1.440). Survival 8th rank (88). Balance 15th rank (242). Swim 4th rank (11). Cover Fire 12th Level (330) 13 – [12. Knowledge: Nature 10th rank (132). Lay on Hands 13th level (360). Lay on Hands 14th level (390). Cover Fire 13th Level (360) 14 – [12.472 / 78. Animal Companion 14th level (390). Cover Fire 5th Level (120) 6 – [4. Handle Animal 14th rank (220). Handle Animal 16th rank (264).080). Use Rope 9th rank (110). Animal Companion 8th level (210). BAB +12 (2. Handle Animal 13th rank (198). Balance 13th rank (198).190). Lay on Hands 8th level (210).150). Knowledge: Nature 13th rank (198). Use Rope 11th rank (154).760). Survival 15th rank (242). BAB +11 (2. Lay on Hands 9th level (240). CON +1 (360). 6th Feat (2. Knowledge: Nature 11th rank (154). Animal Companion 10th level (270). BAB +10 (1.855 / 91. 4th Feat (1.CoMplete Control rank (88). Use Rope 10th rank (132). Handle Animal 9th rank (110). Lay on Hands 10th level (270). Heal 8th rank (88). Knowledge: Nature 16th rank (264).725 / 29. Survival 14th rank (220). REFL +5 (630). Animal Companion 11th level (300). Animal Companion 9th level (240). Survival 9th rank (110). Hide in Plain Sight (2. Use Rope 17th rank (286). Balance 12th rank (176). Heal 7th rank (66). CON +2 (1.720).404] – d8 (1. Favored Enemy increase to 3 (270). Swift Tracker (1.935). Knowledge: Nature 15th rank (242). WILL +9 (1. WILL +5 (630). Use Rope 16th rank (264). FORT +3 (70). Animal Companion 6th level (150). WILL +7 (1. Balance 10th rank (132).211] – d8 (1. BAB +8 (1. Remove Disease 1/day (1. Knowledge: Nature 14th rank (220).470). BAB 72 . Climb 5th rank (22). BAB +13 (2. Animal Companion 12th level (330).190). Lay on Hands 12th level (330). Swim 6th rank (44). WIS +1 (360). Animal Companion 7th level (180).910] – d8 (960).080). Cover Fire 10th Level (270) 11 – [9. Balance 14th rank (220). FORT +4 (350). Cover Fire 14th Level (390) 15 – [14. Heal 5th rank (22).750). REFL +9 (1.416 / 36. Climb 8th rank (88). Trackless Step (810). Balance 9th rank (110). Jump 6th rank (44).200). WILL +6 (910). Knowledge: Nature 9th rank (110). Jump 4th rank (11). Lay on Hands 7th level (180). Handle Animal 12th rank (176). Survival 16th rank (264). Handle Animal 17th rank (286). Handle Animal 11th rank (154). Lay on Hands 5th level (120). Survival 10th rank (132).320). Handle Animal 15th rank (242). Heal 6th rank (44). Swim 7th rank (66). REFL +6 (910). Jump 8th rank (88).374 / 55.494] – d8 (840).290).715 / 16.

280). Swim 9th rank (110). Lay on Hands 19th level (540).160).440).240).236 / 172. BAB +20 (4.590). Lay on Hands 17th level (480). Animal Companion 16th level (450).495 / 190. Animal Companion 18th level (510). Balance 20th rank (352). Heal 10th rank (132). Use Rope 19th rank (330). Knowledge: Nature 20th rank (352). Remove Disease 3/day (1.310). Cover Fire 18th Level (510) 19 – [20. Climb 9th rank (110). Use Rope 23rd rank (418). Lay on Hands 16th level (450). Survival 22nd rank (396). Lay on Hands 18th level (510). Cover Fire 15th Level (420) 16 – [13. WILL +10 (2. Use Rope 21st rank (374).870). Use Rope 18th rank (308). Balance 21st rank (374). DEX +3 (2.328 / 137. Handle Animal 22nd rank (396). Handle Animal 20th rank (352). Cover Fire 20th Level (570) 73 . Handle Animal 19th rank (330). 8th Feat (3.030).280). Balance 19th rank (330). Animal Companion 20th level (570).916] – d8 (1.655). Jump 11th rank (154). REFL +11 (2. Animal Companion 19th level (540). FORT +6 (910). 9th Feat (3. Jump 10th rank (132).105] – d8 (2. Balance 22nd rank (396). Lay on Hands 15th level (420). Handle Animal 21st rank (374). 10th Feat (4. Use Rope 20th rank (352). Survival 21st rank (374). Knowledge: Nature 22nd rank (396).430). Survival 20th rank (352). Balance 18th rank (308). BAB +18 (3. Knowledge: Nature 23rd rank (418).160). Remove Disease 4/day (2.869] – d8 (2.800). Survival 18th rank (308). WILL +11 (2. Swim 11th rank (154). CHA +3 (2. WILL +12 (2.920).280). Animal Companion 15th level (420).040). Cover Fire 16th Level (450) 17 – [17. Knowledge: Nature 18th rank (308). FORT +5 (630). BAB +16 (3. Favored Enemy increase to 4 (360). Handle Animal 18th rank (308). Knowledge: Nature 21st rank (374).085). Animal Companion 17th level (480). Handle Animal 23rd rank (418).625 / 151. Use Rope 22nd rank (396). Survival 19th rank (330). Swim 10th rank (132). BAB +17 (3. Cover Fire 19th Level (540) 20 – [18.800).700). Lay on Hands 20th level (570). Jump 9th rank (110).280).320).030). Survival 23rd rank (418). REFL +10 (2. Venom Immunity (2. Remove Disease 5/day (2. Climb 10th rank (132). CHA +4 (3. Knowledge: Nature 19th rank (330). Balance 23rd rank (418).244] – d8 (1. Favored Enemy increase to 5 (450).Mentalis Design +15 (3.600] – d8 (2.705 / 119. BAB +19 (3. Heal 9th rank (110). Cover Fire 17th Level (480) 18 – [14. Climb 11th rank (154). Heal 11th rank (154).225).590).310).010).620). REFL +12 (2.

200 1.520 Standard Weapon Proficiencies Proficiency Proficiency with any single simple weapon Proficiency with all simple weapons Proficiency with any single martial weapon Proficiency with all martial weapons Proficiency with first exotic weapon Proficiency with second exotic weapon Proficiency with third exotic weapon Proficiency with any one light armor Proficiency with all light armors Proficiency with any one medium armor Proficiency with all medium armors Proficiency with aany one heavy armor Proficiency with all heavy armors Proficiency with light shields Proficiency with heavy shields Proficiency with tower shields XP 5 XP 25 XP 10 XP 50 XP 75 XP 150 XP 275 XP 5 XP 25 XP 10 XP 50 XP 15 XP 75 XP 10 XP 15 XP 25 XP Constant Abilities Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 XP Cost 270 540 810 1.520 2.840 5.040 2.260 1.795 3.400 6.850 d10 90 180 360 540 720 900 1.960 8. level-variable ability table.440 7. the skill table.080 1.440 3.250 2.225 3.620 1.350 1.970 3.590 4.920 2.430 2.620 1.240 2.280 3.440 1.020 1.Below are the tables presented in the work for quick reference during character creation.050 4.500 1.320 4.890 2.340 2.980 2.320 1.080 1.720 1.085 Saving Throws Save 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 XP 45 60 70 350 630 910 1.130 5.170 1.530 1.360 5.935 2.400 Weapon Group Proficiencies Proficiency Group with only simple or martial weapons First group with at least one exotic weapon Second group with at least one exotic weapon Thrid group with at least one exotic weapon XP 25 XP 75 XP 150 XP 275 XP 74 .440 1.580 2.650 1.160 2.700 2.010 3.700 2.240 3.710 3.140 d6 45 90 180 270 360 450 540 630 720 810 900 990 1.800 1.590 2.280 d10 75 150 300 450 600 750 900 1.470 1.080 1.400 2.800 1.710 d8 60 120 240 360 480 600 720 840 960 1.870 4.680 1.880 6.350 1.075 1.420 Quick Reference Pages CoMplete Control BAB BAB 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 XP 110 215 430 645 860 1.560 1.830 Feats Feat # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 XP Cost 100 160 680 1. Hit Dice DIE # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 d4 30 60 120 180 240 300 360 420 480 540 600 660 720 780 840 900 960 1.050 1.030 2.800 4.720 2.350 1.150 2.160 2.270 4.200 1.550 2.950 2.100 2.320 4.150 3.080 1.200 1.260 1.365 2.870 3.750 2.160 2. and use/progression-variable table have been expanded for ease of use. Additionally.550 4.510 3.190 1.800 1.290 1.080 1.060 3.700 2.880 3.000 9.240 3.620 1.480 9.440 1.780 4.920 7.990 4.760 3.430 3.310 2.505 1.860 5.655 3.

304 Total for Maximum Ranks SKILL RANK PURCHASED Attribute Increases Increase 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 XP Cost 360 1.360 1.800 Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Spell Slots XP Cost 170 340 680 1.120 1.072 2.498 12 6 6 6 6 12 24 36 48 60 72 84 96 108 120 132 144 156 168 180 192 204 216 228 2.160 6.080 1.200 1.040 2.360 1.520 15.240 4.500 12.Mentalis Design SKILLS COST OF RANK BY INTELLIGENCE RATING 34 27 22 18 16 14 17 14 11 9 8 7 17 14 11 9 8 7 17 14 11 9 8 7 17 14 11 9 8 7 34 27 22 18 16 14 68 54 44 36 32 28 102 81 66 54 48 42 136 108 88 72 64 56 170 135 110 90 80 70 204 162 132 108 96 84 238 189 154 126 112 98 272 216 176 144 128 112 306 243 198 162 144 126 340 270 220 180 160 140 374 297 242 198 176 154 408 324 264 216 192 168 442 351 286 234 208 182 476 378 308 252 224 196 510 405 330 270 240 210 544 432 352 288 256 224 578 459 374 306 272 238 612 486 396 324 288 252 646 513 418 342 304 266 6.720 3.500 10.500 14.200 5.186 4.160 2.440 1.360 1.120 7.280 3.500 16.500 8.688 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 80 40 40 40 40 80 160 240 320 400 480 560 640 720 800 880 960 1.060 50% 85 170 340 510 680 850 1.560 1.456 3.680 2.200 1.360 48 24 24 24 24 48 96 144 192 240 288 336 384 432 480 528 576 624 672 720 768 816 864 912 9.040 9.700 2.216 13 7 7 7 7 13 26 39 52 65 78 91 104 117 130 143 156 169 182 195 208 221 234 247 2.080 8.020 1.380 2.320 2.600 50% 5 25 120 360 600 840 1.528 5.120 3.280 1.000 Power and Spell Levels Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 XP Cost 10 50 240 720 1.190 1.224 3.640 3.500 75 .320 1.020 1.500 6.530 Incantations # Known 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 XP Cost 200 300 400 500 2.500 4.040 1.

080 1.250 2.350 16 1.320 4.and Use-Variable Abilities COST FOR EACH STEP IN PROGRESSION OR USE (1st column includes cost for both both initial access and firt use/progression) 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 360 450 540 630 720 810 900 990 1.350 1.600 3.160 2.890 2.890 2.400 BEGINNING LEVEL OF ABILITY Progression.320 14 1.620 1.700 2.440 1.240 3.350 1.130 5.600 3.520 1.780 4.420 3.240 3.170 720 900 1.520 3.620 1.860 5.960 4.130 5.980 2.600 3 270 540 810 1.160 2.860 5.440 17 1.160 2.060 3.775 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 1 45 2 30 75 3 60 60 135 BEGINNING LEVEL OF ABILITY 4 90 90 90 225 5 120 120 120 120 345 6 150 150 150 150 150 495 7 180 180 180 180 180 180 675 15 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 3.430 1.340 2.195 16 450 450 450 450 450 450 450 450 450 450 450 450 450 450 450 3.510 3.260 1.970 3.430 2.890 2.970 3.620 1.780 4.800 2.260 1.800 1.CoMplete Control Level-Variable Abilities COST TO ATTAIN EACH ABILITY LEVEL 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 210 240 270 300 330 360 390 210 240 270 300 330 360 390 210 240 270 300 330 360 390 210 240 270 300 330 360 390 210 240 270 300 330 360 390 210 240 270 300 330 360 390 210 240 270 300 330 360 390 885 240 270 300 330 360 390 1.340 1.700 2.510 3.240 3.160 2.080 1.880 3.160 2.590 4.080 1.880 3.980 2.440 1.695 330 360 390 2.025 360 390 2.530 76 .240 3.050 4.590 4.320 4.700 2.395 300 330 360 390 1.385 390 2.635 19 540 540 540 540 540 540 540 540 540 540 540 540 540 540 540 540 540 540 5.440 1.080 1.745 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 1 270 540 810 1.800 2.050 4.160 2.125 270 300 330 360 390 1.800 1.260 2.620 1.160 2.700 2.520 15 1.080 1.520 2.430 2.175 20 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 5.620 1.700 2.080 1.150 2.350 1.125 18 510 510 510 510 510 510 510 510 510 510 510 510 510 510 510 510 510 4.645 17 480 480 480 480 480 480 480 480 480 480 480 480 480 480 480 480 4.400 2 180 360 540 720 900 1.

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(b)”Derivative Material” means copyrighted material including derivative works and translations (including into other computer languages). Use of Contributor Credits: You may not market or advertise the Open Game Content using the name of any Contributor unless You have written permission from the Contributor to do so. addition. Will Elyea Tome of Channeling Copyright 2007. depictions. modify. plots. Rich Baker. themes and graphic. personas. formats. edit. equipment. Untapped Classes: Worldthought Medic Copyright 2008 Jeremy Smith. Inc. Green Ronin Publishing. COPYRIGHT NOTICE Open Game License v 1. Bruce R. or graphic designs. and the copyright holder’s name to the COPYRIGHT NOTICE of any original Open Game Content you Distribute. (d)”Open Game Content” means the game mechanic and includes the methods. names. personalities. Andreas Rönnqvist. the copyright date. Cordell. (c) “Distribute” means to reproduce. Swords of Our Fathers Copyright 2003. 14. No other terms or conditions may be applied to any Open Game Content distributed using this License. except as expressly licensed in another. teams. including translations and derivative works under copyright law. Cordell. Inc. Andreas Rönnqvist. You represent that Your Contributions are Your original creation and/ or You have sufficient rights to grant the rights conveyed by this License. Inability to Comply: If it is impossible for You to comply with any of the terms of this License with respect to some or all of the Open Game Content due to statute. improvement. thematic elements. System Reference Document Copyright 20002003. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. Use of Product Identity: You agree not to Use any Product Identity. 7. transformed or adapted. Untapped Potential: New Horizons in Psionics Copyright 2006 Brian Dupuis. 6. upgrade. Robert van der Meer 77 . and You must add the title. modification. Offer and Acceptance: By Using the Open Game Content You indicate Your acceptance of the terms of this License. (f) “Trademark” means the logos. such provision shall be reformed only to the extent necessary to make it enforceable. You must affix such a notice to any Open Game Content that you Use. translate and otherwise create Derivative Material of Open Game Content. based on material by Jonathan Tweet. David Noonan. Charles Ryan. Peter Adkison. the Contributors grant You a perpetual. Definitions: (a)”Contributors” means the copyright and/or trademark owners who have contributed Open Game Content. transmit or otherwise distribute. rent. magical or supernatural abilities or effects. format. based on original material by E. All rights reserved. and is Copyright 2000 Wizards of the Coast. Cordell.0a The following text is the property of Wizards of the Coast. modifying or distributing. mark. 9. You may use any authorized version of this License to copy. sign. Skip Williams. poses. procedures. artifacts. Jeremy Smith. Reformation: If any provision of this License is held to be unenforceable. 15. All sublicenses shall survive the termination of this License.Mentalis Design OPEN GAME LICENSE Version 1. John D. Modern System Reference Document Copyright 2002-2003. Identification: If you distribute Open Game Content You must clearly indicate which portions of the work that you are distributing are Open Game Content. and which specifically excludes the Open Game Content. (e) “Product Identity” means product and product line names. compilation. 12.. locations. Jeremy Smith. Rich Redman. Jeff Grubb.

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