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Jerome R. Corsi & Craig R.

Smith, PhD Harvard & CEO, Swiss America, 2005,

Black Gold Stranglehold: the myth of scarcity and the politics of oil, p. 124

Again, when we look at the other side of the coin, we realize that the Saudi Arabian economy is
dependent on oil exports. Currently oil—export revenues are estimated to make up 90-95 percent
of total Saudi export earnings. Between 70-80 percent of the Saudi Arabian state revenues
depend on oil-export revenues. Moreover, oil-export revenues make up about 90 percent of Saudi
Arabia gross domestic product. With 40 percent of the Saudi GDP coming from oil, the Saudis
stand to be whip- sawed by dramatic changes in oil prices and oil demand.

Time Magazine, July 7, 2008

According to a 2007 statistic, Saudi Arabia alone provides 1.453 million barrels of oil to the U.S.
each day. At the current oil prices approximately $145 per barrel, this provides $1,453,000 per
day, or $530,345,000 annually.

Robert Baer, former CIA field officer in the Middle East, Sleeping With the
Devil, 2003, p. 206-7 (HARVEN1099)
Not all the wishing and hoping in the world will change the basic reality of the situation, which is as follows: --The industrial world is
dependent on the oil reserves of the Islamic world and will be for decades to come, whether it’s the already developed reserves of the
largely Arab states or the soon to be developed reserves of Central Asia. --Of the Islamic oil states, none is more critical than Saudi Arabia,
because (a) it sits on top of the largest proven reserves; (b) it serves as the market regulator for the entire global petroleum industry; and (c)
it has the money, the political will, and the religious zeal to pursue control of the Arab Peninsula and Central Asia. --Of all the oil-
consuming states, none consumes more than the United States, none enjoys anything like the most-favored-nation status that the U.S. enjoys
with the Saudis, and thus none is more dependent on Saudi oil to fulfill its appetite and to keep doing so at a compliments-of-the-house rate.
--IfSaudi Arabia tanks, and takes along the other four dysfunctional families in the region
who collectively own 60 percent of the world’s proven oil reserves, the industrial economies
are going down with it, including the economy of the United States of America.