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A Customer may purchase electricity for resale under any Service Classification of
this Tariff that would be available if such electricity were not for resale and said
Customer may resell the electricity purchased to tenants on an individually metered
basis subject to approval by the Commission in response to individual proposals
concerning electric service furnished to: (i) master metered, new or renovated Non-
Residential buildings; and (ii) commercial occupants of cooperatives, condominiums,
campgrounds, recreational trailer parks or recreational marinas whose occupants were
purchasing individually metered electric service on May 21, 1980.


P.S.C. No. 6 - Electricity
Original Leaf No. 48

Issued: October 1, 2000

Effective: January 1, 2001

14. Shared Meters

When a tenant’s electric service meter also registers electric use other than the tenant’s
dwelling, the tenant is not required to pay the charges for that electric use, in accordance
with 16 NYCRR §§ 11.30 through 11.39, and Section 52 of the Public Service Law. The
Company shall establish an account in the owner’s name for all electric use registered on
the shared meter after that date and shall rebill for past electric use in accordance with
16 NYCRR § 11.34.

15. Meter Reading and Rendering of Bills

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