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THE TO\VJ\'Sti\D RlJJLD[;\(j Valerie A. \Voodruff
401 Fcdcr;iISlr"~l S"i(~ ~
DOVEKDELA\\',\RE !'NOI-~(,39
DOE \VEBSITE: http:-'/\\"\\'.\'.dodd2.dC'u<;

July 24, 2008

NIT. jann Alilson
Wilmington, DE 19804

Dear Mr. Allison:

The Delaware Department of Education (DOE) thanks you for the commitment you have
shown tor children in the Red Clay ~chool UIstnct and the support you-ve provl(ied. to
the district and state Title I programs. I recently received a communication from the
Office of the Inspector General in Washington, DC that included a complaint you
submitted regarding the implementation of Title I SES funds by the Red Clay Scbool
District. You expressed "concerns of the 'possible' misuse and lack of substantiation of
the expenditure of the Title I set aside funding for SES." The complaint was fOIWarded
to the DOE for resolution.

The DOE has investigated your concerns and found that the Red Clay School District was
not required to reserve funds tor SHS ill the 2007-01') school year. TItle 1 schools that do
not meet A yP for two or more consecutive years are required reserve funds for
supplemental after school programs tor cht1dren. At! at the Ked Clay Title 1 schools met
A yP at least once in the last two years.

Please feel rree to can me at 302-735-4000 if you have further questions concerning this


Valerie A. Woodruff
Secretary of Education

Cc: Michael Deshields, Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Investigations
Martha Brooks
Robert Andrzejewski
Ronald L. Houston
Malik Stewart
R. Thomas Wagner Jr.