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In this first phase of refreshing, we see many manifestations of the Spirit and worship is

enhanced dramatically. People get slain in the Spirit, revelation and angelic and divine
visitations and encounters occur.

In phase two, the move of God's Spirit is again earmarked for the church. This phase, in
my opinion, is the Revival phase. Many churches that experience revival do not
recognize it because they really do not know what to look for. Many of them expect a
great influx of souls, first time commitments and salvations and certainly some of these
do occur....but it's usually not in big numbers! Revival is not for the world. Revival is for
the church.

The word 'revival' means 'to bring back to life' You can't bring the 'world' back to life
because they were never alive! The object in this phase, is to bring a dead church back to

The following are some of the things you can look for in this phase:
-a spirit of repentance for sin and idolatry
-a reverance and fear of the Lord
-a prayer burden of intercession for lost souls
-backsliders and prodigals come back to church
-joyful giving of time and resources
-a hunger for the Word
-gifts of the Spirit are imparted and demonstrated during services
-we begin to see miracles, signs and wonders
-worship goes to a deeper level of intimacy
-mass and individual deliverance occurs in services
-missionary emphasis
-a heart for the nations
-lay people in the Body of Christ are equipped, empowered and released into ministry
according to their giftings and callings