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EXHIBIT J Horowitz Recognized for pioneering contributions to design of high-performance digital integrated circuits and systems. Will receive TEEE Solid-State Circuits Technical Field Award performance cigial integrated circuits and systems.” Prof. Horowitz is a researcher, teacher and entrepreneur of extraordinary distinction, and he is intemationally recognized as one of the leading scholars of his, {generation in the field of integrated cicull and system design, Bruce A, Wooley of Stanford says Horowitz has made “seminal contributions in areas such as computer architecture, semiconductor memary, the modeling of large scale digital circuits, the design and ‘modeling of low-power VLSI circuits and systems, and the design of circuits for high-performance data links.” tan Young, Senior Intel Fellow and Director of Advanced Circuits and Technology Integration, in Oregon notes that Horowitz contributions have “enabled the ‘microprocessor industry to evolve and progress through what seems fo have been ‘so many insurmountable problems with each new generation.” Young continues {hat Horowitz was especialy unique for a university professor because he was “able stay abreast of he rapidly evolving microprocessor digital cult design technology including his ability to understand and stay abreast ofthe process technology evolution. This is something which was especially important and ‘enabling f° his understanding and research contributions in high performance and tow power digital circuit design, clocking and high speed IO for microprocessors.” MarcetPelgrom of Philips agrees. Horowitz “excels because of his broad scope covering all aspects from high-speed sofal data communication to abstract digital architecture. He combines this broad view with a deep understanding ofthe undamental physical mechanisms. The work tat he and his students Rave performed has caught industrial attention on ‘numerous occasions and thir results are applied in many companies. Horowitz is unique in his billy to translate technological phenomena into architectural consequences " Horowitz has collaborated with Philips on advanced digital ‘design for many years, Horowitz is “one ofthe best scientists inthe field of solid-state circuit design, a true scientist in the sense that he is abvays ‘open-minded towards a new problem, and eager fo enter a new field." Pelgrom illustrates his summing up by noting that