February 13, 2011



A FORMER RUC Special Branch agent has called on Justice Minister David Forde to investigate his 20-year-old abduction.
It follows the discovery of documents by the Sunday World which now raises serious questions about the police handling of the probe into his kidnapping and a decision by the Public Prosecution Service not to prosecute his two abductors.
The PPS have told Martin McGartland, above, that no records can be found of him being treated in either Musgrave Park Military Hospital or the Royal Victoria Hospital.
A senior PPS director said no complaint was received by the police until 2008 and said it had never received a file on his case before then. However, the Sunday World has obtained a copy of McGartland’s admission to the accident and emergency of the RVH on the day of his abduction on August 8, 1991. And we have also obtained a copy of a letter from RUC Chief Constable Ronnie Flanagan which reveals McGartland made a complaint and the Director of Public Prosecutions ruled in 1995 not to take his abductors to court.

Ronnie Flanagan letter and hospital file proves the police botched tout abduction probe
out a review of why a prosecution would not go ahead. On Monday, Feb 1, he wrote a four-page letter to McGartland saying he had reviewed the file and agreed with the decision not to prosecute. The Sunday World can now reveal that police recovered fingerprints of IRA terrorists McCarthy and Hamilton in the a flat where they were holding McGartland nearly 20 years ago But amazingly the prints are NO LONGER AVAILABLE and the cops who recovered them can’t be TRACED. McGartland said police feared that if McCarthy and Hamilton were charged, defence lawyers would get access to top secret information relation to RUC Special Branch operations and their covert informants. He told the Sunday World that the PPS letter now raised serious questions about the original RUC investigation carried into his abduction on August 8, 1991. The PPS letter reveals that: ●no evidence that McGartland was in the flat ●no statement of complaint was made in 1991 ●no witness statements were recorded at the time; ●no arrests were made (McGartland says this is because Hamilton and McCarthy fled across the border); ●McGartland’s Special Branch handlers denied telling him not to name Jim McCarthy and Paul Hamilton; ●no complaint was received until 2008; ●no records can be found of McGartland being treated in either Musgrave Park Military Hospital or the Royal Victoria Hospital. But the Sunday World has obtained documents which prove that McGartland was taken to the RVH in Belfast on August 8, 1991. His admission to the accident and emergency department by an ambulance crew was timed at 6pm and it gives his date of birth as January 30, 1970, his age as 21. The paramedic crew record that they picked up McGartland at 54H Broom Park, Twinbrook. The admission form details his puncture wound to his upper arm, bruising on his legs, and lacerations to his head and upper arm. He was given two doses of pain relief – 10mg of Hynoval and 50mg of Pethidine.

“Before I was interviewed, Special Branch told me not to mention McCarthy or Hamilton’s name to CID. I thought it was because they were going to mount an operation to arrest them. “As soon as DS Frew started probing about my abduction, the Special Branch officer said: ‘No more questions’. And that was it. The interview was over. “That Special Branch officer has confirmed to the Sunday World that he has not been spoken by the PSNI over my complaint in 2008. The Sunday World has a letter from the then Chief Constable Ronnie Flanagan, below, to Ken Maginnis. Dated January 21, 1997 it confirms McGartland had made a complaint to the RUC and it was investigated. “On August 8, 1991 Martin McGartland was abducted and taken to a first floor flat in Twinbrook area by a number of men. “After several hours of unlawful detention he managed to make good his escape and after a period of hospitalisation, he was taken into protective custody.

“At the time he refused to make any statement or offer evidence against his abductors. He was relocated for his own safety. “On November 24, 1992, the BBC broadcast an ‘Inside Story’ programme in which McGartland recounted the circumstances of his abduction and interrogation. “During a subsequent investigation by us, he did inform investigating officers that he would be prepared to give evidence, inter alia, against those involved in his abduction. “A full investigation was carried out and a report submitted to the DPP. “On April 7, 1995 the Director issued a direction of ‘No Prosecution’.’’ Added McGartland: “This letter also proves that I did make a complaint and a file was submitted to the DPP. Assistant Director John Rea tells McGartland in the PPS review letter: “There is, in short, no forensic evidence to support your account. “All of the accused have been interviewed by police and deny the allegations.’’ But McGartland has hit back, saying: “If they weren’t in the flat, what were their finger prints doing there? Added McGartland: “There are very serious questions concerning the PSNI’s and PPS’s handling of this matter which raises far more serious questions.’’

McGartland told the Sunday World: “I believe there has been a cover up in my case by Special Branch since 1991 and it has taken me nearly 20 years to get at the truth. “I now want the Justice Minister David Forde to investigate my case. I am not getting justice for what the IRA tried to do to me. “At best this is incompetence on behalf of the police and the PPS. At worst I believe I have been lied to. “But now the truth is coming out thanks to the help of the Sunday World.” Last October, the Public Prosecution Service wrote to McGartland at his secret hideaway address somewhere in England to tell him that there was insufficient evidence to charge Jim ‘Filter Tip’ McCarthy and Paul ‘Chico’ Hamilton with his abduction and false imprisonment. After a furious McGartland kicked up about the decision claiming the police were protecting high ranking informants inside the IRA, the PPS assistant director John Rea carried

Under the heading of ‘MECHANISM FOR INJURY’, it states: Jumped through upstairs window’. Said McGartland: “I jumped head first through the living room window and fell 40 ft to the ground below. “This document proves that I was in the RVH hospital. I still have the name tag the RVH staff put around my wrist. “My Special Branch handler came later and took me away to a safe house inside Palace Barracks in Holywood. “I was interviewed by Detective Sergeant Hugo Frew of CID in the presence of my Special Branch handler.

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