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1.What do you think when you see these pictures?

Zirvə qrupu:When we see these pictures we think about our national holiday Novruz. 2.What do you do in Novruz? Ulduz qrupu:We make bonfires and jump over them.We throw our caps to our neibours` houses and get sweets. 3.How many pre-holiday Tuesdays are there before Novruz and what are they? Nur qrupu;There are 4 pre-holiday Tuesdays before Novruz.They are WATER,FIRE,AIR,EARTH.


Novruz is a green samani,coloured eggs, sweets, and bonfires. Novruz is a National Holiday in Azerbaican.It means a new day.Novruz is one of the oldest holidays in the world.It belongs to many peoples of the world.People ce lebrate Novruz on the 21st of March.They celebrate spring holidays in Asia-Iran, Iraq,Turkey,Afganistan and Pakistan and In Bulgaria too.Novruz rituals are very in teresting.Parents are usually buy new clothing and sweets for their child ren.Nature changes its clothing and people do the same.Azeri people clean and decorate houses,yards,streets and squares.It is the time for chariti too.People make khonchas and give them to the needy people. There is always pakhlava,shakarbura,gogal.sweets,biscuits,nuts,dry fruit raisin and a big samani in the middle of khonchas.Candles around khonchas burn and lighten them.

Spring Maiden comes on 21 st of March in a national costume.There is a show with “Kosa”and “kechal”.They look very funny in their costumes. They make people laugh with their tricks. We congratulate everybody and say “I wish you a Happy Holiday!”


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Novruz, oh carnation Novruz! Novruz, Novruz, stay Novruz! Novruz, Novruz, welcome you! Are you full or empty you? Are you dry or wet Novruz? Welcome, welcome gay Novruz! Spring-the season of delight Apple blossoms,pink and white Do you hear the busy bees Hum around the pearl-white Welcome spring, with all your joys For little girls and little boys