Consumer Behaviour in Services


The Customer Gap Expected service Customer Gap Perceived service .

Consumer Evaluation of Services Framework for distinguishing products and services:  Search Qualities  Attributes that can be determined before purchase or consumption  Experience Qualities  Attributes that can only be determined only after purchase or consumption  Credence Qualities  Attributes that are difficult to assess at any stage of the purchase process .

Figure 3.3 Continuum of Evaluation for Different Types of Products Most Goods Easy to evaluate Most Services Difficult to evaluate High in search High in experienceHigh in credence qualities qualities qualities .

Discussion Question. #2 . page 70.

Consumer Decision-making Process Problem/need recognition Information Search Evaluation of Alternatives Purchase Decision Consumer Experience Postexperience Evaluation .

e. performing their routines i. writer and choreographer. Dentist office Customers influencing service experiences Customers as participants in the service process  Service Provision as drama   Service roles and script   The compatibility of service customers   Customer coproduction/co-creation   Emotion and mood .Issues in Consumer’s Service Experience  Services as processes  A follow through of steps Service marketer as director.

Post-experience Evaluation  Influences word of mouth communication  Attribution of dissatisfaction  Brand loyalty  Switching costs .

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