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Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association - May 2012 Newsletter

Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association - May 2012 Newsletter

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Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association - May 2012 Newsletter
Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association - May 2012 Newsletter

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Published by: EricFruits on May 07, 2012
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Volume 22

Number 3
May 2012
Ma y 20 12
LNA Regu la r Mem ber s h ip Meet in g
Agen d a
Time: Tuesday, May 29, 2012@ 7 pm
Place: All Saints Church Parish Hall, Glisan and Cesar E
Chavez Blvd.
1. Call to Order, Approval of Minutes
2. Elections: Description of Positions, Nominations,
Passing out of Ballots
3. Police / Crime Prevention
4. Presentation on International Tree Climbing World
5. Presentation on Laurelhurst BioBlitz
6. Garage Sale Update
7. Arches Update
8. Coe Circle Update
9. Portland Providence Comprehensive Use Master Plan
10. Mynt/Syren’s Update
11. Election Results
Note: Agenda items, timing and placement subject to
Next LNA Board Meeting:
Tursday, July 12, 2012 @ 7 pm,
Laurelhurst Clubhouse
Next LNA Regular Membership Meeting:
Tuesday, September 25, 2012 @ 7 pm,
All Saints Church, Parish Hall
Does Your Yard Contribute
to Biodiversity?
By: Dr. Marion Dresner, dresnem@pdx.edu
What is the biodiversity in your Neighborhood? Help
us find out on August 5! Backyard habitat owners
and others in Laurelhurst will have an opportunity
to participate in a first-time study this spring and
summer. What difference has it made to native moths,
butterflies, and birds that you have converted your
yard to a backyard? Is the difference more pronounced
if the habitat is close to a park, greenspace or other
backyard habitat?
The greater the abundance of native plants, we would
expect a greater abundance of native insect herbivores
and an increase in vegetation cover. Adult birds feed
their nestlings insects. In other areas with increased
vegetation, native birds have also increased. We expect
a similar increase of native birds and would like to
include your yard in our study, whether you have a
backyard habitat or not.
This summer, on Sunday, August 5, you can join a
group of renowned ecologists with the Ecological
Society of America in a Bioblitz of the plants,
arthropods, birds, and other organisms.
A BioBlitz is an intense period of biological surveying
in an attempt to record all the living species within
a designated area. Groups of scientists, naturalists
and volunteers conduct an intensive field survey over
a 6 hour span of time. You would only be required
to participate for 4 hours, from about 9 am to 1 pm.
In the afternoon, we will tally our results. If you
have observations about differences in birds or
other organism citings since your habitat has been
established, please let us know.
This spring, a small group of PSU faculty and students
will be exploring these neighborhoods to begin this
investigation. We will need your help on August 5th.
Please join us and include your yard in our study. To
participate, contact me at dresnem@pdx.edu.
Th e La u r elh u r s t
Neigh bor h ood As s ocia t ion
The newsletter is published every other month.
The deadline for submissions is the
1st of the month of publication (J anuary, March,
May, September and November).
Contact J ennifer Lewis, Editor for information.
Articles published here are opinions of the authors
unless indicated as LNA’s official statements.
Similarly LNA resumes no responsibility with regards
to the content of advertisements or the credentials of
advertising entities.
All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part
without permission is prohibited.
Newsletter Staff
Editor and Advertising Manager: J ennifer Lewis
LNA Board Officers
President – Eric Fruits 503-928-6635
Vice President – Beth Zauner 503-231-3902
Secretary – Jeanne Ferguson 503-206-5953
Treasurer – Kristi Kasparek 503-341-2954
Editor - Jennifer Lewis 916-802-7772
SEUL Rep – Don Gardner 503-236-3153
NE Quad Rep – Elena MacPhee 503-453-6156
NW Quad Rep – Lyle Howard 503-234-8176
SE Quad Rep – Kelly Bocian 503-961-4982
SW Quad Rep – Jim Edelson 503-231-4665
General Rep: Gary Naylor 503-232-3398
LNA Committees
Arches: Doug Lovelace 916.207.4277
Cleanups: J ohn Russ 503.231.5363
Coe Circle: Greg Klott 503.381.9553
Garage Sale: Pam Redman 503-901-5252
Land Use: Gary Naylor 503.232.3398
Kids Club: J essi Fleagane 503.432.8220
Parks: Marilyn Harlin 503.233.2555
Public Safety: Fern Wilgus 503.231.8464
SOLE: J ill Punches 503.233.6075
Transportation: Goudarz Eghtedari 503.235.6136
Trees: Lisa Adajian 503.233.8235
Website: www.laurelhurstpdx.org
Webmaster: J ustin Hawkwood,
Facebook: http:/ / www.facebook.com/ LaurelhurstPDX
From The Editor
By: Jennifer Lewis, LNA Newsletter

Can it really be May already? That means
it’s election time. Not just those for our
federal, state and local governments,
but also the Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association Board of
Directors. If you have been considering getting more involved
in the neighborhood association, but aren’t sure how, please
give me or any of the other Board members a call. Or come
to our May 29th meeting at All Saints Church Parish Hall and
nominate yourself for a position. We always welcome new ideas
and participation.
May is also the middle of spring. I love this time of year.
Relaxing with neighbors on their front porches, watching the
kids play, planting vegetables and getting the yard ready for
summer fun. Do you have fun plans for the summer? If you
haven’t made any plans yet, you’ll find lots of ideas in this
edition of the newsletter. One of the most unique events being
the International Tree Climbing Championship to be held in our
very own Laurelhurst Park.
Make the most of this summer. Get to really know your
neighbors. The fantastic neighborhood spirit throuhout
Laurelhurst is what makes this such a wonderful place to live.
Plan a block party when SE Parkways comes by your home,
or plan something in connection with National Night Out on
August 7, 2012. For ideas of things to do for National Night
Out, check out http:/ / www.natw.org/ nno/ . If you can, send me
a photo of your block celebrating together. I’d love to include
neighborhood spirit photos in our Fall newsletter.
Enjoy the sunshine. I hope it comes out soon.
Business Spotlight: UPS
Our Neighbor and Friend
I’ve always gone to the UPS Store at 3439 NE Sandy
to mail packages to family and friends, but it wasn’t
until last year that I realized what a great partner
they are with the Laurelhurst Neighborhood Associa-
The UPS Store has been at this location for 21 years.
Kamal Gover and his sister, Kusum Mehndiratta,
purchased it 11 years ago. They had owned a store
in NW, but really enjoy our neighborhood and chose
to sell their NW operations and come to our section
of town. In fact, they have also purchased a second
store nearby at SE 41st and Hawthorne. Between the
two stores, they have 10 employees, all of whom live
Kamal and Kusum have long contributed to the Lau-
relhurst Neighborhood Association. Then, last year,
they proposed that instead of printing the newsletter
with the City, that we print it locally. They offered
the association a 10% discount on the City’s prices,
allowing the association to use our limited resources
for other projects thoughout Laurelhurst.
If you have a printing job, or simply need your pack-
ages mailed, stop in to see Kamal and his friendly
staff at the UPS Store. Laurelhurst is lucky to have
them as a neighbor.
Going Green and Saving
Metro, the City of Portland,
Multnomah, Washing and
Clackamas Counties offer a
community resource serving
our region: The Regional
Green Building Hotline -
503-823-5431. For over
four years, the Hotline has
provided practical tips and
useful information about
green home strategies, including resources and incen-
tives for new and existing commercial and residential
projects. The free service is a bridge to the informa-
tion you need to help you begin.
It is the Hotline’s intent to inspire callers to incorpo-
rate as many sustainable choices, either material or
behavioral, into their projects as they would like. The
Hotline can also help callers overcome perceived
barriers and obstacles about green building.
Get your green building questions answered! Call
503-823-5431. This is a service within the Green
Development Resource Center. Check them out
online: www.buildgreen411.com.
Call us with your tax &
accounting needs. . .
We’re just down the street
1725 S.E. Ash Street Q Portland, OR 97214
Q www.PMMcpas.com
Member American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Member Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants
www. homepage. mac. com/rebelsunfilms
CCB #173347
Basement / Attic Conversions
Kitchens, Bathrooms, Additions
Moisture / Dry Rot Repair
Home Sale Prep/Post Inspection
Maintenance/Handyman service
Owner / Contractor / Carpenter 3
Mayoral Mansion: Laurel-
hurst Landmark hits the
Century Mark in Style
Reprinted by permission of Phil Favorite, Special
Writer, phil@yourstorywelltold.com
For 100 years, the estate at 3360 S.E. Ankeny St. has
been a landmark of the Laurelhurst neighborhood,
and for the last 20 years it has been on the National
Register of Historic Places. Now the stunning brick-
faced home — designed in the Colonial Revival style
by noted Portland architect Albert E. Doyle — is
ready for a new owner.
“To me, it’s like a fine, well-taken-care-of antique,”
said Ann Spanish Manion, a RE/ MAX Equity Group
agent. “It’s a treasure.” Manion and her partner Joe
Spanish are listing the 6,900-square-foot house for
$1.75 million.
Known as The H.R. Albee House — named for its first
owner, H. Russell Albee, the one-time Portland may-
or and state senator — the north-facing home sits
on three-quarters of an acre backing to Laurelhurst
Park. It’s had just six owners and very few altera-
tions in its century of existence; the current owners,
Park Bailey and Richard Kroll, bought it in 1990 and
led efforts to have it refurbished and recognized on
the National Register.
Much of the home’s rich, original interior detailing is
still intact and very little has changed from the origi-
nal floor plan. The inlaid oak floors in the breakfast
room, dining room and library, as well as the ma-
hogany and oak paneling, dentil molding and ceiling
beams, are all original.
Other stunning features in the home include pocket
doors to the library that are fixed with original
stained glass and three bay windows in the living
room that curve out from the back elevation with a
view to the backyard.
During a tour of the home, it becomes evident that
Albee spared no expense in building a home meant to
impress both neighbors and guests alike. “It’s always
been a trophy house,”Manion said. “It’s one of a
kind.” When Albee asked Doyle to design the house
in 1911, the young architect already had established
himself as a leader of the Colonial Revival era at the
start of the 20th Century. By the end of 1915, Doyle
had designed 20 houses, half of which were in the Co-
lonial Revival style. He would go on to design several
of Portland’s most significant buildings, including the
Central Library, the Benson Hotel and the original
buildings of Reed College.
* Additional fees, including carrier message and data rates, may apply.
Mail Boxes Etc., Inc. is a UPS
company. The UPS Store
locations are independently owned and operated by franchisees
of Mail Boxes Etc., Inc. in the USA and by its master licensee and its franchisees in Canada. Services, pricing and hours of
operation may vary by location. Copyright © 2012 Mail Boxes Etc., Inc. 41033280112
Get a mailbox that works as
hard as you do.
At The UPS Store
, you get a
real street address not a P.O.
Box. Whenever mail arrives,
we’ll send you an e-mail or text
And if you can’t get to the
center right away, we’ll hold
your mail in a secure location
until you pick it up.
Stop by and see us today.
343º NE Sandy 8lvd
Portland, 0P º7232
Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 þ.m.
Sat º:00 a.m. - 5:00 þ.m.
Sun 12:00 þ.m. - 5:00 þ.m.
0llei exµiie: 8¡31¡12
0llei exµiie: 8¡31¡12
liuit ore couµor µer cu:touer. lot valio witl otler oller:. Re:trictior: aµµly. Valio
aro reoeeualle orly wler µre:erteo at a µarticiµatirç locatior. !le UPS Store
certer: are iroeµeroertly owreo aro oµerateo. O 2011 Hail Boxe: ltc., lrc.
liuit ore couµor µer cu:touer. lot valio witl otler oller:. Re:trictior: aµµly. Valio
aro reoeeualle orly wler µre:erteo at a µarticiµatirç locatior. !le UPS Store
certer: are iroeµeroertly owreo aro oµerateo. O 2011 Hail Boxe: ltc., lrc.
(8.5x11, single sided, white 28# paper)
Albee, meanwhile, was a rising political star. He
entered politics in 1903 when he won a seat on
the Portland city council, and in 1910 was elected
to the Oregon State Senate. Not long after taking
up residence at the Laurelhurst estate, he ran for
mayor and won. He lived in the house for his entire
four-year run as mayor.
Having survived a recall effort in 1914, he decided
not to run for re-election in 1917 but remained ac-
tive in public life and a noted advocate and leader in
establishing the city’s parks system. “He was very
involved with the city parks, and I think the fact
that the house backs up to one of the largest parks
in the city played into that,” Manion said.
Colon ia l cla s s ic
Framed in wood with some steel supports, the
two-story Albee House is a classic of the Colonial
Revival first phase design. Stretched across 500 feet
at the axis where Southeast Floral Avenue meets
Ankeny Street, the front elevation is symmetrical
with setback wings flanking a central block, evenly
spaced windows and topped with hipped roofs. A
paved walkway and stairs lead from the street to a
columned portico with double hung windows and
Doric entablature at the roof.
More intricate exterior detailing is reserved for
the asymmetrical elevation, which was designed
to maximize views of the park. “In those days, it is
said homes had a public face at the front and a more
private face in the back,” Manion said.
The curved windows off the living room, a stained
glass Palladian window at the top of the main stairs
and multiple access points to outside living spaces are
just some of the many and varied eye-catching details
of the rare elevation.
Inside, the main level of the central block features the
dining room, library and living room, with a central
staircase leading to the upper level. On the main level
of the east wing is a solarium — another hallmark of
the Colonial Revival style — while the west wing fea-
tures the kitchen and breakfast room.
The upstairs master bedroom features a large sitting
room with a fireplace and connects to a sleeping porch
above the solarium. Three other bedrooms are on the
west side of the second level.
While expansive, the home features a livable plan with
a mix of private and communal spaces and a base-
ment level ready to be customized to meet the buyer’s
needs for entertainment and storage. The richness of
the wood and other details add a warm, homey feel.
“It’s not a touch-me-not kind of home,” Manion said.
“It’s very warm and livable.”
Phil Favorite is a Milwaukie writer. He can be reached
at phil@yourstorywelltold.com.
RESOURCES: Ann Spanish Manion and J oe Spanish,
RE/ MAX Equity Group, 237 N.E. Broadway St., Suite
100; www.joespanish.com.
J oin The 27th Annual LNA
Garage Sale!
By: Pam Redman, LNA Garage Sale Coordinator
This year’s neighborhood-wide garage sale will be held
Saturday, J une 16th. J oin your neighbors in a fun ac-
tivity. Clean out your basements, garages and closets;
make some money and help your neighborhood.
The registration fee is $25 for a single household or
$35 for a multiple household or organizations partici-
pating at a single location. For this fee your garage
sale will be included in a map listing participating ga-
rage sales and key items for sale at each location. The
neighborhood-wide garage sale will also be marketed
to key media outlets including The Oregonian and
Craigslist. This year the map will be available on the
LNA’s website and Facebook page the night before the
sale, in addition to being handed out at map stations
throughout Laurelhurst.
To be included on the map, participants must register
no later than Thursday, J une 7, by returning the regis-
tration form inserted into this newsletter. The regis-
tration form is also available on the LNA website at
www.laurelhurstpdx.org. Participants will be notified
A passion for plants.
A nursery for plant people.
5050 SE Stark
Portland, OR 97215
TEL (503) 231-5050
FAX (503) 231-7123

9000 SE Division
Portland, OR 97266
TEL (503) 788-9000
FAX (503) 788-9002
w w w . p o r t l a n d n u r s e r y . c o m
Fine Home Remodeling & Maintenance
The Total Home Care Difference
www. c o o p e r d e s i g n b u i l d e r s . c o m
by email or letter concerning the date and time to pick
up and return an official lawn sign. All participants
will receive extra maps when picking up their signs.
This year, TEEN CHALLENGE has graciously offered
to pick up your “non-sellables” after the sale. A dona-
tion receipt will be given to you when you pick up your
sign, you can simply put what’s left on your curb after
the sale and they will come by and pick them up!
Proceeds from registration fees go to the Arches Fund
to preserve and maintain Laurelhurst’s historic sand-
stone arches.
Thank you in advance to the team of volunteers who
are making this year’s sale the best ever! If you have
questions, call me at 503-901-5252. See you J une 16!
* * * * *
Arches Update
By: Doug Lovelace, Arches Committee
The Laurelhurst arches continue to grace the borders
of our neighborhood as they have for a 102 years.
They’re one of the distinctive landmarks that make
our neighborhood unique. The arches belong to our
neighborhood and we are collectively responsible for
maintaining them.
The Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association maintains
a separate fund for the sole purpose of maintaining
the arches and hopefully one day replacing the miss-
ing hardware. The annual Laurelhurst garage sale is
the sole source of funding for the arches. Last year
this fund enabled the LNA to hire a licensed conserva-
tor to carefully clean all seven arches and a mason to
make long-overdue repairs. Last month the fund and
teh city’s Graffiti Abatement Program paid for graffiti
removal on four of the arches. I continue to explore
options for the re-creation of the missing hardware
and hope this year to test a sample created by sculp-
ture students at Mount Hood Community College
The 27th annual garage sale, raises about $3000 a
year towards the on-going maintenance of your
arches. The garage sale can only happen if someone
takes charge of it and this year that almost didn’t hap-
pen. Fortunately, Pam Redman stepped-up and a few
neighbors have agreed to help her out.
Hopefully we’ll have a lovely Saturday morning for
this year’s garage sale and the great transfer of dis-
cards will be fun for everyone. By all means, if you’re
going to have a garage sale this year, pleas please be a
part of your neighborhood’s 27th annual garage sale
and make a contribution to the upkeep of your arches.
If you feel inclined to contribute further, your tax-
deductible donation to the LNA Arches Fund will be
gratefully appreciated and promptly acknowledged.
Thank you for supporting your neighborhood.
Rock’N’Roll Half
By: Michael Mulhern, Volunteer Coordinator,
Rock’n’Roll Marathon, portland@rnrracecrew.com
The Rock’n’Roll 1/ 2 Marathon is coming to Port-
land, Sunday, May 20, 2012. This running event will
bring 15,000 racers from across the country, as well
as internationally, to compete on a 13.1 mile course
designed to show off the best of Portland. This race
will benefit the Portland Rose Festival and serves as
a major fundraising event for a number of organiza-
tions. For more information visit http:/ / runrocknroll.
competitor.com/ portland.
We need volunteers to help with every aspect of the
event. If you would like to volunteer, please email or
call me at 408-373-7271. We need volunteer in the
following areas:
Hea lt h & Fit n es s Exp o Set Up (Convention Cen-
ter) - Thursday, May 17, 1 - 4 pm. organize registra-
tion packets and participant t-shirts.
Hea lt h & Fit n es s Exp o (Convention Center) - Fri-
day, May 18, 10 - 3 pm or 2 - 6 pm and May 19, 8 - 2
pm or 1 - 6 pm. Issue race numbers and distribute
goodie bags and t-shirts.
St a r t Lin e As s is t a n ce (Tom McCall Waterfront
Park) - Sunday, May 20, 5:30 - 8:30 am or full day
from 5 am - 1 pm. Start corrals, gear check and re-
Fin is h Lin e As s is t a n ce (Tom McCall Waterfront
Park) - Sunday, May 20, 6:30 am - 1 pm. Checked
gear retrieval, refreshment zone and awards.
Wa t er St a t ion Volu n t eer - May 20, times vary
depending on water station assignment.
Locally owned – Locally made - NE 24th & Sandy
Laurelhurst Family Owned
Now Featuring Oregon-Made
Living Room and Bedroom Furniture!
Large selection of traditional mattresses
Certi-Pur US Eco-Friendly materials
Natural Latex mattresses
Memory Foam & Gel Foam Mattresses
Oregon & Washington-Made Mattresses
Natural Wool Toppers & Pillows
Great Selection of Sofas & Loveseats
Made in Woodburn, Oregon
2406 NE Sandy Blvd / Corner of Sandy & 24th
Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs 11a-6p / Fri 10a-6p / Sat 10a-5p / Sun 12p-5p
503 896 1072 / www.mattresslot.com / www.furniturelot.com
Principal Broker
lance@livingroomrealtors.com www.livingroomrealtors.com
J oin The Laurelhurst
Neighborhood Association
Have you ever wondered how the Laurelhurst Neigh-
borhood Association (LNA) operates? There are 12
Board of Directors, 11 of which are voted into office
each May, and the General Membership Meeting. The
Newsletter Editor position is appointed by the Board.
The Board meets every month, except for J uly, alter-
nating between General Membership meetings at All
Saints’ Parish Hall and the Board of Directors meet-
ings at the Laurelhurst Club. Dates are published in
the Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association Newsletter
and are provided on our website.
We need your help! Our Secretary has decided to
run for the SE Quad Representative position, and we
need someone to help! If you are interested in the
Secretary position, another position, or simply want
to meet the candidates and vote on a new Board of
Directors, please come to our May 29 meeting at All
Saints Church at 7 pm.
Laurelhurst is our neighborhood. Consider becoming
involved and helping to ensure Laurelhurst remains a
wonderful place to live.
Interested in an Ecoroof
Portland is accepting applications for ecoroof incen-
tives through J une 1st. Ecoroofs are vegetated roof
systems that absorb rain, reduce stormwater runoff.
The City has approved $2.1 million for 159 projects
since 2008.
Ecoroof incentives are part of the Grey to Green ini-
tiative to expand the City’s green stormwater man-
agement infrastructure, protect natural areas and
improve fish and wildlife habitat. The incentives pay
up to $5 per square foot for new projects, which cost
$5-20 to install. For more information visit:
www.portlandonline.com/ bes/ ecoroofincentive.
* * * * *
Calling All Families With
Kids Born in 2011
J oin the 2011 kids club. Share experiences with oth-
er families with 1 year olds, and get the kids together
to play and have fun. To find out more information
please contact Beeca Smith-Morgan at: cheekyb@
College or retirement? Find
out how to afford both.
Bryan E Brumley, AAMS®
Financial Advisor
5522 E Burnside St
Portland, OR 97215
Member SIPC
Be Crime Smart This
By: Fern Wilgus, LNA Public Safety Chair
It’s Spring and time to get outside and dust off the
cobwebs with yard work, sports, hiking and walks.
Did you lock the house and windows? Close and
lock the garage? Put toys, tools, strollers and equip-
ment inside? Did you take everything out of your
vehicle and lock it?
These are good habits to practice whether you are
going out, working in the yard, having fun away
from your home, or are at a neighbor’s home.
Why? Because you are tempting some-
one to take something from your home,
garage or yard now or in the future.
Yes, this has in fact happened.
Gr a ffit i
As soon as you see graffiti, please take a
photo and send it and the location to
marcia.dennis@portlandoregon.gov or
call 503-823-4824. If the graffiti is on
one of our arches, please notify Doug at
doug@statestore.com. If the graffiti is
elsewhere in Laurelhurst, please contact
me at fernwilgus42@gmail.com. If you
are removing graffiti yourself or have a
“graffiti removal team” please never
remove graffiti from the face of traffic
signs. They are made of a reflective
substance and are easily damaged.
Reporting Crime
If a crime is in progress, or you suspect
is imminent, call 911. If a crime has
happened, call the police non-emergency
line at 503-823-3333 or report online at
portlandoregon.com. If the crime
happened to you or a neighbor, ask for a
case number after you report.
A case number provides you and the
police a “tracking” method of illegal
activities. This is important for the
police to know in order to put more
patrols and thus have faster response
time in our neighborhood.
You may also want to start or revitalize
a neighborhood watch program. If this is something
you’re interested in doing, please contact either J acob
Brostoff, Crime Prevention Specialist for the West
side of Cesar Chevez Blvd. at J acob.brostoff@port-
landoregon.gov or 503-823-0540; or for the East side
of Cesar Chevez Blvd. contact Katherine Anderson
Crime Prevention Specialist at Katherine.anderson@
portlandoregon.gov or 503-823-3432.
For more information and details about personal and
property safety please visit www.portlandonline.com/
oni. You can select Crime prevention information,
graffiti information, and get more information about
the City of Portland’s services.
503-234-9229 MONDAY - SATURDAY
Kathy Rogers & Jennifer Raze
Real Experience. Real Commitment. Real Estate.
The Strength of Teamwork
The Reputation for Results

Specializing in the close-in eastside neighborhoods
Kathy Rogers I 503.704.9173 I kk.rogers@windermere.com
Jennifer Raze I 503-544-7935 I jenniferraze@windermere.com
Upcoming Events
Op en Now - “HELLAS, Foot p r in t s in Tim e. ”
This exhibit traces the cultural development of greece
from antiquity to the late 20th Century. Open every
Tuesday, 10-3, Sat. 2-5 and Sun. Noon - 1 pm. 3131
NE Glisan Street. Free. www.hellenicamericancc.org
Ma y 6 - 30 - Bea u t ifu l Ru s s ia n Or t h od ox I con s
Exh ibit . Elias Stephanopoulos Center at 3131 NE
Glisan Street, 2nd Floor. The Hellenic-American
Cultural Center and Museum have put together a rare
opportunity to purchase exquisit Orthodox icons from
a private collection. In addition, view the museum’s
collection of paitings by Mrguerite Frances Sylvia cap-
turing the essence of village life on the Greek island of
Lesbos. Free. www.hellenicamericancc.org
Ma y 9 - Fr ien d s of La u r elh u r s t Pa r k Wor k
Pa r t y. Meet us at __ at the green building on the
North side of Laurelhurst Park.
Ma y 12 – La u r elh u r s t Neigh bor h ood Sp r in g
Clea n -Up ! 8 am - 1 pm at All Saints Parish, 3847 NE
Glisan. Bring your metal, building materials, wood,
styrofoam, tires, batteries, furniture and books. We
need volunteers! It’s a great way to meet your neigh-
bors, make new friends, get exercise and promote the
public good. Please contact J ohn cruss at jncruss@
comcast.net to volunteer for a 3 hour shift.
Ma y 12 - NE
Com m u n it y Cen t er
Pla n t Sa le. 1630 NE
38th. Flowers will be in
full bloom and promise
beautiful colors for
Mom for Mother’s Day.
Ma y 13 – NE Por t la n d Su n d a y Pa r kwa ys . J oin
the fun. Streets will be closed from 11 am – 4 pm for
people to walk, bike, run and roll. For route informa-
tion visit www.PortlandSundayParkways.org.
Ma y 17 - Cit y of Por t la n d Bu d get Hea r in g. 6:30
- 8:30 pm at David Douglas High School, 1001 SE
135th Avenue. This is your opportunity to share your
budget priorities with the City Council.
www.portlandonline.com/ communitybudget.
Ma y 19 – Ten Toe Exp r es s Wa lk t h r ou gh La u -
r elh u r s t t o t h e Hollywood Fa r m er s Ma r ket .
At 9 am, meet us at SE 35th and Oak Street. Bring
your backpack as we stretch our legs and hike to the
market via Laurelhurst Park and neighborhood.
Ma y 20 – Ra in Ga r d en s 10 1. 9 - 1 pm. East Mult-
nomah Soil and Water Conservation District is host-
ing this workshop, and will provide details on how to
build your own rain garden. Register online:
http:/ / www.emswcd.org/ workshops-events.
Ma y 20 - Rock’n ’Roll 1/ 2 Ma r a t h on . Beginning
at 8 am, this event will come along the Northern bor-
der of the park, and there will be road closures. Visit
their website for more information, to volunteer or to
sign up for this great run. http:/ / runrocknroll.com-
petitor.com/ portland.
Ma y 29 a n d Ma y 30 – Sp r in g in La u r elh u r s t
Pa r k, Sen ior Wa lk. 10 am. Meet at SW corner of
E. Burnside and SE 39th. J oin the City of Portland
for a seasonal stolls through Laurelhurst Park. Take
in the spring beauty and wildlife as e navigateour way
through the park.
J u n e 3 - Wood s t ock Fa r m er s Ma r ket ’s Op en -
in g Da y. J oin in the fun at the opening day events at
4600 SE Woodstock Blvd. The market is open every
Sunday, J une 3- October 28 from 9 am - 1 pm with
more organic food choices, vendors and live music.
J u n e 13 - Fr ien d s of La u r elh u r s t Pa r k Wor k
Pa r t y. Meet us at 9 am at the green building in Lau-
relhurst Park, 3600 SE Ankeny Street. Bring gloves.
J u n e 23 - Na t ion a l Ea t in g Dis or d er s As s ocia -
t ion Wa lk in La u r elh u r s t Pa r k. J oin us for a
memorable event that will support more than one
million people per year with life saving informa-
tion and treatment referrals. Visit us at: www.port-
J u n e 25 - Au gu s t 25 - Su m m er Pla ygr ou n d Ac-
t ivit ies a t La u r elh u r s t Pa r k. From 10-4 the City’s
Parks and Recreation Department will be providing
fun activities at Laurelhurst Park.
J u ly 11 - Fr ien d s of La u r elh u r s t Pa r k Wor k
Pa r t y. Meet us at 9 am at the green building in Lau-
relhurst Park, 3600 SE Ankeny Street. Bring gloves.
J u ly 28 -29 - 43r d An n u a l Sh a kes p ea r e-in -t h e-
Pa r ks : Twelft h Nigh t , or Wh a t You Will. 3 pm
near picnic area F in the center of Laurelhurst Park.
Directed by Avital Shira this will be a performance by
the Portland Actors Ensemble that you will not want
to miss.
Au gu s t 3 - Movies in La u r elh u r s t Pa r k. A pre-
movie band will begin at 6:30, and Citizen Cane will
begin at dusk. J oin us for a fun evening!
Au gu s t 4 - Con cer t in La u r elh u r s t Pa r k. J oin
the Portland Festival Symphony at 6 pm for a fun
evening of music in the park provided by the City of
Portland’s Parks and Recreation Department.
Au gu s t 5 – La u r elh u r s t Neigh bor h ood
Bioblit z! 9 am - 1 pm J oin us and help monitor
the biological diversity of Laurelhurst Park and the
neighborhood. For more information contact Marion
Dresner at dresmen@pdx.edu. More on page 1.
Montessori School
Camp VIDA – Summertime fun for ages 3 to 9
June 18-August 24, 2012
4911 NE Couch St., Portland, OR • 503-215-2409
Providence Montessori School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or
national or ethnic origin in the administration of its policies and programs.
Au gu s t 8 - Fr ien d s of La u r elh u r s t Pa r k Wor k
Pa r t y. Meet us at 9 am at the green building in Lau-
relhurst Park, 3600 SE Ankeny Street. Bring gloves.
Au gu s t 11 - 12 - I n t er n a t ion a l Tr ee Clim bin g
Ch a m p ion s h ip a n d Ar bor Fa ir . 8am - 5 pm both
days. The best tree climbers from the world come
to Laurelhurst Park to showcase their abillities and
compete with arial rescues and climbing challenges.
You won’t want to miss this event. More on page 15.
Au gu s t 18 - Con cer t in La u r elh u r s t Pa r k. J oin
the Providence Stage Band at 6 pm for a fun filled
evening of music brought to you by the City’s Sum-
mer Free for All program.
Au gu s t 24 - Movies in La u r elh u r s t Pa r k. J oin
your neighbors at 6:30 for a pre-movie band, and
then at dusk enjoy a screening of Hugo.
Au gu s t 26 – SE Por t la n d Su n d a y Pa r kwa ys .
Save the date! This event will again travel through
Laurelhurst with vendors and special events at
Laurelhurst Park. View the route online. If you live
on the route, please try to move your vehicles off the
Sep t em ber 12 - Fr ien d s of La u r elh u r s t Pa r k
Wor k Pa r t y. Meet us at 9 am at the green building
in Laurelhurst Park, 3600 SE Ankeny Street. Please
bring you own work gloves.
J oin The Laurelhurst
Babysitter Database
Calling all babysitters! Become a part of the Laurel-
hurst Kids’ Club’s babysitter database. There are a lot
of families looking for help this summer. Email Becca
Smith-Morgan at: cheekyb@comcast.net with your:
Mothers Helper/ Sitter preference.
Are you Red Cross certified?
Days/ Times you are available.
Ages of chilldren you’d like to watch.
Expected pay
Contact information
* * * * *
Host J apanese Students
This Summer
By: Sylvia Groce, Director/ Educational Homestay
Placements, Azumano International,
J apanese students are coming to Portland! We need
70-100 families willing to open their homes for these
students. Students will be participating in two differ-
ent programs:
1. Host female college students (ages 18-20) for nine
nights September 8-17, 2012. These students will
be attending a week-long program at PSU
(M-F 8am-5pm). These students currently attend
Nagoya Female Cultural College (NFCC) in J apan. Fi-
nancial compensation is provided for room and board.
The fee paid to the host family is $360.00
for two students. Students may share a bedroom
(separate beds).
2. Host boys or girls (ages 15-17) for two nights J uly
13 at 6pm through J uly 15 at 8 am. These students
attend Osaka Sangyo High School. The fee paid to the
host family is $60(2 students) or $90 (3
students). Students may share a room (separate
Homestays provide opportunities for students to
perfect their English, learn about American lifestyle,
learn about Portland, and make memories that can
last a lifetime.
If your family or other families you know would be
interested in hosting please contact me at 503-260-
Power of Attorney –
A Simple Question?
By: Abby Wool Landon, 503-944-6974, alandon@
My 81-year-old mother, Grace, is becoming increas-
ingly confused. My sister, Tammy, recently moved
in with Grace and took on the role of caregiver.
Tammy has asked whether she should be given a
power of attorney over Grace’s assets. I’m a little
concerned. What issues should I be thinking about
before agreeing?
You are right to be concerned, there are many issues
to consider. A power of attorney is a written autho-
rization that allows one person to represent another
as their agent, stepping into their shoes for legal and
financial purposes. There may be better alternatives
for Grace than a power of attorney. Grace needs to
have legal capacity to sign a power of attorney. Only
a lawyer is skilled to evaluate legal capacity, which
would protect both Grace and Tammy.
Even if Grace has legal capacity, the power of at-
torney may not be adequate to meet all her needs.
Not all banks, title companies and brokers will take
direction from Tammy even if Grace executes
a power of attorney. Also, with nothing more than a
power of attorney, there is no plan in place that holds
the person who is appointed accountable for their
actions. If Tammy makes an honest mistake, or acts
dishonestly, you may be too late to correct the error
because you won’t learn about it until after it occurs.
We would not recommend that Grace sign a power of
attorney without the advice and counsel of a lawyer
who has specific experience in elder financial abuse
and disability planning.
Professional solutions to sensitive and emotional problems.
East Portland’s Family-Owned European Auto Dealership
www.luxeauto.com 888.688.LUXE 1635 Sandy Blvd.
LUXE is an entirely new kind of car dealership owned and staffed by
regular people, not car salesmen. We handpick cars that we’d like to
drive, have them inspected and serviced by certifed technicians, then
offer them for sale in our giant indoor showroom at the corner of
NE 17th Ave. & Sandy Boulevard.
If you’re in the market for a car, come by and check us out. We’d love
to have the opportunity to show you how we’re different.

3634 NE Sandy Blvd, Port land, OR 97232
Phone: 503-232-4888

International Tree
Climbing Championship
and Arbor Fair to be Held
at Laurelhurst Park!
By: Larry Maginnis, Urban Forestry Supervisor,
City of Portland, Larry.Maginnis@PortlandOregon.
The LNA, City of Portland, Portland Parks & Recre-
ation (PP&R) and Laurelhurst Park are very fortunate!
The International Society of Arboriculture, the world-
wide leader in advancement in the tree care industry,
has chosen our city as the host location for its annual
tree conference and tree climbing championship.
Portland was chosen due to our efforts in promot-
ing urban forestry, our wonderful tree resources and
probably most importantly…the amount of fun op-
portunities available to visitors exploring a new city.
Laurelhurst Park was chosen because it showcases
one of Portland Parks & Recreation’s finest collection
of trees in a park setting.
I would like to take this opportunity to invite the Lau-
relhurst Neighborhood Association and friends to this
grand summer event at Laurelhurst Park. It should
prove to be an exciting, family-friendly event and a
rewarding experience for all whom attend.
On Saturday, August 11 and Sunday, August 12 from
8a.m. to 5:00 pm,. Laurelhurst Park will be the epi-
center of the tree care industry with the annual In-
ternational Tree Climbing Championship and Arbor
Fair. The best tree climbers (both men and women)
from all over the world will descend upon Laurelhurst
Park to showcase their climbing abilities, introduce
the latest state-of –the-art techniques, and showcase
equipment. The primary goal for these international
climbers will be to network with fellow climbers and
compete for the crown of the world’s best tree climber.
Activities for the public extend well beyond simply
being spectators. Neighbors will enjoy an amazing Ar-
bor Fair and Arbor Market. Education opportunities
and demonstrations by a host of organizations will be
available. There will also be a fun tree climb where
adults and children can experience recreation tree
climbing in a safe and fun environment.
Continued on Page 17.

Thursday, June 21 - 12n-5pm / Friday, June 22 - 9am-5pm
Saturday, June 23 - 9am-5pm / Sunday, June 24 - 12n-5pm

Over 200 Concert Posters & Music Memorabilia Items – Tour Jackets – Hard
Rock Café Jackets - CD Juke Box – Star Trek Memorabilia – Rifles –
Hundreds of DVD’s & VHS – Hundreds of Christian & Devotional DVD’s &
Books – Roll Top Desk – Leather Couch – German Lugar Pistol From WW2 -
Camera – Stereo Equipment – TV’s - Vintage 45’s & LP’s – Unique Dishes –
High Quality Picture Frames – Pelican Transport Cases – Map File Cabinets –
Yoga Mats – Oak Cabinets & Tables – Entertainment Center – Moody Blues
Paintings – Glassware – Key Locker – AMT Model Car Kits & Vast Amounts
Of Parts – Utility Carts – Lighting – Household Items – Rocky Horror
Memorabilia – Tools - Bicycle Accessories and Much Much More ……….

You can view some of these items at

The address is 11543 SE Stephens St, Portland, OR 97216
This location is off SE 117
between Division & Market.

There are no early sales – all items are sold used as is – all sales are final –
payment is cash only - please park in the street – undercover rain or shine

A portion of the sales will be benefitting The Portland Police Bureau
Sunshine Division to feed and clothe the less fortunate of our
community, and to The American Diabetes Association. We will
have Sunshine food barrels on hand if you would like to bring some
canned or dry food – every little bit helps.

YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy Independence
Living In Your Own Home.
Help with Meals
Assistance &
Call 503-567-8787 today.
The City of Portland’s Urban Forestry Di-
vision will host incredible aerial lift rides
for folks interested in enjoying the view
from the tree canopy! All events are free.
Eight trees within the park have been
chosen as the specimen trees in which to
conduct the competition. At no time will
the events put those trees in jeopardy.
The trees in the park will be receiving
some additional attention prior to the
event in order to present them in the best
condition possible.
A few of the competition events are:
A work climb that tests the contestant’s
ability to move about the tree using a tree-
climbing line and saddle/ harness. Each
contestant is required to visit five work
stations throughout the tree, performing a
specified task at each station.
An Aerial Rescue event is a timed event
that tests the contestant’s ability to climb
to and safely lower a climber who is un-
able to descend without assistance.
A Speed Climb which tests the contestant’s ability to
climb a predetermined route from the ground to about
60 feet up a tree with a belayed climbing system for
The highlight of the entire championship comes when
the three best contestants from all these categories are
then selected to compete in the Masters challenge to be
crowned the International Tree Climbing Champion.
Please don’t miss what will prove to be some great
weekend events.
To learn more about the event visit www.itcc-isa.com.
Coal Trains May Be
Passing Nearby
By: Jeff Stookey, Laurelhurst resident,
Multinational coal companies propose send-
ing Wyoming coal by rail and barge through the
Pacific Northwest to load on ships for export to
Asia. If approved, more than 130 million tons of
coal could be shipped through our region every
year. As many as twelve coal trains, each one-
mile long or longer, propelled by four diesel en-
gines, could pass through Portland daily. Exact
details have been difficult for the Sierra Club and
other groups to obtain from the coal companies.
One possible route for these trains is along the
I-84 corridor on the northern edge of Laurel-
hurst. In early March I observed railroad crews
improving the rail line along this corridor. Rail
improvements are necessary for coal train lines
due to the excessive weight of coal cars and decay
to ties caused by coal dust.
Health care professionals have a variety of con-
cerns about a massive increase in rail and river
traffic for coal exports, including:
- new, major sources of diesel pollution;
- coal dust containing mercury, arsenic, and lead,
blows off open rail cars and barges polluting ad-
jacent land, water and air;
- coal dust along train corridors leads to rapid
decay of rail infrastructure;
- long trains cause traffic delays, including emer-
gency first responders, at grade-level crossings
and lead to idled traffic;
- noise pollution from increased rail traffic;
- coal-generated power in Asia increases the mer-
cury, nitrous and sulfur oxides, and ozone pol-
lution reaching us in prevailing trade winds and
increases greenhouse gas emissions.
Portland has a reputation as one of the greenest, most
sustainable cities in the US. Oregon is known for its
forward-looking focus on 21st century green tech-
nology such as solar and wind. Clean air and water
are an important part of our landscape. Should we
support the transportation of highly polluting coal for
perhaps a hundred jobs when studies show that green
technology creates many times more jobs than fossil
fuels? Do we want the added pollution produced by
coal trains across the Columbia River and our neigh-
borhoods? Do you want to breath coal dust and diesel
On April 25th, Governor Kitzhaber sent a forceful
letter to the Army Corps of Engineers and the Bureau
of Land Management voicing his concerns and ask-
ing for “a programmatic and comprehensive envi-
ronmental impact statement” to evaluate the effects
of the totality of plans for exporting coal throughout
the Pacific Northwest. The Environmental Protection
Agency has also called for a thorough review. Com-
munities along the Columbia River are beginning to
understand the impact these exports could have on
the health of their citizens and environment.
Residents living within a mile of proposed rail lines,
including Laurelhurst, should be especially concerned
and everyone in the region should understand the
potential consequences of these proposals. This issue
requires comprehensive analysis and consideration
of the health, environmental, and economic impacts
of coal exporting on our neighborhoods and region.
I encourage you to learn more about this important
The links below provide more comprehensive infor-
http:/ / www.powerpastcoal.org/
http:/ / www.coaltrainfacts.org/
Experts in Old House
Remodeling Restoration Repair
Neighbors in Grant Park since 2005

Be Smart When Enjoying
Summer Activities
By: Ed Rentz, Laurelhurst NET Leader
As warmer weather approaches, we turn to outdoor
recreation. For some of us it may include hiking,
camping, biking, photography, or water related ac-
tivities like fishing, boating, or rafting. As always it is
best to prepare for all eventualities.
Summer brings warmer weather and thunderstorms
that can produce flash floods, a rapid increase in the
volume of water in streams, dry river beds or riv-
ers. These are caused by intense rain fall associated
with a thunderstorm. They can also be caused by the
failure of a man made structure like a dam or levy.
While rare, it’s good to be prepared.
The quick change from calm to raging river is what
catches people off guard, making flash floods very
dangerous. A thunderstorm could be miles away.
Be aware. If you see clouds building up, are they are
up or down river from you? If the sky looks stormy,
turn on the radio and listen for weather alerts. A
“Watch” is issued when there could be a problem.
An “Advisory” is issued when small problems hap-
pen because of a storm, like small amounts of flood-
ing. Finally, a “Warning” is issued when there are
big problems from a storm.
Never camp along the bank of a stream or river, as
water could rise during the night. Move up the bank
to set up camp. If caught in a flooded area, The US
National Weather Service gives the advice “Turn
around, don’t drown”. Get to higher ground imme-
diately. Do not try to cross running flood water, even
in a car. As little as 2 feet of water can be enough
to carry away most SUV sized vehicles. If your car
stalls, leave it and get to high ground.
You cannot control or predict the weather, but you
can take precautions to ensure you have a safe and
fun trip.
Fun Things To Do And See
This Summer
Wondering where to take yourself or family that’s close
by? Here are a few ideas from members of the Laurel-
hurst Kids’ Club.
Day at the Zoo and Zoo concerts
Swimming at the City’s pools – Grant and Sellwood
Sprayground at Blue Lake Park
Concerts at the Rose Garden
Bike riding along the safe trail in Vernonia
Berry picking on Sauvie Island
Kruger Farm concerts
Farmers markets
Dozer Days in Vancouver (May 18)
Exploring Steigerwald Nature Reserve outside Camas
Visiting the Enchanted Forest
Ladybug walks at Leach Botanical Gardens
Rose Festival parades
Clackamas County fair
Biking at Champoie State Park
Wings and Waves waterpark in McMinnville
Day trip to Cannon Beach
Oaks Park Amusement Rides
Playing in the City’s fountains, especially J ameson
St Paul Rodeo
Picnic in Forest Park
Camping and hiking the Lost Lake Loop on Mt. Hood
D &

Your Neighborhood’s
Full Service Butcher Shop
Housemade Deli Meats, Sausages & Pates
Holiday Turkeys & Roasts
100% Antibiotic & Hormone-Free Meats
Specialty Products For The Home Chef
3155 E. Burnside St. (503)206-3099
By: Eric Fruits, LNA President

As you know, May is an
important election month
in Oregon. Of course, I
mean Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association elec-
tions. Remember when you said, “We gotta stop
those taggers from messing up our arches!” or “Why
does my street have to have a bioswale?” Well, now is
the time to step up and turn your energy in action by
joining the LNA board. Each position is a one-year
position, so every spot on the board should be consid-
ered wide-open. Please let me—or any board mem-
ber—know if you are interested in supporting your
neighborhood as a board member.
You may have noticed some Laurelhurst streets were
closed a Sunday (or two) ago. That was the Rock-n-
Roll Half Marathon, which is part of this year’s Rose
Festival activities. About a half-mile of the race went
through Laurelhurst.
Laurelhurst’s Annual Garage Sale will be held on the
Saturday of Father’s Day weekend. All the net pro-
ceeds from signing up go toward maintaining and
repairing our neighborhood’s arches. Please welcome
Pam Redman as our new coordinator. I’m sure she
would welcome any help. She can be contacted by
email at redmania9@hotmail.com.
Laurelhurst Neighborhood Bioblitz will take place
on August 5. J oin internationally renowned ecolo-
gists, PSU scientists, and students from local schools
to take a census of Laurelhurst’s biodiversity. Email
dresmen@pdx.edu for more information.
The International Tree Climbing World Champion-
ships will be held in Laurelhurst Park on August 11-12.
We are very fortunate to be hosting such a major
event in our own backyard. We will have one of the
arborists from the City of Portland speak at the May
general membership meeting to describe the event
and all the activities that you and your family can
participate in.
Hop on your bike or strap on your strolling shoes and
head out to the Southeast Sunday Parkway on August
26, from 11 am to 4 pm. The 6.2-mile route will con-
nect Laurelhurst Park and Colonel Summers Parks,
and coincides with the Hawthorne Street Fair.
This year Portland Parks is planning on holding two
Movies in the Parks nights in Laurelhurst Park. Mov-
ies and times are not available, so please keep your
eyes open for announcements.
LNA is making a big effort to communicate more with
our neighbors. In addition to the website, you can
also “Like” our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/
LaurelhurstPDX and follow us on Twitter: twitter.
com/ Laurelhurst_PDX.
I hope to see you at our next general meeting on Tues-
day, May 29, 2012 at 7:00pm!

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