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== Entamil pfosobee —G No other formula has a i- NM fat blend closer to breast milk m CHAPTER ONE TI £ NEED TO WATCH YOUR ACTIONS AND REACTIONS preach to you from the Ist of January to 3ist Dec ember every year about the Glory of God, but you do not want to listen. You go about deceiving pe- ople, committing sins and afterwards you compiain thai up. on all the good things you have done to God, you have nor received any reward. It is what you have planted for yourself that you reap. Twe persons baptized into Brotherhood of the Cross & Star, onc continues to do that which is good while the other continues to sin, note that both of them will receive their due rewards accordingly, good reward for the good things you have done and punishment for the evil you have commitied. If two friends attend the Roman Catholic Church and one engage in well doing while the other commits evil, the one who does what is good will receive good reward for his good work whilc the one who commu evil will be published for the evil things he has committed. Tf two persons ere muslims and one engages in goodnzss whilethe other one continues in evil, the ons whe does good will receive the reward of his goodness and the one who conunits evil will be punished for his evil work. If two person: 1 stay in their houses and one does what is good while the other does what is evil, the one who does what is good will be re warded accordingly for his good deeds while the other one who commits evil will be rewarded with evil. Two people may live in the same house one goes to church while the other does not. If the one who does not go to church does that which is good, he will receive the good! fruits of his work while the one who goes to church but does evil will be punished even if he shouts on the name of our Lord for salvation. If two people go to church and both of them engage in what is good they will be rewarded accordingly for their good deeds. If two persons on the other hand stay in their homes and do not go to church but continue to engage in what is good ,both of them will be rewarded accordingly for their good deeds. Brethren you will now. realise that your salvation does not depend on whether you go to church or not. Your salvation derives only from doing what is good in the sight of God. Church attendance is not important and therefore whether you go to church or stay in your house does not matter, what is important is engaging yourself in doing that which is good in the sight of God. It is not important for you to ask God to give you long life or wealth or children. What is important is for you to do good. Adam lived for 930 years and since he did not do what is good, he was not saved. Noah lived much longer than Adam, but did his long life'save mankind? Many others in those days lived quite long but since they did not do that which was right, did their long life savethem? Our Lord Jesus the Christ lived only 33 years out of which he served only 3 1/2 years, the 3 1/2 years have saved mankind today. Many people erroneously complain that it is their parents or friends or relations who kill them and bring them ill-luck. This is net true. If you continue to commit evil, evil shall find you out. If your parents and brothers and sisters are thieves but you observe the ordinances of God, you will be rewarded for your good works. _ If all members of your 2 Oo ee