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2012 I&R Project Background In 2010, the Spokane League of Women Voters (LWV) facilitated a task-force focused on reforming

Spokane's Initiative and Referendum (I&R) process with input from citizens. Although changes were never made to the I&R process based on this task-force's efforts, insight was gained into some of the benefits and drawbacks of our local citizens' initiative policy. On April 30, 2012, the Spokane City Council voted 4-3 to adopt significant changes to the I&R process, including: a. repealing the direct filing method which allowed citizens to draft a title and summary of a measure independent of the City Attorney; b. repealing provisions allowing for public funding of litigation, and c. adopting a fiscal impact statement provision. This ordinance (ORD C34855) was co-sponsored by council members Mike Fagan and Steve Salvatori and was passed by the council despite hours of opposing testimony from the public. Council President Ben Stuckart sponsored an opposing ordinance (C34861) based on input from the 2010 LWV Task-force, but this measure was voted down by the council 3-4. Findings/Intent Any changes made to the I&R process should be implemented only with citizens input and approval. Therefor, concerned citizens will be taking a two-pronged effort to overturn the council's vote: Action 1. Referendum (Plan A) a. we have ten days before the mayor signs the ordinance into law. b. once the mayor has signed the ordinance, we have 30 days to collect 6, 262 signatures sending the ordinance back to the council for a re-vote or onto the November 2012 ballot for a vote of the people. c. if the voters of Spokane confirm the referendum by voting in it's favor, the ordinance will be repealed and the previous version will be reinstated. 2. Citizens Initiative (Plan B)Initiative & Referendum Reform Act We have 365 days to collect approximately 4,000 signatures to place a measure on the November 2013 ballot which would amend the I&R process to include:

a. restoring the direct filing method, b. restoring public funding of litigation, c. repealing the fiscal impact statement provision, d. adopting a provision allowing for electronic signatures. Contact: Ian Moody (509)251-1715