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MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LIMITED Plot No.1, Nelson Mandela Road,. Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110 070, India.


Way 01 Llle!

responsive engine. From rush-hour driving to midnight spins and long drives. Stylish. A powerful.LUV is warmth LUV is excitement LUV is a feeling that changes your life LUV is a Life Utility Vehicle that transforms you The all new Ertiga is here to enhance your lifestyle. Ergonomically designed 5+2 flexi-seating. Advanced technology for better performance. LUV is here to transform it all! . happy interiors with high quality upholstery. All come together in a sporty body design to create a new car-category.

performance category creator.AERODYNAMIC STYLING Promotes iuel ef/lclency & wind noise reduction. bold looks with flowing. and character befitting a . LUVat first sight One look is all it takes. aerodynamic lines Each detail of the exterior has been refined to lend it flair. The design of the Ertiga blends stylish.

in-line with the volume pre-set by the user. • Chrome door handles & silver trims For an added touch of class to the interiors. A myriad of features that blend style and comfort come together to create an interior that suits the pioneer of a new car category. with three easy sellings. filled with user-friendly features. done up in contrasting beige. Open the door of the Ertiga and step into a world where elegance meets comfort a space that is designed to optimise the convenience of the driver and passengers. Step in and start discovering LUV! High-q ual ity textured. ensures that even the 3'd row gets great cooling. LUVis beautiful inside If it doesn't keep you warm and make you smile. it isn't LUV. 4+2 speakers and an LCD screen. brown & • 2nd row AC with controls Separate air-conditioning in the rear-cabin.• Sporty dashboard A stylish dashboard. . premium upholstery Stylish meter cluster with LCD display • In-built music system Advanced music system with volume control that adjusts itself according to the speed of the car.

Everyone's in LUV The 5+2 FleXi-Seating Designed to carry 7 people in a 3-row layout. The smart design of the Ertiga enables the creation of a cabin which offers comfort and space to every passenger. provides ample space in every row The versatility provided by different passenger and luggage combinations ideal for everything from a shopping spree at the mart to a family road trip possible makes the Ertiga . with a long wheelbase. the Ertiga ensures no one is left behind. The first-of-its-kind vehicle. high headroom and careful positioning of the seating.

er.gonomically designed driver's seat • Till-steering • Electronically adjustable ORVMs • Ensured driving comfort and pleasure through city traffic as well as long distances 2ND ROW SEATS 3RD ROW SEATS • Ample legroom • Armrest • Easy walk-in to 3rd row through fold-and-slide function of 2nd row seats • Single-fold operation folds 3'° row seats fully tlat to create a large luggage space • Centre armrest • A slide back 2nd row for more comfort • Reclining seatbacks • Easily accessible cup-holders • Convenient seatback pockets • Inwardly curved seatbacks of the front row increase legroom for 2nd row • 60:40 split enables versatility in passenger and luggage combinations .FRONT SEATS • 6-way adjustab e.

the style and comfort of a sedan with the space and stature of an SUV The interiors of the category creator are not just designed for style but to provide the ultimate in versatility with passenger and luggage combinations .The Ertiga combines the compactness and manoeuvrability of a hatchback.

. as well as covered storage for valuables.LUVis to have enough space LUV is about having your own comfort zone. Therefore. you have more than enough handy storage spaces. drinks and maps. the interiors of the Ertiga ensure that when it comes to convenience. These include space for easy access to items that are to be kept close at hand while driving such as sunglasses.

refined engines that deliver lively power with outstanding fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.77* Kmpl for enhanced performance Better manoeuvrability . 20. the responsiveness of the engine will ensure At the heart of the exciting driving performance of the category forerunner are two meticulously Best in class mileage' PETROL DIESEL ERTIGA 16.LUV is an endless • Journey Once you are on the go in the Ertiga. that you never want the journey to end.02* Kmpl "Feat raaults ~ rue ~15 eli CM\I:R.


"". ~ -_-- L Superior White L Colour may vary from act\.~..~..L ~ ..: "".L .Jal body colour due to printingl on paper. ..

J .5 PECI FICATION Dimensions Overall Overall Wheel length height base Overall width FEATURES Description LXI/LDi VXI/VDI ZXI/ZDI in mm 4.J .J .J 1685mm .J .J ._ '" .J 0 .> "' co (2) Doors Front door power Window Rear door power Window Driver's side power window Central door lock Key-I ess entry Inside chrome door handles Body e-ol0 ured door handl es Remote back door opener Back door handIe Above license plate with auto switch Auto down only 'E g ro .J .J .J .J .695 1.J ..J .J gauge Fuel consumption .J .J .J .265 1.2 ABS with Brake Assist & EBD ELR (Dr+CoDr) & I'<:t<e lirriter(Dr + Co-Dr) Engine Type Displacement Number Number Petrol K-Serie.J .J .685 2.J .J .J .J .J .J Puel tan k capacity (L) Seating capacity 45 7 ~ .J .J .J .J .J .J .J .J .J .J .J{Only Co-Dr) Steel (l&V Grade) Alloy (Z Grade) 185165R 15 18S165R 15 Seat back pocket 2 nd and 3rd row head restrai nts .J Pront track Rear track Ground clearance Turning radius (m) 1.J .490 185 5.J .J B~akes Front Rear Disc Drum Steering Powe r stee rl ng Tiltable steering wheel column .J .J .J .: 0 -m no '" -§ ~ 2.J .J .J . Petrol Engine withVVT Diesel DDiS Diesel Engine 2nd row seat belt 3-fXlllt ELR seat belts x2 (side) With centre 2-point lap belt (cc) 1373 4 16 M.J .J .J .J .82 Instrument Panel & Console Tachometer Information display Jntegrated into meter duster Digital cl ock Outside temperatur<l gauge 9S@6000 130@4000 BSIV OBD-2 90@4000 200@1750 BSIV OBD-2 ..> (FRx2+RRx2=4) ~ <.J .265 mm " s: .J .J .J . g no :.J . Pront Rear MacPherson Torsion Strut Steering wheel mounted audio controls Seat Seat hetg ht adjuster Front seat belt shoulder height adjuster Driver Side Beam Dr + Co Dr Dr + Co Dr .J .480 1.ult' point Injectio n 1248 4 16 CRDI (Common 69_6 x 82 Rail Direct Injection) 3 rd row seat belt Security Alarm System ImmobHizer 3-polm ELR seat belts x2 of cylinders of valves Door + Hood Sensing Fuel distribution Bore (mm)x Stroke (mm) Maximum Maximum Emmission power torque (PS@rpm) (Nm@rpm) 73 x.J .J .ront Side Rear _9 '" .J .J .J .J .J .<:: oj FMIAM band antenna Radio + CD player + USB input Speakers Tweeters Roof front .J .: '0 .J (i n stantaneou siaverage) o riving Seat belt reminder Door ajar reminder Ught-on and key-on reminder (driver's seat) Lamp Lamp With Lamp DC-T2V 1Co-dr lCup range buzzer Low fuel warning Accessory Steering type Power steering type Rack and Pinion EPS & Tilt Retractable socket cup holder in liP or dashboard side Cup holder in front console holder .740 Safety & Security Driver and passenger airbag Petrol Diesel Front seat be It 3-point f'retmIbner .J .J .J .J .J '" .J .J .J .> <.740 mm 4.J ..J .J .J .J .J .J .:.J .J .J .J .

11 oo 70. Accessories feawres shown in the pictures may no. .on Mandela Rood. Front intermittent Rea r wipe r+was her J: Standard. .. .. over 23..s .. .D6B sales outlets... . ..Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Rear View Mirrors Day and night IRVM Internally adjustable ORVMs Body colored ORVMs sid e turn indiCilto rs Manual LXlILDI VXI/VDI ZXI/ZD. . on "l'' March. New Delh i.. . . 0: Opri on al Standard and optional equipment avallabhty may vary.. . . .... .. .. l.. be part of 'he standard equipment. equipment specihc:ations: and models and also co disconuoue models. For variane-speelfic features refer eo equipment list. 1 Nel... . . . .. Electric Elecrric o RVM mounted Interiors . ....... Lq+! cities covered as. 2 (Driver + Co. . Ind la ~~Finance Tesl drive Erli9 a loda y MARUTI"~ $: SUZUKI i/ Call I 800 I 800 180 Way of LUel www. ..661 tr-ainedsales perscnnel.2012... .. .. No. MARUTI SUZU K I IN DIA LIM ITED :Plo.. . ..]1 differ according 00 the variant. -: Not available. . . . lOS I service centres.. . .rnorufisuzukiertiqc.. . Driver) ..s+washer stop lamp 2 no. Front door trim pocket Glove box Folding assistant grip Sun visor (2 nos) Passenger side vanity mirror Ticket holder Remote fuel lid opener (sun visor) (Driver's Side) Co-dr side + 2nd row X 2 +3~ row. . .. to mange wnhouc notice prices. .. . and ". . Exterior Alloy wheels Full Wheel Covers Body co Iou red bum pers Mud flaps (Fr and Rr) Body colored Lighting Front fog lamps Rear fog lamp High mounted Room Lamp Windshield Green tinted glass Rear window defogger wiper. Vasa".com SMS ERTIGA to 53636 . ..... Colours shown may vary from aceual boby colours due to prio'ing on paper. . colours.. Maruti Suzuki India Limited res-erves: the 'righl.. .... Kunj. ..

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