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Question # 4: Evaluate Facebook and Facebook websites.

In 2007 Facebook announced the Facebook platform that enables third party developer to develop application inside the Facebookenvironment (Exhibit 11) shows that how the data on Facebook users like the demographics, picture,status updates ,likes ,location , of the Facebook users can be check by the third party and the application on the Facebook .the data can be get only if permission given by the Facebook user . to use the data regarding him and user allow the third party and the application by granting permission .without the permission of Facebook user no one cane access the data of user. This kind of thing in the Facebook provides the confidentiality level of Facebook user that his data will never transfer to wrong hands unless the user gave permission to access the data after this the third party and the application have the ability to post user'sprofile meant that an application could acquire new user's and retain old one's at no cost.(Page 6) We can evaluatethe success ofFacebook platform by January 2008 the number of applicants grown to 13,000 and estimated 100,000 developers were building Facebookapplication at (page 6 second paragraph)an example given of “I like” which had about 3.5 million users after coming at the Facebook it added five million more user'swithin60 days of its launch at Facebook

At (page 7)the part of social gaming games name like "Farmville" they gave the social touch and connectivity with each other by helpingeach other in the different phases of the game just to stay interconnect with each other people thinks that the spend 5 minutes other blogs or use tube why not the spend it at Facebook Farmville to connect with their social network that is more use full for them.Facebook initially rolled out Facebookcredits to a major application makers such as zynga and collect 30% commission on all Facebook credit purchase. In the Facebook websites users could save the time by clicking the connect with Facebook button and the third party site pulled their personal data from their Facebook profile to establish an account and they clogged on users could interact with Facebook friends in context of the third party . unique users 14 million and visits 80 million and time spend by each individual is 4:30 minutes the time visitors are much more in larger numbers than any other activity at Facebook. At (page 7) Facebook credit paragraph they mentioned that success of the company built platform was boon for Facebook itself . Facebook for websites users showed 50% more engagement than other users at the (page 9). Facebook websites at (page 8) In 2008 after the introducing of platform Facebook announced its second generation platform called Facebookwebsites. According to the Facebook forwebsites saw increase 30% to 200% increase in the registration on their sites .In the (exhibit 12) the usage pattern of Facebook mention in which the high in numbers and spending in the time at Facebook is at the folder of interaction with application.

From my point of view they are having the competitive edge point others then their competitors that they are offering features kile every ine cane work in its own usage pattern by not disturbing the others and secondly the level of the confidentiality from there user point of view . Evaluation of the both parts Facebook websites and Facebook platform is this that they are working in two different companies but they are doing at their at best level by offering different features according to the user of that and also the level of the accessing the that of Facebook users . .and a 15% to 100% increase in user engagementFacebook for the website at(page 9) second paragraph Facebook for websites continued to gain widespread acceptance with over 10.000 websites by the way of comparison the site had required about three and half year to amass its first 25 million members. the performances of both the sites is this they are generating the profit level as well as the are maintain their current users and attaining more users in their particular domain.

his or her friends would be alerted through their news feed. brands. Facebook pages and Facebook beacon. age. they would be equally willing to advertise their interaction with products. The Facebook team responds that if people were willing to advertise their interactions with friends. marital status. followed by a description of up to 135 characteristics.The core of every users experience on Facebook is their page and that’s where business is going to start as well "Zuckerburg explained". 2nd paragraph) . workplaces and interests as stated on the users Facebook profiles.Question # 3: Evaluate the success of Facebook fan pages. artists and public figures to create free custom Facebook pages that simulated Facebook users profile (Exhibit 10). (Page 5. languages spoken. For example when a Facebook user bought a product on eBay or rented a move on blockbuster online. places of education. Facebook beacon allowed sponsors to broadcast news about Facebook user's actions on the sponsor's external website to those users' friends on Facebook. geographic location. products. Facebook ads consisted of display ads. Display ads required to advertisers to upload a 110 by 80 pixels graphic (smaller than most other sites) and asked for a headline of up to 25 characters. (Page 4-5). Facebook pages allowed business. Advertisers could then target their campaign on the basis of gender. Answer: Actually the Facebook fan pages are the part of Facebook ads.

And later Facebook agreeing to shut down beacon and pay $9.g. Press accounts cited e. of users having birthday surprises spoiled when the recipient saw the gift purchase of Facebook's news feed.(Page 5. "it's no longer just about messages that are broadcast out by companies.(Page 5.However Facebook failed to outrage of its users who felt that beacon violated their privacy. but increasingly about information that is shared between friends". Facebook developed social ads. As Zuckerburg explained. It also sought to develop new advertising products that leveraged user's social relationships. 4th paragraph) . To that end. For example. which allowed companies that had a Facebook page to target friends of fans of that page.5 million to a foundation dedicated to online safety and privacy. friends of Toyota scion fan named Fred would see a regular ad for a Toyota Scion followed by a short message stating "Fred likes Toyota Scion". 3rd paragraph) As time progressed Facebook continued to expand the display ad and capabilities.

Question # 2: Evaluate the success of advertisement in Facebook.000 ads displayed ads that will be very limited growth for the companies that they are paying Facebook for their ads but only 5 ads of 10. over 3000 applicants had been released. One important industry was social gaming led by the wildly successful Zynga(games like. One of the important factors of success is that Facebook platform built many games. In view of the company revenue of $4. While there are four different Facebook ad types and unlimited places you can drive people with your ads. Allies and empires. Farmville. so advertising plays a very major role in the success of Facebook. Cityville. and almost 90% of this revenue was expected to come from advertising which was $3.000 developers building Facebook applications. this tutorial will focus entirely on driving new fans with a standard Facebook ad.27 billion in 2011. But the companies which are using Facebook for the advertisement.000 ads will be clicked.000 to 100. by January 2008 the number of applicants had grown to 13. .27 billion and earning $3.843 billion. Fishville). Answer: According to my evaluation the estimated revenue that was given in the (1st page) of the case was $4. the Facebook users clicked only 5 ads for every 10. If u go to (page no 6) after the launch of Facebook platform.843 billion form its advertising. but this does not cause any kind of loss for Facebook as they are taking money for the companies for their advertisement.

then it’s time to switch to a CPC model. But this is a good way to measure how successful your ad is at engaging and driving an initial interaction. the amount you’re spending and how long an ad has been running. this also includes people who clicked on your ad and didn’t like your page or perform another preferred action. your goals. It depends on the ad. the first thing I’d do is stop the campaign and try some other options. What is a good click through rate? The simple answer is that there isn’t a simple answer. As I’ve said before. but it’s possible that CPC is best for you depending on the response your ads are driving. . I’ve seen rates as high as . but it all depends on many factors whether such a rate is possible. A general rule of thumb is to try and maintain a click through rate above . that doesn’t mean you should ignore what you’re spending per click. Now. Then regularly measure the amount you’ve spent over the total number of clicks. But if you’ve exhausted multiple CPM attempts and you repeatedly spend more than you would for CPC.5%. The first thing you’ll need to do is make a note of the suggested bid range for CPC when you are creating your ad.1%. But you can’t know this unless you track the cost per click of your ad. try CPM first.Tracking Cost Per Click: While I recommend you make a CPM bid for your campaign. Click Through Percentage: Your click through rate is the percentage of time that an ad is shown and someone clicks on it. Are you spending more than you would have otherwise if you had made a CPC bid? Well.

a successful rate is relative depending on many factors. This breaks down the two most important factors: 1) how much you’re spending. or installed your app within 24 hours of seeing a Sponsored Story or ad in this campaign. . So you can go in with goals. but that may not be realistic. Connections: That takes us to comparing your clicks to your connections. Compare the cost per connection to determine which of your campaigns are most successful. and ride those until they lose effectiveness. If your product and page present a high barrier. . and 2) how many new fans you’re generating. RSVPed to your event. Once again. event or app. you may be spending $1 or even $2 per fan. but you’ll quickly realize what is reasonable. Compare the click through rates to determine which campaigns are driving more interaction. If you’re not promoting a Page. Facebook defines connections as follows: The number of people who liked your Facebook Page. you won’t see Connections data Cost Per Connection: This may be the most important measurement of Facebook ad success. I’m thrilled if I can get 10 new fans per $1 spent. Clicks vs.The simpler answer is that it’s all relative. Run multiple campaigns.

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