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Video Gaming

Video Gaming

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Published by: Silky Agarwal on May 08, 2012
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the FAD, the FABLE and the FACT
GROUP MEMBERS : Aarohi Dhir Abhishek M Thomas Alina Hasan Anjali jain Anubhav Rawat

Aritreyee Chaudhuri Neha Chowdhury Rakesh Sukumar Silky Agarwal Tulika Jha

and everyday common sense. but more specifically in a narrow logicalsystemic problem solving capacity. social interaction. as their intelligence is so highly focused into specific channels. However.in general certainly. the FABLE and the FACT Gamers are highly intelligent individuals .VIDEO GAMING the FAD. Xauri'El Zwaan . hardcore gamers' personalities often suffer in areas such as emotional intelligence.

Adventure. Simulation • Built around Achievement.US and Japan • Led to advancements in personal computer industry • The average age of players is 32 and is increasing • 60% of gamers are male and 40% female • Genres . Role-playing. Computer Space • The current video game market . Shooter. Strategy. Action-adventure. Role-playing. Manipulation.USD$65 billion • Leading nations .The Industry • An Interactive Entertainment Medium • Began in 1971 with the arcade game.Action. Escapism. Relationship • In synergy with Internet and Social Media .


American or European protagonist and an Islamic/Soviet villain • Gender bias.A Critical Tradition perspective •  Exercise of Bio-power • Political stratification . sociologists • Is gaming addiction a real threat or a recycled hype? . violence against women • Pro-capitalist Gaming strategy • Addiction theories aimed at profiting therapists.

g.Self-regulation = Problematic Use . Depression) • Declines in verbal memory performance • Somatic complaints • Attention problems – ADD and ADHD • Detrimental school/work performance • Less positive parental relations • Sleep disorders • Modifications in visual perception of real life • Risk factor for manifestation in physically aggressive behavior Play Hours + Escapism + Achievement + Manipulation + Depression .Problematic use • Very addictive • Emotional and behavioral disorder (e.

• Quick thinking.Counter-arguments • Hand-eye coordination. • Teamwork and cooperation when played with others • Simulation. fine motor and spatial skills. • Pattern recognition • Strategy and anticipation Play Hours + Escapism + Achievement + Game Affinity + Guild Commitment = Engaged Use . real world skills. making fast analysis and decisions.

and self-reflecting agent. Montreal Shooting Case • People are communicating more. yet feeling less “in touch” than ever. just as the McLuhanites claim. • Ever-Quest Widows and Spouses Against Ever-Quest • Social construction of technological systems stimulates a desire for human connectedness . self-organizing.Our Reflections • Virtual reality based simulations are often to train soldiers.g. • Virtual violence is claimed to have a therapeutic effect which may actually decrease violent tendencies in real life • Translated to real life violence – e. as some theorists claim? .a paradoxical situation • The rise of the (MMORPG) Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game and Identity tourism • Turning away from more traditional media • Is an average gamer really a proactive.

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