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apart from the Headmaster. so straight it could only have been made with a ruler. He had been a soldier in the army in the Great War and that. For a reason that I could never properly understand Captain Hardcastle had it in for me from my very first day at St Peter's. a thick orange hedge that sprouted and flourished between his nose and upper lip and ran clear across his face from the middle of one cheek to the middle of the other. 5 10 15 20 This man was slim and wiry and he played football.rrumal whu h h. All men are enemies and small boys are insects that will turn and bite you if you don't get them first and squash them hard. Iale. Nor was it long and droopy in the walrus style. We called them masters in those days. His legs were as hard and thin as ram's legs and the skin around his calves was almost exactly the colour of mutton fat.' the corrugated brow seemed to be saying. of course. The hair on his head was not ginger. Captain Hardcastle sported a moustache that was the same colour as his hair. and it was plastered back with immense quantities of brilliantine in the same fashion as the Headmaster's. Then look at the pictures and tick the one which best matches the description of the teacher. it was because I took an instant dislike to his giant orange moustache and he often caught me staring at it with what was probably a little sneer under the nose. and oh what a moustache it was! A truly terrifying sight. was how he had received his title. 'and the world is a dangerous place. Perhaps it was because he taught Latin and I was no good at it.1 track.Unit 1 Memories READING 1 Read the text below. all short and clipped and bristly. at the age of nine. I was very nearly as tall as he was. Use a dictionary where necessary. oj Chtldhood b\ Ro. along whic h buses driven by ! elec. and each twitch was accompanied by a little grunt that came out of his nostrils.h were alway' joined together in a frown .ur shine and stay m place tramline met . Instead it was curled most splendidly upwards all the way along as though it had had a permanent wave put into it.lr which took place trom 191'f-191R a corrugated brou: eyebrows wluc. But even small insects like us knew that 'Captain' was not a very exalted rank and only a man with little else to boast about would hang on to it in civilian life. two long teeth which hang down the Great War the World W. His orange head twitched and jerked perpetually from side to side in the most alarming fashion. like a ripe orange. Perhaps it was because already. was Captain Hardcastle. not teachers. or even more likely.tnc ity om 1I'0/n" an . Behind the moustache there lived an inflamed and savage face with a deeply corrugated brow that indicated a very limited intelligence. The partmg in his hair was a white line straight down the middle of the scalp. But this was not one of those nailbrush moustaches. 'Life is a puzzlement.. It was brilliant dark vermilion.' IS so Captain Hardcastle was never still. and at St Peter's the one I feared most of all.r-.tld Dahl 5') 25 60 30 (hom Glossary 80)"- i 3'1 40 brtllianttne an Oily rruxture to make men' h. On the football field he wore white running shorts and white gymshoes and short white socks. On either side of the parting you could see the comb tracks running back through the greasy orange hair like little tramlines.

f) He was ooerueigbt / strong / quite thin / very tall.' 'I'm not allowed out in the evening while these PRONUNCIATION Words from the text 1 The following list gives the phonemic transcription of some words from the text. b) A friend of yours is unhappy in her job. c) He wasn't a relaxed person. c) Invite somebody you like to go out for a drink. f) advice a) ability g) prohibition b) asking about obligation h) agreement c) offer / promise i) asking for d) suggestion confirmation e) prediction 'I can't ski very well. a) /streit/ b) /msekt/ exams are on (7 _). ) ) ( 5 _) e) Hardcastle disliked the writer. I'll book a lesson for next weekend. Write down the words. a) Hardcastle liked children.l'nit 1 2 Underline the correct alternatives.' It'll have to be 'OK. hair. e) His face seemed kind !cruel/clever. if I were you I'd wear waterproofs. GRAMMAR Form and function Match the communicative functions (a-i) to the meaning expressed in the sentences in the dialogue below. d) His moustache was bushy / cut short / wavy. In some cases there is more than one possibility.' ( 1 JL) 'Neither can I. (6_) otherwise you'll probahly get soaking wet. 3 Write T(for True) or F(for False) next to the following statements according to the text. Give advice. 2 Mark where the stress falls in the following words. f) You can't go to your friend's party. Then use the dictionary to check your answers. f) The writer liked Hardcastle's __ __ __ b) He trusted other people too much. . appearance. c) His hair was tidy / untidy. then. __ 'Do we have to wear special clothes?' ( 4 _ 'Well. Functional English Write what you would say in these situations. e) Ask a stranger in the street if they can tell you where the bank is.' (2 _) 'Let's go for lessons on a dry ski slope before the holiday' ( 3 _ a) Hardcastle had red / black / reddish-orange b) His hair was dry / oily. using the pronunciation chart on page 149 of the Students' Book to help you.}ot/ e) /boust/ f) /rnostorj/ . weekends. a) You are late for dinner at someones house. a) d) Ask your boss for permission to leave early. Apologise headmaster e) gyms hoes f) dangerous b) nailbrush c) football d) moustache g) perpetually and make an excuse. Apologise and give a reason. d) He had an important title. (8 _) shall I? (9 _). straight c) /koom/ d) / d3al.

e.their physical appearance.. auburn oval vivacious curly twinkling plump shoulder-length elderly teenager broad-shouldered placid shy well-built long-lashed. Put vocabulary from the reading text about Captain Hardcastle in the appropriate places. . b) When I will leave school I would like going to university for to study business. c) I didn't know whose book was it. e) If I had time I'd do it.fL __ 4 Past seen from the past Revision grammar Look at the following sentences in which the grammatical errors have been underlined. h) I've been lunng here for two years. 1 Present _ 2 Past seen from the present 3 Past 'S Future _ . Include in your description information about: . a) I am the most young in my family and I like very much to have older brother~ and ~ister~..g. VOCABULARY Plurals Write down the plurals of the following words. a relative. Then I realised it was her so I have returned it to she.. e) My money stole while I travelling on the bus 2 Make another copy of the network with the same headings. Put the words from the box in the appropriate places on the network.Umt 1 Verb forms and time 1 Write the name of the verb form given in italics. d) I haven't got no luggages but I have much books to carry. Example: We're leaving refers to future time so a) goes under Future. write a description of somebody who was important to you in your childhood. wide middle-aged glasses freckles skinny toddler 2 Match each verb form from Exercise 1 with the relevant heading below. Correct the errors. depending on the time it refers to.. f) After he'd told me I had to sit down. copy the network below. . Example: hair . c) Have you finished Present Continuous b) When she arrives we'll go yet? d) I used to live in Rome. a first love. a teacher.ginger WRITING Personal description On a separate sheet of paper.their personality.. Describing people 1 On a separate sheet of paper.the place they had in your life. a) We're leaving at six. a) child b) baby c) potato d) lady e) sheep f) mouse children g) house h) tooth j) foot j) wife k) bus 1) furniture g) She may phone later. .

'I (14 find) it difficult to concentrate. every day his wife 0 go) work and (2 leave) Although the family (3 which means that goes off to him at following statements a) Pat's parents didn't use to have a car. which is great! things. f) home to look after their two young children.lJnit 2 Cruel to be kind? LISTENING 1 [ltg:I!Il 2. 'For the moment I lifestyle and I (8 not need) 1 (9 also learn) __ Pat and John waited until they were older to have children. __ b) Pat doesn't find it easy to talk to her father. __ e) She thinks she had a very good education.m. live) in in Oxford his wife (4 work) _______________ Richard (6 think) (7 still enjoy) London this year so she (5 not usually get hack) home before 8 p. but he 03 not think) this is very likely. Even too tired to write anything.11 Listen to two extracts in which Pat is talking about her childhood and her own children's upbringing. c) Pat's children show affection to their father. I now 00 understand) housework as well as look after two children. Richard is a househusband. d) Pat feels that her parents didn't care about their children all the time.' g) They have two children. Write down three differences between Pat's upbringing and the way her own children were brought up. __ h) The children are still at school. a) caring __ b) consistent __ c) patient d I mature __ e) generous __ f) 3 _ worried about education __ . __ get the train to work every day. Tick the following words or expressions which Pat thinks best describe either her husband or herself as parents. Write T(for True) or F (for False) next to the GRAMMAR Review of the present Change the verbs in brackets to either the Present Simple or the Present Continuous. the the change in my to lots of new how difficult it is to do the _ arrangement is a good idea. a) b) c) 2 ___ _ __ when the baby is asleep 1 often (15 feel) Listen again to Extract 2. For example. __ ' _ Listen again to Extract 1.' This afternoon Richard (11 want) to do some work on the book he (12 unite) _______ _ __ ______________ . However.

a) Could you turn on b) Tom is learning to play c) Children go to and sixteen. Once I (5) went out in a boat for the day. contact lenses. D We are thinking of going on holiday either to g) We're going to have h) Many people think in Britain. Far East. I (8) did most of my work early and in the afternoons I (9) slept. a top gymnast.Urut 2 Hebit in the pest Look at this extract and replace the Past Simple forms in italics with used to (+ base form) and/or would (+ base form). and (4) walked along the beach. did you know? school between the ages of five Jill has or beautiful eyes. b) He's very nervous about the conference because he didn't use / isn 't used to l make) was used to (bel (wear) speeches. I (6) shopped in the market for fish which I (7) ate at every meal. a) I used / am used to (!>pendl a lot of money on clothes and books but now I have children I can't afford it. i) Tim is a strong believer in . please? piano. Europe garden. 1 used to love 6 7 8 _ __ __ 2 :3 4 9-10 _ _ '5 Used to (do) or be used to (doing)? Underline the correct form of used in the sentences below and write the correct form of the verb in brackets. We (10) had a wonderful old house with big gardens full of tropical fruit. c) She is old and frail now but when she was young she used / d) My eyes keep watering because I didn't use / am not used to The definite article Complete the following sentence'> with the. I (1) loved living in a tropical climate. d) My cousin has just joined e) Navy. dinner in old people are treated very badly love and peace. light. In some cases only one is possible. If the past forms cannot be replaced put a cross. On a typical day I (2) got up early in the morning when it still (3) fell relatively cool. Leave a blank if the article is not needed.

I anti mis auto sub co pre ex non a) A pilot always has a -pilot to help him. WRITING Dictation 1 [I~I 2. -smoking compartment? I'm trying to give up cigarettes. c) -packed food is useful for busy people who haven't got a lot ot time to cook. adjective or noun. it yourself. • . pronounced the word naughty.Unit 2 !J' VOCABULARY Prefixes Complete the sentences below with prefixes from the box. Word building Change the words in brackets to a verb. seat belt and egg-cup are examples of compound nouns. Write down at least three examples of compound nouns using the words on the right as second words. Compound nouns Headache. a) These streets are too narrow. -war demonstration in protest about our involvement in -zero temperatures. We keep in regular contact. _ b) Italian parents often treat their children with great (tender) d) I didn't put any sugar in your tea. or with a hyphen. two words. Then listen again and write down what you hear on a separate sheet of paper. 2 Underline ten phrasal verbs m the text. e) The reason I didn't understand was that you f) Do you mind if we go in a g) Max has gone on an h) We had to live in the production of nuclear weapons. They should (wide) c) One of the great (attract) e) Do you know a doctor who (speciaf) f) The child was (terror) widen them. out of the film of this country is the mountains. b) Famous people are often asked to write biographies about their life. g) They got a lot of (enjoyable) h) The shop assistant showed a lot of (patient) with the difficult customer.2] Listen to a short extract about Richard. You may want to (sweet) in childcare? when he saw the dog. d) My -wife still lives in Panama with our son. a) paper notepqper b) machine c) room e)book _ _ _ Check in your dictionary to see if they are written as one word.

(from •••••••••••••• • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 10 Take a Break) Lynda's story I live with my family and I do things like '5 15 sneaking down first in the morning to open their letters. Being addicted to snooping isn't that unusual. Jeff remained glued to the screen for the whole evening. 20 25 When I go to friends' houses I look through their personal belongings and if ever I'm alone in a house I can't help myself looking in drawers and cupboards.on a new game. I love my husband deeply. From then on. competing against him. He could hardly drag himself to work in the mornings. I go through the wastepaper bins and I can spend hours hiding behind the curtains and watching what the neighbours are up to. When he wasn't asleep or at 30 35 40 45 work he played games. He stopped talking to me and our little boy. And he flatly refuses to believe he has a problem. Jeff didn't lift a finger to help. At least I'm not that bad. nor did he search for work. He'd stay up until 3 a. I know It'S irrational but I do it because I'm afraid something terrible will happen if I don't keep a check on people. (from More') . One day he arrived home unexpectedly and said he'd lost his job. first thing every morning he sat at the computer. The factory manager had complained about his lateness and Jeff had walked out.our weekly food bill . At night I'd cook a meal and he'd eat it off his knees so he didn't have to stop his games. He wasn't concerned that his family would have to survive on the dole. Switching on the machine. spooning cornflakes into his mouth while he played. brought one home and set it up on the table in the living room.m. Jeff was like an alcoholic . We survived-on £77 a fortnight. I struggled to run the household. Ijoined in. Owen. Yet he thought nothing of blowing £20 . My family are sick of coming out of rooms and finding me standing by the door eavesdropping.. I've even stolen letters I see sticking out of neighbours' letterboxes. Yet before the computer came he'd been so considerate.m. and he lost interest in everything else. Now he could play his computer games all day long without work getting 10 the way. and the next day he stayed up until 2 a. Yet there was no support group to turn to.an addict. However. Jeff.l ]nit 3 TV or not TV? READING ffi Jeff's story '5 25 10 15 20 We thought that a computer would be the ideal gift for our three-year-old son because it would be educational. It was good fun for half an hour but then I grew bored and watched TV instead. no Computer Addicts Anonymous. Jeff started to play the space invaders game that came with it. I'm having behavioural therapy at the moment and my therapist has told me of one woman who would dig through her neighbours' rubbish at the council dump. becoming exhausted but unable to tear himself away. We've been married for ten years and I thought we'd be together forever. They're always complaining and my parents are at their WIts' end. My husband.

__ in Tired of. __ _ e) ii) Winning money. __ b) morning / both. c) Jeff lost his job / walked out of ins Jab. i) 2 (line 11) He was physically incapable of moving. __ __ (line 5) ii) Going quietly and secretly. __ • .. 4 Answer the following questions. (lines 1 and 2) i) Running.£20 on game. __ He Jlatly refuses to believe he has a problem. a) The computer was a gift for julie / jeff/Owen. There is / There isn't an organisation to help c) jeff didn't lift aflnger to help . How far they have got.. _ _ g) My family are sick of coming out .. __ He found it difficult to walk to work..Unit 3 • 1 Jeff and Lynda have different problems. __ admits / doesn't admit he has a problem. h) . (lines 23 and 24) He went to work reluctantly.. a)Shesneaks b) She steals c) She eavesdrops d) She looks through e) If she's alone in a house she t) She hides behind d) 3 He thought nothing of browing . Read their stories quickly and write down what the problems are. ii) He couldn't stop watching.. Lynda's story t) I do things like sneaking down first . g) Julie has divorced / is still married to Jeff. (line 33) n He didn't like using his hands.. d) Jeff was upset / not worried about being out of work. a) How do Lynda's parents feel about her addiction? b) What do the neighbours do? c) What is she doing about her problem? _ watching what the neighbours are up to... e) Jeff t) He could i) ii) hardly drag hi_self to work .. __ ii) He is bored with discussing his problem.. Jeff: _ Lynda: Read Jeffs story again and underline the correct answer from the following alternatives. __ people like Jeff. Jeff's story a) jeff remained glued to the screen . i) Ill. (lines 44 and 45) i) _ _ _ _ _ He denies he has a problem. b) Jeff played with the computer at night / in the ___ Vocabulary in context Tick the best definition of the words and expressions in bold. Read Lynda's story again and complete the following sentences to make a list of the six things which Lynda does when she's 'snooping'. __ ii) He would make no effort. (lines 36-38) i) a new Wasting money extravagantly. _ Cline 14) i) ii) What they are doing..

the idea? football. c) Actors perform on a s . I for of in at with on a) I was appalled b) The cinema was full c) She was thrilled d) Is Amy jealous e) Pisa is famous f) He's involved his behaviour. the opening of Parliament a few minutes ago. 2 [I~I 3. In some cases. Then check the Key for any alternatives.iIIlJ Unit:3 VOCABULARY Entertainment Complete the definitions below. has also (3 fall) _ 3 furious 4 huge 5 appalling 6 amazing 7 positive 8 brilliant gradually over the last few their highest level last months and export figures (4 reach) g) hungry h) dirty Adjectives and prepositions Complete the sentences below with prepositions from the box. GRAMMAR Present. Present Perfect or Past. a) The Prime Minister (1 just announce) has just b) A flute. e) Actors in a play or film are called the c f) A 'popular' newspaper announced that there will not be a January election. d) The seats on the ground floor of a cinema or theatre are called the s . according to figures which (2 release) yesterday. the toddler from her people all who (2 disappear) Intensifying adjectives Match the adjectives in column A with the stronger adjectives in column B. Present Perfect or Past? 1 Look at the news extracts below and change the verbs in brackets to the simple or continuous form of the Present..11 Listen to the news broadcast and check your answers. His speech (3 still go on) _ b) Police (1 find) with small pages is called a t . Detectives in Oxford (3 question) far no one (4 charge) week in connection with the abduction but so . A a) big b) sure c) surprising d) angry e) clever f) bad home a week ago. Unemployment _______ _______ month. B 1 filthy 2 starving c) The economic situation (1 finally begin) _______ to improve. Here is a summary of the news. her new toy. people. He (2 speak) at . a) A large group of musicians is called an 0 . a clarinet and a guitar are different kinds of i . g) Are you keen h) I'm not at all interested • . all the discussions. the new baby? its leaning tower. Some words may be used more than once. the order of the words may change.

i) How long ? _ doubt k) knee I) whisky D sandwich in He's d) Anne left to travel round the world three i) WRITING Dictation [. 3. b) I moved into my flat in 1984. a) ___ months ago and she's still travelling. How long She's _ _ ii) e) I started feeling ill last Monday and I still feel awful.21 Listen to the following words and cross out the consonant which is not pronounced. ' a) I (work) all afternoon and I'm fed up. l~~e ~ ii) I've c) He got the car five years ago and he's still got it. They include words which are often spelled wrongly. c) I (eat) all day because I'm bored. a) ilJand b) handsome c) honest _ d) thumb e) knife g) receipt h) bomb i) autumn i) How long has Tamesbeen workinif ii) He's been working for two hours. d) I (already eat) five bars of chocolate and (drink) six cans of lemonade. He's still working now. e) She (teach) all over the world for the last fifteen years and now she (decide) to come home. c) _ d) _ e) __ D g) h) ___ _ _ • . i) PRONUNCIATION Silent letters [I~I 3. I've been working all afternoon and I'm fed up.31 Listen to the recording and write the sentences. ~) U~_. i) How long ii) I've _ _ b) _ Present Perfect Simple or Continuous? Put the words in italics into the most appropriate form of the Present Perfect. You may need to change the verb a) James began working two hours ago. b) I (write) six letters and one report but (not fin~hyeO.Unit 3 • Duration For each of the following sentences write a question and then an answer.

Listening 1 [Iml 4.2] Listen to the second part of the radio programme. b) The largest amount of money to be won at cards. poker snap pontoon draughts chess roulette baccarat 2 Choose a word from the box to fit each of the defirunons below.1] Listen to the first part of a radio programme about Las Vegas. c) Money that can be won or lost.lTnit f But I can't do without it! LISTENING Before listening 1 Underline two of the following which are not card games. g) She spent her money on D What does much of the city look like? h) Next to the Colorado River there is a gambling place for older people / children. e) The Alabaman couple once won dollars from the machines. b) The gambling takes place days a year. stake jackpot token dealer winnings _ _ _ _ _ a) The money you get when you win in gambling. e) A piece of metal. a) Caesars Palace describes itself as a fantasy land / a theme casino. They all refer to gambling. _ _ _ D A housewife from Detroit once won _______ dollars. 2 [I~I 4. d) The person who gives out the cards. a) In which US state is Las Vegas? b) How much money is made there each year from gambling in casinos? c) What kinds of gambling take place at the airport? d) What is the population of Las Vegas? e) Name three typical buildings you can see in Las Vegas. and underline the correct answers or complete the sentences below. . d) The Alabaman woman is not winning _ anything / keeps winning. card or plastic used instead of money. c) People sometimes gamble more than _______ dollars. and answer the questions below.

When he died he had written / had been writing his autobiography. a) While I (1 Sequence of tenses Link the sentences to make one complete sentence that means the same. the train had already left. After 1 __ play) was playing _ football I (2 hurt) my leg. • . b) The police (I go) d) I (see) the burglary. In some cases there may be more than one possibility. I (go) home. She (hear) a loud noise outside. He had written / had been writing about half of it. until I (3 see) _____________ the doctor I (4 not that I it quite to realise) (5 break) badly. c) I was angry with him because he had forgotten / had been forgetting to buy a present for the baby's birthday. She (go) outside to investigate. b) The reason he had an accident was that he had driuen / had been driving 300 miles that day and was very tired. d) I had shopped / had been shopping that morning so I could have got something. a) I (get) to the station. When __ e) I (check into) the hotel. with their hands above their heads. Then I (phone) my boss at once. Assoonas f) Sarah the bank after a neighbour (2 phone) _______ to tell them what (3 happen) ------ ___ __ However. c) Suddenly they (1 hear) ________ a strange noise and they (2 look) at each other in terror. e) The year before I met Tom I had been skiing / had f) seiied and had broken / had been breaking my leg. Meanwhile children (sleep). Past Perfect Simple or Continuous? Underline the correct verb forms. Afterwards. they (4 discover) _______ that the robbers (5 (do) the ironing. b) Louise (cook) the lunch. escape) in a When g) Sarah (hear) a loud noise. Change the base forms of the verbs in italics to the correct form and make any other changes that are necessary. However. When I got to the station. While Louise _ c) I (do) the shopping first. But now they (5 begin) _ to wonder if what Lucy (6 tell) ________ them might be true after all. They (6 kill) _ one of the bank clerks as he (7 try) _ _ to escape and the others (8 lie) __ on the floor.Unit 4 ill Gf\AMMAJ\ N :u"r:lti"o fnrmc Change the verbs in brackets to the Past (Simple or Continuous) or the Past Perfect (Simple or Continuous). When stolen car. All evening they (3 play cards) and (4 watch) television without thinking of the 'ghost'. The train already (leave). a) He was taken to the police station because he had crashed / had been crashing into the car in front of him. I immediately (ring) the police.

to provide lodgings for (a person) 2 to include 3 to make (clothes) narrower 4 to understand fully 5 to deceive take off [T] I [T] (take sthg. interest oneself in 2 to ask about or take further action about take over _ b) Joanna is really like her mother. Common errors Look at the following sentences in which the vocabulary errors have been underlined. H oft') infml to copy the speech or manners (of someone) 4 [T] (take sthg. Rewrite the sentences.) to rise into the air at the beginning of a flight 3 [T] (take sbdy. a) The business has got control of another one now. a) I've forgotten my book in my room. take after sbdy. b) I'm just going to go and take it here. correcting the errors. H up I to begin to spend time doing. isn't she? You would think they were twins./sthg.Umt4 VOCABULARY Phrasal verbs Look at the dictionary definitions of the phrasal verbs on the right. c) She lost the train because she was late. Then match the words in italics in the following sentences with the definitions. e) Remember to control your work before handing it in. . d) His charming manner really deceived her. clothes) 2 [I] (of a plane.I really enjoy it. d) So~e of my class are going on a travel next month. g) Next week I am going to pass the exam. H oft) to remove (esp. H in I [TJ to receive into one's home. c) I've begun to play chess . etc. e) I'm going to have a week's holiday from work. oft') to have a holiday from work take (sthg. f) Marcela is expecting Nikos outside the gate. I'll have to make the waist narrower./sthg. f) That dress is too big for me. In fact he was a dishonest person. H) over to gain control over and responsibility for (something) take sbdy. _ g) Tony is brilliant at imitating the teacher. to look or behave like (an older relative) take sbdy.

Although / However. I caught another one c) whtle / Meanwhile Sue was talking to Pete there was a knock on the door about the food because it _ d) I didn't go to bed until after three.--_ b) gamble? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ f) The weather's b) Although Sue has lived in France for ten years c) The business started losing a lot of money.\Pl (iH.Urut 4 II' Verbs and prepositions Complete the sentences with the appropriate prepositions. That's _ _ ~------------------------~v 1 Premier Tra~el A~ency 2 why 3 SketChley g) A lot of people come to England to h) Even though I'm not at all keen on seafood comins Estate Agents laundry and Dry Cleaning Andrews optician's 6 POCl OBC10'11 roc~ J.Hllbli"1 Y1HiBEPCI1TET K. __ been very cold recently. b) I forgot my purse so I couldn't pay the shopping. so / that's toby I'm very sleepy. I) It depends J) I was laughing WRITING Linking expressions 1 Underline the correct alternatives a) I was feeling hungry so / because I stopped at a cafe. e) Since / Although it's raining I won't go for a run this evening. A" a result _ d) As I was feeling very thirsty _ c) buy old furniture? d) have your eyes tested? e) have your pet treated? f) book a holiday? g) have your clothes washed? h) have your watch repaired? e) I may go to Australia at the end of this year However. a) I have two parrots and some tropical fish as wella~ __ told me. the little boy for the weather. d) Does this hook belong e) Did they succeed mountain? D What are you thinking g) Try to concentrate h) The man shouted walking on the grass. b) I missed the plane. c) I agree you. Places Match the following places With the names in the signs. Where do you go if you want to: a) find a house? _~3. but we must think you? climhing the _ the lesson. f) I went to university to / Jar study philosophy. 2 Complete the sentences below in an appropnate way.~eJlpa aHrJ1HHCKOro HlblKa aKYJlbTeTOB • . the joke which Tim carefully about it.. a) We complained was so awful.

you stick with it. should one of them wish to leave." She would love him to job-share too. 25 20 15 3 Write the questions asked when the journalist got back to the office. First. that's what feminists would argue. __ e) According to Sheila. d) Would __ 35 Yes. dark and extroverted.Unit S A rare breed READING 1 Read the article and write down: is going to succeed. She is also involved in a publishing venture. she would but men still aren't keen on the idea. Second. Andrew Rowe. For Sheila this means. She adds: "My husband is a solicitor and specialises in company law. for example. but it's a concept that hasn't yet taken off with men. __ . Jane. "You have to be very careful not to take on more than your half." recalls Sheila. a) Successful job-sharing is like a permanent relationship. according to Dr Jane Maxim. fair and introverted. they both have PhDs. a)What __ She's short. one grade down from Principal. Their contract has been carefully worked out: for example. You have to like each other and trust each other. to have more time to spend with their children . They are in charge of two hundred undergraduates. only he does and it makes for a better home life. the other will first be offered the job full-time. presenting a convincing case and setting out costs and considerations. like most women. they are very much "full-time types".her husband. "It would be difficult for many families to survive if the breadwinner was only on half salary. their reason for sharing is not. Dr Sheila Wirz. and it's probably better if the two of you have different temperaments. Is this because men's self-image is more tiedup with their work-image? "Well." (from The Sunday Telegraph) Glossary PbD· DOCtorof Philosophy (a University degree of very high rank) ESc: Bachelor of Science (a first university degree in a science subject) MP: Member of Parliament . b) one advantage of job-sharing. is Conservative MP for mid-Kent. taking part in clinical work and doing research." "I think initially the college didn't like the idea because they felt we were not putting our careers first. teaching. it's on language and the elderly. What is more. then either accept another sharer or resign. tall. they are both well qualified with PhDs. "I like the business buzz as well as the academic life. they used it to gain promotion and get a research grant. Her job-sharer. once you get it right." says Sheila. In their first year they found each was doing the same number of lecturing hours as her full-time colleagues. a) one thing that is necessary if job-sharing 5 Now job-sharing is catching on _ / 10 2 Write T(for True) or Fefor False) next to each of the statements. c) one danger when job-sharing.Jane has none and Sheila's are grown-up. and Sheila. agrees: "Like marriage. are an unusual example of this growing trend towards working in partnership. and they share a high-level job: co-ordinator of the BSc degree course at the College of Speech Sciences." she confesses. b)Who __ 30 Jane is. men don't job-share because they can't afford to. Now instead of both of us returning home exhausted. fair and introverted. They put up the idea to their superiors. but I'm not sure that I totally agree. __ d) Jane's home life has improved now that she isn't so tired in the evenings." Sheila and Jane have a lesson for those who long to job-share: ask and you may get. In reality. being a Parliamentary wife . __ c) They would prefer to spend more time with their children. short. Both simply want more time to pursue their outside interests. 40 Job-sharing is a little like marriage. __ b) If one of them leaves the other will have to resign. c) Are _ Yes. Jane is writing a book on language and the elderly.

your jacket? B 1 will you? W'bo likes Me. (I like jazz) No one. ? ? _ __' o g) h) B: A: -'. a) Mary spoke to him. In two cases. (I bought it in Argentina) 2 did they? 3 aren't I? 4 would you? 0 You wouldn't tell her. speak Malay?' a) 'Does her husband speaks Malay? ' b) 'Where's the nearest post office?' 'Would you happen to know _ c) the rules / to / please / us / explain d) to Mali / I'm flying / on Friday / home e) themselves / at the party / enjoyed / very 'Could you tell me whether her husband c) 'Did they find any oil in the desert?' 'Have you any idea d) 'How many symphonies 'Do you know e) 'Were you happy at school?' He asked me ----------------_?' ?' did Mozart write?' ?' much / everyone o the police / the accident / have you reported to !? / g) for / you / the tickets / tomorrow _ _ at 8 o'clock / I'll pay / o 'How often does Mike go swimming?' She wanted to know • . g) I couldn't i) A' Word order Rewrite the following putting the words in the correct order. (It weighs 14 kilos) the biggest pizza? Leo. a) me / a letter / wrote / she She wrote me a letter. using the information given in brackets to help you. A a) You speak Russian. e) I'm very lucky. 5 don't you? 6 should I? A: B: A: give me a lift? Me. -' B: A: B: A: B: 14 kilos. jazz? the cinema with? b) Don't be late. c) Nothing happened. You've no idea. borrow this. didn't she b) He's already been. (I went by myself) Argentina. b) to answer / question / I / that / refuse B: j) A: B: Lessdirect and reported questions Complete the following sentences.Urut 5 ti GRAMMAR Mixed question forms Complete the questions. (Brian's very nice) like? (He's got curly hair) o e) John'll help. this afternoon) (I'm going to clean my shoes like? Very nice. (I'll give you a lift) a good time? Yes. c) I shouldn't have gone. In some cases there is more than one possible answer. (I had a good time) weigh? 2 Complete the following with the correct question tag. d) Hurry up. a) b) c) d) e) A: B: A: B: A: B: "- Question tags 1 Match the sentences in column A with the question tags in column B. there is more than one possibility. d) Nobody came. (Leo ate the biggest pizza) clean your shoes? This afternoon.

shouldn't we? __ e) You've eaten snails before. The room has central heating and costs £. It is suitable for a young couple but you don't want to let it to smokers. won't you? __ .11 Listen to the recording and tick the questions where the speaker is sure about the answer and is just checking. aren't they? __ d) We should leave. h cons. using abbreviations where possible. CD. 1 Which of the 'small ads' (advertisements) _ _ _ is: h) lad __ i) Write M(for Male). • D You'll be fifty next birthday. Suit sgl. write a 'small ad. mod. You want to let a large double room in your house in London. Secluded location.300 ono.' for the following. swimming trunks __ niece __ go into labour __ a) advertising somewhere to hve? b) offering employment? c) selling something? 1 j) 1) k) blouse __ m) pretty __ n) babysitter __ • MAGICIANS/COMEDIANS wanted for new club mid June. s/roof. elec windows. £450 pcm neg'/£120 pw. • COUNTRY cottage to rent for a month. You can be contacted during the weekends on 081-6361555. VGC for year! £4. didn't they? __ c) The tickets are all gone. 1112 rs central Cardiff. Tel 0222 211607 office hrs only • VOLVO 360 GL T 1987 5dr. 1 bed. F(for Female) or B(for Both). a) It's still raining. Tel 0487822655 2 Synonyms and antonyms Find a synonym (a word that means the same or similar) and an antonym (a word that means the opposite) in the box for each of the adjectives below when they are used to describe people. haven't you? __ 3 On a separate sheet of paper.II Unit 5 VOCABULARY Men and women a) lord __ b) maternal __ c) model __ d) bridegroom __ e) widower __ D nun __ g) mare __ \ WRITING Small ads. CH. isn't it? __ b) Brazil beat Italy.80 a week. Phone 081-232 0809 eves or wknds. obstinate nude excitable prosperous mean straightforward flexible calm brave cowardly insincere clothed hard up generous Synonym a) genuine b) stubborn c) naked d) tight-fisted e) highly-strung straight/orward 3 2 Find abbreviations for the following: _ _ _ _ a) per calendar month Antonym insincere b) or nearest offer c) very good condition d) modern conveniences e) hours _ _ D per week g) central heating h) evenings i) bedroom _ _ _ D courageous g) well-off PRONUNCIATION Question tags [Iml 5. 10 minutes from Oxford Circus.

Unit 6 The perfect interview LISTENING 2 [I~I 6 1] LIsten to all three extracts from the mterview and check your answers to Exercise 1 Then check the answers 10 your dictionary 3 Listen again and complete the doctor s notes PATIENT'S RECORD CARD DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEM Paln In (1) _ part of (2) _ Feels llke tlghtenlng of (3) _ Paln goes down to top of (4) _ Paln occurs when patlent lS (5) _ or when (6)_____________ Usually lasts for (7) _ CAUSE Caused years 1 These are extract'> from an interview between a doctor and a patient The patient has a back problem Try to match the words and phrases 10 ualu:s 10 column A with the phrases 10 column B without Ul>1Og dictionary a A a) Have you had treatment b) I took some painletllers c) Just bruising __ d) a tendency to get e) It flares up every so often f) _4_ by ago (8) _ a few PREVIOUS TREATMENT Taken (9) Never physlotherapy but done some (10) _ had getting your back X-rayed g) damage that you actually sustained h) stop It tncapacuatmg you I) movement'> which aggravate it J) advisable not to over-exert myself __ B 1 exarnmed by means of photographs 2 hkehhood of developing 3 get too much physical exercise 4 someone trying to make It better 5 marks left under the unbroken 6 medicine to stop It hurting 7 preventing you from doing things 8 suddenly gets painful 9 expenenced 10 make It worse skin RECOMMENDED TREATMENT Recommended an (11) _ to check on posslble (12) Gave a course of (13) and arranged for some (14) Ad va s e d patlent not to (15) _ .

a) optician. b) Gabrielle ran to catch the bus but it had already gone. transplant. (need) She _ hair / throat / lips c) pulled adj force stretched and damaged by using muscle / thigh d) twisted adj (a joint or limb) hurt by pulling and turning it sharply c) Your children are outside in the road! (must)' Really! 1 _ d) I usually leave my car unlocked at night. allergy c) infection. c) You needn't / mustn't bother to vote. a) What time will I be operated __ b) I'm feeling very __ headaches? d) I've got quite a bad pain __ e) Have you got a sick note __ c) How long have you suffered __ a) It's a terrible job. (need) I suppose they feel they _ --"' _ e) They've been together for six years but never shin / knee / ankle / wrist e) fractured adj cracked or broken (a bone) cheek / skull / throat D 2 Complete the sentences with prepositions from the box. illness d) recover. wound. Change the main verb or add a verb. my chest. d) I do think Keith mustn't / shouldn't be so sensitive about what people say. Medical terms Circle the odd one out. weekends. The party's quite formal. injection. injury. cure. a) I haven't got tickets for the play but let's go anyway.€rui~ surgeon. • . Use your dictionary if necessary. e) What a fool I was! I needn't worry / needn 't the weather today.~ Umt6 VOCABULARY Collocation 1 Underline the parts of the body that can go with the adjectives. heal. (should) Don't be an idiot! You married. outbreak e) insomnia. The Conservatives have almost certainly won. remedy. In some cases there may be more than one answer. chiropodist b) diet. or (of a muscle) hard use tickets left. transfusion. ache. One preposition is used twice. (should) You should phone to see ifthere are any finger / tooth / ~ b) sore adj painful or aching from wound. sickness. (have to) In that case he _ I from of in under on ? these 2 Underline the correct alternatives. I must / have to work at the b) I don't think you should / must wear a pink tie. itch. infection. your doctor? D The athlete died __ a heart attack. operation have uorried. Tracy was at home all the time. a) GRAMMAR Obligation 1 Comment on the following situations using the modal in brackets in either the affirmative or the negative. D You mustn't / don't have to keep your money in the bank but it's much safer. Ian hasn't got a formal suit to wear to the dinner. disease.

i) I think you should ii) _ that _ _ _ I would recommend Samuel Ward Upper School TEACHER OF ECONOMICS Required from January to cover maternity leave. n . a) Sally can't find the money to pay for a cup of coffee. Haverhill. Samuel Ward Upper School. i) He'd better not it) It's time he _ _ _ _ CURRICULUM PERSONAL VITAE PRONUNCIATION Connected speech 1 [[~I 6. Tty looking in your other pocket. (Contracted words (e. needn't) count as two words.C. more wine. Distinction (Hunts C. i) If I were you it) I would advise you e) Peter got into a fight the last time he went to the disco.) e) __ 2 a) b) Listen again and complete the sentences. the bus. Chalkstone Way.) a)_8_ b) __ c) __ d) __ NAME:John Maley ADDRESS:84 Summerfields.nd) P.E. To apply please send letter of application and CV to: The Headteacher. South Yorkshire BY11 20PQ 1989-91 c)~hy------------------d)~hat e) I think • . ___ _ WORK EXPERIENCE The Barn School (11-18 yearolds) South Normanton. ii (Fenla.g.G. _ WRITING Letter of application Look at the Job advertisement and an extract from John Maley's CV.2] Listen to the recording and write down the number of words you hear in each sentence.ii) You'd better b) You are talking to a politician about traffic problems.A. Suffolk CB9 OLD c) Jeff is suffering from a nervous breakdown. Essex TELEPHONE: 0206 444366 DATE OF BIRTH: 14th April.E. i) Take my advice and ii) Try d) Your friend's house is very old and needs renovating.Urut 6 !II Advice Give different advice in the following situations.1967 EDUCATION St Mary's High School University of Fenland Huntingdon College of Further Education 1978-85 1985-88 1988-89 QUALIFICATIONS Economics B. At least two years experience essential. On a separate sheet of paper. Colchester.F. write John's letter of application to accompany his CV for the post of Teacher of Economics. II.

. The upward force of the air acting on the wings. 1 Look at the sequence of pictures which shows the different stages of take-off. When it reaches the end of the runway it is turned into the wind. have provided the necessary lift (that is the upward force of the air which makes the plane rise) to start it flying. the pilot can then ease back the control column (the hand-operated lever) to lift the nose of the machine further and so increase the rate of climb." • a) d) e) ___ _ b) c) _ _ Now read the first extract and check your answers. At that moment the plane can leave the ground and become airborne if the pilot Slightly increases the 'angle of attack' (the angle at which the plane is inclined upwards or downwards). After safety speed has been reached. and the plane's speed. a) reaching flying speed climbing taxying turning into the wind reaching safety speed b) c) d) e) /' -'"_ -_. The throttles are opened. As the ground speed increases so does the air speed. This is called taxying. _ _1 •• _ . until the flying speed IS reached.Unit 7 Crawlers. the engines roar and the plane rapidly gains speed across the runway. Match the words and phrases in the box to give captions to the pictures. Taking off First of all the aircraft is driven along the ground urider the power of its engines to reach Its correct position on the airfield. flashers READING You are going to read three extracts from a book on how to fly a plane. winkers.

l nit 7 2 Read the first sentence of the second extract and tick the picture which indicates straight and level flight at a steady speed. Landing demands flying the plane as slowly as possible without stalling (that is. . a) The pilot has to bring the nose up / down when increasing speed to stop the plane from rising. As the speed falls off. b) The pilot has to bring the nose up / down when decreasing speed to stop the plane from falling. as the forward 1~ speed continues to fall. if the pilot reduces speed without altering the angle of attack the plane will lose height. without losing lift and stopping). to maintain level flight. thus increasing the angle of attack. a condition IS reached j LlF~I_ when a plane is no longer moving at its flying speed. The forward speed (in relation to the ground) which has been progressively decreased by cutting the engine power. this occurs at the moment when the wheels of the undercarnage touch the runway and the weight of the plane IS transferred smoothly from the air to the ground. 11fts maintained by raising the i aircraft's nose slightly and progressively. the control column must be pushed forward to lower the nose and so decrease the angle of attack. forward speed in relation to the air is reduced by completely closing the throttle. On the other hand. and does not alter the angle of attack the plane will rise. When the plane approaches the ground. lift must always equal the weight of the plane. 3 Read the third extract to complete the sentences below. At a point close to the ground. the plane has both forward and downward speed. IS still further reduced by landing into the wind whenever possible. Ideally. e:~ 8 a) If the plane is flown too slowly b) The plane is landed into the wind whenever possible in order to c) Lift is kept equal to weight by d) The wheels of the plane should touch the runway when _ _ _ Now read the rest of the second extract and underline the correct alternatives. If the pilot increases the speed. Finally. Therefore. and so keeping lift equal to the weight as the speed falls to Its minimum for flying. The control column must therefore be pulled back to increase the angle of attack. Landing Level flight For straight and level flight.

'Use your dictionary to help you. 1'm taking you / theatre. sorry. don't worry.I»: car foot bus sea air home board prison Can you come round tomorrow night? I'd love to but b) __ c) __ d) __ g) __ h) __ ( 'll/ Present Continuous) . (going to / 'If) j) pram c) A: Why haven't you made the cake yet? It's too early. f) When we _ _ b) A: B: to do a law degree but I decided against it. we taxes. Find out what time thefilm ends / thefilm's the election. Will you bring / Shall you bring / Are you bringing back that tape I lent you. _ B: d) A: B: I a) _ at by on in e) __ f) __ ( u / Present Continuous) e) A: B: . c) A: ending / the film's going to end. there may be more than one possibility. we but then we decided not to. using suitable verbs in the correct tense. A B 1 freeway 2 sidewalk Why? What do you do / are you doing / d) e) A: B: A: are you going to do afterwards? I'm fed up. I'm seeing / 'llsee you later. Wait here until it raining. a) A: Do you want a lift? Thank you but I think _ B: g) pavement h) puncture i) underground 7 traffic circle 8 overpass 9 turnpike 10 flat ( 'II / Present Simple) b) A: B: Did you two ever get married? No. B: VOCABULARY American English Match the British English words in column A with the American English words in column B. 1 this afternoon. I'm letting / 'll let you have it this afternoon. please? Oh. Remember? u take you to the a) bonnet ~ b) flyover c) roundabout d) motorway e) caravan f) toll road 3 hood 4 baby carriage 5 trailer 6 subway 2 Complete the sentences.D Vill!7 GRAMMAR Talking about the future 1 Cross out the forms which are not likely in the context. OK. I promise. a) Can you water the plants while we __ h) Before you c) I you the results as soon as I away? _ can you give me your key? Have you decided what you're doing / %I B: 're going to do next year? I was going to / had hoped to / am going d) You won't he able to go out so much after the baby _ e) The weather's awful. (going to / Present Simple) Prepositional phrases Complete the phrases with prepositions from the box. I I must go and get the washing in. B: No. I hope you are not forgetting / won't forget my birthday. I forgot. a) A: Future time expressions Complete the following sentences. No. I'm going / go out for a walk. using the correct future form in brackets. In some cases.

it seemed like hours . Everything. Eventually. (affection) d) We have had year.. the plane. Well. ten minutes later. on a separate sheet of paper. let me tell you about when we came back from Spain this year . Threatened to write to the Prime Minister. Kids everywhere. (aggresson g) Are you sure that snake isn't _______ ? (poison) h) Steve looked tired and (shave) i) How _ of you to forget my birthday again! (thought) . Well. No storm or anything. Absolutely terrified. p~1i'-"~=d""ic"-'t""a""b""le'---_ (predict) b) What a house! (delighted) what it could be. you know. The plane was very crowded with children everywhere and people . well. (precedent) e) He was forgive him...ill Collocation Complete the gaps with words from the box. The plane packed with everyone coming back from their holidays.. a) You're so boring and _ . Terrible really. The weather was OK. (necessary) f) rainfall this rude.' c) She smiled and spoke to him ______ . People grabbing hold of each other. it took an almighty dive. People trying to get a drink. And then we landed. OK.Unit 7 .. Well it's not right is it? Of course we really did some complaining at the airport. rewrite it in a less colloquial style. Or at least we nearly did. 'Yeah. luckily . Begin like this: This year we were coming back/rom our holiday in Spain. Never again.we pulled out of the dive. Then everyone was screaming. Just imagine it. eh? Apparently. Nobody knew catch sight of a cold I the bus I your breath I the page / a corner / the handle I your nose up at progress / a tool ot oneself / a noise a favour / the cooking / without / your best into / your mind / trains / gear your time / a seat / place advice / permission / the game away I evidence a good time / a baby / a look / a party g) h) Forming adjectives and adverbs Complete the sentences with adjectives or adverbs in the affirmative or the negative made from the words in brackets. A real sight I tell you! Bottles out of lockers. Even the cabin crew . It's boat for us next time.... Chaos. We had a real disaster. Laugh? They wer-eflat on their backs or on top of the passengers. I'll never Although he's a boxer he's not very _______ ... like. give make do turn a) b) c) d) e) f) WRITING change have take catch Written style [ I~I 7. they'd all been on duty for twenty hours at a stretch. I was white as a sheet. When suddenly we . And do you know what it was ? You'll never guess. Stewards and stewardesses in a terrible mood. that's more to the point. well. All the flight crew had fallen asleep. What about that..11 Listen to the following story and.

m. local time and then splashed down in the Atlantic off Puerto Rico five hours later. a) to orbit the earth: i) 11) travel away from __ travel around the outside of __ (from Longman Cbrontcle a/the 20th Centurv) b) then splashed down in: 1) Listening [ II!§ilII 8. Incident report form ~ame of capsule: Name of astronaut: Date: Time: Possible problem: Astronaut's first feelings: Dangers: Astronaut's orders: Astronaut given reason: Reaction to orders: ~ b) c) --------------------------------------------- __ d) near dawn/midday/dusk/midnight ~ spacecraft electrical ~ running i) yes /n 0 j) surrounded storm by insects/loose part/ f) excited /frightened /disappointed out of fuel/overheating to earth h) reorbi t /return ~-------------------------------------------------excited /frightened /disappointed . called Friendship 7. in which there was a strange incident.47 a. His Mercury capsule.11 Listen to the dialogue between astronaut John Glenn and Mission Control during the flight. landed in the water of __ crashed Violently into __ ii) 2 Complete items a) . 1 Read the newspaper extract about something that happened in 1962 and tick the correct dictionary definition of the word in italics. after circling the earth three times. lifted off from Cape Canaveral at 9.c} on the incident report form. Glenn today became the first American to orbit the earth. Circle the correct alternatives on the incident report form. Lieutenant-Colonel John H.Unn 8 Anyone out there? LISTENING Before listening Feb 20.

ii) On _ Future review Complete the sentences using a verb from the box in a future form. It still sounds awful. i) ii) _ before we get there! at 7. we might as well go. _ d) You're 65. of a) They strolled down the garden b) We were given how to get there. c) That bag looks heavy. _ I direction path directions way _ explaining to London. aren't you? When e) By the time I get back I hope this mess I don't want to see a thing. In (0 use one of the linking words from the box. clear up carry lie give a) Will you give collapse go start retire d) I saw the film on TV. We (think) e) If we don't hurry. the film (finish) _______ f) I (leave) Complex sentences Join the sentences below twice. b) I can hear it clearly now. I since when as soon as although will a) We've booked a table at the restaurant. In (ii) use a participle construction. i) Since we've booked a table at the to 10% by the end of _ for you of you! restaurant. haven't you? Where _ h) According to the news.Umt 8 " GRAMMAR Future Continuous or Perfect? Complete the sentences. c) Someone (wait) there when you arrive. This time tomorrow ______________ inthesun. In some cases there may be more than one possibility and you may need to add other words. I thought it was oldfashioned.00 exactly. i) ----------------------- ii) _ this watch to Kate. f) Why don't we go to the concert? What time VOCABULARY Words often confused 1 Complete the sentences with a word from the box. using the verbs in brackets in the Future Continuous or the Future Perfect. i) get in touch before then. please? h) We're going on holiday. b) Give her a ring. so c) I get paid tomorrow. i) -----------------ii) _ e) He's tall. a) They say interest rates (already rise) already have risen the year. d) 'Bye. c) Let's stop on the d) Sam drove off in the Oxford. ii) Having booked a table at the restaurant. I ________ for you. the Government • . we might as well go. We might as well go. She (get) back home by now. He's always bumping his head. Then I'll give you the money. g) You've got a date with her.

we'll have to go (4). Let's go (7)---instead. then. Mon. b) We live in the country and have a flat in town. Thurs. Use a dictionary to help you if necessary. We have _ c) I tried to wake him up but he was d) Maggie may get fed up with you sometimes but really she of you. and only three hours (10) Wednesday. Compound adjectives Make compound adjectives from the following phrases. d) They offered a prize / reward for information about the stolen painting. As people they're _ f) That medicine did me identical/same Prepositions of time Look at the museum opening times and then complete the dialogue with words from the box. b) We live in a very alone / lonely house in the country. it's open every day (1).vilu a world of good dead to the world rrre-a the UTOrirl ris the best of both uTorids a) I love my old car. B: g) a run of three miles the morning h) bread that was made at home _ OK. e) They don't like the same things. one and two. I have to be back home (6) e) a woman who mainly uses her left hand f) an actor with a big head the time the museum closes because we're going out.---No.:> tl rc ". A: We'd better go early. • .!!!I Unit 8 2 Underline the correct alternatives. Really! How long's the place open (9) _ H: A: Only six hours a day. five. e) Will you remember/remind her? f) I like the Idiomatic expressions Complete the sentences with the expressions from the box. means the world to me. It's closed (8).---(2) Monday d) a teacher with a strong mind two. a) Scientists have discovered / invented a new virus. Oh. The museum's only open (5) Besides. It me to write to music as you. _ THE SYDNEY SCIENCE MUSEUM Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 10-1. Tues. _ B: A: There's a train that leaves (3). Friday. Fri: 2-5. wvilu:> dl-'dll lhiuh. a) a boy who is ten years old a ten-year-old boy until to between A: before from in on for at by b) a cat with green eyes c) a hotel with three stars Yes. c) The plants died through lack / failure of sunshine.

I patience life mood advice sake 3 [I~I 8.41 Listen to the recording of the complete horoscope and check your answers. write down what you hear.21 Listen to the recording and complete the horoscope below CANCER 22 June . _ _ ___ 2 [I~I 8.Unit8 '" WRITING Abbreviations Match the abbreviations In column A with the descnptions In column B.31 LIsten to the recording of another horoscope. week. . b) Fill in the gaps with words from the box. When you hear a bleep sound leave a gap. A B 1 member ot the Royal Family a) VAT b) UK c) EC d) IRA e) NATO f) 2 common market organisation 4 tax on sold goods In Europe 3 world organisation that helps children 5 illegal organisation in Ireland 6 Great Britain and Northern Ireland 7 military organisation (a group of countries) 8 group of oil-producing countries OPEC g)HRH h) UNICEF Dictation 1 [mJ 8.22 July _____________ ____________ and You keen --:: _ an important air. Refer to your dictionary to find out what the letters stand for If necessary. LEO 23 July-22 Aug a) On a separate sheet of paper.

There were real. it wasn't Parayang. I fumbled blindly with the zip on my sleeping bag. old women with toothless grins. 20 We met up with a flock of sheep and two shepherds and followed them towards their distant camp. Blissfully satisfied. I closed my stinging eyes 35 and listened to the happy sound of the family. The dreaded ailment of 50 many tears.far more successfullywith his. live mongrel dogs snapping at our feet. "I haven't got any eyes. the meat stew fresher.. continuously. Suddenly I started to feel little prickling sensations about my midriff. Revolting Tibetan tea. Fleas! The sheepskins added to my bedding had left my sleeping bag infested with parasites. sheep bleating. 1 scratched and I cried. The snow cover got gradually thinner as we descended and by late afternoon we reached an inhabited nomad's camp. Snow-blindness. and the tears made my eyes hurt even more.A Woman Mysterious Glossary . but it sure felt like Paradise! . 55 60 (from TIbet . Even a stream which wasn't a solid road of ice. as Namgyal had done . A half-dozen ragamuffin children came out to welcome us and lead us proudly to their parents' camp. 1 couldn't see a thing. '. Miq-chu mung bu mung bu. trying to get some ventilation. lashings of warm yogurt were served. The pain was excruciating. Granted. All the romance of being a nomad was wrenched from me. until the stirring sounds of my host family intimated the dawning of a new day.lJnit 9 Around the world" READING With the aid of Garrna's binoculars. 1 didn't bother to thank them." 1was at the lowest ebb imaginable. angel's food. It felt like a page of braille. It took another three hours. 1 scratched the flesh thinly covering my rib cage. I knotted my short plaits over the bridge of my nose. Someone asked me what was wrong. 10 1') 45 foolhardy mountaineers. but it felt so good to be alive. 1 cried silently. and to 30 . Many. young children With tom clothes angel's food beautiful food foolhardy toolish nh cage the bones protecting the lungs bratlte a form of prmtmg for blmd people . I crawled inside my sleeping bag and nestled down by the glowing embers. The tea tasted better than ever. In the dead of night I woke in a pool of sweat. I scarcely 25 noticed the pains which begged to tell me otherwise. Someone passed a cup of hot tea into my hands. My eyeballs felt as if they were on fire. to reduce the glare. ) plaits/pigtatls lengths of twisted hair ragamuffin dirty. "Nqarang mig mindu. My eyes were already stinging from the blizzards and I would have given anything for Lobsang's goggles or Namgyal's longer pigtails.\ Trek Aero"" a Land by Sorrel WIlb. round off the delicious feast. we saw a flock of sheep trudging through the snow towards low ground. and lay back again. I tossed them off. The other two lads had old snow goggles." Literally.. Ah. panting. We were going to make it to Parayang! The sun was intense on the snow and. 40 Someone had covered me in at least a dozen thick sheepskins.

turn sleep. peace of most victim identity of Namgyal's longer pigtails? (lines 11 and 12) b) Why do you think the nomads' camp felt like Paradise? (lines 19 and 20) c) Why did Sorrel wake in a pool of sweat? (lines 36 and 37) Vocabulary in context 1 Find these phrases in the text and tick the best definition. Review of the article Complete the following text with a/an or the.. rich. Use a dictionary to help you if necessary. b) goggles c) sheepskins _ _ d) breathing quickly (line 42) _ _ _ GRAMMAR 2 Answer the following questions. baby back to light and go to friends. man is being kept secret. university was' shopping. a) snapping at our feet (line 16) i) important things in d) We always have egg on a copy of lunch on Sundays. lamb for toast if I get it for you? England. of ___ b) Put off c) I think that mind and man was violent attack.. Leave a blank if no article is required. as depressed as it is possible to be __ doctor and then went to ii) far end of the room __ . went _ c) nestled down by the glowing embers (line 33) i) ii) tried to see what was around me __ d) fumbled i) blindly with Cline 38) university two years later and got quickly opened __ ii) in the dark I tried to open __ e) lowest ebb imaginable (line 52) i) i) Where did you say j) This morning she did to work. a) walking with heavy steps (line 2) b) a large amount (line 30) c) threw vigorously (line e) extremely bad (line 4') f) taken violently (line 63) 41) tnldging _ _ knew they were getting near where they wanted to o. f) This morning I got in trying to bite our legs __ ii) getting injured __ Independent. _ b) begged to tell me otherwise (lines 25 and 26) i) suggested that I should go to the doctor suggested that life was not so good __ lay down next to the fire __ taxi and went _ to ii) National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. Would you like e) When I arrived in typical British newspaper. school at 16. Use a dictionary to help if necessary. good job are life. went to economic!'. I bought _ _ bed. a) Why would Sorrel have given any thing for .Cnit 9 1 Read the text opposite about a long journey through Tibet by an Australian photojournalist and write a sentence for each of the items below to explain why they were significant to the writer. g) I think particularly h) So you left _ __ ___ degree in English are very arrogant. a) Last night. a) a flock of sheep When they saw the sheep they 2 Write down a word or phrase with a similar meaning from the text.

g) In the old days you managed to / were able to buy a house for less than £5. d) That car of yours is like a bus! f) I hate days as this. b) They didn't want to go out but we could / were able to talk them into it. a) labor b) center labour c) __ c) check book d) analyze e) jewelry f) catalog d) __ g) traveler h) pajamas e) __ . to __ __ e) She spent ten years as Prime Minister. __ b) I once had a full-time job like a bricklayer. a) I finally managed to / could finally find what I was looking for. d) Gill had had a bad accident and didn't manage to / wasn't able to walk for a long time. You're my sister. WRITING Sounds and spelling 1 Complete each of the following words with the letters which make the sound in brackets. __ __ __ g) I'll do like I like! h) That soup tastes like dishwater.Unit 9 Could / (was/were) able to / managed to Underline the correct alternatives. b) A c) ( le~1) ch_ p- d) (/d3/) ur __ ba___ _ er 2 Write down the British-English spelling for these words with American spelling. like Jim. e) Could you / Did you manage to smell something burning just then? f) I was able to / could get a ticket for the opera As/like Tick the sentences in which as or like are used correctly. c) Stop talking as my mother.000. c) When Pete was five he could / managed speak four languages. yesterday. bel _jg_ve ling p to ch ple ee bl_d otograph b) (If!) rou___ a) It's used for opening tins. a) Martin's a doctor. a) (/i:/) c ha _ th_ _ __ oke pr___ sol r _ Used for Write down what each of the following objects is used for.

b) outside / off/ a bomb / our hotel/went c) tell / don't / off/me / please 2 III Complete the gaps by matching the animals the box with the sounds below. the airport. A a) a flock of ~ b) a herd of c) a swarm of d) a pack of e) a school of .#" ffJrO ~ B whales wolves fish sheep bees cows Prices went up a lot last year. phoned and a taxi and began the his house. maybe return (3) home and see my family. I decided to leave and do something different _ with my life.\.. He was very upset and asked me to pay him 'a visit (4) and collect _ him (5) because he wanted to come and say goodbye to me (6) asked for (7) journey to (8) (9) at the airport. That evening I packed my bags and phoned myoid friend Miguel to say goodbye. a) up / prices / last year / went / a lot Animals 1 Match the phrases in column A with the words in column B. f) a shoal of I'r.Unit 9 • VOCABULARY Phrasal verbs 1 Put the words in the correct order to make sentences. The phrasal verbs are given in italics. see off run away pick up call for go back fed up with set off for go away go round make for I was tired of(1) (2) 2 g) h) i) fed up with living in that hot. In some cases more than one order may be possible. Why was and leave this place forever? _ I seeing old friends when I wanted to escape What a fool I was! I told the driver to change direction and go directly to (0) tears. parrots cows mice snakes monkeys lions horses dogs sheep d) the company / how long / up / will it take us / to set e) could / it / over / talk / we / I wish a) b) c) d) e) f) she£12 bleat moo neigh bark chatter hiss roar squawk squeak Read this extract from a story and rewrite the phrases in italics using one of the phrasal verbs in the box. To my surprise I couldn't control my - . polluted city. I packed my things.

' In Rochester. 36. to whom It was explained Carnesoltas. is the proprietor of America's only Ant Circus. a circus performer who could swallow and regurgitate objects at Will. except for one Which do you think is the invented one? (Look at the last page of the book for the answer. have taken to keeping lions to guard their exclusive homes. as she emerged from a Mother's Day church service. a) 3 h) c) William Mitcheson of Atlanta. «( ~~~~ 5 Benjamin Carnesoltas. break-ins dropped from fifteen incidents a month to none. told the man who answered that she was lonely. not deter the JUry. 00 .but omitted to tell him that she would be chaperoned by the police. who spends several months training each performer. who arrested him when he showed up. His travelling exhibition of trained insects features such attractions as ant trapeze artists and tightrope walkers. says the most difficult thing is to dress them in their clown costumes without squashing them. a man was charged with stealing a car telephone. New York. He had apparently mistaken her for his estranged wife Corene. In one expensive apartment block. After discovering it was missing." he said. Georgia. 70. but I forgot my glasses. Mitcheson. MISSOUri.) . ~ [J. d) 4 e) 1 In Annapolis. Paula Thistle. dialled the number of the stolen phone. Read the 'Strange Stories' and match them with the titles. was convicted of slashing a prison officer at Lee's Summit. Percy C Washington shot and killed Fannie Watson. and organised a date . had gulped a) __ e) __ b) __ c) __ d) __ 2 All the stories above are true. exasperated by the phenomenal increase in crimes committed by their poorer compatriots. and ants that dance and ride tiny bicycles. after a lion virtually ate a burglar alive. "I meant to kill my wife. the owner.with a razor blade The fact that the weapon was not found did that It down 2 Wealthy Brazilians.l:nit 10 Revision READING 1 Look at the titles below. Maryland. Visitors are issued with powerful magnifying glasses.

Since then she (10) bought / has bought a cottage In a new liliage. Which wild animals / not eat / meat? Elephants and rabbits. I think I'd buy that house You You _______ a child. . d) You're not allowed to use dictionaries in the exam.!'pa"". according to the stories.Urut 10 " 3 Write TCfor True) or F(for False) next to the following statements. __ d) Keeping lions has stopped the break-ins. She (4) used to lIVe/ would live seven miles from the nearest road. Can you tell me / where / bank / bet Yes.000. __ Question forms Write questions using the cues below. What / your steak / like? It's quite good. who (6) had been worrying / were worrying about her for a long time. b) A: D People who go to the ant circus have to take magnifying glasses. Present Perfect or Past? Read the text he low and underline the most appropriate verb form Until they (1) broadcast / were broadcasting the story of her life on 1V no one (2) heard / had heard of Hannah Hauxwell. and In the winter she was cut off If it (5) snowed / was snowing heavily' Her friends. __ g) Paula Thistle helped to arrest the thief who stole her telephone. cheese when I was dictionaries in the D It isn't necessary to buy him a present! g) When I w as a child I was made to eat cheese. At the moment she • 51 IS wntlng / wntes another book about her life. although the weapon was not found. I think. __ h) Benjamin Carnesoltas was found guilty. You exam e) If I were you. She (13) has just finished / Just finished "€I" autobiography and last year she (14) appeared / -as appeared on 1V twce.v/L-_ If you go in. usmg the modals from the box. D A. where she (11) has made / makes new friends and where she regularly (12) attends / is attending the ocal church. However. [mustn't needn't have to must should a) They said you can't go in unless you pay. a) A: Who / Ruth / usually play / tennis / with? Who does Ruth usuallv plav tennis with? B: Someone from work. him a present. it's over there on the right. B. c) A: B: d) A: B: e) A: GRAMMAR Present. Without any electricity or running water. for example. __ c) Lions are kept as family pets in Brazil. How much / the Managmg Dtrector / earn? Over £40. now she (3) becomes / has become a household name. __ e) There are lots of ant circuses in Amenca. b) It's important to phone him now. were very relieved when she finally (7) deCided / was deCIding to move. B: Modals of obligation Rewnte the sentences helow in the present or the past. Go on! You him c) It wasn't necessary to leave a tip. actually. a) Percy C Washington killed his wife by mistake. __ B. h) He was short-sighted. You a tip. that house. Last year 1V viewers (8) saw / had seen her deep emotion at leaving the farm where she 19) had been liVing / lIVes for more than 30 years. Whose / be / that car? It's Adrian's. You _~h~a~ve~toLJ.

sport. f) A friend of mine has _ started learning about _ flower arranging. b) I'm absolutely thrilled __ c) His brother's really keen __ d) Have you ever suffered __ f) This country is famous __ Are you feeling OK? You look as if you my are going to / will faint. a) When I take my holidays depends __ exam results. Cadj) important for the country. (discover) d) My skirts are too short. because she was being naughty. b) A: What do you think you are doing / will be e) I'm afraid we'll have to operate __ B: c) A: doing this time next year? Well. CloniJ e) It takes a lot of game. VOCABULARY Word building Complete the sentences with a positive or negative form of the word in brackets. d) A: went q. I suddenly feel a bit odd. When will you have finished / are you a) The bomb exploded in the middle of '! shop. 7. to his girlfriend. (n) s (think) . for others schooldays can be a time of great t Cadj) s _ _ _______ c) The . (adi) p p------- f _ _ _ - Sometimes he says things which are really _______ and which upset her.(f b) Prices have increased a lot. a) A: Prepositions Complete the sentences below with an appropriate preposition.UmtlO Future forms Underline the most appropriate form of the future below. (n) e) A group of sheep. actually. g) Actors perform on it. a) At my school we had very little e) The mother spoke angrily to her daughter. going to / 'll sit down for a minute. migraines? his leg. When you go into town will you go / will you be going anywhere near the bank. a) You book a holiday from this person. which is next door. I'll / am going to pass it on to you. I think I 'm my new car. _ _ c) James has gone to the airport to say goodbye d) My husband has decided to start a company. I'll have to _______ them. I'm going / 'll go to the post office. (n) ~-- ·ifre~ b) Although many children enjoy them. (patient) f) c to play that _ d) Sidetoalle ss the American word for this. (happy) of oil was very b) Someone who won't change their mind is this. B: Yes. c) Someone who is not brave is this. if you don't mind. by next March I'll finish / 'll have finished my exams and I expect I'm going to be / 'll be on a hot beach somewhere. finishing reading that book? B: This evening I hope. (n) f) Very sure. take up set up see off go up go off tell off 5: Well.Defi nitions Complete the word for each definition. its wine. by any chance? Phrasal verbs Write down phrasal verbs from the box which correspond to the words in italics.

Unit 10.

1 [I~I 10.1] Listen to the recording and write down in the boxes the word(s) which are stressed in each sentence.
a) b) c)

e) t)



! driving! I I I I I


!? I?



2 Write down the other words in the sentences, then listen again to check if you were correct.

Review of linking expressions
Complete the two stories below with linking expressions from the boxes.





however a


as as a result because 2 (a) _ _





snowy night, (a)

family was driving down the motorway they noticed a dog in the road, (b) they started to slow down. (c) disappeared. (d) ~ , someone

I was 14 I had an _

'out-of-body' experience. (b) suddenly carne-down. I thought this was very strange (c) day, (d)

was talking to my friends outside a shop, a mist it was a very clear none of my friends

when they stopped they found that the dog had told them that this part of the motorway was famous for a 'ghost dog'. Unfortunately, (e) they went down that motorway many more times, they never saw it again,

seemed to notice. Suddenly, I found myself up in the air, looking down on my friends. (e)

they continued chatting of this experience I have

to each other as if nothing had happened . always believed in the supernatural.

IJnit 11

Scoop or snoop?
The shocking case that shamed a nation
It was called The Crime of the Century'. Certainly there can have been no more bizarre case than the disappearance in the Australian Outback of tiny Azaria Chamberlain. During a cool spring night in 1980, on a campsite at the famous Ayers Rock in the very heart of Australia, a baby disappeared. Was nine-week-old baby Azaria abducted by a dingo - an Australian wild dog - as her distraught mother maintained? Or did Lindy Chamberlain commit foul murder? The case came to obsess a nation and triggered a media witch hunt that lasted for more than five years. Azaria's body was never found, but her parents, Lindy and Michael, who were both deeply religious, were tried by rumour, suspicion and religious intolerance. Neither of them presented themselves well to the media, where they came over as unemotional and uncaring. In a court of law Lindy was found guilty of murder. But with no body, no motive, no weapon and no clear evidence, why did an entire nation decide that a happily-married couple had killed their baby daughter? The extraordinary real-life story and subsequent court -case is told in the film A Cry in the Dark, starring Meryl Streep and Sam Neill. The director. Schepisi, said 'I came to realise this was a story of public perception versus private reality. The public's impressions of others are often incredibly wrong, on all sorts of levels. Here media misinformation and wrong impressions kept refuelling each other. A whole nation was playing pass-the-gossip: no wonder everyone was getting it wrong. Eventually it brought about a kind of group emotional madness.' At the time of filming Lindy was still in prison, serving a life sentence for a murder she insisted had never occurred. (In 1986 she was freed, after serving three and a half years and in 1988 she was exonerated.)

While filming on location in Australia the tabloid press began to give Streep and Neill a taste of" what the Chamberlains had gone through. Just like the reports of the original Chamberlain case, wild stories circulated about the two stars, which bore little resemblance to fact. Of A Cry in the Dark the producer, Verity Lambert, says 'I hope this is going to make other societies look at themselves and say "That could happen here: it could happen to anyone. It could have happened to me." There was the fact that it happened at Ayers Rock, where a multi-milliondollar complex of hotels was about to be built. I'm not implying that people said "We'vegot to fmd a murderer," but there was a subconscious feeling that it would be better if there weren't animals in the middle of the desert that ate children. Many people still believe that dingoes are lovely puppies. They forget there are no cans of dog food lying around the desert and so they have to eat live animals to survive. To a dingo, a baby is no different from a rabbit.' Another aspect is that ordinary people need titillation. There's a desire to find evil in things. which is often exploited by the press. I think Lindy was tried by the press, but the public gets the newspapers it deserves. In the West we live in a media-driven SOCiety. form opinions from We newspapers, from how things are presented to us on television, and we make judgements on people perhaps thirty seconds after meeting them, depending on how they present themselves. It's wrong, but it's part of living in this society.'
(from Fhd~1

Cnit 11

1 Read the article and make notes to answer the following questions. a) Who disappeared? Azaria Chamberlain. a nine-week-old baby. b) Where did she disappear? c) When? d) What did the parents think happened? e) What did the media think happened?
t) Why were the public so sure the mother

Complete the sentences below with the most appropriate adverbs from the box. highly deeply loosely considerably strictly a) The Chamberlains were bitterly deadly

religious. _ why you liked it. unlikely to snow is _ _ _ _

b) I'm afraid I found the book boring. I can't understand was c) Come on! It's in July! d) Smoking in classrooms forbidden. e) The film and the book were only connected.
t) Let's buy the paperback

guilty? g) How long was Lindy Chamberlain in jail?

h) Who starred in the film version of the story?

instead. It's version.

cheaper 2 Complete these sentences, based on what the producer of the film said about the case. a) People at Ayers Rock preferred not to believe that a dingo had killed the baby, because

than the hardback

g) Louise cried all night. She's disappointed

about missing the school trip.

Phrasal verbs
1 Look at the different meanings of the phrasal verb go through. Write down the number of the definition which corresponds to the words in italics in the sentences below.

b) Ordinary people like to find

c) The public forms its opinions

based on

go through phr v

d) People judge others very quickly, depending on __

1 [T] (go through sthg.) to suffer or experience; ENDURE 2 [T] (go through sthg.) to finish 3 [I; T] (= go through sthg.) (of a law, etc.) to pass through or be accepted (by) 4 [T] (go through. sthg) to practise (a ceremony or performance) 5 [T] (go through sthg.) to look at or examine carefully


a) I'll just check my essay again to see if there are any mistakes. b) I've managed onfood. _ to spend £100 this week just

c) That family bas suffered a lot this year. d) Do you know if that new law was agreed? e) Let's do Scene 2 again, shall we? _

_ ii) I'll spend more time gardening. g) My dog (attacked) this morning. Use your dictionary to help you. _ car b) hoof h c) tabloid n d) petal f e) pip f. I'm working so I can't come. . If you _ _ segment channel umpire bottle bark screen net toy _ g) racket h) nappy b i) paws match feed d) Unfortunately. _ editor circulation _ leaf bunch _ peel - 2 Write the second sentence based on the first.go off go with go up go for go on GRAMMAR Mixed conditional forms 1 Tick the phrases which best complete the sentences. _ iii) you have finished. _ d) I don't like wine if: i) Word association Write down the word with which the four words in each group are associated. at seven. _L_ b) You can go when: i) b) The cost of housing has (increased) _____ alarmingly in the last ten years. gone 0([ you won't make so many mistakes. _ iii) it would rain. _ ii) you don't make so many mistakes. Some verbs are used more than once. The first letter is given. ? There are the postman c) That dress (matches) d) I think I'll (choose) e) The alarm clock (rang) f) What is you will finish. I'd buy it. Change the verb to an appropriate form.. _ c) When 1 retire: i) (happening) police outside. _ ii) you had finished. _ iii) it were too sweet. I haven't got enough money. _ iii) you wouldn't make so many mistakes. _ e) I might get a taxi if: i) it is raining.DIlll 11 2 Replace the words or expressions in brackets with a phrasal verb from the box formed with go. b) I'll let you go on holiday but you must save half the money yourself. but not if you're going to wear those clothes! Unless you thermometer you a lift to the station. a) If you spent more time on your work: i) a) The milk has (turned sour) It smells disgusting. the salmon. f) aerial ii) it will rain. Ifl _ d j) surgeon lead collar _ operate _ ward f) It's a pity 1 can't drive. I'd spend more time gardening. If 1 _ e) You can come with us. your eyes. Ifyou c) You have to have a visa to go to Australia. _ ii) it is too sweet. _ iii) I spend more time gardening. Otherwise I could give h _ • . If I had enough money. You may have to change the verb a) I can't buy it. a) gears steering wheel mane neigh _ clutch saddle daily stalk juice programme boot it will be too sweet.

__ coming? __ glasses. __ ") LIsten again and write down the missing -.ontracted form counts as two words.' French is such a difficult language. Divide the main part of the letter into five paragraphs. Sometimes there is more than one possibility.Unit 11 iii!! Wish and if only Molly is feeling a bit depressed and is talking about her life.lown the number of words in each sentence. punctuating it and laying it out correctly. Use wish / if only and the past or wish / if only and would to complete her exact words. her father is staying with her. JI ___ _____________ ~I ~------------- lift.' Unfortunately. A . a) Her house is very small. 'I wish easier.' smoking. __ tomorrow.' b) She can't afford a faster car. 'I wish e) She bites her nails. 'T wish home.' g) PRONUNCIATION Dictation 1 (I~I 11. .' biting my nails. 92 south street preston PR2 4XB 2nd march 1992 dear julia thanks for your letter which i have been meaning to reply to for ages i hdVt: been very busy recently but now my exams have finished and so i can finally write back to you i was glad to hear that youre well and happy and that youve settled down in your new house it sounds fantastic one of the reasons i was writing actually is to ask you if tim and i could come and stay sometime in the easter holidays we both have two weeks off and so we thought we could drive down and see you all of course if this isnt convenient you must say so you know me well enough for that i hope did i tell you that ive changed my job at last im now working at a school in lancaster and irn much happier there than at the other one im still living here though it only takes 20 minutes to drive anyway thats all for now were rushing out as usual lots of love to all the family and a big hug to you hope to see you soon love sheila I had a bigger one. __ _____________ ____________ ______________ _____________ ___________ ~.---------------------raining. -rds. 'I wish 'If only c) She can't give up smoking.11 Listen to the recording and write . 'If only f) WRITING Punctuation Rewrite this letter on a separate sheet of paper. d) It has rained non-stop for five days and she raining.' a faster car. 'I wish wants It to stop. _n_ asked.

across. e) Going on to privately owned land Without permission. c) Getting money by threatening to tell a secret about somebody. S o M U Z C H (!3\ L T I . d) Taking things in and out of a country against the law. h) The premeditated killing of someone. down or diagonally.Mi H U R P D D G H P P L Z A C M U R Z A Q Y)L 0 II G 11 L J Q Y (R\ P A! IG II V S X ND Y c! 1 (\~N ! lIE i X Z P A J I I P X L J P K' II MEN jR ~D G S tvI~' N1 J U C l UJ E GGU\~K TQ Y B IOYHORMOI J ISLEADF RT 2 Which verbs go with the nouns above? What is the person called who commits these cnmes? Complete the columns below Crime burglary! Verb bum-Ie Person burglar . f) Attacking and robbing someone g) Sexual assault. s: ~-:~~-·~~·ft ---5 p--' A F' --.Unit 12 Crime and passion VOCABULARY Crime and punishment 1 Look at the definitions of some crimes below and circle words in the word square which make the name of the crimes. a) Breaking into a building and stealing something. You can read forwards or backwards. b) Being married to more than one person.

__ c) People who know each other do not often kill each other..000 murders each year. e) I'd appreciate your comments my work.000 __ b) A lot of murders are caused by alcohol or g) the jury reach a verdict __ h) someone is arrested __ Nouns and prepositions Complete the sentences with suitable prepositions. __ e) In the USA there are more than 10.. guess which of the following statements about murder are true. phone me. a) the judge sums up __ b) there is a trial __ c) the accused is charged __ d) the judge passes sentence __ e) witnesses give their evidence __ f) a crime is committed _1_ LISTENING 1 Before you listen. in which doctors in Britain talk about their experience of homicide. h) There isn't a lot of difference those two cheeses. In some cases there may be more than one possibility. a) Most murders are premeditated.:1 3 Number the following 1-8 in the order they happen. . drugs. __ f) In Britain there are no more than 1.11 Listen to two extracts from a radio programme. __ g) It's quite difficult to get a gun anywhere in Britain. g) They've had lots of experience that field. a) Have you had the results blood test yet? b) If you're having difficulty exercise put your hand up.r t-. f) I still can't see the advantage your that _ the _ _ _ _ the country if murders a year.. 1) Vocabulary in context Divide these expressions from the recording into P(for Premeditated) and U(for Unpremeditated). 3 Listen again and answer the following questions. c) There's been a dramatic rise the crime rate. a) sudden fit of passion __ b) in cold blood __ c) plan the deed __ d) lose your temper __ e) on the spur of the moment __ There's no hope it continues like this. __ d) Murderers usually use more violence than is necessary to kill someone. 1. a) Why were three people stabbed? b) How did the man get a knife? going by car. Do not write in the gaps yet. . . __ 2 [1~112. Tick the statements above which are true. d) If you have any problems car.

i) '~Criticisms _ _ Make criticisms of the situations below using should( n °0 have (been) and the cues in brackets. (tell/someone) You _ d) We bought Granny a kitten for Christmas. a) James went skiing. i) I wish _ ii) If the sea _ care) g) I stopped suddenly and hit my head against the windscreen. g) Don't you ever wish you (live) on a desert island. He lost his job.Wish and if only Complete the sentences using the cues in brackets in the Past or Past Perfect or with uould. Unfortunately. (ask her first) We _ e) I had a car accident.. He broke his leg. (0 to show regret. (wear/seatbelt) You _ - . Nobody knew where we were. b) Eric was rude to his boss. b) The police must often wish they (have) ______ search people. a) When I went out I left the milk on the table.30. i) He wishes ii) If he c) The company invested in gold. I wish they (go away) would go away. It was awful. i) -. ii) If he hadn °tgone skiing he wouldn °thave broken his leg. i) I wish ii): If 1 _ _ g) You didn't tell me your boss was coming to dinner. (take more h) The sea was rough. she didn't want it.»: _ d) We went on holiday in May but it was too cold to swim. away from everybody? . _ _ (stop) _ _ down the rain forests. a) These children are annoying me. i) They wish ii) If they want to go on holiday. When I got back it had gone off. I didn't enjoy the journey. f) If only people more power to stop and where you this his cutting He wishes he hadn °tgone skiing. The price of gold dropped and the company went out of business. (ii) to show a desire for things to be different. e) Brian wishes he (not write) last novel. c) I wish you (decide) d) I wish we (not go out) evening. (not drive so fast) You f) I did my homework very quickly and my in f) I forgot to put a stamp on his card so he didn't get it in time for his birthday. It'll be too late soon.Unit 12 GRAMMAR Past conditional and wish Complete the sentences below. i) I wish you ii) If you _ _ _ teacher found lots of mistakes. b) The concert started at 7. (put/fridge) I should e) We didn't bring our camera so we didn't get a We wish If we ~-------_ have put it in the fridge. Apparently it's much warmer in July. I didn't go shopping today. (leave/earlier) He _ c) We went up a mountain last weekend. but he was late because of the rush-hour traffic. i) We wish ii) If picture of the sunset.

The tnal . Selfmade millionaire Alec Hubbers.. Organise it like this: PARAGRAPH PARAGRAPH PO\RAGRAPH A: B: The murder Background information c. country squire.{ TLi{rt . Many people who followed her trial were confident the jury would return a verdict of m(WiJ~~~t~ allowing the judge to deal le'fiien't'1yWthe sad and defeated woman. Cold fear swept over Pamela Megginson as she sat in a candlelit restaurant on the French Riviera. il.• imprisonment.why she did it. • • '/C. aged 79. Include only the basic facts of what happened A woman scorned Pamela Megginson. a Russian-born Jewish immigrant.. /} 1)1' I t: c <:. 61.what Pamela Megginson did .1 . was convicted at the Old Bailey in September 1983 of murdering her millionaire lover and sentenced to life imprisonment. The jilted divorcee had battered him repeatedly over the head with a champagne bottle. But the jury of six men and six women found Megginson guilty of murder. and Hubbers. For 13 years she shared his London mansion and lavish : f lifestyle until suddenly and unexpectedly there was a new love in his life. had just announced that he was leaving her for a younger woman. The life of luxury was about to end and Megginson felt humiliated and rejected.what happened to her. Megginson/ the claughter. Hampstead. 2 On a separate sheet of paper. Her face crumpled and she wept as she was led away by two women prison officers.". Across the dinner table was the elderly lover she now hated so much she could no longer even bear to look at him. The judge had no choice but to sentence her to life (1~". .of an English vrv.VOlt 12 " WRITING Summary writing 1 Look at the article below and make notes on: .f tf<i "'it-' 't 1/ . of The Bishops A venue.. write a summary of the article in not more than 70 words.« /l . Less than an hour la1Z~he was dead. / f· . had fall"en head over heels in love many years before.

Under Jewish law divorce is easier than marriage. Men are entitled to simply add another woman to their family Without bothenng to divorce former wives. guess in which country the following are possible. Before the wedding the husband must set aside a sum of money. divorce will only be granted in case of unreasonable behaviour or separation lasting more than six years. divorce easily obtainable. Divorce IS now a straightforward question of changing your civil status. France/Ireland b) Before marriage. divorce ISgranted after the failure of mediation attempts. The right of men to divorce wives by saying "I divorce you" three times stili exists in fundamental lslarmc countries.(Jnit 13 Just a piece of paper? READING 1 Before reading about divorce in different parts of the world. Australian law has abolished the term divorce to make the procedure less painful. In practice. Divorce Instantly granted by marnage registration office rf both parties agree. (from Todavv . tile divorce rate is kept down because the severe housing shortage means couples that break up have to continue living together. a) You can get divorced quickly if both parties agree. Russia/Zimbabwe 2 Read the article and check your answers. c) Men can have more than one wife. Others grant divorces through temple offiCials who Will impose a cooling-off penod. HOW THE WORLD DEALS WITH DIVORCE Quickie divorces by mutual consent have been available since 1975. If Just one partner wants to end the marriage. that will be used to care for his wife in case of RUSSIA Legally. If one party contests the case. Legalised polygamy means the divorce rate is negligible. Underline your guesses. Israeli Australia. men must save money for possible divorce.

IS GRAMMAR The passive 1 Tick the sentence in each pair which is the -nost natural. (they. before?) (it. a possessive pronoun (e. give. (just. on its appearance. huge explosion.g. mine) or an object pronoun (e. (ten people.. The word or phrase in bold should be the centre of interest of the second sentence. _ _ _ b) The team prides c) Come and sit next to d) She paid for the car e) Does he live by 1) A: Oh.g. '1) B: Is that magazine ? Yes. d) Small shops may disappear unless the proposals (put) into effect. Who discovered penicillin? It was discovered by Fleming. 4 Answer the following questions. jail) to less than two c) is it possible for couples to separate legally but _ _ d) must you normally wait six years if only one _ Marshal asked for another offence (take) _ into account. at this moment) COATS MUST BE LEFT IN .any times. e) The living room's going to be beautiful. 3 In which country: a) can men divorce their wives by saying they want to? tiea. kill. (how 111. decorate. Do you want to borrow . yesterday morning) Ten people were killed in a huge explosion yesterday morning. no! The phone company's disconnected our phone. b) Did you hear the news? (jrom next week. Use your dictionary to help you if necessary. no! Our phone's been disconnected. himself). must take.g.IIi) on again. . vourself for what happened.Urut 13 . Oh. 70 per cent pay rise) c) Try these pills. according to the text. with water) d) I see that play it. me). a) Don't blame ii) B: 11) A' B: I) Who discovered penicillin? Fleming did. a) Why do couples in Russia often continue to live together after a divorce? b) What do Chinese couples have to do if only one partner wants to end the marriage? c) Why is divorce in Australia now easy? d) How do couples in Iran have to try to improve their relationship before getting a divorce? 3 Write a second sentence to follow each of those below. perform. aU managers. using the cues in brackets. a) This town has suffered a great tragedy. THE CLOAKROOM YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR COATS IN THE CLOAKROOM A: Pronouns Complete the following with a reflexive pronoun (e. who mugged a man twice in the same night.: _ b) is it hard to get divorced years? _ not get divorced? party wants the divorce? ill 2 Complete these news items using the verbs in brackets in the correct form a) A deadly tarantula (send) a wealthy divorcee yesterday b) Planners will decide tomorrow whether the office (build) _ c) Ian Marshal.

__ j) Sorry! I meant to say 'Judy' .it was a slip of 13 Jio{fatufStreet. Use a dictionary to help you if necessary. DIane _ e) Did you have your homework corrected? Did the teacher f) Have they cleaned your room yet? _ a) rise rapidly _ _ b) supports (v) c) attempt (n) (v) soar Have you g) At last they've had their shower installed. 12 Ju{y at 3 0 'dock. We're going to have the lawn cut on Sunday. 'David and :Marion Walters request tlie pleasure of the company of . ~e __ d) The stylist dyed DIane's hair red last week.ng~gistry Office. He's __ g) I can't turn my always been kind to me. eyes head leg foot hair neck back hand tongue nose g) cut without warning (v) h) postponed (v) WRITING Letter of invitation On a separate sheet of paper. Wot(ing ~q)p ________ the to stand on. I hate it. in this gale. ani afteruiards at tlie Lamb Inn. on! Don't panic! going for a down. a) He is going to cut the lawn for us on Sunday. Use have (get) something done where necessary. h) Gill's so arrogant! She gets up my i) There's no evidence. Newspaper headlines ~rite down a word with a similar meaning from the headlmes.ng on Saturiay. WofQ. :Merrow ~ • . The garage painted the car last week. rewrite this traditional we-dding invitation as a semi-formal but friendly letter. He hasn't got a at the marriaqe of their daugliter 'Elizabetli witli :Mr 1Q_clian{Mason : at WofQ. It's out of f) Stop making at my husband! on him. c) The shop usually delivers the groceries for us. d) I'm putting my going to let you go. I'm not __ c) You must be off your walk.ftU JeaA 1J~ e) This party's getting wild.II1IIUmt 13 Have (get) something done Rewrite each sentence so that it means the same. At last the plumber d) criticises (v) e) causes problems for (v) f) discussions (n) VOCABULARY Idiomatic expressions Complete the idiomatic expressions below with words for parts of the body from the box. a) Filling out tax forms is a pain in the neck b) Keep your . b) Ben had the car painted last week.

b)_ d)_ 2 Listen again and complete the following examples 'of 'bad manners' according to the recording.Mind your manners LISTENING 1 [[~114. a) You hold a door open for someone and they don t thank YOU 3 Answer the followmg questions a) When are old people as bad as young people? b) You are trying to pay in a c) You are trying to get off a d) You are trying to park your e) People who eat ___________ f) and and and _ ~inthetown _ b) In what way do people change when they become drivers? Not saying .11 Listen to an extract from a radio programme about bad manners and tick the situations in the pictures which are referred to.

e) Jessye waited for Wendy (stop) _ _ what me / go to cinema) c) Helga's no good at this job. I'd rather (not) have studied French when was at school. lexpect d) Don't travel economy class on that airline! I advise you e) I don't pay bills until I have to. But I about my past. I usually prefer watching IV to going to the himself. Add other words such as articles and pronouns as necessary. Francisco denied _ c) I imagine I'll see Paul this evening. (He order / me / take / month's rest) theatre. listening to jazz to ___ _ _ __ Iremember • . I stayed in. I would to stay in a better hotel. I avoid f) I know I put the money in my wallet. I suggest giving him a CD for his birthday.-I1>. e) It was a boring party. Let's meet. b) Francisco said he hadn't stolen the money. h) His (drive) unhappy) e) I left the computer on last night. (It / make / me / feel / _ is getting worse.j'(!ti""e~r __ reading novels. a) That tyre's flat. d) OK. a) It was a poisonous snake. b) Which video would you c) I don't like this place. a) I think that we should give him a CD for his birthday. b) Jane came up to me at the party. (I/ want / you / (play) f) They are continuing the piano. a) I usually _~p". (He / would like / you / go with him) g) The doctor said I was very tired. g) Do you listening to music? have not to live by playing cards to not talk see? _ I -ing or to? 1 Rewrite the sentences using an -ing clause or to + base form of the verb. (make) good progress. I'd prefer (not) to read a book tonight. I'd have preferred (not) to have studied French when I was at school I'd rather (not) read a book tonight. It needs (mend) b) I thought I saw Sonia (steal) bike! c) Will you show me how (play) the violin? d) Let's go (skt) __ a _ not / touch / it) He warned me not to touch it. (She / invite / this Christmas.Unit 14 GRAMMAR Verb + object (+ to) + base form Make a second sentence from the cues in brackets. f) In future I myself. (He / warn / me / 2 Complete the following sentences using an in -ing form or to + base form of the verb brackets. (Remind / Expressing preferences Look at the examples in the box and complete the sentences below with prefer / uiould'prefer ot me / not / leave on / tonight) f) Spike doesn't like going to the cinema by rather / would rather. g) I'm interested in (hear) she has (say) find / someone else) d) You look so lonely.

Tick the two which are possible. i) g) Who's your best friend/freindi of my knowledge of h) Tell me wether/whether tonight.1' 't\ iron actions cat policy fonder waters quarrel eggs rains hsh _E_ _ h) sexy_ i) a) Absence makes the heart grow _-J. Use a dictionary if necessary. but it pours. g) courageous _ run deep. nice. b) He's past/passed d) He's quite/quiet c) Its/It's over there/their: e) Who's/\l7hose is it? f) Have you red/read it? iii) strange h) L She's very fair. speak louder than words. a) I can't here/hear. i) eager to find out things new_ L ii) WRITING Spelling Underline the correct spelling. Ambiguity The word(s) in italics could have two meanings in context. OJ c) ..1fToganr devious greedy_ b) Honesty is the best L) Li. . i) didn't cost a lot of money _ ii) brightly-coloured_ iii) low quality _ f) They are expected to be here by seven. _ 's away the mice will easy-going _ _ j) 1) When the play.'[o""n""d""e=r __ Li.nte P for those words that normally have a Complete the sentences to make proverbs. j) They have been instructed to be _ ii) We think they will be_ iii) They are waiting for us here until _ • . i) free from injustice _ ii) blonde-haired_ iii) pfeasant_ c) In France they drive on the right side of the road. i) conventional_ ii) right-hand_ iii) correct_ d) He took advantage computers. d) cowardly k) hard-working lazy_ m)clever_ e) effident_ f) boring_ d) Don't put all your basket. with words from the box oosnrv t: connotation and S for those words that normallv have a negative connotation . a) g) Strike while the h) 1) It never Tim's a very curious person. you are coming profited from _ ii) made unfair use of _ iii) disliked_ e) It's very cheap furniture. his test. e) It takes two to make a f) Still in one _ 's hot. i) That's a very good cbioce/cboice.~l •• Proverbs Connotation w.

3 Mother's superior 'There must be strict discipline in a Sumo stable. __ c) In Japan Sumo is more than just a sport. sharp shock refer to? (line 39) d) Why is the stew chanko nabe important? 20 22-stone hulks in the ring can inspire a variety of emotions. _.' 'Honoured Wife' 47-year-old Noriko Fujishima told me primly as she perched like a tiny bird on a vast sofa in her mirrored drawing room in 5 Tokyo. The inner reality is another matter.5. it is true. scarcely bring herself to make this horrifying admission . a) What sometimes happens when the juniors get homesick. At first glance 'Honoured Wife' is a sweet.'Honoured Wife' could 10 4 Answer the following questions. 15 I never thought I'd feel sorry for Sumo wrestlers: c) What does the phrase a long. . __ d) Champion wrestlers are famous and important.5_ b) The 'Honoured Wife' is tougher than she seems. delicate.lJnit 1 "'j Training diets READING 1 Look at the picture and headline. giggly creature who looks as fragile as a piece of porcelain but that's just the outer appearance. but pity isn't one of them. But they are no longer with us. a) What two meanings could no longer with us have? (line 13) b) What emotions does the writer feel for the wrestlers? Give a reason. 2 Read the text and underline things that the young wrestlers have to do and things they are not allowed to do as part of their discipline.' I dared not ask what 'no longer with us' meant. e) Give three reasons why some newcomers lose weight. Write the numbers of the lines in the text which show or say the following. b) The headline means that she is a very good wrestler / she 1S very strict with the men / women know more than men / she is in charge of the men. Guess and underline the best alternative in the following sentences. a) The woman is a wrestler / the mother of the men / the wife of the men's boss.' .'we did have some bad ones who used to sneak out of a window after lights out. 'In the wrestlers' dormitory the lights must be out at ten o'clock promptly! And the doors are locked so that they cannot get out again! 'In the past.

a) t) g) h) b) c) __ (tennis) (soccer) (soccer) :10 d) e) i) j) Write the following in words. g) Why are you so secretive? Why do you always keep me about everything? • . some of the newcomers even lose weight as a result! They're not used to the work. Champion Sumo wrestlers become millionaires. ' know. I encourage that. perform all the household chores. 'To begin with. aged from 15 to 27.500. Sumo wrestling now has a big following in Britain but in Japan it is not just a sport. are feted everywhere.Sumo has an almost sacred status in Japanese culture. break the ice close shave in the dark on the cards pull strings rings a bell meet (someone) halfway a) I know the manager well so I was able to ~'i pull b) His name a few strings but I can't and get you the job. you . 2 a) 240. t) I think another price increase is ! That bus nearly _ very shortly . trains and houses 30 wrestlers.' (from Male & Pemail) and pay £1. Let's playa game to _ d) I'll you _ 'ir) 'Yes. Only two meals are taken a day. he must look on me as his real mother.1) Idioms Complete the sentences with idioms from the box in the correct form.' VOCABULARY Numbers 1 [1~115. bubbling stew called chanko nabe. which owns. an ancient recipe to clothe a Sumo wrestler's bones in wads of highly-muscled fat. Write numbers and symbols. My husband.61 e) 1993 (year) -e-r.11 Listen and write down what you hear. they daren't even leave their slippers out of line. and the youngest wrestlers eat last. work as valets to the highestranking wrestlers. Apprentice wrestlers rise at dawn. so I have to -_ be their comforter.000 for that car but I won't pay £1. the Boss.is in for a long. sharp shock. endure fearsome workouts.so-called because their human livestock is treated as though they were a cross between prize race horses and gigantic schoolboys . Because of its ancient links with the Shinto religion many of whose purification ceremonies are used in the ring . 2'. it's 'very hard for the juniors. c) They're all being so formal.000 _ = 55 b)14~---------------c) 18 .7 + 4 15 _ d) £11. showered with gifts by major business patrons and treated with all the awe and adulation of pop stars. after the stable stars have their stomachs filled. They do get very lonely and homesick sometimes. Although. But a young wrestler entering a stable . Only her friends call her Noriko: to everyone else "ho io the rrouourea Wlfe of the Boss of the Fujishima Stable. Sumo food consists of a huge.. Do not write down words. Use a dictionary to help you if necessary. remember whether I've ever met him. and do all the cooking.unit 15 . and some don't like chanko nabe.' Does she ever allow her homesick hulks to phone home? 'Yes. e) That was a hit us. is the one they must learn to fear: when he's around.__ _ . when a wrestler enters the stable his real mother always tells him that from that moment on.

of the athletes of the athletes sitting wearing man has.h luggage / suitcase can you carry? e) How many pound coins / money have you got? f) That's very interesting fact / information. it will be John! else. all none the other another neither/nor each either both packet bottle pile bunch bottle of milk of bread of flowers of toothpaste of cigarettes of sardines of books of marmalade g) a h) a 2 One of the words or phrases in italics is countable. d) Huw rnui. another. Underline the correct alternatives. tube jar tin loaf a) a b) a c) a d) a e) a f) a Each. sport I can do for you. b) I can't find my car. either. are wearing dark Compounds of some. everything anything no one anyone b) The man doing the long jump hasn't got light hair.II Unit 15 GRAMMAR Quantity 1 Choose a word from the box to complete the phrases. a) I'm gomg to get a new job / work. c) There's a lovely chair / furniture over there. both. somewhere everywhere a) If there's me know. I've looked c) There's d) Sylvia's e) If here apart from me. a) Both of the men shorts. any. no. f) One man has dark hair. the other is uncountable. The man doing the pole vault hasn't c) ____ ____ d) down. the woman throwing the javelin the woman doing the high jump dark hair. for it. g) woman The man on the right is doing h) The man on the left is doing the long jump . every Complete the sentences with words from the box. e) shorts. light hair. b) She gave me some good advice / suggestion. knows the answer. just let f) They left the bed but stole too. outside in the garden. Look at the picture and complete the sentences using words from the box and any other words that are necessary. etc.

The first one is done for you.21 Li~ten to the recording and underline the transcribed words you hear in Exercise 1. . e) Ugh! Look! A real f) I won't be a d) _ a e) dr jones lecturer in philosophy at kings college said im looking forward to the day when this college listens to students views snake! _ (punctuation) Lists On a separate sheet of paper. a) /rekoid/ b) Ilmmltl /n'koid/ /rnar'njurt/ WRITING Punctuation Look at the extracts from a student newspaper. c) Will you the football match tonight on your video? d) The is very strong today.")ntl c) Add the fish oysters and herbs followed by the tomato. 1 Wnte the words. using the Pronunciation chart on page 149 of the Students' Book to help you work out how they are spelt. tbs (tablespoon). Then make a shopping lrst of the things you will need to prepare the recipe. a) professor jones was last seen in hyde park in november. but different in meaning.Umt 15 I!! PRONUNCIATION Words with the same spelling A word with the same spelling as another. (commas) 3 Complete the sentences using the underlined words from Exercise 1. '" to'" record b) (capital letters) e ~~ c) /wmd/ d) /kon'dxkt/ e) /Irv/ f) /pn'zent/ /wamd/ I'kondAktl /Iarv/ i'prez. is called a homograph. You might need to use abbreviations such as the following· kg (kilo). a) He got a prize for good b) I don't think this will problem. 2 [1~115. tsp (teaspoon). grammar or pronunciation. write down the ingredients for your favourite recipe. g (gram). Correct the errors according to the editorial cues in brackets.

11 Listen to Helen. a) What is one of the most exciting moments in a football match? b) What is more important: getting a goal or the way the goal scored? one thing that contributes to the atmosphere of a IS baseball game? d) When can baseball seem very slow? e) When does a fielder have to catch a ball over his shoulder? f) Why does Chns like to watch the strugglers? VOCABULARY Word building Complete the following table. c) Chris: c) What IS 3 Answer these questions according to the texts. a) Helen: _2_ b) Dick. a) Football: easy to work out embarrassing think _ _ decisive accuse fantasy 2 legahty reasonably what's gozng on b) Marathon runnmg: c) Baseball' • . Dick and Chns and write down the number of the picture which illustrates the sport they are talking about. using your dictionary where necessary. In some cases there may be more than one possibility Adjective exciting Adverb Noun excitement Verb excite excitingly argumentatively educational Write down in note form one reason why the person talking likes the sport.1 'nit 16 A deafening noise LISTENING 1 [~16.

It's a _ k) He committed a terrible called the Queen 'Darling'. They're e) She's got a very quick mind. keeping their original spelling and much of their original identity. she wants to go out. (Example: He s as deaf as a post. 10 B 1 as a feather 2 as a whistle 3 as mustard 4 as a cucumber '. Complete the sentences WIth words and phrases from the box. It _ . won't make changes.Unit 16 !!' Similes 1 A simile is an expression which describes one thing directly comparing it with another. b) I've heard that story before. He's h) Your children are so well-behaved. a) He answered her question as quick as a flash.__ about money. It's They're _ • . She's f) When she saw her ex-husband e) He thinks he's very tough. Pick it up.) Match the words in column A with the phrases column B. _ _ and _ j) You never get any through-traffic down this road. _ because he missed the first half of term. He's d) Those old cups have been washed well. Tum it _ _ wants to keep the g) We've heard that record om h) Bye! . i) It's very delicate. Use a dictionary to help you. and give us a call when you get there! i) When he wants to stay in. A a) as good b) as keen c) as old d) as white e) as quick f) as cool Foreign words and phrases Some foreign words and phrases are used in English. status quo pro rata cul-de-sac bon voyage macho faux pas blase vice versa siesta ad nauseam incognito a) When you get famous you get very ""blas=e""'. b) The school fees were reduced c) She changed her appearance travelling _ d) I think I'll have a short _ because she was after lunch. when he she went g) Tim's. as the hills 6 as gold 7 as a knife 8 as a flash g) as clean h) as light i) as sharp 9 as a sheet 2 Complete the sentences with one of the similes from Exercise 1. It's c) He never panics in a crisis. very enthusiastic. very but underneath f) The Government he's soft.

B Get angry and ask to speak to the manager. D g) Claudia a/ability) h) You I have a word with you? It's very important. B Try to persuade the receptionist to do something. It's very bad for you. It's too early for him to be here. according to the cues in brackets. They house. keeping hold of (2) her daughter's hand..'ll (promise .Unit 16 GRAMMAR Modals Complete the sentences in the affirmative or the negative. be very tired. A I Make a promise.certainty) b) Sue's yawning a lot. Reference words Read the text and say who or what the words in italics refer to. write a telephone dialogue between a hotel receptionist (A) and a guest (B) using the framework below. (near have to buy a bigger I Answer B the phone. How well they look together!' (from A Change for the Better by Susan Hill) A Refuse politely. and wear appalling hats. 1 Deirdre 2 6 7 8 _ _ _ 3 4 '5 9 10 _ _ . (possibility) d) I don't think you e) That ( impossibility) A go swimming immediately after lunch.. using the modals from the box. She wanted to walk with him down the avenue and have him tell her interesting things about (8) his day. There is Mrs Deirdre Fount and her growing (10) son. (advice) be Takumi. Deirdre Fount remembered the terrible sports days and open days and school concerts. It's against the law. when (1) her mother would bear down upon everyone. The memory of (5) those afternoons was acutely painful. . and Westbourne should see (9) them together and say. giving a reason for not being able to do anything. (prohibition) A Refuse politely. A I must should may will ('ll) can a) Don't worry! I . Apologise. (4) She used to ask prying questions of teachers and pupils. it had been with that idea in her mind that she had abandoned the accounts and gone out of the house. She certainty) be back in a couple of hours. patting her on 0) the shoulder. In some cases there is more than one possibility. B Insist on changing rooms. Clack drink and drive. B Respond to the promise. giving another reason. And (6) it came back now because that afternoon she herself had wanted very much to go and 'meet (7) her son James from school. Complain that your television isn't working. making an excuse. (permission) walk because she's got a very bad back. WRITING Dialogue of complaint On a separate sheet of paper.t!:. c) They're having a baby.

He also talks to a farmer and a young girl who has taken part in hunts. __ e) Field sports help the landscape. __ 2 [II!S!!II 17. 2l Listen and tick the arguments which the farmer uses. a) Hunting is an enjoyable sport. kindest big help plants grown by farmers very unpleasant illegal animals kept on a farm animals that kill or eat other animals 3 [11!S!!I117. talking to some people on the telephone about their opinions of fox-hunting.-------) .lJnit 17 Staying alive LISTENING You are going to listen to Simon Bates. __ b) The hunters kill for pleasure __ c) Very few chickens are free-range. __ a) 'The particular practices in question are so obnOXIOUs ( ) that there must come a time when they will become outlawed C ). in particular the fox' way of exercising control' Vocabulary in context Look at the quotations from the recordings and replace the words m italtcs with a word or expression from the box. __ d) Hunting is out-dated and should be stopped.· b) 'There's a need to control wild animals that damage crops ( lioestode ( a boon ( c) Why did her uncle wipe blood on her? d) How does she feel about hunting now? _______ ) and ). e) Foxes are not harmful to farmers' jobs. a wellknown radio presenter in Britain. a) One of our aims is to help the animals who are being killed.1l Listen to the recording and tick the arguments which the hunt saboteur uses. __ c) Foxes should all be killed. __ b) Foxes are a danger to sheep. 1 [Iml 17.' ) to the farmer.3l Listen and answer the following a) When did Felicia start hunting? b) What happened on her first hunt that made her dislike hunting? c) 'Under those circumstances foxes are actually d) 'We do suffer from predators e) 'Hunting is the most humane c. __ d) Hunting is the kindest way of killing foxes. The title of the radio programme is The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable The first person he talks to is a hunt saboteur (someone who tries to stop hunts taking place).' ).

D 'The party will be great fun. She replied that that week they had been working in groups of about fifteen people. Max'.What does sabotaging a bunt involve? I asked.She _ _ _ _ c) 'Come to dinner next Friday.the fox either gets away or dies in seconds. It's really icy. Hunting is part of the rule of nature. Tim. _ _ . I wanted to know exactly what they did. They e) 'Let me get you a drink. You've won first prize!' Tom ___ b) 'I'm sure you scratched my car yesterday. David. He warned e) 'Get out of my office this minute!' my boss said to me.' Jessica said to us. write the dialogue that took place. Is hunting a cruel way to kill foxes? It's the only humane way . Include the appropriate punctuation.Ii Unit 17 GRAMMAR Reported speech Read this interview with someone who enjoys hunting foxes.' the students said. She invited _ d) 'Don't go out in the car. and change it into reported speech.' Jenny _ c) 'Why don't we go in my car?' said Steve. D 'That test wasn't fair. All the sentences follow different patterns. Sue advised _ _ I: H: Why do you hunt? Hunting is a marvellous way of relaxing. On a separate sheet of paper. I went on my first hunt when I was six but took it up seriously when I was sixteen. The students • .' he said to her. My boss ordered Louisa told us. and I love the countryside. accuse complain congratulate apologise suggest offer Direct speech Read the report of an interview with a hunt saboteur. a) 'Well done. _ way the countryside. but ___________________________ commented that hunting c) I wanted to know d) She replied that humane way because seconds. I asked a saboteur what sabotaging a hunt involved.' Sue told me.' she said to us. Jessica _ _ _ _ .' they said. Their aim was to make sure that the fox stayed alive. a) 'Remember to take your keys. and didn't get caught. I: H: Reporting verbs 1 Complete the following sentences which all follow the same verb pattern.! You must come!' _ 2 Complete the sentences using the verbs from the box. and she explained that they blew horns to confuse the hounds and sat on gates so the hunt couldn't pass . Louisa persuaded _ _ a) I asked her b) She told me that ____________ She said that ________ six. Steve d) 'We're sorry we're late. Karen reminded b) 'If I were you I'd wait until tomorrow.

b) Thank her for the birthday present she sent you and say why you liked it. e) I'll try to avoid the duty of going to see my relatives this weekend.. Example: 1 m pumng in JUr a pay rise tpUI in jtrr means [0 make a formal request for'). replacing the words in italics with the phrasal verbs from the box. d) Suggest that you meet in London one day.Urut 17 • VOCABULARY Adjectives and nouns Put the nouns from the box next to the adjectives with which they can be associated in the list below..!Jl~eJda>2.. f) We a) a nice experience film exam _----. food weather cheese wine pullover bed ticket book _.. a) a weak character __ b) strong cigarettes c) a married person _ _ _ _ _ _ _ d) a single ticket e) a hard chair . the people you met. etc.!. Rewrite the following sentences.___ _ _ loud voice g) sour grapes h) sweet wine f) a i) deep water j) a light sleeper • ....pL.tJaloWiolpe"-". 2 Wri~e down a word which has the opposite meaning in context to the one in italics. get through to get out of get on with run out of put up with get away with (it) any more. e) Finish the letter by sending love to the family. see. Can you nip hot curry brave man student to the shops? e) an easy decision f) a g) a talkative i) a h) a toonderful meal rich country j) an untidy room WRITING Personal letter Write a letter to your friend Rachel following the outline below.lsa""nll:JtL__ _ _ _ _ ~_ _ _ _ _ c) a difficult d) a haven't got any more coffee. In all cases there is more than one possibility. g. paper drink a) plain b) single c)hot d) dry e) thick f) strong Phrasal verbs Some phrasal verbs are formed with a verb + adverb participle + preposition. anything funny which happened.r_. Offer to pick her up. Suggest what you might do.susu.. c) It's very difficult to reach you by phone. c) Tell her about what you and the family did on your holidays.. a) Write your address and date.f(""'ood><""----*'p""u""l""'ove=r won't tolerate your behaviour _ a) I ~ _ _ b) Continue _ _ _ with your work. b) a funny being punished. d) Don't cheat because you won't escape without Synonyms and antonyms 1 Write down a word which has a similar meaning to the one in italics. etc..

' "Well. 'Don't you know?' he said." said Michael.or the time. he had talked about doing it with his colleagues for years. but nobody seemed to have the ground . the biggest pet cemetery in the London area. __ d) He is not allowed to bury higger animals. Apparently. f) Pam has learned to be unemotional. I told the vet that my wife would go mad if anything happened to her but was quite interested to know what he did with pets bodies after they'd died. 1was horrified! There are about 70 vets within a 12-mile range of here and 1 told him that 1 was surprised that none of them had got together to make a little cemetery. And so they turn a considerate blind eye as the owners contemplate a life without Bonzo. Michael. e) Burial is more expensive than cremation.lTnit 18 Rites of passage READING 1 Read the text and write TCfor True) or F(for False) next to the following statements.and rather ill. They know that losing an animal can devastate even the strongest people. Pam and Michael Gilbert are used to seeing grown men and women speechless with sorrow and stunned by losing their pet. a) Silvermere Haven is the only pet cemetery in the London area. a) What kind of people get very upset at losing their pets? h) How many people have got a plot for their pet at Silvermere? c) What kind of things do owners bury with therr pets? d) Whqt do the owners do with the ashes tf they take them away? e) What do visitors do on a Sunday afternoon? f) What kind of thmg does Michael regard as In Loving Memory of Bonzo As owners of Silvermere Haven. "Our cat Elsie was getting on a bit . __ c) He went into husiness with some vets. "They go to pieces sometimes. who "has gone for long walkies".she was about 13 . I'll go ahead and do it on my own'. ex-company director. 2 Read the text again and answer the following questions. "I became completely set on the idea and said 'Right. began the 'business' just over a year ago. 'Most of them get boiled down and made into by-products. __ b) Michael used to be a company director." 'commercialised '? . quite by chance. or Worthington Bear.

Cremation is cheaper than burial. He is a politician. Even over the phone.like Mr Snowball . We wouldn't want to bury large animals anyway . " So while faithful Dobbin meets his traditional end at the knacker's yard. push flowers into jam jars and reflect on the time when little Yogi used to chew slippers a~d chase the milkman..to plant shrubs. they used to take them for their favourite walk.and I'm off. They cry and I start crying. "Or in their back gardens. emotions were clearly running high." Sunday afternoon is a time when most visitors come . I buy all my clothes there. As father began a bleak procession to the crematorium. what must also attract customers to Silvermere is its complete lack of commercial urgency.Urut 18 . or organ music. d) I need the newspaper.. b) The shop is having a sale. Worthington BearlYogilMr Snowball: unusual dogs' names Dobbin.. civilised way .it would be totally impractical. holding the late family dog in his arms. was speaking at the meeting last night. If owners want to get coffins made to measure or bring their dog's body up from Bournemouth in a taxi that is completely up to them. pillows and toys. and therefore don't need a plot. " (from The Sunday Times Magazine. a) What's the name of the 100 metre sprinter ____ lost a gold medal because he failed a drugs test? b) What's the common name of the substance ____ is known as sodium chloride? c) What's the name of the actor _ performance in Rain man won him an Oscar? d) What's the name of the part of the Atlantic Ocean many boats and planes are very said to have mysteriously disappeared? e) Can you explain the reason little red wine is produced in Britain? 2 Answer the questions and then check your answers on the last page of the book. in the case of dogs. Defining and non-defining relative clauses join these sentences together with relative pronouns.some for miles . Besides the picture book setting and yearning for a plot one's pet can call his own. After all. the privileged cats and dogs at Silvermere enter whatever animal afterlife there might be complete with special blankets. Since then. or where. "We hate the idea of becoming all commercialised like the Americans. Sir David Lovall. e) Kate is coming to stay for Christmas. They've only got to mention their names . "The council stressed that they were only giving us permission to bury small household pets. night. tigers or elephants. c) Pauline was telling me about her eldest daughter. Ordinary burials start at £8 for a cat to £25 for an extra large dog (less for a cremation). Her son I threw it away last Bonzo' a typical name for a dog in Britain. How did Pam cope and offer comfort to the bereaved? "I'm afraid I don't. "Sometimes they sprinkle them around here. "I don't think anybody wants a burial service." A battered car drove solemnly into the car park. • ." said Michael. If the information is not essential to the sentence. a) Sir David Lovall was speaking at the meeting last night. a traditional name for a horse knacker's yard: the place where old horses go to be k lied is married to my cousin. add commas. who is a politiCian. about 200 pet-owners have found a plot and peace of mind at Silvermere. I think they were a little afraid that people would come along dragging giraffes. because most owners prefer to take the ashes away. the British like to do things in a quiet. I'm terrible. She lives in Australia." said Michael. © Times Newspapers Limned) GRAMMAR Defining relative clauses 1 Complete these quiz questions by adding a relative pronoun.

h) You may need to (hot) that soup up. b) The protestors marched down the street VOCABULARY Word building Complete each sentence with a noun. a) They eventually found him (listen) to music in the attic. c) William felt really embarrassing/embarrassed when he realised he had left his money at home. e) Did you understand the teacher's (explain) (send) to repair -------? f) It's a nice house. f) Belinda looks very satisfying/satisfied engine (fail) __ Prepositional phrases Complete the sentences with the prepositions from the box. it's Yvonne h) Shall we go dinner? i) The doorman is f) Have you read the new book when he realised he had lost his football boots with a drink later on. a quick walk before orders not to let black ink. his son e) Armando was annoying!annoyedwith again. but we'd need to my TV was useless. g) The state of the economy is really worrying! warned at the moment. business this week. g) I can hear something (move) downstairs. discussion. scene. d) Chloe finds his jokes quite amusing!amused but I must admit I am boring/bored by them. (modem) _ _ _ ________ the kitchen. f) The man c) The only problem is that she's not very _ d) The skirt's too short. she waited until her husband was on his own before shouting at him. I'd better (loni> _______ it. I for under by on in the cheque? a) Did you hear the programme radio last night? b) Do you want to pay c) Come round d) I think the problem is still e) Richard is away Amis? g) Gillian. verb or an adjective formed from the word in brackets. anyone in. in for the to create a (ambition) (res~n) (patience) ~ _ in his b) Did you know the boss had handed the accident are still in a critical condition. b) I felt very confused/confusing by the explanation.liII Unit 18 Participle clauses Change the verb in brackets to either a present or a past participle. • j) Please fill in this form . Martin the phone. a) Anna was really disappointing/disappointed when she couldn't get tickets for the show. a) I'm sure he'll do well. g) The beach was too (crowd) so we went for a drive. herself . d) The town (choose) e) Not (want) next Olympics was one nobody had expected. He's extremely listening (wave) c) The two people (injure) banners.as if she's done something very clever. i) The train has been cancelled because of Adjectives ending in -ing and -ed Underline the correct alternatives.

please? h) It was a wonderful possibility/opportunity and she took it. li:1 people lui 101 lei lrel I:J:I lu:I 10:/ Meanwhile. f) I looked everywhere for the letter. c) What are you going to dresslwearthis evening? d) Do you know what time the train arrives! WRITING Joining sentences 1 Complete the sentences with words and expressions from the box. We decided to enter for the marathon. o e) I'll be there at 7 g) My husband was fast asleep the first half of the film. c) Take some change for the phone. b) She had left her purse at home. Then they decided to go abroad. As a result. until during whenever by the time unless I go out without an umbrella it reaches Glasgow? c) Ccnnany won/boat Brazil by three goals. although we were both very unfit. g) Could you take/bring my coat here. I was starving all morning. d) the you need it my cat. a) Today is their silver wedding/marriage anniversary. g) Stay in bed and keep warm.it was too big. people pool uncle could bury build lawn aunt match fur cough young if move book health can't piece bought fill watch earth tap wheel horse does word. f) I've offered a prize/reuard for anyone finding b) I had to wait two hours consultant was available. we decided to enter for the marathon. i) The coat didn't Andrea and Paul love jazz. d) Adrian is very tall. j) A: B: What are your hobbies? Well. c) I didn't have any breakfast. I do/practise quite a lot of sports. e) They bought a new house. In contrast. using each of the joining words in the box once. I'm going to try it. • . b) She invited all her parents/relatives to her party. h) I really hate the idea of seafood. Put the words in the box in the correct group. while unless although whereas even though after because so a) We were both very unfit. stood any half bottle juice can 2 Rewrite the two sentences as one sentence on a separate sheet of paper. However. There should be three words in each group. copy the vowel sounds below. Otherwise you won't get better. _ fit/sui: me . the phone was ringing non-stop. both in case a) always rams. Nevertheless. That was why I lent her £5. they got home he had fallen asleep in the chair.Unit 18 • Confusing words Underline the correct alternatives. the bus is late. according to their sounds. his sister is tiny. PRONUNCIATION Vowel sounds On a separate sheet of paper.

. ' he began.A mystery READING 1 1 Read the first part of the story Skeleton tn the cupboard by Tony Wilmot and answer the following questions a) Who are the two mam characters? b) How did they meet each other? He was watching the park gates from his usual bench by the pond. events had taken a more serious turn. I don't live here. Is this your first vlsrt here?' 'Yes' 55 'Nice place. his unease returned.' 'Not at all. 45 Do you work hereabouts?' 'Oh no. . I'm from Elmston.and he had 15 found himself looking forward to their lunchtime meetings Earlier that morning. 40 'Ah. and attractive.' He smiled. MGsports cars in particular.. but he did not flatter himself that her interest was in any way 10 physical He subscribed to the adage 'No fool like an old fool'. yes . however. I'm on a diet..' he said. he had thought. The 50 words were out before the warning bell rang. used to live there. 'There's a young lady here. knew him years ago . sitting beside him. actually' 'Really? I know Elmston .I'm trying to trace someone. In fact.. The enquirer was the girl from the park bench. An odd coincidence. I said I thought not. To him it was a harmless flirtation . asking if we keep records of car ownership . worse luck. though.' 60 'How interesting. sky looks a bit overcast..' he had replied 'Tell her registrations are all on the national computer now.' she said. as she entered the park gates with that long stride and purposeful expression. His secretary had come into his office. It's charming.' 30 He had peered at the reception desk through his office's glass partition. For several days now they had sat at the 5 same bench and exchanged pleasantries after she had laughed at the way the ducks fought over the crusts he had thrown to them.a fillip to his middle-aged man's morale .' He gestured at the apple she was peeling With a penknife..' 25 He had felt a twinge of unease at the mention of the car type 'Quite so.' 35 • . But no . The girl would soon be joining him for her mid-day break. Besides. 'Bit dull. 'Well. 'Hello . I don't exactly know it. The girl had paid a visit to the Vehicle Registration Department in 20 the Town Hall. we couldn't give out that kind of information. pal of mine . 'Lunch?' 'Yes. Mr Smythe. She was twenty-ish.. perhaps? Parts date from the Roman occupation. Or was it something more? Now. he was more than twice her age.we meet again. Hope we aren't in for some rain. I'm just staying in town while I'm doing some research..' 'What are you researching? Our town's chequered history. 'You seem to be here most days.. In any case.

' 'I don't suppose you were even born then?' 80 he said. yes. of course?' He was on the point of saying no when he noticed her-glance at the ring on his left hand.' he said. and why didn't he like it? d) A skeleton in the cupboard (which is the title of the story) is a shocking that someone fact from the past often keeps secret.' 'And the "trail" has led from Elmston to here?' 'Indirectly. I'm just a nine-ta-five chap. actually. a) Where and when do the man and woman meet? b) How long have they known each other? c) How old is the girl? d) How old is the man? e) Why is the girl in Elmston? f) What is the man's job? 3 Answer the following questions. Civil servant. He was like a rabbit hypnotised by the snake. wanting to get away but unable to move. in a way. but it might just payoff. I've managed to unearth a few clues. (line 107) What turn was the conversation taking. He nodded. of the a) What do you think is the significance phrase a warning bell rang? (line 50) b) What do you think a nine-to-five chap is? (line 94) c) He didn't like the turn the conversation was taking. though. quite some time.' She made a wry face. 'What about you? What line of business are you in?' 'Oh.' she went on.. that is. What do you think it is? Vocabulary in context Find words or phrases in the text with the same meaning as the following. I.. But I've had to spend time 70 in several places first. 105 'The dishy men always are! Lived here long. I'm beginning to find out what a job it is tracing someone who may ss not want to be traced. 'Which is setting myself a difficult task. QUite dull. 'I was .just! Anyway. er .' He made a deprecating gesture but inwardly he was thrilled that a pretty girl was finding him interesting enough to want to flirt 100 with him.. 'Married. I know it's a bit of a 85 long shot. .' His unease became a shiver which set him on edge even more. 75 'I suppose it is.' 'Sounds very intriguing. The man has one. 'But I mustn't bore you 90 with my personal affairs. a) hard surface of bread (line 7 noun) b) behaviour attention which attracts sexual interest or (line 13 noun) _ _ _ _ verb) _ c) moved his hands (line 41 verb) d) find (line 60 verb) e) very interesting (line 72 adjective) f) finding out about private things (line 74 • . 2 Read the text again and find the following information. I must be getting back.' 95 'Don't be so modest. The person I'm looking for had an MG sports car then and got married during the same period. 'In a way. I wish I could be an 007 like you but . have you?' He did not like the turn the conversation was taking. hoping to entice her to reveal more without seeming to be prying into her private life. No wonder the police have to spend so much time on investigations. 'Oh. There's nothing wrong with being a civil servant.Unit 19 • 'Ah! Bit of detective work?' She smiled. I'm going back more than twenty years. let's. perhaps we might see each other again tomorrow?' 'Yes. nothing much. I'm hoping this will be the last.' He made a show of checking his wristwatch.. 110 'Well. About one o'clock?' He said that would be fine. I'm afraid.

'Have you tried the local Vehicle Registration Department? Perhaps they can 20 help. a) The girl said she had found and a b) Robert said he had from Elmston who c) He asked her for her _______ if he found d) The girl stopped at a where she collected a e) She then went into the offices of the _______ to look for D Robert lost sight of her later because _ _ _ _ sothathe _ _ of the car. Example: He went home an hour early. Just a twinge of indigestion. 5 'I was hoping I'd see you today. I'm having a ten-by-eight print done 30 from it. 2 Circle the correct definition of the word or expression from the text. Listen to the next part of the READING 2 1 Read the next part of the story and complete the following information. who was not on a pedestrian crossing. Nobody saw the accident or heard his brakes.' she said. He looked at two newspaper cuttings in a metal box which he kept in his bedroom.' 'Oh yes. He didn't see the girl. though. Robert thought that the girl in the park was a policewoman. Twenty years ago he had killed a six-year-old girl while he was driving to Margaret's parents house. No luck.' 10 A muscle in his cheek began to twitch rapidly as he read what was in her notebook. and he had just got married. but it's enough. 25 'You all right?' she asked. how's this for amateur sleuthing? There's the car's number. He had been driving an MG sports car. 'What? Oh yes. ? The newspaper report said there had been no eyewitnesses. I haven't actually got the photograph. 'I've only seen the negative.. But guess what I've got a photograph of the car.. 15 'I'm missing the middle one or two digits in the number-plate. At the office next day he clockwatched until it was time to go to the park. a) in a ieafy suburb on the outskirts of town i) dirty @With lots of trees b) Inside the box were two yellowing clippings i) very old Ii) frightening ii) first c) for the umpteenth time i) large number of d) traffic had been diverted i) stopped ii) sent in a different direction e) he'd skipped a service to save money i) decided not to have checks on his car ii) forgotten to put petrol in his car D He pecked away (at his food) i) ate very little ii) ate hungrily ii) stopped g) The police enquiries had no doubt fizzled out i) become more urgent h) far more pressing cases on their plate i) to investigate ii) to eat That night he hardly slept. 'You see. forcing a smile.' she went on.11 story. The girl was already there when he arrived. He gripped the bench with both hands. b) Write the correct sentences on a separate sheet of paper. You know I mentioned an MG well. His MG's number. who was looking for him. _ _ _ _ _ a) Read this summary of the recording in which one mistake is underlined.' • . Robert Smythe went home from work two hours early because he had a lot of work to do at home.II Unit_!9 LISTENING 1 1 [1~119. I'm certain I've come to the right town. But how had she . He didn't stop because he had just been given a new job. He knew the road well and was driving slowly but the road was wet and his brakes were not good. who lived near Elmston. Then underline ten more mistakes.' 'Very cloak-and-daggerish.' he said.' The park seemed to spin.' 'Well.

can't stop now. er. Time passed..' When he finally got away.' 'Oh. 'Popped out for some cigarettes.He could be who you are looking for .. would it be possible to .. (line 54) d) snatches of conversation .. for he knew the town like the back of his hand. I'll ring you..' she said. Let's have a drink next week. (line 55) e) above the din of typewriters (line 56) D he knew the town like the back of his hand. 'Look. '. He spent the rest of the afternoon fretting at his desk. 70 He was in a cold sweat now. Pretending to leaf through the week's back 55 numbers. Whose wedding had she looked up? And why? 2 Answer the following questions. he thought. He felt like a schoolboy caught playing truant. Her first stop was at a 45 photographic shop near the main square. He had an MG.. yes. 'Stretching your legs.. Robert?' 'Oh.. eh?' 'What?' 85 90 That girl you were staring at. keeping the public newspaper stands in the foyer between himself and the point where she was talking at the enquiry counter. he could hear snatches of conversation above the din of typewriters and telephones. but he had no difficulty keeping herln Sight.' The man was grinning. about a friend with an MG? Hemight a) Why do you think Robert is inventing the story _ b) What do you think is in the large buff- coloured enuelope It must be _ c) Whose wedding had she been looking up? She may _ d) What do you think Robert's colleague thought he was doing? He must _ 3 Replace the words in italics from the text with a similar word or expression. 'Some looker. (line 72) • . She came out carrying a large buff-coloured envelope. 'Look..' He gave her a minute or two's start then began to follow her. an address in case I miss you here tomorrow. He kept about fifty yards behind as she crossed the town centre to the offices of the Evening Gazette. Eventually she reappeared out of the lift. 50 He followed her through the revolving doors. the archives are on the fourth floor . He felt clammy 6S and conspicuous.. ..' He could see the girl dis80 appearing down a side turning.. I might still 35 have an address for him at home . don't let it be the police station. a) He gripped the bench with both hands. Had she found what she had been looking for? Yes. 75 'Robert! Long time no see!' He started. eh. ' 60 '. (line 23) b) I must be offOine 40) c) Pretending to leaf through the week's back numbers.. the girl was nowhere to be seen. first door on the left as you come out of the lift He watched the girl take the lift. that friend of mine from Elmston. Where would she head next? Oh God. I've just remembered. Have you got a phone number where I can contact you? Better still. 'I've got more sleuthing to do. The receptionist smiled. People came and went. 'Now I must be off.' She wrote down both in her notebook and 40 tore the pages out for him. she had. I'll look out for you here again tomorrow. .' He forced a smile.Umt 19 Ii 'You have been busy!' His voice sounded unreal.. It was a man he knew from the Parks Department. wedding report twenty-one years ago .

c) A balding man with a moustache. a) go to every photographer b) got a print / negative c) search newspapers / for copy of photo and parents' addresses / find negatives 3 Why can't the girl have found the addresses of Margaret and Robert's parents? 4 5 What excuse does Robert make for calling on the girl? What do you think will happen next? • . D The Swan (the name of a pub). a) A framed photo on the television. 2 What does Robert think the girl must have done? Use the cues to write sentences. g) A gin and tonic.11 UnIt 19 LISTENING 2 1 [1mI19. e) The electoral roll (the list of names and addresses of all those people who can vote in an area). d) A 'Just married' placard. h) A photo of Margaret and Robert leaving to go on honeymoon.2) Listen to the next part of the story and say what relevance the following have to the story.

..' he said. all I had to go on was your maiden name .' WRITING Continue the story Write a few lines saying what you think happened next. .' she said. . One was Robert's bank statement. . . I don't quite know how to . She sat at the table and rested her hands on the scrubbed pine to stop them trembling.. ' Quite the contrary.. Could it be . Blinking back the tears she heard Robert asking if the letter was bad news... something that happened before I met you .. hadn't she always known she would never be able to escape from her past? . as she began to read... he agreed. when I first learned the truth about myself I was hurt and angry . and now I feel I must meet you .. . 'Bad? Oh no . my adoptive parents will always be 'Mum' and 'Dad' to me but . . after all these years? It was something she had buried in her memory.. She stared at the attractive. made her giddy. finally traced you through your marriage to Robert Smythe . to her surprise. deep down.. a) Who was the letter from? c) How do you think Robert feels when he finds out? At the breakfast table next morning Margaret thought Robert looked pale and drawn... . but now that I'm grown up myself. with a snapshot. there's something I've got to tell you . Sheglanced at Robert but he seemed unaware of her agitation. The sudden shock. the other was for her..... I'll ring the office and tell them you're not welL' The 'plop' on the mat inside the front door told her the post had arrived. Two letters.. 'I'll go. I'm able to understand why you did what you did ... he was working far too hard at that office. it meant checking each one to find if it was the right Margaret . An unfamiliar handwriting. love. she thought. you'd be surprised how many Margarets with that surname have got married since I was born . . something she had thought would remain buried.Unit 19 . The rest will do you good. 'Robert.... but. She knew it probably would not be much good urging him to take the day off but she decided to try. It was a three-page letter.. She tore it open on her way back to the kitchen. . Clearly he needed a holiday. . . there were dark rings round his eyes and he seemed unusually preoccupied. But how would her husband take it? The guilt she had borne all those years suddenly overwhelmed her and she pushed the snapshot across the table. of course. READING 3 Read the final part of the story and answer the following questions. 'I do have a bit of a migraine. fair-haired girl in the snap..

I (6 spot) by a policeman who realised I was under-age bribed the policeman and got away When I told my mother. and put the verbs in the correct form Use a modal or a negatrve form where neces<. who used to be the cncket captain of Pakistan. leave) International Cricket I m sure I (20 go on) _______ England spending my summers It's like the end of a love affair It'S In so much So In recent years to set up the first _ Pakistan (11 gIVe) free treatment to the poor she never saw My mother was disappointed not Immediately possible to fall In love again' oman (from U S [aurnah . and I thought I (16 marry) _ her Sadly. couple of candidates In mind. It didn't happen _ _ when I ordered my chauffeur to let me (5 dove) realised how Impossible It (17 be) If we had got married to make It work. With half my time spent In England and half In Lahore (18 adapt) to life In Pakistan When my mother (8 die) cancer four years ago I realised that If someone with money (9 suffer) then the poor have no chance I (10 work) cancer hospital _______ In would have been like asking for the sky from her Even though I (19 now.my mother and three younger sisters I was very much the man of the It was a atmosphere In Pakistan the house so I (2 say) female-dominated family unit IS very strong and traditionally prospective brides (3 study) _ me married She (12 have) a carefully by the family a woman (4 consider) I remember that whenever for me. when I (15 Involve) With an English girl. I (1 grow up) grew up In Lahore In a household full of women . but either my sisters _ my sisters would have the last say They never thought that anyone was good enough My mother Impressed on me the value of honesty I remember one mordent when I was 13.ary In some case'> there 1'>more than one possibility . she was funous that I (7 face) _______ theconsequences of _ vetoed them or I (13 object) At that time I (14 always _______ trave0 a lot and never seemed to have any time There was only one occasion that I came near.l1nit 20 Review GRAMMAR Review of verb forms Read the extract about Imran Khan.

I won't walt for him. He was with me the whole time. had my teeth checked at the dentist's b) When he doesn't hurry. I've got a beard so I . I should have kept / Which is correct? Underline the correct alternatives. d) She passed her exam which pleased me / play. c) Do you shave?' 'No. e) I hear Saskia was very ill last night. c) Neither them / of them knew the answer. a) I checked I had put it away last night.' b) 'Pam says she doesn't want to make a speech.' at e) 'I hear you had a terrible holiday. g) Somebody stole my car last night. stop crying. • . Did she have to go / Must she have gone f) Her father left her a fortune to hospital? when he died. I wish I 'It's crazy. e) That's the man who / which / whose daughter is a pop singer. a) That's very good advice / a very good advice. might / should / must have been very rich. c) The money has spent on education. Why didn't you? You mustn't have/ a bus left / leaving / is leaving in an hour's time.' a better hotel.' he didn't won.' my teeth at the dentist's. which pleased me. b) I've never seen something / anything like it. h) When I was sixteen I could / can / might swim very well. a) 'Your car's covered in snow this morning. I the doctor. f) There's mustn't / shouldn't / don't have to. wish Complete the following sentences. d) You could baue / may have sent it to me by post. e) He ordered that I left f) Please remember go out unless you dinner for me. It mightn't / shouldn't / can't / mustn't have been Steve.' 'If he d) 'The baby's making a lot of noise!' 'Yes. They can't / mustn't / needn't have a must have kept it in my desk but I didn't.' g) This room needs to paint.' so shy. I wish 'It was OK but I Wish we Spot the errors There IS a grammatical error in each of the following sentences. Underline the error and then correct it There may be more than one possibility. g) She said him / told him / told to him to hurry up h) She wondered where was I going / I was needn't have / mightn't have come in person.Umt 20 '" Conditionals.' 'Yes.' f) 'Will you come and see me this evening?' '1 __ ~ d) He's an old friend of her.' you. United a) Not many people watch Cambridge very good team. If only c) 'Pedro lost his tennis match because practise. Modals Underline the most likely alternative. b) I had my bag stolen.' locking the door before you _______ 'If I _______ g) 'I've got these awful pains in my chest. He going.

b) If you cheat you'll never get D g) The children were as good as while you were out. . or at meatings. As a foreigner. These. I was. Wen talking to peeple at parties. a) Before the word forbidden do we say deeply or strictly? b) Do we comment on something or in something? c) What do we call breaking into a house and stealing something? d) What does shelve mean in a newspaper headline: postpone or forget? e) Fair means free from injustice.Unit 20 VOCABULARY Colloquial language Complete the sentences with words from the box. I stoode far to close to them. e) The situation is getting out of _______ and quite dangerous. (by Helga Rettke-Grover) speak louder than words. likely to make the occasional embarrassing mistake. off hand nose fancy dark gold away up a) with it. at work. / but was not (3) It I There was something wrong. d) Let's sit down and see if we can come _______ with a new idea. My misstake was not lerning the rules governing socal space in Britan. would be generously forgiven. I COUldn't be sure. There are ten spelling mistakes. (5) personally I of course. I. seeing you here! _______ h) That name rings a we met before? i) WRITING Linking expressions actions bell Read the first part of a magazine article and underline the correct alternatives. (2) however. I have found out the reason why. They are diferent here. (9) Since I For then.? g) What is the verb of the noun reason? h) How do we describe an embarrassing mistake: a faux pas or a cul-de-sac? i) Do we say a team wins or beats another team? _ _ b) _ d) _ 1) h) _ e) g)-----i) _ j) Punctuation Rewrite the final part of the article on a separate sheet of paper. (4) however. a) c) Shut up! It gets up my when people say that! j) We were kept completely in the _______ about his plans. DON'T STAND SO CLOSE TO ME! _ I had an air of confidence (1) because I so why was I posing such a threat to all the men in the room? The party was a great success. Have _ Spelling Read the second part of the article. Write the correct version in the gaps below. Test your vocabulary Write the answers to these questions on a separate sheet of paper. (6) on the whole / as a result. What else does it mean? D What are the words for these mathematical symbols: + and . c) I wanted to go but I've gone _______ the idea. I but I had the uncomfortable feeling that I was committing a social sin. (7) Yet I That's why one partner after another (mostly men) would gradually back away from me (8) as soon as I until a wall stopped them from running away. Why this reaction? It puzzled me many years ago. adding punctuation. . the arabs stand closest to each other less than an elbow away the swedes stand farthest apart about an arm and a half in eastern europe people like each other at a wrists distance the latin folk dont mind at all if you move a lot closer just outside the length of your or their elbow whichever is the shorter the british someone said to me last week are best described as fingertip people and so are their american brothers and sisters.

In Nevada. very good relationship with the children and shows them a great deal of affection I mean. loads I wouldn't worry .you get much further If you had your time again ISthere any way In which you'd change the way you brought them Up7 Oh yes. and our relationship. ISbuilt on the proposition that every ~mencan likes to chance tus luck The City centre ISIn fact a collection of casinos.000. and the sound of dollars cascading Into trays And In Departures Video poker as far as you can see.~here my education was really sort of messed about.I mean I can see now. overlooking fountains and palm trees Throughout. we walked or got the bus Any other things that were different? Well. for example If they had a violin lesson or a prano lesson. needlessly 'We come here three or four times a year It turns out that they once won $600 but their goal remains the Big One Two years previously a housewife from Detrort won spectacularly There had been no big winners for some time and the jackpot stood at $2 million when she pulled the lever The money literally engulfed her.I felt I WOrried far too much about education. In appearance. the sound of handles. and so I wa-itec to make sure that theirs wasn't. In the suburban luxury. porn Cinemas and pawnbrokers Occasionally a spire Intrudes . USA. and a hug and a cuddle will help a lot And altogether our relationship ISdifferent . souvenir shops.' one retired Alabaman told me 'I figure. by the end of the day. my children are now In their twenties. my husband was much more Involved with the children. It owes me ' HISWife IS domq better than him She feeds In handfuls of dollar tokens and With surprising regularity the machine ISsick over her. affection In families. as opposed to my parents only really want to know us In good times .especially of Juhus Caesar The actual gambling goes on 24 hours a day. 365 days a year Roulette. whereas my parents didn't show any Interest really In us domq anything And although my father had a car we would never have thought of asking him to drive us anywhere. and gambling has the status of an offioal religion The Industry greets you like a salesman the moment you step off the plane FrUit machines In the Arrivals Hall. If there's a problem he can diSCUSS Without getting all upset. she was very very busy. had champagne for breakfast and had her hair done at the casino salon Then she went home to Michigan These days there's even a zone for the elderly. encouraged them to JOinclubs and was qurte happy to dnve them anywhere. motels. whereas John's got a very.000. bankers and security men There are also a vanety of different machines 'We pick our machines each morning and we stay on 'em. a cross between a re-creation of the Roman forum.but the wise clergyman knows which subjects are best avoided on Sundays Much of the City looks like a parking lot . craps. on satan In Zimbabwe. spewing out as much as $20 a time A small tub ISalready threequarters full of her winnings 'I just love Caesars. and particularly his ISmuch different to my relationship with my father I mean. I think It'S because he's much more even than I am.you know. yes . Until then.but If It does ever happen It'll be In Vegas and nowhere else You can bet your bottom dollar ANNOUNCER Next week we'll be hearing from Fehoty Marsh. and a multi-storey car park It's approached by moving walkways of white marble. the most famous casino theme-park. . do you think the way you were brought up Influenced the way you brought your children up 7 PAT Oh definitely. Simply because I've got a more mature view of life But haVing said that we've got two nice children and I enjoy being With them RECORDING 2 Mike Davies continues Caesars Palace.you know. pontoon and poker are all played for stakes that can sometimes exceed $100. and bnngs us thiS report from the land of the casinos MD Las Vegas ISa casino empire With yearly revenues of over SIX billion dollars ThiS ISwhere America lets ItS hair down. under the practised gaze of dealers.well. as people walt reluctantly for their planes Downtown.I think .areas of concrete which mock the meaning of ItSSpanish name The Meadows Extract 2 INTERVIEWER What do you think your best qualities are as parents? PAT I think I care very much for my children and so even If perhaps they did something that I didn't approve of I would always help them. With ItSswelling population of more than 700. and more consistent and he Will . descnbes Itself as an opulent Greco-Roman fantasy land and the 85 acre complex IS. the dominance of the big casinos ISabsolute If you don't like gambling stay out of Vegas.qurte happy to drive them there. With their wealth of savings and a reckless urge to 'do It just one more time' park their caravans and move mside to 'work the machines' So far there's no children's version planned .' she confesses.you know . according to figures which were released yesterday Unemployment has also been failing gradually over the last few months and export figures reached their highest level last month Extract 1 INT. goodbye for now Unit 3 RECORDING 1 Here ISa summary of the news The Prime Minister has just announced that there Will not be a January election He was speaking at the opening of Parliament a few minutes ago HISspeech ISstili gOing on Police have found the toddler who disappeared from her home a week ago Detectives In Oxford have been questioning people all week In connection With the abduction but so far no one has been charged . and we were never allowed a party . reels spinning. If thmqs are qornq well and not If things are gOing badly And John. With Greek additions. IS the clear message The City. baccarat. and I think It'S very Important. on the banks of the Colorado River Here. I don't know what to say to my father. but . stili cuddle him and kiss him and all this. but she didn't go crazy She bought a mink coat.wanted to know what they were domq In school.the churches are unusually well-attended . and that they got a good educatoo ar-c I think I focused too much on It Because we were both yOu'lg ·~Ink when we had the children we were growing up very much With them and things that I thought were very Important ther I can see from ths pomt of View. there are enormous reproductions of classical statues .you know. they're not now Now I know that haVing young parents has some advantages but I do think that I'd make a better parent now.RVlEWERPat. really. or wanted to go swirnmmq . yes One silly thing ISthat I always wanted a party when I was younger and my mother .so now my children always have these huge parties Another thing ISthat I think I probably took much more Interest In my children's upbnnqmq . but that was a reflection on my upbringing.Tapescripts Unit 2 RECORDING 1 An interview with Pat The economic srtuation ISfinally beginning to Improve.It'S more Informal and we can talk about things With our children that I'd never dream of mentioning In front of my parents Unit 4 RECORDING 1 A radio programme about Las Vegas ANNOUNCER Last week Mike Davies VISitedLas Vegas. which It ISmuch better With young people . senior Citizens.

It'S not a constant thing and It never really lasts for more than a few days D And With what's happening at the moment obviously we need to check you out but have you ever had any physiotherapy or anything like that to help you With back exereses? No. If you do not make a move you could lose your chance RECORDING 4 The complete horoscope for Leo You'll be In a difficult mood. then I find that that starts to cause pain m my lower back Extract 2 DOCTOR Have you had treatment for It In the past 7 PATIENT No. often associated With the use of alcohol or maybe drug related Most of them occur In the domestic Situation. killers rarely plan the deed Few murders are committed In cold. It Just It flares up every so often. It'll burn up Mc2 They'll fry when he tnes to re-enter Extract 2 'We had on one occasion a typical Instance of people being volatile when there was an argument over a parking space and three people were stabbed by one chap who was upset over havmq hrs parking place pinched by thrs other group. I've had I've done some back exereses but I've never had any any physio D Right John. far more Violence than ISactually required to effect death or senous harm IS actually employed Unit 8 RECORDING I A dialogue between astronaut John Glenn and MIssion Control JOHNGLENN Heading towards daybreak A lot of cloud coverage today Man. horruodal deaths. I fell off and actually landed In the sitting pOSItIOnand It was very painful for a few days but then It went away. corne In. It'S beautiful MISSION CONTROL Possibly It'S the heat shield It s loose If It comes 1 off. I've. rest completely Unit 12 RECORDING 1 Part or a radio programme about homicide Extract 1 Fortunately for the police. my goodness qraoous What the heCKISthat? Sparks. It went away quite. With the challenge of change In the air. oh Maybe some arrforce expenment that went wrong or something Do you read me 7 ThiS ISmiraculous Me Roger. . please Let's try something Anything JG Fnendshlp 7 ThiS ISFnendshlp 7 Do you read me 7 Over I see somrthlng strange out here Oh. revenge or loss of temper and that's the offiCial claSSification The result ISnot carefully tailored Violence but overkill and Dr West has seen It time and time again 'Most horruodes are unpremeditated. Fnendship 7 Can you relate the actions of the particles surrounding your spacecraft With the action of your control jets? Do you read) Over JG Negative I do not think they were coming from my control Jet That's a negative Over You guys all probably think I'm nuts down there They're very beautiful Get out of here Get out of here Heading Into daybreak now Another day teavmq the fireflies behind Have no Idea what they were ThiS ISFriendship 7 Me 1 He's qomq to restart orbit How much longer are you qomq to keep him In the dark 7 Me2 What we're qomq to tell him? Me 1 He's a pilot You tell him the condition of hiS craft Me2 John. standing up In one posmon If I go to a rugby match or something and I'm standing up for a penod of time. mixed With unusual opportunities and a number of fortunate co. you're gOing to try fight now for re-entry We recommend you do the best you can to keep a zero angle Over JC Re-entry Only three orbrts? Over Me1 That IScorrect Over JG Do you have any reason for thrs 7 Over Me 1 Not at this time Thrs ISthe Judgement of Cape Flights JG Roger Mc4 Mc3 RECORDING 2 A horoscope for Cancer This ISlikely to be an Important week.nooences You should be keen to go. can you hear me7 Friendship 7. calculating blood More than half the hormodes every year take place because of quarrels. your SOCIal life will be lively but you'll almost certainly be offered advice you have no patience With Extract 3 DOCTOR We'd better Just check up by getting your back X-rayed Just to see whether there's any damage that you actually sustained at the time of the Injury PATIENT Right D And I think we could certainly give you a course of more effective pain relief Right D and also arrange for some physiotherapy and see whether we can really get on top of this problem for you and stop It mcapacrtatmq you as It obviously has started to do And In the meantime ISIt advrsable to not sort of over-exert myself like With the aerobics and things 7 D I think If you know there are definite movements which aggravate It at the moment It would be wiser not to Right D because at the end of the day If you go and get a really bad incapacitating attack you're qomq to have to . determined to be different JUst for the 5a~e of It Fnends Will find you entertaining but 'mnflylng. bnght yellow They're all lit up They swarm around the capsule and they go In front of the Window and they're brilliantly lit You don't think these things could be alive do you 7 They look like fireflies on a summer night They Just dance around Oh. needles of some kind. but I find things can trigger It off again D And how would you descnbe the pam 7 It feels really tense like a sort of like a tightening of all the muscles of the lower back and gOing down to the top of my legs o It does go down your legs as well p Yeah. Just brursmq D But ever since that time you've had a tendency to get trouble back again Yes. I took some painkillers when I when. all over the sky ThiS IS Fnendship 7 Let me tell you what I'm In up here I'm In a mass of some very small particles that are bnlliantly lit up I never saw anything like It A whole shower of them coming by me now They're bright.you know. done on the spur of the moment. had the accident but It. qurte soon when It was I Just thought It was normal because haVing sort of fallen off my horse I thought well this ISgOing to hurt I didn't think It was anything sort of out of the ordinary. I first had. or In the Situation where indiViduals are known to each other Where a sudden fit of passion ISInvolved and the attack becomes frenzied there IS usually repeated injury In most deaths.Tapescnpts Unit 6 RECORDING 1 An mterview between a doctor and a patient Extract 1 DOCTOR And what's the trouble? PATIENT I've got a bad back I woke up one morning and I Just found I really couldn't move without causing sort of like quite a lot of pain and I work a lot on a word processor and continuously sitting In one posrtion ISproving to be very. and he took a plain common or garden knife from a table In a restaurant and stabbed at three people. very painful I'm having to get up and move around D Which part of your back ISfeeling which part's feeling painful? It's the lower part of my back D Right Have you had any trouble like that before? I had a riding accident qurte a few years ago and I. It does Just to the top of them D And have you noticed anything else makes Its worse> You've talked about leaning over your word processor Yes.

otherwise we'd be over-run by rabbits and suchlike It's part of the natural balance of nature SB Is It possibte for contemporary agrrculture to exrst Without field sports of some kind? It could exist but I think the countryside would suffer as a result Developers are constantly destroymq the fox's habitat to burld new roads and buildmqs We hunters stop that happening. Dick and Chris are talking about sport HELEN Even for somebody who doesn't really understand the rules particularly well. appallrng though It was. Without a doubt they do For one thing. not thanking you when you 1 hold a door open for them . and guns are not readily available except. everybody's wearrng a different colour Also the courses. hke the rest of Europe. ISwhen a ball IShit a long way. of course. 5 thank you' I mean I was brought up to say that but I don't think children are taught that now cos mums seem to be so busy the children are stuck In front of the telly With the tea on their knee while mum ISdOing something else SPEAKER It vanes though With the manners. nobody wants to eliminate faxes completely. so you get an opportunity to see all the runners twice Unit 17 RECORDING 1 A radio programme about foxhunting SIMONBATES The unspeakable 10 pursuit of the uneatable That's how Oscar Wilde descrrbed foxhuntrng The Hunt Saboteurs' ASSOCiation has twelve active groups throughout the season Why? Earlier today I phoned the ASSOCiation'ssecretary.and under those Circumstances faxes particularly are actually a boon to the farmer The only problem of faxes. people do tend to come up with much the same examples. the athletes. watching so many people running and everyone ISwearrng different running shoes or different shorts.mside a SUIt of armour or In this case a four-wheeled trn box SP{AJ(ER 7 I do think a lot of people when they get behind the wheel change character almost -I think I do to some extent qurte honestly . can seem very slow and drag on a long time One of the most eXCiting plays I think for me IS.ISchickens and sheep Well.and would shake a fist at somebody or even shout at somebody who I wouldn't .I wouldn't dream of domq that If they were standing next to me But from the confines of the car It seems quite safe really as you push into the stadium With the rest of the crowd and then once mstde there's the hot sun and the smell of beer and the smell of the hot dogs . when your team score a goal and. not JUst 685 We're stili a law-abiding nation. shop assistants who talk to each other when you're standing there with the money held out dYing to pay One almost feels like walking off and rrsk being had up for shoplrftlng sometimes That really bugs me SPEAKER The things that really annoy me about modern manners 2 are really the kind of selfishness which gets nobody anywhere FOI example. of course. greens. the object of the game ISto hit the ball and If. even though It'S great to see a really skilful or spectacular goal. two or three thousand people even. two of whom died That mocent. chip papers In 4 the town and I wouldn't do It SPEAKER I don't think It hurts anyone to say 'Yes. high In the air and a fielder has to run back catching It against the wall over hrs shoulder CHRIS It's qurte an emotional thing to see two. sticks In the memory precisely because It was so unusual In many Cities In the United States It would be nothing In Amerrca there are over twenty thousand homicides every year If we had that sort of mayhem on our streets there'd be thousands of Victims.Tapescnpts '" two through the heart.It'S much more effioent than gasSing or shooting them However. oranges Wonderful colours. push the youngsters out and after all's said and done they're as much rrght to get on the bus or on the train as what we are ANNOUNCER Motonng manners are rather specral because people who might be politeness Itself when they're being pedestrrans can be turned Into monsters of depravrty once they're safely . those people who support hunting would say that there's a need to control Wild animals that damage crops and Irvestock SA That's a very debatable argument because statistically about sixty or seventy per cent of the country ISunder arable produce . yes.and there's the calls of the vendors moving through the stands sellrng food and drrnk Now. people trying to push on to trains before other people have got off them. every course. It's qurte easy to work out what's gOing on. It'S a very colourful event. please'. and we also plant small woodlands for faxes to Irve In We have Invested mrllrons of pounds rn this way Unit 16 RECORDING 1 Helen. maybe they've got another half an hour to run but there're gorng to do It and cheerrng them on and being cheered on ISa great thing Also. three hundred. but until such time It was felt that something had to be done to give some relief to the quarry that were being chased and killed S8 On the other hand. of course. doesn't It? I mean the 6 old are as bad as the young If you're at a bus queue -I mean I'm a pensioner myself . Bob August BOBAUGUST The particular practices In question are so obnOXIOUsthat there must come a time when they Will be outlawed. the ones who are comrng up. because that does no good to the person getting on and It's extremely annoymq for those trying to get off SPEAKER The one that really Irritates me more than anything I think 3 ISwhen I'm trying to find a parking spot and someone creeps In behind me and gets It and I've been queurnq for It That really does annoy me It's so unfair And usually It'S a man that does It and I cia object to that strongly SPEAKER I don't like to see people eating out of chip. In particular the fox. especially In the winter They're running through drab countryside and you have thrs blaze of reds. that has to be the best moment I mean for some people It'S the highlight of the entire week when your.Just berng rude and uncooperative really annoys me.and yet agarn that's debatable . to follow the action from one end of the pitch to the other I suppose really the most exotmq moments In any match are when your team get a free kick or a penalty kick even and get the chance to score a goal I. every route ISdifferent.everybody eats hot dogs at the game . 10 the end It doesn't matter how they get that ball over the goallrne as long as It goes IOta the back of the net DICK What Ilrke about gOing to the games now IS the atmosphere because It remrnds me of all the things I remember from when I started qomq to games as a kid First of all there's the antropauon RECORDING 3 The programme continues SIMONBATES I want to get Fehcra from Cheshire rn Halla FELICITY Halla SB Have you ever hunted? Yes SB When? . qurte frankly. some you have to go round twice. running It's mterestinq to see the leaders. If nobody hits the ball the game can seem. some are very flat. the quarrel over the parking place. whoever they are First of all what do the pundits nominate? SPEAKER Inconsideration for others.you're produonq gram crops and whatever . etc It's. In Northern Ireland Murder In that small part of the United Kingdom ISdominated by the gun Unit 14 RECORDING 1 Part of a radio programme about bad manners ANNOUNCER Examples of bad manners When they're asked for.and they Will push to get In.as they might think . we do suffer from predators. maybe . when they score a goal. which ISthe only way they can Win. the vast majority of chickens are shut up 10 dirty great big battery houses now RECORDING 2 The programme continues SIMONBATES Would anybody suffer If groups hke the Animal Liberation Front got their way? Is there evidence that farmers benefit from field sports 7 FARMER Well. and If you have sheep or lambs It can be a great menace Hunting ISthe most humane way of exerosmq control. of course. 'No. but I prefer to watch the strugglers.

killed In hit-and-run For the umpteenth time he read how the girl had been knocked down on a pedestrian crossing while on her way home from a schoolfnend's house The details were embedded In hrs memory He had driven over to Margaret's parents' house In the MG that evening They had lived Just outside Elmston then Because of some road works. he thought. It's a tradition. love Don't walt up I might be late' 'Oh. page 65 a) b) c) d) e) Ben Johnson salt oustm Hoffman Bermuda Triangle there Isn't enough sun . was balding. even The police enqumes had no doubt fizzled out years ago . but he had found himself 10 the neighbourhood. well. of course not' Why did women always think the worst? 'I thought I'd finish off that lampstand In the shed while there's stili some daylight' Rlght-ol I'll call you when dinner's ready' He put the Inside catch on the shed door and made sure tus Wife was stili In the front garden Then he got a metal box from behind hrs workbench The key to the box was hidden under a bottle of weedkiller Inside the box were two yellowinq clippings from the Elmston Observer One was headlined Girl. u Wd::> :)ldllllY 111111 Llrc fcvc On the piano was an ornately framed picture of him and Margaret on their wedding day Of course I Why hadn't he thought of It sooner> The other photos In the album. hers was on the ground floor She came to the door In a dressmq-qown With a towel wrapped round her hair He was sorry to barge In on her unannounced. It was positively an advantage havmq a conventIOnally predictable spouse III II~tJ't:U i t lu •. nothing' It would only be a matter of time now before hrs skeleton was out of the cupboard He would be branded a child-killer. all fight I'll leave something out for your supper' At times like this.' he said. for Margaret's parents had emigrated long ago and his own parents were dead He was safe Then It struck him like a blow 'The electoral roll: he said out loud 'She Simply goes through It. hiS reputation would be rumed.Tapescrrprs f When I was nine S8 And did you enjoy It7 The first time It was sort of a family event and so I went out. she was tracking him down 'Perhaps I Will have that dnnk. which obscured the middle two digits of the rear numberplate The girl must have gone to every photographer In the district until she found the one who had taken their wedding pictures The negatives would have been on file.: .the pair of them. slipping a hand Into lus Jacket pocket She was at the drinks cabmet. there was one of the MG He found the album and flicked through It There It was . he got hiS car from the staff car park and drove to hiSsemi In a leafy suburb on the outskirts of town Margaret. In the electoral roll at the Town Hall ' So It was true. street by street. headed Police appeal for Witnesses. too It was an unfamiliar route and the crossing had taken him by surprise The car's brakes were slack because he had skipped a service to save money. he should have stopped.c SB Were you there) f Yes. 10. all the more hemous because he had covered hiS tracks (he had sold the MG Immediately they had got back from honeymoon) He would get at least five years for manslaughter He would lose hiS Job.m. he wondered. Robert? Margaret Ldlleu 'What? No.. said several people had heard the screech of brakes but none had seen the accident A police spokesman was quoted as saying they were 'pursumq several lines of enquiry' He locked the clippings away again and retumed the box to ItS hiding place He had never fully understood why he had kept them all these years What. and the first time It really petrified me because when the lead hound LdUytll Lilt:' rUA It JU:)l RECORDING 2 The story continues It was not until he and Margaret were watching TV that evening that the answer came to rum. unlined. he could stili remember the srckenmq thud the scream the crumpled body on the Side of the road Of course.but the little girl's family and fnends would not have given up the search It was a fifteen-minute dnve to the block of service flats where the girl was staytnq. IS that you? You're early Nothing wrong at the office. he blurted. and then afterwards my uncle wiped blood on my forehead 58 Now why did he do that> F Well. and every new member has to have It done S8 I see And did you like that> No SB Would you consider yourself a pro or an anti now? F Anti 5B OK Thank you very much Indeed Unit 19 RECORDING 1 The story continues As he walked back to the Town Hall doubts and fears scurried around hiS head like cornered rats It was Just too damned close to be comcidence any more For he used to run an MG. ISthere?' No..they would have far more pressing cases on their plate . snapped In an MG as they were leavmq the reception to go off on honeymoon He stared at himself from twenty years ago thin face. her back to him 'Gin and tonic all rlghP' 'Fine' He pulled out a length of cord It went round her neck so eaSily He did not make a sound as he pulled It tight Nor did she Answer key Unit 10. nodding absently as Margaret related the events of her day All through the meal the thought kept hammenng In hrs brain how long before the girl found out that he was the hit-and-run dnver? More than likely she was a former schoolfnend wanting to see Justice done Or a relative the dead girl's Sister. the traffic had been diverted He had been exceeding the speed limit. everything he had built up over the years down the drain I • He knew he had not got the strength of character to begin all over again. until she fmds my name 'Did you say something.. perhaps> A subconsoous desire to punish himself for hiScrime 7 It was hrs favounte tuna-fish salad for dinner but the memory of the accident had dulled tus appetite He pecked away at It. swallowinq 'HIS name's Smythe Robert Smythe' 'That's It: she (fled 'The same one I've been looking fori I found hiS address this afternoon.' he began. come In You'll have to forgive my appearance -I'm In the middle of washing my hair Can I get you a drink?' 'I won't thanks -I'm driving' 'Ah yes the old breathalyser ' He tried to smile but COUldn't move tus face muscles 'That friend. he mused. and a shower had made the road surface slippery Even though It was twenty years ago. a . thick curling hair Now he had a double chin. hiS wife. would the psychologists make of that? A gUilt complex. but he had panicked He had been short -lstsd for a new Job for which a clean driVing licence was a condrnon of employment and It was only days away from hrs wedding Reporting the inCident would have nnned everything The second clipping. and he had married twenty yeors ago He could not concentrate at the office An hour before finishing time. page 36 The Invented story ISnumber 3 Unit 18. he was too set In hrs ways 'I think I'll go to The Swan for a Pint. so he had thought he would give her that mforrnatron about his friend 'Oh. probably In a storeroom The girl had got a print Then she had searched the Evenmg Gazette's back Issuesfor the paper's own picture of the same couple In the MG which would tell her the names and parents' addresses And there the search would stop. was dOing some work In the garden 'Robert.. In fdU. wore a moustache and bifocals Unrecognisable I On the back of the MG was a 'Just married' placard.

but her children did b) She took much more Interest In her children's \ erb forms and time 1 tJ) Present Simple ::\ Present Perfect c J used to + base form el Past Simple upbnnqmq c) Her husband was much more Involved In the children's upbnnqmq d) Pat and her husband have an affectionate.: My money was stolen while I was travellmg on the bus .Key Unit 1 READING 1 Picture 2 VOCABULARY Plurals b) babies c) potatoes d) ladles e) sheep f) mice g) houses h) teeth I) feet J) wives k) buses I) furniture e) cruel 2 b) oily c) tidy d) bushy. toddler 3 a) False b) False c) True d) False e) True f) False PRONUNCIATION Words from the text 1 b) Insect c) comb d) giant e) boast f) moustache 2 b) nailbrush e) gymshoes c) 'football d) moustache f) 'dangerous g) perpetually 2 Examples Build slim. skinny Face oval. thin legs Personality savage. freckles Age elderly. dark vermilion. well-built. middle-aged. wavy f) strong. Insecure Hair ginger. greasy Face moustache. curly. (e) GRAMMAR Review of the present 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 leaves live ISworking doesn't usually get back thinks am stili enJoYing don't need 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 am also learning understand wants ISWriting doesn't think find / am finding feel Revision grammar a) I am the youngest In my family and I flke havmg older brothers and sisters very much tJI When I leave school I would like to go to university to study business : I didn't know whose book It was Then I realised It was hers so I have returned It to her ::: I haven't got any luggage but I have a lot of / lots of books to carry . please) e) Excuse me Do you know where the bank IS. broad-shouldered. teenager. wiry. wide. I'd look for another Job c) Do you fancy gOing out for a dnnk? d) Would you mind If I left early. please) +) I'm afraid I can't come to your party as I have to go away that weekend I'm very sorry 2 Examples a) Pat never had parties. long-lashed. h) 3 d) 4 f) 5 b). glasses Personality VivaCIOUS. Inflamed. Informal relationship With their children f) Past Perfect g) may (modal) + base form h) Present Perfect Continuous 3 Best descnptron a) canng b) consistent f) worned about education 2 1 e) 2 c). shoulder-length Build plump. shy Hair auburn. corrugated GRAMMAR Form and function 2h) 3d) 4b) Sf) 6e) 7g) 8c) 91) brow Unit 2 liSTENING 1 a) False g) True b) True h) False c) True d) True e) False f) False Functional Enghsh Examples a) I'm terribly sorry I missed the bus b) If I were you. qurte thin Describing people 1 To complete the network Eyes twmklrnq. g).plaod. savage.

bathroom..i) . notebook.. f) She hides behind the curtains and watches the neighbours. meeting room d) phone book. b) 7 c) 6 d) 3 e) 8 f) 5 g) 2 h) 1 Adjectives and prepositions a) at b) of c) with g) on h) in d) of e) for f) in . he looked through the cupboard to see what he needed to get at the shops. e) If she's alone in a house she looks in drawers. the VOCABUIARY Prefixes a) co-pilot b) autobiographies c) pre-packed d) ex-wife e) mispronounced f) non-smoking g) anti-war h) sub-zero Word building b) tenderness c) attractions d) sweeten e) specialises f) terrified g) enjoyment h) patience Vocabulary in context Jeff's story a) ii b) i c) ii Lynda's story f) ii g) ii h) ii d) i e) i Compound nouns Examples: a) newspaper.. 5X 6 7 8 9 10 used to used to used to used to used to shop / would shop eat / would eat do / would do sleep / would sleep have 2 a) Owen b) both c) walked out of his job d) not worried e) doesn't admit f) There isn't g) is still married to 3 a) She sneaks down first in the morning to open her family's letters.d) the e) g) . cupboards and wastepaper bins. He then threw out the rubbish..ed. spare room. 4 a) They are sick of it. tinned tomatoes and coffee so he wrote this down.. recipe book.. fi. toilet paper. d) She looks through her friends' personal belongings.U. coffee machine c) bedroom.Key Habit in the past 2 used to get up / would get up 3 used to feel/would feel 4 used to walk / would walk Unit 3 READING 1 Jeff: He is addicted to computers. Lynda: She is addicted to snooping.. and at their wits' end. b) They complain. He noticed they had run out of sugar.. Used to (do) or be used to (doing)? a) used to spend b) isn't used to making c) used to be d) am not used to wearing The definite article a) the b) the c) . b) She steals neighbours' letters out of their letterboxes. the h) .Q.. exercise book. f) . emptied the washing machine and hung the clothes up outside. c) She eavesdrops on her family. Then he cleared up the children's mess and P. c) She's having therapy.m the dishwasher and switched it Qll... reading book.J. sewing machine. ..b!IgQ himself out a cup of tea. VOCABUIARY Entertainment a) orchestra b) instruments e) cast f) tabloid c) stage d) stalls Intensifying adjectives a) 4 WRITING Dictation After Richard had finished tidying up the kitchen. writing paper. wallpaper b) washing machine.

souvenir shops. had written Narrative forms a) 2 3 4 5 b) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 c) 1 2 3 4 5 6 hurt saw didn't realise had broken went had phoned / phoned was happening / had happened discovered had escaped had killed was trying / tried were lying heard looked had been playing (had been) watching began / were beginning had told / had been telling WRITING Dictation. Present Perfect or Past? a) 1 has just announced 2 was speaking 3 is still going on b) 1 have found 2 disappeared 3 have been questioning 4 has been charged Unit 4 LISTENING Before listening 1 chess. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) I have to make the decision on Wednesday. she has decided PRONUNCIATION Silent letters b) c) d) e) f) g) han1'some Vonest thumll Vnife sanJlwich recei~ h) bbmV i) autum¢ Past Perfect Simple or Continuous? j) douVt k) Vnee I) w}<isky b) had driven c) had forgotten d) had been shopping e) had been skunq. 2 a) d) g) h) fantasy land b) 365 keeps winning e) 600 a mink coat. porn Cinemas. e) i) How long have you been feeling ill? Ii) I've been feeling ill since last Monday. c) i) How long has he had the car? ii) He's had it for five years d) i) How long has Anne been travelling? ii) She's been travelling for three months. g) When Sarah heard a loud noise she went outside to investigate.000 f) 2 million breakfast and a hairdo GRAMMAR Sequence of tenses b) While Louise was cooking / cooked the lunch the children were sleeping / slept. drunk She has been teaching.000 e) casinos. Is it necessary to give you my diary? Which patient is waiting? I don't believe that they're foreigners. a champagne older people c) 100. pawnbrokers f) a parking lot Duration b) i) How long have you been living / have you lived In your flat? ii) I've been living / I've lived there since 1984. d) When I saw the burglary I (immediately) rang the police. f) When Sarah was dOing the Ironing she heard a loud noise outside. Present Perfect Simple or Continuous? b) c) d) e) I've written. motels.GRAMMAR Present. e) As soon as I had checked into the hotel I phoned my boss. You must definitely take the medicine. It's especially difficult if they want separate rooms. video poker d) more than 700. roulette. / are questioning draughts b) Jackpot c) stake d) dealer e) token 2 a) winnings c) 1 is finally beginning / has finally begun 2 were released 3 been falling / fallen 4 reached listening 1 a) Nevada b) over 6 billion dollars c) fruit machines. c) After I had done the shopping I went home. Unfortunately the weather is awful. I haven't finished I've been eating I've already eaten. . had broken f) had been Writing. He's got a lot of experience in business.

Key VOCABULARY Phrasal verbs b) take after t) take In GRAMMAR MIXed question forms d) take In e) take off b) Who did you go to the Cinema wrth? rllrl yrut h.IY yOlJr racket? d) Who will/Who's gOing to give me a IIft7 e) Did you have a good time? f) How much / What does It weiqh? g) Who ate the biggest pizza 7 h) When are you gOing to clean your shoes? I) What's Brian IIke7 c) Whoro c) take up g) lake orr Common errors a) b) c) d) e) f) I've left my book In my room I'm Just qomq to go and bnng It here She missed the train because she was late Some of my class arp QOlng on a trip next month Remember to check your work before handing It In Marcela IS waiting for Nlkos outside the gate Next week I am gOing to take the exam J) WhJt does he look like7 g) Less direct and reported questions b) c) d) e) f) where the nearest post office Is7 If / whether they found any 011In the desert? how many symphonies Mozart wrote 7 If / whether I had been (was) happy at school how often Mike went swimrnmq Verbs and prepositions b) for h) at c) with d) to I) on J) at e) In f) about g) on Places b) 7 c) 5 d) 4 e) 6 f) 1 g) 2 h) 8 Question tags 1 a) 5 WRITING Lmktng expressions 1 b) However c) While d) so e) Since f) to b) 1 c) 6 d) 2 e) 3 f) 4 e) won't he? / will he? f) have you? g) could 17 2 b) hasn t he? / has he? c) did 117 d) will you? 2 Examples a) a cat b) she can't speak much French c) they had to sell It d) I went to buy a cold drink e) I can't really afford It f) the pipes are frozen g) learn English h) I had some prawns Word order b) I refuse to answer that question c) Please explain the rules to us d) I'm flYing home to Mallon Friday (On Friday 1m) e) Everyone enjoyed themselves at the party very much (Everyone very much enjoyed ) f) Have you reported the ecodent to the police? g) I'll pay you for the tickets at 8 o'clock tomorrow ( tomorrow at 8 o'clock) Unit 5 READING 1 Examples a) The two people have to trust each other b) You can pursue your outside Interests c) You have to be careful not to do the same number of hours as full-time colleagues VOCABULARY Men and women a) M I) M JlF b) F c) B d) M e) M flF k)F I) F m) F n) B g) F h) M Synonyms and antonyms b) c) d) e) f) g) S S S S S S obstinate nude mean A A A A A A flexible clothed generous calm cowardly hard up 2 a) True b) False c) False d) True e) True excrtable brave prosperous 3 a) b) c) d) What's Jane IIke7 Who ISwriting a book? Are they well-qualrfied? Would Jane like her husband to job-share? PRONUNCIATION Question tags The speaker IS sure about questions a). f) . d).

a few days c)S d)2 e)8 f) 1 g)9 h)7 I) 10 J)3 PRONUNCIATION Connected speech 1 b) 7 c) 8 d) 8 e) 8 2 a) b) c) d) e) You needn't have brought any more wine I really mustn't miss the bus Why did you have to be so rude 7 What do you think I ought to do? I think she should have left home earlier 2 '3 '1dlng accident _ painkillers back exereses X ray ~ damage _ Daln relief Unit 7 READING 1 a) b) c) d) e) taxYing turning Into the Wind reaching flYing speed reaching safety speed climbing . Wrist .Kev WRITING 1 a) 2 2 d) 3 d) mod e) hrs f) pw cons g) CH h) eves I) bed a) have to b) should c) needn't d) shouldn't e) needn't have worned f) don't have to b) 1 2 a) pcm b)ono Advtce Examples a) 11) cash a cheque at the bank b) I) ban cars from City centres 11) you encourage(d) people to travel by train c) I) have a holiday II) working In the mornings only d) I) I'd move II) to spend some money on It c) I) yo mere again II) learnt to behave c) VGC 3 Example LONDON hse 10 rruns Oxf Circus Lge dbl rm to let SUit yng cpl No smkrs CH £80pw 081-6361555 wknds Unit 6 USTENING 1 ::.)6 3 1 lower back 3 muscles 4 legs 5 working on word processor 5 standing up for a period of time (e g rugby match) . :: =-ales ::: = -e needn't have run .+at case he'll have to go and buy one .: ohystotherapy :: over-exert herself (do aerobics) ·OCABULARY ."st go and get them In :: :lU should lock It a) A do B am gOing to b) A Shall you bnng / Are you bringing B 'm letting c) A the film's ending 8 do you do d)A go B 'm seeing e) A are not forgetting B 'II take you " - -vooose they feel they don't need to get marned .Xlocatton 1 -n 2 Picture 2 Indicates level speed a) down b) up roat.: et terms c) Injection d) outbreak e) Insomnia GRAMMAR Talking about the future 1 Not likely forms . lips +uscle <:'lee. ankle.(ull 3 a) b) d) In e) from f) of It stalls reduce speed raising the aircraft's nose a plane IS no longer moving at Its flYing speed 2 ~~ b) under c) from c) d) ~cal .

ii) Being tall.Key 2 Examples: a) B: I'll go by train. The reason for the incident was that-the flight crew had fallen asleep because they had been on duty for 20 hours at a stretch. Everyonewas screaming. it still sounds awful. he's always bumping his head. when suddenly the plane wenfinto a dive. We thought this was completely wrong and complained at the airport. 'II cut 2 a) Friendship 7 b) John Glenn c) February 20th listening near dawn loose part excited overheating return to earth i) no j) disappointed GRAMMAR d) e) f) g) h) American English a) 3 b) 8 c) 7 d) 1 e) 5 f) 9 g) 2 h) 10 i) 6 j) 4 Prepositional phrases b) on c) by d) at e) by f) at g) on h) in Future Continuous or Perfect? b) will have got back c) 'II be waiting d) 'II be thinking Collocation b) turn g) give c) make h) have d) do e) change f) take e) will have finished f) 'II be leaving Forming adjectives and adverbs b) delightful c) affectionately d) unprecedented e) unnecessarily f) aggressive g) poisonous h) unshaven i) thoughtless Future review Examples: b) we'll be lYing c) 'II carry it d) are you going to retire e) will have been cleared up f) does it start g) are you going (to go) h) is going to collapse WRITING Written style Example: . Complex sentences b) i) Although I can hear it clearly now. Nobody knew what it could be since the weather was fine and there was no storm. it stili sounds awful. I'll give you the money. I'm going to make It d) B: . e) B: . We even threatened to write to the Prime Minister. c) i) As soon as (When) I get paid tomorrow. The next time we go on holiday we're going by boat. I was terrified but after what seemed like hours we pulled out of the dive and ten minutes later we landed.. I thought it was old-fashioned. b) B: were going to . c) B: . ii) On getting paid tomorrow. I'll give you the money.. d) i) When I saw the film on TV. Even the cabin crew were on their backs or lying on top of the passengers. can VOCABULARY d) ISborn e) stops f) win. I'm never going by plane again. I'm seeing my parents. Bottles fell out of the lockers and people grabbed hold of each other. e) i) Since he's tall. Unit 8 LISTENING Before listening 1 a) ii) b) i) Future time expressions Examples: a) 're b) go c) 'II tell. ii) Seeing the film (Having seen the film) on TV. 'II do it for you.. ii) Hearing it clearly now.. The stewards and stewardesseswere In a terrible mood and it was chaos. VOCABULARY Words often confused 1 a) path b) directions c) way c) lack d) direction d) reward 2 a) discovered b) lonely e) remind f) same Prepositions of time 3 at 4 before 5 until from 2 to 9 for 10 on 7 in 8 between 6 by . I thought It was oldfashioned. It was quite a Sight. he's always bumping his head. were trying to get a drink.

mixed With unusual opportunities and a number of fortunate cornodences You should be keen to go. In comparison With the deserted areas she had Just come from c) Because she was suffenng from snow-blindness VOCABULARY Phrasal verbs 1 b) A bomb went off outside our hotel c) Please don't tell me off d) How long Will It take us to set up the company / set the company Up7 e) I Wish we could talk It over \ ocabulary m context 1 a) I b) II c) I d) II e) I d) panting e) excruoatmq 2 o I lashings c) tossed • wrenched . peace of mind and a good Job are the most Important things In life d) We always have lamb for lunch on Sundays Would you like an egg on toast If I get It for you? e) When I arrived In England. your sooal life will be lively but you'll almost certainly be offered advice you have no patience With the garden As/like Correct sentences a). e). h) Unit 9 READING 1 Examples b) She got snow-blindness because she didn't have any goggles C) Although someone had covered her With sheepskins as an act of kindness to keep her warm. they gave her fleabites WRITING Sounds and spelhng 1 a) believe b) rough each toffee bleed ceJilng people photograph half c) chair d) badge there Joke prayer soldier rare urge pear (pair) 2 b) centre c) cheque book e) Jewellery f) catalogue d) analyse g) traveller h) PYjamas 2 a) To protect her from the strong light of the sun reflected off the snow b) Because there was food as well as human and animal life. turn off the light and go to sleep c) I trunk that friends. d). a man was the victim of a Violent attack The Identity of the man IS being kept secret b) Put the baby back to bed. With the challenge of change In the air. If you do not make a move you could lose your chance Could / (was/were) able to / managed to a) b) c) d) finally managed to were able to could wasn't able to e) Could you f) was able to g) were able to Usedfor b) c) d) e) It's It's It's It's used used used used for for for for looking at distant objects drymq hair watering plants / watenng putting In screws 3 You'll be In a difficult mood. a typical Brrtish newspaper f) This morning I got In a taxi and went to the National Gallery In Trafalgar Square g) I think the English are very arrogant. I bought a copy of The Independent. went to the doctor and then went to work Dictation 1 This IS likely to be an Important week. went to university two years later and got a degree In economics I) Where did you say the university was? J) Thrs morning she did the shopping.Ke\ Idiomauc expressions b) c) d) e) f) the best of both worlds dead to the world thinks the world worlds apart a world of good GRAMMAR Review of the article Compound adjectives b) c) d) e) f) g) h) a green-eyed cat a three-star hotel a strong-minded teacher a left-handed woman a big-headed actor a three-mile run home-made bread WRITING Abbreviations a) 4 b) 6 c) 2 d) 5 e) 7 f) 8 g) 1 h) 3 a) Last night. determined to be different Just for the sake of It Fnends will find you entertammq but annoymq. particularly the rich h) So you left school at 16.

I'll be c) A will you be qomq B I'm qomq d) A will you have finished B I'll VOCABULARY Word building 1 a) freedom b) unhappiness c) discovery d) lengthen e) patience f) thoughtless 2 b) cows c) horses f) snakes g) lions Preposmons a) on b) with c) on d) from e) on f) for Unit 10 READING 1 a) 5 Phrasal verbs b) gone up c) see off d) set up e) told off f) taken up b) 3 c) 4 3 d) 2 e) 1 2 Invented story Definitions a) b) c) d) travel agent stubborn cowardly pavement e) flock f) positive g) stage 3 a) False b) True g) True h) True c) False d) True e) False f) False GRAMMAR Present. Present Perfect or Past? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 broadcast had heard has become used to live snowed had been worrying decided saw 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 had been hvmq has bought has made attends has Just finished appeared ISwriting PRONUNCIATION Dictation Stressed words are given In Italics a) Are you drlvmg or qomq by trem? b) Do you take sugar In your tea7 c) She'd like some lemonade and a packet of cnsps d) She can play tennis but she can't svvun at all e) I must go or I'll be late f) Is he gOing to stay for tea 7 Question forms b) c) d) e) f) How much does the Managing Director earn? Which wild animals don't eat meat7 What ISyour steak IIke7 Can you tell me where the bank IS7 Whose ISthat car> WRITING Review of linking expressions 1 a) while b) so e) although c) However d) Afterwards 2 a) When b) As c) because e) Meanwhile f) As a result d) but Modals of obligation b) You must phone c) You needn't have left / You didn't need to leave / You didn't have to leave d) You mustn't use e) You should buy f) You needn't buy / You don't need to buy / You don't have to buy g) I had to eat .Key 2 2 go away 3 go back 4 go round 5 pick him up 6 see me off Future forms 7 called for set off for 9 run away 10 make for 8 Animals 1 a) b) c) d) e) f) a a a a a a flock of sheep herd of cows swarm of bees pack of wolves school of whales shoal of fish d) dogs e) monkeys h) parrots I) mice a) A are qornq to B I'll b) A will be domq B I'll have finished.

though . I'd give you a 11ft to the station Unit 12 VOCABULARY Come and purushment 1 a) burglary e) trespassing b) bigamy c) blackmail f) mugging g) rape T F R L 7 d) smuggling h) murder I ~ ~ G 0 WISh and b) c) d) e) +) g) 'If only 'I wish 'I wish 'If only I wish 'I wish if only I could afford a faster car' I could gIVe up smoking' It would stop raining' I could stop biting my nails' It were easier' he would go home' Word square r. I'll let you go on holiday c) If you want to go to Australia. I'm sure he'll qtve you a lift I thmk she'd agree If she were asked Can you phone me If you're coming) I really Wish I could see Without my glasses We'll be there unless It s raining If I were him.tal f) tetevrsion GRAMMAR MIXed conditional forms 1 b) III c) II d) II e) I 2 b) If you save half the money yourself.Kev p Unit 11 READING 1 b) On a camp-site at Ayers Rock (In the Australian outback) c) On a spring night In 1980 d) She was abducted by a dingo e) That Lindy Chamberlain killed her f) Because she seemed to the media to be unemotional and uncaring g) Three and a half years h) Meryl Streep and Sam Neill they wanted to believe dingoes do not eat children (particularly In a holiday area) b) evil In things c) what the newspapers and teievrsron tell them d) how they present themselves a) PRONUNCIATION Dictation 1 b) 9 c) 8 d) 9 e) 8 f) 8 2 a) b) c) d) e) f) If he's commg. Preston PR2 4XB 2nd March 1992 Dear Julia. which I have been meaning to reply to for ages I have been very busy recently. Thanks for your letter. actually. but now my exams have finished and so I can finally write back to you I was glad to hear that you're well and happy. Sheila VOCABULARY Collocation a) deeply b) deadly c) highly f) considerably g) bitterly d) strictly e) loosely Phrasal verbs 1 b) 2 c) 1 d) 3 e) 4 e) went off f) gOing on g) went for 2 b) gone up c) goes with d) go for Word association b) horse g) tennis c) newspaper d) flower e) frurt h) baby I) dog J) hosp. T BUR P A D G ~ Z M II Q o '-l C . I hope I Old I tell you that I've changed my Job at last? I'm now working at a school In Lancaster. and I'm much happier there than at the other one I'm stJIIllvlng here. that's all for now We're rushing out. and that you've settled down In your new house It sounds fantastic I One of the reasons I was writing. I'd come e) Unless you change your clothes. I'd leave tomorrow 2 WRITING Punctuation 92 South Street.It only takes 20 minutes to drive Anyway. ISto ask you If Tim and I could come and stay sometime In the Easter holidays We both have two weeks off. you can't come with us f) If I could drive. and so we thought we could drive down and see you all Of course If this Isn't convenient you must say so You know me well enough for that. you have to have a visa d) If I weren't working. as usual Lots of love to all the family and a big hug to you Hope to see you soon Love.

he would have got It In time for his birthday g) I) I wish you had told me your boss was coming to dinner II) If you had told me your boss was coming to dinner. until the arnval of trus new woman Contrary to expectation Megginson was found gUilty of murder at her tnal. It . we would have been able to SWim e) I) We wish we'd brought our camera II) If we'd brought our camera. he wouldn't have lost his Job c) I) They wish they hadn't Invested In gold / the pnce hadn't dropped II) If they hadn't Invested In gold / the pnce hadn't dropped. I would have gone shopping h) I) I wish the sea hadn't been rough II) If the sea hadn't been rough.'l1I Key 2 Crime burglary bigamy blackmail smuggling trespassing mugging rape murder Verb burgle commit bigamy blackmail smuggle trespass mug rape murder c) 3 d) 8 e) 5 f) 1 Person burglar bigamist blackmailer smuggler trespasser mugger rapist murderer g) 7 h) 2 Criticisms b) c) d) e) f) g) should have left earlier should have told someone should have asked her first shouldn't have been dnvmq so fast should have taken more care should have been weanng / worn your seatbelt WRITING Summary wnting 2 Example summary (59 words) Pamela Megginson battered her 79-year-old millionaire lover. Alec Hubbers. the company wouldn't have gone out of business d) I) We wish we'd gone on holiday In July II) If we'd gone on holiday In July. we would have got a picture of the sunset f) I) I wish I hadn't forgotten / had remembered to put a stamp on his card II) If I hadn't forgotten to put a stamp on his card. to death because he had Just told her he was leaving her for another woman Megginson had shared his lavish lifestyle for thirteen years. and sentenced to life rrnpnsonrnent 3 a) 6 b)4 Nouns and prepositions a) of f) of/m b) with g) In c) In d) with e) on h) between I) for LISTENING 1 a) False g) False b) True c) False d) True e) True f) True 3 a) They had an argument over a parking place b) He took one from a restaurant Unit 13 READING 1 a) France b) Israel c) Ireland c) Zimbabwe d) France Vocabulary a) U b) P in context d) U e) U c) P 3 GRAMMAR b) Bntam Past conditional and wisb b) I) He wishes he hadn't been rude to his boss II) If he hadn't been rude to his boss. to be taken are put 3 b) From next week all managers will be given a 70 per cent pay rise c) They must be taken With water d) How many times has It been performed before? e) It IS being decorated at this moment Wish and if only e) hadn't wntten f) would stop g) lived Pronouns b) Itself c) me d) herself e) himself b) had c) would decide d) weren't gOing out! hadn't gone out f) yours. I would have enjoyed the journey 4 Examples a) Because there are too few houses for people to live In b) They have to get someone to help them find a way of coming together c) Because all you have to do ISchange your Civil status by an ordinary legal process d) They have to have a cooling-off period Imposed by temple offioals GRAMMAR The passive 1 a) I b) I c) II 2 a) b) c) d) was sent can be built has just been Jailed.

work as valets to the highest-ranking wrestlers.Key ~ Have (get) somerhmg done c) d) e) f) g) We usually have (get) our grocenes delivered for us Diane had (got) her hair dyed red last week Old the teacher correct your homework? Have you had your room cleaned yet? At last the plumber has Installed their shower GRAMMAR Verb + object (+ to) + base form b) c) d) e) f) g) She mvrted me to go to the cmerna I want you to find someone else It makes me feel unhappy Remind me not to leave It on toruqht He would like you to go With him He ordered me to take a month's rest VOCABULARY Idiomatic expressions b) hair g) back c) head d) foot h) nose I) leg e) hand J) tongue f) eyes -tng or to? 1 b) c) d) e) f) havmq to see not to paying putting mending stealing to play skunq stolen / stealing the money Paul thrs evening travel economy class on that alrlinel bills until I have to the money In my wallet e) to stop playrnq f) to make g) heanng. perform household chores. c). leave their slippers out of line 3 b) lines 19-21 c) lines 27-31 d) lines 33-35 . We would like to mvrte you to our daughter Elizabeth's wedding to Richard Mason on Saturday 12th July There will be a short ceremony at the Registry Office In Wokmq at 3 o'clock After that there will be a reception at the Lamb Inn. please' and 'No. endure fearsome workouts. thank you' I) choice Unit 15 READING 1 a) the Wife of the men's boss b) she ISvery strict With the men 3 a) When they try to push In In bus queues b) They change character and become very aggressive 2 Have to rise at dawn. David and Manon Walters 2 a) b) c) d) h) dnvmq Expressmg preferences b) rather c) prefer d) would rather f) would prefer g) prefer e) would rather VOCABULARY Connotation b) N I) N c) P d) N e) P f) N m) P g) P h) P J) N k) P I) N Amblgmty b) I and 1/ c) II and III d) I and II e) I and III f) I and II Proverbs b) pohcy c) cat d) eggs e) quarrel g) Iron h) Actions I) rains f) waters Unit 14 LISTENING 1 Situations a). there d) qurte g) fnend h) whether 2 b) c) d) e) f) shop (and) the shop assistants are talking to each other when you are standing there train (and) other people are trying to push on car (and) someone takes your parking spot out of chip papers (In the town) 'Yes. d) WRITING Spelling a) hear b) passed e) Whose f) read c) It's. Merrow 2nd May 1992 Dear Jean. which ISalso In Wokinq We would be very happy If you were able to make both of these We hope you will be able to come but do you think you could let us know either way Many thanks and look forward to seeing you Yours sincerely. do all the cooking Not allowed to go out at night. to say Newspaper headhnes b) backs g) axed c) bid d) slams h) shelved e) hits f) talks WRITING Letter of mvrtation Example 13 Holland Street.

some don't like the food. has None. both. GRAMMAR Quantity 1 b) loaf c) bunch d) tube f) tin g) pile h) jar e) packet VOCABULARY 2 a) job b) advice c) chair d) luggage e) pound coins f) information Word building Adjective exciting argumentative educational legal f) the other g) Each. another. f) Because he likes to cheer them on. 'It was lucky I discovered her. either.' VOCABULARY Numbers 1 a) b) c) d) 4. has h) another reasonable embarrassing thoughtful fantastic e) live decswe accused c) Adverb excitingly argumentatively educationally legally reasonably embarrassingly thoughtfully fantastically deCiSively accusmgly Noun Verb Compounds of some. Where's your newspaper's principles? Add the fish. any. nor. d) It builds up the wrestler's fat. said: 'I'm looking forward to the day when this college listens to students' views.' said Mr Biggs. / They have died. they are not used to the work. Dr Jones. lecturer in philosophy at King's College. e) When it is hit a long way.49 301. are PRONUNCIATION Words with the same spelling 1 b) minute f) present c) wind d) conduct 2 b) /rrumt/ e) /larv/ Iwmd! d) /knndxkt' f) /prrzent/ . every a) anything b) everywhere d) somewhere e) anyone c) no one f) everything excitement argument education legality reason embarrassment thought fantasy deciSion accusation exote argue educate legailse reason embarrass thmk fantaslse decide accuse Each. followed by the tomato.79 68% e) 21 73 = 7 2 a) b) c) d) e) h) 15-0 i) 4-0 j) 2-2 Unit 16 LISTENING 1 b) Dick: 3 c) Chris: 1 Two hundred and forty thousand Fourteen and a third Eighteen minus seven plus four is/equals fifteen Eleven pounds sixty one (pence) Nineteen ninety three 2 Examples: b) very colourful c) the atmosphere Idioms b) rings a bell c) break the ice d) meet you halfway e) close shave f) on the cards g) in the dark 3 Examples: a) When your team gets a free kick and gets the chance to score a goal. b) c) d) e) either Neither. b) Getting a goal. 3 a) conduct b) present e) live f) minute c) record d) Wind WRITING Punctuation a) b) c) d) e) Professor Jones was last seen in Hyde Park in November. e) They only eat twice a day. c) The smell of beer and hot dogs.Key 4 a) They have left. etc. are All. oysters and herbs. b) She doesn't feel pity for them in the ring but feels pity for them at the stable because of their very disciplined life. d) When nobody hits the ball. c) The life the young apprentice wrestlers find in the stable will be a shock to them. high in the air. no.3453/4 5 x 7 = 35 f) 6330950 g) £10.

' she replied 'What exactly do you do I' I wanted to know 'We blow horns to confuse the hounds. Illegal plants grown by farmers. e) 2 b) c) d) e) f) g) h) I) as old as the hills as cool as a cucumber as clean as a whistle as sharp as a knife as white as a sheet as keen as mustard as good as gold as light as a feather 2 Arguments b). animals kept on a farm big help animals that kill or eat other animals kindest GRAMMAR Modals b) must c) may d) should e) can't f) May / Can g) can't h) mustn't GRAMMAR Reported speech a) b) why she hunted hunting was a marvellous way of relaxrnq. and shs loved the countryside she had gone / went on her first hunt when she was SIX.' she explained Reporting verbs 1 a) b) c) d) e) f) Max to take hrs keys me to walt until the next day / tomorrow us to come/go to dinner next / the follOWing Fnday her not to go out In the car me to get out of hrs office that minute us to come / go to the party congratulated Davrd on winning first pnze accused Tim of scratching her car the day before / yesterday suggested qomq / we went In hiScar apologised for being late offered to get us a drink complained that the test wasn't / hadn't been fair 2 a) b) c) d) e) f) . and Sit on gates so the hunt can't pass. e) 3 a) When she was nine b) The lead hound npped the fox to pieces c) All new members have to have It done . c).but had taken It up / took It up senously when she was sixteen was part of the rule of nature c) If hunting was a cruel way to kill foxes d) It was the only the fox either got away or died In seconds Reference words 2 3 4 5 Deirdre's mother Deirdre Deirdre's mother sports/open days / school concerts 6 The memory 7 Deirdre 8 James 9 Deirdre and James 10 James WRITING Dialogue of complamt Example A Good afternoon Reception B Can you help mel My television Isn't working Could someone have a look at It! A I'm sorry I'm afraid I can't get It looked at today because the electnoan ISaway B There must be someone who could sort It out Can't you come up? A No. sorry We are very busy and I can't leave reception B That's ndiculous If you can't do anything then I want to speak to the manager A I'm sorry but the manager Isn't available today 8 I'll see her tomorrow then Meanwhile I Insist on moving to another room where the televrsion works A Certainly I'll arrange that for you Immediately g Thanks That's better than nothing Direct speech 'Thrs week we have been working In groups of about fifteen people Our aim ISto make sure that the fox stays alive and doesn't get caught.It'S tradition d) She ISagainst It g) h) I) J) k) ad nauseam Bon voyage vice versa cul-de-sac faux pas Foreign words and phrases b) c) d) e) f) pro rata Incognito siesta macho status quo Vocabulary a) b) c) d) e) in context very unpleasant. d).Sirmles 1 Unit 17 b) 3 c) 5 a) 6 d) 9 e) 8 f) 4 g) 2 h) 1 I) 7 LISTENING 1 Arguments a).


VOCABULARY Adjectives and nouns
b) c) d) e) f) bed, ticket food, weather, drink weather, wine pullover, book drink, cheese

Defining and non-defining relative clauses
b) The shop where I buy all my clothes IShaving a sale c) Pauline was telling me about her eldest daughter, who lives In Australia d) I need the newspaper that I which I threw away last night e) Kate, whose son ISmarried to my COUSin, IScoming to stay at Christmas

Synonyms and antonyms
1 b) amusing c) hard d) SPICY e) simple f) courageous g) chatty h) great I fantastic J) messy

Participle clauses
I) wealthy b) waving g) moving c) Injured d) chosen e) wanting f) sent

b) mild c) single d) return g) sweet h) dry I) shallow e) soft f) soft I quiet J) deep I heavy

Adjectives ending in -ing and -ed
a) drsappomted b) confused c) embarrassed d) amusing, bored e) annoyed f) satisfied g) worrying

Phrasal verbs
a) b) c) d) e) f) put up with Get on with get through to get away with It get out of run out of

VOCABULARY Word buudrng
a) ernb.t.ous b) resignatIOn c) patient d) lengthen e) explanation f) modernise g) crowded h) heat I) failure

Prepositional phrases

Unit 18
1 a) False b) True c) False d) True e) True f) False

a) on g) on

b) by h) for

c) for d) under I) under J) In

e) on

f) by

g) 01'1

Confusing words
a) wedding b) relatives c) wear d) reaches e) beat f) reward g) bring h) opportunity I) fit J)do

Grown men and women, even very strong ones About 200 Special blankets, pillows and toys Sprinkle them In their back gardens, or where they used to take their dogs for walks e) Plant shrubs, leave flowers or Just think about their pets f) A bunal service, or organ music GRAMMAR a) b) c) d)

Ii:! people piece wheel IN uncle young does lu:! pool move JUice hi build fill If luI could book stood Iv! cough watch bottle lo:! half aunt can't 13:! fur earth word leI bury health any lre/ match tap can I:J:/ lawn bought horse

Defining relative clauses
1 a) who I that b) which I that d) where I In which e) why c) whose

a) b) c) d) e) Ben Johnson salt Dustin Hoffman Bermuda Triangle there Isn't enough sun

WRITING Joining sentences
1 a) Whenever b) until c) In case d) Both e) unless f) By the time g) dunnq

Key ~

b) Because she had left her purse at home I lent her £5 / She had left her purse at home, so I lent her £5 c) I didn't have any breakfast, so I was starving all morning / Because I didn't have any breakfast I was starving all morning d) Adnan ISvery tall, whereas his sister IStiny / Whereas Adrian ISvery tall, his sister IStiny e) After they (had) bought a new house, they decided to go abroad f) While I was looking everywhere for the letter the phone was ringing non-stop / The phone was ringing non-stop while I was looking everywhere for the letter g) Unless you stay In bed and keep warm you won't get better / You won't get better unless you stay In bed and keep warm h) Even though I really hate the Idea of seafood, I'm gOing to try It / I'm gOing to try It, even though I really hate the Idea of seafood

b) 2

he couldn't


at the office

3 In the shed 4 ten-year-old 5 didn't know the road (It was a diversron) 6 exceeding the speed limit 7 The girl was on a pedestrian crossing
he had been short-listed for a new Job he was getting married In a few days 10 Several people heard the screech of brakes 11 was a former schoolfnend, or a relative,


b) I



d) "

e) I






a) the car number, photograph b) a friend, used to have an MG c) address and phone number, could contact her, hrs friend's address d) a photographer's, large buff-coloured envelope e) Evening Gazette, a wedding report f) he met a colleague (who started talking to him)

Unit 19
a) A young woman and a middle-aged man b) In the park, while the man was feeding the ducks

Examples a) be looking for an excuse to get the girl's add ress and phone number b) the photograph of the car c) have been trying to find the owners of the car d) have thought he was watching the girl

a) b) c) d) e) f) In the park at lunchtimes For several days In her twenties In hrs forties She IStrying to find someone A CIVil servant

Examples a) held tightly b) go c) look through the pages / turn the pages d) little bits / extracts e) noise f) very well Indeed

a) He obviously doesn't want anyone to know that he has connections With Elmston b) Someone who has a Job With regular hours c) The conversation was becoming personal He doesn't want her to know anything about hiS personal life d) Open answer

It reminded Robert of hts wedding photos In hiS album They were In the MG This IS Robert now Thrs was hiding two digitS of the rear number plate (so It was the same photo that the girl had talked about) e) Thrs was how the girl could find Robert's address f) This was where Robert told hiS wife he was gOing when he went out g) The girl was getting Robert this when he killed her a) b) c) d)


Vocabulary in context
a) crust b) flirtation e) IntngUing f) prying c) gestured d) trace

a) 2 he had a lot of work to do at home 3 In hts bedroom 4 six-year -old 5 knew the road well 6 slowly 7 was not on a pedestrian crossing 8 he had Just been given a new Job 9 he had Just got married 10 Nobody heard rus brakes 11 was a policewoman,

a) She must have gone to every local photographer to find the negatives of the wedding photos b) She must have got a print of the negative c) She must have searched / been searching the newspapers for a copy of the photo and hrs parents' name and address

Because Margaret's had died parents had emigrated and hrs parents


He was In the area and he had some Information friend about his

Spot the errors
b) c) d) e) f) g) If he doesn't hurry, The money was spent of hers He ordered me to leave Please remember to lock the door needs painting / to be painted IS

Open answer

a) Margaret's daughter / the girl that Robert had killed b) She had had a child before she met Robert, and had had her adopted c) Open answer

a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h)


Unit 20
GRAMMAR Review of verb forms
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 can't say / wouldn't say are studied was being considered / was considered drive was spotted hadn't faced died could suffer / could have suffered / had suffered have been working / have worked giving / to give had objected was always travelling / always travelled was / got Involved would marry / should marry / might marry / could marry would have been / would be Adapting have now left 'II go

very good advice anything of them r which pleased me whose leaving told him I was gOing


Colloquia! language
a) Actions f) Fancy b) away g) gold c) off h) bell d) up I) nose e) hand

J) dark

Test your vocabulary
a) strictly b) on c) burglary e) blondtel-harred f) plus, minus h) a faux pas I) beats d) postpone g) to rEtason

13 14 15 16

WRITING Linking expressions
1 so 2 however 3 There 4 but 5 of course 6 on the whole 7 Yet 8 until 9 Since

18 19


a) mistake b) learning c) SOCIal d) Britain f) When g) people h) meetings I) stood e) different J) too

Condinonals, WIsh
b) c) d) e) f) g) she weren't / wasn't had practised, he'd have / he might have It would had stayed / had booked In won't come and see you (this evening), cook / buy were, I'd see

The Arabs stand closest to each other - less than an elbow away The Swedes stand farthest apart - about an arm and a half In Eastern Europe people like each other at a Wrist's distance The Latin folk don't mind at all If you move a lot closer - Just outside the length of your or their elbow, whichever ISthe shorter The Brrtrsh. someone said to me last week, are best descnbed as 'fingertip people' and so are their American brothers and sisters

a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) can't should have kept don't have to could have, needn't Did she have to go must can't could


atters 9 LJ1665 . Workbook Part A and Part B. or as a resource in a self-access centre. Workbook Cassette. Each level provides approximately 90-120 hours of classroom material in twenty units. Components Students' Book. set of two Class Cassettes. Teacher's Book. for further practice in class. It can be used for homework.UDDer Intermediate Pre-Intermediate Matters. Workbook (editions with and without Key). Split editions: Students' Book Part A and Part B. This edition of the Workbook includes a key to the exercises. The Workbook Cassette contains all the recorded material needed for the listening and pronunciation exercises in the Workbook. Intermediate Matters and Upper Intermediate Matters form an integrated three-part course for learners of English. The Workbook reinforces and extends the language presented in the Students' Book.

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