Dear Andrea, My apologies for contacting you again on the Christopher D'Arcangelo project and for not having

responded to your reply to my email last November. Although the exhibition has not been simple to conceive and put together, we are currently opening the second stage at Artists Space on the 10th of September. The first stage took place at the CAC Bretigny in France ( The exhibition will continue to grow and travel in different forms, notably in Europe. The show at Artists Space primarily consists of the video interviews we have made (six so far) and Christopher Williams's work Bouquet for Bas Jan Ader and Christopher D'Arcangelo. It is a little peered down from the exhibition in France, as we have not included the invitational exhibition in which we invited a number of artists to respond to Chris's work and legacy. We did this in respect for Cathy Weiner's decision to organize a concurrent exhibition at the Algus Greenspon Gallery, which opens on 10 October [] I would be more than happy if you could come to the opening. You will receive an official invitation from Artists Space, inviting you to the diner reception afterwards. I apologize for the short notice. If you are unable to make it the opening, I would be very grateful if we could meet at some stage, ideally at Artists Space. I would be more than happy to show you through the exhibition and discuss the project with you. Kind regards, Dean Inkster

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