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33061447 NFPA 15 Hydraulic Calculation

33061447 NFPA 15 Hydraulic Calculation

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8.5 H ... v!i:B]'31!d:i!r C ab:l!.dao.


U I.'€,S •



8,.:5.:ll.:llFI.'lcMolll. Loss Formula ...Pipe fiietion Iosses shall he dd-eml_il!llinedm the: basis of the: Hazen and e Williams fcrmula .
. , .•.. _. ;<

.\!J.!.,_). where:
'II\.~ ,_

p=fi:id.iiO.1llLa~ resistance

in psi per foot of pipe

Q= flow in


C = friction mosscoefficient


aetnal internal diameter of pipe



or in Sl units,

.\!I!.";.,,_ where:
'IIV.~ ,_'

Pm = frictional.resistancem Qm = now in i1Limriil1 C = friction mosscoefficient

hal's pet' meter efpipe

am = actualinternel

diialmeter in mm

!J.a~ Fermula.8."or.~ ..Ill._ P11.'.IDI. 1~'Ii.~ . =normal pressure in psi (bar) Pi =t~.1Ll][uJl.S.... ~ ![Jt o· "'.~al p'[eSSlJl!l'·e: psi (bar) in P v = velecitypressure in psi {h~u) . The velocity pressure slMlmI detemained on the basis of dale he: p..* e~'!JIdlty Pressure V fO..-')'In' U'..IL~- D' .!.~ PJI) = velocity prresSIIl!re in psi Q= flow ingpsu D= i~llsid"e:dismeter inmdles "'r~lle'''<=' .2. .

cba.fa. 8.0. shallbe balancedto by~:rnle formula (corrected forelevetions).3 2 2: :5 ..toll"{Whe:fe: Kme'quals 14.ed'(+.0.S N oZ:lJ. 6 1...4 K) Pm = total pf.\!J.u flowing from the: nozzle K= nozzle K-.ol' P> toeal pressure inpsi at or in Sl units...S.1.~ .2 ft :m ft :m :m n 0.. o. L8: 3.. Q= gp'!l.3 00.0.8..6 It 00. 4 12 5 L5 7 2. except for loops.. shall he: ealenletedby the: formula where: \'!".. the: l!1:ilgileill" pressure 8. The discharge: of anozzle ..I1edl [ 2 m 00._ .3 .~ ..:5.0.I.. 6 1 3< 2: . 45 90 90 'I" ee 90 0 0 0 0 Elbow Sbmiard e. Qm = flow in L/miln Km = nozzle }i-Face..bars at the How Qm ·%:liin.3 .\!J.5 .·geFID1!.6 2Af 2 5 3 m 00..7 ]1 .!I.9 2 4- W..eSSllilre in. ""'"'.S.d. 6 .6 .·1!nl!.. Hille [low Q where: .e 1.3 Bydraulic junction point calcuflaticns._ . .8 2 8 L5 ro m 6 ) Gatevalve Butterflyvalve Swing dl.5.0.bow Long turn dhuw m~erose (fiowbm'.2 0.".!.aJ.eD~s.I.1.4.03 1.1!.!. 9 3d.0 00.c:~.ru.

t or ductile iron Copper tube (m s.... fomrula Table 8. lIbem.5 ..5 4. to 8-.7 B. the Hazen aadWilhams be formula. 0_9 2A LS L2 3d 5 12 8 L5 3·_7 7 14 930 3 ThO 2_1 4L3 2_7 9' m.criCl1l.10 Hazen and 'WiUi:nns .3 Tabfe 8..00 no ]_1'0 [40 150 LSI 1.i.2 . shan he used wiJFl a Hazen-Williaems Cfactm: of 120 only.2 . 6 25 2 '9 9_2 0_9' 3_1 Gate valve IIutlertly valve SWUlg 2..t 0.713 12~)I l. .lil\lt~pliedt by the fQ ~[o'iNi11lg factors: Vahle ofe MlLIFtiplYUlI.33 ~1) Tills is k1ased uponthefrrctiou loss ifu-oughlh-e ifittmg being independent ofthe Cfudo< applicable to. 0 10_7 12 3. Use the .ioamete~ different from Schedude4·0 steel pip. uch as flanged.tcainle33 steel 100 12!0 ]50 140 150 . :m [t 6 i!l!l.=t pipe ~eagtl1s. and.e iEllllzelUl.])... 6 3-. lIflor 1 other values of C. llII 45° Elbow 90° SfcandaFd e[lbow 90° Long tun} elbow Tee 90") 0:[ CFOSS ].3 . Table 8.E Not~.t~nla~..3..5.the piping.equ'iva~ elbow" ou a'l1lY sweeping 9{~om.5.e Va]ue to~' :Pi.e.2.1Viilliams CVllItl!Ie.]0. shall. ~2.Table S .7 r5. using C values as shown ill. :m :m 3% I't m. 7 5.3. 5 .pe 31ml'I'u!h. pip e d!.:110Pipe frietion loss sl!LaU calculated in aeeordance with. using the aetna] internal pipe diameter in the. or mechanicaljoint s elbowtype..avUJJgjnns.. . 2 sz 45 4l check" 1:9 5. the pipe equivalenss indicated ~l] this..5.31rt % 1ft mil. :m 4 i!l!l.w'Bmge_ Not-es: 0) Use ttIDeequivalentft 'Qm)valne thr ilie«st.. the figures in Tallb1e 8. values or .m snch as the screw-type pattern.:5.s: 100 0. 8 22 27 32 9_8 'IDue to the variations m design of swing check valves.7 8."llne eq uivalent feet shown shall bemulriplied by afactor deri 8-..eqruiva~I... ansl .3 2 12 L8 s. foralarm valves.7 B S 11 (flow turned 5_2 0.11 EquivaJent 2 Fipe Length Ch. (2) f'o:rnll.\lll&ud db (lW" 0111 an]'T abrupt 90 ootln. druy~plpe valves.) Specific friction:l ~o&S... de:li1C>g:evalves.. Slimmers.. and other devices or' fittings slito·ulM be. made avaciLtjbille the antl1o:riityl1l.B B 3S 2 . welded..5.n1l..g faoto.7 2c4l 7_0 0. chart are to he consadered . Unlined castor ductilelrol1 Galvau1zW steel {al[) Plastic (listed) -lLIndergmUind Cement lined cas.. :m fit Sm.Jl.. :m It Sin .

~taUa:tion oj Private Fire Service Maius (Iud Their Appurtenan. 19-50 738 II.{lrdfor~ater TanksforP. in accordance with . Flew Balauce Flow Flow Llmin Systoem 1 g~m 2062 :ILJmi[I]J 7805 System 2 gpl. (26.8 kPa UI1I." morewater supplies. in aecordanee w~·~JE1L.2(b) Detenniilil.rdf()r the l~stalla.7.t the point of supply (or other common flow rate for this installation is selected as 6899 gpm at II. NFPA 24.3.1 13 VIII!ill.r'i~:ate Fire Proteetum. (2) Systems shall he permitted 00 he combined in a logical manner such that systems that can he expected ~ohe involved in the san simultaneously are combined to determine the design flow rate. Stalui'ard for .lll Llmin 2208 2 2208 8357 3 1:950 4 2.lnpsf()r Fire Protectto« {3) {4) Firepumpswith adequate water supply.ID. 2100 gpm 95 psi 7949' nesiignFlow System 3 1950 gpm 105 psi Rate tor l\'!Iultipl. 4.uJ.6:59Total 6899 2'~UU Notes: (1) The combination ofSystems 3. 05 psi.ti~ Pressure tanks.iug Design Flew Rate fo.8Ua TaMe A. 22.1.r Sy'8ten:l~~ sized per the hydraulically calealated method Table A. 8357 73gl.1Il Wa.20 Total 23.l :5.99 gpi 5.::il.r Tanksfo« Private .lll System 3 gpl.r':d for Wate. uLlllidU NFPA ill3~St(mdar:d for the Iwtallatiol1o/Splf"in/de.'~'.the."" Pressure 1801) gpm 80 psi 6813 System 2. .Fire Protectio o/Str{3)ticmary P~J.542 Total 651:5 24.l~.1l0.]!" Comhiaied System.1. aud:5 creates tile largest flow at the highest pressure ".ler for water ih' spray systems shall be from OHe Oil. Total water demand would he 68.0lci"a lILJml11 4!. such UISthe follewing: {ill) Cennections to waterworks systems.7.L -FPA 20.357 8921 3 1950 7381 4 2357 8921 5 2592 98lli1 62.2(a) Detel'mioing Systemlli flo'.1!!lll 4A5kiPa lILJl. St{lmJa.<UTII) kPa). Stll.e Water Spray System 4 ]381 2300 gpm 100 psi 8706 Umill 3.Ull.ce-s (2) Gravity tanks in accordance with NFPA 11~StCll1da. inaceordsncewith Nf'Ps. bose stream application.

:. water sp:ray. the iratens.:. Surface coolirag is not effective . earbon disulfide.iI']. be app[ii.c.Il11.comlllenlllp.over the entrre area of flarremable liq[lilL~ds" b Forthose liquids mlJ.alMe liq[lilL~ds .dperiod .elreex~.at. ext~mlJ. a(pp.essallY to render th.eln~." the smothermg effect.e coverage shoutd he cempletebut need not he so unifcrm.akriaJs. @.eOi'ilted.lJ!llp[:@.tall. The. (4) (5) .. misciblewath water.cienil". Imt generally satasfaetory fo[' .actors" The syskil.Mll. required for eontrol allThdo iDhng P'~i1:!!'Poses.~al miseiblewith waterand has a is not density muelr g[eaikr~J]]lan 1.n nate slwuld. c Othe. be used on some l1mate!!'ialsill.il. contenapleter].111 c gaseous products or flaLHlI!.rF.aviing ~!DW viscosities. and.pray is to be. effect is.TJ!llakr~aland the percentage of.Wate[sp!my can also.ds.o produce extinguishment as a resulno rapid coolirsg bellow the ternjperatnre :artwl1lliid1.et:..ally:art the a self-swstamiragrate .~ied toesseutiaUy all 'the areas cf expeeted fire..:ahlefiDiI. The water s.c.~he desigreprovides fo completewater sp!!l.apiplicalt~iDn. The wale[ spmy sho~iLld.l.1J!l of waiter overtlre surface where tI1l1eil.emiqrlJl)iid nonfllaulJ.lted.Ilnent dlliimu~ion contemplated.ii11lLguisl!IJlJJ!ll. and conditions shouk he.Wh.applied.l1LaviJlllgfll points below 140 P (60°C)" 0 (2) Smothering by Steam: Produced .~1.tl1l!:~s.sidUe.'-hell.~ic:aitio. and sesne nitrocejlulose solutiions). rnaterial win decompose c..iifonl.~aled.of tune hased!.omlJ.enil: by surface eoolirig is c01111te.dllLeM[![iil11!:~n1.al11lL dllLeminu11.d witMl.lu onwhich approvad is based.t:·e.and~s.dilut~on ne.iimllliDUsfdll. app.to generateadequafe steamfrorn the . Dilutio.g!liLish.c.!iLpon the expected volume ofil.0:1.ould generate oxygenwhera it is Wll.'e the effect of emulaificatjionss . the coverage shoulld.be~lLiI:lJ.ity of the expected f"J:[1 sho!. be adequateto effect extmguislnuent wi~bii11lL th. be misciblewrth wale[.tmlenozzle preSSillU"e not lesstMlJ.c.e.ap1Plied.ddbe suffi.comlill.is effect should notbe eortternplatedwhere 'the lnateJ:'iai. TI1.'n.lllunmte required should. by is the maaeriaf should. suchas @J .Awater adilit~ve that redueesthe surface tellllS~iDin wates can be of . can be lower. ..ayoverage over thee enitn:e surface.0' (suehes .lJ!lJ. Fo[' rnosre visc:mil!:s Jlll.d\li. otherwise f'avOll.uuilstfication" This effeet shouMbe ccntesnplated only for liqusds niD~.aspbalt.but not less.1nah~e.e!!''eq[uu:e. (3) E.combullSltiMe~iqrlillii.llCll desiiglllL Call1lL eonternplate other extinguishnag factocs.r:/ace C(uJlitJ.(1) S'u.ere.Wllllere. . than tha~. e . protected .g .u.l11lldU the urait l":alt-eil: o .

!i(!'ti"n Ai~le width.o. Coiling FM"ht ~ _ Il.olr _ _ ps:i (kPal !'l!qllired Overoead __ At ba!ltl .. 0 Doublerow Solid shel"iOlg 0 NOllenCll~1I1(l1OO S ~ .n1 IIDriZ<ll:ltnl burrie~ provided in.\II-t". Ceiling irdrnml _ .u~Dn~' Cl NFPA [3 tI t1' HAZ ORDHAZ Pi!!Uft _ EXlLo\Z Cru.~f i".s.llpwW'!ce !!.!' Muke _ Size 'l''''''p''l'alul'l! mting _ _ Mc. Unllol'gl'ou"d Sy..dt _ _ _ 00 ~."" Aren <j.HVDRAULIC DESIGN ...-te andtime St.icl. Loontion _ _ DDte _ BWld.y"l.m) TrflMVerM.t _ Ref.~ ~Q-c-~-t-m-l-ip-l-e-ro-_w-.Clea:nmce €rum 'fup of fUm) 1. .rwlc" gpLft CUttlinl: lnsid" HOlle o.ON SHEE.i[Jcruli!1.pt'illldcr l)I!I1Rity _ _ _ o)l'lrlltioit ~~duby __ s.stol'age _ tJ' En.0' ractor used: Total .pm (Unli'tI): Oultrfd'! lb." .o-idool psi (kPill ([pm Qfmil'L).d b)' _ _ ~ SysLem No.ted % Pln"eiCll _ _ _ _ _ GI.' $prillldllX' o~ No:zUqc HOll'..i {kP~j required l1'umpDatll D.. "U"w8.INFORMATI.fyl IJ ."'II c"nt. opemting _ _ p.!onOlI.".!~ F1ue Spa.tlmd: Solid I. I '...gpm (Lhnilll requi.EI.nIol'1filltion Ceromooity SOOt'age beigM Stor"ge ~.dd _ _ _ K·F.T 'N.c~ND. 1l11o".'VC J! u NFPA rs Cl0l1.·Pt."prink]". (:m.reci Wal"f Flow Te.1 _ __ _ l.I1owinS ElevlItion Rated cnpildty At psi (td"n) Elf!l.: Aron of ."tlw Cttledl"y.:.emType • Dr)! Dale _ 0 Deluge A rea pet RpriU kl"..~ati('ln Cupacil\l' EiD"'ntiofO W~lI _ Lle"""" SOuroilaf-i. I __ St<l:rng>: .nce Syat.. %R . in.Irud'on ..er(SpL'Il.pollet Slnv"-pnllet AIl"iomati."ing L:mgihl.---------------~-O--p~-'n-.~~------------------------------------------------------------0 Single row ·Cul!"cnl.. O~. _ _ n"""""!1 Na."".psulated ~ :.aLi.Spt.r. Ii(In SIlJIU.. Jll'i lkl'a) He. P3l1etb.em :!!pm I Um:in I requiRd Cnlll"'!o..stem uo. CGl\'r:J..lm) _ CO"..iin...I.

---1 Lgln.P. __ -1 AS· ---1 Tot . -1 Lglh. ---I p. Tot.-----I Pn 1--__ . 1--__ 0 q 0 q 11-- Tot 1---Ilg1h . TQ\. FIg. _-- P.-- ~------I P". __ PO' __ P" ---I Tot.----1 ---1 Lglh.Rg. Pn ----I q 0 Tot.IYre.Pi PO' ---1 p~---I ~ ----I P" PI! I q Q- 1----Il. LQeutiQn Ident. q .'1' (burl I'Jres(. (Urnl"' In Pipe Friction Equlv. __ ---I PI P. 1--__ ---1 Lglh. _ 01' _ . __ -1 Fig. Tot.__ 1--__ q Q " -IAg. __ 1--__ ---1 Fig.HVDRAUlIC CALCULATiONS Contract No. Pi ~ 1'" ~ .Pi ~ P.. Fig.P~------I Fn PI P. & Nonie (mm) Size In.glh.gth__ 1--__ -[ Fig.0 q Q 1'1- 1-__ -1. Norm(lJ psi (bar) q Q : - ---1 19lh. Plpo iLIl$S _ Shelll NQ.------! Pn Ii 11--__ 1--__ Tot 0 - Fig. 'I 0 .--. Name and Location FloW 9pm. __ 'Pj !. -14111'1. Tot '10 q Q 1------1 1-1--__ 19l.__ Fig. Tot __ -I p. -. ~--I 1----IRg' To'!.--f PI" r'. -Ilg1h" -1 F1S'.. Q - 1-__ -1"19· P" -----I Fn Tot -I. F!1tlngs & DO\lICII& PI~e ft(m) 1--__ LOIl!. __ --I --I 1-1- q Q - 1- -[ FIS Tot. --I P" 1'.!th It (m) psllfl (bartm) I R.- 'I . 1--.---1 1 FIg. 1--__ ---1lglh.. 1-__ -Il9111. p( Pa--- 'I I. 1----I.". A Tot. f p~----i Pil I ~ Pa --I p.0 0Ii 1-__ -1 L. Lglh:.. 1----1 Fig. p. ~ Pa -I P.. __ -1 1"19· -[ .----I I ~ Pf--- ~ - Tot llg1n• ---1 p. __ Pe----I P. -' . ---I Tot !-I LgII'I. ---I: ---1 .. __ --I Fa PjP. .. -I '1. p~ P. Tl'lt...0 1- Lgih.

2 psi pressure at "C" from the side outlet is used as a minimum normal pressure starting point. using bull-headed tees at critical junctions). to which the assumed velocity pressure of n.This requires actually increasing the total pressure coming into "C" to satisfy the rule for both velocity head correction and for pressure balance.2 psi versus 94. Figure B.2(j) present calculations in which vekicity pressure is ignored. Figure B. .5 gpm) and 26.Figure B.28 bar) of'underground friction 10s8.2(e) and Figure B.2(b).7 psi). using pipe sizing and nozzles with constants such that velocity pressures are less il1l811 5 percent of the total pressures. to get a new totalpressure of 4 K.B.9 percent more pressme (120 . Calculations for the system in Figure B. and the velocity pressures were not included in the calculation . assuming 250 gpm (946 L'min) outside hydrant flow requirements and 4.2(g) and Figure 8. and the designer elected to include velocity pressures. Figure B.2(a) shows a hypothetical water spray system layout. 700." The side outlet of the tee ailHC" only sees the normal pressure. The flow straight through the tee at point "C" is then increased by the ratio of (4] .6 psi is added. due to the high velocity through "C".2(i) and Figure B..2 Sample Calcnlations.2 gpm vs.] TIle 28. [Refer to Figure B.0 psi (0.2(c) and Figure B. If not the nozzles fed by line "(. using pipe sizing and nozzles with constants such that the velocity pressures generally exceed 5 percent or the total pressures.7)112.8 psi. In this example. Whether or not. correcting the velocity pressure indicates that the system would require 12.2(g) and Figure B.20l) show a sample calculation for this system.2(d) show a graphical representation of the results of hydraulic calculations shown in Figure B. a correction is made.8/29.2(b) are fairly straightforward until one attempts to balance at junction point "c.] percent more flow (785.2(f) show a sample calculation for this system.-B" will be denied adequate flow. The alternatives for correcting the system to a more balanced configuration include increasing the pipe size to reduce the effect ofvelocity pressure (though this can result in all alteration of the specified nozzle's spray pattern) and modifying the piping arrangement (for example. the normal pressure available tot'B" is less than that required to satisfy the individual nozzle demand . FOI the example system shown... the velocity pressure at each side outlet should be examined to determine if corrective action is desired.2(h). Figure B.

.~5 m. 1O~ ft '§if!\!I<!iil' l~ In'l'l~I.""~rij'l. !!!l 25.[1$.~-'O if! [21 F~ 5111):. '1 II~ .4 Jlf'lIP: " iI1l '.j¥...:aJ ~ ijI!. N~: ~'1)~ng .

e Ilmin (rlow~:~ II~· o. .1.. S.:& in. '(Jllpe.. =4 "" (I IiIiImr.). '" In.N!I5~:Fo~S~ unlb:.1 . := 25 mm. 1..gp.~0!4em 'IEl""lh~1 = 1100 mm.mi 1 in.

. ---1----11 . ---ILl ---II Pr.~~~ Di:llil! .5_-_t_)5 _ _ 11.9~lg"3li'l I-Ngo ~lfIenm~ &: NHtISI FU~w glPl'Fl ~ IFiIlIC'~I'on ILerlltg~il1l (I) (pl:I:IIfI~! UM SU!iI1I!I!!i1Ii" P~Mm IP~~~I ~~~I IN''-i'jiljfj'lrul INIi:l~r!!1 EI~". No:t~:II1 CD tf . P"" Fft. ~. P.2{a) S A.o!l. '2_' _.: lO. ~!).{~.azzjefi TJff6 N go By~~~J~·~E~..~C~.j N.8. ~G Ci!tl:i~ l'IU'<@>: -rsrr= 1$0 1----11 ILgttt To~lL IF~gl.For~~~~~~~~~~~=b~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5ygUr:I1' hOWl'lIOtll f.6 ro.

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