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Published by: Shiela Avena on May 08, 2012
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A Transaction Processing System or Transaction Processing Monitor is a set of information which processes the data transaction in database system that monitors transaction programs. The essence of a transaction program is that it manages data that must be left in a consistent state. (Mahajan, 2009)

A transaction processing application is a collection of transaction programs designed to automate a given business activity. A TP application consists of a relatively small number of predefined types of transaction programs. TP applications can run on a wide range of computer sizes and may be centralized or distributed, running on local area or wide area networks. TP applications are mapped to a specially engineered hardware and software environment called a TP system. (Bernstein, Philip (2009). Principles of Transaction Processing.)

The system must be able to operate well in a geographically distributed environment. Often, this implies that the system itself is distributed, with machines at multiple locations. Sometimes, this is due to a legal requirement that the system must operate in the country where the business is performed. Other times, distributed processing is used to meet technical requirements, such as efficiency, incremental scalability, and resistance to failures (using backup systems). (Newcomer, 2009)

(Velicanu. J. and we provide alternatives for these situations. We propose ways to determine when these theoretical distances are inadequate approximations. A current and effective solution in this respect is the computer database.has always been one of the priority objectives of any database. 1998)  Every business has to deal with some form of transactions. Journal of Real Estate Research. How a company decides to manage these transactions can be an important factor in its success. Using a GIS for Real Estate Market Analysis: The Problem of Spatially Aggregated Data. 16 (1). Several information technologies have revolutionized the present information framework. This article presents some solutions to this problem. Optimizing computer applications by means of data-base machines has been a steady preoccupation of researchers since the late seventies. This poses special problems when we use a GIS to evaluate linkages between supply and demand. Careful . 2010)  Geographic Information System (GIS) associates these spatially aggregated data with the geographical center of the area. its number of transactions usually grows as well. methods that are relatively easy to implement on a GIS are emphasized. (Clapp. A GIS can be used to calculate a theoretical average travel distance to the population in the geographical area. Optimizing the two computing resources of any computing system . As a business grows.time and space .

htm)  The use of transaction processing systems has changed in the years. New standards.com/function_of_transaction_processing_system_t ps. and new languages allow web services and to become the leading style of design for enterprise applications. student tuition bills and payment reminders. (Hapgood. (http://www.basicsofcomputer. invoices. (Bernstein & Newcomer . 2009) . 2001)  A Transaction Processing System (TPS) also known as data processing systems are used within many companies to provide support and organization in the processing of large amounts of paperwork. Electronic commerce has become a major focus for business data processing investments.planning must be done in order to ensure that transaction management does not become too complex. new technology and products. to corporate database management. to eBay auctions. Transaction processing is a tool that can help growing businesses deal with their increasing number of transactions. TPS(s) are often used when producing or recording things like pay checks. from banking and stock purchase on the web. The primary function of a TPS or data processing system is to effectively and efficiently process and record any data that is a result of a transaction. A TPS would most likely be found in a business’s accounting/billing department and is a necessity for many large companies that may produce hundreds if not thousands of transactions every day.

the trading of stocks over the Internet. credit card authorizations. and various other forms of electronic commerce. self-checkout stations at grocery stores. 2001)  . the process is known as batch processing. online bill payments. When a large number of transactions are taken and then stored to be dealt with at a later time (without the presence of a user). It allows for an immediate response to a user request (or transaction). (Guerrisi. Different examples of transaction processing include automated teller machines. Transaction processing is a type of computer processing that takes place in the presence of a computer user.

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