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Front Mission 3 d

Front Mission 3 d

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////////=====\\\\\\\\ =============================== ===== F R O N T M I S S I O N 3 ===== =============================== \\\\\\\\=====//////// Version 1.2 This wal through is made and owned by Mar web at Mar web_3t@Yahoo.com .

Anybo dy can used this for private purposes, this wal through is available only this site. Stil l anybody can used this for their web sites as long as they had my permission. This is my compilation of the game itself this contain a wal through and a gu ide for each wanzers on each Stage. And some useful information about the game. I now that some of this containing few errors but, I'll fix it.

Wal through Progress: Version 1.0 - Wal through - 5/05/2000 Version 1.1 - Major Update - 5/11/2000 I decided stop updating Emma story temporarily. Version 1.2 - Massive Update - 5/25/2000 Finish adding Alisa section Continue adding on Emma in Stage 51 up Version 1.3 - Revise Update - 6/??/2000 ================================================================================ ========== WALKTHROUGH CONTENTS: ================================================================================ ========== _____________________________________________________ | | | I. Game Control: | | II. The Cast of Front Mission 3: | | [Main Cast] | | [Supporting Cast] | | III. Emma Story Guide - 75% complete | | IV. Alisa Story Guide - 90% complete | | V. NETWORK | | [Battle Simulator] | | [Des top Data Menu] | | [NETWORK Forum] | | VI. Wanzer Weapons Types | | [Wanzer Damage Class] | | [Weapon Analysis] | | [Weapons & Item Types List] | | [Other Weapon Types] | | VII. Wanzer Types | | [Wanzer Battle S ills] | | VIII. Wanzer Upgrade | | [Wanzer Upgrade Stats] | | [Other Wanzer Types Alpha] | | [Other Wanzer Types Beta] | | IX. Miscellaneous Section |











| A. Pilot and Wanzer's | | [Battle Report] | | [Pilot Assigned AP] | | [Pilot Weapon S ill] | | [Pilot Random Effect] | | [Simulators] | | [Obtaining Medals] | | B. Pilot's Morale | | [Capturing Wanzers Tips & Tric s] | | C. Customizing Wanzer | | [Safe Battle S ills] | | [Battle S ill Combo Conditions] | | [Secret Wanzers] | |_____________________________________________________| Game Info: Well, is just another series of Front Mission 1 & 2, this one has new game mechanics. I not very good at this part but you can bet it's a Thumbs up game for RPG gamers. ================================================================================ ========== I. Game Controls: ================================================================================ ========== Few details on game controls, the game will brief you on beginning of the game a nd later in the game but here some of the controls: ---------------------------Basic Controls: ---------------------------Battle Control: Cursor : default arrow settings move up, down, left or right Triangle : Counter Indicator Square : Choose Weapon X : Confirm, Select Unit, Attac target to O , Cancel Battle Sequ ence Circle : Cancel move, cancels fast dialogue, move bac on prev. lin o n Networ Start : System Menu, cancel movie & s ip dialogue li e "Circle button ". L1/R1 : Rotate to left/right view to change view L2/R2 : Change Target or Pilots Attac Menu: Attac : confirm attac then pic a target Eject : move out of your wanzer, or move out & transfer to another wa nzer Item : used item carried, available only if you equip bac pac along with items Status: see pilot stats and wanzer stats, weapons and pilot battle s ill and etc. End : end attac menu, s ip your attac without pic ing any command . System Menu Options: End turn [End your current turn]






















------------------------------------------------------------------------------Victory conditions: | Losing conditions: ------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------All enemies destroyed | Player pilot is destroyed or made to surrender [default] | [default] ------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------Other Victory Conditions: | Other Losing Conditions: ------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------Reach target location | Players turn reach to ## turn Destroy all cannons | Death of Lu av or Alisa Destroy all enemies | Destroy NPC Defends for ## of turn | Enemies reach target location Player pilots escape from the base | Players turn reach before ## of turn | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------System Config: configure sound and etc. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sound Mono [Stereo] - self-explanatory Vibration [Off] On - for analog controller feel the game. Obstacles Off [On] - enables terrain effect you're battle S ip Battle Off [On] - s ip battle by press X again to End current battle Move Normal [Fast] - self-explanatory, fast game --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Medals are base on rating how you clear each stage. Try counting how medals you own, that's your current stage progress counter . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Medal Types Base Score: Author's quic reasoning. Platinum - Excellent - Attac hard and fast no used of Repair or Missile item and comply needed categories condition. Gold - Great - Attac hard and fast but used of Repair or Missile item and comply needed categories condition. Silver - Best - not to comply some needed categories condition used Repair or Missile item. Bronze - Satisfied - not to comply most needed categories condition used a lot of Repair or Missile item.



Victory Medals Config Save battle Bac to title

[see Victory Conditions] [see Medals you own] [See Config] [Save current Stage 4 bloc s] [exit current battle bac to title menu]







nter one after stage clear: .level of your weapon. of Battles the better.equip/change part. Stoc & Product list. Divide into parts .exchange pilots of wanzer to another wanzer.upgrade complete wanzer including no pilot [Upgrade stoc s parts] . if you lost one specially those needed most assis Note: Its best to lower all the criteria score percentage on getting most Platinum some stage are difficult try to figure it out. speeding up dialogue L2/R2 : Change current wanzer and pilot L1/R1 : Toggle see below Setup a wanzer: Setup . weapon.available only when purchasing parts/weapons/items. the lower the better . Average Damage Average Weapon Level Number of Turns NPC Remaining ping et location.list of Wanzer Part/Weapons/Items available. Equip list Stoc list .Base on criteria below Enemies Eliminated Total No. Parts. Cursor : Up or Down to see and choose/exchange parts/weapons/items availa ble. . . Evade and Boost Cursor : Up or Down to upgrade parts desire to desired level. Sell machines . It's a strategy and tactics game its your choice.damage infect to your wanzer . Exchange machines .number of your wanzer engage in battle the lower . . item current wanzer.   HP Upgrade : Body/Arms/Legs including stoc s                     . Acc. weapons X : Confirm buy. the lower the better .sell unused current wanzer without pilot (for profit ^_^!).allied wanzer that you don't control some are hel others needed bac up assistance to reach the targ NPC are available only in some stage if you encou ma e sure to help it. see more in Miscellaneous Section below.number of your turns to clear/finished stage. a high deduction in your sc ore tance.divide wanzer into parts to stoc s w/o pilot (max sto c 24 parts). Equip or Exchange or buy/sell parts/weapon/item Circle : Cancel everything before buying it. [Upgrade Machines] .upgrade wanzer parts available in your stoc s.current stoc list of Wanzer Part/Weapons/Items available Products list . Weapons and Items Triangle : more info on wanzer parts. ==================================== Setup/Purchase Default Key Settings: ==================================== Cursor : choose a Wanzer. Upgrade Option: Wanzer Parts/Wanzer Stoc s Parts L1/R1 : Upgrade HP.minus the number of surrendered wanzer. Defense. Setup/Buying Options: L1/R1 : to change list Equip.

He has his way of ma ing people feel better. joined after rescuing her. -------------------Emma Playable Cast: -------------------Yun Fai Lan -(Prov PAW2) Moneyma er. ================================================================================ ========== The Cast of Front Mission 3: ================================================================================ ========== I only list those important in the game also included enemies in name and few profiles and the rest are in the game. Alisa Ta emura -(Meledyne M1/Iguchi Lylas) lost sister of Emma.               Defense Upgrade : Accuracy Upgrade: Evade Upgrade : Boost Upgrade : Body Arms Legs Legs only only only only including including including including stoc stoc stoc stoc s s s s                                                   . Kazu i Ta emura -(Zenislev/Shunyo M 111) wanzer expert test pilot of Kirishim a Industry stubborn but concern step brother of Alisa.Note 1: I forgot to added that pressing and hold L1+L2+R1+R2+Select+Start will reset your game automatically. Note 2: I only list here the control you mostly used the rest is up to you. I can't put all here the rest of control option is self explanatory and its your c hoice. Ryogo Kusama -(Kyojun M 107/Shunyo M 111) Kazu i buddy who eep on followi ng him always ma ing jo e of everybody but s illful in using wanzer li e Kazu i. ^_^ Emir Klams y -(Dra e M2F/Re son M4F)USN scientist that created MIDAS responsible ind of gal specially of what she accidentally created. Mostly you can get more info on the m at NETWORK/Select Forum/see Networ lin for details. he'll join before the Stage 1 1 Idiotic man combine with his s ill as an FAI agent. It also can be apply in other Squaresoft game its the universal shortcut of warm reset. Dennis Vicarth -(Re son M4F) FAI agent of USN. Also include the list of the Wanzer they used when they sense he or she joined your team. A talented girl specially of her age. scientist wo r ing at Yo osu a Base Facility. Also now a lot of data about MI DAS. a spender introduced by Hatta. Unli e pressing reset on Playsta tion. ---------Main Cast: ---------In Main Cast list character that you can used during battle scene.

She bac to Japan protecting her homeland also her memories ----------------Supporting Cast: ----------------Col. Miho Shinjo -(Kyo ei M 108) JDF Police Force. Alisa and th e rest. Linny Barilar -(Foura M12A) save him at Stage 37 he'll join you after the b attle Cousin of Pham Luis Note: Dennis. she became former RRF lead betrayed DHZ army. In Emma story you'll fight against him.Isao Ta emura-(Enyo M 109/Yongsai 3) wor ing in JDF father of Kazu i always thin ing of who's right or wrong stubborn li e his s on. Pham Luis -(Zeros) daughter of the Luis Family. joined after helping him on St age 32 but you can't get Jose. but you can't get Li Xian Mei Li -(Getty) former member of RRF. --------------------Alisa Playable Cast: --------------------Hei Fong Liu -(Jinyo M 110/Shangdi 1) DHZ Intelligence agent. Full of critics and critics mostly irritate by Ryogo and vi ce versa. he'll join after Stage 2 4 at Taiwan. joining you be fore stage 8. well help you go she li e Kazu i's father? no it's Liu! She was born in Japa in Australia by his father after her mother died. Jose Astrada -(Pare PAW1/Jinyo M 110) Philippine Taal Base. but you can't control him. choose Alpine Gate Detour. And die in Yancheng base. Flame r S ill: D. Xiao Hua Lan er and s her Available only if you select Pham before you battle start inside Dagat Ahas stage 15 & 17 up to Taal Base stage 21 -(Shangdi_1/Teiqi_4)Leader of RRF.Marcus Armstrong -(Grapple M1/M 20 AFV)USN commander. Chief of Staff Masao Sasa i . She female version of Li or Jose. Change her way than s to Kwang it remind of her late family. joining you at before a ttac Dagat Ahas along with her protector Pierre. Marcus and Jose . Pierre Wells -(Yongsai 3)servants of the Luis family that protecting Pham. Cousin of Linny Barilar. the first Re al Number protector of Bal. choose the easy way in Taal Base. JDF Gen. ta e his revenge against Lu av.in Alisa story you'll fight against theme. Mayer Edward bac to Japan. been hunted by JDF governme nt of nowing information about the JDF Facility incident. JDF Intelligence agent to loo out for Kazu i.(Re son M4F) head of the conspiracy                                                     . -(Enyo M 109) CIU Intelligence agent of OCU. n raise in Japan. he upgrade his own wanzer every stage.

Commander in Nagoya. ex-boyfriend of Mi ho Lt.raise Kwang as her brother even do they're not related Ming Kwang . Tadayu i Mori . Toshia i Goto .an auto mobile repairman also friend of Li/Jose wor ing in DHZ.famous journalist hunted by DHZ agent and RRF of his resear ch on Ravnui Orsha Laboratory. He also best friend of Rudolf Kaiser of Centipede or Wulong in DHZ used to call th em. former scientist in Ravnui Laboratory at Shang hai Hatta Mirza -(Re son M4F) Anti-OCU. Monaro Felipe -(Genie) PHF assigned commander in Negros Defense Fortres s. Teiho u contest Lixian . interested about the Yo osu a bombing cover up.(Jinyo M 110)JDF base commander of Fu uo a Maj. see his photo Wen .(Yongsai 3) an old soldier at DHZ.of along with the USN on mass production of MIDAS Maj. Ta emura. he was also arrange a marriage to Pham ^_^. -----------------------------Japan Defense Force Military -----------------------------Commander Kawada .leader of rebel forces in Davao Anti-OCU Cmdr. Bamarm . Wei Ching Yee .Kirishima Industry engineer at simulation room Yuichi Kiryu . wish remain neutral in ongoing coup Commander Kitajima .JDF soldier a calm man subordinate of Col. Lianyungang port Woo or Wu .pageant contestant along with Alisa at Ms.daughter of late Song Gaun Lei Zhun Xian Lian .commander in Kaita Base who refuse to ta e any action eve n the base Norihi o Tana a . Ta iguchi .daughter of the chief engineer that save Zhun Yang . Yuji Kuroi -(Shunyo M 111/Enyo M 109) JDF Special Defense Force comma ndo leader In Alisa story he was promoted to Major still the leader of SDF.Kirishima Industry technical engineer Shizu a Jingoji .commander in Sasebo base in Emma and in Alisa assign at O inawa Commander Taniyama .the creator of Imaginary Number Project and Real Numbers Chairman Jie Bo Liao -Chairman. a looter in Sumatra stage in Emma sto ry In Alisa story he was also looter only wor ing with Hua Lia n Rebels Semaun Forsyth -(Monster) OCU assigned base commander at Philippine Taal Bas e Hide azu Koi e . Song Guan Lei . Hiromichi Kanai. Bal Gorbovs y .(M 8 Support) JDF soldier loyal to Sasa i side                                                                 . best friend of Dennis in Emma stor y He was illed by the RRF in Wan'an somewhere Alisa story Hoda a Mi ifune .spenders but not as clever li e Yun.who tric s Yun for a false information.the son of the late Ming Huang Jiu that been assassinated by Li/Jose squad during their military service.JBNN reporter.commander in Kumamoto Commander Isogai .(M 12 AFV/M 9 AFV) JDF coup base commander in Koriyama Lt. FAI agent a spy for USN in DHZ. he actually pay Yun to decode the Twin Tiger Hint. Ran Fong . Lt./Lt.TIANLIE engineer who survived the massacre after its comple tion Mie Ling .(Prov PAW2) JDF soldier of Kaita Base.

aggressive type of guy Gastor Marza -(Grapple M1) FAI agent of USN -------------------Da Han Zhong Army: -------------------Wei Wen . Cindy Peasants -(Re son M4F) FAI agent of USN. overconfident Joe Pa er -(Grapple M1) FAI agent of USN. The mad man of the game.assistant. Osamu Itsu o .USN ambassador by day DHZ agent by night. Zhuwen Xia -(Yongsai 3)assigned ambush leader in Huangshan Commander Liang . second in command of Huang                                         . failed Imaginary N umber Ivan Larzalev -(Re son M4F/Lenghe 1) failed experiment of Imaginary Number Griffith -(Qibing 0)Imaginary Number Special Force ----------------------------------------------------------Centipede (a.commander of Changli Army in Shanghai Naval Base Ambassador Clay . He is also s illful in all forms of combat. Wan Dao Han -(Yongsai 3/Tiandong 3/Taita 4 ) assigned DHZ commander in Ta ipei obsessed ind of guy always thin ing of his career first. Lie Yin Jiu -(Wude 3)assigned commander of TIANLIE Fortress Lin Tsao -(Nilong 1) DHZ army assigned leader in Wuhan Xuan Shui -(Taita 4 ) Wuhan assigned base leader Wei Chong San -(M 20 AFV) reinforcement group leader in Huangshan Sgt. Hatari Khartoum -(Vinedrai/Taita 4 )Retired EC intelligence officer.Leader of Hua Lian Rebel Luo Chen . Gregory Harigle -(Lanze/Taita 4 )former USN Sergeant.DHZ commander in Wan'an Supply Base -------------------------------------------------The Imaginary Number: Genetic Engineered Soldier -------------------------------------------------Rosavia Gray -(Qibing_0/Shunwang_1/Wude_3)assigned to ill Li at Longsheng Jared Bogdanof -(Kexi_1/Wude 3/Shunwang_1) who illed Serov at Fuzhou in Emm a story Serov Warren -(Genie Arm) OCU scientist from Australia.Sgt. Rebecca Sydney -(Whis ) Wulong strategies. an FAI agent of U SN and last he also the leader of Purple Hase. Viecy the first and leader of Imaginary Number. Emilio Gusly -(Whis ) Retired EC corporal. --------------------------------------------Hua Lian Rebel of Guangzhou: Anti DHZ rebel --------------------------------------------Huang Mo Shun . Betray his creator then create his new ideal plan of world domination. .DHZ commander in Fuzhou Commander Kou .(Jinyo M 110/Prov PAW2)JDF soldier from Kaita Base -------------------------------Purple Hase: USN Special Force -------------------------------Lu av Minaev -(Kehei_0 /Re son M4F/Shunwang 1/Lenghe) real name: Pielvy Z.a The Wulong at DHZ): Mercenaries for Hire ----------------------------------------------------------Rudolf Kaiser -(Grezex) Leader of Wulong.

.. Isao Ta emura the default last name then he will be Isao Wilson. EMMA STORY GUIDE ================================================================================ ==========     Go with him Don't go with him . legenda ry chi fighter. Koi e next You have to deliver two new wanzer with Ryogo at JDF Yo osu a Base then bac to Ryogo the you have to reply and choose. also effect Alisa Ta emura to Alisa Wilson ^_^) Game start in tutorial first objective must arrive at target location... Do all th e fighting fast its only a tutorial... secon                                       .. member of the rebel also Wuo Ben Tang -(Re son M4F) die on helping other Hua Lian member on a convo y train So Young Zhuwen -(Re son M4F) member of Hua Lian Rebel Yu Jiang Yue -(Grapple M1) base Commander of Guilin in Emma story.. JDF Test Facility WC: 1 EW: 2 Jinyo M 110.assigned base commander in DHZ.. Well help on how the game control see Basic Control fo r details. press Start to cancel the movie if you wan to and continue . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 0: Tutorial Location: O inawa.. d ================================================================================ ========== III. here you choose which side of story you wou ld li e to play. Note: The wanzer you're about to test is Shunyo M 111 assault type of wanzer.Yong Nian Chang -(Re son M4F) Hua Lian base commander in Guangzhou Ling Chao Hoa -(Re son M4F) Save her against the two drun in Guangzhou Dow ntown sister of Wuo Ben Tang. auto Pilot only ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the tutorial here you have to Tal to several person first to Ryogo. In Alisa story in Suichuan he die in protecting the village rs against RRF. Xiamen Liang Hua Zhou -(Shangfeng 5) former DHZ soldier depict after to shown their loyalty to deceased Ming Huang Jiu Shui Zhen Xu -(Shangfeng 5) same also li e Liang ================================================================================ ========== Game start on FMV. After the logo of Kirishima Industry appears now here your chance on naming your player name default first and last name was Kazu i Ta emura choose confirm to continue (the funny thing that if you change you last name to Wilson then...Emma Klams y Story > I choose these first . se e wanzer MD. Chong .Alisa Ta emura Story < see below after Emma..

after the explosion the gun turrets are out of control. You decided to ta e the turret before it can do damage to you. Well than s to Ryogo you manage to enter in one piece inside. In completion of the delivery you have to leave. then Ryogo came as ed you again to g o with him on the delivery of 2 wanzers at Yo osu a Base (this time Kazu i can't deny).. you receive a tip that a lot of JDF Officers used to drin there after wor ing hours at the Downtown Bar. After what you have discovered ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 2: Snea ers Location: Yo osu a Base Facility (inside) WC: 3 EW: 2 JinyoM 110 2 Kasel M2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Emma suggested another way out on Main Gate expect unwelcome visitors on your wa y out.Choose move then to Construction Zone the tal to Ryogo and move to the deliver the new wanzer. Mean while below as they spea here they come! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 3: Move it! Location: Yo osu a Base (exit) WC: 3 EW: 2 Jinyo M 110 1 Kasel M2 ER: 1 Jinyo M 110 1 Kasel_M2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------During you escape the battle if you manage eep all your unit in elevator missio n accomplished or you can destroy all the wanzer or manage to surrender the pilots ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 4: Location: Yo osu a Base (outside) WC: 3 EW: 1 Jinyo M 110 2 M 9 AFV                                                             . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 1: The Delivery Location: Yo osu a Base WC: 2 EW: 4 12mm_MG ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After these event JDF special force arrive and you are force to leave that area bac to you're place you receive e-mail from Alisa. When you try to leave you meet Emma that overheard your saying that she will hire you to help her snea inside the Yo osu a Base Facilit y. you unload your wa nzer trying to go inside. you can ta l to anybody there if you want to.

Equipment and how to Upgrad e parts ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 8: Decision Made Location: Yo osu a. He will also gave you the E-mail address of a police sta tion. Kamariya JC WC: 3 EW: 2 Jinyo M 110 1 Enyo M 109 1 M 9 AFV ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the fight.ER: 2 Jinyo M 110 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the fight Emma will explain to you how used Setup on your wanzers. The shop owner will explain on buying Item. And try to surf on the net and download battle simulatio n you'll be needing this one on gaining levels and experience and abilities. (Highway) WC: 3 EW: 2 Kyo ei M 108 3 Hanniger ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Try to get rid of the Hanniger first. Kamariya JC (Express way) WC: 3 EW: 1 Kyo ei M 108 2 Enyo M 109 1 M 9 AFV ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 7: The Borrowers Location: Yo osu a. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 6: Hunters Order Location: Yo osu a. After the battle they plan to escape out of Japan by the used of the plane witho ut a runway but Dennis had a plan then.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                   . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 5: Justice Location: Yo osu a Kamariya JC. the shop owner now both Kazu i and Ryogo they been convicted o f what happen on the facility. Honmofu uto (on the way) WC: 3 EW: 1 Jinyo M 110 1 Kasel M2 2 Enyo MK109 Try to Enyo M 109 used melee weapon best on it.. then Kyo ei M 108 ma e sure you are in cou nter range. Yo ohama WC: 3 EW: 2 Jinyo M 110 2 Enyo M 109 2 Se ida ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you destroy the 2 truc s and manage to surrender 2 enemy pilot you'll receive Platinum medal. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 9: Location: Yo osu a. Note: A Shop and Simulator are online on the NETWORK. Weapons.

Wilson Cliffs WC: 4 EW: 4 Jinyo M 110 1 Cadenza ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the battle you've discover that inside the transport truc are people. Emma had a dream Kazu i wa e her up then Hatta came and tell that Moneyma er is being arrested. At the City Streets meet Moneyma morrow. Except Serov give information about the air accident in Sumatra. Inside the USN try to chec your e-mai l on NETWORK by Koi e explain. Then they decided to recue her. Kazu i and Emma went Moneyma er doing her job and been caught by the OCU. You decided to visit a Shop here wanzer parts better read it. You informed that the MIDAS is in OCU base on Australi a. you head bac to Will Cliffs then transport to Submarine towards Sumatra.---------Stage 10: Location: Yo osu a. You'll assign to chec it out ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 11: Location: Australia. And for saving his life he decided to help Kazu i on informati on. its useful hideout at Jurong telling you about a friend he er after few tal . You decided to help the Red wanzers as your mission finding the plane.. Honmofu uto WC: 3 EW: 2 Jinyo M 110 1 Tiandong_3 1 Laiying_1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As you leave Japan towards USN 3rd Fleet. next ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 12: Location: Sumatra WC: 4 EW: 2 Jinyo M 110 2 Kasel M2 2 Genie ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Try saving Hatta and other red wanzers plus at least surrender 2 or 3 wanzer pilots earn Platinum medal.. After the end of battle you meet Hatta a rebel anti OCU who decided to shot down the OCU plane for profit..) Arriving at the battle between the Red wanzers who's trying to protect as our he ro nown. Before you choose you destination:                                         . Next destination Singapore Hatta nows. You try to interrogate but they refused to gave information. and she reply you get it to the shop owner tells you more info on upgrading as the game progress later. City Streets Shops Parts/Weapon/Item/Upgrade 2/1   The group splits-up to have some fun.

Taal Base WC: 4 EW: no information yet I never try to continue ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you choose the hard way never mind below see and continue on Stage 16: -Easy Way+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-++-+-+-+-+-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   After the battle Kazu i rescue Moneyma er then enemy reinforcements arrive than s to Purple Hase arrive at the nec of time....Rescue Moneyma er Chec your e-mail on NETWORK..Wanzer sale ??? ??? ??? ??? Jurong . If you went bac to Jurong Hatta will gave you a ______ then continue to Prison and rescue Moneyma er.                         .Hatta hideout Prison ... They decided to infiltrate Philippine Taal Base that's were MIDAS were ta en. they cover you as you escape... Taal Base Alpine Gate WC: 4 EW: 2 Jinyo M 110 1 Kasel M2 3 40mm Gun ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Better have one unit have a Grenade to bombard enemy units. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 15a: Location: Philippine. you choose which two route: the Alpine Gate [14b] or Lower Gate [1 4a] Hint: Ta e the suggestion of Yun easy as she says. +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-++-+-+-+-+-Hard Way+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-++-+-+-+-+----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 14a: Location: Philippine. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 13: Location: WC: 4 EW: 2 Infantry 1 Jinyo M 110 4 MBT2 Kuarve ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Best to stay out of the Spotlight increased enemies Hit rate +100% At the USN 3rd Fleet after the rescue Yun (Moneyma er) give the information and decided to join your group.next the Rescue.

after defeating it receive Jade Metal Layman After the battle meet Alisa along with the scientist upon nowing Emma the creat or of MIDAS later Lu av arrive with his dying wanzer they decided to leave the plac e. Taal Naval Base WC:4 EW: 4 Jinyo MK110 1 Hanniger 2 Monster -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                   . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 18: The Last of Purple Haze Location: Philippine. Taal Base Lower Gate WC: 4 EW: 3 Jinyo M 110 4 Tan s 1 Monster ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------At the end of your each turn you receive fire support from the USN submarine. Lu av and 2 other Scientist.Stage 14b: Location: Philippine. If you choose the hard way never mind above see and continue on Stage 16: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Either way you choose you'll continue here after 15a or b ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 16: The Truth Location: Philippine. Taal Base WC:4 EW: 2 Jinyo M 110 4 Kasel M2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Used the large container near the enemy wanzer to damage them. Inside the Base more you arrive at enemy ammunition depot room. Taal Base WC: 4 EW: 2 Jinyo M 110 1 Kasel M2 1 Kodomari 2 Brenos ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Meet Kodomari OCU prototype wanzer. Carrying Pistol only You needed to reach the Hoover Craft near the MBT2 Kuarve Tan or destroyed all enemy wanzer not including the 40mm Gun. Here see the conversation of Semaun and Jose a very s illful pilot. Taal Base WC: 8 EW: 1 Jinyo MK110 2 Kasel M2 3 40mm Gun 1 MBT2 K uarve ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The other 4 units are Alisa. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 17: The Escape Location: Philippine. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 15b: Location: Philippine.

assigned location but enemies showed up.Yin o (Easy way) You discovered that team Charlie is not in | Enemies patrol wanzers have spott ed you..Yin o: Continue on plan of entering Taipei (easy way) (I choose route B the easy way) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Path A .Xinzhu (Hardway) | Path B . Next you c ross again On the next town you meet Han anticipated | to enemy defense but its easy. After the mission you receive information on Lu av and the scientist a negative one. Te am Bravo your plan he had the ambush party | also assist you 3 fire support.. Before the battle received fire support from USN Submarine at the end of each tu rn. Rur al Village WC: 4 EW: 2 Tiandong_3 1 Chixuan_6 | WC: 4 EW: 1 Tiandong_3 3                 . ready to attac . Yin o WC: 4 EW: 2 Tiandong_3 2 Chixuan_6 | WC: 4 EW: 4 Tiandong_3 3 Yongsai_3 ER: 2 Tiandong_3 | Meet Wan Dao Han piloting Yon gsai_3 Meet Wan Dao Han piloting Tiandong_3 | --------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------Team Charlie radio that they been chase out | Team Bravo radio-in enjoying thei r situation then Cool Face ordered to continue operation| than s to you. Jose last battle along with Semaun. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 19: The Diversion Location: Taiwan...Xinzhu: Chec team Charlie (hard way) B .. At the end of battle see how powerful MIDAS bomb can do. | --------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------Stage 20a: Location: Taipei. After the battle receive radio communication on the other team your team is Cool Face other Bravo headed by Marcus Armstrong and Charlie with still no comm.You came to assist the Purple haze but. Town | Stage 21b: Location: Taiwan.. Ba Kui Dam WC:4 EW: 5 Yongsai 3 1 Laiying_1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Just get rid of the Yongsai_3 in the lower dam first before the top.. | --------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------Stage 21a: Location: Taipei. Choose Path: A . The enemy new tha t you were | the real assault team. Xinzhu | Stage 20b: Location: Taiwan . Next Taipei Your inside Taiwan territory your encounter Changli army for now..

.M 54 MBT ndong 3 Meet Wan Dao Han piloting Tiandong_3 | Receive 3 fire support from T eam Bravo ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------At last you arrive at the target location.Were you meet Ambassador Clay USN Embassy . search the net for new NetLin .. -Taipei CityTaipei City Empty House .. Ambassador Clay informed you that Lu av is hiding inside Hunguang Factory and he suggest to attac at night. At night your team was ambush by. Hunguang Factory WC:4 EW: 3 Tiandong 3 3 Yongsai 3 1 Taita 4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Han will launched a grenade on a target including with his allies still their. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 23: Han Hand down Location: Taipei. At the end of the battle they planning a new plan 'cause someone is lea ing info rmation suddenly radio com..Buy New Wanzer...Meet Marcus here Better Chec mail.3/Lvl 2 Taipei Bar . Marcus informed that they all been slaughte red on his team and planning to meet him in the USN Embassy.Your temporary base hide out for awhile Taipei Shop . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 22: War Factory Location: Taipei. from Team Bravo.. Before you leave Emma will as ed you if you are not ready or ready choose ready to visit the Ambassador himself in the USN embassy Marcus Arrive with M 20 APV tan he came bubbling decided to tal more later. download picture or useful da ta Setup your Wanzers and Loc & Load when your ready . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------                             2 Shangfeng_5 2 Laiying_1 | Meet Wan Dao Han piloting Tia ... Hunguang Factory WC:4 EW: 4 M 54 MBT 2 Yongsai_3 1 Laiying 2 Infant ry ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The group had suspicions on Ambassador Clay information still they move-on insid e As the group expected that Lu av is still their but Meet Han with his best and new toy Taita 4 they been tric again.. Weapons and Upgrade HP Lvl.

. Futai Tunnel(inside) WC:4 EW: 3 Yongsai 3 2 M 54 MBT 1 Armored Car ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you destroyed the Armored Car it gave 220-300+ exp. Towards the Fu Tai tunnel ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 26: Location: Taiwan. Next meet new special assault wa nzers. In the Taipei City group encounter Changli Army on their way out of the city ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 25: S y Scrapers Location: Taipei... City Streets WC:4 EW: 3 Haolong_4 4 M 54 MBT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Try to ta e out Haolong unit first before it can damage with Missile plus its he ight extra addition to its range and shot gun also..---------Stage 24: Ambassador no more Location: Taipei. better let the low level character it will boost it level pilot 1 star to 3-4 star as for the weapon level add 3 st ar+ After the battle Ryogo commenting negative about things happening and Emma tells not to hear li e it will effect the mission. USN Embassy WC:4 EW: 2 Tiandong 3 3 Chixuan 6 1 M 5a APC 3 Infant ry ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After Marcus join you group with his wanzer Grapple M1 then the group decided to continue in pursuit of Lu av heading towards the tunnel. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 27: Location: Taiwan. Futai Tunnel (outside) WC:4 EW: 4 Yongsai_3 2 Tiandong_3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you already triggered Double Shot I of Prov PAW2 from Yun wanzers its useful against Yongsai 3... A missile pod came through the glass wall of the tunnel. When Ryogo eep on tal ing of enemies here they come. Taal Base remember? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 28: New foe Location: Fu Tai Tunnel (inside 2) WC:4 EW: 4 Qibing 0 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                   . similar missile pod tha t you ride when you assault the Phil.

Guangzhou City Hua Lian Rebellion Headquarters . Oil Field WC:4 EW: 5 Yongsai 3 2 Dual Cannon Allied: 2 Re son M4F on Hua Lian Rebellion army ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Due to your success of mission they trust you after you visit Downtown of Guangz hou save ling against the two drun men then leave you can visit the shop for the upg rade. As Dennis suggestions you arrive at Da Han Zhong. Guangzhou.Buy New Wanzer.. Return to Hua Lian HQ then Yun bubbling about the e-mail she receive informing on the location of Alisa its a fa e ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 31: The Payment Location: Da Han Zhong. Wuzhou WC:4 EW: 4 Shangdi_1 2 Wude_3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------                               . When your done go bac to Hua Lian HQ Huang is waiting along with Chang and Luo.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 29: The Inspector Location: Da Han Zhong.Don't fight in close range the mostly counter Double Assault I and mostly don't engage on fighting them if three of them are in range may cause to trigger Bac up Fire s ill. item and upgrade 4/2 Parts/Weapon/Item Downtown of Guangzhou . then Huang leader of Hua Lian Rebellion tells to go to your Dorm itory inside as ed Dennis everything you want to now about Huang then leave. Yizhang WC:4 EW: 2 M 54_MBT 2 M 59_APC 4 Infantry EWR: 1 Wude_3 1 Shangdi_1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Destroying M 59 APC will result for reinforcements to arrive better ill them after destroying the tan stay close to enemy unit. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 30: Meet RRF Location: Da Han Zhong. Ling's brother is on a mission but its been intercepted along the way at Yizhang Then you decided to help Ling's find her brother. Went to see Huang they still needed to trust your team worthy so they send you to Sanya Base to intercepted DHZ inspector. When you return Yun is doing her hac ing job again then Ryogo came loo ing for h er. They were late but enemies are waiting. Later after destroying Wude_3 you'll receive DHZ Military Intelligence.you temporary base of operation Guangzhou Shop .some refreshment You meet Chang.

. He explain why he was here who he was and others.. but its an successful one . Longsheng WC: 4 EW: 2 Shunwang_1 3 Lenghe_1 2 Mingtian_1 Allied: Getty ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You meet Li with his new addition wanzer to your group. then the decided to go bac ngzhou and ta e all the stuff that Ivan bright when he escape. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 33: Location: Da Han Zhong. Then the Imagin ary Number arrive loo ing for Ivan to eliminate him.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 32: Location: Da Han Zhong..                             at Gua . Chec your e-mail and send bac mail necessary Group arrive at Fuzhou loo s li e abandon suddenly Red Wanzers shots by Genie Ar m who's being piloted bye Serov Warren the OCU scientist then..   Emma was so desperate of what happen to Ivan. Li Group finding a way to locate the Base Operation of RRF and Kazu i volunteer as decoy while the other party search for its point of origin.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 34: Location: Da Han Zhong. Fuzhou WC: 4 EW: 5 Yongsai_3 1 Genie Arm ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Notice at this point you are already at the middle of the game so expect a lot of tal ing later in the game. Jared was aiming on Emma but Ivan c over her... Ivan won't be ta e down so easy so he fight.. After few convincing tho ught group decided to move forward to for investigation We see again Alisa's at Ravnui at Shanghai tal ing again to Lu av. Now it time for pay bac but it's not easy.. Xiamen WC: 4 EW: 3 Shunwang_1 3 Mingtian_1 2 M 73 MBT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Try to destroy Jared and Rosavia's wanzers first then the Mingtian After the bring Kwang ling volunteered to ta e care of Ran Fong. -XiamenUpon arrival Huang had a information on a escapee from Ravnui laboratory his nam e was Ivan Larzalev.

. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 38: Location: TIANLEI (outside) WC: 4 (A) EW: 2 Shangdi_1 4 Wude_3                       . On defeating Rudolf receive SCHNECKER and SENDER on defeating Rebecca 2 web site added Group discover that RRF base was mobile fortress and planning to destroy it. whi le Yun trying to download it blueprint but not a successful. Dennis Team A .----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 35: Rudolf of Wulong Location: Yoping WC: 4 EW: 1 Grezex 1 Whis EWR: 3 Tiandong_3 1 Shangdi_1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Guan Lei daughter Ran Fong ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 36: Ran Location: Foshan WC: 3 Li EW: 4 Agent 1 Grezex 1 Whis ER: 1 Vinedrai 1 Lanze 1 Whis Meet the Wulong Rudolf piloting Grezex and Rebecca piloting Whis Reinforcement Hatari piloting Vinderai. Until he sai d the name Dennis not his real name. Then she downloaded the li st of engineer only discover their all deceased but there's another one At Yongzhong you went into a bar tal to the bartender named Randy. Zhun... Hua Lian rebel planning to trap the Ti anlie and succeeded now time for the Annihilation Team you had to destroy all enemy of fensive weapons and wanzers time to get busy.Infiltration Team (Kazu i team) add remaining If you already choose in which your team you member Better save then continue.. At Hengshan. Greg on Lanze and Emilio on Whis ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After defeating Rudolf three more enemy reinforcements arrive.Annihilation Team (Dennis team) choose other 3 Kazu i Team B . decided to help Kazu i ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 37: Location: Huanggoushu WC: 4 EW: 3 Infantry 1 Whis 2 MBT2_AFV 2 Taita_ 4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------They reach the destination in Kunming and meet Mei Ling Shun tells the story.

Wuhan (highway) WC: 4 EW: 4 Tan 3 Laiying_1 2 Tiandong_3 1 Nilong_1 Meet Lin Tsao piloting Nilong 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------           . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 40: Last of RRF Location: Inside Mobile Fortress. TIANLEI WC: 4 (B) EW: 4 Shangdi_1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The group continue to move down to the mid level of TIANLEI and meet the foe at Wuzhou. Better get fast after reaching the first level the TIANLEI Commander are their t o stop you from escaping. You better attac fast or you'll run out of time and blow up with TIANLEI fight fast time or turn is against you in this mission. Losing condition: 12 turns pass or your pilots destroyed --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 42: Soldiers Morale Location: DHZ. then Kazu i set the generator to max it should explode the TIANLEI. But Zhun dispatch theirs an erro r the time is set to half then you have to get out of TIANLEI before it explode. TIANLEI b1 WC: 4 (B) EW: 4 Wude_3 Meet Lie Yin Jiu piloting Wude 3 Winning condition: All enemies destroyed or surrender in 11 turns. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 39: The Real Team Location: Inside Mobile Fortress.2 105mm Gun 2 Yunsheng 42 Meet also Jared and Rosavia both piloting Wude_3 wanzer. You arrive at the first level inside the TIANLEI and meet enemy wanzer get ready . TIANLEI WC: 4 (B) EW: 3 Shangdi_1 1 Teiqi_1 Meet Lan piloting Teiqi 1 for the last time ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kazu i group reach the bottom of TIANLEI at the power generator. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After you destroyed the flight dec defense here comes the real Infiltration Tea m. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 41: Better Rush-up Location: Inside Mobile Fortress.

---------Stage 43: Location: DHZ. Wuhan Bridge WC: 4 EW: 3 M 42 Quad 5 Laiying_1 1 Taita 4 NPC: 2 Re son M4F Meet Xuan Shui piloting Taita 4 and So Young Zhuwen piloting Re son M 4F Losing condition: Hua Lian destroyed by turn 4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now you ta e control of enemy supply base. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 44: Location: La e Poyang WC: 4 EW: 5 Pilots (AWACS Pilot) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 45: Location: Huangshan WC: 4A EW: 2 Yongsai_3 2 Laiying_1 3 Chixuan_6 2 Infantry ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 46: Location: Nanjing Bridge WC: 4B EW: 1 Lanze 1 Vinedrai 1 Whis 4 M 20 AFV Meet Greg piloting Lanze. Hatari piloting Vinedrai and Emilio piloting Whis for the last time ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 47: Location: Huangshan WC: 4A EW: 3 Laiying_1 2 M 20 AFV 2 Infantry 1 Chixuan_6 1 M 59 APC Meet Wei Chong San piloting M 20 AFV ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 48: Location: Nanjing City WC: 4A EW: 2 Yongsai 2 Haolong_4 2 M 54 MBT 2 Infan try Allied: 2 Shang Feng_5 Losing Condition: Hua Lian helicopters get destroyed ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 49: Location: Huangshan WC: 4B EW: 3 M 54 MBT 2 Infantry 1 M 59 APC 2 Laiying_1 1 Chixuan_6 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Moveable area: [1] Nanjing Shop Nanjing Bar Patriot Man [2] Nanjing Bar [3] Nanjing Government Nanjing Shop Wanzer Upgrade: HP Parts Level 6 and other Parts Level 5                 Wanzer parts on sale: Shangdi 1 Teiqi 4 Wude 3 Weapons/Bac pac /Pilot Computer: M 12 Fist Laohu 3 M 7 E-Pac M 13 Baton Huosai 3 Placid M 22 Spi e Hvy Shield COMB603 Huida 3 Type 14 GR COMC654 Chongta 3 Zhiniao 50 COM6                                 .

after that Emma realize what Bal was tal ing she explain it to Alisa. Inside the office Bal.. after tal ing to them Lu av has its own plan. At Intermission chec mail to Linny from Barilar (3) -Inside the EmbassyRyogo suggest that Kazu i and Emma go get Alisa they will ta e care of what happ ening their. They are the one being steal 'cause Emma and Alisa are both Imaginary Numbers. Bal loo happy after s eeing Emma that its been 10 years Emma remember him.. -Shanghai AirportEverything is wor as plan when Rudolf and Rebecca of the remaining of Wulong an d guess your next move now they're on revenge of what happen to their members (Greg. Everybody on board towards the embassy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 50: Location: Shanghai Airport WC: 4 EW: 1 Grezex 1 Whis 3 M 20 AFV 2 Armored Car Meet Rudolf Kaiser piloting Grezex and Rebecca Sydney piloting Whis fight them for the last time ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the battle Dennis came up of alternative plan he borrowed their enemy Armo red Car.                                                 .COM5 Bac Nanjing Government choose either "Ready or Not ready". when ready Emma came up with a plan on its way towards Ravnui Embassy were Alisa is being held. Tal to Em ma then to Alisa and to Bal. Hat ari and Emilio) they had few bac now you ta e them down as well li e the others. See Emma f lashbac in FMV. He too Alisa an d Emma along him with the help of Lenghe_1 wanzer who punch-in to brea the discussion. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 51: Location: Shanghai Embassy (outside) WC: 4 EW: 3 Shangdi_1 2 Wude_3 2 Bihu_1 Empty vehicle: Armored Car ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------after the fight the group enter the embassy Kazu i unstoppable. They try to a void meeting opposition of Hua Lian and Shanghai defenders they suggest to ta e the r ailway towards Shanghai Airport near the Ravnui Embassy. -Ravnui EmbassyThe group arrive with a BIG BRAKE! enemy Real Numbers are getting ready after th ey arrive now first taste of the good Real Numbers are in combat. Lu av and Alisa were there. Tal to Bal then to Lu av and to Alisa Emma parents were accused of stealing during their escape at the lab.

At t hat moment Ryogo went in along with his wanzer. on Lu av side now they illing each other. Dennis also try to contact FAI Headquarters when he get there. He call for requesting help o n Lu av. also ma ing deal about the MIDAS mass production both side agree of their condit ion. Then Lu av leave with is group. already connected to DHZ Military Movement site and about the Yanch eng base. That police report a truc carrying wanzers are hea ded at that location. an old nuclear missile silo. Tal to Yun. while Ryogo and Li will be loo out outside. Then Rosavi a came inform him that he had a dispatch from Mr. Li suggested to went in Buxi at automobile shop of the late Guan Lei. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 52: Location: Ravnui Embassy (inside) WC: 4 EW: 3 Shangdi_1 2 Real (soldier) 3 Wude_3 ER: 1 Shangdi_1 Lui piloting Shangdi 1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------after the fight add website address EMBASSY/Government/DHZ. Lu av notice Ka and Alisa are inside. He didn't li e what he just received? Meanwhile at Yancheng base At inside DHZ Missile Base Ruin Lu av was tal ing to Alisa and Emma. Dennis will stay for a while and try to catch up after chec the USNavy update. Meet the Real Numbers soldiers for the last time. at the base seeing Lu av wanzer meeting Bal along wit Liu. -BuxiAt Guan Lei's House the place was messed up the military already search the area .                                           . Dennis informed Kazu i that the Hua Lian Rebel had been defeated at Shanghai. Sasa i. Now Ryogo also suggest to escape the embass y first then rescue them. Yun start doing what she does best. Then the came up in mind that may be Lu av location Kazu i ordered to go in that base. he will wait inside for a good fight ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 53: Location: Yancheng base (outside)   a lot of his Imaginary Numbers getting ready to stop Kazu         -Yancheng BaseOutside Kazu i arrive Chairman Jie was also in their zu i group he tell the that Emma .Kazu i trying to help them but its no used Bal escape in suggestion of Liu. -Outs irts of ShanghaiDennis informed Kazu i again about the Hua Lian rebel at Shanghai that they retr eat to Wuhan. Tal to Li. everybody ta e their chances on Li sugestion and went their.

And loo for a ship that may be useful to get into Japan. After ta ing off Lu a v he loo an eye on Emma and Alisa you had to stop him. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------End of Lu av Treachery his wanzer was destroyed then Liu arrive to revenge the d eath of Bal and finished Lu av himself with Double Assault attac . -Buxi BarTal to Bartender. Lu av tell the location Emma and Alisa. Despair man. Bac to the bar Emma informed Kazu i about the coup in Japan who's the ringleade r of it. Kazu i arrived. Moveable area: [1] Buxi Bar [2] Guan Lei's house Send mail to Luo and Ran Fong from Li/Jose.WC: 4 EW: 2 Shunwang_1 2 Lenghe_1 4 M 54 MBT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the fight the group went inside. Time to rescue Emma and Alisa ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 54: Location: Yancheng base (inside) WC: 4 EW: 3 Lenghe_1 3 Shunwang_1 ER: 1 Shangdi_1 Meet Lu av piloting Shunwang_1 and Liu on Shangdi_1 Losing condition: Liu arrive at flashing point. the assassination of MIDAS creator at fist he confuse and follow it after seeing it to Marcus. the USN Special Force Commando arrive and show the old                                                                 . -LianyungangThe place loo s li e a ghost town when a Yongsai wanzer showed up an old soldier piloting it stubborn li e Kazu i. After he finished reading the FAI Headquarters new orders. At intermission chec mail to Kazu i from Wei Ching Yee and to Emma from Ken M. Li/Jose suggested to went in Lianyunga ng. After illing Liu Kazu i rescue Emma and Alisa and leave the base and went bac to Buxi. Resigned Man and Tenacious Woman After tal ing to them bac to Dennis FAI new orders. He will hide it to K azu i and not to betray them. (2) Inside Lu av planning to lure Kazu i into a trap while Emma And Alisa are the ba it. -BuxiAt Buxi Kazu i and other will go out to the bar but Dennis will stay and catch u p. Its Isao Ta emura Kazu i's father after nowing this and their situation in DHZ they had no choice DHZ military are pursuing them.

Ta iguchi of 2nd unit as ed for the origi n of the ship and the group as ed for officer Isao Ta emura. Lt. Go to Hangar shop -Hangar ShopWanzer Upgrade: HP Parts Level 7 and other Parts Level 4 Bac to Doc now Go to LST choose ready if you finished upgrading. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 56: Location: Offshore Japan WC: 4 EW: 3 Mmg3 Ship ER1: 2 Oceanhahn ER2: 2 Mmg3 Ship ER3: 2 Oceanhahn Winning condition: Defend for 9 turns ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the fight the JDF attac ers retreat after 9 turns. Tal to Yang chec out his hangar for wanzers equipment. Dennis was surprise about the USN a ction that it was too fast for USN to ta e action. Then he as ed if is there bo ard named Kazu i Ta emura and reply that he will escort their ship to Sasebo harbor. Time to stop their insanity first b efore they succeeded of their plan. The old man name is Yang as favor of helping him he will ta e you to his old LST ship and decided to ta e you their himself. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 55: Location: Lianyungang WC: 4 EW: 4 Grapple M1 4 Re son M4F ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The old soldier ta e you to his place after the fight. Chec mail to Kazu i from Zhun & Mei Ling and to Yun from Woo. Now leaving DHZ bac to Japan. Another JDF destroyer ship arrive.     At Sasebo office they meet Isao.soldier they had order to ill the creator of MIDAS.                           Wanzer parts on sale: Vinedrai Lanze Whis Grezex Weapons/Bac pac /Pilot Computer: M 12 Fist Laohu 3 M 7 E-Pac M 13 Baton Huoyao 3 Placid M 22 Spi e Hvy Shield COMB652 Huida 3 Type 14 GR COMC554 Chongta 3 Zhiniao 50 COMG10 COM6                                       . before go any further chec mail to Kazu i from   -Offshore JapanAt the LST Bridge Yang a little concerned of situation when a JDF soldier attac ing their ship you had to sun them before they sun your ship first.

Cause Isao was following movements of Sasa i. Tal to Ta iguchi. Emma and to Isao. Outside Kuroi gave signal to commence attac . -Tarada e ObservatoryTa iguchi ta en you to a safe place for now. Bac inside the planning about the situation. Sasa i is master mind of the coup and MIDAS project then blaming Isao of what's happening. Yuji Kuroi piloting Shunyo M 111 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the fight the group plan to rejoin the allied force that been disperse. tal to Emma she planned on ta ing down Sasa i at Kyusho then rescue Isao before Lu av ma e his move. Then again "As about Lu av" then "As about Imaginary Numbers" now you'll now the truth why Emma and Alisa parents escape the Orsha lab and leave Alisa to him and why E mma end up in USN custody.                                                                                       . he will ordered Ta iguchi to ta e Kazu i to Tarada e Observatory. But Emma afraid that sooner later Lu av will figure out to ma e MIDAS for himsel f. then "As about Lu av" Isao tell you that Lu av is alive and now in Japan after the incident at DHZ joining forces with Sasa i. Kazu i getting ready for the attac . The base commander of Sasebo turn against them. Chec mail to Marcus from Susan (4) . They had a lot to tal about this point you are about to as ed Isao. he informed you that other allies are Kumamoto. Then he was arrested by Comd r. Suddenly JDF soldier reported that enemy wanzers are surrounding the area. Weather Observatory WC: 4 EW: 5 Shunyo M 111 3 Kasel M2 Meet Lt. Bac at Sasebo Isao ordered his allies to disperse. Kawada of Sasebo accused of coup ringleader and also search for Isao son. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 57: Location: Tarada e. the Kumamoto 8th Division is hiding on Mt. Shutendoji. "As about MIDAS" he will tell you about the MIDAS 2 copy of the original and the original that he hide on it's way in co mpletion. then to Dennis from Sybil. then to Jose/Li from Ran Fon g and last to Marcus from Chang. Th e it up to Yun s ill on finding their location.Kiryu (4) to Emma from Lixian (2). "As about the coup" he explain. Meanwhile outside JDF Special Force Commando found you location their leader ord ered to surround the weather observation then wait for his signal. Miyaza i and Kugoshima are now in disperse and Isao is being arrested now at Sasebo. You had to get their before Sasa i finds out their location. Send mail to Susan and reply to Lixian. Tal to Alisa.

Tal to Taniyama and to Ta iguchi he will tell you about Kirishima secret websit e along with the password SHUNYO. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 58: Location: Mt. ShutendojiThe group arrive at the location a Construction Site meet Taniyama of the 8th Di vision. At Sasebo Sasa i receive the result to Fu uo a squad that they failed. Tal to Taniyama. Coward and Thrill See er Tal to Former Soldier for password: SINTJ Koriyama lin in NTJ -Kumamoto ShopWanzer Upgrade: HP Parts Level 7 and other Parts Level 4                                                                               . while his group stop the incoming visitors . The loo for Kuroi and gave him order to destroy the Kumamoto base. bu t no enemy movement were spotted. Moveable Area: [1]Kumamoto Bar [2]Kumamoto Shop [3]Kumamoto JDF Base -Kumamoto barYou can tal to Bartender. Former Soldier. -Kumamoto BaseTa iguchi informed you that others are following and moving towards Kumamoto. -Mt. It ta es time for recon squad for report you'll have to wait. Kazu i or dered Taniyama to retreat bac in Kumamoto. Go out and meet them. Inside you discuss about what happen to Isao and Kazu i group plan of gathering allied forces the discussion was interrupt when JDF Soldier report that enemy wanzer sp otted outside Commander Tana a 4th Division of Fu uo a by. At this point the secret wanzer are obtainable at the net. Shutendoji WC: 4 EW: 3 Enyo M 109 3 Jinyo M 110 Meet Norihi o Tana a piloting Jinyo M 110 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the fight is the 4th Division arrive at Kumamoto and you go there to joine d forces before enemy forces arrive. Shutendoji.Chec mail to Linny from Barilar (4) Bac at Sasebo Sasa i gave order to Fu uo a division to destroy the 8th Division at Mt. Chec mail to Kazu i from Liang Hua then leave. Lu av warn him about underestim ating Kazu i but he will help with DHZ army. Tal to Alisa than s to her quic thin ing suggest to ta e a loo at the map Emma then request Taniyama to send recon squad at south of highway 20 9.

        After there fight the group bac to the base. Aso Foothills   The allied are successfully joined with the 8th Division.Omuta Harbor After you divided they went two location Mt. Inside the base large group of enemy are moving from 3 directions from Fu uo a. This mission you had to divide your group: Team A: Ryogo and Yun (choose other) .at Mt. Visit upgrade and re-supply if done bac to Kumamoto JDF Base. Aso foothills and Omuta First Ryogo team enemy convoy are passing thru its up to Ryogo team to stopped t hem.Bac to base for the report on recon squad. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 59 Location: Nagahama WC: 4 EW: 2 Kasel M2 2 Enyo M 109 3 Shunyo M 11 1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tal to Taniyama and to Ta iguchi gave you simulator data on Nanjing area. Now Kazu i are headed to that location whil e Taniyama ta e a small group towards highway 208 as if they ta ing the trap. time to counter attac but theirs no indication of enemy movement so far you have to wait. Again a brilliant strategy of Alisa to counter the same tactics of e nemy on the last mission. There leader Kuroi ordered to alert the others and abort the landing mission and cancel the Assault while his group try to hold bac Kazu i t eam first. Ryogo as ed Kazu i to be the leader on next the mission. Leave go to bar tal to Former Soldier gave you password on NTJ/Koriyama passwor d: SINTJ. But you have to divide you group into to while the allied w ill defend the base. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 60 Location: Mt. A large civilian ship reported had a rrive the group suspected that a LST ship.                       Wanzer parts on sale: Jinyo M 110 Kyo ei 108 Kasel M2 Enyo M 109 Weapons/Bac pac /Pilot Computer: Fatal Buster M 11 Sniper BX090 Venus Hot Gazel BPT9Max M 22 Spi e SN-107G COMB652 Arc Barrel 4 Faust GGR COMC554 Desoto M300 Bjariger COMG10 COM6                         . At Nagahama a wanzer transport arrive but they were surprise that their plan had been anticipated by Kazu i group. Aso foothills Team B: Kazu i (add remaining others). Kurume and Sasebo.

Yuji Kuroi piloting Shunyo M 111 for the last time. Both Kawada and Sasa i agreed on cease fire explaining their side they been tric ed by Lu av himself at first they thin they can handle them. He as ed for it Kazu i team arrive he then ordered his men to get rea dy time to settle this. Kawada an d Taniyama are assigned fight the DHZ Fleet. Now DHZ Lu av conspirators are invading Japan to help Lu av ta e MIDAS. but Lu av outsmarted them and now moving on his own. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 62 Location: Misumi Harbor WC: 4 EW: 2 Qinghuayu_1 2 Qibing_0 2 Tiandong_3 Meet Rosavia Gray and Griffith both piloting Qibing 0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                           . you needed the new LST hove rcraft at Misumi Harbor.WC: 4A EW: 4 MBT2 Kuarve 3 M 9 AFV 1 Se ida ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the fight Ryogo team supply themselves of the enemy Se ida truc then move on to join Kazu i group. Watch the mobile sub came from th e shore line to join the fight. -KumamotoBac to Kumamoto Base Briefing Room. Lt. At Omuta. But Rosavi a of Imaginary Numbers are moving in that location. Next how to go in to O inawa. Now at this point the Final battle begins. Tal to Isao. Yuji Kuroi team Special Defense Force Commando are waiting for Kaz u i team to arrive. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 61 Location: Omuta WC: 4B EW: 3 Oceanhahn 3 Shunyo M 111 3 M 9 AFV Meet Lt. -Misumi HarborKazu i group arrive to the harbor and search for the new Hover Craft. Taniyama getting ready to counter attac an d ta e Sasebo base first then a sudden turn of event Sasebo base negotiate a cease fire with the messenger from Sasebo it was Commander Kawada. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Enemy attac ers are now retreating its time to counter attac before they attac again. then to Kawada and to Taniyama. then to Taniyama and to Isao a ppoint Kazu i to fight Lu av. The group moves fast to before Lu av new about it. You also new the location of MIDAS at O inawa. Kawada tells you that Lu av is now to O inawa to ta e MIDAS. Tal to Kawada.

Isao got an idea he ram i nto the defense of the DHZ. -O inawaYou arrive at Ru eran or Zu eran base. DHZ are now moving in Ocean City. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 63: Location: O inawa Bridge WC:4 EW: 2 Laiying_1 2 Yongsai_3 2 M 20 AFV ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Well Isao is o ay. -Ru eran Hangar ShopTal to Koi e gave you Blue print of Ocean City password: EHOBA Wanzer Upgrade: HP Parts Level 7 and other Parts Level 4 When you are ready go to briefing room choose "Ready" or "Not ready". Well ta e a loo at Lu av and Jared new wanzer twice as big a normal wanzers but same powerful as normal wanzer. Yun notice th e resemblance of Kazu i and Isao they're both stubborn. Next O inawa. Final batt le began. Time to help Isao before ene my get him. Everybody onboard ready to go. Jared saw Kazu i group that were loo ing for the entrance to MIDAS below. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 64: Location: Ocean City (residential area) WC: 4 EW: 3 Yongsai_3 2 Kexei_1 1 Kehei_0                 Wanzer parts on sale: Jinyo M 110 Kyo ei 108 Kasel M2 Enyo M 109 Weapons/Bac pac /Pilot Computer: Fatal Buster M 11 Sniper BX090 Venus Hot Gazel BPT9Max Lasr Stri e SN-107G COMB652 Arc Barrel 4 Faust GGR COMC554 Desoto M300 Bjariger COMG10 COM6                                                       . Jared report to Lu av that Kazu i group will come as he expected Time to meet them.---------After the fight Isao already found the new LST hover craft and ordered Kazu i's group to board the LST. Next you enter to Ocean City and went into residential zone as plan. But it has very high HP and stay close to it. -O inawa BridgeAt O inawa the bridge was heavily guarded by DHZ army. Tal to JDF soldier before go any further go to hangar see Koi e for the last ti me. enough for Kazu i to get mad for his action but than s t o him enemy defense are lower due to his surprise attac . Kazu i and Alisa are concerned of what he done. Isao told you the location of MIDAS it hidden at the lower level of Ocean City. Chec mail to Linny from Barilar (5) last time and send mail to Kiryu for the la st time.

while Kazu i and Emma are on control room to separate bloc after the civilian are being evacuate. At Kazu i group when they arrive at underground passage at the bottom of control bloc It's an ambush they meet Jared who already activated the separating of bloc ear ly as they planned.to control room & separ ating bloc Team B: Ryogo group .add to other members . Ryogo dispatch don't li e it and so Kazu i group they had to ta e out Jareds group first before getting to the control room.Meet Jared and his new wanzer Kexi_1 and a big one Lu av new wanzer Kehei_0 at the end of turn 1 enemy phase he will lea ve. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kazu i found the entrance and Kazu i lead the assault of going in towards MIDAS. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 65: Location: Ocean City (maintenance section) WC:4 EW: 3 Tiandong_3 3 Yongsai_3 3 Brenos ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Upon meeting MIDAS the group plan to disassembled MIDAS but it won't be easy but first the group had to evacuate civilian out of Ocean City before they continue. Kazu i tells the location at Ocean City Coastal Facili ty Ryogo here's its and headed in that directions.evacuating team Then the group separate in 2 direction. Kazu i group help the evacuation too while Alisa and Isao stay try to buy some t ime to delay the bloc from separating. Below enemy already new that you come enemy Brenos turrets spotted you and atta c s and some DHZ reinforcement arrive to join the fight of slowing you down on getti ng MIDAS. Ryogo dispatch again of where to ta e the remaining civilian out of Ocean City Emma ordered Kazu i to chec surveillance monitor and chec for any DHZ LST ship doc ing some where in Ocean City.add remaining members . There's no other plan then it settled. They can't stop the separating it's been reprogrammed to continue it operations. They' re second plan is to separate Ocean City bloc by bloc to minimal the damage and sun MID AS to bottom of the Ocean. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 66A: Location: Ocean City (underground passage) WC:4 EW: 2 Laiying_1 3 Yongsai_3 3 Tiandong_3 1 Shunwang_1 Meet Jared the last time piloting Shunwang_1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kazu i waste more time and rush towards the control room.                                                         . First Team A: Kazu i and Emma . Well Ryogo ta en in charge of evacuating civilians.

Ran Medals Collected: Platinum 19 Gold 29 Silver 19 Bronze 03 Total 70 Stage finished Note: the Guide on Alisa may be different in your game depending on what you cho ose in Emma story first I choose 2 easy route (area were you choose in two way s). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 68: Location: Ocean City (power core) WC:4 EW: 4 Kexei_1 1 Kehei_0 Meet Lu av piloting Kehei_0 for the last time --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 69: The Truth Location: USN. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 67B: Location: Ocean City. Convention Center WC: 4 EW: 4 Re son M4F ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Well the last story is yours . ma e sure to finished all credits to save to the Last Save Point.. ================================================================================                 . In order to contin ue your game. this effect vice versa on the game if you choose A lisa first then in Emma story well move as what you choose in Alisa story if he choose easy in your next game the game automatically choose the easy route. (coastal facility) WC: 4 EW: 2 M 54 MBT 2 Yongsai_3 1 Qinghuayu_1 2 Kexei_1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the fight civilian truc arrive and loaded to LST away to Ocean city towar ds O inawa and being piloted by Auto pilot to drive them out of Ocean city. This stage is not easy for wanzers with wea defense..-Coastal FacilityWhile outside at Ryogo team arrive exactly as DHZ soldier are planning to escape in Ocean City. but Ryogo teams going to stop them before they continue their escape with the LST ship..... At this point I leave it all the story you I'm not going to spoil the story in t his part. Don't trouble yourself.. Now that all civilian are gone. time to leave also.

now move to Heliport.Download UMA wild animal picture for des top wall paper NTJ . to add OKINAWAZCD lin s (OKINAWACD/Gov. Outside the base Kazu i waiting well 2 Flatbed truc transporting un nown wanzers then Kazu i follow the Flatbed truc along with Ryo go. You been detained at Yo osu a Base Brig. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reinforcement have arrive 2 Jinyo M 110 and 3 Enyo M 109 meet Lt.Available also When you are done. Japan Corporation JBNN . Guard call Col. Ryogo join also when to JDF wanzer ordering you to stop then.available you can access if you new the password chec 1st File 1 to reveal DPS/Gov.========== IV. ALISA STORY GUIDE ================================================================================ ========== After choosing Not To Go With Ryogo above. you can tal to Koi e for Wanzer Test Available useful for learning wanzer battle s ill later.available if you chec at KIRISPV Information 1 Japan Other Teiho u . Koi e as ed Kazu i to help him deliver 2 new wanzer to Yo osu a Base tal to Koi e again well gave the address to Kirishima website (KIRISPV/Corporation/Japan)you can ch ec it after delivery. Chec it then move Dormitory Kazu i receive mail from Alisa. If you chec first see Info then Information 1 to add website KIRISMAID/Corp.only available if you already chec above.. move to Shopping Mall meet Ryogo then bac to JDF Facility. Chec mail Share /NCS.simulation data and more if you already new the password you can now dow nload OKINAWACD . Also available on Networ are: Japan Government MFA ./Japan then if you their at KIRISMAID chec KIRISBUSINESS chec info Marine Shipping & etc. Isao came tal Ryog o then to Isao told you to leave. Tal to Ryogo then to Guard he will try to chec for confirmation of Ta emura.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 1: Stubborn Location: Yo osu a Base./Japan KIRISPV KIRISMAID ./Japan).   They discover that the Flatbed Truc was empty and decided again to wait. Inside                                                                                                   . Yuji Kuroi ord ering you to move out your wanzers and they arrest both Kazu i and Ryogo. Isao Ta emura. at Yo osu a base suddenly an explosion then Kazu i is anxious to chec Alisa safety nowing that she had transfer their already. JDF Facility WC: 2 EW: 2 Jinyo M 110 Just damage the enemy wanzer then the pilot well eject and wait for reinforcem ent.

Note: that after Liu explain to you the basic control Shop is available on Netwo r .. Tal to Ryogo the n Alisa and Liu then bac to Liu will continue planning on leaving Yo osu a territory. JDF spotted your location.                                                                       . At Miharu-cho. Kazu i and Ryogo piloted the old abandon wanzer time to defend Alisa. Knowing that you were civilian but Joe insist on attac ing Alisa wanzer. Yo osu a Garage Liu will brief you on using Setup Basic Control. Shop is available on Networ you can chec simulator tutorial.Yo osu a Laboratory Isao order Alisa to leave the base and telling her that Kazu i was ou tside the base before she leave he gave her a dis the evidence of what happen inside the base. JDF Base Hangar WC: 4 EW: 2 Jinyo M 110 2 Kasel M2 ER: 1 Oceanhahn (ANGELSTAR) Destroying the Jinyo M 110 receive JDF website forum address -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MiharuAfter they escape they hid towards Miharu area. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 3: Out of the Base Location: Yo osu a. Tal to Alisa then Ryogo then to Liu planning to escape the base to t he sea by the Hovering across to the sea. You see the evidence that cause the explosion MIDAS inside the ba se. Tal to Ryogo then Alisa and Liu to leave the h angar. JDF Base Hangar inside the man explain and introduce himself He i Fong Liu DHZ agent. At the Yo osu a. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 2: Escape Location: Yo osu a base. Alisa was riding the construction wanzer same also when the USN FAI agent trying to move out of the base when they notice you. Purchase and Exchange . Cindy and Emir Klams y piloting Re son M4F agents of FAI ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Battle stop when alarmed then JDF Special Defense Force arrive shooting the USN FAI agent including you too when a Se ida truc arrive with a wanzer start shooting and or dering you to get in the truc along with him to escape the base. Notice that one USN agent now Alisa. JDF Facility WC: 2 EW: 2 Grapple M1 2 Re son M4F NPC: Iguichi Lylas: Alisa Defend on 3 turns just cover Alisa wanzer Meet Joe and Gastor piloting Grapple M1. Outside the base Ryogo ma ing jo e on Kazu i.

Kazu i and Ryogo arriv e along with their wanzer and decided to engage in a battle. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LST recovery vehicle have arrive and do a fire support while your team escape. -DHZ SubmarineArrive at DHZ submarine inside Ryogo enjoyed himself inside the sub the Liu ta e you to the Crew Room tal to everybody then move to Bridge. Power Plant when the choppers detected you and call for bac up. The chase continue when the group trying to escape when Lt. A short cut to victory try to destroy Lt. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 4: Beware of Hunters Location: Yo osu a. Power Plant 2 WC:4 EW: 3 Jinyo M 110 2 M 9 AFV 1 Enyo M 10 9 Meet Lt. here we see a sequence that Isao was contacted by Emir b ut not for long his been called by Sasa i. -Hatano JDF Digi-Com BaseJDF Digi-Com Base. Kuroi team appear al ong with the rest of reinforcement ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 5: LST arrive Location: Yo osu a. -Power PlantYou headed towards Yo osu a. Power Plant 1 WC: 4 EW: 3 Hanniger (Hunters 5) ER: 3 Jinyo M 110 (Omega team) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chec mail to Alisa from Ms. then to Liu tells you that his informant (Lu av)Astugi then to Alis a suggested to go to JDF Digi-Com Base at Hatano to gather information from their. Liu receive a call from Lu av. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 6:Information Location: Yo osu a. tal to Operator.When ready move go out. Hatano JDF Digi-Com Base                                       Note: Shop is available on Networ     you can but Items only. then d estroy the 2 M 9 AFV then stage clear. Time to escape when the JDF now the location and escape.                 . Luc y for Alisa that the bac up files weren't deleted. Teiho u (1) and gave you the website (see Teiho u/O ther/Japan). Alisa and Liu infiltrate the base with both trying to get the flight data from Atsugi. Kuroi then WATER DRAGON call. Kuroi in one of Jinyo M 110 receive Da Han Zhong website after defeat ing him.

Tal to Sub-Operator for Operation DHZ government website. Bac at the Crew room tal to Alisa. You can also change the wanzer they used. chec mail of Kazu i from Kin a uji (website address ARMOREDKIN/OTHER/JAPAN added) and Ryogo from Jinguji (DHZ password D8Z. Miho wa e Alisa.Destroying M 9 AFV receive OCU Army Intelligence website address OCUI/Government/Australia ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Officer at the chec point tells you to get ta e service elev after her the you came to help. Before the fight also you chooses who's you gonna fight in a battl e. chec mail again to Kazu i from Koi e and Ryogo from Miss Hasegawa(1) reply Koi e and Hase then move to bridge. -Davao-                             before she tal any further enemy JDF choppers detected your       -Ashigara HighwayThe group got away ay at Ashigara. She came down also location but this time they safely Liu decided to hid towards Omaeza i fast. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 7: Knowing too much Location: Yo osu a. DPS/GOVERNMENT/JAPAN). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 8: Out of Yo osu a Location: Yo osu a. Kazu i getting excited of the Atsugi flight data they see the list of scientist transpo rted to OCU Philippine. Ryogo. a Female ator. when you arrive JDF shot dow n the LST Miho join you with her Kyo ei M 108 losses the Riot Shield and Nissai 30 now had War Hammer and Odin M98. Numazu Harbor WC: 4 EW: 2 Enyo M 109 3 Hanniger 1 M 9 AFV -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DHZ SubmarineNow the submarine appear to ta e you out of Yo osu a for now. and Miho then they decided to sleep. In the Highw   WC:4 EW: 1 Kasel M2 1 M 9 AFV 3 MBT2 Kuarve                                     . Taal Base the group headed towards Philippines. Here we see Alisa dream about Emma in FMV. Ashigara Rest Area WC: 4 EW: 5 Hanniger NPC: 1 Kyo ei M 108: Miho Shinjo -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Numazu HarborAfter saving her she introduce herself Miho Shinjo tal to everybody the last to Liu decided to ta e another route toward Numazu Harbor.

Bamarm will brief you of plan. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 9: Cover-up Location: Philippine. She t hen live after a few tal . Davao Bar and Davao Shop. Then move leave go to Davao Shop when you ar rive a Snotty customer arguing against the Shop eeper then Pierre to Snotty Girl. Get ready. They not aware of incoming attac just ta e it do                     Wanzer parts on sale: Zenislev Meledyne M1 Kyojun M 107 Jinyo M 110 Kasel M2 Enyo M 109 Weapons/Bac pac Bone Buster Fear Fist Cleave Axe Sharp Spi e Kodo SN990 DGS-25 /Pilot Computer: Franbar FF Quill M 9 Sniper Wagtail 2 Odin M98 BX002 SPPG 14 BPT3A M 6 Shield COM4 SN-100G   Move Go Out go area available Davao HQ. Time to infiltrate SAM Base enemies few guards a re been assigned ta e advantage of it. Then you can tal to the shop eeper then he will gave you the website addr ess. Kazu i were surprise about the military that was fast. This is how I get it in my game. tal to Operator gave you password for PLPARTY passw ord BEFREE tal Bamarm he introduce to you Pham Lius. then to Liu. then its time to move Pham ta en you at Mindanao Airport. now tal to Shop eeper he explain to you about Upgrading other wanzer parts. firs t you Must already download simulator training data at Iguchi/Corporation/Japan. re member the Snotty Girl she's here.                     Move to Crew room tal to everybody. the airplane crush and the military send sea rch team to salvage the remain of the crush airplane. Commence operation Negros fortress. Note: The PLPARTY/Others/Philippine website address accessible before MIDAS was dropped in Batangas. Panay Jungle Crush Site WC: 4 EW: 2 Jinyo M 110 2 Kasel M2 2 Genie ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chec Mail of Miho from Sa ura. try to chec the site now if you are interested. Go to Bar tal to everybody notice that Pierre is in their too. Tal to Liu and then to Bamarm Anti-OCU Rebel leader.                     .To Davao Rebel Headquarters. Moveable Area: [1]Davao Bar [2]Davao Shop [3]Davao Headquarters Wanzer Upgrade: HP Parts Level 1 and other Parts Level 1 After you done upgrading and buy new weapon and accessories bac to Davao HQ. tal to Operator twice to Rebel add website address PLPARTY PLPARTY/Others/Philippine. Note: If you are planning to get the PAPEL website forum in the Shop eeper.

this time there                         . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 11: Location: Philippine. Negros Fortress C11 (Outside) WC: 4 EW: 5 Jinyo M 110 3 40mm Gun -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Into the SewerRyogo taunting Kazu i and the group on its way inside the fortress sewer. nice cover up they let the Philippin e protect them now you destroying everything. and OCUI password C4I5U6 (OCUI/Government/Australia). Panay SAM Base WC: 4 EW: 2 Kasel M2 2 Genie 3 Dual Cannon ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the battle Kazu i and Ryogo plant the explosive and blown the base s y hig h too bad (JDF hide the MIDAS somewhere in Taal Base. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 10: Cheeze!! Location: Philippine. Another Military tal ready just waiting for your success in ta ing out the fortress. reply mail to Kiryu. Chec mail of Kazu i from Kiryu (JBNN website password "YAMS" JBNN/Corporation/J apan) and to Ryogo from Jinguji (DPS/Government/Japan access password: 992.   Stage clear Liu radio Bamarm Radio forces. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 12: Location: Philippine. Bac to the story.. -Negros CoastAfter the soldier complaining here comes what he as ed for and LST arrive then K azu i team have a welcoming party waiting for them. Negros Coast E23 WC: 4 EW: 3 Jinyo M 110 3 MBT2 Kuarve 3 40mm Gun Destroying 1 MBT2 Kuarve will gave you Velda website address Velda/Corporation/Australia ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Negros FortressThe group arrive at the mountain side planning a way to get inside the fortress.) After the battle Liu radio Bamarm Radio forces. they see a sewer entrance a vote a decision of getting in that way first they ha ve to ta e out the guard first. Commander Monaro Felipe decided to joined the next battle after the lost communi cation of the rest part of the area. If they started the assault yet.wn.

Tal to Pham. from Kazu i t eam                                     . -Dagat AhasDagat Ahas arrive as they expected when DHZ submarine start shooting torpedo's b efore they been detected. Monaro Felipe in one of the Genie -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Negros Command RoomAfter the battle Liu radio Bamarm forces that the mission is go ordered to attac Mindoro Fortress that it all clear ordering to start the assault. Kazu i team arrive at the Hangar were the 6 Jinyo M 110 wanzer storage when 6 wanzer pilots arrive and detect them. before trying to con tact Liu on their situation. Team A: Kazu i.They arrive at the center of the base Ryogo was surprise of Brenos then the rest of defense force inside the base are waiting. while his team ta e the engine room. You can change wanzer only during Intermission. Next infiltrate Dagat Ahas by using empty torpedo's Pham decided to join the inf iltration along with Pierre. Liu suggested that your team ta e the Hangar area. Dagat Ahas detected it incoming but its too late. bac to Bama rm and Liu. Bamarm and Liu. Ryogo and Miho . Alisa. Negros Fortress Command Center WC: 4 EW: 2 Jinyo M 110 2 Kasel M2 2 Genie 2 Bren os Meet Cmdr. They prepa re for impact but it's a fa e to explosion the Captain ordered to chec the Hangar area with caution.you can't control Pierre Yongsai 3 wanz er. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 14A: Location: Philippine. -Bac to DHZ SubmarineInside Pham and Pierre are on board. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 13: Location: Philippine. Pham and Pierre . Inside Dagat Ahas Hangar WC: 4 EW: 6 Wanzer Pilot 6 Jinyo M 110 without pilot Receive Leonora Enterprise website after the battle. Team B: Liu. chec Pham wanzer first ma e sure you upgrade her wan zer equip best weapon. Chec mail Miho from Mori. LEONET/Corporation/Aust ralia ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After they all clear Kazu i decided to go on the next plan.you can't choose which team go Liu deci ded it.

-Flight Dec Kazu i moving out from elevator below enemy started to show up. Inside Dagat Ahas Flight Dec WC: 4 EW: 2 Jinyo M 110 1 Kasel M2 2 Hanniger 1 Infantry ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the you clear the area they planted explosive outside the base and live th e blown the Flight Dec . And ta e the advantage of snea ing Towards the Taal Base passing Batangas area. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 16A: Location: Philippine.. -Engine RoomInside Liu was loo ing for the engine room when enemy started shooting Pham rush forward to attac along with Pierre.                                                 . then Captain order to abandon ship a regroup to assigned area. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 17B: Location: Philippine. Liu located the engine but few enemies are guarding it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 15B: Location: Philippine.not before the battle O ay. After done with discussion move to the Hangar and chec what's new. The group headed to Mindoro. The Captain order to close all the bloc inside the ship to isolate the enemy th ey succeeded the trap Liu team but unable to contained Kazu i team are now headed t o Flight Dec . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Liu and Pham argue the she decided to follow order from Liu. Inside Dagat Ahas Engine Room 2 WC: 4 EW: 3 Jinyo M 110 2 Infantry AW: Yongsai 3: Pierre Wells ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now you are done on Dagat Ahas out. -MindoroThe group is now in Mindoro after the success of the mission the group of their real plan DHZ will fleet along with local rebel attac Batangas. Then Liu receive a call from Kazu i that they moving to ta e the Flight Dec while you continue loo for engi ne room. Chec mail to Liu from Mi e Davis. Inside Dagat Ahas Engine Room WC: 3 EW: 2 Jinyo M 110 1 Kasel M2 1 Infantry AW: Yongsai 3: Pierre Wells is not considered an NPC just a good bac up w anzer.

supply Item and Upgrade Pilot Compu ter. Taal Base Main Gate 2                           Wanzer parts on sale: Zenislev Meledyne M1 Kyojun M 107 Jinyo M 110 Kasel M2 Enyo M 109 Zeros Genie Weapons/Bac pac Bone Buster Fear Fist Cleave Axe Sharp Spi e M 10 Fist M 9 Baton Kodo SN990 DGS-25 Mingda 2 /Pilot Computer: Odin M98 Quill SPPG 14 Wagtail 2 Chongdu 2 Yunsheng 34 Franbar FF Type 10 GR M 9 Sniper BX002 Laoxing 6 BPT3A M 6 Shield COM4 SN-100G COM5 Buc ler                       . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 20: Location: Philippine. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 19: Purple Hase Location: Philippine. Ma e your defense class on P for their rifle Barcam RR Meet Joe Pa er and Gastor Marza piloting Grapple M1 Cindy Peasant and Dennis Vicarth piloting Re son M4F FAI agents ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------At last you new that USN also had operation in this area and they try to retrie ve MIDAS bac . When your ready to go tal to Liu and choose Ready. Taal Base Main Gate 2 WC: 4 EW: 2 Grapple M1 2 Re son M4F AW: Yongsai 3 available only if you join Pham then Pierre will be there. Liu ordered not to thin of it for now and face the remaining enemies of the bas e. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 18: Location: Philippine. Equip best. -Taal BaseAs usual Pham always getting argue with Kazu i when enemy detected them you were surprise when you enter the base somebody already been their and destroy most of the stru cture. Wanzer Upgrade: HP Parts Level 2 and other Parts Level 1 They study the structure and planned to steal the MIDAS inside the base. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Remember the USN team at Yo osu a base are here also meet them again. Upgrade wanzers. Now the other rebel forces h eaded toward Batangas while your team headed to Taal Base. Taal Base Main Gate WC: 4 EW: 2 Jinyo M 110 3 Genie 2 MBT2 Kuarve AW: Yongsai 3 available only if you join Pham then Pierre will be there. But it's a trap and you are surrounded prepare.-Mindoro HangarMove to Hangar. Time to continue moving the group change route due to what they now they try to avoid them.

Then few tal s they leave. attac y. Emma and Lu av compromise about the situation the MIDAS is lost Tal to everybody to learn more about Alisa sister Emma both are separated when they were a child. plane dropped MIDAS on incoming fleet of rebels and DHZ arm                             . The group hide at Batangas Bar. address OCUI/Government/Australia ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You're mission if failed and find a way the went to DHZ. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After settle with the enemy Liu open the gate then the group move in to follow w here Alisa headed. Taal Naval Base WC: 4 EW: 3 Jinyo M 110 2 MBT2 Kuarve 1 Hanniger AW: Yongsai 3 available only if you join Pham then Pierre will be there. -BatangasYou meet again the USN. Meet Jose Astrada piloting one of the Jinyo M 110.. But Jose forcing them to surrendered both side don't li e it either. Alisa arrive at the basement and attac by OCU wanzer luc ily USN wanzer and sav e her then left after Kazu i arrive. He will ta e responsibility of his acti on and call Jose to assigned to guard MIDAS while its been transported to the plane. Tal to everybody last at Pham she had a plan on how to leave Philippine with one condition she join you and instruct Pierre to stay. Emma reason put that she only continue their parents research.             See on FMV. Then at the naval yard MIDAS escape at the attac plane. Here we see how powerful MIDAS would be in FMV and attac plane prepare to dropp ed MIDAS on the attac ing fleet of Rebels and DHZ towards Batangas and annihilate all of them.WC: 4 EW: 2 Jinyo M 110 3 40mm Gun 3 Hanniger AW: Yongsai 3 available only if you join Pham then Pierre will be there. Emma try to let Alisa remember her and FMV.. destroying his wanzer will add OCU Military Intelligence website. The group surprise by the explosion and new that it was MIDAS now they head to wards Batangas. Meanwhile inside Negros Command Control Room the Commander Semaun order to ta e off the safety and load it into an attac plane. how did Alisa get int o Japan and adopted at last she remember her sister Emma.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 21: Location: Philippine.

-Inside the TransportEverybody on board then Pham loo for Pierre. Batangas WC: 4 EW: 1 Genie Arm 2 Kasel M2 2 Jinyo M 110 Meet Serov Warren piloting the Genie Arm ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Serov was not for long Liu finished his off. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 23: Air-Dropped Location: Taiwan.(DCN/Corporation/Austral ia) Meanwhile outside OCU soldier are loo ing for the rebel and start shooting anyth ing Kazu i feeling guilty of the situation decided the confront them. Chec mail of Ryogo from Ms. While you are waiting. then a lot of OCU wanzer arrive for reinforcement at the nec of time Pham transport request have arrive and everybo dy rush onboard the plane. to Ha                                       . Liu warns Kazu i that his not a normal human as a precaution. Pierre was outside to with his wan zer trying to buy sometime for his mistress to escape. if you already reveal INSTU/Other/U SN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Liu brief everybody now that MIDAS is gone the USN will eliminate everybody who nows about MIDAS and they are now targeting Alisa first they have to more on a near b y base. Destroy any unit will reveal Diablo Avionics website address or reveal Jade Metal Layman Co. Hasegawa (2) and Miho from Kin a uji.   -Taipei JilongAt Jilong Base you meet Wan Dao Han conversation with him is terrible tal n The group leave to meet Liu somebody. -TaiwanInside transport plane Pham not feeling good but Ryogo does his job ^_^. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 22: S irmisher's Location: Philippine. Liu tells you that they are the Hua Lian he explain later but get ready for them . reply mail Ha segawa Choose either Wait or Goodbye topics.then Pham instruct him to call for transport. The plane was shot down the attac ers are preparing for your attac . Now tal to First to the Calm man twice he will gave you DCN website address and tal to everybody. Xueshan WC: 4 EW: 2 Grapple M1 3 Re son M4F 1 Taita 4 Ta e out Taita 4 a fast as possible.

tal to Nice g uy for information about spenders and hac ers also the popularity of Moneyma er. To Man in brown suit. Time to chec the shop. After nowing that an retreating after destroying the hangar. Joe ordered to spread out then Cindy enjoying it "Lets Roc " ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 24: Last Hase Location: Taiwan. Liu explain everything. At the bar again Tal to Ambassador Clay again to get "Taal Base simulator data". Man in brown suit. Chec mail to Ryogo from Jinguji (3) -Jilong Base-                 Don't return yet < bac to the city Return to Base < when you are ready bac to the base                       Wanzer parts on sale: Pare PAW1 Foura M12A Re son M4F Grapple M1 Yongsai 3 Weapons/Bac pac M 10 Fist M 9 Baton Heavy Spi e Mingda 2 Chongdu 2 /Pilot Computer: Laoxing 6 M 6 Pac Huoliu 1 M 5 E-Pac Buc ler COMB554 Type 13 GR COMC754 Yunsheng 34 COM6                               . Ambassador Clay. Taipei Suburb WC: 4 EW: 2 Grapple M1 2 Re son M4F Meet Joe Pa er and Gastor Marza piloting Grapple M1 Cindy Peasant and Dennis Vicarth piloting Re son M4F ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After defeating the Dennis he will hand USN over the command to Team Bravo After the fight the group then discussed and bac to the base. Meanwhile the USN FAI Purple Hase are discussing about Moneyma er then Joe detec ted Kazu i coming. Kazu i rush in to follow them not to escape. Tal to Crazy Man twice to get spender website address (MONEYMAKER/Other/Singapo re).(Notice how Moneyma er c an do with her signature butterfly. he advise to live Taipei while he spread false inf buy you sometime to delay any opposition. -Taipei ShopWanzer Upgrade: HP Parts Level 3 and other Parts Level 2 When your all set and ready Leave the area and choose: Liu as ing Liu to borrow transport to Han bat a bad timing a spender is hac ing the base computer Airport and etc.Moveable Area: [1]Taipei Bar [2]Taipei Shop [3]Leave the area -Taipei BarThen Liu you went into a bar to meet a friend. Tal to everybody and last to The Man in brown-suit was USN Upon nowing you're situation ormation about you're where about.

Futai Tunnel (Exit) WC: 4 EW: 2 Grapple M1 4 Re son M4F Empty Vehicle: Armored Car ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now you are at Da Han Zhong territory Liu suggested to move in a near by base at Fuzhou. the Armored train was attac USN Team Charlie this time they have order to ill of you. again by                           . Note: That you can used the Armored Car by ejecting the pilot and board it. Liu will inform you also about Ming Juan Jiu and etc. Tal to Commander Liang to Liu. Tal to Liu and to Liang. Meanwhile USN Bravo team located your location and they're getting ready to attac . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 26: Team Charlie Location: Taiwan. -Fuzhou Naval BaseAt Fuzhou Naval base you meet commander Liang. when he arriv e alright along with the Armored Train.Bac to Jilong base. the group was waiting for Liu to arrive. You leave the base headed to Chengsha. Before that you can still go bac to Taipei bar and Shop if you forget to tal o ther persons. (Pierre mail added website LUISCC/Corporation/Philippine). Futai Tunnel (entrance) WC: 4 EW: 3 Grapple M1 4 Re son M4F Empty Vehicle: Armored Car Meet Marcus Armstrong piloting Grapple M1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: That Grapple M1 are using a M. After defeating Marcus wanzer he will radio Team Charlie leader informing that t hey will head the command of the operation. -Futai TunnelOutside the Futai Tunnel. -LinchuanAt Linchuan railway you meet between the fight of RRF against the Hua Lian convo y. halfway along the way. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 25: Team Bravo Location: Taiwan. Upon nowing how the rebel became so active Liang suggested you joined with the Tianlei. Liu suggested another way to go towards Da Han Zhong.     Inside the Futai Tunnel near the exit. before you continue tal ing to hi m better chec mail to Kazu i from Kiryu and to Pham from Pierre (1) and reply mail to Ki ryu and Pierre. Liang will update you of what happening in Da Ha n Zhong informing you that USN and Hua Lian Rebel are joining operation in Da Han Zhong. He ta e it from Han's soldier he already suspected that he will never help you.Gun weapon hard thing high HP.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 27: Meet RRF Location: DHZ. at Wan'an base Liu tells y                       Wanzer parts on sale: Yongsai 3 Tiandong 3 Laiying 1 Weapons/Bac pac M 12 Fist M 13 Baton M 22 Spi e Huida 3 Chongta 3 /Pilot Computer: Laohu 3 M 6 Pac Huosai 3 M 5 E-Pac Hvy Shield COMB603 Type 13 GR COMC654 Zhiniao 50 COM6                                     . Select Forum address (DHD/Corporation/Da Han Zhong) -Wan'an ShopTal to Shop eeper twice for Tiewudi website address (TWH/Corporation/DaHanZh ong) Wanzer Upgrade: HP Parts Level 3 and other Parts Level 3 -SuichuanAt Suichuan an old town rebel forces gathering to defend their base they're from Guilin rushing to save the village against the RRF. When you chec Networ and select forum sometimes the data is damage then you ar e now at Moneyma er website and offer you her ANGEL VACCINE anti-virus for the cost of 300. Suichuan WC: 4 EW: 2 Grapple M1 1 Re son M4F 5 M 20 AFV Meet Yu Jiang Yue piloting Grapple M1 Victory condition: Yue destroyed       When your ready go bac to Supply Base. You can also now chec Serov document for its access password: TCX021. Better chec mail for Liu from Moneyma er. tal to Kou for Taipei simulator data. Tal to Kou and Lan.You meet Lan leader of RRF sooner she order to retreat somehow they loo ing for somebody. Moveable area: [1]Wan'an Bar [2] Wan'an Shop [3] Supply Base -Wan'an BarTal to Concerned Citizen for DHZ website about concerned citizen address. -Wan'an BaseAt the base meet Kou and Lan discussing. Linchuan WC: 4 EW: 2 Grapple M1 3 Re son M4F 1 Shangfeng_5 Meet Wuo Ben Tang piloting Re son M4F ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After your encounter Liu again suggested to move to a nearby supply base. After they left Hua Lian reinforcement arrive and mista en you who dump their co nvoy. Tal to everybody then leave. now your bac ou about the rebel base near by you go chec it out. It's time to fight! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 28: Yue Location: DHZ.

. then agai n choose "About the Experiment" then "Military Involvement". Then the rest of the Hua Lian Rebel are showing up. You leave the base. -Wan'an BaseBac at the base you informed Commander Kou about what happen their. . Kazu i and Miho escape.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After destroying Yue wanzer. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 29: Meet RRF Location: DHZ. You follow him at his House (Wei Empty House)then tal to Wei. -TIANLEIYou arrive at the mobile fortress Tianlei. A minor discussion then they decided to ta e you to Tianlie in a prize. Tal to Sol dier Informing you about the military movement at (DHZM/Government/DaHanZhong)and las t tal to Lan then leave. after as ing Military Inv. The Kazu i tell Wei to go even do the RRF was loo ing for him. At the Wan'an Bar. Receive Wulong website address (CENTIPEDE/Corporation/EC). When Kazu i train about to a cross the bridge Hua Lian sabotaged the bridge luc y Liu. Zhonggang WC: 4 EW: 2 Grapple M1 3 Re son M4F 3 Shangfeng_5 Empty Vehicle: Armored Car Meet So Young Zhuwen piloting Re son M4F. the fight stop the a little tal . you meet Commander Jiu and Lan inside at                                               . Chec mail of Alisa from Ling (Ling mail Hua Lian website HLR/Other/DaHanZhong). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the fight Hua Lian reinforcement arrive by Chang. good thing the Wulong (C entipede) mercenaries arrive scared them. -Wan'an BaseBac to Wan'an base Kazu i eep silence of what he new. a Bartender enjoy tal ing to Wei then he move out after the R RF soldier Arrive. Lan loo ing for a man named of Wei. Liu again borrowed two armored train for transport. then Lan and the rest of RRF arrive. Wei will gave you a website address (DAILY/Others/DaHanZhong) Wei was hunted by RRF cause of his investigation on Ravnui Orsha Engineering Lab experiment. the RRF leave the base also nowing that their objectives are done. In search for that man Lan ordered to retreat. and finished Yue then destroy the village.

Chec mail to Alisa from Hoda a (remember the letter of from Ms. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 30: Location: DHZ. Chec mail in Share from Moneyma er You arrive at the beautiful waterfalls along with the Hua Lian Rebels who protec ting the place.                                       . -TianlieFirst Kwang wa e up at the infirmary tal to Kwang after few tal . th en move to Crew room. Liu tells that how Imaginary Number in action. Commander Jiu arrive nowing that he was Ming Kwang he ordered Alisa to go out. Teihi o about t he pageant will update you of the situation) chec mail of Liu from DHZ Military (DHZ Milit ary Intelligence new password: ADIMS) reply mail to Moneyma er attached 500. You as ed Liu about Imaginary Numbers and Real N umber then he explain. Upon nowing that you're they're the radio for reinforcement.the Hallway. Move to Hall way and meet Jared an Imaginary Number. a type B wa nzer. Tianlei WC: 4 EW: 3 Grapple M1 3 Re son M4F Allied Turret : 2 Yunsheng 42 Empty Gun Turret: 4 100mm Gun Meet Yong Nian Chang piloting Re son M4F ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: That Grapple M1 are using a Flamer (Flame Thrower) weapon. The another group of rebel arrive Tianlei was short of manpower so your team decided to help while the RRF are away. Hengshan WC: 4 EW: 3 Grapple M1 3 Re son M4F ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------At Chongyang. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 31: Location: DHZ. Next Tianlei was trap by Hua Lian rebel by destroying mountain cliffs to trap Ti anlie then RRF are dispatched to ta e out those retreating rebel. At the crew room. But Lan see the Kid shouting for help great timing for her she manage to save the ids life. for the payment. Tal to Jiu and Lan they share one topic in common the if they thro wn you out if you get in their way. Jared of Imaginary Numbers join the fight with his wanzer Shunwang 1 and informi ng you that they pinpointed the rebel base then he added that RRF need reinforcement that's why you have to go.

Bac at brig tal to Kwang then to Lan tal to Kazu i. she's getting with ready her wanzer along with Kwang inside then again it h appen empty enemy wanzer activate automatically. But enemy wanzer activa te without a pilot. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 33: Farewell Location: DHZ. Ryogo. After the attac you arrive at the engine room were Lan will escape on the hatch ed to be least expected then damage Ryogo wanzer for evidence for the sign of struggle . Lan and Kwang went to a town in Zhenyuan. Liu and Miho went bac to command room to avoid any suspicions. to Pham from Barilar (add BarilarFarm/Corporation/Singapore).                                           . To attac un nown wa nzer. Tianlei WC: 3 EW: 2 Wude_3 3 Shangdi_1 (Auto Pilots) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Things are screw here Wude 3 suppose to be using melee weapon instead it using a sniper rifle. Default defense mechanism install to enemy wanzer. Planting explosive a flight dec is not going to be easy. Bac at Tianlei brig were held Lan had been detained later Kwang join her inside also. Ryogo.In your crew room you had a plan that let Kwang (the id) escape with Lan. to continue your escape plan for Lan. Tianlei (Hangar) (Auto Pilots) WC: 4 EW: 4 Shangdi_1 2 Wude_3 AW: Teiqi 4 Meet Xiao Hua Lan piloting Teiqi 4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Things are screw here Wude 3 suppose to be using melee weapon instead it using a sniper rifle. Then Miho began their plan Kazu i. and Pham are on their way to flight de c when the enemy wanzer detected their was unidentified wanzer. then tal to Kwang. A soldier well tell you that Kwang will be illed soon. Than s to Miho and Ali sa they fools the operator of Tianlie and immediately deploy RRF easily. Chec mail to Liu from Pa Qui Don (Ivan larzalev). Then Kazu i radio commander Jiu about what happen below. well the escape cover u p wor s Commander Jiu will drop you in near at the supply base to continue pursuit for t he Hua Lian rebel attac er (only it's a false one). Alisa and Pham. Then Commander Jiu dropped you at Wuhan base. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 32: Location: DHZ.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 34: Location: DHZ. After a few tal s on Ivan he called Alisa one of them. first better chec mail to Ryogo from Ms.Goldigger -Wuhan ShopTal to Shop eeper twice for Shanghai steel website address (SSCO/Corporation/D aHanZhong) Wanzer Upgrade: HP Parts Level 4 and other Parts Level 3 When you are ready bac to Wuhan Supply base then reply to Liu that "Not ready" or "You are ready" to continue. Liang Hua Zhou & Shui Zhen Xu both piloting Shangfeng 5 Victory condition: Ivan destroyed ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: That Tiandong_3 are using a Flamer (Flame Thrower)weapon. Wuhan Han ou Airport WC: 4 EW: 1 Lenghe_1 2nd turn ER: 2 Laiying_1 2 Tiandong_3 3 Shangfeng 5 Meet Ivan Larzalev piloting Lenghe 1. Liu will as ed you to head to Han ou Airport. (chec Teiho u/Others/Japan) available only if you send a mail to Moneyma er and attach 500. Teiho u reminding her the result of the Pageant she won now she had already a Fan Club.Angry man .Moveable area: [1]Wuhan Bar [2] Wuhan Shop [3] Wuhan Supply Base -Wuhan BarFarmer . then tal to Liu and to man the n move to Guest Room. Hasegawa (3) and to Ali sa from Ms.                                 Wanzer parts on sale: Laiying_1 Shangdi_1 Wude_3 Getty Weapons/Bac pac M 12 Fist M 13 Baton M 22 Spi e Huida 3 Chongta 3 /Pilot Computer: Laohu 3 M 6 Pac Huosai 2 M 5 E-Pac Hvy Shield COMB603 Type 13 GR COMC654 Zhiniao 50 COM6   -Wuhan Supply BaseYou arrive at the base with the commander complaining now tal then move and go out: to everybody                   . Liu suggested to get into your wanzer and be ready for him. ever ybody enjoying the trip when Alisa bump into a man Liu warned her that he was an Imagi nary Number then the man name Ivan went to the chopper and get his wanzer ready alert ing also his colleges. then he was shot by Liu h e ordered next that you headed now in Shanghai Ravnui Embassy. -Ravnui EmbassyAt the lobby Kazu i had some suspicions already. a type B wa nzer.

At the Lobby Liu was informed by Real Number that Bal was loo ing for him. At this battle Kazu i & Alisa are playable you have to choose the other to playe r. Ravnui Embassy WC: 4 EW: 3 Lenghe_1 4 Mingtian_1 Meet Lu av Minaev piloting Lenghe_1 Victory condition: Lu av destroyed ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: That Lenghe_1 are using a Rifle not a Melee weapon chec also Mingtian                                                       . Meet Lu av Imaginary Numbers team ready to attac . Bac inside the Guest Kazu i had discussion to Alisa then to Miho. but Ryogo wanted to snea y outside t hen Miho join him too. Emma now who Bal then FMV scene after that she just discovered she and Alisa we re Imaginary Number. at the lobby you meet Jared again along with Lu av wit h Emma. Bal was planning to create another MIDAS. Lu av betrayed Bal and shot him.Both Ryogo and Kazu i had their suspicions. Than s to Ryogo and Liu they noc out Jared & 2 Imaginary and Lu av. tal to L iu then to Alisa then move to Lobby. They move to Bal office Chairman Jie arrive. The discussion was interrupt by a noise of struggle at the Lobby the Jared along with 2 Imaginary soldier came in. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 36: Location: Shanghai. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 35: Location: Shanghai. At this fight Liu is temporarily not playable his with Bal after the incident. Liu is not playable temporarily. Tal to everybody then to Alisa. As Bal orders Liu went to Guest room to bring Kazu i and Alisa to Bal. Ravnui Embassy Lobby WC: 4 EW: 2 Shunwang_1 1 Lenghe_1 3 Imaginary AW: Emir Klams y Meet Rosavia Gray piloting Shunwang_1 destroying her wanzer will reveal Ravnui-DHZ Embassy website address(REMBASSY/Government/DaHanZhong) Victory condition: Emir arrive at the designated point Losing condition : Emir dies ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After you escape inside the embassy outside you Chairman Jie trying to convince Lu av you new reply the horrible death to Chairman Jie after a Shangfeng dropped Lu a v wanzers and reinforcement. Alisa and Emma move out of the office at the lobby Imaginary soldier an d wanzer are waiting time to move them out of the way as you escape. Kazu i. The rest of his reinforcement arrive and Lu av position himse lf at the top of building.

then Rudolf suggested to ta e you to his place. they suggest to go out get re lax                                           . Lu av ordered to wed her they informed Rudolf of the at night Emma receive an e-mail then Alisa came follow her unto ZOO she meet Lu av along with Gr                         Wanzer parts on sale: Vinedrai Lanze Whis Grezex Teiqi 4 Weapons/Bac pac M 12 Fist M 13 Baton M 22 Spi e Huida 3 Chongta 3 Laohu 3 /Pilot Computer: Huoyao 3 M 6 Pac Huosai 2 M 5 E-Pac Hvy Shield COMB652 Type 14 GR COMC554 Zhiniao 50 COM6   Before go any further Chec mail to Pham from Pierre (2). Hatari. Emilio.Shanghai BarTal to Bartender. Pham and Emir.Gun and Quill. then Rudolf ordered Rebecca to ta e you to your room. Tal to all of them again. -Shanghai. Tal to Rudolf. they feared what Lu av meant of ace upon his sleeve. Bac at the Naval Base Rudolf informed Kazu i about what happening then he ta e you to the Zoo._1 using M. Alisa. Greg and Emilio. Peace Lover and Wanzer Fan Tal again to Wanzer Fan for Sender website (SENDER/Corporation/EC) -Shanghai ShopTal to Shop eeper twice for Shnec er website address (SHNECKER/Corporation/EC) Wanzer Upgrade: HP Parts Level 4 and other Parts Level 3 eliminate Alisa good thing Greg and Hatari follo situation. and as ed. Greg and Hatari. he then ta l to Kazu i then Rudolf of Wulong arrive Lu av order his remaining troop to retreat l eaving the area remembering Kazu i's name. notice their behavior they don 't li e. And you can only choose 3 members cause A lisa     Then the group decided to rest. Then Rudolf introduce you to his member Rebecca. At the dormitory tal to Ryogo. After you damage Lu av wanzer by destroying 2 or 3 parts battle stop. Miho. Moveable area: [1]Shanghai Bar [2] Shanghai Shop [3] Naval Base . Rudolf arrive also Ryogo who request the assist of Wulong. Alisa had suspicion on Emma she iffith in Shunwang 1. Meanwhile Greg and Hatari help Alisa then Kazu i and the rest shows up. Gossip. Naval BaseAt Naval base Commander Wei Wen was waiting you and Rudolf what happen to Ravnui Embassy. Rebecca. Note: Liu is not playable temporarily.

Lu av . You went into Wen's roon. At FAI Federal Agency Intelligence he enter the password: IAF002 (useful remembe r) Then he type the name: Song. Rudolf sugg ested about his friend that can help you loo for Lu av. -BuxiRudolf escort you Guan Lie's Office at Buxi. their he as ed the shop eeper for Wen a spender but not as clever as Moneyma er (Yun). Then Kazu i s uggested to go to Nanjing to stop the rebels. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 37: Location: Shanghai ZOO WC: 1 EW: 3 Shunwang_1 3 Taita 4 R : 3 NPC: 1 Lanze 1 Vinedrai Meet Greg Harigle piloting Lanze and Hatari Khartoum in Vinedrai Meet Griffith piloting Shunwang_1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bac to the Naval Base everybody tal about Emma depiction to Lu av. the place was mess up then you foun d a man.is already in their you are her reinforcement. tal to Rudolf then to Rebecca informed you of the situation that the r ebels are targeting Alisa.. Tal to Hatari informing that Tianlie and Wuhan falls against Hua Lian and Imagi nary Numbers. tal to Rudolf then to Wen after a few tal and bargaining he suggested Moneyma er to do it than s to Rudolf agai n he tried. Rudolf ordered his members to leave the base.. -NanjingAt Nanjing explosion everywhere the group snea into the city and notice that th eir was                                                             .. You were informed that the Hua Lian rebel are attac ing Nanjing with the help of the Imaginary Numbers.. His last word was Ran Fong his daughter. data of Song Guan Lie and FAI agent for USN appear. Tal to the man it was Guan Lie saying Imaginary Number. Wen warns you that any people who want to now anything about Lu av is being il led. You got the address now you get to his location at Buxi. -USN 3rd FleetMeanwhile at USN Aircraft Carrier the Captain overconfident of the situation tha t Lu av was their along also with Emma the Midas creator. USN Fleet s top him. after nowing Lu av whereabouts you lea ve and went bac to Shanghai. Tal to Rudolf about his idea he then suggest to go to Shanghai Shop. -Shanghai Naval BaseBac at Shanghai Commander Wei Wen trying to contact Tianlie.

Leave the base. Moveable area: [1]Shanghai Bar ase [2] Shanghai Shop [3] Lighthouse [4] Naval B -Shanghai BarTal to Bartender. Then bac al Base. Alisa. Chec e-mail to Lan from Kwang. Meanwhile at USN 3rd Fleet Lu av and Emma was tal ing suddenly an explosion. Tal to Alisa then to Mayer. at the Command Briefing Room Commander Wei Wen tal ing to Li u. Liu is still not playable temporarily. Tal to Liu then to Wen. until 7 turns Losing condition: Lan dies ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Shanghai Naval BaseBac to Naval Base. Tal to everybody then tal again to Liu the con versation was cut when Rudolf had a dispatch call about the incident. Tal to Ryogo. See FMV how the USN Aircraft Carrier name Thomas Jefferson sun . then a woman appear. Lan arrive and volunteer to evacuate the civilian while Kazu i draw the enemy at tention. Liu won't ta e any orders from Wei Wen them he says his reason. Jared troops spotted you and they're attac ing you. Ryogo suggested to Kazu i to go out with Alisa to ma e her feel better about what happen to USN Fleet and Emma. Tal to Rudolf then to Rebecca informing you to chec it yourself at USN website (USNAVY/Government/USN). -Light houseKazu i and Alisa tal ing about Emma. Liu was planning a personal r evenge against Lu av. Tal to Alisa then to the Woman she new Kazu i also Alisa then she introduce herself Mayer Edward CIU Agent an OCU spy. Tal to operator gave you simulator data Oil Field.still civilian at the city. Peace Lover and Wanzer Fan Tal again to Gossip for DHZ Spender website (AMICA/Other/Da Han Zhong) -Shanghai ShopStill the same the last time you came. Mayer informed you that th e MIDAS   After the battle Lan joined your group the group also welcome her. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 38: Alliance Location: Nanjing City WC: 4 EW: 2 Lenghe_1 4 Shunwang_1 1 Heidong_3 NPC: 1 Shangfeng 5 Meet Xiao Hua Lan piloting Shangfeng 5.                 Nav                                       . Gossip. Miho and to Pham. She suggested to go in other place at the Bar she informed you about the situati on in Japan about the coup.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 39: Alliance Location: Yo osu a. Then Miho gav e the route to get their. Rudolf continue to move to Kure Naval Base while you help the de'tat coup transmission. Alisa question M ayer of Isao Ta emura whereabouts that he was in Kure Naval Base and safe. Last Kazu i informed Liu that Lu av is alive are now in Japan he join bac to your group. Ryogo. When ready tal to every body (Liu. -National Par After you landed from Hamada halfway towards Kure Naval Base location. Miho explain ev erything that during the chase out of MIDAS she realize how serious the situation was tha t she will help Kazu i. Osamu Itsu o) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the fight he notice that you are not JDF soldier. Move then leave the base Rudolf came in that he will escort you bac to Japan. At LST Bridge. and you heard his reason too.                                                             . Mori. Alisa. then you decided to help him out. You are r eceive a radio signal requesting help at near National Par . Chec and setup Lan and Mayer wanzer. his from Kaita Base movi ng out by himself without orders to get help to other bases but the special forces get him first. Tal to Mayer then to Miho. At the Naval Base Kazu i informed everybody then Miho came in Mayer identified q uic that Miho was and JDF Intelligence Agent. The special forces surprises when you came in. Then he ta e you to Kaita Base then you go with him. You arrive at the location a JDF Special Forces Commando squad attac ing JDF sol dier wanzers.in the Philippines was just a copy theirs another and hidden by the JDF. Hiroshima Par (National Par ) WC: 4 EW: 3 Jinyo M 110 2 Enyo M 109 NPC: 1 Jinyo M 110 Meet Sgt. Kitajima and Lt. -Kaita BaseYou meet base Commander Kitajima and Mori (Miho friend) Meet Comdr. Upon this Kazu i new it was Lu av and Emma he then agree to go bac in Japan an d suggested to informed the others about it. Miho. Osamu Itsu o piloting Jinyo M 110 Losing condition: JDF soldier dies (Sgt. She als o informed you that the head of the coup was headed by a foreign commander and a scientist. Lan and Mayer. Pham.

Tal to Rudolf. Itsu o made a suicide attac to ta e out with him the other Shunwang_1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 40: Orders? Location: Kaita Base WC: 4 EW: 3 Shunwang_1 2 Enyo M 109 2 M 39 PT Boat NPC: 3 Prov PAW2 Meet Lt. Outside JDF Special force and Imaginary Numbers are attac ing the base. Hasegawa (4). Rebecca. Quiet Man and Couch Potato                                                     .Mori punished Itsu i for not following orders. to Liu from Mi e Davis (2). Mori and Sgt. Chec e-mail to Kazu i from Koi e PW: SHUNYO (KIRISVP/Corporation/Japan)PW: JDFS MAP. You are allies now some of his me mbers don't li e it. Kazu i cannot con vinced him to start the coup against Sasa i. Hatari. Lt. If you already visit the shop to upgrade wanzer parts and buy new weapons or sup ply. Moveable area: [1]Kure Bar [2] Kure Shop [3] Kure Naval Base Leave then Rudolf came with a good news. Rudolf went in also to convince Isao then you leave. next they plan to res       Wanzer parts on sale: Kyo ei M 108 Pare PAW2 Kasel M2 Enyo M 109 Weapons/Bac pac /Pilot Computer: Big Buster Nightingale COMB652 Nissai 90MF BX090 COMC554 Scarab F2 BPT9Max COMG10 M 10 Shield COM6           -Kure BarTal to Bartender. -Kure Naval BaseAt infirmary Mori was their also Miho. Greg and Emilio then leave bac to Kure Naval B ase. Coo add website AUSPEND/Others/Aust ralia. -Kure ShopWanzer Upgrade: HP Parts Level 5 and other Parts Level 3 Bac to Command Center group discuss about base operation. to Ph am from Pierre (3) and last to Mayer from N. they move to meet Isao. to Miho from Kin a uji. That he convince Isao to raise a coup t hen hired he and the rest of Wulong will help you. Itsu o were surprise about the attac ers then he request permission to Comd r.D. Tal to Kitajima the Kazu i force to help Lt. Mori defend the base. to Ryogo from Ms. Tadayu i Mori piloting Prov PAW2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The base is bombard with missile then the group went to Kure after the incident. Mori and 2 of his remaining soldier. Kazu i arrive in time to help Lt. Remembered Girl. Kitajima to attac .

O ana the base operator informed Maj. Goto didn't li e the situation he ordered the soldier to loc -up Commander I sogai but Isogai reply that he will not escape. Then he radio-dispatch from Goto in formed about the situation in Nagoya base. Above enemy spotted Ryogo and radio-dispatch to reques t permission to pursuit and attac . Kuroi ordered to protect the base a long as he can he also ordered not trust Lu av Imaginary Number's. -Chemical Factory SewerPham don't li e getting in sewer ^_^. K uroi about Lu av movement Kuroi had suspicion on Lu av.Q. Goto trying to persuade Commander Isogai to join ed Chief of Staff Sasa i or not. Everybody was loo ing at Ryogo to forc e him to volunteer on this one. Meanwhile at Ma uryo H. Rosavia argue with Goto then Goto gett ing ready to joined the next fight. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 41: Location: Nagoya Sewer 1 WC: 4 EW: 2 Shunyo M 111 2 Enyo M 109 2 M 5 AFV ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Inside the Chemical Factory Lt.                                                   . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 42: Location: Nagoya Sewer 2 WC: 3 EW: 3 Shunyo M 111 2 Enyo M 109 1 Kasel M2 2 Wanz er Pilot Pilot: 1 Ryogo Victory condition: Ryogo arrive at designated location Losing condition: Ryogo dies ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lt. Then a soldier informed Lt. Bac at the sewer Miho located the elevator to go up but its not wor ing only th e small service elevator fit only for Human size. Goto that the sewer defense squad was not responding. Rosavia arrive their to help with Goto but he ignore h er and ordered his troops to get ready for the attac . Fu ushima & Shin-Ohgishima Bridge) chec mail to Miho from Mori ( Nagoya sewer download password: WNTJ) when you are ready move to DOCK.cue Commander Isogai of Nagoya. Before you go tal to Ta iguchi first to receive sim ulator data (Nanjing. Ta iguchi will brief about the Nagoya Chemical Factory. He reminds him also of what happen to Kure base. briefing room. Enemy have spotted your wanzer they're get ting ready. Bac at Chemical Factory.

He stay so that how Kazu i he ma ture for for that time his away. Meanwhile at Sendai Rudolf and Greg are guiding Isao troops towards the gatherin g area when he Imaginary Numbers arrive. You also notice how stubborn both Isao and Kazu i. After ta en out the 2 Shunwang_1 you continue you're rescue mission. the n Isao well act as bait so that the rest of the troop are intact. Isao ordered Rudolf to protect the convoy. than s in the nec of time Kazu i team arrive.Out side the chemical factory Kazu i team trying to move in quietly but enemy ar e waiting for them time for battle. Inside the Chemical Factory you meet Isogai but he decline you offer. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 44: Location: Sendai Interstate WC: 4 EW: 2 Shunwang_1 2 Lenghe_1 2 Oceanhahan NPC: 1 Enyo M 109 Meet Isao Ta emura piloting Enyo M 109 Losing condition: Isao dies ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the battle they leave the area before enemy reinforcement arrive. Tal to Rudolf He informed you to go to Sendai harbor that his father act as decoy. Two JDF soldier stay also to help Isao. You can che c mail to Lan from Kwang. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 43: Location: Nagoya Factory WC: 4 EW: 2 Shunyo M 111 2 M 5 AFV 1 M 8 Support Reinforcement: 2 Shunwang 1 Meet Goto piloting M 8 Support ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the battle of the first defense Rosavia was tal ing to Goto and finished h im of while she escape she ordered 2 remaining Imaginary Numbers to cover her retreat. Bac to Sendai. Bac at the Sub. His not joining Isao or Sasa i side he remains to be neutral. They went into to their base of operation at Fu ushima. Inside the base Front Li                                                   . Then you went bac JDF Sub-Bridge you tal to Nishiyam a Captain of the Sub of what the result of the mission.Nishiyama operator receive a dispatch call from Rudolf. watch a cool spin move of Lenghe_1 dodge and attac the JDF sold ier protecting Isao. Isao ordered the 2 soldier to retreat while he stay to joined Kazu i team.

To enemy coup base enemy commander radio-dispatch to Chief of Staff Sasa i for Reinforcement. Isao ordered Rudolf to move to Koriyama and avoid fullscale bat tle. Enemy had fire support attac 1 or 2 before your turn. Local. Abu uma River WC: 4 EW: 2 M 8 Support 2 Kasel_2 2 M 9 AFV 1 Infantry Victory condition: 6 enemy pilots destroyed or made to surrender. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 46: Location: Koriyama (outside) WC: 4 EW: 3 M 5 AFV 3 Enyo M 109 2 MBT2 Kuarve Victory condition: Surviving players reach designated area. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------after the mission Kazu i informed that the operation is success. Kazu i team are planning to infiltrate enemy base but Miho warn Kazu i that enem y might used CWDS an anti wanzer thing. for now they're problem how to get in the base. Chec mail to Alisa from Dr. Command Room.ne HQ. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 45: Location: Nihonmatsu. Then Isao suggest you to get ready move leave. reply topic I'm sorry or Than you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kanai don't the situation happening he joins the fight next battle. -Fu ushima ShopWanzer Upgrade: HP Parts Level 6 and other Parts Level 3 When you are ready bac Command Room then Isao as ed you if "You are ready'" or "Not ready" Choose ready to continue. Ta iguchi warn Isao that enemy has CWDS?.                                 Wanzer parts on sale: Kyo ei M 108 Pare PAW2 Jinyo M 110 Enyo M 109         -Fu ushima BarYou can tal to Bartender. you'll have to ta e them out fa st so that they don't contact any reinforcement. The group discuss above enemy movement then they plan to ta e the base operation of the enemy first but Kazu i's team will handle that then the Wulong will hold the Korimaya enemies. Curious Man and Angry Girl Weapons/Bac pac Fatal Buster Venus M 22 Spi e Arc Barrel Desoto M300   Moveable area: [1]Fu ushima Bar [2] Fu ushima Shop [3] Command Room /Pilot Computer: M 11 Sniper BPT9Max Hot Gazel COMB652 SN-107G COMC554 Bjariger COMG10 BX090 COM6                           . At Nihonmatsu. enemy recon squad chec the area.

If you chec the Networ already time to download the Secret Wanzer see Miscella neous section. Note: notice the effect of CWDS weapon Accuracy Down 40% effect on your team wan zers. Hiromichi Kanai piloting M 25 AFV. Bac to base at Fu ushima Isao loo ing for the surrendered general it's Major No na a of 12 Division Soumagahara. At Front Line Command Center Isao receive Kazu i dispatch then reply ordering to stop the pursuit of the base commander. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the battle Kazu i insist to chase the base commander escape but Ryogo comp laining Again. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 47: Location: Koriyama (inside) WC: 4 EW: 2 Enyo M 109 2 Jinyo M 110 1 M 25 AFV Meet Maj. Nona a then to Ta iguchi. Tal to Isao. Ryogo getting tired but time for attac to ta e over the base. Mayer will loo for him leave then go to bar. Edward. Kazu i radio-dispatch to base that he was in pursuit of the base commande r. they discuss on ta ing control of the ca pitol but first they find were the Prime Minister is being held to open parliament. Ta iuchi. Mayer and bac to Isao. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 48: Location: Koriyama IC (highway) WC: 4 EW: 3 MBT2 Kuarve 2 Hanniger 1 M 8 Support Victory Condition: 6 enemy pilots destroyed or made to surrender ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the fight 2 Enyo M 109 appear it Commander Nona a the 12 Division of Souma gahara surrendered he reason himself the Kazu i accept his reason. Chec mail to Mayer from E. Kanai ordering the stationed soldier cover his retreat. Isao offer him to join him then he accepted. after planning Liu suddenly angr y of their current situation then he leave. Meanwhile Maj.                                                             . Now Soumag ahara base are you allies. just afte r he ordered the soldier spotted Kazu i team then he continue his escape while the re maining soldier fight when he escape. Tal to Isao.Inside enemy had spotted the group moving the command room were enemy forces gat hering Miho spotted the CWDS then that's your target to ta e out as fast a you or suffe r later.

Meanwhile at Ma uryo base. -Soumagahara baseThe group headed to Soumagahara Base. At Tomiyama-Cho. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the battle Kazu i enter the Sanatorium and rescue the Prime Minister. If you encounter any opposition y ou can steal enemy wanzers in that area also. Kazu i ordered that the mission still go. -Soumagahara BaseIsao requesting a help to the Prime Minister in opening the parliament bac and made a press conference about the coup to let the citizen now. Note: that the bac pac contains 1 Repair Mx. and Restore Lo. As for Liu he only avenge the death Bal to pay bac for raising him finally she convince Liu to go bac with him at the Base.At Fu ushima bar tal to Liu 4 times. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 49: Prime Rescue Location: Tomiyama-Cho. Mayer act as a psychiatrist for Liu made h im realize about his life. -TomiyamaAt Tomiyama. Taday u i Mori was waiting he also had information of were the Prime Minister being held. Everybody surprise of Liu when he get bac . Chiba WC: 4 (wzr pilots) EW: 1 Kasel M2 2 Jinyo M 110 1 Hanniger 1 M 9 AFV Steal vehicles: 1 Kasel_M2 2 Jinyo M 110 1 M 9 AFV 1 Hanniger Victory condition: Surviving players reach the Sanatorium area. Kuroi about Lu av m ovements at Kyushu to get MIDAS. then the Helicopter arrive piloted by Mori. Next the group was informed by Ta iguchi that someone they now also loo ing for the Prime Minister. inside the base at briefing room Lt. 2 politician and Sasa i are discussing the press conf erence                                                         . O ana informed Maj. Chiba the base was heavy secured he also informed in this missi on you have to snea inside the base without wanzers. Liu cover their escape and joined them after the Prime Minister is in safety. When you are ready bac to Command R oom. Meanwhile at Ma uryo HQ Conference Room. she also join to protect her homeland her mother was Japanese sh e was born in Japan and raise in Australia. Chiba the group arrive at the location then they was in the hangar area that their some wanzers and vehicles are being par ed the group now decided to ta e c ontrol of the empty wanzers and vehicles.

First you must get ready: Moveable area: [1]Kumamoto Bar [2] Kumamoto Shop [3] Kumamoto Base -Kumamoto ShopWanzer Upgrade: HP Parts Level 7 and other Parts Level 4 When ready Bac to Kumamoto Base. At Ma uryo HQ Briefing Room. To yoNow the politician is blaming each other. Kaniyama ordered to continue on pursuit of Ma j.     Wanzer parts on sale: Kyo ei M 108 Pare PAW2 Jinyo M 110 Enyo M 109 Weapons/Bac pac Fatal Buster Venus Arc Barrel 4 Desoto M300 M 11 Sniper /Pilot Computer: Hot Gazel COMB652 SN-107G COMC554 Bjariger COMG10 BX090 COM6 BPT9Max         -Kumamoto BarYou can tal to Bartender. Kuroi. Then the discussion was cut when JDF soldier Informed Isao to go to briefing room. Isao Ta emura base about the situation.of Prime Minister now Chief of Staff Sasa i is falling apart now Sasa i is being arrest by the Vice Prime Minister as the ringleader of the coup. Aso his headed at Kirishima Industries weapon test site nowing th at Kirishima in testing new mobile weapon. -Soumagahara BaseIsao receive dispatch from Ma uryo base that the ringleader of the coup is being arrested and he was request to went to Ma uryo base. Kuroi has plan on his own. Kuroi went into Mt. Kuroi whereabouts had been located at Mt. -Kumamoto BaseAt Kumamoto base meet Kamiyama the base commander then Kazu i figure out why Maj . O ana informed him about Lu av movements. Former Soldier. Mori informed that Lu av and Maj. And informed Col. a JDF SP Force soldier and O ana new about wha t happen Maj. Kuroi act now on his own. Isao ordered Kazu i to go to Kumamoto base Isao well dispatch of your arrival their. Kuroi is not in l isted on those who surrendered not nowing any information where their current locatio n. Aso. Coward and Thrill See er                                           . also the Chief of Police is in their a long with Vice Prime Minister then Isao and Sasa i meet. -Atsugi BaseSomewhere in Atsugi Base Runway. -Roppongi. Maj.

Kuroi meet his remaining followers Kuroi ordered to shotdown the he licopter but the group manage to jump before it explode. Kuroi ordered O ana to slow down Lu av while his headed in that direction. -Misumi HarborO ana trying to slow Lu av team waiting for Kuroi to arrived but Lu av finished him off. they also move out of the area. Note: notice the effect of CWDS weapon Accuracy Down 40% effect on your team wan zers.                                                           . Kuroi piloting P-Gun J10 (for the last time) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the fight Kuroi was still alive a few discussion to Kazu i group then he t ell the location of Lu av. after telling Kazu i he shots himself. Aso. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 50: Location: Mt. Aso Foothills WC: 4 EW: 1 P-Gun J10 2 Enyo M 109 2 Shunyo M 111 2 Jinyo M 110 Meet Maj. Wanzer Test Center WC: 4 EW: 2 Enyo M 109 2 Shunyo M 111 3 Jinyo M 110 1 Kasel M2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the battle Mayer had ta en control of Kirishima Helicopter to catch Kuroi from going any further. Kuroi new spotted you also informing them that they were too late Then his troops cover him ta e them out fast. Lu av escape his super wanzer to the new Hover Craft prototype and leave Kazu i team. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 51: Location: Mt. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 52: Location: Misumi Harbor WC: 4 EW: 1 Kehei_0 3 Shunwang_1 2 Lenghe_1 2 Mingtian_1 Victory condition: Lu av destroyed ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After Lu av defeated Kazu i was tal ing to him meanwhile USN Aircraft carrier fi re cruised missile targeting Kazu i team in the area.-Wanzer Test CenterAt the test center we see Kirishima prototype version of M 5 AFV the miniaturize d CWDS O ana informed of Lu av movement towards Misumi Harbor in new LST hover craft towards O inawa. Not far Maj. The group heard gunfire Lu av spotted them then tease Liu to loose his temper. Ryogo and Kazu i spotted Kuroi in the new prototype vehicle they try to stop him but his already on his way out.

-Zu eran Hangar.-Kumamoto BaseTaniyama informed you about the Imaginary Numbers disguise as DHZ and snea insi de Ocean City.or -Zu eran BaseThe base commander busy on the briefing room. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 53: Location: O inawa Bridge WC: 4 EW: 2 Shunwang_1 2 Lenghe_1 2 Mingtian_1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The group had a chat a little then receive a dispatch from Kawada he informed th         Move bac to Briefing Room and tal to Kawada when you are ready to leave. He also told you that MIDAS was located at the bottom of the City at the power s ource. Any improper moving of MIDAS will result to city to collapse. he will notify commander Kawada of your arrival. He also informed you that Lu av after MIDAS also tell that Sasa i hide it in Ocean City. Tal to Koi e then he gave you the password of Ocean City Blueprint at OCCINF. -Ru eran Base. Hasegawa (5). JDF soldier were busy controlling coup de'tat. -O inawa BridgeJDF soldier still waiting for bac up to arrive an Imaginary Numbers nearly finis hed him great timing they arrive in time. Next destination O inaw a City. Jared will intercept Kazu i team while he Emir go down to l ower level. First you can still chec the area. Jared had discussion on Lu av.(last shop to visit) Wanzer Upgrade: HP Parts Level 7 and other Parts Level 4 -Ocean City Residential Areamean while at Ocean City JDF soldier are no much against the Imaginary Numbers. Chec mail to Ryogo from Ms. you arrive and tell that you were the bac up. Kazu i ordered him to retreat along with the w ounded soldiers.         Wanzer parts on sale: Kyo ei M 108 Pare PAW2 Jinyo M 110 Enyo M 109 Weapons/Bac pac Fatal Buster Venus Last Stri e Arc Barrel 4 Desoto M300 /Pilot Computer: M 11 Sniper BPT9Max COM6 Hot Gazel BX090 SN-107G COMB652 Faust GGR COMC554 Bjariger COMG10                                             . First move to Hangar and meet Koi e. Moveable area: [1]Kumamoto Bar [2] Kumamoto Shop [3] Kumamoto Base When you are ready bac to Kumamoto base choose ready.

Watch a FMV of Ocean City separate to O inawa. But first they had to evacuate the civilian. He ordered to move to Ocean city. -Ocean City Residential AreaThe group are find the way to go were MIDAS location. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 54: Location: Ocean City (maintenance section) WC: 4 EW: 1 Shunwang_1 4 Lenghe_1 3 Mingtian_1 Meet Lu av piloting Shunwang_1 Victory condition: Lu av destroyed ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After defeating Lu av he escape with his remaining Imaginary Numbers in the elev ator also destroying the passage. At Residential area Kazu i team evacuating the civilian when Jared team arrive b ut first you must protect the civilian trailer first. Alisa figure out there's another way towards underground passage. While they waiting they also discuss o n getting rid of Lu av and escaping. -Meanwhile belowBelow Lu av new that they were moving.D. Lu av informed that Emir went down to bottom floor to get MIDAS. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 55: Location: Ocean City (residential area) WC: 4 EW: 1 Kexei_1 5 Shunwang_1 NPC: 1 Se ida Meet Jared Bogdanof piloting Kexei_1 (for the last time) Loosing condition: civilian trailer destroyed ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the civilian are evacuated the group went into Ocean City control room Ali sa then do the sequence and request help on Miho. chec mail to Miho from Rudolf and to Mayer from N.                   . so he left her their. Rosavia informed Lu av that the USN Fleet is moving toward Ocean City they reali zed that Lu av had tric them. Emir was in their to along with Griffith & Rosavia. Coo . She new that Ocean City is made of primary bloc s can be controlled in the Ocean City Control Room. So t hat damage to the city will be minimal. is down.at Ocean City Com. He already learned how to create MIDAS he doesn't need Emir anymore. Note: Lenghe_1 are using Shunda_4 and Mingtian_1 are using Type 15 GR. He ordered to activate MIDAS and also ordered Rosavia not to                     At intermission. Liu rush forward after seeing Lu av. below Lu av and Imaginary Numbers are waiting.

Liu calm down Alisa and figure out their escape. Lu av already e xtracted the information on creating MIDAS on her. It was Emma. He will slow them down while Kazu i team get rid o f Lu av misery before the USN Fleet arrive. -Control RoomThe sequence is complete! Kazu i receive dispatch from Isao informed them that U SN Fleet is moving towards Ocean City. But the had to separat e and san the bottom section of Ocean City in order for the damage to O inawa will be min imal damage. The Alisa activated the seque the city and leave.                               . The group went to closing the boc also the find the LST doc ing nce to separate and san the lower section of that MIDAS is building energy and it sta Control room to divert maximum power in somewhere. At under ground passage the group felt rting its chain reactions. -Underground PassageAt the passage the path was guarded by Imaginary Numbers you have to ta e them o ut fast. The place w as deserted Alisa saw a person not far from the core. Miho surprise that MIDAS is being tra nsport only to discovered that MIDAS is activated. -LSTEverybody on board the LST then the explosion on separating sequence begun firs t Middle then Top level then total eliminating of all on top level. Then Rosavia Gray arrive to slow do wn your escape you try to ma e her realized but she just follows Lu av orders.let them escape. The group arrive at the Ocean City power core were MIDAS is hidden. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 57: Location: Ocean City (power core) WC: 4 EW: 3 Lenghe_1 5 Shunwang_1 Meet Rosavia Gray piloting Shunwang_1(for the last time) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: that Lenghe_1 are equipped with Chongta 3 and M 20 Fist After the fight Kazu i surprised that Lu av sacrificing his men in order for hi m to escape. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 56: Location: Ocean City (underground passage) WC: 4 EW: 3 Lenghe_1 3 Shunwang_1 2 Mingtian_1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now that you get rid of the enemy they continue to move inside.

item . & gainin - & etc. True Ending? Again at the last part save the game the Last Save Point. =================== BATTTLE SIMULATOR ===================     .go online to Internet and chec other websites or                           . depending on received mail. weapons. Parts/Weapons/Item Upgrade Machine Des top Data List documents. open Mail Menu .Open Tutorial & Battle Simulator menu . N E T W O R K . . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 58: Location: Ocean City. My Ran Medals Collected: Platinum 30 Gold 15 Silver 13 Bronze 01 Total 59 Stage finished ================================================================================ ========== V.self explanatory. Your character still have all their learn battle s ill available on the next game.change bac ground wall paper.Purchase parts/weapon/item and Upgrade Wanzers thr buy an wanzer parts.Exit Networ bac to Main Menu   Battle Simulator g money Exit   Configuration Simulator Tutorial     Chec mail Mailbox us mail Send Mail Shop u Internet. Time for the real final battle against Lu av. (coastal facility) WC: 4 EW: 1 Xiangyo_2 3 Lenghe_1 3 Shunwang_1 Meet Lu av piloting Xiangyo_2(for the last time) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Until this point I stop its up to you the last story is yours. . Note: that all the enemy pilot are type S weapon s ill. chec newly arrive mail & previo   -Networ CommandSelect Forum download .game tutorial from wanzers setups.test you wanzer gaining battle s ill exp. . brightness & etc.The LST is stoc then Lu av arrive came bac to ta e you out himself because of Rosavia failure to slow you down. weapons & items thru NET upgrade wanzer parts thru NET Open Data List Menu & Configuration Menu View or analyze text & graphic data from Networ chec downloaded files and mail attachments files. . pictures and other useful data.L I N K S: ================================================================================ ========== .Mail directory.reply a mail.

data encrypting software file protected in Alisa: AUSPEND(LAWSPITE) and in Emma: ARMOREDKIN Kaleidoscope .500.Alisa: tal to operator at Shanghai base after Nanjing stage Emma: tal to Chang after the Oilfield stage Nanjing .Simulator for training and gaining level & battle s ill and specially gaining m oney to buy or upgrading wanzer parts. You can get this in tal ing to people in other places to obtain it. "Emma:" obtainable only on Emma version of story. weapon & items in Shop. "Alisa:" obtainable only on Alisa version of story. ==================== DESKTOP DATA MENU: ==================== ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Des top Tools: activate by pressing "Square" above the chosen text or graphics ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Code Security 21 . [Training] .600. PAPEL/Corporation/Singapor e ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Simulator Data List : summarized from Alisa & Emma story ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------JDF Test Facility .both: downloaded in NTJ download Koriyama lin Note: "both" means obtainable in Alisa and Emma in same way and location.free.Emma: at USN Submarine operator gave this to you Taipei .500. password decoder in Alisa: PSYNAMIC and in Emma: AUSPEND(LAWSPITE                                   . available in both story at NETCOMSYS No Wait Lifting . Simulator Data: Practice Mode.200. [Real Battle] .Alisa: tal to Ambassador Clay before leaving Taipei B ar. .both: download at To yo/NTJ later in stage 25+ Taal Base .both: Kirishima wanzer test site default Shin-Ohgishima Bridge . IGUCHI/Corporation/Japan Simulator Data: Battle Mode.Alisa: tal to Kuo at Wan'an Base Emma: tal to Huang when arrive at Guangzhou Oil Field . Simulator Menu: Practice Level Menu: __________________ _____________ | Tutorial | | Test | => | Battle Simulator | => | Training | |__________________| | Real Battle | |_____________| Simulator Site/Location: _______________________ | JDF Test Facility | | Shin-Ohgishima Bridge | | Taal Base | | Taipei | | Oil Field | | Nanjing | | Fu ushima | |_______________________| Simulator difficulty level available in both Alisa and Emma Story. invert/bac to normal graphics to reveal hidden codes .Alisa: tal to Ta iguchi at Kure base Emma: tal to Ta iguchi at Kumamoto after Nagahama sta ge Fu ushima .

| Virus Bomb | | Dead Fool Hell | D .chec mail to Liu from Mi e Davis (1).mail attachment to Miho from Sa ura Elem.chec mail to Liu from Pa Qui Don attachment.mail attachment from Wen to Yun. reveal Ravnui Lab password: RAT2C & OVERR N JDF Tree .mail of Ryogo from Jinguji (3). reveal battle simulator password: SINTJ O inawa Ocean City . the answer is "CLOT" afte r you went in Twin Tiger Site (TTSOFT) enter the password then go bac to mail Send and automatically received payment after sending mail                       . then RESTREX CIU Mission File . compress & decompression graphic tool. used No Wait Lifting.used un nown Simulator . used Kaleidosco pe reveal password: JA9AN Moneyma er hint . used Under Cover Report: IVAN .blue writings TA3BW. Under Cover ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alisa Graphics Data list: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DNA Analysis .free. Zoom in/out graphic or pictures. used Under Cover Report: ANTHONY .) Picaresque RESTREX Under Cover Yahan Q . clue? NETCOMSYS access Miho's Photo . data decrypt software remove "? text file status" in Alisa: ARMOREDKIN and in Emma: NEWS (AMICA) .400.mail to Pham from Pierre (3). reveal battle simulator passw ord: SINTJ Woo's Photo . reveal JDFINT/Government/Japan NCS Document ..used Picaresque.used Yahan Q and Picaresque.download at NEWS/Other/DHZ. used Under Cover Report: SEROV .used Picaresque. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Emma Text Data list: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Twin Tiger Hint .500.ool H . repair corrupt text file available in both story at PAPEL .chec mail to Liu from Mi e Davis (2). used Picaresque to obtain Wu @3499. available in both story at TTSOFT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alisa Text Data list: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CIU Log File .ell + IS + Z | IS | DFHISZ get it? | Z | NAGOYA Sewer .remove capital letters after Virus Bomb a picture name not a clue.download at AUSPEND/Others/Australia.download at ARMOREDKIN/Other/Japan Spender's Diary .used Picaresque.200. used Under Cover Trial Report . in Alisa: NEWS (AMICA) and in Emma: PSYNAMIC .ead F .

used Picaresque. PDV PSIA Report .to Wen. Game .Alisa won the pageant at TEIHOKU/What's New/2nd pic before leav ing DHZ. Kaleidoscope become Three River used Code Se curity 21 send to Hatta automatically chec mail to Yun from Hatta. clue? NETCOMSYS access Ninja Photo .INTSTU download available when you came bac to Japan UMA . MM. reveal battle simulator password: SINTJ O inawa Ocean City . CIU Log File .AUSPEND Garbage Pit Dra e M2C .use Picaresque. ADIMS. Or obtainable only after casting a vote each time you visit the site.Wild Animal from MFA/Diplomatic Column available before leaving Japan Poster .Yue's Photo chec mail to Kazu i from Yue (2) Marcus .used Yahan Q. Heroic Photo . FTBTJB. Bal.Moneyma er hint Police Dog .mail attachment to Marcus from Susan.singer JPO/Scheduled Activities available before leaving Japan Available in Alisa only: Virusbomb . Hoda a . see flying saucer UFO ta en in Photo mail to Marcus from Susan (3) NAGOYA Sewer . ================================================================================                             . FIINNO.used Picaresque.used un nown Woo's Photo .INTSTU download Meledyne M1 .Under cover RESTREX.mail attachment to Miho from Sa ura Elem. chec at des top wallpaper also Ivan's Photo .PSYNAMIC Topics Zenislev .Alisa lose the pageant at TEIHOKU/What's New/1st pic before lea ving DHZ.used Picaresque. reveal SURSLN/Government/USN attached from Sybil (6) to Dennis ESASIA: GNP Map .a picture of DHZ Embassy. SA2KI ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Emma Graphics Data list: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DNA Analysis .used Picaresque.blue writings TA3BW. used Kaleidoscope reveal passwor d: ALONE JDF Tree . Available in Emma only: Legend . RAT2C Midas Controller .Yue pic 2nd mail destroying a wanzer by chi force.used Yahan Q reveal D07.No Wait Lifting reveal a hint P=9 H=8 O=0 S=2 Spender's Diary . reveal Wu@3499 mail address . reveal JDFINT/Government/Japan NCS Document . used Under Cover received password 08DHMD. DJV.download at NEWS/Other/DHZ.mail to Yun from Woo ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Des top wallpaper list: pictures you downloaded in Forum some are attachment fr om mails ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alisa .

B: chec mail to Ryogo from Jinguji (1) Domestic Information Japan Files : JA9AN .A: chec mail to Miho from Kin a uji (1) E: chec des top PSIA Report clue JDFORCE . chec at des top wallpaper Server access .available early in the game until before leaving Japan Singer .)Schedule of Activities Download . .A: chec des top text data CIU Command File E: chec des top data MIDAS controller Project MIDAS Access : MM .A: chec mail to Kazu i from Koi e(2) E: ????? JDFINT .A: chec des top text data CIU Command File E: chec des top data MIDAS controller Ground Force Staff Access : SA2KI .E: chec des top data MIDAS controller Mobile Assault Force Access : BLACKI . A: in Alisa story .E: chec mail to Kazu i from Kiryu (4) JDP (Japan Police Dept.poster of famous singer MFA (Min.available/get in Alisa story only.A: chec mail to Miho from Kin a uji (1) E: chec des top PSIA Report clue International Information DHZ Files : D8Z . of Foreign Affair).default available at the start of the game Diplomatic Column Download .B: extinct wild animal picture.B: chec Information 2 of JBNNINT/Government/Japa n Access : 992 .You can get it in Emma or Alisa story same way or l ocation.???? JDF Org.available/get in Emma story only.A: chec mail to Ryogo from Jinguji (2) E: chec mail to Ryogo from Jinguji (3) or chec des top PSIA Report clue USN Files : U2N . E: in Emma story . Pub.J A P A N ----------------------Government/Japan Lin s: ----------------------DPS (Dept.========== ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Networ Forum Lin s/Website address: How to Obtain it/Use for/Add lin ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------================================================================================ ========== Networ Legend below: B: both Alisa and Emma . Safety) .????                                                                                             .B: chec des top graphics data JDF Tree Access : D07 .available early in the game until before leaving Japan UMA .A: chec mail to Miho from Kin a uji (1) or chec Miho's Photo used Kaleidoscope E: chec des top PSIA Report clue OCU Files : 0CU . Tree: JDSMAP .

NTJ (Nat.depending if you vote each time you're in Forum at     ------------------Others/Japan Lin s: ------------------TEIHOKU Access: ALISA What's News Miss Teiho u Vote Download bac to Japan .vote for once for any five contestant per visit .B: default available at the start of the g ame Download: To yo 27+ PEND E: tal agahama stage Nagoya Sewer: WNTJ O inawa OKINAWCD -----------------------Corporation/Japan Lin s: -----------------------IGUCHI Download: Practice mode JBNN JBNN Editing : YAMS Information 2: 1. Access: SHUNYO .I.B: 200. File8341G 1: 2./Japan .A: chec mail to Kazu i from Koi e (2) a hint E: tal to Ta iguchi in Kumamoto base 1st arrive KIRISMAID . on Marine & Shipping .A: chec des top graphics data Simulator from AUS to Former soldier in Kumamoto Bar after N chec mail to Miho from Mori (2) ???? add website OCC/Corporation/Japan chec KIRISBUSINESS/Info. Of Public Safety DPS/Government/Japan             .A: chec mail to Kazu i from Koi e (2) E: tal to Ta iguchi in Kumamoto base 1st arrive Info.B: Tal to Koi e at Zu eran base Hangar .B: chec Our Mission of JPD/Government/Japan                                   . File8341G 2: KIRISPV .A: E: .B: simulator of Shin-Ohgishima bridge later stage : SINTJ .B: chec mail to Alisa from Ms.B: Koriyama .B: tal to Koi e at beginning the before you leave Kirishima in second delivery KIRISPVS .B: add Dept.B: blue writing in NCS document . Of Public Safety DPS/Government/Japan .B: chec Information 1 of KIRISPV/Corp.B: . Teiho u (1) .B: available after visiting NTJ/O inawa Lin s .B: password: JID2F3 on OCUI/JDF . simulator level data default available at the start of the game receive mail to Kazu i from Kiryu (1) add Dept.B: add website OKINAWCD/Gov.A: see result of the pageant                 NETCOMSYS Download: Kaleidoscope tools S. Download: . Access : TA3BW OCC Ocean City Blueprint Download : EHOBA .available later in the game before leaving DHZ and after the winner result of the contest.B: chec BBS 1 of ARMOREDKIN/Other/Japan       - B: B: B: B: 500. L&T Agency of Japan) ./Japan Business Information Marine & Shipping .B: default available at the start of the game . Graphic Decoder chec des top graphic data .

B: chec DCNSIT first option 1.A: chec des top data Trial Report MIDAS Info: M8D0S .B: reveal PW: FTBTJB to OCU >OCU Regional Gate >S. USN and HLR .A: if Help from Moneyma er with advance payment Or E: Alisa win the contest vote each time you go For .B: chec at (info) .B: reveal PW: KBQBO to CIU >OCU Regional Gate >Jap an Japan : KBQBO . (NETCOMSYS) reveal a DCN website password: DCN09 555(XKR)224 available after ta ing Koriyama bas                                       Alisa [2nd pic] . Corp.A: if never attached advance payment to Moneyma er E: Hoda a win the contest not voting for Alisa E: after Tarada e Observatory Stage 57+ .B: add HLR/Other/DHZ DHZ Files : AIE .A: ????? JDF File : J1D2F3 .A: free.on Alisa only Under Cover Trial Reports . Asia : FTBTJB .B: reveal PW: DTHTZT File System Access : G3F8A .B: chec File 1 of OCUI/Government/Australia OCU Regional Gate Access : DJV . E.Teiho u um Hoda a [1st pic] .B: chec OCUI >Secret Gate >USN Files > USN & DHZ 1.E: free.USN & D CIU File : C4I5U6 .E. Asia USN Files : OTV .B: reveal PW: AIE to OCUI >Secret Gate >DHZ File 2. File 834 1G 1 HZ DHZ File : DTHTZT . USN and DHZ . decrypt tools for des top text data .A: chec des top data Trial Report B: in JBNNEDIT/Corporation/Japan chec 1.A: receive at stage 6 after destroying M 9 AFV E: ?????                         Download: NCS Document .A U S T R A L I A --------------------------Government/Australia Lin s: --------------------------CIU . New Political Power in DHZ . encrypt tools for des top text data DPS Reports .B: chec des top text data CIU Log File Secret Gate Access : UFSDFT .A: chec des top text data .B: chec at OCU >Secret Gate >USN Files >1.E: chec des top text data ================================================================================ ========== .B: chec des top text data CIU Log File S.B: chec des top graphic data               ARMOREDKIN BBS 1 BBS 2 BBS 3 e Stage 47+ - B: B: B: A: chec mail to Kazu i from Kin a uji (1) add Networ Computing Soft.on Emma only Code Security 21 .B: receive mail to Ryogo from Jinguji (1)   OCUI .B: chec BBS 3 AUSPEND/Others/Australia MIDAS Files: TBEJN .B: chec at CIU >OCU Regional Gate >MIDAS Files (info) .A: chec Congress of OCU Regional Gate Congress : PDV .

A: receive at Taal Base stage 21 after destroying Jose Astrada wanzer./ USN Internal E-mail Database                                   ----------------------Others/Australia Lin s: ----------------------AUSPEND (Lawspite) .D. Decoding chec on Des top text data tools ESASIA: GNP Map .D.A: free.E: $????.B: LEONET (Leonora Ent.A: chec des top graphic data CIU Mission File .E: free. chec mail to Mayer from N.A: chec mail to Mayer from N.B: chec Capt. OCUM .both Zenislev 3D CG .U S N --------------------Government/USN Lin s: --------------------FAI .A: chec mail to Liu from Mi e Davis (1) attached       . Coo .A: E: BBS 3 . Coo chec mail to Emma from Lawspite chec for CIU Secret Gate password: UFSDFT 1-TAX-HELL ?????             ---------------------------Corporation/Australia Lin s: ---------------------------DCNSIT . Coo ================================================================================ ========== .B: BBS 4 .A: $????.B: Garbage Pit Download . chec mail to Mayer from N.A: GAT AHAS E: troyed VELDA . E: Access : DCN09 .A: after Wen access the site after stage 37 at Sha nghai Shop Access: IAF001 .B: Inferno Dialer .D. E: ????? chec BBS 2 of ARMOREDKIN/Others/Japan receive after battle in Stage 14a inside the DA tal to scientist in Wilson Cliff's Cadenza des receive at Negros stage 11 after destroying MBT free. for des top wall paper Net Phone Dialer.document denza E: meet Serov in Wilson Cliffs after destroying Ca remember that you are at OCU territory it's a c lue. Input telephone number available after ta ing Koriyama base Stage 47+ E: after Tarada e Observatory Stage 57+ . of Jefferson Thomas of USNAVY/Gov. Decoding chec on Des top text data tools Simulator .) .E: chec des top graphic data CIU Log File .A: ved.on Emma only No Wait Lifting .on Alisa Code Security 21 .A: 2 Kuarve at Batangas Bar tal to Calm man twice to recei     Personnel File Name: Name: SEROV .

Capt. GASTOR.B: reveal FAI password: IAF001 ---------------------Corporation/USN Lin s: ---------------------DATOP (Diable Avionics) . CINDY.. JOE. Imaginary Numbers ./USN A: receive on battle at stage 23 at Xueshan E: chec mail to Dennis Sybil (5) JML (Jade Metal Lay. Picaresque. decrypt password on des t                                   .B: ION/USN free.Lab.B: chec SURSLN/Gov.A: op tools E: ols New Drivers . of Thomas Jefferson . The Origin of MIDAS .Rad.) . & MARC US The name of the FAI USN agent you just meet/enc ountered.A: Wen type the password for you after stage 37 at also available at BBS 5 of MONEYMAKER/Other/Sin E-mail Database to 1. 3. William Bergholts to Emir Klams y PSYNAMIC -mail Database .. No Wait Lifting./USN access :IAF001 Internal E 500. Wil & Ken       Topics New Game Software . decrypt password on des top to add website Diable Avionics Site DATOP/CORPORAT ----------------Others/USN Lin s: ----------------INTSTU Download Jun yard .B: reveal website SRLUSN/Government/USN 4.B: New Software Pac age .B: reveal website RNL/Government/RAVNUI Access: IAF002 Shanghai Shop gapore E: chec mail to Dennis from Sybil (1) Personnel Data Base.A: input DENNIS. LUKAV.B: chec the New Drivers in PSYNAMIC/Corp. for des top wall paper "New 3D Game" 500.3.E: : MARINE .) ory choose 1. Will . Wil & Ken . SRLUSN (Spec.A: ???? E: reveal after destroying Kodomari in Taipei fact ..A: chec des top data Spenders Diary E: chec mail to Emma from Ken (2) Emir from B: add website PSYNAMIC/Corporation/USN B: add website INTSTU/Other/USN B: Enter Wil.A: .B: reveal at SRLUSN/ E-mail Database.Personnel MIDAS USNAVY Access ng .A: chec Secret 2 of TTSOFT/Corporation/Da Han Zho E: chec mail to Ryogo from Jinguji (3) 1.B: chec The Origin of MIDAS of FAI password: IAF0 01 Access E: chec des top DNA Analysis used picaresque : SURSLN . Ken & Emir USN scientist involved in .3.

DA HAN ZHONG -----------------------------Government/Da Han Zhong Lin s: -----------------------------DHZG .A: chec mail to Miho from Kin a uji (2) E: solve Twin Tiger Hint from Wen (1) to Yun                 DHDEO Access: 08DHMD .B: ????? Dra e M2C .MIDAS Controller Access: ALICIANA . decompression tool chec des top graphic d ata tools Server access : CLOT . ng SSCO TWH TTSOFT E: . at Des top chec Moneyma er hint get it.A: free.A: chec mail to Liu from Moneyma er attachment.A: receive at Wan'an bar tal to Concerned Citizen . for des top wall paper "Meledyne M1" late r stage 47+ E: available after you arrive at Japan ================================================================================ ========== .A: E: .A: chec mail to Liu from Mi e Davis (2) E: chec in des top Ivan's Photo In both story input LUKAV.B: A: E: chec in des top text data Spender's Diary tal to Wuhan Shop eeper tal to Wan'an Shop eeper chec BBS 3 of NEWS/Others/DHZ tal to Gossip at Shanghai Bar first arrive Download: Yahan Q . E: receive after you clear stage Ravnui Embassy (i nside) Access : REBSY .A: free.B: 500.A: E: .A: chec mail to Liu from DHZ Military E: chec des top text data Spender's Diary Imaginary Number Access : FIINNO .A: chec Secret 1 of TTOSFT/Corporation/Da Han Zho                                                                           .A: chec des top data Spenders Diary Acr.A: chec des top data Spenders Diary E: chec mail to Emma from Ken (1) Personnel : ALONE .A: receive after Stage 8 tal to Sub-Operator at D HZ-sub E: ???? DHZMI . for des top wall paper "Dra e M2C" Meledyne M1 .A: receive in Ranvui Embassy on stage 35 after destroying Rosavia Gray wanzer. E: chec Secret 2 of TTSOFT/Corporation/DHZ MIDAS Information Access : ADIMS .A: Liu well gave this to you at DHZ area E: ???? Access : DFHISZ . LIU & BAL see their profiles ------------------------------Corporation/Da Han Zhong Lin s: ------------------------------DHD .A: chec des top text data on Report: Anthony mail attachment of Liu from Mi e Davis (2) E: chec des top text data Spender's Diary REMBASSY . MIDAS: PLANM .

E: destroy Jose wanzer at Taal front gate detour or tal to Jose after he joined you at Taal Alpine detour Download RESTREX .A: reveal password to DHD/Corp. Luo.A: ???? E: chec mail to Emma from Luo (1)     . Spender's Diary .Secret 1 Secret 2 . Yue.A: rom Nanjing E: BBS 3 .A: chec des top data Report: Ivan Sponsors : PATRON .A: chec des top graphic DNA Analysis E: chec mail to Kazu i from Wei Ching Yee 4. Imaginary Numbers Access : OVERRN . Zoom in/out graphic chec des top graphic     200. first must visit Iguchi/Corporation/J apan and download simulator data then tal to Davao Sho p eeper.B: remember the name of the Hua Lian Rebel enter names: Huang. The Klams y Family Access:???? ================================================================================ ========== . Zhuwen Troop Deploy: SMAP . Ivan's Photo .A: chec des top data Report: Ivan E: chec mail to Kazu i from Ling or tal to Members: .B: chec FAI enter IAF001. Zoom in/out graphic chec                       -------------------------Others/Da Han Zhong Lin s: -------------------------NEWS (AMICA/Other/DHZ) .E: chec at des top graphic data     On Emma Under Cover data tools.A: chec mail to Alisa from Ling .A: at Davao.B: Download: On Alisa Picaresque .E: 200. chec des top tools                               DAILY HLR Access : INKAREN . Repair Software Fixed Corrupt File.A: chec des top graphic DNA Analysis E: chec des top Spender's Diary 4.A: reveal USNAVY password: MARINE E: reveal DHZ Intelligence password DFHISZ add website TTSOFT/Others/Da Han Zhong 200.Ravnui National Laboratory RNL/Government/Ravnui . chec at des top text data ================================================================================ ========== . Chang.R A V N U I .A: data tools.B: available after meeting Wei Ching Yee .S I N G A P O R E Corporation/Singapore Lin s: PAPEL .B:     tal to Gossip in Shanghai Bar after you went f des top graphic       . chec Origin of MIDAS E: or chec mail to Dennis from Sybil (6) Access: RAT2C ./DHZ .B: 400.

A: at Shanghai Bar.. WANZERS WEAPON TYPES ================================================================================ ========== First we start with the fire power to be aware of enemy damage class attac .ROUSSEAU .B: 600.E: available in Emma only chec des top graphic da                             . ================================================================================ ========== -EC. .A:????? ./Indonesia .(European Countries) SCHNECKER/Others/EC .A: E: BBS .A: receive after stage 29 Rudolf ta e you to TIANL IE E: chec mail to Kazu i from Rudolf ================================================================================ ========== -INDONESIABARILAR/Corp.A: tal to Shanghai Shop eeper E: destroy Rudolf at Foshan 2nd time to meet him SENDER/Others/EC . tal to Crazy Man twice ???? reveal FAI internal password: IAF002 none ================================================================================ ========== .A: receive mail to Pham from Barilar (1) E: receive mail to Linny from Barilar (1) Still Un nown: 1-TAX-HELL .A: receive mail to Pham from Pierre (1) at Fuzhou Naval Base E: chec mail to Linny from Barilar(?) PLPARTY/Others/Phil. Access password: BEFREE .ta ----------------------Others/Singapore Lin s: ----------------------MONEYMAKER .. After the Snotty girl event shop.A: receive tal to Operator in Davao after visitin g Davao Shop.A: available during you arrive to Philippines at r ebel base LUISCC/Corporation/Phil.         ??????? EASIA: GNP Map .22:00 .A: tal to Operator in Davao. What weapon type they used so that you can defense yourself against their atta c .A: E: Battle Simulator . The site is accessib le only during you are at the Philippines. chec simulator level: Real Battle at Taipei Bar. .P H I L I P P I N E S PHFORCE/Government/Phil. tal to Wanzer Fan E: destroy Rebecca at Foshan 2nd time to meet her CENTIPEDE/Others/EC .password access: **** ================================================================================ ========== VI.02:00 Rage used for what? The Klams y Family: password: **** JDFORCE . .

Best for those high combo battle s ill. Melee weapon li e Gauntlet & Baton are Class-I d amage Be aware Anti-I defense is very wea against Class-P attac . Power Add-ons bac pac . Be aware Anti-P defense is very wea against Class-F (Flame) attac . Bac pac is not considered as weapon b ut you equip it in battle a life saver or power add-ons.This part contain most about weapon stats. Shotguns. Melee weapon li e Spi e & Cannon Tan s.Weapon Specification: Flame base attac weapon. All the weapons are powerful with proper used combine with battle s ill and pi lot high weapon s ill level D up. Gun.(BCs= Bac pac capacity) carrying repair item or ammo. Rifle.Weapon Specification: Impact base attac weapon Hardblow. Choppers and Gun Turrets are also Class-P damage. Li e Robocop says "even if you dead or alive you're coming with me" . type & etc.this is for those s illful with better upgrade wanzer parts. Be aware Anti-F defense is very wea against Class-I attac . Or you can do it yourself with my guide below at Miscellaneous if you li e.Weapon Specification: Pierce base attac weapon M. ---------------Weapon Analysis: ---------------Bac pac . if you had defense li e Anti-P attac from Mingda_2 gun which is a Class-P attac damage will decreased as to the effect of the Anti-P defense. I hope this may be hel pful. With proper combinations of wanzer parts and weapons this type   Specially if you sustained heavy damage from a certain attac you thin that your wanzer won't survived the next attac . Normal bac pac . You can as ed me to setup your wanzer just gave me the detail which weapon you used what type of wanzer you are building and which part you li e to stay or used. Class F . Grenade & Missile La uncher also Flamer (Flame Thrower) are example of Class-F damage.enables you're wanzer to carry an repair item for damage part & bro en parts or ammo for Missile/Grenade. Enables you to repair you wanzer parts but cancel you attac tempor arily. Class I . with luc also its very dangerous if you now what I mean. and                                                                                     . And last with the proper type of wanzer using it . --------------------Wanzer Damage Class --------------------Well these wor li e elemental defense on a certain element. Class P .

Melee: Attac without a weapon) default (Gauntlet . Shotguns . Flame Thrower .     have high arm accuracy hit rate.Melee: Attac Up.Gun and Shotgun all damage is ta en directly to the shiel d not in any other parts. li e a melee weapon with distanc e range. The good side is increased you defense stats it against enemy attac and their is 75-98% chances of possibility to miss its attac . its only a lot more better range than shotgun it can out range shotgu n range.(Ranged: Multiple Random Shots) Self-explanatory. rifles are very dangerous in the high ground li e above the building it increases it's accuracy capabilities of hitting it a target.Melee: Attac /Accuracy average) (Baton .(Ranged: Damage All Part) my mostly used weapon in one shot it can damage almost all the part of the enemy. Accuracy Up) Single part damage. Melee Weapons . used this one. Rifles.(Ranged: AP varies Attac weapon) when using this type of weap on the pilot must set first 4/7/11 damage equal to number of AP.never goes down alone. the deadly melee it focus most of the attac in a single parts buts the chances of getting critical damage almost 80%.are great defensive weapon saves you're wanzer life it bloc s most o f the attac specially M. Down si de is you needed to get close to the enemy in order to damage it.(Punch . You're co unter capability is 0% low specially against M. The bad thing about this once it's miss the first it can only damage about 2-4 hits specially against wanzer with high evade capabilities plus A nti-defense. The down side once it exceed its durability it becoming fragile to an y attac . Accuracy Down) (Spi e . Machine Guns. the pilot must have enough AP to use this type of weapon. Its much li e Rifle only in close range.Gun and etc. attac weapon w ith distance range.Melee: Attac Down. For offensive useful only if you had a shield att ac ability. Shields . Its li e the old shotgun description mostl y everybody nows this thing. This can destroy an e nemy wanzer in one attac with proper wanzer setup and battle s ill. But 60% of chances of getting miss ma e sure also that the wanzer you With proper wanzer setup this weapon is one very powerful weapon. Remember eep you distance on using                                             .(Ranged: Single Shot Long Range) another self-explanatory.

Down side its weight & max ammo 4.Missile Launcher . . but as what I now Cannon in t he game the further you are away the target more damage done unli e Rifl e. Good thing is that no counter after you attac .enemy items or weapons not purchasable or other words no Shop selling it. ================================================================================ ========== Further details of items & weapons see wal through of Emma and Alisa story gu ide for the correct shop were to buy it first as the game progress. Attac /Accuracy Up) similar to Rifle only its wo rse in close range no counter capabilities. you have to carry Missile ammo at bac pac                   watch the missile trying to tric a target before it reach the target                     .(Shoulder: Area Attac . no counter) the great mobile fire s upport. Ma e sure your weap is on level D or B*** major damage on enemies more deadly if you com attac and a very smart missile too. specially for those with high ac Beware specially for enemy had Salvo ability. the down side that it d   have enough ammo max of 6. Avoid using wanzer defense max is 20% Cannon . on't .(Ranged: Single Shot Long Range) neutron weapons best thing about th Anti-N defense long range further than Rifle as long range li e missi down side consume 15 AP per used plus its weight. Armored Car or Gun Turrets and etc. Grenade Launcher . But Rifle still best against this one. You can't buy this type of we apon only available in tan s. ------------------------Weapons & Item Types List ------------------------Legends: * . Note: chec Miscellaneous section for more weapons capabilities and compatibl e s ill. on s ill bine it with battle s ill.(Shoulder: Indirect attac . no counter) a very long distanc e curacy . You needed to go in close range still more Beam is no le range. If you are choose this weapon ma e sure you earn enough pilot weapon s ill on Grenade {D}***+ or more in ord er for this to be effective massive damage against multiple enemies in group .(Ranged: Min Range.

items or weapons that you can steal from enemy and can be stored in s ax) every time you add weapon or bac pac it turns RED means MINUS to current weight GREEN means add or save few to current weight. ! . See bac pac below for more details how to bring these items.enemy items or weapons obtainable but not purchasable same also as ab ove. a! . restores 50% Repairs bro en part and restores 50% all 50% all ================================================================================ ========== Bac pac Names: Weight: BCs: Power++ Cost: MC: BX002 10 (4) __ 140 -0 default bac pac ! M 3 Pac 10 (4) __ 140 -0 M 6 Pac 30 (6) __ 300 -2 available in Alisa sto ry only Ruc sac -L 30 (6) __ 300 -2 available in Emma stor y only @ BX056 30 (6) __ 300 -2 steal enemy wanzers BX090 50 (8) __ 400 -3 BPT3A 10 __ +30 200 -1 ! M 5 E-Pac 10 __ +30 200 +1 DHZ.Melee Consume similar to the weight but this effect your wanzer capab ilities.@ .items from enemy and purchasable only in Alisa story version.Weight. each wanzer body has its own capacity see its Power Max (PowM of HP to pilot HP to pilot of shield durability shield durability . Watch the weight first before equipping weapons. restores 25% HP Restore Hi HP Restore Mx all HP Recover Recover Mx Shield Rpr Shield Mx 1 2 2 3 80 140 120 200 Restores Restores Restores Restores 4 400 3 300 Repairs bro en part. MC . Wgt. Guangzhou Base ! M 7 E-Pac 20 __ +60 400 +1 Wuhan base ! Placid 20 __ +60 400 +1 Wuhan base BPT9Max 30 __ +90 800 +1 * BPT12B 20 __ +60 ___ +1 steal enemy wanzers * M 8 E-Pac 30 __ +90 ___ +1 steal enemy wanzers in stage 55+ ================================================================================ ========== Shields Types: Weight: AP: Dura: DmgDwn: Cost: MC: Available at: M 6 Shield 18 2 4 -50% 100 -1 SN-100G 24 2 6 -50% 160 -1 Buc ler 22 2 4 -70% 200 -1 Guangzhou Base Hvy Shield 28 2 6 -70% 300 -2 Wuhan Base a! M 10 Shield 28 2 6 -70% 300 -2                                                       toc both obtainable and purchasable.. in others ways steal the enemy wanzer who has it. Item Names Item Size: Cost: Used/Effect: Grenade 2 100 Reloads grenade Missile 2 100 Reloads missile Repair 1 100 Restores 50% of Max HP to a part Repair Mx 2 200 Restores all HP to a part Restore Lo 2 150 Repairs bro en part.

SN-107G * Riot Shield * Def Shield * Last Defense

36 __ __ __

2 2 2 2

4 4 4 4

-90% -50% -90% -90%

400 ___ ___ ___

-2 -? -? -?

================================================================================ ========== Melee W. Types: Weight: DC: WA: At .Dmg: Cost: MC: Melee Weapons com mon info: Bone Buster 22 I 100% 76x1 100 -1 Damage Class: I/ P Fear Fist 26 I 100% 91x1 200 -1 Weapon Acc. : Va ry M 10 Fist 30 I 100% 109x1 300 -2 Weapon Range: 1 M 12 Fist 35 I 100% 130x1 400 -2 AP to used : 1 a! Big Buster 35 I 100% 130x1 400 -2 Max Ammo : no ne Fatal Buster 34 I 100% 156x1 500 -2 Cleave Axe 21 I 120% 67x1 200 -1 Weapon specificat ion: Venus 30 I 120% 100x1 500 -2 100% accuracy Gauntlet M 9 Baton 25 I 120% 80x1 300 -1 110% accuracy Spi es M 13 Baton 29 I 120% 96x1 400 -2 120% accuracy Batons Sharp Spi e 20 P 110% 63x1 140 -1 Heavy Spi e 23 P 110% 75x1 260 -1 M 18 Spi e 28 P 110% 90x1 400 -2 M 22 Spi e 32 P 110% 108x1 500 -2 Last Stri e 37 P 110% 129x1 700 -2 * Heavy Weight __ I 100% 70x1 ___ -? * Attac Fist __ I 100% 130x1 ___ -? * Max Weight __ I 100% 130x1 ___ -? * M 20 Fist __ I 100% 156x1 ___ -? * Riot Baton __ I 120% 50x1 ___ -? @ War Hammer __ I 120% 56x1 -1 ================================================================================ ========== Shotgun Types: Weight: At .Dmg: Cost: MC: Shotgun common info: Odin M98 42 12x12 140 -3 Damage Class: I SPPG 14 50 14x12 260 -3 Weapon Acc. : 75% Chongdu 2 59 16x12 500 -4 Weapon Range: 1~3 Chongta 3 69 19x12 660 -5 AP to used : 3 Desoto M300 80 22x12 780 -9 Max Ammo : Infini te Acc. Down : -2% ================================================================================ ========== M.Gun Types: Weight: At .Dmg: Cost: MC: M.Gun common info: Kodo SN990 48 11x10 160 -3 Damage Class: P DGS-25 56 13x10 240 -4 Weapon Acc. : 80% Mingda 2 65 15x10 460 -5 Weapon Range: 1~4 Huida 3 78 18x10 620 -6 AP to used : 5 a! Nissai 90MF 78 18x10 620 -6 Max Ammo : Infini te Arc Barrel 4 91 21x10 800 -8 Acc. Down : -10% * Nissai 30 __ 8x10 ___ -?










================================================================================ ========== Rifle Types: Weight: At .Dmg: Cost: MC: Rifle common info: Franbar FF 45 58x1 120 -3 Damage Class: P M 9 Sniper 53 69x1 200 -3 Weapon Acc. : 75% Laoxing 6 62 82x1 460 -5 Weapon Range: 1~6 Laohu 3 73 98x1 600 -6 AP to used : 4 a! Scarab F2 73 98x1 600 -6 Max Ammo : Infini te M 11 Sniper 84 117x1 780 -7 Acc. Down : -2% * Barcam RR ____ 82x1 ____ -? * Einband ____ 98x1 ____ -? ================================================================================ ========== Flame Thrower Types: Wgt: At .Dmg: Cost: MC: Flame Thrower common info: Heat Stream 51 17x4/x7/x11 100 -3 Damage Class: F Huoliu 1 60 20x4/x7/x11 200 -4 Weapon Acc. : 60% Huosai 2 70 24x4/x7/x11 460 -5 Weapon Range: 1~2 Huoyao 3 81 28x4/x7/x11 660 -7 AP to used : 4/7/11 to # hits Hot Gazel 93 33x4/x7/x11 780 -9 Max Ammo : Infini te Acc. Down : -2% ================================================================================ ========== Missile Launcher Type: Wgt: At .Dmg: Cost: MC: Missile common info: Quill 81 73x1 200 -7 Damage Class: F Wagtail 2 96 87x1 380 -9 Weapon Acc. : 80% Yunsheng 34 109 104x1 460 -11 Weapon Range: 3~9 Zhiniao 50 124 124x1 660 -14 AP to used : 10 a! Nightingale 123 124x1 660 -14 Max Ammo : 6 Bjariger 137 145x1 900 -18 Acc. Down : -0% * Canary 2 ___ 60x1 ___ -? * Houoj 22 ___ ???? ___ -? * Miner AT ___ 107x1 ___ -? * Drozel ___ 124x1 ___ -? ================================================================================ ========== Grenade Launcher Types: Wgt: At .Dmg: Cost: MC: Grenade common info: Wanzerfaust Type 10 GR Type 13 GR Type 14 GR Faust GGR ange ================================================================================ 92 109 124 140 156 62x1 74x1 88x1 105x1 126x1






* * * *

Achin 51 Shunda 4 Shunda 4 Bec wood M9

__ __ __ __

11x10 15x10 21x10 21x10

___ -? in Stage 45 below in Stage 50+ in Emma last stage


260 400 600 800 1000

-8 -11 -14 -19 -27

Damage Class: Weapon Acc. : Weapon Range: AP to used : Max Ammo : Acc. Down : Damage Area :

F 60% 3~6 12 4 -0% 5x5 r

========== -----------------Other Weapon Types -----------------These are the list of weapons from enemy vehicles, turrets and some enemy wanz ers.

M.Gun M.Gun M.Gun M.Gun M.Gun M.Gun M.Gun Rifle Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannon Missile Missile Missile Missile Missile Missile Missile Missile Missile Missile Missile Missile Missile Grenade Grenade Beam Beam Beam Beam


5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 12 12 15 15 15 15

13x10 13x10 15x10 15x10 15x10 18x10 21x10 69x1 72x1 86x1 103x2 103x1 86x1 72x1 72x1 86x1 103x1 73x1 73x1 104x1 104x1 104x1 104x1 104x1 104x1 124x1 124X1 124X1 148x1 148x1 88x1 126x1 84x1 100x1 144x1 250x1

================================================================================ ==========


Weapon Names: 17.5mm MG : Random 12mm MG : Random 20mm MG : Random 17mm MG : Random 25mm MG : un nown 27mm MG : un nown 30.2mm MG : un nown 32mm M3 : un nown 80mm Gun(a) 40mm Gun 80mm Gun(b) 92mm Gun 100mm Gun(a) 100mm Gun(b) 120mm Gun 130mm Gun(a) 130mm Gun(b) 160mm Gun Starling Wagtail 1 Yunsheng 38 a Yunsheng 38 b Yunsheng 39 Yunsheng 42 ame) Yunsheng 44 a Yunsheng 44 b Bantam Zhiniao 61 Zhiniao 62 Huoje 34 Kongsheng 2 GGR 52 Type 15 GR Exp Beam P-Rifle Basic P-Gun Hvy P-Gun wanzer.

W-Type: DC: AP: At Dmg: Acc: Range: Max Ammo: Common Info: M.Gun P 5 11x10 80% 1~4 Infinite Damage Class 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% 75% 75% 75% 75% 75 75 75% 75% 75% 75% 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% 60% 60% 90% 90% 90% 90% 1~4 Infinite 1~4 Infinite 1~4 Infinite 1~4 Infinite 1~4 Infinite 1~4 Infinite 1~4 Infinite 1~6 2~6 2~6 2~6 2-6 2-6 2~6 2~6 2~6 2~6 3~9 3~9 3~9 3~9 3~9 3~9 3~9 3~9 3~9 3~9 3~9 3~9 3~9 3~6 3~6 1~9 1~9 1~9 1~9 Weapon Acc. Weapon Range Max Ammo Weight Cost Melee Consume Weap.Acc.Down


Infinite Infinite Infinite Infinite Infinite Infinite Infinite Infinite Infinite Infinite 3/3 6/6 6/6 4/4 4/4 8/8 (also a turret n 4/4 8/8 6/6 6/6 8/8 6/6 6/6 4/4 4/4 Infinite Infinite Infinite Infinite with the secret

Same as Heavy support best part of this it concentrate on one part all the damage in single attac but poor in close combat attac . Up: medium Wanzer Defense: medium Hit Rate Acc. But poor on countering dista nce range. Up: medium t Type L . But poor in close combat attac . using Mis : medium t     Attac Eva.ASSAULT Type of Wanzer can stand alone against 2-3 wanzers. Best to against Type C/H wanzers and vice versa ma e sure to equip Sh ield. : medium +++ Class I/P/F Wanzer HP Mobility Range: medium t Attac Damage : High ++ o low o low Wanzer Defense: medium to low Hit Rate Acc. : High ++ Class F Wanzer HP Mobility Range: low Attac Eva.LIGHT SUPPORT Type of Wanzer snipers attac s. Up: medium + Type B . Some wanzers in Class A suite of their s ill and good in combo attac                                   .HEAVY SUPPORT Type of Wanzer long range fire support attac sile and Grenade. : High +++ Mobility Range: medium Attac Eva.BACKUP Type of Wanzer same as assault but not very good in close comb at.VII.Close Combat Type of Wanzer specialty on close range combat attac . Up: medium   Type H . s . Attac Damage : medium to high Wanzer Defense: medium Hit Rate Acc. : medium ++ ++ Class I/P Wanzer HP : medium Mobility Range: medium Attac Eva. WANZER TYPES ================================================================================ ========== Their are many types of wanzers so I brea it down to Types so that be aware o f what opposing wanzers you intercept or attac s. Attac Damage : High +++ Class I/P Wanzer Defense: High Hit Rate Acc. Up: medium   Class A are great on close and distance range combat attac specialty : medium t   Type A . Best to against any wanzers in the game. Smash Ability or Pilot Damage attac best on this wanzers Class Attac Damage : medium to high Class P/F Wanzer HP : low to m edium ================================================================================ ==========   Wanzer Defense: medium to low Hit Rate Acc. Attac Damage : medium o low o low Type C . : low to medium Wanzer HP : High Mobility Range: High Attac Eva.

The higher type upgrade of computer the higher of chances of activating the ab ility. ======================== Pilots Computer Types: ======================== Types: Capacity: Price: COM 4 4 400 Com 5 5 500 COM 6 6 600 COMB554 6 1000 COMC754 6 1000 COMB603 6 1000 COMC654 6 1000 Effect: none none none Activate% [Up] Activate% [Down] Activate% [Up] Activate% [Down] low. high. med. Combo% Combo% Combo% Combo% [Down] [Up] [Down] [Up] low high med med                                       Wanzer Name: Type: Dra e M2C H Enyo M 109 H Foura M12A H Genie H Getty B Grapple M1 C/B Grezex L Hoshun M 112 ??? Jinyo M 110 B/L Kasel M2 C Kyojun M 107 B Kyo ei M 108 B Lanze C Laiying I H Lenghe 1 C Meledyne M1 H Mingtian 1 H Pare PAW1 L Prov PAW2 A Qibing 0 A Re son M4F L/B Shangdi 1 L/A Shunwang 1 B Shunyo M 111 A/L Tiandong 3 C/A Teiqi 4 L Vinedrai B Whis H Wude 3 C Yongsai 3 A Zenislev A Zeros C Body S ill: Chaff ????? ????? Def-C1 Revenge III Melee III Zoom III ??????? Revenge I Melee II Zoom I Melee I Tac le III Def-C2 InitiativeIII E-Def-C1 Def-CMax E-Acc1 ??????? Revenge II Zoom II E-AccNul E-EvadeNul DMGFix400 Tac le II E-Def-C2 E-Evade2 E-Def-CNul E-Acc2 ??????? Tac le I E-Evade1   Arms S ill: Pilot DMGI Leg Smash Arm Smash Pilot DMGIII FiringSquad Dbl Punch I Aim Body Smash ROFUP II Stun Punch ROFUP I Hit or Miss Shield At II Pilot DMGII Shield At III Panic Shot Rndm Smash Topple Shot Dbl Shot I Topple Pnch B up Fire Dbl Shot II Aim Body ??????? Eject Punch Aim Leg Aim Arm Salvo Dbl Punch II ROFUP III Dbl Assault Shield At I Leg S ill: Exp x2 Prvntloss Escape ???? E-S ill2 S ill+2 Hard Knoc s AP-0% ????? AP-30% Brace I DMGFix100 Avoid 40 S ill+3 ????? S ill+1 Blac out Evade I ?????? DMGFix200 E-S ill1 Exp x3 Evade Max AP-60% Avoid 20 Brace II Exp x4 Evade 2 E-S ill3 Avoid 80 Initiative I Initiative I                     . med.Below are list of Wanzer base on Type and S ill currently been discovered: I Note: You still needed to set upgrade Pilot Computer in order to add more s il l. ================================================================================ ========== These computer enables your pilot to activate the ability of any parts of your wanzer.

conditions. mel. Defensive S ill . Combat S ill . Specially during battle s ill combo attac .are great on gaining level of pilot experience also in gaining level for any pilot weapon s ill. rters.s ill that attac twice or 2 hits combo s ill see more below D ual S ill. msl eapon. these type of s ill can be combo many times. There is event that sometimes twice only the second one is the newly learn s ill or just activated after the first one.COMC652 COMC554 COMG10 6 6 6 1000 1000 1300 Activate% [Up] high. One thing in mind that Initial. Combo% [Up] low Acquired% Up ====================== Wanzer Battle S ills ====================== Too many inds of battle s ill I'll brea it down again according mostly when th e s ill effect first. Except for the ROF s ill activate only in gun weapons not on m issile.are the most effective first stri e s ill before each wanzer exchange attac . mostly effect after you done your attac with or without any battle s ill combo.s ill that needed melee weapon to activated also in close rang e. General. Combat and Dual S ill can be activated many times not li e th e first 3 S ill type.equip and used Rifle or Missile Launcher or any melee w Just ma e sure it a one hit attac . ================== Condition Types: ================== 1 shot.activated during defense status "No Counter" before enemy atta c s. That's one thing they mostly in c ommon. Dual S ill . Defensive and Apprentice S ill can be activated only once every battle or fight against any wanzer.s ills that needed gun/range weapons in order to effect or act ivate. Apprentice S ill. more li ely becoming a battle s ill combo sta                                                       . You can't find this it in the game so don't loo for it I made thi s up to define or explain it easily why other s ill mostly not effect even you meet the conditions. Combo% [Down] high Activate% [Down] low. . Shooters S ill . All weapons defense. Shooters.s ills applicable in any type of weapons as long as you meet i             Initial S ill . Note: That Grenade Launcher weapons can't used any battle s ill try."No Counter" during enemy attac                         General S ill ts . More li ely an all around battle s ill.

Defense class upgraded max [1] No shoulder weapon .You attac first.Gun. receive 1.Reduces damage between 401-800 to 4 All weapons defense . but damage is c         Initial S ills: Name of S ill: AP-30% AP-60% AP-0% Blac out Brace I ut by 50% Brace II ut by 80% Initiative I e Initiative II e Initiative III dicap Def-C1 level Def-C2 Def-CMax Evade 1 attac Evade 2 Evade Max E-Def-C1 E-Def-C2 E-Def-CNul E-S ill1 E-S ill2 E-S ill3 E-Acc1 l E-Acc2 ls E-AccNul E-Evade1 E-Evade2 E-EvadeNul CS: [1] [2] [3] [1] [1] Condition: No Grenades No Grenades No Grenades No Grenades No Grenades   Burst weapon Melee Missile No Grenades No shoulder weapon Range ee weapon.Evade upgrade up one level during an [2] No shoulder weapon .4x damag [2] No shoulder weapon .Defense class upgraded two levels [3] No shoulder weapon . Shotgun or Flamer (Flamethrower) and used any types of melee weapon shoulder weapon: Missile Launcher and shots no shoulder weapon: Grenade Launcher weapon no any ind of shoulder weapon mention above and used any Gun or with Range weapon not any mel         - Effect/Function: Reduces AP cost 30% less Reduces AP cost 60% less Reduces AP cost to zero Enemy battle s ills disabled Enemy attac s first.2x damag [3] No shoulder weapon .Escape before part is destroyed   Defensive S ills: Name of S ill: CS: Avoid 20 [1] Avoid 40 [2] Avoid 80 [3] Chaff [1] DMGFix100 [1] 00 damage DMGFix200 [1] 00 damage DMGFix400 [1] 00 damage Escape [1] All All All All All - Effect/Function: Reduces damage under 20 to 0 Reduces damage under 40 to 0 Reduces damage under 80 to 0 Diverts attac ing missile Reduces damage between 101-200 to 1         [2] [3] [1] [2] [3] [1] [2] [3] [1] No shoulder weapon No shoulder weapon No grenades No grenades No grenades No shoulder weapon No shoulder weapon No shoulder weapon No shoulder weapon - Evade Evade Enemy Enemy Enemy Enemy Enemy Enemy Enemy upgrade goes up two levels upgrade max during attac s defense class down 1 level defense class down 2 levels defense class disabled weapon s ill down one level weapon s ill down two levels weapon s ill down three levels accuracy upgrade down one leve     [2] No Grenades . but damage is c           .Raise defensive class upgrade by one [2] No shoulder weapon . receive 1.Enemy attac s first.Player attac s first without any han [1] No shoulder weapon .Enemy accuracy upgrade down two leve [3] No shoulder weapon [1] No grenades [?] No grenades [3] No grenades Condition: weapons defense weapons defense weapons defense weapons defense weapons defense Enemy Enemy Enemy Enemy accuracy upgrade disabled evade upgrade down one level evade upgrade down two level evade upgrade disabled All weapons defense .Reduces damage between 201-400 to 2 All weapons defense .[1] No shoulder weapon . - equip equip equip equip equip equip and used M.You attac first.

5x normal ammo Double amount of ammo fires Knoc enemy down & reduce AP to hal   [3] No grenades .2x normal ammo Fires 1.Eject enemy pilot .5 times Doubles accuracy Weapon s ill up one levels for one   General S ills: Name of S ill: Hard Knoc s is wea ened Pilot DMG I Pilot DMG II Pilot DMG III Zoom I Zoom II Zoom III S ill+1 turn S ill+2 turn S ill+3 e turn Body Smash Arm Smash Leg Smash Rndm Smash Revenge I Revenge II Revenge III CS: [1] Condition: No grenades Effect/Function: . msl [4] 1 shot.5x damage received Double damage received Missile .All shots either hit or miss the en All attac s hit one part All attac s hit enemy's body All attac s hit enemy's legs All attac s hit enemy's arm Fires 1.Quadruple battle s ill experience                             . mel.PrvntLoss [1] All weapons defense . msl [1] No shoulder weapon [2] No shoulder weapon [3] No shoulder weapon CS: [1] [3] [3] [3] [3] [1] [2] [3] [1] [1] [1] Condition: Burst Weapon Burst Burst Burst Burst Burst Burst Burst Range Weapon Weapon Weapon Weapon Weapon weapon weapon - Destroys enemy's body Destroys enemy's arm Destroys enemy's leg Destroys one parts at random Return 1.5 levels for a tur n Melee II n [2] Melee III [3] Stun Punch [1] Shield At I [1] Shield At II [2] e - Double melee s ill for a turn Stun enemy pilot attac with shield. mel. but HP is down to 1 [5] 1 shot. msl [4] 1 shot.Melee s ill up 1.Weapon s ill up two levels for one   [1] [2] [3] [1] [2] [3] [1] No No No No No No No grenades grenades grenades Grenades Grenades Grenades grenades - hit damage to enemy pilot Very high damage to enemy pilot Major damage against enemy pilot Raise accuracy 1. very high damag     Combat S ills: Name of S ill: CS: Eject Punch [1] Melee I [1]                 Shooters S ills: Name of S ill: Hit or Miss emy Aim Aim Body Aim Arm Aim Leg ROFUP I ROFUP II ROFUP III Topple Shot f Salvo Panic Shot Effect/Function: .2 levels for a tur .2x damage received Return 1. high damage attac with shield.Triple battle s ill experience .Weapon s ill up three levels for on   [2] No grenades .Confuse enemy pilot Condition: Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Effect/Function: . missile . mel. msl [4] 1 shot.Weapon s ill level up when machine       Apprentice S ills: Name of S ill: CS: Exp x2 [1] Exp x3 [2] Exp x4 [3]   Condition: No grenades No Grenades No Grenades Effect/Function: .Melee s ill up 1. mel.2 times Raises accuracy 1.Save lost part.Fire all remaining missiles Range.Double battle s ill experience .

e ================================================================================ ========== VIII.parts are upgraded to a certain level.Max Upgrade price Typical Upgrade Price . Max Upgrade Price .R-L combo same rang weapon type [2] Dif. WANZER UPGRADE ================================================================================ ========== When the game progress you have to upgrade your wanzer as enemy wanzer do. But they all share in one common to resist and to survive the game against formidable foe in the specially the Big Boss and other terms.body weight attac .R-L combo with dif.body weight attac .Typical Upgrade price $$## . Melee Consume +/. and Le gs). Evade % and Dash & Boos t).Call two allies for bac up fire     Tac le III Topple Pnch [3] [2] Melee Melee .L-R combo melee and range weapon [2] Same Melee weapon . Range weapon . range weapon [3] Melee . Level 2: 360/600 Level 3: 480/1080 Level 4: 600/1680 LV 1-7 LV 1-4 Wgt MC : : : : Acc: Eva/Dsh&Bst: 100/100 150/250 200/450 250/700 160/160 240/400 320/720 400/1120 Upgrade parts improvement per level Other parts upgrade improvement per level Weight consume effect on power max according to parts. 2 Arms. high damage .attac with shield.for each part default melee max 240.body weight attac .L-R combo with different melee weap [2] Same range weapon .Request fire support from an ally activated "Attac when the enemy stopped moving" [3] Range .L-R combo one melee weapon type [2] Dif. Melee weapon . At first its hard to understand as game progress you'll learn more about it. Arm Accuracy.directly up from level 0 to desired level 7: 410/1850 Def-C: grade Level 1: 240/240 upgrade. The good thing about this one is you upgrade the 4 parts (Body. And additional 4 upgrade (Defense Class. Level Level Level Level Level Level Level already Level 0: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: Prices Per Upgrade Body: Arm: Legs: 240 100 320 120/120 50/50 80/80 170/290 70/120 120/200 220/510 90/210 150/340 260/770 110/320 180/520 370/1080 130/450 210/720 360/1440 150/600 240/960 170/770 280/1340 Upgrade Information example: 210/720 $$$$/$$## $$$$ .Knoc enemy down & Reduces AP to 0         Shield At Tac le I Tac le II III [3] [1] [2] Melee Melee Melee . major damage . Jus t li e other Squaresoft RPG games. very high damag               .     Dual S ills: Name of S ill: Dbl Assault Dbl Punch I Dbl Punch II on type Dbl Shot I Dbl Shot II B up Fire dialogue if FiringSquad CS: Condition: Effect/Function: [2] Melee & Range weapon . major damage .

Specially for those with high evade stats typ e of wanzer. in other words the higher the defe nse the lower the damage you get from an attac . Boost : Boost . izontal the best AP than wal ing normal in light blue moving range area.increases you wanzer to jump up in down into buildings and cliffs to get better position or following enemies. it Hover alright right.increases defense percentage of the wa nzer parts defense according to level.increases move range only in dar blue vertical or hor Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 60/-3 45/-2 18/-1 344 2 2                 . More li ely resulting to enemy to miss it's attac . Up: Evade Upgrade .increases accuracy hit rate percentage in u sing any weapon. Also before you d eploy your wanzer you can set its Anti-Damage Class. Hover legs can move over the water. ============================ Other Wanzer Parts Upgrade ============================ These upgrade needed Pilot AP to be activated before the fight further explanation in Miscellaneous section below. Acc. 4=spider type & Hover type Hover type of legs don't needed to upgrade Boost and Dash. 2=normal type. Best on attac ing and retreating either way. see weapon Wanzers Weapons/Item for weapon class damage for mo re info. Up: Eva. by dashing you conserve 1 292| 332| 382| 438| 184| 209| 241| 276| 240| 273| 314| 360| 0%|+15%|+30%|+45%| x12%|+21%|+38%|+69%| 0%| +4%|+10%|+16%| 2 | +2 | +0 | +2 | O | +2 | +1 | +0 | 502| 578| 662| 762 316| 364| 417| 480 412| 475| 544| 626 +60% +126% +24% +1 = 7 +1 = 4   Dash : Dash . L-Type : Leg type. Up: Boost : Dash : Enyo M 109: direction.increases evade percentage from enemy attac . Def-CUp: Defense Class Upgrade . Eva. Also part as long you move in dash area. Up: Accuracy Upgrade . Move : Number of moving space range by wanzers legs can move. ====================== Wanzer Upgrade Stats ====================== Wanzer parts HP |LV 1|LV 2|LV 3|LV 4|LV 5|LV 6| LV 7 Dra e M2C: Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc.PowMax : Max power minus on weight for each parts including weapons & e tc. It also increases your chances to hit major damage at random parts.

Up: Eva. Up: Boost : Dash : Genie: Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: Boost : Dash : Getty: Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: Eva. Up: Boost : Dash : Foura M12A: Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: Boost : Dash : 292| 332| 382| 438| 502| 578| 662| 762 184| 209| 241| 276| 316| 364| 417| 480 240| 283| 333| 393| 463| 544| 640| 756 0%| +5%|+10%|+15%| +20% 2%|+21%|+38%|+69%|+126% +0%| +8%|+19%|+32%| +47% 2 | +2 | +1 | +2 | +0 = 7 0 | +2 | +1 | +1 | +1 = 5 292| 322| 382| 438| 184| 220| 276| 331| 240| 288| 360| 432| 0%|+10%|+20%|+30%| x12%|+18%|+27%|+40%| 0%| +4%|+10%|+16%| 2 | +2 | +0 | +2 | 0 | +2 | +1 | +0 | 292| 344| 405| 478| 184| 217| 255| 301| 240| 288| 360| 430| 0%| +5%|+10%|+15%| x12%|+18%|+27%|+40%| 0%| +8%|+19%|+32%| 2 | +2 | +0 | +2 | 0 | +2 | +1 | +0 | 340| 387| 445| 510| 212| 250| 294| 347| 280| 330| 389| 459| 0%|+10%|+20%|+30%| x10%|+18%|+32%|+58%| 0%| +4%|+10%|+16%| 2 | +0 | +1 | +0 | 0 | +3 | +1 | +0 | 464| 292| 384| 0%| x5%| 0%| 2 | 0 | 528| 607| 696| 344| 405| 478| 437| 503| 576| +5%|+10%|+15%| +8%|+13%|+22%| +8%|+19%|+32%| +0 | +2 | +1 | +2 | +1 | +1 | 502| 578| 662| 762 386| 471| 533| 653 504| 614| 696| 852 +40% +60% +24% +1 = 7 +1 = 4 563| 662| 779| 919 355| 417| 491| 579 504| 614| 696| 852 +20% +60% +47% +1 = 7 +1 = 4 588| 673| 771| 887 409| 481| 566| 667 540| 635| 747| 882 +40% 105% +24% +1 = 4 +1 = 5 798| 918| 1053| 1211 563| 662| 779| 919 660| 760| 871| 1002 +20% +36% +47% +1 = 6 +1 = 5 579| 706| 800| 979 295| 340| 390| 448 392| 451| 517| 595 +40% +103 +47% +0 = 7 +1 = 4 Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 60/-3 45/-2 18/-1 344 2 2 Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 60/-3 45/-2 19/-1 344 2 2 Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 60/-3 45/-2 18/-1 344 2 2 Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 42/-3 36/-1 43/-2 254 3 4 Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 39/-3 18/-1 59/-2 206 6 2 276| 331| 414| 496| 172| 196| 225| 258| 228| 259| 298| 342| +0%|+10%|+20%|+30%| x14%|+23%|+38%|+62%| 0%| +8%|+19%|+32%| 2 | +2 | +1 | +2 | 0 | +1 | +1 | +1 | Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 38/-3 51/-2 38/-1 269 3 2 Hoshun M 112:   . Up: Boost : Dash : Grezex: Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: Eva. Up: Boost : Dash : Grapple M1: Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: Eva. Up: Eva.Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: Eva.

Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: x10%|+18%|+32%|+58%| Eva. Up: 0%| +8%|+19%|+32%| Boost : 2 | +2 | +0 | +2 | Dash : 0 | +0 | +2 | +1 | Kasel M2: Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: Boost : Dash : Kyojun M 107: Body HP: 340| 401| 472| 557| Arms HP: 212| 250| 294| 347| Legs HP: 280| 319| 366| 420| Def-CUp: 0%|+10%|+20%|+30%| Acc. Up: 0%| +6%|+14%|+24%| Boost : 2 | +2 | +0 | +2 | Dash : 0 | +0 | +2 | +1 | Laiying 1: Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: Eva. Up: Boost : Dash : 408| 501| 720| 842| 300| 360| 450| 540| 400| 480| 600| 720| 0%|+15%|+30%|+45%| x12%|+21%|+38%|+69%| 0%|+10%|+24%|+40%| 2 | +2 | +1 | +2 | 0 | +2 | +1 | +1 | 982| 1198| 1357| 1661 Wgt/MC: 37/-3 630| 768| 870| 1065 Wgt/MC: 25/-1 840| 1024| 1160| 1420 Wgt/MC: 35/-1 +60% PowMax: 350 +126% Move : 5 +59% L-Type: 2 +0 = 7 +1 = 5 584| 673| 771| 887 364| 419| 484| 553 481| 554| 635| 730 +20% +105% +47% +1 = 7 +0 = 3 Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 42/-3 36/-1 43/-2 254 3 2 Jinyo M 110: Body HP: 340| 387| 445| 510| Arms HP: 212| 241| 277| 318| Legs HP: 280| 319| 366| 420| Def-CUp: 0%| +5%|+10%|+15%| Acc. Up: Boost : Dash : Lanze:       464| 547| 644| 760| 292| 332| 382| 438| 384| 437| 503| 576| 0%|+10%|+20%|+30%| x5%| +9%|+16%|+29%| 0%| +8%|+19%|+32%| 2 | +2 | +0 | +2 | 0 | +2 | +1 | +0 | 895| 1053| 1238| 1461 Wgt/MC: 39/-3 502| 578| 662| 762 Wgt/MC: 15/-1 660| 760| 871| 1002 Wgt/MC: 59/-2 +40% PowMax: 206 +52% Move : 6 +47% L-Type: 2 +1 = 7 +1 = 4 656| 771| 907| 1071 409| 481| 566| 667 481| 554| 635| 730 +40% +105% +47% +1 = 7 +1 = 4 584| 673| 771| 887 409| 481| 566| 667 481| 554| 635| 730 +40% +73% +35% +1 = 7 +0 = 3 563| 662| 779| 919 386| 471| 533| 653 504| 614| 696| 852 +20% +60% +35% +1 = 6 +1 = 5 Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 60/-3 36/-1 43/-2 254 3 2   Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 40/-3 25/-1 45/-2 220 4 2 292| 344| 405| 478| 184| 220| 276| 331| 240| 288| 360| 432| 0%| +5%|+10%|+15%| x12%|+18%|+27%|+40%| 0%| +6%|+14%|+24%| 2 | +0 | +2 | +1 | 0 | +2 | +1 | +1 | Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 60/-3 45/-2 18/-1 344 2 2 . Up: 0%| +8%|+19%|+32%| Boost : 2 | +1 | +1 | +2 | Dash : 0 | +2 | +1 | +0 | Kyo ei M 108: Body HP: 340| 387| 445| 510| Arms HP: 212| 250| 294| 347| Legs HP: 280| 319| 366| 420| Def-CUp: 0%|+10%|+20%|+30%| Acc. Up: x10%|+18%|+32%|+58%| Eva. Up: Eva. Up: Eva. Up: x7%|+12%|+22%|+40%| Eva.

Up: Eva. Up: Boost : Dash : Prov PAW2: Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: x12%|+21%|+38%|+69%| Eva. Up: 0 | +6%|+14%|+24%| Boost : 2 | +0 | +2 | +1 | Dash : 0 | +0 | +2 | +1 | Mingtian 1: Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: Eva. Up: Eva. Up: Boost : Dash : Qibing 0: 292| 350| 438| 525| 184| 220| 276| 331| 240| 288| 360| 432| 0%|+10%|+20%|+30%| x12%|+19%|+32%|+53%| 0%| +4%|+10%|+16%| 2 | +0 | +2 | +1 | 0 | +2 | +1 | +1 | 276| 314| 361| 414| 172| 196| 255| 258| 228| 269| 316| 373| 0%|+10%|+20%|+30%| x14%|+23%|+38%|+62%| 0%| +6%|+14%|+24%| 2 | +2 | +0 | +2 | 0 | +0 | +2 | +1 | 364| 414| 476| 546| 228| 269| 316| 373| 300| 342| 393| 450| 0%|+15%|+30%|+45%| x9%|+16%|+29%|+52%| 0%| +8%|+19%|+32%| none none Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 60/-3 45/-2 18/-1 344 2 2 Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 38/-3 51/-2 38/-2 269 3 2 Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 44/-3 33/-1 48/-2 253 3 Hover . Up: Boost : Dash : Lenghe 1: Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: Eva. Up: Boost : Dash : Pare PAW1: Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc.Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: Eva. Up: Boost : Dash : 464| 556| 698| 835| 292| 332| 382| 438| 304| 460| 576| 691| 0%|+15%|+30%|+40%| x0%| +7%|+11%|+16%| 0%| +4%|+10%|+16%| 2 | +0%| +2 | +1 | 0 | +2%| +1 | +1 | 464| 292| 304| 0%| x5%| 0%| 2 | 0 | 556| 698| 835| 350| 438| 525| 460| 576| 691| +5%|+10%|+15%| +7%|+11%|+16%| +8%|+19%|+32%| +2 | +1 | +2 | +2 | +1 | +0 | 974| 1187| 1345| 1647 Wgt/MC: 38/-3 502| 578| 662| 762 Wgt/MC: 15/-1 806| 983| 1113| 1363 Wgt/MC: 59/-2 +60% PowMax: 206 +25% Move : 6 +24% L-Type: 2 +1 = 6 +1 = 5 974| 1187| 1345| 1647 Wgt/MC: 39/-3 613| 744| 846| 1036 Wgt/MC: 15/-1 806| 983| 1113| 1363 Wgt/MC: 59/-1 +20% PowMax: 206 +25% Move : 6 +47% L-Type: 2 +0 = 7 +1 = 4 502| 578| 662| 762 316| 364| 417| 480 412| 475| 544| 626 +60% +126% +35% +1 = 6 +0 = 3 613| 747| 846| 1036 386| 471| 533| 653 504| 614| 696| 852 +40% +88% +24% +1 = 6 +1 = 5 474| 546| 626| 720 295| 340| 390| 448 440| 517| 608| 718 +40% +103% +35% +1 = 7 +0 = 3 626| 720| 826| 950 440| 517| 608| 718 516| 594| 681| 783 +60% +94% +47% Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 60/-3 45/-2 18/-1 344 2 2 Meledyne M1: Body HP: 292| 332| 382| 438| Arms HP: 184| 209| 241| 276| Legs HP: 240| 273| 314| 360| Def-CUp: 0 |+15%|+30%|+45%| Acc.

Up: 0 | +8%|+19%|+32%| Boost : 2 | +2 | +0 | +2 | Dash : 0 | +2 | +1 | +0 | Shunwang 1: Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: x14%|+25%|+45%|+81%| Eva. Up: 0%| +6%|+14%|+24%| +35% L-Type: 2 Boost : 2 | +2 | +0 | +2 | +1 = 7 Dash : 0 | +2 | +1 | +0 | +1 = 4 Shunyo M 111: Body HP: 276| 331| 414| 496| Arms HP: 172| 196| 225| 258| Legs HP: 228| 269| 316| 373| Def-CUp: 0 | +5%|+10%|+15%| Acc. Up: Boost : Dash : 453| 533| 629| 741| 284| 335| 394| 465| 372| 438| 517| 610| 0%|+15%|+30%|+45%| x5%| +8%|+13%|+22%| 0%| +4%|+10%|+16%| 2 | +0 | +2 | +1 | 0 | +2 | +1 | +1 | 276| 314| 361| 414| 172| 196| 225| 258| 228| 259| 298| 342| 0%|+15%|+30%|+45%| x14%|+25%|+45%|+81%| 0%| +6%|+14%|+24%| 2 | +2 | +1 | +2 | 0 | +2 | +1 | +0 | 872| 1026| 1206| 1423 Wgt/MC: 42/-3 548| 694| 758| 894 Wgt/MC: 20/-1 717| 844| 993| 1171 Wgt/MC: 26/-2 +60% PowMax: 231 +37% Move : 5 +24% L-Type: 2 +1 = 6 +1 = 5 474| 546| 626| 720 295| 340| 390| 448 392| 451| 517| 595 +60% +147% +35% +0 = 7 +1 = 4 Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 38/-3 51/-2 38/-2 269 3 2 Shangdi 1: there are 3 type of Shangdi other with a cool loo ing face Body HP: 276| 331| 414| 496| 579| 706| 800| 979 Wgt/MC: 38/-3 Arms HP: 172| 206| 258| 309| 361| 440| 498| 610 Wgt/MC: 51/-2 Legs HP: 228| 259| 298| 342| 392| 451| 517| 595 Wgt/MC: 38/-1 Def-CUp: 0%| +4%|+10%|+15%| +20% PowMax: 269 Acc. Up: Boost : Dash : Tiandong 3: Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc.Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: Boost : Dash : Re son M4F: Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: x14%|+25%|+45%|+81%| +147% Move : 3 Eva. Up: Boost : Dash : Teiqi 4: 579| 706| 800| 979 295| 340| 390| 448 440| 517| 608| 718 +20% +147% +47% +1 = 7 +1 = 4 714| 870| 986| 1207 445| 542| 614| 752 481| 554| 635| 730 +20% +105% +47% +1 = 4 +1 = 5 Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 340| 408| 510| 612| 254| 318| 381| 381| 280| 319| 366| 420| 0 | +5%|+10%|+15%| x10%|+18%|+32%|+58%| 0 | +8%|+19%|+32%| 2 | +0 | +1 | +0 | 0 | +3 | +1 | +0 | Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 464| 528| 607| 696| 798| 918| 1053| 1211 292| 350| 438| 525| 613| 747| 846| 1036 384| 453| 533| 629| 741| 871| 1025| 1209 0%|+10%|+20%|+30%| +40% x5%| +8%|+13%|+22%| +37% 0%| +4%|+10%|+16%| +24% 2 | +0 | +2 | +1 |+1 = 6 0 | +2 | +1 | +1 |+1 = 5 Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type:       38/-3 51/-2 38/-2 269 3 2 42/-3 36/-1 43/-2 254 3 2 39/-3 15/-1 59/-2 206 6 2 . Up: Eva. Up: Eva. Up: Eva. Up: Eva.

Up: Eva. Up: Eva.Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: Boost : Dash : Yongsai 3: Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: Boost : Dash : Wude 3 : Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: Eva. Up: Eva. Up: Boost : Dash : Zenislev: Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: Boost : Dash : Whis : Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: Eva. Up: Boost : Dash : Zeros: 312| 374| 468| 561| 196| 231| 277| 321| 256| 302| 355| 419| 0%|+15%|+24%|+45%| x12%|+19%|+32%|+53%| 0%| +4%|+10%|+16%| 2 | +2 | +0 | +2 | 0 | +2 | +1 | +0 | 340| 408| 510| 612| 254| 318| 381| 381| 289| 336| 420| 504| 0%|+10%|+20%|+30%| 10%|+16%|+27%|+44%| 0%| +4%|+10%|+16%| 2 | +0 | +2 | +1 | 0 | +2 | +1 | +1 | 292| 350| 430| 525| 184| 220| 276| 331| 280| 336| 420| 504| 0%|+10%|+20%|+30%| x12%|+19%|+32%|+53%| 0%| +4%|+10%|+16%| 2 | +0 | +2 | +1 | 0 | +0 | +2 | +1 | 464| 547| 644| 760| 292| 350| 438| 525| 384| 437| 503| 576| 0%|+15%|+30%|+45%| x5%| +9%|+16%|+29%| 0%| +4%|+10%|+16%| none none 364| 436| 546| 655| 228| 273| 342| 410| 300| 360| 450| 540| 0%|+10%|+20%|+30%| x9%|+14%|+24%|+40%| 0%| +4%|+10%|+16%| 2 | +0 | +2 | +1 | 0 | +2 | +1 | +1 | 452| 284| 372| 0%| x5%| 0 | 2%| 0 | 542| 678| 813| 335| 394| 465| 438| 517| 610| +5%|+10%|+15%| +7%|+11%|+16%| +8%|+19%|+32%| +2 | +0 | +2 | +2 | +1 | +0 | 655| 798| 904| 1107 378| 444| 523| 617 494| 581| 683| 806 +60% +88% +24% +1 = 7 +1 = 4 714| 870| 986| 1207 445| 542| 614| 752 588| 716| 812| 994 +40% +74% +24% +1 = 6 +1 = 5 613| 747| 846| 1036 356| 471| 533| 653 588| 716| 812| 994 +40% +88% +24% +1 = 6 +0 = 3 Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 43/-3 44/-2 44/-2 287 5 2 Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 42/-3 36/-1 43/-2 254 3 2   Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 60/-3 45/-2 18/-1 344 2 2 895| 1053| 1238| 1461 Wgt/MC: 39/-3 613| 747| 846| 1036 Wgt/MC: 15/-1 660| 760| 871| 1002 Wgt/MC: 59/-2 +60% PowMax: 206 +52% Move : 6 +24% L-Type: Hover 764| 931| 1055| 1292 478| 583| 661| 809 630| 768| 870| 1065 +40% +66% +24% +1 = 6 +1 = 5 Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 44/-3 33/-1 48/-2 253 4 2 949| 1157| 1310| 1604 Wgt/MC: 42/-3 548| 694| 758| 894 Wgt/MC: 20/-1 717| 844| 993| 1171 Wgt/MC: 55/-2 +20% PowMax: 231 +25% Move : 5 +47% L-Type: 2 +1 = 7 +1 = 4 . Up: Boost : Dash : Vinedrai: Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: Eva.

Shoulder: Yunsheng 44 4 2 Basic P-Gun none | | | | | Move : 4 L-Type : 2 Weapons: L. Arm: 90mm Gun (Cannon) (b) _____________________________________|__________________________________ _____ Heidong 3 : Imaginary Numbers eich) Body HP: 1050 Arms HP: 768 Legs HP: 840 Def-CUp: ??? Acc. Up: +5%| +13%| +26%|   Kehei 0 : Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Lu av wanzers 1750| 2500 1550| 1550 1400| 1500 ???? | | | | | | Kexei 1 : Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Jared wanzers 1450| 1775 1065| 1065 1160| 1420 +15%| +30%| +45%| . Up: ??? Eva. Arm : none L. Up: ??? Move : 4 L-Type : ??? Weapons: 6 in L-R Shoulder L-R Arm L-R Arm | | | | | | | | all | : P-Rifle | : 130mm Gun | : Heavy Weight(130)| Body HP: 472 Arms HP: 330 Legs HP: 354 Def-CUp: ??? Acc. of Str | | R. Shoulder: Yunsheng 44 | Eva. Up: ??? Move : 4 L-Type : Hover Weapons: L. Up: Boost : Dash : 464| 528| 607| 696| 292| 344| 405| 478| 384| 453| 533| 629| 0%|+10%|+20%|+30%| x5%| +7%|+11%|+16%| 0%| +4%|+10%|+16%| 2 | +2 | +0 | +2 | 0 | +0 | +2 | +1 | 798| 918| 1053| 1211 563| 662| 779| 919 741| 871| 1025| 1209 +40% +25% +24% +1 = 7 +0 = 3 Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: Wgt/MC: PowMax: Move : L-Type: 39/-3 15/-1 59/-2 206 6 2 ================================================================================ ========== OTHER WANZER TYPES (Alpha) ================================================================================ ========== This are the stats of unobtainable wanzers. Data below still incomplete their may be err ors I suggest not to rely on it just concentrate on your strategy. Up: ??? Eva. Up: +10%| +24%| +40%| | Acc. Up: Eva. Arm : ______ L. Up: ???? +39% Eva.Body HP: Arms HP: Legs HP: Def-CUp: Acc. Ver. Arm : Exp Beam | Kodomari : (prot. Arm : 32mm Gun R. Shoulder: ______ R. ________________________________________________________________________ _____ +60% Acc. Up: ???? +64% Move : L-Type : Weapons: Body : L. but formidable in the game except for the Iguchi Lylas construction wanzer. Arm: (b) R.

Shoulder: Miner AT | _____________________________________|__________________________________ _____ | Nilong 1 (I lost may data on this) | nzer Body HP: ______ | Body HP: 350 Arms HP: ______ | Arms HP: 184 Legs HP: ______ | Legs HP: 240 Def-CUp: ______ | Def-CUp: ???? Acc. Up: Eva. Serov wanzers | M 5 AFV : A.A.5mm MG | L.| R. Arm : GGR 50 | R. Shoulder: ______ _____________________________________|__________________________________ _____ | Genie Arm : Prof. Shoulder: none R. Arm : M 8 Rifle L. Up: none | Move : 4 | L-Type : 6 | Weapons: Basic P-Gun | 1st : Type 15 GR CWDS(not listed) | 2nd : Type 15 GR none | 3rd : Kongsheng 2 | 4th : Kongsheng 2 _____________________________________|__________________________________ _____ | ________________________________________________________________________ Iguchi Lylas: Construction wa   P-Gun J10 : Body HP: CaterHP: Def-CUp: Acc.K. Streich Body HP: 695 Small Version | Body HP: 965| 1135 Arms HP: 417 of Heidong 3 | Arms HP: 579| 681 Legs HP: 556 | Legs HP: 772| 908 Def-CUp: ??? | Def-CUp: +15%| +30%| +45% Acc. Up: Move : L-Type : Weapons: 1st : 2nd : 3rd : pilot Maj. Up: ??? | Eva. Shoulder: none L. Up: none Move : ?? | Move : 5 L-Type : Hover | L-Type : 2 Weapons: none | Weapons: none _____________________________________|__________________________________ _____ Two Part wanzers: wanzers with very high HP not to mention with their he avy assortment of weapon. Up: ???? Eva. The wea side is that it only two parts. Yuji Kuroi 2500 P-Gun Car 2000 P-Gun Cater ______ ______ none 4 2         . Arm : 130mm Gun | L. Up: ______ | Acc. Up: +5% | +13%| +25% Eva. _____ | | Xiangyo 2: pilot Lu av | Body HP: 2500 | Legs HP: 2000 | Def-CUp: ____ | Acc. Up: none | Eva. Shoulder: Miner AT | R. Up: none Move : 4 Boost: 2 | Move : 4 L-Type : 2 | L-Type : 4 Weapons: | Weapons: Body : 17. Arm : M 8 Rifle R. Up: ??? | Acc. Up: ____ | Eva.

Up: none Move : 4 | Move : 4 L-Type : 4 (wheels) | L-Type : 4 Weapons: | Weapons: 1st : Zhiniao 62 | 1st : Huoje 34 2nd : 27mm Gun | 2nd : 32mm M3 3rd : none | 3rd : none _____________________________________|__________________________________ _____ Bihu 1 Body HP: 695| 820| 965| 1135 35 Legs HP: 556| 656| 772| 908 08 Def-CUp: +0%|+15%|+30%| +45%|+60%| 5%|+60% Acc. Up: none Move : 4 | Move : 4 L-Type : 4 | L-Type : 4 Weapons: | Weapons: | 1st : 20mm MG 1st : Attac Fist 2nd : Yunsheng 39 | 2nd : Yunsheng 42 3rd : none | 3rd : Yunsheng 42 4th : none | 4th : none _____________________________________|__________________________________ _____ Def-CUp: +0%|+15%|+30%| +4 | Legs HP: 556| 656| 772| 9 | | | Haolong 4 Body HP: 695| 820| 965| 11 35 Legs HP: 400| 472 08 Def-CUp: ______ 5%|+60% Acc. Up: Eva. Up: ______ | Acc. Up: Move : L-Type : 5??? ______ ______ ______ none 4 ______ | Def-CUp: +0%|+15%|+30%| +4 | Legs HP: 556| 656| 772| 9   Monster Body HP: 500| 590     | | | Taita 4 Body HP: 695| 820| 965| 11 . Up: ____ Eva. Up: Eva.A.K. Up: ______ | Acc. Up: ____ Eva. Up: none | Eva. Up: none | Eva. Up: none Move : 4 | Move : 4 L-Type : 2 | L-Type : 4 Weapons: | Weapons: 1st : 160mm Gun | 1st : Type 13 GR 2nd : 17. Armored Train) | 599| 833| ___| 1153 | 472| 655| ___| 908 | +0%|+15%|+30%| +45%| +60%| +0%| +5% | none | ______ | none | Cadenza 1&2 Body HP: 1&2 WheelHP: Def-CUp: Acc.5mm MG | 2nd : 130mm Gun 3rd : none | 3rd : none _____________________________________|__________________________________ _____ Armored Car Body HP: CaterHP: Def-CUp: Acc. Up: ______ Eva. Up: none | Eva. Up: ______ | Acc.M 8 Support | Qinghuayu 1 Body HP: 900| 1280 | Body HP: 1775 Legs HP: 720| 1024 | Legs HP: 1420 Def-CUp: ______ | Def-CUp: ____ Acc. Up: Move : L-Type : | (A.

Weapons: | Weapons: 1st : Yunsheng 44 (b) | 1st : Wagtail 1 2nd : Type 13 GR | 2nd : Wagtail 1 3rd : 130mm Gun | 3rd : 17mm MG 4th : none | 4th : 17mm MG _____________________________________|__________________________________ _____ | ____________ | ______ Body HP: ______ | Body HP: ______ Legs HP: ______ | Legs HP: ______ Def-CUp: ______ | Def-CUp: ______ Acc. Up: 0%| +4%|+11%|+21%| +32% Eva. Dual Cannon & Yunsheng 42 Body HP: 300| 319| 354| 492| 529| 579| 730 Def-CUp: 0%|+15%|+30%|+45%| +60% Acc. It's your game now here's the list: ---------------------------Gun Turret Types: (One Part) ---------------------------12mm MG. Dual Cannon: 17mm MG M 42 Quad : 80mm Gun (a) Brenos : 80mm Gun (b) Yunsheng 42: Zhiniao 61 -----------------------------Aerial Units Types: (One Part) -----------------------------Hanniger. 40mm Gun. Chixuan 6 & Oceanhahn Body HP: 276| 314| 361| 414 | 474| 546| 626| 720 Def-CUp: 0%|+15%|+30%| +45%| +60%   . Up: ______ Eva. Up: ______ Move : ______ | Move : ______ L-Type : ______ | L-Type : ______ Weapons: | Weapons: 1st : ______ | 1st : ______ 2nd : ______ | 2nd : ______ 3rd : ______ | 3rd : ______ 4th : ______ | 4th : ______ _____________________________________|__________________________________ _____ ================================================================================ ========== OTHER WANZER TYPES (Beta) ================================================================================ ========== The list and data on these section is not complete. Up: ______ | Eva. Up: ______ | Acc. Brenos. 100mm Gun. one thing they are in commo n that even do their HP is low but their still formidable in large number specially in group consist of 4 or 5 each has its own weapon different damage class. Up: none Weapons: 12mm MG : 12mm MG Note: That only Brenos is the 40mm Gun : 40mm Gun moveable turret attached 100mm Gun : 100mm Gun to ceiling.

5mm MG M 12 AFV: 30. Up: 0%| ___| ___| ___| ____ Eva. M 59 APC. Up: none Move : 4 Weapon : 20mm MG -------------------------------------Mobile Ground Units Types: (Two Parts) -------------------------------------Methane Wanzer Body HP: 100 Leg HP : 100 Def-CUp: 0% Acc. Up: 0% Move : 4 L-Type : 2 Weapons: 7. M 54 MBT & M 49 AFV Body HP: 340| 401| 472| 557| 656| 771| 907| 1071 CaterHP: 280| 330| 389| 459| 540| 635| 747| 882 Def-CUp: 0%|+10%|+20%|+30%| +40% Acc.2mm MG (plus additional CWDS) M 20 AFV: 25mm MG MBT2 Kuarve. Up: 0%| +5%|+11%| +26%| +37% Eva. Up: none Move : 4 Primary weapons Chixuan 6 : 27mm MG Hanniger & Oceanhahn : 20mm MG Secondary L & R weapons Chixuan 6 : Yunsheng 38 Hanniger & Oceanhahn : Starlings Shangfeng 5/ Shangfeng 5 Body HP: 340| 387| 445| 510| 588| 673| 771| 887 Def-CUp: 0%|+15%|+30%|+45%| +60% Acc. M 73 MBT. Up: none Move : 3 Weapons: M 9 AFV: 17. M 12 AFV & M 20 AFV Body HP: 200| 276| 328| 340| 386| 454| 579| 630| 681 WheelHP: 168| 275| 324| | 381| | | 529| 590 Def-CUp: 0%|+15%|+30%|+45%| +60% Acc. Up: 0%| +4%| +9%|+18%| +30% Eva. Up: none Move : 3 Weapons: MBT2 Kuarve: 120mm Gun (Tan ) M 54 MBT : 130mm Gun (Tan ) M 73 MBT : 100mm Gun (Tan ) M 59 APC : Type 10 GR M 49 AFV : Type 13 GR Se ida Body HP: 148| ___| 466| ____                                       .Acc. Up: 0%| +4%| +9%|+17%| +30% Eva. Up: 0% Eva.7mm MG M 9 AFV.

And specially if they are higher level than you are expect to gained more experience than normal experience you g ained. Up: Eva. Also in this section I'm may be right or may be wrong any decisi on you made in the game is yours not mine. Pilot's and Wanzers ----------------------Pilots the one that control the wanzer HP:20. Example           . Up: none Move : 3 Weapons: MMG3 Ship : 30mm MG MMG3 Ship : Bantam M 39 PT Boat: 80mm Gun (b) ================================================================================ ========== IX. =============== Battle Report =============== Battle report . Up: Move : Weapons: 100| ___| 315| ____ +0%|+15%|+30%|+45%| +60% none none 3 none -------------------------Sea Unit Types: (One Part) -------------------------MMG3 Ship & M 39 PT Boat Body HP: 340| 401| 472| 557| 656| 771| 907| 1071 Def-CUp: +0%|+15%|+30%|+45%| +60% Acc. Also depending on the enemy pilot experience the more s illful enemy wanzer the more experience you ga ined. I just add this section to ma e it easier fo r you to organize things in the game to better or to worst its your game. How to gain battle experience? By fighting and destroying enemy wanzers and vehicles. Up: +0%| ___| ___| ____ Eva. MISCELLANEOUS SECTION ================================================================================ ========== Before I continue in this section it's part of the game mechanics that you shoul d now more about the game.receive after each battle and destroying any parts of enemy wanzers or vehicles. things to have in mind to ma e a b etter pilot with wanzer first read below. The more parts the more experience you gained after each battle depending on what you how many parts you destroyed. ----------------------A.WheelHP: Def-CUp: Acc.

Bdy-Des . Max level is 8 Silver Star pilot also gained 30 AP max. First what AP mean Active Points not really just my of understanding. Gaining 12 AP per turns to refill the lost AP. Arm.allotted 1 pilot AP per upgrade You can assign AP before the mission starts or assign at Setup menu. Arm and Legs for 4-par t. Arms [1][2][3][4] 2nd weapon icon 3 Stars = 20 | 2 Stars = 18 | Evade Upgrade 1 Stars = 16 default | [1][2][3][4] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#] . Prt-Des . in this game the experience per level represent Silver Star also the pilot gained AP which is n eeded to operate wanzers. L. What's the purpose of AP? Enables your wanzers to move and attac s only for the number of AP available. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ace Ran Exp. Bdy-Des . and in legs 4 AP total allotted 12 AP. "x##" . Its li e a battery once you used enough stored energy you have to wait for it to gain new stored energy to used it again. R. Arms [1][2][3][4] 1st weapon icon 4 Stars = 22 | R.number of "Parts Destroyed" receive "!!" for each part destroy of enemy wanzer which include Body.total number of medal your pilot own The Purple Medals you own if you gained enough of it turn into Silver stars."Body Destroyed" every time you destroyed any type from 4. Prt-Des . !x## 1. Other had 2 parts Body & Cater or Wheel or Legs and some are 1 part just a body li e any type of helicopter or boat or turrets. One Silver stars equal to 2 AP add to you Pilot. !x## . I'll explain more on my next update.!!! 3. 2. 2 & 1 p arts receive additional bonus of "!!!" 3. =================== Pilot Assigned AP =================== Li e other RPG games your character gained experience per level. Body allocate 4 AP in both arm 4 AP not 8.1. For example if you used shotgun you only earn experience in usin               ."!" . AP gained | Pilots Assign AP Menu ----------------------------|------------------------------------------------------8 Stars = 30 max level | Body upgrade [1][2][3][4] 7 Stars = 28 | L1<[Anti-I]>R1 6 Stars = 26 | Arms Accuracy Upgrade 5 Stars = 24 | L.purple medal.!!!!!!!! 2. ==================== Pilot Weapon S ill ==================== In this section your pilot earn Weapon S ill experience according to the weapon he or she used.

number of total experience gained after each battle . Beam {B} next #### *** In my opinion if your pilot is best on that type of weapon ma e sure he uses tha t weapon to gain enough level for weapon s ill not each fight you eep on changing weapon s. Yun Shotgun and Marcus & Pham Melee weapons. ASCII example pilot weapon s ill: Melee {D} next 0700 *** M. But it's all depending in your decision who or what to used in your pilot wanzer . Stic to the same type of weapon for each pilot Ryogo & Li to M.                                             . There is only one point to level up all your pilot weapo n s ill to ma e it all around pilot but you can only choose one type of weapon. You only gained better weapon s ill experience if you eep using that type of we apon. (no star) . Linny & Mayer Missile. *** . M.weapon that pilot used these are Melee.Gun & etc.each level represent. Shotgun {E} next 1020 *** Flamer {A} next #### . Emma. one stars = 1/3 pilot weapon s ill level. next ##### .** Missile {A} next #### *** Grenade {A} next 0087 *** Cannon {A} next #### .Gun {B} next 0150 *** Rifle {A} next 0050 . I mean everybody if possible stic to their weapon specialty.gaining 3 stars *** after on next weapon s ill level rais e one full weapon s ill level Up from A-F max S. Shotgun.ran by level A low to highest level F max level S. Weapon s ill level .g shotgun you'll not earn any experience from other weapon you don't used or equip ped.still unattained weapon level of pilot * (white star) . Alisa. If you a re using using Dual S ill you choose 2 or 1 type of different weapon your learn 2 weapon s ill at a time good choice for offensive type but all in all if you are planning to {S} weapon level a waste of time at that time you feel the game is getting boring. Jose. Pilot Weapon S ill .*. ASCII example legends: {A-F} . Kazu i & M iho Melee weapons & Shotgun. I hate t hings li e that when it happens. Liu & Dennis Rifle.Gun.these indicate how the pilot is s illful in using on that t ype of a weapon it increases both damage and accuracy.pilot full weapon s ill level indicator Weapon Type .*.

But for those who li e to finish the game in all Platinum ran I recommended to used simulator. if not you may be wasting a lot of time loading and playing the same stage 2-4 times may be more changing weapons also waste of time too.directly eject after damage effect li e Eject Punch s ill Pilot Damage none . you can rush and finish the game. I used simulator to gained weapon s ill level never mind pilot battle experien ce once your weapon s ill level are high you can infect more damage to enemy wanz ers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Remember that the status effect the pilot inside not the wanzer it self.pilot receive 25-30% damage same on Pilot Damage s ill Critical Dmg none . ============ Simulators ============ Simulator in Front Mission 3 is the new other than other RPG game. If you are want to gained more level try simulator level : Battle or Real Batt le Then choose Fu ushima then encounter 7 silver star and E weapon s ill level. decrease battle s ill capabilities during attac Eject Pilot none . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Status name: | Symbol loo li e: | Effect: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stun . it's a game aid unli e Final Fantasy Tactics you needed t o bac in fort to other area to encounter enemies on gaining experience. Also after the battle in simulator you'll rewarded prize money.                                                     . I'm not perfect so I never mind these medals just play the game with your best that's all have pe ace in your mind it's just a game. If you are not using the simulator its fine. Try to ma e simulator more useful what the purpose of simulator anyway it's in the game you never used.===================== Pilot Random Effect ===================== Now things you should now that even the pilot is inside the wanzer still not sa fe inside during each of enemy attac in some instance during attac the hit goes critical damage but some had other effects and here are the list that effect the pilot inside th eir wanzers.unable to attac for 1 t 2 turn Confuse .massive damage to your or enemy wanzers.red question mar . In my opinion getting all Platinum ran is waste of time? Don't you thin ? It's cool to see all Platinum what's the point of getting it. Well in this game is easy go Networ then go Simulator you can go bac anytime you li e.unable to use missile.yellow lightning bolt.

estroy all its 4-parts. Enemy pilot surrendered . Average Damage 150 [120] 4. If it's wanze r destroy it cause it can't be captured and ept a nyway.means your evaluation result how you done so far in the game.these also depending of numbers of enemy wanzer you dest And if its upgrade in a certain level receive high prize         .means when you get over that limit you get the result of deduction or penalize to that category. Result . Prize Money royed.receive low prize money but the wanzer itself is worth more than if you sell it yourself.receive very high prize money if you manage to d . How to get it? Example Average Damage Result 150 remove it's -25% from penal ty then you'll get the result of 120 Average Damage Max get it. Total Number of Battles 35 [ 28] ur 3. Number of Turns 7 [ 5] 6. Average Weapon Level 8 [ 8] 5. Other one or two parts vehicle if destroyed receive low prize money.================== Obtaining Medals ================== Each time clear each stage you'll rewarded by Medals. ----------Categories ----------0. Medal are also your stage achievements. Red colored numbers means deduction to yo score percentage. This option is not show in the game it goes directly to Penalty its result. means how many stage you already finishe d. See example of cleared stage evaluation: Categories Result Max-C 0. In these section is for those who see Platinum this may be useful. 79% Silver The default is already 100% it only minus due to penalties from each categories. But before you get it the game evaluate your game each time you finished it by 5 or 6 categories each has its own conditions. Prize Money: 900 1. money. That most li e it depends on the stage each has its own Max Conditions (Max-C) Max conditions . NPCs Remaining 3 [ 4] x2 ur Your score: Your ran : Penalties +02% -03% -25% -01% +06% Yellow colored number means increased to yo score percentage. Enemy Wanzer destroyed . Enemies Eliminated 7 [ 5] s 2.

At that point it's a bonus if you manage to surrendered its pilot or destr oy their wanzers you can get bonus after clear stage. Used wanzer legs with 47% defense upgrade.for each enemy escape with minor/no da mage How to get bonuses . Enemies Eliminated . Example: Total Number of battles Limit : 40 depending on each stage Exceed: 43 -5% or -6% will be the deduction to score Tips: At this categories best you had AP 30%.a lot of spar ing or short circuits or electricity flowing out from your wanzer. .no penalty.available only if enemy reinforcement arrived.these are the result of number of enemy pilot you illed .no penalty.well this one Penalties per damage Your 2 wanzer explode WZR 80%+ damage pilot 50% WZR 50%+ damage pilot 25% WZR 25% damage pilot 25% WZR 10% damage pilot 00% No damage none concerned the health of your wanzer and pilot Percent Deductions Wanzer condition 25-32%% deduct .no spar ing or short circuits This may help you to lower the deduction on this categories: 1. Total Number of Battles . Destroy all enemy pilots .fine 3-0% deduction . It's best to lower your battle encounter. Fine .wea 25% deduction . Some stage require only 50 some are 30 or less. Li e for example in Alisa story in stage 34 at Wuhan Han ou Airport In first turn you meet 1 Lenghe_1 then on second turn enemy reinforcement arrive 2 Laiying_1. missile is o ay if your wanzer equipped with shield you can bloc its attac . By exceeding its limit you'll get penalized by the number of battle exceede d.wea 1 or 2 wanzers 9-5% deduction .1. 2. 2 Tiandong_3 and 3 Shangfeng 5 it's a lot of bonus if you destroyed the reinforcement at the end of the stage receive bonus. 3. 60% or 0% battle s ill.this count the number of battles your pilot encount ered these include when you attac and when you counter or no counter (defend) But this category depends on the number of max condition of each stage. no bonus Enemy Escape . .for each enemy escape with severe dama ge -2 pts.wea 1 or 2 wanzers 15% deduction .fine no deduction .                               .penalty of 1 or 2 points -1 pts. no bonus Enemy pilots surrendered . Why so that you had enough AP to counter enemy attac s if they aren't using Missile or Grenade.fine Wea . Average Damage . Used wanzer body with 60% defense upgrade. destroyed or surrendered. 2.

Number of Turns . 2. In waiting enemies ma e sure you wanzer weapon is in range with enemy wanzer weapon range in order for you to counter if necessary needed. And one thing this one is unavoidable sometimes when you attac it gets critical hit also receive penalty -1% deduction. Used battle s ill "Avoid ##" or "DMGFix###" or "Brace I or II" 5. You can used S ill+1 and Melee I as far as I now no penalty.this one is really easy except this one the lower the bett er to gained no penalties.this on is easy just protect or help the NPC li e Re son M4 F at Sumatra or 2 Shangfeng in Nanjing. 4.you had to defend this NPC for few turns then it leaves li e in Nanjing stage were in you had to protect 2 Shangfe ng 5 in evacuating civilians for few turns. (chec enemy weapons type to determine you Anti-Damage class defe nse) 4. If he manage to destroy the ene 6.this one is easy this one depending on your pilot we apon s ill you'll get penalized only if you are using battle s ill li e: S ill+2 and +3 and Melee II and III 'cause these s ill's increases you're pilot weapon s ill abilities to its' current weapon levels not included if your pilot weapon s ill level-up after the attac . Avoid shooting trees or wall if not necessarily.this one is either in Victory/Losing conditions may result to loss the game if you loss this one (restart stage its p enalty) 3. If you plan capturing wanzer attac ers with "Eject Punch" ability attac first. 6. Don't s ip your turn in waiting enemies to come.joining/requesting help in the stage -2% per 1 wanzer loss +2 if manage to save one 2. Average Weapon Level . Again if you exceed you get penalized. Used it repair item or reloaded missile/grenade only if necessary. 5. Get bonus try using those pilot with lower battle s ill and weapon s ill l evel my wanzers receive bonus after clear stage. 3 types of NPC: 1. Helper . 4.                                                     .3. Avoiding penalties try to cover them with your wanzer to attract enemy wa nzers   to attac yours not them so that you may save them and avoid deductions. NPCs Remaining . 5. Fleeting . This option is rarely available depending on th e stage: Good thing of this 1 NPC equal 1 points multiply by 2 good bonus up%. Avoiding penalties: 1. Destroy or stay away from enemy that have Smash battle s ill ability. (chec capturing wanzer below) 3. First plan and organized who & when to attac (attac fast and hard). Destroy enemy wanzer that against your assigned Anti-Damage class first. Settled . This also depending on the stage. against one high level enemy wanzer pilot.

after tha t enemy well regain again its morale and continue to fight. I change my wanzers to my best setup only the on thing that pulling my score dow n now is number of battle and number turns in the last part of the game specially on Lu av.After the six categories result you'll earn medals for each stage. After that mission if you go bac to Guangzhou Bar if you tal to Bartender for example some of them says negative things about wh at you have done. So far my observation stopped on this I will revised it again if I found errors.waving a white flag status of surrender for 3-5 turn. In my game I always penalized in Average Damage always that's eeping my score d own. If you don't believe me remember your mission at Oilfield were you have to defe nd it against DHZ inspecting wanzers. Pilot's Morale ------------------Pilots Morale . 1st Platinum . 4th Bronze .not to comply most needed categories condition used a lot of Repair or Missile item. Medals Ran ing: These are the result of the 5 or 6 categories above.Best .Excellent .not to comply some needed categories condition used Repair or Missile item. No bro en parts only severe damage ^_^ but still in on piece. 3rd Silver .Attac hard and fast but used of Repair or Missi le item and comply needed categories condition.                             . During its chec ing morale status enemy wanzer s ip it turn to attac . Your Ran : Platinum/Excellent Gold/Great Silver/Best Bronze/Satisfied Your Score: 100% to 91% 90% to 81% 80% to 71% 70% to below I may be right or may be wrong in this section it just my observation in the gam e. Then again also your pilot is also affected by this if you are observant enough in the Game.Attac hard and fast no used of Repair or Missil e item and comply needed categories condition. Then in the next stage during your battle you pilot doesn't do any g ood during the battle doesn't combo any s ill and mostly ta e most damage from enem y. ------------------B.Great .Satisfied . 2nd Gold . the computer always trying to lower you morale if you had enough of it.

are joining the battle try at to ta e them out first. ma e sure to force eject its pilot then gain control of it li e Haolong Bihu 1 or Kexei 1 (big wanzer with Lu av at the last stage). Enemy pilots increased their morale if you defe the leader's this will lower they're morale some of them are force to surrender even if you don't attac and damage them. Only few li e me for example will notice this I only finish the game once but o bservant enough of the game play. And last this is the reason I write about Pilot Morale not only effect in enemy wanzers also your wanzers too. If there is a leader li e Jared. That should balance both sides pilot morale issue. 2.           the fight chec other wanzer on my list. It's best to save the game before tal ing to a bar any negative comments to the people you just tal if they do load the save file in your memory card not to tal to that person if necessarily. the effects on pilot not the wanzer itself. The good side you also gain morale when tal ing to a people that appreciate wha t you done li e after rescuing the Prime Minister. If you're still not convince try i t yourself may be you'll now what I mean. Then you can still destroy these wanzers after you used it for extra experience gaining.Also during Kazu i attac at Nanjing were Liang and Xu piloting Shangfeng 5 to get the civilian notice that in that stage that your wanzers are getting almost all of the attac . Some of them had heavy fire po                                           . Can increased you morale status theirs no indication bar on this but it's nice to the other people saying good thins that you done right. If you don't tal to people with negative comments notice your pilot 8/10 can c ombo mostly every attac don't now if this happen to your game but it happens in mi ne. try eep on tal ing and then see the r esult. wil l it effects you pilots in next stage or mission. Enemies li e Tan s. And some other nice words not offe nded you. It depends if there is no choice tal to him or her. I'm not forcing you to believe me its just reminder or a warning. Choppers & some special wanzers are not obtainable after wers 4.! Here's my idea of getting or capturing enemy wanzers: -------------------------------Capturing Wanzers Tips & Tric s: -------------------------------1. Rosavia or etc.

Different enemy had its own defense class if its def ense is P then you can used other type of weapon who's damage class is I or F in oth         Lenghe 1 Mingtian 1 Qibing 0 Shunyo M 111 Shunwang 1 Dra e M2C . Try to learn Eject Punch s ill of Tiandong_3 Arms or used the arms. 7. All wanzers below can be sell up 4000-6000+ worth except for Emma and Alisa wa nzers.available in Alisa story only                                       .3. 4. 5. Aft er the enemy pilot ejected 2 things you can do ill it's pilot before it gets bac or one of your members move next to enemy wanzer then eject to enemy wa nzers. Chec pilot battle s ill suitable for wanzer type you decided to ma e. Choose Wanzer type. Bac up.available in Emma story only Meledyne M1. Chec arms Accuracy upgrade percentage 4. Ma e a Wanzer Machine Tips: 1. Ma e sure to first it's arms so that it can't hurt you wanzers then sur round that wanzers. Light Support & Hea vy support. different melee weapon or melee and range/gun weapon. Chec legs Move and Evade upgrade percentage 5. What weapon type to used. Sometimes enemy pi ----------------------C. Wanzer type are you creating Assault. Close Combat. In order for his morale to go down. Things in mind about the rare type wanzer are not purchasable. Chec parts battle s ill suitable for wanzer type you decided to ma e. Customizing Wanzer ----------------------Here things in mind in creating or customizing you wanzers. enemy wanzer also the pilot inside after the damage. Ma e sure to equip different damage class I-Impact other P-Pierce or F-Flame. After your pilot is in enemy wanzer you can go bac to your wanzer the enemy pilot will not return to his wanzer anymore their you can ill the enem y pilot. 2. If you are using two weapon different range/gun weapon. 6. I recommended to stoc 1 or 2 each wanzer type the rest of wanzer are purchasa ble. Try learning Pilot Damage S ill of Dra e M2C.Laiying_1 & Genie try to h it lot who's HP is 2 are force to surrender. Chec body Max Power and Defense upgrade 3. You needed 2 wanzer who's move is 6 or 5 in order to do this or 2 of yo ur members must be close enough to do this.

er to do more damage. Not just stay on the same damage class weapons. If you are a defensive type used shield suitable for wanzer type and weapon oth er wise that wanzer become over weight and unable equip some parts. My advice: If you equip shield change the arms with greater HP you only used that hand on defense right, no big deal on thin ing accuracy upgrade on that arms with shiel d the higher HP the longer it bro e but it will prolong the arms not to be bro en easily, except by Arm Smash battle s ill. -----------------------------My Best Wanzer setup example: -----------------------------The loo s is not good but surely a offense and defense are great but not as g reat as the secret wanzer. My Best wanzer setup: Assault Type, Max Power: 231 : Melee remaining: Wgt. MC: Body : Qibing 0 -42 -3 L. Arms : Tiandong 3 -15 -1 or L. Arms : Zenislev -20 -1 R. Arms : Shunwang 1 -36 -1 Legs : Lanze -59 -2 Bac pac : BPT9Max -30 +1 Weapons : L.Hand : Fatal Buster -34 -2 R.Hand : Huida 3 -78 -6 -204/209 -16 or L.Hand : Last Stri e -37 -2 R.Hand : Chongta 3 -69 -5 -258/263 -15

no special wanzer parts 224-225 Wanzer Parts S ill - Revenge II Eject Punch or Dbl Assault - Aim Body - Avoid 40 - Additional Power: +90 Weapon Damage Class Class-I Class-P Class-P Class-I

My Pilots Battle S ill: COM6 computer COM6 effect no special feature right but if just meet the conditions it al so activate li e COMG10 only that G10 has higher possibility of activating the wanzer part s ill. Example of setting pilot Battle S ill ------------------------------------------------------------------------Assault Sz.| Bac up Sz.| Heavy/Light Support -----------------|----------------|-------------------------------------Initiative I Hard Knoc s t t Tac le I Dbl Assault 1 | Zoom I 1 | Zoom I 1 | E-Eva 2 1 | Zoom I 2 1 or Pilot DMG I/Panic Sho 1 or Pilot DMG I/Panic Sho 1

2 | Pilot DMG I 1 | Zoom I 1 | Pilot DMG I 1 | S ill+1


















S ill+1 1 | S ill+1 1 | S ill+1 or Eject Punch 1 | Topple Shot 1 | or Stun Punch 1 | its


Things you should now that your wanzer may receive severe damage some of parts are bro en may result that your wanzer unable to attac li e: ------------------------------------------------------Wanzer Parts - Bro en Parts Result ------------------------------------------------------Body - wanzer explode Left Arms - unable to used weapon or used shield Right Arms - unable to used weapon or used shield Legs - no evade, no dash, no jump or boost and wanzer move reduce to 1. ------------------------------------------------------Bro en parts of the wanzer can be revive by using items Restore Lo (25%) and Hi (50%) repair only one single parts, while Restore Mx repair all bro en parts and all bro en part HP restore 10%. As for the wanzer damage used Repair or Repair Mx to restore loss wanzer H P. -------------------Safe Battle S ills -------------------Here also the list of safe battle s ill no counter if it hits:

ttac . . With the exception of Topple Punch and Shot any attac after these two will miss after 'cause enemy wanzers are on its bac after the attac . Its good for battle s ill combo finishing not as combo starters. I recommended Topple Shot best for it has range unli e Topple Punch. Defensive s ill list against weapon types: Escape and PrvntLoss - defense against any weapon types Avoid 20, 40 & 80 - defense against shotgun, M.Gun (Machine Gun) and Flamer (Flame Thrower), also wanzer Pilot Pisto l DMGFix 100, 200 & 400 - defense against Rifle, Cannon, Missile and Beam, also Infantry, Real and Imaginary Rifle Wanzer defense upgrade % against Grenade weapon damage, I can only gave thi s:

Body Smash

- so obvious its body is destroyed enemy can't counter














Topple Punch - enemy after Topple Shot - enemy after Stun Punch - enemy after Eject Punch - enemy

wanzer noc down on his bac receiving melee attac . wanzer noc down on his bac receiving range weapon attac . pilot unable to move li e paralyze status receiving melee attac . pilot eject after receiving damage from melee a















Defense upgrade max 20% - receive 80-90% damage with or without Anti-F Defense upgrade max 40% - receive 50-60% damage with or without Anti-F Defense upgrade max 60% - receive 10-20% damage with or without Anti-F ----------------------------Battle S ill Combo Conditions -----------------------------

If you are Def-Class P you must ta e out first enemy attac ing with Damage Class-F or avoid range of its weapon. Same as other defense class. 2. Ma e sure during in your setup you had enough Melee (MC) remaining this wi ll ll. increases effect your wanzer to activate the s ill in you pilot battle s i 3. Ma e sure that you pilot morale is normal see Pilot's Morale. 4. Set battle s ill suitable for the weapon of the wanzers and the wanzer typ e your pilot piloting. Don't put any s ill that are needed. 5. Used COMG10 computers for increase rate of learning new battle s ill. Meeting the five of this will increases your wanzer to combo 8/10 every battle a ttac . And last you needed luc to do this chain combo to 8+ more hits. --------------Secret Wanzer --------------How to get it? 1. Available during in Emma story after the observatory is being attac in stage 57 up. In Alisa story after stage 47 up were you enter the Koriy ama base on the way before pursuit Kanai at Koriyama IC (highway). 2. Chec BBS 3 at ARMOREDKIN/Others/Japan until you reveal the: the truth behind the coup to contact him - 555(XKR)224 3. Then go to AUSPEND/Others/Australia choose Garbagepit then choose Inferno Dialer - enter the number from ARMOREDKIN BBS 3 4. A man name Itsu i reply then he want you to used it. Chec you wanzer stoc inventory, chec body, arms, legs and last the weapon it came with. or You can Ma e a Machine or change parts of your current wanzer. Well it's the best wanzer so far in the game you better have it.












1. Chec Defense Defense Class Defense Class Defense Class








class you I is wea P is wea F is wea

already against against against

from wanzer type attac ing Damage attac ing Damage attac ing Damage

above right that; Class-P weapon Class-F weapon Class-I weapon




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