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The Right Way to Smoking Your Ham Steak

The Right Way to Smoking Your Ham Steak

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Published by: Tyler76 on May 08, 2012
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Adding a ham steak to a summer barbecue or winter "cook-in" can be a tasty solution to add variety to your meals.

Grilling ham is rapid and uncomplicated, but it is easy to dry out a amazing piece of meat for those who do it incorrectly. Prepping your meat and grill are keys to making sure your ham stays moist and delicious. Minimizing the fat and adding a marinade let you serve a healthier, tastier entree.

Step 1

Create a marinade or glaze for the ham steak in case you wish to serve it that way. Pineapple is a widely used citrus fruit for marinating and glazing ham. The sweetness of your pineapple complements the saltiness of the pork as well as the acidity on the fruit assists tenderize the meat. Add soy, teriyaki or Worcestershire sauce or add brown sugar or mustard to pineapple juice.

Step 2

Marinate your ham steak for several hours or overnight, completely covering the steak in your marinade. Furthermore to pineapple, orange juice is one other high-quality decision for complementing ham.

Step 3

Eliminate your ham steak from the refrigerator roughly 30 minutes or even more before cooking to bring the meat to space temperature. Trim the fat from your ham steak. Do not salt the ham as you do with various other meats, given that ham is naturally salty.

Step 4

Clean your grill surface to remove any left over carbon or other debris from previous use. Spray the grill lightly using a monounsaturated cooking spray to prevent the ham from sticking to the grill.

Step 5

Heat an indoor grill to medium-high heat. Place the ham 4 to 6 inches away from the coals on an outdoor grill. Cook the ham for around three minutes on each side without having glaze, if you plan to add a glaze. Location on the grill and flip only once, letting each side cook for three minutes. Flip the steak the very first time, then add the glaze to the cooked side. Just after the second, 3-minute cooking, flip and cook the glazed side for one other minute. Glaze the leading in the steak, then flip and cook for one particular way more minute.

Step 6

Cook a marinated ham steak roughly 4 minutes on every side, flipping only the moment. Don't press or poke at the steak, which can toughen and dry out meat as you squeeze out juices.

Step 7

Get rid of the steak from the heat and spot on a rack to rest for numerous minutes. Letting most meats rest permits juices that have bubbled to the exterior with the meat absorb back into it. Add significantly more marinade or glaze to taste, then serve. ham steak recipes

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