Cash Journal Account To View Day wise Cash Payments and Receipts It is not accepted negative balances Used

for petty cash purpose

1. Creation f GL Account FS00 Cash Journal Account 2. Create Number Ranges for Cash Journals FBCJC1 Path:- SPRO - Financial Accounting (New) - Bank Accounting - Business Transactions - Cash Journal - Define Number Range Intervals for Cash Journal Documents Give Your Company code

Click on


Click on button Enter interval and number range as follows

Enter and Save

Bank Accounting .Business Transactions .Cash Journal .Financial Accounting (New) .3. Setup Print Parameters for Cash Journals FBCJC3 SPRO .Bank Accounting . Setup Cash Journals FBCJC0 Path:.Financial Accounting (New) .Bank Accounting . Create . Delete Business Transactions Path:.Set Up Cash Journal.Business Transactions .Create.Cash Journal Set Up Print Parameters for Cash Journal Select New Entries Button .Cash Journal .SPRO .Business Transactions .SPRO . Change. Select new Entries Button Cash Journal (CJ) it is text filed Enter and Save 4. Change. Delete Business Transactions Select New entries Button Enter business transaction like Expenses and Revenues Enter and Save 5.Financial Accounting (New) .

Enter and Save 6.FBCJ .General Ledger – Posting .Cash Journal Posting Select Cash receipt Tab Enter and Post Then Select Cash Payment Tab .Accounting . Cash journal Postings FBCJ Path:.Financial Accounting .

Enter and Post Posted Documents can be viewed by using FB03 For Cash Receipt For Cash Payment .

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