Farewell 08

 Farewell is going to held on 18th May, 2012.(Friday) from 7:00 p.m to onwards.  No classes and buses shedule will be distrubed.  No special bus will be arranged for dayscholars at night.  Auditions for participents who want to perform on farewell will held on 16th May, Wednesday in Auditorium with full dressing.  It is strictly advised to participents that no performance or act will be entered after audition date.  Tickets for CDES dinner is available at campus gate from 14 May to 16 May(Monday to Wednesday).  No dinner ticket will be given after due date.  08 students should also take the tickets but without any cost.  Be sure to check your Roll no. on your ticket slip.  Those student(including 08) who will not have ticket is not allowed to take the dinner at the end of farewell.

For Further Information contact us: Vice President(CDES) Furqan Shah 03369639478