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MIS Security Check

MIS Security Check

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Published by: Ali Muhammad on May 08, 2012
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Ensure that no two regular users are assigned or share the same account.
Never give any users, other than UUCP users, the same UID.
Think about how you can assign group IDs to promote appropriate sharing and
protection without sharing accounts.
Avoid use of the root account for routine activities that can be done under a plain user


Think of how to protect especially sensitive files in the event that the root account is
compromised. This protection includes use of removable media and encryption.
Restrict access to the su command, or restrict the ability to su to user root
su to the user's ID when investigating problem reports rather than exploring as user


Scan the files /var/adm/message,, /var/adm/sulog, or other appropriate log files on a
regular basis for bad su attempts.

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