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Zolotukhin - Reservoir Engineering

Zolotukhin - Reservoir Engineering


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Published by agmyatkyaw77
Great book, everythings about RE are introduced here.
Great book, everythings about RE are introduced here.

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Published by: agmyatkyaw77 on Dec 22, 2008
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The production of oil and gas at surface conditions is, Np +Gp. The expansion volumes,
A1, A2, B and C, are measured at reservoir conditions. In order to compare the two types of
volumes, we have to transform the production volumes to reservoir volumes, i.e.NpBo+GpBg.
Using the relation between gas and oil produced at standard condition, Eqs.(9.1) to (9.4),

Gp = (RRs)Np,

where R is the gas-oil ratio (GOR) andRs is the solution gas-oil ratio.
We can now write the overall production term as,

Vprod = Np[Bo +(RRs)Bg].


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